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FALL 2013

INVESTING IN GROWTH Trevecca alumni use microeconomics to break the cycle of poverty in Congo.

THE SKINNER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY Where business and faith intersect Treveccan Fall 2013


ONE YES - Gerald Skinner recounts a lifetime of service and the blessings from God 1

LIFE-CHANGING MENTORS At Trevecca, we have these. Paula Jones works in the University mail room; KHUPHQWRULQJZLQGRZLVRSHQIRUVWXGHQWV(GGLH:KLWHGLUHFWVĂ€QDQFLDO aid; students speak with tears in their eyes about how his work opened impossible doors. Fred Cawthorne teaches physics; he champions his students into the best graduate programs in the nation. These people are OLIHFKDQJLQJPHQWRUV7UHYHFFD¡VFDPSXVLVIXOORIRWKHUVOLNHWKHP Trevecca lost a great mentor this past year, Jim Foglesong. Jim is bronzed in the Country Music Hall of Fame Rotunda as the “Dean of Country Music.â€? He was the genius behind Garth Brooks and many others.* When I spoke at his funeral, I sat with The Oak Ridge Boys and Vince Gill, huge icons in the music world, yet none of them have touched people as deeply as a man who in his 70s and 80s decided to invest in Trevecca students. I UHDGVHYHUDOVWXGHQWWULEXWHVDWWKHIXQHUDO+HUH¡VRQHIURP$QQD5R\VWHU I just got word that Mr. Fogelsong passed away today. Much of the world may not realize what they lost, but those of us who studied under him at Trevecca Nazarene University do. He may have been a giant in the music industry, but we thought he was a giant at life. Though he appeared to be a quiet grandfather type, his quips in class taught us to stay on our toes. He built us all up, coming to our recitals and performances, smiling blissfully the whole time. He had faith in me. When I thought I was mediocre, he encouraged me to think more highly of myself. His faith in God was at the core of his life. It leaked into everything he did. J-FO, though your passing was not unexpected, I will miss you terribly. Thank you for all your love. In a world of depersonalized service, college classrooms with one professor and 200 students, computerized OHDUQLQJDQGLQIRUPDWLRQRYHUORDGVRPHERG\VRPHZKHUHRXJKWWRNQRZDVWXGHQW¡VQDPHORRNLQWRKLVRUKHU face, and guide that student through the deep issues of life. At Trevecca, we do that. The critical touch point of a Christian university is the space between an employee and a student. Whether that HPSOR\HHLVWKHUHFUXLWHUĂ€QDQFLDODLGDGYLVRUDFDGHPLFUHFRUGVLQWHUSUHWHUUHVLGHQWOLIHGLUHFWRURQOLQHWHDFKHU FRDFKSURIHVVRURIĂ€FHDVVLVWDQWPDLOURRPFOHUNRUWKHSUHVLGHQWÂłZKHQZHWRXFKDVWXGHQWZHHPERG\ Christian education. The core competency of Trevecca is life-changing mentoring. It is who we are. Maybe you can join us by being the reason a student enrolls at Trevecca.

Dan Boone President *Jim Foglesong helped start the careers of Barbara Mandrell, Reba McEntire, Duane Allen and Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys, Mark Miller and Hubie Hubbard of Sawyer Brown, John Conlee, Con Hunley, George Strait, Tanya Tucker, Donna Fargo, Don Williams, and many others.


Treveccan Fall 2013



Life-changing mentors

CAMPUS NEWS Vol. 83 No. 4 Fall 2013 'DQ%RRQH· President -DQ*UHDWKRXVH· Editor Melissa Jackson Designer Contrirbutors 1DQF\'XQODS· $OOLH+LOO· 1DWH+LOO· *UHJ5XII· Contact Information

Treveccan 333 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN 37210 615-248-7782 Main number 615-248-1200 $GPLVVLRQVRIÀFH 615-248-1320 $OXPQLRIÀFH 615-248-1238 The Treveccan, publication No. 394470, is published quarterly by Trevecca Nazarene University, 333 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37210-2877. Periodical postage paid at Nashville, Tennessee. 32670$67(56HQGDGGUHVV FKDQJHVWRWKH2IÀFHRI$OXPQL Relations, Trevecca Nazarene University, 333 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, TN 372102877.



Trevecca alumni use microeconomics to break the cycle of poverty







The Skinners - A lifetime of service and blessings from God










THE SKINNER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY Making a difference at the intersection of faith and business

Treveccan Fall 2013


INVESTING IN GROWTH Trevecca alumni use microeconomics to break the cycle of poverty in Congo.

1DWH +LOO ¡, from Moline, Illinois, and $OOLH *UD\ ¡, from Greenwood, South Carolina, met at Trevecca (both were accounting majors) and later married. In WKH\WRRNWKHLUEXVLQHVVWUDLQLQJWR&RQJR1DWHLVWKHGLUHFWRURIÀQDQFHIRU +23( ,QWHUQDWLRQDO¡V RIÀFHV LQ %UD]]DYLOOH &RQJR +RSH ,QWHUQDWLRQDO¡V QHWZRUN provides a variety of services and resources in 16 countries to address the pervasive HPSOR\PHQWJDSIDFHGE\WKHZRUOG¡VSRRU1DWHKDVRYHUVLJKWRI+23(¡VDFFRXQWLQJEXGJHWLQJDQG forecasting processes. Allie* was the Kiva coordinator for HOPE. (Kiva is a partner organization and a funding source for HOPE.) During the summer they shared with the Treveccan how they are using their business training now.

Nate (left) and Allie Hill (right) pose with their friend (center).


Treveccan Fall 2013

A market in Congo

Treveccan: What work did you do when you graduated from Trevecca? Nate: During my junior year at Trevecca, I had great uncertainty about what sector of accounting I wanted to work in, and I went to Dr. Jinnette [Allen Jinnette] to discuss my options. He helped me weed out the possibilities and convinced me to pursue work with Ernst & Young [E&Y, accounting company]. Looking back, that decision was probably one of the best I have ever made. Although E&Y would never become a lifetime career for me, it has opened up so many doors, including the opportunity we accepted almost two years ago. Allie: Following graduation I was a caseworker/grant manager for the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee. In that position I counseled refugees, assisting WKHPZLWKDQ\WKLQJIURPÀQGLQJKRXVLQJDQG jobs to applying to school or for food stamps. I loved that job. Treveccan: What led a young married couple to take jobs in Congo? Allie::KHQ,WRRN'U0HLQHUV¡,QWHUQDWLRQDO Economic Development class, I was exposed to large NGOs [non-governmental RUJDQL]DWLRQDQRQSURÀWYROXQWDU\FLWL]HQV¡ group organized on a local, national, or Treveccan Fall 2013


international level] and governmental agencies and how they affect world economics. This class prompted me to H[SORUHKRZWKHZRUOG¡VSRRUZHUHEHQHÀWWLQJ or being hurt by these powers. I was also a mission minor and had an interest in doing overseas mission work. Through my classes and mission professor, Dr. Kathy Mowry, I learned of HOPE International, a Christian organization doing international economic development through PLFURÀQDQFH,UHDG+23(¡VQHZVOHWWHUV and eventually Nate and I began donating to HOPE. Both Nate and I had a desire to use our business skills to serve the kingdom of God in a tangible way. We wanted to serve overseas and thought that maybe an RUJDQL]DWLRQOLNH+23(ZRXOGEHDJRRGÀW for us. Nate: When I accepted a job with E&Y, I never had any intention to move overseas. I think I actually said once that I prayed that God would never call me to move overseas. I was looking forward to working for a big company and enjoying my life in the USA; however, during my senior year, God started working in my life. Through discussions with friends/mentors (Allie, in particular), I started thinking about the importance of using my WDOHQWVWREXLOG*RG¡VNLQJGRP$YHUVHWKDW KDVVWXFNZLWKPHLV/XNHE´:KHQ someone has been given much, much will be 5

required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.� God began questioning me about my use of the talents he had given me. I have been so blessed, and I realized that much was expected of me. I felt a strong desire to begin using my skills in a way that could build his kingdom. I began thinking about how I could use business in missions. I knew my time at E&Y would not be wasted, and I honestly planned on being there a lot longer than two years; however, God had other plans. After our marriage, Allie and I immediately began donating to HOPE International. We loved its approach to poverty and its concentration on spreading the gospel to its clients. One day, as donors, we received an email from a HOPE development representative who happened to live in Nashville. During my lunch with him, he encouraged me to look into a job opening in Brazzaville, Congo. After a lot of discussion 6

and prayer, Allie and I decided that we had a clear calling from God and an opportunity we could not pass up. Treveccan: How did Trevecca prepare you for your work in Congo? Nate: The technical accounting skills I learned at Trevecca were obviously very helpful. More than that, though, I think I learned how to be a servant when I was in a position of leadership. Jesus is the ultimate example of how Christians are to live; he was a leader himself, and, being fully God, he obviously had every reason to consider himself greater than anyone on earth. Yet, he led by being a servant. The teachers in the business department serve the students they teach, and they serve in a wonderfully loving way. All the professors truly care about their students and will go out of their way to help them. Treveccan Fall 2013

Allie: In my classes at Trevecca, I learned a lot about Excel. I use those Excel skills daily in Brazzaville and taught them to some eager Congolese staff. Additionally, I am using more of the intrinsic learning I acquired DW7UHYHFFDVHUYLFHWRWKHYXOQHUDEOHVHOI GHQLDODQGWDNLQJLQLWLDWLYH³DQGDOOGRQHWR bring glory to the Lord. Nate: One more observation. When I was working through the CPA exam prep materials about consolidation, I kept thinking how that material was so much easier than the test Dr. Jinnette gave us on that subject.

Trevecca may be a small university, but the professors in the business department take pride in their work. My classes were challenging and prepared me for my career in accounting and for the CPA exam. *At the end of the summer Allie returned to the States WRSXUVXHDPDVWHU·VLQVRFLDOZRUNDWWKH8QLYHUVLW\ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. In November Nate will join Allie and will work from North Carolina for HOPE International as the new Africa assistant regional GLUHFWRUKHZLOOUHWXUQWR$IULFDLQFOXGLQJ%UD]]DYLOOH several times each year.

Compassion—In spite of . . . Allie Gray Hill ’10





THE SKINNER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY Making a difference at the intersection of faith and business


Using their knowledge to teach and solve real-world problems During her recent sabbatical, economics professor Mary Ann Meiners put to work her training in economic development when she helped House of Dorcas, a shelter and center for women in Belize, and its microenterprise that trains the women for jobs. Because the House of Dorcas had a sewing machine and embroidery machine which no one knew how to use, Meiners planned to give lessons on those machines; however, when Meiners enrolled in a sewing class to improve her skills, the sewing FODVVLQVWUXFWRUGRQDWHGIRXUVHZLQJPDFKLQHV7KHQ0HLQHUV·FKXUFKYROXQWHHUHGWR deliver the machines during its summer mission trip to Belize. Later Meiners traveled to Belize and conducted sewing classes for women in the House of Dorcas. “The best part for me was getting to visit with the ladies and hear their stories. It was a blessing to encourage one another in the Lord as we sewed together,” said Meiners.


Treveccan Fall 2013


Training for careers in accounting for public and private organizations, government, and nonprofits ,ZDQWHGWRSXUVXHDFFRXQWLQJDQG,NQHZWKDW7UHYHFFD·V$FFRXQWLQJ3URJUDP would allow me to take a variety of business courses to round out my education. . . . Professors Runyan and Jinnette helped me discover what I wanted to do as a future career path. /H$QQ7KRPDV%ODQNPDQ· Senior Accountant, Tennessee Housing DevelopmentAgency

When I discussed with Dean Hiatt my long-term goal to become a lawyer, he DGYLVHGPHWKDWDQDFFRXQWLQJGHJUHHZRXOGEHDYDOXDEOHDVVHW³IRUEXVLQHVV law courses and for my career. Those accounting courses gave me an excellent foundation for law school. 7UDYLV&UHHO¡ KPMG LLP 7ZRPHPRULHVRI7UHYHFFD³)LUVWWKH,QWHUQDWLRQDO(FRQRPLF'HYHORSPHQW course alerted me to the needs of developing countries around the world and PDGHPHZDQWWRVHUYHLQWKRVHFRXQWULHV)RUWZR\HDUV,ZDVÀQDQFHGLUHFWRUDW an international school in Afghanistan, and now I am the remote-school business coordinator for Oasis International Schools, working with international schools in %UD]LODQG0DOD\VLD6HFRQG3URIHVVRU$OOHQ-LQQHWWH¡VZLOOLQJQHVVWRKHOSPH XQGHUVWDQGVHWDJUHDWH[DPSOHIRUPHRQH,¡YHWULHGWRUHPHPEHUDQGIROORZHYHU\ day. /HYL+XPEOH¡ Remote School Business Coordinator, Oasis International Schools

When I started my career with PwC 14 years ago, I was often in groups with individuals who graduated from large reputable universities with strong alumni ties. I quickly learned that my education easily stood up to and surpassed those of individuals from larger universities, and in many cases the small class sizes and the individual attention that I received from professors at Trevecca made me feel even more prepared for what I faced in a challenging professional environment. .HOO\3OXPPHU.LQJ¡ Assurance Partner, PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC)

Treveccan Fall 2013



Teaching the performance, management, and administrative functions of business operations to future business professionals

,ORYHWKH6NLQQHU6FKRRORI%XVLQHVVDQG7HFKQRORJ\·VIRFXVRQVHUYDQW OHDGHUVKLSDQGLQWHJULW\7KHVHSULQFLSOHV³LQVWLOOHGLQPHE\P\IDPLO\DQGWKHQ DIÀUPHGE\P\HGXFDWLRQDW7UHYHFFD³KDYHKDGDQLQFUHGLEOHLPSDFWRQP\ career. When God called me to Trevecca 22 years ago, I had no idea that that impact was going to last a lifetime. +ROO\0LOOHU:KLWE\· Owner, Clever Village, Inc. Adjunct Professor, Skinner School of Business and Technology


Providing a business background for careers that improve the lives of families in communities around the world

Daily I work on marketing, management of staff, and accounting. My current job brings together a lot of the skills and things I learned in business classes at Trevecca. I am able to bring a sound business background and education to my QRQSURÀWZRUN $EE\%XWHU· Director of Communications and Development Harvest Hands CDC

After a semester of classes and a lot of prayer, I believed God was calling me to work outside of the church, and I majored in community development. . . . In my work I oversee institutional development efforts (writing grant proposals and cultivating donors), manage PR activities, and create links between refugees and the mainstream Nashville community. My time at Trevecca gave me the foundation and tools needed to be successful in the work I do today. -RUGDQ3HRSOHV· Community Development Director Nashville International Center for Empowerment


Treveccan Fall 2013


Applying information technologies to business problems

7UHYHFFD¡V&RPSXWHU,QIRUPDWLRQ7HFKQRORJ\3URJUDPRIIHUHGIHDWXUHV,ZDQWHGDSURJUDPZLWKD successful track record, one that accommodated my schedule, and one that taught material that was relevant in the workplace. 'XVWLQ6PLWK¡ Transmedia Content Specialist (ePub Developer) LifeWay Christian Resources

Professor Ty Tabernik, my academic advisor, was a mentor to me and helped me ÀQGDMREDW0DXU\5HJLRQDO0HGLFDO&HQWHU 050& ,QWKLVMRE,FRSHZLWKPDQ\ IT issues, and my classes about these technologies at Trevecca prepared me to serve others in this job. Additionally, the people skills I acquired at Trevecca have proven invaluable. $OH[%DUEHUL¡ Help Desk Support II Maury Regional Medical Center

0\H[SHULHQFHDW7UHYHFFDFXOWLYDWHGDQGVXSSRUWHGZKDWP\IDLWKWDXJKWPH that looking out for those around me, being considerate and understanding, and ORYLQJWKHSHRSOH,HQFRXQWHUZLOOJHWPHIDUWKHULQOLIHWKDQIROORZLQJVRFLHW\¡VVHOI serving idea of success. (YDQV.QRZOHV¡ Graphic Designer Trevecca Nazarene University

I build, manage, and optimize 15+ websites, a marketing automation platform which handles 150+ digital campaigns, and provide reporting and analytics on the FRPSDQ\¡VPDUNHWLQJHIIRUWV:LWKRXW7UHYHFFD,ZRXOGQ¡WKDYHWKHFRPELQDWLRQRI business and people skills as well as technical understanding to build and execute these marketing plans. -DUHG8VUH\¡ Marketing Specialist, SMS Holdings

Treveccan Fall 2013



Preparing persons for careers in enterprise management

My Trevecca professors were very helpful. Professor Jea Agee helped me become DOLIHORQJOHDUQHUZKHQKHWROGPH´,W¡VQRWDERXWKRZPXFK\RXOHDUQGXULQJ your time here, but how much you continue to learn after you leave.� Professor Jon Burch had a knack for showing me how to solve problems, and I left our FRQYHUVDWLRQVZLWKIRXURUÀYHQHZVROXWLRQVWRSUREOHPV,ZDVIDFLQJ -HUHP\'L[RQ¡ Integration Specialist, Healthstream

-RVK6PLWK¡DJUDGXDWHRI7UHYHFFD¡V0DQDJHPHQW3URJUDPDQGQRZDFOLHQW services manager for Healthstream in Nashville, was the grand champion and one of 11 winners from around the world in the 2012 GLO-BUS Best-Strategy Invitational. GLO-BUS, an online strategic management simulation from McGrawHill, hosts this annual competition in which participants compete against one another in the operation of digital camera companies. During recent years more than 32,000 students from 300+ colleges and universities and 30 countries have participated in this simulation. Winners from each institution become eligible to participate in the Best-Strategy Invitational.

)URPP\Ă€UVWLQWHUDFWLRQVZLWKWKHEXVLQHVVSURIHVVRUVLQP\JHQHUDOHGXFDWLRQ courses freshman year, I knew I was “homeâ€? in that department. . . . The Trevecca Community has played such a formative role in my education and young professional career. :KLWQH\&DVH\)ULW]¡ $GPLQLVWUDWLYH$VVLVWDQW2IĂ€FHRI$FDGHPLF$IIDLUV Trevecca Nazarene University


Teaching the principles of effective communication, advertising strategies, sales, and customer service

2QHRI7UHYHFFD¡VEHVWUHTXLUHPHQWVLVFKDSHODWWHQGDQFHEHFDXVHVWXGHQWVGR not realize how uncommon faith and religion are in a business setting. I am very EOHVVHGWRZRUNLQDQRIÀFHÀOOHGZLWK&KULVWLDQVDQGWRKDYHDERVVZKRDOORZV us to freely speak about our faith. We take pride in making the right decisions for our clients because our foundation is centered on Christ. .DUD+DQNLQV¡ Corporate Solutions Specialist, Dale Carnegie Training of Tennesse 12

Treveccan Fall 2013


Cultivating business leaders with decision-making expertise

7UHYHFFD¡V0%$3URJUDPDOORZHGPHWREDODQFHP\ZRUN DQGLWVWUDYHO requirements) and school schedules and course requirements successfully. I appreciated the way the diversity of the classroom environment fostered LQIRUPDWLYHGLVFXVVLRQVIURPGLIIHUHQWSHUVSHFWLYHV³EXVLQHVVDQGSHUVRQDO7KH cohort structure helped us become a team working for a common goal. 7UDFH\'XNH0%$¡ Site Quality Enabler, Frito-Lay

The MBA Program helped me overcome my fear of speaking in public. Recently when my missile program was under heavy scrutiny, I made a presentation in front RIWKHGLUHFWRURIWKH0LVVLOH'HIHQVH$JHQF\ 0'$ DQDGPLUDOĂ€YHJHQHUDOV several senior executive service leaders, and many MDA Program directors. As I began to speak, I thought, “I can do this. This is why I worked so hard at Trevecca.â€? The presentation was a great success &KULV%XUFK0%$¡ Software Systems Manager, Missile Defense Agency


Educating students for a variety of careers in the music industry


,ZRUNRQDVPDOOWHDPWKDWVHUYHVDVWKHVHGHSDUWPHQWV³PDUNHWLQJEUDQG management, accounting, sales, and customer relations. Having a multi-faceted business background from Trevecca gave me the ability to wear multiple hats and, therefore, further the reach of my company and career. 0LFKDHO+DUH¡ Sales Coordinator, Essential Artist Services/Sony Music Entertainment Treveccan Fall 2013



Preparing persons for careers in enterprise management

Since my graduation, I have faced many situations which reminded me that my 7UHYHFFDHGXFDWLRQKDGHTXLSSHGPHWRFRQIURQWGLIÀFXOWGHFLVLRQV0\VWXGLHVLQ organizational management have allowed me to serve as president of a holding FRPSDQ\WKHFKLHIRSHUDWLQJRIÀFHURIDYHQWXUHFDSLWDOFRPSDQ\DQGQRZDVD director of a state agency. *DU\:&RUGHOO020 ¡ Director of Consumer Affairs, State of Tennessee 7KHPDVWHU¡VLQRUJDQL]DWLRQDOPDQDJHPHQW 020 ZDVWKHSUHFXUVRUWR7UHYHFFD¡V0%$


Trevecca Investment Club finishes fifth among 25 colleges and universities During its ten years of competing in the TVA Investment Challenge, the Trevecca Investment Club returned an average of 9.30% per year compared to 7.30% per year for the stock market as a whole DVPHDVXUHGE\WKH6 3 DQGSODFHGÀIWKDPRQJWKHFRPSHWLQJLQVWLWXWLRQV0RUHRYHU 7UHYHFFD¡VVWXGHQWVRXWSHUIRUPHGRISURIHVVLRQDOO\PDQDJHGPXWXDOIXQGVLQWKHLULQYHVWLQJ category (large-cap value). For the current year, the Trevecca Investment Club has returned 24.10% compared to 20.01% for the S&P 500 (as of August 12).


Skinners make new gift to help Trevecca students In late September Gerald and Eileen Skinner transferred appreciated commercial property to the University. Through this gift they established a gift annuity that will provide them a quarterly income throughout their lives. Ultimately, part of that gift will bring the Skinner Accounting Scholarship Endowment to $1 million, and part of that gift will create a new endowment, the 6NLQQHU1HHG\6WXGHQW6FKRODUVKLS)XQGWRDVVLVWVWXGHQWVZLWKVLJQLĂ€FDQWĂ€QDQFLDOQHHG “The Skinners have chosen a very effective way to give to the University. Their gift of property HQDEOHVWKHPWRPDNHDVLJQLĂ€FDQWJLIWUHFHLYHDFKDULWDEOHLQFRPHWD[GHGXFWLRQDQG VLJQLĂ€FDQWO\UHGXFHFDSLWDOJDLQVWD[ÂľH[SODLQHG3HJ&RRQLQJYLFHSUHVLGHQWIRUH[WHUQDO relations. In the 1970s the Skinners established the Skinner Family Scholarship for students preparing for IXOOWLPHPLQLVWU\+XQGUHGVRIVWXGHQWVKDYHEHQHĂ€WWHGIURPWKHWXLWLRQIXQGVDZDUGHGWRWKHPLQ the form of Skinner scholarships. 14

Treveccan Fall 2013

One Yes

A lifetime of service and the blessings of God


ome persons call it chance, fate, or coincidence. Perhaps a string of fortunate serendipities or pleasant accidents. On the other hand, persons of faith see *RG·VGLYLQHJXLGDQFHLQWKHZD\OLIHXQIROGVIRUD follower of Christ.

Insurance agent, he sensed God calling him to prepare for a teaching career at a Nazarene college. And that young man, who had not attended church until Eileen invited him, said “Yes” to God and enrolled in the 8QLYHUVLW\RI1HEUDVNDLQUHVSRQVHWR*RG·VFDOO

*HUDOGDQG(LOHHQ6NLQQHUNQRZWKDW*RG·VSURYLGHQFH has been at work in their lives. Born into farming families in the Midwest, they met in high school and began dating. Soon Eileen invited Gerald to attend the Church of the Nazarene with her, and she introduced him to Christ. They married after their high school graduation, and Gerald bought and operated a farm and began acquiring rental properties. While he farmed and worked as a top-producing State Farm

Three years later with a college degree in business, he realized that teaching would require him to become DFHUWLÀHGSXEOLFDFFRXQWDQW &3$ DQGWRJDLQ accounting experience. Soon he and Eileen moved to Washington, DC, where Gerald was an accountant with the United States Senate Government Operations Committee. “The exposure to life in Washington and the incredible opportunity to work in that environment were priceless experiences in my preparation to teach,” he explained.

Treveccan Fall 2013


the pastor of his church, Millard Reed, was elected president of Trevecca in 1991, Skinner became Dr. 5HHG¡VXQSDLGFRQVXOWDQWDQGÀQDQFLDODGYLVRU VHUYLQJXQWLO'U5HHG¡VUHWLUHPHQWLQ+LVHOHFWLRQ to and subsequent service on the Trevecca Board of Trustees in 1991 has meant that Gerald Skinner has always had some role* in the life and administration of Trevecca since 1969.

President Millard Reed and Gerald Skinner announce the successful FRPSOHWLRQRI7UHYHFFD¡VODUJHVWHYHUFDSLWDOFDPSDLJQ  

Three years later, Gerald and Eileen sensed God directing them to the University of Kansas, where Gerald enrolled in graduate school to earn an MBA DQG(LOHHQWRRNDMRE´,QP\Ă€QDO\HDURI graduate school, Eileen and I were eating with a group of Nazarenes following a football game at the University of Kansas. In that group was :LOOLDP0 *UHDWKRXVH¡. He asked me what my plans were after I graduated, and our conversation concluded with his invitation for me to teach at Trevecca,â€? recounted Skinner. Having never seen Trevecca, the Skinners checked out the school later that year when a trip took them near Nashville. And, as the saying goes, “The rest is history.â€? Gerald Skinner joined the Trevecca faculty LQDQGVWDUWHG7UHYHFFD¡VĂ€UVW%XVLQHVV Program. He taught, recruited students for the program, built the business department, UHFUXLWHGIDFXOW\DQGÂłLQVRPHFDVHV³´JUHZÂľ his own faculty by employing graduates of the program to teach in it after their graduation. The program thrived, and its graduates excelled. In 1978 Skinner and *HUDOG4XLFN¡ founded Compco, a software development and telecom data corporation. That company quickly became an industry leader, supplying software to an impressive list of customers, which included Rockefeller Center, the U. S. Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, Time, Harvard, Yale, Brown University, and the University of Berkeley, among others. %\7UHYHFFD¡V'HSDUWPHQWRI%XVLQHVVZDV thriving, and Skinner retired from teaching in order to give more attention to Compco; however, his relationship with the University did not end. At the invitation of President +RPHU$GDPV¡, Skinner VHUYHGRQWKH3UHVLGHQW¡V$GYLVRU\&RXQFLO:KHQ 16

Gerald and Eileen Skinner have always wanted to help young people, and they have invested in the lives of young people by establishing scholarships at 7UHYHFFDÂłWKH6NLQQHU)DPLO\6FKRODUVKLSWKDWDVVLVWV ministerial students and the Gerald Skinner Accounting Scholarship for accounting majors. (See pg 14.) At Homecoming 2012 Trevecca honored Gerald Skinner for his then-43 years of service to Trevecca. The naming of the Skinner School of Business and

With President Boone, Eileen and Gerald Skinner sign the documents for their recent gift to Trevecca (See article on p. 15.)

Technology is a monument to the man who started 7UHYHFFD¡V%XVLQHVV3URJUDPLQYHVWHGKLPVHOIDQG his assets in the lives of young people, and shared his expertise with this university. And it is a reminder of what God can accomplish through the life of a person *HUDOG ZKRZLOODFFHSW*RG¡VJXLGDQFHDQGDIDPLO\ member (Eileen) whose loving support enables that SHUVRQWRIROORZ*RG¡VFDOO *Gerald Skinner served as chair of the $28.5 million capital campaign for the construction of the Waggoner Library and Center for Instructional Technology, 1997-2001; chair of the $.5 million Greathouse Scholarship Campaign, 1997-2001; chair of the Trevecca Board of Trustees, 2001-2004. In recognition of his service to Trevecca, in 1990 Trevecca awarded him an honorary doctorate and, in 2005, the second Lyla T. Mackey Diakonos Award for his outstanding service to Trevecca. In addition to his VHUYLFHWR7UHYHFFD6NLQQHUKDVVHUYHGLQVLJQLÀFDQWUROHVLQWKH denomination.

Treveccan Fall 2013

/((/$1',1&21&(57$7 75(9(&&$ The Christian rock band Leeland, from Baytown, Texas, performed in concert at Trevecca on September 26. Leeland Mooring, his brother Jack, and sister Shelly with drummer Mike Smith performed music from their latest album, The Great Awakening, before an audience of students and other Leeland fans.

Treveccan Fall 2013


62&,$/-867,&(&21)(5(1&(Âł 35(3$5$7,21)253$66,21$7( 6(59,&(

)2;67$7,21%52$'&$67672:1 +$//0((7,1*)52075(9(&&$

0RELOL]LQJWKH&KXUFKIRU6RFLDO-XVWLFH7UHYHFFD¡V Ă€UVWVRFLDOMXVWLFHFRQIHUHQFHKHOG6HSWHPEHU focused on the “whyâ€? and “howâ€? of efforts to achieve social justice. Speakers were 'DQ%RRQH¡; Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent of The Wesleyan Church; Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag of the European Freedom Network; Carla Sundberg, co-district superintendent RIWKH&KXUFKRIWKH1D]DUHQH¡V(DVW2KLR'LVWULFW and James Copple, founding partner of Strategic Applications International, LLC.

FOX 17 held its Town Hall Meeting at Trevecca on 6HSWHPEHUWRGLVFXVV1DVKYLOOH¡VWUDIÀFVLWXDWLRQDQG UHFHQWSURSRVDOVIURPWKHFLW\WRUHPHG\WUDIÀFSUREOHPV The evening was moderated by Mark Hyman of the Sinclair Broadcast Group and was broadcast and livestreamed. Panel members included representatives IURPWKH0D\RU¡V2IÀFHWKH7HQQHVVHH'HSDUWPHQW of Transportation, both the Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Authorities, and the Metro Planning Organization.

New Faculty and Administrators, 2013-2014 0$5.%,6+23 Associate Professor, Communication Studies %$2OLYHW1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\ 0$*RYHUQRU¡V6WDWH8QLYHUVLW\

/(:,6%5,'*(6 School of Education Enrollment Specialist College of Lifelong Learning %66RXWKHUQ,OOLQRLV8QLYHUVLW\ 0$7UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\ 0(G7UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\ (G'$UJRV\8QLYHUVLW\


$11$*((+$55,6 Volunteer State Site Administrator, College of Lifelong Learning %6:HOFK&ROOHJH 0$77UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\

(8*(1,$+$55,6 Academic Web Content and Catalog Manager, Academic Affairs $%3ULQFHWRQ8QLYHUVLW\ 0/$69DQGHUELOW8QLYHUVLW\

6+(55,+8,77 Columbia State Site Administrator, College of Lifelong Learning %$7UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\

-2+1.(11('< Associate Professor, Graduate Counseling %%$0LGGOH7HQQHVVHH6WDWH8QLYHUVLW\ 0$+DUGLQJ6FKRRORI7KHRORJ\ 3K'5HJHQW8QLYHUVLW\

7(5(6$*(8< Enrollment Specialist, College of Lifelong Learning %6%HOPRQW8QLYHUVLW\


5,&.0$11 Director, Graduate and Professional Studies, Skinner School of Business and Technology

Treveccan Fall 2013

75(9(&&$1$0('75(( &$038686$ On October 6 the Arbor Tree Foundation named Trevecca and Tennessee State Universities DV7UHH&DPSXVHV86$IRUÂłWKHRQO\ universities in Tennessee to earn this honor. Following a full day of ceremonies on both campuses, volunteers at Trevecca planted 30 new fruit trees on the campus, making the total fruit trees planted this year 85. Trevecca now has 400 trees on campus; 300 are tagged with botanical labels, and more than 70 species are represented. Last year Trevecca was named â&#x20AC;&#x153;a Tennessee arboretumâ&#x20AC;? by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) for its tree-planting program.

7+,5'1,1$*5,**6*817(5 6(59$17/($'(5$:$5'6 35(6(17(' The Nina Griggs Gunter Servant-Leadership Awards were presented in chapel on October 10, 2013. Jo Ann Lyon, DD, DHL, the general superintendent of The Wesleyan Church, was the recipient of this award. 1LQD*ULJJV*XQWHU¡ ZDVWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVWSHUVRQWRUHFHLYHWKLVDZDUG6HQDWRU Elizabeth Dole was the second recipient. The award for the female student leader went to Ashley Nicole Hoffner, a senior social work major. %6:HVWHUQ0LFKLJDQ8QLYHUVLW\ 0'LY&DQDGLDQ7KHRORJLFDO6HPLQDU\ 0$2KLR6WDWH8QLYHUVLW\ 3K'2KLR6WDWH8QLYHUVLW\ 0%$8QLYHUVLW\RI0LQQHVRWD




Assistant Professor, Graduate Physician Assistant %6*URYH&LW\&ROOHJH

Enrollment Specialist, College of Lifelong Learning %$7UDQV\OYDQLD8QLYHUVLW\



Recruiter, College of Lifelong Learning %$7UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\

Assistant Professor, Biology %6)ORULGD$JULFXOWXUDODQG0HFKDQLFDO8QLYHUVLW\ PhD, Meharry Medical College, 2010

Instructional Support Specialist, College of Lifelong Learning %$:LOODPHWWH8QLYHUVLW\ MA, Scarritt Graduate School, 1988

$1'5($0,//(5 Motlow State Site Administrator, College of Lifelong Learning %$7UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\ 068QLYHUVLW\RI7HQQHVVHH.QR[YLOOH




Assistant Professor, Health Information Technology %$8QLYHUVLW\RI$ODEDPD 06%DUU\8QLYHUVLW\

Associate Professor, Graduate Physician Assistant %$$QGUHZV8QLYHUVLW\ 0'-RKQV+RSNLQV8QLYHUVLW\

Treveccan Fall 2013

Instructor, Graduate Physician Assistant %6/LSVFRPE8QLYHUVLW\ 060HGLFLQH7UHYHFFD1D]DUHQH8QLYHUVLW\



2013 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES ANNOUNCED A former female basketball player and a former baseball player will become the newest members of the Trevecca Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, November 9, 2013, during Trevecca Homecoming 2013. $VKOLH*LOODQG·, a former Lady Trojan, and /XNH %URZQ·, a Trojan pitcher, will become the 56th and 57th members of this athletic honor roll, started in 1993. Gilland, a 5-10 forward from Madison, Tenn., had been a star at Nashville’s Hunters Lane High School before joining the Lady Trojans. At Trevecca she sat out the 2003 season, but she returned to the court and amassed some impressive honors: was a two-time NAIA All-American Third-Team selection (2006, 2005), was named to the 2005 NAIA National Championships All-Tournament Team, was TranSouth First-Team selection on two occasions, and made the TranSouth All-Tournament Team in 2006 and the All-Freshman Team in 2002. Additionally, she played on the 2006 team that won a school-record 31 games. In her senior year she played with the Trevecca softball team, which also advanced to the NAIA Championship. Brown, a 5’-10” left-handed pitcher from Dickson, Tenn., played for Jeff Forehand and helped the team to some of the program’s best days. His list of accomplishments includes the following: he earned NAIA second-team all-American honors after leading the NAIA in wins with a 16-1 record in 2007; he holds the Trevecca record for wins in a season with 16 (wins that helped pace the Trojans to a 44-18-1 record overall and a TranSouth best 21-6 SFDPSE BOEIFmOJTIFEIJTDBSFFSXJUIUIFUIJSE most career wins. In 2007, Brown, who is now the pitching coach for the Trojans, was also selected to the NAIA All-Region-XI Team, All-TranSouth team, and the TranSouth Scholar-Athlete Team.


Both Trojan basketball teams will open regular season play at Homecoming. The women’s team will host Brescia University at 2:00 PM, and the men will host Tennessee Wesleyan at 4:00 PM.

Treveccan Fall 2013



Austin Selby is the new coach of Treveccaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cross country and track teams. He will lead the mSTU5SFWFDDBNFOTBOE womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s track teams through their inaugural indoor and outdoor seasons beginning in 2014.

Trevecca athletics has redesigned its informationsharing platforms in order to make it easier for fans of Trojan sports to stay up to date about Treveccaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 15 teams. â&#x20AC;˘ The new Trojan app provides instant access to the latest headlines, game recaps, stats, schedules, videos from the Trevecca Trojan YouTube channel, and more.

Last year Selby coached boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cross country and USBDLBOEmFMEBU"SMJOHUPO 5FOO )JHI4DIPPMOFBS Memphis, Tenn. Five of his athletes at that school signed NCAA athletic scholarships for the coming year. In 2012 Selby coached the Independence High School (Thompsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Station, Tenn.) boysâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; USBDLBOEmFMEUFBN BOEGPVSPGIJTBUIMFUFTFBSOFE NCAA scholarships. For seven years he worked for Campus Crusade for Christ in Orlando, Fla., including a year on staff in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is exciting for me and an honor to be a part of a rapidly rising program at a university that strives to develop the personal integrity of its athletes, as well as provide support for them to become the most competitive team out there,â&#x20AC;? Selby stated when he accepted this position at Trevecca. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I believe this program, both menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, is ready to make its mark and cause other teams to take notice as we move into our NCAA Division-ll provisional year.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;˘ Trojan athletics has a brand-new Web site. SID Help, a national athletic Web site design company and a Trevecca partner since 2007, designed the app and the new site.

Selby ran for Centennial High School (Franklin, Tenn.), qualifying twice for the TSSAA State Cross Country Meet. His personal best marathon time is a 2:49:06 at the New York City Marathon. After surviving being hit by an out-of-control 70-mph car, he returned to run a 3:02:32 marathon time. His success and experience has made him a soughtafter private marathon coach. A 2006 graduate of the University of Memphis, he will complete a masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in secondary education this fall. In 2011 he earned United States Track BOE'JFME$PBDIJOH$FSUJmDBUJPO BOEJOIF mOJTIFEIJT645'$PBDIJOH-FWFMMM&OEVSBODF $FSUJmDBUJPO Selby and his wife, Monica, have three sons. Treveccan Fall 2013


75(9(&&$&/$662) /($5166(59,&(7227+(56 'XULQJWKHLUĂ&#x20AC;UVWGD\VDV7UHYHFFDVWXGHQWVWKH 7UHYHFFD&ODVVRIOHDUQHGĂ&#x20AC;UVWKDQGDERXWWKH 8QLYHUVLW\¡VFRPPLWPHQWWRVHUYLQJRWKHUVZKHQ they gave a day of service to city organizations. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Having new students serve the greater community so early in their Trevecca experience is very symbolic because we will repeat this charge when they graduate in four years. We begin with the end in mind; we want them to know that leadership and service go hand in hand,â&#x20AC;? explained 7RP0LGGHQGRUI¡, director of the Center for Leadership, Calling, and Service.


Treveccan Fall 2013

Youth group reservations open on November 1, 2013. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss this week of exciting mission experience.

June  23-­27,  2014

Guest speakerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Corey MacPherson, Chaplain at Eastern Nazarene College Worship led by Treveccaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s PR teams

2014 2013-2014

Theatre Season at Trevecca Nazarene University

Alumni, will you VKDUH\RXUH[SHUWLVH with a Trevecca student? The Bridge Program seeks DOXPQLZKRZLOOVHUYHDVPHQWRUVWR7UHYHFFD VWXGHQWVÂłLQHPDLOVE\SKRQHRULQ IDFHWRIDFHPHHWLQJVÂłIRUDVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FWLPHSHULRG determined by the alumnus and the student. The Bridge Program needs mentors who are willing to â&#x20AC;˘ Tutor in one of a variety of subjects or â&#x20AC;˘ Advise students who are undecided about a major or â&#x20AC;˘ Share professional experiences with students interested in a similar career For more information, FRQWDFW1LFROH+XEEV in WKH&HQWHUIRU/HDGHUVKLS&DOOLQJDQG6HUYLFHÂł QKXEEV#WUHYHFFDHGX

Treveccan Fall 2013

2FWREHUDQG1RYHPEHU³HONK! The award-winning British musical comedy hit based on ´7KH8JO\'XFNOLQJµ )HEUXDU\DQG³Doctor Faustus &KULVWRSKHU0DUORZH·VOHJHQGDU\WUDJHG\ 0DUFK³Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow A weekend of one-act plays $SULO³Mosaic 1HZZRUNVE\7UHYHFFD·VVWXGHQWSOD\ZULJKWV

For tickets, visit the Trevecca Bookstore on campus, call , or purchase tickets at the door. For information on group rates for groups of 10 or more, call  LQDGYDQFHRUFRQWDFWWKHER[RIĂ&#x20AC;FH online at WKHDWUH#WUHYHFFDHGX.





-RKQ¡ and /RUL0F/HUUDQ*HQWU\¡, of Nashville, 7HQQÂłWKHLUĂ&#x20AC;UVWFKLOGGDXJKWHU9LYLDQ.D\ERUQ John is a professional photographer in Nashville; his business is John Gentry Photography,


(Photo A)

$QG\¡ and -DQHW.HOO\.LOOLQJVZRUWK¡, of Nashville, 7HQQ³DGDXJKWHU1LQD$OH[LVERUQ 6HHDOVRS 28. ) (Photo B) Brian and -HVVLFD%RVZHOO:DJJRQHUœ were married on 10/6/12 at the First Church of the Nazarene in Shelbyville, Tenn. They are elementary school teachers at Southside School in Shelbyville, Tenn. On 7/1/13, their joy increased with the birth of their son, Braxton Kain. (Photo C & D)


1DWKDQ.QLJKW¡ and $EEH\-X]ZLDN were married on 7/6/13 at Lakeview Farms in Dover, Pa. Nathan is owner/ president of Cinder Entertainment, an artist management and booking agency, and Abbey is a special-education preschool teacher. (Photo E) -HIIUH\%\OHU¡ and 1LFROH<RXQJ¡ were married in Benson Auditorium at Trevecca on 8/3/13, with a reception in McClurkan Quad. Their Trevecca friends were included in the wedding party. Tim Green, dean of the Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry and University chaplain, performed the ceremony. The bridesmaids included Lauren -RKQVRQ¡, 0DUDQGD/HZLV¡, 6WHSKDQLH8UDP¡, $PDQGD+DUH¡, 7ULFLD:KLWĂ&#x20AC;HOG¡, and Kristin Kiley ¡*URRPVPHQLQFOXGHG-HII¡VEURWKHUV7RPP\¡ and %LOO\¡; &KDG8UDP¡; $GDP&UXP¡; 0LFKDHO6WRFNV ¡; -DFRE6KDFNOH\¡; and 5LOH\:DPSOHU¡. Brian -RKQVRQ¡ was one of the ushers. Jeff and Nicole live in Savannah, Ga. (Photo F)




Treveccan Fall 2013


V :LOOLDP0*UHDWKRXVH· ( See p. 15.) +RPHU-$GDPV· (See p. 15.)

V 1LQD*ULJJV*XQWHU¡ (See p. 17.)

V $XEUH\¡ and 1RUPD6PLWKœ celebrated 50 years of marriage and 50 years of ministry on August 13, 2013, in Fort Mill, S.C. Aubrey attended Trevecca High School as well as Trevecca Nazarene College.

V 57.HQGDOO· has published a new book, Finding Your +HDUW·V'HVLUH, available from 3KLOOLS0LFKDHO%LJJV· released two new books in October. Ten Leadership Characteristics, based on a series of sessions conducted by the Tom Peters Group, is available only at Amazon Kindle. The Letters, available in soft cover and for Kindle, is a collection of one hundred letters from God, letters offering hope, encouragement, and inspiration. 'DQ%RRQH· (See pp. 2, 16, 18, & 19.)

5LFKDUG(6PLWK-U¡ has published I Will Open My Mouth in Parables: Taradiddles and Tales of my West Virginia Home, DFROOHFWLRQRIĂ&#x20AC;FWLRQDOVWRULHVRI events that take place in small-town Quick, W.V., during the 1950s.

.DUHQ:LOOLDPV&XQQLQJKDP· was honored by Vanderbilt University for 35 years of service. %ODQFKDUG+RZDUG·, a member of the Trevecca Athletic Hall of Fame (2002 induction), was nominated for the county hall of fame in his hometown, Albertville, Ala.

3K\OOLV.LOLERXUQ¡ (See p. 24.) *DU\6WUHLW¡ is the special assistant to the president of Arkansas Baptist College (ABC), working on matters UHODWHGWRWKH1RUWK&HQWUDO$VVRFLDWLRQ¡V+LJKHU/HDUQLQJ &RPPLVVLRQWKHFROOHJH¡VLQVWLWXWLRQDOHIIHFWLYHQHVV initiative, and the implementation of new institutional policies, SURFHVVHVDQGSURJUDPV*DU\ZDVSUHVHQWHGWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVW Audrey J. Williamson Award by Nazarene Bible College in recognition of his years of service to higher education. %REE\:+DPEULFN¡ was honored at a retirement celebration on Sunday, August 25, at the Ephrata (Pa.) Church of the Nazarene, where he pastored for 27 years. Trevecca alumni from WKH¡VDQG ¡VZKRJUHZ up in Calvary Church of the Nazarene, in Arlington, Va., reunited this summer. Trevecca alumni in that JURXSDUHWKHIROORZLQJ/5IURQWURZ3DWW\&RRN¡ and 3HJJ\&DUVRQ.LQJ¡URZWZRÂł$OLFH&RRN¡ (second from right) and 5XWK$QQ&DUVRQ¡ IDUULJKW VWDQGLQJÂł :DUUHQ5DJODQG¡ Ă&#x20AC;UVWPDQVWDQGLQJOHIW *HQH.LQJ¡ (third man from right), -LPP\5DJODQG¡ (second man from right).

V 'DYLG:D\QLFN¡ was recognized by the Metro Nashville City Council for improving his community, District 29, and IRUEHLQJDWUXHKLVWRULDQ'DYLG¡VODZRIĂ&#x20AC;FHVDUHORFDWHGRQ WKHVHFRQGĂ RRURI7KH*UDQ'DOH0DQRUEXLOWLQDQG located in Nashboro Village. 6XVDQ5HFWRU'XQQ¡ (See p. 31.) 'DYLG&DOGZHOO¡ (See p. 19.) %DUU\5HLG¡ (See 2000s.) .HQ:KLWWLQJWRQ¡ and his family wore their Trevecca shirts when they visited Florida during fall break. Pictured with Ken are his sons Coy (far right) and Chase (second from left) and their cousin Drew Johnson (far left). /DUU\-RQHV¡ now works for the Tennessee Primary Care Association as a telehealth specialist.

+DUROG,YDQ6PLWK¡ (See p. 24.)

Treveccan Fall 2013


V 6DQG\:LOOLDPV$OGULGJH¡/06¡/(G'¡ is now the director of federal programs for Tuscaloosa (Ala.) City Schools. %HOLQGD&ODUN&DUU¡ (See p. 31.) 'DZQ&ROHPDQ*DQQRQ¡IRUPHGDQRQSURĂ&#x20AC;WFRQVXOWLQJ Ă&#x20AC;UPDIWHUHDUQLQJDQ0%$IURP$PHULFDQ3XEOLF8QLYHUVLW\ in May 2013. Located in Tinton Falls, N.J., Dawn Gannon Consulting ( focuses on helping improve the lives of others by supporting the military, higher education, and healthcare communities. *DU\&RUGHOO¡020 (See p. 14.) 'HERUDK6WRU\¡ has been named senior vice president at Parker Executive Search, a leading global executive search Ă&#x20AC;UPEDVHGLQ$WODQWD*D,QWKLVQHZUROH'HERUDKZLOO PDQDJHWKHĂ&#x20AC;UP¡VFOLHQWUHODWLRQVDQGEXVLQHVVGHYHORSPHQW and work with corporate and higher education practices. &KHW%XVK¡ (See p. 24.) 0DWWKHZ/LWWRQ¡ (See p. 24.)

0+63 DQGDQDWLRQDOO\FHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGFRXQVHORU 1&& +HLV currently a primary therapist, program coordinator, and clinical supervisor at Skyline Madison Campus, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Nashville, Tenn. .HOO\3OXPPHU.LQJ¡ (See p. 9.) 7RP0LGGHQGRUI¡ (See p. 22.)

V %HWK%DWVRQ0(G¡(G'¡ is the new supervisor of human resources, student services, and policy for the school district in Ashland City, Tenn. She had previously served as principal of Cheatham Middle School. %\URQ-'DUQHOO-U¡, son of %\URQ¡ and 'RQQD%HUFN 'DUQHOO¡ and the grandson of *OHQQ(OOHQ'DUQHOO¡, earned DFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGĂ LJKWLQVWUXFWRU &),  DQGFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGĂ LJKWLQVWUXFWRU LQVWUXPHQWV &),, FHUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWHVIURP American Flyers, in Dallas, Tex., in July 2013. He is now an instructor at Wings of Eagles Flight School, in Smyrna, Tenn.

+ROO\0LOOHU:KLWE\¡ (See p. 10.) +DQV5XVND¡, chaplain for the 86th Combat Support Hospital at Fort Campbell, Ky., graduated from the Sabalauski Air Assault School at Fort Campbell, earning a set of coveted Air Assault wings. Hans endured 10½ days of rigorous testing on air assault operations, sling-load operations, and rappelling in the grueling Southeast heat.

9DQHVVD*DUFLD0(G¡(G'¡ is executive lead principal for elementary schools in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. She had been principal and assistant principal at Poplar Grove School in Franklin. Vanessa is an adjunct faculty member at Trevecca and Lipscomb Universities. 0DUVKD0F*LOO0(G¡ is now the new principal of Glenview Elementary after serving as principal of Fall-Hamilton Enhanced Option Elementary, in Nashville, Tenn. 5\DQ+DUULV¡0(G¡ is the new dean of the middle school at Franklin Road Academy. Prior to this appointment, Ryan had been principal of Nolensville Elementary School in Williamson County, Tenn.

/H$QQ7KRPDV%ODQNPDQ¡ (See p. 9.) 7LIIDQ\:DJJRQHU¡ (See p. 31.) 0DWW¡0$¡ and Keri Attig +DVWLQJV¡ dressed their family in Trevecca shirts when they vacationed at Disney World this past summer. Matt, lead pastor for the Church of the Nazarene in Estill Springs, Tenn., also teaches IRU7UHYHFFD¡V0DQDJHPHQWDQG Human Relations Program (MHR). Keri homeschools their children. -RG\/\QQ1HOVRQ0F&OHQQ\¡ was honored as Teacher of the Year for the Carteret County School System in Beaufort, N.C. Jody, who began teaching in that county in WHDFKHVĂ&#x20AC;UVWJUDGHDW1HZSRUW(OHPHQWDU\6FKRRO $QG\.LOOLQJVZRUWK¡ earned a doctorate of counselor education and supervision from Argosy University in December 2012. Andy has worked in the mental KHDOWKDQGVXEVWDQFHDEXVHĂ&#x20AC;HOG for 16 years and is a licensed professional counselor-mental health service provider (LPC-


&KULV%XUFK0%$¡ (See p. 13.) 0DUFXV+HDVWRQ0(G¡ is the new principal of Covington High School in Tipton County, Tenn. Marcus previously served as assistant principal at Covington prior to serving as assistant principal at Gunn Junior High School in Arlington, Tex. When Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene sent a mission team to Jamaica this summer, many in the group wore Trevecca shirts. These alumni SDUWLFLSDWHG&DURO\Q3UDWW¡ (top left), $VKOH\*LOPRUH¡ (right of Carolyn), %DUU\5HLG¡ (front left, stretched out), /LQGVD\:HQWZRUWK¡ (seated, back center), and -DPLQ :HQWZRUWK¡ Ă&#x20AC;UVWPDOHVWDQGLQJRQWKHULJKWRIWKHVLJQ 

Treveccan Fall 2013

$VKOLH*LOODQG· (See p. 20.) 0LFKDHO· and Tera Carringer .XUW]· hosted %UDQGRQ5DULJ · in Cheonan, South Korea, where they teach English to public school English teachers who teach elementary and middle school students. /HZLV%ULGJHV0(G· (See p. 18.) /XNH%URZQ· (See p. 20.) -HQQLIHU&DPSEHOO· (See p. 31.) +RXVWRQ7KRPSVRQ(G'· is the new dean of the School of Professional Studies and the administrative dean of the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Olivet Nazarene University. Houston previously served as the chair RI2OLYHW·V'HSDUWPHQWRI6RFLDO:RUNDQG&ULPLQDO-XVWLFH $QGUHD0LOOHU· (See p. 19.) 5RELQ&D\FH0(G·(G'·, the principal of Julia Green Elementary since 2011, is now the principal of Hickman Elementary School, Nashville, Tenn.

$OOLVRQ´$OOLHÂľ*UD\+LOO¡ (See pp. 4-7.) 5\DQ/RQJQHFNHU0(G¡(G'¡ is the dean of students at Apollo Middle School in Nashville, Tenn. -DUHG8VUH\¡ (See p. 11.) 7DPP\'DXJKWU\00)7¡ and Ron Deal were guests on Focus on the Family broadcasts, July 30-31, with radio host, Jim Daly. They provided advice and insight for divorced parents who want to rear their children in a healthy, loving environment, while cooperating as much as possible with the former spouse. $OLVKD(ULFNVRQ0(G¡ is the new principal at Poplar Grove Elementary School in the Franklin (Tenn.) Special School District. She had been assistant principal at Moore Elementary in Franklin. 1DWKDQ+DUZRRG¡ has been appointed vice president and chief LQIRUPDWLRQRIĂ&#x20AC;FHURILQIRUPDWLRQ technology for Greenlee, a global leader in the professional tool category, located in Rockford, Ill. 0LFKDHO+DUH¡ (See p. 13.)

'RWWLH&ULWFKORZ(G'¡LVWKHQHZH[HFXWLYHRIĂ&#x20AC;FHUIRU instructional support for Metro Nashville Public Schools ZLWKRYHUVLJKWRI0HWUR¡V(QJOLVK/HDUQHUVDQG([FHSWLRQDO Education Programs. Dottie previously served as principal of Hickman Elementary School.

.HOVH\/DQWULS¡ (See p. 13.)

$QQD*HH+DUULV0$7¡ (See p. 18.)

-HUHP\'L[RQ¡ (See p. 12.)

7UDYLV&UHHO¡ (See p. 9.)

7UDFH\'XNH0%$¡ (See p. 13.)

:KLWQH\&DVH\)ULW]¡ (See p. 12.)

.DUD+DQNLQV¡ (See p. 12.)

0DUORQ+HDVWRQ0(G¡, a current doctoral student at Trevecca, is now the assistant principal at Northwest High School in Clarksville, Tenn. Most recently he taught math at Covington High School, where he received public recognition for developing and implementing several innovative math support programs.

5HEHNDK+DUULVRQ0(G¡ is the new assistant principal at Allendale Elementary School in Spring Hill, Tenn.

/HYL+XPEOHÂś (See p. 9.)

-RVK6PLWK¡ (See p. 12.)

5\DQ-DFNVRQ0(G¡(G'¡ is now the dean of students and graduation coach at Maplewood Comprehensive High School in Nashville, Tenn.

7RQMD:LOOLDPV0(G¡ is the new executive principal of Head Middle Magnet School, Nashville, Tenn. She previously served as the academic principal for Glencliff High School and assistant principal of the Nashville School of the Arts.

%ODLU+DVNLQV¡ graduated from George Washington University in May of this year ZLWKDPDVWHU¡VGHJUHHRISURIHVVLRQDO studies in political management.

1DWH+LOO¡ (See pp. 4-7.)

V $OH[%DUEHUL¡ (See p. 11.)

'DQ0RUDQYLOOH¡ (See p. 31.) -RUGDQ3HRSOHV¡ (See p. 10.)

6KHUUL+XLW¡ (See p. 18.) -RFHO\Q0F&R\¡ (See p. 19.)

(YDQV.QRZOHV¡ (See p. 11.) 6WHSKDQLH0DVFROR0(G¡ is the new principal of Cheatham Middle School, Ashland City, Tenn. Stephanie had previously served as assistant principal for the Northwest Corrections Academy in Tiptonville, Tenn., and as assistant principal in the Jackson-Madison (Tenn.) County School System. 'XVWLQ6PLWK¡ (See p. 11.) /HVOLH06SHHU¡ has moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., where she is working as a nurse at Memorial Hospital.

$EE\%XWHU¡ (See p. 10.)

Treveccan Fall 2013


ALUMNI AND FRIENDS WE WILL MISS . . . (XHO0)R[¡RI2OG+LFNRU\7HQQÂł Euel served faithfully as a minister in the Church of the Nazarene for more than 40 years. He touched the lives of those around him with his sweet spirit, and he was widely respected by his peers, the communities where he served, and his congregations. &DUO%+DGGL[¡RI%RZOLQJ*UHHQ.\Âł Carl was a minister in the Church of the Nazarene for 35 years, serving churches in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. He also served in WWII in the Army Air Corps and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. 0DU\)UDQFHV5REHUWV¡ of (OGRUDGR6SULQJV0RÂł Mary graduated from Trevecca High School and then attended Trevecca Nazarene College. During her working years, she worked for Nazarene Publishing House, the Kansas City Police Department, IRS, Deloitte and Touche (from which she retired), and later Nazarene Headquarters in Kansas City. -D\&%\EHH¡RI'LFNVRQ7HQQÂł Jay was a minister in the Church of the Nazarene and devoted his life to sharing the gospel of Christ. He loved to read, play the guitar, and collect and work on watches. /RZHOO6WUDZ¡RI&UDZIRUGVYLOOH,QGÂł Lowell was a retired machinist, having worked at Triangle Engineering Corp., in Indianapolis, Ind., for more than 30 years. He was a â&#x20AC;&#x153;peopleâ&#x20AC;? person, loved visiting with others, and was a member of the Crossroads Community Church of the Nazarene (Ladoga, Ind.) He and his wife of 57 years have two daughters. )UHGD-RKQVRQ*UHHU¡RI6KHOE\YLOOH7HQQÂł Freda was a third grade teacher who taught in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. She and her husband of 53 years have two children. *DU\)UDQNOLQ3RZHOO¡RI'DQYLOOH.\Âł Gary served as the pastor of churches in Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Maryland, and North Carolina. He was the director of Hand UP Group and Harvesting Hope Food Pantry in Danville and also was the Ă&#x20AC;UVWGLUHFWRURI%LJ%URWKHUVRI)UDQNIRUW.\

5RQ6WRUHU¡RI'DFXOD*DÂł Ron was an outstanding and gifted vocalist who devoted most of his life to his love of worship. He was for many years the minister of music for First Church of the Nazarene in Atlanta, Lilburn (Ga.) First Baptist, and Atkinson Road Baptist Church. Since 1998 he and his wife have operated Storer Classic Design, providing home remodeling and design expertise. 'RURWK\0F4XLGG\&DWKH\¡RI0DGLVRQ7HQQÂł Dorothy, who taught in Nashville schools for 32 years, was a champion of children and a lover of books. -RVKXD&KDQFH3K'VWXGHQWRI+HQGHUVRQYLOOH7HQQÂł 8/10/13 -RVK¡VGHDWKLVPRXUQHGE\KLVFODVVPDWHVLQWKH&OLQLFDO Counseling Program. He was part of the 2011 doctoral cohort. Josh was well loved by his doctoral cohort, and his absence is grieved by many. He will be remembered for his cheerful presence and sense of humor. 5XWKH'RQDKRR&UHLJKWRQ6FUXJJV¡, of Nashville, 7HQQÂł 5XWKHZDVDFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;HGVXEVWDQFHDEXVHFRXQVHORUZKRVH entire career involved the homeless and impaired. She worked at Cumberland Heights, the Alcohol and Drug Council, the campus for Human Development, and Lentz Health Center.


Professors Roy and Jooly Philip and their sons wore their Trevecca shirts when they visited the Gateway of India in Mumbai, India, in the summer. PHOTO Michael Moredock, retired director RI7UHYHFFD¡V3K\VLFLDQ$VVLVWDQW Program (PA), was inducted into the Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants (TAPA) Hall of Fame in October in recognition of his â&#x20AC;&#x153;hard work and dedicationâ&#x20AC;? on behalf of PA profession and for his personal contributions to â&#x20AC;&#x153;the positive practice environment that PAs enjoy in Tennessee.â&#x20AC;? Allen Jinnette, who teaches accounting, was honored with the 2013 Trevecca Teaching Excellence Award.

-DPHV'DUUHOO6WHSS¡RI1DVKYLOOH7HQQ³ Darrell served as a proud member of the U.S. Air Force in the Korean and Vietnam Wars; he later worked for the U.S. Government more than 30 years. He was especially pleased to have served as a member of the military honor guard for the funeral of John F. Kennedy in 1963.


Treveccan Fall 2013




We asked you on Facebook to tell us your favorite memories of Trevecca in the fall. Thanks for your answers!

Flag football on the quad 7LIIDQ\:DJRQHU¡

Sitting in the leaf-covered grass on alumni drive with the girl who became my wife 6 years later! - 'DQ0RUDQYLOOH¡

The trees between College Hill (TCC) and the Business & Science Building (Greathouse Science Building) walking to and from church. - %HOLQGD&ODUN&DUU¡

My granddaughter is a Junior at Trevecca and plays EDVNHWEDOO,FDQ¡WZDLWIRUIDOODQGWKHEHJLQQLQJRI basketball season. Love the campus. - Joyce Waddey Ryan


Trevecca is wonderful anytime of year! But always enjoy Homecoming!! - 6XVDQ5HFWRU'XQQ¡

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Homecoming 2013

November 12

Ben Zobrist, player for the Tampa Bay Rays, speaks in chapel

November 16

Inside Trevecca Day

November 18-25

Trevecca is the collection site for Nashville donations to Operation Christmas Child.

December 8

“A December Hallelujah” at War Memorial Auditorium

2014 February 6-8, 13-15

Performances of Doctor Faustus

February 7

Trevecca Celebration, Lakeland, Fla., with music by the Collingsworth Family

February 10-15

First alumni Valentine’s Day cruise

February 11

Trevecca Association of Business Professionals Luncheon

March 27-29

Performances of Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow

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Treveccan | Fall 2013  

The Fall issue of the TREVECCAN magazine, from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.

Treveccan | Fall 2013  

The Fall issue of the TREVECCAN magazine, from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN.