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table of contents ••• SPRING 2016 •••

14 COMFORT AND STYLE Looking Great Does Not Mean Sacrificing Comfort

18 STAYING IN FASHION Avoid These Seven Pitfalls That Just May Age You





Create The Perfect Scent At The Triangle’s Own Perfumery Tips For Cleaning Up In Record Time

24 FASHION REPORT Get The Latest Looks In Activewear



A Look Back At The Winners and Contestants from North Carolina

Find Out Which Is Better And Why

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{on the cover} Cover Photography By:

Terrence Jones Model: Dharma Richards of Yoga Garden Cover Dress: Kristen’s Boutique. details on page 15 Table of Contents Outfit provided by CT Weekends, details on page 15

Decorating Tips from A Certified Redecorator

We Set The Record Straight

76 FINDING PEACE AFTER A SUDDEN CHANGE Five Tips That Can Help With An Unexpected Change

••• get theparty lookseason, which means it’s your time to shine! Fun and flirty dresses are It’s officially


Shop your local boutiques for style staples you will love, and love to wear! Be on the lookout for this year’s dreamy Pantone colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity – the pale pinks and blues will breathe new life into your spring wardrobe. Written and Styled by: Deanna Lopes • Photography: Terrence Jones • Model: Dharma Richards Make­up: Ashley Bromirski • Hair: Jason Shoop • Style Assistant: Lauren Franklin SHOT ON LOCATION AT THE MERRIMON-WYNNE HOUSE, DOWNTOWN RALEIGH 16 | triangle style 14

A relaxed shift dress in a luxurious fabric feels just as good as it looks. ••• BCBG Dress and Beaded Necklace: Kristen’s Brosway Bracelets And Rings, Violet’s Boutique

have fun mixing pale blues and pinks, especially with jeans as your anchor piece! Rose gold jewelry is the perfect accent. ••• Wilt Top, Citizens Jeans, Sydney Love Bag And Brosway Jewelry: Violet’s Boutique Floral Scarf: Gigi’s

Opposite Photo: Treat yourself to a pair of Lisette pants and you won’t want to wear anything else! They’re equally flattering and comfortable, especially in this season’s pastel shades. ••• Lisette Pants and Lisette Blouse: and Joseph Ribkoff Tank: CT Weekends HOBO Mara Crossbody Bag and Brosway Jewelry: Violet’s Boutique

winter || 15 17 spring

There’s a reason why the 1970s staple will be around forever – the wrap dress cinches the waist with ease and comfort. ••• BCBG Wrap Dress: Kristen’s Brosway Jewelry: Violet’s Boutique

16 | triangle style

beauty tip: For the perfect 'Serenity' inspired eye, apply a pale sky blue shadow on lids paired with a simple black eye liner and mascara. To add more drama, apply a darker navy in the crease.

Unbutton your button-down before tucking

it IT! in Left: forAadark more relaxed feel. Layer with a The Eyes Have chocolate textured tank instead of your basic metallic smoky eye balances this modern cami for a more finished look. but casual look. Right: A light, denim-inspired steel grey smoky eye, black gel liner ••• and strip lashes really popBella this Dahl classic Blouse: CoolSweats denim look. Yoga Jeans and Hobo Bag: Certain Things Petra Meiren Necklace and Joseph Ribkoff tank: CT Weekends

7 DEADLY STYLE SINS What to avoid to stay on top of your game

Written by: Mary Michele Nidiffer Founder, StyleFinder Boutique Photo: Elizabeth Galecke, clothing from StyleFinder 18 | triangle style

VISIBLE ROOTS No matter how fashion-minded you are when you’re young, at some point life catches up with you. And at some point you’re going to look in the mirror and not even recognize the woman staring back at you. Before you go into a tailspin, take a step back. Here is a checklist of sorts to help you avoid falling into that dreaded ‘Frumpy Zone’ and keep you from looking matronly. The good news is that, starting with one small change, you can bring your style back into focus and love how you look!

Sure, it’s a fact that many of us color our hair, and you may be so busy that you have to postpone an appointment or two. Still, that’s no excuse for letting your roots show, unless you have decided to go gray. Try a root concealer, available in spray and powder forms, to camouflage your gray and see how it can easily take years off your look.

BLACK AND RED Dressing up for a luncheon? Skip the black suit and red blouse. It’s too expected, dated and, well, matronly. Instead, opt for a chic pair of pants in a more muted neutral and a blouse in one of your best brights. The colors will be far more flattering to your personal coloring and will help show you off.

spring | 19


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MOM JEANS Sure, they may have come back in style for a brief second, but that does not mean they are flattering. Skip the high-waisted, baggy, pleated, big-legged denim and opt for a pair of jeans that fits like a glove and makes you look like a million bucks. If you don’t know where to start, a full-service boutique such as StyleFinder can help you find the exact style and cut that’s right for you.

BAGGY PANTS Pants are a surefire way to date – or update – your look. If you’re wearing the same old pants you’ve worn for years, it’s time for something new. Try the modern silhouette that has become a hot new look for women of all ages – the pull on pant. With more structure than a legging, it gives you a more polished look, yet the yoga-pant style waistband is slimming and flattering, not to mention comfortable. A few of our favorite brands are Clara Sunwoo and Krazy Larry.

W W W. S H O P G I G I S . C O M 28 | triangle style

IN THE NAVY While navy is a versatile neutral and a gorgeous hue, you do NOT have to wear navy shoes with navy pants. Instead, think neutral. A great pair of nude, caramel or metallic shoes will bring your look right on trend.



Whether you’re wearing dated styles that still include shoulder pads, sweaters that have pilled, items that have stains, have faded, need mending, or simply no longer suit you, you’re tempting fate. As with food, clothing, too, expires. And when it’s done it’s done.

TOO MUCH BLACK Unless you’re into goth, wearing too much black is not a good thing. Black enhances wrinkles, makes you look like you’re hiding, and can make you look older than you are. Instead, temper your black with a pop of color or even a few metallic accents to bring light to the face. You’ll take years off your look, and potentially even pounds!


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W W W. S H O P F I N L E Y S . C O M

An Insider Triangle Report


Mascara is to your makeup routine as heels is to your outfit. Mascara is the final touch, of an exclamation point, if you will, of your final look. I like to think that if your hair and makeup looks great, then you feel great. And it's definitely true. Confidence can be easily gained through a few fun products from your local drugstore or high end beauty boutique. To me, makeup is magic. It's fun and it's certainly an adventure. I am no snob when it comes to testing out and trying new products. I have found holy grail favorites both from my local pharmacy as I have in Sephora. Read on to learn about my current holy grail mascaras, both drugstore and high end!


Written By Erika Marie

COVERGIRL SUPERSIZER MASCARA Lengthens, Flares and Separates all of my lashes with ease. No clumpy mess and very easy to work with. My lashes in turn look fuller and my eyes larger. I find that my lashes truly look lengthened all day, or at least until I decide to wash my mascara off. 22 | triangle style

Comes in a variety of three colors: Dark Brown, Black and Blue. All work well. I wear this one when I want to high light my eyes and skip eyeshadow. My eyes instantly look bigger, my eyes also look more awake. And, the length holds until you wash it off. I find that this mascara in particular hits the trifecta! Lengthens, holds a curl and flares out my lashes for a full and open look. Definitely worth a peek and a try!

REVLON BOLD LACQUER GROW LUSCIOUS MASCARA Creates a natural look. Volumizes lengthens without looking over the No crunchy finish, lashes are left Comes with grow technology for lashes. A great everyday mascara!

and top. soft. your

MILANI RUNWAY LASHES MASCARA Not clumpy, does not dry out quickly. Easy to work with and affordable. My lashes are left longer than I ever imagined them to ever look. A super affordable option at $7.00

SpringFever Is In Full Bloom

JORDANA COSMETICS BEST LASH EXTREME MASCARA Usually found at Walgreens, this is by far one of the best volumizing mascaras from the drugstore. Only $5.00. I bend the tip of my wand to create and easier application process. If you are looking for an extremely volumizing mascara, look no further than Jordana!

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA With the innovative design of its hourglass wand, helping to grab every lash, even the teeniest ones, and create flare and drama, without any clumping or flaking. Curls and lengthens. Fans open your lashes for a wide-eyed look. And, holds the curl all day and all night. One of the better mascaras from the higher end options out there.

TARTE LIGHTS CAMERA LASHES MASCARA Extra hold, Extra curl. I find this holds my curl longer and better than Roller lash by Benefit. This one adds some flash and pizazz to my eyes, without looking over the top. Can be worn for everyday, especially when minimal eye makeup is worn. Lengthens my lashes without the need of false lashes. For a natural fuller look, go with TARTE lights camera lashes! TS



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Even if you are not an American Idol fan, it is highly likely that you have heard of at least ONE of the contestants or winners. And maybe I’m biased, being born and raised in the great state of North Carolina, but it is even MORE likely that the contestants or winners that you have heard of, are from good ol’ North Carolina! Not to say that there isn’t talent in every state, but it does seem that NC has something a little extra special. But what does this Carolina girl know?!?

farewell to


One thing is for sure, American Idol has made it’s mark in television AND music history. In its 15th and final season, this year’s range of talent is more vast and wide ranged than any year prior! With previous winners Ruben Studdard, Nick Fradiani, Fantasia Barrino, Jordin Sparks and Scotty McCreery having been enlisted, along with many others in an effort staged to provide sage mentoring for the contestants – notice a few of those North Carolina natives? So what are all of the NC Idol boys and girls up to these days? As busy as they may be, we tracked down Idol’s most beloved contestants and winners from North Carolina to delve into their past, present and future plans. Written By Heather Green

26 | triangle style

••• Scotty McCreery ••• Season 10 Winner Age: 22 • Hometown: Garner



Dubbed Scott Cooke McCreery in 1993, Scotty McCreery is Garner’s country-singing, guitarstrumming pride and joy. According to LA Times readers, Scotty McCreery is “Best American Idol.” And by the way--just what is it about NC natives that makes winning American Idol such a sure thing? Try asking Garner native Scotty McCreery who is still going strong, with those vividly piercing blue eyes of his. Apparently, it all started when Scotty’s grandmother presented him with a book about Elvis, who subsequently became his earliest musical influence.

EARLY TIMES At 9 years of age, Scotty took up the guitar. His primary education includes Timber Dr. Elementary School in Garner, West Lake Middle in Apex and Garner Magnet High School. In all three, he was in chorus. He was chosen to sing at his middle school graduation. He began high school as a tenor, but as a sophomore, he switched to bass. He sang in his church and starred in a school production of Bye Bye Birdie--as Conrad Birdie. He sang with his high school’s Die Meistersingers--a vocal ensemble that performed across the U.S.. Scotty won “Clayton Idol,” successfully competed and performed in a number of regional venues, sometimes with nationally-known stars. He led his church’s youth praise band, played baseball for his high school, where he was found relatively average by his coach, with a fairly decent curveball. He had to take time off from his Lowes Foods job as a bagger to audition for Idol. Scotty was Idol’s youngest ever male winner, and second overall youngest winner.

CONTINUING ON In addition to amazing success of recording responses and different touring, Scotty participated in Operation Christmas Child, an effort to get toys out to impoverished children around

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the world. Every year, he plays in the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game--to benefit cancer research, and his concert for World Vision to help support relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy survivors raised $5,000. The next year, World Vision sponsored his Weekend Roadtrip Tour. His philanthropic work comprises an impressive list of many other valuable contributions Scotty has made.

CURRENT LIFE Nowadays, Scotty McCreery can be found most days on the campus of N.C. State University, where the country crooner is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications. Even with his quarter-Puerto Rican heritage, he regrets not having learned to speak Spanish more fluently while growing up. He is a big Boston Red Sox fan, and in 2013, he began a blog for Major League baseball. Scotty credits Merle Haggard, George Jones and Conway Twitty for influencing him, and he’s a big fan of Garth Brooks, but still lists his greatest musical influence as being Elvis, thanks to his grandmother.

••• Fantasia Barrino ••• Season 3 Winner Age: 31 • Hometown: High Point Year on Idol: 2004 •

Born on June 30, 1984, Fantasia Monique Barrino--who is known the world over as simply Fantasia, is quick to respond to criticism of her singing both Christian and secular music. Even though fans can hear her singing R&B, soul, hip-hop soul and gospel in various strains--she credits it all as “Christian” music, believing that it’s all dedicated to the Lord in her heart of hearts. This native of High Point has been made into a major force, by an “only God knows” performance and she is rocking her God-given beauty now!

EARLY TIMES A baby Fantasia Barrino began her singing career at the age of five. She has learned the most from idols Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner, and music runs in her family, with several cousins making their living in the music business. Her early life was tragically disrupted by the rape of a classmate at Andrews High School in High Point, N.C., which resulted in her dropping out of school altogether. At 16, she became pregnant with daughter Zion Quari Barrino, whose father is Fantasia’s ex-beau Brandel Shouse. Shortly thereafter, she moved to nearby Greensboro, N.C., prior to auditioning for American Idol in Atlanta. Her Idol performance earned many kudos, and was named by AOL on their list of greatest television moments.


CONTINUING ON After winning on Idol, Fantasia debuted her single, “I Believe,” which became numero uno on the Billboard Hot 100. She went on to release the album, “Free Yourself,” which was certified Platinum by the RIAA, and netted three Grammy nominations in 2006. Fantasia’s soulful delivery has sold millions of albums and many more tracks, and the songstress ranks at #32 among the 100 Greatest Women in Music. Among her many awards, Fantasia owns a Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance. Fantasia played Aretha Franklin in an episode of American Dreams, guest-voiced on The Simpsons “A Star is Torn,” and played herself on All of Us. She’s been on The Tonight Show three times with Jay, performed at the 96th NAACP Image Awards, and toured with her own live band in 2005. She’s headlined many music festivals and received good notices from opening for Kanye West, in

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his Touch the Sky tour. Fantasia played herself in a Lifetime made for TV movie from her autobiography Life is Not a Fairy Tale, which became Lifetime’s second most viewed program ever. Her tours, albums, musical collaborations and guest appearances along with her acting have filled up her life immensely. Her role as Celie in Broadway’s The Color Purple earned her rave reviews. During that time she dealt with some cysts on her vocal cords. She has also played singer Mahalia Jackson.




($250 VALUE)

{919} 875.8668 8320-166 Litchford Rd., Raleigh • • • FREE CONSULTATIONS • • •

As this songstress has shown the world her transformed excellence. She returns to the force behind her initial fame--God. With story after story giving God the credit for every success in her life, Fantasia has returned to her original venue of worship for sharing her talent. Fans only care about hearing her sing-style and venue are secondary to her powerhouse of a voice that won her this place in life--the very BEST success story, ever! in 2011, she gave birth to a baby boy, Dallas Xavier Barrino, and in 2015, she wed businessman Kendall Taylor, CEO of Metro Transportation in Charlotte. Here’s to a super “Happily Ever After!”

••• Caleb Johnson••• Season 13 Winner Age: 24 • Hometown: Asheville Year on Idol: 2014

As the saying goes, “three’s a charm,” and it certainly was for Caleb Johnson, who continued to audition for a total of three times in four years, with final success on the third try. With his chosen faves of rock, hard rock and heavy metal, his vocals are smooth and spot-on, and his songwriting is a true talent.




Growing up, Caleb did all the typical stuffplayed high school sports, sang in chorus and joined the drama club. Through his church he went on some missions in addition to being involved in volunteering. He says his biggest musical influence has been Chris Cornell, and Caleb’s a big fan of Rush. Always the lead singer, he joined his first band upon graduating from high school in Asheville.


CONTINUING ON Immediately after his Idol win, he released an album, being the quickest post-win Idol release in the show’s history. His new record label is “Big Johnson Records.” According to Caleb, “For me, personally, rock and roll is like a religious experience where you listen to it and you’re impacted by the music, by the singing by the driving beat.” His style is a self-described “rock and roll with soul.”

CURRENT LIFE In a post-Idol move, Caleb gallantly escorted runner-up Jena Irene to her senior prom in Farmington Hills, Michigan, which she said was wonderful for her. Anyone following him on Twitter may have seen some quite arrogant comments the crooner made early-on about how “Twitter gives access to a bunch of retards to talk to me,” and in a few sentences later, “I don’t need 10,000 people saying, ‘You should sing this, you should sing that. Listen to me!’ Fortunately, guys, I’m going to listen to myself, whether you like it or not.” Hopefully, Caleb Johnson has discovered the error of such an attitude, and how it could make or break his career, as its success dearly depends on those very “10,000 people”. No voice or talent is so wonderful to survive without fans and sometimes that lesson is learned the hard way.


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32 | triangle style


While not every North Carolina native on Idol made it to the number one spot, the ones that managed to get close have done quite well. Here’s a run-down of those who may not have taken the number one spot, but have made a name for themselves despite getting eliminated. CLAY AIKEN

Age: 37 • Hometown: Raleigh Year on Idol: 2003 Season: 2 • Finished: Runner up Clay Aiken already had a substantial following in Raleigh before his Idol win, especially where he was the beloved-by-all kids’ instructor at the Baileywick Rd. Finley YMCA. Born Clayton Holmes Grissom, Clay Aiken has become a prominent philanthropist, as well as a singer, songwriter and an author. Even though Ruben Studdard was the official winner of the show’s second season, try telling that to the world at large, as Aiken blew Studdard out of the water, fame-wise, at least.


Age: 36 Hometown: Born in Roanoke Rapids -- Raised in Lasker, N.C. Year on Idol: 2006, Season: 5 Finished: 4th • Born Christopher Adam Daughtry in the small N.C. town of Roanoke Rapids, Chris Daughtry finished the American Idol fifth season in 4th place, after which he was signed-on by RCA Records. He then formed a band called Daughtry, which went on to produce a debut album that topped all of Nielsen Sounds can history to date, selling over one million copies within its first 5 weeks. In terms of record sales, Daughtry ranks as the third of all Idol contestants, ever--behind Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Daughtry’s band’s song “It’s Not Over” received a nomination for Best Rock Song at the 50th Grammys. Chris Daughtry’s style centers on alternative metal and rock, with some hard rock, pop rock and post-grunge.


Age: 29 Hometown: Albemarle • Year on Idol: 2006 Season: 5 Finished: 6th • Country crooner of exceptional beauty, Kellie Pickler continues to ride high on the wave of success she earned from her time on American Idol. Kellie’s insider friends and family have always adored her wit and fast quips, and support her in any undertaking she deems worthwhile, always. And BTW--being cut from the AI finalists did absolutely nothing to impair this angel’s sure success. As one of Simon Cowell’s all-time favorites, Kellie would delight audiences with her Southern and ditzy charm, and how she would mispronounce words frequently.


Age: 29 • Hometown: Cary and Chapel Hill Year on Idol: 2009 • Season: 8 • Finished: 6th • Anoop made Idol history by being the first 13th finalist ever to be continued on the show. He shares that it was how the death of his friend Eva Carson impacted him that moved him to audition for the show. Anoop continues to sing and write, and his dedicated fans have stood by him all along the way!

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Age: 38 Hometown: Rockingham Year on Idol: 2006 Season: 5 • Finished: 8th • Country crooner and golden boy Bucky Covington is such a hit with the ladies and as an identical twin, Bucky (after his grandfather “Buck”) he is doubly identically adorable. Brother Rocky and Bucky graduated from Scotland HS in Laurinburg, N.C. The two worked at their family’s Hamlet, N.C. body shop in the afternoons and on weekends. Despite taking 8th place, Bucky has managed to stay in the limelight, with a focus in country music.


Age: 23 • Hometown: Goldsboro • Season: 13 Finished: 9th • Majesty Rose sang Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” for her Atlanta audition. She enjoyed a good run, and was eliminated on March 27, 2014, and came in 9th. Majesty quips, “THIS SERIOUSLY WAS THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE...But coming home to Billboard signs, Facebook Posts, and my name on small business signs, was all I needed to feel like I could truly make a difference in my community. Here I am.” This is representative of her determination to look for the good in life.


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Idol Roundtable , the NC Idol stars – Scotty McCreery Triangle Style caught up with three of gton. It’s not easy going from the Redhow Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covinds of their NC homes, but they shared Carpets of Hollywood to the red dirt roa most and what life is like now. they do it, what they love and miss

• Scotty, what is it like to go back to Idol while balancing my music career activities. and not have as much pressure as the It is important to me to continue to have as normal a life as I can, and the great people first time? SM: It was really fun going back to Idol and seeing Jennifer (Lopez) and Ryan (Seacrest) as well as so many of the great producers and staff that have been there so long. It brought back a lot of happy memories. At the same time, I wanted to be sure that I focused on Jeneve and Jenna because it was their time to shine.

of North Carolina have allowed me to do that. I try to spend as much time in Garner, North Carolina with my family and friends as I can in the midst of this crazy life. I also love heading to both the beach and the mountains. North Carolina is such a great state with so many wonderful places to enjoy.

• How has life changed since winning and what is different on the homefront?

• Bucky, how have things changed for you since Idol?

SM: Life is awesome. I've released three albums and toured the country both on my own and with Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts. I'm getting to pursue my dreams of a country music career, which is all I've ever wanted. On the home front, I came back from “Idol” in 2011 and finished my senior year of high school so I could graduate with my friends. Then I went on to college at NC State for 2.5 years and lived the life of a normal college student 34 | triangle style

BC: American Idol was a huge blessing and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to instantly put a face with a name and a sound. It was a great way to connect with fans all over the world. After Idol, I landed a record deal and scored three consecutive top 10 hits. We have been touring and playing shows all over the country and recently released my new EP “Happy Man”.

• How about for you Kellie?

KP: I don't know that it's that different because when I come home I hang out with my same friends that I always did. I try to be me wherever I am!

• What do you miss the most about home Bucky?

BC: Most of my family has moved to Tennessee, so the thing I miss most about NC is definitely the weather! Nashville is a rainy mess compared to warm and sunny Rockingham, where I grew up. And being close to the beach was such a great thing too - I miss Myrtle Beach!

• Kellie, what do you miss most?

KP: I miss my grandmother the most. She is the woman who raised me and I loved her dearly. She passed away when I was still a teenager. I miss her every day. ‘

• Looking back, what would you do different Scotty? SM: I don’t know that I'd do anything different. I am a blessed man.

• Kellie, what is the biggest difference between where you live now and home? KP: Kyle and I live in Nashville, which is the heart of the country music industry. We have built our own “Nashville family” there with friends who have come to town to chase their dreams, and I love every moment I get to spend with them. But you never forget the place where you were raised and I always love coming home to North Carolina when I can! • What are some of your favorite places in NC? SM: Garner, North Carolina is my favorite place on Earth. I also love Topsail, NC; love the Outer Banks; and love Sugar Mountain. Really, the whole state is beautiful.

• What is coming up for you this year Kellie?

KP: Last year my husband Kyle and I starred in a CMT television series called “I Love Kellie Pickler.” The season finale just aired a few weeks ago, and we're waiting to find out if the show will get picked up for a second season. I hope it will – I know the ratings were strong and it was so much fun to do. Of course, I'm always writing songs and touring as well. And I love doing USO events for our military men and women to remind them how much we all appreciate their service.

• And for you Bucky?

BC: I released my first Independent EP called Happy Man and we put a single out to secondary radio called “I Feel Ya.” I still tour year round and have an amazing group of guys in my band right now. Hopefully we will be in your area soon- come check us out!

• How about you Scotty?

SM:I am releasing my first book, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward The Dream, on May 3. I'm very excited about it. Even though I guess it's an autobiography, I like to call it a travelogue because I'm sharing stories from my life's journey — before, during, and after “Idol.” I’ve experienced a lot more than your average 22 year old and I think I have a unique perspective on life. I share some lessons I’ve learned and talk about how my faith, family and friends have been the most important things in my life. For more information on Scotty McCreery, Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covington Visit their websites at,

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Can Confidence Be Found In A Bottle? Scent artist Carolyn Hassett has found a way for women — and men — to create their very own magic potion. When you know the fragrance you're wearing is exceptional, you’re not afraid to be noticed: standing a little taller or walking with a sway in your step. Confidence is key.

Written by: Savannah Guild 36 | triangle style

Lucky for us, Carolyn’s studio, Escentuelle, located in downtown Cary, is filled with eau de parfum accords straight from Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. Hassett studied at the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy and traveled to the south of France for advanced instruction by master perfumers, to become a certified distributer of Galimard, the oldest French perfumery, founded in 1747.


Catching a whiff of a fragrance can instantly take you back to a special moment or person. They’re those significant scents that we can’t get out of our head, like our grandmother’s dusting powder or our first trip to the beach. Designing such a fragrance is perfect for a memorable occasion or gift. With wedding season coming up and Mother’s Day right around the corner, making an appointment at Escentuelle is easy! You can book a two-hour time slot as a mother/daughter duo after brunch and not only walk away with a captivating fragrance, but a wonderful memory. If you have a bridal shower coming up, a gift certificate for the bride-to-be and her maid of

(919) 557-5771 t MADHATTERNC.COM

107 S. Main Street t Fuquay-Varina

a unique expression of your individuality

CREATE THE PERFECT SCENT for your perfect day

By Appointment 201 W Chatham St #107 Downtown Cary 919.659.0476

Individual and Group Sessions spring | 37

honor is unforgettable. The bride can decide exactly how she wants to scent her wedding day, and wear her perfume on anniversaries for years to come. Escentuelle has 127 accords on each perfumer's organ, or workstation, from such natural sources as jasmine, lavender, and orange flower, direct from Grasse. At your creation session, you will smell perfume families and choose two to inform the fragrance you will make. You’ll start by blending the base, the heart is next, and top notes are last. You’ll then register your bewitching brew for a simple reorder, after you’ve enjoyed your original 50 mL bottle labeled with the name you've chosen.


108-A North Salem St, 919-362-7030 Inspiring Style for Fabulous Women Top Fashion Designers


431 W. Franklin St, 919-903-9370



Scents are all around us, from the bouquet of a fresh-blooming rose to a rich chocolate wedding cake. Yet fragrance is personal: some delight at a sweet magnolia, while others prefer the buttery richness of sandalwood. No matter your preference, you can leave Escentuelle with an elixir that is your own bottle of liquid courage. TS

A Shopping Spree All Year Long We stock our 12,000 sq ft place with unique,

one-of-a-kind artisans giving you the Best Selections Of Furniture, Fashion And Gifts

8601 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh • 919-977-3039 Across from CarMax on Glenwood 38 | triangle style

ASK ANNA Hi Anna, I have some cellulite on the backs and sides of my thighs and I have been bothered by it for years. I would like to know what I can do to make it go away or at the very least make it less noticeable. Thanks, Whitney R. There are many fabulous qualities and perks to being a woman…cellulite is not one of them. I completely understand why cellulite bothers you and why you’d want to minimize the appearance, especially prior to the warmer weather when shorts and dresses are the best way to survive the Southern heat! Cellulite isn’t harmful or a sign of toxins in your body as some myths proclaim—it’s just fat underneath the skin. Though it’s no consolation, women of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to cellulite. Women are more prone to cellulite as we get older and face hormonal changes, and to some extent it is genetic. As I mentioned above, the not-so-great news is that since cellulite is hormonal and partly genetic, so battling it will be an on-going effort and the results may vary depending on many factors going on with your body. There is no oneand-done method for treating cellulite, so if this is a concern of yours, you will want to stay on top of your treatment and consult with a trusted medical aesthetician. The great news is there are many ways to attack cellulite! Exercise is scientifically proven to help—not only will you burn off excess fat, but by firming and tightening the muscles surrounding the areas of cellulite, an illusion is created to make it less noticeable. If you’re not a fitness fanatic like me, an easier and non-invasive way to fight cellulite is with ZWave Radial Pulse Therapy. I love this method, because the pulses from ZWave are powerful enough to break down the fat within the fibrous connective tissue, thereby expediting the extrusion of fatty acids into the blood for natural elimination. ZWave is FDA-approved and can reduce the appearance of cellulite by 1-2 grades (about a 50% reduction) after a series of 10 treatments. In a nutshell, it safely cracks the fat! There are other minimally invasive treatments you can look into, but in doing my research and after experiencing several methods, I found ZWave to be the most effective non-invasive procedure. Cool Fact: ZWave technology is used on Air Force One to treat the President’s plantar fasciitis! Anna Porrazzo owns Synergy Spa in Raleigh and teaches corrective makeup and innovative skin care to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, estheticians and spa owners worldwide. Email your questions to

A UNIQUE WOMEN'S BOUTIQUE. We specialize in clothing and accessories for the woman who has a passion for fashion and is smitten by all things lovely!

1105 West Main St,

Durham • 919 530 1000 Mon. - Sat. 10:00am - 6:00pm Sun. 1:00 - 5:00pm

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Phyllis White, Expressions Permanent Makeup Artistry WHEN YOU SAY “PERMANENT” IS IT TRULY PERMANENT? Permanent meaning it will last several years, but not forever. Touch ups are required over time based on the individual. I have clients with eyeliner 12-15 years old. WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON PROCEDURE DONE? Eyeliner, but brows are a close second.

TELL ABOUT YOUR MOST MEMORABLE CLIENT? I had a client that was a young woman and had no brows from alopecia. I did her eyeliner & brows and it was life changing for her. She cried afterwards because she was so overwhelmed with emotion. She thought she would never look "normal" again. I have done many clients with alopecia, cancer & other illnesses. Those are the ones that are most memorable. Every client has their own story. My oldest client was a feisty 95 years old. Just goes to show, you are never too old to invest in feeling good about yourself. WHAT HAPPENS IF I AM UNHAPPY WITH THE RESULTS AM I STUCK WITH SOMETHING FOREVER? I provide an intense consultation and involve each client through their entire experience. After 22 years, I have never had an unhappy client. I have performed many correctional procedures on clients that had unfavorable results with other artists. Experience matters. I have had over two decades in this industry. I love what I do and it shows in my work. SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT ABOUT THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT PERMANENT MAKEUP YOU ENCOUNTER: My clients think this is the same as a regular tattoo. It is very different. My equipment is made specifically for the face. 40 | triangle style

Pigments are pH balanced for the face & blend with your skin tones like makeup.

IS THE PROCEDURE PAINFUL AND IS THERE A RECOVERY PROCESS? Each client is different. I use topical numbing medications to ensure comfort of each client. Eyeliner heals in 3-4 days. Brows heal in 5-7. Lips may take a full week. You can continue on with your daily life. After care is thoroughly covered and the client will leave with everything they need to care for their procedure! IS IT SAFE FOR THE BODY TO ABSORB THE PIGMENTS Yes, it is. The pigments that are used are specifically for permanent makeup. They are pH balanced and a patch test is done to ensure there are no allergic reactions. In over 20 years, I have had no reactions.

DOES PERMANENT MAKEUP CONTINUE TO LOOK GOOD AS WE AGE? Permanent makeup softens as you age and continues to look great! WHAT IS THE AVERAGE COST FOR PERMANENT COSMETICS? The cost varies. There are physicians, optometrists, as well as lay people who perform this procedure. It is an art to putting on makeup. Look for experience and not just the cost factor. You get what you pay for. That doesn't mean the more expensive, the better. I keep my costs to make it affordable for everyone. I regularly get referrals from physicians that no longer perform the procedure.

wake up raleigh with beautiful eyes, lips and brows with no extra effort..

expressions permanent makeup artistry Located at Salon AG 813 Hodges St, Raleigh

(984) 242-6210

Master Permanent Makeup Artist Phyllis White is new to Raleigh, but not new to the art. She has more than 22 years experience and clients throughout the southeast have sought her expertise. Don't trust your face to inexperience. A consultation to learn more costs only your time. spring | 41

Over 10,000 Square Feet offering one of a kind furniture, fashion and gifts. Featured: The Kate Spade New York Dipped Initial Insulated Tumbler Retails for $18 • The Geo Dress has also been really popular by Mon Ami. Retails for $38 Inspirations Home Decor and More 8601 Glenwood Ave., (919) 977-3039 Monday - Saturday: 10-6, Sunday: 1-5 see ad on page 38


Not All Who Wander Are Lost #wanderlust #travel #vacation #springdreaming #traveladdict #packlighttravelfar #scoutandmollys Scout & Molly’s North Hills, Raleigh, (919) 754-8430 Stone Creek Village, Cary (919) 465-7441 see ad on page 27


Birkenstocks Are Back! Make a shining statement in the classic Birkenstock Arizona sandal famous for its comfortable fit and easy style. Available in silver (shown) plus lots of other colors at SRI ... Serious About Shoes. SRI Shoe Warehouse 6031 Oak Forest Drive, Raleigh 919-872-2800 see ad on page 19 42 | triangle style

Daniel Wellington Watches Have Arrived The Classic Collection, recognized for its clean lines and simple design. With a minimalistic dial and a perfectly dark brown band, this timepiece looks effortlessly elegant. Smitten Boutique 1105 W Main Street Durham, (919) 530-1000 see ad on page 39

Skinny Coconut Oil.... the only 100% raw, alkaline coconut oil in the world! Skinny is the closet you can get to a raw coconut. Their coconuts are wild-harvested from the jungles of Vietnam. Skinny donates 10% of proceeds back to Vietnam to build schools, teach English and fund year-round farming. Many different products available include oil pulling, lip balm, body butter, sugar scrub and more, all which have 100% raw coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Lily Mae's Boutique & Gifts At The Factory 1839 South Main Street, Wake Forest (919) 453-0113 Follow us on Facebook and Instagram see ads on pages 29 & 39

Hudson Krista Ankle In Beaudry Show off legs for days in skinny jeans from Hudson that flaunt a faded, distressed wash and are finished with a raw hem. Fab’rik Cameron Village 2039 Cameron St., Raleigh (919) 833-1210 see ad on page 23

Piko Obsessed? If not, you will be. so comfortable. Looks great with everything and lots of colors. 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex At Ease at Sutton Square 6325 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh (919) 790-1812 see ad on page 3

Whimsical Barbara Rhil Handbags Direct From Paris CT Weekends, Cameron Village, 437 Daniels St., Raleigh (919) 787-9073 see ad pages 74 & 75 spring | 43

TRIANGLE TRENDS Dahlings, The Divas Are Loving These Bright Comfy Lilly Pulitzer Pillows Come get yours before they are gone!! #thepinkalli The Pink Alli Stone Creek Village, 406 Ledgestone Way, Cary (919) 460-2554 see ad on page 57

Addiction Appropriately Named!

Stock Up On Classic White We love this three quarter sleeve that will seamlessly transition into your Spring wardrobe. Fabulously soft and the most flattering fit. Sophie And Mollies 108-A North Salem St, Downtown Apex 919-362-7030 431 W. Franklin St, Chapel Hill 919-903-9370 see ad on page 38

Stop in and feel for yourself. Whether you sleep in it or lounge in it, these pieces will soon become your favorites. Opulence of Southern Pines at Cameron Village, 400 Daniels Street, Raleigh (919) 467-1781 and at The Mews, 280 NW Broad St., Downtown Southern Pines (910) 692-2744 see ad on page 5

Save The Planet - Reupholster your Furniture Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make it NEW again! We'll help you pick your fabric then our skilled upholsterers will pick it up and do the rest. Midas Fabrics and Blinds, 7912 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh (Rt. 70 at Lynn Rd.), (919) 782-5500, see ad on page 68 44 | triangle style

Minnie Rose Fringe Serape Poncho The serape available in light weight cotton will take through the summer days and nights and into fall. A great travel item to keep you warm on a plane. Has hood for a trendy look. Edges are trimmed in fringe. One size fits all. Perfect year round travel item for all climates. Price $179. Coolsweats Look Good, Be Comfortable.

Glenwood Village: 2603-141 Glenwood Ave Raleigh: (919) 782-0012 Pinehurst: 105 Cherokee Road, (910) 295-3905 see ad on page 11

Beautiful Accessories In The Latest Fashion Colors

Every Day Is Derby Day Hats make excellent gifts, From Derby Hats, Weddings, Sunday’s Best, to cocktail hats for the chicest of parties. Great selection of women's hats and hat accessories that are perfect for all occasions. Mad Hatter (919) 557-5771 107 S. Main Street Fuquay-Varina see ad on page 37

affordable prices and excellent customer service. All at Gigi’s Boutique! Gigi’s Boutique Lafayette Village: 8480 Honeycutt Rd, Raleigh, 919-846-0014 Waverly Place: 302 Colonades Way, Cary, (919) 851-5232 see ad on page 20

THE PERFECTA LASER FACIAL: FOR SKIN SO PERFECT YOU MAY JUST DO WITHOUT MAKEUP! • Eliminates Redness • Treats Acne • Smooths Skins Surface • Erases Superficial Lines Michael Law MD , Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 10941 Raven Ridge Road. Suite 103. Raleigh. (919) 256.0900 See ads on pages 6, 78 & 79

Raleigh’s Exclusive European Style Village With Locally Owned Specialty Shops, Services & Fine Dining Shop. Dine. Explore. Lafayette Village 8450 Honeycutt Rd, Raleigh, see ad on inside cover spring | 45


Lafco NY House and Home Fragrances -

Be Blonde, Bold & Beautiful with Olaplex it’s revolutionary... go blonde without fear of damaged hair TSM Special: Receive An Olaplex Treatment for Only $25!!!!

- these unique candles in a hand blown glass vessel are filled with the finest fragrance in a soy blended candle and they have 100% cotton wicks to maximize burn time and increase fragrance delivery. Lasting over 90 hours, these clean burning candles, in their one of a kind glass, can transform any space. And the hand blown glass diffusers filled with natural essential oil based fragrances, unite home fragrance with art to create the perfect ambiance.

Does not include Blowout

Modern Enhancement Salon Day Spa 8320-166 Litchford Rd. Raleigh 27615 919.875.8668 Visit our websites at see ad on page 30

Opulence of Southern Pines at Cameron Village, 400 Daniels Street, Raleigh (919) 467-1781 and at The Mews, 280 NW Broad St., Downtown Southern Pines (910) 692-2744 see ad on page 5

Spring Ahead To A New Scent! It’s finally here: the time to shed layers and greet the budding flowers with joy. What better way to celebrate this season of renewal than with a fresh new scent—something unique, made for and by you! Experience our signature fragrance creation process yourself, or treat a loved one for Mother’s Day, graduation, or wedding. Need a quick addition to your scent wardrobe? Try something from our prêt-à-porter collection! ESCENTUELLE 201 W Chatham St #107, Downtown Cary (919) 659-0476, see ad on page 37

Rx Systems Rejuvenating Protein Moisturizer Glycoprotein and collagen improve moisture content of skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Designed to rejuvenate skin on a cellular level, restoring the internal protein structure. Formulated for aging and sun-damaged skin. The Purple Door Day Spa 154 South White St., Wake Forest, (919) 562-6077,, see ad on page 71 46 | triangle style

Obsessed With This Outfit! The Moment Is Yours! #haliesboutique #carync #shoplocal #hobo #vsadesigns Halies Boutique 1209 Parkside Main St. Cary • @haliesboutique 919-462-0902, see ad on page 33

Classic Style with A Timeless Appeal The possibilities are endless with a white top. We love this updated version Finley’s Boutique Lafayette Village: 8480 Honeycutt Road, Raleigh, (919) 846-0024 Waverly Place: 302 Colonades Way, Cary (919) 977-4742 see ad on page 21

We Have Plenty Of Michael Stars Latest Styles Update your Spring wardrobe with classic tops that go with just about anything Certain Things Cameron Village, 404 Daniels St, Raleigh (919) 828-5055, see ad on page 33

Now Featuring Harden Custom Furniture And Upholstered Headboards The Galleria is a beautiful marketplace located in Raleigh with a wonderfully diverse group of interior designers, artists, and vendors, each with their own distinctive personality. We offer fabulous gifts, and home decor accessories, fine art, jewelry, gourmet foods,furniture and fashionable clothing and accessories. The Galleria 9650 Strickland Road, Suite 167, Raleigh, 919-615-0033, see ad on page 58 spring | 47


BALAYAGE HIGHLITES AT JOULE SALON Balayage, American Balayage, Color Melting, Ombre!!! What does it all mean? Balayage is the highlighting choice of the fashion savvy client. It is the art of sweeping color or lightener directly over the surface of the hair to create soft subtle, natural highlights as seen on your favorite celebrities. American Balayage is a balayage technique using foils to create natural looking highlights adding splashes of light and dark. Ombre-Ombre and balayage are not the same thing. Ombre is a grown out look but you can use the balayage technique to create ombre. Color Melting- is similar to ombre, but is created with 3 or more colors, melting them together very gradually Sombre- is ombre’s more subtle cousin, combining the best of balayage and ombre. Foil highlights are here to stay and is still the most popular way to add dimension! This Spring is all about creating natural looking sun kissed highlights designed to bring out the uniqueness in your haircut and facial features. So what technique is right for you? Call Joule salon for your balayage consultation. joule salon 4242 NW Cary PKWY (Next to LaFarm Bakery) 919-297-0152, see ad on page 66 48 | triangle style

Calling All Southern Tide Fans! Southern Tide launches the new Women’s Collection for Spring!!! They will offer chic summer essentials in patterns and prints inspired by Southern heritage and charm. Choose from their popular t-shirts, tank tops, seersucker basics, and classic tailored shorts, the versatile debut collection embraces the brand’s nautical motifs and cultivated styles. Lily Mae's Boutique & Gifts At The Factory, 1839 South Main Street, Wake Forest (919) 453-0113, Follow us on Facebook and Instagram see ads on pages 29 & 39 One Of The Great Things About Clothes Mentor Chapel Hill is that you can find many different brands size 00 to 26 in one place. No need to go to a zillion stores at the mall to find your jeans, come to Clothes Mentor and find them here! Be sure to check us out at for inventory updates! Clothes Mentor In Chapel Hill 241 S. Elliott Rd. Chapel Hill, 919-929-1770, see ad on page 7

Give Back and Try Hot Yoga - Indigo Hot Yoga holds a weekly donation-only community class. Anyone can try hot yoga this way and for those that donate, support the charity of the month. Come try it for yourself and feel double the good! See our schedule at Indigo Hot Yoga 1028 Oberlin Road, Suite 244 (919) 664-9800 Facebook and Instagram, see ad on page 76

CoolSculpting for Double Chin! The safest and easiest way to eliminate stubborn fat in the double chin area without surgery or downtime! Utilizing an advanced cooling technology, CoolSculpting freezes and breaks down fat cells, enabling natural removal for visible, aesthetically pleasing results. The SynergySculpt™ Method features ZWave (Radial Pulse Therapy) to enhance the effects of CoolSculpting and ensure you get the best results and value for the lowest price in the Triangle! Call Synergy at (919) 510-5130 Inside the Beltline 2603 Glenwood Ave at Oberlin Rd. North Raleigh 8300 Health Park at Six Forks Rd. and Forum Dr., See ad on page 12

We are all ready for spring and Annie's Attic is the place to shop! With a fun and varied selection of brands such as Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Free People, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer and LOTS more, you are sure to find some treasures just for you! We add items daily, so it's always a new experience. With an amazing selection of 'all things girl,' delightful sales associates and a quaint and classy environment, you will find yourself wanting to come back every week! Please visit our website or call us at 919-500-1302 for more information about consignment or buy-outrights. Annie's Attic 107 W Chatham Street Cary, NC 27511 919-500-1302 (beside Ashworth's Drugstore in downtown Cary), see ad on page 32

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Radiant Bridal Makeup…In Person & On Camera… It's your big day so look your best with flawless, camera-ready makeup that reflects your unique features & style by Professional Makeup Artist Ashley Bromirski. Ask about our Bridal Hair & Makeup packages and schedule your consultation today! **See examples of Ashley's work on pages 14-17 Radiant Beauty By Ashley (919) 610-8323, see ad on page 60

Every Tick Tock Matters At Clocktiques! We specialize in repairs of antique clocks and watches from the 1600's to present. We have a fully stocked showroom for your enjoyment and shopping pleasure. Looking for a gift what better than a timepiece that could become your family heirloom for generations to come. Watch battery replacement and adjustment available. All repairs done in our fully equipped repair shop on site. Clocktiques, 2004 South Main St., Suite 104, Wake Forest, 919-556-8963. see ad on page 71 spring | 49


At Clothes Mentor Triangle-Town We Buy And Sell Gently Worn, Name Brand, Women’s Clothing In Sizes 0 to 26, Maternity, Petites, Business and Casual, Shoes, Accessories And Purses We pay CASH for all items we accept and No Appointment Is Ever Necessary. Save money when you buy and make money when you sell - what could be better than that? Come see us today at:

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Lucite Furniture Has Always Been Classic... but becomes contemporary when mixed with metal. This Gwenyth cocktail table by Interlude Home will be the shining star in your room. The table is also available in a rectangular shape if that better suits your needs. Sew Fine II Custom Window Treatments and Interiors 5850 Fayetteville Road, Suite 104, Durham (919) 806-3638, see ad on page 67

Juvederm: Just One Treatment With The V-Beam Laser Can Eliminate Veins And Control Rosacea With No Down Time. Sever cases might require multiple treatment for complete clearance Michael Law MD, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 10941 Raven Ridge Road., Suite 103, Raleigh. (919) 256.0900 See ads on pages 6, 78 & 79

Get full lips and avoid duck lips. The expert nurses at Blue Water Spa can create natural looking, full and youthful lips. Top provider of Botox and Juvederm in the Carolinas. Michael Law MD , Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 10941 Raven Ridge Road. Suite 103. Raleigh. (919) 256.0900, See ads on pages 6, 78 & 79

PLUM Hair Atelier is a company whose purpose is to provide exceptional hair care services and offer salon exclusive retail to Raleigh's elite. As a high end salon, PLUM is devoted to continuing the growth and strengthen our team's passion and talent. We do this with being committed to constant education and pursuing growth opportunities from local to international events. By doing so, we are ensuring our guests are serviced by highly knowledgeable stylists who stay current on the latest trends and techniques. We invite you join us as we reset the industry's standard. Plum Hair Atelier (919) 833-0107, 1028 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC 27605,, see ad on page 77 50 | triangle style

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Black Wrap Maxi Dress is One of Many New Short and Long Wrap Dresses on the Way! $54 Perfect for Cruise, Wedding, or Nice Evening on the Town! Super Flattering V Neck Wrap! MARY & MAK Boutique 1002 Durham Road, Suite 500 Wake Forest 919-435-0057 see ad on page 72

Thinking About Permanent Makeup? Master Permanent Makeup Artist Phyllis White is new to Raleigh, but not new to the art. She has more than 22 years experience and clients throughout the southeast have sought her expertise. Don't trust your face to inexperience. A consultation to learn more costs only your time. LEARN MORE ABOUT PERMANENT MAKE UP ON PAGES XX XX Expressions Permanent Makeup Artistry Located at Salon AG, 813 Hodges St, Raleigh, (984) 242-6210 see ad on page 41

Come Visit Raleigh’s Hidden Treasure! Oak Park Shopping Center is a wonderful center filled with delightful boutiques to visit all within walking distance. We have everything in one area to serve you from fabulous restaurants, home decorating services, picture framing needs, holiday baskets to Homeschool supplies or Supplies for your Holiday Costumes and party. We are located on Raleigh's premier Glenwood Avenue. Oakpark Shopping Center, Oakpark Shopping Center, 6001 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh (919) 787-0181,, see ad on page 10 spring | 51


If You Color Your Hair This Is The Perfect Shampoo And Conditioner To Use. Aveda’s Color Conserve is gentle acting and leaves hair manageable without fading. Intensifies color radiance with their powerfully effective, botanicallybased color conserve complex™. The Hair and Face Lounge 1398 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, (919) 380-2029 see ad on page 28

Inspired By The Vibrant And Intricate Designs Of Saris And Shawls Of India, Amaya tunics are handcrafted with extraordinary artistry. Each piece is not just a tunic, but a work of art that can only be made in select villages in India. Limited quantities ensure your individuality. StyleFinder Boutique 6801 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 104-A Raleigh, NC 27615 (919) 454-3068 see ad on page 57 52 | triangle style

A Truly Unique Shopping Experience Wildfox, Good Hyouman, Free People, Raleigh Denim, Citizens of Humanity, AG Denim, Show me your MuMu, Groceries, Hazel, Tokyo milk, Hobo, Matt & Nat, Blue Q and more. Violets Boutique New Waverly Place, 302 Colonades Way, Suite 21, Cary, 919-703-0705 see ad on page inside back cover

Dr. Boyse’s product pick: Revision Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with SPF45 Sunscreen Outsmart the signs of aging® Revision Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with SPF45 Sunscreen is a best-selling moisturizer that gives skin a touch of sheer, healthy color. Formulated with an advanced peptide and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, it’s the smart way to care for your skin.

SPECIAL OFFER Purchase one Clear + Brilliant treatment, and receive a complimentary Revision Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with SPF45 Sunscreen. (Expires May 31, 2016) The Skin Renewal Center at Southern Dermatology 4201 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 207, Raleigh, NC 27607 P 919-863-0073, see ads on pages 4, 65 and 76

The Lenore Dress Is A Printed Fit And Flare Dress With Cutout Details. Wear this flirty fit and flare dress to a spring fling or girls day out. When you walk into the sun the white features of this dress will turn sun glow yellow. Palm Avenue Cameron Village 440 Daniels Street, Raleigh 919.828.2980 SHOPPALMAVENUE.COM (Next to Pier 1 Imports) see ad on back cover

Now Carrying CLARA SUN WOO Apparel Each piece is tailored to drape softly focusing on precision and fit. Their signature soft stretch knit fabric conforms to your natural shape for an effortlessly flattering fit. The collection is perfect for travelers, wrinkle-free, washable and easy to pack. Stop by to see the a variety of styles we have! Kristen's Cameron Village 501 Daniels St, Raleigh (984) 202-5030 see ad on page 27

Sit Down, Prop Your Feet Up And Experience Comfort. The Stressless Skyline easy chair has a unique look, with a retro-inspired modern cushion design. The Stressless Skyline also has the new signature frame with Balance Adapt™-system. Adjustable neck support, metal support with wood base in 7 finishes, several fabric and leather colors to choose from. Ergonomically design with comfort and support in mind. Made in Norway Ambiente Modern Furniture 3915 Beryl Road, Raleigh (919) 572-2870, see ad on page 59

The Premier Newborn Night Nursing Provider Nurse & Nurture provides private, in-home care for newborn babies throughout the night. All of our Registered Nurses have years of related clinical experience and as infant CPR certified. And since you care about who you let into your home, all of our nurses have successfully passed a full criminal background check and are insured. Nurse & Nurture is committed to providing the best possible care for your baby so you can rest peacefully and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Nurse and Nurture,, (404) 835-7580, see ad on page 73 spring | 53

TRIANGLE TRENDS Making Use Of Your Old Fur - The furriers with Douglas Hertzberg Montaldo's (DHM) Furs know how important it is to have fashion that can evolve with trends. Their furriers excel at making any garment into a fashion forward piece, for furs that fit any lifestyle. Turn that old fur coat into a fashionable new vest. Perhaps a cozy blanket or even a sheared reversible fur garment! Or, give your treasured fur a new life as a home accessory. A full length coat can be transformed into a fabulous fur blanket, a chic throw or even a luxurious fur rug. Fur is natural and recyclable and is one of the few clothing materials that can be re-styled. Recycling furs is great for the environmentally conscious consumer and it is the perfect way to hold onto a sentimental heirloom. Any fur in good condition can be transformed into something one-of-a-kind and unique. The options are limitless.

The restyling department of DHM Furs provides restyling, re-sizing, repairs, alterations, relining, shearing, fashion updating and more. In addition, you are welcome to trade in old furs towards the cost of a new fur. DHM customers can consign their furs at any of our locations, where it will be offered for sale alongside our large collection of new and pre-owned inventory. From a simple style change to a complete redesign, the on-site expert furriers and finishers at DHM Furs can make your fur into any fit and style. Hertzberg Furs 6019-B Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, 919-782-2165 Douglas & Montaldo's Furs 2400 Park Rd, Suite 1, Charlotte 704-333-5161, see ad on page 9

Are You Looking For The Perfect Designer Bag? We've got you covered! Stop in and pick yours up today! Pictured from left to right: Light blue Kate Spade ($90) • White Michael Kors ($85) • Navy Zac Posen ($95) • Purple Michael Kors ($135) • Snakeskin Michael Kors ($165) • Be sure to check out our facebook page for our outfits of the day Clothes Mentor On Glenwood, Townridge Shopping Center, 6560 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh 919-301-8486, see ad on page 7

How We Treat Acne - Wake Health Medical Group offers various procedures for the treatment of acne including: • Retin-A Peel • Glycolic Peel • Salicylic Peel • Deep Pore Facials • Acne Surgery • Microdermabrasion • Smoothbeam® Resurfacing • Pixel™ By Alma Lasers® • Fractional Resurfacing Wake Medical Health Group 13200 Falls of The Neuse Road, Raleigh, (919) 554-6754, see ad on page 8

Blue Ridge OB/GYN Associates Strives To Be The Best Women's Healthcare Practice In Raleigh Every Day. Serving woman of all ages in the heart of North Carolina. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care for all our patients, promoting health as a way of life for women. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals provide expert and compassionate care in a convenient North Raleigh location along with our Rex Hospital area location. You can have your obstetrical care in North Raleigh and enjoy your delivery and in-patient care in the beauty and warmth of the Rex Family Birth Center. Let us deliver your miracle! Blue Ridge OB/GYN Associates, North Raleigh: 11001 Durant Road, Suite 100, Raleigh, (919) 781-2500, Rex Hospital Area: 3200 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 118 Raleigh, (919) 782-9005,, see ad on page 72 54 | triangle style

919.599.9430 H E A D





• Diamonds, Estate and Antique Jewelry • Loose Diamonds of all Shapes and Sizes • Certified Appraisals • Expert Jewelry Repairs • We Buy Diamonds, Gold and Platinum

307 S. Wilmington Street • Raleigh • 919-832-3461 • spring | 55

THE QUICK CLEAN Written by: Carrie Leigh 56 | triangle style

You get a call late in the afternoon: tonight the in-laws or some friends are making a surprise visit. It's been a few days since you've gotten around to the dishes, and the laundry is taking up so much space it needs its own room. But don't panic. Here's a quick cleaning guide to help you make the most of the few minutes' notice you'll have until they show up.

FOCUS ON THE ROOMS THEY’LL SEE If your mom is dropping by for dinner or the neighbors are visiting for movie night, they probably won't wander their way into any of the rooms upstairs. Make a mental map of the rooms they will walk by or use while visiting, and focus on those rooms first.

PRETREAT FOR SPEEDY CLEANING Save time by pretreating. Spraying down the surfaces you'll need to wipe down ahead of time will allow the dirt or stains to break down a little before you get to scrubbing. Spritz the sinks, the toilet, counter tops, and other surfaces. Pour some baking soda and vinegar or a can of regular Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl to break down stains and grime without scrubbing. Sprinkle the carpet with a baking soda to fight tough odors. Let all of your pretreating sit for about 15 minutes while you handle other parts of the house.

DECLUTTER FOR CLEANER ROOMS You'll be amazed at how much cleaner your home will look if you declutter. Take all the toys, papers, magazines, and other stray items off of the counters and floors. Start with one room at a time, picking up all the extra stuff and bringing it to the

The Hottest Trends Can Be Found All Year Long At The Pink Alli


Stone Creek Village 406 Ledgestone Way, Cary 919.460.2554 • • Monogramming In House •

Style, Made Simple. Specializing in upscale casual clothing and accessories Come in today to enjoy a personalized styling experience like no other! 6801 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh (next to Skin Sense) • (919) 454-3068 We Make Shopping Fun Again! spring | 57

next room with you. Put away what belongs in this room, then pick up the clutter from this room as well. If your clutter doesn't have a home, throw it away or give it a temporary home somewhere hidden.

VACUUM ALL THE WAY Ditching the broom will speed up the cleaning. You already have the vacuum out for the carpet, so use it on your hardwood and tile floors too. It will save time on picking up the dirt with a dustpan. A vacuum will clean the kitchen floor well enough for guests; most vacuums even have a setting for hard



flooring. So keep it quick and clean with one tool instead of two.

GOODBYE DISHES The fastest way to get a cleaner-looking home in minutes is to put away the dishes. Unload and load the dishwasher and hand wash what is left. Getting the sink empty will make your home look extra clean. If you sink is empty but a little stinky, you can also clean that up quick. If you have a disposal in the sink, try running a half of a lemon through the grinder. The seeds and hard lemon rind will clean the blades and sharpen them, and the


Find that gift for the person who has everything!

9650 STRICKLAND ROAD • SUITE 167 • RALEIGH • 919-615-0033 • Mon. - Fri. 10am-6pm Sat. 10am-6 pm • Sun. 12pm-5pm 58 | triangle style

lemon juice will get rid of any smells stuck in your pipes. If you don't have a disposal, clean all of the food from the trap in the sink, then pour a quarter-cup of white vinegar and baking soda down the drain. The science-fair volcano reaction between the two will scrub the pipes clean without any chemical smells.

DUST IF YOU CAN If you have any time left, grab a pair of socks and put them on each hand like gloves. These will help you to get into the hard-todust places without having to break out different-size dusters. Once you are done, you can turn the socks inside out, then toss them into the dirty laundry. Getting your house clean when guests are coming soon may overwhelm you at first. The most important thing you can do is keep calm, focus, and don't panic. Your house can be clean enough for company in 30 minutes to an hour if you remain focused and have a plan. Don't let unexpected house guests get you down. TS

3915 Beryl Road Raleigh (919) 572-2870

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With a toolbox full of creativity, imagination and the highest quality tools from some of the largest names in the industry such as REDKEN, Pureology, Hattori Hanzo, BaByLiss PRO, BioIonic and Olivia Garden there are no limits here at Shoops salon.

4035 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh Suite 108, Studio 4 | (919) 818-5223

Experience • Specializing in Bridal Makeup The Arbonne Difference • Headshots/Marketing Of Using Pure, • Private/Group Lessons Safe And • Editorial/TV/Film Beneficial Products • Fashion/Portraits

Stephanie Finucane poses with Indigo Hot Yoga Owner Claudine after class.

It’s been five years since I stepped foot inside a hot yoga studio. I took the plunge at Indigo Hot Yoga on Oberlin Road in Raleigh. I was a little nervous and fairly certain I was going to tip over mid-pose (I did) or pass out in the final minutes. I did not pass out though. Small victories.

• Result-oriented • Lash Enhancements Anti-Aging Skin Care • Cosmetics • Nutrition & Weight Loss On Location Makeup • Baby Care Artistry Services

by Ashley



Call today for a complimentary sample & personal consultation!




60 | triangle style

When I arrived, over 10 minutes late, thanks to traffic on 40 and my extreme poor sense of direction, a half-naked man directed me to the most popular and hardest class at Indigo. It was a little dark, crowded, steamy and shall I say “organic?” Sweating like you’ve never seen. Truly, not a class for lightweights. Kind of ironic considering you’re lifting light weights. In 105 degree heat.

My first thought was why would a bunch of people want to do this right after work? Well, after surviving 50 minutes of that hour class, I can confidently answer that question. Claudine, owner of Indigo Hot Yoga, kept us going. She is an incredible instructor. Each pose feels possible because Claudine guides you into them with such soothing, but specific commands, that soon you begin to feel your body respond. It’s a real sense of accomplishment. Toward the very end of class, waitin so feverishly for my cold washcloth to get dropped on my foot, Claudine reminded everyone of how strong we really are. It’s a powerful message that stays with you long after the class ends. That’s why these people rush from work to Indigo Hot Yoga. Mystery solved! Oh, it’s also a cool place! The studio is clean and the staff is very friendly. You can be a beginner or pretzel in these classes. I saw all levels and ages here. Parking isn’t a problem since there’s a parking garage next to the studio. There’s also a cupcake shop, but that’s another story… Namaste! Indigo Hot Yoga 1028 Oberlin Rd Ste 244, Raleigh (919) 664-8800 See their schedule at

FOR THE “FASHIONABLY CHIC” MOM Hats make excellent gifts, From Derb Hats, Weddings, Sunday’s Best, to cocktail hats for the chicest of parties Great selection of women's hats and hat accessories that are perfect for all occasions.




Jill massey's high fashion, metal-driven, jewelry consists of hand cut, textural pieces, all derived from raw metals. Customize it anyway you like, with your name, husband’s name, kid’s name, nickname, initials or even a date. Jill Masse also offers non-customized necklaces including the very popular state cutout necklaces!



Give Her A Good Night’s Sleep. Nurse and Nurture has a staff of experienced, caring Registered Nurses who are committed to providing the best possibl care for your baby so Mom can get a good night’s sleep and re-energize. NURSEANDNURTURE.COM

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Show your mom how much you love her with this sweet stemless wine glass. Only $11.99! Perfect for Mother's Day!

Flattering, comfortable durable and stylish leggings from MiracleBody® are every woman’s dream. The bonus is they are stil trendy and they hide a lot. Crafted in premiu fabrics, these jeans retain their shape and keep moms looking flawless without sacrificing comfort… that’s their miracle! - AT EASE, RALEIGH


THE SEASON’S HOTTEST COLORS Add these fabulous bracelets from Tiffany Jazelle to Mom’s bracelet stack! She’ll love sporting 2016’s Pantone Colors of the year! - HALIE’S BOUTIQUE, CARY


Mother's Day Facial: Visible results are evident after this therapeutic facial. Medical strength anti-oxidant products are used to penetrate deeply for maximum benefits. A specialty serum and masque deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. A relaxing facial massage increases circulation, creating a youthful tone. Pure Oxygen cools and hydrates the skin and acts as a delivery system of healing amino acids. The skin will literally glow from this intense hydration. LED technology stimulates new collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It refines pores, softens scarring and promotes and even, milky skin texture. WWW.BLUEWATERSPA.COM spring | 63 spring



Are Physician Strength Cosmetics Better Than Over The Counter Products? You may wonder about the differences between over the counter cosmetics and those recommended by your physician. Maybe you’ve even heard of the phrase “Cosmeceuticals,” which sounds like something a doctor would prescribe but is actually nothing more than a marketing term. An informed consumer must make decisions based on fact and not unproven claims. All physician recommended product lines support their claims of effectiveness with independent research. Most products available at the drug store cannot make this claim. Over the counter products are usually not correctly pH-balanced, cannot contain prescription strength ingredients, and are primarily composed of fillers and fragrances rather than active ingredients. Only prescription strength products are regulated by the FDA and can be distributed by a physician.

For example, consider studies showing an improvement of fine lines and wrinkles when using tretinoin (Retin-A) prescription cream. Many over the counter products contain retinol, which is a form of vitamin A but not the same as Retin-A. Adding retinol to a cosmetic line helps sell it, but is it really giving you maximum benefit? The answer is no, so don’t be fooled into thinking they are equal in effectiveness. NIA 24 is another example of a medical grade product. Studies support their patented 24-hour release of the vitamin B3, and the company has won awards for their delivery system. Prescription strength products are the only products strictly regulated and superior to over the counter cosmetics for several reasons. They contain less fillers and stronger active ingredients, meaning you’ll see better results. Instead of trying to decide for yourself, it is wise to focus on recommendations from the physician to make smart choices.



This luxurious moisturizer features anti-oxidants, growth factors and non-comedogenic hydration proven to increase collagen production. There is no substitute for the Obagi Medical Nu­derm system. This prescription strength line works to effectively lighten and prevent brown spots

AIR FOR SUN-DAMAGE REP DECOLLETAGE AND HANDS This is a non-prescription but effective option. Nia24 features the powerful anti-oxidant Niacin delivered to the skin cells and enables healing from within to promote healthier, more beautiful looking skin. Dr. Margaret B. Boyse of Southern Dermatology takes a conservative, affordable, holistic approach to determine if the simple solution is best or if she needs to apply more advanced technologies to treatment. She enjoys educating patients about prevention, building long-term relationships through excellent customer care, and being a part of their lives through her medical practice. Specialties include: Cosmetic Dermatology, General Adult and Pediatric Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery and Skin Cancer. 4201 Lake Boone Trail • Suite 207 • Raleigh • 919-863-0073 • 64 | triangle style


t h e .r..use i g hwhat t sp ace you have. Redefining Space. One Room At A Time.

stephanie finucane

(919) 342-7196


4242 NW Cary Parkway • 919.297.0152 Next To La Farm Bakery •

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Written by Stephanie Finucane, The Right Space

LOVE THE SPACE YOU ARE IN “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”- Theodore Roosevelt Wise words from a wise man. It’s a universal message of hope: look around, be resourceful, and you will find a way to make it work for you. It can apply to everyone and anything. Since I’m a huge fan of “The Little Engine” (“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”) Roosevelt’s message resonates with my can-do spirit. Mostly because I find it’s a powerful truth. Growing up as a military brat, I learned at an early age that I would need to be adaptable if we were going to move every three years. There was this whole business of saying goodbye to your old bedroom and creating a new one. With the same furniture. And that’s when it started to become a hobby. After awhile, my big sister and I felt like experts. Some kids liked to play dress up. We liked redecorating our rooms. Or anyone’s rooms. The passion was real. Today, that passion is a reality. I am the proud owner of The Right Space, an interior redecorating service. I get to help other people make the most of their space by doing exactly what I did growing up. As a certified redecorator, I specialize in consulting. In some cases, I rearrange the existing furniture and accessories if I feel it’s necessary to give the room a better foundation.

In every case, I give you a written design plan that covers everything from floor to ceiling: paint, lighting window treatments, new furniture & accessories and sources- where to buy things at the best price so you don’t have to waste your time or make the expensive mistake of buying the wrong things.

that I refer to when I’m consulting. They are fixable, affordable and will change the way you feel in your space…for the better.

Let’s pretend we’re in the middle of your living room. Take a good look at each wall. What do you see? Allow your eye to follow the flow of each wall. Is all the furniture pushed up against them? Is there a good conversation area? What about lighting? Is there a place to sit and read? Have you ignored the focal point? Can you move in and out of the area without creating awkward traffic patterns?

HERE THEY ARE: • Don’t Ignore The Focal Point. There’s only

Those are just a few common decorating mistakes that I see regularly among clients. There are ten common decorating mistakes

You don’t need a new lamp. You need a new perspective. Hopefully, this list of the top ten decorating mistakes will help you find it.

one in each room. Let it shine. Hint, if there’s a fireplace in the room, that’s the focal point. • The Room Is Off-Balance. Maybe all that heavy furniture on one side of the room has something to do with it. • The Room Lacks Cohesion. You have plaid couch, oriental rug, striped curtains. In other words….visual chaos! Too much!

Shutters, Blinds, Shades Draperies and Valances Bedding and Pillows Wallpaper and Rugs Furniture and Upholstery Lamps and Accessories

Sew Fine II


5850 FAYETTEVILLE ROAD • SUITE 104 • DURHAM, NC 27713 • (919) 806-3638 • WWW.SEWFINE2.COM

spring | 67

• Uncomfortable Conversation Area. Do you have to practically break your neck to make eye contact? Do you have to shout to be heard from across the room? Make that conversation area work for you! Think “U” shaped furniture formation. Not L-shaped.

• Improper Use Of Artwork. Spare ONE wall in each room. Don’t hang art too high.

• Furniture of Different Heights. Look at one wall? Does your eye go up and down like a rollercoaster? Different heights never allow the eye to relax. That’s why you can’t.

• Incorrect Use Of Lighting. This is another biggie. Don’t go blind trying to read in the dark. Get some task lighting and general overhead lighting. Not optional. Accent lighting is pretty, but optional.

• Awkward Traffic Patterns. Is there only one exit and entrance into the space? Do you have to walk around something? Talk about annoying. • Poor Furniture Placement. This is a biggie. Is your furniture against the walls? Or is it overcrowded. You don’t have to keep everything Aunt Matilda offers you. Don’t feel guilty. It’s true. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Watch your carbon footprint shrink.

• Ineffective Use of Accessories. Don’t spread everything out. Create collections instead. Keep what brings you joy. Discard the rest.

How many decorating mistakes do you recognize? I challenge you to go through the list. My guess is you’ll notice how much these changes affect your mood every time you’re in the new and improved room. I hope so. In any case, just remember you can “do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” TS


Reupholstering your existing quality furniture can be very cost effective compared to buying new, lower quality furniture.

Our seamstresses and upholsterers are terrific! 7912 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh (at Lynn Rd) (919) 782.5500 • OPEN UNTIL 6PM ON WEEKDAYS, M - F 10-6 SAT 10-5

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take a seat


LAZY IS AN ARMCHAIR WITH SINUOUS LINES AND A WIDE, COZY SEAT, TURNING IT INTO THE PERFECT COMPANION FOR YOUR MOMENTS OF RELAXATION. The soft seat and lumbar support cushion, that perfectly fits on the cold-foamed polyurethane shell, makes this armchair extremely comfortable. — Ambiente Modern Furniture

Made out of seat belts. It is very comfortable and stylish. Can be used as a desk chair, dining chair, or really in any room. COOL BRAGGING FEATURE...this chair was featured in The Hunger Games. Be sure to come and sit in the seat belt chair! (we have one on display.) Offered in green, orange, red, black, purple, white and beige. — Sew Fine II

WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE The chair from Harden that will take center stage in any room with its flared arm, button back, tapered foot and classic antique nail head trim. Aged chesnut finish shown - The Galleria spring | 69

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What You Don’t Know about

THREAD COUNT Consumers are targeted by mass retail sales promising “800 thread count sheets for $49.99.” Impossible, says luxury linen specialist Tanda Jarest, owner of luxury bed and bath accessories boutique Opulence of Southern Pines/DUXIANA. What you don’t know about thread count could leave you feeling a little itchy and scratchy. 70 | triangle style

Misleading marketing can lead you to believe the higher the thread count, the finer the sheets. Remember the adage, “If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.”

Specializing in Glo Therapeutics

“A rule of thumb is to pay about $1 per thread, so a queen set of 200 thread count sheets should cost around $200,” Tanda says. “If they don’t, a processing step has been left out, often the singeing process which prevents fabric pilling after a few washes. Quality sheets continue to get better the more you wash and dry them.” Thread count is not the only factor to consider when purchasing quality linens. According to Tanda, 100 percent long-stapled, combed Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile River valley is best when finished properly in a multi-step process. Inferior linens do not incorporate every step in the finishing process, possibly excluding singeing, pigment dyeing, or adding corner French seams. The best sheets start with the best quality cotton, and sheets woven with low quality cotton are no match even though they may be marketed as higher thread counts. “I carry 200 thread count sheets that big box retailers’ 600 thread count sheets can’t match,” Tanda says. Opulence carries some of the finest, yet affordable, Egyptian cotton linens and bath accessories available, including the Wall Street Journal’s number one rated Abyss & Habidecor line of European towels and rugs. Once you invest in luxury sheets, you can’t go home and wrap them around a lumpy mattress. That’s why Tanda opened a Duxiana sleep shop that stocks a high-end, Swedish-manufactured line of mattresses with a 50-year lifetime. There are only 25 Duxiana stores in major metropolitan cities in North America, and the complete luxury sleep showroom comprising DUX beds and Opulence’s linens can’t be found anywhere else on the East Coast. “You spend one-third of your life in bed,” says Tanda, “so it’s important to be comfortable. The DUX bed is life changing. Customers who have purchased it say they will never go back to sleeping on a traditional mattress.”

154 South White Street, Wake Forest


Open Tuesday - Saturday 9-5

Facials Lash Extensions Massage | Waxing Manicures & Pedicures Gift Certificates | Packages

we make housecalls Antique • Modern • Cuckoo Grandfather • Wall & Mantle Pocket Watches • Wrist Watches



2004 South Main Street, #104, Wake Forest (919) 556-8963 • Monday-Friday 9-5 • Saturday 9-1

spring | 71


The Latest Trends, Competitive Pricing, $5 Flat Rate Shipping And The Best Customer Service Available

Written By Lou Scott


1002 Durham Road, Suite 500 Wake Forest • 919-435-0057


You’re never too young to think about aging gracefully. From my tenth birthday on—the day I lamented I had reached double digits and the best part of my childhood was behind me (I was always slightly dramatic)—I worried about growing older. When I mentioned these concerns to my mother, she asked if I’d prefer the alternative. No, an early death was not what I wanted. Given this dilemma, I began right there and then to be on the lookout for women of greatly advanced years—twentyeight and beyond at that time--who seemed attractive, interesting and healthy. How did they do it? Imagine my delight when I read about a woman in France who reached the age of 122, riding a bike until well past one hundred. Let me see, that means she lived 61 years twice. Most people will say they don’t want to live that long. I’m not one of them. To me, one hundred seems a reasonable life expectancy. I don’t adhere at all to that philosophy that says




the high cost of

HOSPITALIZATION. Affordable, in-office procedures provided in partnership with

NORTH RALEIGH AREA 11001 Durant Rd | 919.781.2500 REX HOSPITAL AREA 3200 Blue Ridge Rd | 919.782.9005

72 | triangle style

go quietly into the night; I’ll kick and smile and scream to stay here—happy, healthy and appreciative--for as long as I possibly can. Of course, in this quest, I’ve read most of those reverse-the-aging-process books, paying attention to what they advise—most of it deals with the importance of exercise-- as well as noting the latest cosmetic and health advances listed in the news. All this is certainly helpful. But if you’re anything like me, you’re likely to push most of this into a disinterested corner of your mind after you move on to another article about something else. Nevertheless, there are those times I’m actually pretty consistent about religiously following a new regimen, becoming all the better for it. And at other times, I unfortunately let go of it in the end because it just doesn’t seem an integral part of me. That’s what aging gracefully is all about— doing what works well for you and taking the time to discover exactly what that is. For instance, I’ve learned I sometimes need to trick myself—I call it an incentive--to do what’s good for me. When I’m all comfy in bed at five or six in the morning, the last thing I want to think about when that alarm goes off is swimming laps in a pool or getting up on a treadmill, grinding away the seconds till they become minutes. But how I do love thinking about that sauna and steam room. The magnifying makeup mirrors, hair dryer, shower, shampoo and warm towels are all pretty nice too; I can always get up for these little perks. So, if I’m not in the mood for exercise by the time I arrive at the gym, I just don’t do it. I head to the hot tub and all those other amenities instead. I need to listen to the little rebel inside of me once in a while. When I do, she’s so much more cheerful about cooperating next time. And in the next several months, I will be sharing this journey with you. Not only will I talk about my own experience, but also that of some of the people I’ve known, many of whom made it well past that one hundred year mark, or at least pretty darn close to it. Good habits put in place now, like the graphs financial advisors show you about the benefits of saving regularly, will pay off big dividends in the future.

The Premier Newborn Night Nursing Provider Nurse & Nurture provides private, in-home care for newborn babies throughout the night. All of our Registered Nurses have years of related clinical experience and are infant CPR certified. And since you care about who you let into your home, all of our nurses have successfully passed a full criminal background check and are insured. Nurse & Nurture is committed to providing the best possible care for your baby so you can rest peacefully and enjoy a good night’s sleep. (404) 835-7580 NOW IN NORTH CAROLINA


Give The Gift Of Sleep!

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N.C. Museum of Art Announces Spring 2016 Exhibitions Featuring Impressionist Paintings by Childe Hassam and 100 Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Art The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) will open two exhibitions on March 19, 2016: American Impressionist: Childe Hassam and the Isles of Shoals and Marks of Genius: 100 Extraordinary Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Art. American Impressionist features 39 oil and watercolor paintings created by Childe Hassam on the Isles of Shoals, while Marks of Genius includes drawings, watercolors, gouaches, and pastels dating from the Middle Ages to the present. “This spring the NCMA will be illuminated by Childe Hassam’s breathtaking impressionist landscape paintings and by the incredible skill and diversity showcased in 100 exquisite master drawings,” said NCMA Director Lawrence J. Wheeler. “We are thrilled to present these two exhibitions sideby-side—one featuring bold, colorful paintings of one artist’s singular place of inspiration, and the other highlighting diverse types of drawings by a variety of masters.”

American Impressionist: Childe Hassam and the Isle of Shoals March 19 - June 19, 2016 Childe Hassam is celebrated as the foremost American impressionist painter. Among his greatest achievements are the hundreds of paintings he created over nearly 30 summers on Appledore Island in the Isles of Shoals, a cluster of rocky islands off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire.

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This exhibition, jointly organized with the Peabody Essex Museum of Salem, Massachusetts, will feature 39 of Hassam’s finest Shoals paintings in oil and watercolor, borrowed from major public and private collections. The paintings in American Impressionist will be arranged as if one were walking around the island—emphasizing that the place is as interesting as the artist. “Hassam’s paintings possess a rapturous sense of place," said John Coffey, NCMA deputy director for

art and curator of American and modern art. “In his pictures you not only see but feel the blue Atlantic breaking against rocky ledges and swirling in tidal pools, the dense thickets of laurel wedged in granite crags, a splendid island garden with its gem-like blossoms, and the whole island world suffused with a silvered northern light. In this exhibition we invite visitors to explore the island in Hassam’s footsteps, and hope that they find the same enchantment that inspired one of America’s great painters more than a century ago.”

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The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue featuring a photo essay of Appledore by contemporary photographer Alexandra de Steiguer. A selection of de Steiguer’s photographs will be on view adjacent to the Hassam exhibition.

Marks of Genius: 100 Extraordinary Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Art March 19 - June 19, 2016 Marks of Genius features 100 of the most important drawings from the superlative collection of the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The selection of drawings, watercolors, gouaches, and pastels dating from the Middle Ages to the present includes examples by such masters as Guercino, Annibale Carracci, Romare Bearden, Edgar Degas, Egon Schiele, Emil Nolde, Henri Matisse, Roy Lichtenstein, Vincent Van Gogh, and Ed Ruscha. This eye-opening exhibition illuminates the historical and ongoing role of drawing as a means of study, observation, and problem solving; as an outpouring of the artist’s N.C. Museum of Art Announces Spring 2015 Exhibitions Featuring Impressionist Paintings by Childe Hassam and 100 Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Art imagination; and as a method of realizing a finished work of art. Including such diverse drawings as illuminated manuscripts and modern preparatory sketches, Marks of Genius presents a glimpse into artists’ minds. “Whether in a preparatory sketch, documentary rendering, figure study, or fully realized work in its own right, the immediacy and vibrancy of a drawing make it a pleasure to behold,” said Dennis Weller, NCMA curator of Northern European Art and curator in charge of this exhibition. “The works featured in Marks of Genius demonstrate not only these qualities but showcase the tremendous skill and discipline of the artists represented.”

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Most people experience a sudden change at least once in their lives. An unexpected death of a loved one, an abrupt move to a new home, an unforeseen health issue, or a job loss with little notice can leave the person experiencing the event in shock, confused, and often desperate for help. Even if the event doesn't cause trauma, sudden change isn't something most people prepare for, much less know how to handle. How can you gain back your sanity and find peace after a sudden, life-changing event? These five tips can help. Don't go it alone. While a sudden

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change might affect only you, you don't have to deal with it alone--nor should you. Turn to others for support. Friends, family, and counselors can provide comfort in the days and weeks following the event and help you deal with your grief or concerns more objectively. People who have been through sudden change themselves can be especially helpful in offering empathy and useful advice for coping and regaining a sense of normalcy.

Put yourself on a schedule. After a sudden change, life can get off-kilter. Although a break in routine is normal and expected, try to put yourself back on a schedule, even if it's a modified one. Routine provides structure, which can help make coping with sudden change easier. A routine can be as simple as getting up and going to bed at the same time daily, eating scheduled meals, and engaging in activities that are conducive to healing.

Look forward. Once a sudden change occurs, there's likely nothing you can do to reverse it. So keep your sights on the future rather than the past. Try to see the positive aspects of the lifechanging event, such as the loved one who passed is now out of pain or the home you lost will be replaced by something better. Re-living the days leading up to the event won't help you find peace, but devising a plan for brighter days ahead will. You can start by jotting down ideas on paper.

Finding peace after a life-changing event may seem like an impossible task, but the road to recovery can be smoother than you think. With a little time, help, and self-praise, anyone can regain their peace of mind--and learn to enjoy life once again.

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change, the last thing you may want to think about is celebrating. But every step towards healing is an effort worth recognizing, so make time to do something nice for yourself throughout the coping process. Soak in the tub, treat yourself to a meal out, or visit with a friend. Allow yourself to laugh and have fun again. Not only do you deserve a little celebration, it will help inspire you to continue on the path to regaining peace.

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Celebrate your progress. After a sudden



Give yourself time. Don't put pressure on yourself to overcome your hardship quickly. Suffering a sudden event, especially a traumatic one, takes time to heal. In fact, depending on the event, time may be the most important factor in finding peace after a sudden change. There will be good days and bad days, but you should eventually feel a lightening of your burden. If time doesn't help bring peace, consider consulting a professional for further help.



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Nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, this fast-paced true story takes us inside Spotlight, the Boston Globe's investigative reporting unit, the one that led to the paper's groundbreaking story of the Catholic Church's coverup of sexual abuse of children by some of its priests. The focus of the film is on the investigation itself, the real detective work that makes gathering evidence such a powerful experience. Rummaging through buried logbooks, surreptitiously copying files, interviewing priests, victims, and public prosecutors; in short, the reporters follow all the bits and pieces of evidence wherever they lead them. What they discover in the process is that the Church allows the abuse to continue, by shifting guilty priests from one unsuspecting parish to another. Moreover, the Spotlight unit discovers several people within Boston's legal system knew about the sexual abuse, but didn't bring it out in the open, because of the Church's prominent standing in Boston, a city with a large Catholic population. Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo star.

THE INTERN Robert DeNiro and Ann Hathaway star in this comfy, laid back comedy about Ben Whittaker, a seventyyear old widower and former marketing executive, who works as a Senior Intern with The Right Fit, an e-commerce startup company. When Jules, the C.E.O., met Ben, she made it pretty clear that she doesn't want a Senior Intern. Ben isn't the least bit offended. He didn't sign up for the program because he wanted something to do with his time. He has plenty to do. He plays golf, belongs to a tai chi class, has recently returned from traveling the globe, and is even learning Mandarin Chinese.


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Instead of merely wanting something to do with his time, Ben has joined the Senior Intern program because he has missed wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, and spending time in a workplace environment. He enjoys being an intern, even if it includes fetching coffee or chauffeuring Jules back and forth between her office and home.

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