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Vol. 82 No. 3 Winter 2012-2013 Dan Boone ’74 President Jan Greathouse ’67 Editor Contact Information

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Critical Thinking Becomes Career Training

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Breaking The Cycle of Poverty

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Finding Career Success in Helping Others

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PRESIDENT’S FOREWORD In a free society, there are three essential nurturing institutions: the family, the faith community, and the school. Each has its unique contribution to the character formation needed for a just and peaceful world. As Christians, our desires for the world go beyond the American dream. We embrace the greatest vision of human thriving ever offered: the Kingdom of God. Such a reality requires places where humans are intentionally nurtured in faith. Trevecca Nazarene University exists at the core of all three nurturing institutions. Family Trevecca is the dominant place where family is formed. Most married couples trace their beginning to a college campus and a budding relationship. Faith community Trevecca is the fruit of a church which desires to disciple its youth through the college years and provide a Christian understanding of vocation in the world. School Trevecca is a Christian community providing rigorous education for the sake of service and leadership in the world. Eliminate a place like Trevecca from the world and the consequences for the Kingdom of God would be staggering. As president, I deeply believe that the work at Trevecca is essential to the hope for a better world. We, who work at Trevecca, are serious about offering the world graduates whose lives will make a difference. You are about to read the stories of some of these graduates and current students. Great stories begin here. Dan Boone President


Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013





Treveccan Winter 2012-2013



FAITHFUL SERVICE “You have the wrong person! I don’t have that kind of money,” I blurted out when a friend suggested that Trevecca needed a scholarship in honor of my parents. My friend responded, “Would you present the idea to your siblings anyway and see what they say?” At the next Saxon family reunion, I presented to my ten siblings the idea of a family scholarship to honor our parents, Rev. J. D. and Sara Saxon. I suggested we “vote” on the feasibility of this scholarship by writing on a piece of paper an amount of money each could give during the following three years—and making those votes anonymous. I did not have a lot of hope about starting this scholarship. Two siblings were already funding scholarships—one at another Nazarene university and one for a seminary on a mission field. However, our parents were lifelong students, and we children never considered higher education an option but an expectation—so it was worth a try. To my surprise, our pledges totaled almost double the $10,000 needed to fund a scholarship at Trevecca. I was elated! My siblings and I are happy that our parents’ ministry and commitment to Christ will be extended through the lives of Trevecca students who receive scholarships from this fund. Some of our younger generation have caught the vision and are contributing to the J. D. and Sara Saxon Scholarship Fund. Our family rejoices to continue the legacy left to us by our dear parents! Mary Lee Fielder ’48 Assistant Adjudication Officer (Retired) U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs Nashville, Tennessee

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013





Treveccan Winter 2012-2013


“The fruit of Christian growth finds its expression in multiple ways, including transformation of the mind, participation in acts of mercy and service, roles of servant leadership, and engagement in authentic and transparent community. The diverse, Christlike lives of Trevecca students reflect the University’s sincere commitment to the holistic formation of Christian disciples.” Tim Green University Chaplain Dean, Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry Treveccan Winter 2012-2013




Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

THE POWER OF STORIES After experiencing bullying and the resulting isolation in high school, I realized that I wanted to do something that would help persons be valued for what they are inside—in Christ. At Trevecca I found an authentic community, and I came to believe in the power of stories—the ones in the Bible and the ones people live that reflect those Bible stories. That belief led me to start, in late 2011, a new organization on campus,

TWIOG—Turning the World Inside Out with God, because I believe that the inside of

a person is what matters most. TWIOG’s mission is to show the love and life of Christ so that people can accept who they are in Christ, new creatures whose past is behind them. God is working through TWIOG to make a difference at Trevecca. Brett Anthony Worship Arts Major/Communication Minor Junior from Mayfield, Kentucky

TWIOG participants

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013




Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

TRANSFORMATION AND GROWTH When I answered God’s call to ministry, I made a commitment to be “all in.” That decision and two deaths in my family during my first semester at Trevecca led me to new ways to serve. My peer mentor and the student president of Women in Ministry Network (WIMN) helped me work through my grief during that fall semester. Their impact on me made me want to have that same kind of impact on others, and I realized that I did not simply want to know about God but that I wanted knowing God to change me. I began looking for ways to integrate classroom learning with participation in God’s activity and learned to serve others—as a peer mentor, as president of WIMN, as the leader of a Merge group, as a mentor with KidPower, and as an intern at Blakemore Church of the Nazarene. What I have learned at Trevecca—in and out of the classroom—has changed me and the way I see the world, other people, and myself. I see the way God is at work in redeeming the world, and in that reality I know there is hope. Ryan Bloyd Religion Major/Pastoral Ministry Minor Junior from Columbia, Kentucky

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013




Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

IGHTS Treveccan Winter 2012-2013



McClurkan Building was completely renovated and made handicap accessible. The completed project earned an Award of Excellence from the Middle-Tennessee Chapter of the Association of Builders and Contractors.

UNIVERSITY • The University honored U. S. Senator Elizabeth Dole by presenting her the second Nina Griggs Gunter Servant-Leadership Award. • The generous gift from alumna Eleanor Hardy Burrow made possible the naming of the Hardy Alumni Center in honor of the members of the Hardy family who played important roles in the history of Trevecca. • Of the 2012 traditional graduates who responded to a survey about their future plans, 76% indicated that they planned to attend graduate school. Labs and classrooms on the third and fourth floors of the Greathouse Science Building were renovated and refitted. (Photo 1) • Graduating business students scored in the 71st percentile on the internationally recognized major field achievement test in May.


• The Nashville Business Journal reported that Trevecca’s business school had the highest increase in enrollment, 24%, from spring semester 2012 to fall semester 2012, of the 23 Middle-Tennessee business schools in that listing. • The business administration department proposed and received approval to begin offering a minor in entrepreneurship and small business management; administrators in this department anticipate that this minor will be a popular one for nonbusiness majors. • During the 2012 fall semester, students in the Leadership in the 21st Century course, taught by business instructor Jon Burch, served as partners with the YMCA to offer The Leadership Lab. For ten weeks the students and Burch mentored, walked with teenagers and their parents, and taught leadership theories and skills to 25 young people. • The business administration department and the Social Justice Program are partners in the launch of the Trevecca Social Justice Business Laboratory, which will provide professors and students throughout the

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

University the opportunity to apply their academic training toward addressing a social-justice issue. • Trevecca earned Tennessee Arboretum status in recognition of the University’s planting of 260 new trees and the addition of horticultural labels on all. (Photo 2) • During the summer of 2012, the University offered for the first time online general education classes which enabled students to complete required courses from any location where they were during the summer.


• The University created the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), an undergraduate research program that provides students with opportunities to expand their classroom learning through original research related to their majors. The QEP is part of the University’s reaccreditation process with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and is intended to improve student learning. (See p. XX for an example of one kind of undergraduate research now in progress.) • The business school was named the Skinner School of Business and Technology in recognition of Gerald Skinner’s service to Trevecca. (Photo 3)


• The Center for Social Justice is preparing to launch LaFamilia, a nonprofit aimed at serving the Hispanic community. • The University created the National Praise and Worship Institute for the purpose of training future worship leaders for churches. • The College of Lifelong Learning was created to serve Trevecca’s adult students. • Three members of the Trevecca volleyball team earned places on the 2012 NCCAA All-Mid-East Region Team, and Trevecca’s Kristen Johnson was selected as the region’s “player of year.”

3 Treveccan Winter 2012-2013



Trevecca’s first fully online graduate program, the Master of Organizational Leadership Program (MOL), graduated its first class, whose members donated a tree to the Trevecca Arboretum. • Expanded ventures of the environmental justice effort included the following: the addition of more urban gardens, organic egg production, fruit tree plantings, and honey bees. Honey production should begin in 2013. (Photo 4) • Trevecca joined the newly formed Great Midwest Athletic Conference (GMAC). • The women’s soccer team won the GMAC Conference title. • Trevecca’s athletic program earned year-two membership candidacy status with the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II. (Photo 5)


• Penney Carden, Karen Lea, Richard Parrott, and Esther Swink presented at the Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) International Conference. (PDK is a professional organization for educators.) • Randy Carden, professor of psychology, exhibited his oil portrait “Magenta” in the spring 2012 exhibition of the Central South Art Exhibition-National. Betsy Karounos, art instructor, exhibited “Portrait of Angie” in the same exhibit, which was sponsored by the Tennessee Art League. • Dean Diehl, director of the Music Business Program was named “Outstanding 2011-2012 MBA Graduate” for the MTSU School of Business.

• Judy Bivens, associate professor of library and information science, and Karen Lea serve on the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Board of Examiners.


• Education professors Penney Carden and Karen Lea presented at the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education and also at the Midwest Scholars Conference.

• Fred Cawthorne, chair of the Department of Science and Math, has been working for two years with Neocera, a provider of semiconductor and superconductor solutions, and the University of Maryland to

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

develop new capabilities in magnetic current imaging. • Jamey Durham, instructor of film, and his wife, Donna, produced Winning Favor, a movie based on the true story of two childhood friends who find themselves playing against each other in the Iowa State Boys’ Basketball Tournament. In the fall, Jamey and Donna learned that Wal-Mart would release Winning Favor for sale in its stores. The Durhams’ films are family oriented, Christian entertainment. • Graham Hillard, associate professor of English, wrote the cover story for the September 2012 issue of Memphis Magazine (“Honor Bound: What Really Happened in the Trinity Commons Parking Lot?”) and contributed poetry, short fiction, and essays to 32 Poems, Appalachia Review, The Chaffin Journal, Denver Syntax, Hiram Poetry Review, The Journal, Regarding Arts and Letters, and Sport Literate. He was a resident fellow at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and served as the founding editor of The Cumberland River Review, a national literary journal staffed by Trevecca undergraduates • Michael Karounos’ article “An Old Testament Offering: The Origin of Frost’s ‘Maple’” was published in Christianity and Literature (Vol. 61, 2, Winter), and his book The Fifth Love was released this year.

District Church of the Nazarene’s retreat for pastors and their partners, using ideas from his book My Soul Purpose. • Billy Petty, chair of worship ministry leadership for the National Praise and Worship Institute, was the music director and pianist for The Christmas Rose, when it was performed at Carnegie Hall, in November. • Roy Philip, associate professor of business, received the Society of Business Research (SBR) Best Paper Award in the marketing track of research papers at its annual conference.


• Karen Lea, professor of education, published three articles in City Educator: “Questioning my questioning,” “What’s a Hybrid?”, and “All I want for Christmas— iPad Apps!” • Mary Ann Meiners, professor of economics, was elected to a two-year term on the board of the Christian Business Faculty Association. • Richard Parrot has a contract with Thomas Nelson Publishers for a new book, Leadership Lessons: Insights from the Life of King Saul; Richard spoke at the Alabama North

5 Treveccan Winter 2012-2013





Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013




Treveccan Winter 2012-2013


“You mean we have the capability to do cancer research right here on campus?” The excitement in their voices was unmistakable. Soon four talented, enthusiastic students had convinced me to sponsor their research; sophomore Anna Laura Green and juniors Jiyar Hussein, Anthony Dikhtyar, and Briana Corzine. They began their project in May 2012. Using the new cell culture hood, added to the biology lab during the recent renovation of Greathouse Science Building, they learned how to feed cells, culture and count them, and monitor cell death. At the same time they began to read current articles in the field, and working together, they wrote up a detailed proposal of the research they wanted to conduct. With their newly acquired cell-handling skills and a passion to understand what they had been reading, they were ready to begin their research. They are now focusing on understanding how and why frankincense oil kills cancer cells. They want to present their ongoing work at Trevecca’s annual Undergraduate Research Symposium; additionally, they eventually plan to write an account of their research and submit it for publication in a biology journal. They hope that their research experience will lead to summer jobs at major research institutions, prepare them for careers in medicine and medicine-related professions, and inspire other students to follow in their footsteps by conducting research while at Trevecca. Alisha Russell Assistant Professor of Biology

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013




Treveccan Winter 2012-2013


I knew nothing about Trevecca when I traveled from my home in Washington State to visit a friend in Nashville. That weekend, during Sunday services at a nondenominational church, the minister mentioned Trevecca in his sermon, and I decided to check out that school. I liked what I learned, and I applied to and was accepted into Trevecca’s Graduate Counseling Program. Early in the program our professors asked us to begin our preparation for careers in counseling by examining our own internal landscapes—our families of origin, histories, traumas, and our wounded-ness—so that we could be prepared to help others navigate their own internal landscapes. For all of us, that early experience in self-reflection was a fundamental part of our preparation to become counselors. But our professors went further. They modeled and demonstrated that process in their own lives. They opened themselves to us and exhibited authenticity in their interactions with us. In them, we could see what we should become. They communicated their commitment to excellence in the profession and taught us that our goal was not financial rewards—but excellence in the profession. Furthermore, they gave my classmates and me encouragement, the confidence to launch, and the assurance of their support. Those lessons guided classmate Jennifer Gillett and me in the nonprofit agency we opened immediately after graduating. The Refuge Center* is a faith-based nonprofit counseling center, which exemplifies what we learned at Trevecca; it pairs excellence with accessibility, breaks down barriers, and provides a place where a whole family can receive services. Amy Alexander, LMFT ’05 Executive Director, The Refuge Center Franklin, Tennessee

Jennifer Gillett & Amy Alexander

*By its fifth year, the Center had grown 1,000% and now has two locations. In 2012 it provided 8,000 counseling sessions for 1,000 individuals, and the Center for Nonprofit Management named it one of three finalists in its Salute to Excellence in the “Compassionate Care for Staff and Clients” category. Treveccan Winter 2012-2013




Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

BREAKING THE CYCLE OF POVERTY Growing up in Detroit, I experienced the effects of poverty on individuals and began to realize I was being called into ministry to the poor. God used the environment at Trevecca to shape that call into a focused understanding of the cycle of poverty. As a social justice major, I took the class Nonprofit Administration, which challenged me to write a business plan for an organization that would address a need I was passionate about. I wrote a plan for an organization whose mission was to end cyclical poverty. Other classes—such as Church and Community and Mission of the People of God—developed my theological understanding of ministering to those in need. My wife, Aimee, and I have committed our lives to serving as agents of God’s grace to the poor. We are utilizing the tools we were given at Trevecca to live lives of ministry in Nashville. My Trevecca education and experience equipped me for my current position, in which I lead a holistic adult education program that offers opportunities for individuals to prepare for the GED, write a résumé, search for a job, or learn computer skills. The program also hosts classes on budgeting, interpersonal skills, time management, and nutrition. Trevecca shaped my passion for the poor into a vision to end the cycle of poverty. Dan Moranville ’11 Director, Life Skills Learning Center The Salvation Army Nashville, Tennessee

Treveccan Winter 2012-2013



FINDING CAREER SUCCESS IN HELPING OTHERS All my life I dreamed of doing something more than simply having a job. Working as a phone operator, I was motivated to do something more with my life, and I knew that education would help me fulfill that dream. After completing two years at a community college, I enrolled in Trevecca’s Management and Human Relations Program (MHR) to earn my bachelor’s degree. When I walked across Trevecca’s stage to accept my diploma in 2004, I remember thinking “I want to give back to others what my professors have done for me. I want to let others know that they really can complete college.” I had enjoyed MHR, so I enrolled in Trevecca’s graduate business program. Knowing that what I wanted to do would require me to know how to read the numbers, I completed an MBA at Trevecca in 2007, with thoughts that I would teach on the college level. I quickly learned that I needed a doctorate if I wanted to fulfill my goal of helping students, so back to school I went. In 2011 I completed a doctorate in business administration and accepted a position as an associate campus dean for a university, a position that led to my current role as a campus dean. My new responsibility is everything I ever dreamed about. It gives me opportunities to share my story with students, and I get to make a difference in their lives. Damita Goods, BA ’04, MSM/MBA ’07 Campus Dean, Strayer University Cedar Hill, Texas


Treveccan Winter 2012-2013

REER SUCCESS Treveccan Winter 2012-2013



FINANCIAL REPORT Facts and  Figures (Unrestricted,  Audited) 2011-­‐12  Fiscal  Year Revenue  Breakdown   Tui9on  and  fees  -­‐  net Auxiliary  enterprises Educa9onal  budgets GiMs  and  other  grants Investment  income Other Total  revenue

Asset Growth   $100,000,000   $80,000,000  

$28,920,577 $5,832,275 $1,971,963 $716,002 $563,909 $2,084,570 $40,089,296

72.1% 14.5% 4.9% 1.8% 1.4% 5.2%

$60,000,000 $40,000,000   $20,000,000   $0   02-­‐03   03-­‐04   04-­‐05   05-­‐06   06-­‐07   07-­‐08   08-­‐09   09-­‐10   10-­‐11   11-­‐12  

Net Asset  Growth   Expenditures  Breakdown   Instruc9onal  and  academic  support Student  services Student  aid  and  tui9on  remission Interest  expense Auxiliary  enterprises Ins9tu9onal  support Total  expenditures


$13,746,718 $5,209,487 $1,608,624 $640,209 $2,618,214 $13,568,868 $37,392,120 $647,711    

36.8% $45,000,000 13.9% $30,000,000   4.3% 1.7%  $50,000  $15,000,000     7.0% 36.3% $0   02-­‐03   03-­‐04   04-­‐05   05-­‐06   06-­‐07   07-­‐08   08-­‐09   09-­‐10   10-­‐11   11-­‐12  

Tui$on Revenue  

University Snapshot

0,000 Total     students

                                        2,478 37% 63% 40% 17% 43% 17% 49% $19,990 14.7  to  1  $2,047,409     79% 92% 92%

Men Women $564,995     Undergraduate Non-­‐tradi9onal Graduate Ethnic  minority  ci9zens Nazarene  denomina9on  (undergraduate) Tui9on Student-­‐to-­‐faculty  ra9o %  of  doctorate    $faculty   (undergraduate) 344,332     Reten9on  rate  (fall  to  spring) Total  campus  occupancy  level

$40,000,000 $30,000,000  


$20,000,000 $10,000,000   $0  

02-­‐03 03-­‐04   04-­‐05   05-­‐06   06-­‐07   07-­‐08   08-­‐09   09-­‐10   10-­‐11   11-­‐12  

Property, Plant,  and  Equipment—Net   $60,000,000   $45,000,000  

Total debt Total  assets Debt-­‐to-­‐asset  ra9o Endowment  balance


$33,073,834 $93,016,522 35.6% $20,113,659

$30,000,000 YEARS

$15,000,000 $0  

02-­‐03 03-­‐04   04-­‐05   05-­‐06   06-­‐07   07-­‐08   08-­‐09   09-­‐10   10-­‐11   11-­‐12  

2011-2012 GIFT SUPPORT Church Support  (Unrestricted)   Current  Scholarships  and  Programs  (Restricted)   Facili=es   Annual  Fund  (Unrestricted)   Endowed  Scholarships  and  Funds   Life  GiAs    (Annui=es  &  Trusts)  

$50,000      $647,711    

Annual Fund  (Unrestricted)    $564,995     Endowed  Scholarships  and  Funds    $2,047,409    

Life GiAs    (Annui=es  &  Trusts)  



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UPCOMING EVENTS AT TREVECCA • Phil Wickham Concert, January 11, 2013, 8 PM, convocation center in Boone Business Building, tickets $15 can be purchased online at • Premier of the movie Trade of Innocents, January 28, 2013, in the Courts at Trevecca Community Church, sponsored by the Social Justice Program • “Celebrating the Work, Wisdom and Wit of Women” February 12, 2013, with former SNL star Victoria Jackson and Teresa Sparks, CFO of Symbion Healthcare • National launch of Called to the Fire, Chet Bush’s book about the life and ministry of Rev. Charles Johnson, February 18, in Chapel • Trevecca Heritage Day in honor of William Strickland, February 28, 2013 Go to for more information.

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President's Report 2012 | Treveccan  

This special issue of the TREVECCAN is the President's Report 2012.

President's Report 2012 | Treveccan  

This special issue of the TREVECCAN is the President's Report 2012.