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he holiday season is fast


approaching and I would like to wish all of our avid readers, family and friends a “Happy Holiday Season!” As the New Year approaches, we take a moment to glance back over this past year. We are excited about what we have achieved and we look forward to the New Year 2010, with all that it holds. We realize as we look WILLIE STEWART back that we have been truly blessed to CEO/ PUBLISHER have made several appearances nationwide. In these appearances, we have met with some of the most influential and inspiring people during such events as the Trumpet Awards and the Essence Music Festival, just to name a few! In these engagements, we have come to the conclusion that here at Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine, you not reach success without struggle and there is no quitting for us NOW! As we plan for our new year, we look forward to you supporting us as we develop, explore and accomplish the many goals we have set. In this current publication, we are featuring Ms. Cathy Hughes, CEO and Founder of Radio One and TV One. I would like to thank her for giving us the opportunity to connect with her. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Hughes at the 2009 Trumpet Awards. At the Awards, she complimented us by giving me some really powerful and positive statements about our publication, only after she read it from cover to cover. Thank you and much appreciation goes out to Ms. Hughes for acknowledging our hard work and effort. We are inspired by Ms. Hughes for what she does in the community. Therefore, we felt that it was imperative that we feature her on our front cover as our November/December “FEMALE POWER HOUSE IN AMERICA.” We also had the privilege of meeting Mr. Lamman Rucker from the sitcom, “Meet the Browns.” He is an impressive young man. In our interview we found out what keeps him busy. Mr. Rucker stays actively involved in his many great service projects going on in the communities he serves nationwide. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Rucker for sharing his commitment to serving others with our readers. Once again, I would like to give a special thanks to Ms. Ava Simone Collier for doing such an awesome job as the Executive Celebrity Correspondent. She has the opportunity to conduct interview after interview with such an eminent group of people. You will find her name throughout this publication. I would also like to give credit in this issue to singers Stacy Lattisaw, Kelly Chapman, and actor Ro Brooks. Thank you all for coming aboard! Here we go again, bringing you another “HOT” publication. We would like you to read and let us know your t h ou g h t s a b o u t ou r m a g a z i n e a t w s t e So do us a favor and share what you have read with friends and family and invite them to become a Trendsetter reader and subscriber! Until next publication, thank you and may you be abundantly blessed! God Bless, Willie L. Stewart May you Have a Prosperous New Year! TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009


TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS STAFF Willie Stewart / Canton, OH CEO / PUBLISHER Vanzella Duke / Atlanta, GA ASSISTANT PUBLISHER Ava Simone Collier / Orlando, FL EDITOR IN CHIEF Lindsay Powell EXECUTIVE V.P. OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Walter “Wallabe” Brewer / Columbus, OH ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Erica Parks / Columbus, OH DIR. INTERNET MARKETING / PROMOTIONS (FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE) Leslie Dowd / Columbus, OH COPY EDITOR Teri Miller Barker / Dayton, OH Benita January / Lake Charles, LA EDITORS Stacy Lattisaw / Washington, DC Nikki Antwan / Houston, TX Chiquandra C. Cross / Houston, TX Richard Thompson / Akron, OH Jacques Miles / Ecuador, S. America Amanda Stewart / Canton, OH Teri Miller Barker / Dayton, OH Tracy Washington / Akron, OH Corbin Cook / Atlanta, GA Lionel Locke / Augusta, GA Angela Thomas / Miami, FL Dr. Linda Amerson / Arlington, TX Dorothy Flake / Houston, TX Tracy Hill-Ashley / Ft. Worth, TX CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Derek Payne / Columbus, OH DPI Graphic Design CREATIVE ART DIRECTOR & WEB DESIGNER TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS MEDIA GROUP RESERVES THE RIGHT TO PUBLISH ANY MATERIALS RECEIVED. WE APPRECIATE ALL MATERIAL HOWEVER, SUBMISSIONS MUST BE OF A POSITIVE AND INFORMATIVE NATURE. PLEASE MAIL OR EMAIL ARTICLES TO WSTEWART@TRENDTOTRENDMAG.COM | TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS MAGAZINE, 3007 PANOLA ROAD | SUITE 283C | LITHONIA, GA 30038 (404) 437-4311 OR 1866-958-7363. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS MEDIA GROUP



Cathy Hughes

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Lamman Ruckers


on the cover

Cathy Hughes Owner and CEO of Radio One, Inc. Lamman Ruckers Actor









One On One with Cathy Hughes By Ava Simone Collier


ecognized as a pioneering leader in the broadcasting industry, Cathy Hughes exemplifies the American Dream. Although Ms. Hughes’ beginnings were humble, she was destined for success. Her father was an accountant and her mother was a musician. Cathy Hughes is the owner and CEO of Radio One, Inc., the largest African American-own radio broadcasting company in the USA. Ms. Hughes states that she wanted to own her own radio station since she was a child. “I’ve wanted to own my own radio station since I was eight years old. I used to stand in the mirror and pretend I was doing commercials, using my toothbrush as a microphone. I used to listen to my transistor radio at night. That’s when I fell in love with radio. I wanted to be the first black woman with a syndicated radio show.” Ms. Hughes states that she did not realize until much later that Hattie McDaniel had already paved the way. With more than 1500 black broadcasters on staff, Ms. Hughes is talking about why Radio One has been named as one of the best companies to work for. “I think it’s because we really operate the way the Japanese corporations do, as a family. I see my employees not just as employees, but as extended family members. They have a lot of input into our decision making.” She continues, “We don’t have senior management deciding what’s good for everybody, including the rank and file. We have the older members looking out for the younger members, the rookies are paired up with veterans.” Ms. Hughes also stated that at Radio One, they recognize that employees spend more time at work then any place else in their adult life. “We try to create an atmosphere that has a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment. Radio is a lot of hard work, there’s no getting around that so we try to offset that with things that are very family oriented.” Ms. Hughes’ goal to incorporate a familylike atmosphere and equal balance is further evidenced by Radio One’s in-house newsletter, The Frequency. “It’s an incredible morale builder for our staff,” she says. “It is a formal magazine that our staff throughout the country absolutely love! Instead of just a regular newsletter for our company, we do a formal magazine so that all of our employees have an opportunity to see themselves in glorious pictures in their work environments” The magazines become a keepsake for the staff and each issue is eagerly anticipated. Ms. Hughes discussed why it so important to keep black broadcast ownership alive and why The Washington Post has called her the voice of the black community. “I have tried to make certain that all of my radio facilities are, in fact, vehicles for the African American community to tell their story from their prospective. To

be able to identify that which is important to them and not have to rely on someone’s interpretation of whom we are and what is important to and for us.” She went on to say that “It continues to be such a struggle for African Americans to own their own broadcasting facilities” Ms. Hughes said that she thinks that it’s important that African Americans maintain the few black owned radio stations that they have. There are more than 11,000 commercial radio stations in the U.S. Out of that, only 240 are owned by blacks and out of that number, 52 of them belong to Radio One. “This is amazing because radio is still the most effective vehicle to reach African Americans. It’s not just about the music, it’s all your genres; talk and sports radio are also important and popular with African Americans…not just music radio”. Ms. Hughes believes that it’s our history, culture and tradition that connects us with storytelling. “Our history in Africa was passed from generation to generation by Griots African storytellers. Radio is an electronic Griot…the stories that we want to hear. The stories that entertain and inform us.” Undoubtedly, Ms. Hughes’ indomitable spirit remains a force to be reckoned with as she continues to maintain and build her broadcasting empire. She admits, though, that this economic climate has been challenging. “I’m prayerful that America, particularly my radio industry, will survive this economic depression. I don’t think it’s a recession. Radio has been so hard hit. It’s been one of the hardest hit industries by this economic downturn”. Among countless awards and recognitions over the years, Ms. Hughes is the first woman to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Achievement in Radio Awards. She is also responsible for the widely recognized omnipresent “Quiet Storm” format. The “Quiet Storm” consists of silky-voiced deejays playing hours of romantic and sexy love songs. For renewal and relaxation, Ms. Hughes says she loves to read fiction and novels. “I also love the classics,” she states. She also admits that she’s an avid fisherman. “I fish constantly. Fishing is almost an obsession with me. During the season I can fish twice a day easily without batting an eye.” We talked about her energy, tenacity and her vision of success. “To me, success is judged on your last day. If you have helped more people than you have hurt, I think you have been successful. If the answer is yes, then I would deem us successful, including in my own personal life.” Her unassuming spirit was obvious as she revealed that she views herself as a work in progress. “I shy away from any notions that myself or my company are both successful. We’re still evolving into that which God intends for us to be.” ■



In the Kitchen with LaRashia By Ava Simone Collier




aRashia Simone E d wa r d s is a bright, articulate nine yearold from Dayton, Oh. She says she enjoys modeling, acting, playing golf and singing. Now, these activities alone probably do not seem so unusual for an active child. However, what makes this 4th grader exceptional is that she can also cook! Yes, LaRashia is an up and coming chef. This young trendsetter is baking and cooking her way into notoriety. When I asked her how she got started, she stated, “I started at three by helping my mama out in the kitchen. I don’t remember that, but my mama and granny have mentioned it. I used to help by cracking the eggs and putting bacon on the platters and I still do that now.” LaRashia told me that she also bakes “snowflake” brownies from scratch. “I don’t like to buy brownies. I’m a cook now, so I like to make them from scratch.” LaRashia says she calls them snowflake brownies because they’re shaped like snowflakes. She also incorporates healthy eating. She says that she uses organic brown eggs, unsalted butter and Florida crystals instead of white refined sugar. “It is important to cook and eat healthy because if you eat too much and your stomach gets big, you would say that I don’t need to eat so much. I think you should not eat too many sweets because it’s not good for you. You should eat carrots and grapes because you need to be healthier and not eat too many carbs.” Under the loving and watchful eye of her mother, Culpatrice Foster, there are plans for a television cooking program for LaRashia. They have entitled it “Cooking with LaRashia”. Ms. Foster says, “It is not yet in production but we’re working on it.” When I asked Ms. Foster her thoughts on her daughter she stated, “After her father and I broke up, I introduced cooking to LaRashia to fill a void that was there. I allow her a voice and encourage her creativity and to write her feelings down to vent when she’s feeling frustrated.” She also explained that her own parents play a vital role in LaRashia’s life. “My parents stand in the gap. My mother is a retired school teacher and is very



helpful in keeping LaRashia on track with her school work.” LaRashia is also a young philanthropist. She and her mother are in the process of establishing The LaRashia Simone Children’s Foundation. “I want to help children who are less fortunate so they can grow up in a community and have a good life,” says LaRashia. She also states she would like to have her own garden one day. “My uncle has a garden right now where he grows squash and tomatoes. I want tomatoes and squash in my garden, too.” LaRashia made my mouth water as she took me step by step through a meal that she had recently prepared of barbeque chicken, macaroni and cheese and steamed broccoli. Then she tantalized me with her description of her pineapple pizza…”Cheese, pepperoni, sauce and then pineapples. If you make it with the pineapples, it’s really healthy and good!” Bon Appetit! ■





yan Brockington is a young man whose promise, purpose and potential far outweigh the difficulties that one encounters becoming a gospel artist. He is not just prepared. He is, indeed, predestined. At the young age of 10, Ryan began working on his craft. He was afforded the opportunity to grow as a soloist within his home church, St. Emmanuel Missionary Baptist, located in Denton, TX. Over the years, he has honed a sound that is distinct. Ryan has worked with some of the most talented people in the Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) metroplex. He is a former member of Titus Glenn and United Voices. Ryan appeared on the group's debut album, "After the Heart of You." Since then he has grown into an acclaimed background vocalist throughout the DFW metroplex. Ryan has worked with the likes of national recording artist such as Titus Glenn, Rachel Montgomery, Candy West, American Idol finalist George Huff, and the legendary Tommye YoungWest. Most recently, Ryan was blessed to work on the upcomDALLAS/ ing live project from Stellar FT WORTH, TX Award Winning group Myron Butler and Levi. The album entitled "Revealed" is due to be released later this year. Ryan is looking to release his highly anticipated debut album entitled R.O.C.K (Representative of Christ's Kingdom) in 2010. The offering will be a gumbo of genres. All of which, help to showcase the versatility and diversity of the Kingdom of God. Moreover, it will serve as a testament of God's sovereignty, love, forgiveness and redemption. Without further ado, I present to you, Ryan Brockington. ■


Children's Pride and Dwight Eubanks Team Up To Tour Tavis Smiley's

"America I AM: The African-American Imprint" Exhibit


By: Monique Evans


hildren's Pride, is an Atlanta based Children's organization that enriches the lives of children, single parents and needy families by providing clothing items, personal care and baby products, school supplies and by motivating and providing teens with the tools and resources to stay in school and continue their education beyond the high school level.



Recently the organization coordinated a tour for some deserving Atlanta youth to see Tavis Smiley's "America I AM: The African-American Imprint" exhibit at The Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center. Celebrity Guest, Mr. Dwight Eubanks of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" took part by stopping by to surprise the kids and by graciously signing autographs and taking photos with the children. "I am so grateful for the support that I received from the Atlanta community and from Mr. Eubanks. We are both compassionate about children's causes and I hope that this enriching cultural experience gave the kids an opportunity to learn more about their heritage. It is truly about exposing our kids and I hope that this tour is something that they will never forget," said Monique Evans, President of Children's Pride. Following the tour the kids were all treated to a meal at The Atlanta Downtown Varsity. To learn more about Chidren's Pride, visit:



“no” to not having sex three times in one day. I got beat so bad I could hardly walk. So, you may ask, why I didn’t tell. One reason is because he said I couldn’t tell and the only reason I got hit was because he never loved anyone as much as he loved me; just the thought of losing me scared him. He said that I knew and understood him better than anyone. That I bring out the sensitive side in him and I wouldn’t get hit if I would just act like his lady and not like a tramp. But, most of all, I didn’t tell because I really thought I loved him and didn’t want to get him into trouble. Until the day with a black eye, I saw I called the domestic hotline number listed and found out, instead of being loved, I was only being controlled and abused. They even told me what the outcome could be if I stayed with my abuser. With them I found the help and protection I needed to be free to be me. Now my plea is for all young ladies like me and parents like my mother. Young ladies please know abuse comes in all ages, and parents, please talk with you young and in-love teens about abuse and make sure they know “it’s ok to tell” because you may just lose a child in love with an abuser. ■

Tear Bear Says “it’s ok to tell” Let’s stop all abuse! NATIONAL HOTLINE NUMBERS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – 1-800-799-7233 CHILD ABUSE-1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) ELDERLY ABUSE-1-800-677-1116 SEXUAL ABUSE-1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673) SPOUSAL ABUSE-1-800-228-7395 DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE-1-800-729-6686 ANIMAL ABUSE-1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233) TO LEARN MORE VISIT: TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009



may be young, but I thought I knew what love was. But I didn’t know I would fall in love with an abuser. Now that I think back, I should have been able to spot the little hints that lead up to the worst time of my young life. As a small child of divorced parents, I watched as my mother went from one abuser to another. I would never see her get hit but I would often see marks on her face, legs, arms and back. She would often tell me that she fell or ran into a door. Then the biggest lie of them all, “Baby they’re just old age marks,” she would say. Now at the young age of sixteen I have those same “old age marks”. I fell in love with the most popular boy in school and all the girls wanted to be his girlfriend but he chose me. How lucky I thought I was to have him around me all the time. He would pick me up for school and take me home. We would eat lunch together and talk on the phone until late at night, or until he wanted to get off the phone. Sometimes, he would allow me to hang with my girlfriends. Well at least, the girls he approved of. He would tell me what I could or couldn’t wear to school. When I wanted to be a cheerleader, he said no! He said because I was so pretty, boys would lust after me with all that jumping around. Then he would have to hurt someone if they tried to steal me away from him, when all along he was hurting me. I would get hit if I talked back to him, if I wanted to go to the movies with my friends of choice, hit if I ate too much, hit if a boy at school smiled and said hello to me and hit if my walk didn’t look right to him. Once I even got beat because I said

Ava Collier

Derek Payne

Vanzella Duke Willie Stewart

WANTED! Sales Reps Nationally





▲ Horaceo “Ray” Williams, Founder & President

Horaceo “Ray” Williams, Founder 404.604.7471 |

Readers Wanted!

Put the Fun Back into Learning to Read

We learned words and their meaning by the way our parents used them in their sentences. Get Hooked on Sight Words uses the same method!




ay Williams began doing carpentry work for a design firm and later as an independent contractor for home remodeling. Williams found fulfillment in building and renovating set designs and homes. He wanted to share this knowledge in construction and landscaping to help the underprivileged youth in his area, Adamsville, GA. As a result, Williams created the Mirror Image Youth Mentoring program to teach and demonstrate the benefits and value of health and wellness through hard work, good manners, eating well, and exercising. In 2007, Williams founded the “Mirror Image” Mentoring Program as an afterschool and Saturday program at Adamsville Elementary School. There he worked with young men throughout the school year to teach etiquette classes and provided instruction on how to plant an organic garden. To date, over 60 children have successfully completed the Mirror Image Mentoring Program. In 2008, Williams conducted his first Mirror Image urban agriculture-based summer program where students planted an urban garden at Adamsville Elementary. Williams’ most recent accomplishment was having the Mirror Image summer program added to the City of Atlanta’s 2009 Camp Best Friends “Jumpstart Health and Wellness Initiative” at the Adamsville and Collier Recreation Centers where he worked with approximately 300 campers and counselors. In its second year, students learned how to care for the garden through the 5step production process and consumed the fruit and produce they grew. Williams has recently added another component to his program by offering access to TechLearnIT’s computer training facility for youth and adults without Internet access and the necessary technical skills to compete in today’s global workforce. TechLearnIT is a nonprofit that provides project-based learning programs for career development, homework help, and up-to-date software training. In 2009, Mirror Image’s participants completed a project at TechLearnIT’s facilities that incorporated presentation software and a video production - It’s All Green – illustrating an understanding of the complete cycle of a global green economy. ■

SPELMAN COLLEGE LAUNCHES $150 MILLION CAMPAIGN The Most Ambitious in the Institution’s History First Class, Inc.


Left to right: Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, president Spelman College; LaTanya Richardson Jackson, actress, producer, director; Tina McElroy Ansa, novelist, publisher, filmmaker, teacher, journalist


he Campaign for Spelman College is a $150 million fundraising effort that aims to actualize the ambitious goals identified in the institution’s strategic plan for 2015. This is the largest such venture the college has embarked upon in its 128-year history. “If you want to invest in the future of this country, indeed the world, you have to invest in the human capital,” Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D., Spelman College president, said. “Young women who are choosing to be at Spelman are ready and willing to put the determination, and commitment into their education, so they can solve the problems that wait for them when they graduate. Yet they have to be able to graduate.” Among the primary goals of the campaign are to graduate 5,000 incredibly talented young women - many firstgeneration and economically challenged - over the next decade. To date, the campaign has raised more than $80 million in leadership gifts during the silent phase, putting Spelman that much closer to achieving this fundamental goal. “Spelman College provides a unique educational opportunity for African-American women and has a tradition of producing some of the brightest, best-educated graduates in the country,” said Frank Blake, chairman and CEO, The Home Depot. “Ensuring this outstanding institution has the resources, now and into the future, to prepare these young women for the demands of the global community and the ever-changing economy is critically important.” The overarching goal of the campaign is to acquire the necessary resources to provide students with a transformational experience based on academic rigor and career development that leads to a life-changing commitment to community involvement and positive social impact. The primary goals of the campaign are to ensure that each student receives: the financial support she needs to complete her edu-



cation; more global engagement opportunities; enhanced research experiences and career-related internships; increased access to alumnae connections; individualized leadership development experiences; and expanded service learning and community engagement activities. "The value of a Spelman education is witnessed through people such as Children's Defense Fund Founder Marian Wright Edelman and marketing powerhouse Jerri DeVard," said J. Veronica Biggins, Spelman alumna/campaign cochair and managing partner, Hodge Partners, LLC. "Educating a Spelman woman, by funding scholarships and innovative academic programs, means supporting an engaged scholar who will use her knowledge and experiences to change the world in a meaningful way." The Campaign for Spelman is keenly focused on securing the resources the college needs to continue to inspire and empower young women to do extraordinary things that change the nation, and the world. “Spelman is a national treasure, with a rich and productive history, where our students grow to be responsible leaders in their respective worldwide communities,” said Yvonne R. Jackson, chair, Spelman College Board of Trustees. “This campaign will shore up the support so many of our students need to finish college; and it will add support to continue strengthening our academic programs to advance Spelman’s mission of empowering women to excel intellectually, think creatively, serve wholeheartedly and lead boldly.” For more information about The Campaign for Spelman College, visit: changemeansaction. ■



hi Upsilon Zeta is the new graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority chartered in Enterprise, Alabama on October 24, 2009.

The Charter Ceremony was conducted on the campus of Enterprise-Ozark Community College by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority officiating officers Dr. Constance Smith Hendricks, 18th South Central Regional Director and Vivian Marvray, Alabama State Director. After the Charter Ceremony, the officers were installed. The chapter hosted a reception at Citizens Bank Community Room in Enterprise, to celebrate the joyous occasion. In attendance were the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and many family, friends and well wishers. The officers of the Chi Upsilon Chapter are: Basileus - Theresa A. Locke First Anti-Basileus – Pamela Bethea Second Anti-Basileus – Valarie J. Brown Third Anti-Basileus – Joyce S. Jones Grammateus – Renea W. James Tamias – Sherronda Sanders Tamias-Grammateus – Marie C. Evans

Epistoleus – Myrilene A. K. Brown Phylacter – Bessie Thompson Nominating Committee: Linda Stephens, Hazel Turner and Patricia Wright The purpose of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is to foster the ideals of service, scholarship, sisterly love and finer womanhood. These ideals are reflected in the sorority’s national programs for which its members and auxiliary groups provide voluntary service. Founded January 16, 1920, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority began as an idea conceived by five students at Howard University in Washington D.C.: The current Zeta Phi Beta Leadership includes the 23rd International President, Sheryl P. Underwood, 18th South Central regional Director, Dr. Constance Hendricks and the Alabama State director, Vivian Marvray. Zeta's national and local programs include endowment of its National Educational Foundation, community outreach services and support of multiple affiliate organizations. The Sorority's more than 125,000 initiated members and affiliates have given millions of hours of voluntary service to educate the public, assist youth, provide scholarships, support organized charities and promote legislation for social and civic change. Zeta Phi Beta is a nonprofit organization. ■




By Theresa A. Locke



by John E. Johnson



f you missed the last article of GET IN THE GAME, then CANTON, OH check it out online in Trendsetters to Trendsetters Sept/Oct 2009 publication. When we say get in the game, we’re talking about the necessary steps it takes to bring your ideas to market. PATENTING, PRODUCT DESIGN ENGINEERING/ PROTOTYPING, TOOL AND DIE/MOLD MAKER, MANUFACTURING, PACKAGING, MARKETING, DISTRUBTION. Each article brings you up close and personal with the owners of these seven major businesses necessary in bringing your ideas to market. These major players in the business will be only a call or email away from answering questions or helping out with your business. In our last issue, we discussed the foundation of the game. Previously we talked about the need for a mold maker; next we will explore the role of the product engineer. The product engineer is responsible for providing the drawings required to bring your vision to fruition. To sum it all up the product engineer’s role is to combine creative concepts with technology and make them so they are actually able to be manufactured. This is completed by designing 3D files like Solidworks, Cosmosworks, and AutoCad for your product. This is what the tool and dies maker requires to make your tool, which will eventually make your product. That is the job of a product design engineer. Finding the right engineer is the trick. If they’re good they leave a good track record, and they should be able to show you some products that are on the market that they have personally done. This is what impressed me about Wes Schroeder. His conference room was full of products that were on the market that were familiar to me. When bringing a product to the market, it’s very important to have exceptionally great people around you from start to finish. A weak link in any chain will soon break and any weak links in this game could cost you everything. Your product design engineer also knows the game, so he or she can be also very helpful in educating you on how to bring your product to market. Wes Schroeder specializes in combining creativity with technology to provide unique and advantageous solutions to problems and identified needs. He can also cross Wes Schroeder boundaries between industries to Engineer incorporate technologies common 16


in one field, but unknown in another field, putting it to good use in another field. As a young man, he learned that the field of engineering involved mostly problem solving, and pursued it enthusiastically, and got equipped with some more analytical tools and a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Akron. He finds managing projects and overcoming design challenges to be very satisfying. He welcomes opportunities that allow him to use his combination of creativity, analytical skills, technical background, and broad base of experience. He has enjoyed nearly two decades of designing and engineering all kinds of consumer products and appliances, as well as some commercial appliances, lab equipment, medical equipment, juvenile products, safety products, lighting products and the Altimus Product Lines. Wes is a key member of the Altimus Research and Developement team. We have worked together on various products for the last eight years. Thank you Wes for being a Team Member. Do you have an idea and don’t know how to bring it to market? Follow Trendsetter to Trendsetter Magazine each issue as John E Johnson shows you the steps to take your product to market.




Are Your Goals

S.M.A.R.T.? By Chiquandra Cross


s I sit here and write this, I am absolutely amazed at the fact that 2009 is almost gone. When I look back over the past ten months, I am extremely pleased with my personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. At the beginning of the year I had several goals that I wanted to accomplish. I am not going to say that it was easy, but I will admit that I was determined. Here are some of the goals I have accomplished so far this year: Re-launch the Destiny Consulting Services website Expand my network Increase partnership opportunities Learn to use social media networks to market my services

Increase my clients When I looked back over my notes, I realized that some of my goals were extremely detailed and others were very vague. One thing that the majority of them had in common is that they were not S.M.A.R.T. S.M.A.R.T. goals are goals that are:

 Specific - Being specific allows you to clearly identify what you want to happen. You can do this by focusing your efforts on your desired outcomes and clearly defining what it will take for you to achieve them. Using the “What, Why, How” model you can identify what you are going to do, why it is important to do it and how you are going to do it.  Measurable - Keep this in mind, if you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. By creating a measure you will be able to identify the changes as they occur. Measurable goals use the “What, How, When” model. Using this model you want to identify your goal, how you will accomplish it and when it should be accomplished.  Attainable - Make a list of goals that are important to you and identify ways to make them a reality. Look for opportunities to achieve your goals and create an environment that aligns your attitude, ability, skills and physical capacity. Your goals should be just that…goals, but they should not be so far out that you set yourself up for failure. If you have a goal that seems too big, break it down into bite sized “pieces” and work your way toward it

 Realistic - Realistic goals are not always easy goals. However; they should be obtainable. Create a plan that will challenge you to complete the goal, but not set you up to fail.  Timely - Set a clear end date for the goal to be achieved. The time in the goal must be measurable, attainable and realistic. I am pleased that I accomplished many of my goals for 2009, but I have to wonder how different things would be for my business had my goals been more specific. For instance, one of my goals was “Re-launch my website.” Fortunately for me, that goal was accomplished in the spring, but what if I had waited until December of this year? I could still mark the goal down as complete, however; it would have been less beneficial and profitable for my business. Now, let’s look at goal number 4, “Learn to use social media networks to market my services.” Prior to 2009, I had no idea what social media was. I had a MySpace account and used it primarily to communicate with family and view pictures of my niece and nephew. After attending a social media networking webinar I figured out that MySpace would not be benefit DCS so I closed that account. Now I have a personal Facebook account and a Fan Page, two Twitter accounts and a LinkedIn account. Talk about learning to use social media networks. I will admit that I am far from being a social media expert, but I will say that I can successfully navigate all of my current networks and recently contracted three new clients as a result of my personal Facebook network. If I were to rate myself I would say that I am “satisfied” with my accomplishments this year. But, I have to wonder what could have happened so that I could say that I am “very satisfied?” In the words of the 1970’s Tootsie Pop commercial, “The world may never know.” As I continue reflecting upon 2009 and making plans for 2010 I will be sure to make all of my goals S.M.A.R.T. and I challenge you to do the same. You may want to start with listing what you accomplished in your business this year and identify ways to capitalize on your successes and multiply them in 2010. As you are writing down your goals make them as S.M.A.R.T. as possible and put them in conspicuous locations so that you will see them daily. Goal setting is a challenging and rewarding activity that will allow you to chart your successes and celebrate along the way. ■ TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009



1. 2. 3. 4.



ROGERS-CHERRY Lifting the Burdens of Debt: A Helpful Guide to Getting Your Debts Paid and Your Life Back on Track





isa Rogers-Cherry, a credit counselor, debt management expert, motivational speaker and author of Lifting the Burdens of Debt: A Helpful Guide to Getting Your Debts Paid and Your Life Back on Track, calls uncontrolled financial debt the real ‘silent killer’ of Americans. “Consumer debt is out of control. The average American household carries more than $8500 in credit card bills and makes minimum monthly payments. The average college student graduates with debt of more than $20,000.” That kind of financial stress constrains career choices, defers dreams, kills relationships, destroys sleeping patterns and impairs physical and psychological health. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The only child of a single mother, Rogers-Cherry learned early about saving, sacrificing, and budgeting. She graduated from both Spelman College and the University of Florida’s law school virtually debt-free. She has taught homebuyers classes and provided credit counseling since 1997. Rogers-Cherry made homeownership possible for thousands of first time homeowners, despite checkered credit histories and out-of-control debt caused by co-signing, compulsive shopping, and identity theft. For some, lack of self-esteem or suffering from depression caused the deep sea of debt. For others, ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ was the root of their problem. Rogers-Cherry says discipline, sacrifice, and budgeting are the keys to getting debt under control, and alleviating stress associated with excessive debt. “Lifting the Burdens of Debt” interestingly describes examples of horrific financial situations and problems Rogers-Cherry saw during her debt-counseling career. She provides recommendations, practical tips, fill-in forms, checklists, positive affirmations, and solutions for readers. “My clients and I worked through the worst situations: foreclosures, bankruptcies, divorces, the death of spouses or parents, and serious illnesses.” According to Rogers-Cherry, the most important thing for a person overwhelmed by debt to know is their debt and credit problems can be fixed over time. Rogers-Cherry conducts financial seminars nationally and internationally, co-hosts “The Let’s Talk Money Show” on WMBM in Miami, FL and writes monthly financial tips on For more information go to www. r edpenpr ess. com or contact h er at ■

CONSTANCE M. WITTER Special Recognition for Community Activist


CONYERS, GA lanta. She is very proud of her “adopted” son, Alvin, who graduated last semester from Medical College of Georgia. He is presently studying at Georgia Southern University, where he is pursing Doctorate degree in Public Health. In showing her appreciation, Connie lauded Congressman John Lewis, whom she said is an extremely warm and hardworking individual. In his constituency he is seen as very courageous and one of the best persons the civil rights movement has ever produced. As a Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis needs no introduction. He has dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties and building what he calls, “beloved community” in America. His dedication to ethical standards and moral principles has won him the admiration of not only his constituents, but also his colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the United States Congress. Mr. Lewis is the recipient of numerous awards and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religion and Philosophy. Reflecting on Congressman Lewis’ accolade, Connie stated that, “this is someone I am empowered to emulate.” ■




certificate of Special Congressional Recognition was awarded to Constance M. Witter in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community. The certificate was issued to her by Congressman John Lewis, Representative of Georgia. These certificates are awarded to persons who achieved a qualifying public distinction and are defined by the Commission on Congressional Standards. Constance, who is affectionately called “Connie”, has been working tirelessly behind the scenes for over 25 years, and volunteers in whatever area she is needed. Her first volunteer project in the United States was the “Feed the Hunger” Program initiated by the late Hosea Williams, a Civil Rights Activist. This gave Connie the impetus to continue in that vein. Her first attempt at volunteer work began with the Catholic Charities in Kingston, Jamaica, where she was Assistant to the Chaplin for the prisons, Father Charles Dufour, who is currently the Bishop of Montego Bay. She then moved on to Armadale Correctional Facility for Girls, and the Hilltop Correctional Facility for Boys in the parish of Saint Ann. Later she joined in helping the Sisters of Mercy at the Lepers’ Home in Spanish Town, mentoring and helping the sick. After volunteering at these facilities in Jamaica, Connie joined the staff at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) as Regional Manager in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios respectively. She was later assigned to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), as Information Officer, where she was seconded to various government ministries. Prior to this, she worked at the Jamaican and Nigerian High Commissions in London, and returned to Jamaica where she served as Social Reporter for the Daily Gleaner and Hansard Reporter at the House of Parliament in Kingston. She migrated to the United States and continued volunteering. For over twelve years, Connie has been involved with the March of Dimes, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and the Cancer and Kidney Foundations. She spent twelve rewarding years working with families in West End area of At-

Is Your Scalp Constantly Flaky? By Dr. Linda Amerson



ave you ever self diagnosed your self, thinking when you see flakes on your scalp it is automatically dandruff? Well there are hundreds if not millions of consumers who automatically assume they have dandruff when in fact there are nine types of scaly scalp conditions, with six common types. This scalp condition may vary from very mild, with just a few flakes to extremely severe, when there are 2-3 scaly conditions occurring simultaneously. In severe cases, scalp odor, pruriARLINGTON, TX tus, (severe itching), inflammation, a tender scalp, a bleeding scalp, and scalp lesions are common. Your self esteem and quality of life is affected. What actually occurs are microorganisms on the skin and scalp are termed the normal skin flora. In some cases, these micro-organisms accelerate affecting the skin regeneration process. It is at this time when visible scaly scalp conditions occur, and consumers need an accurate assessment from a



doctor of Trichology. Effective treatment products and/or a series of customized treatments are required to eliminate or control this unwanted condition. There are many contributing factors which may trigger flair ups of scaly scalp conditions. One important Scaly scalp conditions could factor is a healthy diet. include one of the following: There are also environ Atopic Eczema mental factors, home and work environment  Cradle Cap (Infants) factors, medication  Pityriasis Capitis side effects, and sys Neurodermatitis temic conditions. Not  Seborrheic Dermatitis to omit, emotional stress factors.  Psoriasis In conclusion,  Pityriasis Amientacea anyone with a persis Discoid Eczema tent, unattractive, annoying, scaly scalp  Pyrogenic Granuloma conditions, should seek the professional assistance of a board certified doctor of Trichology. Dr. Amerson may be contacted at (817) 265-8854 or

Lynn Harding Breaking Barriers and Exceeding Expectations


dures. Our SOP development team will assure that your study is regulation standard. We provide training in every aspect of clinical trials, including indication training. With our team at work for you site personnel deficiencies can be eliminated. FDA audit readiness will be maintained, data query issues will be resolved appropriately and data trend analysis will be accurate. We provide solutions for every clinical research environment. â–


CONTACT US TOLL FREE: (866) 440-8773 FAX: (770) 252-6602


ynn Harding is breaking barriers and exceeding expectations in Clinical Research. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Med Biology, a Masters Degree Candidacy in biology, and over 15 years experience, she is a shining example of what one can achieve with dedication and hard work. A native of Indiana, Ms. Harding received her formal education at Tennessee State University. She has even been published by the Tennessee Academy of Science. Ms. Harding has helped to acquire, validate and manage data that has generated billions of dollars for major pharmaceutical corporations across the country and around the world. There are many pharmaceutical products on the market today that Ms. Harding helped to develop. Moreover, she has produced exceptional work as a Clinical Site Manager, Senior Clinical Research Associate and as a Chemist Service Coordinator. Her work ethic and attention to detail have made Ms. Harding and her company, LCH Clinical Research LLC, highly sought commodities in her industry. Ms. Harding’s expertise includes minority recruitment in clinical trial research. Ms. Harding has experience working with software programs like Phase Forward, Oracle and Clinitral and expertise in managing site staff for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Altana, Sanofi -Synthelabo and Shire. LCH Clinical Research, LLC, is a consulting firm that will help you stay competitive in the investigational medicinal product market. Our team of professionals will help you acquire, plan and execute your study efficiently and effectively. The team is lead by CEO and founder Lynn Harding who is a seasoned professional in her own right. With over 15 years of experience, we will help you train your staff and keep them current on the requirements to complete your study above and beyond industry standard. We possess on-site assessment capabilities that will allow us to train your entire staff or your staff trainer in addition to creating or supplementing your quality assurance proce-







Lyte and David Banner selected the 12 winning songs. Added star power makes contest a bigger success

KAISER PERMANENTE OF GEORGIA DONATES NEARLY $500,000 TO MOREHOUSE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Grant will fund a leadership program that aims to reduce health disparities for primary care and mental health services


n Oct. 8, 2009, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia presented a grant for nearly $500,000 to the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine to support the development and implementation of a workforce leadership program that will reduce health disparities by creating an integrated approach to primary care and mental health. Former Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute joined Morehouse School of Medicine and Kaiser Permanente of Georgia officials at a check presentation held at the Louis W. Sullivan National Center for Primary Care. A tour of Morehouse School of Medicine immediately followed the check presentation. The grant will be used to train scholars to encourage effective policy and practice in order to remedy the causes of health disparities, to improve access to care and to develop health care leaders who will advance the integration of mental and primary

health care. Additionally, this initiative will create partnerships between mental and primary health care to more effectively diagnose and treat mental health con diti on s. “Morehouse School of Medicine strives to improve the health and well being of individuals and communities. Similarly, Kaiser Permanente’s vision is to end health disparities, help everyone get the care they need and make better health a reality for all,” said Peter Andruszkiewicz, president of Kaiser Permanente of Georgia. “This partnership will help address the findings of our needs assessment and ultimately make better health a reality for all.” The project will also improve access to care for underserved populations. ■




he celebrity judging is done, and KFC has selected a LouisKFC executives said the third ville-based songwriter and rap‘Hitmaker’ contest was even more sucper to sizzle the charts of the cessful than last year’s version as it future as ‘Hitmaker’ 2009. Hip Hop stars attracted 21 percent more song entries. MC Lyte and David Banner judged KFC’s Jermaine Higgins, Multicultural Renzo Charlez to be the amateur songMarketing Manager said celebrity writer with the best song to celebrate judges MC Lyte and David Banner KFC’s Pride 360° commitment to the were great additions to this year’s concommunity. test because they helped draw the best As ‘Hitmaker’ 2009, Charlez earns a musical efforts from the contestants. home recording studio and his song will “This year’s ‘Hitmaker’ song contest be among those available for download at was a great success because we ceived better songs, and the contest Launched in June to celebrate Black continues to show KFC’s commitment Music Month, the ‘Hitmaker’ song conto the communities where we do busitest invited aspiring musicians to submit LOUISVILLE, KY ness,” said Higgins. “We congratulate original songs that included the key Renzo Charlez and we’re grateful to words Individual, Family, Community have the involvement of MC Lyte and and Heritage. Renzo Charlez’s song, David Banner. They encouraged the participants to bring their “I’m Proud of Me,” will be featured on the Pride 360˚ CD ‘A games’ to the contest.” ■ along with songs from 11 other contest entrants. KFC, MC

By Ava Simone Collier

In Rhythm with Lamman Rucker



’m a bit nervous and excited. After all, I’m only human. Lamman Rucker is what dreams are made of. At 6 feet 4, he is bathed in skin the color of a creamy Godiva milk chocolate, an irresistible smile with outrageously deep dimples that refuse to behave. He is physically flawless and, quite simply, breathtaking. Lamman is unhurried and relaxed. I, on the other hand, have to remember to breathe! He is telling me about his journey to the big screen. “A lot of people expect things to happen within two to three years. For most people, they’ve only had a clue of who I am for the last five years, if that. They would think that’s how long it’s taken. They don’t realize that it’s been 10-15 years prior to that… building the skills and training…making a few mistakes-that kind of thing. It’s all relative.” Lamman said that 20 years is even pretty fast in this industry to really make it. “I’m really among the privileged few because I’m fortunate to be a working actor. There are a lot of people in L.A , NY or even Atlanta who’ve been in this business a lot longer than I have and aren’t working as consistently as I do.” He says that it takes a long time and that you definitely have to crawl before you walk and pay your dues. Who among us couldn’t relate to Jill Scott in “Why Did I Get Married” as she visually caressed Sheriff Troy’s chiseled body while Marvin Gaye’s sensual tune, “I Want You,” shouted out what we all wanted to say. Without question, this Pittsburg born, Washington D.C. raised native has the talent, sex appeal and uncompromising good looks to simultaneously catapult him to leading man status and Hollywood heartthrob. His multitude of women fans would certainly agree. “It’s exciting to see what will happen,” he said when I asked him about being hailed as one of Hollywood’s next leading men. Lamman Rucker admits that it’s nice to know that there is some buzz or public perception of this. “That’s a privilege and a compliment. It’s one of my goals and what I’ve been working for and trying to position myself for quite some time.” Despite his rising star and ever increasing popularity, Lamman possesses an unmistakable quiet confidence without arrogance or ego. It is not the type of confidence that was made in Hollywood. It is the self assuredness of a man who knows who he is on and off the screen. He stated that he is glad that he was able to develop his own identity before transitioning to L.A. and N.Y. “I think sometimes people forget that your personal growth and character development and 24


personal evolution are more important than your accomplishments.” He says that he knows of people who do not have money and are some of the happiest people in the world. He added that many times, it is these people who always live better and are more successful in the real definition of success. “Ideally, you’d like to have the best of both worlds. No one wants to be just one way or the other. When you remove all the other stuff, all that really matters is who you are and what you have inside…the intangible things.” Lamman says that he is glad that he had the opportunity to accomplish and develop other things that were outside of the industry, such as his education, and family and romantic relationships. “Life skills are more important. I was glad that I had those skills before jumping into this industry with both feet. By that time, I felt I had a good enough relationship with myself.” He says he didn’t want to be shaped or influenced in ways he didn’t like. “Being off your frequency is not good,” he said. “You have to know what’s aligned with your purpose.” Lamman added that it’s important to have a relationship with yourself and God so that you know how to direct yourself and the information you receive from forces inside, above and beyond us. He believes that when we’re out of touch with who we are, we do all sorts of things that don’t serve God and truly don’t serve ourselves. “If you’re not mature and astute enough to know what’s what, you’d be running some weird path that is completely out of alignment with what you should be running.” This interview was only getting better. This is a man who is not only wonderful to look at, but is grounded, centered and well educated. Somebody pinch me, please! Lamman Rucker is a graduate of the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. He has an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and Business and holds a Masters of Science in Education and Curriculum Development. In addition to his acting career, Lamman is an activist and supports many community initiatives. He lends his celebrity to such platforms as BET’s Rap-It-Up Campaign, the Black AIDS Institute, Project Read for Hope, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and is a spokesperson for A.H.E.A.D, Inc, just to name a few. He’s now speaking about his motivation to be involved. “I was always told since I was a child that it’s part of my responsibility as a human being and a child of God. We are reaping the benefits and sacrifices of other people in our community and our ancestors. As an artist, I’ve seen that much of the change in the world comes from young people, the artists and educators, from people in the world who aren’t afraid to

Sheriff Troy Jackson in Tyler Perry’s upcoming “Why Did I Get Married Too,” he states, “I’m excited but I’ve been playfully telling everyone that I hope they will still like Troy’s character after this one.” Lamman told me he wasn’t going give me any other hints. My charm and feminine wiles had no affect on him - he remained closed lipped. But, hey, I tried! He says we’ll all have to wait to see the movie, which is scheduled for release in 2010. He is aware of how his character was received as a super hero - a knight in shining armor - the audience didn’t see any flaws. He agreed that Sheriff Troy is sincere, compassionate and real. He said that Troy wasn’t just a yes man, though. Troy Jackson has an opinion and he reminds us that the sheriff is human. “You’ll see more of his personality layers revealed this time around.” He says that if we really understand that people and situations change, they’ll still like him. “Troy is a multi-layered, complex human being just like anybody else, with feelings, fears, challenges and insecurities.” Lamman’s voice relaxes me. It feels like I’m talking to an old friend. I cannot tell a lie, he just has that effect on me. Lamman says he’s “officially not married.” My heart starts beating fast again - my pulse begins to race. Do I have a chance, I secretly wondered? No, probably not, but a woman can hope, can’t she? When I asked him how important intelligence, compassion, affection, ambition and a sense of humor are in a woman, he stated, “Highly important. Those are the same things I try to be and I want someone who is equivalent…a peer. There might be a woman who is beautiful and attractive, but has no sense of humor - she wouldn’t be very likable.” He speaks about having relationship skills. ”Some women are super spoiled or maybe a wounded bird or beautiful but never had to work for anything.” He says that a woman who takes accountability for herself is much more attractive. Lamman feels that a woman who knows what her own issues are and is trying to work on them is far more appealing to him. “None of us has all our stuff together. A work-in- progress is more real to me. When trying times really present themselves, you’ll really see what they’re made of. Will she still be around willing to hang in and do the work or will she jump ship at rough waters?” Lamman’s own sense of humor was evident as he shared that he is a practical joker. He says he gets to be a bit mischievous and obnoxious at work. He laughs, “I can be pretty goofy,” he admits. “People tell me I’m like the annoying little brother. Yeah, I am. I’m a prankster, especially at work. There are certain people who I’ll pick with everyday. I’ll bump into them or do something silly. They’ll find a way to get back at me, though. You can do those things with people who you’re cool with and not get on each other’s nerves.” He states that when you spend a lot of time with people, you start to be like brothers and sisters. We can see Lamman in his newest DVD project, “The Greatest Song,” which he stars as well as co- produced. The DVD can be found at Wal-Mart, Target and Netflix. To find out more about The Black Gents in Hollywood, visit Lamman Rucker - tall, handsome, articulate, intelligent, smart, funny and socially engaged. Was it any wonder that I floated off to bed that night filled with fantasy: Lamman whispering sweet nothings in my ear, holding me, telling me he loves me and can’t live without me. Okay, okay, I know it was just a dream…but what a dream! ■




challenge and change.” He continues, “You have to not be afraid to take the initiative, especially if you’re aware.” Lamman says that when you figure out what your talents and gifts are, then you can share them and give them away to other people who need them just as much or more than you do. The oldest of three children, Lamman says that giving back is rewarding and positively impacts other people. He says it motivates him and keeps him accountable. “It’s how I stay in touch with the world…what the world needs and what’s going on with our young people. Sometimes we have to be available to fill the gaps and if you can do it, why not?” Lamman believes in the concept of It takes a village to raise a child. “There’s no way I’d be here myself without that same concept.” He says that there were people in his life when he was a child who took care of him - people in his community to love and support him. As a founding member of The Black Gents in Hollywood, an L.A. based all Black male theatre ensemble, Lamman Rucker continues to connect with the community. “We consider ourselves a service organization.” He says that The Black Gents in Hollywood consists of a group of young renaissance men who not only perform in live theatre presentations, but educate and motivate as well. The Gents are trying to reclaim an old standard of what a young, strong, positive black man is supposed to be. They aspire to send a message to women as well: “We’re here, we’ve got a voice, don’t lose faith in us. Here’s the standard to expect and demand of other men.” He says that all of the work the Black Gents does has a strong educational, informative and emotionally powerful dynamic. There is also a sense of responsibility to uphold what it means to be a true gentleman. “Being ourselves…having class and sophistication…being gentlemen. We believe a lot of that has been lost in the way men dress and conduct themselves… the way they treat each other and their women.” These young gentlemen have professions that range from actors, writers, and health and fitness professionals to motivational speakers and teachers. They take their show on the road and perform at various venues such as art festivals, special events, conferences, and museums. They have been nominated and won several awards in their three year existence. “We’re doing some big things and still have a lot to do.” Lamman explained that they also conduct Q&A sessions after many of the performances, a way to directly connect and interact with the audience. “We’re just giving it back,” he says. Lamman reflects on a lesson taught to him by a teacher, which he says he continues to apply in his life and career: Learn to listen to the silence and hear the rhythm in-between. “It’s an abstract concept,” he said. He shared that it was while attending college that one of his teachers introduced this concept to her students. “I finally figured out what she was really teaching us. It didn’t have anything to do with what we define as rhythm. What she meant was before you start trying to figure something out, stop! Before you start thinking you already know the answer or before you start thinking about what’s next or what you did already, stop!. It was about being present in the moment - just organically getting back to where we naturally and fundamentally are.” He says this lesson continues to serve him well as he tries to listen and be aware and engaged in the moment. “Don’t worry about the past, just be present now.” The Meet the Browns star says that he’s having a great time on the show. “We have a lot of wonderful co-stars. It’s hard work but we cut up and have a lot of fun on the set.” When I asked him about reprising his role as the caring and chivalrous





i g i G



driven and life affirming.




ftentimes, as we go through our daily routines, the hustle and bustle overshadows those things that are truly important such as family time, peace of mind, and serenity coming from within. Getting to the HEART of what really matters is vital to one’s happiness and one’s physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. HEART stands for Hear, Endear, Assist, Restore, and Transform. HEAR How do we get to the heart of what matters. We start with ourselves. First of all, we need to hear. Take time to listen and hear your thoughts and the messages from your body. Be still and listen to your body’s rhythm and the beat of your heart’s drum. Are your thoughts racing and jumbled or are they clear and concise? Is your inner man telling you to proceed with an idea or venture, or is anxiety and restlessness warning you to STOP and reassess the situation before you proceed. All too often we do not heed the warnings or signals our body is emitting. Find a quiet place. Close your eyes and hear what your mind and body are telling you. Some profound things come from within. Our destiny, answers to questions, and ideas are all incubating within and waiting for us to hear and adhere. ENDEAR Recognize that you are special and unique. Love yourself. Show yourself the respect, care, and compassion that we often yearn for from others. The attitude we harbor about ourselves is reflected in who we are and who we ultimately become. Positive self-affirmation is one way to begin loving oneself. Think about your good qualities – wittiness, charm, compassion. Think about those things that make you special. Consume positive energy by immersing yourself daily in goodness. This may be done by taking a walk, taking a warm bath, or by interacting with positive family and friends. Act on inherent impulses such as gentleness, self-control, love, and embrace these things. Endearment starts from within and then overflows outward into our realities. In due course our days will no longer be dreary and mundane. They become purpose



ASSIST Along with Hearing and Endearing, one must assist- to help or make happen. In other words, nothing happens without some effort. Do not just sit idle and settle for mediocrity of spirit. Take action and help yourself. Look at the person in the mirror with an honest, discerning eye. Focus on what it is you need. Do you need recovery? Redemption? Forgiveness? Success? Love? Fulfillment? Take responsibility for acquiring these things. Help yourself to a better way. Seek advice from a trusted source. And, in some instances, seek professional medical or mental health help. Invest in you because you are at the heart of what matters. RESTORATION Seek physical and emotional restoration. Physical restoration can come from seeking medical advice and attention. It may come from taking care of your temple which includes eating healthy and exercising. Your body may be calling out to you for help. Headaches, nagging pains, fatigue can be signals of distress alerting you to a much bigger problem. Take the steps necessary to insure that your body has the fuel it needs and the attention it needs to be at its best. Emotional restoration can be obtained in different ways as well. For some all that is needed is rest. For others, much more is required. One may need to sever the ties of unhealthy relationships or habits. The unloading and release of lifelong misery and emotional pain may also be necessary. This may be done through meditation, counseling, exercise, in some instances medication prescribed by a physician, or a combination of these methods. Explore. Then, do what is necessary for your overall restoration. TRANSFORMATION Transformation is a dramatic change or metamorphosis. Many of us need a complete overhaul, while others may just need minor adjustments. However, a transformation in this instance is a change for the better in how we treat and respond to ourselves as well as others. Transformation comes from acknowledging that some changes need to be made and then acting on that information. Transformation comes from renewing your mind through reading and studying. It comes from surrounding yourself with positive images, things, and people. Transformation comes from your spiritual growth and regeneration. Since change is a process, have patience as it may take time. Change can also be met with internal and external resistance, but keep pressing forward. With HEART and perseverance, your personal evolution is imminent. For any comments email me at: ■

The Guilty Conscience By: Teri Miller Barker


DAYTON, OH Teri Miller Barker is a freelance writer from Dayton, Ohio. She is currently a grad student and English instructor at Wright State University. To view past columns, visit




e that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her,” are the words Jesus said to the scribes and Pharisees that brought Him an adulterous woman caught in the very act. At that time, the sin was punishable by stoning the perpetrator to death. Jesus ignored the accusers and began writing on the ground as if He didn’t even hear them. When they pressed the issue again, He made the statement that convicted their conscience about the sins that they had committed themselves. One by one, each of the accusers went out until there was no one left but Jesus and the adulterous woman. Once they were alone, Jesus told her that he did not condemn her and commanded her to “go and sin no more.” Although that scene took place over 2,000 years ago, the nature of mankind is still very much the same. People sin and hypocritical people have the audacity to judge them for it. Romans 3:23 reminds us that we “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” I had to share this message because I recently listened as a young woman explained how she could not forgive herself for some things she did in her past. Her guilt kept her up at night, and when she did fall asleep, her dreams forced her to relive the situation over and over. And since a lot of human experiences are universal, I felt that her concern would make a great subject for my commentary on guilt. Guilt is a powerful, condemning emotion that robs us of our joy and our ability to feel free. Sometimes, other people will condemn us, and sometimes we throw stones at ourselves. But as Christians, we have the authority, through Jesus Christ, to resist those thoughts and feelings of guilt. God will forgive you. Now it is time for YOU to forgive you. Stop beating up on yourself, and stop letting the devil keep you oppressed with transgressions that God has removed from you as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12). But, in order to resist, you must be girded in the spiritual armor that is the Word of God. No one can learn it for you. No one else can gird you and fight your battles. Only you can make yourself stand firm on what God has said. You have to study it and know it, so that when battles arise, you have the spiritual wherewithal to fight back and resist the thoughts that are stealing your peace of mind. Stop punishing yourself, Christ has redeemed you! A huge part of the fundamental belief in Christian doctrine is that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and our salvation. Don’t allow yourself to keep paying for something that Jesus paid the ultimate price for when he shed His Blood and died a painful, publicly displayed death by crucifixion. Forgive yourself of past sins and stop allowing the persistent thoughts to plague and harass you spiritually. God is so gracious, merciful, and forgiving beyond what we are able to grasp in our limited human understanding. If your guilt has a relentless grip on you, ask God for forgiveness. Believe in your heart that He has done it. Stop casting stones at yourself, then “go and sin no more.” ■

“As Men we must take the lead to make our community safe once again for our women, children, and elders.” CAPTAIN DENNIS

A PEACEKEEPER MISSION Peacekeepers – One Hour of Power By Ava Simone Collier




have realized that crime and violence can never be stopped by more police or locking black people up,” says Captain Dennis Muhammad, Founder of Peacekeepers. “When it comes to crime and violence in the black community, it’s a social problem.” Peacekeepers is a program that consists of men from every organization who give one hour of their time once a week. This coalition of men go into the most crime ridden communities offering young men another way of life.

Dennis Muhammad is a captain in the Nation of Islam. He spoke passionately about Peacekeepers’ objective, “If we go as a concerted united front of men, we want to guarantee that for at least one hour our streets are safe for women, children and our seniors. We call it one hour of power.” Captain Dennis explained that the Peacekeepers consists of men from all walks of life; Muslims to Christians, Nationalists to Democrats.

While they are present and visible in the neighborhood, they offer hope in the way of alternatives. “I don’t care what you are as a Peacekeeper; offer them an alternative way of life by inviting them to become a part of your organization.” Capt Dennis further stated, “It’s not about competition. My attitude is that whatever you offer to him is better than the life he’s living.” You may be wondering if a mere hour can be effective in preventing crime in violent neighborhoods. Capt. Dennis says that “one hour of doing something is better than 24 hours of doing nothing.” He stated that the concept behind Peacekeepers is not complicated. Many black communities have multiple problems. One of their goals is to go in and “stabilize” the community. They look at the issues and link the social agencies in the neighborhood up with the people who need them. “We’re like the trauma unit, we stabilize the community…we go in and take a look and see what the conditions are…you can’t diagnose black folks’ condition from the rostrum or pulpits…nor from the summit or town hall meetings.” He says. ■


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November Wish: The Angels Coalition Submitted by Dawn Mitchell, Dawn’s Angel Wish Network

When one gazes upon the angel, even for a brief moment, the heart opens and circumstances change in a very subtle way. The angels' abstract qualities appeal distinctly to each individual and minister to his/her unique situation. Angels have the ability to tap the healing power we all possess within. With the bleak economic outlook, disease, wars, negative messages, etc. that bombard our nation each and every day, we need a positive force working on behalf of love… we need HOPE now!! The Angels Coalition is here!!! You are invited to join the Angels Coalition movement!! The NOVEMBER REQUEST: The Angels Coalition would like to come to your city to spread the message of HOPE, LOVE, and PEACE to all.

Here's how Dawn’s Angel Wish Network works: 1) Each month, D.A.W.N. finds (and thoroughly screens) a "need" 2) D.A.W.N. sends out the need or “call to action” to the "Network Angels" 3) The “Network Angels” follow the related instructions and provide help to meet the need

The NEED: The Angels Coalition is looking for individuals, companies, and organizations to become sponsors of "The Peacekeeper" Angel. Would you like to become a sponsor or do you know of an individual, company, or organization that would like to get involved? Can you raise awareness about the Angels Coalition movement? Do you know of media outlets that would like to promote this incredible outreach effort? Would you like to assist the Angels Coalition in bringing an angel to your city to promote HOPE, LOVE, and PEACE in a distressed area? Do you have other ideas or resources that could help the Angels Coalition to fulfill its important mission? The INSTRUCTIONS: Please email me at and let me know how you would like to help. Also, please visit the Angels Coalition website at The Reward: Respite for weary souls around the globe. ■ TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009



The A ngels Coalition ( is a unique artistic outreach effort designed to restore hope to distressed communities throughout the United States and beyond. Founded by angel ar t ist, Kat i Rus s ell (, and network creator, Dawn Mitchell, the Angels Coalition serves as an “army” of positive angelic messengers sent to deliver love to those in need through the power of visual imagery. The powerful angelic images operate on a subconscious level and help all who look upon them; no matter what their belief or mindset. The angels know no religious denomination and speak to people from all walks of life.

The 14th Biennial of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women

Celebrating Leadership and Vision By Vanzella Duke



un dr ed s of women began to fill the room with excitement and expectancy for their planned 4 day session. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women is a group of socially conscious female leaders throughout the country committed to the equity and the empowerment of women since 1984. These women have vowed to rebuild their communiMarva Smith Battle-Bey t i e s, cr ea t e President, NCBW wealth to bring about social change, and to improve upon the quality of resources that can develop disadvantage youth. Each year the sponsors of the NCBW provide an opportunity for these women to come together and receive continued inspiration and a reviving of their spirits by celebrating their leadership and vision. This year the Atlanta Chapter, host for NCBW, brought in Steve Harvey as the initial inspiration. What an excellent choice! As Steve Harvey began to speak from his heart to the hearts of the women, silence, laughter and tears could be heard. “Act Like a Lady, but Think Like a Man,” was written to empower women.” “My favorite people was my mother, she gave me my foundation… If you can make people laugh, then you can get their attention and tell them what you want them to know.” And so he did as he shared some powerful secrets that women needed to know or be reminded of concerning their power. In the words of Mayor Shirley Franklin, “If one woman can turn the world upside down, these women (NCBW) ought to be strong enough to get it turned right side up.” She received the Advocate Leadership Award. Other Honorees receiving the Distinguished Service Awards for the evening included: Barbara W. DeBap-



tiste, immediate past president of the National Women’s Hall of Fame and a former national president of NCBW; Coach C. Vivian Stringer, Rutgers University basketball coach; Elder Bernice King, author, motivational speaker and associate pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church; and yes Clark Atlanta University President Dr. Carlton Brown The President of the NCBW, Marva Smith Battle-Bey commended all the 2009 Honorees and the NCBW for networking with other power structures and advocating with impact. She compares them to the large Sequoya tree found in California. It has an extensive root system which connects to each other below ground. She admonishes and commends them for fighting illiteracy, health issues facing African American women, education and incarceration because these things “only can be dealt with in a collaborative way.” Many other guests came out to encourage and inspire including Susan Taylor who spoke on the Education and the future of our children. Judge Penny Brown Reynolds leading a “Dialogue on Education -- School Reform: How to Close the Generation Gap.” For working and bringing this national conference to downtown Atlanta the NCBW would like to thank Cynthia Williams, president of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and Virginia Harris, chairperson of the 14th NCBW Conference. The week was informative, entertaining and inspiring. The NCBW is a formidable organization in our communities. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. is a non-profit 7500 members plus advocacy organization with a mission to empower African American women through greater access to education, political strength, business opportunities and civic responsibility. The Atlanta Metropolitan Chapter, and other local chapters throughout the country, is dedicated to community service, leadership development, and advocacy through delivering highly effective programs and services that benefit families, women and youth. If you would like to know more about the National Coalition of Black Women go to ■



1. Hiram Jackson, CEO Real Times Media and Cassandra Bozeman, COO Who’s Who in Black Atlanta; 2. Lorraine Jacques White, Mistress of Ceremony; 3. Vanzella Duke, CFO/ Asst. Publisher T2T, Yolanda Reynolds, Publisher Who’s Who in Black Atlanta and Willie Stewart, CEO/ Publisher T2T; 4. Scarlet Presley Brown, Delta Airlines; 5. Nena Gilreath, Ballethnic Dance Company; 6. Female Powerhouses in Atlanta

filled the evening with fun and laughter. All present to celebrate forty women. In the words of Yolanda Reynolds, Publisher of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, “There were so many women that could have been chosen, but she had to stop at forty.” These women were chosen to be a part of the evening’s event for their accomplishments throughout the city of Atlanta. Ms. Reynolds explained that each woman is considered a powerhouse in their own designated fields. Find out who they are in the 12th Annual Edition of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta the night of the unveiling reception this February at the Georgia International Convention Center. Who’s Who in Black Atlanta serves as the model for all other cities honoring the accomplishments of African Americans made in their communities. Join Will Stewart, Owner/CEO of Trendsetters to Trendsetters in his support of Who’s Who In Black Atlanta in honoring the most influential and affluent African Americans here in the great city of Atlanta. ■


Photos by Denise Gray Photography


s each woman walked through the door all dressed in black and accented with pearls, a pink rose was slipped into their hands. The room was decorated and filled with tables lined with pink cloths and long black skirts. Tall exquisite center pieces embraced each table. On the side, a full course delicate meal as well as desert was being served. And if you just so happened to have left your pearls home, CEPADA’s exotic handmade pieces were being displayed and just right for the occasion. The air was soon graced with the sounds of K. Tyler Briant, Celebrity Airbrush Makeup Artist singing hymn, “I Love thy Name Jesus.” Nena Gilreath from the Balethnic Dance Company caressed the stage with her ever so light feet dancing to the words of Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Women.” It was an evening fit for queens. Forty Phenomenal women were being honored at the prereception of the Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, hosted by Mercedes Miller, Assistant Executive Director at the Georgia International Convention Center. The atmosphere was warm, pleasant and very friendly. CEO, Mr. Hiram Eric Jackson himself of Real Times Media as well as Cassandra Bozeman, COO of Who’s Who Publishing Company warmed our hearts with their words of encouragement and praise. Even the very entertaining Dwight Eubanks, from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,”


3 5







y day was filled with confusion, delays and obstacles. I was fighting a cold and feeling unfocused. However, after talking with Stacy, her calm and peaceful spirit inhabited me. It was contagious and I’m thankful. Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson brought us such memorable hits in the late 80’s as “Let Me Be Your Angel’, “Love on a Two Way Street”, “Miracles” and a wonderful duet with Johnny Gill entitled “Perfect Combination”. Here’s some of what she spoke about: T2T: Stacy, you were very young when you started singing. Do you think you missed out on anything? SLJ: Oh definitely! There are a lot of things that a teenager who is talented and wants to be in the music business really needs to know. I’m writing about it. Things about what they’re getting into. I was in middle school at the time when I really became famous. I was having problems with kids in school. My parents decided to get me a tutor and I finished high school at home. I can sort of relate to Michael Jackson’s story because it’s difficult being a child star. You can’t get your childhood back. I missed out on high school games and I never went to the prom because I was on the road. T2T: What’s going on in your life now? SLJ: I’m working on a gospel CD and I’m a writing a book. Next year my husband, Kevin, and I are opening up a music center in May, 2010. My CD should be out in February 2010. My daughter, Kayla (12), will sing on it and my son, Kevin, Jr.,(16), is writing a song for me. It’s a family affair.



T2T: What is your music center about? SLJ: We own a recording studio here in Maryland. It’s open to the public. The center will be a place where people can network. It will have an after school program for kids to learn about the music business, a game area, a café restaurant, a senior citizens program…an entertainment center for the community. This has been my husband’s vision for more than 20 years. We’re helping aspiring unknown artists to get connected in the music industry. We decided to put this networking site together for people to be connected. Our website is It’s free to join. T2T: Stacy, why did you stop singing R&B? SLJ: I retired from music to focus on raising my kids; that was more important than my career. When I gave my life to the Lord, He took away any desire to sing R&B. That’s why I really stopped singing R&B. I’m ministering in word and song and I go out and speak in churches. God let’s me know that it’s not me speaking, but Him. I’m a vessel that He is using. There are lots of people who need a word of encouragement. I know what it’s like to have money and “stuff”, but I was depressed for a long time. At the end of the day, that “stuff” can only bring you temporary joy. During my depression, I prayed to God and asked Him to show me that He’s real. As I began to pray, I felt a presence that I’d never felt before. It was the peace of God and I’ve never been the same since. I have grown so much in the Spirit. I am kept by the grace of God! ■

“Prayer Changes Things” By Dr. Sharon R. Johnson


that she was going to be alright, no matter what the doctor’s report said just trust him. CANTON, OH I was trembling all over and tears of joy were flowing down my face and I was Praising God so and thanking Him and believing what I could not see, even though the doctor’s could see it. One Friday my call was a little different, the growth had not grown any more but the size was still critical to her life, and she still may not be able to live if she went full term. We held on to what God had said, and trusted him Thanksgiving came and it was my daughter in-law’ rotation to work, I forgot to tell you that she is a doctor also. She worked in the hospital so it was easy for her to get the ultrasound done there every Friday. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I received my usual call, but this time it was different. She said, “Are you sitting down.? I answered, “Do I need to.” She said, “You might want to.” I waited patiently for the results that I already knew. She said, “I just left the doctors office and they had to take the ultra-sound three times.” You see the assistant had taken it once and said I need to take it over. The assistant did it over the second time and said I need to call the doctor and have him come and take it. She said that by that time she was wondering what it is now. The doctor was downstairs with other patients at the time and was called up to take the ultra-sound for the third time. When he had finished, they told my daughter in-law to get dressed and come into the office. They told her, as well as showed her, that the growth was completely gone. All three x-rays showed perfectly aligned heart and lungs that was developed and perfectly normal size. There is documented proof of several weeks of x-rays where it showed the growth and its progressive growth, the doctor said, it is a miracle, that’s the only explanation! “GOD DID IT” On December 29, 1997, into our family arrived an almost 10 pound perfect baby girl. This year she will be 12 yrs. old . She runs track and competed in the National’s in Virginia in 2006. TO GOD BE THE GLORY Isaiah 53:1 Whose report are you going to believe, I’m going to believe the report of the Lord! ■




fter having three beautiful boys, my son and his wife were pregnant again. Of course they were hoping for a girl this time. Everything was going along fine and it was time for the ultra-sound and to really see how the baby was coming along. When I got the phone call from my daughter-in-law, I could sense something in her voice. I knew something was very wrong. She started out with I got some good news, and I got some bad news, which one do want to hear first? I told her to tell me the good news first. She said, well it’s a girl, and that was very good news to us. Then I asked, what is the bad news? She answered and said, there is a growth between her heart and her lungs and it is pushing her heart out of its normal position, and it may cause the heart and the lungs not to develop properly. I remembered the WORD of GOD, whose report are you going to believe. I thank God that we were both believers and I began to encourage her in the Word and to help release her Faith. She was instructed by her doctor to receive an ultra-sound every Friday so that he could monitor the size of the growth and the position of the heart and the lungs. She was instructed by me to call me every Friday after the ultra-sound with the results. My grandchild needed her grandmother to pray without ceasing for her. I had broken my ankle so God had me on house arrest. Every Friday I waited patiently for the phone call with the doctors’ result of the ultra-sound. Having Faith in God and trusting Him no matter what the test results revealed and agreeing with her that God’s Word works and His Word is true. They told her and my son that they should consider aborting the baby because she wouldn’t be able to live like that. My son fell into fear after listening to the doctors, he was afraid for the out come with their baby and for the mental state of his wife. They called me and asked me what I think they should do. I said we’re going to trust God,” whose report are you going to believe,” she answered, I’m going to believe the report of the Lord. I told her our Faith together will get us through this. God spoke to me and asked, DO YOU TRUST ME, I answered, yes Lord I trust you. Again he spoke the same words, DO YOU TRUST ME, again I answered Yes Lord I trust you. For the third time the same question came to me from my father, DO YOU TRUST ME? By that time I began to search myself, then without any doubt and very carefully I answered my father’s question for the third time, YES LORD I TRUST YOU AND ONLY YOU AND ONLY YOU! He then told me

Unintended Consequences By Richard M. Thompson AKRON, OH



few years ago I registered for school part-time at Cleveland State University to take some courses in Business Management in order to ease back into college life after being away for awhile. During the registration process the representative for the registrar’s office noticed that I had graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with a GPA of 3.31, which qualified me for a scholarship for transfer students with a GPA of 3.20 or higher. This scholarship paid my tuition, which was a relief for me and a saved me a few thousand dollars as well. The scholarship award was an unintended consequence of my hard work in obtaining the GPA I earned at Cuyahoga Community College. The main purpose of the murder of Jesus was to silence a man who represented a danger to the personal and political power bases of certain religious and legal men in the nation of Israel. They feared that if the people were to follow Him and the truth that He was teaching, not to mention the miracles of healing He was performing almost on a daily basis, their positions of power would be lost and the Romans who occupied the land at the time would switch their allegiance to Jesus and away from them, and their way of life would cease to exist. There was also a growing undercurrent of dissatisfaction among the populace against these leaders because of their hypocritical implementation of the Law of Moses. There were two sets of laws: one for the religious leaders and one for the people. The people were subjected to layers upon layers of manufactured rules and regulations based on traditions that made it harder to worship God, which is antithetical to what Jesus taught. The Sadducees and the Pharisees did not recognize Jesus as the Jewish Messiah promised to them by God in their holy scriptures. Jesus always said that His main mission was to bring the truth of God to the Jews first, God’s chosen people with Jesus Himself being a Jew, and then to the rest of the world, the Gentiles or non-Jews. The Jewish religious leaders were looking for a Messiah to rid their nation of the Roman invaders and restore the Kingdom of Israel to the glory days they enjoyed under King David. What they failed to understand was the man they sought to kill, was the one who was promised to them, but He came to them in a way they least expected. When Jesus was sentenced to death by the religious leaders of his day and subsequently crucified by the Roman soldiers, they had no idea that their actions actually was the fulfillment of a prophecy by the prophet Isaiah hundreds of years earlier in Isaiah 53. Their murderous intent had unintended consequences that allowed you and me to become heirs of the Kingdom of God through the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. Richard M. Thompson is a freelance writer and can be reached at ■ 36


Keeping It “REAL” With Kelly Chapman By Ava Simone Collier


leveland native, gospel songstress, Kelly Chapman, has a voice that surely must be a gift from God. Her vocals are powerful and her messages are on point and contemporary. Kelly’s second CD entitled, Great Is Your Grace, is scheduled for release on November 3, 2009. Kelly is also the author of Real: The Truth about Being Single. It is a companion book to her first CD, Real. I spoke with Kelly recently. Here’s what she shared about her music and her personal journey with God. T2T: You said you were inspired to write songs while on a business flight. What happened?


How is this newest CD different from your first CD?

KC: I believe this new CD is on a different level. This new project is really an exaltation to those who are questioning who God is. I believe that God has called me to get out to where the people are. You will see me ministering in coffee shops, restaurants, and comedy clubs. This music speaks to relevant things that are happening. The first CD was all about me being this desperate single woman, abused and battered and how God restored me. This new CD celebrates God’s grace and mercy. It encourages those who don’t know Him to get to know Him. I think that this music is quaint essentially evident that God still ministers to me even when I think I have it all figured out. I pray that people will listen and put it in their MP3 players and tell others about it.


end if I wasn’t married by 30. It was like I couldn’t function. Well, I’m still single. Like the bible says, It’s a good thing to be married; But if God so chooses that I’m still single at 60 something, I want to be able to say to someone that I’m happy, joyful and I’ve had a wonderful life. God has been my peace and it really is o.k. ■

The Wait Is Over! Kelly Chapman’s New CD Releases

T2T: What inspired you to co-author your book, Real: The Truth About Being Single? KC: When I released the CD, Real, I traveled around the country singing and then people started inviting me to speak. They wanted to understand the testimonies in my music. I talk about a lot of things that happened in my life in this book. I believe God has called me be transparent and share honestly about things in my past and know that I’m forgiven. People have things in their closet that they don’t talk about. We can look like we have it all together even when we don’t. T2T: What’s the real truth about “Being Single?” KC: For me, instead of chasing a man, I’m chasing The MAN…Jesus. Had I just stopped doing all of that before, but I was so desperate. It was like the world was going to come to an TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009



KC: I never envisioned myself as a songwriter. I was on the plane and all of a sudden the chorus to Let Your Anointing Fill This Place just started to come to me. I didn’t have anything to write with so I grabbed a chewing gum wrapper and started writing on that. I wrote most of the words to the chorus and when I got home I finished it. Afterwards, God started giving me lyrics to all of these songs.

Burning Rubber Written By Angela M. Thomas


here have been numerous occasions when I thought I had made significant spiritual progress only to find myself going around the same mountain. I have grown tired of disappointing “self” and most importantly my Heavenly Father when I know deep within I haven’t given the 100% that He rightly deserves from me. I have made a commitment to trust God and be obedient to His words. Throughout my life there have been some valley experiences that threatened to claim the very faith I hold on to. There are going to be times when you feel as if you can take on the world and then there will be times when you look around and you are standing alone. These are the times that have challenged me and helped me to find out what is really inside of me. In the book of Deuteronomy 2:3 it says, “Ye have encompassed this mountain long enough…” It is time for me to focus more on pleasing Him and less time should be spent on burning rubber and standing still. There comes a point when you have to make a lifechanging decision. When I was going through some of my most intimate heart wrenching trials and tribulations, there was nothing anyone could say or do to reach me. I had to get in my secret place alone during the “After Hours” to allow Him to heal the very parts of me that I kept covering up and holding on to at the very same time. I was desperately seeking healing and change within my injured soul. It was during those hours of proclaiming change within my life that I accepted and realized that it was time to reposition “self” to bring change into fruition. My trials and tribulations are the very thing that has truly developed me into the phenomenal woman I am today. I am grateful that He never let go of my hands during those times. Angela M. Thomas is President of A. Thomas Industries and Founder of Sheerpurrfection Publishing. Angela has written and published 7 inspirational books. She is a certified speaker that speaks from the heart and soul. To book Angela, please call (305) 793 -1347 or Visit: ■




Photo by Fashion Photography

Children’s Hair Loss With Cancer By Dr. Dorothy S. Flake




air loss usually begins several weeks after the first or second chemotherapy treatment, but this varies from each individual. The child's hair may begin thinning gradually before falling out in larger quantities. Once the parent and child know that hair loss is expected, start planning ahead. Take a picture of his or her hair as it is usually worn, if child wants a wig, the stylist will have a guide for shaping or cutting wig. Keep a snippet of your child's hair to help match texture, color, and get his or her hair cut short. Once the hair is cut short, he or she may want to cover the hair after it begins to fall out, (hats or scarves), Parents should take the time needed to make this process relaxing and enjoyable. It is very important to most children to look good and feel better about themselves. If the child wants to wear a wig, first get a "prescription" from your physician for insurance purposes. Many health insurance companies cover the cost of wigs if prescribed by a physician. Select a hair or wig salon that speHOUSTON, TX cialize in styling wigs for kids, because wigs usually need some styling, trimming and adjustments by hair professionals. If your insurance does not cover or lack of insurance for a wig ("hair prosthesis" in insurance language), some organizations supply wigs at low or no cost. Your local American Cancer Society may be able to assist in obtaining a free wig. Your hospital social worker usually can help to find children who have been through the hair loss experience, and learn what worked and did not work for the child. In closing, parents encourage YOUR CHILD to experiment with different kinds of hats or scarves and have fun with this process and remind your child that once the treatment ends THE HAIR WILL COME BACK!! â–




reetings Trendsetters! As we are now briskly approaching the wintry months we must “step up” our moisturizing routine to help keep our skin just as soft and supple as it was during the spring and summertime! Yes, the cold winds of winter can lead to a hampering of the skin’s natural beauty as it can rob the skin of its natural hydration and make it dry and dull. The low humidity conditions during winter can be especially damaging for one’s skin as it loses its moisture and conditioning and then becomes dry and even parched. So now it becomes essential to take extra care of the skin during winter season to keep it refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the year… In hopes of becoming triumphant in keeping our skin rejuvenated during winter, many of us have indulged in products called “Body Butters.” These “butters” are believed to yield the ultimate hydration needed to conquer dry winter skin, but often times one finds that the skin still becomes dry and flaky even after several applications. But why is this??? Well, the answer is pretty simple-there is a minimal amount of natural butter in many of these products. Remember when we discussed ingredient labels a while back? The rule is that ingredients are listed in order of precedence, so if a label’s first ingredient is water then that product is mostly water and so on and so on. The last ingredient

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s a Project Manager for Limited Brands, Tennille Cooley’s passion to develop young minority professionals in corporate America spills over into both her personal and professional life. As a Professional Development coach, Tennille leverages her multiple membership associations to work with individuals on how to successfully navigate through any given corporate structure. She also teaches minority women how to be successful entrepreneurs through her jewelry business which is Jewels By Park Lane. “With the way the economy is today, everyone should have a backup plan. No matter what you do for a living, you should always have a second form of income because you never know when your company could decide to close its doors. We are always looking for


Main Photo by Desiree Donette; Headshot by Ira Graham

“Everyone should have a backup plan”

women who want to have more than just a 9-5 job and we are currently in a massive expansion campaign to expose Jewels By Park Lane to minority women all across the country whom are looking to make extra money!” Through Jewels By Park Lane, Tennille has helped multiple women earn extra income to pay off credit cards, supplement bill payments and learn how to become debt free. For more information on how to receive Tennille’s professional development coaching complimentary or learn more about Jewels By Park Lane, please feel free to contact her below:

Tennille R. Cooley, MBA MPM 614-390-9629 TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009


15 Secrets of a Great Realtor


t some point and time you or someone you know has purchased a home. In some cases you hear wonderful stories, and in others you hear horrific stories of how they felt their real estate transaction felt so much like a mystery, that a second home is almost out of the question. But you must remember the relationship you have with your Realtor is essential. If your personalities clash, it can cause your deal to go sour.


7. 8.


The information I am about to share is the secrets and traits of a great Realtor. Great Realtors will be willing to earn your trust; our name is all we have in this business. Great Realtors bring a strong sense of respect among one’s peers to a transaction. Completely committed and driven to close your transaction. Every Realtor has their own way of handling the process for he’s or her clients but, there should always be some common when working with a great Realtor.

10. 11.

The secrets you should look for if you desire a smooth real estate transaction: 1. A great Realtor will always be honest with you about the current real estate market conditions. 2. A great Realtor will communicate with you regarding your real estate transaction. 3. A great Realtor will always return your phone calls within a reasonable amount of time. Or a great Realtor will answer the phone when you call and let you know that they will have to call you back when they are available. 4. A great Realtor will make sure you do not have any unanswered questions. You may have hesitation, but that can be natural for some first time homebuyers. 5. A great Realtor will suggest to you at least three mortgage lenders if you are a home buyer. 6. A great Realtor will not put your financial information

14. 15.


12. 13.

at risk. A great Realtor will keep you informed on any changes that may occur in the buying or selling process. A great Realtor will be honest enough to tell you if he/ she does not know the answer to a question. But keep in mind, a great Realtor will definitely try and find you an answer later. A great Realtor is accountable for his/her actions, and will go above and beyond. A great Realtor will be organized. A great Realtor will have patience and help you to understand the process. A great Realtor will be knowledgeable and resourceful. A great Realtor will be professional. Ex: Have you ever called an agent and you wondered if you called the Chicken Palace due to the noise, rudeness, and their tone?? No matter what type of personality the Realtor has, they should always be professional and respectful. A great Realtor will be a good negotiator. A great Realtor will listen to your needs.

So I know you are now thinking why Realtors have these types of secrets. One would assume that these qualities should become second nature when doing business. Unfortunately, we all have to make choices on where to eat, what type of car to drive and Yes!!! What type of Realtor to hire? So do yourself and favor and find yourself a Great Realtor to represent you! If you have questions or comments about real estate, please send me an email to or facebook/ mechelle.bowser ■ Mechelle Bowser Keller Williams Realty

Modern Home Interiors - Picture from Hollywood Hills House


Written by Mechelle Bowser, Luxury Foreclosure Specialist

Ro Brooks Leading His Own Way By Ava Simone Collier


T2T: Tell me about your starring role as Shelton Holloway in “The Holloway Story” and how did you prepare for the role? RB: Shelton is a mentally challenged young man with an IQ of 30 who lived in Alabama. He was arrested for raping and murdering a fellow classmate. Because he and his family were illiterate, he was railroaded. He’s still in jail 23 years later. It was a great challenge for me to portray this character. I prepared for this role by reflecting back in my life…maybe someone from my neighborhood. I had to go back and visualize on what I remembered seeing. I also studied the films “Radio” and “Rain Man” to see their quirks and mannerisms. I really prayed because I had no direction at the beginning. I didn’t meet the real Shelton so I had no visual guidance. I had to go to the Lord for guidance and He came through to help prepare me for this role. I

Butter - Continued from pg 40 shown on the label has the least amount in the product and if your “butter” is listed last then you probably have far less than 0.1% in your container. Yes, unfortunately many “Body Butters” are comprised mostly of water or mineral oil and emulsifying agents (thickeners) with no butter at all! When one uses products like this hoping to cure dry skin, disappointment sets in and then anything with the word “butter” associated with it is bypassed on the shelf. The good news is that there are some great Body Butters and Butter Balms available for all skin types that are effective in all seasons. For those who don’t know, TraChic Bodywear has an outstanding Butter Balm that has a tremendous following and is great for all skin types. The ingredients are listed in this order: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Butter, Mango Butter, Apricot

knew that God’s hand was all in it because I knew I couldn’t have done it by myself. T2T: You, along with three friends, have your own production company, Shadow Motion Pictures, and have produced your first movie, “Champion Road.” RB: My production company consists of R.L. Scott, Monyque Thompson Scott, Terrance Parham and myself. It’s our first movie and it’s straight to DVD worldwide on January 19, 2010. I’m playing a hard core guy with a sentimental side…a loving homeboy. My character’s shell is hard. We’re shooting part 2, “Champion Road: Arena,” which we are hoping for a theatrical release next year. It’s our first picture that’s been picked up and we’re kind of excited about that.


altimore native Jerome “Ro” Brooks is on the move. He’s a versatile actor, producer, model and voice over talent who is branding himself as “Today’s Leading Man.” If you think that he’s only referring to current and potential acting roles, think again. Ro Brooks is a man who says he’s leading his life in the direction that he desires. You can find out more about him at and on Facebook at Ro Brooks. We recently had an in depth conversation. Among other things, we talked about his movie, “The Holloway Story,” which is based on the true life of Shelton Holloway. This movie is scheduled to be released in theatres in March, 2010. Here, in part, is what this talented and handsome “leading man” shared with me:

T2T: Why is your brand, “Today’s Leading Man” not only referring to acting roles? RB: I’m a humble guy but I like to know that I can do what I want versus what I can’t. There’s power in the tongue. Whatever you create, you have to brand it and make it your own. I’m not used to letting someone determine how my life is going to run. When a regular 9-5 job wouldn’t hire me, I hired myself by starting my own music store. Anything I felt was holding me back, I created my own because I didn’t like giving people the power to create my destiny. With God’s help, I create my own success and destiny. That’s another way I’m “Today’s leading man.” In my acting career, I don’t just want to be a regular “actor”; I want to be the best. ■ Kernel Oil, Mango Oil, Natural Beeswax and Vitamin E. Who can ask for anything more rich, moisturizing, emollient and soothing? This product is used for everything from reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars to relieving the intense itch of eczema. It is definitely worth trying at least once (or twice) so you can flaunt your supersilky, refreshed winter skin! You will love how your skin feels once it becomes a part of your daily moisturizing routine! Oh and last but not least, this product comes in two awesome fragrances! Mojo Mango is the all time favorite. Give it a try! Please tune in to Volume 5 fashionably titled, “Rejuvenate Your Skin in 2010” Best Regards and Beautiful Skin, Tracy, TrāChic Bodywear- President/Chemist ■ TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009


By Dhana Powell-Pope


American Jazz Museum (Photo) Scott Reynolds


he American Jazz Museum is truly “where it lives” – jazz, that is. It has often been said that jazz was born in New Orleans but grew up in Kansas City. The American Jazz Museum presents over 200 live performances, dozens of education programs, traveling exhibits and hosts thousands of visitors each year. The Museum, located at the renowned musiThe Blue Room (Photo) Ben Weddle cal crossroads of 18th & Vine in Kansas City, MO, plays a key role in the advancement of jazz music in America. For over 12 years, the American Jazz Museum has celebrated this unique American art form by presenting live performances showcasing notable artists such as Harry Belafonte, George Duke, Harry Connick, Jr., Dianne Reeves, David Sanborn, George Benson, Al Jarreau, Javon Jackson, Lonnie Smith, Wynton Marsalis, Ellis Marsalis, and many more. The jazz icons who have graced the stages at the American Jazz Museum are Slide Hampton, Jackie McLean, Tony Bennett, McCoy Tyner, Randy Weston, Clarke Terry, Max Roach, Ramsey Lewis, Wayne Shorter, David Brubeck, Ron Carter, Jimmy Heath, Percy Heath, Jon Hendricks, James Moody, Marian McPartland, Milt Jackson, Jay McShann, Roy Haynes, Barry Harris, David Baker, Billy Taylor, Lionel Hampton and most recently Ahmad Jamal. Using its multiple venues, including the award-winning Blue Room jazz club, Gem Theater and the Changing Gallery, the Museum touches audiences within Kansas City and beyond, highlighting the appeal of jazz to everyone from two-year olds to ninety-two year olds. Featured items in its permanent exhibit include famed saxophonist, Charlie Parker’s plastic alto sax, a performance gown worn by the scat-singing Ella Fitzgerald, and a host of priceless artifacts from Kansas City’s “golden age” of jazz in the 1920s. At the Museum’s “Studio 18th & Vine,” interactive mixing stations allow visitors to immerse themselves in the experience of making music. This fall, the Museum presents its annual Jammin’ at the Gem concert series, which kicked off October 17, 2009 with iconic drummer Jimmy Cobb and his “So What” band, touring to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Kind of Blue, the greatest-selling jazz record of all time and a true touchstone in American musical history. Cobb is the only remaining member of the original lineup featured on Kind of Blue, which also featured Miles Davis, John Coltrane and several other notable names in jazz. Just as exciting is the grand opening of the new John H. Baker Jazz Film Collection exhibit – the first major new addition/renovation to the Museum’s permanent space. This exhibit features new state-of-the-art SoundShower® audio technology, neverbefore-seen photos, and individual film viewing kiosks where users can browse through dozens of "soundies," short clips of early and rage jazz film footage that serve as the precursor to today's music video. For more information on upcoming events, exhibits and programs at the American Jazz Museum, visit For information on sponsor or partnership opportunities, please contact Dhana Powell-Pope by email at or by phone at 816-474-8463, Extension 203. ■



AJM GEM (photo)Ben Weddle


ACE HOOD By Walter “Wallabe” Brewer


rts and Entertainment Director Walter “Wallabe” Brewer had a chance to politic and chop it up with new young superstar, Ace Hood. I managed to catch up with Ace a. k. a “Young Gutta” in between flights in Miami’s International Airport. Before the interview I listened to a few tracks Ace recorded and I must say this young man has got crazy energy plus lyrical skills with a go getter like swag. He raps about the streets but gives a realistic perspective thru his bars that cater to every beat he chooses to bless.

Wallabe: Who were some of your biggest influences in the industry and are you a role model? Ace: Definitely would consider myself a role model, since I’m only 21 years old. I do this music for next generation. I do this for the youngsters. I want to be the new voice that represents the future. Just like the greats, I want people to follow me. I was inspired by Biggie, Pac, Jay-Z, Jezzy, and Big L. Hip Hop is bigger than rap, I do what I do for my people and want to be an example for the youngsters. But at the same time I want to be respected for my gangster by those who came before me. So I keep it real. Wallabe: Besides working on your upcoming album, what’s next for Ace Hood? Ace: Right now just doing shows city to city, college tours and features with other major artists. Just continuing to promote my name and the label “We the Best.” Basically to become a new voice for the next generation. Ace Hood was born on May 11, 1988 in Port St. Lucie, Florida and raised by his mother in Deerfield Beach, part of Broward County. Following a football injury in the 10th grade and after realizing he wouldn't be able to become professional, the Broward County native began to seriously consider rapping as a

career. In 2007, he met DJ Khaled outside the offices of WEDR 99 Jamz, a South Florida radio station that mainly plays hip hop and contemporary R&B music. After Ace gave him an autobiography and demo tape, Khaled asked Ace to rap over the instrumental of "I'm So Hood" and later signed Hood to his label, We the Best. Ace was named with several others to the Freshmen of 09 by XXL magazine. His first album, Gutta, was released in 2008. Singles included "Cash Flow" featuring T-Pain and Rick Ross and "Ride" featuring Trey Songz. Hood also released a mixtape, Ace Won't Fold, and made a guest performance among several rappers on DJ Khaled's single "Out Here Grindin.” Ace Hood appeared on Wildstyle Radio with Rome and Hoss on WUAG 103.1FM in Greensboro, North Carolina, September 7, 2008 to promote his album Gutta along with DJ Khaled. On June 30th 2009, Ace Hood released his second album titled Ruthless once again on Def Jam. The albums first single was "Overtime" which was produced by The Runners and featured Akon and T-Pain. The albums second single is "Loco Wit The Cake." The albums guest lists includes Rick Ross, Ludacris, TheDream, Jazmine Sullivan, Birdman and Lloyd. Bookings: SoSIncere Entertainment TRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | NOV / DEC 2009



Wallabe: What makes you a Trendsetter? Ace: The way I represent myself, being the 1st artist signed to “We the Best,” having my own style, and my starvation for this game. What I do, the way I came into the game being backed by some big dudes and for my intense hunger.

Here at Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine we want our readers to be given the best in positive news of our celebrities and national figures in the world. Read and enjoy… and remember our news! ■ The baby boom is definitely in season. Reportedly the singer Christina Milian has confirmed that she is expecting her first child with “The Dream,” singer and producer. And now not only are they expecting their first child together, they recently wed a few weeks ago. Congratulations to both of them.

read that statement again…

■ Newlyweds Lamar Odom (LA Lakers Forward) and Khloe Kardashian have just came to a pre- nuptial agreement in October 2009, just a few weeks after their marriage in California. The wedding will air on E! on Nov 8 @ 9 pm E.T. standard time.

■ It looks like we will be able to see syndicated shows of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The series have received a syndication deal, but there is one catch - the housewives will not be getting paid for the syndication. Oops!...who negotiated their contracts? Because they are reality TV stars, and not in an actors union. so there is no protection for the stars. I guess some housewives will not be going to the bank.

■ Will and Jada Smith will cohost the 16th Annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert on December 11th in Norway. Their statement, “…we are both humbled and honored to take part in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert this year,..”

■ Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have reportedly tied the knot. The two are denying reports that they were married, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

■ Robin Thicke and Paula Patton ■ Michael Vick will reportedly be having his are expecting their first child. Conown reality TV Show with gratulations to a beautiful the title, “The Michael Vick YOUR CELEBRITY COCKTAIL couple! Project,” this show is reportFOR THE DAY! edly showing how Mike has ■ Eddie Murphy, reportedly By Mechelle Bowser begun his new term of life has slashed his $30 million dollar New Jersey home to since being released from prison early this year . The show is reportedly to be $15 million. The taxes on this home are reported to aired in 2010. Good Luck to Mike! be estimated at $197,000 a year. ■ Well it looks as if the celebrity cast of The Apprentice has reportedly been leaked. This season on The Apprentice will be Darryl Strawberry, Cyndi Lauper, Holly Robinson Peete, Sinbad, Brett Michaels (Rock of Love VH1) and Rod Blagojevich (he is the one who was going to sell President Obama’s former US Senate seat) and Sharon Osborne. I just want to know did the producers have a retro moment or dance fever… someone must have been thinking of the 80’s. This season should be interesting … ■ Halle Berry is getting her daughter ready to be a sports figure early. Reportedly her daughter, Nahla is learning how to play golf in their backyard. Nahla is almost 2 years old, well she got it honest...her father Gabriel Aubry is a golf lover.

■ Love may be in the of our favorite singers Amy Winehouse is reportedly dating George Foreman III. We all know George III is the son of the legendary boxer George Foreman, Sr. I cannot wait to see what happens next! I understand if you need to 46


■ Singer Rihanna has returned to the Pop market! Rihanna has just dropped her much anticipated comeback single, Russian Roulette. ■ Our very own Kandi Burrus, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Xscape star, is in the process of opening up a new clothing boutique in Atlanta. We all know Kandi just suffered a loss of her former fiancée, AJ Jewell. AJ died in an altercation in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Our prayers to Kandi and AJ’s family. ■ Bill Gates has done it again. The Gates Foundation gave $10 million to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. ■ Reverend Bernice King (the youngest daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King) was named the SCLC President. Congratulations! That is the celebrity report for the day. At T2T MAGAZINE we want to give you the best celebrity cocktail, because we want you to comeback for an additional cocktail. Cheers!





Trendsetters To Trendsetters Nov Dec 2009  

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