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his January, my first assignment for Trend magazine brought me to the edge of Jody Sunshine’s driveway, face-to-face with an adobe mailbox molded by the artist into the whimsical shapes of a cat and a dog. It was snowing colossal flakes, which wisped past my windshield and feathered my hair. I was one week into my responsibilities as the editor of Trend magazine— a job I could barely believe was real. I thought about all of this during the winding drive through the Santa Fe foothills to Sunshine’s home, hoping I wasn’t lost and realizing suddenly how nervous I was. When I arrived, she ushered me into a space mosaicked with color and art, welcoming me with a hug and coffee and cookies. She was ready and waiting to share a world of stories.


TREND 20th Anniversary Summer 2019

What I’ve learned on the path that has led me to Trend is that every one of us has a trove of stories inside us. Drawing these stories out of ourselves or out of someone else leads to moments of realizations, of magic, of knowing that our lives really do mean something, and that we are never alone. This is an issue of discovery. You will read the stories of respected artists who have broken from the traditional forms of their youth and of artists who find their inspiration in the spirits of Nature, and experience the architectural artistry of Bart Prince as he transforms angles and natural light into a living space that is purposefully linked to the sky. You will learn about the continuously developing links between digital media in arts and sciences through the Emerging Media Alliance, as well as how New Mexico is poised on the brink of another moviemaking Renaissance. Through Kate Russell’s images of performance artists and the quest of Frank Blazquez to capture fragments of recovering addicts’ stories, you’ll discover how photography can reveal our innermost selves. You will also get to explore artistic legacies like those of Elizabeth and Martha White, whose efforts a century ago are responsible for the preservation of much of the iconic Native artworks and artifacts that we treasure today. This is a very special issue of Trend—our 20th Anniversary issue—and as the newcomer to Trend’s incredible team, I can tell you that this issue would not have become what it is now without each person who touched it. It’s for this reason that Trend has been a cradle of inspiration for so many years and across many art forms. I am endlessly grateful for the assistance and patience of everyone on the team, but especially for the support of consulting editors Rena Distasio and Nancy Zimmerman, who took their time to reveal the nuances that make Trend what it is. At the end of Tennessee Williams’ 1953 play Camino Real, the author writes, “The violets in the mountains are breaking the rocks!” I hope you see that every story inside Trend is like that: a geode broken open by determined and curious petals to reveal the treasure inside even the most unassuming stones. Kristian Macaron, Editor



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Trend Summer 2019  

Trend Summer 2019