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shaded spruce. Evokes the feeling of the forest

1. Ike 10 by Delightfull. 2. Givenchy Handbag. 3. Nuka Bar Chair by Brabbu. 4. Délice Sofa by Koket. 5. Cenote Vase. 6. Pump Shoes Miu Miu. 7. Drapesse II Chair by Koket. 8. Square Frame Sunglasses by Pomellato. 9. Adrienne Landau Pillow. 10. Matheny Round Suspension by Delightfull. 11. Nº20 Counter Stool by Brabbu. 12. Geisha Chair by Koket. 13. Agate Geode Teal. 14. Fastnet Bronze Sculpture by Philip Hearsey.

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shaded spruce

Project by Rug’Society and Essential Home

Shaded Spruce evokes the feelings of the forest, a evergreen shade, one glimpse of it brings tranquility and can create a peaceful environment in a home or a sophisticated look in a wardrobe.

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shaded spruce Shaded Spruce is a deep, sultry turquoise that conveys coziness and tranquility. Green usually symbolizes growth and renewal. What does this mean? It means Shaded Spruce is a great color to start using in your home decor this Fall. A dark and sophisticated shade of green, Shaded Spruce goes a little bit further than the trendy emerald green. Its a nice transition to the fall and it will allow for all the green aficionados to make sure they can keep including this tone in their homes and wardrobe. If you like to experiment, take advantage of this season’s original deep colors such as Shaded Spruce or Tawny Port, another of our color choices for 2018. You will be in love with the unique Shaded Spruce when you are seeking for some striking, flourishing touch. Unlike the Greenery, this particular tone is caught in between Teal and Golden Lime. It simply brings you to a different territory of perception.







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shaded spruce

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how to use shaded spruce at home 1. Cloudbusting Earth Blue by 17 Patterns 2. Fragances by Castelbel 3. Nuka Bar Chair by Brabbu 4. Organic Carved Glass Aqua Vase 5. Colette II Sofa by Koket


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We like to think of Shaded Spruce as a darker emerald green that came to give continuity to the color that everyone seemed to have loved throughout the year. Conveying coziness  and  tranquility, this darker shade of green is a great shade to feature in your dining room or guest bedroom. It will definitely make your guest feel very welcomed. 7 — colours

Fall is the time to start thinking about new projects and is also a time of thought and getting your ideas in order before getting back to work and your normal life. Spreading this green shade across your house will definitely help you to get that feeling, seeing as your house is your refuge and the place you seek comfort.

shaded spruce You can start by using Shaded Spruce in your walls. Whether you decide to paint them or use a mid-century inspired wallpaper, using this calm shade of green will immediately bring a sense of renewal and relaxation to your household. Use it in your actual furniture and go with other bold colors, such as scarlet red. In the classic style, Shaded Spruce will comprise a vibrant background for plants and antiques, however in combination with modern furniture or light colors, they will take on a bold, modern character. It works well with Green, Pink, and Black and will definitely add drama to any room or outfit it’s added to. Project by Brabbu

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Positively gorgeous and looking incredibly delectable on velvet, the Shaded Spruce color is one of our favorites on the list of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 color trends that finds its way onto the Brandon Maxwell and Oscar de la Renta collections especially. It is perfect as a monochrome outfit hue, positively charming and delightfully suitable for all skin types.


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1. Chanel Fall/Winter 2017. 2. Sunglasses by Dior Men. 3. Louis Vuitton. 4. “Paraiba Tourmaline Nymphs’ Bath” Bracelet by Dior 5. Roksanda Dress 6. Nina Ricci 2018. 7. Prada Sandals. 9 — colours

tawny port

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Interior Design Color Trends | Shaded Spruce  

Next to neutrals, there is no easier color to work with than Shaded Spruce. It is versatile, elegant and refreshing, and Shaded Spruce is ju...

Interior Design Color Trends | Shaded Spruce  

Next to neutrals, there is no easier color to work with than Shaded Spruce. It is versatile, elegant and refreshing, and Shaded Spruce is ju...