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Saintly Cities San Francisco & San Diego Live Up to Their Names




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Mission San Diego de Alcala. Courtesy Jeffrey Lamont Brown

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On a mission to learn the history of San Diego and San Francisco? Read our article beginning on Page 28 and you’ll be in the know!

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Paranormal activity? Perhaps! Our feature on ghost tours just may have you seeing things, or are you??? Cover: Balboa Park California Tower Courtesy Museum of Man OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER


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On another note, I hope you’ve had time to visit the TT Gear Store on myrvmarket. com. The season’s changing so this is a great time to stock up on some of our great cool weather items. Also, continue to check in at myrvmarket. com because we are always introducing new products.

o you recall when you purchased your first RV? Did the dealer offer you anything more than just the rig and any related accessories sold onsite? Did they follow up with you after a certain amount of time to see how you were enjoying your new RV and how often you’d taken it camping? I ask because you may have seen the recent article in Woodall’s that highlights our current initiative to promote camping through RV dealerships. Our philosophy behind that concept is this – the relationship between us, the dealer and you is an important one – because each one believes in the lifestyle the RV offers. As it says in the article, the partnership was designed to foster the relationship “between the industry that produces and sells the RVs and the American public that purchases and recreates in those leisure-time products.” It’s a win-win-win situation all around. The RV dealers sell the RVs, we welcome more campers and the customer purchases from a dealer that is better tuned in to their needs. It’s no longer “thanks for buying, hope you enjoy the rig, see you later,” but more of a “hey, here are some of the best places to enjoy your rig, please let us know how you enjoy the experience and what we should know about it.” We want to be part of the customer experience from start to finish - ensuring that you’ve got what you need every step of the way. And we don’t want to just turn you lose into the wide world of RVing – we want you to come stay with us! We have seen customers who have bought an RV and immediately made reservations with us. As I said in the article, the nice thing is that we know they are actually out there using the product and we can verify the satisfaction that these customers are having when they’re out there at our preserves.

Speaking of changing seasons, check out page 10 of this issue to find the perfect sunny locales for a great winter getaway. Why winter with us? – We’ll give you plenty of reasons! Finally, I especially liked our fan comments on our recent Facebook post about the definition of camping. Summing it all up, I think the common theme was family, friends, relaxing, reconnecting, memories and oh, yes, marshmallows. Enjoy the season!

Thought Of the Month There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. - Roger Staubach



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Wilderness Lakes, CA: The photo of this Blue Heron was taken this past February behind our campsite at Wilderness Lakes. - John and Janis Partanen, Napa, CA

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Bend/Sunriver, OR: Kayaking on Wickiup Reservoir near Bend/Sunriver. The photo was taken near the Sheep’s Bridge boat ramp about a 20 minute drive from the campground. Very quiet and peaceful area; no motorboats and the birds outnumbered people. - Don Haas, Florence, OR

Oceana, WA: Last couple of weeks we were staying at the Paradise and Oceana Preserves. Visiting Oceana for the first time in many years, we experienced a beautiful sunny seven days with amazing sunsets. - Yefim Bam, University Place, WA OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER


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Tech Topics { by Paul and Kerri Elders

This month, we’ll take a look at what’s behind us with backup cameras, learn a couple of quick tire-checking tricks, and get a little food for thought about the true value of exhaust inspections.


ackup Cameras

Have you ever needed just a little extra help backing up your RV? A backup camera may be your answer. Usually permanently mounted on the rear exterior of the RV, backup cameras and their cabin-mounted monitoring screens have been optional equipment in many motorhome models for years. Thanks to technological advances, they’re now a viable option for fifth wheel and travel trailer owners as well. Backup cameras offer a viewing screen mounted within easy sight of the driver; some models we’ve seen even offer a screen that doubles as a rearview mirror. Some backup camera systems are equipped with audio so that the driver can both see and hear what’s going on behind him. In “the olden days,” the only backup cameras available were hard-wired and needed to be installed by a professional (usually either the motorhome manufacturer or an RV dealer). Now there are a wide variety of wireless camera options, making it possible to have a truly portable backup camera system that you can set up and use all by yourself. Some cameras offer a remote control that swivels the camera to adjust the viewing angle. In addition to its usefulness in parking a large RV, backup cameras can double as a handy security system for your RV and they give you an easy way to monitor your toad in transit. Browse and you’ll even find some wired models that are cleverly and discreetly concealed inside a license plate frame.

Quick Tire Inspection Tips

Tires are where the rubber meets the road, and it’s important to keep tabs on their condition. This is easy to do, and adds just a few extra minutes to your traveling

routine. Perform a quick walk-around inspection before you leave your campsite for the day’s travel and take the opportunity to check tires again at each of your stops along the way. Look for scrapes, cuts, or any irregularities on the sidewall. You also want to monitor your tires’ inflation levels. Many truck drivers carry a device called a “Tire Buddy,” a short, hard stick with a weight on the end that’s used to “bump” vehicle tires to check for under-inflation. After bumping a few tires with this device, you’ll become familiar with the sound that a properly inflated tire makes when tested with the Tire Buddy. A device like this is a quick and easy tire testing method that can save you breakdown headaches further down the road. Use an air gauge to verify that your tires are inflated to their proper pressures for your particular vehicle. This number is found not on your tires, but in your owners’ manual or on a sticker on the inside frame of the driver’s door on passenger cars and trucks. If using an air gauge, check inflation pressures when tires are “cold” (before driving). Heat generated during driving increases air pressure above the proper cold inflation pressure. This is normal, so it’s never a good idea to “bleed” air from a hot tire, since this could ultimately result in dangerous under-inflation.

Exhaust Inspections

In a previous column, we mentioned the importance of monitoring your RV’s engine exhaust system for leaks. This is an important issue, because exhaust leaks can cause carbon monoxide to waft into the RV, especially while the engine’s idling. Since carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, it can be hard to detect without a carbon monoxide detector. Let us reiterate a vital point: EVERY RVer should have and use one of these detectors. Undetected leaks can pose serious risks Continued on page 62





Why Winter With Us hatever your search engine may be, and whichever Internet site you choose to visit, when you search for the top, best, popular or favorite snowbird destinations, inevitably, locations in Arizona, Texas and Florida head the list.

Lucky for you, Thousand Trails and Encore Resorts have a presence in those sunny spots, so if you’re planning to take a break from the winter weather, why not winter with us?

Countryside Arizona

With more than 20 locations to choose from, you can enjoy all of Arizona throughout the winter. Apache Junction, Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Yuma and more are home to Encore RV Resorts that are perfectly situated for you to enjoy all the local offerings as well as the fabulous onsite amenities.

residents personal attention but large enough to provide for the traveler’s needs,” said Charlotte Macedo, the resort’s manager. “A popular event we offer is our Hot March Nights where we have golf cart races, a ‘drive-in’ movie and sock hop,” said Macedo.

According to Kathleen Wallick, Resort Manager at Encore’s Casita Verde RV Resort in Casa Grande, the location offers a respite from traffic sounds and the hustle and bustle of the big towns but still provides plenty to do. “We are off the beaten path, but yet only a mile from theaters, shopping malls and restaurants,” she said. “You can eat at a different restaurant every day while also enjoying the activities we offer. From our bus tours to bocce, Wii shuffleboard and horseshoes, the list is long.” Beth Kortsen, Resort Manager at Encore’s Fiesta Grande RV Resort, also in Casa Grande, echoes the same sentiment. “We are a small town atmosphere with the amenities of the big cities,” she said. “We are centrally located between Phoenix and Tucson and we offer a diverse program of activities.” From dances, classes, dinners, entertainment and craft projects, you can let your creativity loose at Fiesta Grande. Another quiet resort tucked away in Casa Grande is Encore’s Foothills West RV Resort. “We are small enough to give our 10


Voyager Another plus - surrounded by deserts and mountains, the Casa Grande area offers some of the most spectacular sunsets in the west. “Apache Junction is the gateway to outdoor adventure,” said Kathleen Sparks, Resort Manager at Encore’s Countryside RV Resort, located in this great spot. “Our guests can enjoy

“Verde Valley is a super winter destination for sightseeing and enjoying unique attractions such as the famous mining town of Jerome, the natural beauty and serenity of Sedona, historic Ford Verde as well as Tuzigoot National Monument and Montezema’s Well,” said Verde Valley Resort Manager Scott Woolley. “The air is crisp and clean and the sunshine is abundant throughout the winter. “This fabulous Thousand Trails location is surrounded by natural beauty as it sits within the Verde River Canyon. “The upper section of the resort looks out to Sedona, San Francisco Peaks and the White Mountains to the north and the Hackberry Mountain range to the west,” said Scott. “It is a breathtaking experience when you arrive at this unique resort. You’ll want to return year after year.”

mild temperatures, wonderful dry air and beautiful scenery while choosing to be as active or quiet as they like.” Just 35 miles east of Phoenix, the Superstition Mountains are the backdrop to Apache Junction. Tortilla Flat, an authentic remnant of an Old West town is a popular attraction as is the Goldfield Ghost Town. Also, there are plenty of hiking trails, and fishing and boating opportunities in the area. “Our most popular event at Countryside is hands-down, our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration,” said Kathleen. A tradition for more than 20 years, the event features a golf cart parade, as well as plenty of food, entertainment and camaraderie. If you’re looking for nostalgic entertainment, Encore’s Golden Sun RV Resort has a 2013 calendar that will knock your bobby socks off! The Platters, one of the most successful groups from the early days of rock and roll, and The ABBA Experience are set to perform this winter. “Aside from our fabulous entertainment schedule, what really sets us apart here at Golden Sun are our guests and staff. You can find friendly faces in every corner of our resort,” said Mary Ash, General Manager

Did you know that Yuma, Arizona is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the sunniest place on earth? Boasting 339 sunny days per year and less than four inches of rainfall, if you’re following the sun, then you’re heading to Yuma. “Location, location, location,” is what makes Suni Sands a great choice for a Yuma stay, says Suni Sands Resort Manager, Monica East. “Plus we are a very friendly resort with a very active social calendar,” she adds. “The Yuma area has so much to offer including hiking, fourwheeling, beautiful golf courses, local history and more,” said Sherry Huser, Assistant Manager at Encore’s Desert Paradise RV Resort. And if you’re seeking one of the best views to enjoy in all this sunshine, Foothill Village is located, of course, in the foothills of the mountains, ideals for walking or riding opportunities. “We are just seven miles from town, in the foothills,” said Sherry. “Our guests tell us they look forward to returning here year after year.” Speaking of sun, Sun City is home to Encore’s Paradise RV Resort. With lush landscaping and fabulous amenities, this

Tucson, Arizona is a bustling metropolis known for its rugged natural beauty and rich history. Surrounded by five mountain ranges, Tucson is home to a variety of museums, including the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, the Pima Air and Space Museum, the Tucson Botanical Gardens and the Tucson Museum of Art. Tucson’s Encore Voyager Hotel and RV Resort is conveniently located to all southwest Arizona has to offer. “Voyager is considered by many to be a small city with everything you need,” said Joe Boyd, General Manager at Voyager. “The only thing our guests need to leave the resort for is gasoline and bowling!” Boyd says the vast amount of amenities and activities is what makes Voyager one of the most unique resorts in the Tucson area. Don’t miss the headliner concerts scheduled for every Wednesday and Friday night.



At Encore’s Terra Ceia, in Palmetto, Florida, they have the best of both worlds, according to Terry West, Resort Manager. “We are close to the beaches, fishing and your favorite restaurants, but we are still in the country,” said Terry. Just outside the city of Palmetto, the resort’s most anticipated event is the Craft Fair – held on the 2nd Wednesday of March each year. Don’t miss the 26th Annual Craft Fair scheduled for March 13, 2013.

club-crazy resort offers plenty to do. Consider the Bicycle Club, Drama Club and even the Clown Club. But it’s the concert series offered at Paradise that has people returning year after year. “Our concert series is one of the most anticipated events here,” said David Hawley, Resort Manager. “We have outstanding national performers lined up that include The Platters, The Coasters and Jay and the Americans. Plus we are only a half-hour from major league baseball’s spring training camps.” Day trip opportunities could include the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert. Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city has much to see and do, and the Phoenix metropolitan area is home to six resorts, including Apollo Village and Whispering Palms, whose proximity to the big city makes it a perfect place to soak it all up. Encore’s ViewPoint RV and Golf Resort in Mesa promotes an active lifestyle offering three swimming pools, 10 tennis courts, 27 holes of golf and much more. Pet-friendly and fully-equipped with resort homes, this gem in the heart of the Sonoran Desert is one hot spot. Don’t miss the weekly dinner shows!


If you’re in the mood for gulf or ocean breezes, then a trip to Florida is the plan where sunshine and social activities go together like sea and sand. 12


Encore’s Winter Quarter’s Manatee RV Resort is conveniently located just off Interstate 75 on Florida’s west coast, just south of Tampa. “Our great location puts us just 12 miles from the beach, 45 minutes from Tampa and less than 2 hours from Disney World,” said Sharon Chastain, Resort Manager “We offer numerous themed gatherings, planned activities, dance and art lessons, golfing, cards, cycling and church services. We like to say ‘there are no strangers here, just friends we haven’t met’.” According to Teri Hanson, Resort Manager at Encore’s Crystal Isles Resort, the resort is a perfect blend of peace, pleasure and play. “We offer direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and the spectacular waters of the Crystal River,” she said. “Spend the day snorkeling with the manatees, go fresh or saltwater fishing, or enjoy the many on-site amenities the resort has to offer.” Don’t miss the Welcome Back Snowbirds party!

A sporting life may be on the agenda if you plan a stay at Encore’s Harbor Lakes. This resort, located in Port Charlotte, is just 2 miles from the Tampa Bay Rays preseason training games as well as the Single A baseball team, the Charlotte Stone Crabs, owned by baseball great Cal Ripken Jr. Tarpon fish thrive in the nearby waters of the Gulf of Mexico and are the angler’s gamefish of choice as many charter trips are available nearby. Onsite sporting activities include shuffleboard, pickleball, tennis, petanque, swimming and billiards. Regular leagues include bowling, softball and golf. “We are unique because the makeup of our guest base is roughly 50% Canadian, most French-Canadian and 50% US, so the majority of our events are done in two languages,” said Kim Harper, Harbor Lakes Resort Manager. “Both cultures have come together to form some pretty fun events.” “It’s not a question of what to do here, but a question of what to do next.” said Encore’s Pioneer Village RV Resort Manager Craig Stegall. “Pioneer Village was voted ‘Best MH & RV Resort of 2012’ by North Fort Myers Neighbor magazine. In addition to our array of activities and amenities, we boast a neighborhood made up of fun, socially active guests from all over the US and Canada.”

Thousand Trails Three Flags in Wildwood is strategically situated at the fork of Interstate 75 and the Florida Turnpike providing central Florida fun in all directions. “We have a beautiful pool, miniature golf and newly remodeled clubhouse and are only three miles from the stores, movie theaters, restaurants and nightly live entertainment. Plus we are only 40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico,” said Joanne Caplice, Resort Manager. “Three Flags is a great place to stay and relax while deciding which of the many activities you’d like to do!” Nearby is Encore’s Southern Palms RV Resort, offering more activities and events than many major metro areas. Weekly Wednesday night entertainment includes magic shows, ventriloquists, dancers, singers, comedians and more. Themed events include luaus, “senior prom”, spring fling, Mardi Gras and Easter Bonnet Dance. A clubhouse, fitness center, bocce and shuffleboard courts, plus heated pool and spa are just a few more of the many things to enjoy at Southern Palms. Thousand Trails Peace River derives its name not only from the river of the same name that runs along the woods in which this resort is nestled, but also from the atmosphere the resort provides its guests. “The small town feeling seeks to soak into you as you sip sweat tea on the front porch,” said Lee Collins, Resort Manager. “Our friendly atmosphere is what makes us different. Neighbors take the time to get to know each other. But don’t get me wrong, there is Continued on page 65 OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER 13





here are few camping staples that have the lasting power of the always tasty s’more.The blend of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows roasted to perfection have created smiles around campfires across the country for years.While the origin of this traditional campfire treat is not completely known, the first recorded recipe for the “Some More” can be found in the 1927 publication of the Girl Scout Handbook. There’s no denying that enjoying a fresh s’more next to a campfire is the ideal ambience for this outdoor treat, but what about the times when you simply cannot get to a campfire, yet you still have an insatiable craving for the savory sweet?With the multiple s’more flavored variations on the market today, you can rest easy knowing that you clearly are not alone. From perfectly baked s’more cupcakes to classy chic s’more martinis, the flavor you crave can be whipped up without the traditional ingredients, or for that matter, enjoyed in the traditional setting.

With various cupcake shops popping up across the country, it was only a matter of time before a baking enthusiast turned the campfire delicacy into a single serving, perfectly frosted dessert. Start by making your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. Before placing the batter into the cups, mix together 1½ cups graham cracker crumbs, ¼ cup of sugar and 1/3 cup unsalted melted butter. Place one tablespoon of the mixture at the bottom of each cupcake cup. Save the remaining crumbs for a topping to your s’more! Add marshmallow frosting, sprinkle the remaining crumbs on the top and voila – instant camping in your kitchen.

S’MORE ORNAMENT Not craving the actual treat, but just the tradition of it all? Midwest S’mores features a large collection of s’more themed ornaments. From a French s’more hugging the Eiffel Tower to an RVing s’more with a map in hand, there is a themed camping treat available for all, no matter what your interest. Go ahead and peruse, and grab the s’mornament that best fits your personality! 14





While camping is an excellent family activity, sometimes the “grownups” need some time away. During your next happy hour, try whipping up a s’more martini. This is the perfect way to glamp from the comfort of your own home. The s’more martini is an ideal s’more substitute for any adult camper with a sweet tooth. Use 3 parts marshmallow vodka and 2 parts chocolate vodka. Mix in a shaker and serve in a chilled martini glass. Feeling fancy? Melt semisweet chocolate chips and dip the rim of the glass in to give a chocolate coating. While it’s still wet, rotate the chocolate covered rim in graham cracker crumbs to truly give the beverage a s’more vibe.


S’MORE STORE Looking for a way to stay organized with your s’more ingredients? The people at the S’more Store challenge you to get “s’morganized!” With compartments for all of the essentials – Hershey bars, graham crackers and marshmallows – the s’more store helps you keep ingredients fresh and all in one place. The top snaps down and the container looks like a giant version of the camper’s favorite treat. For more information, visit



When planning your next party, save yourself some time and don’t fret over what to bake for your guests. Instead, get a bit creative and set up a DIY s’more bar. Set up baskets of various s’more ingredients, from traditional Hershey bars to Andes Mints and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Encourage your guests to get creative and try out new toppings. S’more bars are beginning to pop up at weddings as well as camping themed parties. No matter what the occasion, party goers tend to crave the classic outdoor treat. Can you blame them?

Whether you’re sitting around a campfire or cozying up on the couch at home, it’s possible to enjoy the traditional treat that is the s’more all year, even if it’s in ornament form! Though the classic s’more will certainly remain associated with camping for years to come, its fame is rising and it can be replicated whenever the craving calls. ■ OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER

15 15


Calendar - October 2012 BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA Cultus Lake

All activities are member-generated from October 1 to April 1.


Lake of the Springs Every Saturday John Carter will be at our Family Campfire and Sing-along. You may dance the night away at our Family Dance featuring one of our wonderful DJs, Mike Allen or Ana Maria. October 14: Pre-Line Dance Festival Show put on by our Line Dancers. October 15: Fall Line Dance Festival features lots of good friends, good food and a whole lot of dancing hosted by Marion and Friends. October 27: LOTS celebrates Halloween with site decorating, kids’ fishing derby, pumpkin carving, costume contest, weenie roast, tailgate trick or treating and lots of family fun.

Lake Minden October 5-7: Crafters Holiday: Join us for two days of crafting. We’ll have tables set up for Jewelry Making (various projects), Beaded Ornaments, and a variety of Craft Projects. Sign up early for specific projects. Don’t forget the Friday Night Potluck Social, Brown Bag and Saturday Candy Bar Bingo and Ice Cream Social. October 12-14: Life’s a Mystery: Bring your favorite “mystery” addition for Mystery Potluck Dinner Social and win a mystery prize at Brown Bag B-I-N-G-O. Enter a Mystery Puzzle competition and see if you can put together a Mystery puzzle without the benefit of knowing what it is. Do a Mystery Craft, take part in a Mystery Scavenger Hunt and trade your favorite Mystery book at a Mystery Book Book Swap. October 19-21: Join us for the always exhilarating Hydroplane Boat Races on the 20th and 21st. These races are a Lake Minden favorite that promise rip-roaring fun and heart pounding excitement. A little too much excitement? Take a break from the races for Candy Bar Bingo and the Ice Cream Social. Don’t forget to join us Saturday night for a good old-fashioned Barn Dance. October 26-28: Getting Ready for Ghouls: This will be a weekend of Ghoulish Halloween Fun. Don’t be chilled to the bone. Bring your favorite addition for chili for a Chili Potluck Social. Saturday join us for our first ever Halloween Zombie Walk and hayride. Up for some fun? Dig up your deadliest costume and join our 1.25 mile walk around the park. Prizes will be given for the deadliest costume. Prefer dancing? Practice up and meet for a Thriller Zombie mob dance. Also on Saturday, first time ever, is our Tailgate Trick or Treat. On Wednesday the 31st we’ll have our traditional hayride trick or treating.




(Events may be subject to change)

October 20 Running Dead: Zombie Run Get ready to run for your lives! Running Dead will be a zombie infested 5k obstacle course mud run. For those of you who are not familiar with this format it means that we will have militarystyle training obstacles that you would see in a boot camp, as well as a mud pit that you must traverse in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. Also, each runner will have flag football flags attached to their waists that the zombies will try to take, but if you make it to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with at least one of your flags still attached you have officially survived the zombie apocalypse! If not, you will be lost to the world of the undead. You had better get training now, because remember, zombies hate fast food! Event hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Held at Sacramento Regional Park, 2012 Gibson Ranch, just 23 miles from the preserve. For more information call (916) 531-2603.

October 26-27 The Haunted Fort Sutter’s Fort, once a portal for weary pioneers, again serves as the gateway for their restless spirits, who return to tell the tales of their lives and melancholy deaths at this special family friendly event. Held at Sutter’s Fort State Historical Monument, 2701 L Street, in Sacramento, just 27 miles from the preserve. Hours are 6:30 to 9 p.m. and tours leave every 10 minutes; tickets available at

Palm Springs October 11: Our first Ladies Day Out of the season. We start out with lunch at the Elephant Bar followed by shopping at local thrift stores. October 19-20: Welcome Back Weekend! We will start out on Friday night with a Hawaiian themed movie. Then Saturday night we have our Welcome Back Hawaiian Pool Party. Good food, good music and welcoming back good friends. Pack your Hawaiian shirt for this weekend. October 26-28: Don’t be afraid! Join us for a Spooktacular Weekend. Friday and Saturday nights we will turn down the lights, pop some popcorn and watch Halloween themed movies. Decorate your rig, site, bike, golf cart, pets and yourself. Saturday afternoon there will be a Halloween Parade - drive your cart, ride your bike or walk the parade route. Prizes will be awarded for best decorated site, bike, golf cart, best pet costume and best costume for adult and child. Saturday night our little Ghosts and Goblins will haunt the park for goodies. On Sunday we replace Candy Bar Bingo with Halloween J-I-N-G-O.

The Palm Springs community will enjoy a unique event as AOPA presents a Parade of Planes. On October 10, these planes will taxi from the Palm Springs International Airport, via public streets, to the Palm Springs Convention Center. Once there, the planes will be on display, along with other fun-filled activities, until October 13 when the show ends. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on October 10. Sponsored by Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA). For more information call (301) 695-2050.

October 19-21 American Heat Palm Springs Motorcycle Weekend You’ll find stunt shows, live entertainment, and retail vendors galore. Palm Springs is a great place to stay. It’s bounded by lush mountain ranges for the perfect ride and tours of the desert cities. Open to all motorcycles. Event hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Held at Palm Canyon Drive, just 15 miles from the preserve. For more information call (775) 329-7469.

Ponderosa October 13-14 Coloma Gold Rush Live Experience life as it was during the 1850 California Gold Rush era in the location where it all began...Coloma, California, home of Sutter’s Mill, and the location where gold was discovered that touched off the California Gold Rush! Enjoy live music, live history tent encampments, historic trade demonstrations, and a merchants’ market. There is gold panning for kids and adults, as well as sawmill demonstrations and historic reenactments. Event is held at Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, just a mile from the preserve. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. For information call (530) 295-2170 or visit

Wilderness Lakes October 6: Casino Night: Come play Blackjack for FREE. Play with Wilderness money and get rich. Tickets given and drawing for prizes at the end of the evening. Must be 21 to play. October 13: Octoberfest. Have you ever tasted German Beer? This is your chance. FREE German Beer to everyone over age 21. Root Beer tasting for the kids. Enjoy a few pretzels on the side. Ooom Papa Music for your enjoyment. You can experience all that wrapped up in one evening. October 20: Movie Night for the whole family. FREE Popcorn also! October 26-28: Halloween Weekend includes Haunted House, Costume Contest, Trick-Or-Treating, and Pumpkin Decorating. Dominic’s Karaoke will allow everyone the spotlight experience. Lots of songs to choose from for all ages. Come see if you could be the next American Idol!


October 19: The kitchen reopens with a Fish Fry and breakfast resumes. October 26: All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner, plus costume contest, popcorn and a movie for Halloween. October 27: Trick or Treat in the park at 2 p.m. From 6 to 8 p.m. we’ll have our Halloween-themed weekend “Zombieland” events including a haunted walk, pumpkin patch for the little tikes, Halloween party with DJ Dave, plus games and prizes til 10 p.m. October 28: Fireside Ghost Stories and marshmallow road at 8 p.m.

Peace River October 19 Fall Festival Main Street Wauchula puts on a street fair on the third Friday of every month. October’s theme is Fall Festival. Local companies and vendors set up booths and there is also live entertainment. This is a very family friendly atmosphere reminiscent of yesteryear! Sponsored by Main Street Wauchula. For information call (863) 767-0330.

San Benito


October 13: Oktoberfest: During the day we’ll be tasting all types of beer, root beer, that is! At 6 p.m. we will have our Oktoberfest dinner and music afterward with Mike Noonan. October 20: Karaoke with Noni at 7 p.m., plus complimentary snacks. October 27: Halloween Parade at noon followed by Magic Show with Leo at 1 p.m. Halloween carnival from 4 to 6 p.m. and our restaurant will be serving up wonderful carnival foods.

October 20: Our last weekend of the season includes a Halloween Celebration – fun for all ages. Entertainment under the pavilion, trick or treating in the late afternoon and in the evening we’ll have our Haunted Wagon Ride, the best of the best.

Every Wednesday is Tea Time Social at 1:30 p.m., followed by creating cards for our troops at 2 p.m. in the Family Lodge. Friday dinner specials from 6 to 7 p.m. Every Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 to 10 a.m., we have breakfast with a full menu. The first Saturday is our Manager’s Meeting at 11 a.m. Ice Cream Socials are every Friday through Sunday from 2 to 2:30 p.m. We also have non-denominational Sunday services at 11 a.m. Movies in the Fireplace


October 10-13 AOPA Parade of Planes at The Palm Springs Convention Center

Room of the Family Lodge on Fridays and Sundays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 7 and 9 p.m.

Gateway to Cape Cod

Through October 21 King Richard’s Faire Entertainment, exciting rides and skill games abound on the enchanted 80-acre site. Eight stages, acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, minstrels, dancers, fire eaters, puppeteers and even exotic tigers are here. Held at 235 Main Street, in Carver, just 15 miles from the preserve. Tickets at the gate are $27 for adults, $15 for children ages 4-11 and children under age 4 are free. OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER



NEW YORK Rondout Valley


October 6-7: Columbus Day brings back our 3rd Annual Breast Cancer fundraiser. Tickets will be sold in advance in our Activities department.


October 19-21: Halloween in the Woods: All day fun for children and adults. Crafts and fun are spectacular at the “spook-a-rama” for the kids. Children come out in your scary, cute, or original Halloween costume for the costume contest. Jack-o-Lantern carving contest. Trick-or-treating is so much fun for givers and takers of sweets galore. Site decorating is sure to be more frightening than ever before. Dinner before the goblins come out to explore. The woods are haunted with monsters and more. Test your courage as you travel through “Halloween in the Woods”. End the evening with an adult costume contest no one should miss.

October 2-31 Sylvan Heights Corn Maze Great Halloween fun for all ages – go through the corn maze and find 15 numbered spots with letter clues to fill in the puzzle. The Corn Maze will be open during regular hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday (closed on Monday). Admission to the corn maze is $2 per person; the corn maze fee is separate from the regular park admission. (Regular admission is $9 for adults (13-61), $5 for children (3 to 12) and $7 for Senior Citizens (62 +); children under 3 are free). Sylvan Heights Bird Park is located at 500 Sylvan Heights Parkway, in Scotland Neck, just 30 miles from the preserve. For more information visit


Kenisee Lake October 13-14 Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival Parade, crafts, quilt show, antique cars and engines, mini bridge entertainment and food as well as drive it yourself bridge tours through our 18 covered bridges, including the longest and shortest in the USA. Event hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission fee is $4 and parking is free. Held at the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, less than 4 miles from the preserve. For information call (440) 576-3769.

Wilmington October 13: Halloween Scream! The ghosts and goblins will descend upon us this weekend. Come to the spooky lodge and carve your scary pumpkin. Trick-or-treat for goodies. Costume contest and site decoration contest. October 20-21: Farewell Weekend. Time to clean up your campsites and prepare for the winter season. Say goodbye to camper friends until next April when we re-open for a whole new season of fun. 18



OREGON Pacific City

October 31 Halloween in Downtown Tillamook Trick or Treating at the businesses in the downtown area runs from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Whalers Rest October 5-7: Everyone is German this weekend at our Whalers Rest Oktoberfest. We’ll have pretzel making, beer tasting, and yummy snacks. Don’t forget your mug and join our Drink Drop Game! October 31: Join us for some crazy Halloween fun! At 6 p.m. we’ll be hanging out in the North Clubhouse for some “Spooky Bingo Fun”. You can dress up for some extra chances for prizes too! See ya there!

October 5-7 Newport Performing Arts Center Great jazz and jazz lovers together on the beautiful Oregon coast! 2012 lineup includes Clayton Brothers Quintet, Graham Dechter, Denise Donatelli, Wycliffe Gordon, Jeff Hamilton and Atsuko Hashimoto. Arts Center is just 5 minutes from the preserve.


October 5-9: PA Dutch Potluck Weekend includes Friday night candy bar bingo in the Barn, Saturday-ceramic class ($), plus wagon ride-bring a food. This is our last potluck of the season. October 12-14: Fall Festival I Weekend includes Friday night movie in the craft room, Saturday-ceramic class ($), wagon ride and Trick or Treat night. October 19-21: Fall Festival II Weekend (Closing Weekend) features Friday night entertainment by Men & Machine and Saturday Halloween Party for all!

Scotrun October 5-8: Columbus Day Weekend: Ice Cream Social with all the trimmings! Pig Out! Fall foliage time and a special big discount at whitewater rafting. Float down the beautiful Lehigh River Gorge. Call (800) 944-8392 for further info. October 26-28: Spookedelic Weekend: Decorate your “Fright Site”! We’ll have pumpkin painting and Trick and Treat Time. Get your costume ready for the “Monster Mash” on Saturday night. The Haunted Candle Shoppe (as seen on TV-Animal Plant) is only five minutes up the road.

October 19-21 Pocono Mountains Elvis Festival Three day world class event – music, life and fans of Elvis honored. Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, Las Vegas-style headline show, costume ball and more.

October 14 St. Anthony Fall Festival

Pumpkin chuckin’, hayrides, petting farm, pony rides, daytime hayride includes “Creep Show”. Fright Nites include Zombie Apocalypse, Waldorf Hotel and Terror in the Corn. All pumpkins $3. Free festival admission.

Held at St. Anthony Catholic Church, 1602 Bowie St. Columbus, just 5 miles from the preserve. Event begins at 9 a.m. For more information call (979) 732-9758.


October 6-28 The Great Pumpkin Festival and Fright Night

Lake Conroe

SOUTH CAROLINA Carolina Landing

October 20, 26, 27: Carolina Landing Haunted Basement. Entry is free to all members. If you aren’t too scared you will receive a voucher to the party upstairs and a free meal. Those too wimpy will have to pay.

TENNESSEE Natchez Trace

October 6: Fall Fun Weekend includes pumpkin painting, scarecrow building and Corn Hole tournament. October 13: Oktoberfest Weekend includes movies at the Amphitheater at 7 p.m. October 20: Fall in Love Weekend features romantic dinner and dance. October 27: Spooktacular Celebration complete with carnival and hayride.

October 12-14 Oktoberfest Held in Hohenwald, just 10 miles from the preserve, event includes giant flea market, arts & crafts, live music and food concessions. Sponsored by the Hohenwald Arts Guild.


Bay Landing October 5-7: Columbus Day Celebration: Who sailed the ocean blue? Christopher Columbus, of course! It will be an educational day with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Crafts will be made and coloring contests of the ships and many more activities. Come join the fun! October 26-28: Halloween Costume Party: All you ghosts and goblins come for the kids party in the early afternoon, and don’t forget the adults costume party Saturday night. This is our last hoopla for the season and we always do it up right with lots of treats and goodies for all. Our haunted hayride just gets better and better and this year we will have another surprise for you!

Colorado River Please contact the Ranger office during business hours for information about October activities.

October 27 Stafford Opera House Dinner Theater The Navasota Theatre Alliance presents The Odd Couple-Female Version Performances are held at the Stafford Opera House, 412 Spring St., downtown Columbus, just 5 miles from the preserve. For information call (979) 732-8385.

October 6: Weird & Wacky Weekend: This weekend will be all about everything weird and wacky. There will be a contest for the wackiest and weirdest outfit. Wacky Golf will also be on our schedule for the weekend, plus other weird and wacky games. October 13: Throw Back Weekend: Say Welcome to Buddy the Bear! He will be at the park to remind us of the old days. We will be having a pancake breakfast and playing some of the games that were played years ago. So come join us for a Blast from the Past. October 20: Oktoberfest Weekend: Come join us for some of October’s special Treats and Crafts. We will be playing some Halloween Games and enjoying a lot of Pumpkin Treats. October 27: Halloween Weekend: Lake Conroe is the place to be this weekend. We will be having a carnival (popcorn, Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy and Games). Our Annual trick or treat & haunted trail will be better than ever. So come and enjoy.

October 20-21 Pet Fest PetFest is a weekend event in Old Town Spring, Texas dedicated to finding homes for the many wonderful animals in shelters and rescue groups across Houston and the surrounding areas. We invite you to grab your furkids and join us for this fun-filled festival of entertainment and education while helping raise money, volunteers and foster homes. This festival is great for the whole family and pet lovers alike. Held at 123-F Midway Spring, just 30 miles from the preserve. For information call (281) 3539310.

Lake Whitney October 6: Annual Pioneer Days Weekend: Carrying on our annual tradition helping to celebrate our great Pioneer Days weekend guests are encouraged to go to town and visit the booths, take the family to the carnival and taste the local cuisine. There will be activities all weekend long including a Junior Miss Lake Whitney and Miss Lake Whitney beauty pageant. There will also be a parade sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce so you don’t want to miss that! October 13: Casi Chili Cook-off. October 20: Homecoming Weekend: Let’s reminisce about prior years and enjoy a time of meeting new members. October 27: Halloween Weekend: Lot of activities all ending with a wagon ride through the preserve.

October 6 Pioneer Day Sponsored by the Lake Whitney Chamber of Commerce, event includes carnival games and rides, arts & crafts booths, baby photo contest, pet photo contest, rodeo, food booths, live entertainment, parade and street dance. Events are held in downtown Whitney, just 5 miles from the preserve (streets will be closed to traffic).




Medina Lake


Every Thursday and Saturday we will have an Ice Cream Social. Treat your taste buds to mounds of ice cream! Every Friday night we will have a wienie roast. Come roast your dog the way you like it over an oak wood fire. October 6: Bingo Saturday - Candy Bars, Ice Cream and Super Prizes are all waiting for you to yell BINGO! October 13: Octoberfest features craft sale, kids’ crafts, and candy game. If you are a competitor, come join us for root beer chuggings, sauekraut sausage eating and waltz and polka dancing. Top of the Trail will be serving a German meal during the dinner hours. October 27: Halloween Weekend: It’s time to carve some pumpkins, bob for apples, and smash some pinatas. Dress up in your finest costume for our contest and go trick or treating. In the evening, we will have a haunted carnival for all to enjoy.

Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays in October Great Hill Country Pumpkin Patch The Great Hill Country Pumpkin Patch focuses on old-fashioned family fun that boasts the blessing of earth’s bountiful harvest. Fresh picked apples, figs, and persimmons are joined by the likes of dried corn stalks, large variety of harvest squash, dried decorative corn, gourds and a wonderful selection of pumpkins. Enjoy hayrides, playing in the hay bale maze and giant hay stacks. Visit the petting zoo, enjoy barrel train rides, apple orchard tours and the cider mill and and apple processing. Enjoy storytelling and sing-alongs, and much more. Event is held at Love Creek Orchards, in Medina. For more information call (210) 215-1995.


September 29: An Early Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration Potluck beginning at 5 p.m. October 26-28: Haunted House tours and Halloween Festivities.

October 18-20 Fall Craft and Antique Show Shop for handcrafted gifts, home décor, vintage treasures and gourmet delights. Held at Northwest Washington Fairgrounds, just 12 miles from the preserve. Hours are Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Chehalis October 27: 3rd Annual Haunted Forest: Bring your little goblins for the Trick or Treat Hayride, games, costume contest, Creepy Campsite contest, face painting table, photo corner($), crafts($), and fun! Bring your appetites for Witch’s Brew Stew and hot apple cider ($). Join us for another ghoulishly good time! Dusk to 8 p.m. ‘Happy TTrails’ horse trails are open for you equine enthusiasts (reservations required). The spa at the Adult Lodge is open all winter. Children accompanied by parents are welcome until 6pm. Must be age 8+ to use the spa.

October 6 Onalaska Apple Harvest Festival For more information call (360) 978-4018.


October 27 Pumpkin Steam Train Ride

October 6: Dog Daze: Contests for Best Dog/Owner Resemblance, Best Tail Wagger and more. October 13: 16th Annual Dragon Run Day: This festival is one of our biggest events of the year. We’ll enjoy delicious seafood catered by Damon’s Restaurant and celebrate the rich natural heritage of the Dragon Run watershed area. Featured events and activities include Ride the Dragon - 3 bike ride options of 25-, 50- and 100-mile lengths; Introduction to Kayaking – free and all equipment provided; Interpretive Boat Tours up the Piankatank River into the headwaters of the Dragon Run – all day long and also free, on a first-come, first-serve basis; hands-on eco-exhibits and displays, a craft bazaar, hayrides and live entertainment throughout the day. October 27: Halloween Weekend: Chesapeake Bay is, hands down, the best place to bring your kids or grandkids for Halloween. Dozens of rigs are decorated for our annual contest, there are pumpkins to be painted or carved, and stiff (ha!ha!) costume contests for all ages. Trick-or-treat around the campground at nightfall, then dance off all that sugar at the Monster Mash Dance, DJ’d by Count Dracula himself.

Train leaves from the Chehalis Train Station, just 15 minutes from the preserve. For more information call (360) 748-9593 or visit

Chesapeake Bay




Grandy Creek October 26-28: “Spooktacular” Weekend: A haunting weekend full of Halloween fun! Participate in our costume contest, pumpkin carving contest and site decorating contest. Trick-or-treat all over the park, come along for a frightening ride on our haunted hayride, then make your way through our spooktacular haunted house. Join us if you dare, for a Halloween scare!

La Conner October 6: Canadian Thanksgiving. Join us for our famous turkey dinner. We serve the turkey, potatoes and gravy, you bring the veggies and dessert to share. Cost is $4.99, plus tax, per person. October 27: Happy Halloween! Bring your own pumpkin or get one from the Rec. girls for our carving contest. Then join us for a piñata and costume contest and parade. Come Trick or Treat and then we’ll finish the night with a scary hayride through the Haunted Wood – not for the faint of heart.

The 2012 Quilt Festival features an exhibition of Juried and Judged quilts and fiber art, plus four days of quilt events and workshops with international instructors within walking distance of the Museum. Festival hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A $10 donation includes entrance to all venues. For more information visit

October 26 Boneshaker Bicycle Festival This scenic cycling event has everything a rider could want as your tour the fabulous Skagit Valley. Enjoy the views of the countryside and beautiful Cascade Mountains as you pedal off the miles on seven different, mostly flat, loops that vary from 4 to 25 miles. All the rides are self-guided and will start/finish in the historic waterfront town of La Conner at the marina. Other event activities include a bike swap and expo, guest speakers, live music and entertainment, kids’ parade, bike decorating, bike safety rodeo, raffles and prizes. For more information visit

Leavenworth October 5-6, 12-13 and 19-20 Oktoberfest Celebration The world famous Bavarian Village of Leavenworth has one of the best Oktoberfest’s in the world! Event features live music, Wine Festival, Leaf Festival, Theatrical Plays and Musicals, plus great food & great beer! Event is just a short 25-30 minute drive to from the preserve.

Long Beach October 13: Candy Bar Bingo: Bingo with playing cards, fun for the whole family! Assorted candy bars for the winners. October 27: Halloween Scavenger Hunt – Hunt for assorted candy & toys/games in the Lodge or on the campground-wear your Halloween costume!



Mount Vernon October 5-6 Oktoberfest


Through October 7 Two Color Quilts Exhibit at La Connor Quilt & Textile Museum

Held at the Port of Anacortes Warehouse, just 18 miles from the preserve, event features music, food and more during this fall festival. Sample locally homemade beer. For more information call (360) 293-7911.

October 6, 13, 20 and 27 Concrete Ghost Walk Visit some of Concrete’s most haunted locations while learning some of the town’s history along the way. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. For more information call (360) 853-8767.

NEWS&NOTES FROM THE PRESERVES Bay Landing Bay Landing has gotten new patio furniture recliners, tables, and chairs. They look awesome! The A-Frames are getting new shingles and new siding is now on 8A and B through 12A-B and the back porches have new screens and screen doors. The fishing pier pavilion is being put back up. Gateway to Cape Cod The Member’s Lounge at Gateway to Cape Cod is getting a new floor! Lake Conroe Lake Conroe replaced some of the furniture in the Getaways and also the furniture in the Activity Center has been replaced. PA Dutch F Bath is being remodeled at PA Dutch. Palm Springs The remodel of Restroom A is completed at Palm Springs. Come check out the pretty tile work! Peace River Blue Jay Lane has been paved and the potholes at the entrance patched. South Jetty A-Loop sites now have electric restored opening additional full hook-up RV sites at South Jetty. Our main entrance outbound lane now has a tire ripper installed to prevent unauthorized access to the preserve. The RV Resource Guide is now available at South Jetty.




CLUB CALENDAR OCTOBER 2012 TT SINGLES Central California October 26-28: Lake of the Springs, CA December 7-9: San Benito, CA Contact Jane Davis at (209) 467-3278 or email to; Becky Staffeld at (408) 253-6995 or email to Northwest October 26-28: Chehalis, OR November 23-25: La Conner, WA Contact: Director Dewey Erlwein at (360) 880-7443 or email to; Winnie Hoyteniuk at (604) 858-9757 or email to (British Columbia); Daphne Bailey at (503) 590-8566 or email to (Oregon); or Linda Christofferson at (360) 653-3648 (Washington). FMCA Lewis & Clark October 12-15: Seaside, OR (Planning Meeting) We are members of TTN and FMCA who meet once a month at various Washington and Oregon preserves. New members who are members of TTN and FMCA are always welcome. Contact Roger Beausoleil at (503) 390-4753 or Schar Olsen at (253) 208-0553 for more information about our fun activities. Southwest October 19-21: Wilderness Lakes, CA November 16-18: Palm Springs, CA Contact Babe Bohner at (909) 797-6437 FUN NITES Fun Nites are social gatherings organized by and for TTN members. Eugene/Springfield Area Round-a-Bouters group For more information call Merry Klum (541) 726-7586 or Leona Todd (541) 844-4277 Pacific City Pacific City Ramblers Ramblers meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5 p.m. at Home Town Buffet in the Tigard Market Place, 13500 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, Oregon. Contact Charlie Buren at (503) 705-1587, Chickie Dientsel at (503) 286-8566 or Suzy Mulbey at (503) 678-2993. All Portland-area TT, NACO and LTR members welcome.




TTN So Cal Weekenders October 5-7: Oakzanita, CA November 2-4: Verde Valley, AZ We are a group of TTN members who meet once a month at Southern California preserves. All ages welcome; we have both working and retired members. No dues, just fellowship. email: website: TT Travelers October 1-3: Verde Valley, AZ November 5-7: Pio Pico, CA We are retired residents of Southern California who are TTN members. We meet monthly at a Southern California preserve for fellowship, games and potlucks. Please call Darlene Steddum at (805) 714-9038 or email to or Sharon Straite at (562) 899-8298 or email to if you are interested in information about our group. TTWest/FMCA November 16-18: San Benito, CA Members of Thousand Trails and FMCA meet at Northern California Preserves bimonthly, except for the “no-host get-together” at Palm Springs Preserve immediately following the FMCA Western Area Rally in Indio, California. Contact Bob Litfin at (408) 2266529 or email to Reservations are required two weeks in advance. TT of Texas/FMCA November 9-12: Medina Lake, TX New members must be a member of TTN and FMCA. Contact Connie Farrar at (817) 454-4612 or email to Our website is: We also have a blog site: Bounders United (“BUTTN”) Campouts Wagonmaster will be Tom & Pat Kennedy. “Bounders United/TTN” are TTN members who own Bounder motorhomes and belong to Bounders United. For more information, contact Thomas Kennedy at (360) 7944903 or email at TT East Trail Buddies We are an FMCA chapter exclusively for TT Members. We have three rallies each year at TT preserves on the East Coast. For more information, please contact Club Secretary Peter Kamenik at (410) 287-8440 or email to






o Noble and Dean left Ecuador – the land of good bananas and bad gasoline and the memorable mountain, Cotopaxi, and headed for Peru. Peru – the land of mystery, the Incas, the highest fresh water lake, the driest large city on Earth and Amazon Indians who wore no clothing! Read on! By the time they reached Lima, the capital city of Peru, they had not bathed for two weeks because fresh water was hard to find. Finding a fresh water cistern at the Jeep dealer in Lima, Noble promptly took advantage of the water and jumped in (only after the owners of the agency removed the concrete slab that covered the cistern). “I enjoyed the mini-pool to my heart’s content,” said Noble. A note about Lima. While it is a coastal city, it hardly every rains there. “It is so dry that the taxi drivers do not have windshield wipers on their taxis,” said Noble. The reason for the dry climate is the direction the winds blow. “Americans enjoy westerly winds – meaning that the winds which bring clouds full of water come out of the west, as a general rule. There are no westerlies in Lima – all winds are easterlies,” explains Noble. “And like no other parts of North or South America, those easterlies cannot get over the high Andean mountains so all the rain is dropped on the east side of the Andes (that explains why the Amazon River is the world’s largest fresh water river).” A note about fertilizer. Did you know that the dried excrement of sea fowl, also known as guano, is a popular, highly-marketed fertilizer? “Naturally Dean wanted to see the cormorants,” said Noble, adding that the cormorants are major producers of guano. “So we took a small boat out of Lima to visit the Guano Islands, which were only a few miles offshore.” Besides the cormorants, what did they see? “Dozens of men scraping guano off the rocks. Pure rich guano ready for the market,” said Noble. “If it rained the guano would be gone, but it does not rain so guano scraping was a big business in Peru thanks to the tens of thousands of cormorant birds who feed off the abundant fish in the Pacific.”



A note about the Incas. “The Incas are a mysterious tribe of Indians who speak Quechua, not Spanish, which is the official language of Peru and Bolivia,” said Noble. “They live in the high plains of Peru at about 12,000 feet, in the “Altiplano.” At the time, the best way to reach the area is by a very narrow road. “We decided the must-sees in Peru would be the Altiplano, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca,” said Noble. Now Cusco was more than 600 miles over the Cordillera on a steep road. How would the big, slow Jeep handle this? A note about Peru’s Railroad. “Peru sports the highest operating steam railroad on earth, whose highest pass is about 15,000 feet,” said Noble. “That is higher than any mountain peak in California’s Sierra or Colorado’s Rockies.” Noble wanted to ride the railroad so Dean agreed to bring the Jeep along and meet him near the top of the rails. The Jeep handled the journey the first 100 miles out of Lima… only 500 miles left to reach Cusco. “I rendezvoused with Dean after the first day of train riding and together we drove the Jeep to Cusco, averaging about 100 miles per day. We were never out of low gear for six consecutive days because we were so heavy while ascending. It was 10 to 12 mph all day long, sun up to sundown, all the way to Cusco,” said Noble. A note about Machu Picchu. At 11,000 feet, Cusco is the staging point for advancing to Machu Picchu. You take a small electric railcar down to Machu Picchu, which lies about 2000 feet above the Urubamba River. The world discovered Machu Picchu when Yale’s Hiram Bingham was led to Machu Picchu in 1911 by a couple of Peruvians. Hiram put this place on the world map although he was not the first European to have discovered Machu Picchu.

That victory belongs to a number of missionaries and a German businessman. Hiram Bingham was born in 1875, the same year as USC’s Dr. Rufus B. von KleinSmid, remember him…the man whose letter got Noble out of the Colombian jail. Bingham went on to become a U.S. Senator, Governor for one day of the Constitution State and wrote a best seller in 1948 about Machu Picchu entitled ”The Lost City of the Incas.” Peru is not a small country. It is almost twice the size of Texas and much of it lies on the east side of the Andes in the jungle. “The Upper Amazon, the Selvas, we ventured down into the jungle by road and then took a 3-day canoe trip powered by a big outboard motor with two Catholic missionaries on the Alto Madre de Dios River into a land of primitive natives who lived off the jungle riches with berries and hunting small animals,” said Noble. “These natives wore no clothing. They lived by their wits only and by bow and arrow... and Dean was in paradise identifying many zygodactic new birds.” “On our way to the world’s largest high lake, Lake Titicaca, elevation 11,500 feet, we crossed the continental divide at 15,968 feet. The highest road on Earth in a country linking another country. There are mine roads to nowhere which are higher, but not main highway roads. This was it! So we had reached one of the world’s four road extremities. It was never our thought that maybe we could reach the other three road extremities too but stand by and let’s see what happens on this hegira of ours to the ends of the earth,” says Noble.

Quechua Indians chewing cocoa on totora reed matted village. Lake Titicaca, Peru

Noble in boat on the Alto Madre de Dios River Amazon of Peru.

“Puno is the town on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca…this is Altiplano country. The air is thin, it is not hot…it is chilly during the day...and it is cold at night,” said Noble. “We engaged a Quechua Indian as a guide to take us out into the lake via a reed boat to visit a family living among the totora reeds. Our guide found us a raft to venture out into the lake one night. I put on three pairs of sweat socks and my feet were still cold. I noted that the Quechua guide was bare foot and not cold. Why was that? Because he chewed cocoa and that drug deadened his senses.” Lake Titicaca is about 125 miles long. It is not deep. “The totora-reed Indians live out on manmade totora reed, matted down pads and fish and struggle to this high less than friendly chilly atmosphere,” explains Noble. On the other side of the lake is Bolivia. Dean and Noble’s next venture in the Altiplano. Viva el Peru! On to Bolivia! ■

Totora reed raft. Lake Titicaca, Peru OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER

25 25

America! ENJOY


A most heartfelt and warm greeting from historic Fillmore, Utah—the state’s very first capitol! Yes, it’s true. Fillmore was the seat of government from December 1855, when they held the first meeting of the Territorial Legislature, until December 1858 when the seat of government was permanently moved to Salt Lake City. Interesting enough, this is Utah’s oldest existing governmental building, and is definitely worth a visit. While you and your family are traveling through scenic central Utah, you are welcome to stay at Wagons West RV Campground, nestled at the foot of the beautiful mountain range of the Fishlake National Forest. Their shady, clean and quiet campground offers 50 RV sites with 50-amp electricity. All of the sites are “pullthrough”, eliminating any headaches when you arrive, or depart. If you prefer sleeping under more stars than you could count in a lifetime, tent sites are also available. With doors open year-round, Wagons West RV Campground guests are found enjoying the numerous ATV trails leading you to amazing desert scenery where you are able to explore lava tubes and the

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historic Topaz Relocation Camp used during World War II. If your ATV adventure requires another few days, camp near Delta, Utah, or up in the breathtaking Fishlake National Forest, and perhaps further east into Richfield, Utah where other adventures lay waiting. Wagons West RV Campground offers Enjoy America! members 50% savings for two nights. Enjoy America! makes quality camping more affordable with 50% savings on regular overnight fees for RV sites at participating campgrounds. Your 50% discount is good for the duration of your stay, one night only, or a few days on a space available basis as specified by each park. Enjoy America! is included in RPI Plus, RPI Preferred, RPI Preferred Gold and RPI Preferred with Resort Connections programs. This program is available to anyone and can be purchased on its own for only $39.95. Call RPI at 1-888-643-6569 for more information. Visit to view all the participating campgrounds.

Buffalo Hills Where RPI Members Can Memorably Roam Senecaville, Ohio

A hallmark of RPI membership is the wonderful variety of locations where you can hook up the RV while discovering the marvelous sights of the U.S. and Canada. One such place is rural Noble County in southeastern Ohio, a marvel of wooded hills, clear meadows and misty valleys crisscrossed by a system of sparkling streams. It’s all about getting back to nature, and appreciating the goodness of flora and fauna. Buffalo Hills Resort in Senecaville is the site for you to stay at in this fine region, and an example of RPI excellence – it’s a newly added Preferred Resort. Buffalo Hills is a beautiful, premier 360-acre campground. “Our most popular features are horseback riding, ATV rentals and trails, our stocked ponds for fishing and the paddle boats,” said Resort Office Manager Joyce MacBlain. “Our clientele is more focused on families who like the outdoors.” In addition to the full line of amenities and the gorgeous views of the surrounding rolling hills, the resort has something truly unique and spectacular. A family of six buffalo lives on the property. Nearby attractions allow you to spend time more with members of the animal kingdom, too. Not an RPI Member? Add RPI Basic for Only $79 $89 or RPI Plus for

Deerasic Park is home to some of the largest whitetail bucks in captivity and affords the opportunity to see the deer in their natural habitat. And The Wilds, a 10,000-acre conservation center and safari park, is home to rare and endangered species from around the globe living on the open range. For recreational pursuits, Salt Fork State Park is Ohio’s largest at 17,229 acres. Also, Seneca Lake is a mere three miles from Buffalo Hills and has fishing, hiking, biking, hunting, swimming and a full-service marina. (The resort has its own boat storage facilities.) You can also make a charming visit to the world of fiction. For the kids – both young and old – the Hopalong Cassidy Museum is a short drive away. Any dads who were fans in boyhood of this cowboy hero, who appeared in stories, novels and films, can now share the clean-cut exhibit with their young-uns. A gem of the midwest, Buffalo Hills embodies the value of RPI membership. You get monetary savings with reduced rates and the highest quality resorts in the nation. Buffalo Hills is just the latest resort to join the ever-expanding RPI catalogue. Visit to check out the extensive list of resorts available to you. Call 1-800-456-7774 for the benefits gained with RPI membership.

Call 1-800-635-8498 for information CO, LTR You must be a NA mber or Mid-Atlantic me offer. to qualify for this


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Saintly Cities San Francisco & San Diego Live Up to Their Names By Lynn Seldon

alifornia’s history is full of “saintly” destinations, thanks to the many missions founded in the state centuries earlier. “San” is Spanish for “saint” and many missions—and eventually cities—would be named for saints. That makes it easy to explore the saintly sides and much more of San Diego and San Francisco.




Saintly San Diego

The waterfront city of San Diego is not only California’s birthplace, it’s also the state’s historic soul in many ways. Any visit should start by heading to Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma, where California was first “discovered” by Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo aboard the San Salvador in 1542. He called the place he landed San Miguel. The history of San Diego is indelibly linked to San Diego de Alcala (Saint Didacus of Alcala, Spain), for whom the area was renamed in 1602 when Sebastian Vizcaino was mapping the coast and celebrated mass honoring the saint. Didacus had several miracles attributed to him and was canonized in 1588. He was the saint to whom the Franciscan mission was dedicated—which would eventually develop into the modern city of San Diego. The Mission San Diego de Alcala was originally located in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and was Father Junipero Serra’s first California mission. It was founded in 1769 and relocated in 1774 to its present site six miles away in Mission Valley near the San Diego River. Visitors can make reservations for a tour, attend mass in the original chapel, visit the mission’s fascinating museum (and great gift shop), and stroll among the mission grounds—including the oldest known cemetery in California. The active church is a National Historic Landmark. There are many other missions and “saintly” stops well worth a visit in the San Diego area, including Mission San Luis Rey (the state’s largest mission and also a symbol of early mission history); Assistencia de San Antonio de Pala (better known as Pala Mission and the only California mission still used as a school and place of worship by Native Americans); the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception (the oldest church in San Diego); the Immaculata Parish (at the University of San Diego); Santa Isabela (a sub-mission of Mission San Diego de Alcala); and Mission Trails Regional Park (encompassing almost 5,800 acres of natural landscape still much like it was when Cabrillo landed in 1542). Photo: Balboa Park California Tower Courtesy Museum of Man


29 29

Cabrillo Monument - Courtesy Joanne DiBona

Much like California’s early missions, the San Diego Museum of Man’s mission is, “Inspiring human connections by exploring the human experience.” Located in bustling Balboa Park—which is often called the “Smithsonian of the West” thanks to the vast number and quality of cultural institutions—the museum accomplishes this through a variety of special and core exhibits. Debuting in 2002, “Footsteps Through Time: Four Million Years of Human Evolution” represents a milestone in the museum’s 95-year history. Located across Balboa Park from the Museum of Man and actually a part of its offerings, Saint Francis Chapel is also well worth a visit. It was built to add a religious note to the 1915 Panama-California Exposition and features an altar with elegant modeled figures of the Virgin and Child—flanked by Saint Francis Xavier and, naturally, San Diego de Alcala. Founding fathers and modern San Diegans have loved their beer for centuries and it’s quite apparent at both Lost Abbey Brewing Company (“Inspired Beer for Sinners and Saints Alike”) and Mission Brewery. Both breweries have popular tasting rooms.

Mission San Diego de Alcala Interior Courtesy Jeffrey Lamont Brown

Of course, the area that would become San Diego was home to men and women long before missions were even established—or beer brewed. Starting with the descendents of Asians who crossed the Bering Strait and later with Kumeyaay and other Native American tribes, there are now 18 Indian reservations in San Diego County—more than any other county in the nation. This history and culture is easily explored at places like the Barona Cultural Center & Museum and the Cupa Cultural Center. The Old Town area of San Diego is another living legacy of California’s birthplace. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park marks the site of the first Spanish settlement on the west coast and also represent’s the city’s Spanish heritage from 1821 to 1872, when Mexico gained independence from Spain and took over the area. Casa de Esudillo, Casa de Aguirre Museum, and Plaza del Pasado (including tasty Casa de Reyes restaurant) all provide an introduction to the this fascinating part of San Diego’s history.


Gaslamp Sign - Courtesy John Bahu

Mission San Luis Rey - Courtesy Bob Yarbrough

Presidio Hill is a short hike from Old Town. This is where California’s Spanish settlers initially resided before building houses at the bottom of the hill. The Junipero Serra Museum on the Presidio showcases items left behind by its early inhabitants.


Saint Francis Fountain

Other interesting areas worth exploring include the Gaslamp Quarter (San Diego’s “New Town” from the late-1800s); Coronado (home to famed Hotel del Coronado and great neighborhood walking tours); Julian (the heart of San Diego’s mining days); Balboa Park (the cultural core of the city); the famed San Diego Zoo; and, of course, all of San Diego’s waterfront, including downtown’s fascinating Maritime Museum of San Diego (which will soon feature a full-sized, fully-functional, and accurate replica of Cabrillo’s San Salvador).

Saintly San Fran

Like San Diego, the history of San Francisco is inevitably linked to the establishment of a mission back in the 1700s. However, earlier inhabitants included Ohlone Native Americans and several famed explorers did pass by the strategic natural harbor, including Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo of San Diego fame and Sir Francis Drake. The first must-see in saintly San Francisco is most definitely Mission Delores Parish. Originally founded on June 29, 1776 (yes, 1776) as Misión San Francisco de Asis—again, under the direction of Father Junipero Serra (who established a total of 21 missions in the state). It’s the oldest building in San Francisco and the oldest intact mission chapel in all of California. Mission Delores Parish SFCVB photo by Phillip H. Coblentz

The still-active parish today is made up of the original Old Mission and the Basilica. The mission’s cemetery is the final resting place for numerous Native Americans and many California pioneers. The beautiful gardens have been restored to what they would have looked like in the late-1700s. It’s appropriate for a city as diverse as San Francisco that Mission Delores is located in the midst of the Mission District, the Castro District, Lower Haight, Noe Valley, and Upper Market Street. Thus, there’s a wide diversity of people who visit and worship at the birthplace of San Francisco. California’s first cathedral is also located in San Francisco. The Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral is situated near the city’s famed old Chinatown and modern financial district. The historic missionary church was dedicated in a Christmas Midnight Mass in 1854 under newly consecrated 36-year-old Bishop Joseph Sadoc Alemany from Spain.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral

Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral © BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons

The design was by architects William Craine and Thomas England, who created the cathedral to resemble a Gothic church from Alemany’s Spanish hometown in Vich. It survived the huge 1906 earthquake and was renovated in 1909.



“Angel of Vision” - Eddie Rodriguez and Tony Sheets

Alcatraz - SFCVB photo by P.Fuszard

Less than two miles away, Saint Mary’s Cathedral plays as modern counterpart to Old Saint Mary’s. The contemporary design is befitting of the times and is well worth a visit (as is the gift shop). Though his namesake Italian town is 6,000-plus miles to the east, Saint Francis of Assisi is also ever present in San Francisco in many ways. For instance, the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi is an urban oasis that includes the shrine and La Porziuncola Nuova (Lady Chapel), a scaled 2008 replica of Saint Francis’s Porziuncola in Assisi. Other interesting stops for Saint Francis fans might include St. Francis Episcopal Church (look for the St. Francis statue in the pulpit niche); the St. Francis Yacht Club (host to the 2013 America’s Cup); St. Francis Fountain (which claims to be the oldest ice cream parlor in the city); and the stunning Westin St. Francis (a grande dame on Union Square). Though the city is filled with lots of saintliness, San Francisco has hosted its fair share of sinners as well. Many of them were residents at Alcatraz, the famed federal penitentiary from 1934 until 1963. Still structurally intact, Alcatraz is just 1½ miles from Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s reached by frequent Alcatraz Cruises ferry service, with self guided tours of the cell house (the award-winning audio tour is excellent), main prison block, library, mess hall, and more. It’s certainly an interesting way to end a saintly tour of San Francisco. For more information on these saintly destinations, visit www.sandiego. org and

Angelic L.A.

“Exotic Angel” - Michael Falzone

Los Angeles in a Certain Light Those who don’t think the “City of Angels” is historic don’t know their history. Long before the glitz and glamour now associated with the sprawling city, early Native Americans and then settlers foresaw an angelic city on a river by the ocean. Of course, like much of coastal California, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo visited the area (around 1542) and a few others followed over the centuries. Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola then explored the area in 1769 with a plan to open a land route to the port of Monterey to the north. He established the first Spanish settlement in the area and the settlers named the local river Rio de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula (“River of Our Lady Queen of the Angels of Porcuncula). Then, in 1781, a group of 11 families from Mexico (44 people in total) also settled near the river. Felipe de Neve, then Governor of Spanish California, named the settlement El Pueblo Sobre el Rio de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angelos del Rio de Porciuncula. Over the years and decades, the name would eventually be shortened to the much more manageable Los Angeles—the City of Angels. The city was officially founded way back in 1781. Without doubt, the Angels Flight® Railway is one of the most unique “angelic” activities one can do in L.A. or anywhere else on earth. Dubbed “The Shortest Railway in the World” and originally dating back to 1901, the Angels Flight is a funicular ride that runs just 298 feet. Two counterbalanced cars named Olivet and Sinai originally offered rides for just a penny.



It was originally designed to ferry prominent Bunker Hill citizens up and down the steep slope between Hill and Olive streets. It was dismantled in 1969, but revived, refurbished, and relocated a half-block south for its reopening in California Plaza in 1996. A ride on Olivet or Sinai now costs just 50 cents (or 25 cents for holders of Metro Passes) and is a quintessential…and angelic… only-in-L.A. moment.

Angels Flight® Railway

So is “A Community of Angels,” a huge project first conceived in 2000 by the Volunteers of America and the Catholic Big Brothers. Designed to be a large-scale public art exhibition, the project committee asked artist Tony Sheets (son of well-known California artist Millard Sheets) to design an angel’s form that would be used as a mold for fabricating finished fiberglass sculptures that would be a simple canvas for chosen artists to then express their own style and creativity. The result was more than 150 angels painted by emerging and established artists—installed throughout Los Angeles in 2001 and 2002. One specific sculpture, “Angel of Vision,” was sponsored by El Arca Foundation and created for LAC+USC Medical Center by Eddie Rodriguez. In the design, he depicted adults and children standing in the heavens as an infant is touched by a being made of light. The sculpture still stands in the main entrance. A list of all sculptures and their locations can be found at Many can be found in the 7th and Figueroa area, the Grand Wilshire Hotel (Wilshire and Figueroa), the Los Angeles Central Library (and nearby Bank of America), Pershing Square and environs, California Water Plaza, and the Staples Center. The Staples Center is the home of NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, but those in search of a more angelic experience will want to head to Angel Stadium to see the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Along with the ever present Angels logo featuring—naturally—a halo, visitors to Angels Stadium will find behind-thescenes stadium tours and an Angels Team Store that’s simply halo heaven. ■ For more information, visit

Angels Stadium

Where to Stay?

Stay with us - for nearby resorts visit OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER


Russian River Getaway by

Russian River Valley


ew of nature’s songs better serve a good night’s sleep than the rhythmic currents of a gently running river. Score one for Thousand Trail’s Russian River RV Resort.

Seeking relief from dusty spring winds and drought conditions torturing my home turf in New Mexico, I headed out last spring for the more wettish climes and verdant landscapes of Northern California’s Sonoma County. My late evening arrival at the woodsy TT/NACO Preserve, nestled on the banks of the Russian River, left a lot to the imagination and little else to do but set up my Winnie



for the stay and hit the sack. I couldn’t see the river but I could hear it – and that was all I needed for the soundest slumber I’ve enjoyed in many moons. Sleep is nowhere to be found on Preserve Manager Weldon Trusty’s robust roster of activities and amenities – although I’m here to suggest it probably should be. In reality, however, this is a preserve that goes all out to serve the active, outdoorsy vacationer.

Dave Houser

“We offer swimming, kayaking, tubing and fishing,” says Trusty, “plus basketball, volleyball and horseshoes – not to mention nature trails for hiking and a dandy picnic area.” Following a brisk early morning hike along the river, which flows 110 miles from the highlands of Mendocino County down to Jenner on Sonoma County’s Pacific Coast, my interests turned to sightseeing, wine tasting and dining and so I set out to have a look around the area. The TT Preserve, just off U.S. Hwy 101 near Cloverdale, is ideally situated for exploring Sonoma County’s many attractions and points of interest. Eager to follow the river down to the coast, I motored south on the 101 freeway to Lytton Springs Rd., just beyond Geyserville, which leads west for a few miles to W. Dry Creek Road. I would follow this route along the Russian River, which merges into Westside Road and eventually California Highway 116 at Guerneville, all the way to the coast. Let me backtrack a bit to note – and recommend -- a couple of outstanding wineries, Clos Du Bois and the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, both accessible from Hwy 101 just before the Lytton Springs Rd. exit. Clos Du Bois, which produces one of my very favorite Chardonnays, offers its unique “Maristone Experience” daily at 12:30 p.m. A vineyard and winery tour combined with a hands-on wine-blending seminar, it costs $35 per person and requires advance reservations but is well worth the cost. Famed movie director Coppola has spared no expense in forging his way onto Sonoma’s wine stage with a castle-sized reception center/tasting room, fine dining restaurant, swimming pool, gardens and even a bocce court. Coppola has lavished the place with memorabilia connected to many of his hit films from Godfather to Tetro – with the showpiece being the car featured in Tucker: A Man and His Dream.” Motoring along Dry Creek Road – dodging waves of touring cyclists – I encountered one winery after another: Mill Creek, with tasters congregating on a sunny patio; Arista, sleek and contemporary and highly respected for its artisan Pinot Noir wines; Hop Kiln, which once produced hops for beer making in its landmark 1905 kilns, and a bit farther along, Korbel Champagne Cellars. Founded by Czech immigrants in 1882, Korbel is home to America’s best-known bubbly. Its massive brick cellars, surrounded by lush gardens overlooking the Russian River, offer an exceptional visitor experience featuring daily winery and garden tours, a convivial tasting room and a deli serving a variety of sandwiches, hand-crafted cheeses and gourmet salads. You don’t have to be a wine enthusiast to enjoy this drive through the Russian River Valley. Sightseers will find it a pleasantly scenic run enhanced by towering redwoods framing the river as it twists and dances down to the sea. Beaches, ideal for swimming and fishing, abound with Johnson Beach in downtown Guerneville and Monte Rio Beach, which spreads out beneath the Bohemian Highway Bridge, both easily reached from CA-116.



If you’re more actively inclined, Burke’s Canoe Trips will outfit you with a canoe, paddles and life jackets for the day for a total of just $60 per canoe, whereupon you can enjoy an exhilarating 10-mile paddle downstream to the resort town of Guerneville. Keen-eyed observers might well spot otter, great blue heron, egret and turtles along the way. Burke’s provides complimentary return shuttle service at the conclusion of your trip. To reach Burke’s, simply turn on River Road just east of Korbel, cross the river and continue to the intersection of Mirabel Road. The rustic (some might say funky) towns of Guerneville and Monte Rio are lined with shops, galleries and restaurants, and just beyond Monte Rio, Duncans Mills is an excursionist’s delight. Founded in the 1870s to mill redwoods for shipment to San Francisco to build its wooden Victorians, the historic settlement has gentrified into an appealing mix of antique and specialty shops, galleries, snack shops and restaurants. Emerging from the canopy of redwoods at Jenner, which overlooks the broad mouth of the Russian River, the whole world changed before my eyes. Rolling surf, sweeping ocean vistas and the sight of hundreds of sea lions basking on the estuary’s sandbars signaled yet another exciting dimension to the day’s drive. Confronted with the choice of cruising either north or south on serpentine two-lane California Highway 1 along the cliff-lined, cove-indented Sonoma Coast, I decided to head south to Bodega Bay, a quirky mélange of fishing village and Bohemian art colony, where I had in mind a mid-day repast of Dungeness crab and a steamy bowl of clam chowder. Getting there proved time consuming, however, as my attention was diverted any number of times by the dramatic scenery imposed by a string of cliff-backed beaches collectively comprising Sonoma Coast State Beach. Home to several hundred commercial fishermen, Bodega Bay is an obvious choice for those like myself who harbor a serious interest in seafood. So once on the scene, it didn’t take me long to settle in for lunch at Spud Point Crab Co., just across the road from the marina. Although it is largely nautical in nature, I was surprised to discover, while poking around Bodega Bay, a variety of land-based recreational opportunities, including golf, hiking and horseback riding. The Links at Bodega Bay, designed by Robert Trent Jones II, offers one of Sonoma’s most picturesque and challenging



courses, while hikers can push their pulse by trekking the three-mile trail up Bodega Head. From January to May, this towering headland provides one the best vantage points along the coast for spotting migrating grey whales. Equestrian oriented visitors can mount up at Chanslor Guest Ranch & Stables on Highway 1 just north of Bodega Bay for a beach or ocean-view ride. On my return to CA-116 I checked out some more of the nearly 20 state beaches -- Schoolhouse, Portuguese and Goat Rock were my favorites – but then had to pick up the pace to make my 6 p.m. dinner reservation at Corks Restaurant at Russian River Vineyards in Forestville. Corks had come highly recommended by some foodie friends from San Francisco – as was the nearby Michelin-starred Farmhouse Inn. Corks is situated in a tastefully restored 1890 farm house flanked by a redwood-shaded patio where I chose to dine from a menu of regional specialties developed by executive chef Todd Davies, recently named one of the “Bay Area’s Top Ten Up-And-Coming Chefs” by the San Francisco Examiner. My meal, consisting of seared Sonoma foie gras (a delicacy now illegal in California!), mixed local greens and pan-seared California sea bass – accompanied by the house’s own 2009 Sauvignon Blanc – was superb and well served. Intrigued by the scenic potential of the Sonoma Coast north of Jenner, I returned the following day to explore that stretch of Sonoma County’s more than 50 miles of beachfront grandeur. Fort Ross State Historic Park, 12 miles north of Jenner, proved the day’s most intriguing discovery. Back in 1812, a handful of Russian fur trappers led by one Ivan Kuskov ventured south from Alaska to establish Colony Ross on this grassy marine terrace and for three decades the settlement thrived as a trading center. It became a state park in 1906, preserving many of the fortress-like settlement’s original structures, including a Russian Orthodox chapel. A number of bicentennial events celebrating the Fort’s founding are slated for 2012. Spellbound by the rugged beauty of the Sonoma Coast, I wheeled my Winnie northward, passing the striking residential community of Sea Ranch and on to Gualala (locals pronounce it Wa-LA-La), a laid back town of about 2,000 folks founded as a mill town in 1861. It’s something of an artist colony and recreation hub today, lined with galleries and outfitters/dive shops serving the needs of hikers, kayakers, abalone divers

and fishermen seeking to hook (and release) steelhead, a large sea-running rainbow trout, in the nearby Gualala River. Coast-hugging Highway 1 is often cited as one of the world’s greatest ocean drives and it is usually the section threading through Big Sur that gets most of the raves. For my money, it is every bit as dramatic and awe inspiring as it skirts the Sonoma Coast. I must have gotten caught up in the rhythm of its twisting, undulated curves as I found myself approaching the town of Mendocino. I’d left Sonoma County behind some 45 miles back! No harm done – and, in fact, I thoroughly enjoyed a walk around the town, with its amazing array of Victorian buildings. It was something like a trip back in time to the turn of the century. It was getting late, however, and after a quick calculation confirmed it would take me several hours to return to Cloverdale the way I’d come, I consulted my Mapquest app for a possible alternate route. As luck would have it, CA-128 cuts an inland course from its junction with Highway 1 just south of Mendocino, leading through Boonville, directly to Cloverdale. Voila! I was back home in Cloverdale in little more than an hour and a half – and hungry at that, having completely zoned out on lunch. Cruising Cloverdale for dining options, I came across Pick’s Drive-In, a genuine blast from the past dating to 1923, but I was looking for something more than a burger and fries, however nostalgic the setting. A bit farther along, the Railroad Station Bar & Grill proved the answer to my cravings. While it’s actually not housed in a railroad station, RSBG is classy little pub with a creative menu that included my choice of salmon dumplings, corn chowder and a spinach salad. With friends in San Francisco expecting me the following evening, my Sonoma sojourn had drawn to a close. Well, not quite. Heading west the next morning, I paused to stroll the leafy square in Healdsburg, the quintessential Sonoma wine town, and followed with a visit to the county’s namesake, Sonoma. More than just another charming wine town, Sonoma is one of the focal points of California’s colorful history. It was here in 1823 that the Spanish and their Franciscan crusaders built Mission San Francisco Solano, the last and northernmost of 21 California missions. It was the setting as well for the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846, during which a band of Anglo-American settlers captured the Spanish garrison in Sonoma, raising a flag imprinted with a bear and a star to establish the shortlived and never officially recognized “Republic of California.” The uprising was a prelude to the Mexican-American War, following which California finally achieved statehood in 1850. As I suggested earlier, Sonoma County is about way more than wine. Add in superlative dining, sensational scenery, boundless recreation and a gripping history, and you have a family-friendly vacation destination that would be hard to match. Photos by Dave Houser Above: Vineyards lace the landscape of Sonoma County, near Healdsburg, CA Background photo: Sonoma Coast State Beach, south of Jenner, CA

For more information: Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, 800-576-6662, ■




by Kim Wuchter

f you are intrigued with things that go bump in the night, you are not alone. Ghost tours are a booming, year-round business in cities across the county, tapping into mankind’s never-ending fascination with the afterworld. These tours take visitors to graveyards, haunted dwellings, and scenes where grisly deaths once occurred. But even for non-believers and skeptics, these tours are wildly entertaining and educational. Knowledgeable guides present some of the lesser known history about a town, sharing tidbits about its legends and folklore, along with tales of paranormal and spooky activity. Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking a tour: Many of the ghost tours are walking tours, but there are also bus tours, trolley tours and some cities even have Segway ghost tours. If you really want to go all out, there are hearse ghost tours! Ghost tours are not like Halloween haunted houses so people are not paid to jump out and scare you. If you have children, be sure to check the age recommendations. Some say they are family friendly and others are strictly for adults. Usually, this is due to the content presented. Be sure to bring your camera and snap some photos. Tour operator Sidney Smith says cameras often pick up what the human eye can’t. “On our tours about 90 percent of photographers find some evidence of paranormal activity in their photos. It could be a floating orb or even sometimes a full apparition,” said Smith, who owns Haunted History Tours of New Orleans. “You just never know what might appear.” Lastly, remember that ghost sightings are not guaranteed on your tour. If any do show up, just consider it an added bonus!



Photo courtesy Winchester Mystery House

The number of ghost sightings and odd happenings at Winchester Mystery House seem endless. A popular tourist attraction, this 160-room oddity was owned and built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune. She was convinced that she was haunted by the spirits of those killed by “the gun that won the West.” On the Winchester Mystery House website, you can read comments from visitors who experienced paranormal activity which includes everything from seeing apparitions to hearing strange voices. The website also tracks which rooms have the highest reported

paranormal encounters such as the grand ballroom and Sarah’s séance chambers. The Winchester Mystery House is open for tours year-round, but if you want a true bone chilling experience, book the special 35-minute Walk with the Spirits Flashlight Tour. This self-guided tour is offered only on a limited number of days during their annual Fright Nights, which also includes a haunted maze. You’ll tour the mysterious mansion at night with only the moonlight and a souvenir flashlight to help you navigate the bewildering maze of rooms and stairways. Tickets are available in advance online. Dates are October 5-7, 12-14, 18-21, and 25-31 and November 2 and 3. Purchase your tickets early as they do sell out! www.


39 39

Old Town San Diego is the site for Michael Brown’s San Diego Ghost Tours, which are based on his own experiences from ghost hunting over the last 12 years. He doesn’t wear costumes, carry lanterns or tell corny jokes. It’s just him sharing his first hand experiences. He claims to take you straight to the paranormal hot spots, one of which is outside the Whaley House. According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the Whaley House is the “number one most haunted house in the United States.” The alleged hauntings of the Whaley House have been reported on numerous other television programs and in countless publications and books since the house first opened as a museum in 1960. At the end of his tour, the tour group gathers around to see and hear some sound and photographic evidence that Michael has collected on his laptop. His tours meet by the fountain at the Old Town State Historic Park. No reservations are needed. Just show up. Tours leave at 9 and 11 p.m. Adults are $19 and kids 6 to 12 are $10. For a different option, check out the San Diego Haunted Ghost Tours, which offer a bus and walking tour combo. The two hour storytelling adventure visits five locations including the Gaslamp District, a creepy mansion in Sherman Heights and San Diego’s oldest graveyard. Tours are $35 per person and are offered Wednesday through Sunday at 7 and 9 p.m.

Restless spirits are said to linger in Savannah, perhaps because the city was once home to ruthless pirates and violent battles. Or, because the city is nicknamed the “city of lost cemeteries” with reportedly more than 10,000 unmarked graves. Several ghost tour companies operate in the city, giving tours by hearse, trolley and on foot. Blue Orb’s City of the Dead walking tour is approximately 90 minutes and is an easy half mile at a leisurely pace. The topics for the tour guides vary each night but often include Savannah’s yellow fever epidemics, the largest unexhumed slave cemetery of the 18th century, Civil War hidden graves, occult practices, and more. The most popular Blue Orb tour, however, is the Zombie Tour, which was named Savannah’s best ghost tour of 2011 by The Destination Guide. This tour is strictly for ages 18 and over since the material is uncensored. Reservations are required. Zombie Tours cost $35 and City of the Dead is $25 per person. Tours operate nightly except for Mondays. 40


Known as America’s oldest city, St. Augustine seems to be a haven for paranormal activity. The lantern-lit walking tour by Ghost Tours of St. Augustine was voted the number one guided tour in Florida by the readers of Florida Living Magazine and has been featured on the Discovery and Travel Channels. This tour company employs more than 20 professional storytellers, and continues to add more and more ghostly tales to their tours. All of their stories have been pulled from libraries, church documents, personal diaries and interviews. Their Ghostly Experience Walking Tour takes visitors to two cemeteries, a haunted bed and breakfast and other fascinating sites. The walking tour starts at 8 p.m. every night. Tickets are $14 per person. Tickets purchased in advance of 5 p.m., however, receive a two dollar discount. If you prefer a riding tour, hop aboard their trolley for the Ghosts and Gravestones Riding Tour. You’ll learn about the terrible tragedy at the St. Augustine lighthouse and visit the Old Jail, which is said to be the town’s most haunted building. Cost is $26 per person and $14 for children ages 6 to 12.

New Orleans is said to be one of the most haunted cities in America, and there are several tours which delve into its ghastly tales of voodoo, ghosts and even vampires. Haunted History Tours claims to be New Orleans’ oldest, largest and most renowned walking tour company. It has been featured on the Travel channel, History Channel and Discovery channel, to name just a few. This company offers both day and night time tours, pulling together documented research based on police reports, newspaper archives, personal diaries and their own paranormal research. One of their most popular tours is the two-hour New Orleans Ghost Tour, which focuses on the grim past of the French Quarter. Tour-goers walk to several locations with documented hauntings, even visiting a haunted bar along the way. This tour is offered at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. year-round and also at 3 p.m. during October and November and January through May. Cost is $20 per person and $17 for students and seniors.

Scores of ghost sightings have been reported from the once bloody battlefields of Gettysburg where thousands of soldiers perished in a brutal fashion. Today, there is a booming paranormal business in the town of Gettysburg. The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours are based on the research of Mark Nesbitt, a former park ranger and historian. Nesbitt compiled hundreds of stories of unexplained sightings and paranormal activity around Gettysburg, and has written a series of books called the Ghosts of Gettysburg. Tour guides, who are dressed in period clothing, point out locations and explain many of these strange sightings such as the site where disembodied voices have been recorded and a ghostly child has been spotted a century after his death. This tour company offers several tours to choose from. The Baltimore Street and Seminary Ridge tours last about an hour and 15 minutes and cost $9.50 for adults, and the Carlisle Street tour lasts an hour and 45 minutes and costs $10 per person.

claims to be Salem’s original ghost walk and an internationally recognized and recommended tour. With lanterns to light the way, the knowledgeable and licensed ghostly guides combine storytelling and humor to present Salem’s haunted history. Delve into the city’s dark past as costumed narrators recount the town’s documented paranormal activity, chilling cemeteries, Victorian murder, Colonial witchcraft as well as share their own personal encounters with the city’s departed. Tours start at 8 p.m. daily and additional tours can be added upon demand. Cost is $14 for adults and $8 for children ages 6 to 12; $10 for students, military or seniors 60 plus.

Chicago Hauntings gives a chilling introduction into Chicago’s dark and violent past, including the great Chicago Fire and its gangster days of the ‘20s and ‘30s. Their 2.5 hour tour is partially on and partially off a bus. Some of their most common stops include murder sites, disaster sites, a serial killer’s body dump, gang sites, haunted houses, and abandoned graveyards. The tours are based on Ursula Bielski’s nearly 20 years of Chicago ghost hunting and her “Chicago Haunts” series of books. Their guides are not professional actors, but according to their website are “passionately engaged Chicagoans, involved in the daily study of the city and of the paranormal.” Cost is $28 per person and $25 for seniors and military; $20 for children ages 8 to 12. This tour, however, is not recommended for small children who might find it too scary. Times are 7 p.m. daily and 10 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Cameras are encouraged! ■

The witch trials of 1692 left a dark mark across Salem that can still be experienced today. The Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER

41 41




... I have been told that you can replace trailer tires with regular truck tires to reduce purchase price and increase the duration of the tires. Is this true? What are the pros and cons? Also, roughly how many miles/kilometers can you expect from the original set of trailer tires? I have been having the bearings repacked when I return from my trips down south before I store the trailer for the summer. Is this acceptable or should I do the service before I leave for my trips? Ray Provencher

A: Ray,


A light truck tire can be used in the place of an ST (special trailer) tire. Truck tires may or may not be more durable than trailer tires as the trailer tires are designed for the long periods of sitting while bearing weight as they have heavier sidewalls. The stronger sidewalls on an ST tire do not flex as much, which is a bonus on trailers as it reduces trailer sway. Typically, the trailer tires build up less heat and utilize a higher PSI to help support a heavy load. Trailer suspensions are much stiffer than on an automobile and they can cause damage to an ordinary tire both inside and out. The light truck tire is a close second choice for your travel trailer, but I recommend buying the ST tire even though they have a maximum speed rating of 65 mph. There are too many factors involved to simply answer your question with an exact number of miles/km that can be expected from each tire. For instance, by the time you notice tire wear from alignment, inadequate air pressure that is typically caused from under inflated or overloaded tires, the overall mileage will be considerably shortened. Having mentioned that, most trailer tires will typically age out at seven years before they wear out from mileage. Good for you for being aware of the need to repack the bearings of your fifth wheel on an annual basis to inspect the brakes and find any broken parts before they do catastrophic damage. Be sure that the grease seals are replaced each time you repack the bearings. Most manufactures recommend repacking once a year or every 10K miles as standard maintenance, so rest assured that you are on track with your current schedule. Thank you for these excellent questions as keeping safety first is so very important. 42




... and find it very helpful. Now I have a problem: I have a 2004 Monaco Windsor with three slides. The bedroom slide has leaked at the front bottom edge ever since I have owned it. I spoke with someone at Monaco who advised me to purchase J-channel which I did. I then installed them as per his instructions at the right angle back behind the slide seal and then sealed with silicone sealer. I condition my seals twice yearly, and I installed a new canvas on my slideout cover assembly…and guess what?!…it still leaks. I forgot to mention that this only happens when the slide is out. Hope you can help?! Thanks, Billy Pugh

A: Hi Billy,

It’s good to hear that you have been diligent about the maintenance of your slideout seals. But even with the best of care, rubber or neoprene can still shrink with age. At eight years old, your slideout seals are at the end of their life and are in need of being replaced. You have a two-piece seal that is still available through Monaco (877-466-6226). If you are certain that your seals are still good, here is a possible solution to your persistent leak. In 2005, Monaco added drip pans/cups to the bottom of the slideouts on either side that helped to direct water away from the floor where you have described your leak. These additions can also be purchased from Monaco. Even though you have replaced the canvas, it is possible that rain water can still penetrate the seal at the top of the slideout. Be sure to carefully inspect the seals at the top of the slideout as a tight closure is imperative to ward off any moisture. I hope this information is helpful in getting to the root of the problem.



“ „


... helpful “tech tips” on the TV Show, “RV Today”. I learned so much and was very sorry to see the show go off the air. My wife and I recently upgraded to a 2012 Winnebago Adventurer. After driving for 1 ½ hours into our first trip, the LP leak detector sounded off. Startled and concerned that we may have a leak, we pulled over and aired out the motorhome even though we were unable to smell any propane. After about half an hour, we continued down the way. One hour later, the leak detector went off again. The refrigerator is located directly behind the driver’s seat and the leak detector is mounted in the panel below the fridge. Our Golden Retriever lies on the floor between the floor and the passenger seat. I know it sounds strange, but is it possible that our dog’s breath or his panting is setting off the leak detector? We had the fridge checked for a leak as it had recently been removed and repaired at an RV shop. We were suspicious of a faulty connection, as this repair had just been executed weeks prior to our trip. We left the propane off during travel for the remainder of out trip and experience no sounding alarms. Any thoughts, RV Bill? Stan Granby Buda, TX



... toilet paper in the bathroom. If you are staying for several months in one place, is it acceptable to just use regular toilet paper as opposed to RV toilet paper? Also, can you keep the line open to the drains? This subject has led to a big argument between my husband and me. He is probably right- he says no- but inquiring minds want to know the facts on the matter. Thank you for your response! Merlinda Barry


Mrs. (and Mr.!) Barry, A wise woman searches for wisdom and avoids conflict as much as possible! Kudos for your excellent inquiries as these are very common issues you are mentioning- not the quarrel, but the actual RV questions! We hope that these answers will help guide you and many others to a better understanding of what works well for RV toilets and the drains. RV toilets do not flush like normal household toilets, as they do not have a water tank. They typically use much less water unless you fill the bowl up each time you add toilet paper. This is a waste of water- especially if you are dry camping- and totally Continued on page 62

Stan, Yes! RV Today was a great show that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of. Thank you for the compliment and your LP Leak Detector question. It is unlikely that your dog’s breath contains enough volume to set off the alarm. You did mention that the refrigerator was recently worked on and reinstalled. My guess would be that the fridge did not get reinstalled correctly and because of the open flame, the fridge must be sealed so that the carbon monoxide does not penetrate the inside of the cabin. When a fridge is removed and reinstalled for repairs, the surrounding gasket seal can be damaged and if so, must be replaced. In addition, at the bottom of the refrigerator the manufacturer uses a caulking, which must be cut or removed to take out the fridge and then replaced prior to reinsertion. If the caulking is not replaced, a large enough gap is then left exposed so that during travel carbon monoxide can run directly over the LP Leak Detector causing the alarm to sound. This is confirmed as you mentioned that once you turned off the propane, the problem discontinued. If I were you, I would go back to the repair center and have the caulking and gasket inspected and replaced if necessary.

GOT A QUESTION FOR BILL? SEND AN EMAIL TO Bill Gehr The back of our RV reads, “We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list!” After owning and operating Bill’s RV Service in Ventura, CA for 34 years, Bill Gehr and his wife, Jenn, are now living the dream of the full-time RV lifestyle. Bill is a Master RV Technician and has starred in the DVD series The ABC’s of RVs, and RV Today on RFDTV. As a team, Bill and Jenn Gehr are technical contributors for a myriad of RV magazines and travel the USA with their two Boston Bulldogs and are avid cyclists and hikers. OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER



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PA Enjoy

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116 Carefree RV Resorts........................23 120 Countryside Interiors.......................63 106 DirectSat TV....................................65 104 Equity LifeStyle..........................44-47 160 FirstStreet Walk-In Tub ....................2 132 GEICO.............................................67 122 Jirah.................................................63 137 124 Winnebago.......................................68

Answers on page 64

ACROSS 1 Man’s name: abbr. 4 Wings 8 Indian lady 12 Dance company (abbr.) 13 Celtic 14 Black 15 Bureau of Indian Affairs (abbr.) 16 Smalt (2 words) 18 Rom. ruler 20 Sayings (suf.) 21 Cash 23 Crafty 25 Frenzied 26 Jap. pit viper 27 Ram 30 New (Ger.) 31 Eagle’s nest 32 Recommended daily allowance (abbr.) 33 Office holders 34 Norse tale 35 Tantalize 36 Highest (pref.) 37 Chomp 38 Fat (pref.) 40 College entrance exams 41 Debt 44 Sheep’s cry 47 Egypt. skink 48 Idea (pref.) 49 Adjective-forming (suf.) 50 Cape 51 Young salmon 52 Flap 50


DOWN 1 Poke 2 Fetish 3 Containing tin 4 Pantry 5 New sugarcane shoot 6 S.A. herb 7 Devon river 8 Hold fast: naut. 9 Dayak people 10 Beerlike Arab drink 11 I mmigration and Naturalization Service (abbr.) 17 Medieval fiddle 19 Mouse-spotter’s cry 21 Peanut 22 Presage 23 Load 24 Son of Samuel 26 Heed 27 Send 28 N. Caucasian language 29 Way 31 Amer. Standard Code for Information Interchange (abbr.) 35 Alone 36 Uncle of Mohammed 37 Urban office holder 38 Take part 39 Mississippi bridge 40 Noun-forming (suf.) 41 Swed. county 42 Flaring edge 43 Mountain on Crete 45 Amer. Automobile Assn. (abbr.) 46 Albania (abbr.)

Answers on page 64

8701 S Kolb Rd Tucson, AZ 85756

Come Explore the Southwest!

Luxury Rooms

Seasonal Rental Special Book a 3 month seasonal reservation in a park model rental and

receive $300 off (Members Only)

• Day Spa/Massage • 3 Pools/Hot Tubs • Tennis Courts • Fitness Center • 9-Hole Par 3 Golf Course • Pickleball Courts • Bar & Grill

9-Hole Golf


800-424-9191 520-574-5000 3 Pools

Offer valid for members of Thousand Trails, NACO, Mid-Atlantic, Leisure Time and Outdoor World only. All rates are based on double occupancy for standard room types are and are subject to availability. Free night offer is for 3 nights consecutive stay. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Rates do not include tax and resort fee and are subject to change without notice. Limited time offer - valid through October 31, 2012. OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER


Preserve Services Directory* | October 2012 PRESERVE SERVICES DIRECTORY - NORTHWEST


On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage for $60 per month. Get two free months with our yearly rate of $600.

BEND/SUNRIVER | 541-593-8494

SOUTH JETTY 541-997-8296 (Preserve Office) 541-997-8333 (Rentals)


Annual/Extended Stay - We still have some open sites available for annual use. Stop worrying about space available in beautiful Bend/Sunriver with your own site and come and enjoy all we have to offer year-round. From skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling in the winter to fishing, hiking and festivals in the summer. Please call Bobbie or Julie at the Preserve. Short-Term Rental - Cabins, cottages and yurts available for rent yearround, call for quote. Special Events - Perfect location for your family reunions, rallies and birthday picnics. Packages are available for renting our winter lodge for that special birthday. The main lodge is available for weddings, banquets and conferences. We also welcome ski clubs and snowmobile clubs. Call Anne or send email to On-Site/Dry Storage - Off-site storage available year-round. Call the preserve for information.

PACIFIC CITY 503-965-6200 (Preserve Office) 503-965-6442 (Ranger Station)

Annual/Extended Stay - No longer a need to move your RV off-site for one or more years, plus the flexibility to occupy the unit up to 210 nights without contract use restrictions and then stay longer with reservations. Decorate your preferred site or add a storage shed if desired. Order your new Cavco Cedar Cabin and custom design the interior, select your preferred campsite and schedule delivery. Financing available. Contact Ginny to make an appointment. Special Events - Awesome coastal weather, beach access, clamming, crabbing, beach-combing, professional and friendly service, campsites, rental units and gazebo. We host parties, club rallies, reunions, weddings and retreats for all group outings. A group consists of 4 or more campsites/rentals or any combination thereof. Contact the preserve for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Save on gas and take advantage of our RV storage program. $50 for 4 weeks, $300 for 26 weeks or $550 for 52 weeks. Dry storage space is limited.

SEASIDE 503-738-0626 (Preserve Office) 503-738-5292 (Rentals)

Annual/Extended Stay - The Oregon Coast! Enjoy your own personal site for your RV. Home base for full-timers, improved landscape options available, personalize your site – add a storage shed and/or deck. You no longer need to move your RV. Call Christopher or Barry at the preserve. Short-Term Rental - Discounted short-term rentals available for two week and monthly stays. Great rates for Monday-Thursday mid-week stays. Call for our current specials. Our cabins are available all year long. Special Events - Family reunions, RV rallies, church events, weddings or business meetings. Call Barry at the preserve. 52



Annual/Extended Stay - Extended Stay program now available. Use it any 210 days and store your rig year-round. Contact Preserve Manager for details. Short-Term Rental - Yurts, cabins and trailers available to fit your budget. Special Events - Our heavily wooded preserve is located just 55 miles west of Eugene on the beautiful Oregon coast. The Oregon Sand Dunes Recreational Park is just a few minutes from our preserve. South Jetty is a perfect place for your reunion, company picnic, rally, wedding or business meeting. Call preserve for more details. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call the preserve for information.

WHALERS REST 541-867-6078 (Preserve Office) 541-867-3100 (Storage)

Annual/Extended Stay - Enjoy the beautiful Oregon Coast on your own personal site at Whalers Rest. Leave your rig year-round and occupy up to 210 days per year. Don’t have an RV or want a “vacation home”? We have former vacation rental trailers available for purchase and placement in the personal site program. Call Denise or Shari at the preserve for more information. Special Events - Beautiful setting on the central Oregon coast, 18 rental units, including two new cabins and a very large garden home. Large meeting area and kitchen facilities. Parties and meetings of all sizes. Call preserve for details. SuperHost not available June 15-Sept. 15. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call the preserve for information.


BIRCH BAY | 360-371-7432

Annual/Extended Stay - Play by the bay longer with stays beyond your membership days and enjoy the sun, not the grays, at Birch Bay. Space may still be available for your Personal Site. Purchase a vacation home, while they last, or bring your own. Monthly stays limited and also available at just $450 month, plus utilities. Come experience the beauty of the true Northwest. Contract Chandra at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Please call for dry storage availability.

CHEHALIS | 360-262-9489

Annual/Extended Stay - Enjoy your own year-round private site in beautiful Chehalis. There’s no need to move your RV off-site. You can occupy your site for 210 days without reservations and then stay longer with reservations. Contract Brenda Roza for an appointment. Short-Term Rental - We have monthly rentals for 1-4 months for $475 per month, plus utilities. We also have rental cabins and trailers offering daily and weekly rates. Special Events - Perfect venue for your family reunion, church campout, picnic, party, school event or retreat. Rental units, RV sites, picnic areas, *Information subject to change

LONG BEACH | 360-642-3091

CRESCENT BAR | 509-787-4349

Annual/Extended Stay - Only minutes away from the grand Pacific Ocean, surrounded by gorgeous nature and a rich history of pioneers past. Don’t miss out on your chance to have your own place at the beach. You can have your own personal RV site where your rig can stay year-round and you can occupy your rig for 210 days of the year! No more hassle storing your rig and just think of all the money you will save on gas. We are also introducing a special 3-month rate during the off-season. Stay 3 months for only $350 per month or $500 per month during peak season. Call Kate at the preserve for details.

GRANDY CREEK | 360-826-3554

Short-Term Rental - Feel at home in one of our Vacation Trailers or Thousand Trails Cabins. Call the preserve for rates.

On-Site/Dry Storage - Storage: $45 per month or $180 for 6 months. Call Ranger Don. On-Site/Dry Storage - Limited dry storage. Call the preserve for information. Annual/Extended Stay - Annual site available! $2,600, please call the preserve for details. On-Site/Dry Storage - Off-site storage available on a limited basis. Call the preserve for information.

LA CONNER | 360-466-3112

Annual/Extended Stay - Your very own site on our beautiful resort is waiting for you. Spend your free time on the Skagit Bay, walking on the beach, photographing the resident Bald Eagles, and relaxing in our spa. We have limited sites available so hurry. Our Annual Program now has 210-day usage. Please call Nancy or Matthew at the preserve. Short-Term Rental - Leave your RV at home and come stay in our comfortable Panabode Cedar Cabins. Full kitchen, sleeps 6. Call preserve to make reservations. Please call Nancy or Matthew at the preserve. Special Events - The perfect place for a reunion, retreat, church group, birthday party, wedding, RV rally, or corporate/business meeting or party. Great rental units, facilities and food. Call the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage Only - please call the preserve for information.

LEAVENWORTH 509-763-2020 | 800-353-1700

Annual/Extended Stay - Please call the preserve manager for more information. Short-Term Rental - A snowmobiler’s paradise, we receive an average of 10 feet of snow annualyl. Just across from our preserve we have access to over 200 miles of snowmobile trails. We have rentals that include a Log House that sleeps 24, a Chalet that sleeps 8, four cabins that sleep 4 to 5 and four lodge rooms that sleep four, plus our RV sites In our Timber View and Lake View areas. Special Events - We’ve got the perfect venue for a fun-filled family reunion or a relaxing club/church retreat. Call or send e-mail to On-Site/Dry Storage - Call or send e-mail to for details.

LITTLE DIAMOND | 800-994-6654

Annual/Extended Stay - Stay in sunny, beautiful Eastern Washington! Annual and extended stay sites available. Call Mike at the preserve. Special Events - Granite Lodge: Two full kitchens, dining for large groups, sleeps 20+, adjacent RV and tent sites, spa and sauna, satellite TV. Contact preserve for more information.


catering, day-use activities and amenities can be all yours with our SuperHost program. Our lodge is available off-season for weddings, banquets, parties, retreats, or conferences. Call preserve or send email chba@equitylifestyle. com.

Special Events - Planning a reunion, wedding, special event or a trip with a bunch of friends and family? Long Beach is the place for you! We have plenty of RV and tent sites as well as cabins and trailers available for rent. We are right off the beach and close to historic downtown Long Beach. For more information, call Kate at the Preserve Office. On-Site/Dry Storage - Save on gas with our dry storage sites. Available year-round at the low price of $50 a month or get two months free when you sign up for a year for only $500. Call the Preserve Office for details.

MT. VERNON | 360-724-4811

Annual/Extended Stay - Come enjoy our preserve with beautiful forest settings and views of the mountains where wildlife parade through. Relax in your own personal site now up to 210 days. Walk the trails or relax in the large swimming pool and spa. Please call Kelly King at the preserve to get your site. Special Events - Perfect site with all amenities – we do it all! For any of your SuperHost needs, all events, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, rallies, birthdays, banquets and more, with catering available. Call Cookie at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call Donna at the preserve. Short term also available when you are taking a cruise.

OCEANA | 360-289-3504

Annual/Extended Stay - Walk down to the beach for some quiet time away from all the hustle and bustle. Park your RV 12 months at Oceana. Stay up to 210 days a year with no time out. For the BEST PRICE on the WA coast for a full hook-up site with 50-amp power call Dale Graham at the preserve. Short-Term Rental - A limited number of sites are available starting at $350 per month, plus elec. for next summer season. Call Dale Graham at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - RV Storage $40 per month without electric (dry) or $50 per month with electric (limited sites with electricity and may be subject to availability).

PARADISE 360-985-2121 (Preserve Office) 360-985-2756 (Ranger Station)

Annual/Extended Stay - Save on fuel, extend your stay at Paradise for $550 per month, or consider leaving your rig year-round with an annual lease. Call the preserve for more information. Special Events - Starting to think about your family and friends gatherings? For more information call the preserve.




On-Site/Dry Storage - RV Storage $40 per month without electric (dry) or $50 per month with electric (limited sites with electricity and may be subject to availability).


TALL CHIEF | 425-222-0778

Special Events - Our Timber Lodge is available for your special event. Tall Chief is a great place to hold your next Rally or group event. Call for details.

THUNDERBIRD 360-794-4030 (Preserve Office) 360-794-8987 (Ranger Station)

Short-Term Rental - Stay in the preserve on a month-to-month basis for as low as $575 per month, including water and electricity. We also have rental cabins!! Daily, weekly and by the month. Please contact the Preserve Manager at for more information. Special Events - To book your next SuperHost outing at Idyllwild, please contact SuperHost Coordinator at (951) 659-4137 for further details. For the resort’s list of activities, please contact the preserve.

Short-Term Rental - Four (4) TT Rental Cabins available. For special offseason rates, please call the Preserve Office.

On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage available for as little as $75 per month or $650 per year. Please contact the Preserve Office for more information on terms and conditions.

Special Events - We welcome Family Reunions, SuperHost Groups, Weddings, etc. Please call the Preserve Office for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - RV Storage for $2.50 per day or $75 per month. Call the Preserve Office


On-Site/Dry Storage - During the months of October to March each year we offer storage on our non-water sites at a daily, weekly, monthly or six-month rate. Check with the Preserve Office or Ranger Station if you’re interested.


VERDE VALLEY | 928-634-8158

Annual/Extended Stay - Extend your stay with us for $99 a week plus tax. Extend by the month on a 30-amp for $350 or 50-amp for $425, plus electric. Annual sites start at $2,500 per year. Pick a lease package where you can stay 365 nights-Best Deal. For more information regarding our Extended Stay and Annual Lease programs, contact Scott Woolley at the preserve. Short-Term Rental - 29-foot trailers for $595 per month (includes electric). Cabins $1,000-1,250 per month (includes electric). Weekly housekeeping and linens, TV/VCR, satellite. Pet and non-pet units available. Call the preserve to reserve your unit. Special Events - SuperHost groups welcome. Nice RV sites, catering, rentals and friendly staff. Contact Angela at the preserve. Dry Storage - Dry Storage available w/o electric for $50 per month or $425 per year, with electric for $90 per month or $775 per year. Call the preserve for details.


IDYLLWILD 951-659-4097 (Preserve Office) 54

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual lease as low as $2,195 per year (not including electricity). Keep your trailer/rig or motorhome on a site for 365 days per year! Please contact Preserve Manager for more details.

Annual/Extended Stay - We are now open year-round and have Annual Sites available. Come stay with us and explore the beautiful state of Washington. We also offer the Extended Stay Program at $575 per month, plus $35 electric fee. If interested, please call the Preserve Office.

Annual/Extended Stay - We have both Standard and Value Annual Personal Sites available. From October 1-March31, each winter season, we offer month to month stays (not to exceed three (3) months at a time). If you are interested, contact Norman or Lisa at the Preserve Office.


951-659-4137 (Ranger Station) 951-659-0698 (Recreation Office)


LAKE MINDEN 530-656-2701 (Preserve Office) 530-656-2702 (Special Events) 530-656-2700 (Storage)

Annual/Extended Stay - Variety of sites available – 1-3 year leases, sewered and non-sewered sites; utilities not included. Snowbird Program: $425 per month, plus electric, includes one honeywagon dump per week. Call the preserve for more information. Special Events - Family reunions, church outings, company picnics, wedding receptions. Call Sonia at Special Events. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage: Quarterly for $120. Call the preserve for information.

LAKE OF THE SPRINGS | 530-692-1852

Annual/Extended Stay - Enjoy having your rig waiting for you on-site. Call us for more information on our Annual and/or Monthly Programs. Special Events - Group outings are available. Sites and/or Rental units available. Overnight or Day Use. Call Tina at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call the preserve for information.

MORGAN HILL 408-779-6396 (Preserve Office) 408-779-4932 (SuperHost)

Annual/Extended Stay - Call the preserve to get the details on the best prices in the area for full hook-up and partial hook-up sites for stays up to 210 days in a year. Special Events - Let us help plan that special family event or company gettogether. Call SuperHost. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage: $85 per month and $792 per year. Call the preserve for more details.

OAKZANITA 619-445-2835 (Preserve Office) 619-445-2515 (Ranger Station)

Annual/Extended Stay - Gas prices got you down? Hate the hassle of setting up and taking down your RV? If you like to escape the hustle and bustle of your life

then we have the program for you. You can have your own personal site and you can leave your rig 365 days a year, you can occupy your rig for up to 210 days a year. We offer a limited number of annual sites and due to gas prices they fill up fast. Call Sheila or Cheryl at the preserve for more information.

RANCHO OSO | 805-683-5686

Short-Term Rental - We offer rental cabins you can stay for the night or by the week. Call the preserve for prices. We also have a limited number of horse corrals available by the day or week. Call the preserve.

Short-Term Rental - Check out our new reduced rates for our 29 and 30foot trailers.

On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage for only $450 per year, $65 per month or $40 per week. Call the Ranger Station for more information.

PALM SPRINGS | 760-345-1682

Annual/Extended Stay - Nestled In the Coachella Valley, surrounded by the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, you will find our preserve. It Is the perfect place to spend your winter, with average temperatures In the 70s and beautiful blue skies. Centrally located so you can be at the beach in a few hours, or visit Joshua Tree National Park in the high desert. Stay with us for a month or the season. Call the preserve for details. Special Events - Rally groups welcome September through November and April through May. The preserve offers many activities, such as water aerobics, water volleyball, horseshoe pits, pickleball courts and a billiards room. Call the preserve for information.

PIO PICO 619-421-0104

Annual/Extended Stay - Are you tired of moving from park to park every 2-3 weeks? Or moving your RV in and out of storage? Get our own personal site and leave your RV there all year long. Contact Dave D. at Preserve Office. Short-Term Rental - Are you going on vacation? We have Vacation Rental Trailers and cabins available for short-term stays. For more details please call the preserve. Special Events - Do you have a group event or family gathering? Let Pio Pico host your event. Please call Faris or Shauna at the preserve to find out more information about our Group Event accommodations. On-Site/Dry Storage - For more details please call the preserve.

PONDEROSA | 530-642-5830

Annual/Extended Stay - Sign up for our new Annual Site program. Make a site yours for an entire year or up to 3 years! Eliminate storage costs and the hassle of moving your rig. Call Dominic at the preserve. Special Events - Plan your next special event with us along the beautiful American River. We can help you host up to 150 guests for your wedding, family reunion, rally, or other special event function. Make your event one to remember – host it at Ponderosa Resort! Call the preserve for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call Kathy at the preserve for information.


Special Events - If you are looking for that special place to have your family reunion, office get-together, church picnic or whatever the occasion, we do SuperHost groups. We have RV sites, tent sites, picnic areas, and a few cabins to rent. Please call the preserve and ask Cheryl or Sheila.

Annual/Extended Stay - Short-term monthly FHU campsites at $650 per month, plus electric. Annual sites also available at special rates. Call the preserve or send email to

Special Events - Reunions, youth groups, picnics, retreats, meetings. Private Chapel/Pavilion and courtyard available for events. Stay in cozy cabins, covered wagons or our full amenity kitchenette campers. Call the preserve for details. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage: $75 per month or $750 per year and save $150. Call the preserve for information.

RUSSIAN RIVER 707-894-5321 (Preserve Office) 707-894-5355 (Special Events)

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites are still available - only a couple left. Extended Stay $400 per month, plus electric; includes one honeywagon dump per week. For more information call the preserve. Short-Term Rental - Over 200 wineries, close to shopping, casinos, cultural events and world-class dining. 1.5 hours to the Mendocino coast. All TT cabins include one set of linens. Special Events - Family gatherings and SuperHost events in Sonoma wine country. Call the Special Events number for more information.

SAN BENITO 831-389-4477 (Ranger Station) 831-389-4478 (Special Events)

Annual/Extended Stay - Both programs are available at San Benito. We also have Getaway Cabins and other cabins and vacation trailers all for the asking here at San Benito. Give us a call and see when we can fit you in. We also have space available for the public and we have tent sites too. For any questions, contact our Ranger Station. Special Events - If you’re looking for that great place for family gatherings, youth groups, reunions, meetings, retreats, church gatherings or just your very own special event, such as birthdays or anniversaries, contact one of our Host Coordinators at the Special Events office and they can get you on your way. We have whatever you need here at San Benito. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage is available. Call the Ranger Station for details.

SNOWFLOWER | 530-389-8241

Annual/Extended Stay - Have a favorite camping area or site you prefer? Reserve a personal seasonal site anywhere in the preserve for only $388 per month. Seasonal sites available from May through October, weather permitting. Short-Term Rental - Try something new and stay in one of our cabins or yurts! Cabins sleep four maximum and start at $71.20 per night mid-week, plus tax; yurts sleep 4-5 and start at $44 per night mid-week, plus tax. Cabins and Yurts are only a short drive to exploring California’s historic Gold Country or gaming and nightlife In Reno, NV. The yurts have heaters and new minifridges for your convenience. Call preserve for information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Storage sites available starting at $8 per day to $75 per month. Call the Ranger Station to check availability. OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER




SOLEDAD CANYON 661-269-1740 (Preserve Office) 661-269-7038 (Special Events)

Special Events - Have your rally, wedding, picnic, retreat or reunion at our beautiful preserve. Catering for up to 3,000 available. Call the preserve for information. On-Site/Dry Storage - On-site storage no longer available. Dry Storage $75 per month or $750 annual. Call the preserve for information.

TURTLE BEACH | 209-239-0991

Annual/Extended Stay - Limited number of sites available for both annual lease and monthly rental. Extended stay available. Contact Preserve Manager for pricing. Special Events - Contact Preserve Manager for information on accommodations for SuperHost groups and family gatherings. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage available for $20 per week or $60 per month.

WILDERNESS LAKES 951-672-4831 (Preserve Office) 951-672-7804 (Special Events/SuperHost)

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available. Fish from the back of your site! No reservations required. You can leave your RV on-site 365 days per year. You may occupy the site 210 days per year. Call Brandie or Dave at the preserve for more information. Short-Term Rental - Discounted rates Sunday-Thursday, excluding threeday holidays. Call for prices or check reservation’s web page. Special Events - Call or send email to for your next reunion, retreat, party, seminar, and group rally. Catering available. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call the preserve for information.


LAS VEGAS 702-451-2719 (Preserve Office) 800-288-7245 (Rentals) 702-451-4647 (Storage)

Annual/Extended Stay - Come HOME to your own private site in FUN City. Year-round sites available in four price ranges. Extended Stay monthly sites available from $475 per month. Call preserve for details. Short-Term Rental - Make your cabin and trailer reservations early; high demand in fall, winter and spring. Call the Rental Office for information. Special Events - Let us make your special event memorable. Have your family reunion, company picnic or wedding in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. Call the preserve for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Call the preserve for information.

On-Site/Dry Storage - Yearly storage rates $350.


INDIAN LAKES 812-934-5496 (Preserve & Marketing Office)

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites starting at just $1,200. Please call Charlene. Short-Term Rental - Monthly cabin and site rentals available. Please call Charlene. Special Events - Church event, picnic, weekend retreat, youth group gatherings, meeting, reunion, birthday party, anniversary party, or wedding ~ no matter what your event, we have the facility you need. Please call Jody at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - RV storage available starting at $35 per month. Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual rates available. Call Charlene at the preserve.

HORSESHOE LAKES | 765-832-2487

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Lease Sites are $1,500 for lakefront and $1,075 for non-lakefront. Short-Term Rental - We have 126 sites available (122 full hook-up, and 25 50amp sites - 50-amp sites are $3 per night). Special Events - RV sites, meeting/banquet room, kitchen available for reunions, parties, church groups, weddings, etc. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage available starting at $10 per week up to $300 annually.


MOODY BEACH | 207-646-4586

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites Available: Premium $2882, plus electric fee; Elite $3542, plus electric fee; membership required. Great sites still available. Close to sandy beaches, attractive, Portland ME and Portsmouth NH. Annual Cottages Available: 28’x12’ park models, sleeps 4 adults and 2 children, complete kitchen and bath, supplies. Own your own cottage to come to all season! Annual site fee required. Prices vary - contact manager for more information. Extended Stay Available: $535 per month April, May, June - September, October. Extended Stay available for 1000 per month - July and August. Call Country Store for more information.

MIDWEST/NORTHEAST PINE COUNTRY 815-547-5517 (Preserve & Marketing Office)

Special Events - Moody Beach Is a great getaway for your group. Rallies and Reunions. Safari Field available. Contact us to book your group or party.

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available - rates $2,044. Monthly site rental (RV) - $425 per month. We offer weekly and mid-week special rates also. Call preserve for details. 56

Special Events - Large and small pavilion available for rental - must reserve. Clubhouse space available for rental - must reserve.

Short-Term Rental - April 15-June 10 and September 5 to closing (Oct. 20). Spring or Fall - Shoulder Seasons, get away for a weekend or a week at Moody Beach. Call Country Store for special or look us up on line at



Short-Term Rental - Public W/E/S - nightly rate - $43. Tent sites - nightly $28.


On-Site/Dry Storage - $4 per day, $25 per week, $45 per month or $375 per year. Valid insurance and agreement required.

On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage available for $ 20 weekly, $50 per month or $400 per year.

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available for $2300. Vacation cottages for sale starting at $2500, plus site fee of $2400. Please call preserve for details.


GATEWAY TO CAPE COD | 508-763-5911

Short-Term Rental - Park Model rentals available starting at $60 per night (some pet units available). Call the preserve for more information and reservations. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage available $46 per month or $360 per year. Call the preserve or inquire at the Trading Post.

STURBRIDGE | 508-347-7156

Annual/Extended Stay - Annuals from $1740 to $2666 for lakeside and, new this year, seasonal sites for spring and fall for $500. Short-Term Rental - Nightly and weekly rates, 10 people per site. All you bring Is linen and food. Amenities are free. Special Events - We have a beautiful conference center for all occasions nestled in beautiful Sturbridge. On-Site/Dry Storage - Off-site Storage: $20 per week; $45 per month; or $350 per year.


BEAR CAVE | 269-695-3050

Annual/Extended Stay - Limited annual sites still available. Call for rates. Just 90 minutes from Chicago and only 20 minutes to Michigan’s finest beaches. Reserve now and enjoy one of the most stunningly beautiful waterfront camp reserve sites available. Located on the St. Joseph River with boat launch and docks. Short-Term Rental - 1 and 2 bedroom park model rentals for $59 and $69 per night; 2-night minimum stay on weekends and 3-night minimum stay on holiday weekends. Linen rental for additional fee. 2-4 person, fully-equipped tent rentals available. Call for details.

ST. CLAIR | 810-329-7129

Annual/Extended Stay - Beautiful sites, concrete pad and patio, paved road, metered 50-amp electric, water and sewer. Stay up to 180 nights and store your rig the rest of the year. $2,000 per year. Similar new sites with gravel pads and roads are only $1,500 per year. Contact Preserve Manager for details. Special Events - Enjoy family reunions, rallies, company picnics or special events through our SuperHost Program. Call preserve for more information.

RONDOUT VALLEY | 845-626-5521

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Special - September 1, 2012-June 3, 2013: $795. Short-Term Rental - September or October Cabin Stay Thursday-Monday for $165; September or October Loft Cabin Thursday-Monday for $220. On-Site/Dry Storage - November-April: $25 per month; April-October $45 per month or $395 for the year, if paid in full.


KENISEE LAKE | 440-576-9030

Annual/Extended Stay - Lakefront for $1,545 and non-lakefront for $1,030. Call the preserve for details. Short-Term Rental - Elite site is $475 for a month-to-month and $425 per month for a standard site. Special Events - Rustic Barn, Pool Pavilion available for Family Reunions, Superhosts, and Get-togethers. If interested, please contact Linda Roberts or Connie Higgs for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage ONLY. Fees: $35 per month; $65 per quarter (yearly) $125 per 6 months; and $235 for one year.

WILMINGTON | 937-382-5883

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites now available: $1,250-$1,750. Call Amy for more information. Special Events - SuperHost Facility Rental: Family Lodge $400; Pavilion $100. Call preserve for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage: $15 per week, $35 per month or $150 for six (6) months. Call the Ranger Station.


CIRCLE M | 717-872-4651

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites Available! Starting at $2,350, 210 days of occupancy; space is limited. Special Events - Looking for a great place for your next family outing? Look no further than Outdoor World Circle M in Lancaster. Contact Judy at to make your plans.


On-Site/Dry Storage - Outdoor World Circle M is not accepting any new dry storage agreements.

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites starting at $1,599; Monthly Sites from $500.

GETTYSBURG FARM | 717-292-7191

CHESTNUT LAKE | 609-652-1005

On-Site/Dry Storage - Storage for $25 per week; $50 per month or $400 per year.

LAKE & SHORE | 609-624-1494

Annual/Extended Stay - Limited Cottages available so make the call today.


Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites available, starting at $2895.



Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites available. Call Jeff at the preserve office for information. Special Events - Two pavilions are available for your reunion, company picnic, wedding or party. These creekside pavilions are a popular gathering spot for your special functions. Call Jeff or Mary at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage Rates: $20 weekly, $50 monthly and $300 yearly. Call the preserve or stop by the Trading Post. OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER




HERSHEY 717-867-1891 (Preserve Office) 717-867-3967 (Storage)

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites available at beautiful Hershey Preserve starting at $2,600. Call Kim at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage Rates: $20 weekly, $50 monthly, $200 for six months or $375 per year. Call or stop by the Country Store during regular hours.

PA DUTCH COUNTRY | 717-665-2500

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Sites available – Standard sites $1,800, plus metered electricty; Premium sites $2,175, plus metered electricity. Vacation Cottage site fee $2,100 per year. For more information, please call Joanne or Joan at the preserve. Short-Term Rental - 14 cabins available for rent. Call the preserve for details. Special Events - Don’t worry about the weather – our large building is available for rent. Building will accommodate square dance groups inside; also available for weddings and other events. For more information, please call Joanne or Joan at the preserve. On-Site/Dry Storage - Off-site Storage is available for $3 per day, $60 per month, and $375 per year. For more information, please call Joanne or Joan at the preserve.

SCOTRUN | 570-629-0620

Annual/Extended Stay - Scotrun, in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, has annual sites available starting at $1295. Scotrun is central to everything in the Poconos and easy access right off Route 80. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage Only - $400 per year or $50 per month. Contact preserve for details.


Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available and vacation cottages for sale in the beautiful, scenic Pocono Mountains! Call the preserve and ask for Cathy or Nicole for pricing information.


PEACE RIVER | 863-735-8888

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available for $2,280 per year, plus tax and electric. Extended seasonal sites available as well. Weekender program-$179 per month-limited availablility, limited time offer. Call Lee at the preserve for details. Short-Term Rental - We have nine rental log cabins available, for nightly or monthly rental. Special Events - We are the perfect location for your group events. Reunions, birthday parties and other special events are fun and carefree when using our facilities. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage $45 per month. Call the preserve for information.


DIAMOND CAVERNS | 270-749-2891

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual lease sites available as well as Extended Stay. Call the preserve for more information. Short-Term Rental - Call the preserve for details on short-term rentals. Special Events - Special rates available for rallies, reunions and special functions. Please call the preserve for details. On-Site/Dry Storage - On-site and dry storage available. Please call the preserve for rates.


FOREST LAKE | 336-988-4135

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites are available! Don’t delay in securing yours now and start enjoying the convenience of annual site rental. Contact Preserve Office for current rate. Short-Term Rental - Cabins, cottages and short-term rentals are available. The longer you stay, the better the price! For rates and availability contact Barb Stanze at the Preserve Office.

Short-Term Rental - Park Model Rentals $60 and $70 per night. For information, call the preserve.

Special Events - Ask about our special group rates for family reunions, rallies and camping adventures for that special occasion or birthday party! To learn more about these customized camping experiences please contact Barb Stanze at the Preserve Office.

Special Events - Our lakefront Clubhouse and Pavilion are the perfect venues for family reunions, receptions, birthday parties, company events, church picnics, etc. We also have RV sites, tent sites and cabins. For details please call the preserve.

GREEN MOUNTAIN PARK | 828-757-4088

Annual/Extended Stay - Rates are $1,400 to $2,855. Call preserve for details.

On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage available for $3 per day or $200 for 6 months. Call preserve for information.

Short-Term Rental - Vacation cottages for sale at $4,495.


Special Events - Call preserve for details.

ORLANDO 352-394-5531 (Preserve Office) 352-394-7300 (Special Events) 58

Special Events - Function hall, catering, activities and amenities are all yours with our SuperHost Program. For details, contact Beth-Ann McCourt.

HIDDEN COVE | 205-221-7042

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available - $2,150. For information please call the preserve.


Annual/Extended Stay - Sites still available for extended stay and lease options. Leave your rig and not have to move every few weeks. Please call Beth-Ann McCourt for more details or ask for when you arrive at the preserve.


On-Site/Dry Storage - Storage available - $2 per day or $365 per year

LAKE GASTON | 252-586-4121

On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage available: $20 per week, $45 per month or $325 per year. Storage available for boats and RVs. For information, please call the preserve.


CAROLINA LANDING | 864-972-9892

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available starting at $1,300 for current members.

THE OAKS AT POINT SOUTH | 843-726-5728

Annual/Extended Stay - Come spend the season where it’s sunny at our beautiful spot close to Savannah, Charleston, and right next door to the historic Beaufort by the sea. Our rates are very reasonable - $350 per month plus tax and electric. Call the preserve and book now. Easy access to/from I-95. On-Site/Dry Storage - We offer on-site storage at $150 per month, plus electric and taxes.


CHEROKEE LANDING | 731-376-0935

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available from $1,099 to $1,300 for the season for current members. Extended Stay sites are $300 for current members. Call the preserve to make your reservations. Short-Term Rental - We have campsites and rental cabins available. Call the preserve to make your reservations. Special Events - We are the place for your SuperHost needs. Rallies, family reunions, weddings, church groups, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, birthday parties and more. Call the preserve to make your reservation. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage only.

COLORADO RIVER | 979-732-8229

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual site leases available for part-time or fulltime occupancy. Suitable for RV or park models. Also offering Summer Texan extended stays for members and the public for up to 5 months at market rate, plus metered electricity. For pricing and details about Annual sites or 55+ programs, call Marty or send email at Special Events - Make your family reunion or church picnic interesting and fun for all ages. All family oriented groups welcome. Contact Marty or send email to On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage available year-round; fenced secure area. Call the preserve or send email

LAKE CONROE 936-856-7888 (Preserve Office) 936-856-3751 (Rental Office)

Annual/Extended Stay - Come stay for a maximum of five months at a time on our Texan Program. The cost is $375 per month, plus electricity. We also have medical stays available. For details contact the Ranger. Our annual program allows you to stay up to 210 days and leave your rig onsite for the entire year. Hidden Cove annual programs are available for 300 days. Contact the Preserve Office for details. Short-Term Rental - We have four cabins for rent nightly for two weeks at a time, for $80 for members, plus $10 extra for guests, plus tax, per night. We have nine Getaways for our Getaway members. We also have a Hidden Cove rental, which are owned by members and rented by the week or the month. Check with our Preserve Office for details. All rentals are fully furnished. You just need to bring clothes and food! Special Events - SuperHost/pavilion/family center/lake area rental available most weekends for parties and special events. Contact the Ranger Station at the preserve.

NATCHEZ TRACE | 931-796-3212

On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage is $35 per month, plus tax. Contact the Ranger Station. We also have short-term storage at $40 per week, plus tax, where you may store your RV and leave electric plugged in while you are out of the preserve.

Short-Term Rental - Mid-week cabin stay special - $99 Monday through Thursday. Limited Availability. Standard Cabins only.

LAKE TAWAKONI | 903-598-2800

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites still available - $1,020 to $1,380.

Special Events - Rallies Welcome! Large rental hall facilities available. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry: $5 per day/$25 per month.


BAY LANDING | 940-683-3016

Annual/Extended Stay - Bay Landing is now your personal site for 12 months. *Annual Stay – stay up to 210 days a year with no time out. Limited spaces available. Honey Runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for $10, plus tax. No need to move your rig, we come to you! Contact the Ranger Station before 2 p.m. to put your name on the list. Don’t cut your weekend short with towing and setup. Save on Gas. No pulling! Please call Lynn. Special Events - We have excellent amenities for any of your SuperHost needs, such as family reunions, weddings, church groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. Beautiful pavilions on Lake Bridgeport! Please call Nena. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage Only - $45, plus tax ($48.04).


Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available. Rates from $1,950. Call the preserve for details.

Annual/Extended Stay - Standard and Premium sites are available. There are electric charges on both. These sites are for 210 days of usage. Marina and dry storage are available for boats. Short-Term Rental - Two rental cabins available. Special Events - SuperHost facilities are available for family reunions and business use for a fee. Contact the BA for assistance. On-Site/Dry Storage - Monthly Dry Storage cost is $42.70.

LAKE TEXOMA 903-523-5835 (Preserve Office) 903-523-4206 (Special Events/Storage)

Annual/Extended Stay - Personal Sites available. A year with no time out. *Limited spaces available.* Save on gas, setup, pulling/towing. Please call Nic at the preserve office for information. Don’t delay - sites are rapidly filling up! Short-Term Rental - New rates - call the preserve manager or ask at the office. OCTOBER 2012 | TRAILBLAZER



Special Events - We offer SuperHost programs church groups, family reunions, scout groups, etc. Contact Brynda.


On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage available for $40 per month. Please call Brynda.

LAKE WHITNEY | 254-694-4269

Annual/Extended Stay - Our annual/personal site program allows you to camp up to 210 days a year. There are 4 different price ranges depending on the site type chosen. Call us to find out how to get your personal site at Lake Whitney. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage available for $55 per month or $605, plus tax, for the entire year (if paid in full at start of storage). You receive the 13th month free. Don’t wait - limited space.

MEDINA LAKE 830-751-2444 (Preserve Office) 830-751-2406 (Special Events/Storage)

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual Site program available. Guarantee your personal site for an entire year with sites starting at $1,733. Call preserve for details. Special Events - Family reunions, company picnics, rallies – we do them all! We have two large outdoor areas available for day use. Campsite and limited cabin rentals are also available. Call Cindy at Special Events. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry storage $60 per month or $540 per year, plus tax. Call Preserve Office or Storage.


CHESAPEAKE BAY 804-693-6951 (Resort Office) 804-693-9645 (Special Events)

Annual/Extended Stay - Chesapeake Bay is the best place to spend weekends and vacation and our annual sites make it so easy to jump in the car and head to the “rivah”! Contact Lisa in the Resort Office if you would like information on how you can lease a site in 2013. Short-Term Rental - We have 20 fully-furnished rental cabins that sleep 4-6. (18 are lakefront locations). Pet units also available. Special Events - On a tidal river of the Chesapeake Bay, we have 20 rental cabins, tent sites and 30- and 50-amp full hook-up sites. Perfect for group events, rallies and reunions. Indoor and outdoor facilities for meetings and gatherings. Call Special Events. On-Site/Dry Storage - Field storage available year-round. On-site storage




available Nov. 15-May 15. Call Resort Office for details.

HARBOR VIEW | 804-224-8164

Annual/Extended Stay - Seasonal sites: $1,075, plus tax and electric, for the season or $350, plus tax and electric, per month. ALL SITES ARE FULL HOOK-UP. Short-Term Rental - Book your stay in our Rental Unit; sleeps 6 with a full kitchen and bath. Pets allowed. Call for rates and details. Special Events - Plan your group event at Harbor View. Air-conditioned Recreational Hall and covered Pavilion available for reservation.

LYNCHBURG | 434-332-6672

Annual/Extended Stay - Plan to spend the season with us and enjoy all the beauty, festivals and fun that Central Virginia has to offer. Annuals sites are available for $1,200; premium sites are $1,875. Call the preserve for more details. Short-Term Rental - Spend a month or two and enjoy all the wonderful activities and attractions of the area. Our monthly rate is $300, plus electric. Call the preserve for more information and start making your plans today. Special Events - We offer the perfect place for family reunions, church or company picnics, camping rallies, weddings and receptions, and other special functions. Contact the preserve at or send email to and let us help you plan your special gathering today. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage: $40 per month; $200 for six months $200, $400 for the year.

VIRGINIA LANDING | 757-442-4853

Annual/Extended Stay - Annual sites available. Call the preserve for more information. On-Site/Dry Storage - Dry Storage available year-round.

WILLIAMSBURG | 757-566-3021

Annual/Extended Stay - Your best year of camping begins at Williamsburg. Annual on-site program at our beautiful tree-sheltered campground: full hook-up, metered sites begin at $1,750. Vacation Cottage Program offers 28 to 38-foot park models, vinyl or log-sided from $1,499 to $4,999, with a 3-year annual on-site lease. Satellite reception sites still available. Call Gary at the preserve to find out about this month’s TrailBlazer Reader’s Special. On-Site/Dry Storage - Secure and easy access storage for $395 annually with park membership. Call the preserve for more information.

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61 61

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while driving; if you experience headaches, nausea, or unusual fatigue behind the wheel, have your RV checked ASAP by a qualified technician.

unnecessary. If you do not use enough water, the paper and solids will absorb what little water there is in the RV holding tank making it difficult to drain the tank at a later point in time. This can also clog up the drain exit of the holding tank leading to further tension in the household...! RV Toilet Tissue is expensive and really not necessary if you are careful with the amount of paper you use and choose a quick dissolving brand. We use either Kirkland (Costco) or White Cloud toilet paper as they both dissolve fairly easily in water and are very affordable.

Fortunately, annual vehicle inspections can successfully identify leaks in your engine’s exhaust system so they can be repaired. This is not the case, however, for the RV’s power generator. So you, the RV owner, have to take responsibility for monitoring the integrity of your generator’s exhaust system. Sometimes, a portion of the power generator’s exhaust may be routed under the body of the motorhome in older RVs, which can contribute to carbon monoxide (CO) buildup in the RVs living area if the exhaust system springs a leak. What’s your best defense? Awareness and vigilant visual inspection of the generator’s exhaust system. And you need to use a carbon monoxide detector and test it regularly. Do NOT just remove the batteries if this device keeps alarming. If it’s setting off an alarm, you have a CO problem and need to have your RV inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic ASAP. If your CO monitor alerts every time you use your generator, absolutely, positively STOP USING IT until you get the problem fixed. Happy travels; keep your eyes on the horizon and blaze a trail! ■

As far as the black and grey water drain valves; the grey water can be left open 90% of the time but the black water valve should not be left open. From time to time, you will want to close the grey tank valve and add in a grey water tank chemical to help dissolve any build up of soap scum and grease. Follow the directions on the back of the product for best results. It is best to keep the black tank valve closed in that there is a limited amount of slope - or none at all - inside of most holding tanks. If the valve is left open, the water will run out but the solids can stay at the bottom of the tank. Once the solids build up, they can block the drain exit and a nasty mess is sure to follow. Jenn and I hope this info helps to “dissolve and resolve” any stinky matters and help you on the road to being happy campers! ■

Paul and Kerri Elders are freelance writers; visit their website at Terms and Conditions for 2012 Referral Promotion Terms and Conditions: For each Eligible Referral (as defined), you will receive a $25 American Express gift card. In addition, for each Eligible Referral, you will receive one entry in a drawing for the following prizes: (i) Grand Prize is either a trip to Hawaii or a 7 night Caribbean Cruise, valued at $4,000, includes roundtrip coach airfare for two adults from the continental United States to either Hawaii or Florida, and hotel/cruise accommodations for 7 nights; (ii) Second Prize is a trip to either Las Vegas, San Francisco or Orlando, valued at $2,000, that includes roundtrip coach airfare for two adults from the continental United States to either Las Vegas, San Francisco or Orlando and hotel accommodations for 4 nights and (iii) ten (10) Third Prizes waiving payment of the winners’ annual dues for 2013, not to exceed $499 each. The trips do not include taxes, meals, beverages, transfers, gratuities, activities and other personal expenses. The drawing will be held at our corporate offices on January 7, 2013. The winners will be notified by telephone. The odds of winning the drawing depend on the number of entries and are not expected to exceed 1:10,000. For this promotion, an Eligible Referral is a person who (i) purchases a new Zone Park Pass from us between January 1, 2012 and December 14, 2012, and (ii) lists you as the referring member. This offer is only for members in good standing of Thousand Trails and its affiliates. Due to legal restrictions, residents of AZ, FL, NV, NY, PA and TN are not eligible to participate in the drawing and you will not receive an entry in the drawing for purchases made by residents of AZ, NV, PA or TN. We reserve the right to extend, modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason; however, any rewards earned prior to the suspension or termination of this promotion will be honored. Employees of Equity LifeStyle Properties, Inc. and its affiliates are not eligible to participate in this promotion. All local, state and federal income taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Accordingly, we recommend that all participants consult a tax advisor about reporting rewards for tax purposes. We will issue the required 1099 to each participant and to the IRS when the total value of awards you are eligible to receive equal or exceed $600.00 for one year. This advertising is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of resort campground memberships. This document has been filed with the Department of Licensing, State of Washington, as required by Washington law. Value, quality, or conditions stated and performance on promises are the responsibility of the operator, not the Department. This filing does not mean that the Department has approved the merits or qualifications of any registration, advertising, or any gift, prize, or item of value as part of any promotional plan. This promotion is sponsored by MHC Thousand Trails Limited Partnership, Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60606 62





WORLDWIDE RV TOURS AND RALLIES Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Overseas & USA, Rose Parade, Balloon Fiesta, Kentucky Derby & more! Free vacation guide (800) 952-8496 or SCRUBR Odor-Free Dishcloths & TREKR Self-Cleaning Washcloths Perfect for Rving and camping. They dry fast, rinse clean, and don’t get smelly. (858)653-0401

FREE DIRECTV & RV KIT for your RV when you get DIRECTV for your home with ENTERTAINMENT Pkg & above. Pkgs start at $29.99/ mo for 12 mos. Ends 12/31/12. NEW DIRECTV customers only. Restrictions apply. Call Now! 1-800-257-4480

HEARTLAND LANDMARK 2013 Heartland Landmark Grand Canyon. $68,900 MSRP $99,817. True Four Season (Zero-Rated!), 38’ w/ Triple Slides. 42” LCD TV, Central Vacuum, One Touch Leveling, Frameless Dual Pane Windows. Dual Quiet Whisper AC System (In Stock Units Only) 1-877-960-1777 DRV MOBILE SUITES 2013 DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3. $93,013 MSRP $110,668. True Four Season. (Sub-Zero Rated!) 37’ w/ Four Slides. 2 ACs, Frameless Dual Pane Windows, Central Vac, Disc Brakes, Fireplace, 4 Dr. Refrigerator, One Touch Leveling, 43’ Units available. Mention this Ad for 10% Discount off MAP Pricing 1-877-960-1777

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11:15 AM

Answers - Crossword puzzle can be found on page 50

Answers - Sudoku puzzle can be found on page 50

18th Annual Tour

Tues,January 1, 2013 C








Take a fabulous day trip to Pasadena for the 124th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Our package includes: Continental Breakfast • Grandstand Seats Round-Trip Fare on a Deluxe Charter Bus only

$140 per person

Make your reservations now! First come, first served (53 seats available) For more information, please call: (951) 672-7804 World’s Strongest Holding Tank Treatment 64


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plenty to do here.” Pickleball, shuffleboard, music, pool fun, card and bingo games are all options as is a visit to the finest white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast, just an hour away. Looking for some theme-park thrills? Both Encore’s Lake Magic RV Resort and Thousand Trails Orlando put you in prime proximity to the attractions of Orlando. Lake Magic is only six miles from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World, plus the resort itself is located on a 160-acre fishing and boating lake. Orlando RV Resort is also primed for both the thrill seeker and water lover. Also, less than 10 miles from the theme parks, this 225-acre resort offers a 60acre spring-fed lake and white sand beaches. Can you say paradise? Did you know the Florida Keys are a coral archipelago? Did you know that Encore’s Sunshine Key RV Resort and Marina offers the perfect gateway to explore the Florida Keys? Water activities are the big draw in this area and include charter fishing, sailing and dive boats. Or stay on the island and enjoy shell collecting, the nature trails or simply relaxing while you watch the beautiful sunsets!


Nearby Encore’s Paradise South in Mercedes gives Tropic Winds a run for their money when it comes to fun. “We believe our activities schedule sets us apart from most resorts in the area,” said Chris Silva, in Resort Reservations. “We have a concert series that is highly anticipated and our guests tell us they can’t wait for the 2013 version of “Street Family Feud.” If you’re looking for a perfect location as a home base for day trips into Mexico or South Padre Island, Encore’s Lakewood RV Resort, in Harlingen, is the perfect choice. “Both these destinations are an easy drive from our resort,” said John Van Wyck, Resort Manager. Don’t miss the 10,000 foot suspended dance floor – one of the resort’s most unique features and the much anticipated antique car show scheduled for February. Plenty of places, plenty of fun, plenty of reasons to Winter with us! For a complete listing of all Thousand Trails and Encore Resorts, visit Don’t miss the full calendar of Encore Concert and Sporting Events scheduled from November through April, in our November-December issue of TrailBlazer. ■


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and according to Encore’s Tropic Winds RV Resort Manager Tony Ortiz, that applies to the sites at the resort. “We are popular for our Texas-sized lot,” he says of this Harlingen-based resort. They are also BIG on fun thanks to the Activities Department that offers quite a diverse selection. “We have jam sessions, line

dancing, concerts, holiday parties, aerobics, Zumba, cards games and more, “said Activities Director Elaine Vincelli. Don’t miss the new clubhouse that is in the works – another 2,400 square feet for big Texas fun.



Photo courtesy Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce


ivaling some of the best (and largest) Oktoberfest events outside of Germany, Leavenworth, Washington’s Oktoberfest runs during the first three weekends of October each year. This year’s festival dates are October 5-6, October 1213 and October 19-20. The original Oktoberfest began in Munich in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig I to Princess Therese from SaxonyHildburghausen. It was a wedding feast with plenty of food, drink and celebration! Leavenworth’s is no different! First held in 1998, it was attended by approximately 400 people. The popularity of the fest grew over the years, creating the need to extend the festivities from one weekend to three, and



it is now attended by more than 10,000 annually. Live music, German food, arts and crafts, activities for the whole family and of course, beer are the mainstays of this event. Don’t miss the Keg Tapping Ceremony, held each Saturday at 1 p.m., when Leavenworth’s Mayor honors the Bavarian tradition of “tapping the keg.” If you’re planning to attend the event, the Leavenworth Preserve is just a 25 minute drive from the festivities. For more information on the Oktoberfest, visit To make reservations at Leavenworth, visit Prost!







Trailblazer Magazine - October 2012  
Trailblazer Magazine - October 2012  

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