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4 Tips To Train The Millennials In A Corporate Office The millennials or the individuals born between the years 1980-2000 now make up more than half the population of a corporate workplace. These individuals who have grown up watching the older generation go to office and meet the corporate demands with great efficiency are subjected to the skill and expertises required at an earlier stage and thus get a head start into their careers.

The millennials are amongst the most connected and their brilliant social networking skills are bound to propel a company forward. However, it should also be noted that the manner in which an organisation has been dealing with its former employees must be modified to fit the present groups of employees who are doubtlessly technologically more advanced and work in a way that is drastically different from

the predecessors. For trainers aspiring to make a difference in the field of corporate training the corporate training certification programs are the right courses to pursue. The sessions conducted are designed to meet the changing times, equipping trainers with the right knowledge and skill to cater to the new-age corporates. Following are a few of the essentials that must be kept in mind while training millennial corporates:

Shorter Content: The employees that you would be assigned to train will doubtlessly appreciate shorter content. Give them what they need and refrain from conducting lengthy sessions. These self-motivated individuals who are always active on social media must thus be trained to utilise the job tools and the manner in which these can be put to use in their ongoing tasks. Short videos that teach them to perfect the job at hand can also prove highly successful. Relevant Training Material: The training material should be highly relevant and in tandem with the changing times. You cannot help it if the learners find your archaic content boring and irrelevant. Let them have access to articles, infographics, videos and more that aim to make the tasks for the corporates easier. Training that might have been useful for the previous employees might prove inconsequential for the tech-savvy individuals and care must be taken to steer clear from that.

Be Technologically Advanced: Being technologically advanced is mandatory when you are teaching those that have been subjected to technology throughout their life. Make use of social media and chat rooms to hold discussions as well as e-learning techniques to make the session more interesting and to hold on to their wavering attention. A sound knowledge of technology that makes work relatively easier is key and this is where corporate training certification programs score above the rest. Establish A Perfect Work-Life Balance: A perfect work-life balance is often lost during the struggle to meet deadlines and live up to the work pressure. Corporate trainers should thus ensure that the individuals who are swamped with work and a social life outside office should be

able to manage both with equal efficiency. Trainers must help them be productive in both the fronts and not let one affect the other adversely. ACT, one of the premier training institutions offers courses for aspiring and experienced trainers. Enrol at the earliest to make a difference in the field and avail job satisfaction like no other. Read full content:


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Tips to train the millennials in corporate office  

Training individuals who belong to the corporate generation is indeed a tough ask. Head over to the blog to know of a few tricks.

Tips to train the millennials in corporate office  

Training individuals who belong to the corporate generation is indeed a tough ask. Head over to the blog to know of a few tricks.