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Physics Professor Al Slavin interacts with graduate students

A Dream from the Past

Leads to the Advancement of the Future Speaking from first-hand experience, Anne Wright, a leading philanthropist and new member of Trent University’s Board of Governors, knows of the impact a post-secondary education can have on one’s life. In fact, it is a lesson that she was taught in early childhood by her mother, Mary J. Kennedy. Always a strong advocate for a university education, Mary made it clear that “there was absolutely no question” that her daughter would go to university. It was an experience that, unfortunately, Mary herself missed out on due to family financial constraints. According to her daughter, not being able to pursue further studies after high school was something Mary “regretted her entire life.”

Anne Wright

“She desperately wanted to go,” Anne recalls, explaining that her mother even returned to grade 13 for a second year just to take the courses she hadn’t yet experienced in hopes that, with the extra time, her family could have sent her on to pursue her dreams at university. Due to the Depression, however, that dream never became a reality.

“I have had a lot of good things in my life, a lot of advantages – my education has allowed me to go places and do things, and I am happy to be able to give something back,” says Anne, who worked as a chartered accountant in Toronto following the completion of an arts degree in English and French at the University of Western Ontario in London.

“Education leads to a better quality of life. The experience exposes people to a broader world – to concepts and cultures they may not have had access to before.”

Now, through the creation of a bursary named in memory of her mother, Anne and her husband, Larry, have taken a significant step towards ensuring that other students don’t miss out on the same experience. The Mary J. Kennedy Bursary will provide assistance for a Trent undergraduate student who is in financial need. It will be awarded for the first time in the 2008/2009 academic year. “This bursary would make her so happy,” says Anne. “It would touch her – knowing we were able to do something to help students in the pursuit of their dreams.”

Learning to Make a World of Difference

Helping others is another lesson Anne learned from her mother and it is a lesson she has truly taken to heart in her career and in her philanthropic work.

Anne is a leader who has volunteered as the chair of many committees and boards of organizations such as the Canadian Diabetes Association and Lakeridge Health. She believes strongly that a volunteer’s contribution of time and energy is just as important as a monetary donation. According to Anne, it is also important to be passionate about the work in which you become involved. So when she was offered the chance to apply her experience and expertise to the Advancement Committee and Board of Governors at Trent University, Anne jumped at the opportunity. “I was very intrigued with the idea right off the bat,” she recalls. Looking to the future, Anne is excited about applying her skills to the realm of education. For her, it represents an opportunity not only to be involved in an area that held special significance for her mother, but also to contribute to an experience that will shape the lives of so many young people for years to come.

Dear Friends and Generous Donors, At Trent University, we pride ourselves on the strength of our traditions, our reputation for excellence in teaching and research, and our dedication to providing an inclusive environment for our students, faculty, staff and alumni. We also recognize the important role donors play in the life of this institution – sparking Trent innovation and success through support for research projects, student awards and bursaries, and moving us forward on a path towards a bright future. To all our donors, we thank you for helping to solidify our position as a world-class post-secondary institution. In 2006, Trent participated for the first-time in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) which surveyed over one million students in North America about their university experiences. In each of the five benchmarks of student engagement set in the survey, Trent outperformed many of our provincial and national counterparts. Results indicated that 85 per cent of first year students felt the quality of their entire educational experience at Trent was good or excellent, versus 79 per cent for the Ontario average. This quality indicator was amplified by upper year students, as 91 per cent of the 2006 graduating class stated they had a good or excellent educational experience, versus the 78 per cent at other Ontario Universities. In addition, when our graduating students were asked “if you could do it all over again at Trent, would you?” a resounding 88 per cent of Trent’s class of 2006 said yes - the highest satisfaction level of all Ontario Universities. Your investments in Trent University’s mission have been essential to the quality Trent experience borne out in these results. We value our students having consistent and meaningful contact with tenured professors and creating a sense of community on the Trent campus. As we look towards our 50th anniversary in 2014, we hope you will continue your engagement with Trent and assist us in our continuing pursuit of excellence. On behalf of the students, faculty and staff at Trent University, thank you, again, for your support. Sincerely,

Bonnie M. Patterson

Reid Morden

President and Vice-Chancellor

Chair of the Board of Governors

A History that Guides Us – A Future that Will Sustain Us These are exciting times for Trent University. As the institution looks forward towards its 50th anniversary, we are at a pivotal point in defining our preferred future – a vision of the University at 2014.

Dianne Lister

LL.B., CFRE Vice-President External Relations and Advancement

As a Trent alumna, I began my studies when the University was in its seventh year, so I understand the deep and significant history of Trent’s beginnings – and I am energized by the bright future that lies ahead for this exceptional institution. Since my return to Trent in early 2006 as the vice-president of External Relations and Advancement, I have found it exhilarating to participate first-hand in laying the groundwork upon which our bold new Vision will be achieved.

the roadmap for Trent’s academic and administrative priorities, charting the course to our 50th anniversary. As an institution that took root from the seeds of philanthropy, our future will grow forth from those same origins.

Vision Statement: To develop a learning environment which ensures that the individual student is knowledgeable, thinks critically, is socially conscious

Crafted through an inclusive planning process involving students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members, our Vision is a new and dynamic expression of our Mission – it is forward-thinking while reflecting the hallmarks of the Trent environment: the centrality of the individual student, a rich environment for research, and an internationalized campus infused with engaged minds focused on success and the betterment of the world around us.

Central to our Vision is a Philanthropic Plan that ensures a successful future for Trent University, our students, faculty, alumni, and our community. This plan promotes the ongoing development of a culture of philanthropy at Trent.

In line with our Vision and tied to our distinct Mission, Strategic Directions 2014 is a pivotal document that defines

At the heart of the Philanthropic Plan is the Centres of Knowledge model. Far from being housed in mere bricks and

and is prepared to make a difference in society.

Dr. Roberta Bondar, Astronaut, physician, scientist, photographer, writer and Chancellor of Trent University


mortar, these virtual, interdisciplinary, and thematic Centres are a celebration of our academic excellence. Each Centre represents aspects of Trent’s preferred future – areas in which we have chosen to invest and grow. They also acknowledge our faculty and our intellectual asset base as the engine that fuels the success of our students and graduates. Five Centres of Knowledge will be launched over the course of the next several years and will be anchored in Trent’s new Strategic Research Plan. Designed to communicate our institution’s areas of strength to all stakeholders, the Centres of Knowledge will allow us to truly engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, members of the community, and donors in the life and future of Trent University. By investing in a menu of opportunities presented through the Centres of Knowledge model, Trent’s donors will truly make a world of difference. In my meetings with alumni, donors and friends of Trent, I have heard it said many times that Trent University is on the cusp of achieving great new things. As we look toward the future, we are guided by our history and traditions of excellence. I hope you will join me as we prepare for our 50th anniversary and beyond.

John de Pencier & David Moore:

Friends in Philanthropy In matching shirts and Trent ties, John de Pencier and David Moore sit amiably, side-byside, and describe a close to 30-year friendship that grew out of a connection with Trent University. As respected members of the Toronto business community in the late 1970s, the two knew of each other, but a close relationship didn’t blossom between them until their paths crossed as volunteers at Trent. Today, they look back on years of governance, philanthropy and networking on behalf of Trent with fondness. And, as ever, they remain eager proponents of what they view as a distinct university experience only available at Trent. John and David are volunteers of an exceptional kind. Between them, they have contributed more than 50 years of voluntarism to Trent. Through their own generous support they have inspired many others to give. Their names at Trent are synonymous with the very best sense of the spirit of philanthropy. The de Pencier Family Award and the Moore Family Award are strikingly similar in their quest to support students who demonstrate high academic standing and financial need. Both John and David hold an honorary doctor of laws degree from Trent University. Though neither gentleman is a Trent alumnus, something about the University attracted each of them in those early days – and, despite the passing of so many years, continues to do so. “There was a warmth about Trent,” said John. “You always got a warm, personal welcome. We had fun; it didn’t feel like work.” But work hard for Trent they did. From the time he received that first phone call asking to

support the ‘parent fund’ when his daughter Jan was attending Trent, John made a profound connection with the institution. Not only did he serve as chair of the Board of Governors from 1986 to 1991; he later chaired the Trent University Foundation which he helped to create “to encourage people to remember Trent in their estates.” He remains a director of the Foundation and an honorary governor of the Board to this day.

“There was a warmth about Trent,” said John. “You always got a warm, personal welcome. We had fun; it didn’t feel like work.” David, also an honorary governor, was asked to join the Board in 1982 and led the University to one of the most significant campaign successes in its history as chair of the “For Tomorrow Campaign” in 1989. The successful $25 million campaign – tied to Trent’s 25th anniversary – was a remarkable feat for a small university. What inspired individuals and corporations across the country to give to Trent was clearly a combination of the unique Trent story and the unwavering campaign leadership that David exemplified. But in the classic amity of good friends, he points to John as being pivotal to many of those large gifts. The two constantly push one another into the spotlight and, in between giving each other credit for significant donations and important ideas, they punctuate

the conversation with laughter and memories of long drives up Highway 115 on slick, wintry roads. With so many projects to recount, the good friends seem especially proud of the de Pencier Fund for Trent’s Nature Areas, initiated by John’s brother, Michael, in collaboration with David and honorary former Board member Jalynn Bennett. A tribute to John de Pencier’s years of service to Trent and his connection to the Board of the Nature Conservancy, the fund raised $100,000 for the creation of a nature trail on Trent’s 1,450 acre campus in Peterborough. In recalling this successful initiative on behalf of Trent, David reflects on Trent’s distinguishing factors, then and now. He mentions Trent presidents and Advancement Office staff, past and present, who provide leadership and inspire confidence – and he comes back to Trent’s trademark focus on the individual student. “One thing I have always been impressed with is the student/faculty interaction,” he said. “As you go talking to donors who may be approached by huge institutions, to be able to say that Trent students today are still taught by the professors in small classes and small seminars - even connecting with their professors outside the classroom – that really stands out.” John is retired from his position as senior vice-president of Reed Stenhouse. He was also North American director of Bankside Underwriting Agencies, Lloyds of London Company. David is past commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission and retired vicepresident and director from McLeod, Young, Weir (now Scotia McLeod) in Toronto.

Volunteers Members of the Board of Governors

Chair: J. Reid Morden Vice-Chairs: Kathleen M. Ramsay Len Vernon Roberta L. Bondar Peter A. Brieger Libby Burnham Joan Bush Michael Butt Robert D. Butterworth Michael J. Gough John Ilkiw Pamela Jeffery Deborah J. Kennett Peter Lafleur Lynn McDonald David L. MortonHD Debra A. Nichols Bonnie M. Patterson Larry Popofsky Tyler Roach Fred G. Sherratt Linda Smith Patricia Southern Colin Whitfield J. Douglas Young

Honorary Members of the Board of Governors

Thomas J. Bata Jalynn H. BennettHA Erica CherneyHD John D. de PencierHD Jane Dudas Merritt E. Gordon Jon K. Grant Ana P. Lopes John G. McCarney Mary A. Mogford David T.C. Moore HD HA Keith C. Pilley Cecil A. Rabinovitch William J. Saunderson Larry Seeley Robert W.F. Stephenson James A. Swanston Judith R. Wilder Tod Willcox Gary E. Wolff A d va n c e m e n t Committee Members

Chair: J. Douglas Young Allan Bonner Joan Bush

Bob J. Cooper Grant Farrow Walter Howell Peter Lafleur David L. MortonHD Kathleen M. Ramsay Anne Wright Fundraising Council Members

Chair: Kathleen M. Ramsay Mary-Ann Haney Dianne Lister Gordon McArthur Jim McGee J. Reid Morden Bonnie M. Patterson Patrick Walshe David Wills Trent University F o u n d at i o n D i r e c t o r s

Chair: Walter Howell John D. de PencierHD HA Johanna de Boer John EarnshawHA Lynn Hardy Julie JohnstonHD HA Robert Lightbody

Eileen Madder David Moody Leadership Giving Program

Chair: Lari Langford Michael Beswick Philip Playfair Martha Wilder Trent University Al u m n i A s s o c i a t i o n Volunteers

President: Matt Griem Past Presidents: Rod Cumming & Maureen Brand Vice President Campus & Internal Affairs: David French Vice President Chapter & External Relations: Lenaee Dupuis Vice President Communications: Jan Carter Honorary President: T.H.B. SymonsHD HA Honorary Vice-President:

J.E. Leishman Jacques Beland Mike Bingley Sherry Booth Martin Boyne Chris Burke Nick Butts Gordon Copp Michael Cullen Jan Dean Paul Delaney Fanny Dolansky Donal Doyle Susan Drain Celia Dyer Glen Easson Ann Farquharson Derrick Farnham Adam Feather Kim Fielding Luann Ford Francis Fung Brandi Gillett Woods Dexter Greenwood Jovan Groen Troy Hammond Spencer Harrison Lee Hayes Derrick Haynes

Dave Lasenby Scott Lavender Maile Loweth Reeves Mary Elizabeth Luka Iain MacFarlane Bonnie MacKinnon Shannon Mak Terry McDonald Honor McLachlin Tom Miller Joshua Mills Jamie Mitchell Bob Morrison Ingrid & Michael Nolan Shelley Pinder Graeme Ross Manindra Shah Karen Sisson George South Holly & John Stardom Lindsay Stephenson Peter Stephenson Robert & Nancy Stephenson Marion Wilke Whittington Chris Williams J.R. Williams Elizabeth Wilson Paul S.B. WilsonHA

John de Pencier & David Moore

NEW BURSARIES, AWARDS, SCHOLARSHIPS, PRIZES AND FUNDS N e w Aw a r d s a n d B u r s a r i e s M at c h e d b y t h e O n ta r i o T r u s t f o r S t u d e n t S u p p o r t:

Benjamin Abramoff Bursary Cunning Family Bursary Flavelle Bursary Sheila Genoe Teacher Education Bursary Iris Hobbs-Smith Bursary Howell Family Bursary Aditya Jha Indigenous Studies Awards Aditya Jha Indigenous Studies Bursaries Mary J. Kennedy Bursary J.S. Langford Bursary Jeanne & Ed Lister Family Bursary Ian and Lorraine Logan Graduate Award Norma and Tom Lucy Bursary Aidan Lumley Bursary for Athletics Lynn McDonald Bursary Susan Mackle Bursary Meyer-Larose Family Award Patricia & David Morton Indigenous Studies Undergraduate Award Northumberland Canadian Federation of University Women Bursary Greg & Laura Piasetzki Award Sam Leach Robinson Bursary for English Students School of Education Bursary School of Nursing Bursary Fred Sherratt Award Colin Taylor Award TD Meloche Monnex Alumni House Work Bursary Vernon Family Bursary WXN - Women’s Executive Network Bursary Young Family Bursary New Prizes:

Donald Fleming Memorial History Prize other New Funds:

Coaching Excellence Fund Harry Kitchen Lecture Series Fund David Morrison Lectureship in International Development Hewlett Packard – Teaching Fund

HA – Honorary Alumni HD – Honorary Degree Recipient

Trent By Numbers


new endowed bursaries & awards


donors Make a World of Difference

in the Lives of Trent Students Board of Governors Scholarship Enables Jenna-Lynn Burns to Shine For Trent University student and Lindsay native Jenna-Lynn Burns, winning the 2005/06 Board of Governors Leadership Scholarship represented more than removing the financial barriers to her post-secondary education. It meant that she could continue following her passion – volunteering with non-profit agencies to develop youth leadership programs.

OTSS: Double the Impact of Your Donation Established by the Government of Ontario in 2005, the Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) matches endowed donations on a dollar-fordollar basis to provide bursaries and awards to Ontario students.

“I really can’t tell you how much this scholarship means to me and to my family,” she explained. “What I am most grateful for is that this scholarship allows me to go to school without having to worry about finances; I am able to concentrate on my academics and I still have time to give back to my community, to work with youth, to initiate change.” Jenna-Lynn is preparing to enter her third year as a concurrent education student majoring in English literature and biology. “It is

because of this scholarship that I am able to attend university,” said Jenna-Lynn during her thank-you speech to Trent’s Board of Governors. “When someone cares enough to support a student, it’s not a waste of money – it’s an investment in the future of the community.” In addition to studying full-time at Trent, Jenna-Lynn volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club of Lindsay serving as chairperson for the Provincial Youth Council of Ontario (PYC), and sits on an advisory committee with the Ministry of Health to assist with strategic planning concerning health issues of children and youth. She is also working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to plan a large-scale national youth conference slated to take place in Alberta in November 2007. Reid Morden, chair of Trent University’s Board of Governors, believes his donations are making a profound difference, both to students and to society in general. “Creating scholarships is a tremendous way to support students who exemplify a passionate commitment to community service and global citizenship. As a donor, I find helping Trent students to shine during their university career is extremely rewarding.”

Morton Graduate Scholarship Opens New Doors for Trent Student When graduate student Chantal Fiola received her acceptance to Trent University’s Indigenous Studies Ph.D. program, she was excited about the opportunities she would have access to as part of the only doctoral program of its kind in Canada. Along with her acceptance came another piece of welcome news – as the recipient of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, she had received the prestigious Morton Indigenous Studies Graduate Scholarship. Awarded as part of an OGS, this allowed her to receive $15,000 in funding. “There are many inhibiting factors to pursuing post-secondary education, not the least of which is the cost,” said Chantal, who started her Ph.D. at Trent in September 2006 and plans to graduate in 2010. “Some students cannot afford

to complete their undergraduate degree (as was my mother’s experience), never mind find funds to get them through graduate school…I do not come from a wealthy family and am grateful for the generosity of kind people, like the Mortons’, because without them I don’t know if I would be able to pursue my Ph.D.” David L. Morton, a Trent Board member and honorary degree recipient and the former president and CEO of Quaker Oats of Canada, and his wife, Professor Emerita Patricia Owens Morton, established the scholarship in 2003 with a generous donation of $100,000. The annual interest from this endowed gift is doubly matched by the Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program to create an annual $15,000 scholarship

in perpetuity. With their strong interest in Aboriginal culture and history, the Mortons’ created the scholarship specifically to support students of Aboriginal heritage in their pursuit of higher education. For Chantal, who originally hails from Ste. Genevieve, Manitoba, the scholarship represents the means through which she will have the opportunity to work with leading faculty researchers, community advocates, and Aboriginal elders in Canada’s leading Indigenous Studies Ph.D. program. Through her research at Trent, she is exploring the contributing factors to healthy relationships between Métis women and First Nations women in the Winnipeg area.

Varsity Swimmer Benefits from Aidan Lumley Bursary “It’s nice to know people notice your efforts because it’s hard to balance school and swimming,” said Sebastian.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program is a wonderful opportunity to attract and support some of the brightest minds in the country, and to maximize the benefits of private sector donations. Each annual scholarship is $15,000. The Province of Ontario provides two-thirds of the funding required for OGS; the University must raise the remaining onethird. A minimum donation of $5,000 will fund one OGS. A donation of $125,000 endows one OGS in perpetuity.

Managing the rigours of varsity swimming and a heavy course load required student Sebastian Cosgrove to maintain a hectic pace during his first year at Trent. When Sebastian learned he was the inaugural recipient of the Aidan Lumley Bursary for Athletics, the news came as a welcome surprise.

Sebastian was humbled by the recognition and grateful for the bursary which was named in memory of Aidan Lumley, a thirdyear Trent student and star varsity swimmer who died tragically in 2005. Although he never met Aidan Lumley, after receiving the award, Sebastian spoke with his fellow team mates about him and learned how Aidan was always there for his fellow swimmers and renowned for his outgoing personality. Understanding Aidan’s legacy made the experience of being the bursary’s first recipient even more special

for Sebastian. “Aidan won’t be forgotten,” he said. A French major and concurrent education student, Sebastian’s drive and hard work continued into the summer months as he successfully earned a summer position with Air Canada. Hired as one of 122 flight attendants out of 6,000 who applied, Sebastian has a guaranteed job every summer while attending university until he chooses to accept a full-time position with Air Canada. Next year he will study in Nantes, France as part of Trent’s Study Abroad program. He looks forward to returning to Trent and the varsity swimming team in his third year.

Inaugural President’s River Reception Professor Barry Saville with Trent students


President Bonnie Patterson was delighted to host approximately 100 alumni, donors, volunteers, and friends at the inaugural President’s River Reception held at the height of Head of the Trent activities on September 30. The University’s Campaign for Balance & Excellence was highlighted at the reception. Another highlight was a special gift presentation made to Thomas Bata, a great Trent friend and donor for whom the Bata Library is named.

Thanks to Trent’s generous Board of Governors/Families Includes Current, Former & Honorary Board Members Thomas J. Bata Jalynn H. BennettHA Deborah & Michael Berrill Michael E. Beswick Samuel Billich Alex & Gillian Bird Roberta Bondar Peter A. Brieger Doug B. Brown John & Barbara Burbidge Libby Burnham John E. Butcher Michael Butt Robert Butterworth Joan E. Bush & Farsad Kiani John & Nancy Casserly Robert & Wendy Chambers Adam Chapnick & Erica Berman Erica CherneyHD Dan R. Coholan & Sarah Mills Paul S. Crookall JohnHD HA & Marni de Pencier Jane & Frank Dudas Glen & Kathleen Easson Eli J. Fellman Kimberley D. Fielding David Glassco Merritt E. Gordon Michael & Anne Gough Paul & Doreen Healy Pamela P. Jeffery Richard F. Johnston Deborah J. Kennett Linda A. Kernohan James Kiang Peter Lafleur Lari C. Langford Robert & Margie Lightbody Ana P. Lopes & Don Tapscott Lynn McDonald Barbara J. McGregor Charles E. McIlveen Mary Mogford DavidHD HA & Joan Moore Reid & Margaret Morden David MortonHD & Patricia Owens Morton Deb Nichols Bonnie M. Patterson Michael & Cara Peterman Keith C. Pilley Larry Popofsky Cecil & Robert Rabinovitch Kathleen & Alex Ramsay Gary & Dorothy Reker Tyler G. Roach Graeme & Kathy Ross William & Meredith Saunderson Larry E. Seeley Fred Sherratt Linda Smith Patricia Southern Robert & Nancy Stephenson Joan Vastokas Len & Phyllis Vernon David C. Wallbridge Judith R. Wilder Paul S.B. Wilson Gary & Ruth Wolff J. Douglas Young 2 Anonymous Donors

Thank You to Our Donors Colleague $100,000 TO $249,999 J.W. McConnell Foundation Estate of Margery J. Warren

LEADER $50,000 TO $99,999 Estate of Vena Bews Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Co. Estate of Robert Ian Logan David & Anne Patterson Power Corporation of Canada Larry E. Seeley

PARTNER $25,000 TO $49,999 Corus Entertainment Inc. Estate of Irene Elizabeth Curtin Meyer Family David Morrison & Alena Heitlinger POA Educational Foundation RBC Capital Markets Fred Sherratt

ASSOCIATE $10,000 TO $24,999 ARAMARK Canada Limited Estate of Gilbert F. Bagnani Jalynn H. BennettHA Alex & Carol Campbell Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce French American Charitable Trust Audrey M. Hanbidge The Howitt/Dunbar Foundation Joint Venture Finance Inc.

Harry & Carolyn Kitchen Lockington Lawless Fitzpatrick LLP McMillan Binch Mendelsohn DavidHD HA & Joan Moore David MortonHD & Patricia Owens Morton Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management Ltd. Greg Piasetzki & Laura Woods Philip A. Playfair Kathleen & Alex Ramsay Scotiabank Group Stratton Investments Inc. TD Meloche Monnex Mary Van Soeren Len & Phyllis Vernon Judith R. Wilder 3 Anonymous Donors

SPONSOR $5,000 TO $9,999 Arabesque Carpet J. David Alexander Beattie Roberta Bondar Peter A. Brieger Dan Coholan & Sarah Mills George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation Harold “Pat” Dooley The Goal Getters Associates Inc. Trent Graduate Students’ Association Mary-Ann Haney Lynn M. Hardy Walter W. Howell Harold B. Johnson Lari C. Langford Michael A. Levine & Family

Robert & Margie Lightbody Ana P. Lopes & Don Tapscott Estate of Hazel Mather McColl Turner LLP Lynn McDonald Mnjikaning First Nation John & Jeannette Morgan Nicholls/Civic Nurses Alumnae Association Northumberland Canadian Federation of University Women Bonnie M. Patterson Pilkington-Henniger Charitable Trust Bob Rae Fern A. RahmelHD HA J. Peter Sidgwick Patricia Southern J. Stephen Stohn & Linda Schuyler Toronto Community Foundation Trent University Social & Athletic Committee Ann Waddell Dunlop Anne & Lawrence Wright J. Douglas Young

SCHOLAR’S GROUP $2,500 TO $4,999 Birks Family Foundation Erica CherneyHD HA JohnHD HA & Marni de Pencier DM Wills Associates Limited GlobeInvest Capital Management Inc. Michael & Anne Gough Investeco Capital Corporation Dianne Lister

Cash and in-kind gifts received between May 1st, 2006 and April 30th, 2007

Carol A. MacKinnon Ramesh Makhija Barbara J. McGregor The T.R. Meighen Family Foundation Reid & Margaret Morden Robert I. Morrison Brent R. Norrey Peterborough Professional Fire Fighters Leonard Powers Robin Quantick & Laurie Davey-Quantick R. Howard Webster Foundation Rotary Club of Havelock Spriet Associates Andrew M. Stewart Grace Ward Janet B. Wright 3 Anonymous Donors

CHANCELLOR’S SOCIETY $1,000 TO $2,499 Harlene L. Annett Ansell Mechanical Susan Apostle Clark Thomas J. Bata Ian & Helen Berry Alex & Gillian Bird David Black BMO Financial Group Albert E. Bolter Joyce Brown John E. Butcher Robert Butterworth Stuart J. Butts Charles CoffeyHD Rod S. Cumming Janice A. Cunning

John & Nancy Currie Don Cumming Paul H. Davidson Joanne L. Dereta J. James Dolan Jane & Frank Dudas Joy & Roy Edwards Sheila Faure Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts Margaret I. Fleming The Franklin J. Matchette Foundation Inc Susan M. Graham Parker Peter & Inna Grills Thomas E. Guest Peter F. Hamilton John D. T. Hill Jackman Foundation David M. James The Jeffery Group Michael Jenkin & Phyllis Colvin JulieHA HD & Basil Johnston D. Jeanne Kimber Kiwanis Club of Peterborough Francois Lecavalier Mary M. Lewis H. Christina MacNaughton SusanHA & John Mackle Barbara Malloch Duncan McCallum Thomas Miller & Barb Chisholm Richard Morgan & Carolyn Jonkman Anastasia & Rodney Nadeau Gayle & Jack Nelson Richard O’Donnell P. K. Page IrwinHD HA Douglas Paterson Frances R. Pick

Les J. Pioch Frances A. Plaunt Robert D.N. Prichard Cecil & Robert Rabinovitch Aureen I. Richardson Andy & Liz Rodford William & Meredith Saunderson Frank & Anne Steffler Robert & Nancy Stephenson Michael G. Stewart Tony Storey Ryerson Symons & Michele Leighton Symons Douglas C. Theobalds Mike & Cheryl Thivierge Pat & George Townsend Ian D. Waldron Jeffrey F. Wallwork Patrick J. Walshe Philip M. White John H. Whiteside Lorna Whittaker Pamela Willoughby Women’s Executive Network 10 Anonymous Donors

Kathy & Donald Heidman Gerald C. Hunt Carol-Ann & Eric Lugtigheid Catherine Michell & Alan Bowman Helen M. O’Connor Derwyn E. Rokeby-Thomas James Salmon & D.M. Davies Cheryl Smith Robert E. Stewart Ross E. Walker Kent A. Weaver 1 Anonymous Donor


Estate Gifts Estate of Gilbert F. Bagnani Estate of Vena Bews Estate of Irene Elizabeth Curtin Estate of Robert Ian Logan Estate of Hazel Mather Estate of Margery J. Warren

alumni by entry year Class of 1964 ASSOCIATE

Len & Phyllis Vernon SPONSOR

David & Sharon Lasenby Robert & Margie Lightbody CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Frank & Anne Steffler PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

Ted & Nancy Capstick Paul J. Delaney Susan M. Garlick James F. Nott ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Gary & Harmony Aitken Michael E. Beswick Susan Webb ENRICHMENT C L UB

Frank D. Barry Donna Clifton Sandra M. Cond Flower David Greer John F. Hucks Richard F. Johnston Douglas N. Martin

Sharon M. Stover Doug Vaisey

Class of 1965 CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Stuart J. Butts Patricia & George Townsend


Sharon & David Lasenby Stephen Stohn & Linda Schuyler Don Tapscott & Ana P. Lopes Ann Waddell Dunlop

Bonnie E. Park Douglas J. Parker Ronald A. Reid 2 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1967



Janet B. Wright


Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts Mary M. Lewis Patrick J. Walshe

Brian T. Roadhouse



Mary & James Burchell


Steve J. Arnold Susan M. Babaris Paul Campbell Gary R. Greer Bill & Pam Gudgeon Ron A. Hotchkiss Melody Morrison 1 Anonymous Donor

Class of 1966 L EADER

David & Anne Patterson ASSOCIATE

Len & Phyllis Vernon


Maureen A. McKeown Ken B. McLeod ENRICHMENT C L UB

David & Tandy Barron Brenda E. Brownlee Robert J. Cooper Ann M. Gray-Elton Judith & Robert Harper Shirley J. Holt Bruce & Sutirat Kennedy Dennis & Shelley Kerr Anthony R. Lovink Eric & Carol-Ann Lugtigheid Bruce E. McKay

The Commoner Bursary


Alex & Gillian Bird John E. Butcher H. Christina MacNaughton Douglas Paterson PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

Philip E. Brent George & Eleanor Mitchell John Warrener Susan T. Williams Gary & Ruth Wolff ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Robert & Maggie Glossop Peggy & Arndt Kruger Thomas & Norma Lucy ENRICHMENT C L UB

Douglas & Jo-Anne Cole Garry & Victoria Cubitt Heather A. George Robert & Judith Harper

Class of 1968 ASSOCIATE

Alex & Carol Campbell SPONSOR

Barbara K. Baker Nancy L. Hutchinson Sheila A. Leonard Kenneth G. Tilley Diana & David Wright ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Paul S. Crookall Robert & Reina Pearson Douglas Poff ENRICHMENT C L UB

Hugh H. Banks John W. Beach John D. Belcher Janice & Paul Bertrand Mary Boite & Thomas Hoag William R. Butcher Margot E. Cameron

J. David Alexander Beattie CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Giving Levels

J. James Dolan Sheila Faure David M. James Michael Jenkin & Phyllis Colvin Lynn & James Neufeld Aureen I. Richardson Robert & Nancy Stephenson

Colleague $100,000 - $249,999 Leader $ 50,000 - $ 99,999 Partner $ 25,000 - $ 49,999 Associate $ 10,000 - $ 24,999 Sponsor $ 5,000 - $ 9,999 Scholars Group $2,500 to $4,999 Chancellor’s Society $1,000 - $2,499 President’s Committee $500 - $999 Advancement Circle $250 - $499 Enrichment Club $100 - $249

HA - Honorary Alumni HD - Honorary Degree Recipient

In the fall of 2006 we said goodbye to the bricks and mortar that housed The Commoner, a once lively and atmospheric student pub. The spirit of The Commoner now lives on through the newly established Commoner Bursary, which will help students in financial need achieve their potential as our leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to build the Commoner Bursary Fund to a $50,000 endowment. With your help and with the assistance of the OTSS matching program, this goal is within reach. Trent by Numbers

$ 250,000 Total gifts & pledges raised for Alumni House


Thank You to Our Donors Karen J. Chapeskie Jo-Anne & Douglas Cole Bill & Gail Corbett Jill E. Davidson Bill & Glynis Devitt Susan C. Drain & Patrick Donahoe Chummer & Janet Farina Richard & Elspeth Fleming Calum I. Gillespie Linda K. Greenwood William B. Griffiths Lucinda M. Hage Blake W. Hyatt Terrance B. Jackman Joyce & Don Mackenzie Wayne Manley Leonard Taylor Lorna E. Tener & Brian Toller Richard S. Van Dine Paula & Robert Wagar 1 Anonymous Donor

Class of 1969 SCHO L ARS GROUP

Carol A. MacKinnon CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Nancy & Robert Stephenson PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

Deborah & Michael Berrill ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Tom & Margie Davidson Kenneth J. Nimigon Michael & Ingrid Nolan Reina & Robert Pearson Anne-Marie Prendiville Terry Reilly Donna M. Scott Christopher Tsang ENRICHMENT C L UB

Kris E. Inwood Robert N. Mairs John R. Matthews Carol & Jim Olson Dawson Pratt William R. Smalluk Christopher B. Stone David A. Thompson Rita K. Tunnicliffe Robert & Paula Wagar Steven A. Wells Ewart Werry 1 Anonymous Donor

Class of 1971 ASSOCIATE

Kathleen & Alex Ramsay SCHO L ARS GROUP

Dianne Lister CHANCE L L OR ’ S s o c i e t y

Jeanne Kimber Tony Storey Philip M. White PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

Douglas B. Brown Michael R. Cheek Drew Fitch James Fleming & Carol Storey Richard W. Greene Duncan & Fay MacKenzie Larry L. Popofsky William C. Rupert Olga & Richard Szudy ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Daniel & Maureen Baldock Anne F. Brunner Eric H. Hodgins Mary E. Leggett Bonnie L. Waters

Lorna & Peter Adams Susan & Richard Bramm Elizabeth Churcher Bob & Jean Condon Victoria & Garry Cubitt Marjorie & William Durant Frank V. Durante Lynne Dussault Ted Gale Richard W. Green Jennifer M. Harker Allan J. A. Hubbell Joseph H. Last Jane A. Lister Jeffrey S. Murray Brian & Eve-Ann Reid Kenneth W. Taylor Glynnis M. Thomas-French Jack P. Vollering James C. Wesenberg James R. Yanch 7 Anonymous Donors


Class of 1970




Lari C. Langford CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Phyllis Colvin & Michael Jenkin Pamela Willoughby PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

Martha G. Burd Jane Errington Richard D. Williams ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Robert H. Brunton Craig A. Goselin Beth L. Lech Joan I. Sangster Paul & Catherine Welsman ENRICHMENT C L UB

Donald A. Allison Christopher Archibald & Nancy Oldfield Richard & Susan Bramm Irma A. Brown Sharon & Christopher Brown Sharon & Samuel Carew James & Caroll Coghlan Marian E. Croft Fred & Donna Edwards Barrie V. Friel Bruce Grandfield Richard G. Hagg Robert& Barbara Hess

Walter L. Belyea Catherine J. Ciphery Priya Harding & Mark Strong John & Adriana Hayden Caroline Haythornthwaite & Alvan Bregman Yuwa Hedrick-Wong Kathleen S. Kidd Nini Krever Ian & Elizabeth MacMillan Ernie G. MacMillan Lynn Mendelson Janet Olds Timothy A. Owen Allan F. Partington Janice R. Sorrie Nicholas R. White Peter Wilkes & Gerri McManus 4 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1972 Greg Piasetzki & Laura Woods Joanne L. Dereta Margaret I. Fleming PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

John & Nancy Casserly Susan P. Creighton-Tomowich Avril Rustage-Johnston & Gordon Johnston Keith E. MacInnes Richard & Olga Szudy William & Angela VanVeen ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Catherine A. Gunn Stephen & Donna Kylie Graham Robinson ENRICHMENT C L UB

David & Elizabeth Akitt Christopher Appleton & Nancy Austin Frances Alger McDonald Heather Kaye Anderson Karen A. Benn Dawn Berry-Merriam & John Merriam Beth Brown Beverly & Ken Fox James & Arlene Keon Nina R. Milner & Walter Baziuk Elizabeth & Ian MacMillan Audrey & Russell Moore Rosemary & William Nash Jim & Carol Olson Roger Orvis & Rena Sherring Alan & Theresa Pidgeon Kate & Joseph Quinsey

Malcolm M. Ray John D. Skelton Margaret & Neil Steffler Hap Stelling Mark L. Strong & Priya Harding Catherine C. Tedford Polly Thorp Margaret E. Wilkinson 2 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1973 C h a n c e ll o r ’ s S o c i e t y

Susan M. Graham Parker Frances R. Pick PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE


Brian B. Chenoweth & Suzanne Maranda Anne Dawson & Norman Seli Jim Doran Mark J. Gentry Tony Leighton Ingrid & Michael Nolan ENRICHMENT C L UB

Carole T. Aida Gail L. Baird Barbara & David Balderston Kim D. Benson Katherine & Graham Cogley Susan F. Collins Robert Duffy Peter G. Elliott Thomas B. K. Martin Murray & Nancy Miskin Chris & Beth Puddicombe Jack Roe & Luann Ford Catherine D. Simpson Marilyn R. Smith Kevin R. Smith Patricia & Dundee Staunton Robert & Pauline Wigg Jane Wilkinson 1 Anonymous Donor

Class of 1974 SPONSOR



Nancy & John Casserly ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Maureen & Dan Baldock Margie & Tom Davidson Allen G. Good Gwen A. Johnston Donna & Stephen Kylie Linda J. McMullen Catherine & Paul Welsman ENRICHMENT C L UB

Susan M. Cross & John Donihee Perry D. Dunmore Jeanette D. Foy Marilyne E. Gagnon-Doyle Jamie C. Haldenby Chris M. Herdman Michael J. Higgins & Perie Saeed Susan M. Kusiar Jacqueline A. Mackey Duff & Joanne Mackinnon Peter Marble Brian & Laura McCracken Olive M. Nye John Radu Brian & Rhonda Ramsay Peter Shennett Saul J. Sherbanuk 2 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1975 SCHO L AR ’ S GROUP

Andrew M. Stewart SPONSOR

Margaret Hobbs CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Julie HD HA & Basil Johnston Anastasia & Rodney Nadeau Richard O’Donnell PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE

Robert M. Fishlock Anne C. McNeely Teresa & Peter Roach Stephen Wallace ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Guy W. Hoogendyke Nancy P. Jones & Rosemary Thoms Cindy Ellen Morgan HA - Honorary Alumni HD - Honorary Degree Recipient



Gayle P. Ackerman Gail & Henry Bartosik Brian & Jennifer Bedwell Elizabeth A. Childers Ian Coutts & Catherine Lyons-King Stephanie A. Foster Joann C. Garbig Darrell J. Hartwick Sabrina Jubenville Douglas & Maureen Loweth Gerri McManus & Peter Wilkes Rhonda & Brian Ramsay Elinor M. Richardson Bruce Scott Graeme G. Stewart Mary C. Stinson 5 Anonymous Donors

Douglas E. Holmes Shirley M. Jamieson Penny A. Kutlik Timothy Latter Jill D. Max Douglas Morison Philip & Diane Murtha Jill Okum & Gord Harris Mary O’Riordan Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Peck Susan Reid-Kulpaka Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Peck Julia A. Scott Rena M. Sherring & Roger Orvis John A. Stephens Carol B. Watson

Nicholas J. Lawson Ralph & Claudette Lindsey Rob & Julie MacDonald John P. Martyn Eve-Ann & Brian Reid Clive D. Roane 3 Anonymous Donors


Class of 1978

Liane H. Blandford & David Hockey Tamara J. Brickman David Hill Krista McCreary Penney & Brian Penney Anne L. Parsons Margot Poepjes Norman K. Seli & Anne Dawson

Class of 1976






Denis Desjardins ADVANCEMENT CIRCLE Jamie & Liz Fleming Paul Mayer Robert J. Shearer Jo E. Tickle Rosemary Thoms & Nancy Jones ENRICHMENT C L UB

William & Leigh Arundell Nancy Austin & Christopher Appleton David & Barbara Balderston Barbara S. Busche Janet & Ross Campbell Marilyn C. Carey Gordon H. Copp & Elizabeth Sierakowska William P. Davies Bill J. De Young Sarah R. Dobell Brent & Liz Eades Bill Eisnaugle David Evans Luann Ford & Jack Roe Nancy J. Fraser Kaye & Foster Hanson Brenda K. Hobbs Joanne W. Hough Hilda I. Jolley Maureen & Douglas Loweth Rod & Janet Matheson Martha A. McDougall Andrew K. Milner & Cydnee Hosker Peter C. Murray Paul Raven David Rydholm E. Kim Seward-Hannam Karen J. Sheppard Tom Steele Lynda K. Stewart David Zawadski 2 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1977 SPONSOR

Dan Coholan & Sarah Mills J. Peter Sidgwick CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Peter & Inna Grills Les J. Pioch Bernice & Dale Standen Ian D. Waldron ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Steven J. Cockburn Charles J. Cook Liz & Jamie Fleming Joanne M. Heffernan Cynthia A. Loveman Monica J. MacIsaac Elizabeth McEllistrum Krista & David Miller Lori Pope Ann Sellers Piercy Judith A. Watson ENRICHMENT C L UB

Gail A. Andersen Leigh & William Arundell Eric G. Bennett Yolande A. Brown Michael F. Darlington Barbara Dyce Elaine V. Farley & Raymond Bower Scott & Sheri Grandin Christopher G. Harris Jean Hennessey

Winston Meyer & Family Robin Quantick & Laurie DaveyQuantick CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY



Carla J. Douglas Kathleen & Glen Easson Steve M. Everson & Tammy Higgins Brian P. Holland Elizabeth Martin Savino Robert D. McKenna Christopher J. Millier Karen A. Sisson & Bruce Fitzpatrick Karla S. Skoutajan ENRICHMENT C L UB

Nancy J. Chisnall Geoffrey M. Daw & Wendy Harding Maureen G. Dingman Doreen & Paul Healy Inga Hoog Stephen J. Huff Alwyn & Hilde Huigens Keith J. MacDonald Gary & Sylvia McConnell Diane & Philip Murtha

Class of 1979 SCHO L ARS GROUP


Samuel Billich John A. West ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Angie Asadoorian & Ian MacDonald M. Sue Featherstone Philippa J. Sutcliffe ENRICHMENT C L UB

Lindsay & Tony Blackner Christopher J. Blatchly Lee-Anne Broadhead John W. Campbell Scott Cuthbertson Norah M. Hillary Wayne A. Hockney Suzanne L. Hunt Bonnie H. MacKinnon Anne C. Marler-Axelson Vicki McCulloch Mark & Dierdre McKennirey Andrea C. Mitchell Kevin R. Ogilvie & Penny Sutcliffe Diana M. Sonego Peter Vanderley Gary W. Ward 2 Anonymous Donors


Peter A. Dilworth Daniel L. Phannenhour Amanda & Scott Sinclair ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Wanda Harssema Suzanne Hooke & Frederick Wood Mary Elizabeth Luka ENRICHMENT C L UB

Maureen A. Callan Maureen F. Delaney-Baiden & Brent Baiden John-David D. Fentie Shelley A. Insley Joy C. Kirkwood

Leah & R.G. Curtis Tim Davidson Patricia A. Dickson Judy Goucher Robert E. Lamb Norma L. Large Carol & David Lever Karin E. Lunan Bonnie L. McCool Alison E. McNeil Mary Lynn Merklinger Gregory S. Purmal Peter S. Ross Andre C. Siegel Jennifer & David Stevenson Mary-Jean Wason Robert & Carol Weese 2 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1982 C h a n c e ll o r ’ s S o c i e t y

Thomas Miller & Barb Chisholm Gayle & Jack Nelson ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Al Barber & Jennifer Tiberio ENRICHMENT C L UB

Suzanne E. Abray Janet I. Forjan Sherri N. Graham Grant M. Hogg & Penelope Hare Donna M. Keon Stephanie & Peter Martin Susan M. Mott & Roland Coulombe Sheila Riordan Julie A. Schindeler David & Jennifer Stevenson Linda J. Witt 3 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1983 A s s o c i at e

Philip A. Playfair CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Albert E. Bolter Paul H. Davidson Francois Lecavalier ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Peter A. Cornish John D. Milligan Francois J. Senecal Erik Hanson & Susan Wurtele ENRICHMENT C L UB

Elaine & David Boothman Sean Boushel & Sheila Riordan David G. Burwell Paul A. Cannon Celia A. Dyer Sandy Green Suzanne L. Guertin James Hamilton & Dale Gray Mark A. Jones Mark Langdon Michael R. Leishman Kenneth & Betty Maley Andrew D. Neale Anthony B. Peterson Randall N. Posliff Lynn M. Robertson Andrew Taws Linda M. Walker Jennifer L. Winters 3 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1984

Class of 1986

President’s Committee


Ismail & Nadine Barmania Tracey & Randall Goodwin Brian R. Hamlin Tracy & Chris Metcalfe Bill Oldman

Stephen E. Brown


Carol Bassett Terrance & Shauna Moodie Kevin M. O’Connor Darren J. Smith & Sherry Thaxter-Smith Jennifer Tiberio & Al Barber Pete R. Wood ENRICHMENT C L UB

Kenzu Abdella Doreen Small & Jonathan Bordo Susan E. Campbell Ruth Y. Dawson Michael J. Gannon Mark J. Gardiner Gillian C. Hamilton Ian Johns Claudette & Ralph Lindsey Betty & Kenneth Maley John D. & Mary McGee James W. Montgomery Dean & Tina Ostrander Bruce D. Skeaff Peter R. Walling Gert Zagler 3 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1985 CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY


Randall & Tracey Goodwin ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Luc M. Frappier Jean Greig Shauna & Terry Moodie John P. Nolan Kathy & Graeme Ross Abdoulaye Thiam ENRICHMENT C L UB

Michael & Michelyne Callan Pamela C. Chisholm Kelly M. Dear Penny Hare & Grant Hogg Ruth P. Herman Derrick J. Kelly Cindy MacLean Dwayne Madic Peter & Stephanie Martin Matt McMullan & Patricia Tramely John J. McNamara Cura & Greg Rapier Irene A. Redegeld Michelle J. Wehrle Steven M. Winder 1 Anonymous Donors


Martin R. Boyne Amelia Ferguson & Brian Budd Shirley J. Hunt & Dave Cranmer Dawn A. McAlpine Graeme & Kathy Ross Dawna Van Veld Adam White & Stephanie Huntjens-White ENRICHMENT C L UB

Lynne & Brian Angus Nicole M. Bell Robert W. Dippell Leah Eustace Theresa Fitzgerald & William Graves Morag J. Fraser Colin & Galinia Kusano Patrick Lam & Lai Chiu Anne M. Lewars Berenice A. Sangwin Patricia Tramley & Matt McMullan 4 Anonymous Donors



Steve Fraser Jennifer L. Jones Trudy Kirschner Chris Scullion

Jennifer R. Babbs Anna-Lisa Brewer & Benjamin Bradshaw Kevin Brown Michael & Leslie Carriere Laura L. Doucette Katharine Enns Kelly & Dave Ferrari Natalie Hamilton & Martin Dewaele Carol A. Hobden Jennifer MacInnis Dixie D. Pallett-Firth Gail & Jim Pratt Saskia T. Ramsay Carol & Dennis Sakamoto Michael A. Sherman Derek Teevan & Saga Williams David Woodfine 3 Anonymous Donors


Benjamin Bradshaw & Anna-Lisa Brewer Stefanie J. Cole Nancy M. Graydon Diane M. Janisse Sean P. Linton Barbara M. Prevedello Andrew J. Promaine Jennifer A. Reed Denyse C. Stringer Mindy G. Willett 2 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1989 C h a n c e ll o r ’ s S o c i e t y



Brent R. Norrey

Harmony & Gary Aitken Glen & Kathleen Easson Mark Edgar & Sheila Wisniewski Tammy Higgins & Steve Everson Matt Miller



Class of 1987 SCHO L ARS GROUP

Rod Cumming Liz & Andy Rodford PRESIDENT ’ S COMMITTEE


Stephanie Huntjens-White & Adam White Margaret P. Morewood ENRICHMENT C L UB

Lisa D. Barty Alphy Bender Tiffany L. Boyd-Mountenay Lai Chiu & Patrick Lam Libby Dalrymple Rob Docherty Andrew J. Eamer & Heather Jordan Deborah L. Gelderland Sarah E. Leahy Rick Lorenz Patti E. Lutz Mikelle E. Meaden M. Fran O’Hara Barb Panter Debra G. Stephens Scott & Jennifer Taylor Frank M. Wilhelm 4 Anonymous Donors

Class of 1988 C h a n c e ll o r ’ s S o c i e t y


Stewart R. Wheeler

Scott M. Anderson Robert A. Anstey Rosemary & Stephen Barry Leslie & Michael Carriere Kateri S. Clark Oliver B. Delhaise Emmanuelle Festas-Keogh Pamela J. Ford Lisa E. Handiak Lisa M. Hanning Kimberly L. Kasperski Barry C. Kelly Kimberly A. Keskinen Deborah L. Leslie Jeff & Sandra Lynch Julie J. Morris-Sonnen A. Colin Morton Kyna A. O’Gallagher Christopher K. Penny Marisha L. Plotnik & Ihor Radysh Colleen M. Sheridan Andrew J. Violi David R. Warda 4 Anonymous Donors


Tyler & Lisa Bailey ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Carl S. Heffernan Katherine Keppel-Jones & John Whall Barclay Walker


Andrew & Michelle McCorkell Susan Rhee-Schofield & Phil Schofield John Whall & Katherine KeppelJones ENRICHMENT C L UB

Martin Dewaele & Natalie Hamilton William & Leonora Dodge Kate Hall Johna S. Hupfield & Isaac Crafts Melissa A. Law & James Nesbitt Trevor P. LeDrew Rebecca L. Mills Suresh & Rekha Narine Cheryl D. Price Stefan R. Romberg Lisa L. Stephenson Laura L. Walton Brigitte Wellershausen Saga Williams & Derek Teevan 2 Anonymous Donors



Marc A. DeRose Eli J. Fellman & Elizabeth Scanlon ENRICHMENT C L UB

Marilyn Baker Fiona A. Docherty Sandy Earl Christianna Ferguson & Terrence May James Kiang Cynthia B. Kuehl Christopher K. Lee Catharine & Rich Marchand Jason G. Neville Diane & Kevin Parry

Sylvie Ratte Melissa A. Ringler 1 Anonymous Donor

Class of 1996

Class of 1993



Jonathan B. Stark ENRICHMENT C L UB

Theresa & Jason Bickle Shannon & David Bothof Scott & Danusia Campbell Derrick Evans & Anita Cardona Bert & Lisa Grant Matthew Hubble Carrie E. Kelly Terrence May & Christianna Ferguson Kathleen McKibbon & Neil Shackleton Rebecca M. Pryor Erin C. Walsh Robert P. Woodland


John & Holly Stardom ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Sarah Gooderham Chad Jedlic ENRICHMENT C L UB

Patrick Brown & Beth Ann Yarzab Danusia & Scott Campbell Adam Chapnick & Erica Berman Melissa C. Cooper Megan Davies-Ostrom Lisa & Bert Grant Paul & Cindy Hargreaves Blake Henwood Sheryl Hibbins Jennifer L. Holliday Michael J. Holy Albert Kim Jillian & Brock Kingston Katie A. Robb Kim & Mark Soth Richard & Donna-Mae Southern 2 Anonymous Donors


Holly & John Stardom A d va n c e m e n t C i r c l e

Andrea S. Michelutti ENRICHMENT C L UB

Joanne F. Connell Greg D. Daye Cindy & Paul Hargreaves Adam S. Lowe Daniel & Megan Ostrom Maria de Lurdes Pinto Rekha & Suresh Narine 2 Anonymous Donors


Spencer J. Harrison Paul-Andre J. Beaulieu ENRICHMENT C L UB

John C. Goheen & Erin McFaul Neil D. Horne Robert K. Judge Jamie Mitchell Jordan N. Nichols Peter C. Ruttan Julie A. Wallace David C. Wallbridge Beth Ann Yarzab & Patrick Brown

Class of 1997 President’s Committee

Kristopher R. McKeown ENRICHMENT C L UB

Bruce G. Emmerton Matthew J. Griem Andria & Cameron Wynn


Sherry & Graham Booth ENRICHMENT C L UB

Kimberlie Beno Shane M. Carter Maureen E. Hill

Class of 1999 CHANCE L L OR ’ S SOCIETY

Jeffrey F. Wallwork ENRICHMENT C L UB

Christopher B. Ablett Kin Hei (Alex) Chow Christopher S. Coleman Andrea S. Etmanskie Pieter M. Funnekotter Terri L. Hill Kristin J. Kawamoto Erin McFaul & John C. Goheen Aimable Mugara Curtis T. Pineiro

Class of 2000 President’s Committee

Marilyn & David Burns ADVANCEMENT CIRC L E

Therese L. Stevens ENRICHMENT C L UB

Richard M. De Jong Andrea P. Jackson Patricia A. Morphy

Class of 2001 ENRICHMENT C L UB

David G. Addison David C. Cochrane

Class of 2003 ENRICHMENT C L UB

Shelley L. Fife

president’s committee* - $500 to $999 Tyler & Lisa Bailey Duncan & Isabel Bath Douglas & Cheryl Blakey Robin Boadway Sherry & Graham Booth Louise Brown Libby Burnham Marilyn & David Burns

City Welding Mary Conacher Cathy Cramer Michael & Honor de Pencier Peter T. DemosHD HA Encana Cares Foundation Carol & Bryan Gibson Peter G. Gilbert

Tracey & Randall Goodwin The Hunt Bros. Ltd. Ann Jaeger Laurence and Mary Jones Ketchum Canada Inc. James G. Matthews Timothy McGee Marg McGregor

MicroAge Amy G. Milburn OPSEU Local 365 Peterborough Carpetland Inc. John Pierce Lorraine Pierce-Hull Richard H. HD HA & Joan Sadleir Judith Silver

Eli & Joyce Tannis Trent Central Student Association William & Angela VanVeen Mr. & Mrs. James Worthington Diana & David Wright 4 Anonymous Donors

Advancement Circle* - $250 to $499 Jerry & Lynn Baker Mary Bedford-Jones Brian & Pat Cameron Campbell & Company Insurance Consultants CAW Local 1996

Janet Cleghorn Patricia Cooley Stephen Cushing & Deborah Gill Simone & Crawford Dobson Eli Lilly Canada Incorporated Doug M. Ferguson

Coline Gardhouse & David Gracey General Electric Canada Incorporated David & Dianne Horne Shin & Kathy Imai Gordon James

Anna Jamieson Christine Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Robert King Level A Inc. Melanie & David Macdonald Stephen & Doris Matthews

Lynda A. Simpkins Colin M. Stairs Stephen & Graciela Steinberg Mr. & Mrs. Brian Stonehouse 2 Anonymous Donors

*Does not include Alumni. Please see Alumni By Entry Year.

The Future Looks Bright: DNA Building at Trent Opens October 27, 2006 marked a great day for Trent University, and a great day for the future. Amid throngs of dignitaries, community leaders, and Trent students and staff, President Bonnie Patterson proudly announced the official opening of the new DNA Building at Trent University. A multi-purpose facility, the DNA Building serves as home to many Trent departments and faculty, the Natural Resources DNA Profiling and Forensics Centre (NRDPFC), and researchers and staff from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

Trent by Numbers

$1,196,796 Total raised for student bursaries and awards through donations and matching funds





$5 $547

$451 $190



$90 Alumni Corporations Parents Friends

1990s 1980s 1970s 1960s Unknown




Current & Former Faculty, Staff and Retirees Other Supporters

$42 Total $2,039

Total $547

Enrichment Club* - $100 to $249 Carmeta Abbott Frederick & Joan Abeysundera Dave Allen Doug & Joyce Armstrong Ivan & Mary Ashbury Dennis & Kathy Bally Mr. & Mrs. Keith Banting Joyce L. Barrett & John Hambley Ralph R. Bastian Katheline Belfontaine Virginia Benbow Ejna H. Best Binney & Smith Canada Karen & Bob Bonham Bill & Lynn Boyd David A. Boyle Brant Office Supply Limited Deepinder Brar Susan & Anthony Brazier Ingrid Brenner Linda Brewster Patricia Butler Mr. & Mrs. Paul Caine Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Campbell Joyce Campion Judi & Steve Campion Central Ontario Chartered Accountants Association Donald Chase Rebecca Cheung Anna & David Chiu Michael Chreptyk Sue Christensen Donna & Keith Christopher Christopher & Karen Loucks Hugh & Susan Clawson

John & Betty Anne Coghlin LeRoy & Marie Cole Diane & Clarence Collings Robert Cook Cremers Brothers Electric Ltd. Anthony J. Culyer D&F Insulation Ltd Robert & Helen Davis Mike De la Durantaye James & Joanne Devlin Ellenor Dixon Crawford & Simone Dobson Michael Dorman Rob Douglas & Marie D’Iorio Frank Downey Joanne & Dwayne Dudgeon John Duravetz Karen & Dennis Dutkus Allan & Cathy Earle Susan & Allan Edwards Mildred Ellis Peter R. Erlendson Elaine & Donald Evans Michael D. Evans Douglas & Sheila Fee Claire Fisk Lawrence Foerster Laura Goff Dr. & Mrs. Jack Goodman Jeffrey Goodman Earle Gray Thea Gray Janice Green & David Bignell Carol Gregory & James Burrell Halina & Aleksander Grydziuszko Peter & Joan Guch

Joyce & John Gunnewiek Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. Henderson David Henderson Dale Henry & Ann-Marie Lorenz Lisa Hicks & Nick Van Der Kamp Sandra & Robert Hodgkiss Annette Holtrop John Hughes Edward & Margaret Huycke Neal A. Irwin Patricia Johnston Lenore T. Kane Terence & Anne Kennedy Michael R. Keuken Neil & Carol Kilmartin Conrad & Susan Knabenschuh Shirley & Bob Kranz Gloria Kristorian Edith J. Langdon Laureate Alpha Theta Richard & Anne Lavigne Brenda & Ross Leighton Wayne Lepine Joyce C. Lewis Mona E. Lofthouse Karen & Christopher Loucks A. S. Lundquist Kenneth I. MacAdam Murray MacAdam & Ruth Bishop Tessa & Gordon MacDonald E. M. & Margaret MacKay Brian MacKenzie Leeanne & Eric MacKey Karen & Gordon Malcolm Mapleridge Mechanical Neil & Susan Martin

John & Martha Maycock Patti & Tom McAllister McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited John R. McGee Charles E. McIlveen Martina McKinnon Duncan McLaren Irene & James McLellan Gordon & Claire McLellan Melville McMillan McWilliams Moving and Storage Lorne H. Mensforth Brian Merth Peter Michelutti Microsoft Nancy Mihailovich David & Cinda Milovanovic Pasquale & Maria Minicucci Janet & Robert Moffatt Mary Mogford Bryan Monette & Janet Farley Sandra & Frank Mongillo Phyllis Moore Carol D. Moore Kay & Robert Morrison Brian Mulligan Insurance Agency Ltd Walter & Opal Murphy Wolfgang & Theresa Nagel Utah & Alic Neadow Net Directories Inc. Rudy & Beverly Neufeld Sandra & Michael Nicholson Louisa Norris Janette & Dan Nosella

The Olde Stone Brewing Company O.P. McCarthy & Associates Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Osler Debra & Donald Parks Monika & Peter Pannozzo Norma Parnall Catherine & Douglas Paul Mr. & Mrs. James Pawley Elenora & Peter Pecchia Hsiu & Taluan Peng John & Connie Pepers Peterborough Law Association Peterborough Volkswagen Ltd. Keith C. Pilley Sal Polito Josh Pollock Alan S. Prendergast Catherine Prentice Procor Limited R & R Laboratories Ltd. Helen Reimann Leta Rennie Andrew M. Robinson Rocky Ridge Drinking Water David & Diana Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Giuseppe Romani RBC Dominion Securities Royden Moran Architect John H. Russell Lyn & Robert-Gregory Sachs John & Janet Sather John Saynor Catherine Schuler & Bruce MacPherson Ralph Selby Jane & Colin Shevlen

Shore, Tilbe, Irwin & Partners Siemens Building Technology Anne & Alan Simpson Lois S. Sisson Enid Slack Cathryn Smart Elizabeth Smith & Aaron Hailman SNC-LAVALIN Engineering & Technology Inc St. Veronus Cafe & Taproom Rob & Jackie Starr Harry Swain James E. Tapsell Adrienne Thomson John & Sandra Toms Margaret & Arthur Turner Ronald A. Van Hoof Mark & Laura Venton Stanley & Sharon Vovk David & Rosemary Vrooman Elizabeth & Phillip Wade Doug Ward Roger Watson Rita & Marvin Weintraub Judy & Gerrit Wessels Jennifer Whitfield & Frederick Brusberg Lorne Wickerson Debbie Wilson Kaetlen Wilson Sybil Wilson Richard Wood & Linda Gruson Katherine Ylitalo Brenda & Paul Zulak 19 Anonymous Donors

*Does not include Alumni. Please see Alumni By Entry Year.

Faculty, Staff and Retirees* Kenzu Abdella Jeffrey Adams Gary & Harmony Aitken Linda A. Alkenbrack Dimitry Anastakis Jodi & Naomichi Aoki Susan Apostle-Clark Mak Arvin & Marisa Scigliano Jocelyn B. Aubrey Heather M. Avery & Kenneth Yates Suzanne J. Bailey Robert Ballarin Allan Barnfield Susan & Christopher Bartsch Jacques & Carol Beland Deborah & Michael Berrill John Bishop Dorothy F. Blake HA Fraser A. Bleasdale Stephen Bocking Rita Bode Maurice J. Boote Sherry & Graham Booth Jonathan Bordo & Doreen Small Michelle Boue Constantin Boundas & Ke-Ryang Choi-Boundas Martin R. Boyne Douglas B. Brown Stewart A. Brown Cathy Bruce John & Barbara Burbidge Marilyn & David Burns Bill & Joanne Byrick Brittany & Jeffrey Cadence Richard G. Cameron

Rob Campbell John & Nancy Casserly Christine Cho Saud A. Choudhry Betty Clark Lorraine J. Clark J. E. Cole Gina & Mark Collins Robert & Jean Condon Rory Coughlan Dauna Crooks Don Cumming Ray D. Dart Lynne Davis Richard Dellamora Karen Derian Bernadine Dodge & James Driscoll William H. DrayHD HA Torben Drewes Glen & Kathleen Easson Roy & Joy Edwards Ivana Elbl Neil Emery Bruce G. Emmerton Stewart Engelberg Hayla E. Evans Wenying Feng Colin & Christiane Fewster Shelley L. Fife Joanne Findon Wendy & Gerald Fucile Sean & Gayle Gallagher Deborah L. Gelderland Donald & Jean Giles David Glassco Leslie Grightmire

Frederick A. Hagar Cheryl Haney Tara Harrington Spencer J. Harrison Lee & Joseph Hays Paul F. Healy Hermann Helmuth Sylvia Hennessy Margaret H. Hobbs Bernard Hodgson Richard T. Hurley Nancie Im-Bolter Gordon Johnston & Avril Rustage-Johnston Carolyn Kay Deborah J. Kennett Leslie Kerr Konrad H. Kinzl Trudy Kirschner Chris Kitchen Harry & Carolyn Kitchen John Knight Michael Konopaski Arndt & Peggy Kruger Peter Lafleur David & Sharon Lasenby Byron & Cathleen Lew Deborah D. Lietz Dianne Lister John I. Lodge Inge M. Lovell Douglas G. Lowe Jean Luyben Patricia Lynch Steven MacDonald Jennifer & Rod MacIsaac

Bonnie H. MacKinnon SusanHA & John Mackle Grace Mahoney David R. Marshall Jack MatthewsHD HA Christine D. Maxwell Doug & Anna McCalla Carl J. McKeiver George J. McKeiver Cheryl McKenna-Neuman Christine McKinnon & William Seager Tui Menzies & Des Penalagan Chris & Tracy Metcalfe George & Eleanor Mitchell Jamie Mitchell Orm & Barbara Mitchell Edgar-Andre P. Montigny Jaime Morales Richard Morgan & Carolyn Jonkman David Morrison & Alena Heitlinger Patricia Owens Morton & David Morton HD Jacqueline & Joseph Muldoon David Myrvold James & Lynn Neufeld David R. Newhouse Deb Nichols Erica Nol & Christopher Risley Sybil Nunn Frank Nutch Alan O’Connor Donald F. O’Leary Betty O’Toole Keith B. Oldham

Anne L. Parsons Brian G. Patrick Bonnie M. Patterson Shirley Pavy Bruno S. Pecile Michael & Cara Peterman Kevin Peters Zailig H. Pollock David G. Poole Elizabeth Popham R. Daniel Powell Barbara & Don Reeves Gary & Dorothy Reker Anne Robertson Janet Rush David Ruthowsky Joan I. Sangster James Schaefer Elaine Scharfe Patricia Schillemore David Sheinin Kevin Siena Nancy Simmons-Smith Linda & Alan Slavin Anne M. Sloggett Carlyle & Mary Jane Smith Linda Smith Mary Jane Smith Joseph So Jacqueline Solway Gillian A. Stamp Dale Standen Margaret & Neil Steffler Tony Storey Ian C. Storey Sharon M. Stover

Inaugural Report on Philanthropy Wins CCAE Bronze Medal Trent University’s inaugural Report on Philanthropy won a bronze medal for Best Donor or Volunteer Recognition Program in the 2007 Prix d’Excellence, the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education’s (CCAE) most prestigious awards program. The award was presented during the CCAE’s national conference held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in June 2007.


Marilyn Strain James E. Struthers JohnHA & Mayling Stubbs Laura Summerfeldt James Sutcliffe Irene Swinson ThomasHD HA & Christine Symons Morgan Tamplin Colin & Kerry Taylor Cindy Turnbull Joan Vastokas Kathryn Verhulst-Rogers John Wadland Keith Walden Ann & Roy Walters Shaun Watmough Peter Watson Joseph Wearing Sharon Weir Brad White Elizabeth A. Wilson Paul S. B. Wilson HA Pete R. Wood John & Rosemary Wordley Susan Wurtele & Eric Hanson Susan Wynne Kelly Young 25 Anonymous Donors

* Includes current and former faculty and staff





1000 $656


New endowed chair pledge Outright gifts and new pledge payments Payments on previous years' pledges Government matching (OTSS)


Total philanthropic impact: $4,568

Thank You to Our Donors Alumni of trent’s graduate programs Sponsor





Spencer Harrison

Peter Lafleur

Tracy & Chris Metcalfe Douglas Stenton

Robert Alvo Brian Chenoweth & Suzanne Maranda Fang Xu

Dawn Berry-Merriam & John Merriam Kirk A. Bertschy Hayla Evans Robert Gregory

Aiden R. Lumley Mark MacLeod Gordon Martin Helen McClain Whiteside Eileen M. McGregor Elizabeth McMurtry Christine F. Nornabell Adam J. O’Brien Niels Petersen

Betty Petersen Scott Rennie Eva Roberts Mary E. Rogers Joseph Sheinin Georgina Steinsky-Sehnoutka Raymond C. Stewart Flora Sutherland John Syrett

Gloria Gillespie James Hamilton Martha Anslow & Glenn Harris Julie Lockhart John Wall & Katherine Keppel-Jones

Memorial Lists We are grateful for gifts made in memory of … W. Donald Bark Joy Barker Agnes Benidickson Mildred Bondar Mark Burfield Bernard Cahill Anima Chakravartty Ian D. Chapman Alice Corbeil

Yvonne Czerwinski Dr. Nathan S. De Jager Randal B. Downey Elizabeth R. Farquharson Gordon Farquharson Jill Farrow Donald J. Fleming John E. Fulford Catharine Gallop

Mary G. Heintzman Ann Heisey Glenda Henniger Donald L. Irving Justin Jardine Anita Jarvis Helen Joynt Charlotte Lennox Sheena M. Lennox

Don Tapscott, Sr. Cynthia Thomson Michael Treadwell Edward W. Tremain Babe Wrightman

Friends Forever Monthly Donation Program Long-term vision and a commitment to Trent are what members of the Friends Forever Monthly Donation Program have in common. These donors have indicated that it is important for them to have a convenient and affordable way to give. This list contains our current members. Kenzu Abdella Frederick Abeysundera Suzanne Abray Lorna & Peter Adams Linda Alkenbrack Scott & Cheri Anderson Martha Anslow & Glen Harris Margaret Anttila Angie Asadoorian & Ian MacDonald Jennifer Babbs Lisa & Tyler Bailey Robert Ballarin Alan Barber & Jennifer Tiberio David & Tandy Barron Susan & Christopher Bartsch Lisa Barty Carolyn Bassett Nicole Bell Kimberlie Beno Deborah & Michael Berrill Dawn Berry-Merriam & John Merriam Alexander & Gillian Bird Stephen Bocking Sherry & Graham Booth Jonathan Bordo & Doreen Small Michelle Boue Constantin Boundas & Ke-Ryang Choi-Boundas Martin Boyne Susan & Richard Bramm Philip Brent Peter Brieger Beth Brown Stephen Brown Douglas Brown

Cathy Bruce Marilyn & David Burns Bill & Joanne Byrick Brittany & Jeffrey Cadence Maureen Callan Margot Cameron Christina Campbell Rob Campbell Michael & Leslie Carriere John & Nancy Casserly Catherine & Carey Challice Karen Chapeskie Perry Chittick Christine Cho Betty Clark Donna Clifton Christopher Coleman Gina & Mark Collins Sandra Cond Flower Robert & Jean Condon Thomas Conyers Gordon Copp & Elizabeth Sierakowska Peter Cornish Rory Coughlan Natalie Coulter & Troy Hammond Dauna Crooks Rod Cumming Don Cumming Janice Cunning Leah & Gary Curtis Judith Dalrymple Raymond Dart Jane Davidson William Davies Lynne Davis Ian Dawson

Paul Delaney Karen Derian Denis Desjardins Robert Docherty Fiona Docherty Fanny Dolansky Marianne Donovan Jim Doran Susan Drain & Patrick Donahoe Barbara Dyce Andrew Eamer & Heather Jordan Glen & Kathleen Easson Bill Eisnaugle Peter Elliott Bruce Emmerton Stewart Engelberg Leah Eustace David Evans Steve Everson & Tammy Higgins Wenying Feng Evelyn Ferguson & Nick Martin Kelly Ferrari & Dante Ferrari Jamie & Liz Fleming Luann Ford & Jack Roe Nancy Fraser Wendy & Gerald Fucile Finn & Gayle Gallagher Joann Garbig Deborah Gelderland Heather George Diana Girdler David Glassco Merritt Gordon Craig Goselin Diane & David Graham

Carol Gregory & James Burrell Catherine Gunn Roy Hagman & Cindy Ellen Morgan Lorena Haley-Twiss Cheryl Haney Kaye & Foster Hanson Lynn Hardy Judith & Robert Harper Tara Harrington Wanda Harssema Lee & Joseph Hays Paul Healy Sylvia Hennessy Ruth Herman Norah Hillary Bernard Hodgson Suzanne Hooke & Fred Wood Neil Horne Ashley Horne-Ashbury Dorothy Howard-Gill Johna Hupfield & Isaac Crafts Richard Hurley Michael Jenkin & Phyllis Colvin Gordon Johnston & Avril Rustage-Johnston Deborah Kennett Trudy Kirschner Kathleen Knight & Shaun Howarth John Knight Michael Konopaski Penny Kutlik Lari Langford David & Sharon Lasenby Melissa Law & James Nesbitt Sarah Leahy Michael Leishman

Sheila Leonard Byron Lew & Cathleen Hoeniger Deborah Lietz Cynthia Loveman Mary Elizabeth Luka Jean Luyben Patricia Lynch Steven MacDonald Jennifer & Rod MacIsaac Duncan & Fay MacKenzie Bonnie MacKinnon Ian & Elizabeth MacMillan H. Christina MacNaughton Melanie & David Macdonald Duff Mackinnon Susan & John Mackle Kenneth & Betty Maley Catharine & Rich Marchand Janice Matthews Christina Mayall Dawn McAlpine Carl McKeiver Cheryl McKenna-Neuman Kathleen McKibbon & Neil Shackleton Mikelle Meaden Tui Menzies & Des Penalagan Chris & Tracy Metcalfe Krista & David Miller Jamie Mitchell Orm & Barbara Mitchell Sandra & Frank Mongillo Catherine & Jim Montgomery Richard Morgan & Carolyn Jonkman Colin Morton Jacqueline & Joe Muldoon

Anastasia & Rodney Nadeau James & Lynn Neufeld David Newhouse Kenneth Nimigon Erica Nol & Christopher Risley Ingrid & Michael Nolan Brent Norrey Sybil Nunn Donald O’Leary Diane Parry & Kevin Parry Brian Patrick Bonnie Patterson Adam Peer Stefani Pelowich Curtis Pineiro Philip Playfair Douglas Poff Zailig Pollock David Poole Elizabeth Popham Gail & Jim Pratt Anne-Marie Prendiville Kathleen & Alex Ramsay Sylvie Ratte Malcolm Ray Teresa Reilly Gary & Dorothy Reker Melissa Ringler Clive Roane Katie Robb David Robertson Damian Rogers Anita Rosenfeld Nigel Roulet & Kathryn Outerbridge David Ruthowsky Christopher Scullion Nancy Simmons-Smith

Amanda & Scott Sinclair Bruce Skeaff Anne Sloggett Cheryl Smith Patricia Southern John & Holly Stardom Jackie Starr Margaret & Neil Steffler Debra Stephens Michael Stewart Ian Storey Tony Storey Sharon Stover Marilyn Strain James Struthers Irene Swinson Colin & Kerry Taylor Charles Taylor Kevin & Jennifer Taylor Cindy Turnbull Peter Vanderley Douglas van Hemessen Joan Vastokas John Wadland Paula Wagar Julie Wallace Erin Walsh Patrick Walshe Ann & Roy Walters Stewart Wheeler Mindy Willett Susan Williams DM Wills Associates Limited Pete Wood Jennifer & Euan Wood John & Rosemary Wordley Susan Wurtele & Erik Hanson 15 Anonymous Donors

All Trent donors are recognized on the External Relations & Advancement website Space restrictions do not allow us to print the names of alumni and friends who make gifts of up to $100. Please know that we appreciate each and every gift.

Trent by Numbers

$ 547,057

Total Raised by alumni


Logan Estate Creates Legacy of Learning

Ian & Lorraine Logan

“As human beings we are born to succeed, not to fail. Formulate a plan and make it your goal. With determination, enthusiasm and discipline, success is sure to follow.”

Achieving success through hard work and dedication is a mantra Lorraine Logan and her late husband, Ian, lived by. It is also the mantra Lorraine hopes will be engrained in the character of the future graduate students who benefit from the financial award she and her husband set up in his will.

Lorraine smiled and said, “I wish he was here to tell you himself”, before explaining that Ian was very patriotic and wanted to promote a Canadian perspective. Having completed a Ph.D. and nearly three master’s degrees, Ian was also a strong advocate for graduate school.

The Ian and Lorraine Logan Graduate Award, available to students for the first time this fall, will be presented to a graduate student in Canadian Studies interested in forward-looking, but not restrictive, public policy research. The award will also be given on the basis of financial need and an excellent academic record.

Robert Ian Logan was born in 1938 in Lindsay, Ontario to a family who strongly believed in the importance of education. In fact, when he and Lorraine met in 1992 in Edmonton while working for the federal government, he was learning French. Looking for someone to practice his new skill with, Ian was introduced to Lorraine who, with her French heritage, was the obvious choice. In the end, however, according to Lorraine it was Ian who taught her the most: “Ian had more

When asked why Ian felt so strongly about supporting a student pursuing a graduate degree in Canadian Studies,

confidence in me than I had in myself. And I am not the only person he did that for – he encouraged so many people. I called him my walking encyclopedia – he was knowledgeable in so many areas and he never made you feel silly for asking questions.” Ian and Lorraine’s connection to Trent began in 2005 when they moved to Peterborough to be closer to family and doctors in Toronto. Despite his battle with cancer, Ian spent every afternoon that he was feeling well at the Bata Library, researching his family history. Always interested in leaving a legacy in his will to support education, Ian and Lorraine made the decision to invest in the University’s future students. As a result, they have ensured that Ian’s passion for learning will live on at Trent.

Trent University Legacy Society – Connected to Things That Matter Trent University has established this honorary society to recognize and thank donors who have made provisions for future gifts to support education and research at Trent University. All gifts, regardless of size, will help Trent meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. F o u n d e r : Thomas H.B. Symons, C.C. – Founding President and Vanier Professor Emeritus Charter Members

Stefan Bilaniuk Cyril† and Jenny Carter Debra Clarke Frances Daunt Lois Davidson Walter and Anne Dodington Madeline I. Dunham John HD HA and Marni de Pencier Bruce Dyer Doug and Michele Fisher Frederick and Lois Helleiner Susan Jamieson Kim and Kate† Krenz Robert & Margaret Lightbody

Robert K. Loney Susan M. Mackle HA H. Christina MacNaughton Gillian R. Minshall Brendan and Janet Moher Paul J. Moore Bonnie M. Patterson Robert Darou Norris Prichard Peggy A. Pritchard and Andrew M. Kropinski William B. Reid Ann Prince Stevens John and Mayling Stubbs Tom HD HA and Christine Symons Patricia Townsend

Gary Wolff Ruth Houghton Wolff Anonymous (3) Founder’s Circle

Jalynn Bennett HA Michael Beswick Erica Cherney HD Shirley Cummings Cecilia Danysk Harold “Pat” Dooley Frank and Jane Dudas John Earnshaw Jon and Shelagh Grant Lynn Hardy Robert and Judy Harper

Julia D. Harrison Pamela Jane Hart Ian† and Lorraine Logan S.A.M. McCue Eugene and Sharon McKeiver James Middleton David HD HA and Joan Moore Jeannette and John Hanly Morgan Eleanor McClelland-Mott Jack and Gayle Nelson Doris Noftall Charles and Augusta Omole Robert and Sibyl Stairs Mary and Gerry† Stephenson

Wm. Robert and Mary E. G. Taylor Brian Toller & Lorna Tener Anonymous (3) Members

Carole Aida Susan Beckwith John Bingham Mory Blue Beth Brown John Cotton Janice Cunning Leah Curtis David Gillespie Heather Hawkes

Walter Howell Martha Kidd Sheila Leonard Dianne Lister Rod and Rhonda MacDonald Eileen Madder Joanne Heath-Menger† and Wally Menger David HD & Patricia Morton Michael Nolan John (Jeb) Hentig Stevens Anonymous (3)

We would like to hear from you if you have already provided a bequest in your will or made another type of planned gift to benefit future generations of Trent students. We would be honored to include you in the Legacy Society. HA - Honorary Alumni HD - Honorary Degree Recipient †


Margery J. Warren Estate Puts Trent in Bloom

Community Members Enjoy Lunch with Trent Experts

On September 20, 2006, Trent University celebrated the official opening of the Margery J. Warren Garden. Nestled at the bottom of a hill on the East Bank of Trent University overlooking the magnificent Otonabee River, the garden was designed to create a space that is as pleasing to view from above as it is to walk through at any time of the year.

held on May 17, 2007 at the Holiday Inn Peterborough

Throughout the garden there are a series of garden courts in a variety of sizes, which are surrounded by plants, trees, and flowers selected for their seasonal interest. This element ensures that the garden can be enjoyed all year round. With its location close to the Rotary Greenway Trail, the Warren Garden creates an open and inviting space for Trent faculty, staff and students as well as the larger Peterborough community. The garden was created through the estate of Margery J. Warren, an early childhood educator, homemaker, and long time supporter of a number of research and education focused charities. The estate has also provided money to be used towards developing an endowment fund that will ensure that the Warren Garden is well maintained for years to come. A plaque commemorating this generous gift from the Warren estate is placed at the base of a one-of-a-kind structure featured in the garden and designed by renowned Canadian sculpture artists Ron and Lynda Baird.

Over 130 members of the community attended the inaugural Inside Trent: Lunch with the Experts event Waterfront. At the event, three experts from Trent, two professors and one undergraduate student, discussed the topic of “Climate Change: A New Reality.” The experts were: Dr. Chris Furgal, a professor of the Indigenous Studies Department and the Environmental and Resource Studies program at Trent and the co-lead author of the International Arctic Science Committee-directed “Arctic Climate Impact Assessment”; Dr. Christine FreemanRoth, a philosophy professor who is well-versed on the environmental ethics of climate change; and Robert Tookoome, an Inuit student who has seen first-hand the alarming consequences of climate change in Canada’s north. Professor emeritus and former Peterborough MP The Honourable Peter Adams emceed the event, which was sponsored by the Trent University Legacy Society.

David Suzuki Comes to Trent World renowned geneticist, environmentalist, academic and broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki came to Trent on January 19, 2007 as the speaker for the fifth annual Tapscott-Lopes Business and Society Lecture. Dr. Suzuki delivered his presentation, entitled “The Challenge of the 21st Century: Finding Our Place on Earth”, to a captivated audience of 600 Trent students, faculty, staff, and members of the Peterborough community. Dr. Suzuki is also a Trent donor, having established the Setsu Suzuki Bursary in his mother’s memory in 1985.


The annual Tapscott-Lopes Business and Society Lecture is funded by internationally-renowned business strategist and Trent University alumnus Don Tapscott and his wife, communications expert and former member of Trent’s Board of Governors, Ana Lopes. The fund was established to bring prominent speakers to the Trent University community.

David Morrison Lecture Series in International Development Created Providing future Trent students with exciting opportunities to meet and learn from renowned speakers in the international development field.

Invested in Trent: Why One Trent Staff Member Supports the Annual Fund Professors David Morrison & Alena Heitlinger

Through a generous gift of $100,000, two Trent University professors have set up a new endowed lectureship, which will provide future Trent students with exciting opportunities to meet and learn from renowned speakers in the international development field. The David Morrison Lecture Series in International Development, created by Professors David Morrison and Alena Heitlinger, will provide students, faculty and members of the Peterborough community with exceptional access to leading scholars and people engaged in policy and practical work in the field of international development. As an endowment, the lectureship series will continue in perpetuity and provide new learning experiences for Trent students and faculty. “Alena and I see the creation of the endowed lectureship as a platform for further recognizing

the academic excellence of the International Development Studies Department which, for the past 30 years, has attracted wonderful students to Trent and achieved great distinction in teaching and research,” says David, who retired this year after 40 years of service to the

addition to authoring several publications, he has served in a variety of teaching and administrative leadership roles in the University, including ten years as Dean of Arts and Science. As director of the Trent International Program from 1996 to 2001, he led a successful effort to put Trent’s international scholarship program on a self-funded basis and to increase greatly the number of international students enrolled in the University. He received a Trent University Eminent Service Award in 2007.

“The lecture series will bring outstanding speakers to Trent each year from various parts of the world, including developing countries.”

Dr. Alena Heitlinger, David’s wife of 30 years, teaches in Trent’s Sociology Department. A widelypublished scholar, she was the recipient of the Trent University Distinguished Research Award in 1999-2000. Her work has explored feminist, demographic, health, employment, child care, migration and ethnic issues in Central and Eastern Europe, Canada, Britain and Australia.

University. “The lecture series will bring outstanding speakers to Trent each year from various parts of the world, including developing countries.” Professor David Morrison, a long-time member of the Politics Department, was the founding chair of Trent’s Comparative (now International) Development Studies Program in 1976. In

New Incentive for Donors Elimination of Capital Tax Gains Tax on Gifts of Stocks and Securities Did you know that in its May 2, 2006 budget, the federal government announced that it was eliminating the capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated securities to charities? This new legislative provision makes gifts of appreciated securities an even more attractive option for all donors. If you are considering a donation to Trent University and you own publicly listed securities – stocks, bonds, mutual fund units or shares – that have appreciated in value, you may want to consider transferring these directly to the University, rather than cashing them in to make a donation.

“Trent fosters an attitude of questioning and intellectual open-mindedness, and encourages students to seek different truths,” Trent’s staff contingent is made up of exceptional people who want to make a difference in the world, each in their own unique way. For Sybil Nunn, administrative secretary in the Office of the President and a 20-year veteran employee of the University, the Annual Fund is one of many ways she supports the activities most important to her. “Trent fosters an attitude of questioning and intellectual open-mindedness, and encourages students to seek different truths,” she explained, adding humorously, “Having the ability to question is important, because if you don’t learn to think for yourself, by the time you get to my age, you’ll just become a widget.” The positive, nurturing and inquisitive environment that infuses Trent is what motivates Sybil to give to the Annual Fund, a critical pool of funds that are raised each year to enhance the student experience at Trent. Specifically, the Annual Fund subsidizes many Universitywide needs, including scholarships, bursaries and awards for students, department improvements, library and athletics resources, student employment, and campus services. Without the generosity of Trent staff and faculty members through charitable donations to the Annual Fund, many of these additional student resources might not be possible. “We are all inundated with various charitable requests. I have several charities to which I contribute on a monthly basis,” Sybil said, noting that she prefers to give monthly. “I have a deep fondness for Trent. It is beautiful and it is such a super place to work. I’m happy to help in my own small way.”

Why? If you cash in these securities, you have to include 50 per cent of the capital gain (how much they’ve increased in value) in your income for the year. If you donate the securities directly to the University, you do not include any of the capital gain in your income, and you still benefit from the tax receipt for your gift. For more information about making a gift through your will, life insurance, trust, or gifts of securities, please contact Sherry Booth in the Advancement Office at Trent University, (705) 748-1011 x7593.

HP Canada Donation Transforms Forensic Science Research at Trent Trent University is poised to transform the way forensic evidence is handled in the field, thanks to a generous donation from Hewlett Packard (Canada) Co. to support student training in the Bachelor of Forensic Science degree program. As a recipients of the 2006 HP Technology for Teaching Higher Education Grant, valued at more than $80,000, Trent has become the only university in Canada where students learn how to use HP wireless Tablet PC technology when conducting fieldwork, such as crime scene investigations.


How to Raise a Philanthropist:

Meet the Meyer-Larose Family “As a family, we realize there are so many local, national and international issues that need support. Which ones do we help?” That was the guiding question Winston Meyer and his family set out to answer when they decided in 2006 to collectively donate $25,000 to two worthy causes. Long-time supporters of many educational and community organizations, including Trent University, Winston Meyer and MarieClaude Larose felt the time was right to involve their two sons, William, 12, and Samuel, 14, in the decision-making process of charitable giving. When the boys were younger, Winston, a Trent alumnus, and Marie-Claude travelled with them extensively to raise their awareness about global issues. “The kids have seen many different socio-economic conditions, and learned that people can still be happy in diverse living standards,” explained Winston. As parents, it was critical to Winston and Marie-Claude that their sons link this growing awareness to a sense of personal responsibility and the value of becoming a contributing member of society. This blossomed into the idea of a family donation, so they set out a clear process

that enabled all four of them to contribute equally to the final decision. Individual family members would seek out a funding proposal from an organization of their choice and then conduct a blind vote to select which two projects would each receive $25,000. Each project scored points based upon the rankings it received from each ballot. Both parents and the boys came up with an interesting range of proposals for everyone’s consideration, including one from Trent to set up an endowed family award to support a graduate student in applied science. This fund qualified for matching support through the OTSS program, creating an opportunity to double the amount of the award. When the Meyer-Larose family toured Trent as part of their philanthropic research, they met Ph.D. student Brenna McLeod who is studying recovery strategies for the highly threatened North Atlantic Right Whale. “After she described her research, the kids asked lots of questions,” Winston recalled. “What Brenna was doing made sense to them. They could see this was a solution to a big problem.” As the family began to evaluate the four proposals, the two boys found the experience stressful because every project had merit. “The problem was not saying yes, for the kids it was how to say no,” Winston noted. A key moment during their deliberations came when the kids asked what would happen if they did not fund these projects. The discussion that followed enabled the family to contextualize the

impact of their gift, and the boys decided that they wanted to fund the project that would fail without their support. Once all the projects had been reviewed, the vote was held late one Saturday evening. When the balloting was over, Trent received three first place votes and one second place vote, ensuring it would be one of the chosen projects.

values supporting endowments that advance research at Trent. “Research is the validation of a university and is the by-product of a successful educational experience,” he stated. “I want Trent to evolve into a very strong economic entity. You can only do that by putting money in the savings account.”

Winston sees endowment gifts offering key benefits to both his family and society. “The kids realized that Trent was one of only “Endowed giving provides permanent solutions. When we support endowments, two schools able to do this kind of research, it makes a statement to society that the and they knew Meyer-Larose it was their family values this responsibility project enough to support “Research is the validation of a university to put our this,” Winston and is the by-product of a successful name on it so explained. that others will educational experience,” he stated. “They both respect the good expressed “I want Trent to evolve into a very strong work taking the view that economic entity. You can only do that place here. It Trent’s proposal also makes a by putting money in the savings account.” was the only statement to one that would our unborn work for the heirs that these advancement are the values our family has maintained of research that could lead to solutions to and we expect that you will do the same. human issues at a global level. This opinion Endowment giving lets you get on to the and understanding was not delivered lightly, next project.” given that they, too, were responsible for making a contribution toward the amount being donated, obviously at a token level, but meaningful considering that their net worth can fit in a piggy bank.” Winston was very pleased with the outcome, not only because it was a worthwhile exercise for his family, but because he truly

This passion for teaching the importance of philanthropy both to their own children and to future generations reflects the truly unique quality of the Meyer-Larose family. This value, shared by many Trent donors, nurtures the culture of philanthropy that is developing around the University in order to make a world of difference.

POA Foundation Creates New Opportunities for Aboriginal Students Aditya Jha, a leading Canadian IT entrepreneur and chairman of the POA Educational Foundation, has created a $100,000 endowment to support bursaries and awards for Indigenous Studies students as well as a longer-term partnership between the University and the POA Educational Foundation to collaborate on several projects to nurture entrepreneurship among Canada’s Aboriginal population. The $100,000 endowment has been created through a donation made by the POA Educational Foundation and matched dollar-for-dollar by the provincial government’s Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS) program. The gifts will be placed in an endowment and the annual distribution from the funds will be used to support both the Aditya Jha Indigenous Studies Awards and the Aditya Jha Indigenous Studies Bursaries, which will first be made available to Trent students in 2008-2009. Preference for these awards and bursaries will be given to applicants of Aboriginal heritage.

provides Aboriginal youth with the opportunity to gain real business skills by working side-by-side with some of Canada’s most prominent business leaders. As a partner in the project, Trent University’s Indigenous Studies department will host a two-day workshop for participants each summer, in which internal and external faculty and professionals will participate. Students working through the Trent Centre for Community Based Education will also be involved in planning and running Project Beyshick for the next three years.

Trent University has also agreed to collaborate with Mr. Jha on several initiatives designed to promote and encourage entrepreneurship among Canada’s Aboriginal population. These initiatives include working with the POA Educational Foundation on its groundbreaking Project Beyshick, which


Another product of the new partnership between Trent University and the POA Educational Foundation is the creation of a workshop or seminar on Indigenous issues, hosted by the department of Indigenous Studies and targeted at executive business leaders. It is proposed that this event would be held in conjunction with Trent’s annual Elders’ Conference.

E x t e r n a l R e l at i o n s a n d A d va n c e m e n t

C h a r i t a b l e R e g i s t r a t i o n N u m b e r 1 1 9 2 6 8 9 2 8 RR 0 0 0 1

Trent University Mackenzie House 1600 West Bank Drive Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8 (705) 748-1601 1-800-267-5774

Trent University’s 2006/2007 Report on Philanthropy has been produced by the Office of External Relations and Advancement. The list of donors includes cash and in-kind gifts made between May 1, 2006 and April 30, 2007. Every effort has been made to ensure that this is an accurate listing of supporters. We apologize for any names inadvertently omitted from this report. Please report any errors to Jennifer MacIsaac, Manager, Stewardship and Events, (705) 748-1011 x7073 or To view this document in an accessible format, please visit

2006-2007 Report on Philanthropy  
2006-2007 Report on Philanthropy  

Trent University's 2006-2007 Report on Philanthropy