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Custom Homes by Gale-Rew

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We believe in the home. We believe in the office park. We believe in the building and we want to help you make each one great. We operate more than 450 building material facilities all across the country, all devoted to those who create the buildings that shape America. We are ProBuild. And we believe in the building. If you do too, visit us at Rating Services Now Offered in Central Washington. Call 800.359.6402 to schedule your home energy audit today.

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From the Editor


Spring 2013

Custom Homes by gale-rew 14 A true custom home is perfectly unique. Each one of these homes are built to reflect the lifestyle and personality of each client.

Banking with life 9 An old method of self-finance by structuring Mutual Life Insurance for cash is getting new attention.

container gardening soil 25 How to create the best soil for a successful vegetable garden and have a great harvest this year.

man cave playbook 28 So many things can be done by expanding living space into a basement, shop or garage. See what one West Richland family did to build their own field of dreams.

bathroom 30 Updating bathrooms has always been a Gale-Rew special. But now they are bringing a popular European method to the Tri-Cities.

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We’re pleased to bring you another issue of The Showcase Magazine. It has been great to see the magazine get so much notice with the 30,000 issues, we print bi-annually, fly off the racks around town. Even our online issues are seen by hundreds of viewers each week. We appreciate the readers, our friends on Facebook who share our photos and links, and the businesses that put our racks in their establishments and copies out on their lobby tables. We are especially grateful for the businesses that advertise with us. Thank you all! The Holidays are over, spring is upon us, and the sun is shining. People are getting their hands dirty in the garden. If you have a green thumb, be sure to check out the article on how to prepare your soil for optimal produce. This is also the time to clean out basements and garages. This may inspire some to expand their living space and create the ultimate shop or man cave. If you’re interested in a project like this, The “Man Cave Playbook” will provide you with a few tips on designing the perfect man cave, featuring an amazing shop that was constructed for an indoor sports center in West Richland. Whatever your home imporvement or new build project might be, money inevitably becomes part of the equation. Some are rediscovering an old method of self-finance by utilizing mutual life insurance policies. To learn more about this fresh perspective on how to make your money work for you, check out the article “Banking With Life”. It’s pretty facinating. Our regular readers have figured out that this magazine is about big images of beautiful construction projects. We try to cram as many of them as we can into each issue in hopes that these images will give you ideas for your own projects. If we are successful in doing so, we encourage you to consider the local businesses that advertise with us. As with each decision in life, things always go best when you are well prepared, clear on what you want and involve the right people to ensure your best chance of success.

Reed Kinney Editor in Chief Cover: A Gale-Rew Construction custom home in Pasco. More on pages 16-19. Office: BizMedia Inc., 100 Wellsian Way Richland, WA 99354; e-mail Reed Kinney at; or call (509) 551-0950. Subscription or single issue purchases can be made through or by contacting the office. Copyright BizMedia Inc. 2013. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.

The Gale-Rew Team Ken Gale

Brad Rew

Well known and well respected in the industry, Ken has the knowledge to build any custom home no matter how high your expectations. He will develop the best plan of action and insure that your project is completed on time, on budget and meets his standard of quality.

Not only does he work side by side with each of our custom home clients, Brad also works with every employee, sub-contractor, and supplier to ensure that everything is in place to have an effective and positive build.

Kevin Lehman

Paul Govorukhin

Excellence is what makes Kevin so valuable to the Gale-Rew team. If you are in need of a remodel or an addition, Kevin is who you want on the job. His past clients number in the hundreds and any of them will tell you “just call Kevin!”

Extremely hard working and experienced, Paul is a great manager of Gale-Rew’s custom homes. When Paul is on the project nothing gets dropped. He is always doing whatever it takes to make you happy from start to finish.

Reed Kinney

Howard Rew

Editor in Chief of the Showcase Magazine and Head of Marketing at Gale-Rew, Reed is always looking for new ways to communicate with potential clients. His media abilities are also utilized to create 3D renderings of client’s custom homes designs.

The man behind the scenes - Howard is who Gale-Rew has to thank for clear contracts, effective forms for our clients, and a smooth running company. Howard does not accept anything less then complete, clear, and compliant from all of our projects & employees.

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whatever your we take your ideas from concept to completion.

We work with a wide variety of clients. Whether you are building an entire development, or simply giving that hall bathroom a much-needed face lift, you’re in good hands at Susan Thorsen Interiors. 5510 W. Clearwater Ave, Ste. 3 | Kennewick, WA | (509) 736-6459 | SUSANThORSENINTERIORS.COM

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Fixture-Consoodated3_Dec2011.pdf 1 2/11/2013 11:12:31 AM

Versatility and Flexibility limitless number of high-style design combinations. Each piece is unique in style, yet coordinates beautifully with every other piece for a completely integrated bathroom look. And since it’s a modular system, it all fits and functions together seamlessly. Kennewick 621 N. Kellogg 509-783-9340

Boise 777 N. Five Mile Rd. 208-322-5511

Portland 7337 SW Kable Ln. 503-620-7050


Seattle 8221 N. Greenwood Ave. 206-632-4488 T H E F I X T UR E G AL L E RY.CO M

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Spring 2013 | 11

Choosing a rooong contractor is a critical decision. Why take risks? As specialists in rooong with extensive experience and knowledge, our goal is to give you the very best rooong products, systems and technical support in the industry. With our eet of specialized equipment we can get your rooong solutions “Right the First Time.� Our qualiied staff of experienced rooong professionals and logistic resources allows for superior service. We have developed solid relationships with rooong manufacturers and suppliers allowing us to have total control of your order from start to nish thus minimizing lead times and increasing the effciency of your project.

When getting estimates on a full reroof, remember to ask what kind of support the manufacturer has for the installer. A good roofer is certiied and will have an excellent support system from the manufacturer if ever there is a problem!

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.. .... ....... The 670 panels of glass for the Richland Library were provided installed by Perfection Glass, most trusted glass dealer in community .

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new and the the

It was our pleasure to have Gale-Rew Construction build our custom home for our family. They assisted in everything including helping us in finding the perfect lot in an area where we didn’t initially think we could afford it. From there, they made it very easy by explaining the process to us step by step. This was especially important being this was our 1st time having a home built. All of the sub-contractors were absolutely wonderful to work with; experienced and extremely skilled in their trades. It was obvious, in talking to them and seeing their excellent work and attention to detail, that each sub-contractor had been hand-picked by Gale-Rew due to their experience and long history of turning out a product that is second to none. I really enjoyed that they took the time to show us several more options that we hadn’t been aware of, in order to help us improve our initial plans. The employees at Gale-Rew are very much in tune with the latest designs, products and technologies, in addition to the building codes and inspection processes. They took their time in explaining every detail to us throughout the construction process, often around our busy schedule. We would highly recommend Gale-Rew Construction to any of our friends or family, and would gladly use them again in the future. -Roman and Sheryl Trujillo

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The Trujillo Family Custom Home

Spring 2013 | 15

The Jacobs Family Custom Home

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Two key qualities stood out that helped us choose our builder: integrity and quality. We wanted contractors who were honest in dealing with you and in their business, while at the same time have high standards of work, and who generate a quality product. We were obviously concerned about costs and time frames. Gale-Rew Construction easily filled these criteria, and we have not been disappointed with the results. With our building lot and house plans finally in hand, we quickly found out that building a house is really about decisions, and then more decisions with each one having its own consequences, some more apparent than others. In the early stages of planning, Brad Rew carefully led us through this initial maze of choices, always providing information that we needed to move forward, facilitating our interactions with the multitude of subcontractors, and bridging our ideas and thoughts into practicality. At times it felt overwhelming, but we couldn’t imagine what it would have been like without his guidance. Once we agreed on a budget, construction started soon afterward, and that is when we finally started to see our decisions take shape. Paul Govorukhin was our primary project manager, and his personal expertise in working with the subcontractors was apparent from the beginning. Thus began several months of more decisions, and an almost daily interaction between us, Paul, and the subcontractors as they worked through construction. This interaction was key, with Paul facilitating whatever was best for us and what we wanted for the house, making sure that the right subcontractors were there to accomplish what needed to be done . There were obviously modifications, scheduling bumps, and other interesting issues that have come up along the way, but by having a strong relationship with our general contractor, there was never any doubt that the work would be completed as we wanted in a quality manner. Paul kept us up to date on the schedule, upcoming decisions, and importantly any issues that arose that he felt needed our input. We had the ability to continually visit the worksite, and we were always impressed by the skill and craftsmanship of the subcontractors that were chosen to work on our house. The experience of building our house with Gale-Rew has been incredibly positive for our family, and as our house is nearly completed, it has exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Gale-Rew to anyone who is thinking about building or remodeling their home. -The Jacobs family

Spring 2013 | 17

The kitchen looks out to a spacious great room with dramatic pine ceilings.

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Spring 2013 | 19

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Spring 2013 | 21

This entryway floor design was created from different species of wood, stained in place. 12’ high ceilings and an open floor plan make this an inviting space for friends and family.

The Umek Family Custom Home 22 |

Spring 2013 | 23

This master suite has a gorgeous bathroom and painting studio that offers a scenic view.

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Excerpts from “Nurse Amy” Alton’s “Container Gardening, Part 1”

Someone asked me recently why there is so much discussion about container and raised bed gardening. Why doesn’t everyone just plant seeds in the ground like they did in the old days? Well my answer was simple: People didn’t start communities in areas with poor soil back then. The settlers would make decisions on soil quality just as they made decisions on the availability of fresh water.

Unfortunately, in today’s world there are many communities that exist where the soil is not conducive to growing crops. Many of us now live in urban centers where space is limited. Additionally, many areas with poor soil that were previously sparsely populated, such as South Florida, have seen an influx of people because of advancements in climate control. Raised bed and container gardening is a great solu-

tion for those in the above circumstances that want to grow food. The learning curve for container gardening, or any gardening for that matter, is steep. So, just like getting your body in good shape, it’s important to get that garden in good shape. In this way, the mishaps that will likely occur will be lessons already learned. The word “mishap” does not imply that you necessarily made those mistakes due to ignorance or negligence. There are many unforeseen natural issues that can ruin your food production. Too much or too little rain, storms, plant disease, and pests are just a few that come to mind. The first step in growing a vegetable garden is planning. Learn what grow zone you live in: Each area of our country is divided into zones, and almost all vegetables have a better likelihood of a successful harvest if grown within the correct zones. A helpful website to find that information is This is a critical step when planning what vegetables you would like to grow. If you want to grow bananas, I would suggest not trying to do it in Montana. The ideal pH for growing most vegetables is pH 5.8-7.0. Container or raised bed gardening gives you the ability to control soil conditions so that you will get the best yield for your efforts. Other benefits of these gardening methods include: initial

control of soil additives (also called “amendments”) like organic fertilizer and compost, better drainage, control of water, and finally, less weed problems. Food production in containers or raised beds has been shown in studies to be 2-4 times as much per square foot when compared to ordinary garden beds. The next step is choosing your type of gardening and obtaining the supplies. There are so many choices for container gardening, and you are only limited by your imagination. Containers which do not have to be moved around should be as large as your growing area will fit, which provides that root systems lots of extra room for growth. The most important component of a container is drainage. Drill several ¼ inch holes into the bottom and sides of your containers for drainage, if possible. If your rainfall is

Spring 2013 | 25

heavy, watch for overly saturated soil and drill additional ¼ inch holes until adequate drainage is obtained. Muddy soil or standing water left in a container will kill non-aquatic plants. It’s important to understand that good soil has beneficial living organisms that help you maintain a healthy environment, and they need oxygen to survive. Next fill up your containers with a mix of quality gardening soil, peat moss or coconut coir, and compost. Here is a step by step formula for my container soil: -Begin with 1 brick of coconut coir, put this into a large container and begin adding water. It will start to break down as you add more water. It takes an incredible amount of water to turn it into a fluffy consistency so you don’t give up, just keep adding more water until it is all broken up. -Then add 1 bag of ORGANIC garden soil. Mix well. -Fill ½ of a 5 gallon bucket with pine straw. This provides some air pockets for proper drainage. -Add as much compost (cow manure, etc.) as the container will hold and mix it all up. Now you have the basic mix for any container. -Next, mix in natural amendments such as worm castings (excrement) and/or green sand (groundup marine sediment). You can add this in liberally; it won’t hurt or burn the plants like “chemical” fertilizers. This will add micronutrients and make your soil more fertile. Remember, your primary focus is feeding the beneficial soil organisms (like mycorhhizae fungi), which, in turn, feed the root system. Depending on the plant’s pH requirement, you can “drop” the pH with azalea organic 26 |

soil acidifier; a little or a lot may be needed, depending on the plant’s optimal pH range. Do not add anything to the bottom of the container, it is a myth that rocks or gravel in the bottom of a container help with drainage. The truth is that those fillers may actually hinder water movement. Fill up the container to ¾ full with your amended soil. In this manner, when it rains you won’t have water splashing out of the container or flowing over the edges. -Now, add and mix in a balanced organic fertilizer to the top 6 inches of soil. It will “step” down over time, so don’t worry about it getting to the bottom of the container. This will add the “macro” nutrients, N-P-K: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium that all plants need. Here is a description of N-P-K and the function of each component: N= Nitrogen is essential to proper functioning of plant metabolism. It increases the protein content of food crops and is needed by most leafy vegetables, foliage plants and grass. Nitrogen gives plants their dork color and helps the growth of leaves and stems. P- phosphorus is the most impor-

tant nutrient in root formation, creating good fibrous root stems. It encourages blooming and seed formation, helps plants resist disease and increases the vitamin content of plants, lettuce, potatoes, and carrots, for example, require good reserves of phosphorus. K= Potassium (potash) stimulates flowering and makes fruit tastier by converting sunshine into starches and sugars. Tomatoes, strawberries, beans, peas, and other flowering plants require especially high levels of potash. In addition to these macronutrients, also add some soil amendments with “micro” nutrients like boron (B), copper (CU), iron (Fe), chloride (CI), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), and zinc (Zn). Macronutrients are generally less available in very low pH soil and micronutrients are less available in a soil that naturally has a high pH level. If you’re working with soil that you suspect has few beneficial organisms, you can obtain them commercially. For example, blends of Mycorrhizae fungi can be found online or in local (continued on next page)

nurseries. These organisms attach to the root system in a symbiotic relationship (they help each other). The roots “feed” the fungi carbohydrates and, in return, the Mycorrhizae “feed” the roots water and nutrients that the roots ordinarily could not reach. As an additional benefit, the Mycorrhizae also compete for the nutrients with “harmful” microorganisms, keeping your plant healthier. Another helpful soil amendment in Humic Acid. Humic acid is broken down organic matter that “stores” the water and nutrients and prevents leaching during heavy rainfall. Mycorrhizae and humid acid work together to help the plant become: 1. More drought tolerant 2. Less watering dependent 3. Healthier 4. More disease resistant After doing all this, and I admit it’s a lot to do, you will have the healthiest soil possible to get the container and raised bed garden growing. In our next article, we’ll talk about planting seeds efficiently, weed and pest control, optimal watering strategies, and the benefits of growing heirloom crops versus genetically modified hybrids. Printed with permission: Survivalist Magazine.

CAMERON BURCH Financial Advisor 8203 W QUINAULT AVE. BLDG.C SUITE 101 KENNEWICK, WA 99336 509-737-1698 ext. 119

Spring 2013 | 27

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Spring 2013 | 29

For the past seven years we dreamed of “someday” enlarging our master bathroom shower. In the spring of 2012 we spent three weeks in Spain where we admired all the beautiful tile especially in the bathrooms. Within weeks of returning from this trip Lori fell and broke her foot. She was in a cast for three months and on a knee scooter for a total of four months. The three-inch entry ledge to our existing shower might as well have been three-feet. We attended the Fall Builder’s Show for the sole purpose of identifying a company to help us reconfigure our space and build our dream bathroom. We were very impressed with the Gale-Rew team that day and the next week Paul Govorukhin met with us to assess our wants and needs. By “thinking outside the box” Paul totally redesigned our space and executed a beautiful master bathroom using new technology that enabled us to fulfill all our wants and needs. We now enjoy a fabulous shower with zero clearance entry and no doors. The craftsmanship is wonderful and it was truly a great experience to work with Paul and his crew. -Fred & Lori Lieske

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Bathroom Remodel

Popular in Europe, Zero Scape Showers are gaining regognition in the U.S.A. These floors feature no threasholds and are much more resistant to water penetration than traditional shower pans.

Spring 2013 | 31


509-375-1960 -



Visit our showroom at 1944 Saint St. in North Richland!

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Thoughtful Designs - Wiring with you in Mind Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Agriculture - Home Automation - Lighting Retroot - Parking Lot lighting - Service

Brashear Electric, Inc. is now your Lutron Radio Ra 2 certiied home automation lighting control dealer and installer. Helping you save energy, increase security and improve your way of life. 1977

CALL US: (509) 783-1001 Spring 2013 | 33






24mo 99


All offers require a 24-month Agreement and credit qualification. Monthly DVR and receiver fees apply with Hopper system.

Promotional prices include Online Bonus credit, which requires AutoPay with Paperless Billing and online redemption at no later than 45 days from service activation. Promotional offers require activation of new qualifying DISH service with 24-month agreement and credit qualification. Cancellation fee of $20/month remaining applies if service is terminated before end of agreement. All equipment is leased and must be returned to DISH upon cancellation or unreturned equipment fees apply. Upfront and additional monthly fees may apply. Some Hopper with Sling features require compatible mobile device. All prices, packages, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice. Offers available for new and qualified former customers, and subject to terms of applicable Promotional and Residential Customer agreements. State reimbursement charges may apply. Additional restrictions may apply. Offers end 5/21/13.

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Spring 2013 | 35

Custom Homes: With a cost plus approach and open book policy their clients feel very comfortable and in control. This type of interaction between builder and client will lead to more work for both parties. However their work will result in having a dream home built for the price they want.

Remodels: Last year Gale-Rew completed almost 100 remodels. Each clients project presents a different challenge. Remodels are complex and contain many unknows. You will want a builder who is capable of not only providing an accurate schedule and estimates before the work starts, but actually following through with it.

Additions: When you love your location but need more space, additions are the perfect option. Gale-Rew specializes in handling any kind of addition you may need. With a reputation for being clean, professional, skilled and very competitive, you will be hard pressed to find an addition that has an unhappy Gale-Rew client in it.

Restoration: When misfourtune strikes and you are in need of restoration, Gale-Rew is the company to call. Damage that results from any element can be quickly and professionally remediated. Experienced in dealing with appraisers and insurance adjusters they can get the work started quickly.

Tenant improvement: If your a business owner that is in need of repair, replacement or improvement, Gale-Rew is available. They understand that you are looking for a quick and competitive solution to ensure your business is not negatively impacted. 36 |

Tri-City Showcase Magazine