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Presented by: Martin McDonald

Live to Play Sports is the new face of Norco Products •Create a clear distinction in between both sides of our business •To open the door for other kinds of sports

•Founded by Bert Lewis in 1964 •Largest parts and accessories distributor in Canada with 125 staff, 20 000 Sku’s and access to over 100 vendors •Focused on supporting Independent Bicycle Dealers (IBD)

Line consists of over 155 models   

All in multiple sizes and colors EG: Mountain bikes, Road Bikes, and Urban bikes Price points ranging from $350 - $10,000 Distribution in 21 different countries.

Extensive Engineering and design

Support many Grass Roots initiatives and Professional level racing teams     

Norco Factory Team Norco International Team H&R Block Road Team Jet Fuel Coffee Road Team Premier Tech Road Team

Provide technical support to up to 50 events per year in Ontario

Technology, then‌

Technology, now.

For Retail Trends in Ontario

Other 13% Mountain Bikes 31%

Pavement 56%

60.0% 48.2%


40.0% 33.0% 30.0%

21.1% 20.0% 8.6%

10.0% 4.1% 0.0%





-40.0% Categories


Hybrid Bikes

Road Bikes

29" Front S MTB

29" Dual S MTB

26" Front S MTB

26" Dual S MTB

MTB Average








Mountain Bike Trails

Bike Parks

Cycling Industry Commuting/Metro Market

Charity & Community Rides

Trail Development Buckwallow (Gravenhurst)  Albion Hills (Bolton)  Don Valley (Toronto)  Waterloo Hydro Cut (Waterloo)  Hardwood hills (Barrie) 

New lift access bicycle trails at ski resorts  

Horseshoe Valley (Barrie) Blue Mountain (Collingwood)

 

There are over 32 charity bicycle rides in Ontario alone With over 40,000 participants Raised over $ 30,000 ,000 last year alone

    

We provided a number of technician & financial support for a number of charity rides $60,000 annually on community and advocacy initiatives.

Ride To Conquer Cancer MS Bike Tour MS Bike Tour ( London to Grand Bend ) MS Bike tour ( Ottawa to Kemptville ) MS Bike Tour ( Niagara )

Condo Effect Toronto has the second-highest number of

completed high-rises and skyscrapers in North America, with 1,875 

Changing public views on recreational and utilitarian cyclists 

20% of the population in Toronto are utilitarian cyclists (Toronto bike plan)

Bike paths and cycling infrastructure aid the sell of new bicycles Encouraging a new breed of cycling commuters

Canada’s first indoor bike park Joyride 150 (Markham Ontario) 90,000 square feet  About 40,000 visits per year  The park caters to multiple age groups and disciplines 

 Mountain biking  BMX  Spin Classes

 

Sunnyside Bike Park (Project) Milton, Ontario Velodrome (August 2014: Facility to be complete)

 

100 bicycle retailers in Toronto Alone 25 new bicycle stores in Toronto over the last 2 years Approximately 80 bicycle retailers have opened in the last 5 years in Ontario There are approximately 330 bicycle retailers in Ontario

 

Average .35 of each dollar spent in the bicycle shop will go back into local economies Bicycle Shop's average annual sales are $800,000 Bicycle shop would be contributing $280,000 back into its local economy Ontario has 330 shops, doing an average of 800k a year 92.4 million dollars back into the Ontario Economy

New Types of Bicycles stores Partner Stores  Concept Stores 

Bicycles Stores are starting to cater to specific markets   

Commuter stores in urban markets Mountain bicycle stores Road bicycle stores


  

Online retailers Mass market Trail closures due to lack of funding Lack of infrastructure that supports safe cycling   

Bicycle lanes Cycling paths Poor road conditions

Lack of affordable real estate in major urban centers

  

 

New Construction 90,000 Square Feet 3 floors of office Space LEEDS Certified Building Completed for April 2013 105 Queen’s Plate Drive

Bicycles in Ontario: A retailer/distributor view on the cycling market and trends  

Martin McDonald - Toronto Branch Manager, Live to Play Sports Group Inc. - Ontario Cycle Tourism Forum 2013 on March 1 in Toronto, ON.

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