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Annual Report 2016

From the Board We have been pleased to tell you in this space about the many successes at Trail Blazers in recent years. At this time last year, we reported our belief that our accomplishments in 2015 set a strong foundation for our future. We had no idea how true that would prove to be in 2016. While remaining committed to the core principles embodied in our sleepaway camp, including “Building Values for Life” and “Going Outside to Grow Within”, our complementary Under One Sky after-school program and PLG Brooklyn day camp have grown impressively. Attendance at sleep-away camp increased as well. In all, we served nearly 700 deserving children and young adults in 2016 - an increase of almost 300 from 2015. Programming continues to gives each young person the chance to work toward achieving one or more of the Six Pillars of 21 st Century Learning that support youth development and long-term success. Moving our office to Brooklyn several years ago has given us a true neighborhood presence. Families in Brooklyn have quickly demonstrated how much they value the unique opportunity Trail Blazers offers their children. We were gratified that 100 campers participated in our PLG Brooklyn day camp during its inaugural 2015 season. The 220 campers who participated this summer exceeded our greatest expectations. The equally successful growth of our Under One Sky after-school program into four Brooklyn schools shows this as well. To enhance our place in Brooklyn, we were awarded a grant from Youth INC to hire a Community Relationships Officer, Sunaina Rao. Sunaina is a welcome addition to our incredibly talented and dedicated year-round staff. Their work, all provided under the steady hand and inspired leadership of Executive Director Riel Peerbooms, is tireless. We are also energized by our good fortune in adding Jeff Miller, Maureen Sullivan, Jay Broaddus, and Lee Simonson to our Board of Trustees this year. Finally, we thank all of you, our friends and supporters, for helping make Trail Blazers the best it can be. We look forward to your faithful support in the year to come. Sincerely, Marc Hyman Co-Chair

Hugh Babowal Co-Chair

650+ Children Annually

Financial Statement

Scholarship Fund

Fiscal years ended October 31, 2015 and 2014 2015


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Through strict fiscal management, partnerships, and the support of our donors, Trail Blazers is able to keep its various programs within reach for all families, regardless of income, through the Scholarship Fund.


Children Annually

EXPENSES Program Services








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Receiving scholarship

75 in After School 425 in Overnight Camp


220 in Brooklyn Day Camp

Our Programs

Students Served


87% of our campers demonstrate significant growth in at least one of the competencies proven to help youth grow in the short-term and be successful in the long-term: Self Management, Positive Identity, Academic Self-Efficacy, Social Skills, Social Capital, and Contribution.

“Being out in nature, exploring and having to take on the responsibility of taking care of himself and performing jobs in his little community of campers was a great experience and mental challenge. It forced him to think more about others, his place in the world, social structures and our daily role in our homes & communities. It has put life in perspective for him.� - Parent LAURA J. NILES FOUNDATION

Overnight Camp On our 1000-acre Mashipacong Estate in NJ, we launched our 130th consecutive summer of camp.. Our garden was up and running with plenty of fresh produce to eat. And we piloted an Internship for our teens who had completed the Leaders-In-Training Program. PLG Brooklyn Day Camp Our youngest campers connected to nature and played across the city! In addition to exploring Prospect Park, we caught waves at Riis Beach, sang camp songs on Governors Island, met the animals at the NY Aquarium, and swam in the lake at Mashipacong Estate. Under One Sky After-School Whether in a forested environment or an urban environment, we all live under one sky! We created mini-greenhouses, made trash timelines, learned about animal adaptations, went on nature scavenger hunts, recycled for crafts, cared for street trees in our community, and planted and tasted herbs and veggies!

Our campers Ages 4-17 44% African-American 30% Latinx 17% White 6% Asian 3% multiracial

Our Supporters

James Pappas Jeffrey & Caroline Miller it is the generosity of Jeffrey & Eleanor Peris those who supported us John & Molly Broaddus in FY 2016 that we are John Howie able to fulfill our mission: Jonathan & Barbara Weiss $200,000+ Jonathan & Sari Peris Anonymous Joyce Kurdian Katherine & Joseph $25,000+ Mele City of Paterson Keith Forman The Pinkerton Laura Markham & Foundation Anthony Murrello Leon W. Clarke Trust $20,000+ Louis Esposito Estate of Doris Stillman Louis Milea Margaret & Al $10,000+ Broaddus Estate of Eli Wallach & Martha Washington Anne Jackson Straus/Harry Straus Laura J. Niles Foundation Foundation Matthew Goodwin Leslie Ballantyne Molly McCue & Thomas The Hyde &Watson Ellison Foundation Montague Education Victoria Foundation Association Raed Elkhatib $5,000+ Rebecca Byam Bay & Paul foundations Scott Napolitano Brick Presbyterian Thomas Nakashian Church Vicki Bowman ConEdison David Newman $500+ David Tcholakian Andrew Kaempfer FPWA Arthur & Linda Hugh D. Babowal Fishelman Marc Hyman Bederson LLP Nihad Rahman Colin Oerton Corey & Erica Geis $1,000+ Dorothy & Brendan Anna Krassy Sullivan Anne Jones Elizabeth Quirk-Hendry Anthony Williams & Habte Demis Chrystal Stokes Williams Heasung Minjung Park Anton Finelli James & Jean Key Baco Che-Na-Wah John Hackney Bazaar Foundation John Howie Barry Hyman & Josh & Robin Sadler Jamie Carmell-Hyman Juanita Barrena Bouw Family Kay & Charles Smorto Charles Hyman Lauren Catapano Charles Moyer Lynn Rudolf George Kunath Mark Siegeltuch Grace Kurdian Maureen Sullivan HPMB, LLP Mirna Landrau

Paul & Cynthia Clauss Raymond & Carole Weisner Stephen Durkee Tom Riddleberger William Lee Davis

Agnes McQuade Akiko Fuller-Hiraga Alejandro Bernal Alicia C. Batko Alisha Jones Allen Galorenzo Amy Thut $250+ Anahid Ugurlayan Andrew Gould Andrew Matteo Andrew Wang Andrew McIntyre Ann Grumpelt Anne Marie Hayes Anne McQuaid AnneMarie Renga Ava Rostant Anthony Chrisomalis Barbara Peters Anthony Joseph Barbara Sheehan Anubhav Gupta Brikena Sadiku Appolonia Thomas Caroline Rostant Barbara Jacobson Cindy Fascia Benjamin & Emily Daniel & Catherine Cowan Dillon Benjamin Stewart Diane Schaefer & Betty Mogavero Debra Dolph Bradley Gerstle & Dov Gertzulin Deborah Joselow Fernando & Maria Ruiz Brian DiMarino Gregory Cashman & Brian Tong Peggy Neal Britt Marden Joe Falu Brittany Lowe Kathryn Cadotte Cameron Page Keith Di Fiore Carlton Green Lee & Nancy Simonson Carol Serrano Lindsay Eshelman Caroline Berti Marshal & Anna Peris Catherine Hoa Michael & Jenna Butz Cathy Haas Michael Labadorf Catilin Lillie Nicholas & Carol Krassy Celeste Frank Nick Krassy Jr. Celestina Thomas Nicki Wallhofer Charles & Robin Bach Ronald Rasdall Jr. Charlita Mays & Mattijis Shant & Christine Limberger Mardirossian Che Dawson Shari Meyer Chris & Alice Broaddus Stuart Builder Chris & Caroline Boggs Suzanne Graver Christina Schmid Suzanne Schaefer & H. Christine Howell Paul Dennison Christopher & Christine Suzy Davidkhanian Kaempfer Thomas & Maggie Christopher Cicala Wagner Claire Kedeshian Trina Storfer Connie & Mark Scholer William & Marilyn Connie & Vinny Hartman Prestianni Connie Sandmann $100+ Crystal Portlock Aaron McGovern Dahni-El Giles Ada Zhang Dan Dovdavany Adele Ervin Daniel Ratner Adriana Marzovilla David Allen

David & Karen Hedden David Bohigian David Dillon David Robertson Diana Lovrin Diane Loeb Dino Verrelli Dion Savage Dorothy Huff Dorothy Spencer Elaine Sensiper Eleanor McNeal Elena Crotty Elias & Jessika Falcon Elizabeth Cornacchio & Anthony Heller Ella Paya Ellen Pearlman Ema Froning Eri Sato Erin Bombardier Erin Daly Erin Dow Ernesto Teran Gandolfo Geraci General Mills George & Prilla Brackett George Buddensick Gerard & Grace Collins Giselle Ulmo Gloria Greenbaum Hans Blank Harry Colwell Herbert & Benaleen Schafale Hilde Adler Husani Barnwell Ilene Gropper Inid Spahiu J. Charles & Alice Riecks J. Faye Dixon Jacqueline BrownRichardson James Miller James Niehaus James P. Simon Jane Granzow Jasmine Farrier & Daniel Frockt Jason Farrell Jay Leitstein Jean Kumagai Jean Worthley Jeanette Motsch Jeff Wedge

Jeminat Alawode-El Jenn Choi Jennifer Amenta Jennifer Perkins Jennifer Wetherby Jesse & Heela Capell Joan Cleven Joan Dickie Joann Lyden Joanne Giaquinta Jodi Friedman Jody Spitalnik John Batt John Oliva John Touhey Jonathan & Paula Sacks Jose Pinheiro Jr. Joseph Gunderson Josh Billing Joy Williams Julie Friedberg Karen & Dennis Tarnow Karen Fazekas Karen Nelson Karolyn Irvin Kate Sullivan Katherine Fischer Katherine Marshall Polite Kathryn O'Donnell Kaye Carlson Kelly Byrne Kelly Mehta Kelly Neil Kenneth Chen Kerri Loechner Kerry Holbrook Kevin Lynch Kevin Mears Kim & Joseph Martens Kristen Conley Kwasi Kessie Laura Helton Laura Miller Laura Paskin & Barry Mendelson Laura Wise Laurence Pels Lawrence Shapiro Lee Bell Leesa Storfer Liana Schmidt Libby Mitchell Lisa Jenks Lisa Mitchell Loren Blackford

Lori Cohen Luisa & Stuart Wilkins Luke Pittoni Lydia Ianni Maciej Nozewski Marcia Wong Maria Celina Trzepacz Maria Lopes Maria Ruben Marie DiBiase Mario David Mark Trushkowsky Marvin Jean-Jacques Mary Alice Scully Mary Brown Masha Bakholdin Matthew Parent Maura Kernan Maurice Faucette Megan Rose Meridith Wenzel Michael & Amanda Ross Michael & Laurn McGowan Michael D'Ingillo Michael Liburd Michael Madia Michael Marks Michael Renna Michael Walla Mildred Schmidt Mirela Stringa Monique Dols Monique Vickerie Myra Guevarez Nadia Yar Nadine Schneider Nancy Hammer Nate Danforth Nicki Wallhofer Nicole Duncan-Smith Nicole Howell Nicole Jordan Nicole Kaye Norma Guy Omar Farlow P. J. Peerbooms Pam Gregory & David Palladino Pamela Skinner Patrica Mangam Patricia Boisvert Patricia Colucci Patricia Daly Patty Thornton Paul Bombardier

Paul Marcus Paula Stewart Petra Hall Philip Baird Phillip & Anna Amato Rachel Mehta Ralph & Evelyn Christensen Raymond Catapano Rebecca Roe Rebekha Askew Rene Peerbooms Richard Harper & Mercedes & Everett Riel Peerbooms Robert Serkey Roger Woolcott Rohit Singh Ronald Paskin Rosetta Picca Roxanne DeFrancesco Ruth Drosdek Ruth Gregg Sabine Marangosian Sam & Barbara Basso Samanth Jane Perry Samantha Lee Samuel & Pat Gilmore Sandy Hayes Sarah Barr Sarah Whetsel Blackburn Trust Saraleee Rosenberg Shandor Garrison Sharon Keise Shaun Monroe Shawna-Gay White Sheila Jenson Sierra Hunt Simone Sanchez Siobhan Carroll Sonia Moodie Stanford Kutler Steffany Perlman Stephen Forman Steven Grise Stuart Friedman Susan & Tove Elfstrom Susan Dolin Susan Ekisian Susan Massey Tameka Porte Tammy A. Nelson Tanyin Soeu Terence Keane Thomas Buddensick Thomas Grove

Thomas Larkin Thomas Morris, III Tiffany Caton Tiyana Works Tonya Lindsey Torrin Eldridge-Tull Trish O'Connor Veronica Banek Virgilio Variano Wade & Ann Gregory William Cresswell William Supper William Williams Yesenia Espinal Zora Leonard IN-KIND Patrik Carroll Ridgefield Bicycle Company RBC Capital Markets Wells Fargo

Board of Trustees 2016

About Us

Co-Chairs Hugh Babowal (Wells Fargo) Marc Hyman (Heidell, Pittoni, Murphy, & Bach, LLP)

Since 1887, Trail Blazers’ programs have helped youth build skills and values for life. Learn more about our various summer and year-round programs on our website:

Secretary Grace Kurdian (Kindle Energy, LLC) Treasurer Louis V. Milea, CPA (alumnus, DeGraw Tompkins Solutions) Trustees Jay Broaddus (RBC Capital) Lauren Catapano (consultant) John Howie (Willett Advisors) Anna Krassy (alumna) Laura Markham (Maher Terminals) Jeff Miller (Valuation Research Corporation) Thomas Nakashian (Wells Fargo) Scott Napolitano (Nomura Securities International) Jonathan Peris (Merrill Lynch) Nihad Rahman (JP Morgan Chase) Ronald Rasdall, Jr. (alumnus, HUDRON, Inc) Lee Simonson (Simonson and Associates) Maureen Sullivan (Oppenheimer Funds) David Tcholakian (UBS) Emeritus Trustees William D. Bouw Arthur Fishelman George M. Kunath Honorary Trustee Catherine Smorto

Contact us 394 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225 P: 212-529-5113 E:

Executive Director Riel Peerbooms, MSW Senior Staff Steve Bates, Property Manager Molly McCue, Director of Programs Jennifer Bombardier, Under One Sky Director Stephan Lendor, Brooklyn Day Camp Director Tiffany Caton, Development & Communications Director Sunaina Rao, Community Relationships Director

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Trail Blazers Annual Report 2016  

If you would like a print version mailed to you, please contact Tiffany Caton, Development and Communications Director, at tcaton@trailblaze...

Trail Blazers Annual Report 2016  

If you would like a print version mailed to you, please contact Tiffany Caton, Development and Communications Director, at tcaton@trailblaze...