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TR AVELTELLY Issue 8 | July 2013 | Travel, Camera, Action!

A road trip through California, Arizona

and Nevada



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Fisherman in Malaysia

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli―

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Canon MP-E 65mm & FotoMate

World Tour

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Manhattan, New York

Dear traveler, This is one of the last times we are taking you on our past travel adventures. In one month we start our world tour where we are going to film many places around the globe. You will read more about this in our upcoming magazine in which you will find out where we are traveling to. But first things first, it’s time for the 8th TravelTelly Magazine. This month we are going on a 3 weeks trip through 3 states of the U.S.A. with you. In this issue you will also find an inspiring interview with the world cyclist and photographer Rob Lutter. Last but not least, we share some hot film/photography spots around Chicago, and we tell you how we have experienced a round trip through Bulgaria. Please feel free to contact us and share your travel photos, videos and stories. Safe and happy travels!

Johannes Oppewal CEO TravelTelly

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Sunset Hollywood hills

A road trip through California, Arizona and Nevada

United States By Heleen Lamm

Traveling around the U.S. A, was something I had been dreaming of for a long time. Last summer I finally had the chance to do it and traveled through 3 of the 50 states in just 3 weeks. Way too short but still worth your while. California, Arizona and Nevada were on my list and so I began my trip in L.A‌.


Los Angeles Because I was doing a roundtrip I started and ended my travels in Los Angeles. The city of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica is really not much more than that. If you love the glitter and glamour of famous people, haute-couture and ‘the American dream’, then you will love L.A.. Personally this city will never be in my top 5, but I’m still glad that I got to visit it. But people who, like me, are not fans of the city, might love the surrounding beaches. Rent a bike and cruise all the way along Hermosa Beach, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. You can spend a full day in Venice just watching people. Walk across the famous Santa Monica Pier, go in a rollercoaster and eat shrimps at Bubba Gump, from the movie ‘Forest Gump’. Because you will need some relaxing after a day in this crowded city.


Grand Canyon NP

San Diego I was happy to leave Los Angeles and my next stop was San Diego. An awesome city, with a real cultural city centre. For relaxing and barbequing you can go to Coronado Island, there you have a nice view of the city and the best place to hang out with the locals. Visit San Diego Zoo or Sea World and walk around at Pacific Beach. This is a city where you can easily spend a whole week.

Grand Canyon NP Many friends of mine had already been to the Grand Canyon and not all of them were that impressed. So I wasn’t expecting much either. But as the sun rose over the canyon and the colours changed into deep reds I was in awe. It is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I definitely recommend hiking down the canyon early in the morning and waiting for the sun to rise.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon NP


Las Vegas

Las Vegas A place that you’ve probably seen on television so many times and always wondered how it would be like in real life. I can honestly tell you, it’s exactly the same. When walking across the famous ‘Strip’ I felt like I had been there before. Hotels like ‘Ceasars Palace’, ‘The Venetian’ and ‘Treasure Island’ I had all seen before in movies like ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and ‘The Hangover’. It was so strange to actually walk there myself and experience the hectic way of life in this place. You will definitely be amazed about how extreme Las Vegas is in every way. From the hotels, to the night life and the casinos, it’s all just as crazy.

Mono Lake A little oasis not far from the dry moonlike landscapes of Death Valley. Mono Lake has some awesome limestone formations and makes a great place for kayaking. There are thousands of flies, but they have adapted to life here and for some reason they never touch your body. For birds, life cannot get any easier as they can eat flies until they throw up. It’s a fun place to spend an hour or two.

Mono Lake


Yosemite National Park I think this is probably the most beautiful national park I’ve been to so far. It is huge, so you should definitely take about a week to explore the park. Hire a car and drive around Yosemite by yourself. Highlights of the park are its many waterfalls, Glacier Point and Yosemite Valley. Hike or bike around the area and cool off at some of Yosemite’s mirror lakes. Also don’t forget to check out those giant sequoia trees. (for more Yosemite info read TravelTelly Magazine issue 4)

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park This is truly a place that everyone who finds himself in California should visit. Especially because it’s still quite undiscovered by tourists. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is a little piece of heaven. It consists of a small bay, with palm trees and a waterfall that you can only look at and are not allowed to visit. This is to make sure that this piece of heaven will keep on existing for a long time to come.


Monterey Another cool place that mass tourism hasn’t discovered yet. Along the beautiful 101 route in California you find a little town called Monterey. It has its own architecture and it is so tranquil that you will not want to leave. It offers some lovely beaches and a nice street life, with good restaurants. Take a break at this town when you’re driving along the famous scenic route 101.

San Francisco

Then I finally arrived at my favorite place in the U.S.A. (so far), which is San Francisco. This was also the last stop of my 3 week roundtrip and I only had one day to discover the city. This was way too short and I recommend taking a full week of exploring here. But just in one day I could already see that this city has so much to offer. Just think about it.. it has the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, The Pink Ladies, cable cars and Alcatraz, just to name a few. Stroll down along the coastline and take a cable car up one of the many hills to get an amazing view of San Francisco. The city is so full of life and so different from Los Angeles or Las Vegas. There are street artists, food stands and cool shops. But most important, the atmosphere in San Francisco is one of the best I’ve experienced in a metropolitan city. (for more info about SF read TravelTelly Magazine issue 3)


Meet team TravelTelly Heleen Lamm What is your function within TravelTelly? I am the editor/photographer of TravelTelly. I do editing work for the magazine, but I also write texts for the website or for Facebook. Photography is one of my hobbies and I try to do it as much as possible, so that we can use the photos in our magazine or online. Name your top 3 of countries worldwide Australia is definately number 1 for me..because everything you could ever want is in Australia. Nice cities, white sandy beaches, rain forest, outback, name it. I still have to visit many countries around the world, but at the moment my top 2 and 3 are New Zealand and the U.S.A (westcoast). I still have to visit South America, Africa and Asia, then I think my top 3 might change. Which culture do you love the most? I love the Maoris in New Zealand. The people are very handsome and extremely nice, and I love how they go back to nature, while adapting to modern live at the same time. Also, the tattoos they have are amazingly detailed and have traditional stories behind it. They have so much knowledge about NZ and its wildlife.


What is the best part of your job with TravelTelly?

Photographing in Paris

I think the best part about my job is that I do a lot of different things. I write, I photograph, I travel, I edit, I plan travels of others, I do interviews and I try to help with productions some times. Which place would you like to visit next? Sydney would be the obvious answer. But there are still so many places I haven’t been to yet. I think a combination of Japan and China or a roadtrip via the Pan-American Highway would be awesome!

Photographing in Sydney

Why should people travel and see the world? Because I believe that you will become a better person with more experience and knowledge about the world, which you can always use in your job, at home or any other place. But maybe the most important thing is that it is just so much fun! For me the best thing ever is to travel, see the most spectacular places while meeting cool people and enjoying a good time abroad. What is your dream for TravelTelly? I hope that TravelTelly will become a worldwide known concept and that we have filmed in every country around the world, while still working closely together with volunteer organizations. And I hope that we still publish our magazine, so that we can inspire others to get out there and explore! 13 See our Cambodia video here

DUBAI Stock footage We have more than 400 High Definition Dubai travel stock shots online, which you can buy for your own travel agency or for your own production. Have a look at:

Buy directly via the link above or contact us at for a discount, when buying more than 1 shot.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


More than

400 HD

stock video shots from


DUBAI Stock footage


Wond ers

of Nature

Amazon Peru

Peruvian Amazon


The Peruvian Amazon is the area

Peru, at the Taricaya Rescue Center

of the Amazon jungle included

and Conservation Project. What an

within the country of Peru. From

amazing experience that was. Right

east of the Andes to borders with

in the jungle we filmed a group of



volunteers working on all kinds

Bolivia. This region comprises 60%

of different biodiversity studies

of the country and is marked by a

and who were also working with

large degree of biodiversity. Peru

captive animals. The concept of

has the second largest portion of

releasing captive animals into a safe

the Amazon rainforest after the

environment is a popular concept

Brazilian Amazon. For one week

for conservationists worldwide and

we’ve filmed in the Amazon in

Taricaya was the first official centre



Facts of its kind in Peru. Now they host

What: The Amazon River is 6280km

many enclosures that allow animals

long and is the world’s second longest

to recover their health before releasing them back into their natural habitat.

river. Oniv the river Nile in Africa is longer. Wildlife: More than half of the

During this time, we also filmed how

world’s estimated 10 million species

they released a group of monkeys back

of plants, animals and insects live in

into the jungle. It was a special moment

the tropical rainforest with one-fifth

and a moment of realization that we have to take care of our beautiful planet. More about the project, here:

of the world’s fresh water located in the the Amazon Basin. Deforestation is a major problem to the Amazon and planet Earth as the rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface; now they cover a mere 6% and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years. Source:

Peruvian, Amazon


An interview with

Rob Lutter

Rob Lutter (29) was just an average working man in London, doing 15 hours a day, 6 days a week. Until he saw a colleague reading The Man Who Cycled The World and an idea started to grow in his mind. “I began to see images of people in vast deserts or desolate mountain landscapes, riding alone with the sun on their faces, beards full grown, dusty, but happy, making their way down long winding roads. I wanted to be that person. I had a bike already and I had a tent and suddenly it was as if a door had appeared in front me. A way out.”

Today Rob Lutter has been away from England for almost two years, carrying a Canon 5D MKKL SLR with some prime lenses and his iPhone. He has been on the road for about 15 months of that time. Two years ago he got on his bicycle and cycled out of London. His goal: 35,000 kilometers of cycling, passing through at least 30 countries.

“I wanted to be that person”


Charity During his trip, he has raised funds for several charity organizations. He keeps track of his adventure and shares his experiences through Instagram. Though charity wasn’t the main reason for this trip, it has grown close to his heart. “People are investing in you to keep going and it drives you when kind people make donations. It’s a reason not to stop. It’s a reason bigger and more important than yourself. I am currently in Hong Kong, where I have a chance to do some exhibitions. I am also redesigning a new website with a shop section in which I will sell photos to help me personally to keep going.”

Instagram Rob says that getting his stories out there is his main drive to do this trip. “For me the bike, the camera, or whatever it may be, is just a medium, a bridge to the world. I actually would say that I am a storyteller: I use the camera to carry me through the world. For me personally, as a creative person, a photographer or whatever I am, I have always wanted to do something with the memories and ideas I have had. A drive to get them from my head and into other peoples heads. Instagram is a beautiful thing. Socially, we now have windows into people’s lives and windows onto places in the world we may never otherwise see. Creatively, it allows those who maybe can’t afford to buy tons of camera gear to take the pictures they always dreamed of taking. No longer should there be a niche group of people who are photographers, because everyone in the world has a story and has ideas and things they want to share and now they can, through Instagram.”


Just the beginning To Rob, everything he runs into on his way can be a trigger for a well-shot photograph. “I exchanged an office chair for a bike saddle so no matter where I go I will always have new things to take pictures of. From a creative stance that is perfect for developing, improving and challenging yourself.” He never wanted to be an adventurer; he just wanted to get out there. “The hardest part of it all will be when it all ends, when I get home and I have nowhere left to cycle. In my mind I can picture every road, every turn, every camping spot I found, every meal I ate. Yet I cannot remember any days from before when I was in London, it all seems like one long day. This cycle ride is just the beginning. It’s just a platform by which to get people listening.”

Favorite picture Rob’s favorite photo was taken when he had had been cycling two weeks through Kyrgyzstan, up into the Himalayas. “I was spending hours alone in the saddle, climbing a pass. Out of nowhere, the beautiful weather was taken over by rain and then snow as I climbed higher. In the far distance I could see a dim light, which I realized was sunlight. I was just trying to get down from the mountain and towards the sunlight far below. Eventually I came to a halt by the roadside on a long plateau section. I dropped my bike and stumbled up to this nomads ca20

bin. She brought me inside and fed me and gave me hot tea. An hour later locals surrounded me, a woman’s little kid was pulling at my hair and suddenly they all looked outside. The storm had instantly stopped and the entire plateau was flooded with sunlight in a matter of minutes. Everyone rushed out of the cabin. The child was laughing and screaming at the return of the sun and the blue sky that was growing. It was such a special moment for me because I was on top of the world. I was where I had always dreamed of being. Different people from different worlds were there together just unified by such a simple thing. Nothing else seemed to matter anymore.”

Look to the stars Being on the road, on a bicycle, on your own, is without a doubt physically and mentally challenging. What this trip has brought to Rob so far is the ability of letting go, he says. “Even though I am out in the middle of nowhere I feel more connected than I have ever felt in my life... because I have a story. That is my way of living. Never be comfortable. Never be satisfied. Always question. Always try to discover more. Explore further. Consider greater things, believe you can do more, see more, and understand more... Essentially... Look to the stars.” You can follow Rob Lutter and The Life Cycle here:


The new website is in progress and will be announced soon, but you can still make donations through


Travel Apps Every month, we will describe a couple of useful apps in this section.

City Newspapers App (99 cents in the App store) - Get Local intel More than 3000 English language newspapers are available in the City Newspapers App. Read news from all over the world and know what’s going on at your travel destination. Learn where you can catch a football game, where it’s not safe to be at night or when there are some cool festivals that you don’t want to miss out on. A handy App for the latest news, which a travel book cannot give you.

Metr0 App free (in the App store) - Save time underground Visiting a city that has a complicated metro system? Type in your origin and destination, as well as the day of the week and time you’re traveling, into Metr0 and it will find the shortest ride. No longer do you have to waste your precious travel time trying to find your way around the area with unreadable maps.

Do you know a useful travel App we need to promote!? Mail us at 22

Tallinn, Estonia



Did you know… 1. That the Estonian name for Estonia is ‘Eesti Vabariik’? 2. That Estonia has 1520 islands? 3. That Tartu is the country’s cultural capital and Parnu is its summer capital? 4. That Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world?

5. Estonia is the least religious country in the world?


Chicago Skyline from the Adler Planetarum


CH ICAGO Like in all big cities around the world,

and in many of them you can see traces

there are many places to discover and

of each successive immigrant group.

to capture. Chicago is one of the largest

Each neighbourhood in the city has its

cities in America and a good place to

own flavour. So get out there and visit,

visit and to capture the American city

capture and experience this diverse

life. Chicago is a city of neighbourhoods,


Chicago’s skyline from the 103rd-floor Sky deck on the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), is the highest observatory in Chicago and therefore a perfect place to shoot some images from the city. And for those of you who aren’t afraid of heights, the sky deck is the place to be for capturing Chicago as if you’re standing on top of the world. You will stand in a glass box 4.3 feet from the side of the tower which gives you a clear view of the Chicago river right under your feet! More about the sky deck here Another good place to check out Chicago from above, is the John Hancock Observatory. When you finished taking your pictures, you can grab a drink or food at the highest cafe & bar in Chicago. Tip: visit the tower around sunset when the city is even more magical! More information here: For filming/photographing the city’s skyline, visit the Adler Planetarium. This place has the best skyline views in Chicago.


View from the Willis Tower

Best Photo/Video


Take a ferry and see Chicago from the water. From the ferry you can take some amazing shots of the river’s bridges and the city’s skyscrapers. We were surprised about how easily we could film some clear handheld shots from the ferry.

Millennium park is one of those must-visit places. To take some crazy and fun images, go to the “The Bean” Cloud Gate. From almost every angle it’s cool to take pictures or film people who are looking at themselves in this ‘city mirror’. Be aware of the reflection, because it can be a challenge to not get yourself in the picture as well. We loved the interactive work of art called the Crown Fountain. On a hot summer day this is a popular spot in the city. Film/photograph kids and adults having fun together in the water of the fountain. It’s situated in Millennium park which is a lovely area to escape the office work for a bit and it also holds various events throughout the year. Like we said before, Chicago is a city of neighbourhoods. Capture the diversity by visiting different neighbourhoods and especially during the summer when there are all kinds of cool festivals out there. Here are some neighbourhoods for you to visit: Little Italy, Andersonville, Chinatown, Devon Avenue, Pilsen/Little Village, Bronzeville and don’t forget to take a look at the beach so close to the city! And during the evenings a special place to be is definitely the green mill. www.


Amazon rainforest Peru 26


Travel Gear and Gadgets Wasp in Macro with the Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8

Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro. If you love to capture macro this lens is good option to try. The MP-E 65mm Macro f/2.8 is a photographic lens manufactured by Canon for use on the EOS photographic system. It is a manual focus lens for the EF mount and is specifically designed for macro photography. It does not focus to infinity and cannot be used for conventional photography.

Price: $949.00 MP_E_65mm.html FotoMate LP-02 200mm FotoMate LP-02 200mm Movable 2 Way Macro Focusing Rail Slider. Ideal accessories for macro photography which requires precise distance modifications and a steady hand, as well as other situations where accurate camera positioning is crucial. Price: $31,90 Look at some shots we made with the Sony NEX FS700, Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Macro together with the Fotomate in Slow motion. (400 fps) 28



A round trip through Bulgaria. History

through our

with beautiful landscapes! We started in

camera lenses

the historical city Sofia. Sofia is a pretty city with many historical buildings like the statue of St. Sofia, Battenburg Square, The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Ivan Vazov National Theater with the City park in front of it. The City park is a nice place to relax and watch the local people playing chess, playing a music instrument or just relaxing in the sun on a beautiful summer day. After Sofia rent a car and start your roadtrip. The places we’ve visited during our roadtrip include:

Lighthouse Aruba



Paris at Night

Through Bulgaria


Shipka monastery

Sofia > Plovdiv > Asenovgrad > Plovdiv > Karlovo > Shipka church (Russian church) and Shipka pass > Veluko Tarnovo > Emen > Sevlievo > Apriltsi > Troyan > Troyan pas > Sofia Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and a city with a Mediterranean atmosphere and has beautiful architecture with one of the highlights the Plovdiv Roman amphitheatre. It is actually a traditional Roman theatre. Just walking around the old town with all the beautifull streets with picturesque houses and many fine art gallaries that you have to visit. This city is definitely a must stop on your road trip. Find more about Plovdiv



If you want to see a beautiful Russian Church make a stop at the shipka monastery. The Shipka monastery “Birth of Christ� rises above the town of Shipka in the skirts of the central Balkan mountain. Its a perfect stop before you continue the Shipa Pass a scenic mountain pass through the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria. Find more about the Shipa monastery here: http://bulgariatravel. org/en/object/327/Shipchenski_manastir


Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Continue your journey to Veluko Tarnovo A town with very rich history, Veliko Turnovo was the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire and has long traditions in the culture of Bulgaria. The city is rich in museums and historical sites, combined with vivacious night life. make sure to visit the castle of the old Bulgarian capital - Tsarevets. The city is divided into an old and new parts. The old city itself is a collection of traditional renaissance houses scattered over the hills around the river Yantra and the new part consists of a mixture of communistic and modern style buildings. There are various historical museums, located in Old Town, and an art museum on an island in the river. Nearby Arbanassi on the hilltop 4 km away is also worth a visit. You get a stunning view and we had a fine Bulgarian beer after an amazing day of filming! Life can be great! Read more about Veluko Tarnovo here:


Drive through the Beklemeto Pass, also known as Troyan Pass and The pass is on one of the main roads connecting northern and southern Bulgaria and from here we went back to Sofia.

BU LGARIA has so much to offer, beautiful nature, breathtaking landscapes and a Mediterranean atmosphere that makes a roundtrip through the country a journey you want forget. Hire a car and let the road bring you to places you can’t right away find at the tourism map. Because there is way more to discover than this road trip we made. Every village has its own identity and history. Feel free and remember what our guide* told us when people asked him where he was going the next day. “I don’t know, I don’t have a map with me but I will see where the road will take me!” That is the freedom *Our guide

of traveling, just stop at places and discover!

Find some breathtaking photos from Bulgaria made by Photographer Evgeni Dinev, here: w w /mtsearch.cgi?blog_id=4&tag=Bulgaria&limit=20


Travel Book of the month

Sydney skyline

The Big Trip Everything you need to know for your big adventure abroad, is all written in this book from Lonely Planet. Especially for first timers, this is a must have book. From where to start, how to book your trip, what jobs to look for and which countries to choose. Planning your gap year has never been so easy with professional tips from experienced travelers. Go to Australia to work on a farm, teach English in China, learn Spanish in Guatemala or tend orphan elephants in Sri Lanka. There is so much to choose from and you don’t always need pockets full of money to do it. Doing a working holiday is one of the best ways to get around and explore the world. ‘The Big Trip’ also gives loads of info about some of the mustsee destinations, handy websites for finding jobs, maps with popular travel routes, personal travel experiences and cost lists. After reading this book, you’ve got all the info you need to plan your own trip and make it a successful one. The only negative thing we could find is that ‘The Big Trip’s’ main focus is travelers from the UK and the U.S.A. Which means that when the book gives examples of costs, it’s only applicable to English and American travelers.

The Big Trip Your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures – Lonely Planet $ 16.00


Desert tour

Dream Journey Exploring Wadi Rum A desert tour by the travel organization Jordan Tracks, is exploring jewels like the famous city of Petra, the Wadi Rum desert and walking in

the footsteps of Mozes. Traveling with local Bedouins as your guides and seeing some of the oldest cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, is a must do for everyone who wants to see our spectacular world. With TravelTelly we haven’t been to Jordan yet and we would love to film the historic city of Petra, while discovering some lesser known places at the same time. An organization that has won awards (including one from Rough Guides), while giving locals a job..only makes this tour better.

Trip description by Jordan Tracks Jordan Discovery is a 9 day tour that takes you to the Roman city of Jerash, where you will view the pilgrimage site of Mount Nebo, follow the King’s Road and compare the Arabic castle of Ajloun and the crusader castle at Kerak. Discover Jordan’s largest and most diverse nature reserve at Dana biosphere, and go on a journey to the past in the Nabataean city of Petra. Follow in the footsteps of the Bedouin heritage on a full day’s exploration of the Wadi Rum desert.

Price Tag Costs for this desert tour range between $1000,- and $1800,For more info visit


Next month: WORLD TOUR

Johannes filming in Fiji

Already we’ve been filming for 7 years around the world while sharing our travel stories and videos with you. From the 1st of September we start our new film tour around the globe. It feels pretty amazing to continue what we love to do most, and this time we’d like to take you with us on this spectacular journey. Follow us online or join us to be a guide while we will be filming in your city or country. We love to make stories with locals, tourism/volunteer organizations and people that like to share the passion behind their culture. Feel free to contact us and maybe we can do some film work together. Next month you will find out more about our world tour. Do you have any travel tips for us? Please don’t hesitate to send them to

Find us on


TravelTelly pictures on your canvas, in a framed print or on your iPhone case.


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