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Sun’s out and that means we’ve all managed to escape the bitter cold and make it to Spring and Summer with the biggest smile on our faces! Okay, I’m being dramatic. San Diego’s Winter is nothing compared to what the east coast or the polar end of our side might be, but hey! I think we’re all glad to finally shed those winter layers and finally soak up some Vitamin D! I’m a huge fan of cute layers for the winter but I can say, one thing I was extremely excited about for this season was all the bright color palettes we were able to play around with for our styling. And what else is even better for summer? The much-needed-prolonged vacation! All of us are busy on our daily grind and the TREND staff decided to make this issue our personal getaway and focus on our wishful-summer-escapes, and with our lists of amazing travel destinations and our gorgeous fashion-forecasts for this season, we hope to keep you anticipating a great summer as well and a mindful getaway. On another note, this issue has personally hit home for me, knowing that it will be my final issue as Editor-in-Chief. As I move on from TREND, it has been my utmost privilege to work with the most creative and hardworking team. Especially with the help of my Assistant Editor, Tanya, who has provided me with the greatest help in every aspect, I can genuinely say that passing on the torch will be my greatest honor, knowing that TREND will be passed onto great hands. Happy reads and happy summer, everyone! We hope you enjoy! xoxo,

Sarah Chung Editor-IN-CHIEF


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Photo: Nathan Tang Hair: Kelsey Aida Roualdes Model: Gunnar Mueller Blazer: H&M Shirt: Thrift Trader Shorts: G-Star Raw Sunglasses: Ray-Bans


Different ways to dress up your favorite summer cutoffs

Scarf: Urban Outfitters Shirt: G-Star Raw Shorts: G-Star Raw


Blazer: H&M Shirt: Thrift Trader Shorts: G-Star Raw Sunglasses: Ray-Bans


Shirt: G-Star Raw Shorts: G-Star Raw Shoes: Aldo

travel + essentials

by tenaya Senzaki

You don’t have to look like a tourist while traveling this summer. Pack the right items for a lighter suitcase and a trendy wardrobe. +Look

for a bikini with UPF (ultraviolet) protection to ward off sunburns in the summer heat.

+ This

dress can be worn 8 different ways. It’s one size fits all and comes in a variety of colors! store. americanapparel. net +This lightweight cardigan is a fashionable way to dress up or dress down any outfit. customize it to match any outfit-you can wear it over 6 different ways!


are a great alternative to jeans when the temperature rises. They’re cooling, versatile, and easy to pack! If it cools down at night, wear them under dresses/ skirts when you go out.

+ a perfect transition from day to night! these flats come in a variety of designs and fold down to fit in your suitcase with no extra bulk. +these

comfy sandals are perfect for long days of walking and fold down to fit into your purse! www.

+ T-shirts in a solid color are easily dressed up or down with accessories. Try a cotton t-shirt: they’re durable, breathable, wick moisture away, and keep you cool in the summer. 10


shorts are made of cotton and hemp, making them extremely breathable in the summer heat.

Vilnvixn [vil-uhn-vik-suhn]

noun; A clandestine outfit of creative engineers seeking to change the world of design through a set of carefully crafted acts of radical minimalism. twitter: @vilnvixn


We’re a group of designers who’ve spent years, both asleep and awake, slaving through architecture school. We began this project after realizing how forgetful we and our peers had become after not sleeping for days on end. The number of lost USB drives was in the hundreds at the end of each semester. We joked that we would be better off if we were permanently attached to our data (go go gadget USB?). And thus, Vilnvixn was born. We realized that digital memory devices aren’t very personal. While our flash devices and our computers have an intimate go at it every chance they get, our relationships with them leave more to be desired. We’ve designed a line of intelligent accessories to address these relationship issues. We’ve created our products in a way that ensures that their absence will be recognized if forgotten. If you’ve ever worn a watch, bracelet, or necklace for a long period of time only to forget it one day and feel incomplete without it, then

you know what we’re talking about. In order to use the embedded memory, you have to completely remove the piece from your body and plug it into your computer. The idea is that you’ll subconsciously take note of the item and remember to grab your drive before leaving your computer. Our portable data would be great for those who are often on the move. We know because we’re always on the move. Instead of carrying a pocket drive, or worse, a bulky hard drive you can place everything you need into your intelligent accessory. This makes for easy access in tight spaces, which is basically every space when flying coach. When you need to receive or pass along last minute files without digging into your bag/pocket to find the flash drive that you most likely forgot, you can surprise the unsuspecting recipient by pulling apart your bracelet or necklace. It might be nice to help them pick their jaw up and put it back into place. INTERVIEW WITH AILEEN T. BY SARAH CHUNG

Photo Credits: Jan Lim, Gradient Studio,,

VV01 Bracelet

VV02 Necklace (Limited Edition)

Memory: 32-64gb; Bracelet Material: Nylon, Acrylic; Color Options*: Black, White, and Red; Cap Material: Stainless Steel, Jatoba Wood; Pricing: $60-$90

Memory: 32gb; Usb Color Options: Gun Metal, Gold; Material: Stainless Steel, Nylon, and Acrylic; Color Options*: Black, White, and Red

*Color options only apply with Nylon and Acrylic materials.




Stretching the dollar for a loonie



PENSACOLA, FLORIDA One last hurrah before summer winds down!


DE LUNA FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 21-23, 2013 A music festival on the beach (stay tuned to delunafest. com for the line-up!). Previously had performers like Florence and the Machine, Diplo, Foo Fighters. General admission is a 3-day pass for $200 or opt for the 1-day pass for $75.

SHOPPING In Historical Downtown Pensacola you can find beautiful work from local potters and painters, and even handmade clothing and jewelry.

FOOD Dog House Deli is a popular local restaurant that offers cheap prices and some great, savory hot dogs with a fun twist, such as a hot dogs topped with mac and cheese. There is also a


famous pub called McGuire’s that is famous for its Reuben Eggroll. The chef takes corned beef and Swiss cheese and wraps it with a housemade wonton wrapper.

Created by the women of Gutsy Women Travel to help women find that adventure and relaxation in their travels, it takes you to different places which includes visits to castles and even French-Canadian cooking classes. Consider this a cheaper and closer alternative to a European getaway. However, there are other alternatives to traveling Quebec City, of course! The area has a very European-feel through its architecture with stone buildings and it’s famous castle, the Chateau Frontenac, which was built to be a hotel and used to increase tourism with its luxurious amenities. There are 618 guestrooms and suites, each elegantly styled with regal decor with upto-date amenities such as air conditioning, wireless internet, and even humidifiers. It is also one of the 37 National Historic Sites of Canada where the Quebec Conference with Churchill, Roosevelt, and King congregated to discuss World War II strategies.

SCENERY NIGHTLIFE Window shoppers can enjoy a variety of entertainment such as glass blowing and belly dancing. There are also ballets, operas, symphonies, theatre shows, and museums if you’re looking to enjoy some cultural and classy fun. There is entertainment that ranges from street shows to annual festivals. Some festivals include seafood, crafts, wine, and art. A popular spot is the Seville Square which is where many of these festivals are held. You can find pubs and bars that range from sophisticated martini bars to grungy, laidback fish dives.


-a messy pile of fries, cheese, and cheese curds, all smothered in a delicious gravy. Find your eats from a variety of European-style bistros, and quench your thirst with some local beers at pubs scattered all around the city.

Shopping Lots of boutiques are located in the Lower Town near the Quebec City shore. These stores range from high-end fashion like Burberry to local artisan crafts. You can do in-themoment splurging or just enjoy some Holly Golightly moments, window shopping like she did at Tiffany’s. You can also opt for local stores that definitely will be cheaper compared to the name brand stores.

The Lower Town, part of Quebec City’s downtown, is filled with old-style architecture and You can see the beautiful city’s skyline which includes the Chateau Frontenac and the beautiful Notre Dame de Quebec NIGHTLIFE Cathedral (one of the first In the Nuovo Saint-Roch, a churches built in Canada). district located right near the Chateau is the best area FOOD in Quebec City for vibrant French cuisine is the local night life. Here, you can find specialties. Enjoy signature clusters of discos, pubs, and dishes such as the Poutine- bars.



SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Cool off in the summer heat

Seattle is the perfect city of those who want to have an adventure and those who want to submerge into the local culture. A great adventurous area is the Discovery Park. There are hiking trails, expansive meadows, saltwater beaches and tumbling sand dunes for anyone to explore! A popular excursion is going to Mt. Rainier for its scenic outlooks and waterfalls. But beware, it’s a volcano! If you’re an avid and adventurous mountain climber, the dangerous hike to the peak will take about 3 days. But don’t worry, there are safer hiking trails that will give you access to the backcountry with beautiful landscapes.

Another choice for those laid back ones is the Pike Place Market. This huge area includes local artwork, flower market, coffee shops, and restaurants for a great day and night exploration of culture.

NIGHTLIFE There are many varieties of bars that range from Irish pubs to blues clubs to lounges and even college bars! The Pike Pub & Brewery (conveniently located near the Pike Place Market) is a great area to start the night at. A less touristy bar is the Honeyhole Sandwiches where you can get delicious sandwiches accompanied by unnaturally strong drinks. PHOTO CREDITS: JANNY DANGEROUS


PUERTO RICO Caribbean paradise with U.S. money By renting a small car, you can travel up and down the beautiful coast, and the best part is that gas is less than $3 per gallon! If you want to splurge, the Parador Villas del Mar Hau, or in English, “Beach Huts”, is a 5-star resort that is the perfect hideaway in this beautiful paradise. It has a great view of the ocean and is close to all the local shops and bars.


PHOTO CREDITS: torbarrica

Authentic souvenirs are directly on the beaten path, centrally located near the cruise ship harbor. Brand names can be found at discount prices at the outlet stores of Calle del Cristo. The Calle del Cristo is one of the most famous streets in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Its cobblestone streets take you to stores that range from Dooney and Bourke to cigar shops to art galleries. Expertly crafted products that

are unique to the island, ranging from cheap miniature figurines of saints, to huge, elaborate papier-mache folkloric Vejigante masks, which resembles a Puerto Rican folkloric character often used in festival celebrations, can also be bought from local artisans.. The San Juan neighborhood of Condado Avenida Ashford is considered the heart of San Juan’s fashion district with plenty of high-end designer clothing stores.

NIGHTLIFE Old San Juan is the spot for salsa and merengue, and there are DJs in the Condado and Isla Verde areas. Round an evening on the town with a little gambling. Many of the casino resorts in Puerto Rico stay open until 6 a.m. A vibrant and growing LGBT club scene can be found in the Santurce neighborhood.


MUA and Hair: Justine Werline Photo credits: UCSaD Photo Club

patterns, neons and prints– oh my! 14

Dress: Dolcetti


Kimono: Dolcetti Bodysuit: Charlotte Russe Shorts/Skirt: Hunt & Gather


Shirt/Shorts: Hunt & Gather


Top and shorts: Hunt & gather


Blazer/Shirt: Dolcetti Leggings: Bubbles Boutique

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more than meets the

As a busy biology-major student with but a fantasized dream of becoming a fashion designer, I was, needless to say, just a little nervous about meeting the former head designer of Clairborne Casual, former design director of Gap Inc., and former designer at Nautica VF Corp-- keep in mind she is one individual. Aside from my multiple virtual encounters with the infamous Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada on my 50� plasma, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a real corporate designer that is just as- if not more- successful and versatile. What I found was, as I had expected, someone just as fiercely passionate about fashion, but with a personality that would offer you a hot cup of tea rather than a cup of dread the second you walked through her door. In another words, I was surprised to find Anh Volcek not only conveniently located literally 5 minutes down the street

an interview by justin siu

from my apartment in La Jolla but moreover an extremely sweet, youthful, petite Vietnamese lady with bleached platinum hair and a last name that leaves you wondering what ethnicity she really is. When I stepped into her small but quaint studio, she immediately began giving me a tour of the coral colored gowns she was preparing for an upcoming Harper’s Bazaar shoot and specialized plastics that hung from her personal workspace wall. However, unlike what most designers can tell you about their work, Anh allowed me to catch a glimpse into the raw life of a fashion designer behind all the glamorous productions. When she began describing herself and her work to me, I could not help but think that, despite what superficial notions people may have about the fashion industry, there really is more than meets the dress. Photos by Scott Jordan Held


Anh was born at sea on a sinking ship desperately sailing for Hong Kong as it attempted a desperate escape from the Vietnamese war taking place on Vietnam harbors. Her birth occurring at the apex of dark times and in a seemingly hopeless situation was recorded and written about in several Vietnamese poems as a metaphorical symbol of hope, light, and survival. Her family soon relocated themselves to Quebec where she grew up and attended college at Marionapolis College and was headed for a career in business and management until she incidentally took a fashion design class, fell in love, and ultimately made the decision to pursue her starlet destiny in fashion. She received abundant generous scholarships to attend the world reknowned Parson’s in New York, and then “lucked out”, as she says, on countless opportunities in fashion offered to her in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles-- all locations of which she eventually took advantage of. And as if to confirm the prophecy of the Vietnamese poems, US Congress granted her the Resolution Award in June 2010 as representative of the next generation of Vietnamese in America. Yet, of course, the story of her success is truly the fruit of extreme hard work, long nights of design projects, and academic competitiveness. What impressed me the most, however, (even above her dazzling resume) was her definition of “success”. During the rise of her career, she quickly accrued what she calls much desirable “stuff” or materialistic treasures. And while anyone would think that such achievement would assume satisfaction, she herself realized she craved something deeper from the stereotypically materialistic fashion industry. She could not help but be disturbed by the fact that while many of her friends were worried about finding the cure for cancer, she was worried about finding the correct button to sow. In addition, there was a point where things outside her career began to crumble-divorce along with other aspects of her personal life. All the while, she continued attending to her clients’ desires and designing to please her consumers. Soon


enough, she herself was consumed and a bit lost. The disheartening events of 9/11 marked the last straw and Anh moved away from New York and headed for a sunnier perspective on the west coast-- first in San Francisco and then La Jolla in 2009 where she still resides. Here in La Jolla and the rest of the greater San Diego area she noticed, “is a different lifestyle where people do not ‘live to work’ but rather ‘work to live,’” on a dreamy laid-back SoCal coast. Upon arrival, this geographical philosophy quickly caught on with her own life and she consequently birthed what can be described as her career’s greatest “success”. L’une-- a whole collection woven by and for her own self-expression-- not for corporate branding! “L’une is French for “one” and and “moon””, she told me. It’s a perfect metaphor for this shining collection that has enabled her career and personal reflection to come full circle. L’une tells her story of becoming “one” again after her divorce. This collection is ignited by the story of her innermost emotions and is launched from a stirring place of uniqueness and individuality. It is the voice she lost while designing to please others rather than herself. One of her early pieces from the L’une collection is displayed in her living room studio-a spikey sea urchin-like boa made from 2000 plastic cable ties. It captures the protection she learned to build for herself in her greatest times of vulnerability. In the midst of refinding herself, she also began to shift focus away from her career and back to the roots of her humanity essentially by attending to her friends. She, for instance, spent a good portion of her time those years caring for a friend diagnosed with latestage cancer. Other pieces from the L’une collection are aroused by the experiences of her “survivor friends”, such as the latter. When anyone bought from this collection, she wrote the story of its origin to go along with it.

She continued to voice the story of her life with her following line “Breakable” that sprung about prior to her collarbone surgery. The drapery weaved into her clothes is an exploration of unveiling, supporting, and protecting the body. This collection includes accessories molded from plastic to look like life-like twisted bones, and braces made from her signature material forged from plastic, metal, and glass. I encountered one of these biological adornments shaped like a real collarbone linked to a chain hanging from her wall and found it waxy and light to the touch. I couldn’t help but parallel this unusual accessory to the commonly worn shark tooth- a symbol of victory. In Tinsei Tokyo magazine, she talks more about how she wanted to show how the body heals itself and the beauty of it. “What may be ugly to some is a story of strenght to me”. Today, L’une has not only evolved into a personal manifestation of her own experiences, but also into a means of sharing the vitality of her story and bestowing those same virtues unto those that wear L’une. A quick peek at her gallery will give you a tangible sense of the power, femininity, sass, modernity, and individuality she wishes to bestow upon her clients. When people buy from her line, she caters to them in a personal way that walks the fine line between client and friend. She says “It’s like they are buying a piece of me. It’s so personal that it does cross over that line.” She meets these girls and women in person, sometimes even making the 4-hour pilgrimage for clients in Santa Monica and the greater LA area for an exclusive showing. Furthermore, she takes extra precaution to preserve the uniqueness of her work, preferring to to steer away from the mainstream. She, for instance, limits the number of times she lends out her popular black satin butterfly skirt with 5+ adjustable levels of fluff for shoots. Even while her lowest marked tops are priced a little outside my meager college budget, the legacy of L’une truly cannot be bought at any price. There is indeed more than meets the dress. As she says, “that’s what people pay for-The personal experience. Something special.” Photo by Bang Truong

Photos by Scott Jordan Held


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