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Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service empowering student success.

ABBA JAVA Serving life success–one cup of coffee at a time Treveccan Spring 2014

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Cruise the Caribbean

TROJAN TALK Cy Young Award winner R. A. Dickey speaks to athletes 1

WE ARE HERE FOR THIS They said he couldn’t do college work: His dyslexia would make him a drop-out; the rigorous challenge would be too much for him; he would waste his money chasing a dream that could not come true. Meet Mark Foster. In his own words, “I was in high school before I fully understood how bad my dyslexia was, and although I felt supported and worked hard in high school, no one ever encouraged me even to think about going to college.” Through a series of providential relationships, Mark came to Trevecca to play intercollegiate soccer. His academic challenges quickly introduced him to Trevecca’s academic support personnel. About the time Mark was coming to Trevecca, the administration made a strategic decision to centralize all student-support services in the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service (CLCS). The director of CLCS is Tom Middendorf ’99, an inspiring young leader with a doctoral degree in mentoring. Middendorf and his staff are servants who help Trevecca students achieve their dream of a college education. Mark’s mentors in the CLCS, Amy Murphy MA ’08 and Jeff Swink ’70, dedicated themselves to helping this Irish soccer player become a successful college student. “I found all of the Trevecca professors were openminded about my learning disability and willing to support my academic needs,” Mark said. He became a leader on the soccer team, met his future wife (Jessica Leary ’08), and fell in love with the mission of the University and the God who inspired that mission. On May 2, 2009, I handed Mark Foster his college diploma, and last summer Mark became the head coach of the Trevecca Women’s Soccer Program. Last year, I and 170 Trevecca student-athletes attended a meeting in which Mark shared the story of his journey. From Ireland and dyslexia to a college degree and a coaching position. From casual belief in a deity to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As I stood in the back of the room and recalled Mark’s challenging journey, I brushed away tears. CLCS and Trevecca are here for this kind of transformation.

Dan Boone President P.S. I invite you to follow me online: Twitter–@drdanboone;; my blog–


Treveccan Spring 2014




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Treveccan Spring 2014



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At the center of student success

THE CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP, CALLING, AND SERVICE where students learn to succeed

Nancy Dunlap ’67 Greg Ruff ’00 Christy Ulmet ’16

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ON THE COVER... Freshman students prepare for the CLCS Leap Day Regatta, in which they will race their newly built cardboard boat. Pictured are (L-R) Lauren Chappell, Kayleigh Jarrett, Katelyn Atkinson, and Felicia Noble.


Go to to watch a video and learn more about the CLCS.

CLCS Mission Statement

The Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service promotes a culture of success for each student enrolled at Trevecca Nazarene University. A successful student at Trevecca Nazarene University is defined as one who is holistically engaged, completes degree requirements, and is prepared to live, work, lead, and serve in a complex, global environment.


Treveccan Spring 2014

CLCS at the Center of Student Success


hen new students arrive at Trevecca, they join a team of people who are already working to ensure that those students achieve success in college—emotional, physical, spiritual, and academic success. The specialists who make up the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service (CLCS) team are intentional about the holistic development of students, intentional about providing an environment that is conducive to the development of a special kind of community on Trevecca’s campus, intentional about meeting students’ different developmental needs, and intentional about helping students find the academic discipline that will help them find a gratifying career.

Treveccan Spring 2014

“I often describe the work of CLCS as giving students two sets of tools: first, the tools they need in order to navigate the college years, from orientation to graduation; second, the tools they need to develop holistically,” explains Tom Middendorf, director of CLCS. Trevecca students acquire those sets of “tools” when they participate in CLCS workshops, classes, and programs, all based on research about the specific, unique needs of students as they move through the four years of college. (See information bar at the top of p. 6.) Using that research, CLCS develops and executes activities to help students accomplish the main tasks for each year of their development.


1st YEAR Assimilation & Exploration

2nd YEAR Connection & Confirmation

4th YEAR


Confidence & Transition

Successful completion of college; transition to career and/or graduate school

3rd YEAR Vocational Experience & Engagement

FRESHMEN The main needs of college freshmen are assimilation and exploration. If they are going to have a successful first year of college (and a successful four years in college), they must become assimilated into the college community, adjust to new academic expectations, and learn about themselves and their abilities in preparation for decisions about vocation. The CLCS staff wastes no time in helping incoming freshmen start their assimilation process. The summer orientation event includes many events that help freshmen meet classmates and faculty members and begin making friends. On their first full day on campus in the fall, freshmen participate in Leap Day, an event that includes team-building exercises and fun activities. Before classes start, teams of freshmen devote one day doing community service in Nashville. Throughout the semester freshmen can attend many friend-making events. All freshmen take Life Calling and Purpose, the freshman seminar course, in which they take several assessments (College Student Inventory/ CSI and Myers-Briggs Type-Indicator/MBTI) to learn about their strengths, interests, and personality types. Student Success Workshops and other events help freshmen understand themselves and increase their engagement with their new university community.


hours of community service provided by freshmen in the fall of 2013



Freshman Service Day, the first assignment in the Life Calling and Purpose Class, provides an opportunity for freshmen to bond with each other and with the community.

I love the atmosphere of CLCS. It is a great place to do homework, to get extra help for hard classes, or to catch up with friends. Cassandra Machia, a freshman and exercise science major from Johnson, Vermont

freshman-tosophomore retention rate

* Adventure Leap Groups are an optional part of the Life Calling and Purpose course, the freshman seminar course for new students. Adventure Leap participants spend Friday and Saturday camping in the South Cumberland Recreation Area to learn about community, leadership, and service as they camp, hike, and cook their meals.

Treveccan Spring 2014

SOPHOMORES College sophomores need opportunities for connection and confirmation of their career plans; on the other hand, they are also prone to the “sophomore slump” and disillusionment, and it is not uncommon for sophomores to change their major. CLCS helps them solidify their career path and major, find success in their search for meaning and purpose, achieve civic engagement or service, and gain leadership experience. CLCS personnel address these needs of sophomores by providing programs which include more in-depth activities related to vocation and career planning with leadership development opportunities. CLCS staff members offer sophomores Student Success Series Workshops, individual vocational counseling, and continued exploration of their strengths, MBTI results, and career-interest inventories. Other programs for sophomores mix learning with fun, travel, or food: the Sophomore Retreat, the Sophomore TAG Trip (a mission-focused experience), the Soph-Serve Program, the Half-Way to Graduation Celebration, and Major Mentor Coffee Chats with Faculty.


students, faculty, and staff helped with Operation Christmas Child, a sophomore service project


sophomores have explored vocation and faith during sophomore retreats

CLCS staff members are intentional in all that they do—about relationship, work ethic, and excellence. You have to have a really bad day to leave the building not having had your day made better by that intentionality! Hunter Steinmetz, sophomore religion major from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee


Operation Christmas Child boxes collected at Trevecca

Treveccan Spring 2014


JUNIORS Because juniors are thinking more about a future career, they need to gain experience and opportunities for vocational engagement. They are interested in improving their skills, in growing professionally, and in acquiring experience in professional settings. They want to learn about and participate in networking, and many are beginning their search for a graduate school. To meet the needs of juniors, CLCS offers the career internship course, the Princeton Review Workshop for Graduate School Testing, and instruction about résumé building. CLCS also hosts the On-Campus Internship and Career Fair that helps juniors find internship OF ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE opportunities and PROVIDED TO STUDENTS job openings.

190 students

attended fall and spring career and internship fairs

The CLCS focuses on helping students at Trevecca succeed in all areas of their lives, making the CLCS an invaluable asset for students. Logan Newkirk, a junior English major from Watseka, Illinois


534 Students in the Excel Scholars Program surround Amy Murphy MA’08, Trevecca’s former coordinator of disability services. Excel students are minority, first-generation students who have demonstrated leadership in their high schools and have strong academic records. At Trevecca, they receive diversity and Excel leadership scholarships, meet regularly for support and leadership training, and serve in mentoring roles.


hours of counseling provided in fall 2013

Treveccan Spring 2014

SENIORS Anticipating graduation and their entrance into the work world, seniors need to gain confidence for the transitions that face them. They want to improve their performance in an interview and to continue their professional networking. During the spring semester of their final year in college, many will be conducting job searches. Those who are planning to go to graduate school need to continue preparing for that transition. All seniors need to complete their senior audit. CLCS’s programs for seniors are very specialized, very focused. CLCS offers seniors individual consultations to help them build their résumés or to write their graduate school * Miller Analogy Test admission letters. CLCS staff members train seniors for interviews by hosting mock interviews and offer seniors the use of the Senior Resource Guide. Additionally, CLCS hosts events which are designed to help seniors polish other skills related to job success: Professional Etiquette Workshops, Professional Development Workshops, a career fair, and Senior Seminar Presentations.


senior resource guides distributed CLCS staff work to help students succeed at becoming more fully the persons whom God created them to be; that kind of dedication, focus, and commitment is an incredible thing. Deborah Givens, senior interpersonal communication major from Navarre, Florida


MAT* tests administered to students applying to graduate schools

Because of the CLCS, I am graduating with leadership training and experience, a better knowledge of who I am and what my passions are, and friendships, mentors, and memories to last a lifetime. Katie Duckhorn, a senior organizational communication major from Arlington, Tennessee

Treveccan Spring 2014

184 students received individual career guidance* ´ ´ building or experience with networking, * resume mock interviews, job-search meetings


CLCS FACULTY AND STAFF: Dedicated to student success Megan Edmister (MA) Freshman Experience Coordinator Edmister facilitates the life, calling, and purpose course, Adventure Leap Program, and orientation; she also supervises the peer mentors, upperclassmen student leaders who provide the intentional mentoring of freshman students. Michelle Gaertner MA ’04 Coordinator of Student Disability Services Gaertner helps students gain equal access to programs and opportunities to participate in the benefits of being a student at Trevecca. She provides support to students with disabilities, advises faculty and staff about appropriate accommodations, assists in planning accessibility for campus facilities, and provides training and guidance regarding disability services. Donna Gray ’82/EdD ’05 Associate Director of Academic Services Gray trains and directs tutors for most general education courses, especially for writing and math; advises students with undeclared majors; conducts workshops on academic topics and test preparation; teaches writing and study skills courses; scores writing samples for programs; and reviews dissertations and other writing projects.




Rebecca “Becky” Headrick ’09 Administration Manager and Testing Coordinator Headrick oversees room scheduling for the building, supervises the six CLCS student workers, schedules clients for the counseling interns, administers tests (CLEP, DANTES, MAT, and proctored exams) daily for the traditional, non-traditional, and graduate programs at Trevecca. Sara Hopkins MMFT ’05/EdD ’11 Director of Counseling Services Creating a safe place in Trevecca’s Counseling Center for students who struggle, Hopkins oversees the counseling staff, mentors new clinicians, facilitates psycho-educational programming on Trevecca’s campus, and encourages the Trevecca community to embrace grace for self and others and vulnerability as a way of life. Nicole Hubbs (MEd) Junior-Senior Experience Coordinator Hubbs helps students plan their next step after Trevecca—full time work or graduate school—by assisting with professional networking, résumé preparation, interviewing, and job searching. She coordinates internships for most majors at Trevecca,




Treveccan Spring 2014

placing 35 to 45 students each semester, and she serves as the connection between students and departments for on-campus jobs for students, including hosting an annual on-campus job fair in August. Ryan Jolley Manager Abba Java Coffee Shop Jolley ensures that the campus has a warm, friendly meeting place. Additionally, he trains student-workers for future roles of service and leadership, helps visually impaired and disabled high school students learn life skills through his in-the-shop mentoring and training program, and is a partner with local coffee shop vendors to support mission organizations and orphanages, domestically and abroad. Tom Middendorf ’99 (MA/EdD) Director of the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service Stating that students are his ministry and passion, Middendorf leads the CLCS team by challenging, teaching, coaching, encouraging, and advocating for the holistic development of students. He also teaches in the Leadership Studies Program and the EdD of Leadership and Professional Practice; he directs the Master of Organizational Leadership Program.


Treveccan Spring 2014


Jenn Wyatt Neely ’98/MA ’03 Sophomore Experience Coordinator Neely is a mentor, dream-weaver, and cheerleader for sophomores, transfer students, and undeclared majors. She helps students navigate hard places to discover God’s calling, plans events, helps students celebrate milestones, facilitates a crafter-noon therapy group, and leads mission trips. Jeff Swink ’70/MEd ’86 Coordinator of Retention In addition to coordinating the developmental math program—teaching and monitoring underprepared math students—Swink develops and implements programs to raise awareness about the importance of academic success, retention, and degree completion. He also advises and monitors students, collects data, and evaluates and reports the academic progress, retention, and graduation of students.







Treveccan Spring 2014

The aroma is the first thing you notice when you open the door. The unmistakable smell of dark, rich coffee. You navigate the lobby; step down into the cozy lounge area and make your way past the group sitting on the leather sofa, studying while they sip tall lattés; and take your position in the line at the counter. You have succumbed to the lure of Abba Java, Trevecca’s coffee shop. That lure is intentional. Abba Java is intended to be a warm, inviting place where “community happens”—a physical part of the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service that encourages friendship, conversation, fellowship, study, and bonding. And the person charged with fulfilling that goal is James “Ryan” Jolley, the manager of Abba Java. Ryan says his job is a ministry that involves more than serving coffee. For Ryan, ministry is intentional. A licensed minister in the Church of the Nazarene and a religion major at Trevecca, he serves on the staff of Trinity Church of the Nazarene and leads Trinity’s Saturday afternoon Word and Table service, an effort by the church to

meet the needs of its neighbors who must miss the Sunday morning service because of their work. This service is organized and led by twenty-somethings. Ministry is also part of Ryan’s job in Abba Java. In addition to supervising Trevecca students who work in Abba Java, Ryan also trains high school students in Metro-Nashville Public Schools’ Vision Program, students who are legally blind or who have other disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. For the past three years, selected students from the Vision Pogram have been interns at Abba Java, under Ryan’s supervision with a Vision teacher present.

Treveccan Spring 2014

THE IMPACT OF A TEACHER Ryan became a Christian because a public school teacher took an interest in his family. That teacher, Wendell Poole ’61, first taught Ryan’s sister and later taught Ryan in the fourth grade, the period when Ryan lost his eyesight. Wendell invited Ryan and his family to Hermitage Church of the Nazarene, and the Jolleys became part of that church family. Ryan gave his heart to the Lord at summer camp, and Howard Plummer ’74, pastor of Hermitage Church of the Nazarene, baptized him. “Wendell and JoAnn Hennigan Poole ’62 provided the big ‘hug’ my family needed, helped us through the untimely death of my father, and led me to faith, a church, and Trevecca,” Ryan recounted.

. . . AND THE SIGNS CAME DOWN Last August, when a group of Trevecca freshmen worked at Trinity Church of the Nazarene during Freshman Service Day, one of CLCS’s programs for incoming freshmen, they paused their work at the church and took time to clean around the abandoned house across the street from the church. This neighborhood eyesore had prompted protests from neighbors, and one irate neighbor had posted signs on the property in an effort to get action from the city councilman from that area. But nothing had happened—at least not until those Trevecca freshmen took action. When that irate neighbor saw the improvements made by the Trevecca students, he delivered water bottles to them and thanked them for their hard work, and then he took down the signs. “Those students did not realize the real impact of their acts of service. That irate neighbor soon visited Trinity Church of the Nazarene and now is a regular part of the services,” explained Ryan Jolley, associate pastor at Trinity Church.


“I treat them as regular Abba Java employees because my big goal is to break down their fear of a world that has not been modified for their disability. They take and fill orders and learn to be comfortable with customers and the CLCS staff. As they work, I help them identify what they have to do in order to modify the work environment. For instance, they make Braille labels for the supplies we use in the coffee shop,” explains Ryan.

Ryan understands them, their vulnerability, the fact that their disability means that they lack the power of knowledge. Ryan is one of them—legally blind as a result of juvenile macular degeneration, an inherited condition that manifested itself when he was 10 years of age and in the fourth grade. He can tell them what they need to do to succeed at college—how to work with a college’s office of disability services, how to obtain the equipment needed to access textbooks and other materials, and how to succeed in spite of a disability.

“Abba Java is the most popular place on campus.”

He has an even bigger goal: -a Trevecca freshman to teach them that they too “I believe that my job is to equip others CAN go to college, that they with the tools to help them succeed,” can navigate a college campus. Ryan noted. “At church I try to help others To accomplish that goal, Ryan has recognize and use their gifts, so I ask them to them take orders for coffee events preach or serve in other ways. At Abba Java I work on campus and deliver and set up the coffee to help others—sighted and sight-limited—learn service at the event. “They learn to ask directions, communication skills and management techniques. I locate buildings on campus, and navigate this think that giving others the tools for life is part of the campus. They can learn those lessons here because communal nature of Kingdom life.” Trevecca is a safe environment for them to gain that experience,” he adds.


Treveccan Spring 2014

TREVECCA STUDENTS JOIN LOCAL COLLEGE GROUPS TO CELEBRATE MLK DAY THROUGH SERVING Trevecca students worked with more than 500 other volunteers from Nashville colleges and universities to commemorate the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as part of the MLK Day of Service on January 18. Volunteers painted a community center and a school, sorted food for distribution at a food bank, helped a local agency move into a new facility, and sorted medical supplies for delivery to struggling countries. The J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice was a Gold Sponsor for the event in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service, Belmont University, and Tennessee State University.

Treveccan Spring 2014


SUNBERG CHALLENGES STUDENTS TO LIVE GOD’S WAY Carla Sunberg, the newly elected president of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, was the special speaker for Spiritual Deepening week in January. Using the theme “Jesus Way,” she encouraged students and faculty to live life according to God’s way—to live a full Christian life, to step out of the routines of life and become agents of God who respond to suffering and need to help bring God’s kingdom to earth.


Treveccan Spring 2014

TREVECCA CELEBRATION GOES TO FLORIDA In February, the University hosted a Trevecca Celebration in Lakeland, Florida, with approximately 375 senior adults attending, representing 12 states and 72 churches. Trevecca ambassadors Moody ’59 and Nina Gunter ’58 led the day’s events, which included music by the Collingsworth Family and Awaken from Trevecca and a dialogue with recent Trevecca graduates and current students conducted by President Boone. The next Trevecca Celebration will take place at Trevecca on October 17, 2014, with the Collingsworth Family as the featured musicians.

Treveccan Spring 2014



TRACK TEAMS END THEIR INAUGURAL SEASON AT THE APEX Trevecca’s track and field teams hit the apex of their inaugural season at the Capital (University) Classic/ Rick Meindl Last Chance in Columbus, Ohio, the finale of the indoor season. The women’s team surprised almost everyone by winning the team competition, an outcome helped by several record-setting individual performances. This team victory is the first team title for either Trojan track team. The men’s team finished sixth overall, something of a surprise as well.

INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN TRACK WOMEN’S Sophomore Anna Hoffman won the 400-meter run and the 800-meter run, which took place 35 minutes apart; additionally, she anchored the 1600-meter relay team that finished third. Freshman Lauren Carmody won the 5000-meter run. In the 1000-meter run, Trevecca’s entries finished 2nd (Jackie Sendewicz), 3rd (Rachel Mudd), 4th (Lauren Carmody), and 7th (Jaime Delay). Lindsey Mathis and Biz McClendon finished 1st and 2nd in the 3000-meter event. They pushed the Trojans to first place in the team event, a lead they would not surrender.

Coach Austin Selby was obviously pleased with the women’s performance: “This is a huge MEN’S day for the Logan Rodgers won program. You the 5000-meter race could not ask and finished second in more from the 3000-meter event. anyone else. Adam Christensen Trevecca freshmen Corley Webb and Ben Monroney lead the 5000 With only 11 Meter Run at the TSU Invitational. scored in all three girls competing, events in which he and with no participated: the 400, 800, and the men’s distance field points, we won. Additionally, our guys ran medley relay. great today and should be very proud of how they wrapped up the indoor season.” This meet was the first one in which Trevecca competed against mostly NCAA Division-II teams and concluded the first-ever indoor track season at Trevecca. The outdoor season begins on March 22 when the teams participate in the Rhodes Invitational in Memphis, Tenn.



The Trojan Boosters Endowment (TBE) has reached new levels of support for athletes. As of February 15, 2014, the TBE had contributed $293,292 in scholarships to Trojan athletes. The total in the Treveccan Spring 2014

endowment’s corpus is now more than $627,417, and it continues to earn interest for additional scholarships, which are divided equitability among all sports at Trevecca. Participants in the Endowment come from two groups. Persons who contribute a minimum of $1,000 to the Endowment are known as Fellows. Persons who pledge to pay the full $1,000 within five years and contribute a minimum of $100 are Fellows-in-progress. Members of the TBE are making “an investment that lasts forever,” said J. Dwight Ragsdale, TBE founder. The TBE also raises additional funds through its annual Trojan Boosters Endowment Golf Scramble. The 22nd Trojan Boosters Endowment scramble is scheduled for Saturday, September 6, 2014, at Montgomery Bell State Park. Visit www.tnutrojans. com for details.


Dickey has several connections to Trevecca. During some off seasons, he worked out with the Trevecca baseball team when Jeff Forehand was its coach. Dickey had played high school ball for Forehand’s father at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville. Because of his interest in literature and his friendship with Trevecca English professor Michael Karounos, Dickey has taken classes at Trevecca. I am Second has grown on the Trevecca campus through the athletes and their regular group meetings, times when students share their stories and support each other along their walk. To hear RA’s testimony, visit:

NEW ANDROID APP FOR TREVECCA ATHLETICS Download Trevecca’s official Android app at the Android App Store and search for Trevecca Trojans. iPhone users can download the Trojan app from the iTunes app stores.

BASKETBALL—SEASON FINALE Although the women’s basketball team (19-9) lost 80-76 to Kentucky Wesleyan College (218) in the championship game of the 2014 Great Midwest Athletic Conference Tournament, the team completed a terrific season. For the second consecutive year, the Trojans won the regular season G-MAC title and hosted the conference tournament. The loss in the championship game was the team’s only defeat in its last 15 games. Prior to departing for the Toronto Blue Jays’ Spring Training Camp, major league baseball pitcher R. A. Dickey spoke at the athletic department’s annual I am Second meeting. Other speakers at this I am Second event were Trojan soccer player Lanie Foutch and Trevecca baseball player Mark Rayburn. Rudy Kalis, WSMV Channel 4 sports director, hosted the event for the second year in a row.

Women’s coach Gary Van Atta ’79 was named G-MAC Coach of the Year for the second consecutive year. His overall record at Trevecca is 190-93, in conference play 95-41, and in the G-MAC 21-3. Van Atta has a 592-305 career record. The Trevecca men ended their season at 7-19 and lost 105-56 to Kentucky Wesleyan in the G-MAC Tournament Quarterfinals.

Dickey told about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child and how he later found faith while contemplating suicide. Dickey, a top draft pick after playing for the University of Tennessee and the US Olympic team, won the 2012 National League Cy Young Award when he played for the New York Mets. Treveccan Spring 2014


WOMEN’S NETWORKING LUNCH IS A SWEET SUCCESS Nearly 300 people gathered inside the Boone Convocation Center for Trevecca’s second annual women’s networking lunch, Celebrating the Work, Wisdom, and Wit of Women, on February 11. Kelly Plummer King ’99 (see inset), the first Nashville female partner in the big four accounting firm PricewaterhouseCooper, shared about her career in accounting and encouraged women to be passionate and work hard. Gina Butler, the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes, told how she began her cupcake empire in Nashville and turned it into the national success that it is today, with sales of $33 million in 2012. Recording artist Karyn Williams sang her hit single, “Ordinary Angels,” and emceed the event.


Treveccan Spring 2014

DRAMA TEAM WORKS TO MAKE CLASSICAL LITERATURE MORE ACCESSIBLE Trevecca’s Department of Communication Studies presented Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus this winter. Directed by Jillian Frame ’10, this production moved the drama from its usual setting in 16th-century England to a city in the United States during the late 20th century. That creative change did not alter, however, Faustus’ ambitionfueled quest and his dilemma: Does he sell his soul or repent of his desire for self-sovereignty?

Treveccan Spring 2014


FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE—AN ANNUAL SUCCESS! Students flocked to the two sold-out performances of this year’s Friday Night Live, Trevecca students’ version of NBC’s famous variety show. Religion professor Michael Jackson hosted the evening and performed as the other Michael Jackson. This year’s show, which involved more than 30 students, featured the Trevecca Hunger Games, Freaky Fiesta Friday, a version of The Newlyweds Game, a spoof of Disney’s The Lion King. “It was a lot of fun. I think we [the cast and crew] got twoand-a-half hours of sleep last night, but . . . we tried to make people laugh and have fun,” stated Dr. Jackson.


Treveccan Spring 2014

WHAT FUTURE AWAITS YOU? New classes are starting in these programs.


· NEW! Graduate Certificate in Healthy Sexuality— Fall 2014 · Master of Marriage and Family Therapy— Application deadline 6/15/14 · Master of Counseling—Application deadline 6/15/14


· NEW! Master of Education in Turnaround School Leadership—Fall 2014 · Master of Education: Educational Leadership—5/10/14 · Master of Arts in Teaching—5/09/14 · Master of Education: English Language Learners— 5/12/2014 · Master of Education: Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction—5/12/2014 · Doctor of Education: Leadership and Professional Practice—5/9/2014


· Master of Business Administration—4/15/2014 · NEW! Online Master of Business Administration—Fall 2014 · Master of Organizational Leadership—7/21/2014


· Health Information Technology—5/5/2014 · Computer Information Technology—5/8/2014 · Management and Human Relations—5/8/2004 In Cleveland, Tenn.—5/22/2014 In Jackson,Tenn.—5/15/2014 · Christian Ministries Online—8/11/14

Visit for more information. Treveccan Spring 2014


ALUMNI AND FRIENDS CRUISE THE CARIBBEAN Eighty-four participated in Trevecca’s first Alumni and Friends Valentine’s Cruise in February aboard the Liberty of the Seas. They enjoyed beautiful weather, a calm sea, two interesting port stops, and many opportunities for relaxation and fellowship. Participants expressed how much they enjoyed being with old (and new) friends in such a relaxed setting and their desire for more travel opportunities for alumni groups. At the end of the cruise, Royal Caribbean International/Liberty of Seas presented a check for $1,900 to the Trevecca Alumni Scholarship Fund, the value of amenity points that cruise participants donated to the scholarship fund.


Treveccan Spring 2014




John ’69 and Karen Jones Porter ’80 were married on 10/12/13. They are living in Chester, S.C., where John is pastor of the Church of the Nazarene. 1 Mark ’96 and Kelly Purnell Lindstrom MEd ’01, of Columbia, Tenn., adopted twins—William Alan and Norah Ann. They join two big brothers: Ivan, adopted from Russia in 2008, and Peter, born in 2010. Mark is the senior pastor of Grace Church of the Nazarene, in Columbia. 2 Tripp York ’98 and Carly Sinderbrand were married on 3/2/13 in the Duke University Chapel at Duke University. Chuck Seay ’96 performed the ceremony. Tripp teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at Virginia Wesleyan College, and Carly is completing a PhD in ecological science at Old Dominion University. 3 Scott ’03 and Sally Johnson, of Kansas City, Mo.—their first child, a son, Evan Dennis, born 11/7/13. 4




Tyler and Andrea Sanford Hirth ’04, of Brentwood, Tenn.—a son, Hudson Tyler, born 8/23/13. Andrea is the executive assistant and A&R production manager at Capitol Christian Music Group. 5 Tim Gillean and Diana Key ’08 were married on 10/12/13 in Franklin, Tenn. Diana is a video editor for Dave Ramsey, and Tim is a school counselor at Ravenwood High School. 6 Jeremey ’08 and Ashley Reed Veal ’09, of Arlington, Tex.—a son, Grayson, born 9/8/12. Grayson, who joined sibling Kaydence, born 6/8/10, underwent major reconstructive skull surgery to correct the results of craniosynostosis, a condition that causes premature fusing of an infant’s skull and changes the skull’s growth pattern. “As you can see in the picture, he is doing phenomenally!” reports Jeremey. 7 Jay and Brandi Taylor Patton PA ’11, of Tupelo, Miss.—a daughter, Amelia Taylor, born 9/17/13. Jay and Brandi are captains in the Mississippi Army National Guard. Jay is an Apache instructor pilot supervisor at the Army Flight Facility in Tupelo, and Brandi is a physician assistant working for Stern Cardiovascular Foundation in Oxford, Miss. 8 Jesse Pelanati and Rachel Grace Raby ’13 were married on 6/3/13 in Mount Juliet, Tenn. Rachel played on the Lady Trojans basketball team. Fellow teammate and current student Haley Felker and former roommate Bonny Kate Simpkins ’13 were bridesmaids, and Greg Ruff ’00 served as photographer. 9

Treveccan Spring 2014








Moody ’59 and Nina Griggs Gunter ’58 (See p. 17.)


Wendell ’61 and JoAnn Hennigan Poole ’62 (See p. 13.) Larry ’67 and Diane Woodard celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on 12/21/13. Congratulations!


Jeff Swink ’70/MEd ’86 (See pp. 10-11.) Stephen ’72 and Linda Caraway Binkley ’71 visited Israel last year and wore their Trevecca shirts in front of the Western/Wailing Wall. “What a wonderful, blessed experience visiting Israel was. There are no words to explain the spiritual impact it had on our lives,” says Linda. B. J. Johnston ’74 and Joey Condon ’84 are writing a two-man musical play about John and Charles Wesley in which B. J. will play John and Joey will play Charles. “This play will focus on the ‘backstory’ of the hymns of Charles and on the interesting relationship of those two brothers and the resulting influence they continue to have on the lives of Christians and non-Christians around the world,” explains B. J. Last December, B. J., dressed in a period costume and a white wig, delighted the audience at Trevecca’s “A December Hallelujah” with his portrayal of Frederic Handel, telling about composing the Messiah and how that piece gained its renown. Howard Plummer ’74 (See p. 13.) Randy Carden ’78 has worked to help his students have their original research published in scholarly journals. Since 2006 he has co-authored 8 peer-reviewed publications with his students. Randy’s work with student-writers was featured in the winter Treveccan. Peggy Lightfoot Carpenter ’79/MA ’95 is now assistant dean–University College of MTSU. She has oversight of all aspects of the Adult Degree-Completion Program and PriorLearning Assessment for University College programs and provides leadership on initiatives related to non-traditional, return, and transfer students. Peggy had worked at Trevecca for 25 years, most recently as the director of student services for the College of Lifelong Learning.

Joey Condon ’84 (See entry in 1980s.) J. Russell Frazier ’89 MA is the author of True Christianity: The Doctrine of Dispensations in the Thought of John William Fletcher (1729-1785). Based upon his PhD dissertation, this book is available through Wipf and Stock.


Tom Coffey ’92 wore his Trevecca shirt during a conference he attended in Mexico City. Tom credits the MHR Program for starting his career in HR. To that degree Tom added an MS and other credentials (SPHR, CBM, CPLP). For the third year, he will be a speaker at the 2014 Virginia State SHRM Conference at The Homestead Resort. John R Miller ’93 is the pastor of office administration and facilities at Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene, in Nashville. A graduate of Nazarene Theological Seminary, he served as children’s pastor at Nampa (Id.) College Church of the Nazarene and later at Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene.John is married to Melinda Wolf Miller, director of admissions at Trevecca; they have one son, Jackson (4), and reside in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. Tony Lamair Burks II ’98 recently published a children’s book; The Tale of Imani the Bunny is the story of one rabbit’s journey of self-discovery and how she used the power of imagination to experience life and nurture her unique gifts and talents. The book is available in paperback at Amazon. com and as an e-book at Jennifer Wyatt Neeley ’98/MA ’03 (See pp. 10-11.) Brian Niece ’98/MA ’06 now serves as the pursue pastor at CrossRoad Church, UMC, in Jacksonville, Fla. In this role he is responsible for preaching, teaching, and coordinating discipleship and family ministries. Brian and his wife, Heather Strickland Niece BA ’97, are pictured with their family (and future TNU students) Eliot, Tobi, and Magnolia.

Gary Van Atta ’79 (See p. 19.)


Donna Gray ’82/EdD ’05 (See pp. 10-11.)


Treveccan Spring 2014

Kelly Plummer King ’99, who has been instrumental in helping start the careers several Trevecca accounting students, frequently speaks to students in Trevecca’s business programs. She was one of the speakers at Trevecca’s annual networking luncheon on 2/11. (See p. 20.) Tom Middendorf ’99 (See pp. 5, 10-11.)


Spencer Denton ’00 is now chief meteorologist for WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Ala. Rick Lee James ’00 had one of his songs featured on the national radio program Under the Radar, and three of his songs were published by Lifeway: “Advent Hymn (Watching, Waiting, Longing),” “Sing Praises To God Who Reigns Above,” and “I Lift Up My Eyes.” His new book, Out of the Depths: A Songwriter’s Journey through the Psalms was released on 1/17; it received endorsements from Michael Card and several other artists/authors.

Amy Murphy MA ’08, Trevecca’s CLCS coordinator of disability services since 2008, resigned from that position earlier this year in order to accept a teaching position overseas. (See p. 8.) Jeremey Veal ’08, pastor of student ministries at Arlington (Tex.) First Church of the Nazarene, spoke at the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention in November 2013; he told about attending Trevecca and about the unique ministry his church developed for its youth ministry that engages families in meaningful conversations about their relationships to each other and the development of their families. Jeremy is pictured with Kara Powell, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute (of Fuller Theological Seminary), who interviewed him. Mark ’09 and Jessica Leary Foster ’08 (See p. 2.)

Brad Wallace’01 was promoted to senior human resource manager with Dollar General and has relocated with his wife, Nichole ’01, and their children, Grace (8) and Addy (4), to central Pennsylvania. There Brad will open Dollar General’s 12th distribution center, a 100-million-dollar investment, which will bring more than 500 jobs to that area. Josh Landon ’02, a teacher at Ravenwood High School in Williamson County (Tenn.) has been nominated for the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. Josh was nominated by his former students, now University of Chicago students, who believe that he is the educator who changed and challenged them and helped them achieve higher intellectual growth. Jill Robinson ’02/MBA ’04 was named the 2013 Young Leader of the Year by Young Leaders Council (YLC), a Nashville-based nonprofit organization that has trained more than 2,000 men and women to participate on the boards of nonprofit agencies. Jill is currently director of executive learning and marketing for the Center for Executive Education at Belmont University. Michelle Gaertner MA ’04 (See p. 10.) Sarah Hopkins MMFT ’05/EdD ’11 (See p. 10.) Jessica Strayer MA ’05/ ElemEd endorsement ’10, an avid sky diver, worked with her coach, Trevor Cedar, to devise a “Trevecca jump.” Jessica explains, “Although Trevecca does not have flight suits, we found a purple one! After much thought, we decided the safest way to fly with Trevecca was an alumni sticker on my helmet.” She is photographed at 2.5 miles high in DeLand, Fla.

Treveccan Spring 2014

Andru BS ’09 and Stephanie Rutstrom Miller MA ’09 visited the Great Wall of China in Beijing with their daughter, Aubrey. They also visited Shanghai with Stephanie’s parents, who are currently living in that city. Kathryn Woods EdD ’09 is now an assistant professor in the Department of Professional Studies at Austin Peay State University, in Clarksville, Tenn. She and husband, Justin, live in Clarksville with their sons, Griffin and Ethan.


Jillian Frame ’10 (See p. 21.) Teresa Johnson EdD ’10 received an “outstanding curriculum award” from the Tennessee Association for the Gifted. The award was presented at the TAG conference held October 2013 at Vanderbilt University. Anne Nicole Royster ’11 has moved back to Nashville after teaching at Korea Nazarene University, in Cheonan, Republic of Korea, from Aug. 2011 through Sept. 2013. A highlight of her teaching experience there was working with her middle-school students when they wrote and recorded a pop song on the FeedbackLoop label. Before returning to the U.S., she spent Oct. 2013 as a volunteer in an orphanage in Thailand.


Seven recent graduates— longtime Benson roommates and lifelong friends—took part in the first U.S. Running of the Bulls in Richmond, Va., before they celebrated the wedding of a member of their group, Michael Follis ’13, to Kimberly Potts ’10. Pictured (L-R) are Preston Hunt ’13, Dalton Snyder ’13, Daniel Smith ’12, Derek Brinkman ’12, Jake Resor ’12, groom Michael Follis ’13, and Graham Scott ’13.

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WE WILL MISS . . . Ethel Beavers Merritt ’36 of Winter Park, Fla.—3/3/14 Ethel had been the creator and owner with her husband of Cow Barn Gallery Antiques in Williamson County, Tenn. She was Trevecca’s oldest alumna. Norma Lee Sharpling Bong ’40s (THS), of Merced, Calif. –1/4/14 Norma, a graduate of Trevecca High School, worked for several banks, served in The Salvation Army, and worked for the Merced County Welfare Department. Herbert G. Jared ’43, of Knoxville, Tenn.—8/11/13 Herbert served in the U. S. Navy during World War II and later retired as an electrical engineer with the TVA. He served as past president and treasurer of the Downtown Lions Club in Knoxville and was a member of the American Council for the Blind. He won many awards and commendations for his service in these organizations. Louise Sumner THS ’45, of Nashville, Tenn.—2/26/2014 Louise was the widow of the Rev. Robert Sumner Jr., the mother of Steve Sumner, and the sister of Bernice Maish and Beatrice Adams ’43. Kathryn Paschall ’47, of Franklin, Tenn.—11/16/13 Described as “the definition of a genteel southern woman, living simply but elegantly,” Kathryn served as a university librarian for 40 years, holding positions at Bethany Nazarene College (Okla.) and Bethel College (Ind.) before retiring. Andrew Wesley Campbell ’50, of Elkton, Ky.—12/16/13 Wesley was an accountant and owner of Campbell Accounting in Elkton, Ky., for 30 years. He was a veteran of World War II, an enrolled agent with the IRS, and an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. Bob Barker ’54, of McLean, Va.—1/13/14 Juanita D. Jernigan ’55, of Tulsa, Okla.—21/17/13 In 1965 Juanita moved with her family to Oklahoma where her husband, Bill, became the head librarian at Oral Roberts University. After teaching second grade for four years, Juanita began a new career: teaching piano students in her home. She continued that career for 50 years and taught more than 1,000 students. Eddy Joe Sowder ’55, of Falmouth, Ky.—11/29/13 A man of strong faith who had a delightful sense of humor, Eddy earned a preacher’s license and a pilot’s license. He loved to fly.


Brentson Spruill ’56, of Mount Juliet, Tenn.—5/8/13 A graduate of the Southern School of Graphic Arts, Brentson retired from Vaughan Printing Company. He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. Sharon Bess Foxworthy ’60, of Nashville, Tenn.—12/5/13 Two memorial services honored Sharon: one in Texas at the church of her husband’s last pastorate and another at Hermitage (Tenn.) Church of the Nazarene. Barbara Stiles Seghers ’60, of Jacksonville, Fla.—12/26/13 Barbara, a state-certified music teacher, taught in several public schools in Florida. An accomplished musician, vocalist, and committed Christian, she served as organist in several churches and traveled with her husband in his work as an evangelist for the United Methodist Church. Marie Price ’63, of Altamonte Springs, Fla.—3/5/14 Marie, a very talented woman, had battled cancer for several years. Her memorial service was held in Longwood, Fla. Danny Rudolph (Rudy) Jones ’65, of Nashville, Tenn.— 1/29/14 Rudy worked for many years with Rudy’s Coffee and later with the Tennessee Auto Auction. Margie Smith Ford ’66, of Clarksville, Tenn.—12/12/13 Margie began her teaching career in 1966, and after many years of teaching and 17 years as principal of Norman Smith Elementary school, she retired. Harris Sanchez Jamison ’66, of Palm Springs, Calif.—2/8/14 Harris had many passions in life and four careers (teacher, minister of music, pastor, and registered nurse). In 2006 he was named Nurse of the Year by Vitas Hospice from a field of more than 3,000 nurses. Paul M. Johnson ’67, of Libertyville, Ill.—12/2/13 In June of 2013, Paul retired from ITW Paslode and Scotsman Ice Systems and at the time of his death was working parttime for International Foods and Ingredients, Inc. A member of the Trevadores Quartet during his Trevecca years, he later served as minister of music in several churches. Paul left a legacy of friendliness, warmth, and love. Charles Torain ’73, of Henderson, Ky.—11/10/13 Charles was a member of the First Missionary Baptist Church in Henderson, where he had held many offices. He was a 2002 inductee into Trevecca’s Athletic Hall of Fame and a 2009 inductee to the Heritage Bank CCHS Hall of Fame. Opal Lee Betts Bassham ’81, of Colliersville, Tenn. —12/8/13 Graduating from Trevecca at age 60, Opal was a teacher for many years, a profession that she loved. She was 90 when she died. Michelle Gallup Flatt, ’86 of Erin, Tenn. —10/3/13 Michelle, mother of a Trevecca student, died after an extended illness. Edward Yu ’08, of Colorado Springs, Colo.—11/20/13 Edward was serving in the United States Air Force when he died in an auto accident. While a student at Trevecca, he played on the Trojan men’s golf team, 2003-2008. In 2007 he produced a top-10 finish in the NAIA Region-XI Golf Championship.

Treveccan Fall 2013

Emily Kelley ’11, of Owosso, Mich.—11/30/13 Emily taught at Rutherford Winans Academy in Detroit, Mich., and she worked at Central Elementary School in Owosso, Michigan. She loved children—teaching and mentoring them. She had many friends at Trevecca, who miss her greatly. Curt Bucy ’13, of Franklin, Tenn.—1/7/14 Curt (41), who completed the Graduate Counseling Program in Dec. of 2013, died after a brief illness. His passion was working with military personnel, the severely mentally ill, and homeless men who suffer from drug addictions. An animal lover, he traveled extensively, showing his Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. He was also a talented musician and had traveled with the Nebraska Theater Caravan and performed with the Trevecca Symphony Orchestra and the Paducah Symphony Orchestra. The graduate counseling faculty and his peers remember Curt as a compassionate, intelligent, and devoted friend and an excellent student. William “Bill” Graves, of Birmingham, Ala.—11/18/14 Bill Graves, who grew up in the Church of the Nazarene in Franklin, Tenn., was a friend and supporter of Trevecca. He and his late wife, Jean Hurt Graves, gave Trevecca one of its earliest million-dollar gifts; they also established the

Jean Hurt Graves Endowed Scholarship for students at Trevecca. Graves earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee and a master’s in mathematics at the University of Michigan. He began his career as an actuary for Liberty National Life Insurance Company and retired from Torchmark Corporation as its executive vice president after more than 30 years of service. The family requested that memorials be made to the Jean Hurt Graves Endowed Scholarship or to First United Methodist Church in Birmingham, where Graves was a member.

NOMINATIONS NEEDED FOR ALUMNI AWARDS The Office of Alumni Relations seeks nominations for the T Award—Layperson,T-Award Minister, McClurkan Award, and The First Chapter Award. Nominations must be received in the Alumni Office by April 30, 2014. The criteria for each award and the nomination form are available at Nominations can also be emailed to

give trevecca students the power to be... An inner-city


someone who...

finds the natural Beauty in


The light of God in the United States Military

A Servant


The successful business woman ke who doesn’t ta S E IV but G

the Positive Change in kids lives

Go to to make your gift today.

Treveccan Spring 2014


experience Trevecca

Now you can share the Trevecca experience with others. The new Experience Trevecca video provides a view of undergraduate life at Trevecca through the perspectives of current undergraduates. Experience Trevecca is available at You can use this video to tell about the value of the Trevecca experience—to prospective students and to potential donors and supporters of Trevecca. Share your Trevecca experience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, using the hashtag #ExperienceTrevecca


Here is one of Trevecca’s admissions counselors



1. JARED’S FAVORITE TREVECCA 5. JARED IS CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jesus Culture SPOT: The Wellness Center 2. JARED’S FAVORITE THING ABOUT TNU: Trevecca is an accepting, Christian community



3. FIVE THINGS JARED LOVES: Basketball, exercising, reading scripture, catching up on DVR/favorite TV shows, and watching movies 4. THE BEST PLACE JARED HAS BEEN: Miami, Florida.


6. JARED’S FAVORITE TV SHOW: Friday Night Lights 7. JARED’S DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from Trevecca 8. JARED’S HIDDEN TALENT: Zero, none, nada 9. JARED’S FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: L.A. Lakers (Don’t hold it against him!)

Jared was an athlete at Trevecca, and his experience with his friends in the Trevecca Christian community meant so much more to his college experience than the sport that he came to play. “I believe in the Trevecca experience with all of my heart.”


Jared’s Region THE NAZARENE SOUTHEAST REGION IN Georgia, Kentucky, and East Tennessee AND FROM Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

now that you know

JARED why not let Jared get to know you?

Phone: 615-248-1568 • • • Twitter: @TNUAdmissions Not in Jared’s region? go to to find your admissions counselor. Treveccan Spring 2014


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