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art | Bob Klinar photo | Matt Lewis

Dear Class of 2013: As you prepare to leave Roosevelt High School, which has served as your “home-awayfrom-home” for the last four years, the important thing to remember is not to be bitter over life’s disappointments. Learn to let go of the past, and recognize that every day won’t be sunny. And when you find yourself lost in the darkness of despair, remember, it’s only in the black of night that you see the stars, and those stars lead you back home. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you’ll get everything you wish for. Maybe you’ll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination. I will MISS YOU ALL terribly, but know in my heart you will better our world with what you have to offer. Bob Klinar Your Unworthy Principal

Super Senior 2013


GOODBYE TO SENIORS Nancy Bubenzer, Guidance Counselor


my cherished class of 2013! It’s finally here! You and I are leaving RHS to begin a new future! You are a very special my cherished class of 2013! It’s finally here! You and I are leaving RHS to begin a new future! You are a ver y special To class to me for we leave these halls of Roosevelt TOGETHER and I can’t think of a finer class to end my career as a class to me for we leave these halls of Roosevelt TOGETHER and I can’t think of a finer class to end my career as a school school counselor than with all of you... counselor than with all of you...

I have had the wonderful good fortune to ser ve as your school counselor these last four years! You are a ver y special and talented class: artistically, athletically and academically! My life is better for having had the opportunity to get to know each and ever y one of you as we have scheduled classes together (for some of you...multiple, multiple, multiple times!), laughed, cried, figured out problems, planned for the future and just continued to grow up TOGETHER!!! Thank you for all the wonderful memories...for the love that you have shown each other and me! Thank you for getting involved, having a voice, sharing your compassion, opening dialogue and making things happen at RHS in only the way that each and ever y one of you know how : THE ROOSEVELT WAY!!! Our school is a better place because of you!!! I was so lucky to have you as a class!!! As you go for ward into the future, my hope is that each of you: May always be blessed with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, So that you will live deep in your heart. May you be blessed with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people and the earth, So that you will work for justice, equality, and peace. May you be blessed with tears shed for those who suffer, So you will reach out your hands to comfort them and change their pain to joy. May you always be blessed with the foolishness to think that you can make a difference in the world, So you will do the things, which others say cannot be done! -Unknown author On June 2, 2013, hug, smile, laugh, cry and be as proud of yourself and each other as I am so proud of each of you. Your class will always hold a

Randy Kline, Guidance Counselor special place in my heart forever! A bright future lies just ahead for all of you! With love and peace, Nancy Bubenzer

Jeff Harr, Teacher My Dearest S eniors, In the big scheme of things, all we have is time, and I am proud that I spent some time of mine with you. Keep writing, keep reading, keep carrying the fire, keep alive your ever y potential happiness (as well as the joy of a nice a s y n d e t o n ) . Yo u t r u l y d e s e r v e i t . To b e o r n o t t o b e i s n o t the question for you—you already ARE. The best. Good fortune to you, always. M r. H a r r

Super Senior 2013


FACULT Y SAYS photos | Maddie Otterdaughter and Matt Lewis

Jack Fi s h e r, Te a c her Dear Class of 2013,

We have seen some great classes come and go the past few years. In the 1990’s we had what I would call a “golden age” of great groups of kids. To me, it seems we are seeing that kind of trend again in the 2010’s. Your class has achieved and experienced so much in the last four years, particularly this past year. You have created the triumphal and suffered the tragic. You have scaled the heights of achievements in academics, athletics, the arts and community service. You have endured the loss of loved ones inside and outside the Roosevelt family. You have had a glimpse of what life has to offer. You have tried to press on in the Rider Way. More than any of your numerous accomplishments, we will miss your faces, your smiles, your hearts and spirit. Those are the gifts you gave to us that will always endure in our memories and be treasured in our hearts. God Bless the Class of 2013

K r i s t i n V l a j k o v i c h , Te a c h e r Congratulations Class of 2013! It has been a pleasure getting to know so many of you over the last few years. Thank you for making me feel like such an important part of this amazing school and community ; Roosevelt is truly a special place. I appreciate the kindness, compassion and respect you always showed me in and out of the classroom. Good luck to all of you! Mrs. Vlajkovich

Super Senior 2013


GOODBYE TO SENIORS Brian Bachtel, Career-Technical Director

Seniors, in a few weeks you will receive your diploma and leave Theodore Roosevelt High School. I know you are basking in the satisfaction of having almost completed high school. As you graduate, I can promise you that there will be new challenges in your life. In all likelihood, your journey will become more difficult in many ways. You are leaving a special place where nothing about you was ever taken for granted; where you were valued and nurtured by a community of teachers, staff and administrators bonded together to prepare you for your future. You will find that outside of our walls, the world is not always as generous, nor is life as predictable. Nonetheless, I have every confidence that just as you have overcome numerous hurdles to get to this point, you will find your way through the challenges that you will encounter in the months and years ahead because of the preparation you received here. Go forth and do great things! Mr. Bachtel

Katherine Looney, Teacher

It has been an honor, a privilege and blessing to have been a teacher to some of you and also to be a part of your daily lives at Roosevelt for the last four years. However, before graduating, I would like to share the following words of wisdom: Live your life on purpose. Do not settle to have a mediocre life. Be bold and fearless! Chase your dreams. Do not be afraid to try/attempt a new task/ things. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Experience gives you confidence. But, you do not get experience unless you step out and try new things which you have never experienced before. YOUR UNIQUENESS IS YOUR NICHE. Do not be afraid to be different. Build your life around your uniqueness. Discover your distinction. Find and do what you LOVE as if the paycheck was the same for every occupation. Feelings and emotions do not have brains. Before making an important decision or before speaking; wait, calm down, take time to sort out the situation. Then, act. Wake up each morning determined to do all the good you can whenever you can. Forgive. And remember! You are PRICELESS! YOUR LIFE MATTERS! My dear Rough Riders, the foundation has been laid during every year of school by the awesome teachers of the Kent City School District. You are well prepared. ¡Olé, Class of 2013 of “The Best High School of the State of Ohio” “The Theodore Roosevelt High School!” God Bless You! I will miss you! With love, Sra. Looney

Super Senior 2013


RE T IR ING T EACH E R S photos | Maddie Otterdaughter and Matt Lewis


he end of a school year is almost always coupled with the conclusion of a handful of teachers’ careers. This year is not an exception, and the time has come for retiring teachers to bid a fond farewell to the district they have impacted so profoundly.

Interview with Mike McClure by Kyra Walker TC: Why did you want to be a teacher? people. MM: I love the subject matter and other I won’t miss the 48 minute bell. people told me multiple times I would be good at this. Also you just know. TC: Any travel plans? MM: Yes, go on vacation with my TC: What will you do with your free sister some time in the fall but not time? sure where yet. MM: I work for Cutler Real Estate so I won’t have that much free time. I hope to TC: How would you better the edget back into photography and do some ucation system? of my own work. Also I would really like MM: Give autonomy to local to do an Ohio calendar with a different schools. Get the state uninvolved picture each week. and have it so school officials are trusted. I would get rid of stanTC: What will you miss about working dards that the states set. Right now at Roosevelt? the education system is a “politiMM: The only thing I will miss are the cal, red tape nightmare.”

Joe Paoloni To my Roosevelt Friends: I would like to thank every student and teacher here at Roosevelt for allowing me to be a part of the overall growth of the Kent City School system within the last nine years. Having held a rather diverse roll in my association with the Kent system, from a student to a Board Member and finally, teacher, the journey has been very interesting, to say the least. Understanding the workings of the school system, from a board member’s perspective and then to see and better understand how the system works, from a teacher’s perspective has been truly educational. Through the viewpoint of a board member, I knew we had a great teaching staff and excellent schools. What I didn’t understand, like most people, is how truly genuine our staff is and what incredible schools we have here in Kent. I would like to thank each and every staff member that I have been associated with here at Roosevelt for your assistance, insight, and guidance. I would also like to thank the administration for all the equipment that I was blessed to be able to use in my instruction with students every day. Thanks again Kent City Schools.

Super Senior 2013


B ID FAR E W EL L Cindy DeMarco

I thought I’d follow the 2013 Senior Class Tradition of leaving a last will and testament to all of you. I treasure and know how blessed I am to be a part of such a vital, vibrant professional family. Vital to me and my family for the education of my children, my livelihood and such a dynamic outlet for my creativity and personal growth. But my memories focus mainly on the laughter and friendships, the opportunities and satisfaction that we shared. To the Golden Department, I leave the podium to Mr. Fisher, the Leadership Retreat responsibilities to Mrs. Dreher-Rodesheim, Government and Economics to Puhalla and Marchmon-Boykin, and World History to whoever replaces me. In parting I want to share a poem written in my high school yearbook that comes straight from my heart and applies to each and every one of you in my life. Be kind to each other and remember: Once a Rough Rider, always a Rough Rider. A Part of You, A Part of Me by Larry S. Chenagges: Every moment that we are together, what I learn from you, I am learning something, what I understand about myself through you, and that knowledge becomes a part of me and what I learn about my feelings in the Though my feelings will be different dynamics of our relationship. a year from now, or ten years from now, part of the difference is you. I do not worry about our future together since we have already touched each other Because of you, and affected each other’s lives on so many levI am a different person, els, and the person I will grow to become, that we can never be totally removed from each with or without you by my side, other’s thoughts. will have gotten there partly because of you. If you were not in my life right now, I could not A part of me will always be you, be who I am right now, and a part of you will always be me. nor would I be growing in exactly the same way. That much is certain, no matter what else happens. Much of what I grow toward, and change within myself, has to do with what I respond to in you,

Jack Amrhein I don’t know how many people can say that they love coming to work every day, but I can. There are three reasons for this: the students, the staff and the administration. Roosevelt is a great place to work and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked here. I will miss everyone greatly. Mr. Amrhein

Super Senior 2013


TOP TEN FOR photos | Maddie Otterdaughter and LifeTouch

Sarah Mikati Valedictorian

Raquel Wiggins Co-Salutatorian

Super Senior 2013

Maggie Church Co-Salutatorian

Ryan Adamek



Aly Flower

Andrea Krebs

Vatsala Kumar

Ethan Long

Emily Mattern

Alex Vavra

Super Senior 2013



Belmont Abbey College

Brennan Beyner - Business Management

University of Central Florida Andrea Krebs

Georgia Perimeter College Donnie Mani - Teaching and Education

University of Kentucky Taylor Elder - Sports Psychology

Manhattan College (NY)

Dean Habeeb - Electrical Engineering

Marshall University (WV) Emily Jarvie - Elementary Education

Niagara University (NY) Coletun Long- Political Science

NW Kentucky University

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) Maider Cara - Int’l Relations and Law

OHIO University of Akron

Dylan - Education Noah Johnson - Psychology Mario Beverly - Computer Science Northwestern University (IL) Engineering Vatsala Kumar - Dance/Secondary Education Baily Cole - Early Childhood Education Penn State University Nick D’Angelo Erin Gray - Mathematics Brendan Daniels - Smith University of Pittsburgh Zach Freeman - Business Maggie Church Briana G. Ringling College of Art & Andrew Hammond - Business Administration Design (FL) Isaiah Houde - Business AdminisSarah Preussler - Game Design tration Brooke Kemp - Nutrition and Rowan Technical (KY) Dietics Randi Wortman - Motorsports Tech Ethan Long - Electrical/Computer University of Vermont Engineering James Strange - Mechanical Engineering Clay Meikle - Construction Technologies

Super Senior 2013

Tyler Monaco - Civil Engineering Kiersten Pasket - Culinary Arts Columbus College of Courtney Prater - Sales ManageArt & Design ment Kevin Schreckengost - Fire Science Tanner Dionne - Film Joe Tuck - Electrical Engineering Fortis College Baldwin Wallace Uni- Jordyn Groves - Criminal Justice


Kelly - Education Bryon Cook - Pre-Engineering Physics

Bowling Green State University

Heidelberg University Caiti Overholt - Health Science

Hiram College

Brandon Gros - Physical Therapy Corey Mitchell - Mathematics

Kent Stark

Clay Magilavy - Music Technology Adam Novy - Computer Science Caleb Pritt - Electronic Media Luke Schmidt - Vocal Performance Danny von Speigel - Accounting Production Kent State University Lake Thomas - Business Brown Mackie College Austin Mel: Massage Therapy Edjalymar Burgos - Vet Tech Alan Ahart - Accounting Central State Univer- Johnny Ahn - Horticulture Brooke Baughman - Exercise sity Science Eboni - Biology DJ Best - Psychology Cleveland State Uni- Brad Beyner Evan Boggs - Accounting Khrysversity tian Bridgewater - Nursing Jordan Parks - Nursing











GOING NEXT YEAR? Samantha Brook - Child Psychology Meghan Byerly - Chilhood Education Tyler Carlton Brittany Carruthers: Secondary Education Delaney Clements - Integrated Language Arts Erin Cline - Photojournalism Sam Cowels - Accounting Janel England Sydney Evans - Early Childhood Education Hannah Flannery - Advertising Aly Flower - Speech Pathology Austin Gembar Tabitha Giles - Nursing Elijah Gillium - Space Engineering Lazarus Gray - Nursing Sean Grotegood - Pre-med Rosie Haren - Public Relations Kayla Henry Brandon Klembus - Accounting Alex Ledet - Photojournalism Kristopher Lewis Jessica Lockhart - Nutrition Luke M. - Business Management Katie Marcinkiewicz - - Education Renee Mateja - Psychology Leah Mattingly - Fine Arts Thai McLoughlin - Biology Brian Merriman - Music Technology Allie Montgomery - Mathematics Krishna Patel - Computer Science India Pringle - Vocal Performance Jason Reeves - Managerial Marketing Owen Rinear Zeke Ryan - Criminal Justice Devonte Robinson - Criminology and Deviance Andy Shaffer - Mild to moderate metoeia specialist Dwyte Smiley - Architecture Ashley Smith - Photography/Art Jessica Stevens - Public Health Kaishawn Thomas - Musical Theater Trei Thomas - Sports Management Jason Toney - Urban Forestry Adam Trand Brandon Waller - Music Education Brendan Watroba - History Rachel Weigel Dylan Welles - Electronic Media Production Katie Welles - Journalism

Malone University

Brittany McCue - Zoo and Biology Education

Eva Toppen Raquel Wiggins - Political Science

University of Mount Union Aaron Miller - Nursing


Kirsten Roland - Pre-Vet

Ohio University

Libby Bradford - Journalism Annie Church - Business Audrey Coyne - Photojournalism Mackenzie Gurley - Psychology Athen Murray Domenica Wright - Nursing

Ohio State University

Kole - Archaeology Lexi Lowe Sarah Mikati - Journalism and Int’l Relations Courtney Olesh - Business Michael Ruller - Computer Engineering Connor Thomas Gordon Wall

Otterbein Maddie Hill

Rio Grande

Marietta College

Nate Goodhart - Fine Woodworking

Miami of Ohio

Taylor LeMaster - Accounting TJ Slates - Automotive Tech

Zak Janus - Petroleum Engineering Noah Kerns - Engineering

Stark State

Stark Tech

Brett Mussellman - Construction/ Electrical

Ursuline College

Anika Aberegg - Secondary Education

College of Wooster

Emily Patterson - Neuroscience

Xavier University

Kalyn Vick - Communications

Youngstown State/NEOMED Emily Mattern - BS/MD


Tomas Bartels - Army Evan Boggs - Marine Corps Tyler Gallagher - Navy Brandon Klembus - Marine Corps Kristopher Lewis - Airforce/Navy Science dept Cory Moodie - Army Kiara Morales - Airforce Kyle Quintrell - Army Zeke Ryan - National Guard Jason Toney - Army

Super Senior 2013



photos | Maddie Otterdaughter

Maggie Church TC : Have you change d s i nc e you st ar te d h i g h s cho ol ? How? MC : Ye s . I t h in k I’ve l e ar ne d a l ot more to just b e mys el f. Whe n I c ame i n I was re a l ly af r ai d of e ve r yone and now I just don’t c are. I c an b e my s el f now. TC : What w as you r f avor ite ye ar of h i g h s cho ol and w hy? MC : T h is ye ar. I ge t t he mo st f re e d om . I d on’t k now, I r u le t he s cho ol. A lt houg h, ju n i or ye ar w as n i c e b e c aus e you got to ge t to k now b ot h t he s ophomores and t he s eniors . R ig ht now I don’t k now any of t he unde rcl assme n. That’s re a l ly my f au lt. TC : What is you r b e st me mor y at R H S ? MC : E x p e d, s ophomore ye ar, we we nt h i k i ng in t he mount ains and it was just b e aut if u l and s o mu ch f u n . TC : Is t he re anyone w ho has help e d you s i g nif ic ant ly dur ing your hig h s cho ol c are e r ? MC : I’ve ha d a l ot of go o d te a che rs , e sp e c i a l ly t he E xp e d te achers li ke B arlow and Fore man . T he y just b as i c a l ly t au g ht me to lo ok at e ver yt hing dif ferent ly. A ls o, Mr. Mc C lu re, just su ch a go o d rol e mo del and s o w is e. He has litt le pie ces of a dv ic e t hat just a lw ay s br i g hte n my d ay. I don’t k now, t he re are l ots of te ache rs t hat have help e d me. TC : Futu re pl ans ? MC : Ye s , I w i l l b e goi ng to t he Un ive rs it y of Pittsburg h, and I’m unde cide d but it w i l l prob ably b e s ome t h i ng mat h or s c i e nc e -y.

Sarah Mikati T C : Wh at d o e s Ke nt R o o s e v e lt m e a n t o y ou ? SM : I g re w up t h e m o s t i n h i g h s c h o o l ; R o o s e v e lt i s w h e re I f ou n d my self. T C : Wh at a re y ou r p l a n s f or t h e f ut u re ? SM : I’ l l b e i n t h e Hon or s P ro g r a m at O h i o St at e d ou b l e m aj or i n g i n j ou r n a l i s m a n d i nt e r n at i on a l re l at i on s a n d d ou b l e m i n or i n g i n Fre n c h a n d s o c i o l o g y. T C : How w i l l R o o s e v e lt i n f lu e n c e y ou i n t h e f ut u re ? SM : In E x p e d I d e v e l op e d a l ot of w r it i n g a n d c r it i c a l t h i n k i n g s k i l l s . I a l s o l e a r n e d h ow t o pi c k a n d c h o o s e f r i e n d s w h i c h I t h i n k i s a k e y t o success. T C : Wou l d y ou d o a ny t h i n g d i f f e re nt l y i f y ou c ou l d ? SM : I d on’t b e l i e v e i n re - d oi n g t h i n g s . Wh at I’v e d on e h a s m a d e m e w h o I a m a n d I c ou l d n’t i m a g i n e c h a n g i n g a ny t h i n g .

Super Senior 2013



Interviews by LaTessa Gray, Alex Ledet, Matt Lewis and Marc Blanc

Wyatt Young TC: What is a life lesson you have learned in high school? W Y: D o n’ t p l a y w i t h l i v e A / C . TC: How has high school changed you as a person? W Y: I t ’s m a d e m e m o r e o p e n t o p e o p l e a n d g e t t i n g s o cial with them. TC: What are you planning on doing after high school? W Y: G o i n g t o c o l l e g e a n d t a k i n g a c l a s s t h a t m i x e s a r t with electronics. TC: Which teacher has had the biggest impact on you throughout high school? W Y: I f I w o u l d h a v e t o c h o o s e o n e , I w o u l d s a y M r s . At k i n s .

Alan Ahart

TC: Are there any lessons you have learned in high school that you will carr y through your entire life? A A : Ye s . I ’v e l e a r n e d t h a t y o u h a v e t o d o y o u r o w n t h i n g a n d d o n’t f o l l o w o t h e r p e o p l e , e v e n i f t h e y ’r e f r i e n d s . D o w h a t y o u n e e d t o t o b e t t e r y o u r s e l f . TC: Think back to your f reshman s elf. How have you changed since then? A A : I ’v e c h a n g e d v e r y m u c h . A s a f r e s h m a n I m a d e s o m e s t u p i d d e c i s i o n s . I ’m s o m u c h m o r e m a t u r e n o w. N o w p e o p l e a l w a y s a s k m e h o w o l d I a m . T h e y t h i n k I ’m 2 1 , n o t 1 8 . TC: Are there any teachers who have impacted you in a profound way? A A : M r. D u n l a p , m y b u s i n e s s m a n a g e m e n t a n d a c c o u n t i n g t e a c h e r, a l w a y s p u s h e d m e to do more t han I t houg ht I cou ld do. He re a l ly made me re a lize t hat account ing and business management is w hat I want to go in to. He was a ls o my b asketb a l l co ach and he showed the team how young men should be. C oach Callaway also shaped us into the young men we should be. T C : W h a t i s t h e f i r s t t h i n g y o u ’r e g o i n g t o d o a s a h i g h s c h o o l g r a d u a t e ? A A : [ l a u g h s ] I h a v e n’t r e a l l y t h o u g h t a b o u t i t . T h i s s u m m e r, o n c e w e’r e d o n e , I w a n t t o hang out and relax and enjoy this last little stretch with the people who may not be in my life in a few weeks. TC: What are your long-term goals (10-15 years)? A A : I n 1 0 - 1 5 y e a r s I s e e m y s e l f b e i n g a n a c c o u n t a n t ; i t ’s m y p a s s i o n a n d w h a t I w a n t to do. I want to b e an account ant for s e vera l sma l l business es or a l arge business and manage their taxes.

TC: Is there a fellow student w ho has had a major impac t on you thes e past four years? How has/have he/she/the y impac ted you? A A : Ye a h , b u t t h e y ’r e n o t n e c e s s a r i l y g o o d t h i n g s . F i n d i n g o u t Ry a n [ A n d e r s o n ] h a d b o n e c a n c e r a n d t h e r e c e n t p a s s i n g o f D e v o n [ C o n w e l l ] s h o w e d m e t h a t y o u c a n n e v e r r e a l l y t a k e a n y t h i n g f o r g r a n t e d , a n d t h a t ’s s o m e t h i n g I t h i n k s t u d e n t s d o r i g h t n o w ; t h e y d o n’t t h i n k a n y t h i n g c a n h a p p e n t o t h e m . I e v e n f o u n d m y s e l f d o i n g t h a t b u t a f t e r t h o s e e v e n t s I o p e n e d m y e y e s a n d s a w t h e t h i n g s I w a s b l e s s e d w i t h i n m y l i f e a n d t h a t t h o s e t h i n g s m a y n o t b e t h e r e s o m e d a y.

Super Senior 2013



photos | Maddie Otterdaughter “I had a shirt that I thought looked like a McDonald’s uniform, so I told everyone that I got a job there and they all believed me. I thought I was the coolest kid because I had a fake job at McDonald’s.” –Mikayla Urban, Longcoy

“During recess going into the bathroom with some friends and turning out the lights and trying to play Bloody Mary.” –Brittany McCue, Longcoy

“Putting tape on people’s chairs with Trei Thomas and Brandon Gros.” –Caitlin Overholt “I pranked my 5th grade teacher Mr. Biggins with a whoopee cushion. While he was getting out getting coffee I placed it on his chair. It was successful.” –Ryan Morehead, Holden

“Being too short to reach the monkey bars and my friends had to lift me up to play on them.” – Alex Latina, Franklin

“Putting ‘warm fuzzies’ in everyone’s

“Letter people in kindergarten. The 5th grade 7-11 party.”

envelopes around Valentine’s Day to

–Luke Schmidt, Franklin

make people happy. Or just to pass secret notes back and forth, as long as the notes weren’t ‘cold pricklies.’” –Aly Flower, St. Patrick’s

“Our Niagara Falls hotel balcony food fights. Even though we got in trouble, it was worth it.” –Megan Nicholls, St. Patrick’s

“Dylan Wells was my only friend. Thanks for taking one for the team, Dylan.” –Tanner Dionne

“Singing Spice Girls with Audrey Coyne at the talent show and sharing cosmic brownies and chicken patties with Emily Hartung, Annie and Maggie Church, Audrey Coyne, Kelsey Ciha, and Emily Mattern.” –Libby Bradford, Davey

Super Senior 2013

“Playing odd sports when all of the normal ones got taken away from us, like wheelbarrow racing.” –Maggie Church, Davey



T H E G L O R Y D AY S “Digging holes at recess with


engost, and




“In sixth grade we had a huge mulch fight on the playground and we got in a lot of trouble.” –Allie Montgomery, St. Patrick’s







from Franklin will agree.”

–Emily Mattern, Davey

–Matthew Lillick, Franklin

“When I was in fifth grade, Vatsala Kumar, Sarah Mikati and I made up a dance for the first graders. We taught them and preformed ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.’” – Cassie Youngblood, Walls “Our principal, Mr. Bogeys, drove his car around the playground chasing the geese off of the lawn.” –Alli Cudworth, Franklin

“My favorite memory was in 4th grade we had to create a real restaurant in our classroom and it was called the rock n roller café, and I had to wear a ski suit in 90 degree weather so I could look like Elvis wearing a jump suit and I sang Elvis songs and danced like Elvis.” –Rosie Haren, Franklin

“Me and Kaleigh Shearer go-

“Actually having friends.” “Playing kick ball and hanging out.” –Isaiah Honde, Walls “Mr. Sheppard puppeteer and the farm play when I was a cow.” –Dwyte Smiley, Walls


ly got banned but it was


– Durdaana Amatullah-Mani, Longfellow


ing on the Pittsburg trip in fifth grade and saying we were going to live together in Pittsburg when we were older.” –Sydney Evans

“The whole sixth grade class getting kicked out of

“When Mrs. Heimann taught us to knit in 4th grade.” –Delaney Clements

field day, and ruining it for the rest of the classes coming up.” –Emily Jarvie, St. Patrick’s

Super Senior 2013

17 photos | Maddie Otterdaughter

BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS Clay Magilavy and Cassie Youngblood

BEST CAR Ethan Long and Eva Toppen

CUTEST Connor Thomas and Sydney Evans




Brad Beyner and Sarah McClure

SEXIEST Trei Thomas and Diamond Chesser

MOST DEPENDABLE Nick D’Angelo and Brooke Kemp

BEST COUPLE Michael Ruller and Audrey Coyne

Super Senior 2013


Coletun Long and Kiersten Pasket

BEST MUSICIAN Nate Condos and Maggie Church


Grant Mercer and Libby Bradford




Evan Paino and Andrea Krebs

MOST GULLIBLE Nick D’Angelo & Brad Beyner and Allie Montgomery


Dean Habeeb and Rosie Haren


Nate Goodhart and Chloe Spalsbury

Super Senior 2013

19 photos | Maddie Otterdaughter

MOST UNIQUE Tanner Dionne and Kayla Henry

BEST PERSONALITY Nick D’Angelo & Lake Thomas and Vatsala Kumar & Emily Jarvie


CLASS CLOWN Lake Thomas and Keara Hogan



James Strange and Erin Gray

MOST LIKELY TO BE A MILLIONAIRE Ethan Long and Courtney Olesh


Ethan Long and Raquel Wiggins

Super Senior 2013


Shawn Gonzalez and Vatsala Kumar


Gordon Wall and Kaley Dunford



Grant Mercer and Chloe Spalsbury

L A T I V E S MOST LAID BACK Brian Merriman and Keara Hogan


Dean Habeeb and Hannah Flannery

MOST LIKELY PRESIDENT Dean Habeeb and Raquel Wiggins

Super Senior 2013



photos | Maddie Otterdaughter

Where will you be in ten years?

Dylan Welles: Learning to surf in Hawaii. Aly Flower: I’ll be helping stroke victims and those suffering from brain damage in a hospital, and I will hopefully be married by then. Rosie Haren: I want to have a super cool job and a super cool hub and possibly kids if not too early. Durdaana Amatullah-Mani: I will be in Atlanta, GA as a dancer and a teacher with my two daughters and a rich husband. Ryan Morehead: Somewhere 10 years later. Allie Montgomery: Not in Ohio, hopefully. Brad Beyner: I will be happy and my parents will be proud of me. I will be following my dream I started in high school, and that’s to travel and see the world. Nate Condos: If all goes well, I will hopefully be a national park ranger at one of our nation’s national parks. Also, if that doesn’t work out, I would hope to be working for an athletic department at a major college or Kent State. Katie Welles: Traveling the world. Whether I’m a journalist or just a wanderer. I want to spend my life seeing what’s out there and immersing myself in the world I live in. Raquel Wiggins: Finally done with 19 years of school with my law degree, with a happy husband and children. Sydney Evans: In 10 years I will be a teacher. Jade Bozeman: Teaching in the Kent City Schools district for second grade.

Roosevelt Memories

Katie Welles: Expedition Academy. The hiking trips were very special experiences that I will treasure and never forget. Something about the wilderness and the challenge beneath your feet makes you realize that “Happiness is only real when shared.” – Chris McCandless Raquel Wiggins: In AP Bio, Emily Mattern ate a leaf that we were supposed to use for an experiment. Sydney Evans: Me and Jade campaigning for senior superlatives when we were freshmen. Andy Shaffer: Beating Ravenna in double overtime to become PTC champs two years in a row. Nick D’Angelo: Planning Committee will always be with me no matter what I do or where I go. Nate Condos: The band trips to Disney World freshman and junior years were very memorable. The time spent with friends in the “happiest place on earth” is a memory I will never forget. Also, the 2011 Roosevelt football season was one that fairytale writers could not have scripted. Emily Patterson: All of the football games I attended with my friends Aly Flower, Leah Mattingly, Amanda Floyd, Kelsey Ciha and Brittany McCue. Emily Jarvie: Rosie Haren and Allie Montgomery getting hit by a car in the school parking lot junior year. Emily Mattern: T-Ping Coach Hughes’s house when he was the tennis coach. He was out of town so his roommate had to clean it up. Brandon Gros: My senior year during baseball we were playing against Southeast and it was 4-4 in the bottom of the seventh inning. I was up with one out and prior to this at bat I struck out 3 times. I ended up hitting the ball up the middle for a walk off hit and we won the game. Aly Flower: Having crazy conversations at lunch about anything with Emily Patterson, Leah Mattingly, Brittany McCue, Amanda Floyd, Kelsey Ciha and Michael Rusanowsky. Dwyte Smiley: All the good times I had with BCT! Rosie Haren: I love all the loving notes/treats at Christmas/Valentine’s Day! Durdaana Amatullah-Mani: Placing third in districts for the DECA competition.

Super Senior 2013


LAST WORDS What are your favorite teacher quotes?

Raquel Wiggins: “Kinky, fatty acids.” – Mr. Zagray Andrew Hammond: “Emma Sampson thinks I’m the devil.”-Mr Harr and “Yippie Ki Yi!”-Mr. Fisher Delaney Clements: “I hope you’re better at school than you are at putting chairs away.”-Mrs. Kaplan and “Dat’s straight –up cray.”- Mrs. Harr. Nick D’Angelo: “Danger Danger Will Robinson!”-Mr Killius, “Well slap me silly and call me Brenda.”-Mr. Brenn, “We don’t have time for reindeer games.”-Mr. Fisher Immy Underwood: “It’s your journey.”-Mr. Brenn Kiersten Pasket: “You are the most aggressive female I’ve ever met. Let’s be honest.”- Mrs. Boykin Nate Condos: “This is America honey! You can do whatever you want to!”-Mrs. Repinski Vatsala Kumar: “Lots of people kill hookers.”-Mrs. Kaplan Megan Nicholls: “I took my glass of sass this morning.” – Mrs. Harr Luke Schmidt: “Be mindful of the D.” – Mr. Fowler Brandon Gros: “Come on money” and “Stop trying to be superman”-Mr. Hock Rosie Haren: Anything by Hibbs. Aly Flower: “My smartboard’s name is Esther, she likes it when I rub her back. Oh, yeah, that’s the spot.” –Mr. Harr “Oh really, that was my girlfriend’s name in college.” –Mr. Hibbs

“7” – Mr. Foreman

What will you miss most about RHS?

Delaney Clements: The Drama Guild. Andy Shaffer: I will miss playing high school football and spending all of the offseason in the weight room. Nick D’Angelo: I will miss the amazing teachers that I must leave behind. They have taught and molded me into the person I am today. Jordyn Groves: Feeling like a teenager with no worries. Courtney Prater: Mrs. McComas! Emily Patterson: School being free. Emily Mattern: I will miss spending the winter with the swim team.

What will you be thankful to not have to deal with anymore? Katie Wells: Crowded hallways and school lunch. I don’t think anyone’s going to miss those things. Andrew Hammond: The school lunches as well as the childish immaturity. Nick D’Angelo: Traveling in the 500s. Tanner Dionne: Now I will be able to wear a hat freely without my whereabouts questioned. Nate Condos: I will be very grateful to not have to park in the student lot anymore and to also not have to put up with the terrible parking jobs in that lot. Allie Montgomery: The couples in the hall that slow everybody down. Austin Gembar: Freshmen and dumb/ignorant students. Megan Nicholls: Taking classes that I really don’t need or am not interested in. Emily Mattern: The face of disappointment when Mr. McCombs checked my homework every morning. Brandon Gros: Nothing really. I enjoyed high school. Dwyte Smiley: The drama and everything like that, that’s behind closed doors. Durdaana Amatullah-Mani: The food.

Super Senior 2013



Wrestling: Women’s Soccer: “India Pringle [deserves more recognition than she gets] because she didn’t always start or play with varsity, but she always gave 100% no matter which field she was on. And despite not getting much playing time, she displayed an enormoous amount of class and respect.” –Junior Dawn Ceccardi

“Aaron Miller is the hardest worker I know and is never afraid to go the extra mile to win.” –Sophomore Andrew Wallace

Women’s Bowling: “Kiersten Pasket always kept the team laughing.” –Sophomore Trayce Harris

Golf: “Annie Kenney has a great personality and she always works her hardest and is supportive.” –Sophomore Jena Parsons

Women’s Track: “On the team all of our seniors are awesome but this season Andrea Krebs was really phenomenal. She has never run track before and she came on to the team ready to do whatever the coaches asked. If we ever needed anyone to run anything the coaches always turned to her. And she always had a smile on her face and was nice to everyone.” –Sophomore Sarah Henning

Super Senior 2013

Baseball: “Tyler Mohnacky just brings a lot of positive energy to the team, he’s an awesome team mate, and he never gets down about things going wrong, he’s also constantly cheering during every game.” –Junior Aaron Pinsoneault

Women’s Cross Country: “I was probably closest with Maggie [Church] and Katie [Wells], but our team is as close as it gets. We have a bond that I have never seen before so I guess in a way there is no best of them. They are all equally as wonderful.” –Junior Ellenie Davila



Swimming: “Throughout the season, all the seniors on the swim team were so open and helpful. They got everyone involved in the cheers and really brought everyone together as a family.” –Junior Mia Chapman

Cheerleading: “Jade Bozeman, really good role model. She was great with getting info out, like uniforms, when practices would be canceled.” –Junior Cheyenne Kreiger

Men’s Volleyball: “Definitely Brennan Beyner. He tries to help everybody no matter what with a positive attitude. He always cares more about helping other people, even if they’re complete scrubs or new, rather than making himself look like he’s the best.” –Junior Julian Sobieski

Men’s Lacrosse: “Kyle Manning is the best on the team and he is really funny, he also helps everyone out a lot at practice.” –Sophomore Noah Ross

Men’s Soccer: “Dean Habeeb, I don’t what to say.” –Sophomore Benjie Hook

Football: “Brandon Gros and Grant Mercer had large impacts but never got the credit they deserved. They both made clutch plays to change the entire dynamic of the game. Streetsboro interception for Brandon and big hits for Grant at Ellet.” –Junior Drew Gallagher

Women’s Volleyball: “Frog tog facial! Dedicated to Alli Cudworth.” –Junior Mylane Bella-Smuts

Super Senior 2013


UNSUNG SPORTS HEROES Field Hockey: “Taylor Elder just keeps on going through tough practices and everyone looks up to her as a role model. She also goes out of her way to try and make friends with the underclassmen.” –Junior Erin Mackanos Ice Hockey: “Kyle Manning; he scored 42 goals for us this season in like 36 games or something.” –Junior Scott Rainey Women’s Basketball: “Libby Bradford, I’ll miss your positive attitude at practice everyday and your good sense of humor.” –Sophomore Alex Marsinek

Men’s Basketball: “Brandon Gonos was hurt, but he was still a really great leader.” –Sophomore Joseph Watts

Softball: “Caitio Overholt! You’re someone I aspire to be both on and off the field.” –Sophomore Angie Volchko

Super Senior 2013

Women’s Lacrosse: “Hannah Flannery came into this season knowing nothing about lacrosse and is now varsity’s starting goalie; she came so far and is always trying to improve herself and cheering on others.” –Junior Jessica Gordon

Men’s Bowling: “Joe Swanson. He always kept his composure and a good attitude and helped other people, varsity or not, during practices and matches and he always gave a good score in matches. He was reliable.” –Sophomore Connor Crabbe

Men’s Cross Country: “To me it’s Dylan Wells, he’s always at least in the top 4 and he helps everyone out, as well as being enthusiastic.” –Senior Athen Murray

Women’s Tennis: “Andrea Krebs is a cool girl both on Burbridge and off the courts.” –Junior Hannah Kegg



photo | Matt Lewis

Class of 2013, It has been my pleasure to serve as your class advisor. You have come a long way from your freshman year. I remember the days when we struggled to get any class spirit for pep rallies. I remember the countless concession stand events, car washes, candy cane and flower sales. You worked extremely hard for the first three years to raise funds for last year’s prom. This year was a blast! I was like a proud dad watching you rise up to win every pep rally. To all those seniors that have served the class of 2013 in whatever capacity, whether it was silent auction, prom works, pep rally planning, fundraising etc...I say thank you. To the class officers over the years, you have served your classmates extremely well. You have shown great leadership. You worked and supported each other so well, and I never heard one negative word spoken. I must especially thank the senior retreat committee for the countless hours and endless efforts to produce so many options and ideas for this year’s retreat. I regret that the senior retreat didn’t pan out this year, but your work and commitment needs to be commended. I also want to thank the senior slideshow committee for the countless hours spent scanning photos, picking up photos, tracking down seniors for photos and just being flexible concerning everyone’s schedule. You are simply the best. Your work will speak for itself during the senior award assembly. Although these past four years have required much sacrifice and work, it saddens my heart that things are coming to a conclusion. I wish each of you great success in whatever endeavor you find yourself partaking. You have been a shining example to all future classes. Stand tall! Mr. Bowman

Congratulations class of 2013! Thank you for letting me be a part of your class for your senior year, well at least the first half of the year! I have great memories of so many of you from the last four years. These memories range from the volleyball court to interesting study halls to wonderful Algebra 2, Calculus and AP Calculus classes to awesome pep rallies! Thank you for so many wonderful memories! As you begin the next stage in your lives, I wish each and everyone of you the very best! Mrs. Adelman

Super Senior 2013


TOP TEN TOP TEN SONGS 1. Suit and Tie - Justin Timberlake 2. Stay - Rihanna 3. Just Give Me A Reason - P!nk ft. Nate Ruess 4. When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars 5. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons 6. Feel This Moment - Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera 7. Nuclear - Destiny’s Child 8. C’mon - Ke$ha 9. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato 10. Sure Be Cool If You Did - Blake Shelton

TOP TEN LUNCH SPOTS 1. “Home” 2. Chipotle 3. “Anywhere but here” 4. Taco Bell 5. Panera Bread 6. Pita Pit 7. Subway 8. School 9. Evergreen Buffet 10. Stuco

Super Senior 2013




5. Wreck-It Ralph

2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

6. Lincoln

3. Breaking Dawn part II

8. The Croods

4. Oz the Great and Powerful

10. Les Misérables

TOP LINGO 1. “Ratchet”

3. “Sorry not sorry” 4. “I’m not about that life.”

9. Django Unchained


2. Saying “literally” in figurative situations

5. “Can you not?”

7. Iron Man 3

1. Gangnam style 2. Snapchat 3. Harlem Shake

4. Autotune remixes 5. Vine

Super Senior 2013

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Super Senior 2013




Super Senior 2013



photos | Maddie Otterdaughter

Katie Welles

I leave my cross country uniform to Ellenie Davila!

Raquel Wiggins I leave senioritis to Danylo. I leave waking up early to Ryan. I leave Ryan to Cole. I leave cat videos and Doctor Who to Killius. I leave McCombs’s Student Society to the 5th period lunch bunch.

Sydney Evans I leave my brain to the unsmart. I leave my cuteness to my sister. I leave my books to the teachers. I leave my smile to Mr. Hibbs. I leave my hugs to Laney Britt because she’s so cute.

Delaney Clements I leave my silly pants and my soiled britches to Marisa. I leave my mad rapping skills (Go go go Joe) to Zoe Harr. I leave the Jesi to Rhuna Wall.

Andy Shaffer I want to leave my good looks and charm to Stanley.

Nick D’Angelo I leave Mr. Harr’s sarcasm to Emma Sampson in the hopes, just as I did, that she finds the light.

Super Senior 2013

Katie Welles Delaney Clements



SENIOR WILLS Tanner Dionne

Tanner Dionne Andy Shaffer

To Mia Chapman I leave The Game of Life. Keep spinning. Dr. Roebke: I leave you my positive self image, seeing as you’re the one who gave it to me. Hannah Slinger: I think I’ll miss you most, Scarecrow. Sydnie Barnette: My collection of Selena Gomez on vinyl. Stewart Blackwood: I leave you all the remaining love in my heart. Lastly, to any of the Roosevelt student body that I’ve ever said anything bad about, I leave a straw, so you can suck it up.

Kiersten Pasket

I give all my memories, my courage to try new things, my great taste in food, and the ability to do anything I set my mind to, to my little Christopher.

Nate Condos

I leave my passion for Kent State sports to Andrew Murray. I leave the cross-country team to you also. Enjoy….

Brandon Gros

I would like to leave my kindness to others with everyone that is still at the high school.

Luke Schmidt Luke Schmidt

I leave my quads to Luke Myers and leadership over the squad to Mia Chapman. The fate of the tenor section to Benjie Hook.

Super Senior 2013



photos | Maddie Otterdaughter

Vatsala Kumar

I leave the Honda Civic and crazy parents in Pallav’s care. To Marisa, I leave the choralworks 2nd sopranos. To Zoe, I leave Insomnia Cookies and drama locker #10 (unless one of the juniors wants it- then she gets it next year). To Amanda, I leave beautiful music. To Maegan I leave the studio and sweet 16 tiara. To Hannah, I leave smiles. To Scott, I leave political discussions. To Chiara, I leave stares. And to Alex, I leave my heart.

Emily Patterson

In my senior will I leave everything to my dog, Harley.

Aly Flower I leave you all with this piece of advice: Pressure may make diamonds worth $60,000, but time makes fossils worth $8 million. Don’t procrastinate, it’s not worth it.

Brooke Baughman I leave my yellow Crocs to Ellenie Davila and my fastskin to Mia Chapman. I leave exped the bravery to be different, I leave Ryan Patrick and Corey Spicer the leadership of the swim team. I leave Jared Fischer “the fast pants.” I leave Tracy Harris and Simian Lot the humor and the inside jokes of the track team.

Aly Flower

Emily Jarvie

To Mia Chapman, I leave you the entire swim team, you’re welcome. Beat WALSH, just kidding, just beat Barberton.

Libby Bradford I leave behind a hand hug to Kush, a smile to Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Repinski, a broken test tube to Lambert, a laugh to all new P.C. Members, a good morning hello to Mr. Klinar, YouTube videos to Mr. Hibbs, center back arena glass, lizard to Justina Fortson, my love for soccer to Haley Stuver, the 4x800 legacy to Maya Balis, the two mile to Kaylie Murray, and friendship to all my soul sisters, especially Audrey Coyne.

Emily Jarvie Super Senior 2013



Our Strong band can ne’er be broken Form’d in Roosevelt High, Far surpassing wealth unspoken Seal’d by friendship’s tie. Alma mater, alma mater, Deep graven on each heart, Shall be found unwav’ring, true When we from life shall part. High school life is at best passing, Gliding swiftly by. Then let us pledge in word and deed Our love for Roosevelt High.

Super Senior 2013


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