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Annual report 2017

From the Board We often reflect on the “magic” of Trail Blazers, and marvel at the way our core principles — decentralized camping in rustic surroundings; vagabonds; learning about, appreciating and becoming stewards of our natural and urban environments; “unplugging” from the “noise” of modern society, and “going outdoors to grow within” — continue to nurture and inspire youth. These truths were proven again last year by the unprecedented number of children and families who participated in our programs. In the prior year, we saw enrollment across all programs increase 75% from 400 to 700, making 2016 a record year for us. In 2017, we grew our program even more, both in absolute and percentage terms, serving nearly 1200 children, up 70% from 2016. Across our various programs, we served: • 500 campers attended Overnight Camp at Mashipacong Estate, NJ; • 375 campers attended Cay Camp in Prospect Lefferts Gardens (PLG), Brooklyn; • 75 campers attended winter and spring break camps; • 30 campers attended our Leadership and Internship programs; and • 200 campers enrolled in our Under One Sky (UOS) After-School across four Brooklyn schools in the 2016-2017 school year. There are 330 campers currently enrolled across five schools in 2017-2018. Most importantly, and fundamentally, the quality of our programming remains exceptional as we serve more and more deserving children and families. That is no small feat, made possible by the efforts of our incomparable year-round staff. Executive Director Riel Peerbooms, Director of Development & Communications Tiffany Caton, Director of Programs Molly McCue, UOS Director Jennifer Bombardier, and Property Manager Steve Bates are unequaled in their dedication, talent and resourcefulness. We are very pleased to welcome new Board members Colleen Sebra, Jim Torpey, Austin Park, Nathan Drake, Erez Levin, Frank Nolan, Eric Smith, and Chris Sheaffer to Trail Blazers. Their experience, insights and wisdom will help guide us as we move into our exciting future. And, as always, thank you to all “Trail Blazers”. Our seasonal and after-school staff, friends, supporters, donors, and alumni are essential to achieving our mission. Your enduring support makes us who we are. Sincerely,

Marc Hyman Co-Chair

Hugh Babowal Co-Chair

Audited Financial Statement Fiscal years ended October 31, 2015 and 2016 2016 Revenue Contributions $ 635,436 Fundraising Benefits (less costs) 58,244 Trust Fund & Investment Income 73,903 Registration Fees 491,910 Miscellaneous Income 55,927 TOTAL REVENUE 1,315,420 Expenses Program Services Management & General Fundraising TOTAL EXPENSES Change in net assets NET ASSETS – beginning NET ASSETS – ending

2015 $

485,089 36,699 31,129 283,746 48,114 884,777

1,109,119 99,295 58,794 1,267,208

934,592 83,552 46,537 1,064,681

48,212 1,814,304 $1,862,516

(179,904) 1,994,208 $1,814,304

Please note that expenses amounting to $70,234 in 2016 and $65,744 in 2017 represent depreciation of camp infrastructure.

Scholarship Fund Through strict fiscal management, partnerships, and donor support, Trail Blazers programs are accessible to all families, regardless of income, via the Scholarship Fund.

1200 Children Annually


At or below poverty level


Receiving scholarship

Our Mission Since 1887, Trail Blazers’ programs have helped children and teens build values for life through nature and the outdoors. Our time-tested and researched-driven program approach helps youth develop essential skills and competencies that we group into four categories: Care for Self, Care for Others, Care for Community, and Care for Environment.


From a Camper “My favorite thing about being outside is getting to see plants and animals and seeing the world grow!”

children and teens served across all programs. 78% demonstrate growth in essential life skills and values.

From a Parent “My sons are excited every year to go to camp. They come back with more motivation and confidence. We see them full of excitement when they speak about all the things they've learned and all the friends they made. The experience has always been more than exceptional and we look forward to continuing with the Trail Blazer tradition. My oldest is even talking about eventually becoming a counselor himself. We are


Our Approach

of all funds raised directly support program costs and help keep programs within reach for those who need it most.

Our time-tested, research-driven approach has been honed through 130 of working with youth in the outdoors. You will notice that we call all our participants “campers”, even in Under One Sky After School, because all of our programs are modelled after our flagship Overnight Camp. We believe in being outside and that there is no such things as bad weather, just inadequate gear. We believe in small groups (smallcamps) with high staff-to-child ratios. We believe in hands-on learning and learning by doing. We believe in free play as essential to both academic learning and social-emotional development. We believe in diversity and access for all children, regardless of family income.

Program Highlights Overnight Camp 131 summers, and counting! At Mashipacong Estate in New Jersey, 500 campers, ages 7-18, from all over New York and New Jersey took over the tipis and hogans for a break from the city. That’s over 35 vagabonds completed, 144 campfire cookouts eaten, and countless miles hiked. AMIR joined us again this year, leading a great gardening program and adding an animal component with three goats and four hens! Our Leaders In Training (LIT) program continues to grow, with over 14 teens this summer. And our Internship, an eight-week program for the teens who have completed the LIT program, had eight teens! PLG Brooklyn Day Camp Over 375 of our youngest campers, ages 4-10, put away their screens for unplugged summer fun with our mix of international and local staff, just like in Overnight Camp! We hiked and explored all the trails in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, enjoyed Riis Beach, and fished in Lake Mashipacong. Some of our older Day Campers became Overnight Campers for a week at Mini Camp! Of course, we made nature crafts and sang Trail Blazers camp songs as loud we could all along the way.


Our Campers Ages 4-17 44% African-American 30% Latinx 17% White 6% Asian 3% multi-racial

Under One Sky (UOS) After-School Whether in a forest or a city, we all live under one sky! In the 2016-2017 school year, over 200 campers in grades PreK-5 across four Brooklyn schools connected to and learned about stewarding our city. We planted and harvested our gardens, learned about animal survival, and connected to each other through teambuilding games. Our community service Final Projects included building insect hotels, recycling campaigns at the school, and making bird feeders for the local birds. In the current 2017-2018 year, P.S. 241 has joined P.S. 705, P.S. 770, P.S. 316, and P.S. 375 as part of the UOS family, allowing us to reach over 330 Brooklyn campers! Winter and Spring Break Camps When school is out, camp is in! During the school breaks, 75 campers reconnected with each other and enjoyed the cooler temps. We explored the changing trees in Prospect Park and headed to Mashipacong Estate to fall asleep in front of the Great Hall’s roaring fire. We’re hoping that Lake Mashipacong will freeze over this year for some ice skating!

Our Supporters It is the generosity of those who supported us through FY2017 and the beginning of FY2018 that we are able to fulfill our mission. We are grateful to the following donors from Dec 1, 2016 to Dec 5, 2017. $250000+ Anonymous

Councilmember Funding Keith Forman SCOPE Laura Markham Victoria Foundation Lee & Nancy Simonson Lorraine Greene Lee Memorial Foundation $5000+ Martha Washington American Eagle Outfitters Straus/Harry Straus Brick Presbyterian Church Foundation ConEdison Mertz Gilmore Foundation E.J. Grassmann Trust Nihad Rahman Marc Hyman PricewaterhouseCoopers, FPWA LLP

$2500+ Arthur & Linda Fishelman $25000+ Benevity Community Impact Fund GE Foundation David Tcholakian The City of Paterson, NJ The Pinkerton Foundation Grace Kurdian Heidell, Pittoni, Murphy, & Bach, LLP $10000+ James Torpey Hugh D. Babowal Laura J. Niles Foundation Jay & Molly Broaddus, III Joyce Kurdian NYC Discretionary

$1000+ Anna Krassy Anne Jones Anton Finelli Bank of America Barry Hyman & Jamie Carmell-Hyman Bouw Family Caroline Gibbs Charles Hyman Charles Moyer

Corey Schor Emily & Robert Viola Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund George M. Kunath & Kathleen Shannon James & Patricia Miller James Pappas in memory of the Pappas Family Jeffrey & Caroline Miller Jonathan & Barbara Weiss Jonathan & Sari Peris Joy Olaes Suprenant Juanita Barrena Katherine & Joseph Mele Langworthy Foundation Lauren Catapano Leon W. Clarke Charitable Trust Louis Esposito Margaret & Al Broaddus Merck Foundation Molly McCue & Thomas Ellison

RBC Foundation The Arthur and Eileen Newman Family Foundation Tom Riddleberger $500+ Bederson, LLP Caroline Rostant Catherine Nicholl Charles Snider Colleen Sebra Dorothy & Brendan Sullivan Elizabeth Quirk-Hendry Eric J. Smith Hannah West Heasung Minjung Park Jack & Frances Harris James Miller & Cynthia Nascimento Jeffrey & Clodina Babson John Hackney Josh & Robin Sadler

Leslie Liao Louis Milea Lynn Rudolf Mark Galorenzo Matthew Susser Maureen Sullivan Michael & Eliza Popper Michael & Jenna Butz Michael Labadorf Nathan & Jane Pearson New York City Gives Paul & Cynthia Clauss Paul Fagan Philip & Cori Thune Raed Elkhatib Raymond & Carole Weisner Robert Giglietti Samantha Lee-Van Heuven & Hugo Van Heuven Thomas Nakashian Tim Balombin Vanguard Charitable

William P. Jones, Jr. $100+ Adele Ervin Adrienne Darcey Aliosha Castro Del Rio Allen Galorenzo Amy Thut Angela Clohessy Ann Dzenutis Ann Grumpelt Ann Grumpelt Anne Chiapella Anne McQuaid AnnMarie Maglione Appolonia Thomas Aracelis Reyes Ares Operations Ari Moma Ariel Deckelbaum Athena Abdullah Austin Park Barbara Sheehan Barry A. Mayo

Bradley Kranz Bright Funds Foundation Brittany Lowe Carter & Kimberly Lee Celeste Frank Charles McCann Christine Howell Christopher Broder Cissie Citardi Cyril Burke Daniel B. Glickman Daniel Dillon Daniel Katz Daniel Ratner David Churchill David M. Asustin Deborah M. Nolan Debra Dolph & Susan Schaeffer Debra J. Sullivan Diane Ryan ANNUAL REPORT 2017

Dkolker Donald Gottheimer Dorothy Spencer Edward Westermann Elizabeth A. Biscone Elizabeth Cornacchio Erez Levin Eric Gingold Erica Klein Erin Kelley Esther Parker Evelyn & Ralph Christensen Fernando & Maria Ruiz Frank & Francine Candela Frank Nolan Gear To Go Outfitters George & Prilla Brackett George Buddensick Gerard & Grace Collins Gloria Greenbaum Greg Ehret Gregory Cashman &

Peggy Neal Guillem Garcia Helen Horsham-Bertels Hilde Adler Hillary Bell Iain Middleton Irene Papadoulis Isabelle Wedemeyer Islah Washington J. Charles & Alice Riecks Jacquel Clemons Jacqueline BrownRichardson Jacqueline Ramirez James & Jean Key James Kalashian Jane & Chad Glennon Jane F. Kortz Jane Granzow Janell Wise Jean Kumagai Jean Worthley Jeff Wedge

Joan Dickie Jocelyn Page Jodi Malcom Joe Falu John & Amy Mabry John Batt John Colletti John Howie John Oliva John Saydlowski John Touhey Jon Masur Jonathan C. Rooney Jose Pinheiro Jr. Jose R. Gonzalez Joselyn Urena Joseph Maceda Joseph Yi Juan Uribe Karolyn Irvin Kate & Dean Ellison Kathryn Cadotte Kay & Charles Smorto

Keith Derman Kenneth Chen Kevin Maloy Laura L. Alfano Laura Scheck Lauren Levine Lauren Pearlstone Lauren Young Lindsay Eshelman Lisa Mitchell Loren Blackford & Michael Blackford Luke Pittoni Margaret Keane Mark Siegeltuch Marshal & Anna Peris Martin Kelsohn Mary Alter Matthew Lamb Maureen Eccleston Mercedes Everette & Richard Harper Merrily S. Haas

Michael D'Ingillo Monica Cortes Monica M. Strigle Nathaniel Drake Neil Goldman Nichole Katz Nicki Wallhofer NRG Energy Inc Pam Gregory & David Palladino Pamela Abernethy Parag Patel Patricia Iandoli Paul Bombardier Paul Freilich Paul Marcus Paul Marcus Peter M. Heuven Philip Baird Riva Krut & Harris Gleckman Robert Bruno Robert China Robert Holtcamp

Roger Woolcott Ronald Rasdall, Jr. Russell Clingman Russell Pickett Salil Gandhi Scott Warrender Sebouh Nahabedian Stephen Durkee Stephen Gruber Stuart Builder, PhD Susan Cooley Susan Dolin Suzanne Graver Suzanne Graver Suzanne Schaefer & H. Paul Dennison Suzy Davidkhanian Tamara Maletic Tammy A. Nelson Tara & Chris Croker Terence Keane Terrence St. John Thomas Buddensick Thomas Laurie

Tiffany Caton Timothy & Saundra Lane Tiyana Works Tom Kenyon Travis Mock V P Barreras Vincent Milea Wade R. Forbes Wilfred Wong William & Marilyn Hartman William Supper Partners 1199 SEIU AMIR Algorhythm Children’s Village GrahamWindham Leadership High School New Alternatives for Children New Jersey Division of Child Protection &

Permanency P.S. 305 Brooklyn Arts and Sciences School P.S. 316 Elijah Stroud P.S. 241 Emma L. Johnston School P.S. 375 Jackie Robinson School P.S. 770 The New American Academy The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey Sheltering Arms Wishbone Youth, Inc


Board of Trustees 2017 Co-Chairs Hugh Babowal (Wells Fargo), Marc Hyman (HPMB, LLP) Secretary Grace Kurdian (Kindle Energy, LLC) Treasurer Louis V. Milea, CPA (alumnus, DeGraw Tompkins Solutions) Trustees Jay Broaddus (RBC Capital), Lauren Catapano (consultant), Nathaniel

Drake (Macquarie Group), John Howie (Willett Advisors), Anna Krassy (alumna, retired), Erez Levin (Google), Laura Markham (Maher Terminals), Jeff Miller (Valuation Research Corporation), Thomas Nakashian (Wells Fargo), Scott Napolitano (Nomura Securities International), Frank Nolan (Eversheds Sutherland, LLP), Jonathan Peris (Merrill Lynch), Nihad Rahman (JPMorgan Chase), Ronald Rasdall, Jr. (alumnus, HUDRON, Inc), Chris Shaeffer (Reed Smith, LLP), Colleen Sebra (Ernst & Young), Lee Simonson (Simonson Associates), Eric Smith (PineBridge Investments), Maureen Sullivan (Oppenheimer Funds), Austin Park (Blackrock), David Tcholakian (UBS), Jim Torpey (retired)

Emeritus Trustees William D. Bouw, Arthur Fishelman, George M. Kunath Honorary Trustee Catherine Smorto

STAFF Executive Director Riel Peerbooms, MSW Senior Staff Steve Bates, Property Manager

Jennifer Bombardier, Under One Sky Director Tiffany Caton, Development & Communications Molly McCue, Director of Programs

Contact Us 394 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 P: 212-529-5113 • E:

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Trail Blazers Annual Report 2017  

If you would like a print version mailed to you, please contact Tiffany Caton, Development and Communications Director, at tcaton@trailblaze...

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2017  

If you would like a print version mailed to you, please contact Tiffany Caton, Development and Communications Director, at tcaton@trailblaze...