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Area Insider – by David Droschak

ACC golf championships on the move

s a result of North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2 (HB2) that has affected several NCAA and ACC championships in the state of North Carolina, the 2017 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Golf Championships have been relocated from long standing venues in North Carolina to a pair of McConnell Golf facilities in South Carolina. “McConnell Golf deeply values our relationship with the ACC,” said McConnell Vice President of Golf Operations Brian Kittler. “We are proud to have quality venues in South Carolina available that will allow us to host both the men’s and women’s championships on short notice.” The 2017 Women’s ACC Golf Championship will be played April 13-15 at The Reserve Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C., following a nine-year run at Sedgefield Country Club Ross in Greensboro. In last year’s tourna-

ment, Virginia defended its title after becoming the firstever champion from outside the state of North Carolina in 2015. The Reserve was designed by Greg Norman and has played host to numerous important events, including the 1999 South Carolina Open, the 2001-02 Carolinas Opens, 2003-05 Carolinas PGA Section Championships, 2012 South Carolina Senior Championship, 2014 South Carolina Amateur and 2016 Carolinas Women’s Amateur. Meanwhile, the Men’s ACC Golf Championship will be contested April 21-23 at the Arnold Palmer-designed Musgrove Mill Golf Club in Clinton, S.C., after 15 consecutive years at the award-winning Tom Fazio-designed Old North State Club in New London. Last year, Clemson won its 10th conference championship and first since 2004.

Mid South Club getting course makeover


ast summer, the green complexes at Talamore Golf Resort in the North Carolina Sandhills were converted from bentgrass to Champion Bermuda. Now, Talamore’s partner property at the Arnold Palmer-designed Mid South Club is undergoing a similar golf course restoration and greens conversion, along with numerous other club enhancements. In all, these projects are among $6 million in capital improvements at Talamore’s four North Carolina and Pennsylvania facilities. A quarter century after this renowned Sandhills resort first opened, the Talamore green complexes were restored last year to their original 1991 Rees Jones design by recapturing the greens surrounds, which

had been heavily encroached by native bermudagrass. Following up on that successful work at Talamore, the greens at Mid South Club are now being converted to Champion Bermuda. To ensure the design continuity of the putting contours, Mid South and Talamore employ the “no till” method pioneered by Champion Turf Farms out of Texas. More than 700 courses nationwide have Champion Turf, including Pinehurst No. 2.

As with the Talamore project last summer, Mid South Club is working with Shapemasters. Based in Southport, Shapemasters is one of just a handful of certified golf course builders. “We are excited to be working for the Talamore organization again,” said Jeffrey Stein, the president and founder of Shapemasters. “The Mid South course is one of Arnie’s best ever and will be greatly enhanced with new Champion greens. Green sizes will increase by 20 percent to as much as 40 percent, and will change the way the course feels and plays — all for the better.” Mid South is also adding a new set of forward tees to many holes. The club is also busy improving the club’s cart path system, with most areas being removed and restored with a natural packed sand base.

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APRIL 2017


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by Dave Droschak 6




Richard Sykes from page 6


ykes didn’t win the most Atlantic Coast Conference titles or coach the most All-Americans during his time at N.C. State, although he did mentor some of the golf’s top professionals in Vance Heafner, Tim Clark and Carl Pettersson. What Sykes did manage to do was accomplish a difficult balancing act between the course, the classroom and producing classy young men. “Coach didn’t sugar coat things or BS anyone,” said Pettersson, a five-time winner on the PGA Tour. “It’s a quality that is rare and becoming harder to find. But Coach also had the remarkable ability to read his players and know when to push harder and when to take some pressure off. Winning tournaments was always a priority, but he valued his players for more than just what they could give him on the course. I couldn’t have played for a better coach or better person. In fact, without his input and guidance I possibly could have missed the opportunity to carry on towards a pro career. Even after turning pro, the relationship with Coach hasn’t ended. I still value his advice, his encouragement, and all that he does to remain involved with me, my career and my family.” Sykes would likely describe himself as just a North Carolina country boy. That Southern cultural difference certainly didn’t hinder his ability to mentor golfers from around the globe, whether it was the Swede Pettersson, or fostering a South African connection that produced Clark, or a more recent Canadian pipeline in which Matt Hill, whose eight wins in 2009 under Sykes tied the NCAA record held by Tiger Woods for individual victories in a season. Sykes graduated from N.C. State in 1968 and took over the golf program three years later with a starting salary of $200. “Well, I got season football tickets from coach (Al) Michaels, too,” Sykes said of his starting salary. “I got a helluva raise the next year though; it went up to $1,000. It was just part time. I did it on my days off. I never thought it was going to be a career.” He has never left, among other 8


things helping usher in the construction of the school’s own golf course – Lonnie Poole Golf Club – and with it a sparkling new golf facility. “I was just always worried about getting fired,” he said. “I never really had a contract. I guess I’ve been on one-year deals ever since. I’ve been hiding all these years. If you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re given the opportunity to keep doing it that’s fantastic. How many people go to work every day and get to do something they want to do? I always considered myself very lucky.” Sykes has led the Wolfpack to 23 NCAA regional appearances, 12 appearances in the NCAA Championships and the 1990 ACC Championship. During his tenure, Sykes had 47 All-ACC selections and 34 AllAmericans, and was inducted into the Golf Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2001, proudly wearing the ring he was awarded. “I’ve got several championship rings but this one is everybody’s ring because I didn’t hit a damn shot,” Sykes said. Sykes has so many funny anecdotes – both on the off the golf course – they are too numerous to list. But a few stand out that are worth mentioning: • Ara Parseghian called Sykes on his home phone his first year as N.C. State golf coach to inquire about a player coming to play golf in Raleigh. Sykes didn’t believe it was actually the legendary Notre Dame football coach. “I picked up the phone and he said ‘This is Ara Parseghian. I said, ‘Well, you’ve got George Washington on the phone.’ He said, ‘No, no, really and I’ve got a golfer here and I said, ‘How about sending us some football players, we could really use some.”’ It really was Parseghian. • Sykes met Clark at the RaleighDurham International Airport

without having ever seen the South African tee it up. He was recommended by Hall of Famer Nick Price, who said that Clark was better than his current All-Americans at the time Kelly Mitchum and Mark Slawter. Sykes was a non-believer. The rest is classic Sykes. “He got him off the plane and we’re near Wildwood Green and I said, ‘I’ve got to see this guy hit some balls because I hadn’t seen him hit a shot yet.’ He pulled his clubs out and he had head covers on his irons. I thought to myself ‘What the hell have I done now, nobody has cover on their irons.’ I remember it was a cold day and them 5-irons were landing one after one right on top of each other and I said, ‘OK, you can keep those head covers.’” • It was during the 1998-99 college season that Pettersson reached a par-5 in two, but was facing an 80-foot putt on a threetiered green. “Coach Sykes came marching out on the green and says ‘I’ve been standing here all day, nobody has twoputted from there so just go ahead and three-putt and get it over with.’ That was typical Coach he knew how to take the pressure off of the situation, and maybe he used some reverse psychology. Whatever it was, I two-putted for birdie.” • Sykes’ profile photo on Facebook is of him on a bull. There is of course a story behind this, too. “If you win the tournament at Bull’s Bay the coach has to get on the bull. Well, I’m scared of a cow. When I was a kid about 6 years old I went cow farming and I looked up and there was cow right over my shoulder and I ran in the house and wouldn’t let anybody out the door. Now, all of the sudden I’ve got to get on this bull. I just hopped up there right away. I started feeling sick with power, you know feeling pretty good up there and then I looked down and this guy who is holding this bull with a chain.

I said, ‘If this bull wants to break this chain he’s going to so I got off pretty quickly.”’ • Sykes is a dead ringer for famous golf instructor Butch Harmon. So Sykes and Pettersson decided to play a joke on fans at a recent Wyndham Championship. The PGA Tour pro started calling his former college coach Butch in front of fans and word immediately spread through the crowd that Harmon was in attendance. “I signed ‘Butch’ all the way to the car. We both couldn’t stop laughing about it,” Sykes said. Fixing a player’s angle or alignment wasn’t necessarily the strong suit of Sykes. His approach to college coaching was more mental than physical, more practical than posture. “I ain’t much of a yeller,” Sykes said of his coaching style. “They can hit all the shots but sometimes they don’t hit them at the right time. They can all play, but how many work on their faults, work on their minds, learn patience? No kid has patience, right? All those things come into it. It’s as much psychology as anything.” “I was always impressed by how comfortable his players are around him and how much they feel at ease,” said son David Sykes, the longtime director of golf at The Heritage Club in Wake Forest. “They are not intimidated by him; not nervous around him; they don’t get uptight with him watching. I think he impresses upon all of his players that it’s just a game, and there are certainly more important things in your life than a round of golf or a score, but to have fun and to compete for the other guys on your team. He always told them that if you’re not enjoying it then there is no use doing it.” When the final shot is hit for the Wolfpack this spring, Sykes will say goodbye to a job he loves. However, he won’t say good riddance to the game or the school that molded his life. “Let’s put it this way, I expect to see him around,” Penley said. “I don’t expect to see him riding off into the sunset and sitting in the living room with a blanket around his legs and doing nothing. I expect him to come see us. He loves college golf so much I expect him to turn into a big fan of college golf.”

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Greensboro National rides into the future I

The club’s new Yamaha golf cart fleet considered cutting edge f you were paying attention to a commercial during the 2016 U.S. Open for Yamaha Golf-Cars you may have recognized the backdrop. It was none other than Greensboro National Golf Club, where a fleet of 82 metallic electric blue golf carts was unveiled in early March. The 60-year-old company, probably known more for a rich pedigree when it comes to motorcycle, ATV and boat motor engineering, used the Greensboro golf club to help promote its latest technology, which has allowed Yamaha to make some major inroads into the golf cart industry over the last decade. In fact, Chris Humble, the Eastern North Carolina district sales manager at Yamaha Golf-Car, can rattle off some impressive numbers. “Yamaha is really on the rise to No. 1,” said Humble, a former assistant golf professional at

Greensboro Country Club. “We’ve taken over 1,987 accounts in the last seven years.” Included in that gaudy number is Greensboro National, where its four-year lease with Club Car Golf Carts was coming to an end, prompting the course’s investing partners to go shopping and listen to a pitch from Yamaha. “We just got a more comfortable feel with Yamaha at this point in time of adapting to new technology changes,” said Greensboro National investing partner Patrick Donnelly. “You have to keep the environment fresh for attracting new golfers. There is somewhat of a youth movement, and not necessarily only on the PGA Tour. We see it out on the course. There is a push to make golf more attractive to people who maybe don’t get to play as often so when they do play those golfers want to see the latest features with golf equipment and what is happening on the course. Yamaha is making a very serious effort to push the envelope. They have

become relevant in the marketplace.” All of Greensboro National’s cart fleet has been equipped with YamaTrack, a state-of-the-art LED GPS system, which allows the club, for example, to set up geo-fences to protect eco-sensitive areas, along with countless other items. “You can block off territories where you don’t want golfers to go, whether it’s an environmentally friendly place or just carts on the path that day,” Humble said. “In a future release you will be able to look up your food and beverage menus so it increases the speed of play throughout the round. You can see the menu, let’s say on hole 7, so you can order and by hole 9 you are ready to go and keep moving.” “Everybody has added a GPS, but nobody has added a GPS that can do all these features, like the geo-fencing and future ability to pull up menus,” added Humble.

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By David Droschak 10


Yamaha from page 10


INSPIRED IT. Beneath the towering longleaf pines in the heart of North Carolina is a place where golf is much more than a game, it’s a way of life. A place where people gather in twos and fours. And time is measured not by hours, but by birdies and pars. A place with more courses than days of the week. And more championships than anywhere in America. The place is Pinehurst. And it’s waiting for you.

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“There are features we’re still working where we can control Proshop merchandise and food and beverage inventory, as well as the tee sheet from anywhere with our web based devises through YamaTrack. We’re in the midst of getting that done.” In addition, the new carts have two USB connections built into the dash, the latest in front and rear end suspension for a smoother ride, larger storage bins, 12 pack coolers and dual sand bottles. “It’s geared for the next generation golfer, so they can charge their phones or plug their speakers in, using today’s technology,” said Greensboro National investing partner Evan Benson. “Yamaha kicked it up a notch by putting an enhanced technology platform in place designed not just for maintaining and managing the cart fleet, but to also help us with our entire operations,” added Donnelly. “It’s going to be key for our staff to be able to manage the locations of the carts all the time and getting a better view on what the traffic patterns are like to help protect the course from long-term wear.” Humble said more and more clubs like Greensboro National are being sold by just seeing the product and testing it out. Even Yamaha’s colors have cool names like Moonstone, Glacier and Carbon. “The conversation started both ways,” Humble said about the negotiations of the Greensboro National golf cart lease. “We visited the golf course and we started talking to the right people and then it went from there. We brought in a demo to the golf course so they can ride around and get to know the golf cart first. It’s what they are going to be using so you want them to sit in it, ride around in it.” A standard cart fleet is around 60, so Greensboro National’s more than 80 carts give the club added flexibility. “Greensboro National is not your standard course because of the rounds they do and the number of tournaments, so around 80 is where they need to be,” Humble said. In addition to last summer’s U.S. Open commercial, Yamaha’s new brochure and slogan of “The Easy Choice When Luxury, Performance and Value Matter,” is filled with Greensboro National golf photos. “We definitely got some eyes on it,” Donnelly said. “It has been a great thing for us.” Sounds like a two-way street.

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Those who play the Challenge Golf Club will be getting a new challenge this summer


course,” Smith said. “We’re really committed to this effort.” The Challenge opened in 1997 and has he Challenge Golf Club in Graham over the years gone through a number of will be closing at the end of May owners. Smith has been the director of golf for a major refurbishing. for only two months. Most area golfers will When the course reopens in August, it’ll best remember him for the five years he have everything from new greens and sand spent as director of golf at Stoney Creek traps to a new logo and entrance. Golf Club in Whitsett. Long-time patrons may have a hard Smith said that before taking the job at time recognizing the place. The Challenge, he and Ritchie Belton, the “When we reopen, I want people to course’s owner, discussed the improvecome out and go, ‘Wow!’” said Todd Smith, ments they wanted to make. Belton has the course’s director of golf. owned the course about two years. He also Smith said the refurbishing will owns Mebane’s Quaker Creek Golf Course. include replacing the bentgrass greens with “Everybody loves the layout,” Smith Champion Bermudagrass. The bunkers will said of The Challenge, “but there have been be reworked with new sand and improved issues with just about everything else. The drainage. A few of those traps might be course just needs a complete overhaul.” removed while others are added. The tees He said the improvements he and will be leveled and given new life. Belton agreed upon start at the pro shop The new course will be plush, with any and include addressing the friendliness bare spots in the fairways or rough a thing of the staff. Smith said Belton readily of the past. Additional yardage markers acknowledged that improvements were will be everywhere. needed. “It’s going to be like a whole new golf “Ritchie is committed to turning it




around,” Smith said. “The timing is right.” He said that while the course has always been admired for its layout, “Some mistakes were made by previous owners.” Smith said he and Belton are determined to correct those errors. The group hired to do the conversion of the greens is Champion Turf Farms of Bay City, Texas. According to the company’s website, they’ve been in business more than 50 years, and their specialty is converting greens. The company’s employees have replanted greens at more than 700 courses across the United States, including Pinehurst No. 2 in 2014. Belton said everyone involved in the reworking of The Challenge is excited. He said he’s heard from residents whose properties border the course who’ve told him they’re happy with what he’s planning, that they’re glad someone has bought the course who is committed to returning it to its former level. Since buying the course, Belton has already reworked the aprons around the greens and taken other steps toward mak-

ing things better. “When it first opened, it was a 4-star course,” Belton said. “We’re trying to get it back as close as we can to that level. We’re going to make it a very competitive layout, as good as any in the area.” He said part of his decision to close the course for much of the summer while the tract is reworked resulted from his hiring of Smith, who he said is recognized as one of the top directors of golf in the state. “He has created a lot of real positive buzz about the course,” Belton said. “We just decided that if we were going to do everything we wanted done, we didn’t have any choice but to close the place. We looked at a handful of other options, but they weren’t feasible. We decided to go ahead and make the big investment and do it right.” Belton said the end results will be worth the effort. “We’re excited about our grand reopening,” he said. “The course will be in tiptop shape. It’s going to be a pleasure to play.”

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An exciting time for golf

Statewide organizations report spike in participation



o need to squint to find something or someone discussing the decline of golf. Rounds are down, they say. Courses are closing. The game can’t attract millennials because it’s slow and takes too long. Everywhere you look it’s doom-and-gloom. Tiger Woods is now raising young kids and yet again nursing a bad back in South Florida. Given that the United States is by far the world’s biggest market for golf — home to about half its players and courses, with the game adding about $70 billion a year to America’s economy — a free-fall that started with the 2008 recession and seemed to crater around 2013 has been impactful. Yet, there might just be a light at the end of the tunnel. Recognizing society’s changing preferences, the golf industry jumpstarted initiatives to retain players and attract new ones. In 2014, the United States Golf Association (USGA) introduced a “Play9” campaign to



encourage people to play shorter, more cost-effective games. According to Dave Aznavorian, USGA senior director of marketing, the USGA recorded a 13 percent year-over-year increase in nine-hole rounds played from 2014 to 2015 and an 11 percent year-over-year increase from 2015 to 2016. Courses have even started changing their rules to make playing more appealing -- things like relaxing dress codes and allowing music on the course. “If golf is going to compete against other forms of recreation, courses have to allow what people are used to doing,” says Steve Mona, chief executive of the World Golf Foundation (WGF), an organization that promotes the growth of the sport internationally. In another bid to renew golf’s appeal, faster, easier versions of the sport have been invented. Foot golf, a hybrid of football and golf, and TopGolf — outdoor sports bars where revelers hit golf balls onto huge, colored targets — are among the most popular experiments. And the number that really jumps off the page, rounds played — perhaps the game’s most important economic metric — showed a positive uptick for 2016, marking the second straight year and third time in the past five years that people have played more golf. So, is it possible the reports of golf’s demise have been greatly exaggerated?

“No doubt about it,” said Jason Cox. Cox is the Director of Junior Golf and Tournament Operations for the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) — now in its 108th year of conducting state and regional championships for amateur golfers — meaning he oversees all the organization’s tournaments. “If it’s got a scorecard and a pencil, ultimately it comes back to me in some form or another,” Cox says with a laugh. This year the CGA will conduct more than 280 tournaments, a record number, including 43 championships, 46 championship qualifiers, 18 USGA national championship qualifiers, 117 one-day tournaments, 49 Tarheel Youth Golf Association (TYGA) events, five team match events, two Interclub seasons and an island four-ball getaway. The CGA schedule continues to swell as the season progresses. “We’re seeing an increase in all of our events across the board,” said Cox. “Our ladies one-day, which is a new series for us, are filling up in less than a day. We get some premier facilities during the winter, when play is slow at those facilities, but with some exceptions, even regular events in the middle of the summer are filling up within the first 24 hours. All of our events have very good success.”

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Golf recovery from page 18 The Carolinas Senior Four-Ball OneDay Tournament series offers 58 events on its 2017 schedule. The popular two-man, best-ball, one-day tournaments are open to male amateurs over the age of 55 — where entries are accepted on a first come-first served basis — and historically have more entrants than spots available. The typical Senior One-Day opens on-line registration at 8 p.m., on a Sunday evening and “you’d better be ready at the keyboard for some of them,” according to Steve Williams, who has played in nearly a dozen of the events during the past four years. Williams said the recent Senior OneDay Four-ball at prestigious and highly ranked Old North State Club filled up in about an hour. “I was asleep at the switch at 8 and when I tried to register later that night, a waiting list had already started,” he said. “Old North State is probably an extreme example, but a lot of these one-day events max out.” The Carolina Super Senior at Fort Mill Golf Club typically draws between 112-120 players. This year, the CGA has already expanded the field to 144 — and they have a waiting list. “The events are well-organized and good, fun competition,” Williams said. “For me, it’s more about the competition playing on some great courses than it is trying to win a gift certificate.” Cox said he tends not to worry about the demographics at either end of the age spectrum. “Like most organizations we’re living off junior and senior golf,” he said. “The senior guys have been playing all their lives and they are going to continue to play.”

Mike Parker believes the fairer sex is driving the current growth of junior golf. Parker is the Tour Director of the Peggy Kirk Bell Golf Tour (PKBGT), an initiative of the non-profit Triad Youth Golf Foundation and the largest girls-only junior tour in the country. PKBGT along with several sponsors, including the LPGA Foundation and LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, recently formed a “Let’s Play” campaign to establish 1,000 girls-only tournaments during the next 10 years based on PKBGT’s multi-level competitive framework. In 2016, PKBGT’s participation grew to 661 players — 100 girls over 2015 — with a 13 percent increase in events played. Parker said his tour is projecting another 12 percent growth in membership in 2017. “We’re up about 20 percent through the first three months (of 2017) on participation,” he said. “The ridiculously mild winter weather is definitely a factor there, as well as (PKBGT)’s new partnership with the Women's Health Classic Symetra event. “With local programs like LPGA-USGA Girls Golf impacting first-touch opportunities and organizations like the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls' Tour helping to sustain these players in the game, we’re excited about the future for girls golf," Parker said. As for the CGA, Cox said the number of members with handicaps has crept up during the past few years. At its zenith, the CGA had 195,000, which dipped in 2013 to a low of 144,000. Now, that number has expanded to more than 148,000. “We’re seeing a rebound in handicaps,” he said, “which also shows us an uptick in golf.” Cox said the CGA’s biggest concern is the golfer who has just graduated from college, but hasn’t played for the last four or five years. “That’s a tough demographic for

blishe d sta

E us,” he said. “We’re trying to figure out FORSYTH COUNTY how we can get them back into the game. & REScuE Not FIRE necessarily tournament golf, but just ASSOCIATION some way we can spur them to get them 1956 back on the golf course.” Club golf at the college level has become very popular for players who aren’t quite accomplished enough to compete on the university team. Because there’s so much interest, many schools are now conducting tryouts for their club team. Several years ago, Liberty University’s club team in Virginia skyrocketed from five players to 17. “All the juniors who are used to playing golf, all of a sudden they go to college and there’s nowhere to play golf, or they actually have to start paying for it at a higher rate, so that’s an avenue for them to keep engaged in the game,” Cox said. “We’re still trying to figure out how to get those guys and girls engaged and keep them playing golf through college, which would then lead to the Mid-Ams and the Seniors.” Cox said he is encouraged by the expansion of the CGA’s one-day tournaments, individual and four-ball, as well as senior four-ball events, along with the fact that his organization has adopted close to a dozen competitions that have turned to the CGA to take over the tournament operations. Most encouraging, he says, is a return of “the M-word” to golf. “We’re starting to see a rebound in the millennials coming back to play tournaments,” Cox said. “We’re starting to see more of those guys who don’t play on their college team playing in more of our events, instead. We think it’s an exciting time for golf.”



Tanglewood Park Golf Course Clemmons Entry Fee

$240 per team, $60 per player Registration 11 a.m. Shotgun Start 1 p.m. Four Player Captain Choice Single players will be paired with comparable handicaps Awards to top three teams Limited to first 30 teams to register (Lunch will be provided) SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE

For more info or to register contact: Scott Routh @ or Steven Robeson @

L aid

back Golfers Tour

Our FOURTH Season

Flighted, individual stroke play events at courses near the Carolina-Virginia border. • All Ages – Men and Women • $40 tour membership • Entry fees for each event are $55 to $70 depending on course • Skins games included in entry fees • Flights determined by handicap • Tees set by age/handicap formula • Cash prizes in each flight • Season-long points list for members


April 12 at Wolf Creek GC in Reidsville April 26 at London Downs GC in Forest, Va. Courses include Olde Mill Golf Resort, Danville GC, Chatmoss CC, Deep Springs CC, Greensboro National, Goodyear GC, Poplar Grove GC & 12 others. for More information Kenny Powell, Tour Director – 434-792-3728 email:




Heritage 276-629-3242

Olde Mill 800-753-5005


Primland 866-960-7746


Gordon Trent 276-694-3805

North Carolina

Farris Park Golf Center 427-4400


Hillside Driving Range 336-552-5349


9 18


Chatmo Forest Pa 276-632-17

Ponderosa 573-9025 Dan Valley 548-6808

Deep Springs



Facilities are listed on the map below in Red Type

Beaver Hill 276-632-1526


Mini-Par Driving Range 276-957-4085


Sign up:




Hemlock 591-7934


Riverview 548-6908


311 High Meadows 18 Stone Mountain 957-4422



Old Beau 363-3333



Silo Run Cedarbrook (SP) Golf Club 9 835-2320 367-3133 Beaver Creek Tee Time Golf 18 374-5670 835-1107 Yadkin CC (SP) 679-8590

Cross Creek CC 789-5131 Pilot Knob 368-2828 Stonewall 18 591-4653

Monday-Friday................................. $25 Monday-Friday (after 3 p.m.) ................ $16 Seniors Monday-Friday .................... $20 Weekends/Holidays.......................... $30 77 ......... $22 Weekends/Holidays (after 3 p.m.)

RA’s Golf 924-9442


Old Town CC

TUESDAY IS SENIOR DAY Play and Ride 18 ............................. $18


Rates good now through 4/30/17.


Juniors Play FREE with regular price 901 adult



77 Conover


Heather Hills 448-0812 Smiley’s 765-7733 ★Modern Infiniti ★ Modern Toyota

158 36 Tanglewood

703-6420 18 Salem Glen 712-1010




Wilshire 788-7016



Kelly’s Golf 540-1452 ★Modern Starmo Infiniti Gillesp B40 373-5




Thomasville Winding Creek 475-5580

Lexington 29

Jamestown Park 454-4912

Sedgefie Grandov 294-180


68 Blair Park 883-3497 Emerywood CC




High Point


Marsh Farm 861-4824


601 Crescent 18 704-647-0025


Golf Galaxy

Oak Hollow 883-3260

Meadowlands 18 Olde Homeplace 769-1076 18 769-1011 Willow Creek CC



Carolina Golf Mart 704-639-0011


Sapona Ridge CC

CC of Salisbury

Carolina Golf Mart Practice Center Your Discount Golf Center The Golf Shop 704-633-0333

- - 1,9ÊUÊ704-639-0011ÊUÊ

DEMO DAYS are coming up in April & May Call for dates.

We still have some great close out prices on 2016 Drivers and Irons. Come in and Demo all the NEW Spring products from all the major manufacturers.

Hit and Run Driving Range 357-5381


Lexington G.C. 248-3950

Corbin Hills 704-636-0672 18 McCanless 704-637-1235


per clinic

(includes range balls)

890 W. Ritchie Road, Just off I-85. Take exit 74 (Julian Road). Turn left off ramp, go 1/8 mile and take left on W. Ritchie Road, which dead ends in our parking lot.


64 18

Open to Everyone 11 a.m. to noon





Weather Permitting

Holly Ridge 861-4653

Colonial CC


Saturday Clinics

Driving Range s Chipping Greens s Putting Greens s Sand Trap



Pleasant Ridge 668-7107



801 18 Hole Championship Golf Course

Kernersville Golf Center 993-GOLF

Reynolds Park River Landing 9 650-7660 668-1171 Armory Golf Center Deep River 40 724-5456 841-6939


Rock Barn Located in Thomasville on the corner of Business 85 and & 36 Hwy. 109. Just 15 miles from Greensboro & Winston-Salem. 828-459-1125



Sand Trap Golf

Bermuda Run Bermuda Run West Oak Valley 18 940-2000


Golf Academy & Practice Center 605-0052


Iron Play 18 644-7991 Precisio 510-4 9 Bur-Mil 373-3 Greensboro C


Pine Knolls 993-8300

Winston Lake 727-2703

Winston-Salem Forsyth CC



Kernersville Rick Murphy

421 Pudding Ridge 940-4653



770-6916 Country Club 774-1280


Greensboro Nat 342-1113

Maple Chase CC 767-0034

Supreme Golf


Offer good Monday-Friday & after noon weekends/holidays.

Hardy’s Golf 789-7888

Asheboro CC 800-697-2143

109 Highlighted courses & businesses have ads in this issue.

36 27 18

9 Private Club (SP) Semi Private 36 Holes ★ 27 Holes 18 Holes


9 Holes Driving Range Golf Shop Business

All Area Codes Are 336 Unless Otherwise Noted.

49 18


Tot Hill Farm 336-857-4455 Tillery Tradition CC 910-439-5578


Densons Creek 910-576-1487

As Mu 62


Cedars CC


oss ark 711

Lynrock GC 623-6110



Wolf Creek 349-7660









Alamance CC




Brookwood 449-5544


sheboro unicipal 25-4158

ewood CC

FREE Round of Golf on day of purchase!

Shamrock 350-8002 Southwick 227-2582



Siler City CC (SP) 919-742-3721

99 On Sale for $ 8729



MONDAY-FRIDAY Save on rack rates everyday when you become a Carolina Card holder!





Green Acres 498-2247

Hunt Golf 919-563-0828

Randy’s Range 570-3996

Close-Out Sale



Quaker Mill Creek Creek 919-563-4653 578-5789


$25 Green Fee 86


The Challenge 578-5070

Forest Oaks CC 674-2241







I-85 Golf Range 578-2391

40 85



(just off N.C. 14 between Reidsville & Eden)


Indian Valley 18 584-7871

Country Hills 375-8649

eld-Ross CC ver 00 40

190 Club House Dr., Reidsville, NC 27320ÊUÊ336-342-6191ÊUÊ


Crooked Tree 656-3211

Friday .........................$20 Seniors Friday ..........$16 Weekend ....................$24 Seniors Weekend .....$20 Seniors 60 & over.


Stoney Creek 449-5688




Greensboro CC-Irving Park

unt CC pie Park 5850

8 a.m.-2 p.m.

Roxboro 18 Caswell Pines 1-800-694-1888 599-2332

Bryan Park 375-2200




Monroeton 342-1043

29 18

18 Holes With Cart



Pennrose Park




Highway 14 Driving Range 18

Green’s Folley 1-800-337-4998





on Golf 4653 l Park 3801 CC-Farm

Ringgold 434-822-8728 Ray's Golf Shop 434-792-1116

Tuscarora Southern Hills 18 434-793-2582 Danville Danville




Tee To Green 623-4100 18 Oak Hills GC – 623-6381


Plantation 342-6191




Chapel Ridge 919-545-2242


Get Professionally Fitted with NEW TaylorMade M1, M2, Callaway Epic, Titleist 917 Drivers & Fairway Woods.


Also In Stock

(336) 623-4100





Golf Travel USA:

The Dye is cast at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


oe Hardy turned 94 years old in January, and God willing, the founder and CEO of 84 Lumber will get to witness another remarkable accomplishment at his 2,000-acre resort in the scenic mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania. What’s the ageless Hardy have up his sleeve this time at one of North America’s luxury destinations? He and daughter Maggie already wow guests in the Laurel Highlands region of the Keystone State with a $45 million art collection, a zoo complete with safari tours, skiing, dog sledding, zip lines, an offroad driving academy, an internationally acclaimed spa collection, a shooting academy, a casino, 15 restaurants and lounges and the Pete Dye-designed Mystic Rock golf course. How about another Pete Dye golf course? In an effort to turn the resort into a golf destination, Dye’s team was asked to return to the scene of one of his best courses to reclaim land from a previ22


ous links course and design a sister layout to the 7,500yard monster known as Mystic Rock, which was home to the PGA Tour’s 84 Lumber Classic from 2002-2006. Outshining Mystic Rock – with its grand landscape, boulder formations, water features, bronze statues and your typical diabolical Dye eye for the dramatic – will be some feat. Not to mention the course’s 77.0 rating and 149 slope from the championship tees. Click on the resort website’s fly-over app to get the true sense of the Mystic Rock ride. But Hardy and Dye became good friends during the first golf project, so when the old man called the other old man (Dye turned 91 in December) Dye took the call – and the job. “The best case scenario is the guests are arguing about which one is the best,” said Tim Liddy, Dye’s lead architect on the project. “The land is one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever worked with,” added Liddy. “Views on many of the holes

are 50 miles, looking out over the mountainside. There is great scenery, great topography. It will be a wonderful golf course, that’s for sure.” Few things the Dye design team touches turn into shambles, so expect this 2017 opening to be one of the more anticipated along the East Coast. “We’re building vertical rock walls that are more in the nature of Ireland or Scotland, more so than just scattering them around,” Liddy said. “That will provide quite an image for many of the golf holes. The course will be distinctive and have the typical Pete Dye characteristics and vocabulary -- things that are very important to us that we’ll carry through to the golf course.” Hardy is banking on the golf resort industry returning to form, so is Liddy and others in his business who have seen some lean years. Continued on page 24





Enhancing Mr. Palmer’s Creation – Total Bunker Renovation Now Complete

Lots of Ways to Enjoy Oak Valley Join the Club as a Member • Affordable monthly dues • Plans for families and individuals • No assessments or F&B minimums • Excellent clubhouse amenities

Daily Fee Play Welcome • Monday-Thursday: $38 • Friday: $40 • Saturday-Sunday: $49 • Senior 55+ Mon-Th: $29

Golf events and fundraisers are our specialty! Looking for a game? Call to join our local gangsomes.



(336) 940-2000

Visit Our New Website!



Junior players need tee times

My old sticks are too treacherous


and explain that the future of their clubs By HOWARD WARD are in the hands of youngsters who don’t even know what golf is. ey, Howard. I understand why eah, Bets. I remember all too well Many of them will be hooked the first you have a hard time relating to when I used to spot Georgie Boy time they try it. We did and we’re kind of junior golf. After all, you were a two a side. Still creamed that sucker. junior when King George III was still argu- normal. Seriously, I know where you are comI say, gift the consistently empty tee ing with the Colonists. ing from with this junior golf talk. I would blocks to the neighborhood kids. Bring But I spend a lot of time helping these much rather see a young boy or girl on a them into the clubhouse. Explain what is kids around the golf course and they are golf course than hanging out on the street acceptable behavior and what will get them corner. impressive. thrown out on their ear. My most recent adventure was the In my humble opinion Give them a beat up Dustin Johnson Junior Championship at the First Tee program is TPC Myrtle Beach. This was my takeaway. 7 iron and putter. Point the best thing that has hapThe golf world is doing a great job with them in the right direction pened for junior golf in my and tell them to have fun. competitive junior golf. A special medal lifetime, which covers a They will figure it out. goes to the Carolinas Golf Association few years. Maybe the fire will catch and their North Carolina program Tarheel I like your idea of golf right away and they will Youth Golf Association (TYGA). courses finding time on DUELING DIVOTS slow afternoons for young Kids of all levels can come out and play discover the area tournaments or even make it to with their peers for an entry fee as low as golfers to get a taste of the the U.S. Junior Amateur. $35. The TYGA kids can join for free and game that we all love so much. It’s OK if they are always hacks like us. the membership comes with all kinds of The only problem I have with junior We still love the game. It is that good. good things. golf programs is that so many of the The USGA has a slogan “While We’re The missing link to better growing the youngsters age out of them and then have numbers of future golfers has to come from Young” to promote faster play. I think we nowhere to play. They may be hooked on need to rebrand it to mean get a club in the the game but unless some adult takes an the golf course owners. By my observations, the golf courses are hand of every kid you can. interest in them, they really have no place I know you have a bunch of sticks that sparsely populated on summer weekday to continue their affair with the game. never worked. Maybe the kid down the afternoons. The club operators should sit If courses could find a way to block off street can figure them out. down with their membership committees some time in the late afternoon for kids it



could be a lifeline. But, in my experience, there are a lot of cranky members who like to sneak out for a few holes late who would probably be screaming bloody murder if they found a group of kids playing ahead of them. I don’t know what the answer is, but the success of the First Tee Program has to be encouraging. If we can keep finding enough adults who are willing to give of their time, and let’s face it, their money, we can continue making progress. As for my “bunch of sticks,” I’ll have you know some of them actually worked pretty well on occasion. Heck, I can even remember when I could give you a battle. Actually, I would be a little concerned about putting one of my old clubs in the hands of a young player. Those suckers used to attack me all the time. I don’t trust them for a minute. You’re correct, the pace of play is always going to be a problem. Anyone who models themselves after a PGA touring professional is never going to get around a course in 3 ½ hours. Still, I’m all for getting the kids on the course. A lot of good things are happening, but we can’t let up.

Golf Travel USA from page 22

have one place you have a golf course, but once you have two courses you have a destination and that’s what we want to make Nemacolin.” Meanwhile, Johnson had been at Oakmont since 2005. “It was an emotional decision to leave Oakmont, but I saw the vision here and I knew Nemacolin was serious about taking the next step when they hired Mike Jones,” Johnson said. “Once I saw the commitment to staffing of Nemacolin, that was what really changed my mind.” The second golf course will be named Shepherd’s Rock and plans to open July 1.

“My heart just loves Nemacolin; it’s just such a beautiful spot in the world,” Liddy said. “Between the beauty and the history of the area it’s just such a unique place.” Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is truly a location to indulge, and is approximately 5 ½ hours from the Triad -- well worth a long weekend trip. OF NOTE: The resort was the location for an episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette this past season. For the viewing party, the Hardy’s trucked in thousands upon thousands of red roses and massive ice sculptures were on display for an extravagant get-together.



Range Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday – 10:00 am to Dusk Saturday – 8:00 am to Dusk • Sunday – 1:00 pm-6:00 pm

(336) 924-9442

You’re Covered

From the Sun & Rain.

Old Town School

(Hwy. 67)

Reyolda Rd.

R.A.’s Golf

Hwy. 65

Long Creek GC

BethaniaTobaccoville Rd.

and The Greenbrier resorts. “The bottom line is she wants to be the best. To be the “I like to tell this story all the time,” best you have to bring in a little more Liddy said. “In 2009, a group of golf course knowledge from the outside.” architects went to Australia on an eduHardy and Liddy aren’t the only ones cational trip and I had lunch with Tom believing in Nemacolin’s golf vision. In Fazio’s right hand man, and I’m one of 2016, the resort has landed quite a twosome Dye’s right hand men. “I said ‘do you think to run its golf operation. we’ll ever do another new golf course in the Mike Jones, the resort’s new director United States in our careers?’ And we both of golf and recreation, comes to Nemacolin thought no way. So, it’s very, very wonder- from Hawaii’s Kapalua Resort, one of the ful to be building a new golf course and top golf resorts in the world. The new direchaving clients want us to help them. I’m tor of instruction, Eric Johnson, one Golf very appreciative.” Magazine’s Top 100 teachers in America, “Yes, some say golf is flat lining, but we arrived at Nemacolin just days after his forreally wanted to make this one of the first mer course, Oakmont Country Club, hosted and last true golf destinations, not only along the U.S. Open. the East Coast, but throughout and country,” “I was at a great place in Hawaii and added Tim Bugas, the resort’s new director ran a PGA Tour event, it really was paraof sales & marketing. “That’s a bold move, dise, but coming here and having an opporbut because of being close to Washington, tunity to help build a new golf course and D.C. and Philly, and nearby to Pittsburgh, try to make this place a golf destination was Columbus and Cleveland, not to mention just intriguing to me,” Jones said. areas to the South, there are still avid golfers Prior to coming for his job interview, who will come and play two great courses.” Jones had never heard of Mystic Rock. From 2008-2010 the economy was “That’s one thing I asked Maggie. I told rough, so Hardy’s daughter concentrated her I had heard of the 84 Lumber Classic on turning 84 Lumber back around before but didn’t know what course it was at and I turning her attention on Nemacolin. kind of said, ‘Why not?’ So we talked about “It was just time to retool here,” said getting it out there in the golf world more. Bugas, who has also worked at Primland That was the exciting part for me. If you

Located near Long Creek Golf Course & Wake Forest University.

No Booking w 2017 Golf To

ur Corporat naments, Personale Parties, Wedding Parties, Reception s

Visit Our New Restaurant


At Salem Glen

2017 Salem Glen Country Club Membership Information Members and their immediate families enjoy complete access to our 18 hole Nicklaus designed golf course, driving range, practice areas and swimming pool along with a full calendar of golf and social events. Other benefits include … • Preferred pricing on food and beverages

• 2 FREE guest passes with cart included to use during the year

• Preferred pricing in the Golf Shop

• Golf Members will enjoy a new fleet of carts coming in Spring of 2017

• Enjoy a “Members Only” bar on Friday nights • Book tee times 14 days in advance

• Enjoy a “Members Only” locker room with lockers, showers, TV, & card table

• Unlimited range balls included with membership • Enjoy a pre-paid cart plan if you choose • Enjoy a “kick back” if you refer new members to the club

• Lesson packages available with a PGA Teaching Pro or an Assistant Teaching Pro

Any new member that joins between now and April 1 will receive their 12th month FREE! NOW OPEN

Monthly Dues Levels By Age Individual Couples Family

Full(41-64) $220 $240 $260

Junior(21-40) $170 $180 $190

Senior(65+) $180 $200

Call for Lessons TRIAD GOLF TODAY • APRIL 2017





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MOCK TIRE COUNTRY CLUB 4752 Country Club Rd., Winston-Salem 336-768-1010


SHATTALON TIRE 5780 Shattalon Dr., Winston-Salem 336-661-9646 BEROTH TIRE KERNERSVILLE 731 E. Mtn. St., Kernersville 336-996-2033

INCLUDING ^Offer good in the U.S. Void in Puerto Rico. Claim form required. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. For eligible tires and complete details, see your participating Bridgestone retailer or Eligible tires must be purchased from a participating Bridgestone retailer’s inventory March 30 - April 30, 2017. OFFER EXCLUDES COSTCO AND GM PURCHASES. Limit 1 reward per each set of 4 eligible tires. Limit 2 claims per household, customer or address. Not redeemable for cash. Call 1-877-TIRE USA to find a retailer near you. Cannot be combined with any other offer. ∆ The Visa Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. The prepaid card is given to you as a reward and no money has been paid by you for the card. No cash access or recurring payments. Card valid for up to 6 months, unused funds forfeit at midnight EST the last day of the month of the valid thru date. Card terms and conditions apply; see All trademarks and brand names belong to their respective owners. **To receive the $100 Bridgestone Visa Prepaid Card by mail you must purchase a set of 4 eligible Bridgestone tires with your new or existing CFNA credit card account. The full 9-digit account number must be provided at time of submission. The new CFNA account cannot be closed within 7 days of its opening. The Bridgestone Visa Prepaid Card cannot be used to pay any CFNA credit card balance. CFNA reserves the right to alter, change or terminate the higher value reward option at any time. Offer valid only in the U.S. and where permitted. The Bancorp Bank is not affiliated in any way with this credit card offer and does not endorse or sponsor this credit card offer. See participating retailers for further details.

Let us handle your manufacturer . recommended scheduled maintenance for 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles & 90,000 miles


NORTH ELKIN TIRE 2050 N. Bridge St., Elkin 336-526-1340



om Stap

fr Across

illage at the V

e . Mock Tir ville Clemmons Rd is

2534 Lew



CV Boots & Axles • Batteries • Transmission Service Air Conditioning Service • Oil Changes • NC Inspections Exhaust & Emissions • Heating & Cooling • Shocks & Struts Brakes • Tune-Ups • Belts & Hoses • 4-Wheel Alignments Don’t be Fooled by a Price Quote! Make Sure it Includes These Items! All Our Prices Include Mounting, Balancing, and FREE Rotation for the Life of the Tires. (With Purchase of New Tires)

MOCK TIRE AT THE VILLAGE 2534 Lewsiville Clemmons Rd., Clemmons 336-283-9803

MT. AIRY TIRE 1380 Carter St., Mount Airy 336-786-4137

STOKES TIRE 557 S. Main St., King • 336-983-4352

BEROTH TIRE MADISON 711 N. Highway St., Madison • 336-548-3672 MOCK TIRE LEXINGTON 2012 Cotton Grove Rd., Lexington 336-357-3421 MOORESVILLE TIRE 1037 N. Main St., Mooresville • 704-799-3020 26




Peggy Kirk Bell Golf Tour celebrating a decade of success in 2017



Katherine Perry Hamski is the first PKBGT player to receive LPGA membership. Photo by Wellington Chea from Nassau, Bahamas

atherine Perry Hamski remembers trying to play tournament golf as a young girl and finding it painfully obvious the directors had no idea what to do with the handful of females who signed on. There were tournaments galore for junior boys. But for junior girls? Uh, no. Do we pair the girls with the boys, those tournament directors seemed to be wondering? Or match them with one another and then let them go it alone? “There’d usually be between five and 10 of us and they’d wind up throwing us in at the end, after the boys had already teed off,” Hamski recalled. “I think it was awkward for everyone.” It’s awkward no more, and the Peggy Kirk Bell Golf Tour is one of

Monday-Friday: $32 Sat., Sun. & Holidays: $39 Twilight Rate: $25 Weekdays after 3 p.m.

Seniors 55 & Over: $24 Weekdays

Ladies Day: $24

the primary reasons. The PKBGT, which in 2016 celebrates its 10th anniversary, is an initiative of the nonprofit Triad Tour Golf Foundation. Named for Peggy Kirk Bell, the golf legend who died in November at the age of 95, the PKBGT features 18-, 36- and 54-hole tournaments open to girls between the ages of 12 and 18. The tour also features a Collegiate Series for females between the ages of 19 and 25 who are looking for competition during the summer months. There will be between 65 and 70 ranked events on this year’s PKBGT schedule (last year the number was 55). It’s not unusual to have as many as 100 players competing in a single tournament, many traveling across the United States. The tour features multiple series based on yardages, the elite Bell Division and the high school developmental Futures Division. “They offered us stronger fields, stronger competition,” Hamski said.

“College coaches came out to watch us. I wouldn’t have gotten a scholarship if it hadn’t been for the Peggy Kirk Bell Tour. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.” Hamski, 24, grew up in Cary and played collegiate golf at the University of North Carolina. After two years on the Symetra Tour (previously called the LPGA Futures Tour, the Symetra Tour is the official developmental golf tour of the LPGA), Hamski has qualified for the LPGA. In the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic, the LPGA’s first tournament of the year played in January, Hamski finished 21st, a strong showing for a novice participant. Hamski played parts of five years on the PKBGT and said she remains friends with many girls she met while doing so. “It helped me reach my dream,” Hamski said. “It’s helping a lot of Continued on page 29

Monday-Friday: $28 Sat., Sun. & Holidays: $30 Twilight Rate: $21 Weekdays after 3 p.m.

Seniors 55 & Over: $22 Weekdays


Home of the Bud Kivett Memorial City Championship April 29 & 30


• The Triad’s Only Pete Dye Design Public Course • Full Service Food & Beverage Grillroom • PGA Instruction On-Site

• High Point’s Tradition-Rich Golf Course • Grillroom with Daily Specials • Full Service Pro Shop

336- 883-3260 • • 3400 Centennial St., High Point, NC

336-883-3497 • • 1901 South Main St., High Point, NC


Golf Tour from page 28 other girls reach theirs.” Mike Parker is director of the PKBGT and, along with Robert Linville, the tour’s co-founders. Parker said that during the first 10 years of the tour’s existence, there were 800 graduates. Of that number 62 percent went on to play collegiate golf. “That’s one of the things we’re very proud of,” Parker said. “The girls get exposure from college coaches they might otherwise not have received.” He said 660 girls from 31 states participated in the PKBGT in 2016 and that number is expected to soon grow to between 750 and 800. From the class of 2016, 109 girls went on to play collegiately. “That shows the scope of what we’re doing,” Parker said. He said that because so many girls begin playing golf relatively late compared to boys-- in middle school or even high school -- it’s important that the PKBGT be yardage-based instead of only age-based. It can be disheartening, Parker said, for a 16-year-old who has just taken up the sport to

be expected to go out and compete immediately against another girl her age who might have already been playing for 10 years “It lets them start in a place where they won’t be discouraged,” Parker said. He said the tour has added a Georgia series to its schedule this year and more growth is expected. “Our goal is to run 1,000 girls-only tournaments within 10 years,” Parker said. “We believe it’s doable.” In addition to Hamski, five PKBGT graduates – Lori Beth Adams, Lauren Coughlin, Katelyn Dambaugh, Allison Emrey and Laura Wearn – have qualified for the Symetra Tour. Adams, 24, a graduate of Western Alamance High School and UNCWilmington, said she still reflects fondly on her days playing on the PKBGT. “It was one tour everyone looked forward to,” she said. “Many girls I met on the tour, I’m still friends with. It was more than a tour, it was like a family.” Adams said she knows she’s not the only PKBGT graduate who feels that way, and said many of the girls

she played with credit the tour for getting them college scholarships. “I grew a lot as a person and a golfer because of the tour,” Adams said. “I have a lot of sisters through that tour.” Riley Smyth is a junior at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh and has verbally committed to the University of Virginia where she plans to play golf. Her mother, Gwyn, said the PKBGT is one of the main reasons Riley is excelling at golf. “It offers highly competitive golf at affordable prices,” Gwyn Smyth said. “A family doesn’t have to spend a ton of money for their child to play.” The Smyths moved from New Jersey to Raleigh about 2 ½ years ago. Gwyn said she thought the move might help her daughter improve her golf game. North Carolina’s climate is one reason she felt as much, knowing her daughter would have more opportunity to play in the South’s warm weather. But Smyth said she didn’t know prior to the move what a difference the PKBGT would have on her daughter’s golf game. “Up North, there weren’t a lot

of tournaments for Riley to play in, and those that were available might feature only 12 girls,” Smyth said. “That’s what I love about the Peggy Kirk Bell Tour, it’s all girls. Girls aren’t just an afterthought.” Smyth said the other thing she likes about the tour is the number of friends it’s helped her daughter develop, helping her adjust quickly to a new home in a different part of the country. “They’re trying to develop the player,” Smyth said of those responsible for the PKBGT. “They have a great, great formula that works.” Linville, who founded the PKBGT along with Parker, said he’s proud when he hears others speak so fondly of the tour. He said that when the tour was founded he wanted it to enhance the legend of Peggy Kirk Bell while also giving girls the opportunity to play on equal footing with their male counterparts. Linville feels it has succeeded, but said he doesn’t deserve any accolades. “Mike’s been the driving force behind the tour,” he said. “He’s the one who makes it go.”

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Pride shoots up national rankings




reensboro College was seeking a signature win this spring after an uneven fall slate that left the team out of the top 10 of the national rankings. The Pride won a pair of fall events, but was left with a sour taste all winter after a final-round slide that saw a 16th place finish out of 18 teams in the NCAA Fall Preview. That signature win came in mid-March after a final-round rally to capture the Jekyll Island Collegiate. “It’s probably the biggest D-3 tournament of the regular season,” said Greensboro College coach Dirk Fennie. “The two tournaments we won in the fall were full fields with some good teams but it was nothing like this.” No less than 15 of the top 25 teams in the national rankings gathered at two courses at the Georgia resort for the 29-team event. Greensboro overcame having to count an 82 in the first round and a five-shot deficit heading into the final 18. The Pride’s 875 ended four shots clear of top-ranked Huntingdon, fourth-ranked Oglethorpe and ninth-ranked Methodist. “To win this tournament is unbelievable,” Fennie said. “If you can finish top three at Jekyll, you can win the national championship.” Greensboro was ranked 15th going into the event and climbed to seventh after all the factors were put into the computer by Golfstat. Grant Powell, a freshman from Northwest Guilford, led the Pride charge with a 69 after opening with a pair of 72s. Powell was the only player in the lineup whose score counted all three rounds. Scott Campbell and Levi Grogan both opened with 70s, Ryan Fitzgerald improved by 13 shots with a second-round 72 and Luke Grogan bounced back from an opening 82 to post scores of 74 and 73. Fennie isn’t counting on his team to get an invite to the nationals just yet. “D-3 is a little weird because they don’t have regionals and there are not that many at-large bids,” he said. An automatic bid will go to the winner of the USA South Conference Tournament, but the league is incredibly strong. Huntingdon, Methodist and sixth-ranked LeGrange are all rivals for Greensboro. The USA South title will be settled April 13-15 at LaGrange, Ga., while the nationals are set for Mission Inn Resort in Florida on May 16-19. 30


Logan Shuping East Carolina

Meghan Holbrooks Pfeiffer

Victoria Hedrick Catawba

Hannah Craver Appalachian

Grant Powell Greensboro

Tyler Mulkey Catawba






Tournament (Date)

Lydia Randell, Walnut Cove Hannah Craver, Winston-Salem Katie Pritchett, Dry Fork, Va. Lydia Randell, Walnut Cove Meghan Holbrooks, Winston-Salem Mary Frances Hall, State Road Isabella Rusher, Salisbury Meghan Holbrooks, Winston-Salem Victoria Hedrick, Lexington Ashlii Thompson, Brown Summit Lydia Randell, Walnut Cove Ashlii Thompson, Brown Summit Victoria Hedrick, Lexington Madison Moore, Westfield Alexis Kershaw, Winston-Salem Ashlii Thompson, Brown Summit Mary Frances Hall, State Road Carley Cox, China Grove Meghan Holbrooks, Winston-Salem Cecily Overbey, High Point Joliana Elias, Jamestown Sarah Coltrane, Asheboro Victoria Hedrick, Lexington Rachel Jones, Asheboro Janie Thomas, Winston-Salem Jocelyn Andrews, Haw River Isabella Rusher, Salisbury

St. Andrews Appalachian UVA-Wise St. Andrews Pfeiffer Washington & Lee Richmond Pfeiffer Catawba UNC Pembroke St. Andrews UNC Pembroke Catawba Catawba UNC Greensboro UNC Pembroke Washington & Lee East Carolina Pfeiffer N.C. State Appalachian Catawba Catawba North Carolina UNC Asheville N.C. A&T Richmond

1st T-6 7th 8th T-9 T-16 T-17 T-18 T-18 T-19 19th T-21 T-21 T-22 T-24 T-24 T-28 T-29 T-29 T-30 T-33 34th T-35 T-36 T-39 T-43 T-79

68 95 30 60 53 90 74 98 98 65 57 98 84 84 232 84 120 74 84 79 95 84 84 74 95 98 232

76-74 82-76 83-86 81-80 77-82 76-82 75-70-80 76-83 79-80 76-74-79 87-76 79-75-74 81-78 74-78 78-72-70 78-82 80-83-78 72-77-79 76-80 76-72-77 82-83 77-80 80-78 77-73-80 86-80 82-86 76-78-75

Winter Invitational at St. Simons (Feb. 13-14) Low Country Intercollegiate (March 18-19) AB Women’s Beach Break (March 10-11) Tennessee Wesleyan Spring Invitational (March 20-21) Wingate Intercollegiate Challenge (March 20-21) Callaway Gardens Collegiate (March 6-7) River Landing Classic (March 9-10) Converse Spring Invitational (Feb. 20-21) Converse Spring Invitational (Feb. 20-21) Armstrong Pirate Invitational (March 6-7) Georgetown College Invite (Feb. 19-21) Lady Moc Golf Classic (Feb. 21-22) Barton Invite at Kiawah (Feb. 4-5) Hilton Head Lakes Invite (March 6-7) Kiawah Island Intercollegiate (Feb. 26-28) Barton Invite at Kiawah (Feb. 4-5) Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19) River Landing Classic (March 9-10) Hilton Head Lakes Invite (March 6-7) Lady Puerto Rico Classic (Feb. 12-14) Low Country Intercollegiate (March 18-19) Hilton Head Lakes Invite (March 6-7) Hilton Head Lakes Invite (March 6-7) River Landing Classic (March 9-10) Low Country Intercollegiate (March 18-19) Converse Spring Invitational (Feb. 20-21) Kiawah Island Intercollegiate (Feb. 26-28)






Tournament (Date)

Addison Lambeth, Greensboro Grant Powell, Colfax Eric Edwards, Salisbury Brantley Phillips, Greensboro Brantley Phillips, Greensboro Thomas Walsh, High Point Tripp Summerlin, Summerfield William Register, Burlington Scott Campbell, Kernersville Eric Edwards, Salisbury Nick Pennix, Mebane Tripp Summerlin, Summerfield Addison Lambeth, Greensboro Gray Townsend, Winston-Salem Wes Cline, Thomasville Tyler Mulkey, Salisbury Alex Burris, Greensboro William Register, Burlington Alex Burris, Greensboro Logan Shuping, Salisbury Gray Townsend, Winston-Salem Davis Richards, China Grove Joseph Cansler, Clemmons Gray Townsend, Winston-Salem Jesse Wall, Reidsville Thomas Walsh, High Point Matt McDonagh, Winston-Salem

Huntingdon Greensboro George Mason Methodist Methodist Virginia Appalachian North Carolina Greensboro College George Mason Fayetteville State Appalachian Huntingdon SMU Catawba Catawba Appalachian North Carolina Appalachian East Carolina SMU N.C. State UNC Greensboro SMU Ferrum Virginia Randolph-Macon

T-2 T-2 T-5 T-8 T-8 T-9 T-12 T-12 T-12 T-12 13th 15th T-16 T-17 T-19 T-20 T-21 T-21 T-26 T-31 T-36 T-36 T-37 T-37 T-43 T-47 T-67

150 150 106 150 102 90 95 83 150 81 43 60 102 96 82 73 95 92 96 95 83 74 84 79 150 109 150

69-72-72 72-72-69 77-70-73 71-73-72 74-73 68-67-76 77-74-73 68-70-75 70-78-71 72-71-66 81-80 72-69-77 73-77 70-74-70 79-72 76-72 76-79-72 70-76-70 71-79-75 79-78-74 73-73-74 80-72-69 70-75-74 71-75-78 76-74-75 75-71-74 79-71-79

Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19) Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19) Mission Inn Spring Spectacular (March 18-19) Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19) Calloway Gardens Intercollegiate (March 6-7) Cleveland Golf Intercollegiate (March 6-7) Cape Fear National Intercollegiate (March 19-20) Sea Best Invitational (Feb 6-7) Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19) Seminole Intercollegiate (March 10-12) CIAA Southern Division Tourney (March 20-21) Frontier Secure Intercollegiate (Feb. 27-28) Calloway Gardens Intercollegiate (March 6-7) The All American (Feb. 17-19) Spring Kickoff Intercollegiate (Feb. 13-14) Richard Rendleman Invitational (Feb. 27-28) Cape Fear National Intercollegiate (March 19-20) Lamkin Grips SD Classic (March 13-14) Bash at the Beach (March 13-14) Cape Fear National Intercollegiate (March 19-20) Sea Best Invitational (Feb 6-7) Puerto Rico Classic (Feb. 19-21) Linger Longer Invitational (March 19-21) Southern Highlands Collegiate (March 6-8) Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19) John Burns Intercollegiate (Feb. 15-17) Jekyll Island Collegiate (March 17-19)

This chart lists players from the Triad Golf Today coverage area who finished in the top half of a field in collegiate events of at least two rounds played Feb. 6-March 23.



Ragsdale junior off to fast start in 2017



Madison Isaacson

adison Isaacson is already off to a fast start in 2017 after a strong showing last year. Isaacson, a junior at Ragsdale High in Jamestown, shot a solid 5-over-par 149 in midMarch to win the TYGA Archdale-Trinity Chamber Junior Open at Holly Springs by a whopping eight-shot margin. Already committed to play collegiately at James Madison, Isaacson has high goals. Making the TYGA all-state second team as she did last year won’t be good enough. “I want to be first team all-state,” Isaacson said. “I need to be more consistent and focus on one shot at a time.” Isaacson has some swing plane issues she’s trying to work out, but she is already a solid player who keeps the ball in play and rarely threeputts. Though her most impressive round last year was a 71 at Pinehurst No. 6 the day after she opened the Junior North-South with 83 at

Pinehurst No. 2, Isaacson also shot 70 and 72 to finish stroke play in second place at 2-under the North Carolina Junior Girls’ Championship at Country Club of Salisbury. Isaacson advanced to the quarterfinals. She also shot 4-under 32 in a nine-hole high school match. Honors: Class 4-A Piedmont Triad Conference Player of the Year, TYGA All-State Second Team Top Recent Results: Won 2017 TYGA ArchdaleTrinity Chamber Junior Open; second place Henry Transom Junior Classic. Best Round: Shot 71 at Pinehurst No. 6 in second round of the Junior North-South Amateur. Magic Moment: Holed a 7-iron approach for eagle on the eighth hole at Pinehurst No. 6 during Junior North-South Amateur. Major Goal: Consistency. “I’ve been working on my swing with Kelley Phillips. My swing plane was off, and I could miss it either way,” Isaacson said. “It has gotten a lot better. I want to keep improving and do well in all the big CGA tournaments.

Photo Credit: Carolinas Golf Association

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Rutter gunning for Forsyth Invitational in 2017


By JOHN BRASIER ake Rutter’s future goals in golf are simple. “I just want to keep playing golf,” he said. Rutter isn’t sure whether that means playing college golf. But he does have that option. He said Davidson College coach Tim Straub offered him a roster spot, and he has other options as well. “Some things are possible,” he said. “I’d be just as happy to go to UNC (Chapel Hill) and keep playing in summer events.” The senior at Mount Tabor High School had an impressive 2016, winning a second straight Forsyth Junior title before shooting a final-round 68 to win the Triad Amateur at High Point Country Club’s Willow Creek Course. Rutter earned himself a place in the Joe Cheves Junior Invitational, taking medalist honors with a 67 at Mimosa Hills Country Club in Morganton. He also shot a strong 5-under 139 to tie for eighth in U.S. Amateur qualifying at Monroe Country Club.

“I’m looking forward to this summer,” he said. “I’d like to win the Forsyth Invitational. “I plan to play in a bunch of amateur tournaments.” 2016 Victories: Forsyth Junior Golf Tournament, Triad Amateur, Dan Dobson Junior Invitational Best Round: A 68 at Willow Creek to come from back in the pack on the final day to win the Triad Amateur on his 18th birthday. Magic Moment: Sinking a 10-foot par putt on the ninth hole at Willow Creek to save par and set the stage for his surge to victory on the back nine. “To shoot under-par on the front nine was important to me,” Rutter said. Goals: Helping Mount Tabor, which returns its top players this season, improve on a 2016 season that included a 4-A Midwest Regional victory and a share of the Central Piedmont 4-A championship. “I’m going to make it count,” Rutter said. “We should be able to do some damage.”

Jake Rutter Photo by Carolinas Golf Assocation

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Junior Golf Scoreboard Peggy Kirk Bell Tour

Palmetto Classic, Blythewood, SC Cobblestone Park (Gold/Garnet) Mar 18-19, 2017 Bell/Prep - 5844 1 Emily Hawkins, Lexington 69-77--146 2 Jalen Castle, West Columbia SC 73-77--150 3 Moon Cheong, Charlotte 77-77--154 Selected Others 13 Riley Hamilton, Reidsville 79-82--161 17 Emelia Pack, Browns Summit 85-82--167 46 Alyssa Cox, Mount Airy 94-93--187 48 Amanda Kang, Kernersville 91-97--188

Tarheel Classic

UNC Finley, Chapel Hill, NC Mar 11-12, 2017 Bell Division - 6000 1 Caroline Curtis, Richmond, VA 76-69--145 1 Caroline Wrigley, Wexford, PA 71-74--145 2 Emily Hawkins, Lexington 72-74--146 Selected Others 12 Madison Isaacson, Greensboro 83-73--156 12 Olivia John, Summerfield 78-78--156 14 Hailey Joy, Reidsville, NC 80-78--158 18 Kayla Smith, Burlington 82-80—162 Prep Division - 6000 1 Jinny Park, Fairfax, VA 80-75--155 2 Katherine Schuster, Kill Devil Hills 78-79--157 3 Lexanne Halama, Knoxville, TN 77-81--158 Selected Others 4 Pack, Emelia , Browns Summit, NC 82-77--159 T17 Hamilton, Riley , Reidsville, NC 85-82--167 T20 Ladd, Victoria , Greensboro, NC 88-81--169 26 Hillman, Anna , Summerfield, NC 93-92--185

Tiger Classic @ Clemson University

Clemson, SC, The Walker Course Feb 25-26, 2017 Bell Division - 5934 1 Caroline Wrigley, Wexford, PA 74-70--144 2 Louise Yu, Duluth, GA 72-75--147 3 Holly McCann, Raleigh 74-74--148 Selected Others 8 Mallory Fobes, East Bend 81-77--158 51 Michaela Cox, Greensboro 92-88—180

Futures Division - 5134 1 Sara Im, Duluth, GA 2 Karlee Vardas, Lexington, SC 3 Alexia Siehl, Fort Mill, SC Selected Others 16 Harper Shepherd, Greensboro

73-75--148 79-75--154 79-78--157 93-82--175

Eagle Classic @ GA Southern GC

1 2 3 1 2 3

Statesboro, GA , GA Southern GC Feb. 18-19, 2017 Bell Division - 5927 Natalie Petersen, Holly Springs 77-73--150 Michelle Harn, Charlotte 80-75--155 Ainsley Cowart, Winston, GA 85-77—162 Futures Division - 5304 Sara Im, Duluth, GA 81-77--158 Angelique Seymour, Fayetteville 79-81--160 Loralie Cowart, Winston, GA 84-79--163

PKBGT Rocket Tour Players Championship @ UGA

Athens, Georgia, University of Georgia GC Feb 11-12, 2017 Bell Division - 5997 1 Louise Yu, Duluth GA 77-68--145 2 Skylar Thompson, Buford GA 78-72--150 3 Caroline Craig, Sautee Nacoochee GA 79-75--154 Selected Others 21 Emelia Pack, Browns Summit 87-78—165 Future Division - 5186 1 Hannah Nall, Cleveland TN 83-78--161 2 Sara Im, Duluth GA 84-79--63 2 Loralie Cowart, Winston GA 81-82—163

Tarheel Junior Golf Foundation

UNC Tarheel Junior UNC Finley, Chapel Hill, NC Mar 18-19, 2017 High School Boys - 6732 1 Akshay Bhatia, Wake Forest 72-71--143 2 Cam Barackman, Virginia Beach, VA 72-76--148 3 Patrick Carlin, Raleigh 73-76--149 Selected Others 8 Mariano Leyva, Lewisville 76-76--152 23 Jeffrey Parker, Oak Ridge 83-79--162 35 Wesley Sink, Advance 87-80--167 40 Nicholas Mathews, Mebane 86-86--172 44 Chase Sells, Jamestown 85-90--175

Presented by


NCJGF 6th Annual UNC Chapel Hill Spring Championship

UNC Finley Golf Course, Chapel Hill, NC Mar. 4-5, 2017 Boys 12-18 Division - 6711 1 Chris Kim, Cary 74-70--144 2 Mason Elmore, Charlotte 74-74--148 3 Trey Capps, Garner 74-75--149 4 John Massei, Cary 73-77--150 4 Symon Balbin, Pinehurst 76-74--150 Selected Others 6 Charlie Tate, Greensboro 80-72--152 20 Charlie Barr, Salisbury 80-76--156 23 Bradley Calloway, Asheboro 77-80--157 29 Carson Castelli, Greensboro 86-73--159 29 Sam Davidson, Asheboro 76-83--159


Archdale-Trinity Junior Open Holly Ridge GL, Archdale, NC Mar 18-19, 2017 Boys 17-18 - 6,579 1 William Crook, Sherrills Ford 69-76--145 2 Justin Emmons, Asheboro 75-73--148 3 Joseph Cook, Rocky Mount 75-74—149 3 Bradley Calloway, Asheboro 73-76--149 Selected Others 6 Carson Castelli, Greensboro 76-76--152 10 Brandon Einstein, Clemmons 73-82--155 11 Jordan Fant, Winston-Salem 77-79--156 11 Dawson Daniels, Greensboro 74-82—156 Boys 15-16 - 6,579 1 Drew Hackett, Charlotte 74-76--150 1 Michael Blair, Kernersville 69- 81--150 3 Jack Heath, Charlotte 75-76--151 Selected Others 4 Garrett Clark, Burlington 74-78--152 12 Sam Uberseder, Lewisville 78-79--157 17 Andrew Wood, Greensboro 79-81--160 23 Sam Davidson, Asheboro 78-87--165 26 Stephen Spencer, Asheboro 85-81—166 Boys 13-14 - 6,579 1 Tyler Partee, Thomasville 73-78--151 2 Tyler Dechellis, Clayton 77-81--158 2 Nick Rubino, Charlotte 74-84--158

Selected Others 4 Eston Lee, Four Oaks 6 Nicholas Janetta, Greensboro 8 Alexander Gould, Greensboro 9 Sam Buttonow, Summerfield Girls – 5,727 1 Madison Isaacson, Greensboro 2 Hailey Joy, Reidsville 3 Madison Harriman, High Point Selected Others 4 Olivia John, Summerfield 5 Samantha DeBusk, Lexington 7 Morgan Ketchum, Winston-Salem 8 Sabrina Martin, Jamestown 9 Caroline Isaacson, Greensboro

76-83--159 86-86--172 87-91--178 99-85--184 74-75--149 80-77--157 76-84--160 81-80--161 79-84--163 87-81--168 89-86--175 91-89--180

TYGA One Day

Forest Oaks, Greensboro, NC Feb. 4, 2017 16-18 Boys 1 Carson Castelli, Greensboro 2 Will Lewis, Raleigh 3 Andrew Wilmoth, Raleigh Selected Others 4 Dawson Daniels, Greensboro 5 Matt Slack, Greensboro 6 Austin Trent, Pleasant Garden 14-15 Boys 1 Luke Gossert, Matthews 2 Andrew Plate, Greensboro 2 Mitchell Tanis, Pineville Selected Others 7 Nick Mathews, Mebane 7 Andrew Wood, Greensboro 13 Jack Slomkowski, Colfax 12-13 Boys 1 Cayden Bryner, Winston-Salem 2 Maddox Whittington, Lenoir 2 Alexander Gould, Greensboro Selected Others 4 Seth Moore, Stokesdale 7 Sam Buttonow, Summerfield 8 Colby Gunter, Reidsville 16-18 Girls 1 Hailey Joy, Reidsville 2 Alexis Jarrell, Davidson

2 Olivia John, Summerfield Selected Others 4 Kayla Smith, Burlington 5 Victoria Grace Ladd, Greensboro 6 Olivia Templeton, Greensboro 14-15 Girls 1 Siana Wong, Summerfield 2 Jayla Rogers, Wilmington 3 Mallory Fobes, East Bend 12-13 Girls 1 Morgan Ketchum, Winston-Salem 2 Catherine Vivongsy, 3 Julia Greene, Apex 11 and Under (9 holes) 1 Caroline Wright, Greensboro 1 Isaiah Valdez, Reidsville 3 Aden Dale Castor, Salisbury

77 82 87 88 77 78 81 78 100 112 +12 +12 +19


72 74 75 76 77 78 75 77 77 82 82 91 76 77 77 78 85 89 73 77

Grandover Junior Shootout Grandover Resort - West, Greensboro, NC US Feb 25 - 26, 2017 Boys 14-18 -6668 1 Geehoon Yu, Cornelius 76-76--152 2 Karsen Rush, Chambersburg, PA 77-75--152 3 Carson Castelli, Greensboro 76-77--153 4 Randall Hudson, New Bern 77-79--156 5 Cody Anderson, Moorseville 80-79--159 Selected Others 19 Grayson Kirkman, Winston-Salem 92-88--180 24 Jake Solomon , Clemmons 117-107--224 Boys 11-13 - 5690 1 Ryan Macri, Wake Forest 78-73--151 2 Tyler Jones, Jacksonville 77-79--156 3 Paul Ulanich, Freehold, NJ 82-79--161 4 Cayden Bryner, Winston-Salem 86-76--162 Girls 14-18 - 5690 1 Callista Rice, Mars Hill 75-79--154 2 Olivia John, Summerfield 80-75--155 3 Nina Kouchi, Charlotte 78-81--159

Ballantyne Junior Open

The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Charlotte, NC US Feb 11 - 12, 2017 Boys 14-18 - 6556 1 Carlos Garre, Myrtle Beach, SC 75-75 150 2 Abhay Gupta, Concord

Lexington Golf Club

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Reynolds sophomore Zach Brown in early-season groove

Junior Results from page 34 76-76 152 2 Devin Johnson, Geneva, IL 2 Graham Chase, Charlotte 80-72 152 2 Jared Clontz, Nebo Selected Others 43 Sam Nester, Mount Airy Boys 11-13 - 5616 1 Keenan Royalty, Raleigh 2 Walker Jennings, Greenville, SC 3 Aidan Browning, Charlotte

75-77 152 76-76 152 88-89 177 69-84 153 80-78 158 80-80 160

Pinehurst Winternationals

Event 6 - Pinehurst 5 (72) Sat-Sun February 18-19, 2017 Pinehurst, NC Junior/Senior Division - 6640 1 Travon Willis, Indian Trail 80-79--159 2 Carter Cheek, Cary 84-78--162 Freshman/Sophomore Division - 6640 1 Narayan Mohan, Charlotte 73-73--146 2 Jake Newman, Sunset, SC 76-75--151 3 Owen Swavely, Mooresville 81-77--158 Selected Others 5 Dalton Staley, Liberty 84-79--163 Girls Division - 5248 1 Mallory Fobes, East Bend 84-84--168 2 Lara Mullins, Concord 129-118--247

Event 5 - Pinehurst 2, 1 (72, 70)

Sat-Sun February 18-19, 2017 Pinehurst, NC Junior/Senior Division - 6307;6089 1 Trey Capps, Garner 72-72--144 2 Jack Neenan, Naperville, IL 79-74--153 3 Carter Cheek, Cary 84-73--157 Selected Others 6 Joseph Gesell, Greensboro 78-85--163 Freshman/Sophomore - Division 6307;6089 1 Noah Connor, Reidsville 70-68--138 2 Cade Hancock, Elizabethtown 73-77--150 2 Jake Newman, Sunset, SC 79-71--150 Selected Others 14 Quinlan Smith, Winston Salem 94- 81-175 17 Luke Michael, Trinity 93-89—182 Girls Division - 5257; 5466 1 Mallory Fobes, Pinehurst 84-84--168 2 Michaela Cox, Greensboro 85-88--173


By David Droschak

Boys (High School, graduation year) 1 Nicholas Lyerly, Salisbury (East Rowan, 2017) 2 Michael Childress, Salisbury (Cannon School, 2018) 3 Peter Hinnant, Winston-Salem (R.J. Reynolds, 2017) 4 Brandon Einstein, Clemmons (West Forsyth, 2018) 5 Jake Rutter, Winston-Salem (Mt. Tabor, 2017) 6 Justin Emmons, Asheboro (Providence Grove, 2017) 7 Bradley Calloway, Asheboro (High Point Wesleyan, 2017) 8 Stuart Fuller, Winston-Salem (The Hill School in Pa., 2017) 9 Chandler Metz, Wilkesboro (Wilkes Central, 2017) 10 Addison Manring, Stoneville (McMichael HS, 2017) Girls (High School, graduation year) 1 Emily Hawkins, Lexington (Home School, 2018) 2 Madison Isaacson, Greensboro (Ragsdale, 2018) 3 Hailey Joy, Reidsville (Rockingham County, 2018) 4 Kayla Smith, Burlington (Williams, 2019) 5 Olivia John, Summerfield (Rockingham County, 2018) 6 Mallory Fobes, East Bend (Forbush, 2019) 7 Rachael Mast, Lexington (West Davidson, 2017) 8 Riley Hamilton, Reidsville (Carlisle, 2020) 9 Emelia Pack, Greensboro (Page, 2019) 10 Julianne Strauch, Advance (Forsyth Country Day,2017) Source: Tarheel Youth Golf Association as of Feb. 1, 2017

he sudden death playoff at the North State High School Challenge in Kannapolis was a look into what may be future Southeastern Conference showdowns. Zach Brown of R.J. Reynolds, a sophomore who has committed to Georgia, defeated Michael Sanders of the Cannon School, a junior headed to LSU, on the first playoff hole with a 10-foot birdie putt. Each player proved why they are top collegiate recruits with Brown, who plays out of Bermuda Run, carding eight birdies in a firstround 65, while Sanders closed on the second day with a 66 at the Club at Irish Creek. “This win really helps my confidence for the rest of the year,” Brown said. “Going into a playoff and getting into this kind of situation tested my nerves. This was good for me.” Brown virtually grew up with a golf club in his hand. His grandfather owns two golf courses and his father, Mike Brown, played golf in the mid 1980s at Wake Forest. Brown grew up just off the 10th tee at Bermuda Run. “Golf has been in our blood forever,” Mike Brown said. “Zach is just like you hear about; kids having a sawed off club in their hands at 2 years old banging around in the yard. He would see the kids going by out here playing in tournaments and by 4 years old he was begging me to take lessons. He won his first tournament at 6 years old at Duke and it has just been a tremendous ride ever since.” Zach went through a growth spurt in 2016 that produced some inconsistent results, but has now filled out to a frame that measures 6-feet, 190 pounds. He is arguably the longest driver on the junior circuit in North Carolina, averaging 315 yards off the tee.

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Indian Valley Golf Course Senior Am – May 17-18 ❖ Alamance Am – June 2-4 Classic 2-Man – July 15-16 *Open to all golfers, NO residency requirement A Burlington Recreation & Parks Facility

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MON-THURS: Regular Rate: $35 | Senior (60+): $30 | After 2PM: $30 FRI-SAT/HOLIDAYS: Regular Rate: $45 | After 2PM: $35 | Senior (Fri only til 12PM): $32 This pass entitles bearer and 3 additional guests to access the Golf Course and Clubhouse Dining at Sapona Ridge CC. Includes Greens Fee, Cart Fee & Tax. Must Present Pass for Access to Club Facilities. Other Restrictions May Apply. Expires April 30, 2017.


Affordable Monthly Dues: $160 - $290 Per Month | No Assessments / Waived Entrance Fee • 439 Beaver Creek Rd., Lexington, NC • (336) 956-6245 TRIAD GOLF TODAY • APRIL 2017


DEMO DAY APRIL 21st • 2-6 PM

CALENDAR All listings are based on submissions by clubs and correspondence. To list your tournament free email your information to or call 336-924-1619.

USGA Qualifiers (full list at

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CGA Men Majors/Qualifiers


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Carolinas Mid-Amateur April 4 - Qualifier, Statesville CC, Statesville April 9 – Qualifier, Heritage GC, Wake Forest April 21-23 – 37th Carolinas Mid-Am, Providence CC, Charlotte Four-Ball Championships May 3-7 - 66th Carolinas Four-Ball Championship, Camden, Camden, SC Oct. 13-15 – 22nd N.C. Four-Ball Championship, Wakefield Plantation, Raleigh N.C. Amateur May 20 - Qualifier, Timberlake GC, Clinton May 22 - Qualifier, North Shore, Sneads Ferry May 24 - Qualifier, Oak Hollow, High Point May 25 - Qualifier, The Club at Irish Creek, Kannapolis June 5 - Qualifier, Brier Creek CC, Raleigh June 7 - Qualifier, Mimosa Hills, Morganton June 15-18 – 57th N.C. Amateur Championship, River Run CC, Davidson Carolinas Amateur June 7 - Qualifier, Mimosa Hills CC, Morganton June 21 - Qualifier, Mill Creek, Mebane June 26 - Qualifier, Cabarrus CC, Concord June 2 - Qualifier, Wilmington Muni, Wilmington

CGA Senior Men Majors/Qualifiers

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April 19-20 – 9th Carolinas Super Senior Championship, Fort Mill CG, Fort Mill April 26 – N.C. Senior Amateur Qualifier, Cowans Ford, Stanley April 28 – N.C. Senior Amateur Qualifier, Cedar Rock CC, Lenoir May 4 – N.C. Senior Amateur Qualifier, Forest Oaks CC, Greensboro May 8 – N.C. Senior Amateur Qualifier, River Ridge GC, Raleigh May 16-18 – N.C. Senior Amateur Championship, CC of Salisbury, Salisbury June 7-9 – 49th Carolinas Senior Four-Ball Championship, Seabrook Island (Ocean Winds), Johns Island, SC

CGA Women Majors April 18-19 – 14th N.C. Senior Women’s Amateur, Wilson CC, Wilson. May 23-24 – 40th Carolinas Women’s Four-Ball, Pine Needles GC, Southern Pines June 2-4 – 91st Carolinas Women’s Amateur Championship, Porter’s Neck, Wilmington. June 20-22 – NCWGA Amateur Championship, Pine Island CC, Charlotte.

CGA Other April 3-4 – 23rd Tar Heel Cup Matches, River Landing (River), Wallace April 24 – Carolinas Club Championship, Sedgefield (Ross), Greensboro May 19-21 – 2nd Carolinian Amateur, Keith Hills Country Club, Buies Creek Amateur Individual April 1-2 – 56th annual Chatmoss Invitational, Chatmoss CC, Martinsville. Medal play in flights. Also senior division. 276-638-7648. April 29-30 – Bud Kivett Memorial, Blair Park & Oak Hollow GC, High Point. Medal play in flights. 336-883-3260.

For the latest tournament schedule, now updated daily, go to then click on Tournaments May 6-7 – Southwick Amateur, Southwick GC, Graham. 336-227-2582. May 27-28 – High Point Memorial, Blair Park GC, High Point. Medal play in flights. 336-883-3497. May 27-28 – Durham Amateur, Hillandale GC, Durham. Medal play in flights. 919-286-4211. June 2-4 – Asheboro City Amateur, Asheboro Municipal, Holly Ridge GL, Pinewood CC. (Randolph County residents only). 336-625-4158. June 2-4 – Alamance County Open Amateur, Indian Valley GC. Medal play in flights. Not restricted to Alamance residents. 336-584-7871. June 10-11 – Brookwood Amateur, Brookwood GC, Whitsett. Medal play in flights. Also senior division. 336-449-5544. June 10-11 – Bob Howerton Invitational, Kinderton CC, Clarksville, Va. 434-374-8822. June 19-25 – Herald-Sun Classic, Hillandale GC, Durham. Medal play qualifier, then match play in flights. 919-286-4211. June 24-25 – Chair City Open, Winding Creek GC, Thomasville. Medal play in flights. 336-475-5580. June 24-25 – Wake County Amateur, Pine Hollow GC, Clayton. Medal play in flights. Not restricted to Wake County residents. 919-553-4554.

Laid-Back Golfers Tour 434-792-3728 • Men/Women All-Ages Flights pre-determined by handicap Tees determined by hdc/age formula April 12 – Wolf Creek GC, Reidsville April 26 – London Downs GC, Forest, Va. May 10 – Oak Hills GC, Eden May 24 – Plantation GC, Reidsville June 6 – Ivy Hills GC, Forest Va. June 20 – Olde Mill Resort, Laurel Fork, Va.

Golfweek Amateur Tour 252-864-9161 April 8 -- Chapel Ridge, Pittsboro April 17 -- Greensboro CC (Irving Park) April 22 -- Stoney Creek May 6 -- The Neuse, Clayton May 13 -- CC of Whispering Pines (West) May 20 -- Mill Creek, Mebane June 10 -- Little River, Carthage June 17 -- Carolina Trace (Lake), Sanford June 24 -- Bentwinds CC, Fuquay-Varina

Senior Individual April 10 – Greater Greensboro Senior Games, Country Hills GC, Gibsonville. Age divisions for men and women, beginning at age 50. For Guilford, Rockingham, Forsyth, Alamance and Randolph County residents. Qualifiers advance to State Senior Games. 336-373-7566. May 17-18 – Alamance Senior Amateur (not restricted to Alamance residents), Indian Valley GC, Burlington. Flights and age divisions beginning at age 50. 336-584-7871. May 22-23 – 8th annual Sport Durst Durham Senior Amateur Championship (Seniors 55-over, Super Seniors 65-over and Legends 70-over), Croasdaile CC, Durham. 919-3832517 or 919-699-9681. June 1-2 – 56th Forsyth Seniors, Pine Knolls GC and Tanglewood Reynolds Course. Limited to Forsyth County residents 50-over with play in age divisions. Todd Barr 336-734-1212.

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CALENDAR Senior Amateur Tour (ages 50-over) 336-329-3453 April 3 – Brier Creek, Raleigh April 24 – Treyburn, Durham

Senior Amateur Tour (ages 50-over) 336-329-3453 April 6 -- Greensboro CC (Irving Park) April 13 -- Willow Creek, High Point April 27 -- Bryan Park (Players), Brown Summit May 11 -- The Neuse GC, Cltyton May 18 -- Mill Creek, Mebane June 8 -- Little River, Carthage June 15 -- Carolina Trace (Lake), Sanford June 22 -- Tot Hill Farm, Asheboro

Ladies Individual/Team May 10 – 28th annual Kathleen Bryan Championship, Bryan Park, Browns Summit. 336-375-2200. June 15 – Crooked Tree Ladies Invitational, Crooked Tree GC, Brown Summit. 336-656-3211. June 17 – Kinderton Ladies Invitational, Kinderton CC, Clarksville, Va. 434-374-8822.

Amateur Team June 3-4 – Oak Hollow 2-Man Open, Oak Hollow GC, High Point. 336-883-3260. June 10-11 – Goodyear Invitational Two-Man Bestball, Goodyear GC, Danville. 434-797-1909.

Captain’s Choice April 8 - Melanie Michael Dalton Benefit, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191. April 21 – Forsyth County Fire and Rescue Association, Tanglewood Park, Clemmons. $60 per player. Scott Routh . April 21 - The Morgan Cup benefiting Morgan Elementary School, Salem Glen, Clemmons. Connie Frazier 336-618-0358. April 21 - 10th Annual Ron Jones Tournament nosted by the N.C. A&T State University Fellowship Gospel, Holly Ridge GC, Archdale. Katrina Grant 336-655-7693 April 21 -3rd Annual Wellness Academy Golf Classic, Bryan Park Players Course, Browns Summit. Donna Shelton 336-373-1402. April 28 – 14th Annual ECU Economics Scholarship Tournament, Ironwood CC, Greenville. Randy Parker: . April 29-30 - Spring Round-Up, Oak Hills, Eden. Entry fee $100. Howard Tate 276-340-8830 or Mickey Westmoreland 336-613-1148. May 5 – 9th Annual Bethal AME Church, Crooked Tree GC, Brown Summit, Michael Walker 336-337-0018 or Church Office 336-273-5268. May 6 - Reidsville Christian Church, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191. May 6 – 12th Annual Reagan High School Golf Tournament, Meadowlands, Walburg. Terry Rhoades 336-782-6605. May 6 – Mocksville First Baptist Church, Pudding Ridge GC, Mocksville. Jacob Lambert 336-462-5693. May 13 - Shriners, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191. May 20 - Zion Baptist Church, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191. June 3 - Hooter's, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191. June 3 – Benefit Golf Tournament for the Kendrick Family, Hemlock GC, Walnut Cove. $60 per player. Katie Joyce 336-486-7581. June 12 – American Lung Association Golf Outing, MacGregor Downs, Cary. $125 person. Melissa Forde 919-792-1641

June 17 - 3rd Annual Father’s Day Classic, Country Hills GC, Gibsonville. Jereme Goode at 336-312-4388. June 24 - United Christian Ministry, Plantation GC, Reidsville. Annette Mint 336-342-6191.

Junior Golf Schedule CGA 910-673-1000 * TYGA 910-673-1000 * PKBGT 336-347-8537 * NCJGF 919-858-6400 * TGF 919-291-5813 * NJGT 704-824-6548 * AJGA 770-868-4200 * USGA 908-234-2300 * USKIDS Raleigh Tour 919-206-4666 * Winternational 847-204-9888 * HJGT 904-379-2697 Apr. 1-2 - TGF " 6Th. Annual Wolfpack Junior Amateur" NCSU Lonnie Poole Golf Course, Raleigh, NC Boys Only 9-18. Apr. 1-2 - CGA Jimmy Anderson Boys' Invitational, Jacksonville CC, Jacksonville, Boys only, ages 12-18. Apr. 1-2 - PKBGT Lexington Classic @ Sapona Ridge CC, Lexington, Girls, Ages 11-18. Apr. 1-2 - PKBGT Women's Health Classic Jr. Challenge Symetra Tour Qualifier, Links at Stoney Point, Greenwood, SC, Girls, Ages 11-18. Apr. 17 - NJGT NC Tour, Westport GC, Denver, Boys/Girls, Ages 6-19. Apr. 8-9 - PKBGT Greater Richmond Classic @ Magnolia Green GC, Mosley, VA, Girls, Ages 11-18. Apr. 9-10 - NJGT NC Spring Break Championship, Monroe CC, Monroe, Boys/ Girls, Ages 6-19. Apr. 17 - TYGA NC High School Invitational, Treyburn CC, Durham, Invitationa only. Apr. 14-15 - TGF "5th Annual ACC JUNIOR Amateur" Play UNC A.E.Finley Golf Course Boys Only 9-18. Apr. 17 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day @ Forest Oaks CC, Greensboro, Girls, Ages 11-18. Apr. 21 - Monroe CC High School Invitational, Monroe CC, Monroe, Boys, High School, 704282-4661 Apr. 22-23 - PKBGT PKBGT MASTERS (*) @ Greenville CC, Greenville, Girls, Ages 11-18. Apr. 28-30 - AJGA Preview at Carolina Trace, Carolina Trace CC, Sanford, Boys/Girls, Ages 12-19. Apr. 29-30 - PKBGT Metrolina Classic @ Rock Hill CC, Rock Hill, SC, Girls, Ages, 11-18. May 13-14 - CGA Vicki DiSantis Girls' Championship, Pine Island CC, Charlotte, Girls only, Ages 12-18. May 13-14 - PKBGT Carolina's Classic @ Carolina Trace CC, Sanford, Girls, Ages, 11-18. May-17 - TYGA One Day Series, Bradford Creek GC, Greenville, Boys/Girls, Ages 8-18. May-17 - TYGA Tots One Day Event, Emerywood GC, High Point, Boys/Girls, Ages 6-11. May-17 - PKBGT Middle Atlantic One-Day Series @ Augustine Golf Club, Stafford, VA, Girls, Ages 9-18. May-17 - PKBGT South Carolina One-Day Series @ The Windemere Club, Blythewood, SC, Girls, Ages 9-18. May 19-21 - Scott Robertson Memorial, Roanoke CC, Roanoke, VA, Boys/Girls, Ages 13-18, 540-529-3176 May 20-21 - NJGT-IMG Academy World Championship Qualifier, Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure, Boys/Girls, Ages 4-17. May 20-21 - TGF "3rd Annual Players Championship At Bryan Park," Bryan Park GC, Greensboro, Boys 9-18 Only . May-17 - CGA Creed Boys' qualifying, TBD, boys only, ages 18 & under. May-17 - PKBGT North Carolina One-Day @ Monroe CC, Monroe, Girls, Ages 9-18, 336347-8537

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Greene stakes claim on Reynolds Park’s 16th hole


ometimes a hole just seems to fit the eye for a player, becoming a golfer’s favorite over time. Floyd Greene of Winston-Salem would probably pick the 16th hole at Reynolds Park Golf Club as one of his favorites. He has aced that par-3 three times, most recently March 4. Greene, age 76, first started playing in the late 1960s. His first ace came at Winston Lake in 1990 and then he scored one at now-closed Grandview Golf Club in the Forsyth Amateur. The last three have been spaced out over 19 years at Reynolds Park – all on the 16th but from different yardages with different clubs. He remembered a 3-iron from 190 yards in 1998 and a 5-iron from just over 200 yards in 2004. His third ace came with a 5-hybrid from 165 yards. Other great shots reported to Triad Golf Today since our March issue follow.

Fred Burchett of Colfax, March 20, Pine Knolls GC. No. 3, 24-degree hybrid. Playing partners: Tom Lemar, Roger Ladue, Margaret Ladue. Fourth age for Burchett, age 84.

If you make a Hole-In-One or Double Eagle we want to know! Email, fax, call or go online to & click on Hole-In-One to submit a form with all the details! We will report your great shot in our next issue! email: • call: 336-280-3722

Rocky Chapman of Reidsville, March 19, Wolf Creek GC. No. 5, 140 yards, 7-iron. Playing partner: Steven Chapman. His first ace. Rob Salisbury of Winston-Salem, March 12, Tanglewood Championship Course. No. 7, 150 yards, 8-iron. Playing partners: Sam Uberseder, John Major, Grayson Kirkman. His second ace. Ernie Johnson, March 11, Holly Ridge GC. No. 11, 155 yards, 7-iron. Tim Myers of Winston-Salem, March 10, Winding Creek GC. No. 13, 143 yards, 7-iron. His second ace. Wayne Joyner of Yadkinville, March 6, Pudding Ridge GC. No. 12, 146 yards, 7-iron. Playing partner: Ben Edwards. His first ace. Floyd Greene of Winston-Salem, March 4, Reynolds Park GC. No. 16, 165 yards, 5-hybrid. Playing partners: Ed Greene, Chris Smith, Corey James. His fifth ace. Robert Trent of Greensboro, March 4, Southwick GC. No. 4, 163 yards, 8-iron. Playing partners: Steven Trent, Steve

Bigham, Jason Garrett. His first ace came in first round of B.S. Open. Randy Pope of Clemmons, March 2, Meadowlands GC. No. 17, 145 yards, 7-iron. Playing partners: Robbie Smith, Larry Kiger, Randy Chapel. His fourth ace. Kevin Veach of Winston-Salem, March 1, Wilshire GC. No. 9, 185 yards, 5-iron. Playing partners: Brad Cain, Larry Cain, Mike Ford, Richard Walburn. Ken Thomas of Winston-Salem, Feb. 28, Wilshire GC. No. 9, 135 yards, 9-wood. Playing partners: Darrell Raper, Gene Butler, Jim Nixon. Dan Kindberg of Reidsville, Feb. 24, Caswell Pines GC. No. 10, 155 yards, 6-iron. Playing partners: Price Watt, Mike Chrismon, Glen Bacon, Jimmy Cobb, Bill Morris. His first ace. Patrick Joyner of Graham, Feb. 23, Southwick GC. No. 5, 141 yards, 8-iron. Playing partners: Dustin Gilstrap, Dameon Thacker. His first ace. Ken Duncan of Reidsville, Feb. 23, Monroeton GC. No. 14, 105 yards, pitching wedge. Playing partners: Jim Harrell, Lamarr Neese, Eddie Land. His first ace. Chris Fountain of Walnut Cove, Feb. 23, Hemlock GC. No. 4, 163 yards, 7-iron. Playing partner: Kristi Fountain. His third ace. Ralph Crow of Walkertown, Feb. 22, Iron Play Par-3 Links. No. 11, 105 yards, sand wedge. Playing partners: Gary Smith, John Dye. His first ace. Jim “Rat” Joyce of Stoneville, Feb. 21, Gordon Trent GC. No. 3, 103 yards, sand

wedge. Playing partners: Kenny Martin, George (LP) Collins, Tony Brown, Dave Dipietrapaul. His first ace. Billy Teegen of Martinsville, Feb. 19, Gordon Trent GC. No. 9, 129 yards, 9-iron. Playing partners: Tony Weeks, John Martin, Ken Mullins, Mike Lawless. His 11th ace. David Edenfield of Clemmons, Feb. 18, Tanglewood Reynolds Course. No. 17, 107 yards, pitching wedge. Playing partner: Art Vandergrift. His fifth ace. Richard Hattaway of Kernersville, Feb. 18, Iron Play Par-3 Links. No. 14, 105 yards, 9-iron. Playing partner: Vivian Hattaway. His first ace. Richard Woodell of Asheboro, Feb. 18, Asheboro Municipal GC. No. 7, 104 yards, 9-iron. Playing partners: Sam Jarvis, David Marlette. His second ace came one month after his first ace and it came on the same hole. John Tapler of Elon, Feb. 17, Shamrock GC. No. 11, 110 yards, 7-iron. Playing partners: Steve Partin, Rich Stewart. His second ace. Greg Bradsher of Winston-Salem, Feb. 17, Reynolds Park GC. No. 16, 169 yards, 3-wood. Playing partners: Bill Tatum, Mike Robinson, Stefan Key. His first ace. Mike Davis, Feb. 7, Wilshire GC. No. 18, 145 yards, 6-iron. Playing partners: Lamar Evans, Frank Morris, Mike Ford, Kyle Veach. His first ace. Tony Fleming Jr. of Kernersville, Jan. 1, Pine Knolls GC. No. 9, 185 yards, 6-iron. Playing partners: Bobby Leach, Kevin Forest, Bob Older. His third ace.

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Presented By Carolinas PGA

CPGA Head Professional Championship Wexford Plantation GC, Hilton Head Island, SC (par 72) March 20-21 1. Larry George, Wallace, $2,000! 71-74--145 2. Brooks Blackburn, Aiken, SC, $1,300! 67-78--145 3. John Carter, Cashiers, $873! 73-73--146 3. Gus Ulrich, Whispering Pines, $873! 72-74--146 3. David Rogers, Bluffton, SC, $873! 73-73--146 Selected others 15. Adam McLaughlin, Greensboro, $362! 77-75--152 20. John Faidley, Winston-Salem, $307! 75-78--153 23. Michael Hutcheon, High Point, $56! 79-75--154 39. Chris Haarlow, Greensboro! 75-86--161 George won on first hole of playoff

Professional Tours

The GPro Tour Cabarrus CC, Concord (par 72) March 21-23 1. Adam Webb, Ridgeway, Va., $6,000! 67-70-63–200 2. a-Scott Harvey, Greensboro! 70-69-66–205 Selected others from field of 53 8. Jonathan DiIanni, Kernersville, $1,419! 70-70-71–211 14. Matthew Younts, Stokesdale, $975! 71-69-74–214 14. Frank Adams, Salisbury, $975! 70-69-75–214 23. Chandler White, Winston-Salem! 75-72-72–219 Note: Adam Webb collected 10 birdies in the final round, including six on the last eight holes, to pull way from amateur Scott Harvey for a five-shot margin of victory. SwingThought Tour Country Club of Orange Park, Fla. March 8-10 1. Bruce Woodall, Yanceyville, $3,000! 73-72-67--212 2. Anthony Maccaglia, Tampa, Fla., $2,000! 72-68-72--212 Note: Bruce Woodall played his last seven holes in 6-underpar and then won a playoff.

Senior Amateur Tour

Pinewood CC, Asheboro - March 23 Championship Flight (12 entries) 1. Grant Hoffman, Asheboro! 2. Joey Moffitt, High Point! Selected others 5. Frank Bunn, Burlington! 5. Dan Anthony, Thomasville! A Flight (19 entries) 1. John East, Rockingham! Selected others 3. Wilson Shelton, Madison! 4. Ron Brady, McLeansville! 8. Jack Stanley, Summerfield! 8. Dave Turner, Kernersville! B Flight (21 entries) 1. Rob Geilhausen, Linwood! Selected others 4. Tim Ward, Greensboro! 4. Ron Gburek, Lewisville! 8. Jim Shermer, Lewisville! 8. Ron Tapscott, Walkertown! C Flight (26 entries) 1. David Davis, Martinsville, Va.! 2. Travis Jones, Greensboro! Selected others 5. Don Michaux, Greensboro! Devils Ridge CC, Holly Springs - March 16 Championship Flight (6 entries) 1. Joey Moffitt, High Point! Selected others 3. Dan Anthony, Thomasville! A Flight (8 entries) 1. Chuck Smith, Sanford! Selected others 3. Mike Crawford, Summerfield! B Flight (7 entries) 1. Mike Wallace, Fayetteville! Selected others 4. Dexter Barbee, Burlington! C Flight (9 entries) 1. Dwight Davis, Pittsboro! Tobacco Road GC, Sanford - March 9 Champioship Flight (5 entries) 1. Howard Nemenz, Winston-Salem! 2. Dan Anthony, Thomasville! 3. Frank Bunn, Burlington! 3. Gary Roberson, Burlington! A Flight (15 entries) 1. Chuck Smith, Sanford! 2. Michael Greene, Lewisville! 3. Jim Blaylock, Winston-Salem! Selected others 5. Richard Belmont, Winston-Salem! B Flight (15 entries) 1. Huston Shaw, Winston-Salem! Selected others 3. Richard Gottlieb, Kernersville! 4. Dexter Barbee, Burlington!

73 76 80 80 78 80 82 85 85 82 86 86 88 88 86 87 94 76 84 80 83 81 89 85

75 76 77 77 71 75 76 79 78 80 81

C Flight (19 entries) 1. Steve White, Fuquay-Varina 84 Selected others 4. Mark Denton, Mocksville!


Pinewild CC (Magnolia), Pinehurst - March 2 Champioship Flight (6 entries) 1. Steve Lassiter, Pinehurst! Tr i a d77 2. Howard Nemenz, Winston-Salem! 78 3. Frank Bunn, Burlington! 79 A Flight (12 entries) 1. Richard McMinis, Raleigh! 84 B Flight (18 entries) 1. Ron Gburek! 82 Selected others 5. Richard Gotlieb, Kernersville! 85 C Flight (29 entries) 1. Jim Hayden, Whitsett! 87 2. Mark Denton, Mocksville! 88 Selected others 5. Lewis Burgman, Greensboro! 91

Carolinas Golf Association

20th Island Four-Ball Getaway Tournament Casa de Campo. La Romana, DR - Feb. 22-24 Tournament Division (7 entries) 2. Bret Waters-Naomi Waters, Winston-Salem! 81-70-78--229 Super Senior A Division (7 entries) 2. George Plonk-Judy Plonk, Winston-Salem! 82-77-87--246 4. Daniel Underwood-Sara Underwood, W-S! 84-83-84--251

Spring Round-Up ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Four Man Captain’s Choice at Oak Hills G.C. Eden, NC

April 29 & 30

Carolinas Golf Assoc. One-Day Selected finishers from Triad (top half of division) SENIOR ONE-DAY FOUR-BALL TOURNAMENTS CC of Salisbury • March 20 Tournament Flight (15 entries) 1. Tom Fagerli, Yadkinville-Bill Long, Ahoskie ! 70 5. Richard Krapfel, W-S-Howell Nelson, Greensboro! 73 Super Senior 65+ (17 entries) 4. Russ Priddy, Salisbury-Grey Medinger, Spencer! 71 6. Bryce Beard-Ron Shirk, Salisbury! 73 6. David Lane, Advance-Mike Judkins, Winston-Salem ! 73 Super Senior 70+ (12 entries) 1. George Kennon, Greensboro-Larry Boswell, Jamestown! 66 4. Ben Payne-Travis Jones, Greensboro! 75 6. Bob Cornish, Bermuda Run-Dawson Strider, Advance! 76

Laid-Back Golfers Tour

Lynrock GC, Eden (par 70) • March 21 (selected players) A Flight (5 entries) 1. Todd Harris, Reidsville! 72 2. Steve Cummings, Reidsville ! 73 B Flight (5 entries) 1. Sammie Moser, South Boston (won playoff)! 78 3. Danny Daniel, Dry Fork, Va.! 79 C Flight (7 entries) 1. Wayne Thompson, Mebane! 77 2. Dan Morgan, Danville! 84 D Flight (5 entries) 1. Willard Vicks, Danville! 85 2. Glen Hudson, Danville! 86 E Flight (4 entries) 1. Don LaFlamme, Keeling, Va.! 90

Amateur Team

3rd annual Battle at the Chase 2-man Captain’s Choice Maple Chase CC, Winston-Salem • March 11 Connor Sock-Jake Colley (flight 1 and overall)! 58-64--122 Chris Logan-Gam Bates (flight 2, 2nd overall)! 130 David Sanders-Kerney Black (flight 3)! 140 Jim Williams-Joe Crocker (flight 4) ! 148 B.S. Open Brookwood GC, Whitsett (par 72) - March 4 Southwick GC, Graham (par 72) - March 5 Championship Flight Logan Thornton-Randy Clayton! 60-66--126 Chester Thorpe-Mike Roshelli! 66-60--126 Tony Byerly-Scott Trent! 64-65--129 Mike Smith-Kevin Lane! 65-65--130 Anthony Gammon-Jamie Gilley! 66-64--130 First Flight Willie Noah-Tanner Gross! 69-65--134 Steve Bigham-Jason Garrett! 69-65--134 Shane Hamlett-Adam Hamlett! 67-69--136 Robert Trent-Steven Trent! 68-71--139 Dameon Thacker-Kevin Burns! 68-71--139 Second Flight Mike Allison-Matt Watkins! 72-69--141 Kevin Newsome-Anthony Brown! 75-66--141 Robert Keck-Dan Cross! 75-68--143 Tommy Childress- Art Benton! 76-68--144 Butch Gates-Barron Walker! 73-71--144 Third Flight Dale Price-Tim Price! 77-73--150 78-76--154 Dustin Gilstrap-Craig Abendschein! Walt Byerly-Jimmy Foster! 85-73--158 Barry Teague-Ray Shambley! 80-78--158 Bob Fox-Jeff Jordan! 85-78--163


Entry Fee: $100 per man Includes:

• Cart & Green Fee for 2 Days • Practice Round on Friday • Food & Drinks for Friday Night & Saturday Only • Fun Cutta (EXTRA) • 10% OFF if you pay before April 15th • Mulligan 2 Each Day $5 Each Tees to be played


I. PLAYER Close to Hole Par 3 (No Mulligan) II. B PLAYER Team Scats Ties to be Split III. C PLAYER 24 Teams Only IV. D PLAYER 75 Years or Older Regardless of Handicap ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●

Rules Committee: Mickey Westmoreland – 336-613-1148 Terry Mills – 276-340-2721 Howard Tate – 276-340-8830 Ray Barton – 336-432-6590

Entry Form: Name:____________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________ E-Mail & Cell#:_____________________________________ Age:___________________________Handicap:____________ TRIAD GOLF TODAY • APRIL 2017


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