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HungrY for God When Jesus talked about himself as the Bread of Life it was shortly after the miraculous feeding of the 5,000. Today our partners will distribute ‘bread’ to the hungry in their communities, just as they have done for the past 25 years as part of Harvest for the Hungry.


e’ve good reason to celebrate a Silver Anniversary, especially on behalf of all those churches and individuals who faithfully donate towards this important ministry, and we thank God for reliable partners. In this edition of the TEN magazine you can discover how Harvest for the Hungry took off, literally! But there’s another cry of hunger that’s being heard across much of Europe. A new generation of leaders is emerging with a deep hunger for God and knowledge of His Word. We share some of the exciting stories from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova and Romania where Christians are passionate about growing in their faith through discipleship and a remarkable

increase of sign-ups for Bible Schools. In Athens, women exposed to human trafficking are learning new sewing skills and reading the Scriptures. Victims of domestic violence in Bulgaria are experiencing transformation through God’s word. Thousands of young people in Moldova are being discipled in Kingdom values and trained as leaders. Scores of young men and women are graduating from schools of theology and preparing to become pastors, evangelists and church-planters. We hope you will be encouraged and continue to pray for the work of TEN and its partners, and to tell others about this work. Remember, our quarterly magazine can be sent to anyone, anywhere.

Mission Possible Bulgaria Prayer Conference in May 2017



was recently reminded of the quote ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’ attributed to Bernard of Chartres and used by Isaac Newton to indicate that preceding giants had enabled him to see much further. This image appears in the stained glass of Chartres Cathedral, France showing four prophets as giants, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel and the  New Testament disciples Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John sitting on their shoulders. We too have ‘giants’ who have gone before us and have laid the secure foundations which we can build on, allowing us to see and go further. This is especially true for us at TEN where many people have invested their lives, have given sacrificially of their time and finance resulting in positive change for individuals, communities and cities across Europe. We thank God for these ‘giants’ of TEN. No doubt you can also name people in your life who have invested in you, bringing wisdom, guidance and direction, which has shaped who you are today. I certainly can! I’m so grateful for their influence on my life, these people are ‘giants’ whose shoulders I can now stand on. One of the strategies of TEN is to invest in training up a new generation of leaders. People as ‘giants’ who will not only shape individuals and communities but point nations to Christ. Let’s invest togetffher in people for the future.

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July – September 2017

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Harvst for the hungry 2017 appeal

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Transform Europe Now

Gerry Partridge CEO Transform Europe Now

Registered office: 1 Holdenhurst Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1HL Tel: +44 (0)117 961 5161 Email: Written and produced by the TEN team Design: Simon Petherick Graphic and Web Design Transform Europe Now (TEN) is the operating name for Eurovangelism. Registered in England and Wales as a charity (no. 1140592) and company limited by guarantee (no. 7507682). Cover photo: Beginning of Life leadership training, Moldova


Silver to


President of Emanuel University of Oradea, Paul Negrut Ph.D. shares the vision

Five hundred years after the Protestant Reformation and several great revivals, Europe is collapsing under the weight of secularism and paganism and today is one of the spiritually darkest continents.


n spite of its great Christian heritage, Europe has failed to keep the light of the gospel shining in those places where the minds and the hearts of future leaders are shaped, and especially in universities. It seems that most evangelical Christians in Europe have lost the vision for the strategic role of conservative evangelical schools in fulfilling the Great Commission. Emanuel University in Oradea, Romania is the only accredited, conservative, evangelical university in Europe and its founding 25 years ago demonstrates one of the great miracles of God. The birth of the vision, 1974–1985 In 1974, at the darkest hour of persecution under Communism, revival came to the beleagured Emanuel Baptist Church of Oradea during the ministry of Pastor Liviu Olah. Throughout the months of fervent prayer and fasting the Holy Spirit planted the vision for an ‘underground’ School of the Prophets 4

Dr Paul Negrut, President, Emanuel University of Oradea

in Oradea to equip a new generation of men and women for evangelism, church planting and discipleship.

Transform Europe now / July – September 2017


The underground years, 1986–1989 Fifty students enrolled for the first school and met in hiding - away from the eyes of the Communist secret police up in the mountains, in the woods, or in homes at night. Two years later, another 50 joined the school. They too experienced first-hand God’s protection from the secret police and caught the vision. God also provided additional teachers and Bible study resources through the Slavic Gospel Association. Young evangelicals were on fire for Christ and His Kingdom. Soon, the flood gates were wide open for a new day in Eastern Europe and beyond. Finally, in December 1989 Communism lost the battle and the Iron Curtain fell. From nothing to silver 1990–2015 With the demise of Communism the underground school emerged from secrecy as an evangelical theological seminary with the faith, fire and passion of the persecuted church to fulfill the Great Commission. In 1990, Emanuel University was founded with nothing - no campus, budget, library or faculty. In 25 years, by the grace of God, the University moved from nothing to silver. Under divine guidance and with government blessing, the school developed into a fully accredited evangelical university with an expanded vision to train the next generation of pastors, missionaries, school teachers, social workers, musicians and

business leaders for Romania and beyond. Over 2,500 graduates now serve Christ in 39 countries of the world, Emanuel University has become one of the most effective centres in Europe for equipping and sending missionaries into the harvest. Facilities at Emanuel University are now cramped and ready for change. There are male and female dormitories for up to 250 students, a library, audio-video studio, cafeteria, sports facilities and offices. From Silver to Gold 2015–2040 Experiencing first hand what God can do out of nothing when visionary people trust Him, the University is getting ready for the next 25 years with its vision of Silver to Gold. This initiative aims to: » Provide new classrooms, a library and offices » Build 40 small apartments for married students » Develop on-line capability for those who cannot attend the school in person » Introduce degrees in IT, Agro-business, Communications/Media and Nursing » Develop the Research/PhD programme in Biblical and Systematic Theology » Increase enrolment from 500 to 1,200 students and up to 3,000 online students » Commission 1,000 graduates every year Thank you for your prayers and support.

Staff and students at Emanuel University of Oradea

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Transforming Europe – REACHING A NATION

The Remarkable Story of

beginning of Life

What began in the year 2000 as a cry from the heart of Yulia Ubeivolc in Chisinau, Moldova, to help vulnerable women at risk of losing their babies through abortion or abandonment, has grown into a nationwide educational initiative known as Beginning of Life (BOL) that operates today across Moldova and much of Eastern Europe.


s Yulia talked with women in the municipal hospital she quickly realised that education was the way to prevent the loss and acute suffering that plagued so many. Along with a team of church volunteers, Yulia soon found opportunities in the schools to meet students and discuss sexual health, HIV and the values of God’s Kingdom. Today, Beginning of Life reaches 33,000 young people and teenagers across 70 state schools. Their programmes also train around 250 leaders and teachers who promote the learning and values to a further 9,000 young people. In addition, BOL actively supports 1,200 vulnerable women and children through its network of centres. The impact of this amazing work is evidenced in the Way to Success training programme that doubles the number of young people who set their sights on entering a recognised profession and 6

adopting personal goals. Participants focus on effective personal development through integrity, character building and leadership skills enabling graduates to get involved in social projects and civic initiatives. There are challenges. The work of BOL is opposed by some and attempts are made to arouse suspicion and mistrust. There are spiritual attacks upon the team members and programme leaders. Also, some of the young people have to deal with behavioral issues. The programme needs to be funded to avoid cut backs to programmes in particular communities. Yulia and her team want to extend the BOL programme into other places and more nations. They are seeking to bring improvement to the education system by developing more relevant, interactive and innovative methods of learning. Their vision is to equip and empower many more leaders as role-models and catalysts of change.

Transform Europe now / July – September 2017

Transforming Europe – REACHING A NATION

Personal stories from the work of Beginning of Life: Ion


At the age of 15, Ion was clearly rebellious and had massive behaviour issues with lack of respect towards parents and teachers and without any sense of purpose for his life. Initially, he took no interest, but one day he suddenly changed and began to join in the class discussions and adapt his ways. Today he is more focussed on positive behaviour and moral principles and is studying hard to become a successful leader and example to others.

When Vlad joined BOL he was very reserved, uncommunicative, shy and spent most of his time in front of the computer screen. However, with support he began to get involved in social projects. He was surprised by the fun and special time he had and was soon attending the Way to Success classes. After two months his mother remarked on the change in his self-confidence.

Galina Galina was a teenager fighting complex issues and emotional problems. It was her mother, a local teacher, who referred her to BOL. She began tentatively and along with a friend joined an English course where she met other young people who encouraged her to join Way to Success. It took several months for Galina to work through her issues and to build trust. Today her life is transformed and she even volunteered to work with children on a summer day camp. She has turned her back on the negativity and selfishness of the past and wants to help make a difference in the lives of others.

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Transforming Europe – A TIME TO CELEBRATE

Harvest for the hungry

Looking back 25 Years No one who watched the take-off of the huge, Russian-built Antonov 124 transport plane in the Autumn of 1993 could ever have imagined that this marked the beginning of a campaign that would become known as Harvest for the Hungry.


he first major delivery of tonnes of food parcels on that icy-cold morning in Croatia opened up a route for Christians, churches, communities and local schools to support the growing effort to meet the needs of tens of thousands of people displaced by the horrors of the Balkans war. Following a couple of earlier trips taking food parcels into Eastern Europe by Kettering couple, Derek and Jane Wade they saw an urgent need to scale up the venture. Since that first consignment, Harvest for the Hungry parcels have gone, and continue to go, to all parts of Eastern Europe. Eastern Bloc nations suffered


greatly in the aftermath of Communism and from the effects of the Balkans war. Everyday food supplies, such as sugar, pasta, oil and other essential goods were simply not available. The few items that managed to reach the empty shelves were far too expensive for ordinary people to afford. So, supporters in the UK had the satisfaction of buying goods and donating food parcels for Eurovangelism (as Transform Europe Now was formerly known) and its European church partners to deliver. This was far from a costeffective method of sending aid and transport costs were high. But for several years there was no alternative.

Transform Europe now / July – September 2017

Transforming Europe – one food parcel at a time

As each year passed, the number of groups supporting Harvest for the Hungry increased and the large stocks of food required storage and distribution. Hundreds of schools and churches throughout the UK registered their interest as they saw that this was a good cause for their Harvest Festivals. The project rapidly became a logistical exercise of epic proportions. TEN Coordinator, Derek Wade, had to learn a new set of skills; warehouse management, fork-lift truck driving, planning and organising collection depots throughout the UK. Derek was ably supported by his right-hand man in Kettering, Steve Frost. TEN CEO, Gary Cox and the team at the Bristol office also had to adapt their working environment. Food parcels became stacked in every conceivable

Derek Wade moving supplies with a fork-lift truck

Over the past 25 years the value of gifts-in-kind food donations and essential supplies totalled a staggering £1.6m with a further £1.1m in financial gifts.

nook and cranny of their cramped space. Fortunately, the project was backed up by an outstanding transport manager, Mimo Muia, based in Wrexham, who had an amazing skill in obtaining Eastern European trucks looking for loads to return home with, at a cost considerably less than hiring UK trucks. However, a decade later, things were changing in Eastern Europe, as goods were beginning to find their way into their shops, and it became no longer necessary to buy goods at UK prices and then to have the additional expense of transporting them across Europe. The decision was made to continue the project with cash gifts only. This did lose the project some supporters, but the cash donated bought far more goods in the recipient countries than the same money would buy in the UK, and there were no transport costs. At its peak, Harvest for the Hungry was shipping multiple truck-loads of food valued up to £227,000 per year. Over the past 25 years the value of gifts-in-kind food donations and essential supplies totalled a staggering £1.6m with a further £1.1m in financial gifts. God has greatly blessed this initiative and thousands of people have been reached with the Gospel as our partners deliver food supplies to those most needy.

In this Silver Anniversary year TEN hopes to raise a further £25,000 to continue this ministry. Please donate to Harvest for the Hungry to help Europe’s poorest people through 2017/18. +44 (0)117 961 5161 /


You and Europe

Transform Europe Now works across 15 European countries with around 70 Partners, so if you or your church wish to make a difference in Europe you don’t have to go it alone. Church partnerships, short-term teams, special church services, volunteering, targeted prayer and financial support—there’s something for everyone! Countries we operate in include:

Our prayer for Europe: Heavenly Father, We rejoice greatly because of Your faithfulness and the abundance of blessing poured on all those who look to You in Christ’s name. Thank you for our partners across Europe, for their dedication and zeal as they bring good news to the poor. We stand amazed at what You are doing in these days as a new


generation of leaders is being raised up to proclaim Your name. We seek your blessing on all those involved in training and teaching others about your Kingdom. At a time of spiritual darkness across much of Europe, may Your church be radiant; a reflection of Your glory. Amen

Transform Europe now / July – September 2017

Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary

July – September 2017 July 2017 1 / Artur Krasniqi, Kosovo: Pray for opportunities to share the gospel with over 400 poor and needy families who receive help from the Fellowship of the Lord’s People church. 2 / Pray for Christian freedoms in Kosovo as Islamic radicalism grows and the government remains weak.

10 / Pray for responses by the people who hear the Gospel and that they would visit our church in Istanbul.

19 / Please pray for 40 young people at the English Camp in Novi Sad on 16–22 July as most of them are not believers.

11 / Please pray that God would bless and increase the new church plant in Kahramanmaras in south-eastern Turkey.

20 / Pray for the 80 children and youth attending our summer camps running from July to August in Novi Sad, Serbia and that many of them will meet Christ for the first time.

12 / Anatol Dunas, Moldova: Pray for our new church planted in the village of Larga.

3 / Please pray for financial provision for Bible School of Kosovo as the students grow in knowledge and pray for God’s guidance.

13 / Please pray about the purchase of a 4,000 square-foot plot of land in the centre of Larga for a church building and sports facilities.

4 / Join us in prayer for the children and youth we are working with in Millosheva, Prishtina, and Kacanik.

14 / Pray for those who attend classes in English, the Bible and Martial Arts in Cahul, Moldova .

5 / Dario Kapin, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Pray for the honey bee project that aims to generate much-needed funds. 6 / Pray for a new building in Zenica for the church to meet in. 7 / Please pray for more transport to be available to the church and the bee project 8 / Pray for our outreach in Zenica and every individual contact we make. 9 / Metin Mintaz, Turkey: Pray for God to move in Turkey as concerns grow following the constitutional referendum.

15 / Ronela Cristian, Romania: Please pray that Mircea ‘s shoulder will be healed and that he will be able to drive again soon. 16 / Pray for the protection and health for the Rock of Ages prison ministry workers; many of whom experience a lot of challenges in their lives. 17 / Pray for the prisoners across Romania who attend our programmes. We desire that their lives will be changed by the power of the Word and by the Holy Spirit. 18 / Dusan Beredi, Serbia: Continue in prayer for the men and women in the Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre as they all struggle with heroin addiction.

21 / Pray for the team of young people from the USA as they prepare for street evangelism in Novi Sad during August and for good contacts that will lead many to Christ. 22 / Tefik Musoski, Macedonia: Please pray for the work among the Roma community and the follow-up of our recent annual conference for Roma leaders and pastors. 23 / Pray our plans to run a Summer camp in Ohrid, Macedonia for children and teenagers and that God would meet our financial needs. 24 / Pray for God’s provision for school supplies, shoes and socks for children and food parcels for some of Macedonia’s poorest families. 25 / Serban Marian, Romania: Please pray for the children to know the Lord as they stay at the two camps in the mountains in July and for the sports camp at the end of August.

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Prayer Diary







Anatol & Nadea Ronela & Mircea Moldova


Dusan Beredi & Family Serbia

26 / Pray that Project Romanian Rescue will be able to have a celebration to honour God for his blessing for the last 20 years.

2 / Pray for volunteers to help lead our youth work in Tirana. We also need sports equipment, books, computers and guitars.

27 / Pray for wisdom as Project Romanian Rescue make decisions about accepting each child into their homes and for his blessing on the financial needs.

3 / Please pray for the summer camps in Albania being run by two new churches and for plenty of resources.

28 / Besa Shapllo, Albania: Pray that Kleivis will become a Christian and become a good witness in the community where he lives and beyond. 29 / Pray that the youth group, the children and women who hear the Word through Mission Possible Albania programmes will be touched by the Holy Spirit to know God’s love. 30 / Pray that the new projects of Mission Possible Albania may find favour with our supporters as we serve the Bathore Community and beyond. 31 / Please pray for TEN’s contacts at the Keswick Convention and for Melanie as she talks with visitors to the exhibition.

August 2017 1 / Erion Cuni, Albania: Pray for our project in Tirana to convert a church building into a youth centre.


4 / Pray for the church leaders to have wisdom as they invite people to small groups and that more people will take a step forward in their relationship with Christ.

Tefik & Anita Macedonia


MPA, Albania

10 / This summer we have denominational camps at Boračko lake. Pray for good attendance and God’s protection and blessings. 11 / Pray for our humanitarian work in Sarajevo and for twelve families that receive monthly food parcels. Pray that they’ll accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. 12 / Pray for “Circle of Women”, our evangelistic outreach for ladies in Sarajevo.

5 / Pray for Erion Cuni and his family to find new accommodation as their landlord prepares to sell their home.

13 / Vasile Grigorita, Moldova: Please, pray for our church in Brinza and for better involvement of the believers in the church ministries.

6 / Roumen Ivanov, Bulgaria: Please pray for the extensive programme of the summer mission teams hosted by Mission Possible.

14 / Pray for our summer projects: Day Camps for children and teenagers and for the financial resources that these activities require.

7 / Pray for the Christian crosscultural Children’s Camp with 80 children and the cross-cultural teenage camp in Bulgaria.

15 / Pray for the outreach among the unsaved people from the village of Brinza.

8 / Pray that the Roma, Turkish and Bulgarian children at summer camps will experience a personal encounter with God and create lasting ties. 9 / Slavko Hadzic, Bosnia & Herzegovina: During the summer we do a lot of street evangelism. Pray for good contacts and good conversations on the streets, and also that people will take and read evangelistic literature.

Transform Europe now / July – September 2017

16 / Pray for the many young people in our church who feel the need to go abroad to find employment. This is a national challenge. 17 / Pray for Vasile, his wife Maria and their family—for protection, for wisdom and strength to serve the Lord.

Prayer Diary

Erion & family Albania

Roumen Bulgaria

Slavko & Sanja Bosnia

18 / Ruslan Telpiz, Moldova: Please pray for my spiritual growth—to know Jesus deeper, to have more wisdom and to have a clearer vision for our Church. 19 / Pray for the unity and encouragement of all those who serve in Gotesti Baptist Church. 20 / Pray for the team of opticians from Poland who will use our church to give out glasses for free to around 250 people from our village. We hope to witness to them. 21 / Roman Munteanu, Moldova: Please pray for the funds to run our summer day camp for local children. 22 / Pray for the 30 people who have been visited with the food parcels and have listened to the gospel—that they would make an answer to the Lord. 23 / Fiodor Parpalov, Moldova: Please pray for the spiritual and numerical growth at the Baptist Church in Giurgiulesti. 24 / Pray for the outreach mission visiting homes in Giurgiulesti and that God would open doors and hearts for the gospel. 25 / Pray for our youth leader— that he would be able to lead the youth and expand the minisitry among the teenagers.

Vasile & family Moldova

Vance & Tanja

Angela & Valeriu Nikola & Daniela



26 / Lucian Tabac, Moldova: Pray for our church in Badicul Moldovenesc to have a fresh vision. 27 / Pray for the people who attended Bible study groups but are not yet part of the church. 28 / Pray for our plans to plant a church in the nearby village of Larga. 29 / Vance Golomeov, Macedonia: Please pray for the work in Stip and Sveti Nikole as we evangelise in the street and visit people in their homes. 30 / Continue to pray for the total healing of my son, Stephen who has been in hospital with severe respiratory problems. 31 / Please pray for my 82-year old mother who is weak and mostly confined to bed.

September 2017 1 / Valeriu Munteanu, Moldova: Please pray for the outreach missions and summer camps taking place in Tigheci. 2 / Andrei Ghedeon, Moldova: Please pray for the construction of the orphanage house in Burlacu and the family adopting children. 3 / Please pray about the widespread migration of young people from rural areas of Moldova.




4 / Beni Micle, Romania: Please pray for one local family who have six children and need a new home as they struggle to manage without electricity and running water. 5 / Pray that the children who attended the Summer Camp will respond to the gospel and experience the Lord in a real way. 6 / Serghei Mihailov, Moldova: Please pray for the team at Beginning of Life, who are often attacked by the evil powers and feel tired, but still continue to bring light in the lives of vulnerable people. 7 / Pray for the restored health of Dr. Vladimir Ubeivolc and for the new leadership team. 8 / Pray for the conference “The Church as an Ambassador of Reconciliation” hosted by Beginning of Life and the Light to the World Church in Chisinau and the training hub for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 9 / Milcho Deyanov, Bulgaria: Pray for the ministry in Popovo and our fight against the occult, wizardry and fatalism, in the name of Jesus Christ. 10 / Pray for God’s presence to be with the government of Moldova and for spiritual breakthrough across the nation.

+44 (0)117 961 5161 /


Prayer Diary

Dragan & Biljana Macedonia

Tefik & Anita Macedonia



Plamen & Kremi Bulgaria

Alex & Milena Bulgaria

11 / Nikola Atanasov, Bulgaria: Please pray for the church family who suffered injuries in a recent car crash.

19 / Plamen Borisov, Bulgaria: Pray that our church in Sevleievo will be able to find a larger hall for ministry and meetings.

12 / Daniel Stracinski, Montenegro: Pray for the many people that were reached through the mission week Impact Montenegro and that local churches would be strengthened.

20 / Milena Vulkanova, Bulgaria: Pray for revival and for all those involved in the prayer movement across Bulgaria.

13 / Pray for the orthopaedic surgery and after-care of the father of Daniel Stracinski in Bar. 14 / Dragan Manev, Macedonia: Pray for the growth of the new church in Resen and that as a family we will settle in to the town following our move in June. 15 / Anatoli Yankov, Bulgaria: Please pray for God’s provision of new sound speakers to replace the set that is 25 years old. 16 / Pray for another car as our present one is 15 years old and often needs to be repaired. 17 / Maca Turner, Serbia: Please pray for the visits bringing food parcels to the families in Sombor. 18 / Pray for financial provision to maintain contact with the children and young people from the children’s home, many of whom now live independently.

21 / Please, pray for the completion of our church building project in Pazardjik as finishing it will have a positive impact on the local Muslim population. 22 / Please, pray for wisdom and God`s provision upon Alex and Milena as they become established in a new work following 21 years of pastoral responsibility. 23 / Galina Dzhuzenova, Russia: Please, continue to pray for Russian people as there are more and more poor and needy people coming to us for help. 24 / Pray for our worker, Liudmila Antonova and her husband Vladimir who volunteers at the hospital concerts as they celebrate their 45th Wedding anniversary.


Compassion Ministry, Russia

Marinela (EH) Romania

25 / Gavril Covaci, Romania: Pray for God’s continued blessing on the preaching of the gospel and church planting among the Roma communities. Thank God for new teenage groups in Tinca and Vășad. 26 / Pray for new roofing for a number of family homes in the Roma settlement in Vășad that fail to keep the rain out and make life difficult in the winter. 27 / Pray for a way to build male and female toilets in the church in Vășad as there are presently no toilets in the settlement. 28 / Marinela Murg, Romania: Pray for wisdom, knowledge and renewed energy for the clinical staff, to be able to provide holistic care and comfort to the patients receiving hospice care. 29 / Pray for the patients of Emanuel Hospice who are close to the terminal phase and spend just weeks or days in our care; pray for a dignified end with a body in comfort and a soul prepared to spend eternity with God. 30 / Pray for the ongoing fundraising for the new facilities at Emanuel Hospice in Oradea.

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Transform Europe now / July – September 2017

60 seconds with...

60 Seconds with… Matthias Spicer How did you get involved in TEN? When I was 16, I had the opportunity to travel to Moldova with a team from my church, St Michael’s in Stoke Gifford, Bristol. TEN oversaw the organisation and training for the trip. After that first trip, I have been back a couple times and it is safe to say Moldova has captured my heart. As part of my Geography and International Development Studies degree, work-based learning is a requirement and I welcomed the opportunity to work with TEN for my fiveweek placement to experience the detailed work of a mission-supporting agency. What have been the highlights of your involvement with TEN? The opportunities to witness the growth of the mission field in Europe and to see TEN’s work help foster the development and impact of its partner’s work in their own nations and more widely across the continent, and to be able to contribute to this growth. Could you share with us a bit of your background? I was born in Munich, Germany, and moved to Bristol a couple of years later. I grew up in a Christian household and have been going to church for as long as I can remember. I love music and drumming and was consequently encouraged to serve the worship ministry by the Youth Team in my mid-to-late teens, and from there my passion for serving was born. My desire to go on mission grew and developed out

of serving my own church, to the point I wanted to serve others, and it has taught me loads. God has been faithful in providing me opportunities to use my interests, to develop and align my character to be more like Him and to illustrate to others what it means to be a son of God. That being His son is not simply hearing about Him; but to meet Him face to face in my daily life. Why give your time to the work of TEN? The work of TEN is facilitating and equipping people in knowing their worth in the eyes of a family across Europe, as well as inspiring people to know their worth in Christ. That is a beautiful thing, and for partners to know this to be true is inspiring, and a real blessing for me to witness. What inspires you about the work of TEN? Seeing partners and their communities transformed by the word of God and the teachings of Jesus’ ministry. Experiencing the faithfulness of a united family of supporters that desire and consequently work for a Europe that is free from poverty, underdevelopment, and barriers that restrict a true and steadfast relationship with Christ.

Matthias Spicer, Intern, Chester University

+44 (0)117 961 5161 /


The Hem of His Garment, Bulgaria

The healing power of

God’s Word

The global scale of domestic violence is no longer hidden and the reality is shocking. The World Health Organisation reports that up to one in three women are affected.


astern Europe is also plagued by violence against women and in Bulgaria up to one million women suffer from domestic abuse. Hopelessness and pain are leading these women into despair, depression, disruption in their social life and refusal to take care of their children and family. The first ‘Hem of His Garment’ restoration programme was held in April 2010 and has since taken place twice a year, for up to 12 women, in the Spring and Autumn. More than 200 women have gone through the programme. Hem of His Garment runs for nine consecutive days at Mission Possible’s Dobromirka House and points the women to the example of Christ and His Word. Most of the women who participate in the programme have

Hem of His Garment – Activity


Hem of His Garment – Ladies team

suffered serious trauma and mental abuse. It gives them time to realize what they have been through, to share their pain, to pray and to recover. The women experience the healing power of God’s Word and as they express forgiveness they find healing for their inner wounds. We often hear from the families of the women who call us and share the miracle of change and restoration of the whole family. Many women now want to participate and we cannot take them all. We would like to hold the course three times each year. We also want to train new leaders and counsellors for the programme and help lead women’s groups in their local churches.

Transform Europe now / July – September 2017

The Hem of His Garment, Bulgaria

Desislava’s story “My father died when I was 13 years old and was a huge loss for me. He loved me more than my mum did as she preferred my sister. We moved to Sofia because of better employment opportunities and I imagined everything would be beautiful. But our situation grew worse and my mum started drinking. She made me go to the shop and buy alcohol at night. “We were going to church, but that was not changing our lives. I started to lie, even to my friends, about different stories. I longed for attention. While still at school I left home and moved in with a man 12 years older than me. I was cooking, cleaning and thinking, that it is my home and family. Not long after he started drinking and abusing me; I had bruises on my face. I wanted to leave, but didn’t have the strength to do it. I felt that nobody loved me and I was ready to put up with the violence. My mum wasn’t looking for me because she said it was my business. I was barely attending school. It’s a miracle I managed to graduate. “A friend told me about the rehabilitation programme, Hem of

His Garment. I was so desperate and helpless, I didn’t believe there was anyone who could help me. I decided to give it a try, since I had nothing to lose. When we started reading the Bible, I realised that it is not just a book, but something that can transform my thinking. Many people were talking with me, praying for me and showing me love and care. It was like something inside of me was starting to get a meaning again and offering hope. Something was changing, I could see the light. “By the end of the programme, I was a different person. I was new and free! I called my mum and I told her that I want to come back home. I called the man and I told him, that I was not coming back! “Today, I am graduating with my bachelor degree in Theology at the Sofia University. Two lecturers invited me to become their assistant, because they see the passion I have for science and Christianity. God is great!” Desislava is 24 years old, Theology student at the Sofia University

Hem of His Garment – Group photo

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Threads of Hope - Hellas

Threads of

Hope Cecilia Sakatira, Founder of Threads of Hope

It all started five years ago as a volunteer with Nea Zoi when I had a simple desire to help people trafficked into prostitution in Athens. We would walk the street, talk to the women, pray for them, give them tea and offer help in whatever form we could. But I soon became restless because I felt we needed to do something more. The question was, what?


s I saw the despair in the women and prayed, the Lord gave me an idea to start a sewing project. I’m a third-generation seamstress, so I grew up around sewing machines and learned the trade from a very young age, and even used to make my own clothes. Few shared my vision, but I had a strong sense in my heart that this project was something the Lord wanted me to do. So, with my own sewing machine and 500 Euros I stepped out in faith. Initially, the project was a place where women could come to learn how to sew and hear about God. We would read the Bible, pray, and then teach the ladies how to sew and soon I had volunteers to help look after the babies. In 2014, we registered Threads of Hope as a not-forprofit with the Greek government, set up our own production space and bank 18

account while working closely with Nea Zoi and EME Ministries. Many of our women are mothers and come from different countries, including Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon, Ghana, Bulgaria, and Romania. We have helped 11 women who have left the life of prostitution and currently have four women working a five hour day who produce a range of bags, purses and accessories. Once we employ the women, we register them with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare enabling us to pay them a monthly salary plus social security. It is a spiritual battle to help these women and there’s a constant need to be in prayer, because we are dealing with women who have been exposed to so many things, such as magic, voodoo, witchcraft and the occult. These are not things that we approach lightly.

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Threads of Hope - Hellas

We are always aware that “unless we abide in Christ” our work will not accomplish much. We often face financial challenges, which are all too common in an economy like Greece. Lack of markets to sell our products is a challenge, and currently I travel a bit during the summer to sell products, source new orders, and try to reach out to businesses who can sell our products. What joy it is when I see women transformed from victim to survivor! How fulfilling to watch a woman learn a new skill in a matter of months and begin to sew. My greatest delight is to see women reconciled with their Father God and to watch them begin to walk with Him. In future, we hope to expand into other product lines, such as weaving. This will require getting additional equipment for which we will need to raise funds. We would also like to offer training in Basic Bookkeeping, Literacy and Computer Skills. Find out more at

Jane was withdrawn, shy and came to us with her baby. She was staying in a shelter. Illiterate and with poor communication skills she was helped to learn to sew. She has since surrendered her life to the Lord and we watch her grow.

Graduates from the Mathetis Bible School 2017

STOP PRESS: BIBLE SCHOOL GRADUATION AT THE BLACK SEA Twenty-seven students graduated from the Mathetis Bible School in Constanța, Romania on Sunday 21st May. Gerry Partridge and Terry Wood (TEN volunteer Ambassador) were privileged to attend the ceremony. This school has been set up by the Pentecostal churches to train the next generation of church leaders and to equip them for church planting in the areas around Constanța where many towns and villages have no evangelical presence at all. The students, including eight women, come from a variety of backgrounds and each made significant sacrifices to find the time over a two-year period to attend the training on alternate Saturdays, as well as studying and writing essays. The Bible School is the vision of TEN partners, Pastor Beni Micle and his wife Ancuta. They are hoping for another intake starting in the Autumn. TEN were pleased to be able to provide some financial assistance for this first intake of students thanks to the generosity of TEN supporters. +44 (0)117 961 5161 /


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International School of

Theology and Leadership What began almost a decade ago as a new initiative to equip members of the Central Church of God in Tirana for leadership and church planting is today the International School of Theology and Leadership.


ithin months, Albanian pastors from different denominations began to show interest as the same need existed in their own congregations. One of the unique features of evangelical churches in Albania is the strategy for discipleship and churchplanting. Pastors and missionaries offered on a voluntary basis to teach, mentor and counsel the students. Transform Europe Now became one the School’s first supportive agencies in the ministry and continue to help with funding and student sponsorship. As a result, ISTL has grown each year beyond denominational and national borders. The school has trained students from over 40 different denominations and independent churches from all over Albania and welcomed students from the surrounding countries of Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as other EU countries. ISTL is the largest Bible School in the Balkans region. This year saw the highest student enrollment ever, having over 70 active students in our four-year Bachelor Degree courses.


Many of its students are already pastors and leaders who have been equipped in their calling, and many others have started ministries and planted churches while studying and being mentored at the school. ISTL has been in awe of God’s favour, witnessing over 40 new churches established. Several of these new churches are already planting other churches. ISTL Principal, Hervin Fushekati reports, “While we’ve been humbled by the progress of the school, the fast growth has also presented us with several challenges related to overall space, a limited number of teachers, huge administration and the evergrowing student demand for scholarships. This poses challenges when it comes to teaching, mentoring and administering the progress of students. We would love to be able to build closer relationships with more churches and to promote the school more widely. At the moment, the school has only one full time and three part-time workers, even though there are several volunteers, they can only help for as much as their time permits. The need to restructure the school operation is very urgent.”

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Students graduating from the International School of Theology and Leadership

The fact that ISTL has grown so much in its influence and impact for the Kingdom, in spite of the limited resources, is a confirmation to our supporters and students that it is following God’s leading into greater things not yet seen. We can only ask so much from Him with limited desires, but God can do exceedingly more than we ask or imagine. The focus of the School is not about graduating students from their studies but equipping, networking, resourcing and enabling men and women to plant and strengthen churches, missions and to pioneer in areas where the Gospel has not yet reached. For example, all our first graduates pioneered and planted churches or started ministries while still studying at ISTL. Presently ISTL offers a 3+1 Bachelor Degree in Theology with modules in leadership, Christian counselling, Biblical studies and Systematic Theology, as well as a one-year certificate in Christian Ministry. In future, the School wishes

to offer students the option to further their studies at a Masters level, as well as pursuing national accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Albania. ISTL is also exploring options to open other campuses and offer majors such as Social Care and Worship.

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Passing on the Baton After serving TEN for many years as an extremely competent Chair of the Trustees, David Thomas has handed on the baton.


fter serving TEN for five years as an effective Chair of the Trustees, David Thomas has handed on the baton. David has been a wonderful servant to Eurovangelism/TEN. Becoming a trustee in 1991, he served as Treasurer until taking on the responsibility of Chair in 2012. David oversaw the transition to a charitable company in 2010 and has led us into a period of stability and reenvisioning. David brought a keen mind and steady wisdom to the role as well as his expertise in finance, which has stood TEN in good stead over the years. David has also travelled to meet a number of our partners and represented TEN in a variety of arenas. We shall miss his quiet and gentle humour, his willingness to serve at cost to himself and to continue as Chair in order to provide consistent leadership in a time of change. He has kindly agreed to remain on the board for a short period while we are recruiting new members. We are sure that you will join us in praying for him in this new phase of his life. We know that he will never stop caring for or supporting the work of TEN. We are grateful for the service that David has given as Chair and trustee of TEN. It is a joy to welcome Hazel Vinson as TEN’s new Chair. Since joining the board of Trustees in 2009, Hazel has brought her deep faith and professional skills having 22

had a 30-year career with the Richmond Housing Association, serving as Director for 14 years, and been a former trustee of other charities, including CAB, West London YMCA and ACET (AIDS charity). She has already made a great contribution to the Board as well as visiting several of our partners in the Balkans. Hazel lives in her birthplace of Ealing, became a Christian when she was 24 and joined what became Bless Community Church. She has been involved in leadership and teaching at this church as well as teaching in Africa and Asia.

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Twelve year old Anifa lives with her grandmother while her parents seek work in Sofia. To help her survive the winter she attends the soup kitchen run by our partner, Mission Possible in the town of Ihtiman in Bulgaria.

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