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MAGAZINE October – December 2018




TRANSFORMATION The good news of Jesus Christ always brings transformation and this reality remains at the heart of TEN. Every week we receive reports from our partners about changed lives in Europe, for which we praise God.


n this edition of the magazine we share several stories of amazing transformation that will inspire you and encourage you to continue to pray. Our partners often face great challenges to bring the gospel to needy people, resources are often scarce, however God is faithful to his promises and the sowing of good seed produces a rich harvest.

Impact Kosovo – Praise on the Streets

Thank you for your prayers for Impact Kosovo 2018. This was the largest ever outreach across the nation and we are sure our report will cause you to rejoice. Do you follow our quarterly Prayer Diary? We are publishing our newlynamed prayer diary, Heart Cry, in the magazine and also making it available as a separate digital publication. It’s also on our website at

WELCOME Being a Life Changer Travelling across Europe with our partners I have met many people who are living without hope in desperate situations. They see no opportunity for change. There is a deep cry for safe refuge, food, employment, freedom, acceptance and love. Our partners in Europe are responding to the cry of these people in their local communities, to bring hope and a future. One of the most amazing things is to read stories of lives being turned around for good, people being rescued from their hopeless situations. Our passion at TEN is to come alongside our many partners in Europe and help them bring transformation to those without hope. One of my favourite Bible verses is 2 Corinthians 5 v17, which says, ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come.’ Yes, we can help change the material and physical situations and bring relief, which we do. But, real and certain hope can only be found in Jesus Christ, His message of hope is central to everything we and our partners do. This magazine is focused on telling the stories of transformed lives. I hope you will be inspired and encouraged as you read each story of a life changed for good. It is through your support and your prayers that these lives have been transformed. You are part of these amazing stories, thank you for making this happen and being a life changer. God bless you,












October – December 2018



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Kosovo’s biggest ever outreach



Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Transform lives in Europe

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Gerry Partridge, CEO Transform Europe Network

Registered office: 23 Apex Court, Woodlands, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 4JT Tel: +44 (0)117 961 5161 Email: Web: Written and produced by the TEN team Design: Simon Petherick Graphic and Web Design Transform Europe Network (TEN) is the operating name for Eurovangelism. Registered in England and Wales as a charity (no. 1140592) and company limited by guarantee (no. 7507682). Cover photo: Friendships made at Summer Camp in Romania. Photo by Keynsham Elim



DEATH As he witnessed his father’s drunken, violent assaults and psychological abuse towards his mother, young Robert was pushed further into a life of drug addiction and crime. Even his own mother was unable to show natural love towards her son, having suffered the severity of her own father who had been a policeman.


obert’s great sense of emptiness became filled with anger and bitterness towards his father. He hated himself. By the age of fifteen, he began to smoke marijuana which eased some of the deep pain in his heart. However, before long, Robert was using heroin and became trapped in a chaotic lifestyle of deception, theft and addiction. His girlfriend left him and his former friends avoided him. He knew he was a ‘junkie’ and that his life had become hell on earth. He was dancing with death! 4



Lord, save me from drugs. I don’t want to live this life. Take me from the hell I’m in.

His life of crime and addiction quickly led to an 18 month prison sentence. Robert felt destroyed, rejected and alone. Deep inside, he wanted to get away from the drugs but he didn’t know how. When he finally emerged from prison, he felt lost in society. No-one wanted to befriend him. His old friends ignored him. News of the unexpected death of his mother hit Robert hard and before long he was back on drugs and a life of crime. Again, he ended up in prison. His life had lost all meaning. One morning, Robert heard loud laughter from someone in a nearby prison block. He recognised the voice as a friend he had known outside of prison. They had used drugs together. He soon found him and was immediately struck by something special about his life. His friend was joyful and laughing. He said that he was no longer going to do drugs. While serving his prison term for theft, he had found Jesus. He talked about how wonderful it was to live without drugs and that he believed in the Lord Jesus, and that God had fully changed his life. From that day, Robert’s life in prison changed. His friend began to say that Jesus loved him and could free him from the drugs. He could give him a new life and that he died for his sins on the cross. Within a few days, Robert fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, save me from drugs. I don’t want to live this life. Take me from the hell I’m in.” God heard his prayer and began to change Robert’s life. When he left the prison he attended the Evangelical Church in Shtip, Macedonia. When the service was over, the pastor came over to talk with him. Robert explained that he had just

been released from prison and wanted to begin a new way of life. The pastor prayed for Robert. At that moment something shook inside of him. He realised that he no longer felt alone and rejected. Robert joined the church and felt truly accepted by everyone. He went to visit his father and brother to ask for their forgiveness. It was a moment he would never forget. Jesus was doing wonderful things in his life and he got a second chance and became a new man. Robert’s father began to tell everyone, “This is not my son, I have a new son in my home.” After some years, the Lord gave Robert a wonderful wife and they now have a lovely little son named David, whose name means the beloved of God. Their church has a vision for planting new churches. God has begun to speak to Robert and his wife about moving to nearby Radovis and to help establish a new church. Robert also has set up Choose Life Now, a ministry to people addicted to drugs. There are eleven former drug addicts in the church. Please pray for Robert and the outreach to men and women enslaved by drugs. Pray too for the church plant in Radovis.

Robert with his wife and son

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A KNOCK AT THE DOOR The tragic car accident that killed Arben’s mother less than two years after losing his father to cancer, left 20 year-old Arben with the responsibility for his three young brothers and a sister.

I have some relatives who live in Greece and they have seen you in their dreams and they decided to send a gift of money for you.




From the International School of Theology and Leadership, Albania


ut of desperation, Arben called on God to sort out the chaos. Life in Albania at this time was very hard, with gun violence, gangs and widespread unemployment after years of Communist dictatorship. It was 1997 and Christmas was approaching. Arben struggled to provide food for his orphaned siblings. At church, Arben listened to the pastor as he encouraged those present to pray and trust the Lord for their needs. Arben prayed to the God of orphans to bless his family during Christmas. While he was praying, one of his younger brothers asked, “What will we eat?” Arben replied, “God will take care of us.” At 3.30pm on the same day there was a knock at the door. A large women in her fifties, whom Arben had never met before, stood there and asked, “Are you the ones who don’t have any parents?” He replied, “Yes.” The visitor continued, “I have some relatives who live in Greece and they have seen you in their dreams and they decided to send a gift of money for you.” Arben gave a broad smile. He was unable to hide the joy in his heart. It was not the money, but the reality of God’s care for him and his brothers and sister. Arben’s faith was greatly strengthened through this divine provision that gave his family a special Christmas, despite the sad loss of their mother and father. Arben went on to marry Silvana, who had recently finished her studies in the Bible School. They started gathering with a small group of believers and soon the numbers grew to around forty. The experience of God’s provision that Christmas time encouraged Arben to trust God for all things. He used his wages from

work on construction sites to provide for his family and to help pay the rent for church meetings. In 2015, Arben and Silvana felt led to reach out to a Muslim village in order to plant a new church. They began to have children’s meetings because the adults resisted conversation and some made open threats. Breakthrough came when a local family opened their home for meetings. Today in this village, 25 adults and more than 50 children attend the church. Arben and Silvana pray for God to provide and He surely will. Their next step is to plant another church in the village of Zvezde. Will you please pray for Arben and Silvana and their work in Albania? Will you obey the prompting of God’s Holy Spirit?

Arben and his wife, Silvana

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At just 12 years of age, Davina’s life was turned upside down when her parents announced their divorce. Heart-broken and traumatised, Davina* was overwhelmed by fear and shared the deep hurt felt by her mother and grandmother.

From Serghei Mihailov, Moldova


Davina, Beginning of Life, Moldova

omehow, Davina summoned her will to survive and enrolled at the Art Therapy class run by Beginning of Life. With the saddest of eyes and in a quiet voice she shared her situation. “My family is going through a divorce and it’s so painful.” Davina joined the group, along with other teenagers, but felt unable to interact and join in the hugging of class members. The use of art therapy is an amazing tool to engage with broken hearts and bring about healing. For Davina, despite the best efforts of the team, it was almost six months before she began to change. As the class gathered together for an outdoor handcraft session, Davina suddenly joined in, full of life, happy and very positive. The cycle of hurt, remorse and fear was finally broken. Davina became set free to rebuild her life and help support her mother and grandmother. All the hours of therapy and loving care, in Christ’s name, had helped Davina to find hope and healing, with a renewed passion for living. One year on and Davina loves to draw, paint and create beautiful pieces of artwork. She dreams of a safe and happy future. (* Not her real name)



HEART CRY Prayer requests from across Europe October – December 2018


— OCTOBER 2018 — VASILE GRIGORITA MOLDOVA 1 Please pray for the 120 children who heard the gospel at the summer camp in Brinza. 2 Pray for God’s provision to sustain the ministry through the Day Care centre in Brinza. 3 Pray for the FRANK outreach mission by the Brinza Baptist Church to Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbours and Kids planned for November.

LAR CHILDREN’S HOME PORTUGAL 4 Pray that the seeds of God’s Word will grow in the lives of every child who attended the Summer Camp. 5 Pray for our colleague at Lar Children’s Home who is undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer. 6 Pray that the Lord will give wisdom and motivation to the children and young people who have started new schools in Portugal.

12 Pray for the translation work of the ALPHA PreMarriage Course and the Parenting Course. 13 Pray for the first Global Leadership Summit in Serbia taking place at Novi Sad today. The goal is to try to influence business leaders in our society, and bring them closer to Christ. 14 Pray that new people will hear about Jesus Christ through the series of concerts, lectures and other evangelistic outreaches planned for the Autumn in Novi Sad.

MIRCO ANDREEV MACEDONIA 15 Please pray for the group of pastors and church workers from Germany with the name ‘Wolksmission’ currently visiting churches in Macedonia.

ROUMEN IVANOV BULGARIA 16 Pray for the 20 women at risk of abuse who are taking part in this week’s Bible programme and rehabilitation camp. Pray that God will restore their hearts and their entire lives.

7 Pray for today’s special celebrations of 70 years ministry through the Lar Children’s home.



17 Pray for arrangements for the two-day seminar in Bar aimed at emerging church leaders.

8 Pray for the 20 men at the Duga Rehab Centre as they seek freedom from heroin addiction. May they truly know Christ and his power to set them free. 9 Pray for financial provision for the running costs of the Duga Rehab Centre made available free of charge to the participants. 10 Please pray for the children’s work at the church in Novi Sad and for more leaders to assist. 11 Pray for the vision and ministry of the ALPHA West Balkans office in Novi Sad.

18 Pray for the upcoming ALPHA course in the Serbian language and for those who will attend. 19 Pray for our plans and the finances to provide clothing and food for the poor this coming Winter. 20 Pray that Christian young people in Montenegro will find sustainable employment through micro businesses to avoid migration. 21 Pray for the plans of the evangelical churches in Montenegro to form an alliance as an effective voice to government officials.

TOMISLAV MOGUS CROATIA 22 Please pray that God will guide, protect and bless children from the church facing the challenge of a new school year, and for God to guide the teachers in the new curriculum. 23 Pray that Christian marriages in Croatia will be strengthened as a result of the seminars and relationship workshops organised by the church. 24 Pray for the churches and their pastors in Vukovar and Gunja in Eastern Croatia, where many Christian young people and couples are emigrating due to lack of employment. 25 Pray for the new woodworking business launched by Tomislav to generate income and reach new people with the gospel.

— NOVEMBER 2018 — MIRCO ANDREEV MACEDONIA 1 Please pray for the political situation in Macedonia following the recent referendum about the future constitutional name. 2 Pray for the new generation of students taking part in the Bible School in Kumanovo. 3 Please pray for the team from Honduras and a pastor from Argentina who will soon be visiting Macedonia and holding outreach events with us. 4 Pray for this week’s discipleship seminars in Skopje Evangelical Church by Pastor Sam Ko and Pastor Stan Lee.

26 Pray that the outreaches in the Vukovar area during October will be well-organised and blessed by God.



5 Please pray that permission will be granted by the local authorities to build a new church sanctuary in Shtip.

27 Pray for all those invited to the special evangelistic event led by Dr. Terry Mortenson with the theme “Answers from Genesis”. 28 Please pray for the hundreds of people who heard the gospel through Impact Kosovo 2018. Pray that God would reveal Himself to them.

6 Pray for the new church plant in Radovis, Macedonia and the group of new believers. 7 Please pray that the new church in Sveti Nikole, Macedonia will find a new place to meet and grow.

29 Pray for more students to join the Bible School in Pristina, Kosovo.


30 Pray for the 20 families who have become believers and are being supported and discipled by the church.

8 Pray for the visit of the Romanian team who will present the evangelistic drama Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flames.

31 Please pray for church members who mostly live in Muslim communities where life can be a constant struggle.

We hope you like the new look prayer diary, Heart Cry Also available each quarter by email:

9 Please pray for the provision of thermal insulation for the church building in Gotetsi to keep everyone warmer and to reduce heating costs. 10 Pray for next week’s FRANK outreach mission organised by the church in Gotesti, with support from a team of UK evangelists, to take place in scores of homes across South Moldova.




11 Prayer that the elders of the Good News Church in Split will have vision, wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

18 Pray that the many needs of migrants at the EEA churches in Velez-Malaga, Marbella and Torremolinos will be met through God’s grace.

12 Pray for the youth of Good News Church as they reach out to their friends and take part in the outreach in Split. 13 Prays for today’s Outback Croatia event to help parents raise their children with godly values.

ROUMEN IVANOV BULGARIA 14 Please pray that the women’s prayer conferences taking place this week in Sofia, Samokov and Dobromirka will create fresh hunger and thirst for the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word. 15 Pray for the five Soup Kitchens that will re-open in November until April 2019 for 250 Roma children in the villages of Karnare, Ihtiman, Rozino, Pevtsite and Slatina.

19 Pray for the mayors, town officials and politicians who have attended evangelistic events. May they know Christ and find favour towards the work of the evangelical churches.

MARIAN SERBAN ROMANIA 20 Please pray for the salvation of many young people who have moved on following their support by Project Romanian Rescue. 21 Pray that the young people currently being helped by Project Romanian Rescue will respond positively to the gospel. 22 Pray that the boys facing change, as a result of PRR’s move from Kogalniceanu to Murfatlar, may adapt quickly.



16 Pray for this weekend’s conference ‘How we get free from life’s hurts and wounds, and how we stand and mature as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father’, led by Jeff Scaldwell from Father’s House Europe.

23 Pray that the church in Prilep would be able to organise an ALPHA course.



17 Pray that the participants in the sewing classes will achieve competency and future employment at Threads of Hope in Athens.

25 Pray for those who attended the recent ALPHA course in Sarajevo.

24 Pray that the church building for Roma believers in Prilep would be finally be completed.

26 Pray for all the new contacts made through the Conversational English Course, Sewing Course and skating outreach in Sarajevo. 27 Pray for our plans to distribute 1,000 gift boxes to needy children in Sarajevo.

28 Pray for all those being invited to our Christmas concert and church services at Sarajevo Baptist Church.

PLAMEN BORISOV, BULGARIA 29 Pray for a speedy recovery following the replacement of a hip joint for Plamen’s mother as a result of a fall.

MONIKA MAHR ROMANIA 6 Pray that the CASA Grace team will be filled with dedication and wisdom to work with those in need. 7 Pray that the CASA team will have the resources to be able to give the right support at the right time, and especially urgent expenses.


8 Pray for the team from Keynsham Elim Church as they help us to distribute Christmas Shoe Boxes this week in and around Oradea, Romania.

30 Pray for conversions among the 13 families who benefit from the church’s humanitarian work.


— DECEMBER 2018 — 1 Pray that the Counselling Centre ministry in Sarajevo will help to improve lives and reach people with the Gospel.

PAUL NEGRUT ROMANIA 2 Pray for Emanuel University students as they adapt to the demands of their studies. 3 Pray for financial resources for the renovation of Emanuel University campus after major storm damage.

DARIO KAPIN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 4 Please pray for spiritual breakthrough as the gospel is presented in Zenica, which is 95% Muslim. 5 Please pray for God’s provision for the church building, family support and the bee project.

9 Pray that God will provide larger premises as the church in Korcula grows. 10 Pray for those attending the Discipleship School led by Ico Matulić and held every Wednesday in Korcula. 11 Pray for open hearts and minds during the ongoing distribution of Bibles and Christian literature on the island of Korcula, Croatia.

LUCIAN TABAC MOLDOVA 12 Pray for the formation of Bible Study groups in the villages of Badicu and Larga. 13 Pray for a reliable minibus to assist the outreach to villages in South Moldova.

ANDREI GHEDEON MOLDOVA 14 Please pray for Moldova as it faces a great migration exodus and this impacts on local churches.




15 Pray for a building for the new believers in the Roma community of Tarcea.

24 Pray for the complete healing of young Emy following diagnosis of diabetes a few months ago.

16 Please uphold in prayer the teenagers’ Discovery Bible Study in Tinca. Give thanks for their enthusiasm and hunger for the Word.

25 Pray for the provision for brochures to be used for personal evangelism in Pazardjik.

ANATOL DUNAS MOLDOVA 18 Pray for the 15 students at the Bible school and the equipping of leaders for the ministry. 19 Pray that God would provide resources for a house for 50 people to be built on the plot in Larga. The building will be used for Sunday services, Bible classes and children’s ministry. 20 Pray for our ministry to 60 deaf and dumb adults and youth who receive provisions twice a year and attend a Gospel Bible study.

VALERIU MUNTEANU MOLDOVA 21 Please pray for Marina, Dana and Lenuța who as teenagers accepted Jesus into their hearts.

ANATOLI YANKOV BULGARIA 22 Pray for God’s provision to enable four young people to attend this month’s Youth Camp, costs their parents can’t afford. 23 Pray for two tower air conditioners for the new church building and the replacement of microphones and speakers for the worship team.

26 Please pray for more Sunday school teachers to assist with the children’s ministry in Pazardjik.

MONIKA MAHR ROMANIA 27 Please pray for the severely disabled children supported through the CASA Grace Kingdom Kids programme. 28 Pray for the ladies taking part in the six-month training course in sewing and for their teachers, Dana and Stephan.

SLAVKO HADZIC BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA 29 Please pray for Slavko’s safety and good health as he travels and takes part in Langham Preaching seminars. 30 Pray that the church Christmas programme of concerts, puppet shows and church services will present the gospel effectively. 31 Give thanks to God for his faithfulness and riches towards us in Christ.

Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

17 Please pray that Pastor Gavril and his wife, Aghi, will find relief from ongoing painful and debilitating health issues.

Ephesians 6:18

— OUR PRAYER FOR EUROPE — Heavenly Father, We stand amazed at the way you continue to transform lives through the gospel of your Son, Jesus Christ. Your redemptive hand reaches out to the lost and the least to demonstrate your deep love for humanity. Through your willing servants you step into places of darkness and pain to bring light and healing.

We pray that your Spirit will move mightily upon all those in Europe who are called to preach the gospel, equip believers, plant churches and minister to the needs of the poor. We praise you for the many testimonies of your power at work and commit to pray for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

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KOSOVO From Artur Krasniqi, Kosovo


our hundred mission volunteers from 27 different countries joined local believers for a week-long programme of outreach, prayer and worship across the nation of Kosovo. The event was coordinated by Pastor Artur Krasniqi and the Fellowship of the Lord’s People in Pristina with the full support of the Pentecostal European Fellowship. After a year filled with prayerful preparations, the teams experienced freedom and openness as they met on the streets. Mighty warriors for Jesus shared freely the good news, equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit. Boldly and willingly they shared about salvation through Christ. Dance, drama and music

were used on the streets to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus. T he transformation of lives reached through the outreach is continuing to bring fruit and blessings for the churches of Kosovo.  Despite facing some opposition, the volunteers saw God’s hand move upon the hearts of many people and challenge them with the truth of the gospel. The reports from the cities of Pristina, Gjilan, Gjakova, Suhareka, Mitrovica and Vushtrri demonstrated that there were many who said ‘yes’ to Jesus and local churches now have contact with most of them. More than 35,000 leaflets were distributed, and approximately 1,000 New Testaments and 20 Bibles. Survey forms indicated that there were 116 people who would like to know more about Jesus and receive a Bible. Local believers have been greatly encouraged by the heart-felt support of so many volunteers who took part in Impact Kosovo 2018, prayed for the outreaches and gave financially towards the costs. The churches ask for continued prayer for the nation of Kosovo.

Photos from Impact Kosovo 2018 18




HARVEST From Ruslan Telpiz, Moldova


t’s amazing how God transforms lives through the small seeds planted by a faithful church. For Natasha, her younger sister Rebecca and their brother, Joseph, Gotesti Baptist Church in Moldova, led by Ruslan Telpiz was the ground where seeds of righteousness were planted. God, of course, produces the harvest. While the children were still very young, their mother left the family and went back to her hometown. Soon afterwards, the three siblings were also abandoned by their father, who left to live in another country. Natasha, Rebecca and Joseph were left as orphans in an unfamiliar village. As a teenager, Natasha had no choice but to take full responsibility for her sister and brother. She worked during the day, just to support and keep them together. But it was the seeds that were planted in Natasha’s heart, when the family lived in Gotesti, that God used for His glory and to restore this precious family. Some years earlier, the children had attended Gotesti Baptist Church and learned about God. Remembering what she had learned, Natasha found an evangelical church in the village where they were then living and soon gave her life to Christ. After ten years, God brought Natasha and her siblings back to Gotesti. Soon afterwards, Rebecca and Joseph also committed their lives to Christ. Today, Natasha and sixteen-year-old Joseph serve together at the Sunday School. Rebecca, who is nineteen, is studying.

As an orphaned family they still struggle, and Natasha now has two of her own very young children, Alexandra and David, to care for. But the church at Gotesti remains faithful to the whole family, supporting them as they have need. Please pray for this precious family and so many others like them. “For as the soil makes the young plant come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord  will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.” Isaiah 61:11

Natasha with her children, sister and brother

+44 (0)117 961 5161 /




BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA From Mark and Jane Jones, Bristol

Carmel Church team in action



n August, Mark and Jane Jones took a small team from Carmel Church in Bristol to visit the church in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina, led by Sinisa and Olja Stojkovic. This was their first visit and they were accompanied by their daughters Faith and Evie and three others from the youth group; Rick, Aimee and Megan. “It was such a privilege to finally meet Pastor Sinisa, along with an amazing team, including Ljiljana Banicek and Belinda Chaplin, who work faithfully to share the love of Christ to a spiritually poor community. Although the church is fairly small, they are involved in helping the poor in various ways. They also run a Bible study group, Easter and Christmas outreach programmes, visiting schools and a children’s home, and organising a summer Bible camp. “Over the course of the week we visited the local children’s home, worked on the Summer Bible camp run by the team from Sinisa’s church and spent time with

One of the greatest priorities for our churches across Europe is to come together as family, sharing faith and love to reach nations for Jesus.’

a church in a nearby town called Prijedor. As a team we acted out Bible drama, shared testimony, performed dance, taught praise songs, produced crafts, and had fun running sports activities and face painting. This was all very well received and the children loved being with us a team.” Mark said, “One of the greatest priorities for our churches across Europe is to come together as family, sharing faith and love to reach nations for Jesus. “As a team we were made to feel most welcomed and it felt like we were working as a family. It was a huge blessing to connect with such an inspiring, hard working team reaching out to a community who are in desperate need of knowing the love of Jesus in their lives. “It was amazing to see how the children responded to us and we felt it was a privilege to be a part of their lives, even for a short time. We pray that the time we all shared together will result in lasting memories and a greater understanding of God’s love and purposes. As there are relatively few Christians in Bosnia, the work that Sinisa, Belinda and Ljiljana are involved in is vitally important and we would love to continue to be a part of it.”




ORPHANS Anatoli Yankov, Bulgaria

Camelia is the oldest of nine children born to parents who had no love to offer and were unable to care for their large family. Her siblings were soon split up and placed into state orphanages. However, Camelia was repeatedly sold into so-called ‘marriages’ by her mother and father.


amelia suffered the trauma of multiple abortions before she too was placed in state care. While at the orphanage, Camelia met and fell in love with Kemryan. His mother had died of cancer and his father was in prison after raping one of his own sisters. Brought up by his grandmother, Kemryan refused to go to school and by his teenage years he got heavily involved in drug use and fights, and ended up in state care. It was at the orphanage that Camelia and Kemryan first met Anatoli and Desi Yankov, from Shalom Church in Svishtov, Bulgaria who reach out to scores of children and young people who have become orphans. Their regular visits to the orphanage had a huge impact on the young couple. For the first time in their lives they experienced God’s love and personal care through the encouragement and counselling they received. Both Camelia and Kemryan completed an ALPHA course and put their trust in Christ. They were helped by the church to find accommodation and employment.

Today, they are married with a beautiful baby son. Kemryan has recently been baptised in water and has secured a good job in Sevlievo. Camelia has been invited to join the church worship team. Please pray for Camelia, Kemryan and their young son, and also for the thousands of orphans across Europe who need someone to show them the love of their Heavenly Father.

Camelia, Kemryan and their son

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e are so grateful to you, our amazing supporters for your generosity and faithful support of TEN and the work of our partners across Europe over many years. Leaving a gift in your will to charity is a wonderful way to ensure that your faith, love and compassion live on and reach out to future generations. We really cannot emphasise enough how much of a difference legacy giving makes to the future work of Transform Europe Network (Eurovangelism). When we receive charitable gifts left to us in this way it enables TEN to invest in long-term church-planting work, sustain humanitarian aid programmes, develop vital education projects and transform many lives across Europe long into the future. As Europe faces a growing spiritual void the need is immense. Evangelical Christians

represent only 2.5% of the population. There are also tens of thousands of families living in extreme poverty and almost one in five children are without basic essentials and live at risk of poverty. Making or updating your Will with your solicitor can be simple, inexpensive and ensures that your family and friends are looked after. It also makes certain that your wider wishes are understood and acted upon. Knowing that your estate will be handled, in the ways you have chosen, reduces worry and gives you the assurance of leaving a lasting legacy. For more information or a confidential chat, please contact our Supporter Relations Officer, Melanie Griffiths at the TEN office, and we will do our best to assist. e: t: 0117 961 5161

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Give Online As a monthly or one-off gift:

Standing Order Through your bank: Complete the form on page 16 (or download one from and post to TEN

4  Telephone Call TEN office and use your debit or credit card:

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Payable to TEN and post to: Transform Europe Network 23 Apex Court Woodlands Bradley Stoke Bristol BS32 4JT

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Our next conference will be held as a one-day event on Saturday 11th May at St Michael’s Church, Stoke Gifford, Bristol. You are welcome to make a weekend of it and explore the highlights of the lovely city of Bristol.

There will be a full programme, involving at least two partners from Europe, which will include the following: » Worship » What’s happening in Europe? » Church partnerships and twinning » Team mission trips » TEN update and highlights » Vision for the future

A buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided. Costs of the day to be confirmed.

» Opportunity to ask questions » Ways of getting involved

Full details and bookings to attend the conference will open in January 2019 via or by contacting the TEN office.

October 2018 Magazine - Transform Europe Network  

Quarterly publication

October 2018 Magazine - Transform Europe Network  

Quarterly publication