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tawny port. Go-to burgundy that will colour this Fall 1. Oscar De La Renta Earrings. 2. Naj Bar Chair by Brabbu. 3. Euphoria Screen by Koket. 4. Tigris by Blazé Milano. 5. Givenchy Sneackers. 6. Reptilia Sofa by Koket. 7. Graphic S by Delightfull. 8. Project by Essential Home and Delightfull. 9. Valentino 2018 Collection. 10. Zulu 2 Seat Sofa by Brabbu. 11. Pop Lights by Rothschild & Bickers. 12. Elf Craft Bracelet. 13. Saint Laurent Bag. 14. Dolce Gabbana Eyewear. 15. Zaragoça Side Table by Boca Do Lobo. 16. Handbag Roxy Bucket Tote by Alexander Wang. 17. Cherry Sculpture - Bull-Stein. 18. Ballerina by Marcel Wanders for Alessi

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Project by Brabbu

Wi h a b de e, Ta P i ag - b g I i e ega a d hi ica ed a d i i d ce a i gf e idea h e b ace hi

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tawny port



Burgundy is a go-to color every Fall. This season, it comes in the shape of Tawny Port and presents itself as a deep, warm and bold color. Just like your finest Bordeaux. Tawny Port is elegant, sophisticated and mysterious, introducing warmth into the Fall palette. The rich red tones of burgundy make it an appealing color whether in fashion or interior design. Top fashion designers as Jason Wu, Michael Kors Collection and Victoria Beckham included this beautiful shade in their collections for the upcoming season. As a completely fashionable color, it will transform any outfit with its mysterious feel. When it comes to interior design, this goto Fall burgundy adds warmth and style to any room, whether through small details or a big furniture piece. Thanks to all of this, Tawny Port promises to be a color loved by many this season. As it stands out from the brighter colors in the palette, it will surely occupy a sweet spot in the closet or home of those who love deep and rich hues.

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how to use tawny port at home 1. Dame Giralda by Angela Rossi 2. Mademoiselle Armoire by Kokey 3. Diamond Sideboard by Boca do Lobo 4. Nº20 Bar Chair by Brabbu 5. Monkey Side Table by Jaime Hayon 6. Naj Armchair by Brabbu






As the days get darker, colors tend to get darker. And classic Fall is all about adding deep, rich hues to your home decor to transform it into a welcoming yet chic retreat. Tawny Port is one of those colors. It will surely introduce warmth and elegance into any modern interior design. Pair it with darker neutral furnishings to create a dark and moody décor or balance it with cool neutrals and create a very sophisticated room. 100 — colours


a It might not look like it, but Tawny Port is actually a very versatile color. Plus, it looks great in any room, whether that is a living room or bedroom. When it comes to colors, golds and browns work wonderfully next to burgundy so keep those in mind when picking accessories. One of our favorite decorating tips is to pair burgundy with grey or any other light neutral as it tones down the color and makes the room look extra chic. This will help you avoid burgundy overkill and brightens up the room instead.

Project by Rug’Society

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Bei g a dee a d ich h e, Ta P a a fa i e a g fa hi de ig e as Jason Wu, Michael Kors Collection and Vic ia Bec ha i he a f Ne Y , L d a d Pa i Fa hi Wee . Tha bei g aid, ca e ec ee hi c hi he e i f i g hi Fa . Tawny Port is that color that looks both elegant and comfortable so make sure to include it in your wardrobe. Pair with e a a d achie e a e i h , Fa -a ed!

1. Fendi Show. 2. Sunglasses by Miu Miu. 3. Max Mara Fall 2017. 4. Backpack by Kenzo. 5. Purse by Saint Laurent. 6. Gucci Ghost Pendant. 7. Ring by Marni. 8. Velvet Sandals by Saint Laurent. 102 — colours


Project by STUDIO11 colours — 103


Bugs Le he i ade ife beca e hi ea i ’ a ab b g . I ec ha e a a bee a a f ea i i age , he a e i little mysterious animals that makes us feel more eccentric and whimsical. Used by most of the designers, they seem to be everywhere and this time it’s an invasion you don’t want to get rid of. S if eed a e i i ai e ha e he a e , ed ’ want anything bugging you!

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1. So what’s bugging you? Decorate your house with the most unique bugs by boca do lobo. A great decorating piece, from copper to nickel, you can mix and match every material and style to create your perfect dream.

2. Diamond Metamorphosis by Boca do Lobo This unique sideboard its an exotic piece of furniture where you can see the love for insects. A luxury expression of the insects meets and iconic classic from Boca do Lobo.

3. Weirdly Beautiful The fragility of the vintage porcelain contrasts with the weirdness of the hand-painted ants. The use of the insects makes of this creation a weirdly beautiful creation.

4. From Gucci with Love A great love affair between insects and fashion, a great exemple full of whimsical. A Gucci bag feature exquisite Italian craftsmanship and beautifully bold style.

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If a a ih head i he ai hi i he theme for you. Le ’ each f he a a d ic a b d a d i e look that’s going to make you feel in another galaxy.

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2. Hei its Atomic!

1. Let’s go into the milky way with Chanel

A great light pendant by DelightFULL is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the composition of the atom. This suspension light is sure to bring you plenty of out of this world compliments.

The space is as vast as the different ways you can recreate this theme. Let’s take it to fashion and create a metallic silver look that makes you feel like wearing a space suite…but in a fashionable way just ready to explore.

3. “Astronaut” by Sancal

4. Outer Punk by Fendi If accessories it’s your thing don’t miss the chance of include this in your life. Chose this punky alien as your companion, cool blue mohawk included.

Want a statement piece that’s going to be a conversation starter and make your house guests talk about it for hours? Choose these statues, they will remind you of space and bring the astronaut feel to your decoration.

6. Rocky Rocket by Circu

5. It’s an alien! Fendi alien!

Or maybe you would feel more comfortable with sunglasses! This alien look alike it’s a subtle and quick way of transport into another planet.

The piece of resistance? A true rocket, or almost like it. This magical furniture piece by Circu it’s a children’s interactive chair, with awesome features from light and sound system that you can play and personalize to foster curiosity and excitement. So who’s ready to jump into outer space?

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Trend Forecast Report AW 17/18 Burgundy  

Trend Forecast Report AW 17/18 Burgundy Print, Pattern & Colour

Trend Forecast Report AW 17/18 Burgundy  

Trend Forecast Report AW 17/18 Burgundy Print, Pattern & Colour