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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – anonymous ―

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Harbour Bridge Sydney Australia

Dear traveler, In this 7th TravelTelly Magazine we’ll take you back to Argentina where we filmed a couple of years ago, it’s high on our list of must-visit destinations. In this issue you will find an inspiring interview with the documentary makers from the Perennial Plate (Daniel Klein/Mirra Fine). We also share some hot film/photography spots around Kathmandu, Nepal and we tell you how we experienced traveling around Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, the islands of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in the Caribbean. Please feel free to contact us and share your travel photos, videos and stories. Safe and happy travels!

Johannes Oppewal CEO TravelTelly

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The diversity of

Argentina Did you ever visit Argentina, No? Then it’s time to put this country on your wish list! Even though it has been a couple of years, Argentina is high on our list of the most beautiful places we’ve been to. Starting with Buenos Aires.. a beautiful city with so much architecture and culture. Visit the famous neighbourhood La Boca with its colourful houses, check out the widest avenue in the world; the 9 de Julio Avenue, or just walk around the riverfront Puerto Madero.


Lighthouse in Colonia del sacramento, Uruguay

From here it is possible to take a ferry to go to Uruguay for a of couple of days, as we did. A nice picturesque city to visit is Colonia del Sacramento. After we spent a couple of days in Buenos Aires, a city where we could easily stay for weeks, we headed south for Patagonia where we were about to see one of the most beautiful things ever. If you have read our previous magazines, you know we love to film wildlife. In Puerto Madryn in Patagonia we filmed whales. Depending on the season, you can see whales over there and TravelTelly was there in the month November.


Whale in Puerto Madryn

Seeing and filming these immense whales made us feel very small. These animals are so massive and big, but yet so beautiful and elegant, it was really impressive to experience, plus we we’re lucky enough to make some awesome shots.

“I truly cannot believe that people are still killing whales in this day and age , one of the most impressive and most endangered creatures on earth, just for food and products.. it has to stop!” – Johannes Oppewal CEO TravelTelly Not only different types of whales, but also penguins, sea lions and killer whales (orcas) are often sighted around Puerto Madryn. From March till May the orcas approach the shores for their “intentional beachings” to hunt for sea lion cubs. Intentional beaching is a distinctive killer whale behavior and it occurs only in Puerto Madryn and only during this season. Read more about this amazing phenomenon on this facebook page:


The public transport is very good, especially traveling by bus. From Puerto Madryn we made our way to Bariloche (San Carlos de Bariloche), which is situated at the foothills of the Andes and is a major tourism centre. Bariloche is a small picturesque city and a place for people who love to ski or like to go on a trekking. And for all you chocolate lovers out there, this is the place to be! A nice place to stop after Bariloche is Mendoza (wine region). The region around Greater Mendoza is the largest wine producing area in Latin America. As such, Mendoza is one of nine cities worldwide in the network of Great Capitals of Wine, and the city is an emerging eno tourism (wine tourism) destination. So if you like to taste or buy wine, don’t forget to visit Mendoza. We went straight back to Buenos Aires, because we were heading for the Iguazu Falls the next day.

Bariloche Bariloche


Iguazu falls is situated directly on the border of Argentina and Brazil. TravelTelly only visited the Argentina side, and it was spectacular! (as you could have read in TT Magazine, issue 1). There are so many platforms from where you have a beautiful view and the perfect place to capture this overwhelming nature. Take your time, because around the waterfalls you can spot all kinds of wildlife including toucans, coatis and butterflies. Take care of your camera when you are close to the waterfall, or use a waterproof camera or waterproof gear when you want to make some up-close shots of the waterfalls. Using the GoPro can be fun for this!


La Boca Buenos Aires Argentina is truly a stunning destination to travel around and for capturing amazing images. From historical colourful buildings and the urban city life of Buenos Aires, to the amazing wildlife in Patagonia. And from pretty landscapes in Bariloche to one of nature’s beauties Iguazu Falls. Tip: remember that when you travel around the south of Argentina, Patagonia can be much colder than the north of Buenos Aires and Iguazu.

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Meet team TravelTelly Frank Keyner

What is your function within TravelTelly? I’m a cinematographer and editor and therefore partly responsible for the look and feel of our film productions. Name your top 3 of countries worldwide I had the opportunity to spend 6 months in New Zealand and really loved the friendly laid-back people and the beautiful nature. Japan was a big surprise for me when I was there filming for TravelTelly. The rich culture, architecture and the friendly but humble people made my stay truly inspiring. And as a big fan of snowboarding, I have to say Austria. But then again, I would love to hit the slopes in Canada, Lapland or Japan sometimes. Which culture do you love the most? It should come as no surprise that I have to say the culture in New Zealand. Their way of living, respect for nature and of course the MÄ ori with their rich mythology made my stay one I will never forget.


Filming in Dubai

What is the best part of your job with TravelTelly? Most people would say seeing the world and meeting all kinds of different and interesting people. And they are right, but that is just one of the perks. For me, it’s doing what I love. Filming, capturing beautiful moments and telling interesting stories for people to watch. Which place would you like to visit next? That is a difficult question, because there are so many places I haven’t been to yet. But the places that pop in my mind are South Africa, Finland (Lapland Region), Canada and Iceland.

Filming in Prague

Why should people travel and see the world? Don’t live in a box and look out of the window and realize you only live once. Everyone is different, every place is different and those experiences will make you a better person and make you realize that you shouldn’t take things for granted. What is your dream for TravelTelly? I hope the company grows to a point where we can produce interesting documentaries, travel videos, share experiences and maybe become a company where we can educate people to tell their own stories for the world to watch.

Frank filming in Japan 13 See our Cambodia video here

BARCELONA Stock footage We have more than 250 High Definition Barcelona travel stock shots online, which you can buy for your own travel agency or for your own production. Have a look at:

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Park G端ell, Barcelona


More than

250 HD

stock video shots from BARCELONA

BARCELONA Stock footage


Won ders

of Nature

Grand Canyon sunset

Grand Canyon, USA The Grand Canyon is one of those

canyon so spectacular, there are so

places that almost every person

many viewing points and different

dreams of visiting at least once in

places that you can check out, that

their lives. It is one of the biggest

it is never too crowded here. All the

canyons in the world and definitely

rock formations, different types of

the most famous one. Situated in

stones, the wildlife, the Colorado

the state of Arizona in the U.S.A, it is

River that cuts through the canyon

one of the most visited places in the

and the history of the Indians make

country by tourists as well as locals.

it an even more special place, a true

The canyon stretches for miles and

wonder of nature.

miles and this is also what makes the


Facts You can easily spend more than one

What: Grand Canyon, named by war

day in the Grand Canyon area, but if

veteran John Wesley Powell. The local

you don’t have that much time, the best time to visit is around sunset or sunrise. The colours of the canyon

Indian tribe calls the canyon Kaibab, which means ‘mountain lying down’. Where: in the state of Arizona, U.S.A.

are stunning around these times and they also keep changing every minute.

Facts: its average depth is about 1

Especially a hike to a lower part of the

mile (1,6 km); it ranges from 4 to

canyon is a great way of experiencing the full ‘ahhh’ factor of the Grand

18 miles wide (6 - 28km) and is 277 miles long (445km); it is the third largest canyon in the world

Canyon, as you will see the sun come up (or go down) behind the furthest


part of the canyon.

mammals, 250 - 300 species of





birds, 25 types of reptiles and five species of amphibians all live in the Grand Canyon. Including deer, bald eagles, mountain lions, coyotes and Californian condors. Highlights: sunset/sunrise at the world’s most famous canyon, hike down the canyon, helicopter tour, kayak down the Colorado river.

Grand Canyon, USA


Fishing boats at dusk in a small fishing village in Gujarat, India.

An interview with

the Perennial Plate Daniel Klein/Mirra Fine

Can you tell us a bit about the Perennial Plate and what it is you do? Mirra & Daniel: The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating. So, we travel the world exploring the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system. We film the people we meet and come back home and edit those films into short 5-minute documentary videos. Season One took place over a calendar year in Minnesota where every Monday for 52 weeks, we released short films about good food. In Season Two, we traveled across America. In our current season, we are travelling the world.

Fishing Nets at sunset in Cochin, India


Lunch of fish curry, dal and vegetables in a small home in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

How did you first come up with the idea of combining food, travel and film? Daniel: I first came up with the idea in 2009. As a chef and film maker I wanted to create something that combined those two passions. The idea of travel came in when we had finished our year around Minnesota and wanted to explore food and people around the rest of the country. So we spent 6 months in a car together, driving 23,000 miles and filming over 50 episodes. After that, the only thing left to do was to travel the world. And with the help of Intrepid Travel (our sponsor), we are able to do just that.

How did the two of you become a team? Mirra: We actually just got engaged! But as for how we met...we had both lived in NYC for a number of years but actually met in a cheese shop in Minneapolis in 2009. I was a cheesemonger and Daniel was making the charcuterie. We became a team when Daniel asked me to hold the camera while he butchered a lamb in our kitchen (episode 8). After that, he kept on asking me to help out until I became a full fledged part of the team. He taught me everything I know about film making, editing and camera work.

What is your favorite episode? Daniel: My favorite episode is probably “God’s Country.” It was a perfect example of what we were trying to do in Season 2. We wanted to share stories, but also interact with the families, sort of separate the filmmakers from the subjects. The family also ended up teaching us a lot—despite our huge difference in beliefs, we became friends.


Wedding festivities in Rajasthan, India

Mirra: Agreed. For the “God’s Country” episode, we spent two days living at the home of a Mennonite family of 10. I slept in the girls’ room, and Daniel in the boys’. We ate with them, milked cows with them—they even invited us to attend church. We really got to know them. Since then, we have been invited to two of their children’s weddings. I also really love the “Catfish Noodling” episode. For our videos from around the world, “For Udon and Country” had a similar feel to me. Shimizu San (the udon maker) sends us packages and emails on the regular, and I can’t wait to visit again. We’ve actually just recentely posted a video about this amazing tea farming couple in Sri Lanka who have the most touching and heartwarming relationship. I really love that video.

Have you come across any problems while filming in certain countries? In most cases, we havent had any trouble filming. The most difficult thing is researching stories in countries where you don’t speak the language and where many of the people we would want to film have no website or even a computer... so it’s hard to find those stories. But somehow, we do. And as far as filming local life, it’s different in each country. In Japan, you have to ask for permission before taking anyone’s picture. In China, if you asked someone if you could take their photo, they would say no. But if you just took the photo, they were fine with it. In India, people would see our cameras and run up to us asking if we could take their photo. They didn’t even want to see the picture, they just wanted to know that it was taken. 20

How do you put your episodes together? We come back from each trip usually with 2-3 TB of footage. We then go through all the film and separate all the good shots, get the content translated and find music. Once we start actually constructing the story of the video, the music is used as inspitation.

What type of camera do you use? We use the canon 5D Markiii because it takes absolutely beautiful footage, but it also looks just like a still camera (as it works as that too)... so we don’t look like a film crew, but instead, we just look like overzealous tourists. School Children in a small village in Rajasthan, India

What is the success behind the Perennial Plate? I think its successful because it is real. It’s just two people with a small camera going looking into the lives of an individual around the world. It’s not scripted or super polished. It’s more raw, and I think people can relate to that.

What kind of advice can you give fellow videographers about filming abroad and producing episodes? Be respectful of the culture and people around you, go off the beaten path, and don’t be afraid to try the food.


Travel Apps Every month, we will describe a couple of useful apps in this section.

GateGuru App Free (in the App Store and Google Play) – -Make a Beeline for the Best Airport Food and Shops You know when you’re at an airport somewhere and don’t know what your options are after the security check, when it comes to food, drinks and shops? GateGuru is your solution. Type in the airport and your gate number and the App will tell you where to go for food, stores or services. You can also see how other travelers rate these places and where you can get the best deal. Like free drinks in a bar or cheap steaks in a restaurant. Use it before you go past security, so you’ll know that you have to buy fruits before (for example), because there is no fruit stand near your gate.

The Weather Channel App Free (in the App Store and Google Play) – Know the Forecast The Weather Channel App tells you what to expect hourly throughout the day, as well as for the next ten days. You can use it to determine when to go to museums (on rainy days), when to reserve a cruise (on a sunny day), and when to hit places like the Eiffel Tower (when visibility would be good). You don’t have to miss 1 day of your travels with this App, because you’re always prepared for what’s coming.

Do you know a useful travel App we need to promote!? Mail us at 22

Thorny devil, Australia




Did you know‌ 1. That the thorny devil can collect water with any part of its body? It can collect water from sand and doesn’t have to find a real water source. For example, it collects water with its legs, which is then transported to its mouth.

2. That there are more than 1 kangaroo species living in Australia? The four largest kangaroos include the red kangaroo, antilopine kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo and the western grey kangaroo.

3. That the Tasmanian devil used to live on the mainland of Australia? Nowadays, Tasmanian devils are only found on the island of Tasmania and are an endangered species. They are one of the main tourist attractions of the island.


Boudhanath Stupa


K ATHM AN DU Walk through Kathmandu and become

Kathmandu was a lovely experience,

part of the lively Asian scene in a city

because you can really capture a lively

with many beautiful places to capture.

urban scene. Places you should visit for

If you ask permission, many people

filming and photographing are:

love to be on camera in Nepal. For us


Boudhanath stupa, One of the highlights you must film/photograph. the stupa’s

massive mandala makes it one of the largest spherical stupas in Nepal. This impressive stupa makes you want to capture it from every angle. Surrounded by many colourful praying flags that reach the top of the stupa, together with all the praying wheels around the can really get creative here. Go into one of the houses/restaurants to get a better view. Visit the Boudhanath stupa also at night and especially during Buddhas birthday, when the stupa is decorated with lights, to make your shot even more special.

2. Monkey temple (Swayambhunath stupa) Reaching the Monkey temple (claimed to have 365 steps, leading directly to the main platform ) is a difficult hike if you are carrying some heavy equipment and a tripod, but it is worth it. The monkey temple is atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, west of Kathmandu city where you have a beautiful view from the city. The Swayambhunath complex consists of a stupa and a variety of shrines and temples,


365 steps leading to the Monkey temple

Best Photo/Video


which makes for a great film/photography opportunity. The name Monkey temple is derived from the holy monkeys who live in the north-west parts of the temple, also fun to capture.


Durbar Square The plaza in front of the old royal palace of the Kathmandu

Kingdom. If you love to film/photograph local people, this is the place to be. It is also a famous sightseeing spot for wood carving. A very old Hindu text has described Kathmandu as the land of gods, surrounded by beautiful Hindu temples. Mainly trinity gods are found here like Brama, Vishnu and Shiva alongside Shakti temples. So if you like to capture people praying and temples, visit Durbar Square.


Thamel district The tourism district of Kathmandu. Its concentration of

narrow streets are lined with small shops which makes it a crowded, but fun place to capture a lively scene of Nepalese people together with all the tourists. Get

inspired by seeing the pictures that Sherry

from OttsWorld made in



Eco project of the

Month Trashy Bags Our bags are complete trash! The people behind Trashybags came up with the great idea of cleaning the African streets, while producing cool stuff and helping out the local people by creating job opportunies. The idea: By making useful and attractive bags and other products directly from the sachets that have been collected from the streets or kept for recycling we are: •Demonstrating that waste plastic can still be useful long after it has outlived its original purpose. •Using an opportunity to educate people in Africa about the dangers of land pollution and encouraging them to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. •Creating employment by paying for sachet collections, employing people to wash the sachets and then stitching them into bags. At our Accra workshop we employ over 60 fulltime workers.

Read more here 26

Ephesus, Turkey


Travel Gear and Gadgets The Capture Camera Clip Sometimes it can be really annoying having to carry your camera everywhere with you and keeping it ready to take shots at any time. Capture is an aluminum clip that will forever change the way you shoot. It lets you carry your DSLR directly on any backpack strap or belt, eliminating the need for a neck strap, sling, holster or bulky camera bag. Capture holds your camera rigidly, allowing you to be physically active without your camera swinging and swaying. - Works with all cameras – DSLR, Micro 4/3 and point-and-shoot - Quick-release locking action means you’ll never miss another shot - Weatherproof aluminum construction – guaranteed for life

The Capture Camera Clip $79.99 Pocket Jib Traveler The Pocket Jib Traveler is Kessler’s newest and most compact Pocket Jib designed for shooters that require an ultra-portable jib solution. The Pocket Jib Traveler is 27 inches in length when collapsed and has a circular travel distance of 72 inches when fully extended. - The Pocket Jib Traveler is completely self contained and does not need to be taken apart for travel - It also features drag control & locks, a rare feature in the ultra-portable jib category - A center-mounted camera platform makes camera mounting more stable - Its adjustable and sliding weight bar provide fine-tuning control and are removeable for lighter weight

Pocket Jib Traveler $599,95



ARUBA, BONAIRE & C U R AC AO through our

Island hopping at The Dutch Caribbean




destination was Curacao, which is the largest of the 3 islands.

camera lenses

Famous places to capture in the capital Willemstad are the

architecture of the

colourful houses along Willemstad’s harbor and you can take some amazing shots here! Watch the

diving video

we made in

Curacao here:

Lighthouse Aruba


Lac Bay Bonaire


Paris at Night

Dutch antilles



From Curacao we took the plane to Bonaire, which is only a 25 minute flight in a small airplane.

Bonaire is a smaller island than Curacao and is mainly known for its good diving areas. We took some amazing shots of a turtle when we were snorkeling. A nice way to travel around the island is by rental car. You can easily drive around the whole island in one day. A good place to stop is at Lake Gotomeer, which is situated in Washington Slagbaai National Park in the north. When driving across the island, make sure you look around you at all times, because you will discover many nice places you want to stop. And you will also see so many different kinds of birds, like parrots and hummingbirds.


Oranjestad, Aruba

ARUBA From Bonaire we flew to Aruba. Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid, cactus-strewn landscape. This climate has helped the tourism here, as visitors can (normally) always expect warm, sunny weather. Though when we arrived, a tropical storm was heading for the island... It wasn’t very bad and of course we took some cool stormy shots! Aruba is called ’one

happy island’ and when you look at the colourful

houses in the capital Oranjestad you will immediately get this happy feeling. Rent a car and drive around to experience the tropical island feeling of the white Caribbean beaches, rugged landscapes and local activities. Discover and capture the Caribbean islands with a happy feeling!



Tallinn old town

ABC ISLANDS The ABC islands are a great place to relax. Every island has its own identity and is fun to discover. Both the landscapes as the underwater world are well worth exploring. So if you want to do something more than just lay on the beach, combine these 3 islands in one holiday and enjoy the street scene, the culture, the wildlife and the stunning tropical surroundings. Go diving and make this a relaxed yet exciting holiday!


Travel Book of the month

Kata Tjuta

‘Down Under’ by Bill Bryson is one of the most fun travelbooks around and tells a personal travel story. Bill, an American, traveled to Australia to discover by himself why so many people love the country. On his journey he encounters deadly animals, strange Ozzies and extreme environments. But he also makes friendships, explores some amazingly stunning places and falls in love with Australia. It’s his way of writing that makes ‘Down Under’ such a good book. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Australia and know all the places Bill travels to, or if you are still planning on going to Australia, it is a fun book for everyone. When he writes about boogie boarding, where he almost drowns and gets killed by jellyfish, you won’t stop laughing. And even though the book is full of anecdotes and personal experiences, Bill also describes some of Australia’s history, from which you will definitely learn new things.

Down Under - By Bill Bryson $15.00


Photo/videographing wildlife

Dream Journey Seeing rare wildlife in their beautiful natural surroundings is an amazing experience and that is why one of our dream journeys is to visit the Galapagos Islands, to film creatures that we normally don’t get to see. For this we have chosen a 10 day journey with National

Geographic Expeditions, where they will take you on a boat expedition around several islands of the Galapagos. Stepping into the world of Charles Darwin and experiencing by ourselves that what makes these islands so unique (the fact that the animals here are not scared of people) is really true, would be an amazing discovery for us. Hopefully in the future we will get the chance to visit these amazing islands with their lava landscapes, white sandy beaches and green mountain ranges, even if it’s not with this spectacular NG trip. Trip highlights by NG The Galapagos Archipelago, Darwin’s living laboratory, is home to an abundance of wildlife. Isolated from the mainland for millions of years, it is that rare wilderness where animals have no instinctive fear of humans. Traveling aboard the National Geographic Endeavour or National Geographic Islander, experience up close encounters with unique species such as flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, and domed giant tortoises. Snorkel amid shimmering fish, sea turtles, penguins, and playful sea lions. Cruise to pristine islands and walk among colonies of animals and birds unfazed by your presence. Observe rare giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station. Explore the waters of the Galapagos by kayak, glass-bottom boat (Endeavour only), or Zodiac. Price Tag Costs for this NG expedition range between $5000,- and $10.000,- depending on the luxury you choose. More info:


Next month: USA

Chicago, USA

In the next TravelTelly magazine we take you on a trip through the USA. From New York City to Chicago and from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Places we filmed and that we would like to share with you! Do you have any travel tips for us? Please don’t hesitate to send them to

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