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Uncover The Past Through The Museums Of Washington We travel to experience, to enjoy and to enrich ourselves with a variety of things. Some destinations offer natural wonders, others, cultural attractions, some offer interesting culinary journeys; many give us the best of adventure opportunities. Amongst all these existing attractions, there lies a special place for museums. Museums take you to the past. They give a chance to travel into the past and experience the times that have been left far behind. Museums are of all kinds – science museum, art museums, and museums of natural history, of civilisations, architecture and design. And while most important cities across the globe are dotted with museums, Washington surely surpasses many others in this front. The city boasts of many and exploring each of them is a sheer delight. When you book your cheap flight to Washington from UK, don’t forget to include the following popular museums in your itinerary. National Museum of Natural History: Located on the National Mall in Washington, National Museum of Natural History is the most visited natural history museum in the world. It houses more than 125 million natural science specimens from the world with permanent and changing exhibits that interest all age groups. The star attraction of the museum includes the renowned Hope Diamond, large collections of gems, underwater photography and human evolution over six million years. The dinosaur exhibits and the interactive Discovery Room are best suited for young children.

National Museum of American History: The fascinating National Museum of American History is the one spot insight for cultural, political, scientific and technological history of the United States of America. The highlight of the museum displays important achievement such as Thomas Jefferson's desk, one of Edison's light bulbs, and treasured national artefacts along with some personal belongings of First Ladies.

International Spy Museum: For all thrill seekers and fan of James Bond, this is the place made for you in Washington. The museum has all the insight into the making of a great spy. It explains the past history, techniques, technology and all the modern role of intelligence and surveillance. The place offers a great range of interactive exhibits and other equipments and hardware along with the ones used in the famous James Bond series.

Newseum: The Newseum is the best way to go through the glorious modern American history with the eyes of journalism and various media work. It treasures the major events of the country which were reported in various forms of media in the past. Apart from news report, it also houses films, interactive exhibits, and other displays to showcase the iconic happenings of the forgotten years. The terrace of the building is also famous for a splendid view of the dazzling Capitol Building.

The experience of going through the pages of history is absolutely unbeatable. Your cheap air tickets to Washington from UK will take you on this interesting journey where you can enhance your knowledge about the past times through impressive collections exhibited in its museums.

Uncover The Past Through The Museums Of Washington