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16th Annual Latin Grammy ®

Natalia Lafourcade

Ricky Martin

Alejandro Sanz

Enrique Iglesias Maná

Los Cabos Childrens’ Foundation

Fred Ducketts’ 10th Annual Challenge

Baja explodes with flavors in fine-dining Scene TOP SIX

Personally tested by our Editor-in-Chief

Wellness Re-boot

at Coral Marina ENSENADA

20th Annual Golf Tournament

Developer’s Association of Los Cabos

The Magic of Golf in Mexico

Greg Norman

Cabo Wabo

Here’s How It All Started . . .

Fiestas de la Vendimia

Noche de Cofradia

Valle de Guadalupe

Lewis Hamilton Celebrates at the One&Only Palmilla

@ the One&Only Palmilla

2016-2017 Annual Collectors’ Edition Featuring the Best of Baja !
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ON THE COVER Enrique Iglesias Photo by LatinVasion BTSWEEPSTAKES @theOne&Only Palmilla Annual Collectors’ Edition Baja 16 Annual LatinGrammy Lafourcade Ricky Alejandro Enrique Iglesias Maná Annual GolfTournament Developer’s Association Cabos Magic Golf Mexico Greg Norman Cabo Wabo Here’s Started Fiestas de Vendimia Lewis Hamilton Celebrates One&Only Palmilla Noche de Cofradia de Guadalupe at Mari ENSENADAWellness -boot Los Cabos Childrens’ Foundation Ducketts’ 10th Annual Challenge Baja explodeswith flavors fine-diningScene TOP Personally tested our Editor-in-Chief FEATURES 17th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS' EDITION 16 Sylvia Mendoza Recipient of Our Very Own Pulitzer Prize! 18 Our Marketing Campaign Present at Celebrity Eventsincluding Print, Video, Radio, TV and Social Media – all year long! 40 Enrique Iglesias Loves Baja! Cover Story: One Of The Best-Selling Artists Ever 44 The 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards® 46 Top 6 Los Cabos Restaurants Our Editor-in-Chief tested all of them for culinary excellence 50 A Decade of Ducketts at Querencia A Magical Night! 54 Noche de Cofradia The Perfect Union in Wine Pairing 56 Los Cabos Developers’ Association Annual Golf Tournament 60 Los Cabos Film Festival 63 HIGH PROFILES Movers and shakers who make the Baja peninsula the unique place that we all know and love. 64 Genaro Ruíz 66 Ron Hatfield 68 Raul Petraglia 70 Fernando Favela-Vara 72 Gustavo Ortega 74 Tavo Vildosola 90 Successful Women in Baja Four amazing women, whose backgrounds are as varied as their career goals. 92 Cristina Romero-Peri 94 Janet Jensen 96 Cristina Artigas 98 Araceli Ramírez 104 Grand Hotel Tijuana Celebrates its 30th Anniversary 114 The Health Quest at Hotel Coral Marina in Ensenada 118 Fiestas de la Vendimia Awakening The Senses 120 El Dorado Shootout 11th Annual at the EastCape 122 The Concierges of Baja “Providing Service Through Friendship” 138 The One&Only Palmilla Reborn, Refreshed – Reinvigorated 144 The Cape A New Standard in Los Cabos Luxury 142 ME Cabo Captures the Essence of Fashionable 146 #the New Cabo Yésica Pineda Moreno writes about the renewed creative spark that awaits you in Los Cabos 154 Todos Santos the Total Family Vacation SEA OF CORTEZ BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 6
DEPARTMENTS 17th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTORS' EDITION 14 Publisher’s Note 20 Contributors Part I 22 Contributors Part II 24 Contributors Part III 26 Baja’s Latest: Villa One in Los Cabos by Paulina Berkovich 28 Baja’s Latest: Fish Therapy Los Cabos by Yésica Pineda Moreno 30 From our Yoga Editor The Benefits of Yoga by Gaby de la Rosa 32 BajaTRAVELER® Sweepstakes Enter the Sweepstakes for a weekend at the One&Only Palmilla 34 From our NightLife Editor The Cabo Wabo Cantina by Sammy Hagar 36 From our Golf Editor The Magic of Golf in Mexico by Greg Norman 38 From our Wine Editor A Journey of Mexican Wine by Luis Miguel Auza 76 ART: Tanya Talamante Stacie Gottsegen interviews the amazing artist… 80 Financial Massimiliano Sulpizi tells us about Managing a Business for Growth 82 Financial Karie J. Boyd tells us about the Intersection of Cross-Border Divorce 84 Real Estate B.C. Rudy Valdes tells us about the Real Estate Market Perspective in B.C. 85 Real Estate B.C.S. Christopher Miller tells us about the Real Estate Market Perspective in B.C.S. 88 Philanthropy Los Cabos Children’s Foundation Changing the world, One Child At A Time! 157 Social Circles View photos from the various social events that attracted our attention! 168 Just Back From Mexico Karin Leperi talks to Lewis Hamilton about Mexico THE ONE&ONLY PALMILLA BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 8

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17 BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 12
MEX 1800 508 4322 | 877.793.8527 US THOMPSONHOTELS.COM A side of Los Cabos you never knew existed.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Travel is a gift we give ourselves…

To see the what is happening beyond our doorstep, to understand different cultures, to see how society and the planet is changing. Travel opens our eyes and gives us greater insight into the world, as well as into other cultures. I know it has made me a wiser, more understanding human being and, yes, even more appreciative of what I have.

As editor of this publication, I hope you will share with me the desire for travel, especially to Mexico – an exceptionally rich travel destination with much to offer, especially the cuisine. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been doing a great deal of traveling across the peninsula. Please read our article on the Top Six Restaurants in Cabo starting on page 46, where we personally visited each one of them. They all amazed us, especially my favorite, “Seared,” at the One&Only Palmilla.

It is impressive to see how Baja Sur united after Odile swept half of the town away, back in September 2014. The entire state seems to have returned stronger than ever before. There is an enormous amount of investment going on in Cabo, where 3,900 hotel rooms are expected to open over this and next year, as well as many home developments.

As we celebrate our 17th anniversary, we hope you will, once again, enjoy learning about the beautiful settings, as well as meeting Mexico’s movers and shakers, and feel the same glimmer of optimism that we have about the future for both Baja California and Baja California Sur.

I am so pleased and excited over our cover presenting Enrique Iglesias – I hope you all love it too. With overall sales surpassing 100 million albums worldwide, he has proven himself to be one of the best-selling Spanish artists of all time. Thank you, Enrique, for granting us an award-winning cover!

We also celebrate the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation for their amazing work of changing the world One Child at a time. We continue to be delighted to have Greg Norman, with his boundless knowledge, edit our Golf section. We are also grateful to Sammy Hagar for continuing to be our NightLife editor. We gladly welcome two new editors, Gaby de la Rosa on Yoga and Luis Miguel Auza on wine. We’re also featuring Lewis Hamilton, who loves Cabo – and the One&Only Palmilla.

Please read the articles on the One&Only Palmilla and ME Cabo, which recount how they are stronger than ever after Odile; and on The Cape – one of Cabo’s newest resorts. Furthermore, for those looking for an affordable retirement home, there are incredible opportunities in the real estate market. Baja has much to offer, including areas where the purchasing power of the dollar buys more than ever before. Do read the Real Estate editorial by Rudy Valdes on page 82 and Christopher Miller on page 83.

Finally, I wish to thank my wonderful staff – writers, photographers, assistants and designers, and a very special thanks to Kim and Mario, who put their heart and soul into the design of this issue, as well as the website. This magazine would not be possible without all of your truly top-notch talents. And, a special thanks to the advertisers and readers of BajaTRAVELER® Your endorsements and support have been heart-warming and comforting during these past seventeen years.

The Warmth and Beauty of Mexico Await You!


Pulitzer Prize2016

“Island living was simple, beautiful and grounding,” says Sylvia. “I can still close my eyes and picture the serenity I felt in each of the islands. It washes over me and calms me.” While it was difficult leaving extended family behind in mostly California and Texas, watching her parents embrace new adventures while holding onto tradition helped Sylvia take note. “It’s amazing to think my parents left their little hometown in Texas without looking back,” says Mendoza. “It couldn’t have been easy, but with their attitude and optimism, they opened up an incredible gift to my brother and me.”

It was this appreciation of diversity and thirst for knowledge of new experiences that led to Sylvia’s passion for storytelling. The combo led her to write professionally, earning bachelors and master’s degrees in journalism along the way. Firmly believing that every person has a story to tell, writing profiles and features stories – people stories – became her passion.

When she wrote The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength, and Success, it changed her life. “I was inspired and humbled by the women I researched and some that I was lucky enough interview. I wondered if I was doing enough with my life, just by writing. With a lot of reflection, I came to peace knowing that writing was my calling, my purpose.” The book went on to be selected for the 2007 Collection for California High Schools and won first place in the “Best Women’s Issues” category of the 2013 International Latino Book Awards.

Sylvia Mendoza

Our very own “Pulitzer” prize is presented to Sylvia Mendoza for her dedication to Traveler Publications. Traveler Publications has been promoting the Best of Mexico in its annual glossy presentations and distributing them all over the world for the past 17 years.

Sylvia has served as Senior Editor for Traveler Publications for the past five years. An award winning writer, growing up a Navy brat, Sylvia lived in different versions of paradise like Hawaii, Guam, San Diego and – later in life –Puerto Rico. Through all those travels and more over the years, she found peace in tropical weather, soothing beaches and in the magnificence of the ocean’s temperament. Being uprooted as a kid, her constant sources of entertainment and comfort were reading, writing in diaries, learning about different cultures, and the fine art of people watching.

Sylvia also teaches journalism and media studies at the college level, promoting the power of the written word. She wants young people to know their voice matters. “If you can write well or express yourself well, your perspective can be heard – and you can succeed at just about anything.”

This belief affected her three children. All are college educated, are extremely good writers, musicians with their own passions and a sense of wanderlust. She hopes they continue along that path.

Now an award-winning journalist and author, Sylvia knows that the serenity she feels from tropical beaches also comes in waves from writing: writing articles inspires her, writing non-fiction educates her and writing women’s fiction frees her.

Her next big adventure will take her to Italy for a summer writer’s retreat where she will work on her latest novel. When she has to get away from her computer and get the blood flowing, running near beaches is her favorite stress release. Spin classes, salsa dancing, live music, and dreams of more traveling can also do the trick – but she always comes home to San Diego, her peaceful haven – for now. BT

“Traveler Publications would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for the devotion of Ms. Sylvia Mendoza.” ~Mayté~
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 16
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Our marketing campaign continues going STRONG…

Our promotion can be found all across Baja… and at Celebrity Award events in the U.S. – and ALL Mexico related events throughout the U.S. ... as well as on board Airplanes, Private Jets, VIP Airport lounges & Airports, Marinas, Gift Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, and on Billboards – all year long!

On this page, Anneke and Merrell Simonsen with their sister Capri Cordasco enjoying Baja...


Born and educated in England, Pat Tyson traveled around Europe, lived for a year in Lausanne, Switzerland, perfecting her French. In search of a new life, she moved to the United States in the early 60s. Landing in Chicago, she worked for two large advertising agencies, then later moved to San Diego where again academia called and she earned a master’s in telecom and film at SDSU. She taught college journalism 10 years, as well as joining San Diego Home/Garden magazine when it was first published in 1979. As Executive Editor, Pat has written for Traveler Publications since the beginning in 1998, traveling to many wondrous spots in Mexico to write about them. The journey by train through the spectacular Copper Canyon was unforgettable; the dolphins cavorting around the boat in the Sea of Cortés – thrilling! She has never ceased to be enchanted by the people, cuisine and scenic beauty of Mexico. She is now living in North Carolina… and enjoying her kids and grandchildren.

Pat was awarded the B.T. Pulitzer prize in 2011.

Karin Leperi

Karin Leperi is an award-winning writer and photographer with an admitted passion for diverse cultures and the natural environment. With specialties ranging from travel, cuisine and culture to entertainment, natural resources and the environment, she enjoys crafting her words and articles around images of people and places. Karin has been a Traveler Publications Associate Executive Editor for almost thirteen years now and is excited about the growth and diffusion the magazines have attained.

Karin was awarded the B.T. Pulitzer prize in 2012.

Beth Purcell

Beth Purcell has a Masters degree in Latin American Studies, and delights in both reading about and traveling to all parts of the region. She has traveled extensively in Mexico, from summer-long stays to study Spanish in Guadalajara, to long weekends in Los Cabos – she loves it all. Oaxaca, Tulum, and Zihuatanejo are three of her favorite spots, and a month-long Mexican yoga retreat is about the best thing she can imagine. Beth is the editorial director of a medical publishing company, and has written various health and lifestyle pieces for travel magazines and websites such as Travel Hat, Mexico Traveler, BajaTRAVELER® and more. Mexico is a subject that Beth loves to write about, as its beauty and slower pace of life are two things she greatly values. Beth has written for Traveler Publications for over 15 years.

Beth was awarded the B.T. Pulitzer prize in 2013. Beth is pictured here with her beautiful daughters; Anneke, Merrell & Capri.
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 20
7577 Air way Road, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92154 U.S. Tel (619) 777-8909, BRINGING GOODS INTO MEXICO? WAREHOUSE • TRANSPORTATION • IN-HOUSE MEXICAN CUSTOMS BROKER PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES... T H I S I S W H AT W E’R E AL L ABOU T! “Our mission is to treat our valued customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. Over 30 years experience!” ~Monica~

Rick Stedman

Rick Stedman is an experienced freelance writer and editor from Yakima, Washington. He’s traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe, and has lived in Africa and the Middle East. A regular visitor to the Baja region, Rick has written numerous golf and travel features for a variety of publications, including RV Life magazine, The Oregonian, Golf Online, Marine Digest, Snowshoe Magazine, Visit Los Cabos, Best Places Northwest, and Your Health. When not traveling or writing, Rick loves to read, golf, and snowshoe. Rick enjoys writing for Traveler Publications! Rick won the B.T. Pulitzer Prize in 2015.

Sylvia Mendoza

Growing up a Navy brat, Sylvia Mendoza lived in Hawaii, Guam and later, Puerto Rico – and had the opportunity to vacation in different countries. Even though she loves coming home to San Diego, she has always been intrigued with different cultures, traveling, and storytelling. As an award-winning journalist for a variety of publications, Sylvia believes in the power of the written word and that every person has a story to tell. For magazines like Mexico Traveler® and BajaTRAVELER®, her passion is writing feature stories and profiles that bring out the best of people. Sylvia is our current B.T. Pulitzer Prize winner.



Stacie Gottsegen is a television producer, writer and culinary junkie. She began her career at NBC Burbank with BajaTRAVELER® publisher Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo. Their bond was sealed the day they put on their navy blue page uniforms. Stacie is also a senior news and talent producer for entertainment and news magazine programs. A native “Angeleno” known for her calm demeanor and her sense of humor, Stacie lives in Brentwood, California with her fiancé Gregory Gieras and their adopted cat, Esme. Stacie is thrilled to be contributing to both BajaTRAVELER® and Mexico Traveler® as the “Celebrity” Correspondent – and soon for WorldTRAVELER®.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 22

Mario is currently studying at San Diego State University and working for his undergraduate degree… As if this wasn’t enough, he is working part time at Traveler Publications and helping out in every aspect of the business –primarily in the accounting, art and editorial departments… How he manages to get so much work done – is impressive! We are extremely grateful for all the long hours he contributes and we can’t wait for him to be with us full time. His latest passion – continues to be – his F800R BMW.

Paulina Berkovich holds a master's degree from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism. A native Russian speaker (but lifelong Midwesterner) and former student sportswriter, she works as a marketing analyst but enjoys writing about her travels and food experiences. Paulina just started contributing articles for this issue… please read her “Villa One” feature on page 26. She’s happy to be part of our staff and continue writing about Mexico.

Kim, referred to as “Kimmie” by friends and family, has always found great pleasure, fantastic fun, delectable food/drinks and long lasting memories while visiting various areas of Baja. She adores the quaint and colorful village of Todos Santos and simply acting like a carefree, vacationing tourist while visiting her next favorite Baja hangout, San José del Cabo. Kim currently has a boutique graphic design company in lovely Oceanside, California. Previously, she had worked for several large Southern California ad agencies before finding a happy home with the BajaTRAVELER®

Mario Gabriel Rodríguez Kim Cuffe Paulina Berkovich
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 24



Imagine watching Cabo’s breathtaking sunset with margaritas and Mexican canapés after a session in the private spa treatment room while a dedicated culinary team prepares dinner to your exact specifications. All of this and more awaits guests at the newly opened Villa One, the newest luxury villa at One&Only Palmilla Resort that debuted in December 2015.

The exceptional experience begins right at the airport, where guests will be welcomed and escorted directly to the 14,000-foot, four-bedroom villa. The spacious master suite, at 870 square feet, offers a king-sized bed and walk-in closet. Its floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors offer a gorgeous view of the surrounding natural beauty, the palm trees and the Sea of Cortez. A secluded deck outside the second bedroom is perfect for sun-bathing, and the third bedroom also offers a private patio. Amenities include a panoramic infinity-edge pool and a lounging terrace with a fire pit. By day, guests can use binoculars for spotting whales, and a telescope is available for stargazing by night.

One&Only Palmilla has dining options for every taste and occasion, some of them created by Michelin-starred chefs and many of them showcasing local seasonal foods. The resort already

offers some of Mexico’s finest restaurants, ranging from Seared, which features exceptional steak and seafood dinners, to Breeze, a casual outdoor spot with breakfast, fresh salads and other delicacies. The bars offer a selection of refreshing tropical beverages, with cozy seating and music to set the mood, and the Herb Garden, with its collection of indigenous chiles, hosts cooking demonstrations and intimate private gatherings of up to 12 people. Priority reservations can be made for guests at any location on the resort, but a private poolside breakfast or family-style dinner can also be arranged at the Villa upon request.

One&Only Palmilla’s spa pampers its guests with services that put a Mexican twist on ancient Asian holistic philosophies, and guests at Villa One are offered priority access to any treatment. But guests can treat themselves in the privacy of the villa with a wide variety of massages and beauty treatments. In addition, a dedicated personal trainer is available for one hour each day to arrange private workouts in the state-of-the-art fitness center or even on the beach. For guests looking for outdoor adventures, the resort offers not only tennis and basketball courts and a 27-hole golf course but also water sports like surfing, paddle boarding,

kayaking and snorkeling. Guests that stay four nights or more receive a complimentary yacht cruise or a private art walk.

For those looking to relax in their own private space, Villa One has also perfected in-home entertainment. There is a surround audio sound system both indoors and outdoors, with playlists for any musical tastes, as well as a curved satellite TV and access to an endless movie library.

Travelers can treat themselves daily with freshly delivered fruit, exclusive snacks, or espresso and tea, all complimentary. Better still, Villa One offers a pillow menu and aromatherapy turndown menu. For travelers with families, children will not be disappointed by the milk and cookies. The Villa’s fourth bedroom has a bunkbed perfect for young travelers, and a Kids Club is available for guests age four to 11.

The attentive staff will make sure that each and every detail is arranged to a guest’s specifications, making a vacation in Villa One a customizable dream destination. Rates start at $12,500 per night. Whether it’s a special event or a private getaway, a stay at Villa One is the most luxurious way to experience the wonders at One&Only Palmilla Resort. BT

BAJA'S LATEST VILLA ONE | ONE&ONLY PALMILLA | SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO, B.C.S., MEXICO | 011 – 52 (624) 146-7000 | TOLL FREE (888) 691-8081
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 26
Villa Sirena Villa Delfines Villa Mayté ROSARITO BEACH The Perfect Hideaway for those in search of Peace and Privacy! Exquisite, private homes adorn Baja Vacation Villas’ remarkable rental collection located in a private community of Rosarito in Baja California. U.S. Tel. (619) 296-7913



If you’re like me, you probably feel every single sensation in the body when you use your imagination.

Imagine being barefoot and having your feet gently cleaned by delicate hands with a warm hot towel, comfortably sitting at a cozy lounge, with relaxing aromas, tuned to peaceful music and left with nothing else but the enjoyment of your best Self, while healing.

This is exactly what you will experience when you visit Fish Therapy Los Cabos, so don’t let the little Garra Rufa fish talk you out of the most unique natural experience of what it is known around the world as the treatment of “Doctor Fish.” A pedicure with health benefits that feels like nothing else you have tried.

Giggling with a deep awareness of nature’s bliss, you will laugh at the very thought of having little fish exfoliating your skin, if you are like me you will surrender to the amazing wonders of how this treatment regenerates skin, promotes blood circulation and provides shiny, smooth and healthier feet with renewed skin. I enjoyed it while spending quality time with a friend, and left feeling and smelling wonderfully, after receiving a delightful massage with their Breathe Organics Foot Balm (I chose Lavanda, but their Green Tea smelled delicious!), which by the way you get to take with you as a gift!

An experience that will remain with you forever. BT

Fish Therapy Los Cabos is in San José and San Lucas, look for the colorful mandala design! if you come with friends that really prefer to stay out of the water, they can always wait for you in the lounge while enjoying essences, oils and aromas to relax. Their T-shirt designs are extra fun, and if it so happens that you visit during a classic holiday, let’s say Spring Break, you get all kinds of courtesies and great discounts! Seriously, check them out and follow them in Facebook at Fish Therapy Los Cabos.




As a yoga instructor and healing practitioner for more than seven years, wellness is my world, yoga is my passion – and I learn more each day that good health is a luxury.

Physical, spiritual and mental health is the best foundation for our lives, which I have experienced first-hand. As a single mother to my beautiful five-year-old son, Ethan, the light and love of my life, this foundation of health helps me manage the priorities of my busy life and gives me tools to release stress. I am motivated as a mother to be a better person every day, so that my son learns to treat his body as a temple, to manage emotions, embody peace, stay calm and balanced, and live the life of his dreams.

As a teacher I am grateful to receive the gift of helping people to heal their body, mind and spirit, and to evolve at so many different

levels. I have seen in their eyes the beauty of transformation as they (sometimes for the first time) truly connect with themselves through the “breath,” referred to as the “voice of the soul,” by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, my teacher and founder of Shakti Naam Yoga.

Coming from a background of practicing Anusara Yoga and Vinyasa Flow practice for more than a decade, I integrated this experience with Shakti Naam Yoga and Power Yoga to create a synthesis of the most effective yoga techniques for physical healing, emotional balance and mind power. Working with sacred sound, breath and movement, this practice is suitable for all levels and ages. Anyone can do it, that’s why I love it so much!

Practicing yoga on a regular basis has powerful anti-aging benefits and helps to optimize

the brain, balance the hormonal system and thyroid, relieve chronic and emotional pain, manage stress and reduce anxiety and depression. I am also a practitioner of the Harmonyum Healing System, a gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hands-on modality, that sends healing to the source of the nervous system, brain and heart, and is safe to use for any health condition, with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions. Harmonyum strengthens and balances the autonomous nervous system, thereby promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process. In the past three years working with clients, I have seen Harmonyum help people to heal disease including diabetes, overcome addictions, quit smoking, and even heal emotional, family and relationship issues. It is a powerful healing practice.

I believe there is no greater gift than making a difference in other people’s lives. Through my experience with yoga and healing I continue to witness that deep, permanent change can only come from inside, and it is this philosophy that forms the cornerstone of my work. BT

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 30


Win a 3 day/ 2 night in a Junior Suite at the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos

Your BajaTRAVELER®’s Sweepstakes Package Includes:

* 3 day / 2 night in a Junior Suite at the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos

* One-90 minute massage for two at the Spa

* One dinner for two at Agua by Larbi (exclusive of alcoholic beverages)

Entry Deadline

Sept. 30, 2016

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the other members of the band financial participation in the project. They accepted.

At first, because the cantina was a novelty and had received worldwide press coverage, business was good and everyone made money. But management was shaky and the club soon became a white elephant. Then it began costing the band big money. When it did, the other members of Van Halen no longer wanted any part of it.

But it was my baby and I wanted it – even if it was a white elephant. I believed in the project. It just needed proper attention and better management.

When I assumed total control of the Cabo Wabo Cantina, Marco asked if he could come in as my partner because he believed in the project. This was in 1994 and he became my partner that year. The building was redecorated, the restaurant was moved upstairs, and a prime chef was brought in. Soon Marco had the local population involved and coming in to enjoy themselves.

By then, the Cantina had become the place to go in a town that was already a destination of choice. It has helped, too, that Cabo San Lucas has almost tripled in size since my first visit; it is no longer a simple fishing village.

The Cabo Wabo Cantina has generated enormous curiosity from the day it opened. At first, it was because of the time and place.

In 1990, Cabo San Lucas was pretty small for such an elaborate nightclub. Later, when this town at the tip of Baja California grew into the prominent vacation destination that it is today, it seemed as if I had looked into a crystal ball. The truth is that the concept was evolutionary and the reality of what it has become is based on small steps, a lot of mistakes, a few good people – and tons of luck.

When I arrived in Cabo San Lucas for the first time in the early ’80s, I fell in love with the town. It was just a fishing village then with only one major hotel. No phones, no television and no newspaper.

On my second visit, I met Jorge Viana, who now manages the Cantina, and told him that I wanted to open a tequila bar with a small stage so I could perform there when the mood struck me. “Any musician who wants to will be able to play there,” I told him.

Jorge regarded me with the politeness that Latinos reserve for dreamers. But I persisted and only convinced him that I was serious after

I brought him to the United States and had him as my guest at a concert in San Diego. By then, I was already in Van Halen and had written the song “Cabo Wabo” with Eddie Van Halen. But the Cantina was always my project and not the band’s.

Jorge and I then started shopping for properties. When we had the property we wanted, we held a contest among local architects in Cabo San Lucas. The winner was Marco Monroy. I was happy that it was Marco, because he and I had already become friends. When Marco brought his design to me in Los Angeles, I was impressed, but didn’t notice that his measurements were in square meters and not square feet!

During construction, Van Halen was on tour and Jorge was in charge of the details. So by the time I first saw the Cantina it was almost completed. “I can’t believe it’s this big,” I told Marco. “This is way too big for Cabo San Lucas. But, I like it!”

Of course, I wanted a monster opening that included MTV coverage. Since Van Halen was going to participate on my behalf to make the grand opening a major event, I felt a sense of camaraderie. It seemed appropriate to offer

Because of my current partners in the operation and the enormous amount of publicity that Cabo Wabo receives in the United States every year, the success and size of the project has become much more than I ever imagined it to be.

Besides MTV, the Cabo Wabo Cantina has been featured on the Travel Channel, VH1, E! and many television shows. Voted as one of the Top 10 party spots in the world, it is still my baby. Even so, it has grown into a monster that has a life of its own--one big party animal!

Wow! All that from a dream! Go there and enjoy yourself. That’s the reason the Cantina was built! BT

FROM OUR NIGHTLIFE EDITOR BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 34
∙ 33,000 sq. ft. Platform ∙ Conference Rooms ∙ Crew Lounge with wireless internet ∙ 24 hr. video surveillance in all areas National & International Flight Planning Service Aircraft/ Helicopter charter department on site Hotel Coordination ∙ Services Armored Car Rentals Catering ∙ Aircraft Maintenance Los Cabos Airport Welcomes You! FBO Private Aviation Terminal (624) 146-5209 • • • VIP Lounge at Terminals 1 & 2 / Departures Area (Mezzanine) High Speed Wi-Fi access ∙ Business Center ∙ Complimentary Drinks & Catering Flight Information Displays ∙ Satellite TV ∙ Newspapers & Magazines (BajaTRAVELER®)


Golf was introduced in Mexico just over a hundred years ago, which is shocking considering today it is the type of golf destination that will make you wonder if it is the best you have ever visited.

No two golf courses are the same, and one of the special pleasures of golf is to play as many of them as possible. But in Mexico – where the deserts of Baja California, the tropical shorelines of the Pacific, the snow-capped volcanoes of the central plateau and the azure waters of the Caribbean – all provide perfect backdrops to the golfing experience, you have a feeling that you are traveling the world within the borders of one country.

I have been a regular visitor to Mexico for nearly three decades and I have followed the country’s meteoric development very closely. Mexico has established itself as world-class golfing destination and the attraction is the result of many factors – weather, location, luxury and unique experiences among them. I am tremendously pleased that Greg Norman Golf Course Design has had the opportunity to contribute to this and design a number of golf courses in Mexico with six completed designs, three under construction and another five under contract to date!

As a golf course designer, my challenge is to create aesthetically pleasing yet playable courses, each with a distinct look and feel. I like to “begin with the end in mind” on each and every project and I pride myself on


I am protective of the game of golf. I was fortunate enough to travel the world playing and promoting the game, so if I have one tiny little part in its growth, whether it's in Mexico or China, it would be one of the greatest honors of my life. I would love to see the game grow to a hundred million people, because I'm so passionate about all that it has given me and what the game can give to the world.

finding the most desirable natural features and incorporating them into the routing. Our “least-disturbance” design approach is integrated into each project and results in courses that blend seamlessly with their surroundings and appear as if they have been part of the landscape for generations.

Due to our unique philosophy, GNGCD has been an industry leader in promoting sustainability and the compatibility of golf courses with the environment, with many of our projects having been awarded the coveted Audubon Society Award for environmental stewardship.

For us, sustainability is integral to how we do business. With 7 billion people on our planet, the earth’s resources can be strained. We believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, to the communities and the environment in which we have a presence. This means sustainability is the only acceptable model for our business.

Anyone who has ever thrown a bag over his or her shoulder knows that the game of golf is much more than birdies, pars and bogeys, for every course is intrinsically linked with the elements of nature as it progresses from the first tee to the 18th green. This is the essence of Mexico’s most magical courses – grand links in their most natural form – wonderful gifts returned to Mother Nature. BT

With golf becoming an Olympic sport this summer, the international growth of the game will increase exponentially. There are 118 member countries in the International Golf Federation, many of which will now receive government funding to support grass roots development efforts. A golf explosion is imminent in many parts of the world and Mexico is no exception.

GNGCD is working on a number of projects in Mexico and I look forward to growing the game in ways never thought possible there. The Norman Course with Grupo Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta has 9 holes open with plans to open the full 18 in just three months’ time. This core-golf layout is located along the Rio Ameco where guests will love the river-valley setting. The back 9 of our course at Puerto Los Cabos should be complete in early 2017. The final layout will include an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus resort course and our private 18-hole Greg Norman Signature Course reserved solely for the homeowners of the community. We recently started construction on a new course at Rancho San Lucas in Cabo, which will be a premier amenity of the Grand Solmar and should be open for play in 18 months. The routing winds through desert terrain and rolling dunes to the beautiful waters of the Pacific. Our newest addition to Mexico is Costa Capomo in Riviera Nayarit, an 18-hole championship course which we will be breaking ground on this September. True to our eco-sensitive design process, we are in the process of rescuing native vegetation at this site to house in a nursery during construction until time to re-plant.

Golf benefits society and accelerating the growth of the game and expanding its accessibility will improve the quality of life for those who are introduced to its positive values. It is crucial to effectively and consistently communicate golf's economic, human and environmental contributions to society. Mexico has done an incredible job of this and I look forward to continuing to assist in this endeavor and serving as an ambassador to this great game in a country I care so much about.

FROM OUR GOLF EDITOR BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 36

When you’re traveling, there’s a world of difference between a trip and an experience. A truly professional wine tour does much more than just allow tourists to choose their own wines from a restaurant menu – a true professional should plan a route that matches the profile of the visitors, coordinate food to pair with the wine, and attend to the protocols of serving the wine, all while providing information about the region and the local culture. All of this and more awaits visitors who travel with Dionisio del Valle Interactive Wine Tourism.

Since its founding, Dionisio del Valle has had the privilege of serving diverse groups of visitors, from business executives and entrepreneurs to families and friends. As a pioneer in the Mexican wine tourism industry, it has formed strong relationships with the wine makers of the Valle de Guadalupe. Not only are the bodegas on each route carefully selected, but the restaurants you’ll visit are gastronomic marvels that represent the enormous cultural richness of Mexico. Another project, called Ludovinum, has the mission of teaching aspiring wine makers about the production of wine, and it’s ready to welcome its third generation of participants.

All kinds of preferences can be accommodated on Dionisio del Valle’s tours. Menus can be tailored to vegetarians, vegans, or travelers with allergies, or simply to a preference for a certain type of cuisine. Its professionals attend to all the protocols of serving wine, including the proper aeration and tem-

perature. And the boutiques where travelers stay are surrounded by vineyards – a true gift to indulge the senses.

The Valle de Guadalupe is already an attraction in itself. The informal, spontaneous environment that governs the lives of the locals leads satisfied travelers to return again and again. But other travel trends cannot be neglected. Each year, more and more tourists are choosing other options besides relaxing on the beach, such as hiking, mountain biking, and extreme sports, to name a few. The growth of wine tourism is one of the most important trends to note. The industry increased by 25% between 2013 and 2014, and in Spain alone, over 2 million travelers followed one of its 25 established routes to taste and enjoy its wines.

There is much we can learn from the Spanish wine industry. There is a formal organization called the Spanish Association of Wine Tourism (AEE) that integrates a wide variety of offerings in the zones that the wine routes pass through, including hotels, museums, restaurants and businesses, to ensure that all parties benefit. The majority of the country’s vineyards and boutique hotels are located in the vicinity of lovely villages and ancient cities, allowing tourists to combine leisure and culture together.

The Valle de Guadalupe has the attractions to compete with any of the innumerable offerings that tourists have, but it’s important to organize in order to attract tourists with

the highest expectations. There are quite a few small businesses that receive much of their income from the sale of their wine, and they depend on the good reputation that comes from attention and impeccable service in all phases of travel, including the hotels, the transportation, and the restaurants. Because this is the case, wine tourism cannot be left in the hands of crafty providers without scruples who will take advantage of the goodwill and confidence of tourists. It must be much more than “we leave at 10 and return at 6.”

A travel experience with Dionisio del Valle Interactive Wine Tours will take you on a truly incomparable journey, complete with the chance to personally meet some of the vintners who create the wines, delicious as a dream, that you’ll try along the way. With spring coming soon to the peninsula, the valleys of the peninsula will grow into a luxuriant green sea. In a few months they will be ready to welcome the fruit that becomes the most noble and sacred of all the drinks.

The months between April and November are the best time to pay a visit and experience all the delights that the Valle de Guadalupe has to offer. The moment is now! BT

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 38
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 40

ithout a doubt Enrique Iglesias is, as Billboard has named him, “The King of Latin Pop” and “The King of Dance” for his brilliant artistry! With overall sales surpassing 100 million albums worldwide, he has proven himself to be one of the best-selling Spanish artists of all time. “Bailando” alone has reached 100 million views in YouTube.

Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1975, Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, the youngest of three children, is the son of the world-famous Spanish singer, Julio Iglesias, and a prominent Spanish socialite, Isabel Preysler. He lived there with his mother, his brother, Julio, and his sister, Chabeli, until, for security reasons, in 1982 they were sent to Miami, Florida, to live with their father. It was here that Iglesias became exposed to three different cultures and musical influences: Hispanic, European and American. By the time he reached the teen years his musical talent became evident and he began to follow in his famous father’s footsteps.However, he refused to depend upon his family name to acquire a start in the music business.

Iglesias’s first live performance came in a production of Hello Dolly! while he was attending the prestigious Gulliver Private School in Miami. From there on he began writing and performing songs at various Miami restaurants with a small group of friends, of which his parents were unaware. He says he was not looking for a record deal at that time.


Following graduation from high school, he enrolled at the University of Miami to study business. But music was in his blood; its siren call beckoned and he dropped out after a year to record his first album in 1995.

Wishing to avoid the influence his father’s celebrity might have, and in order to follow his own passion for music, Enrique turned to the nanny, Elvira Olivares, who had raised him while his father was on tour. From her, he borrowed the money to create a demo tape, which contained one Spanish and two English songs. It was to her he later dedicated his first album. With help from his father’s former manager, Fernán Martinez, he promoted the songs under the pseudonym “Enrique Martinez,” with a background story of his being an unknown singer from Guatemala. Despite this, the Mexican record label signed him.

In 1995, he decided he would no longer conceal his original identity when he released the self-titled album Enrique Iglesias, selling a half-million copies the first week. Within three months it sold more than a million copies and, to date, more than six million worldwide. It also earned him his first gold record in Portugal. At the time, this was considered a rare accomplishment for a non-English record. Nevertheless, he had sufficient self-confidence to insist that his very first tour be booked in stadiums. This confidence, obviously shared by his label, was justified when he played to sold-out audiences in sixteen countries. In 1996 he won the Grammy for Best Latin Performer.

In 1997, Iglesias’s follow-up, Vivir, was a huge success also, registering more than five million in sales world-wide and launching his first-ever world tour. A career breakthrough came in 1999 with the song "Bailamos," which was released as a single, soon becoming a No. 1 hit on the U.S. charts and featured in the popular movie Wild Wild West, starring actor Will Smith. Three years later he enjoyed even greater success with his first all-English album Enrique that includes the enormously popular songs "Escape," "Maybe," "Don’t Turn Off The Lights," and "Hero." Following the huge success of this album, he went on to release many other recordings over the years. When it comes to being on the road, he finds it the most fun part of his job.

“Actually, it doesn’t feel like a job,” says Iglesias. “When it comes to the promotion, that’s a different story – the waking up early, doing all the interviews, but when it gets down to touring, I try to keep my schedule as free as possible in the morning, so at least

I can rest up and just try to put on the best show possible. That’s the part of my job I love doing that doesn’t really feel like a job.” Having collaborated with various popular artists over the years, he finds it hard to name any one that he has enjoyed the most.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Whitney Houston and Lionel Richie, who were amazing,” he says, adding that he learned so much from Lionel. “But the one I’ve been working with the most would have to be Pitbull. We’ve become close friends and actually done a bunch of songs together and toured places around the world.” Iglesias says he loves to hang out with him.

What inspired him to work with Pitbull is that, although they come from very different musical backgrounds, when they sat down and started talking they both knew a lot of, listened to, and were influenced by same type of music. “We’re both Hispanic and it felt real,” Iglesias states. “It didn’t feel forced at all and that’s why we’ve kept on working together. He’s easy to work with. he’s extremely talented, so energetic and very down to earth.”

However, besides producing albums and touring, in the past he has turned his myriad talents to writing songs for all types of majorbrand advertisements, including Doritos, PepsiCo, Viceroy, Tommy Hilfiger, to name just a few. When it comes to his passion for music, he uses various features of his enormous creative powers when recording an album, versus live performances.

“There are many different aspects,” Iglesias explains. “To record is a creative process, with a lot of nights with insomnia! One has to be open-minded, one must call on the inspiration and be open to signals. Sometimes a melody arrives first and, at other times, a phrase; from there it all begins. For live – well, each night is unique, unrepeatable. Each public in each country makes the difference.” He quickly gets to the point on his tenth full-length album, Sex And Love.

“I wanted to be straightforward,” he declares. “The title describes exactly what the album is about. From day one, I knew that I was going to call it Sex And Love. You’re going to find songs that mix the two sides, and you’re going to find songs that focus on one or the other. Some of it is fun and obviously sexual, while some of it is more introspective and nostalgic.” He explains that the words go together, but they can be separated and inspire different feelings and thoughts – it’s all-encompassing. “What are the themes everybody relates to?,” he asks.

“We all relate to sex and love,” he insists. “That’s why, when you hear music – ninety percent of the time – it derives from those two feelings. Let’s face it, no matter what race, nationality or religion you are, you have experience with both

“I did it because I loved it!” he insists. “I never told anyone. For me, it was a getaway to sing – one of those things I didn’t want to screw up!”
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 42

and you like them! To support the Sex And Love album, Iglesias went on his twelfth concert tour to San Juan, Puerto Rico, performing in the Americas and Europe, followed by Mexico, Spain, Monte Carlo, Istanbul, ending in Curaçao last year. With more than 100 million recordings sold worldwide and a career spanning almost some twenty years, he has sung his way into the hearts millions of people.

A remarkable entertainer, Iglesias has headlined twelve world tours, sold more than three million concert tickets and performed in literally every corner of the world, becoming a true global superstar.

His many awards include four Latin GRAMMYs, a GRAMMY for his recordings, Billboard awards for sales, and ASCAP honors for his compositions. He has the most No. 1 songs on Billboard charts in pop music history, with seventy-two combined No. 1’s across all charts, the most No. 1’s on the Dance Club and Hot Latin Songs chart history. Plus, he holds twenty-three “Most No.1 Spanish Language Singles” on the Hot Latin Tracks Chart. He acknowledges his pride in being Latino.

“Oh yes!” he exclaims. “Proud to sing in English – and to be accepted in the United Kingdom or South Africa is an amazing feeling. Latinos are hardworking, talented people; there are simply no frontiers for us. I’m really proud of being Latino – and the fact that I can represent this community by spreading my music all over world is a great pleasure.” And what does he like to do when he can take a breather from his hectic schedule?

“The moments I enjoy the most are when I’m touring,” he admits. “But to eat well, rest a lot and escape to Los Cabos once in a while, truly charges up the batteries."

Although Enrique has persistently maintained an artistic separation from his famous father, Julio upholds that he is proud of his son, commenting that he thinks what has happened to Enrique is sensational! “Parents always hope for great things for their children, but how do you imagine such success?” BT


To be or not to be, that is the question that all artists ask themselves on a daily basis. Music expresses the microcosmic universal experience that we all share, through melody, rhythm and tone. An ancestral ritual to share our feelings – a tribal power to move the world through song, play, and dance. Everyone wishes upon a shooting star.

The Latin GRAMMY Awards® celebrate that power, and artists alike gather to appreciate each other and applaud on technique, sound and performance, unified by one golden ambition – to be recognized as the best. Music unites people, those who gather around the Latin GRAMMY Awards® are successful, talented, and brilliant entrepreneurs.

BajaTRAVELER® celebrates these wonderful and talented people, and helps promote their art around the world. Hence we couldn’t miss this year’s ceremony. Mayté, our Editorin-Chief was present sparkling Baja ocean breeze, inspiring others with her joy, and giving them one more reason to love Mexico. The majority of the VIP’s walked away with


their copy of BajaTRAVELER®. The excitement and good vibration that only great music emanates magnetized everyone alike, and for what felt like a magic moment in time, we all travelled beyond our most intimate ambitions to simply enjoy Latin music.

"Latin GRAMMY winners, nominees, presenters and performers embody the musical and cultural diversity that underlines the membership’s essence of The Latin Recording Academy,” said Gabriel Abaroa Jr., President/ CEO of The Latin Recording Academy. “Our commitment to honor excellence, preserve the heritage of Latin music, and our mission to give back to the music community is more vibrant than ever; showcased on the Latin GRAMMY stage, and in the hands of all of participants during the evening.”

Natalia Lafourcade shined her light like a full moon, winning four of the five prizes she was nominated for! The performers included Pablo Alborán; Julión Álvarez; Banda El Recodo De Don Cruz Lizárraga; Bomba Estéreo and fourtime GRAMMY winner Will Smith; J Balvin and

Farruko performed alongside Major Lazer and mØ; Afro-Colombian hip-hop group ChocQuibTown were joined onstage by the Cuban ballet company of Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba; Colombian vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond; Juan Luis Guerra; Maná; urban artist Nicky Jam teamed Jamaican-American singer Omi; Natalia Jiménez shared the stage with Italian pop trio Il Volo; Natalia Lafourcade; reggaeton Colombian artist Maluma joined with female group Fifth Harmony for a once-in-alifetime performance; Ricky Martin; Matisse; Espinoza Paz; Prince Royce; and beautiufl Alejandro Sanz performed alongside Paula Fernandes and Mariachi Sol De México; Puerto Rican Raquel Sofía; a special performance by 2015 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year Roberto Carlos; Los Tigres del Norte; and an unforgettable performance with Ricky Martin.

Mexican actress Jacqueline Bracamontes and our cover girl; Puerto Rican singer/ songwriter and actress Roselyn Sánchez cohosted, together for the first time. Indeed, a night to remember!

MANÁ AND LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE ® BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 44



Natalia Lafourcade & Cachorro López, record producers; Andrés Borda, Eduardo Del Águila, Demián Nava, Alan Ortiz Grande, Alan Saucedo & Sebastián Schon, recording engineers; Cesar Sogbe, mixer; José Blanco, mastering engineer

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Mexico S.A. De C.V.

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Todo Tiene Su Hora

Juan Luis Guerra & Janina Rosado, album producers; Edgar Barrera, Rafael Lazzaro & Allan Leschhorn, album recording engineers; Allan Leschhorn & Ronnie Torres, album mixers; Adam Ayan, album mastering engineer

Label: Capitol Latin/Universal Music Latin Entertainment


Leonel García & Natalia Lafourcade, songwriters (Natalia Lafourcade)

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Mexico S.A. De C.V.

BEST NEW ARTIST: Monsieur Periné



Alejandro Sanz

Label: Universal Music Spain


VOCAL ALBUM: Necesito Un Bolero

Gilberto Santa Rosa

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Mexico S.A. De C.V.


Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias

Label: Sony Music Latin

BEST URBAN MUSIC ALBUM: El Que Sabe, Sabe Tego Calderón

Label: Jiggri Records Inc. / Siente Music / Universal Music Latino


J Balvin, Rene Cano, Alejandro “Mosty” Patiño & Alejandro “Sky” Ramírez, songwriters (J Balvin)

Track from: La Familia B Sides

Label: Universal Music Mexico


Diamante Eléctrico

Label: Criteria Entertainment

BEST POP/ROCK ALBUM: Cama Incendiada Maná


Los Cabos




The corridor connecting Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo is a culinary minefield exploding with a plethora of fine dining options. Whether you crave seafood, steak, or modern Mexican cuisine, world-class restaurants abound in Baja, bursting with flavors to tantalize and satisfy the most demanding of gourmand palates.

From the benchmark luxury of Seared – an elegant steakhouse headed by celebrated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the One&Only Palmilla, to Manta at The Cape, specializing in seafood-focused Pacific Rim fusion cuisine, BajaTRAVELER® gives you six top choices to stoke your appetite while satiating your culinary prowess. All have been tried and taste-tested for culinary excellence by our Editor-in-Chief, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 46


with Executive Celebrity Chef Juan Eumir


From Wagyu A5 and Kobe certified beef to succulent rib eyes and tenderloins, culinary master Jean-Georges Vongerichten brings his latest fine dining concept to Palmilla in a descriptive naming of his latest culinary masterpiece – Seared. The Michelin-starred chef showcases only top chops of custom cut meats, displayed conspicuously in a glass-covered curing room for discriminating diners to inspect.

But it’s not all about steaks at Seared, says executive chef Sebastien Agnes, as the restaurant also offers the freshest Pacific seafood, from local spiny lobsters and whole red snapper grilled to perfection, to a complement of chilled seafood and Hamachi sashimi. Do try the beef Carpaccio with black truffle fritters. An extensive wine list complements the choice selection of meats and seafood.

The new Seared restaurant is designed by Jeffrey Beers International, featuring an endearing elegance complemented by tawny marble, amber chandeliers, and marble floors with Aztec geometric designs.

Km 7.5 Carr.Transpeninsular

San José del


Chef Juan feels that food is best prepared, cooked, and served based upon availability, seasonality, spontaneous inspiration, and cooking techniques that rely on a blending of the ancient with the modern. He elaborates: “Actually my kitchen is defined as spontaneous, yet it is also based on empirical observation and experimentation in the kitchen. It’s the result of teachers teaching the old school, in my case my mother, and chefs who set the tone for my first steps in the world of gastronomy, spending long hours helping and learning the tricks of the culinary magic that only happens between wizards and witches, among grandmothers, mothers, and sons.”

His “spontaneous concept” relies on insight and experience to bring out the “perfect balance of flavors, contrasts in textures, and balance in all elements,” while perfecting the harmony in food, thereby giving a memorable dining experience. As a result, chef Juan is a slave neither to tradition nor trends, much the same way an artist approaches a blank canvas with his arsenal of colored paints.

El Espontaneo features food that is prepared, cooked, and plated in a spontaneous way, with recipes conceived the same day they are cooked, based on availability of ingredients. His excitement in the kitchen becomes the interpretation of the ingredients, with no two days producing the same results. And according to our Editor-in-Chief, “It is amazingly delicious!”

134, Col. Centro

San José del Cabo

Calle José Maria Morelos y Pavon
1 2
Executive celebrity chef Juan Eumir brings his spontaneous cuisine concept to Hotel El Encanto Suites & Spa, in the heart of downtown San José del Cabo. CHEF JUAN MASSIMILIANO SULPIZI, JANET JENSEN, PETER BOWLING, MAYTÉ RODRÍGUEZ CEDILLO, CHARLES COMPTON & KATHY BOWLING


The Cape with Executive Chef Enrique Olvera

Executive Chef Enrique Olvera brings a “seafood without pretentiousness” culinary approach to the recently opened Manta restaurant at The Cape. He helms the 114-seat signature restaurant, a Thompson Hotel in Los Cabos, commanding an exclusive view of the cape overlooking El Arco and the Bahia San Lucas horizon.

By celebrating Pacific Rim traditions and fresh locally-sourced seafood at Manta, chef Olvera delivers a straight forward approach that also finds inspiration from his native Mexico, as well as Peru and Japan. The result is sophisticated Mexican flavors that are reimagined and combined with styles and techniques to maximize deliciousness. All this happens with minimal dogma so as to keep “ordinary” at bay. But there is still attention to culinary details such as the house-made tortillas.

The genius of chef Olvera culminates in the 15-18 dishes prepared on a nightly basis. Best to try the multi-course tasting menu with paired wines, many from Baja’s wine country, Valle de Guadalupe. Be prepared for a culinary extravaganza.

A curated beverage menu of mezcals, tequilas and sakes complements Manta’s fresh local ingredients.


with Executive Chef Raul Ramon Lucido Gutierrez

Recently opened in San José del Cabo, Origen is located within Mar Adentro Cabos - a striking hotel designed and owned by leading Mexican architect Miguel Angel Aragones and a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The signature restaurant focuses on “vernacular Mexican cuisine.”

"Origen is a Mexican vernacular cuisine, focusing on traditional recipes, using locally grown organic produce and local seafood. I´m influenced by traditional Mexican cuisine, with some middle eastern and Mediterranean ingredients and techniques,” said chef Raul.

Diners attribute some of the best interpretations of real organic Mexican cuisine to chef Raul’s kitchen wizardry. Chef recommendations include the roasted duck enchiladas with guava mole and sweet potato, grilled local octopus, and yellow fin tuna with roasted poblano chili sauce, jicama (Mexican turnip or yam) and bell pepper salad.

4 3
Origen at Mar Adentro Cabos Paseo Malecon San José San José del Cabo Carr. Transpeninsular Km.5 Misiones del Cabo Cabo San Lucas PICTURED LEFT: GRILLED LOCAL OCTOPUS AT ORIGEN CHEF RAUL


Dine on specialties created by Richard Sandoval for Toro, even as you take in exhilarating views of Punta Ballena while scanning the bay for sightings of a whale or two in the winter. Where else can you dine on worldclass cuisine while whale watching at the same time?

The Toro concept comes from acclaimed chef and restaura teur Richard Sandoval, recognized as the "Father of modern Mexican cuisine.” Toro means “bull” in Spanish and “tuna belly” in Japanese – the pillars of his specialties seasoned with Pan Latin flair and Asian influences.

All dishes are specialties created by Richard for Toro, but the most significant and signature dishes are Miso Chipotle Escolar Fish, Achiote BBQ Atlantic Salmon, Shrimp & Crab Enchiladas, Chicken Sarape and Crispy Baja Fish Tacos.

Join executive chefs Kevin Luzane and Oscar Torres for a culinary excursion into global cuisine that comes with an authentic and sustainable twist. Their authenticity derives from using only those ingredients that have a small footprint – those closest at hand. They are proud that their ingredients don’t travel very far to your plate or glass. Organic is also heavily integrated into the menu. Their sustainability is evident in their farm-to-table approach, emphasizing quality, freshness, energy efficiency, and avoiding any unnecessary food waste. They actually have a name for their cuisine – modern farm-chic cuisine.

“Cooking at ACRE takes place in a wood-burning oven and over an open-air flamed grill,” said chef Luzane. This allows the kitchen to sear-in all the original flavors. Both chefs have worked in top restaurants in New York, Los Angeles and Europe, bringing their urban sophistication to farm-chic cuisine. Plus, the innovative Cocktail Bar shares the beauty and history of Baja as contained in the glass. Experience the journey. BT

Carved into the rocks appears The Champagne Terrace with a selection of over 15 different champagnes ranging from Blanc de Blancs to Rose to Vintage Champagnes. All you and your guests need to do is decide how many and what measure of each one you want. The Wine Director and his team will be able to guide you through the process as well as help you learn about the champagne with a selection of imported cheeses and artisan salts. Then step into the Restaurant for a magnificent dinner…

Carr. Transpeninsular, Km 6.5 Fracc. Punta Bellena Cabo San Lucas Rincon de las Animas Calle Camino Real S/N La Playa, San José del Cabo CHEF OSCAR CHEF RICHARD
An Elevated Tasting Experience 5 + CHAMPAGNE TERRACE AT EL FARALLON @ The Resort at Pedregal 49

Ducketts Ducketts


LThis past February 20th, Los Cabos Children’s Foundation commemorated a decade of the Fred Duckett Challenge event. LCCF’s main fundraiser where past and new supporters were invited to join in for a grand celebration that was truly a magical event.

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) started as one member’s effort to address the critical healthcare needs of one child, and has grown over the years to serve hundreds of children with life-threatening medical needs in the Los Cabos area. LCCF has deep, longstanding ties to the Querencia community, because many of its founding and current board members are also residents and/or members of this exclusive development. Querencia Golf Club is very proud to be a significant contributor to LCCF. Their support has had a profound impact on the lives of many children, including some of their own employee families.

Back in 2007, Querencia decided to support the great work of LCCF and also sustain a legacy of caring and outreach that was so important to Fred Duckett, a founding Querencia member who had passed away the year before.

Alfred “Fred” Clayton Duckett, Jr. a prominent Southern California real estate developer, restaurateur and sportsman, died after battling

melanoma with great courage. Fred married Patricia Lee Campbell and they spent their honeymoon in Las Cruces, Baja California Sur, beginning a lifelong love of fishing and sailing the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Fred was also an avid golfer and belonged to several clubs in California, as well as Querencia.

Today, Los Cabos’ most prestigious fundraiser has successfully reached a decade of undoubted support from the community and Fred’s family continues to attend our “Duckett” every year. We are very grateful to his wife, Patty, their children and grandchildren, for allowing us to keep honoring Fred Duckett’s life and for staying connected to our cause. LCCF will continue to carry his legacy of commitment to the community in the years to come.

On the morning of February 20th, 23 foursomes participated in the renowned Golf Tournament at Querencia Golf Club and the winning team was made up by John & Judy Engram and Randy & Bonnie McIntosh. Congratulations!

The evening event began with cocktails at Querencia with the splendid performance of the Youth Orchestra of Los Cabos, followed by dinner. And to finish off the night we had the amazing jazz show of Davina & The Vagabonds. We were delighted to have them for the second year in a row at The Duckett. We are so grateful for having both of these very talented groups join us at the event and make it truly outstanding.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 50
PHOTOS BY KATJA RIVAS-LIEBMANN AND SABRINA LEAR Armando Aguilar, Emiliano Zedillo with Governor Carlos Mendoza Gabriela Velázquez, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Massimiliano Sulpizi, and Governor Carlos Mendoza Governor Carlos Mendoza and Gabriela Velázquez Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo and Massimiliano Sulpizi Lucia and Ron Hatfield Peter and Kathy Bowling Gordon Hendrickson, Rich Lirtzman and Larry Hendrickson Tom and Kathy Walsh Jon Kutz, Ragne Sinikas, Gabriela Velázquez and Governor Carlos Mendoza Gay Thatcher, Jeanie Conzemius, Josue Quiñonez, Armando Quiñonez, Jose Luis Quiñonez, Tom Walsh, Charles Morgan, Maria Isabel Ceseña & Hector Quiñonez.
The Duckett Family

The highlights of the night were having young Armando Quiñonez, now 17, who at age 7 was benefited by LCCF’s work toward facilitating two bone marrow transplants in the United States. Armando and his family joined LCCF in handing out special 10year Recognitions to six personalities who were an important part of the birth and early work of LCCF.

The award recipients were:

Tom Walsh

LCCF founder, for responding to the needs of the community with love and vision.

Patty Duckett

For leading her family in continuing her husband’s legacy together with LCCF.

Jeanie Conzemius

For her loving care to the families of Los Cabos that travelled to the United States to receive medical attention.

Gay Thatcher

For her work with LCCF’s partner, "Amigos de los Niños," in locating and sending the Los Cabos children that needed help to the U.S. and continuing to do so locally.

Avera McKennan Hospital

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for opening their hearts and doors to treat Mexican children for free.


For allowing us to use their beautiful facilities and contributing greatly to the Duckett for these past 10 years. BT

David and Lucinda Huffman Maria Hernandez and Alejandra Gaume Heriberto Malcampo and Ericka Lizarraga Ken and Debi Maude Alejandro Centeno amd Ivette Mosso Davina and The Vagabonds Paulino Davó and Katya Berci Brisia Velarde, Rogelio Ortiz, Mark and Jeanie Conzemius with Hector, Maria Isabel, Juan Manuel, Armando & Josué Quiñonez
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 52
"Caminando Juntos" winner, Chris Erickson Staff and Volunteers: Erika Amador, Kathi Canfield, Fernanda Gómez, Vanessa Figueroa, Carolina Cuellar, Grace Le Duc, Elena Ponce, Brisia Velarde, Laura Gónzalez, Alegría Gómez, Antonio Cerecer & Marisa Comella. Bill and Onagh Ash, Jeff Smith and Susan Anderson with Erwin and Silvia Potts Giammarco and Elisabetta Vela Luis Herrera, Gay Thatcher, Brisia Velarde & Rogelio Ortíz Santiago Ponce, María Sanchez Navarro, Karena Ferragut & Jorge Carrera Ethel and René Urcadiz Javier Troncoso and Laura Bueno Jorge and Veronica Herran John and Judy Engram with Bonie and Randy McIntosh Jack Wasylenko with Lynne and John Van Brunt
Tom and Kathy Walsh with Dawn and James Hammel


The art of wine making in the food industry extends to pairing the right wine with the foods placed in front of them for the best culinary experience. The appeal of a sumptuous meal that engages the senses can start with the right wines. The robust flavors of a tender filet mignon will need a different varietal than a rich paella with its steaming mussels or a delicate queso de cabra ice cream treat to round out a meal.

Who knows the best way to pair wines with culinary delights than top ranked chefs, sommeliers and the movers and shakers of the wine industry?

The Cofradía del Vino de Baja California is just the organization that brings such experts together. It takes pairing seriously. And it of-

fers a friendly competition to showcase the best-of-the-best pairings from Baja California – Noche de Cofradía in Ensenada.

“Cofradía del vino” is a term which could be translated as a fraternity or brotherhood in the study, knowledge and promotion of wine and food,” explains Antonio L. Escalante, spokesperson for the event, who majored in agricultural engineering at Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey – and who also happens to produce the excellent wine Bodega Roganto, “The Cofradía competition gathers together the best restaurants and wineries from small to big, from the very famous to the most humble. Each local winery is matched up with a restaurant that will bring out the best of each. They create a gastronomic dish paired up with the perfect red, white or sweet wine.”

Trying to emulate the practice done in Europe, the Cofradía del Vino was born in 1986. The organization had a variety of members from varying backgrounds including doctors, lawyers, merchant marine captains, entrepreneurs, astronomers, chemists, engineers, chefs, winemakers and housewives, says Escalante. “These multiple professions move the mission forward: to enhance the group and promote wine.”

At the Noche de Cofradía event in 2015, forty two restaurants gathered from Ensenada, Mexicali, Tecate, Tijuana and Rosarito with a respective 42 wineries from the local valleys, he says. 1300 entries came to enjoy the culinary creations with their wines.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 54

Held against the beautiful backdrop of Ensenada and its International Harbor and Cruiseport, the annual competition becomes an interactive event offering a fascinating view of the ships coming in and out of the harbor. The ambiance of the sea, the port, and the city add to the festival feel, while the tugboats spray water with their waterguns, offering a waterworks show extravaganza.

And attendees celebrate food and wine. At the entrance, they are welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine, a portable wine glass and small table – their tools for the evening. As they come in, they are free to wander and taste the creations made by the pairs all on one floor: watching the cooking, pouring, and having fun while listening to live music.

For those participating in the competition, however, the focus is on their art.

The event is judged by highly recognized chefs, sommeliers, and connoisseurs from Mexico, Spain, Italy, the U.S. and other countries, including experts from the Mexican Association of Sommeliers. The panel is made up of 25 judges. Using a system developed and supervised by the president of the Culinary Art School of Tijuana, judges are trained to view the pairing as one offering, which can be difficult for some to do.

At the Noche de Cofradía 2014 Ana Laura Martinez Gardoqui who was serving as a judge and was also director of the Culinary Art School says it is important that judges understand the concept: they are not looking for a stand-alone taste, the prettiest display or best flavor. They are looking for the best match and how the food and wine must complement each other.

From the minute they start to the last morsel and drop, they are looking for a series of factors that judge the two together. They look for texture, aroma, uniqueness. They taste and swirl, and linger over the effects.

The Cofradía brings out the best of the competitors. The bottom line is it shows the harmony that exists between fine cuisine and delicious wine and showcases the best of the Baja Californian wine-making industry.

The Noche de Cofradía tops the event and is the ultimate in the concept of synergy. “It’s where two parts united as one can produce something better than each one separately,” says Escalante. And in the end, in the world of fine wine and dining, that is simply magical. BT

Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Mario Gabriel Rodríguez and Silvia Mancillas
Nadya Fernandez, Juan José Plascencia & Mauricio Cantu





Every summer for the last two decades, the Association of Developers in Los Cabos has gathered at a local golf course for the group’s annual golf tournament. Though less than a hundred golfers participate in this fun-filled, one-day tournament, the benefactors include every visitor to the greater Los Cabos region.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 56

According to the President of the Association and long time member; Fernando Garcia, the Association of Developers was created 30 years ago and is the oldest association of its kind in Los Cabos. “We collectively account for about 60 percent of the annual budget for Los Cabos with members representing the urban development commission, water department, property tax commission, urban planning, and other important positions in the region,” said Fernando. “Thus, when we gather for the annual golf tournament, it fosters camaraderie amongst members, and we also donate to a charity or needy cause. This year, donations were made to the local Red Cross and the Los Cabos fire department.”

The aim of the Association of Developers centers around three main premises that include:

First Place Winners… Yeoshua Syrquin, Enrique Guzmán, Pablo Díaz Rivera and Miguel Olachea Jr.

José Manuel Gonzalez Arriola, a golf player, shared that the golf tournament moves around the area with nearly every local course hosting the annual tournament. “The objective of the annual golf tournament has always been to maintain a cohesive relationship among our members who are developers, investors, contractors, and suppliers,” said José. “We are all in the same boat, and that boat is Cabo. So, in order to promote the region successfully, we need to work together, and the golf tournament helps us to remember that goal.”

Chileno Bay Golf Club, which opened in January 2014, was the host course for this year’s Association of Developers golf tournament. Chileno Bay is one of the shining stars of the Los Cabos golf scene. Designed by Tom Fazio, this 18-hole, par 72 course stretches to 7,260 yards from the championship tees. In true Fazio fashion, the tees, fairways, and greens work seamlessly with the surrounding desert terrain to provide magnificent views of the Sea of Cortez from every hole. Chileno Bay CEO Daniel Urrea shared that Chileno Bay also features a high-end residential component as well as all the expected luxuries and amenities of an exclusive club, along with two miles of spellbinding coastline. “We were very happy to host this year’s Association of Developers golf tournament, and we’d be glad to host it in the future,” said Daniel.

Norma Rivera has been with the association for the past 25 years, and has been organizing these tournaments for the past 20… “Every year we organize this tournament in different golf courses in Los Cabos... This upcoming one will be at Cardonals’ Diamante Golf Course on May 13th,” added Norma.

“The members unanimously agree that the annual golf tournament is the perfect setting to rekindle and foster important relationships that keep us on track as we continue to promote development and investment real estate in the municipality of Los Cabos,” added Fernando. BT

Eduardo Flores, Marco Ehrenberg and Roberto Gonzalez Marco Monroy and John Vaughan
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 58
2nd Place winners… Blake Harrington, Juan Aguilar, John Solis and Pablo Marrone They have played 20 continuous tournaments… John Vaughan, Gabriel Corral, Marco Monroy and Pepe Iturbide Marco Monroy and Gabriel Corral Norma Rivera, Fernando García and Lito González Third Place winners… Federico Vaughan, Chris Snell, John Vaughan and Andy Lemke Edgar Velazquez, Yeoshua Syrquin, Juan A. Aguilar, John Solis and Alberto Villada

If given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to rendezvous in Los Cabos – a popular sunshine getaway for American, Canadian, European and Mexican travelers? After all, this is where you will find world-class hotels and resorts, championship golf courses, stunning coastal scenery, and a plethora of adventure-based activities from eco-tourism, zip lines, and nature to fishing charters, scuba, snorkeling , and ATV trails and off-road adventures. There are even camel rides in the desert as well as swimming with the dolphins. Then there is the bountiful culinary scene along with the legendary laid-back nightlife. All this is Los Cabos.

However, Los Cabos – located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula – is also a place where the stars and filmmakers now congregate, in large part because of the emergence and growing stature of the Los Cabos International Film Festival, now in its fourth season. Here is where you will find the best roll-out of feature-length movies and world cinema, along with independent movies, documentaries and TV from Mexican filmmakers and their neighbors in the United States and Canada, as well as countries from Spain to Ireland.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 60

Fourth Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival

The five-day festival is only a twohour flight from Los Angeles, adding to the convenience of this south-ofHollywood magnet as both a gathering place and where serious visual art makers talk about acquisitions, future partnerships, and co-productions. It’s also a serious place where producers, directors, and actors can co-mingle. The 2015 Los Cabos International Film Festival highlighted TV by inviting key figures from Netflix, HBO, and SundanceTV. Finished series, series in the works, and feature films for digital platforms ruled the day.

This year the ceremony was presided by Los Cabos Arte y Cultura President, Alfonso Pasquel Bárcenas; Los Cabos Tourism Board Director, Rubén

Reachi Lugo; State Tourism deputy of Los Cabos, Pablo Armenta Gutiérrez, and Mexican Film Institute Director, Jorge Sánchez Sosa. The Festival also distributed more than $480,000 USD in prizes, recognizing projects in the development stage as well as films in post-production stage. Over 17,000 people from all over the world were in attendance.

Where neighboring countries meet over the business of film

To the credit of Los Cabos International Film Festival, they have been serious about keeping the focus on the art and business of film. And though there is a fair share of celebrities in attendance, it’s really about production. As festival director Alonso Aguilar says, “The real Los Cabos Film Festival happens behind the curtains.”

Producers and actors were well represented with producers like Nicole Irene Dyck, director Jessica Sanders, and actors Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Jared Leto, Jean Marc Valee and Alexander Skarsgard in attendance.

BajaTRAVELER® had a chance to catch up with Irish-born actor Liam Neeson at the festival, asking him what he loves about Mexico. “Many, many years ago I was in Veracruz for about three weeks and shot a film in Veracruz called Ruby Cairo,” said Neeson, quickly adding, “I don’t think anyone saw the film.” (The 1992 film was recut and retitled Deception, with an additional 21 minutes of footage on the video release.)

Neeson remarked that even though he was living in Los Angeles at the time, and his interactions with Mexican people were somewhat limited to those working the land, he did notice one thing that stood out for him. “When I was in Veracruz I was so touched that family is the root of all life. Family seemed to be so important to them and that was a real reminder to me about the similarities with the Irish people - where family is the real core. You do everything for the family. I was very touched by that.”

Awards Ceremony

Los Cabos International Film Festival awarded prizes to the winner films of the two Official Selection competitions

– México Primero and Competencia

Los Cabos – and the ones participating in the Industry platforms – Cabos in Progress and Cabos Discovery.

Cine Selection Awards

The International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI), the international association of film critics and journalists, presented for the first time its Best Mexican Film Award. The winner film was Te Prometo Anarquía (I Promise You Anarchy), directed by Julio Hernández Cordón.

The USD 15,000 Competencia

Los Cabos Cinemex Award winner was for Lenny Abrahamson’s Room. The Jury of Competencia

Los Cabos was formed by Telluride Film Festival Director, Tom Luddy; ex-Variety Chief Film Critic and now Amazon Studios development and acquisitions executive, Scott Foundas, and Argentinean producer and filmmaker, Lucía Puenzo.

The Cinemex Audience Award worth USD 10,000 was also to Room, by Lenny Abrahamson, being the best rated film of the Official Selection competence by the spectators.

Industry Awards

The Cabos in Progress jury, formed by Édouard Waintrop, Dennis Lim and Emilie Georges, chose Ricardo Silva’s El Fracaso to receive the USD 10,000 prize. The Cabos Discovery jury, formed by Cristian Conti, Anick Poirier and David Kaplan, chose Jessica Sanders’ Picking Cotton to receive the USD 8,000 award.

After the award ceremony for competing films, The 2015 Protagonist Award for Excellence in Acting was received by Ewan McGregor, with a Mexican premiere screening of Steve Jobs by Danny Boyle as the Closing Gala Screening. BT


Once again, BajaTRAVELER® profiles a group of talented, successful men who have materially contributed to the betterment of Baja – its people, local economy, or community infrastructure. Although their contributions and backgrounds are diverse, they are bound together by a common objective – to continue to bring prosperity to the Baja area. The six honorees are as follows:

First, comes the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur, who is confident that promoting both the natural beauty of Baja and the friendliness of the Mexican people, will continue to bring back visitors to the state.

Next, an entrepreneur, investor, developer and accountant who has build magnificent luxury developments in Cabo.

Third is the general manager of a vibrant contemporary resort, who has transformed it into the first all-inclusive Lifestyle hotel, creating a unique experience-driven concept.

Fourth is the co-founder and chief executive of a familyowned winery, nestled against picturesque mountains in the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, that fulfills the dreams of his father.

Fifth is the director of a winery that has been created to be a destination that offers a superb wine-tourism experience, and which is comparable to that found anywhere else in the world.

Last but not least, is a champion off-road racer – to whom off-road racing is the driving force in his life, the passion for which he inherited from his father. BT

BajaTRAVELER® salutes these amazing, talented men – and wishes them continued success in all their endeavors toward the effective development of Baja.

Genaro Ron Raul Fernando Gustavo Tavo

G e nar o R u íz

His Passion Is To Promote Baja California Sur

In a state where 74 percent of the gross domestic product is generated by tourism, Genaro Ruíz feels honored to have been named Secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur by Governor Carlos Mendoza.

“The main course to be taken is to consolidate our top tourist destination: Los Cabos,” he explains. “We must make sure that this success is repeated in our other tourist destinations through premium services, upon which we will focus in the training of our people.” Ruíz is certain that the best tourism promotion can be achieved is by word of mouth – through the positive experiences that visitors have encountered while staying in Baja – and having the best equipped cities in terms of tourism infrastructure.

Ruíz is confident that promoting both the natural beauty and friendliness of the Mexican people will continue to show positive results in bringing more visitors to the state. “Baja California Sur is a wonderful land, where our tourists can enjoy the best holidays,” he says with the utmost confidence – and goes on to give examples of his favorite features.

“I like the people, I like this natural beauty, especially the marine life; we are fortunate to have forty percent of the world’s marine mammals inhabiting the Sea of Cortez,” he says, describing the immense abundance of the marine life to be found there and pointing out that Jacques Cousteau gave it the name “The World’s Aquarium.” But Ruíz offers his own interpretation.

“I would add that it is the marine Serengeti, because it is a place where you can see and swim, too, with sea lions and sharks of different species.” With fishing a prominent sport, he describes the many types of fish, including billfish and dorado, besides hundreds of other diverse varieties, that are to be found in the ocean there. And for those who look to the skies, there are many different species of birds to satisfy the heart of any birdwatcher.

“Among the other great wealth of flora and fauna, Baja Sur also has great historical and cultural wealth to show the world, such as the Route of the Missions, the Missions of Loreto, the Mission of San Francisco Javier, San Ignacio in Mulege, among others that are full of history. Also, there are the ancient and impressive cave paintings in various areas of the State,” adds Ruíz.

But there is so much more that makes him proud, especially the cuisine prepared in Baja. This includes such favorites as moles, shrimp, abalone, burro snails Loretana clams and fish tacos. Everything he enjoys is right there and he has no wish to explore further outside of Baja. “I am very passionate about the Sea of Cortez and, without a doubt, for people to know these most unique natural beauties is one of my principle assignments,” he emphasizes.

Born in Mexico City in 1967, he studied there through sixth grade and then, in 1979, moved to La Paz, where he attended middle and high school. Returning to Mexico City, at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) he studied Public Administration, with the idea of being able to serve his country and

his state of Baja California Sur. His main influences in life have been, and are, his father, his mother, his wife and two children. His favorite relaxation is in time spent with his family, playing golf and swimming at the beaches. There are certain aspects of Baja that he feels everyone should know.

“The remarkable recovery that has occurred in the Los Cabos area after Hurricane Odile,” he states. “Sixteen months after being impacted by this phenomenon we have, today, almost one hundred percent recovered in the hotel industry.” The construction of hotels such as JW Marriott, Hyatt Park, Montage, Auberge, Grand Solmar, Le Blanc, among others, represent some 3,900 new rooms that will open in 2016 and 2017, which will position the area of Los Cabos as a premium destination with the highest average rate in the country

By the end of 2015, the influx of visitors at the International Airport numbered some two million, making it a record year in the tourism history of the State. In the ports of La Paz and Loreto, there was a significant increase in cruise ship arrivals, and hopes are high that this trend will continue.

“I would like to invite all readers of BajaTRAVELER® to visit Baja California Sur, and to know that our State will be receiving them, as it has always done, with open arms, and the smiles and warmth of its people,” says Ruíz. He wants visitors to enjoy the unique natural beauty and, with the new government headed by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis – who knows and understands tourism – they can continue positioning Baja as one of the best destinations in the world. BT

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 64

“I would like to invite all readers of BajaTRAVELER® to visit Baja California Sur, and to know that our State will be receiving them, as it has always done, with open arms, and the smiles and warmth of its people. ”



R on Ha t f ie l d

One of Cabo’s original visionaries, Ron Hatfield has spent more than 20 years creating a lifestyle that has not only set a precedent in Mexico but has been recognized worldwide as an exemplar of the luxury residential resort lifestyle. The seaside communities of Villas Del Mar, Espiritu and Oasis Palmilla are the most exclusive in Baja, featuring the finest collection of magnificent seaside residences, world-class amenities and unrivaled residential resort services. With more than 200 luxury homes completed and occupied within their gates, some of the best views and home sites in Los Cabos remain available. Hatfield and the company he cofounded, Del Mar Development, continue to stretch the boundaries of resort home design, introducing groundbreaking new residential offerings along the ocean view hillsides of Espiritu, built on a two decade foundation of innovation and experience.

From Texas To Baja

A Houston native and graduate of Rice University, Hatfield has more than 40 years of experience in multifamily, residential and commercial developments, including Cypress Station, Northwest Crossing and Champions Village in Houston. His love affair with Baja began in 1994 when Hatfield and his business partner, Kenneth Schnitzer, jetted down to play the new Jack Nicklaus Palmilla golf course. They were blown away by the pristine oceanfront neighboring the original Palmilla Hotel, an irresistible find for the right developer. By 1995, they had purchased a stretch of beachfront and would break ground on five homes in what is now Villas Del Mar. Del Mar Development would go on to set the stage for high end residential development in Mexico acclaimed for its cutting edge resort home design and masterful construction techniques.


Building A Lifestyle

From the start, Hatfield and Schnitzer understood, it takes more than beautiful homes to create a coveted, world class destination. The Del Mar communities are renowned for their vast array of exclusive amenities, which include the Club Ninety Six beach club and the ocean view Club Espiritu fitness club, spa and sports park. Additionally, homeowners enjoy golf cart access to the neighboring One&Only Palmilla Hotel, the 27hole Palmilla Golf Course and The Shoppes at Palmilla. The developer owned and operated Del Mar Management provides carefree homeownership with unprecedented residential and resort services ranging from paying personal bills and pre-arrival home preparation, to personal chef and butler service and inresidence spa treatments.

“We didn’t come down here to start building a short-term project and go home,” Hatfield recalls. “We were emotionally involved. We wanted to make it a place to be proud of, a place to live fulltime with our families. We put real heart and soul into the community.” Sadly, Schnitzer passed away in 1999, but Hatfield remains in Los Cabos, making it his year-round home and continuing to shape the future of real estate development in Baja Sur.

Espiritu: The Next Chapter

With the first Del Mar community, Villas Del Mar, nearly complete, the legacy continues along the picturesque hillsides of the adjacent Espiritu community, where views stretch from Palmilla Bay to the city lights of San José del Cabo and the mountains beyond. From sprawling Espiritu Estates to 10,000 sq. ft. custom homes, Del Mar Development continues to break new ground, showcasing a transitional style of archi-

tecture that blends traditional Mexican elements with contemporary beauty and simplicity.

Hatfield recently unveiled Del Mar Development’s latest residential offering which marks a first of its kind in the community, The Ledges at Espiritu, presented in partnership with MSD Capital, the investment firm founded to exclusively manage the capital of Michael Dell and his family. Named for its dramatic perch above Palmilla Bay, The Ledges is a collection of Residences and Penthouses featuring a sophisticated, yet casual contemporary design and spacious outdoor living areas, including rooftop terraces atop the Penthouses with private infinity edged pools and sweeping ocean views. Residence buildings feature resort pools and designated shaded cabanas for each residence with poolside concierge service.

“With The Ledges, we really wanted to offer something new and different, from the architectural design to the services and amenities; offerings that were inspired by our homeowners and from listening to what they were asking for over the last two decades,” Hatfield added.

When asked by BajaTRAVELER® what he thinks has attributed to the success of Del Mar Development, Hatfield replied, “We set out to build a world-class residential community, and we didn’t spare any expense in the planning and development. It’s been the passion and dedication of not only the development company but all of the employees who have worked together to contribute to our success. It has been the highlight of my life and a true labor of love.

Los Cabos Innovator And Luxury Developer BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 66
2016 QUOTE
“It’s been the passion and dedication of not only the development company but all of the employees who have worked together to contribute to our success. It has been the highlight of mylife and a true labor of love.”

Finds The Hotel Business Can Be Fun!

R a u l Pe tragl ia

In addition to the traditional responsibilities of a General Manager, Raul Petraglia, Managing Director of ME Cabo, must be involved in every aspect of the customer’s experience. This includes music, décor, service, gastronomy, mixology, marketing, public relations – besides the many other tasks that are required to provide comfort and satisfaction for the resort’s guests.

“My philosophy is that the hotel business can be fun for both customers and associates,” he explains. “And, at ME, we give space for the individual’s personality to shine.”

Petraglia also believes that tourism needs to be aligned with a sustainable vision. Local culture should be highlighted, local producers promoted, and a dialogue developed with new generations – everything that was kept in mind when defining the new ME Cabo.

“It is very easy,” he asserts. “We have a very unique destination, we offer the most outstanding hotels and services, as well as high quality products. We must focus on promoting what we have – and be proud of it!” He empathizes that the luxurious aspirations of Cabo have to be preserved. Although, as he states, he is not an expert in the field of security, he also understands that it should be a shared responsibility; he sees a great commitment necessary on the part of everyone involved.

Although Petraglia began pursuing a career by studying law in Argentina, his plans drastically changed when his parents decided to move to Spain and he went along, too. For some months he traveled with them, originally to help in a new family project. In the process he says he “fell in love” with tourism, beginning with arranging entertainment in the hotel business. For a few years he was, in this capacity, in charge of assembling live

shows for a couple of hotels in Spain that had huge programs featuring bands and entertainers.

“It was fun!” he exclaims.” And, during periods when he wasn’t working in this position, he took two-month internships in different departments and started to assist general managers in their numerous duties for a few seasons. “Then MHI invited me to be part of the creation of the first Paradisus Hotel in Cozumel and to begin my PDI (a training program for future general managers). It was this opportunity that took me to America, Cozumel, Cancun and Venezuela,” he explains.

At this point he discovered that the experience of hotel operations was the direction his career should take. It developed in him a passion for details and seeing the hotel as a whole integrated entity. He credits Eberhart Linke, the general manager of Gran Melia Caracas, for guidance at that time. Following taking a general managers program at Cornell in 2001, he moved to Cabo and became enamored with Baja.

In 2005, the concept of what the ME brand is today was developed when Melia San Lucas, an old Mexican style hacienda, evolved into ME Cabo, a vibrant contemporary resort. Then followed the opportunity for Petraglia to transform ME Cancun into the first AllInclusive Lifestyle hotel, creating a unique experience-driven concept.

“I was truly lucky when, one year ago, MHI and Grupo Questro proposed me to be in charge, again, of the full remodeling of ME Cabo,” he says. “I am so happy and proud of this team. Both the forecast and outcome for this property are outstanding – and the best is yet to come!” And whom does he consider most influential upon his success in life?

“Probably my parents,” is his reply. “They made me think ‘outside the box’ and to see things from a different perspective, to appreciate nature, to be honest and respectful – and to ask for the same in return. My father, especially, has always been a great inspiration to me. I draw from his creativity and drive to create my own successes.” As for what he loves most about Baja California Sur, he lists his favorites.

“Nature, Nature, Nature; quality of life, and the people who live here!” he declares. For food he says his favorite is Chiles en Nogada. In music the song he loves is “Si Nos Dejan.” And for favorite places outside Baja he chooses Tulum and San Miguel de Allende. Having been recently transplanted back to Cabo from Cancun, Petraglia discusses why he elected to return.

“I love to spend time by the beach, practicing Yoga and reading,” he says. “I discovered a beautiful Yoga retreat in Cerritos and a Buddhist Center up in the mountains that have been great weekend getaways. I also enjoy full moon dinners at the Huerta Los Tamarindos. Cabo has some incredible hidden treasures and, of course,” he adds with a laugh, “ME Cabo and its associates!”

The prospects for development of Cabo is incredible, Petraglia predicts. His concerns lie in the fact that it is necessary to respect nature and have a sustaining growth.

“Cabo has always had a special place in my heart,” he adds. ‘I lived here for twelve years the first time and loved every minute of it: the beauty that the landscape has to offer, the climate, the people. Coming back has been a gift from life; I have rediscovered all of its beauty as well as the immense sense of peace that this magical place has to offer.” BT

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 68


has some incredible hidden treasures and, of course, ME Cabo and its associates!”


Ferna nd o Fa ve l a-Vara

Chateau Camou—The Realization of a Family Dream

As co-founder and CEO of Winery Chateau Camou, Fernando Favela-Vara continues to fulfill the wishes and dreams of his father. Nestled in the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, against a breathtaking backdrop of scenic mountains, the winery was established with the vision of creating a great Mexican wine.

“Team Work” is his philosophy. All members of the team are equally important; he hires the best people and lets them work. Tourism, oenotourism (tourism in wine regions) in particular, is becoming increasingly important, especially in newly-emerging wine regions such as Valle de Guadalupe, which he maintains is a very safe region.

“Promoting visitors to the wine region – and having testimonials from satisfied customers that can become ambassadors to our area – creates a positive impact on the perception of potential visitors,” he says. “It is our duty to make sure the experience that our visitors have is the best.” Originally conceived as a dream of having a place to retire, with time it became a quest to make the best wines in the area. “Founded in 1993, we had our fist crop in 1995. We take care of small details in order to differentiate our work from others in the area.” Since 2001, his family have been the sole owners. Today, one of Favela’s sisters and his eldest son work with him.

“We are always looking for ways to improve in the vineyard – and in the winery itself,” he explains. “Striving to evolve with time, we are working on the new oenology and image of the winery. This year, we will celebrate twenty years of wine-making in Baja California. We can say we are one of

the pioneers, and keep working to stay true to our values and goals. As our motto says: ‘The art of creating fine wines.’” At the same time he looks to the future.

“Valle de Guadalupe is growing fast, new projects are a reality and that has fostered evolution in everyone involved,” he states. “We are working together to preserve the landscape to ensure the future of the valley.” But he does find time to enjoy some of his favorite activities in Baja.

Born in the city of Durango, he moved to Mexico City when he was four, due to his father’s work. There he attended school and graduated from the National University (UNAM) as an electrical engineer. In 1980, he moved to Ensenada to pursue a masters degree in applied physics, later graduating summa cum laude from CICESE in Ensenada. After spending eleven years doing seismic instrumentation, he was invited to start a technological business incubator for the center he was with and the science and technology federal office (CONACY), supported by NAFINSA, an official financial office. After a year of being responsible for the northwest region, he decided to go into his own businesses. He started a metal fabrication company in 1993 and Chateau Camou in 1994. At this point, the winery became his most important occupation. And who influenced him most in life?

“Definitely, my parents!” he claims. “From my father I learned hard work; from my mother – to help those in need who have not been as fortunate as we have. That is why I was also in the Boy Scouts and later became a Rotarian. Asked what does he love most about Baja California?

“Its people; I married a lovely lady from Ensenada!” he quickly replies. He is also happy with the opportunities this area offers to those who want to work. He likes the variable climate; the beautiful beaches and incredible forests; its trendy food development that has been heavily influenced by the wine industry.

“I enjoy seafood – Baja California has the best. I also like Oaxaca’s and Puebla’s food,” he adds. “I love mole from both states – and the sweets.” He likes to visit small towns in the states of Puebla, Queretaro, Aguascalientes and Jalisco for their historic places. As for music, his taste is quite eclectic, he listens to all kinds, but classical in particular, plus seventies and eighties rock; and he tries to follow new trends with the help of his sons.

His other interests range from reading about history, travel, science fiction, biographies and learning other languages. He also gets great pleasure in trekking and photography, commenting that Baja offers many opportunities for such pastimes. Favela obviously enjoys life to the hilt when he adds mountain biking and off-road racing to his list; he has had the opportunity to ride and win the famous Baja 1000 in a couple of categories, which he considers most exciting. Yes, he finds life in Baja California highly satisfying.

“I enjoy family, work and friends,” he declares. “Particularly, when working with my own family, which has created a strong bond between us. There is a bright future in winemaking in Mexico and, particularly, in Baja. The challenges are big, but our will is bigger and stronger. With other areas of Mexico developing winemaking regions, it is more important Baja California keeps the leadership – and we want to be there.” BT

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 70

“There is a bright future in winemaking in Mexico and, particularly, in Baja. The challenges are big, but our will is bigger and stronger..."

2016 71

G u sta v o O rtega

Creator Of An Enchanting Wine Destination

As Chief Executive Officer of Vinicola El Cielo in the Valle de Guadalupe, Gustavo Ortega has created a destination that offers a unique wine-tourism experience that is comparable to that found anywhere else in the world. Visitors are entranced by the breathtaking scenery, verdant gardens surrounded by grape vines, and the mysticism of the underground wine cellar. Latitude 32 Steakhouse, the winery’s official restaurant, is designed so that diners may delight in the magnificent view of the Valle from any table.

“Here, our vision is to create a place where the people who visit us can enjoy the freshness of the Guadalupe Valley, to breathe in the peacefulness, the clean air, along with all of the wine-tourism experiences to be found in the region,” Ortega explains. They will find comfortable rooms, a spa, organized private events – such as weddings or business meetings – and the opportunity to enjoy all the area attractions. And he is highly optimistic regarding the future of Baja.

“Every day Baja California undergoes changes,” he explains. “The present scenario is very different from that which existed a few years ago. Mexican wines and cuisine are having more impact.” He points out that there is greater growth potential as the infrastructure, with better roads, facilitates crossing the Border. “This is the best promotion for the Valley and improves the image outside the country.”

Another great area of opportunity is the national market. As Mexican wine improves, he believes, there is more interest in visiting Baja California. And a large market also exists in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Sonora, Sinaloa, as well as the rest of the country. With the large investments in equipment in the winemaking process, the wine industry in Baja California will have the

capacity to keep moving forward and, possibly, be regarded as the “New Napa.”

El Cielo is the first consolidation of a young company. Currently, it is a vineyard that expands every day, with more than 54 acres of vines already planted, although the project contemplates growing vines not only in the Valley, but in Ojos Negros as well. The microclimate in the Valle, responsible for producing grapes that create the award-winning wines, results in the richness of the soil and the prevailing moisture-laden sea breezes.

“At the moment, we have eleven different labels, with three more premium high quality wines that will be released during 2016,” Ortega predicts. The winery has received national and international awards, with its wines being served in the best hotels, restaurants and wine shops throughout the country. As for the culinary side of the project, in 2016 the restaurant, Latitud 32, will present a new menu that will feature the concept of local Baja cuisine, plus traditional ancient Mayan cuisine from Yucatán, resulting in a Baja-Yucatán fusion.

Finally, the hotel, which is a highly important part of the El Cielo project, is estimated to be ready by the end of this year. It will include fifty-eight suites, a boutique, spa and convention center, and will complete the enological, culinary and tourist facilities envisioned by the company.

“Since the El Cielo Hotel stands out as a different and innovative wine-tourism destination, it will become a “must” for domestic and international visitors to the Valley,” asserts Ortega. “I enjoy being at the winery, greeting the visitors, telling them our story and sharing with them what we do.” He speaks enthusiastically about his pleasure in coming to Baja California.

“When my wife and I came to Guadalupe Valley, we fell in love with the climate, the views, and the wines from the region,” he says. “And we realized what the Mexican wines could give to all the people who visit the Valley.”

Born and raised in Mérida, he attended high school at Colegio Montejo, followed by taking Business Management at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He also studied in America, taking a one-year MBA course at Harvard, and a hospitality program at Cornell University. He also earned a Diploma in High Management at ANAHUAC University, which he says defined the direction of his life in many aspects with “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” by Stephen R. Corvey, which philosophy he says he applies daily.

At an early age, Ortega was attracted to politics and business management, throughout his school years exhibiting leadership qualities. In the political arena his involvement included Department secretary for Quintana Roo Tourism, Mayor of Cozumel, FONATUR delegate in Cancun and federal deputy during the LVI legislation. In the private sector he owns touristoriented companies, collaborated as General Manager at Allegro Hotel in Cozumel and was sub - manager at Occidental Grand Xcaret.

However, Ortega does find time to appreciate the lighter side of life by starting his day by exercising to saxophone music. He also enjoys listening to tropical music, heavy rock and rock-pop from the eighties. But most of all, he admits to loving romantic Spanish music. And when it comes to traveling he has his favorites.

“There are many interesting and fascinating regions in Mexico; from deserts to the tropics, to the jungle, to the beaches or forests,” he says. “Lots of amazing areas, but my two favorites are Cozumel, where I came from, and Valle de Guadalupe.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 72

“When my wife and I came to Guadalupe Valley, we fell in love with the climate, the views, and the wines from the region. And we realized what the Mexican wines could give to all the people who visit the Valley." HIGH

2016 73


Ta v o Vi l d ós ol a

Continuing a Family Tradition

Born into a family where off-road racing was the driving force in life, Gustavo Vildósola Jr., aka Tavo, is blessed with a talent he inherited from his father. The family hobby – Vildósola Racing – was started by Tavo’s father, Gustavo. “Today, our team has evolved into one of the premier teams in off-road racing,” says Tavo. “Our philosophy at Vildósola Racing is very simple: Win! We are not in this to take second place, or bring home a moral victory. We understand that we are at somewhat of a disadvantage since family racing is our hobby while most of our top competitors do this for a living. This obviously makes us strive for success and greatness even more.”

Tavo shares a few quotes that are near and dear to his heart. “My favorite saying that mainly applies to racing is ‘go big or go home.’ When it comes to merging racing and our business which is transportation, I borrow a saying from Toyota: ‘Our minds are always racing.’”

Born in El Centro, Calif., Tavo lived in Mexicali, Baja California for several years. The family then moved to San Diego where he attended Francis Parker High School and later, the University of San Diego. “I believe my career path had really been set in the family business ever since I was born,” Tavo observes. “The family business changed from what it was originally, but I came to really enjoy what we do in transportation and accept the challenges it presents on a daily basis.”

Fondness for Mexico

Tavo shares some of the unique treasures that await visitors to Mexico. “The New York Times recently selected Mexico City

as the top destination to visit during 2016,” shares Tavo. Apparently, his holiness Pope Francis read the article, too! The pontiff visited Mexico’s capital this past February. “I believe that this should reinstill confidence in Mexico as a premier destination in the world for tourism. In terms of business, the commitment from automakers to invest more than $20 billion in Mexico over the next five years is huge for our industry.”

An avid skier and scuba diver, Tavo also shares some of his favorite travel destinations within Mexico. “My favorite thing to do in Mexico is travel, followed closely by off-road racing,” says Tavo. “There are so many beautiful places to consider; from the beaches on the Riviera Maya to the jungles in southern Mexico, and the deserts in Baja, there is just so much to choose from. Also, racing in the most remote parts of Baja, and taking in the beauty of places that resemble Hawaii or the pine forests of Colorado, these are simply unforgettable experiences.”

Off-road racing has been an incredible catalyst to tourism in Mexico’s Baja region. “Many people thought Baja ended in Tijuana,” says Tavo, “but through off-road racing, visitors continue to discover that the state of Baja California is one of the most diverse and beautiful places in the world.”

Community and family appreciation

To ensure it remains that way for tourists and locals alike, Tavo and his colleagues in the racing business stepped up to the challenge when Hurricane Odile made an unexpected visit to the region in 2014. In the aftermath of Hurricane Odile, a group of friends, who are also passionate off-road racers, put together a relief effort called

Baja Strong with the simple goal of helping the hurricane victims. The idea was first to send a few trucks to Baja with relief items, but thankfully the movement got bigger and stronger by the day. In a period of six weeks, Baja Strong collectively sent more than 220 tons of supplies. “It was a small way to payback the people of Baja who have been extremely hospitable to the racing community for so many decades,” says Tavo.

Vildósola Racing is the only Mexican racing team to win the Baja 1000 twice – it is the most famous race in the off-road world. The team brought home its first Baja 1000 first-place trophy in 2010, following up with another victory in 2012. “Vildósola Racing is our hobby; it’s our toy garage, and we do this for fun,” Tavo shares. “We hope that future generations of Vildósola’s continue to enjoy racing as we do. In the immediate future, we see the next challenge for our racing team to win the Dakar Rally in South America.”

This year, Vildósola Racing will participate in half a dozen races including THE MINT 400, the Baja 500, and the Baja 1000 that finishes in Ensenada. The first race of the 2016 season – the San Felipe 250 – will be Vildosola’s fourth attempt at conquering this race after winning the overall in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Much of Tavo’s success is a direct result of his positive family life. “I thank my family, my parents, my wife Leticia and children Ximena, Valeria, and Gustavo for supporting me in my job, and especially my hobby, offroad racing. Though I’m away from home for half of the calendar year, none of what I do would matter without their unwavering support; none of this would be possible!”

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 74

“There are so many beautiful places to consider; from the beaches on the Riviera Maya to the jungles in southern Mexico, and the deserts in Baja, there is just so much to choose from.”



Tanya Talamante


As a resident of Los Cabos for over 20 years, Talamante has seen firsthand how dirt roads became twolane highways and how property values soared. Despite the tourist boom that includes celebrity weddings and new developments, she still finds a respite here.

Because of Talamante’s day-to-day interactions with people who visit Mexico for the first time and fall in love with it, she could be considered an ambassador of sorts. “We give our best, we treat our visitors with respect, and we welcome them knowing that they will tell friends about Mexico and their experiences.”

As one of the premiere artists in the BAJA region, she continues to create and explore her visions.

Her most recent exhibit was at the One&Only Palmilla and it was all about underwater scenes and sensations. She based the exhibit on a painting she did in 1998 called "mi mundo submarine." It wasn't until 2015 that she continued with the rest

of the paintings. She is honored and humbled to be the first artist in residence to show at the One&Only Palmilla.


It all began when she joined an open water swimming group. She explained to BajaTRAVELER® what an amazing experience it was for her to let go and address her long fear of the ocean. When she was swimming she did not see what was in front or around her …she was just able to move forward, trusting her stroke and knowing that she would get to the shore. All her life she had been scared of swimming in the ocean. In her teens she competed in swimming contests, but only in swimming pools.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 76

As she swam, all her feelings and memories started to appear and come back to her… enveloping her like the ocean. When she finished, she had her sketchbook and wrote or drew what she experienced daily. Most of the inspiration comes from her swims in the magical water of the Baja peninsula.

With a mother who was an interior designer and a father who was an engineer, Tanya Talamante’s path could have followed in either of those footsteps. But when her mother hired one of her illustrators to teach a 9-year old Talamante art and painting, the magic of it filled her spirit.

“That’s when my love story with art began,” says Talamante. That love story inspired Talamante to follow her passion. Now she owns the Tanya Talamante Art School and Gallery in the beautiful Villa Valentina in San José del Cabo and another studio at the One&Only Palmilla resort.

She has also embraced the art of furniture making as another way of expressing herself. Working with her family as she began her career taught her about materials and the manufacturing process. In 2006 she opened a concept store called “Palia” in downtown Scottsdale, AZ.

For Tanya, it was a treat designing furniture and sourcing suppliers. The store sold curated items from Mexico circa 1970's so she was able to work with a lot of design firms in Mexico and the U.S. that produced her designs. The Four Season's did a big remodel that year and Palia was one of the suppliers of furniture for the venue.

She devours her culture – from food to museums and everything in between. We asked her to tell us about her perfect day in Baja.

For Tanya, the perfect day begins waking up at 6am and having a mango smoothie.* She’ll get her 2 kids ready for school and then go for a swim. Breakfast is at La Panaderia with her friends and is the perfect way to ease into the day before going to the One&Only Palmilla to paint.

After she takes her kids to classes, a 20 minute nap is her perfect siesta.

She would have a delicious home cooked meal with her family and then paint some more in her studio at Villa Valentina.

To finish the perfect day, it’s got to be her dad's famous carne asada and a margarita.

She’d go to bed thinking, “wow I get to do this again tomorrow”...

For the person who has never been to the Peninsula there are some of TT’s MUST DO’s:

- You MUST go to Pescadero, Todos Santos and La Paz – They have a new toll road and it is worth it in Cabo San Lucas the best kept secret is Blue Fish Sushi with Master sushi maker Memo.

- In San José del Cabo visit El Lugareño inside Villa Valentina. It is open for breakfast and lunch 100% recommended… and extra plus, VV is amazing, plus her gallery is there!


Her honorable mentions include ACRE restaurant and La Lupita.

Her new favorite is Louic's Oyster Bar inside Casa Natalia Hotel and her pick for “hidden gem” is La Panaderia.

For Tanya, it is a sweet and full life that lets her creative spirit soar with no limits at all – as long as she follows her philosophy: to live a simple and meaningful life, help out as much as you can and give thanks for each new day. BT

Tanya's Recipes


1 Cup Chopped Ripe Mango

1/2 Cup Coconut Water

1/2 Cup Ice

1/4 Cup Plain Low-Fat Yogurt

1 Tablespoon Chia

2 Shots of Spirulina


Combine all ingredients in blender until smooth and ENJOY!


8 Poblano Chiles

2 Bunches Green Onions (About 12) Dark Green Tops Trimmed

2 Pounds New York Steak, Cut Crosswise Into 6-Inch-Wide Pieces

4 Garlic Cloves, Minced Coarse Kosher Salt

Corn Tortillas

2 Avocados

Lime Wedges


- Marinade the meat for 1 hour w/ salt and garlic

- Take the meat and grill together with the poblano chiles and the green onions until veggies are grilled and meat is cooked through.

- Slice the Avocado and top it with kosher salt and juice of one lemon

- Serve all together meat and chiles and onion on a wood board

- Make tacos with all of the above.


BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 78



While running your business, it is essential to focus on risk management. This literally means that you must make an honest assessment about the risks and rewards. (As we all know; the saying goes that without any risk there isn’t any reward). If you are too conservative in your approach, you will be fortunate if the business breaks even, let alone stays ahead of inflation. If you risk too much, you could lose everything. The key is to assume as much risk as the business can bear, but supported by solid research, planning, and ongoing analysis of company decisions.

A local domestic business has to deal with local taxation, local labor law, local currency, local supply chain and local clients. While this creates a simpler and more contained business environment, it also involves greater risk. The reason is that any adverse local conditions will have a greater impact on company business. This could be anything from a recession to a decrease in de-

mand by consumers. The result is that the company can have serious financial problems in a contained and non-diversified environment.


A distinct challenge for any domestic business is dealing with growth and market share. The more geographically contained a business becomes, the more difficult it is to grow and increase market share. Stagnation is the primary risk.

A company that desires to grow more efficiently and increase market share will need to expand territory and geographic boundaries. Going International might be the solution for continued company growth but with globalization comes more complex issues such as import/export regulations, transportation, storage, distribution, and the need and ability to meet product or service demand on a timely basis.

The key to managing a business overseas is basically the same as managing a business at home. It requires solid research, planning, risk assessment, oversight and management as well as ongoing analysis to make sure you are on the right path. The real difference comes in the level of complexities, the increased infrastructure, and the globalization of business relationships.
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 80


Through exports, a company can increase revenue while reducing the relative risk of local market conditions. Not only will this increase market share, but it will also spread business risk. Simply put, diversification is essential to weather the local and International economy, as well as provide a buffer to inherent risks. Essentially, the bigger the market the more opportunities you have to increase your market share and your revenues.

However, the global market introduces a set of complexities and a divergent infrastructure that a business must deal with efficiently and effectively if it is to succeed.


The first thing you need to deal with when you decide to export your product is the currency exchange “Forex Exchange.“ For example, if you are based in the USA and you are targeting the Mexican market, you have to think about the flotation of the U.S. dollar against the Mexican peso, that currently is trading USD/MXN at 17.92 pesos as of March 8, 2016. However, on February 11, 2016, it was 19.20 pesos, which means that the peso has become more powerful - more than 120 points in less than one month. This translates to less profit for a U.S. company due to the increase in cost of goods from the greater value of the local currency (peso). It is vitally important to plan your budget figuring out how the currency you are going to use could change during the upcoming months.

02 LAW:

Every country has commercial and civil law, which you are going to deal with on a daily basis. Make sure you have onboard a trusted local law firm that can ensure you stay in compliance with regulations in order to avoid any issue or possible fines.


When you consider building a new plant or office for your company abroad, don’t think only about labor cost but also focus attention on “culture.” Countries have different labor beliefs, laws, and systems and sometimes they fail to match your own experiences or expectations. It is most important that foreign people understand your company rules and the need to abide by them. If this is not properly addressed, serious problems can develop that affect future performance and profitability.



If you decide to go abroad either to sell your product or service, or to build a new production plant, the best way is to find a local partner and create a Joint Venture. This connection allows the business to be locally stronger and reduce the time involved in understanding the market and business rules that are involved with it.

Only a well-managed company can create value and make a profit. This is more important than ever since the global market has created strong competition and the levels of complexities and interdependencies demand solid competencies. BT


Founder & CEO Massimiliano Sulpizi Management Consulting Firm Mobile:+44(0)7478987008 = === ¥ £ € $ = === ¥ £ € $
At HSMI Ltd, with offices in London, we provide corporate management advice to our clients with domestic and International companies.
Here are a few tips for dealing with the global market culled from my many years of experience. Hopefully, by paying attention to them, it will lead to greater profitability.



Getting divorced can be complicated enough, but if you live in the United States and own property in Mexico, it can be even tougher. The division of assets and debts is a major part of any divorce. When a marriage is ending, it is necessary to determine how marital property will be divided.

The first issue in any cross-border divorce case is jurisdiction. Jurisdiction refers to which Court has the authority to hear your case. More than one jurisdiction can have jurisdiction of the case and the one that should be hearing your case will depend on you and your spouse’s contact with the location and which location is most convenient.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 82

For those traveling back and forth between Mexico and California, one important consideration is whether a Mexican divorce will be recognized as valid stateside. Ordinarily, California courts will not recognize a divorce obtained in Mexico if neither spouse had a “domicile” in Mexico. Domicile is different than residency. It refers to the place where you voluntarily establish yourself and family, not merely for a special or limited purpose, but with a present intention of making it your true, fixed, permanent home and principal establishment. The rule that a domicile of at least one of the spouses is essential to give the court jurisdiction, or the authority to hear your case. Thus, a Mexican mail-order divorce is absolutely void and will not be recognized. On the other hand, a Mexican divorce may be recognized in California if the filing spouse established a domicile there.

Cases dividing property across borders can take longer, as efforts are made to establish the ownership and whereabouts of money, property and other items. It is necessary to understand both property division laws in California, as well as the property division laws that apply in the country where assets are located. California is one of nine community property states in the country. All property acquired during the marriage, wherever it is located, is considered equally owned by both spouses. An exception to this is where property was acquired through inheritance, in which case the property is the separate property of the acquiring spouse. However, the community property standard is applied even if only one spouse earned income during the marriage to obtain property. The theory is that both spouses, whether working or not, contribute equally to the marriage.

In general, real property, such as the property on which a house sits or other land, is governed by the law of the location of the property. By contrast, personal property, such as bank accounts and vehicles, is typically governed by the law of the residence of the owner. However, when it comes to the division of property in a divorce case, California law provides that the court can divide any and all property owned by the husband and wife in a divorce when the court has personal jurisdiction over both the husband and wife, no matter where the property is located.

California’s laws also place significant disclosure requirements on parties to a divorce case with regard to property they own. Both parties are required to disclose everything that either of them own, owe, or earn, regardless of when it was acquired or who currently possesses the asset. Once the court in California has jurisdiction over the person who owns or controls the property, including in connection with the foreign real property, the parties will be required to disclose it.

If you are contemplating divorce and have property in Mexico and California, you should make sure your lawyer has the experience to handle to complexities involved in cross-border property disputes. For more information about cross-border property division divorce, contact the offices of Boyd Law by calling (619) 232-1206. With offices in San Diego and Spanish speaking employees, Boyd Law has the experience and resources to represent clients who have property on both sides of the border. BT


At Boyd Law, with offices throughout Southern California, we provide legal representation to our clients in international negotiations, entertainment law, talent contract negotiations, distribution agreements and cross-border litigation issues.

Disclaimer: This article has been prepared and published for educational purposes only and is not offered, nor should be construed, as legal or tax advice. San Diego 619.232.1206 Irvine 949.753.1028 Century City 310.777.0231 Sacramento 916.840.2050


The past year has brought some interesting developments to Northern Baja’s real estate market. A market once dominated by the golden coast of the tourism corridor between Playas de Tijuana and Ensenada has given way to a wave of vertical urban developments in Tijuana and vineyard estates in the foothills and valleys of Tecate and Ensenada.

Neither of these were part of the real estate boom here in Baja during the early part of the last decade but today they seemingly dominate our regional market. Certainly not because the coast is any less beautiful than it has been in the past. It is just as remarkable now as it ever has been with its sherbet colored sunsets and consistently fantastic climate year round. Many including myself would argue that now is as good a time as any to invest in the coast if that is what you are looking for. There are several projects stretching from Real del Mar just south of Playas de Tijuana all the way to one of the most iconic real estate developments in the state, Bajamar Ocean Front Golf Resort north of Ensenada. The real frenzy right now however is in the urban and countryside markets. As different as these two emerging markets might appear on the surface, the vertical boom

in the metropolitan districts of Tijuana and vineyard estates in the countryside has been driven interestingly enough by a similar trend.

At a glance it would be hard to imagine how vertical developments springing up all over Tijuana’s chic neighborhoods could have anything to do with vineyard estates but I would argue that both are the result of the transformation of Baja into a cosmopolitan incubator for the best food, wines and art in the country. Buyers of both condos and rural retreats are looking for more than just a simple condo or country estate when making an investment. They expect their investment to connect them with the surroundings, offering them access to the emerging hip culture of fine dining minus the white gloved waiters and fine wines minus the stuffy pompous sommelier. What both of these relatively new products offer is a connection and access to the growing cosmo class in the state. A mix of innovative Baja-Med cuisine and the best wineries in the country, infused with an artistic essence that morphs everything in the region into the funky and hip atmosphere that is uniquely Baja. This essence of fine dining and fine wines stripped down to their bare bones, leaves the formalities behind and instead focuses on the essence, ingredients, and story

behind the artists that are the many chefs and winemakers of our region. Much to the delight of those who live in the region, these artist are on display at increasingly more chic restaurants in Tijuana and boutique wineries in the wine country. This synergy of incredible restaurants and boutique wineries is in part what is driving much of the real estate frenzy in Baja. Buyers want to be where the action is; Tijuana and the wine country have plenty of it.

At Rancho Tecate Resort a driving force behind our success has been the marriage between real estate and wine that we identified and developed when we began sales several years ago. We offer buyers interactive experiences that range from helping to plant and work in our vineyards to classes and workshops that allow our buyers to create their own blends by the bottle or barrel. For our most adventurous homeowners, we offer the necessary support system to help them plant private vineyards on their property and produce private label reserves thru our winery. Of course a fine wine should be accompanied by equally sensational food so our endeavor over the past couple of years has been toward converting our kitchen to a farm-to-table establishment. When possible we source our produce, meat and poultry directly from our farm on property. These are just a couple of the components that we use to engage our buyers in the community but for more information you can visit us at:

There are currently more than fifty approved and permitted residential developments in Tijuana most of which are vertical. Most if not all of these vertical projects are high end with a list of amenities too long to list but that doesn’t necessarily mean the price tag is overwhelming. Adamant a project in the heart of Tijuana directly across from the Xolos soccer stadium in the Hipodromo district is an ambitious and architecturally innovative project that has studio units starting at less than $100,000 USD, far below the price tag of other luxury vertical developments in Tijuana. Horizonte, is another project in the Hipodromo district with views overlooking the Tijuana Country Club with prices starting in the mid $400,000’s. Sales have been so strong that as of early March 2016 only two units remain in either of the projects two towers. BT

Rudy Valdes is Vice President at Group Valcas Currently developing Rancho Tecate Resort “Live in a Wine Country”… For more information- please visit: or

RANCHO TECATE REAL ESTATE BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 84
Baja’s Bloom after the Boom…




Baja California Sur is glistening anew, and not just its pristine shores, blue-water bays and colorful sunsets. Nearly all of its world-renowned hotels have completed major renovation projects while several new resorts and real estate offerings have arrived on the scene. Even with the tremendous growth along the coast, the traditional charm, authenticity and character of Baja California Sur have been preserved, along with the unbeatable lifestyle that has attracted travelers and investors from all over the world for decades.

From Todos Santos to the East Cape, more than 20 resort and residential projects are in various stages of development. One of the most highly anticipated new offerings comes from Cabo’s preeminent developer, Del Mar Development, the developer of the worldrenowned residential resort communities of Villas Del Mar, Espiritu and Oasis Palmilla, in partnership with MSD Capital, the investment firm formed to exclusively manage the capital of Michael Dell and his family. The Ledges at Espiritu is a limited collection of Residences and Penthouses featuring the latest in modern residential design and unobstructed ocean, city and mountain views from a majestic perch above Palmilla Bay. With a sophisticated, yet casual contemporary aesthetic and stunning rooftop terraces atop the Penthouses, The Ledges marks the first offering of its kind in the Del Mar communities, home to the exclusive, private Club Ninety Six beach club and Club Espiritu fitness club.

Among the new developments along Cabo’s Pacific Coast, Diamante will soon welcome a Nobu Hotel, the first in Mexico from the luxury brand co-owned by Japanese chef-turned-hotelier Nobu Matsuhisa. On Medano Beach, Hacienda Beach Club & Residences has launched phase two of the exclusive, private commu-

nity with construction expected to begin this spring.

Along the Golden Corridor, Santa Maria Bay is the site of the new Maravilla Los Cabos community, a project by Ohana Real Estate Investors, which owns Montage Beverly Hills, Montage Deer Valley and the upcoming Montage Los Cabos. In nearby Chileno Bay, the Discovery Land Company, developer of El Dorado Golf & Beach Club, has been brought in to manage the new residential resort community underway. Next door, VieVage Los Cabos, the new luxury brand managed by Auberge Resorts, is in phase one of development and will feature a 29-room boutique hotel.

Towards San José del Cabo, Solaz Los Cabos, operated by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., will include full ownership residences and 131 hotel suites once phase two is complete. At Puerto Los Cabos, the new JW Marriott is open, and plans are in the works for the upcoming Ritz-Carlton Residences.

Not only is Baja California Sur back better than ever, the new development and lifestyle offerings are elevating Los Cabos to a new elite status. Forbes named Los Cabos one of 16 Top Destinations for 2016, among the ranks of Rome, Paris and Taipei. The Wall Street Journal perfectly depicted the small-town charm of Los Cabos recently remarking, “It’s the only resort destination where a taxi driver once invited me for dinner with his family, and where the host of a fancy restaurant once crouched at my table to draw me a map to his favorite local surf break on a napkin.” It’s a sentiment firmly understood by those who cherish the Baja lifestyle and the intangible element that makes it one of the most alluring second-home destinations in the world. BT

Christopher Miller, Vice President of New Development for The Agency in Beverly Hills, leads sales efforts at Espiritu Los Cabos. The Agency in Beverly Hills is the exclusive sales and marketing agency for Espiritu in partnership with Ron Hatfield, founder of Del Mar Development. For more information- please visit: or

The Top Five Reasons to Invest in Baja California Sur Real Estate


Visitors and residents alike are greeted with open arms, making for a warm, authentic and inviting living experience.


From surfing, whale watching and snorkeling to the world-class golf, arts and culture, BCS is a year-round playground.


The world’s top chefs are flocking to the Baja for the fresh seafood, thriving farm-to-table movement and incredible organic, local produce.



A safe and secure destination, BCS boasts terrific healthcare, including the new H+ Hospital, and is easily accessible from all over the world (soon, even Shanghai will be a direct flight away).


Perhaps the biggest draw — the 350 days of sunshine a year, cooling sea breezes and average annual temperatures in the upper-70s.


Grupo Aries is an organization with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate market in Mexico, offering privileged locations on which to build the home of your dreams. Whether buying property for your primary or secondary home, Grupo Aries offers the public exclusive opportunities to make owning a tropical dream come true for those weary of winter weather and the colder climate in the United States.

Their corporate vision is to simply be the best investment option in the market as well as to be the most important real estate company in Mexico. A real estate company originally founded by Mexican entrepreneur Jorge Francisco Ojeda Garcia, the company is primed to offer the best in market expertise, land development, and prestigious Mexican locations for building your dream.

Grupo Aries is dedicated mainly to development, marketing and management, and the sale of residential lots for people to build the house of their dreams. Regardless of investor’s current financial situation, Grupo Aries is structured to build a heritage with a guaranteed gain at the lowest rate of market interest and in prime locations that enjoy high demand. It’s a winning combination for everyone.

Whether you invest in Rancho Isabella in the magical town of Tecate or Rosarito’s Puntazul, or even in a world-class port in Mazatlán in Las Puertas D’Mazatlán or Valles del Mar in Puerto Nuevo, all offer prime locations for investment with easy access. Grupo Aries is also working on a development in Los Cabos that will soon be open for investment.






Tecate, B.C.

Rancho Isabella is located in Tecate, near the border with the United States, only a 45-minute car drive from San Diego. Located between the vast sea and the desert next to Tijuana, the town boasts warm weather in the summer and snowy during the winter.

Rancho Isabella is the best option for building a ranch-like home in a perfectly natural environment. It is a gated community with security 24/7 and it has amenities for the whole family such as a clubhouse with a pool, barbeque grills, breath-taking views of the lake and mountains, fine dining and wines, fresh produce at your dinner table, a boutique hotel with a world-class spa, and even a heliport for chopper rides.

With urban services and upscale luxurious amenities in place, this is the time to build a cabin, villa, or the home of your dreams. Opportunities are now available to obtain a piece of land starting at 2,150 square feet. Lots are available in Rancho Isabella from 150 US dollars a month with no interest. This includes a free 5-year membership to the Hotel Boutique as a founding member during presale.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 86


Wine and Lobsters

Another dream location boasting a Mediterranean climate is Rosarito's Puntazul. Only a 25-minute drive from San Diego, Rosarito’s Puntazul offers exclusive residential lots less than 330 yards from the beach and with an average surface of 2,150 square feet of living area. Combined with amazing ocean views, urban services, 24/7 security, parks, and world-class amenities, this is a place where you can live the life you so richly deserve. There are also many excellent restaurants, casinos, hospitals, soccer with Club Tijuana, famous lobster from Puerto Nuevo, wine tasting and concerts in the wineries.

Because of the privileged location, Mexico’s federal, state, and municipal government built the High Performance Tennis Center to train upcoming players. The center includes 12 courts and a stadium worthy to host international competitions like the Davis Cup.

This exclusive residence allows the buyer to build up to 3,225 square feet with one or two stories with a terrace, 3 to 5 bedrooms, and a garage for up to 4 cars. Your preferences and budget will direct your choices. You can also choose to build on your own and or through Grupo Aries’ building team with easy payment methods.

Puntazul offers lots from 270 US dollars a month with no interest, including a free 5-year membership to the Hotel Boutique Zafiro as a founding member during presale. Actor and filmmaker Andrés García is making Puntazul his home.


Valles del Mar, another successful Grupo Aries’ project, is located in front of Puerto Nuevo, in Rosarito. This is where you can dine to your heart’s content on their world-famous lobster. Ocean view lots start from 195 US dollars a month with no interest. Amenities include a clubhouse, pool, and all urban services.

Prime Investment

One of the best investment alternatives with a charming environment and perfect weather, is Grupo Aries investment in San José del Cabo. This is in a privileged location with ocean views and residential lots in presale with all urban services. Land starts from 1,500 square feet from 160 US dollars a month, no interest.

LAS PUERTAS D’MAZATLÁN Nuevo Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Mazatlán is one of Latin America’s top ten cities according to the British Newspaper Financial Times. Forbes magazine wrote that Mazatlán is a fascinating and unforgettable city.

Now, with a privileged location in the New Mazatlán while sharing whitesand beaches with the most luxurious hotels, this strategically planned project offers 15 private communities with a pool and 1,720 square feet lots of beach front in presale. It includes all the urban services, security, parks, mall, Hotel Boutique and fine dining, beach club, warm tropical weather and dreamy sunsets.

Las Puertas D’Mazatlán offers lots from 300 US dollars a month with no interest and includes a free 5-year membership to the Hotel Boutique as a founding member during presale.

For more information, please visit USA: 1 855 300 0821 MEX: 01 800 607 0345

Puntazul Residencial & Fitness in Rosarito, B.C. Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez thanks Grupo Aries for inviting him to be part of this development. Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez and his wife, Miriam. José José thanks Grupo Aries for inviting him to be part of this development. Puntazul Residencial & Fitness in Rosarito, B.C.
Financing available from the developer for up to 120 months interest-free with a 10% down payment. Lot Prices and conditions are subject to availability, and depend on the location, size, development, supply and demand; restrictions and changes may apply without notice. Consult terms and conditions of the boutique hotel’s membership as a founding member in presale. 87
Valles Del Mar in Rosarito, B.C.

Changing the world, ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

With your contribution to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, children like Daniel are able to have their lives changed while being close to home with their loved ones.

PHILANTHROPY BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 88

Your donation will give hope to families and children from Baja California Sur that require treatment for critical illnesses such as congenital heart defects and cancer.

We have been strengthening programs that have a focus on children’s health in Baja California Sur for over 12 years and the progress has been very significant. We have benefitted over 2,000 children through the pediatric medical programs in Salvatierra Hospital and local non-profit organizations that we support through grants. We need your help today to continue with these great accomplishments. The needs are increasing with congenital heart defects being the second leading cause of death in children under 4 years of age in Mexico and cancer being the 2nd cause of death in children over 5 years old worldwide.

Be part of a child’s life!


One year after heart surgery


Your donation will make a difference in children of low income families who have no means for private health care. With your generosity you will be contributing specifically in:

• Covering the costs of open heart surgeries

• Covering the cost of chemotherapy and non-oncologic specialized medicines

• Strengthening the pediatric intensive care unit

• Strengthening local non-profits that also have a focus on children’s health

the world, one child at a time! CONTACT INFO


IIn every edition of BajaTRAVELER®, we honor successful women who have made an impact on Baja through their leadership, skills, passion and commitment. This year we have a stellar lineup of four exceptional women with backgrounds ranging from a travel agent, to the owner of a catering company, to a successful realtor to an executive director of sales and marketing of a major resort.

The first is an executive director who oversees the strategic direction of sales and marketing for a magnificent resort that has been named one of the best in Mexico.

Next is a realtor, a transplant from Canada, who fell in love with “this placid paradise” and has been “living the dream” in Los Cabos for some twenty years.

Third is the owner of a catering company who feels blessed to be doing what she loves: planning events and culinary consulting on both sides of the Border, as well as organizing destination weddings.

Fourth is the owner of a travel agency who, when planning a trip for her clients, is passionate about helping them achieve their dreamed-of vacation.

We are certain that you will enjoy reading the profiles of these four amazingly accomplished women as much as we enjoyed interviewing them. Should you happen to encounter someone you feel deserves recognition, please send us your nomination – she just might be featured in our next issue. BT

SUCCESSFUL BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 90


Cristina Janet Araceli



It would not be easy to find anyone more delighted with her profession than Executive Director Cristina Romero-Peri, who oversees the strategic direction of Sales and Marketing for One&OnlyPalmilla, with heavy emphasis on the promotion and positioning of the hotel and brand in Mexico. Her philosophy and vision are simple: “I love what I do!” she says with characteristic enthusiasm.

“I love to travel and experience new cultures and places around the world,” she explains. “It’s the reason I appreciate and respect the hospitality industry; it’s why I work with passion and dedication to deliver the results set by the company, and why I truly strive to exceed the expectations set by our guests.” Besides the many challenges tourism has encountered in the past, a couple of years ago Mother Nature stepped in to exacerbate the problems.

“In 2014, One&Only Palmilla faced one of the biggest challenges the resort has ever seen – Hurricane Odile,” Christina relates. “The entire experience was proof that the best tool to overcome any challenge and turn it into a positive experience is the people involved. If you are surrounded by dedicated and genuine people, you are able to accomplish many things, especially in this industry.” She says she feels extremely lucky to work with some of the best; the One&Only Palmilla team plays a huge role in the success of the resort. The staff there is very proud of its work, being thrilled to welcome all guests and intuitively taking into account every detail and preference. She is gratified, too, that Travel&Leisure named the One&Only Palmilla The Best Resort in Mexico.

“Our ethos is one of generosity expressed through personalized service, an unending feeling of welcome and genuine hospitality, and a staff dedicated to ensuring that guests experience the vacation of a lifetime with no wish or need unmet,” she says. “The resort’s distinctive “hand-on-heart” greeting is emblematic of the warmth of the entire family – and truly embraces the Mexican spirit.” But the subject of safety of travel in Mexico often arises.

“I am in constant communication with top travel agents and journalists about the state of tourism in Mexico,” Cristina responds. “We are very lucky that Los Cabos is in an ideal location, and we can provide safe experiences to all of our guests. At One&Only Palmilla, we go above and beyond to make sure our guests are comfortable and enjoy their time at the resort.” And there is always more exciting news of interest.

“In April 2015 we debuted a beautiful redesigned resort and introduced the OBO Beauty Salon and Barber&Blade Men’s Grooming Salon to the One&Only Spa, as well as new dining options,

includidng SEARED Steakhouse and Agua by Larbi,” she explains. “In December 2015, we introduced Villa One, a spectacular fourbedroom hillside villa, reminiscent of a glass house. It provides our discerning guests with a new, sleek retreat, perfect for families or a group of friends traveling together.” Also, the company will be expanding beyond Los Cabos.

One&Only Resorts has announced that it will be building two new resorts in Mexico – One&OnlyMandarina, located in Riviera Maya, and One&Only Santa Maria de Xala, outside Puerto Vallarta. These developments are expected to continue to build upon their reputation as the leader in ultra-luxury travel, particularly in Mexico. For Cristina, some of her preferred spots at the moment lie closer to home.

“My favorite place in Mexico is Los Cabos – the contrasts between the water and the desert are too beautiful to put into words,” she exclaims. “I also love the beaches of Tulum.” The historic and vibrant feel of Mexico City also excites her – exploring the plazas and old churches. She also enjoys visiting various towns and wandering around the shops, finding amazing artisanal artifacts for her house, and stumbling upon small family-run restaurants, which always serve the most wonderful food. She finds pleasure in visiting beach towns and eating ceviche under a palapa, while gazing at the multi-hued ocean. Although born in the United States, Cristina truly believes that Mexico is one of the best countries in the world.

“I’m a California girl” Cristina jokes. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she spent four years in Northern California at UC Berkley where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Her first job was at the Claremont Hotel in Berkley. This was her first taste of the hospitality industry, and she has never looked back. As a Latina, it is in her blood to love the Mexican culture, the food – she appreciates a good arrachera with a lovely Mexican wine, which she considers are among the best wines around. (Watch out Bordeaux, she cautions!) She also admires the family traditions and, most importantly, the friendly people--so warm, passionate and caring, that really make a difference. Throughout her career, she says she has been influenced by some of the most amazing and visionary leaders in the hospitality industry.

“I have learned so much from each person, and believe that when you admire someone professionally, and share the same values and foundations, it becomes a reflection of everything you do – both personally and professionally.” And she has a favorite saying:

“What you think – you become, what you feel – you attract, what you imagine – you create.” BT

SUCCESSFUL BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 92
“What you think – you become, what you feel – you attract, what you imagine – you create.”


It’s easy to fall in love with Cabo, just ask Janet Jensen. A transplanted Canadian who’s lived in the region for the last two decades, Janet felt the immediate draw of this placid paradise when first stepping off the plane. “Back in 1992, my father and stepmom built a house in San José del Cabo, and I immediately fell in love with the area, the community, and the lifestyle the moment I stepped off the plane from my native Vancouver, British Columbia,” says Janet.

A Baja Realtor for nearly two decades, Janet is ‘living the dream’ while fully embracing the Baja Bond with those who call this area home. “As a Realtor, I try and sell the Baja lifestyle, but if I can’t live it, I can’t sell it,” she stresses. Every day here in Los Cabos, someone is simply living the moment and enjoying being here living to work. My friends raise their families here, children appreciate the simple things, and there is loads of love. Real estate will always be bought and sold, as it has for many years, through many recessions. Like a lot of things, it is cyclical. We will always have a job in this industry as long as we persevere.”

Living and working in Mexico, Janet summarizes that reality as follows: “I love the people, the food, the weather, and the culture, along with the simplistic values of family and country. Nature plays a huge role here in Cabo – it’s dynamic – the ocean, the desert, the currents, and the sun; yes the sun! I’m proud of the shared love of the Baja and Mexico. In a way, we are almost all immigrants from somewhere, those who end up in Baja. We all have a story and a common bond which attracts us to this place we call home. Sharing this is always a pleasant icebreaker.”

British Columbia beginnings

Growing up in Canada’s western-most province of British Columbia, Janet attended school in Nanaimo and White Rock, and later studied jazz, specifically the trombone, while at Malaspina College. “I played with numerous big bands, including one with Diana Krall for years while in Nanaimo,” shares Janet. “However, the life of a professional musician was not for me, it required too much practicing! I guess I was half artist and the other half industrious. I decided to go into real estate in the late 1980s while in White Rock, B.C.”

Living in Cabo, Janet hears a different drum these days. She absolutely embraces the water-based lifestyle that’s readily available throughout the region. On any given morning, you can find her on a stand up paddle board, surfing in the ocean, or simply walking a beach with her dogs. “There are so many great beaches to enjoy on a regular basis. My local favorites are Zippers in San José del Cabo, Acapulquito near the Cabo Surf Hotel, and of course there are lots of options in the East Cape less than an hour from the international airport.” There’s also one element from her past that Janet just can’t quite let go of and that’s the musical tug. “I recently joined the local orchestra,” she proudly admits. The past is never really the past.

Personal influences

Janet has always been self-sufficient when it comes to making decisions and deciding on the best course of action. “I surprise myself with some of the decisions I make, both good and bad. As I mature, I love the decisions I make and the way I make them. I enjoy thinking things through - strategizing, risking, and trusting my gut. I get a kick out of figuring things out and patting myself on the back. If you can’t laugh with yourself, you are missing out.”

Janet recalls the other major influence in her life: Her mother. “Mom, she was sincere, and she absolutely loved life! She lived it through music and travel, and was so comfortable communicating with anyone. No one intimidated her, and oh, could she play the piano! She was a walking music encyclopedia and had the grace of a ballerina. My sisters followed in her path. They both are performing musicians and make a life and a living in that profession. Now there is a school of hard knocks!”

Janet likes to regularly recall one of her favorite sayings: Living is a thing you do now or never – which do you do? Of all the wonderful things that are available in Los Cabos, a few things that resonate with Janet include the art of doing nothing, and being spoiled rotten by great places right in her back yard, including the beaches, hotels, restaurants, ongoing events, and general spontaneity of the area. “The inspiration and freedom of the Baja is amazing, and that’s why I call this place home.” BT

SUCCESSFUL BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 94
“The inspiration and freedom of the Baja is amazing, and that’s why I call this place home.”


As owner of a catering company known as Cristina’s Feasts, Cristina Artigas feels blessed to be doing what she loves – which is running a Catering, Event Planning and Culinary Consulting Business on both sides of the Border. In addition, she occasionally branches out by organizing Destination Weddings and Events.

“Through my work I get to share special moments and celebrations with my clients,” she explains, “and that feeling is priceless to me.” She is also delighted with the fact that she is able to introduce her clients to dishes inspired by her love of Mexico. Born in San Diego, California, she lived in nearby Tecate, B.C., with her parents and four siblings, until they moved to Mexico City.

“My father was the Brewmaster of Tecate Beer until he was transferred to Cerveceria Modelo, where he was responsible for Corona, Negra Modelo and other world-recognized beers,” she relates. Whilst working in the big city, her German-born father opened Salchichoneria Polanco, a delicatessen, which is where Cristina’s culinary training began.

“We also had an organic farm on the outskirts of Mexico City where he grew his own produce and, being born in Germany, he was expert at making real sausage and other European fare,” Cristina says. He also experimented with making cheese and wine and, throughout all his endeavors, she was his assistant, so her love of food developed early in her life. He would hand her a German cookbook and ask her to make a particular cake. Fortunately, she learned German when she attended a German-American school and her successful “test cakes” were sold at the store. Unaware of their success, she simply followed orders in order to please her father – her hero.

However, her Mexican mother, who came from Veracruz, was also an entrepreneur. Besides raising five children and helping her husband, she opened her own business around the corner from his store. Flowers played an important role in her food presentations and her fresh roasted chicken became a huge success; the business took off immediately. So, in essence, Cristina was influenced by two powerful, inspired people; the result being that, when she moved back to San Diego years later, she decided to start her own catering business – of which she is justly proud.

“I have a niche business,” she says. “Thankfully, I have many repeat clients, on both sides of the Border, who trust me with the important

occasions in their lives. I work hard to keep them happy and always bring something new and different into their celebrations.” Having close friends south of the Border, she has been called upon to cater many events in Baja, which she says is one of her favorite places in the world to spend a weekend. Although she has been living in San Diego for the past decade, she still feels that Baja is amazingly rich with color, flavor and tradition.

“We recently took one of my daughters on a day trip to Valle de Guadalupe for her birthday,” she relates. “We stopped for breakfast at the legendary Rosarito Beach Hotel then, later, we visited the Valle’s wineries and restaurants.” It was a delightful experience for everyone she said. She is proud of her Mexican heritage because of the warmth and heart of her people. Besides her own business and personal ties, her husband is also professionally involved there.

As an Advisor to the Mexican Association for Retirement Communities (AMAR Mexico/AMAR Canada), he is currently promoting American retirement communities into Mexico. He knows many American seniors who love Mexico so much that they went from being tourists to Baja residents! Cristina does, however, have other favorite spots she likes to visit.

“I enjoy spending time in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Tepoztlan, San Miguel Allende, and Merida”, she says. And, when It comes to food, she lists among her favorites such dishes as Cuitlacoche Lasagne, Zucchini Blossom Crepes, Fish a la Talla, Roast Beef Tenderloin with Chimichurri and Ceviche. In fact, she is currently in the process of assembling a book that is aimed at inspiring the “inner chef” in all of us, where she will share some of her recipes and events.

“What I love about my job is having the opportunity to bring to fruition my vision for food and presentation,” she states with utmost enthusiasm. “I get to share my passion for food!” She finds the most exciting thing about traveling is the opportunity to learn more about fusions and to obtain ingredients from all over the world. Her philosophy regarding her profession is simple, Cristina says.

“I arrange an occasion that respects the tradition being celebrated and create a venue where one’s senses are assaulted with the beauty of the setting, the flowers and, finally, the presentation of the various courses.” BT

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“What I love about my job is having the opportunity to bring to fruition my vision for food and presentation.”


The intensity in the way she expresses her feelings is evidence of how Araceli Ramírez, owner of Viajes Turibaja - Tours and Travel, approaches her job. She knows that, for many people, this is going to be the trip of a lifetime.

“These special trips make me feel really passionate,” she says. “I enjoy listening to people when they come to us, hearing their tone of voice, seeing the look in their eyes, the smile that brightens their face, as soon as they start planning that dreamed- trip.”

Ramírez’ job starts with her finding out her clients’ needs, planning an itinerary, joining trustworthy service providers and making plans for the trip that will fit their budget. She considers every single detail so, when they return, she will hear statements such as “Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted,” and “I never thought we were going to make it,” or “We truly loved it!” She has received such delighted comments over and over again when her clients come back.

“My philosophy is to make people fall in love with traveling and let them find that we all are able to do it,” she explains. “People have to move, to find new places, to get acquainted with far or near; to taste salty, sour or sweet, to try, to smell; to breathe fresh air, to step on new grounds, soils, sands; to be embraced, to be amazed, to learn from each destination and every person who crosses their path.”

There, they find an interesting culture, exceptional gastronomy; beautiful landscapes such as beaches, seas, forests and deserts. Furthermore, how can anyone resist the excitement of its stimulating music and, for history buffs, the absorbing pre - Hispanic sites right there to attract any foreign visitor.

Ramírez feels that travel should be a priority for everyone; it is the only expense that enriches life. Some of the most popular destinations, she finds, include Ensenada, the Wine Route of Guadalupe in Baja California and, of course, Los Cabos. At a national level some of the favorites are Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, Chiapas, Puerto Vallarta, Huasteca Potosina and Oaxaca. She also particularly likes the Pyramids in Teotihuacan and Monte Alban Oaxaca; San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato; the City of Puebla, and the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, to name only a few. Top internationally preferred destinations are Europe, Cuba and South America.

Although born in Mexico City she feels that, as a child, she was fortunate enough to live in different cities of her country. Thus she had the opportunity to experience various ways of living and traditions. From the time she was eleven years old, she knew she wanted to study tourism and pictured herself in this type of occupation. Majoring in Tourism, later, she worked for hotel-service corporations, aviation and, finally, began her project as a travel agency manager. Throughout her life she was influenced by different people.

“Many of my greatest teachers inspired me to keep going,” she relates. “My parents showed me the path to walk with honesty and taught me to ‘never say never.’ From my grandma, Carmen Armas, I learned things I take into my everyday life. The one who has fostered my personal and professional life is my husband, Carlos, whom I admire and who has been my best teacher, colleague and partner. Of course, my daughters are my inspiration to the best version of myself!” In addition, Ramírez lists many of her favorite things in life.

Some of her preferred Mexican foods include enchiladas verdes, roasted steak tacos, chilaquiles, barbacoa, guacamole and pozole. Musically speaking, she’s fond of such Mexican composers as José Alfredo Jimenez, Agustin Lara and Alvaro Carillo. For her reading pleasure she enjoys books by Carlos Fuentes, Laura Esquivel, Denisse Dresser and Martha Alicia Chavez. And what pleases her most about her profession?

“First, I love making many of my clients’ dreams come true, developing travel plans so that their experience becomes unique,” she replies. “I must know new sites and destinations, visit and know our suppliers and partners by participating in joint efforts to prepare a travel experience and test service quality. Traveling is part of my professional preparation. I am blessed to be “obliged” to do what I like the most, thus feeling more passionate about it every time!” And that passion includes her feeling for her country.

“Mexico is a wonderful country!” she exclaims. “Social problems exist, as with any other country in the world, but the loving kindness of its people and attractive sights go beyond such problems. To enjoy the wonders of my country let yourself be guided by experts who will always be on the lookout for the perfect trip. Do not dream your life – live your dream!” BT

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“Mexico is a wonderful country!”


1,800,000 Population Located along the International Border 66° Avg. Temp. Tijuana Tijuana
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 100

Experience the delights of Tijuana, the most visited border town in the world, where centuries of tradition and modern technology come together. Located along the Baja California coastline, Tijuana offers great weather, luscious cuisine, and first class night clubs.

Tourists will find an amazing selection of merchandise from around the world, along with arts and crafts of México. Internationally known as the “free zone,” Tijuana offers numerous bargains in

the city’s shopping centers. Tourists can acquire numerous artifacts, rustic furniture, wines, liquors and clothing.

The city offers an extensive variety of activities that include golf courses and bullfights. Tourists can also spend a day at the planetarium or at the numerous museums. Tijuana offers the opportunity to visit nearby tourist sites like Rosarito and Ensenada to enjoy the beautiful beaches and peaceful settings.


Descubra los encantos de Tijuana, la ciudad más visitada en el mundo, donde siglos de tradiciones y tecnología moderna se reunen. Situada en la costa de Baja California, Tijuana ofrece fabuloso clima, deliciosa gastronomía y centros nocturnos de primera clase.

Turistas encontrarán una gran selección de mercancía de todo el mundo, así como también artesanía de México. Conocida internacionalmente como zona libre, Tijuana ofrece numerosas oportunidades de obtener estos artículos a muy buenos precios.

La ciudad ofrece una extensa variedad de actividades que incluye campos de golf, toros, centros culturales, museos y bellas playas cercanas en Rosarito y Ensenada.

Assapora le delizie ed i piaceri di Tijuana, la città della frontiera più visitata nel mondo, dove la tecnologia moderna ed i secoli di tradizioni contribuisce a crearne un’esperienza unica. Localizzata nella costiera di Baja California, Tijuana offre un clima meraviglioso, un’ottima cucina ed una vibrante vita notturna con night clubs di prima classe.

I visitatori troveranno una selezione meravigliosa di prodotti provenienti da tutto il mondo compreso naturalemente l’artigianato Messicano. Conosciuta internazionalemente come la “free zone”, Tijuana offre nei vari negozi della città una vasta gamma di articoli e prodotti a buon mercato. I turisti possono acquistare numerosi manufatti, mobili rustici, vini, liquori ed abbigliamento.

La città offre un’ampia scelta di attività come corsi di golf e corride, ed inoltre i visitatori possono spendere un giorno nel planetario o nei numerosi musei. La sua posizione rende agevole la visita di posti turisti vicini come Rosarito ed Ensenada ove poter godere le meravigliose spiaggie ed i tranquilli panorami.

Erleben Sie die Freuden Tijuanas, der am meisten besuchten Grenzstadt der Welt, wo Jahrhunderte von Tradition und moderne Technik zusammentreffen. An der Küste von Baja California (Niederkalifornien) liegend, bietet Tijuana großartiges Wetter, eine köstliche Küche und erstklassige Night Clubs.

Besucher finden hier eine überraschende Auswahl von Waren aus aller Welt, zusamen mit kunsthandwerklichen Gegen-ständen aus Mexiko. Tijuana ist international bekannt als Freizone und man kann dadurch in ihren Einkaufszentren zahlreiche günstige Angebote finden. Touristen können eine Vielfalt von Kunsthandwerk, Rustikalmöbeln, Weinen, Spirituosen und Kleidung erstatten.

Die Stadt bietet viele verschiedene Aktivitäten an, einschließlich Golf und Stierkämpfe. Die Besucher können auch den Tag im Planetarium verbringen oder in einem der vielen Museen. Von Tijuana aus kann man auch leicht Ausflüge nach Rosarito oder Ensenada machen, um die schönen Strände und friedliche Landschaft zu genießen.

Découvre les plaisirs de Tijuana, la ville frontière la plus visitée du monde, où des siècles de tradition s’unissent à la tecnologie moderne. Située sur la côte de Baja California, Tijuana offre un climat merveilleux, une cuisine bien approvisionnée ainsi que des boîtes de nuit de première classe.

Les visiteurs y trouveron une incroyable sélection de produits de partout dans le monde ainsi que de belles pièces d’artisanat mexicain. Bien connue comme la “free zone”, Tijuana offre dans ses centres commerciaux toute une varieté d’articles bon marchès. Les visiteurs peuvent acheter de nombreux objets, des meubles rustiques, du vin, des liqueurs et des vêtements.

La ville offre de nombreuses possibilités d’activités sportives comme des cours de golf et ainsi que des corridas de taureaux. Les visiteurs peuvent passer un jour dans le planétarium et dans les differents musées. Tijuana offre la possibilité d’aller d’un endroit à l’autre comme à Rosarito et à Ensenada pour s’amuser sur les plages et contempler des paysages splendides.

Italian Spanish German French Japanese BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 102


Real Inn 011-52 (664) 633-4000


Holiday Inn 011-52 (664) 636-0000


Grand Hotel Tijuana 011-52 (664) 681-7000


Lausanne 011- 52 (664) 973-7600


Hyatt Place Tijuana 011-52 (664) 900-123


Marriott 011-52 (664) 622-6600


Palacio Azteca 011-52 (664) 681-8100


Real del Mar 011-52 (664) 631-3671

Playas de Tijuana U.S.A. TIJUANA Laderas del Mar Costa Coronado San Antonio del Mar Playa Blanca Baja Malibú Real del Mar Golf Course 1 Pacific Ocean Plaza Monumental Museo de Cera Jai-alai CECUT Cava de Vinos L.A. Cetto Cervecería Tijuana Hipódromo de Agua Caliente Paseo de los Héroes Blvd. Fundadores Av. Revoluciónn Hotel Pueblo Amigo Real Inn Rd. to Mexicali Hotels Marriott Grand Hotel Palacio Azteca * Detailed view of area Playas de Tijuana U.S.A. TIJUANA Laderas del Mar Costa Coronado San Antonio del Mar Playa Blanca Plaza 1542 Baja Baja Malibú Real del Mar Golf Course 1 Pacific Ocean Plaza Monumental Museo de Cera Jai-alai CECUT Cava de Vinos L.A. Cetto Cervecería Tijuana Hipódromo de Agua Caliente Paseo de los Héroes Blvd. Fundadores Av. Revoluciónn Hotel Pueblo Amigo Real Inn Rd. to Mexicali Hotels Marriott Grand Hotel Hyatt Place Tijuana Palacio Azteca * Detailed view of area 103
Red Cross 066 Fire
068 Municipal
060 Tourist Assistance (664) 688-0555



Grand Hotel Tijuana was founded by Alfonso Bustamante Labastida back on April 16, 1985 under the name of “Fiesta Americana” and in 1993 became Grand Hotel Tijuana.

Today, Grand Hotel Tijuana is lead by its Director Adrian Bustamante, whose innovative vision has led the hotel to big changes and renovations of its facilities as well as in its service.

There are a variety of rooms: Grand Tower, Grand Care and Grand Club. All of them designed to suit different needs to their guests. Grand Tower rooms are very comfortable and have a great view of the city and Golf Course. Grand Care was designed for guests’ medical

recovery, ideal for medical tourism. And Grand Club, located in the top floors, is the most exclusive area of the hotel. There are luxury and mini suites, as well as an exclusive lobby and lounge.

Grand Hotel Tijuana’s facilities include – a completely remodeled lobby and reception area, a gym, steam room, swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts, night club, Coffee Bar, Plaza Café Buffet, and a newly opened Art Gallery. Soon there’ll be a Grand Arenia Casino.

We congratulate Grand Hotel Tijuana for the past 30 years of experience, with excellent service and amazing facilities. BT

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KNOWN FOR ITS BEAUTIFUL WIDE BEACHES 101,500 Population 18 Miles from the International Border 63° Avg. Temp.Rosarito Rosarito BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 106

Rosarito is located about 15 miles south of Tijuana. This port is known for its beautiful wide beaches, lively night clubs, international cuisine and the famous Puerto Nuevo style lobster.

The Rosarito County area encompasses 20 miles of magnificent coastline: white sandy beaches, incredible clifftop views, powerful surf and quiet bays. The nearby private communities offer breathtaking secluded beaches. The area also has rugged mountains and peaceful valleys to explore.


Rosarito se encuentra a 15 millas al sur de Tijuana. Este puerto es conocido por sus bellas y amplias playas, exitosos centros nocturnos, cocina internacional y la famosa langosta estilo “Puerto Nuevo.”

El municipio de Rosarito abarca 20 millas de magnífica costa, playas, increíbles vistas, poderoso surf y bonitas bahías. Existen fraccionamientos privados que cuentan con unas playas maravillosas. La zona también tiene montañas y valles tranquilos para explorar.

Rosarito è localizzata a circa 25 chilometri a sud di Tijuana. Questa città portuale è nota per le sue bellissime ed ampie spiagge, la vibrante vita notturna, la cucina internazionale, e le famose aragoste cotte nel particolare stile “Puerto Nuevo”.

L’area della Contea di Rosarito vanta oltre 30 chilometri di magnifica costa con spiagge di sabbia bianca, scogliere mozzafiato, onde altissime e baie calme. Le comunità vicine offrono spiagge riservate di una bellezza mozzafiato. La regione vanta anche irti montagne e tranquille valli da esplorare.

French German

Rosarito liegt ungefähr 24 km südlich von Tijuana. Diese Hafenstadt ist für ihre bildschönen breiten Strände, lebhaften Nachtclubs, ihre internationale Küche und den berühmten Hummer auf “Puerto Nuevo”-Art bekannt.

Der Landkreis Rosarito umfaßt mehr als 30 km großartige Küstenlandschaft mit weißen Sandstränden, unglaublicher Aussicht hoch von den Klippen, kräftigem Wellengang fürs Surfen und auch stille Buchten. In der Nähe bieten private Siedlungen atemraubende, einsame Strände. In diesem Gebiet gibt es außerdem zerklüftete Berge und friedliche Täler zum Auskundschaften.

Rosarito se trouve à 24 kilomètres au sud de Tijuana. Cette ville portuaire est réputée pour ses vastes plages magnifiques, ses boîtes de nuits animées, sa cuisine internationale et son fameux homard à la Puerto Nuevo.

Le comté de Rosarito s’étale sur un littoral grandiose d’une trentaine de kilomètres, alternant plages de sable blanc, falaises saisissantes, vagues déferlantes et baies tranquilles. Les communautés privées, nonloin de là, cachent des plages solitaires à couper le souffle. La région révèle également des montagnes escarpées et de paisibles vallées qui valent la randonnée.

Japanese Italian Spanish
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U.S. (619) 296-7913

H H H H Brisas del Mar 011-52 (661) 612-2547

H H H H Festival Plaza

1 (800) 453- 8606 011-52 (661) 612-2950


H H H H Pacifico 011-52 (661) 612-2516


011-52 (661) 612-1111



Playa Blanca Baja Vacation Villas Baja Malibú Rancho del Mar Baja del Mar Cala a ROSARITO Baja Studios 1D San Antonio del Mar Puerto Nuevo Hotel Festival Plaza Pueblito Inn Blvd. Benito Juárez Hotel Paci co toll booth Calle Ruíz Hotels Hotel Rosarito Beach Hotel Brisas del Mar Iggy’s Club Bichi Papas & Beer Club Maya 1D Playa Blanca Baja Vacation Villas Baja Malibú Rancho del Mar Baja del Mar Cala a ROSARITO Baja Studios 1D San Antonio del Mar Puerto Nuevo Hotel Festival Plaza Pueblito Inn Blvd. Benito Juárez Hotel Paci co toll booth Calle Ruíz Hotels Hotel Rosarito Beach Hotel Brisas del Mar Iggy’s Club Bichi Papas & Beer Club Maya 1D EMERGENCY NUMBERS Hotels&Resorts
H H H H Baja Vacation Villas 011-52 (664)
Grand Baja Resort 011-52 (661) 614-1484
& Spa
H H H Rosarito Beach Hotel
Red Cross 132 Fire Department 136 Municipal Police 134 Tourist Assistance (661) 612-0200 The Perfect Hideaway for those in search of Peace and Privacy! Villa Sirena Villa Delfines Villa Mayté Exquisite, private homes adorn Baja Vacation Villas’ remarkable rental collection located in a private community of Rosarito in Baja California. U.S. Tel. (619) 296-7913 ROSARITO BAEACH 109
Rosarito Inn (888)
494,500 Population 70 Miles from the International Border 65° Avg. Temp. BAJA’S WINE COUNTRY BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 110
Ensenada Ensenada

Known as the “Cinderella of the Pacific,” Ensenada is located 70 miles south of the international border. Its warm Mediterranean-like climate, friendly atmosphere and accessibility to land, air and sea have made Ensenada a favorite tourist spot any time of the year.

Located on the beautiful Todos Santos Bay, Ensenada features incomparable international dining including some of the best seafood in the region. Fresh fish, lobster and abalone are some of the specialties, as are authentic Mexican dishes

prepared from traditional recipes. The fine cuisine is complemented by exquisite local wines of international acclaim which are produced from grapes grown in the nearby Guadalupe and San Antonio de las Minas valleys. Ensenada’s mild climate provides numerous opportunities for recreation throughout the year.

Outdoor aficionados can enjoy golf, tennis, hiking, auto racing, bike and horseback riding as well as aquatic sports like surfing, sailing, sport fishing, kayaking, jet skiing and scuba diving.


Conocida como la “Cenicienta del Pacífico”, Ensenada se encuentra a 70 millas al sur de la linea internacional. Su clima cálido como el mediterraneo, la atmósfera amable y la accesibilidad por tierra, aire y mar, han hecho a Ensenada un destino predilecto para el turista en cualquier temporada del año.

Situada en la preciosa Bahía de Todos Santos, Ensenada cuenta con una gastronomía internacional incomparable, incluyendo uno de los mejores mariscos de la región. Pescado fresco, langosta y abulón, son algunas de sus especialidades. Así como auténticos platillos mexicanos, preparados con recetas tradicionales. Estos platillos están complementados por exquisitos vinos locales de fama internacional que son producidos con uvas de los Valles de Guadalupe y San Antonio de las Minas.

El clima cálido de Ensenada ofrece numerosas oportunidades para recreación en el transcurso del año. Golf, tenis, excurcionismo, carreras de carro, bicicleta y equitación, así como el surf, navegar, pesca deportiva, kayac, ski acúatico y buseo.

Spanish German French

Bekannt als das “Aschenputtel des Pazifiks”, liegt Ensenada 120 km südlich der internationalen Grenze. Mit seinem warmen Mittelmeerklima, der freundlichen Atmosphäre und aufgrund seiner Erreichbarkeit zu Land, Luft und Wasser wurde Ensenada zu einem beliebten Urlaubsort für jede Jahreszeit.

An der landschaftlich schönen Bucht Todos Santos liegend, bietet Ensenada unvergleichbare internationale Küche, unter anderem, manche der besten

Meeresfrüchtegerichte der Gegend. Frischer Fisch, Hummer und Seeohr sind nur einige der Spezialitäten, wie auch die mexikanischen Gerichte, die nach altüberlieferten Rezepten zubereitet werden. Zur feinen Küche gesellen sich die ausgezeichneten heimischen Weine von internationalem Ruf, die aus Trauben der nahegelegenen Täler Guadalupe und San Antonio de las Minas gepreßt werden.

Das milde Klima von Ensenada macht Freizeitaktivitäten das ganze Jahr über möglich. Liebhaber von Aktivitäten im Freien können Golf oder Tennis spielen, Wandern, Autorennfahren, Fahrradfahren oder Reiten, sowie verschiedene Wassersportarten betreiben, wie Surfen, Segeln, Sportangeln, Kajakfahren, Jet-Skifahren und Tauchen.

Nota come la “Cenerentola del Pacifico”, Ensenada si trova a circa 110 chilometri a sud del confine. Il suo clima mediterraneo, la sua atmosfera ospitale e la sua accessibilità via terra, via aerea e via mare, hanno fatto di Ensenada il centro di vacanza preferito dai turisti in qualsiasi stagione dell’anno.

Situata nella splendida baia Todos Santos, Ensenada si caratterizza per la sua incomparabile cucina internazionale, che include anche alcuni dei migliori frutti di mare della regione. Pesce fresco, aragoste e orecchie di mare, sono solo alcune delle specialità, così come i piatti tipici messicani preparati con le tradizionali ricette. A questa cucina raffinata si accompagnano i prelibati vini locali di fama internazionale, prodotti con uve coltivate nelle valli di Guadalupe e San Antonio de las Minas.

Il clima mite di Ensenada offre numerose opportunità di svago e divertimento durante l’intero arco dell’anno. Gli amanti dell’aria aperta possono giocare a golf , tennis, fare escursioni, corse automobilistiche, godersi lunghi giri in bicicletta o praticare equitazione.

Appelée la « Cendrillon de l’océan Pacifique », Ensenada est située à 112 kilomètres au sud de la frontière. Son climat méditerranéen, son ambiance chaleureuse, son accessibilité par route, air et mer en ont fait une destination touristique privilégiée en toute saison.

Située dans la superbe baie Todos los Santos, Ensenada se distingue par son incomparable cuisine internationale, dont des fruits de mer parmi les meilleurs de la région. Les poissons frais, le homard et les ormeaux font partie de ses spécialités, sans oublier les plats mexicains préparés selon les recettes traditionnelles. Cette fine cuisine est rehaussée par les vins locaux d’appellation mondialement connue, produits à partir du raisin provenant des proches vallées de Guadalupe et de San Antonio de las Minas.

Le climat tempéré d’Ensenada permet aux visiteurs de s’adonner à une multitude de loisirs tout au long de l’année. Les amoureux du plein air peuvent pratiquer le golf, le tennis, la randonnée pédestre ou équestre, la course automobile, le vélo, ainsi que tous les sports aquatiques comme le surf, la voile, la pêche sportive, le kayak, le jet-ski et la plongée sousmarine.

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EMERGENCY NUMBERS Hotels&Resorts H H H Bahia 011-52 (646) 178-2101 H H H H H Casa de los Siete Patios 1 (888) 311-6871 H H H H H Coral Marina Hotel & Spa 011-52 (646) 175-0000 H H H H El Cid 011-52 (646) 178-2401 H H H H Estero Beach Resort 011-52 (646) 176-6225 H H H H H Hacienda Bajamar 011-52 (646) 155-0151 H H H Las Dunas 011-52 (646) 177-2408 H H H H H Las Rosas Hotel & Spa 011-52 (646) 174-4360 H H H H Posada Rey Sol 011-52 (646) 178-1601 H H H H Punta Morro 011-52 (646) 178-3507 H H H H San Nicolas Resort 011-52 (646) 176-1901 Red Cross (646)
Fire Department (646)
Municipal Police (646)
Highway Patrol (646)
Tourist Assistance (646)
3675 U.S. Consulate in Tijuana (664)
U.S.A. Consulate 24 hr. line U.S. (619) 692-2650 ENSENADA La Salinas La Bufadora Todos Santos Bay Punta San Miguel Pacific Ocean Las Rosas El Coral Punta Morro San Nicolás Resort Malecón Centro Artesanal Museo de Historia N. Cruise TerminalShip Cruise Ship Wharf El Cid Coral Marina Quintas Papagayo Hotel Bahía Papas & Beer Hussong’s Cantina 1D Plaza Ventana al Mar Todos Santos Bay Blvd. Costero Lázaro Cárdenas Av. López Mateoseos Av. Tyerson Punta Salsipuedes ENSENADA La Salinas La Bufadora Todos Santos Bay Punta San Miguel Pacific Ocean Las Rosas El Coral Punta Morro San Nicolás Resort Malecón Centro Artesanal Museo de Historia N. Cruise TerminalShip Cruise Ship Wharf El Cid Coral Marina Hotel Bahía Papas & Beer Hussong’s Cantina 1D Plaza Ventana al Mar Todos Santos Bay Blvd. Costero Lázaro Cárdenas Av. López Mateoseos Av. Tyerson Punta Salsipuedes 113
174-4545, 4585
172-2222, 1325
176-4343, 3636, 0140

The Health Quest


Who doesn’t long for optimal health? From New Year’s resolutions with specific weight loss goals, to promises of engaging in more physical fitness activities weekly to making healthier food choices daily, most all of us are on a continual quest to be healthier.

There is no denying that physical activity, fresh organic whole foods and healthy BMI are all paramount, but another thing that can jump start personal wellness is a concentrated, targeted program with optimal health in mind. Carving out any amount of time to focus on wellness is beneficial, but getting away to focus exclusively on wellness is more powerful. Taking a few days, a week, or even longer can really help to deconstruct old patterns and set you on the path toward healthier ones.

I know, I know, who has time to focus exclusively on their wellness? Bills need to be paid, children need to be driven about, and most of us are already over committed in myriad other ways. But if you look deeper, you’ll find that many times it’s this “busyness” that is part of the problem. We’re so busy reacting to what is coming at us, that

we’re almost always in a state of at least lowgrade anxiety. Anxiety coupled with a nearly constant feeling of lack of time can easily lead us to making terrible food choices, skimping on sleep and skipping the physical activity that we so desperately need.

Sometimes what we really need is a re-boot; a time away from it all to access where we are on the health spectrum, to eat healthy organic meals, to get ample sleep and to generally nourish ourselves and explore methods that we can use in our day-to-day lives to increase our health and sense of well being.

That’s where something like Hotel Coral Marina’s Wellness Program comes in. And this past November, our very own Editor-inChief, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo was invited along with a few other CEO’s to get away from it all and focus on themselves… “The program was amazing, they truly thought about every single detail. I’m so grateful for this opportunity,” said Mayté. It’s a half week residential program. You spend four days and three nights focusing exclusively on your health. The program provides not only 3 nutritious meals a day, oceanfront yoga

and power walks, vineyard experiences (including yoga), circuit training in the gym and spa services (think massage, facial and hair), but also thematic talks on wellness, meditation and lessons on physical consciousness.

Physical consciousness? What does that even mean? At Coral Marina this means the Feldenkrais Method, which uses gentle controlled movement and directed attention to improve overall functioning and sense of awareness. It’s based on the principles of physics, biomechanics and empirical understanding and was developed in Israel in the 1940s by Moshe Feldenkrais. Now practiced worldwide, the program is designed for all levels and abilities. You learn at your own pace – and with this learning comes the modification of old habits and patterns that cause tension and even injury, as well as the benefits of better balance and posture and increased flexibility and coordination.

The Wellness Program is led by Logan Fisher, a San Diego-based yogi and Feldenkrais instructor. Logan is extremely well qualified, passionate about Feldenkrais and meticulous about every detail of the weekend. He

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coordinates and leads the majority of the weekend activates and is also responsible for the menu. “I am very particular about what participants will be eating. The food must be very clean, but nourishing. I am so particular, in fact, that I even insist that it’s prepared with specific cookware,” he explains.

Logan brings this incredible attention to detail to every aspect of the weekend, and is also very successful at fostering a sense of community for participants. “The sense of group learning and sharing as friends gave me confidence and trust,” states one recent participant.

Logan is also expert at gauging where participants are in their wellness journey and what they need to stay engaged and move forward. “Logan’s personality as an instructor is enticing

and almost hypnotic,” offers another past participant. He has a real desire to share the benefits of general wellness, and specifically the Feldenkrais Method with all.

Coral Marina provides the perfect location and amenities to support this dedication. If you’ve not visited recently, there is now a lovely outdoor oceanfront veranda space, “the island,” for yoga practice and events, and the upgraded Fitness Center now offers top-of-the-line, Italianmade Technogym equipment.

This past November, the Wellness Program weekend included a yoga master class and lecture by Alejandro Maldonado, the immensely popular Mexico-City-based yoga instructor.

“I’m in love with the location, it’s like an island. I could teach there every single


day. It’s not just a magnificent setting with incredible facilities, but also; and this is hard to find, a place that is focused on wellness in its most honest way,” states Alejandro.

“ The energy here is very particular and people were very focused, and paying so much attention to every single word an every single pose; that is always very powerful,” he continues.

And all this coming from an instructor who practices and teaches to thousands all over the world!

Clearly Coral Marina’s Wellness Program is something special, and worth the trip if you’re not local. Roundtrip

transportation from San Diego is provided in the program cost, so a departure from there is a great option. Additionally, the program is limited to 20 people to ensure an intimate experience with plenty of individual attention.

In 2016 there are wellness weekends scheduled at Hotel Coral Marina in March, April, June, July and September, with more possible at the end of the year. If you’re due for a wellness jump-start, this is an amazing and inreach opportunity – so why not get it on your calendar?

You can contact Coral Marina directly for more details: BT

ALEJANDRO MALDONADO is a widely popular yoga instructor who has often been referred to as the “Face of Yoga” for the Spanish-speaking world. Now based in Mexico City – where he has a successful 5-minute spot on the popular Mexican morning talk show “Hoy” – Alejandro actually began his study of yoga in New York City. Alejandro intensified his studies in Miami, first at Yoga Center Sinergy, then under Wayne Krasnner at the Miami Yoga Center, where he developed his love for the Ashtanga style of yoga. He then returned to New York to work with Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of the Jivamukti Yoga Center, and with Eddie Stern, all three of whom are prominent Ashtanga practitioners.

Alejandro next took this love for Mysore Ashtanga to its source, traveling to India to study under none other than Sri K. Patabbi Jois. It was on this journey east that he was also exposed to, and forever

influenced by, Buddhist philosophy and meditation in Nepal.

But when asked which teacher has had the most impact on him, Alejandro replied with this surprise: “Women in general, starting with my mom, have had and still have the most profound impact on me. It is true that they have an instinct, they are the fifth element, and without knowing, they are always teaching something.”

With his intense brown eyes, curly dark locks and uber fit body, Alejandro is a joy to watch practice, and is very popular with both women and men alike. In addition to his ongoing TV segment he has produced numerous books and DVDs, one of the most popular of which is his debut DVD/ CD set, “Respira Profundo.” He is also the yoga teacher of some of the most recognizable celebrities in Mexico, including Paulina Rubio and Alejandra Guzmán.

Although Ashtanga remains Alejandro’s foundation, over the years he has integrated the Buddhist teaching he’s learned and has moved away from the traditional Myosore asana series in favor of a more fluid style that is easier to modify for varying abilities, therefore accessible to more people.

Alejandro believes yoga should be within reach to all, and should not be a source of pain or injury. This is in line with the yoga tenant he feels is most essential - ahimsa. “Ahimsa, or non violence, means that you do not create or participate in any kind of violence, starting with yourself. Do not be aggressive with the way you think or behave with yourself and with others.” BT

To learn more about Alejandro and his work you can visit his webpage at:

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Fiestas de la Vendimia Awakening


For more than 25 years, the Fiestas de la Vendimia has awakened the senses of wine connoisseurs and foodies who flock to Ensenada for the annual celebration. Celebrating the start of a good harvest season, the wine festival promotes much more than the many wineries that grace the hills and valleys of the region.

“Wine is culture,” explains Alma Gonzalez, spokesperson for Provino, a professional wine-related association which organizes and hosts the event. “It is an intrinsic part of history and its people.”

At the Festival’s 25th anniversary, culture is sure to abound. Traditionally opening the first Friday of August, this year the festival will run from August 5 through August 21. Beyond savory delicacies and wine tastings, the event features musicfilled nights with live bands, art exhibits, interactive workshops, an opportunity to share the latest developments in the wine industry and the social aspect –bringing together like-minded individuals to mingle and enjoy a Baja culinary experience of elegance and sensory delights in an unparalleled setting.

Wine vendor booths, wine tastings, food stations, a paella competition, and more bring out the best of the best. Against magnificent sunsets, strands of soft white lights flicker on, the nearby church bells toll and live music fills the air – from orchestral to rock, from the Beatles to Bach.

Salón del Vino, an event that started last year at the Riviera del Pacifico in Ensenada, is an interactive event, created with the intention of putting the wine industry on center stage, explains Gonzalez. It brings together an appreciation for local agriculture and marine life as well as urban and rural landscapes. In this wine port, the “characters” on this stage include the winemaker, the grape harvester, the fisherman, the culinary chef. The most important actor remains the wine.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 118

The salon will bring in local winery owners and their specialties, not only for the wine tastings, but for socializing and interactive sharing of information. Seminars will educate participants about the industry and the nuts and bolts of starting wine ventures with earth friendly techniques. Approximately 30 Provino members will showcase their wines.

In addition to the wine tasting, five top rated restaurants from the Guadalupe Valley will participate, offering participants enticing flavors of specialties and delicacies.

“They all give life to a culture that is rising in popularity and spreading daily, weaving together our identity as Baja Californians, as Mexicans,” explains Gonzalez.

The variety of events in the two week span are held at various locations in Ensenada, this tierra de vin – this wine country – including a winery, a park, and the waterfront. Chateau Camou, Viña de Liceaga, Viñas de Garza, Cavas del Mogor, Rincon de Guadalupe, Vinos Shimul, Vinisterra, Vinos Pijoan, Viñas de Garza, Viñedo Las Nubes, and Viñedos Lafarga are only a handful of the participating wine vendors.

The original masterminds who started the Fiesta included different groups such as Club de Leones, Cofradía del Vino, winemakers, and the Asociación de Vinicultores. Their goal was to generate a solid image of the industry and highlight its growth beyond Ensenada.

“Our commitment to the wine industry and its development is also a conscious commitment to the earth, sustainable development of the area, and respect for the vocation,” says Gonzalez. “It is about respecting the land.”

The success of the festival has set up a ripple effect of national pride beyond award-winning wines. The wine harvest celebration spread out from Ensenada’s Wine Country with concerts and events throughout the country.

Last year, for example, the 25th Anniversary Concert held in Mexico City at the Alcazar del Castillo de Chapultepec was a way to thank all participants and visitors. “Every year we thank distributors, retailers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, vintagers, officials, artists, creators, musicians and wine lovers,” says Gonzalez. They contribute to the annual growth of the industry. This includes spreading the word that strengthens the quality and quantity of Mexican wine and the opportunity to share the culture, roots and identity of Mexico.

Sharing a culture that awakens the senses is what the Mexican wine industry does and what the Fiestas de la Vendimia promotes best. “The goal is to leave a legacy, a proud sign of today’s Mexico.” BT

Friends enjoying Fiestas de la Vendimia



The ever-popular one-day Dorado Shoot Out fishing tournament in East Cape is one of the most fun-filled and exciting events in greater Los Cabos. Headquartered at the Van Wormer Resort in Los Barriles less than an hour from the international airport, the Dorado Shoot Out has been held the third Saturday in July for the past 11 years. Over the last decade, it has taken a 50 lb. Dorado or better to win the tournament. However, weather played a factor this year, and only six Dorado were brought to the scale, said tournament director Kit McNear. Angler Don Southard from Huntington Beach, Calif. won the grand prize: A Toyota Tacoma 4X4 truck valued at $35,000 after pulling in a 12.9 lb. Dorado.

“We offer this one-day fishing tournament every year in mid-July, and its popularity just continues to grow,” said tournament director Kit McNear. The best part about the tournament is the simplistic rules: Catch the heaviest Dorado on the oneday tournament and you win! The winner each of the last five years received a fully loaded Toyota Tacoma 4X4 pick-up truck! The entry fee is $500 per team.

Kit explains the concept and format of the tournament. “The plan was to create a fun-filled, low-cost, one day event with a big prize for catching the winning fish. I decided on Dorado because they are usually very abundant at the East Cape in the summer, they grow quickly,

and basically any boat can get the big fish! Unlike Marlin tournaments where the top boats and crews have a sizeable advantage, that’s not so when fishing for Dorado. It’s impossible to target a big Dorado, which is one of the main reasons why the event continues to attract a huge turnout in terms of the number of boats participating.

The concept for the Dorado Shoot Out was the brainchild of Chucky and Kevin Van Wormer, owners of three resorts in Los Barriles, including the tournament headquarters Hotel Palmas de Cortez. “I came up with the format, and the Van Wormers provided the hotels and the main prize,” explained Kit. “The event is unique in that it is resort based with the main emphasis on filling the Van Wormer hotel rooms, and hopefully creating a lot of positive publicity for the hotels.”

Where larger fishing events are profit driven, the Dorado Shoot Out is more user-friendly. Kit explained that there are no restrictions or boundaries since that would be impossible to enforce. Without a host of rules, you alleviate all sorts of potential problems.

The Van Wormers are no stranger to fishing. In addition to their quality hotels that include the Hotel Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol, Punta Colorada, and Villas de Cortez, they have a sport fishing fleet that includes more than 50 boats, which is the largest in Mexico.

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When the fishing is done for the day, the festive awards party begins that night. All anglers participating in the Shoot Out receive a quality hat, shirt, awards meal, goody bag, and the option to participate in a variety of cash jackpots. “For the awards dinner, we gave away more than $30,000 in prizes. No other tournament gives the amount of top prizes that we do!”

If you’ve never participated in a fishing tournament, this is a great one to start with. The Dorado Shoot Out features a low entry fee, offers big prizes, and has a straightforward format: Catch a Dorado, weigh a Dorado, and then have a beer. For more information on next year’s 12th annual East Cape Van Wormer Resorts’ Dorado Shoot Out, visit or call 877-777-8862. McNear added that next year’s event will offer three starting locations, including La Paz, East Cape and Puerto Los Cabos. Weigh-in will take place at Palmas de Cortez. Put the Dorado Shoot Out on your calendar for next year. It takes place July 16, 2016. Don’t miss the fun! BT



IIt’s no secret to travelers the world over that when you visit Los Cabos, the customer service meter goes up a notch, if not more. Great customer service at the tip of the Baja Peninsula doesn’t just happen on its own. A concerted effort goes into honing the finite skills necessary to accommodate the customer’s every request, and oftentimes anticipate those requests. Leading by example, a select group of concierges at various high-end resorts throughout Los Cabos have turned to Les Clefs d’Or (French for The Golden Keys) for training and guidance to improve their skills. Les Clefs d’Or is a name familiar to any national or international traveler accustomed to staying at the grand hotels in the world. These select concierges who are Les Clefs d’Or members are recognized by wearing crossed golden keys on each lapel.

Sharing his thoughts on Les Clefs d’Or, Ricardo Rico is concierge at The Resort at Pedregal in Cabos San Lucas, a Les Clefs d’Or member, and also director for the Baja California Region of Les Clefs d’Or Mexico. “In Los Cabos, we have 73 concierges in 19 different hotels,” he said. “The direct benefit to the guest is that this group maintains and updates all the community social and cultural events, restaurant updates, and anything of interest to the guest. We also coordinate educational workshops to keep our concierges focused on service.”

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 122


To that end, the Los Cabos Les Clefs d’Or chapter recently invited longtime Les Clefs d’Or USA member Michael Romei to share his educational training seminar on “Creating Service Magic.” Over the last three years, Michael has delivered this seminar a few dozen times throughout the world, energizing his colleagues to give even more of themselves when it comes to customer service. During the 4-5 hour seminar, he discussed a variety of topics, including The Philosophy and Understanding of Service, The History of the Concierge Profession, The Dynamics of Les Clefs d’Or International, Social Media Etiquette, Attention to Detail, Verbal and Written Communication, Telephone Etiquette, Grooming; Posture and Personal Presentation including The Perfect Handshake, Name Recognition, Pre and Post Arrival Process, among many other topics.

Michael shared that, “The training seminar ‘Creating Service Magic’ is a way of giving back to our concierge community. It is offered complimentary to our members, colleagues, and regions of the world to assist in the development of concierge as well as a refresher and instruction for current members both junior and senior. In many ways it is an outreach program that assists the particular location and concierge community directly.”

Past president of the Baja California Region of Les Clefs d’Or Mexico, Angelina Garcia said of Michael Romei’s presentation on creating service magic, “It was simply amazing! The course is designed to provide comprehensive training and an insider’s view into world-class concierge service skills. This course is one of the most comprehensive concierge training programs in the nation.”

With customer service being universal, Angelina added, “The global environment of today’s business world demands that concierges be able to converse with all travelers from Albania to Zaire. Many Les Clefs d’Or members are multilingual, and most are well-versed in many cultures. I learned in Los Cabos that we can provide a great level of service equally in Europe, the Middle East, North America, or any part of the globe, continuing with our service education.”




Paula Riopa, a Les Clefs d’Or member since 2012, is the head concierge at Playa Grande Resort and Grand Spa, and current secretary of the local chapter. “Michael’s seminar was very interesting from the point that it took us back to the basic principles of service but with a different perspective, comparing service to a feeling; service is the way you make people feel.” One of the key elements she feels is paramount with Los Cabos concierges is that they all willingly share information for the benefit of the customer, no matter what property the customer is at. “As a local group, we share information and organize different activities and go on site inspections in order to stay informed,” she said. “The goal is to be the experts in the area, anticipate the guests’ needs, and provide continuous outstanding customer service.”

Ricardo Rico echoed those sentiments. “One of the things that most impresses me about Les Clefs d’Or is that even though our respective resorts are competing against one another, we concierges are always congenial, and eager to help one another.”

The Les Clefs d’Or motto is always at the forefront of every Los Cabos concierge: “In service through friendship.” BT

SEMINAR TOPICS: The Philosophy and Understanding of Service, The Dynamics of Les Clefs d’Or Intl., Social Media Etiquette, Attention to Detail, Telephone Etiquette, Posture & Personal Presentation
DISCOVER THIS AMAZING DESTINATION Loreto Loreto 11,847 Population 687 Miles from the International Border 80° Avg. Temp. BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 124

The city of Loreto was founded on an extraordinary bay of islands by Jesuit priest, Juan María de Salvatierra, on October 25, 1697. Here he founded the first mission Nuestra Señora de Loreto, as well as the Capital of the Californias.

Loreto is a natural playground for anyone who loves the outdoor life. Its azure, clear waters and tranquil coves provide scuba divers and snorkelers unparalleled underwater beauty and an explosion of marine life. Around the island, sportsmen will find

perhaps the greatest fishing in the world, with record catches of sailfish, tuna and dorado.

Sea kayakers glide across Loreto’s bays to camp at remote beaches and sleep under the stars. For people with more land-bound interests, the Sierra provides many opportunities for mountain biking, horseback trail rides and hiking over ancient trails used for hundreds of years. Whether land or sea, Loreto offers visitors a diverse range of things to do and see.


La ciudad de Loreto fué fundada en una extraordinaria bahía de islas por el Padre Jesuita, Juan María Salvatierra, el 25 de Octubre de 1697. Aquí fué donde fundó la primera misión, Nuestra Señora de Loreto, así como también la primera Capital de las Californias.

Loreto es un paraiso para todo el aficionado al aire libre, incluyendo posiblemente el mejor buceo, snorkel, y pesca.

El kayac se practica e incluso los aficionados utilizan las bellas playas para dormir debajo de las estrellas. Excursionismo y equitación son excelentes para la Sierra. Ya sea tierra o mar, Loreto le ofrece al visitante una variedad de cosas para ver y hacer.

La città di Loreto fu fondata su una straordinaria baia di isole il 25 ottobre del 1697 da un padre gesuita, Juan Maria de Salvatierra. In questa città egli fondò la prima Missione, Nuestra Señora de Loreto, così come la città capoluogo delle Californie.

Loreto è un luogo ideale per tutti coloro che amano la vita all’aperto. Le chiare ed azzurre acque unite alle tranquille insenature, offrono agli amanti delle immersioni una incomparabile bellezza subacquea piena di flora e fauna marina. Attorno all’isola gli appassionati della pesca troveranno probabilmente le migliori pescate al mondo con quantità record di pesce volante, tonno e pesce dorato.

Gli amanti del kayak attraversano con le loro imbarcazioni la baia di Loreto per andare a campeggiare su spiagge remote, e dormire sotto le stelle. Per coloro che invece preferiscono restare a terra, la Sierra offre l’opportunità di fare lunghi giri in bicicletta, a cavallo, oppure passeggiate in montagna lungo antichi percorsi. Sia sulla terra che sul mare, Loreto offre ai suoi visitatori una vasta gamma di cose da fare e da vedere.

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Die Stadt Loreto wurde vom Jesuitenpfarrer Juan Maria de Salvatierra an einer außergewöhnlichen Bucht voller Inseln am 25. Oktober 1697 gegründet. Er erbaute hier auch die erste Missionskirche Niederkaliforniens “Nuestra Señora de Loreto”, und eine zeitlang war Loreto auch Hauptstadt der beiden Kalifornien.

Loreto ist ein natürlicher Tummelplatz für all jene, die sich gerne im Freien vergnügen. Seine klaren Wasser und kleinen Buchten bieten Sport- wie auch Schnorcheltauchern unvergleichbare Unterwasserlandschaften und eine unglaubliche Vielfalt an Meereslebewesen. Um die Insel herum gibt es für den Angelsportler das vielleicht beste Angeln der Welt mit Rekordfängen von Arten wie Fliegende Fische, Thunfische und Dorados.

Wer gerne im Meereskajak fährt, kann durch Loretos Buchten gleiten, um an abgelegenen Stränden unter dem Sternenhimmel zu übernachten. Wen aber mehr die Festlandaktivitäten reizen, der findet in der Sierra (Hügelkette) viele Möglichkeiten zum Mountain Biking, Reitwandern und Wandern auf Pfaden, die schon seit Hunderten von Jahren benutzt werden.

La ville de Loreto fut construite sur l’extraordinaire baie des îles le 25 Octobre 1697 par Juan María de Salvatierra, père jésuite. C’est là qu’il fonda la première mission Nuestra Señora de Loreto ainsi que la capitale des Californies.

Loreto est une région naturelle pour les amateurs de la vie en plein air. Son ciel azur, sa mer sereine et ses anses tranquilles offrent aux plongeurs sous-marins un spectacle subaquatique unique au coeur d’une vie marine fabuleuse. Dans l’île, les sportifs trouveront probablement les meilleurs endroits de pêche au monde, avec des prises records de voilier, thon et grande coryphène.

Les amateurs de kayak en mer peuvent glisser le long de la baie de Loreto et camper à la belle étoile sur les plages solitaires. Pour les personnes préférant la campagne, la Sierra offre tout un éventail d’activités telles vélo tout terrain et randonnée équestre ou pédestre sur des sentiers vieux de plusieurs siècles. A la montagne ou au bord de la mer, Loreto ne manque pas de divertissement et de points touristiques.

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Red Cross 135-1111

Fire Department 135-1566

Municipal Police 135-0035

Green Angels (612) 124-0100, 03

Highway Patrol (612) 122-0369

Tourist Assistance (612) 124-0100



Desert Inn 011-52 (613) 135-0025


Hacienda Suites

1 (866) 207-8732


Hotel Posada del Cortes 011-52 (613) 135-0258


La Misión 011-52 (613) 134-0350


Loreto Bay Resort 011-52 (613) 133-0010


Loreto Retreats U.S. (206) 953-8457


Oasis Hotel

1 (866) 482-0247 011-52 (613) 135-0211


Santa Fe

1 (877) 217-2682

011-52 (613) 134-0400


Villas del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa

1 (866) 209-0726

011-52 (613) 134-1000

Agua Verde Bay 1 1 Desert Inn La Misión Hotel Oasis Loreto Bay Resort Loreto Retreats Casa de Ana 1 1 Rd to San Javier (Mission) Posada del Cortes Hacienda Suites Punta Villas del Palmar Loreto Nopolo Whale Watching Puerto López Mateos Misión Señora de Loreto Paseo Basaldua Loreto Golf Course Hotels Nopolo Agua Verde Bay 1 1 Desert Inn La Misión Hotel Oasis Loreto Bay Resort Loreto Retreats Casa de Ana 1 1 Rd to San Javier (Mission) Posada del Cortes Hacienda Suites Punta Villas del Palmar Loreto Nopolo Whale Watching Puerto López Mateos Misión Señora de Loreto Paseo Basaldua Loreto Golf Course

La Paz La Paz

230,078 Population 800 Miles from the International Border 82° Avg. Temp. BEAUTIFUL
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La Paz was founded by Hernán Cortés in 1535. It has been the capital of the State Baja California Sur since 1829, and is lately becoming a favorite spot for tourists. This is due to its beautiful serene beaches, wonderful restaurants, great shops offering duty-free items and excellent diving and sportfishing activities.

With the longest history of any settlement in the Californias, La Paz has probably had the most turbulent one. But in spite of its challenges, it has managed to evolve from a “sleepy” little port into

a vigorous, modern state capital.

This port is located between cactus-covered foothills and the cactus-covered shore of beautiful Bahia de la Plaza - largest bay on the west side of the Gulf of California. Although its current population is just over 176,000, there is a small-town atmosphere here. The architecture is charming and very typical, but perhaps the most valuable asset this port has for a tourist is the tranquility that is acquired just by being in La Paz.


La Paz fué fundada por Hernán Cortés en 1535. Ha sido la capital del estado de Baja California Sur desde 1829, y recien ha sido convertida en un destino favorito por el turismo. Esto ha sido por sus bonitas playas, exquisitos restaurantes, buenas compras que ofrecen precios sin impuestos y excelentes actividades de buceo y pesca deportiva.

Con la larga historia de Baja California, La Paz tal vez ha tenido los mas grandes retos. Pero a pesar de estos, ha logrado evolucionar de un pueblito dormido a una vivrante, capital de estado.

Este puerto está situado entre montañas cubiertas de cactus y la bella Bahía de La Paz con sus costas cubiertas de lo mismo en el lado oriental del Golfo de Baja California. Aún cuando su actual población supera 176,000, hay una sensación de un pueblito pequeño. La arquitectura es simpática y muy típica, pero tal vez lo mejor que éste pueblo tenga para ofrecerle al turismo, es la tranquilidad que se siente al estar en La Paz.

La Paz fu fondata da Hernán Cortés nel 1535; dal 1829 è divenuto il capoluogo dello stato di Baja California Sur, e recentemente è diventata un’importante meta turistica, grazie alle sue belle e tranquille spiagge, agli ottimi ristoranti, agli eleganti negozi che offrono articoli dutyfree, ed alle numerose possibilità di praticare le immersioni subacquee e la pesca sportiva.

Oltre ad essere il più antico insediamento delle Californie, La Paz ha anche vissuto probabilmente la storia più turbolenta. Nonostante le innumerevoli difficoltà, essa è riuscita a trasformarsi da un piccolo e sonnolento porto in una Capitale vigorosa, moderna e vivace.

Questa città portuale è situata tra falde collinari ricoperte di piante di cactus e le rive, anch’esse ricoperte di cactus, della bellissima Bahia de la Plaza, la baia più grande sul lato occidentale del Golfo della California. Nonostante i suoi 176.000 abitanti, si respira un’atmosfera da piccola città. La sua architettura è incantevole e tipica della zona, ma probabilmente la cosa più preziosa che questa città portuale può offrire ai suoi visitatori, è la tranquillità che si prova stando semplicemente a La Paz.

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La Paz wurde 1535 von Hernán Cortés gegründet. Es ist seit 1829 die Hauptstadt des Bundesstaates Baja California Sur (Südliches Niederkali-fornien) und wird in letzter Zeit immer mehr zu einem Lieblingsurlaubsort für Touristen. Der Grund dafür sind seine schönen, ruhigen Strände, seine wunderbaren Restaurants, großartigen Läden, die zollfreie Waren verkaufen, und ausgezeichneten Tauch- und Sportangelangebote.

La Paz hat die längste und wahrscheinlich stürmischste geschichtliche Vergang-enheit aller Ansiedlungen der beiden Kalifornien. Doch trotz dieser Heraus-forderungen, konnte es sich von einem verschlafenen kleinen Hafen-städtchen zu einer kraftvollen, moder nen Hauptstadt eines Bundesstaates entwickeln.

Diese Hafenstadt liegt zwischen Hügeln voller Kakteen und der auch von Kakteen bewachsenen, landschaftlich zauberhaften Bucht “Bahía de la Plaza”, der größten Bucht der westlichen Seite des Golf von Kalifornien. Obwohl hier zur Zeit etwas mehr als 176 000 Menschen leben, spürt man noch die Kleinstadtatmosphäre. Die Architektur ist charmant und sehr typisch, jedoch der Hauptreiz dieser Hafenstadt liegt für den Urlauber in der inneren Ruhe, die er in La Paz (auf Deutsch: der Friede) findet.

La Paz fut fondée par Hernán Cortés en 1535. Elue capitale de l’état de Baja California Sur dès 1829, elle est récemment devenue une région touristique prisée pour ses belles plages, ses merveilleux restaurants, ses grandes boutiques hors taxe, ainsi que ses zones de plongée sous-marine et de pêche sportive.

Non contente de posséder la plus longue histoire des Californies, La Paz a sans doute connu la plus turbulente. En débit de ces conflits, elle a réussi à évoluer du stade de petit port paisible à celui de capitale moderne et dynamique.

Le port se devine dans un paysage de cactus, entre des collines et le superbe littoral Bahía de la Plaza, la baie la plus grande à l’ouest du golfe de Californie. Bien que sa population dépasse désormais les 176 000 habitants, elle a su garder un charme campagnard. Son architecture typique révèle un caractère pittoresque, mais plus marquant encore aux yeux du touriste est sans doute le sentiment de paix qu’elle inspire.

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Red Cross 135-1111

Fire Department 122-0054, 6807

Municipal Police 122-9700

Green Angels (612) 124-0100, 03

Highway Patrol (612) 122-0369

Tourist Assistance (612) 124-0100



Costa Baja 011-52 (612) 123-6000


Hyatt Place 011-52 (612) 123-1234


La Concha Beach Resort 011-52 (612) 121-6161


La Perla 011-52 (612) 122-0777


Los Arcos 011-52 (612) 122-2744


Marina 011-52 (612) 121-6254


Palmira 011-52 (612) 121-6200


Seven Crown 011-52 (612) 128-7787

1 1 1
Peninsula Anthropology Museum Los Arcos La Perla Seven Crown La Concha CostaBaja Hyatt Place Marina Hotel Palmira Rd to Cabo via Todos Santos Museo de la Ballena Gris Baja Expeditions Teatro de la Ciudad Rd to Airpor t Paseo Álvaro Obregón Calle Abasolo Hotels 1 1 1 Mogote Peninsula Anthropology Museum Los Arcos La Perla Seven Crown La Concha CostaBaja Hyatt Place Marina Hotel Palmira Rd to Cabo via Todos Santos Museo de la Ballena Gris Baja Expeditions Teatro de la Ciudad Rd to Airpor t Paseo Álvaro Obregón Calle Abasolo Hotels 131


I’m going to start with a cliche: La Paz is the best kept secret. The thing about cliches though, is that they are generally true, and in this case, completely true.

La Paz IS the best kept secret. I’ve found that people often don’t even know where La Paz is located, let alone about all the wonderful things it has to offer.

So let me quickly lay it out for you. La Paz is the capital city of Baja California Sur. It’s situated on the Sea of Cortez, about 93 miles (150 km) northeast of Los Cabos. It’s a vibrant, living Mexican city, but isn’t too large; there are approximately 250,000 inhabitants. It’s a port city, and to the north of town you’ll find the ferry that goes to and from Mazatlan and Topolobampo on the Mexican mainland. El Mogote, a flat deserted sandbar, sits offshore, and there are numerous still-wild islands close by that are teeming with sea life, the best known and most visited of which is Isla Espíritu Santo.

The city itself is laid out in a classic grid fashion with streets radiating from the city’s waterfront. The town’s very traditional main square, a few blocks from the water, features a gazebo and 19th century cathedral. However, downtown La Paz is best known for its lovely malecón

(waterfront walkway), beloved by city residents (Paceños) and visitors alike.

Dave Evans, an attorney from San Antonio, Texas who vacationed in La Paz for the first time last summer with his family shares, “The best experience by far was grabbing ice cream at Palateria La Fuente and taking a stroll along the seaside malecón where everyone in town seems to show up to enjoy some family time as the sun sets.”

La Paz, although an amazing getaway for anyone, does work particularly well for families. As its name attests to, La Paz is an unhurried peaceful place, and the locals are family-oriented. It doesn’t have the party town vibe of Cabo San Lucas, and doesn’t focus exclusively on tourists. However, you’ll feel plenty welcome and there is a lot to do to keep all ages happy.

There are numerous culture offerings, including an anthropology museum (Museo Regional de Antropologia e Historia) and a cultural center (Casa de la Cultura), but likely more interesting for the kids are the brand new Museo de la Ballena (whale museum), actually not officially opened yet, which features the complete skeleton of a gray whale, and the small Serpentario (serpentarium) located to the south of town. Here you can pose for photos with iguanas and not only view, but have hands-on

encounters with snakes, lizards, turtles, tarantulas and birds.

Honestly, though, the biggest attraction in La Paz area is the Sea of Cortez and the numerous close-by islands and gorgeous beaches. The average air temperature here is 80 degrees. Water temperatures average 72 degrees, with a visibility of up to 100 feet. It doesn’t get much better than this. Anywhere.

“I think that certain beaches are every bit as lovely as the Caribbean for less money and much shorter travel time. La Paz is less expensive than Hawaii or the Caribbean and safer and less ‘wild’ than Cabo or a similar destination. It has the feel of a sleepy, peaceful fishing village,” explains Leslie Brew from San Diego, who visits La Paz almost yearly with her husband and teenage children.

With these statistics it follows, then, that La Paz is a top spot for all things water sports. Rentals are offered from myriad operators, both in town and at the resorts, so it’s easy to paddle board, kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, sports fish, or join guided tours to the off-shore islands. One of the most memorable things to do while in La Paz is swim with whale sharks. Yes, you read that right. You can swim right alongside the world’s

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 132

largest fish, which grow up to 40 feet in length! This activity was my family’s favorite, hands down. It was simultaneously scary and exciting, peaceful and educational – an experience none of us will ever forget. (Full disclosure, the whale sharks we swam with were no larger than 15 feet in length, which was just fine with us.)

Depending on when you visit, whale watching tours are also an option (winter and spring), and there are numerous excursions to Espíritu Santo (and some other local islands), where you can snorkel with sea lions and more than 800 fish species. UNESCO designated Espíritu Santo and hundreds of other nearby islands a Biosphere and World Heritage Site in 2010, so you can rest assured that your visit will not adversely impact the islands’ flora and fauna.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed paddle boarding, pool time and the whale shark outing, my favorite thing about La Paz was its breathtaking beaches. Just a few minutes outside of the city you’ll find white sandy beaches void of

any development, excepting a palapa restaurant or two offering the freshest of seafoods. The first you’ll come to as you wind out of town north along the Pichilingue Peninsula (Highway 11), is, aptly, Pichilingue. This is easy and quick to get to, and the swarms of tiny fish swimming in the shallow water and the small dock – good for playing on and jumping off of – will keep the kids occupied while you enjoy an ice-cold beverage and chocolato clams as the suns sinks low. Farther down the road you come to Balandra beach, a local favorite. Here you can picnic alongside Paceños or rent a kayak and cruise along the lovely cove’s clear water. Be sure to keep an eye out for El Hongo, the landmark balancing rock formation. My personal favorite, a place I long to go back almost daily, and from which you can get great rates on whale shark and other boat excursions, is Tecolote beach. It sits at the very tip of the peninsula, and offers miles of sandy white beaches, a few palapa restaurants, amazingly clear water and a terrific offshore view of Isla Espiritu Santo (only 4 miles away).

You’ll obviously need a home base while exploring all these remarkable options; not to worry - there are numerous excellent hotels in La Paz, with the nicest properties located to the north of town. By far the best option for families is the 5-star CostaBaja. Its 550-acre residential, master planned community offering amazing amenities. There is a 115-room hotel with a fine-dining restaurant, Steinbeck’s (named after John Steinbeck, who knew a good thing when he found it. He spent ample time in La Paz in the 1940s), and a sweet little spa, Espiritu, that offers all the basics plus numerous signature treatments. There are also the even more luxurious VistaMar Condos & Villas, which sit atop a hill and offer panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez. The larger of these include full kitchens, washer and dryer, wifi and multiple bathrooms that make staying with a family easier, less costly and more enjoyable. My family stayed here, and to our delight the unit came with our own electric golf cart, which made getting around the large property a breeze (and entertained the kids to no end).

The first Gary Player Signature Golf Course ever built in Mexico is located at CostaBaja too. It boasts a par-72, 7,082-yard course with even more expansive panoramic views than Vista Mar, as well as a good restaurant, La Pintada Bar & Grill, which offers Mexican and Mediterranean dishes.

To round it all out there is also a fabulous Beach Club at CostaBaja as well as a marina complete with shopping, galleries and restaurants. We logged many hours at the CostaBaja Beach Club. With offerings as diverse as a fitness center, play structure, ping-pong palapa, beach (offering kayak and paddle board rentals), hammocks, hot tub, kiddie pool, restaurant and giant, gorgeous infinity pool, staying for the day was an easy option. We ate both breakfast and lunch here some days. For dinner we often found ourselves at the marina restaurants. Azul Marino deserves special note (especially the nutella crepes!).

Right across the channel from the CostaBaja Hotel on the marina you’ll find the new and modern Hyatt Place, which is also a great option, your stay includes free breakfast daily and has a market that is open all day every day. It has a professional feel and you can earn nights toward free stays if already a member of the Hyatt Gold Passport program. Hotels Seven Crown is a good option if you prefer to stay in town. There are two Seven Crown locations in La Paz, with the Seven Crown La Paz Malecón being the better choice for vacationers. It offers 55 rooms, some with excellent sea views. Seven Crown is an especially good choice if you’re traveling on a budget.

So, the secret’s out. La Paz is a great destination for a vacation – family or otherwise. Safe, easy to get to and only quietly discovered, La Paz is an excellent option for your 2016 travels. BT

204,711 Population 1,139 Miles from the International Border 75° Avg. Temp.
Los Cabos Los Cabos BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 134

a leisure, beach, ecotourism, diving and sportfishing destination, Los Cabos hosts more than 150 flights a week totaling approximately 42,000 visitors per month.

Los Cabos is essentially divided into three different regions. The colonial town of San José del

Cabo has a flavor of its own and is steeped in Old World charm. Mango, avocado and orange trees grow abundantly in the region.

Twenty miles south is Cabo San Lucas, which still retains its original feeling of a fishing village. Here you’ll find impressive fishing fleets and boats available for rental. Los Cabos has been long known as the “Marlin Fishing Capital of the World.” Connecting these two towns is “The Corridor,” home of gorgeous beaches, championship golf courses and world-class five-star resorts.

Located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos (the capes) has been one of Mexico’s fastest growing resort areas for the past 10 years, attracting tourists from all over the world! A flourishing resort area with strong combination appeal as

Situado en la punta de la península de Baja California, Los Cabos ha sido el destino con mayor crecimiento en México en los últimos diez años, atrayendo turismo de todas partes del mundo. Una zona con cantidad de hoteles de lujo y alimentando una fuerte combinacion de diferentes gustos cómo los que buscan descanso, playa, eco-turismo, buceo y pesca deportiva. Los Cabos recibe más de 150 vuelos por semana que equivalen a aproximadamente 42,000 visitantes por mes.

Los Cabos está dividido en trés partes. El pueblo colonial de San José del Cabo tiene un sabor único de un pueblo antiguo. Ahi el mango, aguacate y las naranjas crecen en abundancia. A veinte millas hacia el sur se encuentra Cabo San Lucas, que aún conserva su original sabor de un pueblito de pescadores. Los Cabos se ha dado a conocer cómo la capital de pesca de Marlin, a nivel mundial. Conectando a estos dos pueblos se encuentra el corredor, donde encontrará preciosas playas, campos de golf de campeonato y hoteles de lujo.

Japanese Italian

Situata sulla punta della penisola di Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos (the capes) è ormai da dieci anni uno dei centri turistici in più rapida espansione del Messico, attraendo visitatori provenienti da tutto il mondo. È una regione prospera di Resort, che si presenta come un luogo di divertimento, ricco di spiagge, perfetto per praticare l’ecoturismo, le immersioni e la pesca sportiva. A Los Cabos giungono ogni settimana oltre 150 voli, per un totale di circa 42.000 visitatori al mese.

Los Cabos si suddivide essenzialmente in tre regioni diverse. La città coloniale di San José del Cabo ha un’atmosfera particolare, imbevuta del fascino del vecchio mondo. La regione abbonda di alberi di mango, avocado e arance.

A circa 30 chilometri più a sud si trova Cabo San Lucas, che ancora mantiene la sua caratteristica originale di villaggio di pescatori. Qui si possono noleggiare molti tipi di imbarcazioni da pesca. Los Cabos è nota come “la capitale mondiale della pesca al marlin.” Queste due località sono unite da spiagge impareggiabili, campi da golf di fama internazionale e complessi turistici a cinque stelle.

An der Spitze der Baja-Halbinsel gelegen, ist Los Cabos (die Kaps) seit nunmehr zehn Jahren eines der am schnellsten wachsenden Urlaubsgebiete Mexikos, das Touristen aus aller Welt anzieht. Ein blühendes Ferienziel mit einem starken Reiz zum Kombinieren verschiedener Urlaubs-vergnügen, wie Ausruhen, Strand, Ökotourismus, Tauchen und Sportangeln. Los Cabos wird über 150 Mal pro Woche angeflogen und heißt ca. 42,000 Besucher pro Monat willkommen.

Das Gebiet von Los Cabos läßt sich grundsätzlich in drei verschiedene Gegend-en einteilen. San Jose del Cabo, eine Stadt aus der Kolonialzeit, hat ihren eigenen Stil, voll des Zaubers der Vergangenheit. In der Gegend wachsen reichlich Mango-, Avocado- und Orangenbäume.

Zwanzig Kilometer weiter südlich kommt man nach Cabo San Lucas, das noch immer das Gefühl eines Fischerdorfes vermittelt. Hier werden Sie beeindruckende Fischereiflotten und Boote zum Mieten finden. Los Cabos ist schon seit langem als “Welthauptstadt des Marlinfischens” bekannt. Im Verbindungskorridor zwischen diesen beiden Städten befinden sich sagenhafte Strände, Golfplätze von Meisterschaftsqualität und Fünf-Sterne Hotels und -Seebäder von Weltklasse.

Située à la pointe de la péninsule de Baja California, Los Cabos (les caps) est depuis une dizaine d’années l’une des régions touristiques les plus dynamiques du Mexique et attire les visiteurs des quatre coins du globe ! Destination touristique prospère et rendue attrayante par ses divertissements, ses plages, son écotourisme, ses zones de pêche sportive et de plongée, Los Cabos accueille plus de 150 vols par semaine et compte près de 42,000 visiteurs par mois.

Los Cabos se divise en trois grandes régions. La ville coloniale de San José del Cabo a un cachet unique et respire le charme du vieux continent. Les mangues, les avocats et les oranges y poussent en abondance.

A 32 kilomètres au sud se trouve Cabo San Lucas, fidèle à l’ambiance caractéristique d’un village portuaire. Flottilles de pêche et bateaux impressionnants sont disponibles à la location. Los Cabos est connue comme étant « la capitale mondiale de la pêche au macaire ». Le couloir rel iant ces deux villes dévoile de magnifiques plages, des terrains de golf de compétition et des lieux de villégiature cinq étoiles.

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German French



Bahia Hotel 011-52 (624) 143-1890


Cabo Surf 011-52 (624) 142-2676


Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa 011-52 (624) 143-9166


Casa Natalia 011-52 (624) 142- 5100


Esperanza Resort 011-52 (624) 145-6400


Fiesta Americana Grand 011-52 (624) 145-6200


Finisterra 011-52 (624) 143-3333


Hilton Los Cabos 011-52 (624) 145-6500


Las Ventanas al Paraiso 011-52 (624) 144-0300 to 01


ME Cabo by Meliá

011-52 (624) 145-7800


One&Only Palmilla 011-52 (624) 146-7000


Playa Grande Resort 011-52 (624) 143-7575



Marquis Los Cabos

011-52 (624) 144-2000


Sheraton Hacienda del Mar

011-52 (624) 145-8000


The Resort at Pedregal 011-52 (624) 163-4300


Villa La Estancia 011-52 (624) 145-6900


Westin Resort & Spa

(624) 142-9000

EMERGENCY NUMBERS Pueblo Bonito Rose Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Westin Regina Marquis los Cabos Cabo del Sol Golf Club Raven Golf Club CABO SAN LUCAS SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO Cabo Real Golf El Dorado Golf Palmilla Golf Querencia Golf Hotels SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO East Cape Todos Santos CABO SAN LUCAS TouristCorridor One&Only Palmilla Me Cabo Villas Del Palmar Hacienda Encantada Fiesta Americana Grand Bahia Hotel Cabo Villas Resort Casa Del Mar Las Ventanas al Paraiso Melia Cabo Real Hilton Los Cabos International Airport 1 Pueblo Bonito Rose Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Westin Regina Marquis los Cabos Cabo del Sol Golf Club Raven Golf Club CABO SAN LUCAS SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO Cabo Real Golf El Dorado Golf Palmilla Golf Querencia Golf Hotels SAN JOSÉ DEL CABO East Cape Todos Santos CABO SAN LUCAS TouristCorridor One&Only Palmilla Me Cabo Villas Del Palmar Hacienda Encantada Fiesta Americana Grand Bahia Hotel Cabo Villas Resort Casa Del Mar Las Ventanas al Paraiso Melia Cabo Real Hilton Los Cabos International Airport 1 Red Cross 143-3300 Fire Department 143-3577 Municipal Police 143-0057 Green Angels (612) 124-0100 Highway Patrol (612) 122-0369 Tourist Assistance (612) 124-0100 137



After hurricane Odile ravaged the Baja Peninsula, the people who called the beaches home struggled. Many did not know if their community would come back. The resorts and restaurants took immediate action and now Baja is back... and it is bigger and better than ever.

TOP PICK BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 138

Reborn and reinvigorated, the iconic and ultra-luxurious One&Only Palmilla resort re-opened its doors on April 20, 2015. Our own Editor-in-Chief, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo was recently a guest and in her owns words; felt like a queen… “Every single detail – surpassed my imagination… It truly is one of the most amazing resorts I have ever stayed at.”

Peter Bowling; Managing Director, and his entire hotel staff welcomed back delighted guests to a resort that transcends elegance and their expectations. The beauty and tranquility that is the One&Only Palmilla remains unchanged.

There are a number of new elements including the new Jean Georges Vongerichten steak house, SEARED and completely refurbished guest rooms and suites, complete with adult outdoor lounging areas and a new spa and fitness Centre.

Past guests of the resort will find what they have come to love about the resort but will also discover new experiences. Most importantly, One&Only Palmilla will continue to deliver the incredible warm and genuine service that past guests love and those new to the hotel will keep coming back for... over and over again.

Pictured 01 SEARED


One&Only Palmilla is set to become THE dining destination in Cabo. Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten brings his internationally renowned signature culinary style to a brand-new steakhouse at One&Only Palmilla, SEARED, showcasing a selection of the finest steaks – are displayed in a glasswalled curing room, as well as chops and the freshest Pacific and Atlantic seafood. The décor at the steakhouse is by Jeffrey Beers International and offers smart and comfortable elegance accented by original Mexican techniques. Guests may also dine al fresco on the restaurant’s new expansive ocean-facing terrace.

Adjacent to SEARED, Suviche restaurant has a whole new look with a back-lit alabaster bar, and offers dramatic floor-to-ceiling views of the Sea of Cortez. Here too the cuisine is choreographed by Jean-Georges, who selected the masterful Chef Yoshiaki Akaike from Japan to delight guests with his expertise in sushi and sashimi. A sushi bar allows 12 guests to engage and closely watch the craft of the expert chefs.

Guests can also enjoy the One&Only Lounge, adjacent to Suviche, and select from a vast array of cocktails, including an extensive selection of Mexico’s finest tequila and mezcal.

02 01

Chef Larbi Dahrouch and his team welcome guests throughout the day to enjoy the farm-to-table dining, offering authentic Mexican cuisine with some Mediterranean influences. The menu changes seasonally, with some menu items changing daily, depending on the fresh catch and produce available from the organic garden. Interactive dining is showcased here, including fresh, handmade tortillas, authentic moles and signature guacamole and ceviche made tableside.

Guests can also have a culinary adventure and sit at Larbi's table. The special area is perfect for celebrations and can accommodate up to 15 diners.

A protégé of the late 3-Michelin-star-chef JeanLouis Palladin, Dahrouch’s travels throughout Mexico in search of regional flavours have enabled him to provide One&Only Palmilla guests with unique dishes that are authentically Mexican. The open kitchen allows guests to observe his team’s techniques, whilst the restaurant’s wine cellar contains the world’s largest selection of Mexican wines, as well as wines from around the world. Agua by Larbi also offers guests a wealth of beverage options from the dedicated tequila and mezcal trolley, which introduces guests to the


Pictured 01 OCEAN FRONT POOL CASITA 02 LIVING ROOM SUITE 03 VILLA CORTEZ POOL 04 MASTER BEDROOM AT VILLA CORTEZ 01 03 02 04 BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 140

distinctive Mexican spirits, from the blanco, reposado and añejo varieties of tequila to the unique and lesser-known mezcal.

The resort’s central terrace leads guests to the casual outdoor Breeze Café, which overlooks one of the resort’s two free-form pools, framed by the vista of the Pacific Ocean. Breeze offers guests a variety of options for the perfect breakfast, a light lunch of salads and Mexican delicacies and all-day snacks showcasing fresh and organic produce.

A beautiful renovation and realignment of the spaces in the One&Only Spa and Fitness Centre underscores the dedication to wellness that is a central feature of One&Only Palmilla. The 22,000-squarefoot spa offers extensive space both outdoor and indoor, providing guests with a sense of calm and seclusion. Signature treatments take place within a series of 13 private treatment villas, each set within its own secluded landscaped courtyard, many

complete with plunge pool, rain showers and swinging day beds. A tranquil lunch or fresh juice in the spa’s Yoga Garden is another delight for visitors.

The latest innovation at One&Only Palmilla is the OBO Salon by Jonathan & George One&Only created this brand-new beauty salon concept and partnered with Beverly Hills celebrity stylists Jonathan Antin and Amanda George to open their first offsite venture. One&Only Beauty introduces signature “unplug without being undone” hair and beauty treatments to Los Cabos – perfect for the needs and tempo of a tropical beach vacation: guests may opt for formal appointments or a quick drop-in for a pre-dinner touch-up. The OBO Salon has created a series of styles designed to reflect the personality of each of the world’s One&Only resorts and it will also cater to every beauty need of the dozens of weddings and milestone celebrations hosted annually at the resort.

Not to forget the men, Barber&Blade has been introduced as One&Only Palmilla’s exclusive new men’s salon. A dedicated team of grooming experts will offer male guests the chance to unwind and indulge in a series of shaving, grooming and barber shop treatments, as well as pampering for the face and scalp. Guests of the One&Only Spa can also choose from a wide variety of exclusive treatments for the feet, hands and nails at the Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio, designed by internationally renowned French podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez, including a series of signature “Duo” treatments that feature two therapists in synchronized motion. And as part of the expanded One&Only Spa, the new Juice Bar offers guests a wide selection of freshly pressed natural juices to improve health and wellbeing.

The state-of-the-art Fitness Center welcomes guests to continue – or begin – healthy lifestyle pursuits, equipped with an integrated collection of Technogym cardio, strength and functional equipment, which offers the best in design, biomechanical engineering and interactive technology. A myriad of group and individual classes are on offer for all fitness levels, ranging from yoga and transformational breathing to nutrition and personal training, while outdoor activities such as Sunrise Yoga and Beach Boot Camp allow guests to breathe in the healing powers of Baja’s sea air and sunshine. The entire workout space has been reoriented to enable those using the equipment to enjoy the extraordinary views of the resort’s gardens and ocean beyond. BT


Each of One&Only Palmilla’s 174 oceanfront guest rooms and suites have been enhanced, with new furnishings, fabrics and color schemes, plus a complete makeover of the rooms in the classic Tres Palmas wing. As always, to underscore One&Only Palmilla’s unique atmosphere, every single guest is served by a butler whose role is to cater to each guest’s comfort, need and whim.

The jewel in this crown of Baja is the resort’s exclusive VILLA CORTEZ...

Imagine arriving to your repose – a four-bedroom beachside residence, complete with private pool, beach access, gardens, lavish entertainment areas, a 12-seat private screening room, study and staff quarters – This has also been completely restyled.

One&Only Palmilla is second to none.

Villa One, the new, spectacular four-bedroom villa, with an additional Butler Suite at over almost 14,000 square feet of private space both indoor and out, will provide the perfect lodging for a variety of guests, from those seeking the ultimate in privacy to families and friends seeking time together and perfect for girls’ or guys’ weekends and small corporate retreats. For reservations or more information, please visit

Pictured 01 SPA COURTYARD 02 SPA 01 02 141



There is Los Cabos luxury, and then there is The Cape. One of the newest properties in Los Cabos, The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, will sure to up the standard for class and customer service. With over-the-top amenities and a breathtaking location, The Cape is highly inspired by the community and culture in which it resides.

“We are thrilled to expand Thompson Hotels beyond urban locales and introduce not only our first project in Mexico, but also a wholly distinct concept to the Los Cabos hospitality landscape,” says Niki Leondakis, CEO of Commune Hotels & Resorts. “Our mission for The Cape has always been to create an environment evocative of both the brand’s urban roots and the resort’s seductive Baja setting. We are honored to have worked with talents like Javier Sanchez and José Noé Suro, each of whom have helped shape and bring our vision to life.” e community and culture in which it resides.


The Cape’s connection to the sea is woven throughout the resort’s design, spearheaded by internationally renowned Mexican architect Javier Sanchez and partner Benedikt Fahlbusch of JSa Arquitectura, in collaboration with Arquitectura de Interiores. The JSa Arquitectura and Arquitectura de Interiores teams worked closely with Thompson Hotels to integrate the brand’s signature mid-century modern aesthetic with a vibrant 1960s Mexico-meetsSouthern California feel. Highlights include custom furniture handmade in Mexico, found both in-room and throughout the public spaces; original, regionally-produced art, curated in collaboration with celebrated ceramicist José Noé Suro.

Located in the white sand Monuments Beach area, The Cape is only a few miles from downtown Los Cabos, set on this pristine and secluded surfing destination. The location also offers unobstructed views of The Arch, a stunning natural phenomenon of granite carved into an arch by centuries of wind and sea exposure. This spectacular view of the Baja landscape can be enjoyed from any of the 161 guest rooms, all of which boast private terraces. The never-

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 142

“My menus will reflect the feel of The Cape, a mix of modern elements and casual Baja style,” says Olvera. “Think homemade tortillas, fresh, locally-sourced seafood, and craft beer brewed right here in Baja. And while the Los Cabos region will certainly provide culinary inspiration, our guests will also find a sense of discovery through new flavors and dishes they haven’t yet experienced travelling in Mexico.”


• LOBBY BAR – A throwback to a bygone era and the classic bars of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, this sunken lounge space features mid-century modern décor, vibrant hand-woven rugs made in Mexico, living room-style seating, a pool table and gaming area, and an open layout that seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor space, alongside ocean views.

• LEDGE – This casual beach house-inspired restaurant and al fresco patio serves contemporary Mexican cuisine and American breakfast favorites.

• POOL BAR – This convenient swim-up bar and restaurant overlooks Monuments Beach.

• GLASS BOX – This stunning and contemporary architectural gem features 360-degree walls of glass, serving as a casual lounge destination for light bites and cocktails, or an intimate private events space.

• THE ROOFTOP – Sitting six stories high, this openair bar offers communal seating surrounded by lush greenery, flowing water features and fire pits, and sweeping views of downtown Cabos San Lucas and the adjacent Sea of Cortez. Guests can enjoy handcrafted cocktails and local craft beers at the city’s first and only rooftop lounge.

The signature restaurant Manta features an exhibition kitchen and a menu that celebrates Pacific Rim flavors and techniques. Large handcarved wooden doors at its entrance open to a seductively lit corridor and wine wall, eventually leading to a main dining room integrating a mixture of natural elements into its design, including wood, dark stone, and leather. An intimate private dining room with a fireplace seats 20 guests, and an expansive outdoor terrace offers ocean-side dining.

For those looking to hold a meeting at The Cape, several options are available. The A-Frame can accommodate 120 guests, the Green Room is for smaller groups of 12 or less, and the Glimpse can take on a capacity of up to 220.

Located 35 minutes from San José del Cabo International Airport, The Cape also features an outdoor infinity pool and an outdoor saltwater pool; 24-hour in-room dining; complementary wireless Internet access throughout the hotel; a full-service salon, spa, and fitness center; and complimentary valet parking. BT

For more information, visit

ending views are just as spectacular from the expansive rooftop lounge and garden that sits six floors above sea level.

“Our secluded beachfront setting is not only a magnet for surfing aficionados,” says hotel General Manager Eduardo Segura, “we’re also ideally positioned to provide guests a serene setting to relax and easy access to Los Cabos’ many seaside activities and cultural offerings – from kayaking, diving, and whale watching, to day trips to the architectural gems found in historic San José del Cabo.”


Celebrated chef Enrique Olvera is hailed as a culinary innovator with a deft hand for forward-thinking Mexican cuisine. Renowned both in Mexico and the U.S., Olvera brings his trailblazing culinary approach to the resort’s 114-seat restaurant, Manta, while additionally developing signature dishes for its multiple dining and lounge concepts.




ME Cabo is one of the most dynamic resorts in Los Cabos. Located in the fashionable - El Medano Beach - ME Cabo is a luxury resort with premium amenities to accommodate your every need. Only a few steps away from downtown Cabo, the best clubs, best shopping, and the best dining, ME Cabo is seemingly the epicenter of Los Cabos. This dynamic resort features a swimmable white sand beach, and the most beautiful views overlooking the famous El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Land's End), Lover's Beach, and the Sea of Cortez.

Not to be missed are the thoroughly reimaged dining outlets, spa and gym, and the new Suite ME. The one-of-a-kind Suite ME is composed of three separate units on two levels and includes two spacious terraces with staggering views and its own recording studio for the use of resident and visiting DJs. In every way, the new Suite ME guarantees a truly unforgettable experience.

ME Cabo maintains a commitment to guest satisfaction, and therefore, has appointed an Experience Manager charged with ensuring all expectations are fulfilled. Other high-end amenities include the Evolution Room which offers 1,300 square feet of high-tech meeting space for up to 110 guests, and the Yhi Spa includes a thermo and hydrotherapy wellness center where guests can also enjoy Temazcal rituals.


Gayot, the guide to the good life, says that ME Cabo is an eye-catching resort in an elegant and fashionable setting. Its sexy style and sun-kissed rooms lure guests to this trendy resort. Another bonus of its central location is the ME Cabo’s access to five world class golf courses in the immediate area.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 144

The hotel’s first-rate services and facilities have earned it multiple awards and, more importantly, praise from guests. A few of those acknowledgements for ME Cabo include:

2010 and 2011 World Travel Awards Winner: Mexico & Central America's Leading Resort

2013 AAA Four Diamond Award

Travelers' Choice 2012 Winner: No. 3 Trendiest Hotel in Mexico

Well known for hosting major trend events and some of the best parties in Cabo San Lucas, Rose Bar becomes a favorite hangout for many of Los Cabos elite and international celebrities. At Rose Bar, guests can enjoy their time where mixologists will exhibit unique spirits and a specially-crafted cocktail menu. The hotel’s nightclub lounge is one of the premiere Cabo nightlife destinations for guests and visitors alike.

On the casual side of things, dining at The Deck offers plenty of sun, sand, ocean waves, and the best fish tacos in Cabo. Located in front of the hotel and just steps from the water, The Deck is the perfect option for lunch serving a large menu of sandwiches, sushi, tacos, guacamole, and cocktails.

ME Cabo’s Wet Bar features its infamous daytime pool parties filled with fun, beautiful people, bottles, and bubbly. Combine all these options that make for a beach bacchanal on weekends as the Wet Bar is immersed amongst all the revelers. During the week guests can sip the day away at this relaxed swim-up bar, or simply enjoy the sun-filled atmosphere.

Another option is ME Cabo’s Main Bar, which serves an international menu of cocktails, and is the general meeting place before the night gets going.

A fashion and social hub for a discerning local and international clientele, ME Cabo pulses with a distinctive vibe reminiscent of Miami, or New York, or both. From its enviable location on beautiful Playa El Medano, ME Cabo is the place to make your memories of a lifetime. BT

Situated directly on the Playa El Medano, the Mediterranean-style Beach Club allows you to savor the sun or slumber the day away in the shade of a poolside bed; you can also take in the sounds of the international DJs whose music wafts in tandem with the ocean breeze. Enjoy classy pool and beach parties with bottle service, live performances, and more. This Mediterranean-style Beach Club is also a perfect spot for a glamorous ocean view lunch for two, 20, or more.


Vibrant nightlife can be found at the ME Cabo’s Rose Bar that features eclectic fusion entertainment. Evenings begin with live jazz, segueing to DJs spinning vinyl as the night progresses, into hot electronic DJ sets until morning. It doesn’t get any cooler than VodBox martini lounge, which is literally a walk-in, drink-in freezer where more than 30 shelves presenting the world’s finest Vodkas, Tequilas, and Mezcals. You can sample and compare under the tutelage of your host.

For more information visit 145


Insight. It means to see things as they are, from a perspective of Wisdom. That, is authentic wealth. The most insightful creatives and entrepreneurs describe this paradisiacal Mexican resort town, Los Cabos, as a hippie-avant gardefun vibrant world, where freedom to Be is the only master plan.

It is true that without knowing our history, the understanding of who we are now might feel incomplete. Thus, let’s vow to the renewed creative spark that Hurricane Odile ignited in everyone’s spirit back in 2014, cheer for a fabulously challenging 2015, and travel light by saying that the old, the new, the past, and the future, it is all a one amazing present, when we are aware. Awareness is #theNEWCabo.

A chic modern natural lifestyle is successfully doing business by sustainable design, and happiness is everybody’s gold. The Earth in Baja is for peace lovers, and land’s end is the playground for the rich. #theNEWCabo is all about the visionary gurus who believe in the extraordinary, whose core values align with transcendental principles of creativity, and who practice everyday the art of mastery. Alpha wanderers of time, who travel through generations, guided by a legacy of privilege, simply to shape the environment that shapes us. Bravo!

Handmade ol’ Mexican traditions, such as friendliness, cooking, family, and play, enchants the traveler, the investor, the artist, the knight and the king. Los Cabos is everyone’s dream. Sure, you might still stumble with the archaic individual who believes solar panels look ugly, and prohibits solar energy in their living design to make a buck, (go wonder, Baja enjoys sunlight throughout the whole year, we do have a solar resort educating people, plus financing is available so homeowners can go solar and forget about DAC), and yes, it may happen that if you are curious enough you might come across poor urban planning as the next door neighbor,

but with 17 new hotels being built and celebrities investing in the natural high of Cabo, we are bound to make things better. Aren’t we all traveling on planet Earth, around the Sun, into the Galactic?

Evolution is why we are all here. In Baja Sur you will experience Internationally awarded rammed earth architectural designs, entire towns energized by renewable energy, wonderful healthy organic farms and restaurants, One&Only world-class spas and resorts, incredible Espiritu, Villas del Mar & Pedregal mansions, Hacienda Beach Clubs, the most relaxing holistic wellness travel, a namasté Los Cabos lifestyle, Tacos & Mezcal, and Baja’s very own Brewery. ‘Freak Freely’ creator Michelle Monroy, editor-in-chief and art director, welcomes travelers with a monthly publication that gives you wonderful ideas about how to make the best of your travel time in Destino Los Cabos.

Are you looking to invest? Here is what you need to know. 2016 in Baja is all about doing what you love, and loving what you do, for everyone’s benefit, so we all can have fun together. Global businesses acting locally, branded by love, a rich International community sin fronteras who likes it peaceful and hecho en México.

Follow Mexican Curator & strategist Bernardo Mucino Koenig who believes we shape the environment that shapes us. A brilliant mind and a wonderful sense of openness for all that is new. Bernardo is a partner in Artifex – A company defining the future of Los Cabos real estate development. His live-life philosophy is rooted in the power of keeping extraordinary relationships and combining them with ‘whereto next’ ideas. When asked about his success, he will confirm that to grow a great business idea, you need to stay humble, keep listening, and alongside Unicorns (what he calls great individuals).

People like Juan Diaz Rivera - A sincere and respected Cabo original.

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 146

The story of his life inside the local real estate community is impactful and evolving… practically by the minute. He is considered by his peers to be a man who can get ‘it’ marketing entrepreneur/author, and brand strategist, who is almost absurdly passionate about building unique customer experiences. For me, they seem to create a limitless amount of authentic new business power, development expertise and marketing creativity. When asked to describe their relationship, Marshall coined it wonderfully, “It’s like if George Lucas, Nikola Tesla and Stan Lee decided to get into real estate together.”

Follow Mexican Architect Gonzalo Elizarraras, a master of his architecture. Awarded, with a Jury selection as a finalist for the Terra Award 2016, in France, for his ACRE design using rammed earth, he makes Los Cabos architecture not only beautiful, but also with unique design and sustainability, both marks of a modern life. He and his wife Karla own FabriKG – a networked architectural design and research practice located in Berlin and Mexico. His strategy is to bring design in to a natural process within the context of exceptionally strong and rewarding relationships between natural landscapes and “artificial” landscapes interaction. Regenerative Design using Natural systems, Ecological, Bioclimatic design, Geothermal, Passive solar design, building integrated in permaculture, Off the grid. Gonzalo also founded CAPA Lab, where innovative ideas are shared about how to design the world naturally.

Waste nothing, honor the land that feeds you, do business sustainably, feel good, travel out of time in an evening oasis, and enjoy a holistic cocktail

under a Palm tree. Wellness travel, yoga, permaculture, food from the farm to the table, natural cuisine, textiles rooted in the earth, art and “feel good” markets. Conscious living is #theNEWCabo. Education is at the core, and with this model in mind, talented visionaries, such as Stuart McPherson and Cameron Watt, show us all about the Art of Living, passionate public figures like Isabelle Gagnon keep continue educating Cabo’s taste for healthy living, while business pioneers in a high frequency of inspiration, like Kim Gaia, who started designing adventure travel and ecotourism experiences in Baja before anybody else, foresee that #theNEWCabo is for the “Inchievers. Happiness is the new motivation. Happiness is success. Inchievers, are self motivated, with a high level of personal integrity, leading healthy active happy lives and are a force of change in the world.”

Follow TopChefMex Pía Quintana, Brew Master Jordan Gardenhire, holistic cocktail designer Danielle Tatarin. Artisans who live creating a blissful and tasteful journey, connecting the most ancestral rituals of the Earth – cooking and brewing – with the mind; they all play with the most sacred elements of nature – foods, plants and essential oils – and awake the spirits delight in every soul. Here, you have the creators of ambiance and mood. Shamans, if you may, who love their art and live by it, hence the gravitational force that keeps the whole town cheering to their taste.

Follow Blake Harrington, a star between the stars. Adrian Grenier, John Meyer, Sammy Hagar, Charlie Sheen, NFL megastars, you

name it, everyone has a photo with him. He has a love affair with Telluride, and RedRocks String Cheese concerts are his timeout. When he is not delightfully playing a grand piano for his guests, you might find him jamming with the allstar band at Cabo Wabo. Usually, surrounded with very unique friends. He is the managing partner of REMexico Cabo-RealEstate.

U2, Adam Levin, Pharelll Williams, John Mayer, Gene Simmons, La Ley, Peter Buck, Jared Leto, Don Felder, Lila Downs, Natalia Lafourcade, WaterWalkers, and DJ Capri - rockstars, popstars and the new electrorganica sound designers, hierophants who elevate humanity’s vibration through the healing power of tone – all played in this land in the last 2 years. Doesn’t this sound to you like a Los Cabos International Music Festival is waiting to happen? Music is #theNEWCabo.

#theNEWCabo believes in the philosophy of sharing ideas to create wellness, in a culturally relevant and positive way, with great design and an inspirational point of view. Our intention is to create the space where all worlds can meet, in harmony with each other and with Nature. Our goal is to inspire you with intelligence and beauty, and invite you to relax and have fun. Our wish is that when you encounter yourself here, you like how you feel. How do we do it? Moment by moment, always with love. A nice nice morning breeze is blowing in Los Cabos, vibrant, energetically charged with a creative force, young and intelligent, joyful and expansive... like Travel.* BT

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 148
AN ARTISTS COLONY IN BAJA 4,078 Population 950 Miles from the International Border 80° Avg. Temp. Todos Santos Todos Santos BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 150

Todos Santos is one of the most flourishing oases in southern Baja California. With its red brick buildings and wide streets, Todos Santos is still a quiet, charming and picturesque town.

Directly on the Tropic of Cancer, this town of about 4,000 residents is laid out in a small, rolling coastal plain called the Valle del Pilar, 64 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean shore.

This small, colonial village is centered around Nuestra Señora del Pilar, a beautiful church, and a town square. There is also a museum, Casa de la Cultura, which contains materials on the history of Southern Baja California, as well as items that reveal the town’s civic pride. Several buildings bear plaques honoring noted residents who fought in various struggles for Mexican independence.

Todos Santos is a beautiful virgin paradise that tourists, especially artists, won’t want to miss.


Todos Santos es uno de los oasis en el Sur de Baja California. Con sus edificios de ladrillo rojo y sus calles anchas, Todos Santos aún es un pueblito callado, bonito y pintoresco.

Exactamente en el Trópico de Cancer, con aproximadamente 4,000 habitantes y 64 kilometros de costa en el Oceano Pacífico. Este pequeño, pueblito colonial se concentra alrededor de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, una bonita Iglesia y un parquesito. También hay un muséo, Casa de la Cultura, que contiene artículos de la historia del Sur de Baja California así como también objetos simbólicos para el orgullo de sus habitantes. Varios edificios en el pueblo tienen placas honrando a sus antiguos residentes que pelearon en varias ocaciones para la independencia Mexicana.

Todos Santos es un precioso paraiso virgen, que el turismo, especialmente los artistas, no deben dejar de visitar.

Japanese Italian

Todos Santos è una delle oasi più propserose e fiorenti della Baja California meridionale. Con i suoi edifici di mattoni rossi e strade ampie, Todos Santos è ancora un paese calmo, incantevole e pittoresco.

Direttamente sopra il Tropico di Cancro, questa località di circa 4.000 abitanti è situata sulla piccola pianura costiera appena ondulata, chiamata Valle del Pilar, a 64 di chilometri dalle sponde dell’Oceano Pacifico.

Questa piccola località coloniale si raccoglie intorno alla bella chiesa della Nuestra Señora del Pilar, e alla piazza del paese. C’è anche un museo, Casa de la Cultura, che ospita testimonianze della storia della Baja California meridionale, così come oggetti che riflettono l’orgoglio di questa città. Su molti palazzi sono affisse placche in onore di notabili del luogo che parteciparono alle varie lotte per l’indipendenza del Messico.

Todos Santos è un paradiso incontaminato che i visitatori, ed in particolare gli artisti, dovrebbero assolutamente visitare.

Das östliche Kap (Los Barriles), das am Ufer der Bucht “Bahía de Palmas”, nur 104 km südlich von La Paz und 80 km von San José del Cabo entfernt liegt, entwickelt sich schnell zum beliebtesten Kap für Sportangler aus der ganzen Welt. Die einzige Sprache, die Sie beherrschen müssen, heißt “Sportfishing” (Sportangeln) und “Catch and Release” (Fangen und Wiederfreilassen).

Dieses Kap ist leicht mit dem Auto, dem Boot oder dem Privatflugzeug erreichbar. Wenn Sie nach La Paz fliegen, brauchen Sie ungefähr 1_ Stunden mit dem Auto, und von San Jose del Cabo aus sind es ca. 1_ Stunden. Falls Sie mit dem Privatflugzeug kommen, können Sie direkt die örtliche Landebahn benutzen.

Mit seinen 3000 Einwohnern ist das östliche Kap ein Fischerdorf, mit hübschen Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Märkten, einem Autoersatzteilladen, einer Start- und Landebahn für Privatflugzeuge, einem kleinen Krankenhaus, Schulen und vielen Booten zum Sportangeln.

Falls Sie ein Sportangelabenteuer in einer nicht überlaufenen Atmosphäre suchen, müssen Sie Ihre Buchung bei einem der vielen Hotels des Urlaubsgebietes am östlichen Kap vornehmen.

Todos Santos est un des oasis les plus prospères du sud de Baja California. Avec ses bâtiments de briques rouges et ses larges rues, Todos Santos reste une ville tranquille, charmante et pittoresque.

Située sur le tropique du Cancer, cette ville de près de 4,000 habitants se niche dans une petite plaine onduleuse appelée Valle del Pilar, 64 kilomètres de la côte Pacifique.

Cette petite ville coloniale s’articule autour de la superbe église Nuestra Señora del Pilar et d’une place centrale. Elle abrite aussi un musée, La Casa de la Cultura, exposant des vestiges de l’histoire du sud de Baja California ainsi que des objets faisant l’orgueil de ses citadins. Beaucoup de bâtiments sont ornés de plaques commémoratives en honneur à des notables présidents ayant lutté lors des diverses batailles pour l’indépendance du Mexique.

Todos Santos est un paradis encore vierge qu’aucun touriste, encore plus artiste, ne doit manquer d’explorer.

German French
Spanish TODOS SANTOS BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 152



Red Cross (612) 122-1111

Fire Department (612) 122-0054, 6807

Municipal Police (612) 123-9700

Green Angels (612) 124-0100, 03

Highway Patrol (612) 122-0369

Tourist Assistance (612) 124-0100



Casa Tota U.S. (619) 400-3089 011-52 (612) 145-0590


Guaycura Boutique Hotel 011-52 (612) 175-0800

Toll free (877) 448-2928


Hacienda Todos Los Santos 011-52 (612)145-0547


Hotel California 011-52 (612) 145-0525


Posada La Poza

011-52 (612) 145-0400


The Todos Santos Inn 011-52 (612) 145-0040


Todos Santos Hacienda Inn 011-52 (612) 145-0193


Villas La Mar 011-52 (612) 145-0116

Pacific Ocean 1 La Poza Hacienda Inn Todos Santos Todos Santos Inn Guaycura Hotel California Las Puertas Alegría Hacienda Todos Santos Blvd. Benito Juárez Av.Santos Degollados Mutualismo Fields to the beach to Cabo Hotels Pacific Ocean 1 Hacienda Inn Todos Santos Todos Santos Inn Guaycura Hotel California Las Puertas Alegría Hacienda Todos Santos Blvd. Benito Juárez Av.Santos Degollados Mutualismo Fields to the beach

o you hesitate to take the family to Todo Santos for more than an afternoon because you think there might not be enough to do for the kids to do? Or because your young one’s curious hands aren’t a good match for the town’s gorgeous art galleries? Or maybe you question whether your tribe will fit in with the young lovers staying at the town’s romantic bed and breakfasts? Leave those worries behind, and plan to make Todos Santos more than a day trip from Los Cabos this year, because there is plenty to do to keep the whole family busy, and the Guaycura Boutique Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for a fam-


ily stay. Unlike some of the other high-end properties in town, which have minimum stay ages of 16 or 18 years, Guaycura is family friendly. Get this, it’s even pet friendly too! Not only that, kids under 10 years old stay free when using existing bedding.

They offer rooms big enough for a family of four or even five, and they have a great rooftop deck where you’ll find the hotel’s small pool (which very few hotels in Todos Santos offer) and the Sky Lounge Bar. The Sky Lounge offers traditional Spanish tapas and Mexican appetizers and is an incredible place to take in a sunset over the palm trees and ocean in the distance. Let the kids splash

around while you sip on a late afternoon cocktail. The red wines come slightly chilled when it’s hot, a nice surprise that you’ll quickly adjust to and appreciate. El Jardin, the courtyard restaurant on the entry level, is a good choice if you want a sit-down breakfast before you head out to explore. And explore you should. There are a lot of worthwhile outdoor activities to choose from in the Todos Santos area. A crowd favorite is Cerritos Beach. Although my girls surf in San Diego, the waves at Cerritos were really large and the rip tide very strong the mornings we were there, so surfing was out. But boogie boarding and body surfing kept us plenty busy. Be sure to gauge

whether it’s safe for your kids to swim solo. The water temperature is delightful most of the year, so you’ll likely want to play in the waves as long as they do anyway. You can rent both surf and boogie boards on the beach for a reasonable price, and surf lessons are also available. When you get tired of battling the surf? Head over to our very favorite of Guaycura’s offerings – El Faro Beach Club and Spa.

I cannot overstate how great it is to have this available to you while staying in Todos Santos with children. This is where you really get your family bang for your buck. We went to El Faro every day of our stay. It’s located only a short

BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 154

drive from town, and has a gorgeous pool with big swim up bar, plenty of luxurious chaise lounges and a large palapa-covered restaurant that features a variety of fresh seafood and ceviches. Do not miss the fish tacos here. They are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. The mojitos are worth exploring too. The staff is accommodating and although the beach here is not suitable for swimming, there are miles of coastline to explore and the sturdy hanging beds set half way to the waterline offer dreamy relaxation.

El Faro is also where the property’s main spa, Aena, is located. You may not opt to get services for the whole family, but it will be easy for you to slip away for a massage or other unique treatment highlighting organic local products while your children swim, swing and run along the shoreline. (But please don’t leave them unattended!)

In addition to swimming and surfing, depending on what time of year you’re visiting Todos Santos, there is also the opportunity to participate in Olive Ridley turtle releases and to watch migrating whales. La Poza beach is a good spot for whale watching (DecemberMarch), and thousands of turtles are released on the beaches from Todos Santos to south of Cerritos yearly. But don’t get the wrong idea, activities in Todos Santos and local environs are not limited to water activities. The hotel or

other tour operators in town can arrange bike, star gazing, eco-guided trips to the Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de la Laguna, hiking, camping and horseback riding tours. There’s also a skateboard park off Highway 19 for those who are so inclined. And you definitely will want to reserve time to explore the myriad art galleries in the downtown Centro Histórico. Keep in mind, also, that there is an art walk the first Friday of every month. Misión de Nuestra Señora del Pilar church, Centro Cultural Prof Nestor Agúndez and the Teatro Cine Gral Manuel Márquez de Leon are all worth a stop as well. And again, depending on what time of the year you choose to visit, there are noteworthy events to attend, including a film festival in March that just keeps growing in popularity and stature, an art festival in February and Fiestas Tradicionales in October, which features ballet folklórico and other traditional dance groups, musicians, and horseback riding demonstrations.

Although it can’t be overstated that there are myriad outside and cultural activities to fill your days in Todos Santos and the surrounding area, there will invariably be down time – those late afternoon hours where you all need time to chill. Again, the Guaycura has you covered – all 14 individually decorated rooms provide free Wi-Fi, free wired Internet, Plasma TVs with satellite channels, DVD players and iPod speakers (although you may need an adapter).

There are free newspapers in the lobby for those wanting to stay informed the old fashioned way. Some rooms offer a private terrace. I found this the perfect place to spend quite time reading while the kids were glued to their devices.

Invariably, the kids will be hungry (again). Not surprisingly, Todos Santos has many suitable dining possibilities. The restaurant La Santeña, at Hotel Casa Tota, is a good choice for families, as the menu has familiar Mexican standbys like quesadillas and burritos. La Coronela at Hotel California is also a great choice – Chef Dany Lamote will delight you with seafood, which reflects the Chefs’ French background, and locally-produced fruits and vegetables. Cafe Todos Santos, the Italian restaurant serving Todos Santos for more than 25 years now, is always a good option as well. It’s a beautiful setting and the food is fabulous, although not inexpensive. We opted for a more casual pizza place one night and found ourselves at La Paloma, a favorite local ice cream parlor, almost nightly. But the biggest dining standout for us was Guaycura’s off-site restaurant, El Mirador. Full disclosure, it’s a bit of bumpy ride to get there, but your kids will love that, and the view once you do? Simply breathtaking vistas of the Pacific and the Sierra de la Laguna. Photo taking is a must, so be prepared to force the crew to gather together for some amazing shots. El Mirador is a palapa-style restaurant, to which you can sometimes climb to the top of for even more amazing views. Unfortunately it wasn’t open when we were last there, but the food is good enough (especially the flan) that it didn’t matter. A unique feature of El Mirador is its location on the Tropic of Cancer, so you can literally have one foot in North America and the other in Central America –providing a teachable geography lesson to boot. Although you’ll need to watch the little ones, El Mirador’s open design, incredible views and various art installations and rock sculptures scattered over the large property provide kids with quite a lot to do and see. Let them explore a bit while you sit back and sip your drink until the food arrives.

If I haven’t already convinced you that a trip to Todos Santos with your family is in order, and that Guaycura is the place to stay while there, let me add this, the property is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. I promise, it shows. From the L´Occitane bathroom amenities, to the old style copper bathtubs (in some rooms), to the 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, oversized towels and exquisite decor, you will feel well taken care of, all the while taking good care of your family and their vacation fun. BT


Estate 16 ~ Espiritu Collection, Los Cabos


Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo and Cecilia Aragon Christopher Miller with friends …celebrating …celebrating
…celebrating …celebrating
…celebrating …celebrating Christopher Miller and Loic Tenoux Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Ron Hatfield and Massimiliano Sulpizi Nathalie Buchler Tenoux, Nicole Montgomery, Michelle Jenkins, Christopher Miller, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo & Massimiliano Sulpizi Christopher Miller, Nicole Montgomery, Ron Hatfield and Michelle Jenkins
Sebastien Arnaud and Cecilia Aragon

tanya T alamante

Underwater Series Collection
Tanya and Kim Groover Kathy and Peter Bowling & Ragne Sinikas Peter Bowling, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Massimiliano Sulpizi and Cecilia Aragon Daniel Talamante and Andrea Velasco Tanya, Peter Bowling & Nathalie Buchler Tenoux Janet Jensen, Kathy and Peter Bowling & Kim Groover Maga and Miguel Angel Arce Vicky Muñoz, Tanya and Diana Osuna Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Cecilia Aragon, Tanya and Gaby Aragon Daniel, Tanya and Julieta Talamante Karina & Sebastien Agnes, Kathy and Peter Bowling
Art Exhibition at the One&Only Palmilla
Peter Bowling and Tony Yahyai Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Heys Reuben Katz and Ms. Katz with Tony Yahyai Igor Burt and Anne Darren Olsted, Tony Yahyai and Patric Uric Dan Colmen, Tony Yahyai, Mr. & Mrs. Moore and Steve Lynvendusky Maritsa Wulf, Peter Bowling, Reuben Katz and Ashton Wulf Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo and Mario Gabriel Rodríguez Michelle Peluso, Corey Whithsosky with Renne and Dennis Withsosk Scott Zimmer and girlfriend Mr. & Mrs. Alvaro Tadeo and Tony Yahyai Scott Walker Michelle Cury, Renne and Dennis Withsosk David Ponce, Lupita Canseco, Ilda Ledesma, Daniel Uribe, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo and Mario Gabriel Rodríguez
Club Polo CHARITY ART AUCTION BY at the One&Only Palmilla 159
Robert Neijmeijer and His Entourage


in Cabo

First Place Winners… the One&Only Palmilla team Headed by Peter Bowling Second Place Winners… the Dollar team Headed by Antonio Tirado Kurosh Yahyai and Friends Tony Yahyai with the Tirado and Garza family Raul Petraglia, Tony Yahyai and Peter Bowling Tony Yahyai, Joseph Stuart, Reuben Katz, Eric Hammon, Patric Urick, Ashton Wulf, Scott Walker, Scott Zimmer, Alvaro Tadeo, Darren, Dan, David, Ronnie Heys (USPA Officiale Umpier) Tony and Cristina Yahyai Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo and Cristina Yahyai Antonio and Luis Felipe Tirado, Alejandro Garza, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo, Tony Yahyai & Antonio Tirado Kurosh Yahyai and His Art Work Third Place Winners… the ME Cabo team Headed by Raul Petraglia
BajaTRAVELER® | 2016 –2017 | 17 th Anniversary 160
The BajaTRAVELER® team… Liz Vázquez, Mariana Meléndez, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo and Paola Mondragon

Michito Kaneko

The World’s Best Bartender at the One&Only Palmilla

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Concierge Director for Baja

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British Formula One racing driver Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, recently spent some quality time in Baja. With an upcoming birthday on January 7, he flew to Cabo for the weekend and spent time at the super luxurious One&Only Palmilla Resort for some workouts, recreation, rest, and a general celebration of his birthday.

Located on the Baja Peninsula and bordering the Sea of Cortez, the resort has earned a reputation for offering “intense privacy and exquisite luxury” with beachfront access to one of the few beaches in the entire region that is safely swimmable. Hamilton luxuriated in his own private hacienda - the 4-bedroom Villa de Cortez - considered the ultimate in privilege and privacy. With his own private infinityedge pool, open air whirlpool, and personal beach front veranda with fire pits, shower, day beds and lounge, Hamilton thought he was in heaven. The 10,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space also included an office, private spa and fully equipped gymnasium. For personal evening entertainment, he had a state-of-the-art screening room with cinema seating for 12 guests, not to mention a chocolate and candies basket for munching.

His personal staff included a dedicated culinary and household staff of 12 as well as a dedicated butler and 24-hour Estate Butler Service. And even though Hamilton also had his own private gym at Villa de Cortez with Technogym and Kinesis equipment and a dedicated fitness trainer, he nevertheless enjoyed going to the resort’s fitness center where he trained hard with explosive power training, including some box jumps in the gym. (Hamilton is known for his super-fit body and six-pack abs, strongly believing that hard physical training is necessary for the intense demands of racing.)

Lewis Hamilton

Afterwards, he enjoyed his Villa’s amenities, including some down time lounging in the sun. “I don’t think there’s anything better than this, following a hard morning workout! Recovery and training has to be in balance,” he explained.

But it wasn’t all workouts and poolside relaxation for Hamilton as he saved time for fun such as kayaking on the property and then surfing at Cerritos with the resort’s TropicSurf Pro. In particular, Hamilton loved the surfing and said, “Surfing was so much fun, but definitely one of the most challenging sports I’ve ever tried!! If you know anything about me you know I love a challenge!!”

Hamilton has definitely risen to challenges over the years, and in the process, has set many records. He is the 2008, 2014, and 2015 Formula

One World Champion, and is currently racing for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team. A little known fact about him is that he is also a fan of art, with Andy Warhol as one of his favorites. He showed his admiration by wearing a goldframed version of Warhol’s Cars painting on a chain around his neck.

Lewis Hamilton is in love with Baja and can hardly wait till he gets back to Mexico. In fact, he’s hoping to do a repeat visit next year in January to once again, celebrate his birthday. “Last weekend was by far the best birthday weekend I have ever had. I have fallen in love with Mexico. This for me is not only one of the most beautiful places in the world but the people were so gentle, loving and kind. Thank you Mexico. Thank you One&Only Palmilla hotel for the most amazing stay. See you next year!” BT

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