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We are delighted to present our latest portfolio of sponsorship, advertising and community investment opportunities for your consideration. Transition Extreme is one of the most dynamic social enterprises and youth charities in the UK. The involvement and support from the business community has been critical to our many successes to date, as it will be if we are to achieve our future aspirations. At the core of these aspirations is to both grow our reputation as an internationally renowned community adventure sports and leisure operator whilst ensuring that the benefits accrued from this are used to support many more young people and help them harness their energy to reach their full potential as they make the many transitions into adulthood. We do this through a wide range of ‘youth work’ programmes that are having a meaningful and lasting effect on the lives’ of many young people in the North EastPhoto of Scotland. Grahame Here This portfolio offers excellent opportunities to: • • • • •

benefit from association with our brand develop meaningful and mutually rewarding partnerships reach our significant customer and stakeholder base achieve your marketing and CSR objectives impact directly on Transition Extreme’s critical and highly valued work in the community

We believe we offer really exciting, innovative and valuable opportunities for your organisation. Thank you for your interest.

Grahame Paterson Chief Executive

Tom Smith Chairman

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TRANSITION EXTREME WINNING AWARDS Highly Commended – Trend Life with Style Awards 2013 – Outstanding Contribution to the North East’s Lifestyle Scene NHS Scotland Physical Activity and Health Alliance National Award 2012 – Education Category Aberdeen Impact Awards – Established Enterprise of the Year 2012 UK Representative – EU Youth in Action Conference 2012 Trend Life with Style Awards - Health Destination 2011 Trend Life with Style Awards - Health Destination 2010 Trend Life with Style Awards -The Community Award 2010 COSLA Gold Award - Excellence in Community Planning and Local Democracy 2010 Ernst & Young Scotland Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 (N. Stevenson, Founder) Enterprise North East Trust - Business Success Under 3 Years - 2008 Socially Responsible Business 2008, Presented by Crimestoppers Northern Lights Tourism Awards - Come to Aberdeen Trophy - 2007

With a prime city location and wide reaching audience, we are ideally positioned to offer sponsorship and advertising opportunities, which are outlined in this brochure. Transition Extreme is in the business of assisting children & young people to make positive life transitions. As a leading Aberdeen-based youth charity and social enterprise, we do this by providing a wide range of innovative sports, creative arts, diversionary, employability, educational and enterprise activities.

Our Extreme Sports Centre, now attracting over 100,000 visitors per annum, provides iconic world class, year round indoor & outdoor facilities including: rock climbing; a high ropes course; BMX & ‘dirt jumps’ track; in-line skating; skateboarding; a band practice room; martial arts facilities; creative arts zone; and cafe / community facilities.

We value a joined up, entrepreneurial approach to business that encourages participation and delivers positive outcomes for the people that we work with.

Located in the premier leisure and recreational area of Aberdeen Beach, the Centre is ideally located as an adrenalinepacked facility. It acts as a major tourist attraction for the area, attracting national and international sporting events, providing an ideal setting as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’.

Designated a Regional Centre of Excellence by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, it is undoubtedly one of the best indoor climbing and adventure centres in the UK. A dramatic and innovatively designed climbing centre with 52 ropes on 4 main walls and a dedicated bouldering area – catering for a wide range of age groups from the beginner to the experienced climber and those seeking exciting new forms of exercise and agility. With over 30,000 climbing sessions per annum, the Centre serves a very wide catchment area – from Dundee, north to Inverness and beyond. It attracts all the established climbing clubs and is used extensively by schools as part of their curriculum and activity weeks, for kids clubs and birthday parties, corporate team building and regional climbing competitions. Situated in the heart of the Climbing Centre, our unique Climbing Tower feature four faces of varying angles – from slab to 25

degrees overhang – to ensure that everyone’s tastes are catered for. Transition Extreme values the importance of grass roots participation and encouraging those who may not naturally have access to alternative sports to get involved. Working with schools we aim to encourage such participation through club involvement. Support for establishing new school climbing clubs and developing the opportunities available for existing clubs will enable Transition Extreme to vastly increase participation within the School years. There are a range of avenues for support with this initiative and we welcome any interested parties to get in touch and get involved.

Climbing Tower Title sponsorship of the iconic Climbing Tower is now available for £40,000 + VAT for a 4 year period. Payments can be spread over a four year period at £10K + VAT per annum. School Climbing Clubs Title sponsorship of a School climbing club of 12 is now available from £5500 + VAT for one school year. Payable in advance. Additional club sponsorship opportunities available.

Climbing Centre Wall Banner 20ft x 4ft banner on climbing centre wall £900 + VAT per annum (£4000 + VAT for a 5 year package, payable in advance) Banner to be provided by advertiser Climbing Centre Floor Banner 7ft x 7ft banner on climbing centre wall £900 + VAT per annum (£4000 + VAT for a 5 year package, payable in advance) Banner to be provided by advertiser Sponsor a Route Brand a route in the climbing centre (corporate logo stencil) £250 + VAT per annum (£1000 + VAT for a 5 year package, payable in advance) Stencil to be provided by advertiser

With over 25,000 skatepark sessions per year the park attracts the largest population of skateboarders, inliners and BMXers in the Grampian region, as well as large numbers of visitors from throughout the UK and Europe. The park stages major competitions and exhibitions, some receiving TV coverage and wide promotion across web and social media platforms. Our iconic 15,500+sq ft skatepark has proven to be a great success since we opened our doors in 2007. We are now embarking upon a campaign to upgrade and develop this space, retaining the most popular features and enhancing the overall design. We are offering a fantastic opportunity for sponsors to become part of the next chapter in the life of one of Scotland’s most admired venues – a place where community and sport come together for thousands of young people as a place to play, learn, socialise and belong. The park can be viewed from a large open balcony and viewing window off the café and recreation area – giving a superb ‘birds eye’ profile for prospective advertisers.

SPONSORSHIP AND ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Title Sponsor Become our Title Sponsor for a 5 year period and help us achieve the re-development of the Park our customers want so much. £100,000 + VAT over 5 years. Alternatively, your Company can DONATE the funds as a charitable gift tax efficiently. Please contact us for more information. Skatepark Wall Banner 20ft x 4ft Banner on park wall £900 + VAT per annum (£4000 + VAT for a 5 year package, payable in advance) Banner to be provided by advertiser Brand a section of the Skatepark -Premium Brand and name a section of the park (in corporate logo colours, including an advert) £500 + VAT per annum (£2000 + VAT for a 5 year package, payable in advance) Banner or Stencil to be provided by advertiser Brand a section of the Skatepark Brand and name a section of the park (in corporate logo colours, including an advert) £250 + VAT per annum (£1000 + VAT for a 5 year package, payable in advance) Stencil to be provided by advertiser

Extreme Outdoors is an amazing combined leisure and development facility, which meets the demands of avid sports enthusiasts and corporate teams alike. The high profile venue is ideally located in the prime beachfront area of the city, well located for visitors and the local community. Transition Extreme has transformed the derelict ‘bowling green’ on Links Road into an exciting, year-round adrenaline-packed facility for the area’s growing population of extreme sports enthusiasts. The outdoor extreme sports park incorporates a high ropes course and dedicated dirt jumps circuit. The ropes course includes features such as; climbing tower, crate climbing, zip wire and power fan drop, making it one of the most exciting courses in Scotland. Maximising on the growth in bmx and mountain biking activities, the dirt jumps track is an adrenaline-fuelled circuit for the most enthusiastic of riders.

Extreme Outdoors Title sponsorship of the entire Outdoor Extreme Sports Park is now available for £75,000 + VAT for a 3 year period. TX High Ropes Course Branded sponsorship of the High Ropes course is available for £50,000 + VAT for a 3 year period (Payment could be made in advance or spread over 3 financial years.) TX Dirt Jumps Track Branded sponsorship of Dirt Jumps is available for £25,000 + VAT for a 3 year period

Plasma Based Advertising

Company logo or full advertisement played on 3 x 37” LCD high definition TV screens—located above main reception, in the cafe and in the recreation area. £750 + VAT per annum All packages are payable in advance. Logos and adverts to be supplied by advertiser in appropriate format

We recognise that continuous improvement to our facilities is critical to our ongoing success – both in terms of retaining and growing our customer base as well as further enhancing the Centre. Key Opportunities

Bouldering Wall Development

Skatepark Development

Low Ropes Development

Transition Extreme have a planned development to add capacity to the existing bouldering wall and in turn rejuvenate the existing wall design. Bouldering as a climbing discipline offers more freedom to individuals to train, develop and explore their potential. It is not limited to the hardcore elite and can cater for young and old, beginner and veteran.

Our World Class Skatepark built in 2007 has been hugely popular with Skateboarders, BMXers and Inliners on a national and international level with visitors travelling from as far as the USA to experience the cutting edge design. Since then many other parks have been built or adapted to follow suit. Now it is time for Transition Extreme to lead the way once more by investing in a park wide redevelopment to enhance the design, flow and quality.

Through our proposed low ropes activities clients will experience high quality team building and challenge sessions. A combination of team activities and individual tasks throughout the course will test participants’ ability to interact, use their own initiative and find ways to problem solve both on their own and as part of a group using trust, communication and adaptability.

To keep up with market demand and ahead of the trend in popularity of bouldering as a standalone sport we are committed to expand and develop our activity provision. Development of a new Bouldering area and title sponsorship for a 3 year period is available for the sum of £10,000 + VAT. Sponsor to provide stencil or banner as appropriate.

Become our Title Sponsor for a 5 year period and help us achieve the redevelopment of the Park our customers want so much. £100,000 + VAT over 5 years. Alternatively, your Company can DONATE the funds for this or any of the other opportunities within the portfolio as a charitable gift tax efficiently. Please contact us for more information. Sponsor to provide stencil or banner as appropriate.

This activity provision will greatly add to our existing High Ropes course and offer an additional or stand alone activity. It’s not just for adult teams however; whether young or old, a formal team or a group of friends, the course will entertain and challenge all who seek to push their boundaries. Development of a new Low Ropes facility and title sponsorship for a 3 year period is available for between £10,000 and £20,000 + VAT. Sponsor to provide stencil or banner as appropriate.

Renewable Energy Solutions Transition Extreme recently engaged with Energy Saving Trust to produce an energy efficiency report for the centre. The report detailed a number of options for the facility to reduce overheads and improve energy efficiency by adopting green energy solutions, such as PV roof panelling and motion sensitive lighting. We are now seeking a partner to support the introduction of these green energy solutions in line with your company’s renewable energy strategy. In return we are offering the opportunity to profile your company through brand signage and association with supporting a well known and successful local charity. We would welcome contact and further discussion with any interested parties.

The TX Alternative Academy is a 12 week, full-time alternative development programme for young people aged between 15 and 18. Developed with Robert Gordon University, it is aimed at young people who were currently, or at risk of becoming, disengaged from traditional forms of education. This programme aims to reengage participants through aesthetic learning experiences with unique and dynamic activities over a 12 week period, increasing participants’ confidence and motivation, and assisting them in progressing onto a positive destination. Over 140 young people have already graduated from our Alternative Academy programmes, with 96% moving onto a positive destination, whether that is back to school, into further training or employment. We also successfully operate a 2 day per week version of the programme for those furthest removed from education or employment (The TX Extreme Academy) and are extending our scope of operations by offering the TX Outreach Academy for young people across Aberdeenshire, where we currently operate in Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Stonehaven.

“My son would give up and walk away from anything that was difficult before the Alternative Academy but now he has a real determination to succeed, belief in himself and a clear sense of direction in what he wants to do and how to achieve it” (Parent of Graduate). Funding opportunities from £15,000 - £60,000 available.

Case Study Having gone through a tough period earlier in her family life and caught up in a downward spiral of taking drugs, drinking alcohol and increasingly anti-social behaviour, Charlotte left school and became unemployed without any clear idea of what she wanted to do. Whilst she had achieved some qualifications, she hated the experience of formal education and described herself as “a bit of a brat” when there. She had an interest in sport, and as such the Alternative Academy seemed an exciting opportunity for her to consider, and was encouraged by her social worker to pursue this. During the 12 weeks Charlotte engaged with all aspects of the programme, becoming a very competent climber and gaining fantastic experiences and qualifications. She also coped admirably with the fact that she was the only girl in a group of 12, motivating and encouraging her fellow participants to overcome their fears, just as she was. Charlotte had a real anxiety about public speaking, but by the end of the programme was able to stand up in front of an audience - which included her friends and family - and present on her

experiences of the programme during her graduation ceremony at the Town and County Hall. On graduating from the Alternative Academy programme, Charlotte moved on the Prince’s Trust Programme at Aberdeen Foyer. She then undertook a 14 week placement as a painter and decorator, and then was successful in gaining an apprenticeship in painting and decorating with Dyce and District. Charlotte said “Without the Alternative Academy I would not have gained my apprenticeship. It gave me the confidence to try new things, like the Prince’s Trust Programme and painting and decorating, as well as a better CV. The Alternative Academy is awesome!”

“The Alternative Academy is awesome!”

Transition Extreme focuses on delivering outreach programmes which provide sports coaching to young people within regeneration areas of Aberdeen City and Shire. This involves the successful regeneration of existing skate-park facilities, which can then be utilised by the local community to ensure constructive diversionary activities. This project promotes healthy living and active lifestyles, in areas that would previously be unable to access this. The communities are provided with free equipment, activities and healthy living information.

Our 8 week Outreach Programmes to date have been extremely successful and we would like to further support these projects and build on existing success in our 4 Outreach Areas: Torry, Westburn, Northfield and Bridge of Don

Overall this programme involves and empowers the local community, to ensure the success of the project. We involve local authorities such as Grampian Police, Community Outreach Officers and local Councillors, who often approach us to become involved in these areas.

Funding opportunities in the range of £5,000 – £20,000 are available

Youth Club Extreme Youth Club is an initiative that provides a unique and exciting activity for young people from Aberdeen’s regeneration areas. Transition was originally approached by Grampian Police, who highlighted the need for safe, fun and educational activities, at times of high anti-social behaviour. Youth disorder, underage drinking and anti-social behaviour have increased dramatically in the past 2 years therefore, in consultation with Grampian Police, we are targeting key areas. These include Torry, Mastrick, Northfield and Tillydrone. This not only open up positive recreational opportunities, it will help build members’ confidence, social skills and promote a healthy lifestyle whilst providing vital diversionary activities. The Extreme Youth Club runs on a Saturday evening from 6pm – 8pm, for young people aged 10 to 15 years old. They will be given the opportunity and encouraged to try a new sport such as: Skateboarding, BMXing, inline skating and rock climbing.

By providing these young people with a healthy diversion, including highly trained staff, we aim to address the needs identified by Grampian Police and other partner agencies, including local Youth Workers.

Funding opportunity of £25,000 per annum is available.

Art School Extreme Art School is a new initiative designed for young people aged 16-21 years who are not in education, training or employment and have an interest in the arts.

The Extreme Art School is a 10 week, full time programme, accommodating 12 young people at a time, and comprises 4 core modules:

The programme will support and provide young people with strong artistic skills and embed lasting passion for the arts within participants.

• Art and Society • Art in History, ideology and practice • Creative Expression • Professional Development.

The programme offers the opportunity for young people to work under the guidance of professional artists, work collaboratively on projects, and exhibit their art work. Extreme Art School will focus a large component on participants building a professional Art Portfolio to enable and empower them to access creative industries and/or further education.

Funding opportunity of £25,000 per annum is available.

Activity Fund

Learning Zone

The Community Activity Fund provides free transport and coaching sessions at Transition Extreme for young people with additional support needs including those with profound and complex disabilities. Your support allows many young people to benefit from physical activity that build confidence, improves health and wellbeing as well as assists with social inclusion at the same time supporting young people to be able to overcome logistical and financial barriers. This includes sessions in climbing, skateboard, in-line or BMX, including instruction as well as the hire of safety equipment.

The Transition Extreme Learning Zone will provide a dedicated space for young people to access a wide range of educational support. It is intended that the centre be designed specifically around the needs of young people to enable an environment where they feel at ease and are able to seek support as required.

Funding opportunity of £10,000 per annum is available. Ask us for more information regarding the case studies available and find out how your company can help us double your donation through Sportscotland’s Sports Match Fund.

User groups will vary widely from schools to our own TX Academy participants.

Funding opportunities from £15,000 are available (includes element of fit-out)

Team Building Day Our world-class Extreme Sports Centre provides a challenging & inspiring setting to get your team working together and developing new skills to take back to the office.

For further information or to discuss a tailored package to suit your needs please contact us on:

We can cater for groups of between 6 and 60 people depending on the activities.

01224 626279

Choose from: Indoor Climbing; Skatepark (Skateboard / BMX); Development Team Activities; Outdoor Climbing & Abseil; Aerial Trekking & Fan Drop / Zip wire.

"Team-building activities, such as those offered by Transition Extreme, ensure all our employees get to know each other in a challenging but fun environment." Dana Petroleum

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Transition Extreme Sports Limited is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Scotland No 280405. Registered Office: 13 Queen’s Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4YL. VAT Registration Number 865787655. Scottish Charity No. SC036358

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Tx2014 sponsorship brochure current