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State of North Carolina on Golf ’s Main Stage in August Also Inside

Longleaf Feature • Rumbling Bald • Junior Profiles July 2017

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Area Raleigh ranks high for best Insider cities for golfers to live in – by David Droschak

ccording to a recent study by SmartAsset, North Carolina as some of the best cities for golfers to live in, with Raleigh ranking 11th

overall. In order to find the best cities for golfers to live in, SmartAsset looked at data on factors relating to both golfing and livability. The study looked at the density of golf courses and clubhouses, the number of rainy days and days with extreme temperatures, as well as unemployment rates, housing costs and income after housing costs. The idea was to find a city that someone could reasonably expect to have a job and decent disposable income, also with available golf courses and favorable playing weather. Portland, Ore., placed first in the study that was dominated by Arizona and North Carolina, with Winston-Salem placing fourth, Raleigh coming in 11th and Greensboro 15th. For golfers who want to stay on the East Coast, the study says Winston-Salem is your best bet. WinstonSalem has 3.25 golf courses and country clubs per 100,000 residents, the 14th-most in the study. While this city is great for golfing, it may be even better for livability. It has some of the lowest housing costs in the study, with data showing the median housing cost

in Winston-Salem of $788 per month, seventh-lowest of any city the study looked at. Smaller cities tended to have more golf courses per capita. If you are a person looking to maximize time on the green, you may have to give up living in the big city. The five largest cities in the country, measured by population, are New York, Los Angeles,

James Dodson’s Farewell to Golf


hile it may be true people don’t read much anymore, they do read James Dodson. So it’s noteworthy that the accomplished award-winning author from North Carolina has just released his 14th book, titled “The Range Bucket List.” It consists of 21 chapters, all of which can be read independently, and includes an interesting conversation at a Charlotte course between Dodson and Donald Trump. “That was four years ago and it didn’t raise a red flag at all with me, didn’t think twice about it,” Dodson said of now President Trump. “I congratulated him because four years ago nobody was buying golf courses much less refurbishing them.” Dodson’s father was a newspaper man, and in college Dodson drifted into that field. “And I never looked back,” he said, becoming a two-time winner of the USGA’s Herbert Warren Wind Award for the 4


best golf book of the year. “In my case, this book is my love letter to golf,” Dodson said. “I had the luckiest career anybody could have. For nearly 30 years I got to run around the golf world and meet wonderful people. This is really my love poem to golf, to great characters – some of them are well known and some of them are not. I hope people see universality in this book.” The “everyman’s golf writer,” Dodson said this may be his last golf book.

Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia. All of these cities ranked in the bottom 30 for best cities for golfers to live. SmartAsset is a personal finance technology company headquartered in New York that uses financial modeling to power advice on major financial decisions. “It’s time to exit stage left,” the 64-year-old Dodson said. However, he’s not going to stop producing books. “I went to Africa with plant hunters, I love horticulture, so that may be a book,” he said. “But my next book is going to be about the Great Wagon Road, which is the road that brought all the Scots, Irish, Germans, Moravians and Quakers to North Carolina from Pennsylvania. I hope to drive it this summer and write a book about it.” Golf is the subject of nine of his 14 books. The Range Bucket List sells for $27 as a hardback. For more information log on to

July 2017

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NEXT ISSUE: August 2, 2017 On the Cover: North Carolina hosts the PGA Championship in August at Quail Hollow in Charlotte.

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On the right track Southern Pines course rejuvenating golfing spirit



hen most golfers think of Pinehurst, a high-end resort where U.S. Opens are held comes to mind. But 4 miles away on Midland Road in Southern Pines, Dan Van Horn has a different vision of golf. And he believes it's the future of the game. In fact, Van Horn may be the one of the most revolutionary figures in golf. More than 20 years ago, he founded U.S. Kids Golf, which is designed to bring youths into the game and hopefully keep them there for life. He developed a series of lighter golf clubs that kids could swing easier. Then he brought the U.S. Kids World Championship to the Pinehurst area, where it will be held for the 12th straight year in August. Two years ago, the Atlanta resident bought Longleaf Country Club in Southern Pines and renamed it Longleaf Golf & Family Club. It serves as sort of a headquarters for U.S. Kids Golf. Now, he is pouring money into renovating Longleaf. But his grandest idea yet is being implemented at the course. It is called the Longleaf Tee System. It gives the course seven sets of tees and golfers should use the tee based on how far they hit their driver. There is more information about the system at “We call this ‘a living laboratory of learning what to do’ and hope to be an inspiration for the whole industry,” Van Horn said. “We can bring professionals here and talk to them about our tee system and how it impacts people. We can talk to them about our junior program and how kids are brought in from the outside and learn how they stay with it.” The renovations at Longleaf began 6


Photos by David Droschak

last year when a 10,000-square-foot putting green was installed, a sixhole, par-3 course was built and the practice range was enlarged. The nines were also reversed to put the first tee next to the practice range. Maybe it is Van Horn's attention to detail that has made U.S. Kids Golf successful. He is not satisfied with the putting green so it is going to be torn up and rebuilt with more undulations to make it more challenging. On a one-day visit to Longleaf in early June, Van Horn spent 10 minutes talking to a landscaper about where some trees should be planted to funnel golfers in the right direction as they walk off the 18th green. Of course, their conversation was nearly drowned out by the noise of saws and a beehive of workers moving all around them. “I'm trying to explore what it's

really like to be in the golf club business,” Van Horn said, “and try to rejuvenate it or rekindle the spirit of it, and bring kids and families into the game. Until we got on this side of the business, I really didn't understand what it's like to run a course and what the challenges are to do that.” Figuring out the tee system is easy and begins on the practice range in the tee assessment area. A player hits his driver toward color-coded posts on the range that begin at 100 yards and are spaced 25 yards apart to 250. Based on how far the player can carry his driver in the air, that determines which set of tees he should use. All seven tees with yardages are marked on the Longleaf scorecard. Jeff Cowell, the Longleaf director of golf, said the tee system is not a suggestion.

“Everyone should play the correct tees,” he said. “Then the course is scaled to your ability. It just makes so much sense. There's no men's tee, there's no women's tee. Every tee is rated for men and women. It’s such an easy thing to understand. It's not based on age or gender, just ability. If you hit some good shots, you'll make birdies.” Jim Hardy, the director of the U.S. Kids Golf Academy at Longleaf, learned firsthand how well the system works. A female member asked him which tees she should play. Hardy took her to the assessment area and learned she should be playing from the shortest distance because she hit her driver about 100 yards in the air. “She broke 80 for the first time,” Hardy said. “I knew then we were on the right track for sure. We've had women make their first eagle or even their first birdie.” Besides making the game more enjoyable, the tee system speeds up play. Cowell said four-hour rounds are common at Longleaf now no matter what the player's ability is. “Dan started scaling the golf course for U.S. Kids tournaments so kids could have success. But this works for everybody,” Cowell said. Hardy, a Houston native, moved from Texas two years ago because he wanted to work with U.S. Kids Golf. “With the tee system, golfers can now play the same game as the Tour pros where you hit a driver and a 7-iron to a par 4,” he said. “That's 475 yards for them, 425 for me and about 180 yards for Johnny 8-year-old. Age, gender and handicaps don't mean anything. It's all based on how far you hit your tee shot. “By scaling the tees apart, everybody can play the same two clubs into a hole. Now it's a fair fight.” Van Horn came up with the tee system because he wanted to keep his two children interested in playing golf. “The idea I had from 20 years ago was, if a kid plays golf he wants to make a par,” he said. “So, how was I going to get a 6-year-old to make a par? Well, I learned how far a 6-yearold could hit the ball and how to set up a course for that.” Longleaf has the traditional four sets of tee boxes that most courses have but then adds three more sets of tee markers at the edge of the Continued on page 7

Longleaf from page 6 fairway closer to the green, 25 yards apart. It's a system that the American Society of Golf Course Architects has endorsed. Noted architect Rees Jones has become the national spokesman for it. And it's a system that all involved believes every golf course should use. “It helps grow the game and keep people in the game longer,” Hardy said. “We are recommending it for all golf courses and people are listening,” Van Horn said. “Our senior women play 3,200 yards and they love it. A par is now a realistic score and it improves pace of play. “There's no going to a bigger hole, or doing foot golf or making the game different. It keeps all the traditions of the game alive, while making it more fun and making a good pace of play.” “It's a game changer,” added Cowell. “It makes people have fun. Everybody who has tried it, loves it. I've had a few people resist but not many. It's so logical, you can't argue with it.” Almost as popular as the tee system at Longleaf has been the par-3 course. It is called Bottlebrush because that is the stage of a longleaf pine tree when it is establishing its roots. The course is located between the 13th and 14th fairways and the longest hole is 100 yards. “It's a ton of fun,” Cowell said. “We play it all the time. You can play it in 20 minutes. It's a great warm-up for a round instead of banging balls on the range.” Three big projects are in progress this summer at Longleaf. The greens are being resurfaced with Mini Verde Bermuda grass to make them more heat tolerant. They should be ready for play by September.

The inside of the large clubhouse is being remodeled with a new restaurant, kitchen and bar area. The rest of the clubhouse is getting new carpet and other upgrades. A new outdoor area is being established with a retaining wall. Finally, a building for the U.S. Kids Golf Academy will go up next to the practice range. It will have two hitting bays and be equipped with

all the modern teaching technology such as launch monitors and simulators. Hardy, who has more than 200 youths now in his golf academy, said the building will be the centerpiece of the grand plan at Longleaf to keep families involved in golf. “The old scenario was dad spending six hours away from the family on Saturday and Sunday to play golf,” he said. “That was the rule of the past. We’re flipping that around. Longleaf is the new model of the way the golf industry needs to go.” Van Horn’s visionary thinking could help a golf industry that has struggled for more than a decade to keep players and attract new ones. Last year, the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship drew more than 1,500 players and their families to the Pinehurst area. They represented more than 50 countries. “I’m a dreamer,” Van Horn said. “We first came to Pinehurst in 2006. Coming to Pinehurst is a fantastic thing. The people here have really welcomed us. They like the event. It’s good for business for everybody. “This is all about spending time with your kid. There’s no other sport like it where you can actually be in the center of the ring. You can’t be in a baseball game unless you’re coaching and watching.” The focus on family is right there in the Longleaf name now and Hardy thinks that’s a good idea. “Longleaf and U.S. Kids want to make this a great experience from the time you get into the parking lot,” he said. “Everything will be top notch. The seven sets of tees create a great experience for golfers of any level. It has been eye opening. Getting families involved is the only way junior golf will grow.”



North Carolina place to be for PGA Tour golf in August State hosts PGA Championship, Wyndham in consecutive weeks



f you love golf and love the state of North Carolina, then you will love the month of August here. For the first time ever, North Carolina will host PGA Tour events in consecutive weeks with the PGA Championship set for Aug. 10-13 at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, followed the next week by the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro. Pinehurst Resort did host back-to-back majors in 2014 on Course No. 2 when the U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open were staged, but the state has never hosted the best men’s players in the world two straight weekends with a combined $16.3 million up for grabs. Continued on page 9

Quail Hollow Club photo provided by: PGA of America



PGA Tour from page 8 “There will be millions and millions and millions of eyeballs on our state,” said Mark Brazil, the longtime tournament director of the Wyndham Championship. “I’m always excited for others to have an opportunity to understand what the people of Charlotte and North Carolina are all about,” added Quail Hollow Club president Johnny Harris, one of the most influential men in Tar Heel golfing circles. “When people come and meet us they really connect with us. When you bring in the best players in the world you are going to have people here from Japan, New Zealand, China, other parts of the world, and you never really think about interacting with them in the Carolinas but that is going to happen. And put that together with the game we all love and it’s going to be a very positive atmosphere. Charlotte is one of those places that opens up its arms to guests, so we are excited about showing off our city and our state -- and also showing off this great golf course.” Under the direction of Harris, Quail Hollow, which was originally designed by George Cobb in 1961 and redesigned by Tom Fazio in 1997, has become one of the PGA tour’s top destinations outside of the majors while hosting the Wells Fargo Championship each May. This year, the Wells Fargo was moved to Eagle Point in Wilmington as Quail Hollow was closed for some major course renovations, again under the direction of the Fazio design team. The new changes to the course were staged under an ambitious time table. Construction began May 9, 2016 and the course reopened Aug. 6 – an 89-day turnaround. Over 80,000 man-hours were required to complete the project with 43 acres of sod installed and 200,000 pounds of earth moved. Three new holes – Nos. 1, 4 and 5 -- were built. Trees were also removed and a new greenside bunker added to the 9th, while No. 11 was lengthened by 34 yards. In addition, all 18 greens were resurfaced with Champion Ultradwarf Bermudagrass, approach areas, tees and collars were re-sodded with ¼-inch-cut Tifgrand and bunkering was re-edged and freshened with new sand -- the same type used at Augusta National. Kerry Haigh, the PGA of America chief championships officer, laughs now when recalling the phone call from Harris saying he and Fazio wanted to come to West Palm Beach, Fla., to chat.

Defending champion Jimmy Walker looks at the Wanamaker Trophy on Media Day at Quail Hollow. Photo by David Droschak “My recollection of Johnny’s visit is a when Tanglewood Park in Clemmons Walker said joining the major chamlittle different than his,” Haigh said. “He saw Lee Trevino take home the pionship fraternity has been something sort of called up and said Tom Fazio and Wanamaker Trophy. special. I want to come down and just visit and “I’ve enjoyed teeing off this year and Wow, how things have changed in 43 we have a couple of ideas. And I said, having that said before I tee off. It just years. Trevino held off Jack Nicklaus by ‘Great, come on down, we would love to one shot to win $45,000. Last year’s PGA sounds cool,” he said. “You stand a little see you both.’ I was thinking maybe they championship winner – Jimmy Walker taller. And I got a really cool parking wanted to tweak a bunker here or there. spot at my club now. It’s got that logo. -- pocketed $1.8 million and more than They came into our board room and laid That was a cool moment. I also got text 200,000 spectators are expected to walk out these plans on the table. Luckily we messages from guys like, “Welcome Quail Hollow in 2017. were sitting down. It was 16 months to the club” and this and that; Jack In April, Walker revealed he had before the 99th PGA Championship and Nicklaus hand-writing you notes, just Lyme disease. He says he’s close to 80 they wanted to totally rebuild three holes percent now and hopes to be fully recovsuper special stuff.” and change the green on No. 11. After I Quail Hollow, Harris and its memered by the time he tees it up at Quail had a glass of water and breathed a little bership are also standing tall, with the Hollow. bit I said, ‘Are we serious here? Let’s talk prestigious Presidents Cup also sched“I think the new holes are great,” about this. Can you really do this?’ uled for the private Charlotte course in Walker said. “The first hole has a beauti2021. “We had the trust in Johnny, Tom ful look to it. It’s reminiscent of the origi“It’s a huge deal, the PGA Fazio and the club to get this done,” Haigh nal tee shot and it opens up nice down Championship in the state’s biggest city added. “We went into a full-court press there to the right, and the green, you can on such a great golf course,” Brazil said for 90 days. I’m not sure there is anywhere see the entire green. I love being able to of the August golfing doubleheader. else we could have had that faith to comsee kind of where you’re going. “And to follow up with the Wyndham mit to such changes to what was already “All the new green complexes are in back-to-back weeks will be golf here a fantastic golf course, a course that the very nice. They are not too tricky. They at the highest level. And personally, players really talk about positively. That’s have got a lot of flat spots. They have it will be a lot easier for me to do that one of the main reasons we choose to got some movement in them but they last-minute recruiting of players for the come here. Everything they do here they have got flat spots where you like to Wyndham.” want to be the best – and that’s what major put the pins and there’s plenty of room. Harris may have summed it up best. championship golf is about.” It’s going to be fun playing with all “We look forward to hosting the The last time the PGA Championship Bermuda. It will be a completely differworld,” he said. was staged in North Carolina was 1974 ent test.” TRIANGLE GOLF TODAY • JULY 2017


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Conveniently located in Cary - only minutes from downtown Raleigh 10 TRIANGLE GOLF TODAY • JULY 2017

Three Triangle Juniors Named to Wyndham Cup Team


our junior golfers from North Carolina – including three from the Triangle area – have been selected to the East Team for the 28th annual Wyndham Cup, which will be contested at Mayacama Golf Club. Jennifer Chang (Cary), Gina Kim (Chapel Hill), Emilia Migliaccio (Cary) and Emily Hawkins (Lexington) will head to California the first week of July to compete in the prestigious event. Since 1990, Wyndham Cup has brought together 40 of the country’s top junior golfers in an East vs. West team match play format. In 2016, the West Team claimed the Cup for the fourth straight year with a 26-24 win at The Stanwich Club in Connecticut, improving its all-time record to 15-9-3. It was the sixth time in the last seven years that the Wyndham Cup was decided by five points or less. Alumni of the Wyndham Cup East Team include Matt Kuchar, Patrick Reed, Patrick Rodgers, Webb Simpson, Justin Thomas, Bubba Watson, Beth Bauer, Cristie Kerr, Brittany Lincicome, In-Bee Park, Morgan Pressel and Lexi Thompson. The Wyndham Cup features five formats: four-ball, mixed four-ball, foursomes, mixed foursomes and singles. A total of 50 points is available, and every player competes in singles matches and three of the four other formats.


INSPIRED IT. Beneath the longleaf pines in the heart of North Carolina is a place where golf is more than a game, it’s a way of life. A place with more courses than days of the week. And more championships than anywhere in America. The place is Pinehurst. And it’s waiting for you.


© 2017 Pinehurst, LLC

Resort accommodations A round of golf 2YHUpRZLQJEUHDNIDVWEXIIHW From $329* this summer

Gina Kim

Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina • 844.810.3757 •

Village Pinehurst,Valid North CarolinaSubject • 866.630.8202• *Rate is per person, per night based on doubleofoccupancy. 7.2-9.4.17. to tax and resort service fee. $195 premium for Pinehurst No. 2. *Rate is per person based on double occupancy. Valid 6.1 - 7.1.17; 7.2 - 9.4.17 – $ 1,561. Subject to tax and resort service fee. Upgrade to a round on No. 2 for $195.

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Rumbling Bald Resort

a rock solid vacation choice

And there is plenty to see. Named after the 2,800-foot mountain hen the devastating effects of that looms over the resort, Rumbling Bald offers a variety of entertainment options as the Party Rock Fire hit Lake Lure expansive as the rich blue waters that surand surrounding areas last fall, round this stay-and-play golf and vacation homeowners at Rumbling Bald Resort destination.  were among those forced to evacuate.  Two distinctly different 18-hole layouts Golf was the last item on anyone's challenge players of all abilities.  mind as the wildfire eventually spread And for those seeking adventure before through thousands of acres of this picturor after golf or those who don't bring a set esque community, set in the foothills of of clubs, other amenities abound.   the western North Carolina mountains in ​Lake Lure, a 736-acre, semi-private Hickory Nut Gorge.  body of water that features 27 miles of There was no play on the resort's​two shoreline, offers a sandy beach, boat rentals golf courses for​about two weeks due to and cruises along with all other standard the dangers of the approaching fire and lake fare. the thick smoke that clogged the skies A full-service spa and salon will pamaround Rutherford and Henderson counper and relax guests with massages, facials, ties.  nail and skin care and other salon treatBut six months later the smoke has ments. cleared, and the beautiful views and The renovated Legends on the Lake diversity of Rumbling Bald's 36 holes have reemerged, along with a new, spruced up offers water views, and lodging includes look for those who haven't visited recently.  more than 200 choices, ranging from studio




efficiencies, motor coach sites, golf course condos and luxurious private homes. And just minutes away is Chimney Rock State Park, one of the state’s top tourist attractions, in addition to the surrounding Chimney Rock village, which is dominated by craft shops and restaurants.   ​​​Apple Valley and Bald Mountain championship courses offer different layouts but similar feels of challenge, playability and visual pleasures produced by the surrounding water, foliage and mountains. ​Centrally located about an hour southeast ​of Asheville and two hours from​Charlotte and ​Winston-Salem​, the golf courses are about a mile apart - Bald Mountain is inside the gate and the amenities circle, and Apple Valley is just down the road. ​Over the last year or so, a lot of work has been done to both courses, including some improved bunkering, a lot of pruning and a general sprucing up to give the course a cleaner look.

There are new golf carts on both courses - Bald Mountain's fleet includes USB ports, while carts at Apple Valley feature cushioned seats, bottled water, towel service and a GPS system to provide yardages and detailed drawings of each hole.    "This past offseason, we took a hard look at what the golf courses needed and really started putting a lot of work and extra people on both so that our homeowners and our guests will be pleased with what they see," said Adam Bowles, Rumbling Bald's golf operations manager.  ​ "We moved the Legends restaurant across the street (from the Bald Mountain pro shop) in our old Lake View Restaurant, and it's got a theatre room, pool tables, games and that amazing view. It's bigger, better, louder more fun."  ​ Apple Valley is a Dan Maples design that sets its 18-hole tone from the start at the short par-4 first hole. Continued on page 15

Rumbling Bald from page 14

Bald Mountain is a W.B. Lewis design that opened in 1968, and is a shot-maker From an elevated tee, there’s a wide course that sits down in a valley and profairway that allows some spraying with vides a constant view of the surrounding the driver, featuring huge, deep fairway mountains. bunkers left and right to frame the hole ​Recurring themes include tee shots that and more sand on both sides of the green. require accuracy over length and smallish The downhill par-3 8th hole may be greens that also demand preciseness from the most scenic, a carry over a pond with approach shots. ​ a fountain and a dramatic, gorgeous view The severe downhill par-3 fourth hole of the mountains in the background. is protected by a pond in front and begins The back nine that has the hint of a a stretch of elevation changes in which links layout on several holes and begins holes play both downhill and up. with the unique par-4 10th, which features The front and back nine close with a lone, large pine tree in the middle of similar flat par-5s that run parallel and can another wide fairway, and the only option be had with two long shots off the tee and is to go left or right of the obstruction to from the fairway. avoid being stymied off the tee. No. 9 is an absolutely straight shot Apple Valley closes strongly with an from tee-to-green, while No. 18 slightly all-carry par-3 17th hole over water and doglegs left to the home hole. sand, and the par-5 18th which doglegs The back nine features the par-3 16th left and has water all the way down the hole over water made famous from a scene right side. from the popular movie “Dirty Dancing.” ​"We consider Apple Valley more Some ​additional foliage that includes of our championship golf course," said​ fresh shrubbery and mulch has made for a Bowles, a native ​of Thomasville and grad- much more ascetically pleasing look for all uate of High Point University who spent those who want a photo from the famous, a lot of time at Rumbling Bald when his iconic hole. family owned a home there.  "Bald Mountain is more our resort "It is the bigger, broader, more course. The front nine is relatively flat, dynamic course." then you go into the mountains on the

back nine, and there are some amazing views," ​Bowles said. A recent visit to Rumbling Bald found both courses in excellent shape and busy with golfers. ​There are no visible remnants of the wildfire, and the lush greenery of springtime in the mountains was in full bloom. ​ ​Stay-and-play packages are very popular, and both courses are also open to the public. Charlie Gardin of Marion is part of a group of buddies who have make

Rumbling Bald a 72-hole vacation annually for about 10 years. "They have a variety of unique holes on both courses, a lot of risk and reward holes that I enjoy a lot," Gardin said.   "We play both courses twice, and then we go to Legends and have dinner, laugh and cut up. It's a great place to play golf and have fun."   ​ For more information: 828-694-3000 or visit 



Junior Golf Scoreboard US Kids Golf

US Kids One Day Mill Creek GC, Mebane, NC June 11, 2017 Boys 13-14 - 3000 1 Caden Baker, Mebane 2 Andrew Gallagher, Grimesland 3 William Biersach, Chapel Hill Boys 12 - 2800 1 Noah SNYDER, Greensboro 2 Daniel BOONE, Fuquay Varina Boys 11 - 2500 1 CJ Peterson, Wake Forest 2 Ethan Boyette, Wilson 3 Logan Ching, Chapel Hill Boys 10 - 2500 1 Isaac Arrowood, Hillsborough 2 Griffin Ching, Chapel Hill 3 Jude Aliah, Wilmington Boys 9 - 1900 1 Daniel McBrien, Holly Springs 2 Jaden Worden, Raleigh 3 Neil Awasthi, Raleigh Boys 8 - 1900 1 Griffin Williams, Summerfield 2 Spencer Thorne, Rocky Mount 3 Bodie Snyder, Holly Springs Boys 7 - 1500 1 Ryan Baker, Chapel Hill 2 Owen Bray, Clayton 3 Zackary Watson, Clayton

56 William Biersach, Durham Academy 99-91--190

Carolinas Golf Association

78 79 81 77 78 78 79 80 36 38 39 33 33 42 38 46 51 39 44 52

Scott Robertson Memorial

Roanoke CC, Roanoke, VA May 19-21, 2017 Boys 15-18 Division - 6589 1 Noah Gillard, Greenwood, IN 71-70-32--173 2 Akshay Bhatia, Wake Forest 71-70-33--174 3 Connor Burgess, Lynchburg, VA 68-71-36--175 4 Canon Claycomb, Bowling Green, KY 71-71-34--176 5 Austin Eckroat, Edmond, OK 72-72-33--177 Selected Others 9 Peter Fountain, Raleigh 71-71-38--180 18 Grayson Wotnosky, Wake Forest 77-73-33--183 22 Fulton Smith, Pinehurst 75-72-37--184 41 Attie Giles, Pinehurst 76-74-37--187 51 Chris Kim, Cary 75-76-38--189 Boys 14 and Under Division - 6196 1 Jackson Van Paris, Pinehurst 68-70-34--172 2 Gordon Sargent, Birmingham, AL 75-69-35--179 2 Ngai (Kelvin) Si, Macau 71-73-35--179 4 Evan Reed, Shelbyville, TN 75-72-34--181 5 Manning Sloop, Rock Hill, SC 76-71-35--182 Selected Others 19 Josh Lendach, Raleigh 81-77-37--195 22 Tyler Dechellis, Clayton 81-78-37--196 Girls 15-18 Division - 5825 1 Emilia Migliaccio, Cary 69-67-36--172 2 Alexa Pano, Lake Worth, FL 68-71-33--172 3 Fai Khamborn, Thung Khonkaen 73-68-37--178 3 Jennifer Chang, Morrisville 70-72-36--178 3 Youngin Chun, Tampa, FL 69-74-35--178 Selected Others 6 Gina Kim, Chapel Hill 74-74-32--180 14 Haeley Wotnosky, Wake Forest 71-76-39--186

N.C. Independent School Athletic Assoc.

3-A State Championship CC of Whispering Pines May 15-16, 2017 Team Scores 1 Ravenscroft School 280-289--569 2 Cannon School 294-288--582 3 Charlotte Latin School 309-309--618 4 Durham Academy 311-309--620 5 Charlotte Christian School 310-313--623 6 Christ School 312-312--624 7 Forsyth Country Day School 317-312--629 8 Providence Day School 318-411--729 Individual Top 10 1 Michael Sanders, Cannon School 69-67--136 2 Ryan Gerard, Ravenscroft 68-68--136 3 Quinn Riley, Ravenscroft 69-70--139 4 Lansdon Robbins, Cannon School 70-71--141 4 Carson Ownbey, Christ School 70-71--141 4 Kenan Poole II, Ravenscroft 67-74--141 7 Bradley Calloway, Wesleyan Christian* 72-70--142 8 Allen Smith III, Durham Academy 75-74--149 9 Connor Armistead, Charlotte Christian 75-75--150 9 Blake Jamison, Charlotte Latin 75-75--150 Selected Others 11 Ethan Vincent Lukes, Durham Academy 74-78--152 14 Chase Tickle, Ravenscroft 76-78--154 23 Jackson Brimfield, Durham Academy 78-79--157 26 Lee Plummer, Ravenscroft 78-80--158 36 Kyle Kushnir, Ravenscroft 83-77--160 41 Zack Learned, North Raleigh Christian* 86-76--162 41 Josh Lendach, North Raleigh Christian* 85-77--162 41 Gus Lascola, Durham Academy 84-78--162 50 Eric Bradford, Durham Academy 86-87--173


5th Creed Junior Boys’ Invitational Camden CC, Camden, SC May 27-28, 2017 Boys Division - 6,358 1 Grant Sellers, McBee, S.C. 71-67--138 2 Brady Hinkle, Lancaster, S.C. 76-65--141 2 Tyler Gray, Lugoff, S.C. 71-70--141 Selected Others 6 Spencer Oxendine, Fayetteville 69-75--144 12 Carter Cheek, Cary 72-75--147 13 Ryan Macri, Wake Forest 77-71--148 19 Austin Bonfiglio, Holly Springs 78-71--149 22 Will Hawley, Raleigh 78-72--150 22 Jack Massei, Cary 74-76--150 29 Benjamin Crow, Pinehurst 77-75--152 41 Nathan Norfleet, Chapel Hill 77-79--156 53 Christopher Sperrazza, Raleigh 77-81--158 60 Brian Chen, Cary 85-76--161 60 Symon Balbin, Pinehurst 80-81--161

12th Vicki DiSantis Girls’ Championship

Pine Island CC, Charlotte, NC May 13-14, 2017 Girls Division - 6022 1 Gracyn Burgess, Lexington, S.C. 72-67--139 2 Rachel Kuehn, Asheville 67-74--141 3 Anna Morgan, Spartanburg, S.C. 68-74--142 Selected Others 7 Haeley Wotnosky, Wake Forest 79-70--149 18 Nicole Adam, Pinehurst 77-75--152 20 Hannah Rose Bruxvoort, Chapel Hill 81-72--153 23 Natalie Petersen, Holly Springs 82-72--154 23 Maria Atwood, Holly Springs 79-75--154 32 Elizabeth Nguyen, Pinehurst 79-78--157 32 Kat Floyd, Chapel Hill 73-84--157 49 Mackenzie Battle, Aberdeen 83-79--162 54 Lotte Fox, Raleigh 82-81--163 57 Angelique Seymour, Fayetteville 83-81--164 57 Mara Hirtle, Pinehurst 82-82--164 64 Caroline Duggan, Holly Springs 87-79--166

Peggy Kirk Bell Tour

PKBGT Precision Junior Girls Championship @ Bryan Park Greensboro, NC Bryan Park GC - Champions Course Wed-Thu, June 21-22, 2017 Bell - 6065 1 Amanda Sambach, Davidson 71-71--142 2 Olivia John, Summerfield 72-76--148 3 Mallory Fobes, East Bend 77-73--150 3 Hailey Joy, Reidsville 75-75--150 Selected Others 6 Lotte Fox, Raleigh 75-79--154 6 Mackenzie Battle, Aberdeen 77-77--154 26 Claire Patrick, Creedmoor 94-99--193 Futures - 5395 1 Trinity Muthomi, Kernersville 77-78--155 2 Hannah Nall, Cleveland TN 74-81--155 3 Laney Wessels, Sophia 78-82--160 3 Danielle Buompastore, Hoover AL 79-81--160 Selected Others 9 Halynn Lee, Cary 80-89--169

North Carolina One-Day Series @ Pinewood CC

Pinewood CC, Asheboro, NC June 9, 2017 Prep Division – 5,902 1 Hailey Joy, Reidsville 2 Michaela Cox, Greensboro 3 Elena Jacoby, Huntersville Selected Others 4 Channing Hensley, Wake Forest Futures - 5106 1 Macy Pate, Boone 2 Harper Shepherd, Greensboro 3 Lauren Denhard, Salisbury Selected Others 5 Katelyn Kenthack, Pinehurst 7 Heather Appelson, Wake Forest 10 Anika Bhatnagar, Cary 11 Tyler Spriggs, Cary 12 Kinsley Smith, Raleigh 12 Gerilyn Maselli, Raleigh 12 Grace Greene, Apex Discovery - 2700 1 Ella Yu, Greensboro 2 Ellen Yu, Greensboro 3 Alexandra Kennedy, Arden Selected Others 4 Lily Kate Watson, Wake Forest

80 88 89 90 85 85 87 89 92 93 94 98 98 98 52 53 54 55

PKBGT Open Championship presented by Bargray Clothing

Salisbury, NC, Country Club of Salisbury May 27-29, 2017 Bell - 6009 1 Kathryn Carson, Mooresville 78-70-72--220 2 Isabella van der Biest, Kingsport TN 73-72-75--220 3 Emily Hawkins, Lexington 73-75-74--222

Presented by


Selected Others 6 Nicole Adam, Pinehurst 75-77-76--228 8 Mackenzie Battle, Aberdeen 80-72-77--229 20 Hannah Rose Bruxvoort, Chapel Hill 78-82-77--237 Futures - 5305 1 Loralie Cowart, Winston GA 71-77-79--227 2 Maria Atwood, Holly Springs 80-75-74--229 3 Cindy Song, Waxhaw 77-74-80--231 Selected Others 9 Emily Brubaker, Raleigh 84-73-81--238 11 Katelyn Kenthack, Pinehurst 86-79-78--243


Coastal Plans Junior Amateur Bradford Creek, Greenville, NC June 22-23, 2017 Boys 16-18 Division - 6,873 1 Dawson Daniels, Greensboro 68-69--137 2 Nicolas Brown, Winterville 72-71--143 2 Justin Poole, Wendell 67-76--143 Selected Others 4 Nicholas Holanek, Cary 71-73--144 6 Ian Apsey, Clayton 75-71--146 10 Britt Stroud, Raleigh 72-76--148 13 Alex Huml, Cary 76-73--149 14 Matthew Hayes, Clayton 74-77--151 18 Aaron Haberkorn, Clayton 75-77--152 19 Wells Armes, Raleigh 75-78--153 20 Wooten Wheless, Raleigh 76-79—155 Boys 14-15 Division - 6,873 1 Eston Lee, Four Oaks 71-73--144 2 Frank Gilliam, Raleigh 75-70--145 2 Kyle Kushnir, Raleigh 72-73--145 Selected Others 8 Carter Boulia, Cary 76-76--152 10 Ryan Bradley, Cary 74-80--154 17 Simon Owens, Tarboro 79-88--167 18 Jason Crews, Raleigh 85-84--169 Girls Division 14-15 - 5.737 1 Trinity Ahing, New Bern 79-75--154 2 Grayson Warren, Washington 83-80--163 3 Julie Fiedler , New Bern, N.C. 87 - 86 - - 173 Selected Others 5 Catherine Vivongsy, Wake Forest 93-97--190 11 and Under 1 Bizzell Pate, Elizabethtown +3 2 Will Guidry, Winterville +4 3 Lake Williams, Greenville +7 Selected Others 5 Jack Wiley, Wake Forest +10 7 Ryder Boulia, Cary +21

2017 TYGA One Day

Reedy Creek GC, Four Oaks, NC June 20, 2017 Boys’ 16-18 Division - 6426 1 Ian Apsey, Clayton T2 Jake Petroski, Clayton T2 Carmen Serbio, Fayetteville Selected Others 4 Daniel Nunn, Wake Forest 7 Will Grimes, Raleigh 9 Hunter Johnson, Raleigh 9 Aaron Rowland, Raleigh 12 Jason Ross, Fuquay-Varina Boys’ 14-15 Division - 6426 1 Cameron Brown, Coats T1 Colton Danks, Roseboro 3 Jackson Coates, Advance Selected Others 4 Jason Crews, Raleigh 6 Jacob Kallam, Clayton 6 Ethan Taylor, Clayton 8 Brady Caleb Smith, Oxford Boys’ 12-13 Division - 5403 1 Davis Adams, Raleigh 2 Pruthvi Chauhan, Cary 3 Jack Steffens, Raleigh Girls’ Division 14-18 - 5403 1 Kathryn Elliott, Coats 2 Toni Blackwell Fayetteville 3 Darby Reeder, Smithfield 11 and Under 1 Bizzell Pate, Elizabethtown 2 Parker Denning, Benson 3 Jack Wiley, Wake Forest

2017 TYGA One Day

76 79 79 84 89 92 92 105 80 80 82 87 94 94 96 75 81 83 77 84 85 +37 +42 +43

CC of Whispering Pines, Whispering Pines, NC June 15, 2017 Boys’ 16-18 Division - 6409 1 Wells Armes, Raleigh 73 2 Charlie Gaenzle, Chapel Hill 75 3 Will Furman, Cary 81 3 Carl Floars, Goldsboro 81 Selected Others 5 Bryce Kettler, Apex 85 6 Will Grimes , Raleigh 91 7 Robert Foxworth Jr., Holly Springs 96 Boys’ 14-15 Division - 6409 1 Nate Diemer, Raleigh 78 2 Austin Miller, Rockwell 79 2 Benjamin Collins, Holly Springs 79

2 Drew Spurlock , Whispering Pines Selected Others 5 Columb Knight, Raleigh T6 Branden Boyce, Spring Lake 10 Harrison Kuehl, Raleigh Girls’ 15-18 Division - 5964 1 Jaclyn Kenzel, Southern Pines 2 Kathryn Elliott, Coats 3 Carmen Tucker, Fayetteville Selected Others 5 Caroline Rea, Pinehurst 6 Toni Blackwell, Fayetteville 7 Katie Ochoa, Southern Pines Girls’ 13-14 Division - 5324 1 Catherine Vivongsy, Wake Forest 2 Kaitlyn Rand, Raleigh

79 80 84 113 76 87 88 92 96 104 101 113

2017 TYGA One Day

Siler City CC, Siler City, NC June 13, 2017 Boys’ 16-18 Division - 6,611 1 Gus Lascola, Durham 2 Tyler Owens, Cary 2 Stephen Spencer, Asheboro Selected Others 4 Drew Solomon, Wake Forest 5 Jacob Steinert, Pittsboro 6 Daniel Nunn, Wake Forest 7 David Valcheff, Apex Boys’ 14-15 Division - 6,611 1 Clayson Good, Durham 2 Harrison Hilliard, McLeansville 3 Campbell McLauchlan, Fuquay-Varina Selected Others 6 Ashwath Kapilavai, Cary 8 Alex Snively, Chapel Hill 9 Robert Foxworth Jr., Holly Springs 10 Harrison Kuehl, Raleigh Boys’ 12-13 Division - 6,038 1 Quinlan Polin, Cary 2 Pruthvi Chauhan, Cary 3 Noah Snyder, Greensboro Selected Others 4 Brian Wei, Raleigh Girls’ 14-18 Division - 5,243 1 Caroline Rea, Pinehurst 2 Monica Solis, Mocksville

76 79 79 82 84 85 86 78 79 80 93 101 102 117 80 86 91 92 87 150

2017 TYGA One Day

Echo Farms, Wilmington, NC June 13, 2017 Boys’ 16-18 Division - 6,611 1 Logan Sessoms, Fayetteville 2 Xavier Lee Williams, Winnabow 3 Ben Diskin, Charlotte Selected Others 6 Carmen Serbio, Fayetteville 8 Ryan Rosamond, Chapel Hill 10 Colin Frost, Wake Forest Boys’ 14-15 Division - 6,611 1 Josh Lendach, Raleigh 2 David Langley, Winterville 3 Henry Muller, Charlotte Selected Others 7 Jennings Glenn Jr., Raleigh 9 Kaleb Sessoms, Fayetteville 12 Holden Lee, Raleigh Girls’ 16-18 Division - 5,936 1 Grace Olmstead, Four Oaks 2 Sabrina Martin, Jamestown 3 Angela Linehan, Hampstead Girls’ 13-15 Division - 5,936 1 Jayla Rogers, Wilmington 2 Grace Holcomb, Wilmington 3 Trinity Ahing, New Bern Selected Others 6 Kaitlyn Rand, Raleigh

78 79 80 86 87 89

3rd. Annual Players Championship At Bryan Park Bryan Park, Greensboro, NC May 20-21, 2017 High School Division - 6580 1 Drew Hackett, Charlotte 70-73--143 2 Joey Pritchard, Southern Pines 72-72--144 3 Leonard Park, Virginia Beach, VA 75-73--148 Selected Others 7 Ethan Lukes, Chapel Hill 72-77--149 11 Kareem Elkassem, Raleigh 74-78--152 12 Carter Boulia, Cary 74-80--154 16 Alex Huml, Cary 81-74--155 21 Garrett Massengill, Cary 79-79--158 25 Carter Massengill, Cary 84-76--160 30 Nick Armstrong, Wake Forest 85-77--162 Middle School Division - 5792 1 Andrew Plate, Greensboro 71-70--141 2 Garrett Kuhla, Richmond, VA 70-74--144 3 Jake Herring, Wilson 72-74--146 Selected Others 6 Owen Kose, Holly Springs 76-78--151 15 Nick Kleu, Cary 84-76--160 26 Alan Van Asch, Raleigh 95-82--177 11 and Under Division - 5236 1 Quinlan Polin, Cary 77-74--151 2 William Pohlman, Chapel Hill 84-80--164 3 Will Brown, Fayetteville 79-87--166

75 79 83 89 91 112 89 100 111 77 82 86 130

2017 TYGA Bojangles Junior Open

Cutter Creek, Snow Hill, NC June 3-4, 2017 Boys Division - 7,164 1 Pierce Robinson, Kings Mountain 74-70--144 2 Grayson Wotnosky, Wake Forest 75-70--145 2 Carter Cheek, Cary 72-73--145 2 Jeffrey Parker, Oak Ridge 71-74--145 Selected Others 5 Will Hawley, Raleigh 74-73--147 5 Zach Roberts, Holly Springs 71-76--147 12 Frank Gilliam, Raleigh 76-73--149 12 Brian Chen, Cary 75-74--149 16 Seve Anfindsen, Apex 74-76--150 16 Griffin Burke, Cary 73-77--150 22 Brady Hooks, Clayton 77-74--151 30 Symon Balbin, Pinehurst 77-75--152 30 Jack Marcotte, Apex 76-76--152 37 Joey Pritchard, Whispering Pines 79-75--154 37 Tyler Dechellis, Clayton 75-79--154

Tarheel Junior Golf Foundation

High School Division - 6778 1 Garrett Engle, Harrisburg, PA 74-70--144 1 Narayan Mohan, Charlotte 70-74--144 3 Will Hanna, Raleigh 75-70--145 Selected Others 5 Joey Pritchard, Southern Pines 75-71--146 6 Jimbo Stanley, Raleigh 74-74--148 6 Patrick Carlin, Raleigh 73-75--148 8 Connor Jones, Raleigh 75-74--149 9 Brady Hooks, Clayton 75-75--150 13 Josh Lendach, Raleigh 75-77--152 13 Zach Roberts, Holly Springs 75-77--152 Middle School Division - 5504 1 Owen Kose, Holly Springs 70-71--141 1 Zach Adams, Charleston, SC 68-73--141 3 Andrew Gregory, Inman, SC 71-71--142 Selected Others 7 Jackson Bode, Pinehurst 73-75--148 11 Chris Ha, Fayetteville 81-71--152 14 Bryan Fang, Raleigh 77-78--155 16 Benjamin Hays, Cary 76-80--156 18 Alan Van Asch, Raleigh 77-82--159 19 Tyler Strickland, Holly Springs 82-78--160 20 Jack Steffens, Raleigh 83-80--163 11 and Under Division - 4936 1 Tyler Jones, Jacksonville 76-74--150 2 Daniel Boone, Fuquay Varina 79-76--155 3 Will Hartman, Atlanta, GA 76-82--158 Selected Others 6 Max Martin, Pinehurst 85-96--181 7 Jacob Winter, Raleigh 94-96--192

7th. Annual GolfPride Tour Championship Pine Needles Lodge and GC, Southern Pines, NC May 28-29,2017

Boys (High School, graduation year) 1 A.J. Beechler, Pinehurst (Pinecrest, 2018) 2 Fulton Smith, Pinehurst (O’Neal School, 2019) 3 Chris Kim, Cary (Green Hope, 2019) 4 Jack Massei, Cary (Green Hope, 2018) 5 Viraj Garewal, Raleigh (Panther Creek, 2017) 6 Akshay Bhatia, Wake Forest (Home School, 2020) 7 Spencer Oxendine, Fayetteville (Jack Britt HS, 2019) 8 Austin Bonfiglio, Holly Springs (Middle Creek, 2017) 9 Peter Foundation, Raleigh (Broughton HS, 2020) 10 Michael Coe, Cary (Green Hope,2017) Girls (High School, graduation year) 1 Gina Kim, Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill HS, 2018) 2 Jennifer Chang, Cary (Athens Drive, 2018) 3 Emilia Migliaccio, Cary (Athens Drive, 2017) 6 Natalie Petersen, Holly Springs (Holly Springs HS, 2017) 4 Haeley Wotnosky, Wake Forest (S. Wake Academy, 2018) 5 Riley Smyth, Cary (Cardinal Gibbons, 2018) 7 Nicole Adam, Pinehurst (O’Neal School, 2020) 9 Mackenzie Battle, Aberdeen (Pinecrest, 2018) 8 Holly McCann, Raleigh (Ravenscroft, 2019) 10 Elizabeth Nguyen, Pinehurst (Pinecrest, 2017) Source: Tarheel Youth Golf Association as of 6/1/17

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Migliaccio on the road again… teeing it up


By KURT DUSTERBERG milia Migliaccio is accustomed to the routine of an elite junior golfer. One weekend she’s in Texas, the next in New York. And the life suits her to a tee. “I love traveling and living out of a suitcase,” she says. “It’s a good thing, since I want to go on the (LPGA) Tour one day. The people I’ve met, they’ve changed my life. And the places I’ve gone to, it’s made me really humble and blessed that my parents gave me this opportunity.” Migliaccio, 17, graduated a semester early from Athens Drive High School to concentrate on what comes next. She will continue her golf career at Wake Forest University in the fall. But before that, she will take her love of travel to a new level. She will go to Japan in June to play in the 2017 Toyota Junior Golf World Cup. The event includes teams from 25 countries competing for team and individual medalist honors. “I’m so excited for that, I can’t wait,” she says. “I know I’m going to be so blown

away. It’s such a different atmosphere.” Golf runs in the family for Migliaccio, whose mother, Ulrika, played at the University of Arizona. Ulrika gave Emilia her first set of clubs when she was 6, but Emilia showed more interest in tennis, ballet and soccer in her pre-teen years. By the time she was 12, however, she began to get the golf bug. Mom was right there to offer encouragement. “Having her train me and being my coach for so long, we’ve definitely gotten a lot closer,” says Migliaccio, whose father and sister are big supporters, too. “We go out on the course and have ourselves a good time.” Migliaccio made 10 appearances in national junior events last year, earning nine top 10 finishes. She began 2017 with a win at Walt Disney World Resort’s Palm Course in April for her fifth career AJGA win. The key to her success, she says, is staying out of trouble. “I think it’s my ball striking,” she says. “I hit it very straight. I like to play a straight shot with a little baby fade.” Migliaccio has made a few concessions to golf along the way. After winning the 4-A state title as a freshman at Athens Drive, she bowed out of high school golf. But she


recently attended senior night for one of her friends on the high school softball team, returning the support she has enjoyed in her golf career. “It was hard in the beginning when I was younger and not as mature,” she says. “I always felt like I was missing out on stuff. Now, the time I get to spend with them – even though it may not be as long as I necessarily want – I enjoy every minute of it.” Honors: 2017 East team of 28th annual Wyndham Cup; 2016 U.S. Junior Ryder Cup Team; 2016 Rolex Junior AllAmerica First Team. 2017 Victories: 34th annual Scott Robertson Memorial (-6 total, second-round 67); AJGA Junior event, Lake Buena Vista, Fl. (1-under 215, 54 holes) Best Round: In April, shot 63 at home course, MacGregor Downs: “I was hitting the ball super close and making every putt. I made four birdies in a row on the back nine. It gave me all the confidence that I finally shot that score.” Magic Moment: At Hazeltine National Golf Club in the Ryder Cup. “On No. 16, the pin was back. I hit a good drive. Our group hadn’t done anything to get the crowd excited. I was about 200 (yards) into the wind, and I hit a 3-wood right at the pin to about 7 feet and made it for eagle. That was a really fun one.” Goals: “I want to be No. 1 in the world someday. I want to inspire young girls and guys just to follow their dreams and not let anyone tell them they can’t do something.”

Bhatia, 15, measures his game against the pros


By KURT DUSTERBERG kshay Bhatia’s golf game is good enough that he can get out on the course with PGA and Web. com touring pros like Carl Pettersson, Carter Jenkins and Chris Wilson at TPC Wakefield Plantation. “It’s pretty cool because it’s not every day you can play with a guy from the Tour or PGA Tour,” Bhatia says. “I’ve learned so much from them, and I’ve learned some shots.” It doesn’t take long for the 15-year old to add a bit of a zinger. “And you can beat them,” he says. “So that’s a good feeling.” Bhatia is a recipient of the McConnell golf scholarship, which provides a structured program designed to help standout juniors elevate their game. So far, Bhatia is making the most of it. He is 87th in the world in the Junior Scoreboard Ranking and 50th in the AJGA rankings. “Mentally I’ve gotten a lot stronger over the years, and putting has saved me a lot,” he says. “I work with Chase Duncan, and my golf swing is getting where I want it, so I’m looking forward to the summer.” His first exposure to golf came as a

toddler, watching his sister, Rhea, play in junior tournaments growing up in California. She is now a junior on the golf team at Queens University in Charlotte, and Akshay appears to be on a similar path. He won two tournaments last fall, taking another step in his development. “Winning always means a lot, especially for confidence,” he said. “But if you can just put yourself in position week in and week out, I’d be satisfied with that. At least I’m giving myself a chance to win.” To keep his game moving in the right direction, Bhatia has chosen home-schooling. “It’s a lot easier,” he says. “It’s hard to play a lot of tournaments and miss school. So when I can travel with my school work and get ahead sometimes, it helps a lot. “It’s also hard because you don’t have that big of a social life. But you have to give up something for something else.” But he does have friends, even ones who haven’t turned pro yet. “I play with four or five juniors at my golf course every day, which is pretty nice,” he says. “So I do have a lot of peers to hang out with.” And on balance, he has no complaints. “I’m really thankful, especially how the AJGA specifically helps you get to college,” he says. “(I appreciate) everything my family

Akshay Bhatia


has done for me, and what the tournaments do and the coaches do. I’m really grateful.” Recently, he was one of 525 out of nearly 9,000 golfers to advance to the sectional round of qualifying for the U.S. Open after shooting a 70 at Lonnie Poole. Akshay also shot 8-under with partner Grayson Wotnosky in stroke-play qualifying for the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball at Pinehurst Resort to tie for third in late May, but lost in the first round of match play. 2017 Victories: Bridgestone Junior Amateur, Pinewild Fall Junior Classic (Tarheel Golf Foundation events). Honors: AJGA Rolex Junior All-American Honorable Mention, TYGA All-State 2016, McConnell Scholarship recipient. Best Round: 61 at The Heritage in Wake Forest. “I made six straight birdies on the back nine. I was hitting it good and putting really well. I had a new putter that week. It’s one of those days where everything was going my way.” Magic Moment: “At Grandover Resort in Greensboro, there is a short, 75-yard par-3. I told my friend Grayson, ‘I bet one of us will make a hole-in-one on this hole.’ And I made a hole-in-one. That was pretty cool because I called it.” Goals: “I definitely want to chase my dream of being on the PGA Tour. I really want to have a long, sustainable career. I’m already learning so much from these guys. Hopefully I will be a little better than them after learning so much.”



CALENDAR All listings are based on submissions by clubs and correspondence. To list your tournament free email your information to or call 336-924-1619.

USGA Qualifiers Selected events (full list at July 10 – U.S. Amateur Championship Sectional Qualifier, Monroe CC, Monroe July 24 – U.S. Amateur Championship Sectional Qualifier, Benvenue, Rocky Mount Aug. 2 - U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Qualifying, Members Club at Woodcreek Elgin Aug. 8 – U.S. Senior Amateur Championship Sectional Qualifier, High Point CC (Willow Creek), High Point Aug. 21 – U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship Sectional Qualifier, Colonial CC, Thomasville Aug. 30 – U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship Sectional Qualifier, CCNC, Pinehurst Sept. 13 – U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship Sectional Qualifier, Cutter Creek, Snow Hill Oct. 23 – 2017 U.S. Women’s Amateur FourBall Sectional Qualifier, Pinewild, Pinehurst Oct. 24 – 2017 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Sectional Qualifier, Cedarwood, Charlotte

CGA Men Majors/Qualifiers Four-Ball Championships Oct. 13-15 – 22nd N.C. Four-Ball Championship, Wakefield Plantation, Raleigh Carolinas Amateur July 14-17 – 103rd Carolinas Amateur Championship, Golf Club at Briar’s Creek, Johns Island, S.C. N.C. Amateur Match Play Championship July 6 – Qualifier, 12 Oaks, Holly Springs July 18 – Qualifier, Pinewood, Asheboro July 25 – Qualifier, Compass Pointe, Leland Aug. 2-6 – 8th N.C. Amateur Match Play Championship, Treyburn CC, Durham N.C. Mid-Amateur Championship Aug. 19 – Qualifier, Monroe CC, Monroe Aug. 24 – Qualifier, Jacksonville CC, Jacksonville Aug. 29 – Qualifier, Bermuda Run, Advance Aug. 30 – Qualifier, Carolina Trace, Sanford Sept. 8-10 – 24th N. C. Mid-Amateur, Willow Creek, High Point

CGA Senior Men Majors/Qualifiers Aug. 9-11 – 17th North Carolina Senior Four-Ball Championship, Benvenue CC, Rocky Mount Aug. 31 – Carolinas Senior Amateur Qualifier, Carolina Trace, Sanford Sept. 6 – Carolinas Senior Amateur Qualifier, Mill Creek, Mebane Sept. 11 – Carolinas Senior Amateur Qualifier, Cabarrus CC, Concord Sept. 12-14 – 56th Carolinas Senior Amateur Championship, Grandfather G&CC, Linville Sept. 25-26 - 10th North Carolina Super Senior Championship, Hendersonville CC, Hendersonville Oct. 2-3 – 6th Carolinas Super Senior Four-Ball Championship, Old Chatham GC, Durham

CGA Women Majors July 25-27 – 20th Carolinas Women’s Match Play, Rock Hill CC, Rock Hill, SC. July 17-19 – 61st Carolinas-Virginia Women’s Team Matches, Spring Creek GC, Gordonsville, VA. Aug. 19-20 – 12th Carolinas Mixed Team Championship, Pinehurst No. 5, Pinehurst. Sept. 26-27 – 19th Carolinas Senior Women’s Amateur, Greensboro CC (Irving Park), Greensboro.


Nov. 11-12 – 7th Carolinas Net Amateur Championship, Pinehurst No. 3, Pinehurst.

CGA Other July 21 – 51st Carolinas Father-Son Championship, Pinehurst Area Courses, Pinehurst. July 21 – 20th Carolinas Parent-Child Championship, Pinehurst Area Courses, Pinehurst. Aug. 19-20 – 12th Carolinas Mixed-Team Championship, Pinehurst No. 5, Pinehurst. Aug. 7 – Carolinas Pro-Junior Championship, Hope Valley CC, Durham TBA – 72nd Captain’s Putter Team Matches Nov. 12-13 – 7th Carolinas Net Amateur Championship, Pinehurst No. 3, Pinehurst. TBA – 2nd Carolinas Interclub Final Four, Pinewild, Pinehurst TBA – Carolinas Young Amateur

Amateur Individual July 8-9 – Joe Wood Memorial, Cedarbrook CC, Elkin. Medal play in flights. 336-835-2320. July 14-16 – N.C. Players Championship, Oak Valley first round, Tanglewood Championship second and third rounds, Clemmons. Kitty Visintine 336-703-6420. July 15-16 – Max Thore Memorial, Wolf Creek GC, Reidsville. Individual tournament (championship flight only) combined with two-man flighted bestball. 336-349-7660. July 28-30 – Cardinal Amateur, Sedgefield CC (Pete Dye Course), Greensboro. July 29-30 – Dugan Aycock Davidson County Amateur, Lexington GC. Medal play in flights. Also senior division.  336-248-3950. July 29-30 – The Triad Amateur Golf Classic, 36 holes stroke play. Ages 16-over. High Point CC Willow Creek course. 336-869-2416. Aug. 5-6 – Holly Ridge Charity Classic in memory of John Ridge and Jerry Davis, Holly Ridge GL, Archdale. Aug. 4 Par-3 shootout. Medal play in flights. Optional shootout on Aug. 4. 336-861-4653. Aug. 4-6 – 70th Forsyth County Amateur Invitational, Reynolds Park GC, Olde Homeplace GC, Maple Chase G&CC. Medal play in flights. Todd Barr 336-734-1212. Aug. 26-27 – Crooked Tree Amateur, Crooked Tree GC, Brown Summit. Medal play in flights. 336-656-3211. Sept. 9-10 – 49th annual Reidsville Invitational, Pennrose Park CC, Reidsville. Medal play in flights. 336-349-5163. Sept. 30-Oct. 1 — Steve Welch Fall Classic, Asheboro Municipal GC. Medal play in flights. 336-625-4158.

Laid-Back Golfers Tour 434-792-3728 • Men/Women All-Ages Flights pre-determined by handicap Tees determined by hdc/age formula July 11 – Southern Hills GC, Danville July 25 – Poplar Grove GC, Amherst Va. Aug. 9 – Greens Folly GC, South Boston, Va. Aug. 22 – Kinderton CC, Clarksville, Va. Sept. 6 – Caswell Pines GC, Yanceyville Sept. 19 – Deep Springs CC, Stoneville Oct. 11 – Greensboro National, Summerfield Oct. 25 – Chatmoss CC, Martinsville Nov. 8 – Bryan Park GC, Brown Summit Nov. 13 – Danville GC, Danville Nov. 29 – Goodyear GC, Danville

Golfweek Amateur Tour 252-864-9161 July 1 -- Bryan Park (Championship), Brown Summit July 8 -- Sedgefield CC (Dye), Greensboro

July 22 -- Pinewild (Holly), Pinehurst July 29 -- Preserve at Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill Aug. 5 -- Hyland GC, Southern Pines Aug. 19 -- Whispering Woods GC, Whispering Pines Aug. 26 -- Anderson Creek, Spring Lake Sept. 2 -- Pine Lakes CC, Myrtle Beach Sept. 3 -- Grande Dunes, Myrtle Beach Sept. 9 -- Falls Village, Durham Sept 23-24 -- Local Finals at Bryan Park (both courses) Oct. 20-22 -- National Championship at Hilton Head Island, SC

Senior Individual July 29-30 – The Triad Amateur Golf Classic, 36 holes stroke play. Ages 55-over, also super senior division for ages 65-over. High Point CC Willow Creek course. 336-869-2416. Oct. 10-12 – World Super Senior Championship. Tanglewood Championship, Clemmons. Ages 70-over, Kitty Visintine 336-703-6420. Senior Amateur Tour (ages 50-over) 336-329-3453 July 6 - Deep Springs, Stoneville July 20 – Mill Creek, Mebane Aug. 17 – Greensboro National, Greensboro Aug 31 – Forest Oaks, Greensboro Sept. 14 – Holly Ridge, Archdale Oct. 19 – Stoney Creek, Whitsett

Senior Amateur Tour (ages 50-over) 910-964-1547 June 29 -- Preserve at Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill July 13 -- Southern Pines GC July 20 -- CC of Whispering Pines (Pines) July 27 -- Forest Oaks CC, Greensboro Aug. 3 -- Pinewild (Holly), Pinehurst Aug. 10 -- Finley GC, Chapel Hill Aug. 17 -- Whispering Woods, Whispering Pines Aug. 24 -- Anderson Creek, Spring Lake Sept. 21 -- Bryan Park (Championship), Brown Summit Sept. 28 -- Chapel Ridge, Pittsboro Oct. 5 -- Stoney Creek GC Oct. 25-26 -- National Championship at Hilton Head Island, SC

Ladies Individual/Team July 15-16 – 2GG Apparel Four-Ball, PKBGT Collegiate, Coastal Carolina U., Myrtle Beach, SC. Open to all current collegiate players in addition to PKBGT Alumni 25 years of age or younger. Current junior golfers are not eligible. 336-347-8537. July 24-25 – Moore County Women’s Amateur, Pinehurst No. 9. Not restricted to Moore County residents. Aug 5-6 – PKBGT Collegiate Amateur, Salem Glen GC, Clemmons. Open to all current collegiate players in addition to PKBGT Alumni 25 years of age or younger. Current junior golfers are not eligible. 336-347-8537. Sept. 9-10 – 51st annual Colonial Country Club Ladies Invitational, Colonial CC, Thomasville. Pre-flighted CGA ranking event. Optional captain’s choice tournament on Sept. 8. Elaine Schuermann 336-906-2064.

Amateur Team July 7 — Iron Play 2-person captain’s choice series. Top three teams advance to championship on Oct. 7. 336-644-7991. July 8-9 – Tuscarora Two-Man Invitational, Tuscarora CC, Danville. Medal play in flights. 434-724-4191. July 15-16 – Indian Valley Classic 2-man bestball. Indian Valley GC, Burlington. Flighted medal play. 336-584-7871.

For the latest tournament schedule, now updated daily, go to then click on Tournaments July 15-16 – Max Thore Memorial, Wolf Creek GC, Reidsville. Two-man flighted bestball combined with optional individual championship flight. 336-349-7660. Aug. 12-13 – Madison Rotary Four-Ball Invitational, Deep Springs CC, Madison. 336-427-4654. Aug. 12 — Iron Play 2-person captain’s choice series. Top three teams advance to championship on Oct. 7. 336-644-7991. Aug. 26-27 – Marvin Crowder 2-Ball, Kinderton CC, Clarksville, Va. 434-374-8822. Sept. 9 — Iron Play 2-person captain’s choice series. Top three teams advance to championship on Oct. 7. 336-644-7991. Sept. 23-24 – Lynrock Memorial Two-Man, Lynrock GC, Eden. 336-623-6110. Oct. 14-15 – Jamestown Park Fall Classic, 2-man bestball. Jamestown Park GC. 336-454-4912. Oct. 21-22 – Lexington BBQ Festival 2-person teams, Lexington GC. 336-248-3950. Nov. 4-5 -- Greensboro National Fall Classic, Greensboro National GC, Summerfield. 2-man bestball. 336-342-1113.

Captain’s Choice July 22 Backpack for Kids, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mink 336-342-6191. Aug 5 - Sigma Chi, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191. Aug 12 – 6th Annual Burned Children’s Fund, Rock Barn, Conover. Scott Routh 336-399-6738 or . Sept. 1 – Kadren Robertson Memorial benefiting Hospice, Hemlock GC, Walnut Cove. Call 336-591-7937. Sept. 8 – 4th Annual Trauma Services Open supporting trauma recovery, Bryan Park, Brown Summit. Sept. 16 – Special Olympics N.C. Golf Classic, Lexington GC, Lexington. Det. Jeremy Parks 336-479-3331. Sept. 22 & 23 – 11th Annual Stogner Scholarship benefiting Children with Autism, Pudding Ridge GC, Mocksville. Contact Oct 3 – SECCA Slam for Art, Salem Glen, Clemmons. Siobhan Olson 336-769-6365. Oct 13 – Camel City Classic benefiting Combat Warriors, Maple Chase GC, Winston-Salem, Golf shop 336-767-2941 ext. 2 Oct 13 – Postal Customer Council Golf Tournament, The Preserve at Jordan Lake, Pittsboro. Eddie Goldberg 919-420-5161.

Junior Golf Schedule CGA 910-673-1000 * TYGA 910-673-1000 * PKBGT 336-347-8537 * NCJGF 919-858-6400 * TGF 919-291-5813 * NJGT 704-824-6548 * AJGA 770-868-4200 * USGA 908-234-2300 * USKIDS Raleigh Tour 919-206-4666 * Winternational 847-204-9888 * HJGT 904-379-2697 June 26-27 – Andrew Haley Memorial Junior hosted by the Smith Mountain Lake Lions Club. Waterfront CC and Mariners Landing CC, Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Boys/Girls 10-18. . June 27-28 - CGA Twin States Girls’ Championship, Starmount Forest CC, Greeensboro, Girls only, Ages 8-18. June 27-30 - CGA NC Junior Boys Championship, Colonial CC, Thomasville, Boys only, ages 18 and under. June 27 - TYGA Triad One Day Event, Asheboro Municipal, Asheboro, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18.

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Tiger mug shot a sad image


Unusual roads taken by Tiger


taking perfection to ever higher levels. If he read the myth of Icarus, he certainly did not take it to heart. Over-training and violent swings broke his body down far too soon. Wealth and access has taken him down many unusual roads seeking solutions to his injuries. These choices have now compounded his personal life status. Few thought that was possible. This is a cautionary tale for young athletes who came to the game hoping to emulate Tiger’s meteoric career. Too many young athletes, even teenagers, suffer repetitive use injuries. The human body was not meant to throw curve balls, to be repeatedly clobbered in the head, or generate club head speeds nearing 130 mph. Sports coverage contributes to this need to be the best there ever was. It is a standard that makes little sense. You can’t compare Snead to Snedeker when the equipment has changed so much. My wish for every great athlete is to be the best they can be today; to be the best within the span of a career. It’s going to annoy “stat boy,” but I’m okay with that.

Aug. 1-3 - CGA Carolinas Girls’ Championship, CC of South Carolina, Florence, girls only, ages 18 and under. Aug. 1-3 - CGA Dogwood State Boys’ Junior, Bermuda Run CC, Bermuda Run, NC, NC boys only, Ages 8-18. Aug. 1 - TYGA One Day Series, Wilmington Muni GC, Wilmington, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. Aug. 1 - TYGA Triad One Day Event, Starmount Forest CC, Greensboro, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. Aug. 2 - TYGA One Day Series, Coharie CC, Clinton, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. Aug. 3 - TYGA One Day Series, CC of Johnston County, Smithfield, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. Aug. 4-6 - PKBGT TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP (*) @ Salem Glen G&CC, Advance, NC, Girls, Ages 11-18. Aug. 7 - CGA Carolinas Pro-Junior, Hope Valley CC, Durham, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. Aug. 8-10 - CGA Dogwood State Girls’ Junior, Pinewood CC, Asheboro, NC girls only, ages 18 and under. Aug. 10 – TYGA/SAS Junior Championship, Prestonwood CC, Cary. Open to Boy/Girls 12-18 from Wake or adjacent counties. Aug. 11 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series @ Mill Creek Golf Club, Mebane, NC, Girls, Ages 9-18. Aug. 12-13 - CGA Virginias-Carolinas Boys Team Matches, Boonesboro CC, Lynchburg, VA, invitation only. Aug. 14-17 - AJGA Junior All-Star at Irish Creek, Club at Irish Creek, Kannapolis, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 12-15. Aug. 15-16 - TYGA Tournament of Champions, River Ridge GC, Raleigh, NC, Invitation only. Aug. 26-27 - HJGT North Carolina Summer

Classic, Bryan Park-Players, Greensboro, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 10-18. Aug. 26-27 - PKBGT Southeast Finale @ Cobbs Glen CC, Spartanburg, SC, Girls, Ages 9-18. Aug. 26 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series @ Pinehurst No. 9, Pinehurst, NC, Girls, Ages 9-18. Sept. 1-4 - AJGA Girls Championship, Furman Golf Club, Greenville, SC, Girls Only, Ages 12-19. Sept. 16-17 - PKBGT North Carolina Series Finale @ Statesville Country Club, Statesville, NC, Girls, Ages 9-18. Sept. 23-24 - TYGA State Championship, TBD, Boys/Girls, Ages 12-18. Sept. 27 - TYGA-PKBGT North State Girls High School Challenge, TBD, Girls only, grades 9-12. Sept. 30 - TYGA NC Middle School Championship, TBD, Boys/Girls, Grades 6-8. Oct. 6-9 - AJGA Junior All-Star Invitational, Reynolds Lake Oconee, Greensboro, GA, Invitational. Oct. 7-8 - CGA-PKBGT Jimmy Anderson Girls’ Invitational, Jacksonville CC, Jacksonville, NC, Girls only, Ages 12-18. Nov. 11-13 - PKBGT INVITATIONAL (*) @ Grandover Resort, Greensboro, NC, Girls, Ages 11-18. Dec. 2-3 - PKBGT TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS @ Pinehurst #8, Pinehurst, NC, Girls, Ages 11-18. Dec. 9-10 - 28th Charles Tilghman Carolinas PGA Junior Championship, Surf Club, N. Myrtle Beach, SC, Boys/Girls, Ages 13-18, 336-3982742 Dec. 28-29 - Peggy Kirk Bell Junior @ Pine Needles, Southern Pines, NC, Girls, Ages 11-18.

wasn’t will as much as it was pure talent. By BETSEY MITCHELL How many times can you recall when Tiger seemed on the verge of losing a ore than once in Tiger’s career, lot of people laughed at and tournament only to pull off a miracle I have thought of William made jokes about the picture of Blake’s “Tyger Tyger, burning Tiger Woods after he was arrest- shot that left his challenger reeling and bright, In the forests of the night; What ed for impaired driving a few weeks ago. broken-hearted? As great as Tiger was, however, he immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy I have to tell you that I was not one of fearful symmetry?” them. Instead I felt embarrassed for Tiger could not overcome the physical probIt is painful to watch any great athlete as his befuddled image stared back at me lems that nagged at him over the past few years. There is no longer any quesbattle injury or age or personal demons. from the newspaper. It was a sad image tion as to whether or not The battle is not unique of the man whom I have always considhe will catch or surpass to the professional, but ered to be the best golfer who ever lived. Nicklaus in major chamfought at every level of Please note, Bets, that I am not saypionship wins. sport. It is the used-to-be ing he is the greatest golfer. I’m saying The question now is unbeatable country club that he is the best, an argument that I whether he will ever even tennis ace slamming his have made many times. I honestly don’t play the game again. The racquet as he fails another believe there has ever been anyone who talent has eroded, the DUELING DIVOTS volley that once came could play the game on the level that mystique has vanished easily. Tiger did during his peak years. We know the once I revered Arnold Palmer and dreaded and there are more than a dozen golfers who can now give Tiger excellent golfers, both men and women, watching Jack Nicklaus overshadow The a run for his money even if he should who lament their loss of yardage. Instead, King. But this was just a passing of the regain his health. they could embrace the joy of being able torch. I learned to appreciate the excelSo yeah, Bets, I still think Tiger is the to continue playing our glorious game. lence of Nicklaus and felt he was deservmost talented golfer I have even seen. It is a privilege that many sports do not ing of the accolades given him. But he has no chance now of ever being offer. But back to Tiger. I have never seen It is doubly hard to watch the fall of anyone who could make the shots that he known as the greatest. The Tiger is wounded. Long live the Tiger. To my untrained eye it appears could make under pressure. He seemed to that his crumbling was brought on by be able to will the ball into the hole. But it Golden Bear.


CALENDAR June 27-28 — T-Ville Junior, Winding Creek GC, Thomasville. 336-475-5580. June 29 - TYGA One Day Series, Sanford GC, Sanford, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 1-2 - PKBGT Wolfpack Classic @ NC State University, Raleigh, NC, Girls, Ages 11-18. July 3 - TYGA Triad One Day Event, Lexington GC, Lexington, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 5 - TYGA One Day Series, Cabarrus CC, Concord, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 6-8 - LPGA-USGA GIRLS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP presented by PKBGT, Braselton, GA, Girls, Ages 11-18. July 6 - TYGA One Day Series, Whispering Wood GC, Whispering Pines, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 6 - USGA Junior Girls’ Qualifying, MidCarolina CC, Prosperity, SC, Girls, Ages 18 & below July 7 - TYGA One DaySeries, Goldsboro GC, Goldsboro, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 10-11 - CGA Carolinas Girls’ 15 and Under Championship, CC of Whispering Pines, Whispering Pines, NC, Girls only, Ages 8-15. July 10-11 - CGA NC Boys 13 and Under Championship, Asheboro GC, Asheboro, NC, boys only, ages 13 and under. July 10 - TYGA One Day Series, Chapel Hill CC, Chapel Hill, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 10 - TYGA Triad One Day Event, Salem Glen Golf & CC, Clemmons, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 11-13 – Forsyth County Junior, Maple Chase G&CC, Olde Homeplace GC, Reynolds Park GC. Forsyth County Residents. Todd Barr 336734-1212. July 12-13 - TYGA High Point Junior, Blair Park &


Oak Hollow GC, High Point, NC, Ages 8-18. July 15-16 - PKBGT 2GG APPAREL CHAMPIONSHIP (*) @ Coastal Carolina University, Myrtle Beach, SC, Girls, Ages 11-18. July 15-16 - NC Big I Girls State Tournament, Pine Needles, Southern Pines, NC, Girls, Ages 10-18. July 15-16 - NC Big I Boys State Tournament, Mid Pines Inn, Southern Pines, NC, Boys, Ages 10-18. July 17-20 - AJGA Amino VITAL Junior Championship, Treyburn CC, Durham, NC, Boys/ Girls, Ages 12-19. July 18-19 - TYGA Roy Jones Junior, Kinston CC, Kinston, NC, Boys/GirlsAges 8-18. July 18 - TYGA One Day Series, Lake Hickory CC (Catawba Springs), Hickory, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 18 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series @ Pine Island Country Club, Charlotte, NC, Girls, Ages 9-18. July 21 - CGA Father-Son Championship, Pinehurst area courses. July 21 - CGA Parent-Child, Pinehurst area courses. July 24 - TYGA One Day Series, Prestonwood CC (Highlands), Cary, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 24 - TYGA Triad One Day Event, Deep Springs CC, Stoneville, NC, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. July 24 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series @ Bryan Park Golf Club (Players), Greensboro, NC, Girls Ages 9-18. July 25-27 - CGA Carolinas Boys’ Championship, Cabarrus CC, Concord, NC, Boys only, Ages 18 & under. July 29 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day Series @ Bermuda Run Country Club (West), Bermuda Run, NC, Girls, Ages 9-18.

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GROUP GOLF PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Three rounds on Harbour Town Golf Links, Heron Point by Pete Dye and the new Atlantic Dunes by Davis Love III • Three nights deluxe villa accommodations • Complimentary gift card • Group organizer plays free!


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Award-Winning Design. Spectacular Views Two Hours from Raleigh.

Just Ranked #1 of Top 25 Arnold Palmer Designs ĂĐĐŽƌĚŝŶŐƚŽ'ŽůĨĚǀŝƐŽƌƌĂƟŶŐƐ͘ A Hidden Gem



#1 of Top 25 Arnold Palmer Designs, Golf Advisor


#2 of Top 20 NC Golf Courses, Golf Advisor


14th Best Overall Golf Course, Golf Advisor




#17 of Top 25 Friendliest Courses in the U.S. in 2015, Golf Advisor


#8 of Top 25 Value Courses in the U.S. in 2015, Golf Advisor

'Ğƚ'ŽůĮŶŐ Stay ‘N Play Golf Package: ϭŶŝŐŚƚ͕ϮƌŽƵŶĚƐŽĨŐŽůĨƐƚĂƌƟŶŐĂƚΨϭϰϳƉĞƌƉĞƌƐŽŶ

Golf Groups & Tournaments ZĂƚĞƐƐƚĂƌƟŶŐĂƚΨϯϬ͖ƐƉĞĐŝĂůŐŝŌĨŽƌƚŚĞŽƌŐĂŶŝnjĞƌ

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