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BY: MADISON HUDSON From a pale purple to the brightest red you can find – no matter the color chosen, a monochromatic look is totally in this Valentine’s Day. This can be achieved by matching your nail color to your lipstick, or you can take it up a notch and have your eyeshadow match your lips. However you choose to tackle this trend, using just one color will help you rock your date’s socks right off. To Start off, find pinks, purples, reds and natural toned makeup and group together the products with similar colors and tones. Pick your favorites and start practicing! Find the colors that work best with your skin tone, and use them to your advantage.

Running low on one color? Don’t want to buy more make-up for one day? Use these tricks to help create your personalized monochromatic look. Starting with eyes, blend similar colors together to create either a smokey or bold eye. To make sure the shadow looks natural and blended, use dark shades on the lid and lighten the color as you get closer to the brow bone. Are you too scared to experiment with those glittery shades you haven’t been brave enough to touch in a palette? Try applying one close to the lashes like a liner, using an angled eyeliner brush. This creates a sexy, smoky vibe and is less intimidating than using it all over.


Moving to the cheeks, use a natural blush mixed with a small amount of the eyeshadow you already used on your lids and lightly line the cheekbones. For more exotic colors such as purple, a little will go a long way. Or feel free to skip blush altogether and stick with a simple contour. For the lips, scrape a little bit of whichever eyeshadow you used into a spoon. Add a little bit of coconut oil or Vaseline and mix with a toothpick to create a custom-made lip color.

To make the lip color matte, add some setting or translucent powder to the mix. Stick to more shimmery tones rather than matte, as they’re easier to apply and wear throughout the night. By going monochromatic, you can easily create a unique look no one will forget. Remember, whether you’re wearing it on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, have fun with it and make it your own. Sticking to one color is way more exciting than it sounds.

the season of red, pink ‌and purple by kasja

Last year, the world saw some of the boldest makeup looks hit the runway, Instagram and the streets. So far, 2018 is continuing the theme of strong looks as the new norm. February has traditionally dictated soft, romantic looks with soft lines and pastel pinks, but you don’t have to fit into that mold – an easy way to change up your game is to incorporate a purple lip into your look. Purple is typically a shade that can make some people nervous, but it’s actually easy to wear, and the right shade can be complementary to any look. The main task is simply a matter of deciding how bold you want to be. The easiest purple shades to wear come from the berry family – such as raspberry, plum or and any purples with a lot of pink in them. According to Allure, the heavy red base found in these colors makes them incredibly flattering on many skin tones. Beauty influencers such as Jackie Aina describe deep, berry purple as one of the shades that tends to look good on just about anyone. The shades range from just a hint of purple, to deep, dark and mysterious in their glamour. This color family is perfect for those who wish to explore the realm of purple lipstick without straying too far from a more traditional red-based look. For those who are a little more daring, a strong violet is a fantastic color to play with. Violets are known for their show-stealing radiance, so this color would be the statement of your makeup look, and would definitely bring the attention to you. This shade is very bold, so wear it with confidence and know that you look exactly as good as you feel. The cool tones found in many violet shades also help teeth to appear whiter, as the blue base helps cancel out any yellowing. A liner may be applied before lipstick to help make sure the color is accentuated to your liking. Worn with confidence, violet shades will make you feel like you are ready to run the world. For the bravest, lilacs come into play. These bright shades are loud and proud, requiring Rihanna’s confident mentality that she’s shown along with her wildest looks. Lilac lip colors are wonderful for those who want to stand out, while still following the pastel theme that romantic looks tend to have. Unlike the other two shades, the ultra-blue found in this one will look the nicest on people with cool undertones, but it can always make the desired statement when paired with the right colors. Lining the lips or covering them with concealer before application will help the color to pop and to not have to battle the red-based tones of your natural lip color. Expect the lilac to be the staple of your makeup look. Once applied, go shake up the world with your powerful lipcolor and your unwavering self-confidence. In a time where makeup artists are getting increasingly brave with colors, experimenting with purple lipstick is the perfect way to play with the trend and to try your own hand at show-stealing looks. No matter what shade you choose to test out this year, remember that the first rule of makeup is nothing is ever permanent. Don’t be afraid to try new shades when you can easily take them off and try again. The second rule is confidence. Even though you’re not Rihanna, you can still copy her ability to wear whatever makes you happy without caring what others think.





So, you’re one of the lucky ones with a cute date for Valentine’s Day? Good for you. But now you face a problem that can prove to be much more serious than finding a date. What will you wear? Do you choose casual or classy? How much pink is too much? This decision may be more stressful than acquiring the actual date, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are two easy outfits you can put together for whatever type of date night you have planned. Cute and Classy You’re going all out this year, with a candlelit dinner and rose petals galore. A date this classy needs an outfit to match. Swap the classic little black dress for a red one. Stay with the romantic theme by pairing it with some red heels or flats. Not only does red say “sexy and sophisticated,” but it also allows you to easily hide the spaghetti sauce you inevitably spill on yourself while trying to reenact that scene from Lady and the Tramp. You can also add some tights if it still feels like Antarctica outside. Get into the holiday spirit with some cute heart-patterned ones. Casual Chic Those over-the-top cheesy Valentine’s Day dates look cute on Instagram, but you and your date aren’t really that kind of couple. You’re not going anywhere fancy, but it’s a special occasion nonetheless, and you want to look nice – if you relate to this, consider wearing something casual-chic.

A collared button-up blouse always looks polished, and it’s perfect for a more laidback date. You can choose any color and pattern to show off your personal style. Tuck it in and add a statement belt for some extra style points. This look is more simple, so a pair of dark jeans works with it perfectly. Complete the outfit with some ankle boots and dangly earrings. We all love an excuse to dress up and go on a date every now and then. No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, deciding what to wear shouldn’t be stressful; the most important thing is to wear something you feel cute and comfortable in. And if your sweetheart is truly smitten, they will think you look dazzling no matter what you wear.

how to pull off the best GNI: galentine’s night in by claire murrell

1. make a ‘love potion’ Homemade Starbucks Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino: INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup Milk 1/4 cup Vanilla Ice Cream 1 cup Ice 2 Strawberries 2 tbsp Strawberry Syrup 1/8 tsp Xanthan Gum (optional) Whipped Cream DIRECTIONS 1. Combine all ingredients except whipped cream in blender. 2. Blend until smooth. 3. Transfer to serving glass and top with whipped cream. Recipe from

Forbidden Love Cocktail (21+): INGREDIENTS 2 oz. Hendricks gin 1 oz. blood orange juice Dash simple syrup, 2 strawberries 4 slices of cucumber DIRECTIONS 1. Muddle fruit with simple syrup, add gin and blood orange juice. 2. Shake and strain into a martini glass. 3. Garnish with strawberry, cucumber spiral and orange peel hearts. Recipe from Wendy Verdel, Zeffirino, The Venetian, Las Vegas,

2. best “girls night” movies to watch 1. Bridesmaids - Bridesmaids is a classic movie to watch with your girl gang. Although it revolves around a wedding, the prime message of the movie centers on the importance of friendship. 2. Sex and the City - It’s basically a well-known fact that this show features one of the most iconic groups of female friends to grace the screen. However, a fair warning, this show does not pass the Bechdel test (much to Miranda’s disappointment). Still, you can never get too much of Carrie Bradshaw’s thoughts on love and the single life in New York City circa the early 2000s. 3. Clueless - As If. Another classic that, while it revolves around romantic relationships, shows the importance of friendship and how friends can change your outlook on life. It’s also just fun to watch – I would personally love a computer program that generates matching plaid outfits for me.

3. DIY spa 1. At home mani-pedis – It’s always much easier to make this happen when you have your friends to do your right hand for you (or left for you lefties). Make sure to make it Galentine’s themed with red or pink nail polish and sparkles or heart decals. 2. Homemade face masks - Although there are many face masks that could do more for your skin, stick to the Galentine’s pink theme with a raspberry facemask. There are tons of options you can find on the internet, but one of the simpler ones involves simply squashing around 8 raspberries, mixing them with 1-2 tbsp of plain natural yogurt, and adding a tablespoon of honey for moisture. This is proven to help brighten your skin, moisturize it and even out your skin tone. It may even make a tasty snack. (Recipe by With this combination of fun drinks, movies and spa activities, you and your Galentines are bound to have a fun, relaxing night together. Although Valentine’s day is usually centered around romantic love, there is nothing more special than the bond of friendship. Chocolate helps, too.


by katie fast

men must haves



In the world of men’s fashion, dress is mostly just a series of basics. Minimalistic is the new trend that everyone’s partaking in. A few signature items can build an entire closet – here are some items that are essential to doing just that. First off is the classic denim jacket. Light or dark wash doesn’t matter; you have the freedom to decide whatever fits with your style best. It can be worn with a hoodie and joggers or over a button-up shirt. Dressing this piece up or down is easy because denim goes with pretty much everything, even itself. Its versatility makes it a must-have. Second, a flannel plaid button-up shirt deserves to fill a hanger (or 20) in your closet. The flannel material provides maximum comfort and warmth, and it’s also a layering piece that can be worn buttoned under a jacket, or unbuttoned over a tshirt. The plaid gives a little extra pattern and color that could be otherwise lacking, but it doesn’t scream “look at me” in an obnoxious way. Moving down the body, a pair of well-fitted straight leg pants is necessary for any guy wanting to build his wardrobe. The baggy, too-long or too-tight style can be right for some people, but nothing will compete when the happy medium of all of these components is found. The color is up to you: khaki, black or even a maroon if you’re feeling adventurous. The key is to have what fits best with the rest of your closet, but above all: fit. They should have some room in the thigh so you’re able to move around. The pants should hit right above your shoes. No one wants to see any extra fabric covering your fresh kicks from your pants being too long. Now that your pants no longer cover up your shoes, you need to have something to wow people when they finish that once-over: white sneakers. I know, white shoes are intimidating to buy and wear, but no one actually cares if you don’t have impeccably spotless-looking shoes. A little dirt never hurt anyone, and if you’re still concerned, patent leather kicks are just as trendy and are easy to wipe off. These shoes will match any day-to-day outfit and will also add a clean, minimalistic effect. Now that a whole outfit has been laid out, it’s back to the top. During the colder months, it’s all too common that all people see is your coat, jackets and your other dreary-looking outerwear. A simple and stylish way to get over this winter roadblock is to add a bomber jacket into the mix. Leather or slick nylon-like material is as favorable as it will be weather resistant, and it provides a slight luster. That shine gives a cool sharpness to any outfit. Jackets are a little bit more of an investment than other articles of clothing, but overall make a bolder statement that’s worth it. Whether you’re polishing a look with fitted pants and white shoes, layering up with jackets or just feeling comfy in a flannel, these items should be in your closet or cart right now.


date night fashion – galentine’s day style by: alexis myszka Once again February has snuck up in the same way that second semester exams do. While all of the “coupled off” girls you know have begun their last-minute romantic pursuits, you may be focusing on something very different – your girls. Imagine: cute, comfy pajamas, in various shades of pink and red. A night dedicated to just you and your favorite female friends. A night of comfy clothes, laughter and love. All accented by chocolate wrappers, strewn across the floor. Now, just as you would plan what to wear for a date,“girl’s-night” requires special attention to your attire as well. One of the biggest components of your outfit choice should be comfortable confidence. It’s important to feel gorgeous in whatever you choose to wear. Here are a few options for you and your slumber party attendees Galentine’s day apparel. First, it is February, so follow tradition and stick with fun shades of pink and red throughout the evening’s wardrobe changes. Do your best to find adorable matching pajama sets. Soft pink tank tops accented by flirty lace, paired with patterned mini shorts of plaid or hearts fit the theme of the night and are bound to make an ideal Insta post. Aim for both feminine and fun, with just a hint of sexy. Remember, this is a night for you and your besties, so when deciding on your outfit, don’t feel pressured to please anyone’s tastes but your own. Take advantage of this fun, carefree night to express your own unique style. You should feel completely confident knowing that your girlfriends will accept you in whatever mismatched pajama combination you choose to wear. If trying to find matching pajama sets for you and all of your fellow single ladies seems like too overwhelming of a task, try going for matching accessories instead. Robes, slippers or even something as simple as pink or red undies paired with an oversized T-shirt dress or nightgown of your choice all work. This is a great way to incorporate a sensual aspect into your comfy attire – just because you aren’t out on a hot date doesn’t mean you can’t feel and look cute.

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Having at least one unified component of your outfits for the night will create a sense of sisterhood. Together you are strong, comfortable, confident and, of course, fashionable! Any one or a combination of these outfit suggestions will be perfect for your special Galentine’s day night-in plans. You may be asking yourself, why go through the trouble to plan my outfit if I’m just staying in? Well, regardless of it being a holiday, such as Galentine’s day, or any old day of the week, what you choose to wear will transform your mood. So when you ask yourself, “What should I wear today?” what you should really be asking is, “How do I want to feel today?” Feel confident and sexy this February 14th – no matter what your plans are.




inter can be one of the most restrict ing seasons in terms of how you dress due to the harsh weather that comes with it. However, there is a way to add personality and style to your outfits during this cold season, and that’s through layering. There are many ways to layer: patterns with solids, or mixing and matching both with each other. According to GQ Magazine, one of the main men’s fashion layering trends for this winter is oversized tailoring. This type of tailoring has a loose fit that allows other clothing to be layered underneath. Whether it be your coat, jacket or jeans, it’s essential when putting together a winter outfit. While style is important, staying warm and comfortable is necessary. Luckily, beanies are making a comeback as a way to complete a winter outfit – and they can cover up a bad hair day as well. They’re sold through brands such as Adidas, Patagonia and True Religion. Another trendy hat style is the Mason hat. David Beckham has been seen wearing both of these types of hats, and one of his best looks, that you can easily achieve, includes a beanie, a topcoat layered over a grey Henley, light washed jeans and Chelsea boots.


If you’re going the casual route, streetwear is becoming the new casual look. This trend consists of jackets, topcoats, denim trucker jackets and bomber jackets. One way to wear these jackets is by layering one over a hoodie, long sleeve or patterned shirt, and then finishing off the outfit with some black jeans. Mock turtlenecks are another way to style a long topcoat. This ensemble goes nicely with khakis or jeans. Plus, the topcoat is a simple way to class up your look. If you feel like your style is more on the casual side, distressed denim may be your go-to this season. The best part about distressed denim you ask? You can distress thrifted jackets or jeans yourself, and therefore they can be extremely personalized and also help you to not go negative in your checking account. Pair your distressed jeans with an oversized sweater, or with an oversized hoodie and a dark olive-green parka. Lastly, shoes are essential to completing a look and can convey either a casual or professional vibe. Casual shoes that are trending this winter are Timberlands, combat boots such as Doc Martens and high top sneakers like Vans. Kanye West has been seen wearing Timberland boots with many different outfits, one being a tan topcoat over a white shirt and dark grey jeans. When it comes to a more professional shoe, both the Chelsea boot and Steve Madden highline suede boots are must-haves this year. Black Chelsea boots styled with khaki pants and a white button-down shirt under a fur-hooded parka make a complete, fashionable yet casual look.


For When Your Partner’s Other Significant Other is the Gym


If you’re looking to treat yourself this Valentine’s day or are searching for ideas to give your significant other, look no further. Here are some holiday-themed gifts that are perfect for anyone looking to hit the gym with style. A water bottle that will keep water cold throughout a long workout or busy day is a great gift. Staying hydrated is a must, so why not invest in a bottle you can take with you everywhere you go? Grab one in your favorite color, or in that classic Valentine’s Day red! Nothing is worse than working hard at the gym and constantly having to brush hair out of your face. Solve that problem by getting an athletic headband. Get one in a shade of pink to go along with the holiday of love! Who doesn’t love a brand new pair of shoes? Tennis shoes are essential for any well-rounded workout. They come in different styles specific to your workout. From training to running, choose the style that will benefit you or your partner the most. For this Valentine’s Day, try a pair in a bold red or flirty pink for the confidence you need to get the perfect squat. Workout leggings are a must-have for every active girl. They’re great for working out and looking cute while still being comfortable. A pair in a fun magenta or hot pink are perfect for adding some color to your gym clothes. Yoga is a great way to find some relaxation amidst the stress of everyday life. Purchase a yoga mat so you can be ready to go whenever you feel like you need to release some tension. It’s important to know that yoga mats come in different sizes – stick to the standard version if you or your partner are beginners, but remember to pick a color you’ll love this Valentine’s Day.


Meet the Editor: Sarah Paul Edition by Sarah Wright

Everyone who is opening a copy of Trend magazine knows the bubbly, confident personality behind Sarah Paul. Trend’s editor-in-chief trio would not be complete without her style and leadership. This spring is her sixth semester involved with Trend, and her first semester in charge of the publication. “There’s so many,” said Paul in response to being asked her favorite memories while participating in Trend. However, she decided that directing the fashion forecasting shoot with her then assistant director Rylie Smith was her most successful and memorable project. “Everything ran smoothly, and the photos turned out incredible,” said Paul. The impact Paul hopes to leave on Trend lies more with the members than the actual publication. She said she wants to be a respected leader and have people feel comfortable approaching her for advice. Paul noted that she realizes she’s a student too, and that she can relate to and help others. “The more you talk to me, you’ll get more advice and have a stronger shoot,” Paul said. Paul says she knows she has passion for the fashion industry, but where exactly that drive will take her is open for experience. She doesn’t know what coast she will end up on or what company she strives to work for, but Paul hopes she will become a core asset to her future workplace. One thing Paul knows for sure is that her interest lies on the social side of the retail or the publication industry. On a daily basis, you can expect to see Sarah sporting millennial pink, stylish sneakers and her natural curls. She loves to shop at Brandy Melville and her ultimate style inspiration is YouTuber Tess Christine. Right now her favorite trends are beret hats and teddy bear coats. “I’m not a hat girl but I love the way berets look on me. I feel like they are the only hat I can pull off and they are so girly,” said Paul. Beauty vloggers and social media influencers in general play a major role in her style, and she even has quite the following of her own on her YouTube channel. With an audience of over 15,000 people online, she works with various brands to create educational and entertaining content. The quote about great leaders not needing to care about what others think does not apply to Paul. She has empathy for Trend members, and wants them to have the best experience possible. The impact Trend will see from Paul may not fall directly within its pages, but by the leadership style of future editors to come. She leads with care and passes on her knowledge to others, and Trend is lucky to have her.

TREND February Online Issue  
TREND February Online Issue