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SUMMER 2017 | ISSUE 04


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From The Editor 

From the Editor


t was great to see so many familiar faces and new ones at WTCE this year. I can honestly say that it has been a bit of a whirlwind since coming back from the exbo in Hamburg!

The team and I soon realised that we had so many new and exciting things to write about that we decided to produce a July issue instead of waiting until October. I am sure, like me, you have all at some time in your working lives suffered sleep deprivation when hopping onboard to get to that very important meeting that lasts a few hours, only to find yourself returning on another flight late that night, to get back at your desk half dead the following morning! Amenities wanted to explore how the industry addresses the age old problem of being ‘Sleepless in the Skies.’ In this issue some of the elements we look at are: what happens when we don’t have enough sleep, how it can be remedied and what’s on offer to help. I would like to thank all our contributors, with a special mention to Dr Russell Foster, for their help and expertise in producing this issue. Happy holidays!

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In this issue... TENDER LOVING CARE Time to step away from Tender and embrace more Loving Care!





Amenities speaks with sleep expert Dr Russell Foster to get to grips with jetlag and sleep onboard

EDITOR’S TOP PICKS We pieced together our favourite sleepwear products to create our ideal onboard comfort kit

FAD OR FABULOUS Long haul travel sleep aids - do any of them actually help?



22 25

David Cuellar, Director of Global Advertising at United, tells all about the airline’s new partnership with luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue


Saks Fifth Avenue


Spiriant work with Audi Industrial Design creating products promoting better relaxation and deeper sleep

IN THE SPOTLIGHT Features Editor, Lily-Fleur Bradbury, caught up with Cindy Lam, Director of Clip Limited, to get her perspective on the Industry and find out what inspired her to start her own company


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United celebrate their partnership with iconic New York luxury retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue, creating together a new amenity kit for the carrier’s Polaris international Business Class service that started to roll out last December. These kits, supplied by Linstol, contain everything travellers need to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and revitalized, and compliment the Saks designed bedding and pillows that are core aspects of the United experience.

AMENITIES LIBRARY Presents an elegant way to search and compare airline amenity kits. With over 250 beautifully photographed kits, profiled by cabin class, supplier and designer, it provides a valuable research resource. Check it out at

The News 

The Air Canada Café Kit won the 2017 OBH Awards for Best Onboard Textiles in the category for Premium/Economy/LCC Textiles. Supplied by WESSCO International

British Airways Gives Guests a ‘Great Night’s Sleep’ British Airways has partnered with product design specialist, Matrix, and leading luxury lifestyle company, The White Company, to launch the new Club World amenity kits to enhance passengers’ sleep experience onboard. The kits come in an elegantly designed bag from The White Company and contain products from the retailer’s ‘Restore & Relax Spa Collection’, as well as a supersoft jersey eye-mask, adding a layer of sky-high luxury. The new range, which aims to deliver a great night’s sleep in the sky, is part of the airline’s £400m customer investment plan. Later this year, customers travelling with Club World between Heathrow and New York JFK will receive a whole new suite of products including a new, elegant day cushion which will double up as a lumbar support, a bespoke, luxuriously soft pillow to enhance customers’ comfort, and lastly a super-soft woven blanket with satin trim and a specially developed luxury duvet to improve their quality of sleep, as well as a padded mattress topper.



Air Canada’s Comfort Kit The Air Canada Café Kit is available to purchase onboard for all passengers requesting additional in-flight comfort. As part of the kit, customers are provided with an ultra-light red fleece blanket for extra warmth, an inflatable neck pillow for neck support, and eyeshades and earplugs for optimum sleep. The kit also comes with a spacious microfibre bag which makes for a superb post-flight traveling cosmetic and grooming bag.

Christian Lacroix and Furla Onboard Air Astana FORMIA announces an extension to its existing commercial relationship with Air Astana, for the supply of in-flight amenity kits offered to the airline’s long and short haul Business Class passengers. The high quality amenities feature the world famous Christian Lacroix and Furla luxury labels, synonymous with fashion and style. The Christian Lacroix bags embody the spirit of the famous Parisian atelier, which is known for its flamboyant prints and bold use of colour, and feature the company’s signature butterfly pattern. The Furla female bag captures the Furla brand essence in a miniature version of the brand’s famous retail handbags, including the quintessential Furla gold zip pull.

The News 

Hayward and Hopper soars on JetBlue Mint

Melvita Debut Onboard EVA Air

Hayward Luxury and Hopper Goods will add a pop-art edge to their new custom-designed amenity kits on JetBlue Airlines by incorporating designs from contemporary California artist Alia Penner. The artfully adorned mens’ and womens’ kits supplied by Clip Ltd, include an assortment of personal care products and luxury travel items that will delight and refresh passengers on their JetBlue Mint flights.

Taiwan-based EVA Air is the first airline in Asia to offer Melvita products in the much-loved RIMOWA amenity kit that is being provided to passengers in their Royal Laurel Class cabins since the beginning of May. It’s a distinct brand collaboration brokered by SPIRIANT, which brings together the French organic beauty product line and the long-established German luggage manufacturer.

Origami Innovation Presented at WTCE for the first time this year, the X Form bag by Galileo Watermark is the perfect example of how a simple amenity kit can be elevated to produce something truly functional but equally beautiful. This origami-like bag is the first to market design in the airline industry and the innovative style will ensure it won’t be left behind post-flight. Its impressive construction enables the bag to be used as a volumetric cosmetic bag to house all the amenities in-flight but it can also be collapsed into a flat formation to store an iPad.



The News 

LEVEL - IAG’s New Long Haul Airline does Amenities LEVEL are one of the first to introduce an amenity kit to purchase onboard for its Economy Class passengers. The comfort kit includes a blanket, pillow and amenity kit all for a cost of €12. Premium Economy passengers receive a similar amenity kit free of charge.

Rehydration Rivalry! Recently both ‘Phizz’ and ‘Uppy!’ have been introduced to the onboard market. These rehydration solutions combine a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, designed to rehydrate and replenish you after a long flight. They’ve quickly become a firm favourite with cabin crew. Phizz is already available to First Class passengers flying Emirates. A tube of 10 Phizz tablets €5.64, a tube of 10 Uppy! €9.90. Let The Battle Commence!



The News 

The New Soft Duvet For Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc has partnered with Kaelis to design a new soft duvet for its passengers onboard. While designing the new duvet, Kaelis Design team carried out extensive research to find the best solution to match Royal Air Maroc’s cabin interiors and seats, ensuring both comfort and style.

The 3 in 1 Pillow Bayart Innovation has developed a unique 3 in 1 pillow. Thanks to microbead technology, this comfort item can be adapted to achieve maximum comfort for the passengers’ individual needs. Available for both adults and children, this product is offered in a range of designs and colours and we’re confident the koala design for kids will be a hit with the youngsters!

SPIRIANT Ties the Knot between Royal Jordanian Airlines and 4711 SPIRIANT has brokered a special brand collaboration between Royal Jordanian Airlines and 4711 House of Fragrances. A longstanding customer favourite, the classic 4711 cologne is now featured in the airline’s amenity kits. Royal Jordanian has been a big fan of the 4711 cologne since the early 70s, with the Eau de Toilette being in regular use in their aircraft lavatories until today. “It made complete sense to us to propose continuity from the lavatory to the amenity kits for Royal Jordanian,” said Michel Kuitems, Director of Sales & Product at SPIRIANT Middle East.



The News 

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Bedding Update

Spiriant tempts airlines with their new ‘Deep Sleep’ collection created for passengers to indulge in extreme comfort and quality deep sleep onboard. After all, in today’s world of travel, whether it’s a short or long haul flight, having a moment to relax and switch off is essential. Spiriant take sleep and comfort to another level executing attention to detail in every aspect of the ‘Deep Sleep’ collection, now it’s a race to see who will be the first to get their hands on it!

COCO– MAT onboard Etihad Airways Supplied by Wessco international

The White Company onboard British Airways Supplied by Matrix

❹ Auli‘ilani lehua” floral pattern by Sig Zane onboard Hawoiian Airlines Supplied by Wessco International

❶ PILLOW: The cover on one side of the

❸ COVERS: These are made from Tencel;

❷ DUVET/COMFORTER: This smart product

❹ MATTRESS: The mattress is made from

pillow is made of PCM material. PCM regulates temperature, absorbing excessive body heat, and dispensing heat when the temperature drops allowing for extraordinary comfort and excellent microclimate. has lesser filling at the bottom and more filling at the top part. It allows an ideal distribution of warmth so that the passenger is not disturbed by feeling too hot or cold.



a sustainable fabric regenerated from wood cellulose and thus, have a botanic origin. TENCEL® was given the “European Award for the Environment” by the EU due to its very low emissions during production. thin foam with a spacer fabric material made by a special production method which provides optimal thermoregulation and pressure release. Sasks Fifth Avenue onboard United Airlines


Tender Loving Care? With over 8 million passengers flying everyday, it’s no surprise that in the last few years, airlines’ aspirations to provide passengers with the best onboard experience whilst controlling costs, has grown proportionately with the need to out do their rivals. Airlines are tackling the issue of passenger amenities on masse, continually striving to improve standards in First, Business and Economy. However, it’s ironic that they go about doing this through the process of tender. Although it’s arguably cheaper in the long run, as airlines can pit suppliers off against one another to achieve their desired price, it can only result in microinnovation, limiting creativity and the potential to produce long-lasting solutions. The results can be, more often then not, the same old amenities with the same old stuff, lacking innovation, thought and cohesive branding. Here at Amenities, we believe it’s time to challenge the industry standards, encouraging airlines to invest more time and energy into developing solutions with a hands on approach.

Matthew Morgan, Head of the Matrix Innovation Team, agrees that through consultancy, rather than tender, the fruition of, ‘a closer relationship allows better flow of information and a more intimate knowledge of brand - companies like us can then spend more time researching, innovating and delivering in a more authentic way.’ Matrix has already proven this theory, with their extensive research into Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology which led to the creation of the HydraActive Sleeper Suit. It’s indisputable that if this had been through tender, there would neither have been the time nor consequently the creative space to develop such a long lasting and innovative solution. We must ask the question: Are the airlines the right people to dictate what the supplier should be offering? After all the suppliers are the experts

in this sector of the industry. Why not challenge suppliers with the problem and allow them to provide a solution. As we learn from Ian Linaker, Managing Director of Galileo, ‘By getting to the heart of these issues we are able to distil the brief far more effectively and truly understand what the pressure points are and how we can help alleviate certain problems.’ Admittedly old habits die hard, nevertheless we believe airlines should adopt a more consultative approach rather than that of tender, if they are to get ahead of the game in passengers’ amenities. Airlines should welcome change, giving suppliers the freedom to deliver true innovative solutions. So with revolution in the air, let’s step away from Tender and embrace more Loving Care! Lily-Fleur Bradbury, Features Editor AMENITIES MAGAZINE


Supplier of the




Amenities Speaks with Sleep Expert Dr Russell Foster to Get to Grips with Jetlag and Sleep Onboard Sleep is the biggest concern for passengers on long-haul flights, and yet no one really understands the drivers behind sleep on planes and jetlag. Inspired to tackle such a complicated topic, the Matrix Innovation Team, led by Matthew Morgan, have developed an exclusive partnership with Dr Russell Foster – who is a Professor at the University of Oxford and Director of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi). Matrix hope to revolutionize passengers’ sleep experience by working closely with the expert, exploring everything from lighting and temperature to nutrition and psychology, from three days before a journey to three days afterwards. Having heard Dr Russell Foster speak at WTCE, Amenities was keen to get down to the cold hard facts of how jetlag occurs and what airlines should

be doing to help minimize passengers’ jetlag and aid their sleep whilst onboard. As you can imagine, when it gets down to the nitty gritty of how jetlag occurs biologically, it can become a little daunting and potentially ‘lost in translation’ as technical terms start to come into play. Perhaps this is why airlines have never fully embraced the science of this fascinating issue. But Dr Russell Foster is convinced that education is a critical part of the solution and without it there could be some rather dangerous consequences.

JETLAG: THE BIOLOGY In discussing the biological factors of jetlag with Dr Russell Foster, we learnt that jetlag occurs when two

important biological timers - our biological clock (called the circadian system) and our homeostatic drive are driven out of synchrony or alignment. So what does this actually mean? Our Biological Clock is simply our body’s way of tracking what time of day it is. It anticipates and finetunes our biology to the varying demands of the day and night. So in anticipation of waking up, the core body temperature, blood pressure and the metabolic rate are all increased in preparation for activity, whilst at the end of the day these processes reverse in preparation for sleep. This internal clock works in conjunction with our homeostatic drive, or more simply, the body’s sleep pressure. Sleep pressure is the intuitive part of sleep; the longer you’ve been awake the greater the need to sleep, to allow the body to recuperate. Normally we AMENITIES MAGAZINE


Expert Advice 

fall asleep when the sleep pressure is high and the circadian system signals to the brain that night is approaching and the body is metabolically prepared for sleep. When these two drivers are miss-aligned jetlag occurs. For example, travelling west across eight time zones will mean that local bedtime in the new time zone will be morning in the old time zone. If you have been awake the sleep pressure will be high, but the circadian system will still be set to the old time zone and instead of helping you sleep your body clock will be waking you up! A similar miss-match occurs in night shift workers. The two timers are not synchronized and proper sustained sleep is therefore difficult.

IT’S ALL ABOUT LIGHT! As Doctor Russell Foster puts it, ‘It’s all about light”! A body clock is only useful if it is set to local time and the change in light intensity at dawn and dusk locks the internal day to the external world. Light is detected by the eyes, the eyes send messages to the brain and the brain adjusts your body clock to the external settings. To make things even more complicated, our biological clock consists of one master clock; the brain, which then



has to coordinate the rhythmic activity of billions and billions of individual cellular clocks scattered throughout the various organ systems of the body. The reason jetlag can be so awful is not simply because we may have shifted five, ten, fourteen hours, it’s because this hierarchy of clocks all become uncoupled. Metaphorically, after arrival in Australia, your brain may still be in Warsaw, your gut in Delhi, Liver in Cairo, and muscles in Bangkok. Recovering from jetlag requires that all these peripheral clocks re-align to each other and to the brain, but all these different clocks shift at different rates.

SO WHAT CAN AIRLINES BE DOING TO HELP THEIR PASSENGERS ONBOARD AND POST-FLIGHT? Now that we have a basic biological knowledge of jetlag, it’s clear that jetlag is a complex mix of fatigue due to sleep loss and badly adapted biology. Our hierarchy of clocks are miss-aligned to both the local time and to each other and this disruption of our biology can be potentially dangerous! Surely, if the well-being

of passengers is called into question, the airlines have a responsibility to keep them informed of the possible risks and to help mitigate some of the problems? Dr Russell Foster and Matrix certainly seem to think so, stating ‘Ultimately, airlines need to truly understand and genuinely address passengers’ number one concern – not just through brand partnerships, but rather a robust and scientifically proven set of best practices.’ Light plays an important part in our readjustment to a new time zone and can be used productively to minimise the effects of jetlag. Dawn light drags the body clock forward in time whilst dusk light shifts it later. All this means that you need to be careful about your light exposure when travelling longhaul. Prof. Russell Foster suggests that when travelling west you seek out light (as the time zone is behind); whilst when travelling east you avoid bright morning light and seek out afternoon light (as the time zone is ahead). With further development, airlines have the opportunity to establish an interior lighting system or amenity, that allows their passengers’ body clock to adjust more effectively to the time zone of their destination. Even by educating passengers with

Expert Advice 

this basic information, airlines’ could make all the difference to post-flight customer care. So the master clock adjusts as a result of light, but the other peripheral clocks in the chain are able to alter thanks to many other contributing factors which can most certainly be addressed by the airlines. One could imagine that, for those travelling Business and First Class, airlines could provide the option of serving meals in accordance with the time zone of the destination they are travelling to. They can also encourage their passengers, whether Economy, Business or First, to opt for high protein, slowrelease carbohydrate foods which keep your blood sugar levels more stable. Dr Russell Foster is particularly concerned by the lack of hydration offered to passengers on Economy flights and believes that a free bottle of water should be given out to each passenger, as rehydrating is essential while the body is going through such a severe physiological transition. High levels of de-hydration can cause serious problems associated with abnormal blood pressure, heart and brain function.

Body temperature can be more effectively controlled by airlines and some suppliers have even gone to the lengths of developing thermostatic bedding and sleeper suits. This, however, is only offered to the more elite passengers travelling in First and Business Class, who also have the ability to control the temperature of their personal space to their preferred level. When it comes to passengers travelling in Economy however, airlines make the mistake of increasing the cabin temperature, especially on early morning flights around 4am, when our core body temperature is at its natural lowest. By doing so, airlines are preventing their passengers from sleeping properly. Dr Russell Foster recommends keeping the cabin temperature slightly lower and providing sleep socks and mittens to hold in temperature without overheating and therefore maintaining the optimum temperature levels for sleep and preventing too much water loss from sweating. Dr Russell Foster suggests that even something as simple as scent association can improve the travellers sleep and airlines are missing out on a simple trick when it comes to the pillow sprays provided in amenity

kits onboard First and Business Class. Airlines could potentially send these sprays a few days prior to the flight for customers to spray on their pillows at home, so that when they use the spray onboard or at their destination, it has become associated with relaxation, comfort and familiarity. The sleep expert suggests airlines could take this one step further, by linking up with the key hotel chains to create a full sensory experience. For Example; sending the hotel’s scent to their passengers prior to the flight, giving the traveller the opportunity to pre-set the room temperature to their preference prior to their arrival, and instead of artwork on the walls, providing customers with screens which you can use to display pictures of your family on. You have then helped your customer to create a personalized sleep space by preadapting their room. It’s certainly something to consider for the future of traveller wellbeing. This, however, is something very much tailored to First and Business, so what can Economy travellers do as an alternative? Dr Russell Foster advises taking your own pillow from home, rather than using the nylon pillow provided onboard. Alternatively airlines



Expert Advice 

could recommend a familiar brand of pillow such as The White Company. It may seem far-fetched to invest in a luxury branded pillow, but if it helps you gain the appropriate sleep whilst onboard a long-haul flight, you could potentially help to reduce your fatigue and avoid over tiredness on arrival.

It’s clear there are some relatively simple yet effective measures that airlines can take to help their passengers reduce jetlag and achieve optimum sleep whilst onboard, but there is also key information that airlines should be sharing with their passengers for post-flight use.

However with alcohol being free for First and Business Class on long-haul flights, this could ultimately be a winwin situation for both the passengers and the airline. Another suggestion, made by Dr Russell Foster, involves airlines potentially teaming up with car companies such as BMW, who have developed and installed fatigue measuring devices in their vehicles. As Dr Russell Foster puts it, ‘If the brain is jetlagged, it’s so impaired it doesn’t realise how impaired it really is!’. Exercising caution, both with alcohol and by hiring a car with a fatigue detector, could make all the difference to your safety when you arrive vulnerable as a result of jetlag.

When it comes to alcohol, it would be sensible for airlines to recommend minimal alcohol consumption during the flight, particularly to those who intend to drive afterwards. Passengers may feel fine but with jetlag and the resulting physiological impairment, even low levels of alcohol in the body could make you more vulnerable. It’s a controversial point as it puts airlines’ duty of care vs their want to make money selling alcohol into the balance.

Another important piece of information that airlines should, without a doubt, be highlighting is the effect jetlag can have on your medication. While your body is going through the physiological effects of jetlag, in a different time zone, medication will not be working with optimum efficiency. Medications such as statins, antibiotics, diabetic medications and blood pressure all work differently at different times of day, so you




should therefore avoid the things that particularly aggravate your conditions. This is also true for mental health medications, indeed, jetlag and sleep disruption can increase the likelihood of depression or even psychosis in vulnerable individuals. With such serious matters of health and safety being brought into the mix, airlines’ duty of care towards their passengers could not be more apparent. Information is key and it’s time airlines took that onboard. Dr Foster goes as far to say that, ‘if airlines do not begin to consider solutions to help mitigate the impact of fatigue and jetlag and fail to make their passengers more aware of the possible dangers of long-haul flights, they could potentially face legal action further down the line.’ Dr Russell Foster could not highlight this enough stating, ‘If a passenger hires a car with alcohol in their system or excessive tiredness, without having been warned of the effects of jetlag, you could be facing a massive class action suit. The industry needs to wake up to the fact that there could be consequences!’ Thanks to the ongoing research and development of the Matrix Innovation Team and Dr Russell Foster, there is an extraordinary opportunity for airlines to improve customer care from the moment they book their flight, to when they reach their destination, making for an all-encompassing sensory experience achieving the ultimate level of passenger well-being. By understanding the science behind jetlag, airlines can not only develop long-lasting smart solutions to aid and improve passenger experience, but also capitalise on a great marketing and business opportunity. So watch this space, the future of sleep onboard is set to soar! Lily-Fleur Bradbury , Features Editor Special thanks to Dr Rusell Foster and Mattew Morgan, Head of The Matrix Innovation Team

We create exceptional products that set your brand apart. Inspired, developed and delivered through our award winning supply chain.


Editor’s Top Picks... We pieced together our favourite sleepwear products to create our ideal onboard comfort kit. Taking into consideration wear ability, practicality, design and comfort, we took a look through the plethora of sleepwear that we have accumulated over the years to present to you: The Editor’s Top Picks!


Emirates – Female 1st Class Sleeper-suit This sleeper-suit really impressed us! For a comfortable night’s sleep onboard the aircraft, Emirates has introduced the world’s first moisturising lounge wear designed for an airline. It is available in the First Class cabin on overnight long haul flights. In partnership with Matrix, the suits use Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology designed to keep skin hydrated during the flight.

Saudi – Female 1st Class Socks Developed by Formia, these super soft socks are part of Saudi’s First Class Female amenity kit. These breathable cotton socks almost feel chenille like in quality, a real hit with the team.

Emirates – Female 1st Class Slippers We love these luxury faux fur lined slippers from Emirates First Class Female; great for those chilly onboard night flights.






Saudi – Male Porsche 1st Class PJ Top

United, Polaris – Eye Mask

Saudi indulges their First Class Suite passengers with, not only amenity kits, but Porsche designed pyjamas from Formia. We especially liked the zip turtleneck long-sleeve shirt in soft fabric, with subtle Porsche Design branding, offering luxury comfort onboard Saudi Airlines.

We love this eye mask, created by Linstol for United Airline’s Polaris amenity kits. Made from knitted polyester, the design inspiration was to create an eye mask that simply felt more comfortable during extended use. The eye mask is moulded to better fit the shape of your face and has contoured cavities for each eye, great if you have long lashes!

Qatar – Male 1st Class PJ Bottoms We preferred these Qatar First Class Male White Company PJ bottoms because of their nonelastic bottom cuffs. Colours, style and fabric qualities are all taken directly from The White Company’s retail sleepwear, giving the passenger a true luxury experience.

EL AL – First Class Male Socks Developed by Harmony, Gate-group, these cotton socks, part of the First Class El Al Amenity kit, are designed for ultimate performance, keeping your feet comfortable throughout the flight. No worries moving around the cabin as safety is enhanced by means of a decorative anti-skid material.

Air France – La Premiere

Saudi – Male Porsche 1st Class Slippers Following the branding of Porsche, these slippers not only look good but are comfortable and easy to wear.

A special mention has to go to Air France’s La Premiere mixed high end sleepwear in cotton offered in a stylish reusable bag. The team loved the super softness of the fabric and the typically classic design.

Pillow Spray – United Polaris The team really loved this relaxing pillow spray from Cowshed supplied by WESSCO, for United Polaris. The unique blend of Melissa and Lemon Myrtle essential oils help relieve tension and stress, aiding peaceful sleep. AMENITIES MAGAZINE



Long Haul Travel Sleep Aids - Fad or Fabulous? Anyone who has travelled long haul in Economy Class knows that sleep is not easy to come by. As airlines across the globe cater to higher passenger numbers, seats are getting smaller, space is getting tighter, and the whole experience is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. However, passengers are hoping to hit the ground running at their chosen destinations, and this poses an obvious problem – how to arrive feeling your best when your travel experience has been akin to sardines in a tin can. Over the years, various companies have seen this as an opportunity to bring a number of products to the market that promise to ease this discomfort, and create the chance to sleep peacefully at 38,000 feet. Recently, more far flung contraptions have appeared, many of them looking more like torture devices 22


than sleep aids, but do any of them actually help? Or do they promise more than they deliver? Many regular travellers will be familiar with the inflatable neck pillow, a u-shaped, suedette plastic pillow that is supposed to ensure that your head and neck remain comfortable whilst sitting upright. Throughout the last decade or so there have been a number of variations on this theme, some inflating more, some being made of memory foam, and others with a variety of fabrics covering them. Nevertheless, I think that there is one thing everyone can agree on – they don’t work! The traditional plastic designs make your neck sweat, and the shape does little to support your head from ‘nodding’ as you attempt to negotiate yourself into a peaceful sleep.

There have been a number of reimaginings of this simple sleep aid, which primarily sits around the neck, and aims to support the head either at the sides or across the back. One such product is the TRTL SleepScarf – aimed at keeping the neck warm, whilst featuring a stiff insert to support the head and neck as you doze off into the land of nod. Of the more recent inventions – the Woollip, Nodpod, FaceCradle, and the Boeing patented ‘Cuddle Chair’ – most of them continue with the theme of supporting the head and neck whilst the passenger attempts to sleep. Some, such as the NodPod, attach to the airline seat around the headrest, using the weight of the head to create a cradle to rest the chin in. Others, like the Woollip, take advantage of the fold down tray table, allowing the passenger to use the


The PowerSiesta: an eco-friendly, compact ergonomic sleep solution designed by a rocket scientist. $19 launch price on Kickstarter

little extra space they have in front of them to rest their weary heads on an inflatable cushion with holes for the arms and face. There has even been a more environmentally and travel friendly version made of cardboard, entitled the PowerSiesta, which you simply take out your hand luggage, fold along the lines and place on the tray table. Travellers are constantly searching for that Holy Grail – the promise of a peaceful, comfortable sleep whilst flying Economy Class around the world. With this in mind, there will be more ridiculous products that make their way onto the market promising to change the traveller’s life. Arguably, it would be more beneficial for airlines

The Woollip is a frontal travel pillow inspired by portable massage chairs. Light, foldable and inflatable. $51.10 from Amazon.

The Nodpod claims to be a solution which recreates how you sleep in a bed but in an upright position. $39.99 from

to focus on what they are providing for their Economy Passengers? More often than not, the First and Business Class passengers are gifted with an array of amenities making for a restful journey, not mentioning the lie-flat beds, showers and fine dining menus that go with them. Maybe it is time for the airlines to take this opportunity to improve the well-being of their passengers, who don’t have the same expendable income as those that turn left when they get onboard. Economy Class passengers are the ones with the least space, therefore their need for airlines’ attention to their comfort is undoubtedly greater. They should not have to be spending more of their hard-earned money on extra products

that promise the world and deliver very little. With more people travelling than ever before, and an increased focus on mental and physical wellbeing whilst travelling, the responsibility surely falls to the airlines who need to think outside the box and start looking at smart solutions to improve their Economy Class passengers’ comfort and over all flight experience. With regards to the Boeing patented ‘Cuddle Chair’, Amenities hope that airlines will keep us informed as they battle it out to be the first to feature one of these contraptions onboard! Who knows, it might be the answer all Economy passengers have been waiting for!

The secret of the Trtl Travel Pillow is its internal support system to hold the head and neck in a better position than traditional travel pillows. $29.99

The FaceCradle Travel Pillow provides 5 modes of comfort, including the conventional neck pillow function called Dozing Mode. $51.50

Hayley Ingram, Editor




give well – live well® The purpose for b4® is to change lives through charitable giving. Created by Midway Advanced Products, b4® is committed to giving 50 percent of the profits from the sale for our unique wellness products to children-focused causes through The Midway Foundation. The Foundation has donated more than $3.2 million to 150 organizations since its inception. “During the financial recession it became really difficult to raise money,” said Jonathan Brinsden, CEO of Midway Companies. “b4® was born out of an idea of trying to create a product that in turn would produce a sustainable income stream to provide charitable giving.” The commitment to giving back to our communities is ingrained in the culture of the entire company. Midway Companies gives twelve days a year for each of their employees to volunteer. “We employ about 100 people and if you think about twelve days a year, that’s almost three and a half years of people’s time,” said Freels. “The work we do in the community is the most rewarding. We were given talents not just to make money, but to make an impact,” continued Brinsden.

b4® hand sanitizer - 100ml pump bottles, alcohol-free

Sleek and stylish b4® hand sanitizer cosmetic bottle in 100ml, alcohol free gel

Why hand sanitizer? “Hand sanitizer was a means to an end,” said Bradley R. Freels, Chairman of Midway Companies. “We were looking for a product that would be engrained in people’s everyday lives. Something they could support and know that every time they’re using it they’re actually changing a life.” b4® Hand Sanitizer is taking antiseptic to the next level. The alcohol-free, antimicrobial gel gives the consumer confidence knowing they are protecting themselves against germs, yet inspires an alternative approach to what has become a lifestyle discipline. The premium, spa-inspired packaging elevates the product to appeal to the most discerning consumer. With nothing else like it on the market, the new sleek pump bottle boasts clean lines with a sophisticated style that provides a luxurious moisturizing feel making it the perfect accompaniment to other luxury brand products. Not only are you delivering the very best product to your customers, but you are also changing lives.

 I have been very pleased with the inclusion of b4® hand sanitizer in the United amenity kit program. In addition to great exposure for a brand with a great cause, the b4® charitable mission is in-line with Linstol’s corporate social responsibility strategy and its desire to do good in the world.  Mark Russell, CEO of Linstol

“All things being equal, if you have the option to buy something that doesn’t have a specific impact versus buying something that does, people are going to choose the thing that makes a difference,” said Brinsden. “That’s the beauty of an idea in generosity is I think it has the capacity to always have an impact far beyond your wildest dreams.” give well – live well®



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United Airlines

Reach for the Skies!

United Airline’s new Polaris cabins have been a game changer in an amenities industry that rarely takes the risk! Their investment has meant that they are now the frontrunners of the ultimate guest experience, leaving airlines around the world playing catch up when it comes to passenger comfort. With the exciting launch of new products, dining suites, seats and amenity kits, Amenities Magazine took the opportunity to talk to Daniel Cueller, Director of Global Advertising at United, to find out how they went about fulfilling their dreams for their newly designed Upper Class cabins. Determined to make a statement, United found a niche in the market, offering something very special for their customers that had never been attempted before in the world of onboard amenities. Daniel Cueller, at United said, ‘It hit me that the luxury department store thing hadn’t been done on this scale.’ Consequently they set out to launch an exclusive, high-end, brand partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue; a globally, recognisable, luxury department store, that adds that sense of quality and sophistication to the products offered to their most discerning passengers. Not only do the Polaris kits, bedding and amenities feature Saks Fifth Avenue branding, but the partnership extends beyond

their onboard offerings, to their new Polaris Lounges in airports worldwide. What makes this United venture stand out from the crowd in particular, is the process in which United managed to secure the Saks Fifth Avenue branding. For years suppliers have held the monopoly on the market, growing relationships with brands across the world. United, however, were keen to break this time-honoured mould, and set about approaching possible brands for partnership themselves. They flipped the process entirely on its head, and Saks Fifth Avenue met the call. Daniel says, ‘They stepped up and provided a product at the price we were looking for. The first design they brought to us is what you see onboard.’ Daniel, is keen to emphasize that it is about what is right for their customers as well as the airline, ensuring that good quality and branding inspires the best of partnerships. So what better than a US brand for a US carrier? Now United are currently the only airline that

is licensed to carry Saks Fifth Avenue Products onboard, the relationship is theirs to cultivate, and they are hoping it will be a long term one. Having brokered a partnership with Saks, United approached the suppliers with the desire to realise their vision. According to Daniel, the suppliers were open and amenable to this way of working and provided essential guidance and help with the logistics of supply and distribution. ‘We consider them an offshoot of our own staff’, Daniel says. With the hopes of creating a true brand partnership, Saks and United were determined to become synonymous with one another therefore benefiting both individual brands. There is no doubt that they have truly succeeded in doing so, with the creation of the Saks Fifth window display stretching the length of their flagship Fifth Avenue store, dedicated to the United partnership. Featuring the inside of an airline cabin with the AMENITIES MAGAZINE


New Partnerships 

seats, and bedding on full display creates a validation for the Polaris product particularly aligning with such a recognisable, luxury brand. Where better to showcase your brand than Fifth Avenue, central Manhattan, home of the most competitive airline market in the world? Other important brand partnerships developed and launched by United themselves include their full complement of Soho House and Cowshed cosmetics. These brands have been seen onboard United for three years, pre-Polaris launch, and continue to feature in their kits. Daniel concedes there are a lot of great emerging cosmetic brands in the amenity market but they are staying true to their Soho House partnership. This particular coupling enables the airline to take customer care to a premium level offering perks to loyal customers, competitions for hotel stays, as well as corporate functions held in Soho House properties globally. United are keen to continue establishing their own brand partnerships as they continue to dream, create and realise their amenities offerings. Daniel admits that it’s early days in the Saks Fifth Avenue brand partnership, and that the possibilities are endless, ‘all ideas are on the table’. With the launch of such a big investment, it’s important to gain customer feedback before extending the branding too far. Luckily the partnership has had

United Polaris new Saks Fifth Avenue premium cabin kits



Soho House New York: Rooftop swimming pool

a wonderful response encouraging the team to move forward and bring into fruition some of the many ideas on their list. With such a strong connection to the Saks Fifth Avenue brand, the possibilities seem endless. Will passengers be seeing Saks shopping vouchers in their kits? Or offerings of Saks Fifth Avenue pyjamas? ‘We know that our customers would lose their minds if they could take home a pair of Saks pyjamas’ says Daniel. And with United wanting to replace their kits a minimum of every 6 months to keep things fresh, the current Saks kits will be replaced, as Daniel says, ‘they aren’t forever’. However, another Saks branded bag may make an

appearance again in the future. One thing is clear, this is a partnership that seems open-ended when it comes to ideas. Undeniably United have truly broken the mould with their re-vamp of their Polaris cabins with the Saks Fifth Avenue amenity range. ‘We set out to leap frog the competition’, Daniel says, and there is no doubt they have managed to accomplish that and so much more. However, they are certainly not resting on their laurels just yet, keeping a close eye on their competition as the industry strives to compete. ‘If we have to keep raising our game, then game on.’ And it is that sort of fighting talk that inspires innovation, development and exciting products for the best passenger experience! Hayley Ingram, Editor

United Polaris at Saks Fifth Avenue’s Iconic New York City Window Display

Cowshed, the premium spa and lifestyle brand of Soho House & Co.

Simple as Black and White A simple, elegant aesthetic and innovative design are united to create a perfect marriage of form and function. Linstol believes true creativity is finding inspiration in something as simple as the shape of a square. With this in mind, Linstol is uncompromising in its development and design process to create amenity kits that are in perfect harmony. United States United Kingdom Hong Kong China

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New Partnerships 

Sketch of the “audi Long Distance Lounge”, an interior concept for Level 5 cars.

Vorsprung durch Technik SPIRIANT works with Audi Industrial Design creating products promoting better relaxation and deeper sleep Sleep. It’s the epicentre of our wellbeing and the foundation block of the human hierarchy of needs. When we’re not well rested, we feel sluggish, confused and more worryingly, it can also lead to more chronic health conditions like heart disease. Long haul flying can often result in sleep deprivation, with the passenger shifting around trying to find that golden sleeping position that will let them get a few hours in before they land. But it doesn’t have to be as tricky anymore... SPIRIANT, leading airline equipment provider have partnered with Audi Industrial Design (the design studio of the Audi Group), to create three collections of premium onboard service equipment, which are mostly 28


geared towards comfort and that all-important good night’s sleep. The collections bring together futureoriented mobility and progressive design that gives travellers more time to do what they want to do: relax so they can arrive at their destination feeling rested and prepared for the day ahead. The collections are split into three parts, two of which are aimed at our sleep-searching travellers. Smart Comfort, which includes a sleeping mask with slots for flat headphones, so you can get some shuteye while drifting off to your favourite relaxing music. Relax and Recharge includes a rechargeable thermal cape, to prevent neck and back pain - a bugbear that’s guaranteed to keep you awake .The last collection is

Dine and Delight, which is aimed at making the onboard dining experience relaxing and comfortable. This is the first of a kind collaboration in the industry and a first step for Audi, who had never ventured into a partnership with an airline to date. It’s a truly innovative concept, as no one has thought as far ahead into interlinking how the psyche of the passenger is going to affect the future of mobility. That’s why SPIRIANT and Audi have created 11 new products that ensure flying doesn’t mean sleep deprivation; travellers can focus on qualities that replenish them like relaxing, eating and sleeping. The project has been a truly equal co-development, with both brands working closely to collaborate on

New Partnerships 

output of the partnership is premium products with a high quality touch, which is synonymous with both brands.

Rest scarf: Specifically engineered to provide optimal neck support, a removable pillow can be inserted. Offering the warmth of a scarf and additional neck support from a pillow especially for Economy Class passengers.

product design, with SPIRIANT having a greater hand in the technical part. With very closely linked brand values, Audi and SPIRIANT seem to talk in the same design language, a treasure trove in a partnership. Audi’s motto is ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (Advancement through Technology) and SPIRIANT are also valued for being a leader in innovation for airline equipment. With minimalistic design and technological advancements, the Thermo Pillow from the “Relax and Recharge” Collection provides relaxation on long-distance flights. The incorporated heat-emitting layer runs off a USB port and relaxes the traveller’s neck and musculature.

SPIRIANT are wellversed in the brand collaboration arena, with their award-winning amenity kits seeing them partner with everyone from Moleskine to La Prairie, L’Occitane and Clarins, including their one of a kind collaboration with Jacob Jensen and Lufthansa. This individualistic approach to addressing both the airlines’ and customers’ needs is exemplary of SPIRIANT, who focus on creating products that are tailored towards the individual, not a one-size-fits-all approach. “Business travellers need to be refreshed and without this opportunity, they risk not being on the ball for crucial business meetings”, said Grit Peschke, Product Manager Onboard Comfort. This mix of onboard comfort and luxury is putting the customer right at the heart of the in-flight experience. Excitingly, some products are ready to go airborne and can be manufactured now, which means they will be in-flight within a year. The quality and quantity of sleep that you need doesn’t need to be hindered by a long-haul flight. It’s well-known that lack of sleep can have serious effects on your health, judgment, mood and memory; all of which

Sleeping mask: Its smart design combines relaxation and listening to music at the same time.

are problems that can be avoided if airlines take their customer needs seriously and put sleep at the forefront of their values. By understanding that, SPIRIANT and Audi have brokered a forward-thinking and progressive relationship that is one step ahead in understanding the customer’s physical and mental needs, resulting in the customer feeling more cared for and special, so they are more emotionallytied to their in-flight experience.

Slipper socks the solution for passengers with cold feet. It takes not more than two actions to transform a flat-folded band of cloth with a sole into a comfortable shoe.



The 2017 TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards The most prestigious awards in the onboard hospitality sector

Save the date

Tuesday 10th April 2018

Keep to request your entry pack : Please Save the Dates

Entry closes on 10th December 2017 2017 Shortlist Announced on 25th February 2018 Awards Ceremony 10th April 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg

“Airlines that win a “Gold Seal” at the TravelPlus Awards enjoy international accolades and ‘Star-Status’ ratings for offering their customers the very best-inclass design and quality of Amenity Kits.” Jennifer Coutts Clay, Author, Jetliner Cabins: Evolution & Innovation E-BOOK APP “The Awards ceremony itself is possibly the best networking opportunity in the industry, attended by industry leaders, luminaries and media”. Wolfgang Bucherl, Managing Director, Skysupply Gmb

Early Bird Ceremony Tickets now available book online at




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In the Spotlight Features Editor, Lily-Fleur Bradbury, caught up with Cindy Lam, Director of Clip Limited, to get her perspective on the Industry and find out what inspired her to start her own company. So Cindy how did you come to work in the Airline Amenity Industry? Was it something you knew you wanted a career in? It was actually a case of being in the right place at the right time. I moved to Belgium with my partner, and was fortunate that they had a job lined up for me at Sabena Catering, which was part of the SAir Group. However, shortly after I arrived, the whole SAir Group collapsed. No more SAir Group; No more Sabena. Thankfully, being in the right place provided me with an opportunity to join Dester, where I was responsible for the development and sales of all the Harmony products within their amenity kit portfolio for the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe! That’s where I started in the amenities and inflight equipment industry!

I wanted to spend the rest of my professional working life. Knowing the market and understanding the ‘ins and outs’ of the inflight product business, and with Helios disappearing from the industry, I was inspired to dive in and start my own company - which was a wonderful opportunity to fill the gap in the market. How did you go about ensuring that Clip had a strong design ethos? When I started on my business plan, I spent quite some time thinking about what we wanted to achieve, how we wanted to be perceived and where we wanted to position ourselves

in the inflight market. I specifically didn’t want to hire designers from the industry and so I approached a design team based in Lausanne, Switzerland, who not only work as a design studio but are also professors of design at Ecal, one of the top design schools in Europe. Our design partners are an exclusive trio designing under the studio ‘BIG-GAME’. They have worked with international brands such as Alessi, Nespresso, Muji, Opinel, HAY and many more. We have Augustin Scott de Martinville (French), Elric Petit (Belgian) and Gregoire Jeanmonod (Swiss). Combined together, they have a unique perspective on design different to that of the airlines, and

What inspired you to set up Clip? I was working for Helios when Dester (part of Gate Group) acquired it in 2012. Having worked for both Gate Gourmet and Dester, I knew the corporate culture of both well. I had spent almost seven years at Helios seeing the dynamics of a small entrepreneurial company being very agile and flexible, I knew that this corporate world was not where

Cindy Lam presenting the raffle prize at the 2016 TravelPlus Airline Amenity Awards



In the Spotlight 

so through amalgamating design expertise with industry expertise, we have the freedom to approach projects from a far more refreshing and innovative angle, which I think gives us the edge over our competitors. What sets Clip apart from other suppliers? I don’t really see us competing Ricebowl Republic Amenity Kits for Hong Kong Airlines with speciality amenity companies. For me, our we are essentially a start up company. strength is that we work together Some of the airline quantities are with airlines to create comprehensive massive, and because we have to inflight equipment portfolios, inclusive pre-finance everything, the financial of design and branding, reflecting consequences could be dire if you each cabin class appropriately. A lot choose to accept a contract perhaps of airlines need that support as they bigger than your balance sheet can don’t all have full teams of people cover. Another big challenge has been who can address these elements timing and scheduling an effective and deliver special, smart solutions business plan in correspondence with to fulfil the airlines’ needs. There are that. The airlines will not tender until not many companies who do what their contract is coming up and if you we do, therefore we have very few miss that you have to wait for another competitors. Of course, amenities are two years or more, especially when it still an important part of our portfolio, comes to onboard equipment. If you and we have customers where we miss that opportunity, you have to have been working in a very unique be very patient. But the good news way by matching the brand to the is that there are so many airlines and right airline. That’s really important for they are all trying to outdo each other, us. It’s essential the airline and brand whether it’s aircraft types or aircraft share the same sort of DNA otherwise interiors, and when that happens, it doesn’t work. For Example; the with a new aircraft introduction, most partnering of Hong Kong Airlines with airlines work on new equipment Ricebowl Republic. The kits we have concepts to upgrade their offer. That’s produced are fun and surprising, the dynamic of the industry; it’s everand it’s a Hong Kong brand so it changing! People ask me why did you has truly captured the spirit of Hong come back, but you know it’s a very Kong Airlines. special industry and once you’re in, it’s hard to leave! What have been the biggest challenges of setting How have you seen the industry up your own company change over the years? within the industry? I think brands have definitely become I think the challenges of entering the more dominant compared to 10 -15 years ago. At the very beginning, industry is making sure you have the I remember in the mid 90’s, I think right resources and financial support. Cathay was one of the first to have Sometimes we are selective with Crabtree and Evelyn onboard. That which airlines to work with, because 32


was a really big deal, because airlines at that time did not brand the bags with the same skincare brand! Since then and over the years, the dynamics have changed dramatically, where in the past you had many big fashion brands, now you see more speciality and diversified brands onboard, and not only in First and Business but also in Premium Economy and Economy Class. Whether that’s right or wrong, it’s great when it’s done effectively and there’s a perfect match, but if it’s not done well then it ends up diluting the airline and the brand’s image. The problem with some brands is that they’re not even in charge and give control to licensing companies who are just saying yes to their partners. There is a lot of pressure on airlines when it comes to brands, to continue to surprise and provide something more upscale and prestigious. I think, of course, when you do have a brand on your bag it does add more value to the perception of that product. Where do you see the future of amenities? I think in general the trend of brands will continue because it’s so competitive! Certain brands realise the high level of exposure they have when placed onboard. In essence, this will continue and everyone will try and out do each other by bringing new brands to the industry. I hope there will be more brand alignments rather than brands thrown out there for the sake of it. The future I see is suppliers finding even more niche brands to work together with the right airlines on really special developments which aim to create unique experiences for the passengers’ time onboard. That’s how we have to try and set ourselves apart.


In-Flight Meditation, will it take off? In the past year, a number of airlines have started to promote in-flight meditation for further relaxation onboard. In partnership with the meditation app ‘Headspace’, British Airways are now installing versions of its soothing instructional videos on its in-flight entertainment system. Passengers are offered nine individual tutorials, each no longer than ten minutes, designed to help find inner calm and overcome anxiety during turbulence. They also promote a good night’s rest, whilst reducing the impact of jetlag on arrival. Virgin Atlantic is unarguably ahead of the game, having started offering ‘Headspace’ since 2011. They have now taken this a step further, treating Upper Class Travellers with hot towels infused with De Mamiel aromatherapy oils. US Delta Airlines have gone to the lengths of developing their own in-flight meditation app ‘OMG I can Meditate’ to encourage customer well being and comfort, which passengers can access via their seat back screen. With some top airlines taking passenger well-being to the next level, we’ll be keeping an eye on the onboard meditation scene. Who knows, maybe airlines will start to host Bikram Yoga sessions at 38,000 feet!

We’re Recruiting Due to our rapid and exciting growth in the Airline sector Matrix are looking to recruit some key positions to join our experienced team. Based in our Clapham, South London Head Quarters, you would be joining our award-winning team and working on some of the most exciting projects in the world of airline. Please send your CV to Closing Date: July 31st. Client Services Director Your role would be to manage the head office team of Account Managers delivering all goods and services that Matrix supply across the airline area, from pyjamas and amenity kits to consultancy advisory services. Middle Eastern and Australian airline experience as well as a good understanding of supplier requirements are essential. Salary between £60-70K. Account Director You will be expected to manage your own client relationships and to spot new opportunities while maintaining high service levels. You will be responsible for some product development and generating new ideas for your clients with the support of our Creative and NPD Teams. You will have line management responsibility. Salary between £40-50K. Account Manager Working closely with the Client, Matrix team and our global supply chain, your role will be to deliver the agreed critical path for all Airline products including stock management. You will be managing projects from conception to delivery, communicating at all levels both internally and externally. Attention to detail and accuracy are essential in this role. Salary between £25-35K. AMENITIES MAGAZINE


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