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Women around the world live in slums, work in sweatshops, and are victims of the sex trade. These women don’t want charity. They want an opportunity. Trades of Hope offers the opportunity to improve their own and their children’s lives by marketing their handmade products.

Welcome to trades of hope Poverty is the root of so many problems. Slavery and sex trafficking happen all over the world. Mothers are forced to give up their children to orphanages. Other parents watch their children die from starvation or simple fevers. The good news is that job creation is a great solution. In 2010, we had an idea—to create a business that would empower and give jobs to women around the world. We want every mother to be able to break the cycle of poverty—for herself and her children. Parents who are working can provide basic necessities, support, and protection for families. At Trades of Hope, we say that we aren’t in this business to sell bracelets. We go to work each day to change lives for the better. Our mission is to empower women to be the heroes of their own stories. Our dream has come true. Thank you for being a part of eradicating poverty in the world!

Holly, Chelsie, Elisabeth & Gretchen

Vision Trips Do you want to make a difference in the world and in your own life? Trades of Hope gives you the opportunity to earn an income while selling beautiful, fairly traded products made by women in need around the globe. Become a Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneur (CE) and you become more than a successful business woman—you help other women become successful, too! Recently, a group of CEs traveled with our founders to Guatemala and Costa Rica where they met several of our artisans— women whose lives and families have been changed by the opportunity Trades of Hope offers them. In Costa Rica, the travelers visited the group that makes our Eternal Seed Necklace and the Costa Wrap, Honey Bee, Rainforest Wrap, and Survivor bracelets (pages 5-6). In Guatemala, the group visited Casa Hogar, the foster home where girls of working age make—and are the fingerprints behind—the Identity Bracelet and the Julia Necklace (page 7). The friendships formed, the stories shared, and the bonds created between the artisans and the Trades of Hope group are ones that have enriched and blessed the lives of both. To hear from CEs about their experience with Trades of Hope, look for their quotes and photos throughout these pages.







Artists cut recycled cereal boxes into strips, roll strips into beads, and seal them.

6 8




1. RESTORATION collection

Half-inch beads crafted from recycled cereal boxes and hand-formed clay beads adorn 1.5-inch drop earrings, the 39-inch pullover necklace (on model, above), and stretch bracelet (on model, above).

earrings JePE522 $24 Necklace jnPE520 $52 bracelet jbPE518 $20

2. deep sea earrings

These half-inch drop earrings feature hand-formed clay beads in a rich sapphire blue (on model, above).

jepe519 $22 3

3. charmed hope bracelet

A 1-inch antiqued gold charm hangs alongside blue beads handmade from clay in Haiti and 0.25-inch accent beads on a 3.5-inch stretch bracelet.

JBA456 $24

4. hemlock clay bracelet

Hand-formed Haitian clay beads in a beautiful blue-green finish pair with coconut shell rounds on this stretch-fit bracelet. jba365 $20

5. pure love bracelet

Rolled cereal box beads and white ceramic shapes mingle with gold seed beads on this stretch-to-fit accessory. JBA412 $20

6. haiti signature bracelet

Half-inch, colorful paper beads crafted from recycled cereal boxes and hand-formed clay beads adorn this stretch bracelet. jba095 $18

7. robin’s egg bracelet

Handmade 0.5-inch clay beads and 0.25-inch burnished gold beads create this 16.5-inch wrap bracelet with an adjustable button closure.

JBA473 $34

8. t  hreads of love necklace

Dusty pink beads formed from rolled fabric give this 36-inch pullover necklace (on model, above) its easy-to-wear, light-weight style.

jnhc459 $42

from haiti, with Love In Haiti, where poverty runs rampant and women struggle to raise their families, women are learning valuable life skills—to read and write, to sew, to make jewelry, to cook, and ultimately to run their own businesses. This artisan ministry also supports a maternity center, where pregnant Haitian women can give birth in safety and learn maternal health.


costa rica 1



6 5 3 In Costa Rica it is a struggle to survive in poor, gang-infested, and drug riddled areas. It is a daily fight for women to feed, clothe, and educate their children.

s io n at e c o m pa s e u r n entrepre find

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, Lindsey Jo 2014 CE since


1. honey bee bracelet

Beads in clear pink, apricot, metallic purple, and pearl colors are woven between brown cords on this delicate 22.5-inch wrap bracelet with button closure (on model, opposite).

JBT428 $26

2. costa wrap bracelet

Black cord sandwiches clear glass beads and silver rounds in a repeating design on this 36-inch, button closure wrap bracelet. jbt429 $28

3. rainforest wrap bracelet

A mix of tiny glass and wood beads in a random pattern string this 37.5 inchlong, .25 inches wide wrap bracelet with an adjustable button closure.

jbT469 $28

4. survivor bracelet

More than just a pretty face, this 8.5-inch-long bracelet is made in Costa Rica and designed as a tool for survival. It holds fishing supplies, paracord, twine, an emergency whistle, and more! jbt316 $24

5. eternal seed necklace

This 32-inch pullover necklace made in Costa Rica features brown-black Chambimbe seeds and tiny beads in a burnished gold color. A 2-inch leather tassel punctuates the piece with style. JNT470 $38

6. Tile earrings

Upcycled ceramic tiles trimmed in gold paint create these stud earrings made in Costa Rica.

sky (0.75 inch) JET468 $24 meadow (0.5 inch) JET467 $24 6



thailand 2

1 3 1. darling headband set

1. Thai pearl bracelet

Loosely woven cotton that unfolds to a generous 11 inches and tapers to a 1.5-inch elastic band creates comfortable headbands (on model, right) in natural, turquoise, and an orange stripe. scmF529 3 for $24

Waxed cotton cord is hand-knotted (with artisan, right) to hold freshwater pearls and gold beads for a delicate, 17.5-inch bracelet with a bead-andloop closure. JBEL494 $26


2. identity bracelet

2. thai jingle bracelet

This delicate, 7.5-inch-long bracelet features genuine turquoise beads and a small, square, pure silver charm with an impression of the artist’s fingerprint. jbg368 $40


3. julia necklace

An adjustable leather cord allows this sweet adornment to hang at any length, up to 32 inches. A genuine turquoise stone, a pearl bead, and a small pure silver fingerprint charm remind you of the young Guatemalan artist aging out of her foster home. jng315 $42

3. lia earrings

Delicate brass beads are woven into a lacy pattern on 1.25-inch hoops with waxed cotton cord. jeel486 $22




1. peru knot cuff

Wrap your wrist in this delicately detailed cuff— 2.5-inch diameter and less than 0.5inch tall—with a turquoise stone.


jbw150 $24

2. peruvian turquoise earrings

Strikingly colored 0.5-inch turquoise beads float inside 0.75-inch silver circles in these 1-inch-drop baubles. JEW177 $26



Waxed cotton cord is intricately adorned with tiny brass bells and beads to create a treasure that sings! Turquoise colored beads and a belland-loop closure finish the piece in style. jbel504 $26

A charm with an imprint of the artist’s fingerprint adds a personal touch.

colombia 1. vida necklace

A 15-inch leather lace holds this 5-strand pullover style at 27 to 32 inches (on model, left). Handmade clay beads in a palette of soft blue, white, and terracotta form a subtle pattern. jnho480 $36

3. black pearl earrings

The little black dress of our collection, the hypoallergenic, black onyx and freshwater pearl beauties with a 1.25-inch drop dress up or down. JEW360 $26


bags From clutch to tote, we’ve got the perfect handbag to handle your night out, work day, or weekend away.

4 sonia  handbag

Made from fabric hand loomed by women in an Indian leper colony who have found a place of love and dignity, this roomy zipper-top shoulder bag is 12 inches deep.

bgl147 $58

1. weekender bag

Blue jute bag 5. eastern 

6. bombay tote

7. indian messenger bag

9. s  hoho crossbody bag

This 12.5x14.5x3-inch tote with 11-inch straps and a button-loop closure features color blocked blue on its natural jute exterior. Interior fabric varies. BGL460 $26

Beachy cabana stripes in aqua adorn this 16-inch-tall jute bag. At its top, the bag is 19.5 inches wide; 13.5 inches wide at its bottom. BGO462 $62

The perfect tote to take along to the gym or on a getaway, our striped 15-inch-wide, 12-inch-tall bag (on model, above) has woven jute details, a zippered top, interior pockets, and a shoulder strap that adjusts 30 to 52 inches. bgsh506 $64

2. Ca  mbodian clutch

A bow detail dresses the outside of this olive green 8×5-inch zippered clutch with a 5-inch bracelet handle. Inside, a silky coral lining delights. bgc326 $26


3. mosaic clutch

Make a colorful statement with a 9x6-inch zipper-top bag made from a traditional Guatemalan blouse fabric called Huipil. A 6.5-inch bracelet and a zippered interior pocket make this a musthave. Colors and patterns vary widely. bgmf507 $32

Each one of these clutches are as unique as the artisan who made it.

8. d  asah tote

An off-set chevron pattern updates the trendy stripe. This woven jute,15-inch tall shoulder bag, with a snap closure and multiple interior pockets will be a wardrobe staple. BGCT483 $48

Traditional woven fabric in deep hues crafts this 16×13-inch zippertop bag with one inside pocket on the lined interior. A 44-inch strap allows it to be worn across the body. bgn356 $32

Wide black and natural cotton canvas stripes dress this 7.5x11inch bag in style. Woven jute—a natural fiber—reinforces the bag’s bottom and adjustable strap. bgsh505 $42




The best-selling book, Kisses from Katie, is available at all major book retailers. Trades of Hope is proud to be partnering with the ministry founded in 2008 by then 19 year-old Katie Davis!



Wear as a long or short necklace or as a bracelet.


1. jungle twirl bracelet

Made in Uganda, this wrap bracelet (on model, above) is crafted with halfinch, magazine-paper-strip beads on memory wire to fit every wrist.

JBNP471 $28

2. misty grey necklace

Paper beads strung on stretchy cord keep this 62-inch pullover piece light as air. Oblong gray beads mingle with small gold spacer beads. A part of the Kisses from Katie line, opposite.

JNM456 $30 11

3. ugandA wrap bracelet

Memory wire makes this lightweight, peacock blue beauty fit any wrist. The beads are handmade from recycled magazine pages by Ugandan artisans. jbk157 $26

4. katie necklace

A 46-inch pullover, this rainbow of 1-inch-long handmade paper beads can be worn as a long or doubled necklace, or as a bracelet.

jnm333 $24

Beading for life A mother of four, Lillian says she used to pick through garbage bins in hopes of finding food for her children. She joined a beading circle (see Kisses from Katie, opposite) where she and others earn money, share about the Bible, praises, and prayer requests. “I have even built a house from the income I received and I really praise God for that,” she says.

Each necklace is unique and varies greatly in color!

Once a week, Katie goes to the slum community of Masese, Uganda, to meet with the women of a mother’s beading circle. She builds relationships with the women, leads them in a Bible study, and purchases their necklaces—beautiful, brightly colored beads made from paper and strung into long unique strings. She also assists in giving them money management training. More than 30 women are now able to feed their families, send their children to school, purchase plots of land, and build homes. Money received from the sale of the necklaces also funds a feeding program in Masese that serves more than 1,200 children each weekday. This self-sustaining vocational program gives hope and a future for families in this Uganda community.

ram feeding prog Sales fund a



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new quote, new photo Jill,


2011 CE since

1. indian ribbon necklace

Small beads strung into finial shapes create movement on this four-tier necklace (on model, above) that hangs 17 to 22 inches from black ribbon. jnas496 $36

2. craftsman leather

bracelet set A pair of masculine leather bracelets (on model, opposite) are handsome accessories for both men and women. Braided flat leather straps adjust 8 to 14 inches with pull cords. Rounded 7.25-inch leather laces buckle with a 1.5-inch lobster clasp in rustic gold.

jSae528 2 for $26

3. pearl silver studs

Made in India, these earrings— 0.25-inch diameter and wrapped in a silver collar—are a modern twist on classic pearl studs. JEAS488 $28

4. indian elegance necklace

At 50 inches with a 4-inch extension and 1-inch black teardrop beads, this is one substantial silver-wrapped accessory. jnn138 $28

5. kala necklace

Airy at first glance, intricate up close, this three-strand necklace features flower shapes created by four beads bound together with silver wire. The piece measures 14 to 19 inches and has a 3-inch extension. jnn143 $26

6. silver lining necklace

Light and airy, this three-strand beauty gathers silver wire, pearls, creamy white beads, and silver rounds. It hangs 24 to 28 inches, and has a 2-inch extender. jnn175 $26


7. corinthians bangle

Proclaim “Love is patient, Love is kind“ with this 2.75-inch-diameter, 1-inchwide, curved-edge silver bangle. The verse is inscribed in both English and Hindi. jbn313 $24

8. forget me knot cuff

A dainty accessory in silver, this bracelet fits wrists up to 2.75 inches wide. Silver wires wrap the cuff with six small knots lining up at the piece’s center. jbn349 $26




6 4 1

5 7

Artisans in India have worked to

establish a school so that parents in their poor community won’t have to choose between providing basic needs for their families and an education for their children.


family ties In India, families suffer because of the lack of jobs. One artisan group is changing the cycle of poverty by not focusing solely on the artisan, but on each artisan’s entire family. Women are able to work from home, which allows them to provide for their families and care for their children at the same time. 15

1. mumbai earring set

Two pairs of 2-inch, embossed, medallion earrings offer eye-catching accessories in both silver and gold. The gold design has a raised bead detail. JES179 $28

2. valor necklace

Dark silver metal beads—both round and elongated—adorn this triplestranded, 39-inch necklace with a clasp. Can be worn long or doubled.

JNN382 $26

3. blue stack bangles

This beautiful-in-blue set of five bracelets totals 1.75 inches tall. Two thin bangles with tiny gold dots, two larger rounds with gold and blue beads, and one rounded-edge bracelet is blue with gold inlay. The set is made in India by a group of artisans who receive education and medical care for their families. JBN380 $28

4. powder blue moon studs

6. dazzling necklace

5. offer of hope cuff set

7. zulfa cuff

Delicate oval-shaped natural stones in a grey-blue hue are framed by silver metal work with a lacy look. These 0.5-inch stud earrings will leave you moonstruck! JES433 $24

A cuff bracelet,1-inch-square earrings, and a ring, all crafted from thin-gauge wrapped wire, are easily adjustable in size and are non-tarnishing.

jsn149 $34

Small glass and acrylic beads sparkle and shine on the demilune pendants (on model, above) that hang from this 21-inch brass chain, with a 2.5-inch extender. jnae513 $38

At once modern and traditional, this 2.5-inch-diameter metal cuff features a burnished gold finish on the hammered face of each 1.5-inch-tall spiral. jbn151 $24


india 1




Through fair trade young women in conservative communities are empowered to be self-reliant—something unheard of in their villages.

scarves 1. tribal infinity scarf

Gauzy polyester printed with an ethnic design in turquoise, navy, coral, and brown give this 21x72-inch scarf the ability to accessorize any ensemble.

scas478 $26

2. ruby infinity scarf

Metallic threads woven into brightly colored cotton strands make this 21x60-inch, loose weave scarf sparkle. scas512 $26


Wrap women around the world in hope as you wrap yourself in style with our handmade scarves in a variety of colors, patterns, and weights.

6 5

3. bounty of blue scarf

5. cloud nine scarf

4. bella scarf

6. erin scarf

Silky lightweight fabric features a modern overscale paisley pattern in shades of blue and brown on this 14×72-inch wrap. scs304 $26 Made in India, blush pink and creamy off-white stripes with silver threads keep this 21.5x70-inch lightweight cotton/viscose scarf with 3-inch tassels shining. SCS454 $28

This lightweight, 12×66-inch cotton scarf is a comfortable addition on even the warmest days. SCS351 $28 Our 20x70-inch, white-blue-brown floral scarf is made in India of lightweight, 100% cotton.

scs434 $26


1. indian plaid scarf


This delicate 23×72-inch weave has a pattern reminiscent of flame stitch in hot pink and green, with touches of yellow, deep purple, and shimmery white.

2 3

scs130 $26


2. metallic scarf

This multi-colored 11×72inch scarf weaves cotton and metallic strands for an on-trend accessory that works with any color or style. ScS129 $26

4 5

1. nina necklace

4. peach valley infinity scarf 3. shades of the world scarf

A mix of 7-inch-wide soft cotton panels are sewn end-to-end to form this bohemian 19×80-inch wrap.


scs176 $34

Breezy, lightweight, and made in India, this 13.5-inch wide, 66-inch long scarf features a chevron pattern in pink, brown, white, and lime. SCAS479 $26

Amazingly intricate, this impressive piece features light-to-dark brown beads among strings of gold and shimmery orbs on its 17 to 24-inch length. A large wood-look resin clasp at the back of the neck measures 1×1.5 inches. jns201 $48

2. moxie necklace

Iridescent oval glass beads woven together with thread add coppery shimmer to any ensemble. Bronze metal rounds top all five strands of the 21-inch necklace with clasp.

JNN381 $34

3. colors of the world cuff

Show your colors with this fun stretchfit cuff (on model, above). Brightly colored beads and 2.5-inch-tall wood bars make this accessory a conversation starter. jbs354 $32

4. Tri-leaf earrings

Silver, bronze, and gold leaves (each 1.25×2 inches) come together to create these 3.5-inch-drop earrings. The leaves are attached individually for eye-catching movement. jes136


5. earth & Sea braided

bracelet A beaded cuff on memory wire (with artisan, above) fits any wrist with a fashionable combination of small wood beads and tiny seed beads in gold and aqua. JBS458 $28








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2014 CE since

1. Tika earrings

Hammered surfaces on these gold,1.25-inch drop earrings catch and reflect light and help women in Mumbai support their families.

JEAS485 $18

2. beachcomber necklace

A striking mix of shells and beads, both wood and gold, fills six strands that cascade from large burnished gold beads. This natural beauty (on model, above) measures 28 to 32 inches. jns355 $34

3. inspiration earrings

Crafted in Mumbai, these embossed 1.5-inch-tall brass rectangles (on model, opposite) make the perfect go-to accessory and are lightweight enough to be comfortable all day, every day. jeS205 $20

4. kari necklace and

earrings set Medallions crafted from silver, copper, and brass wire create this statement (but lightweight) 24-inch necklace with 3-inch extension; the earrings are 1.25-inch-diameter medallions.

jsn303 $32

5. imperial copper cuff

Brass and copper finishes on this 2.5-inch-diameter bracelet highlight the braided designs inlaid into the inch-tall face. jbas502 $26

6. dreamweaver earrings

A classic basket weave design is made new on these 1.5x1-inch tri-color rectangles. jeas474 $22

7. princess bracelet

Intricate detailing sets this hinged beauty (2.5-inch diameter) apart from the crowd while a tarnish-resistant finish means it can be an everyday accessory.

silver jbs111 $24 gold JBS376 $24



4 1





sionate compa s eur n entrepre 1. urban necklace

This three-strand piece has a 10 to 11-inch drop and a 2.5-inch extender (on model, opposite). The mix of beads—lead-free brass squares, wooden rectangles, resin triangles in turquoise—make this a stand-out accessory. JNS457 $32

2. deep aqua layered necklace

Six strands of aqua, brown, and creamy white seed beads, along with larger beads in the same hues, adorn this jewel that hangs 27 to 34 inches.

JNS140 $28 23

3. delicate blues necklace

Two delightful strands, one with drop beads, create this delicate, 16-inch beauty with a 5-inch extension.

jnn347 $24

4. jeweled necklace

This beautiful necklace is a collection of glass beads and silver balls that can be worn long or layered (on model, opposite). The 50-inch length, with a lobster clasp and 3 inch extender, offers a free education to Indian girls from the poorest villages.

JNNA408 $24

5. teal cascade necklace

As versatile as it is beautiful, this double-stranded piece mixes silver beads with 1.5-inch sections of teal beads. At 54 inches, it can be doubled (shown) to frame the face.

jnn303 $26

6. delhi necklace

This beauty is the perfect accessory with eight strands of fresh color— blush pink, sea green, and hints of silver. Large beads near the clasp anchor the piece that measures 23 inches. jns353 $34

is of Hope “Trades — s e v li g changin I love g mine! includin of Hope des the Tra nders, the fou — y e famil Es mak s, and C at is artisan th y it mun up a com e best! th ly p sim 3


201 CE since




Jordan 1. seaglass necklace

One-of-a-kind pieces of sea glass (varying greatly in size, shape, and hue) are crafted into stunning jewelry in Jordan. Earrings and pendants dangle from 0.75-inch silver leaf designs. Each pendant is suspended from a 30-inch silver necklace with clasp.


JNGC477 $29

Artisans collect seaglass from the shores of the Red Sea.



Philippines 1

1. pink drop earrings

1. mustard infinity scarf

Made of capiz shell, these translucent and pink earrings with silver edges have a 2-inch drop. JEY430 $24

Our extra-long, double-crochet wrap (on model, above) will help you bear the coldest days with style. This 5.5x116inch scarf can be wrapped three times for a chic, loose fit or four times for a warm, snug feel. scca448 $48

2. inverted capiz earrings

These 2-inch-drop earrings from the Philippines feature shimmery, creamy white capiz shells, each framed by a black edge.

2. cambodia pearl

bracelet Faux pearl beads in three neutral hues tied on black cotton cord make for an easy-to-wear, 6.5-inch-long bracelet with a 1.75-inch extender. jbc325 $18

3. smoky stone ring

Each of these statement rings is handsewn by a Cambodian artisan. Dark brown waxed-cotton thread is crocheted and embellished with chrome beads and a smoky gray stone. JRCA447 $19

sizes 6 to 10 25

shell game A Filipino woman in her mid-thirties, Grace washes capiz shells, making the capiz translucent white for our earrings, right. Grace’s husband works as a security guard, but his earnings are not enough to provide necessities and schooling for their six children, ranging from high school age to three years old.


jey133 $22




Nepal 1. cobalt infinity scarf

2 1


This blue and teal, 12x60-inch airy cotton scarf is hand loomed and sewn into a circle. It can be worn long or doubled (as shown).

scn334 $26

2. rena turquoise ring

An adjustable-size ring, crafted from white metal alloy and turquoise, measures more than 0.25-inches tall (on model, left).

JRMA489A $28 sizes 5.5 to 8.5

This group is dedicated to helping artisans overcome physical limitations and empowering them to become important parts of


their community.


1. bombolulu Earrings

The go-with-everything accessory, these 2Ă—1-inch, hammered earrings (on model, above) are crafted in Kenya from heavy-gauge metal and will be a signature of your wardrobe for years to come.

silver Jeb310 $28 golD JEB370 $28

1. new leaf earrings

Dainty 1-inch-long leaf shapes are crafted from copper and topped with melted glass beads by women escaping the American sex industry.

2. golden kenyan necklace

This 2.5-inch trio of metal leaf shapes (on model, right) hangs on waxed cotton cord that adjusts to 27 inches long. jnbo516 $32

3. silver luna necklace

This handmade, hammered metal half-moon pendant (on model, above) is 3 inches wide, 1.75 inches tall, and hangs on an adjustable (up to 28 inches) black cotton cord.

2 1

jec329 $32

2. redeemed necklace

Made in the USA, this 1.5-inch square charm on a 27-inch cord features tiny tiles arranged in an ombre pattern from dark to light blue. JNC312 $32

jnbo515 $32




GIFTS o re &m

A traditional material shaped into a modern silhouette makes this trio work with any décor.


Crafted from natural and recycled materials, our collection of gift items will delight friends and family at Christmas or any time of year.



2 3



1. solid wood game

Enjoy a take-anywhere game of tic-tac-toe or solitaire Hi-Q with this 4.75-inch-square, 2-inch-tall box with reversible top crafted from mango and Shesham woods in India.

hdn416 $26

2.leather traveler’s wallet Soft, rugged leather with white and yellow stitching features nine card slots, two bill compartments, two slip pockets, and an ID window.

bgae484 $35 29

3. owl coaster set

Who doesn’t love hand-carved wood owls? The wood case (4.5×4×1.5 inches) holds a set of four adorable stacking coasters (3.5×2.75 inches each). hds350 $24

4.butterfly bird feeder

Treat feathered friends with this 12-inch tall, metal hanging feeder.

hds305 $24

5. sheesham candle trio

Made in India, this set of three Indian Rosewood candlesticks, 2.5 inches wide and 8, 10, and 11.5 inches tall, hold taper or pillar candles.

HDN374 $64

 ey hanger 6. k

Crafted in India, this five-hook, 6×8×2inch wall hanging provides the answer to “Have you seen my keys?” in a burnished copper finish.

hdn348 $24

7. double mango trivet

Labyrinths of Mango and Shesham interlock to create this 8-inchsquare trivet. The two pieces can be separated. hdn309 $24

8. t  urtle backpack

Hand-crafted in Guatemala from a variety of fabrics, each Turtle is unique. Measuring 13 inches nose-totail and 9 inches round, this lined tote has adjustable straps and a zipper.

bgy322 $26

It takes a village The artisan group who makes our turtle backpack, above, helps indigenous and underprivileged women from small villages all over Guatemala. Instead of leaving their families and traveling for hours to a town that has work, these artisans are able to work from home. 30



7 1 4



Made in Bangladesh by women escaping the sex trade.


These Indian artisans have access to a health center, relief-related social projects, and a savings program. Their income allows them to live lives of hope!




1.flower bowl

This 13-inch bowl blooms with flower shapes crafted from wire in a silvery finish. hdn180 $32

2. l  ove bowl

This dark finish, 11-inch wire bowl is filled to the brim with love.

hdn119 $26

3. h  ope bowl

A burnished copper finish on this 11.5-inch wire bowl is full of hope.

hdn307 $26

4. child’s daffodil necklace

A blush pink ribbon with a lobster clasp secures this 1-inch charm crafted with sterling and silver plate and non-toxic paints. These necklaces have been tested for lead and meet health and safety codes for children’s jewelry. JNW465 $28

5. copper wire bird trio

Handmade in Nepal, this set of three begins as wire formed around clay shapes. When the form is soaked in water, only the wire remains.

hdt170 3 for $26

6. renew soap set

These 100% natural soaps in Neem Orange, with orange zest, and Lavendar Coconut, with coconut flakes, are 100 grams and 3.5×2x1 inches. SPP423 $18

7. sa  ge mandala notebook

Sage paper topped with silver medallion designs wraps blank handmade recycled paper cotton pages. A brown ribbon secures the 6.75×4.5-inch book. NBS455 $18

8. world map journal

This 6.5×9-inch, leather journal cover is hand stitched and comes with a linen-paper-filled notebook.

nbn432 $42

9.kancu leaf journal set

Handmade paper fills this 5×6×1inch hardback journal with button and string closure. Sold as a set of two—one with black edging, one with pink—this pair is made with real leaves in Nepal. nbm121 $28

10. paisley journal

This fabric-covered notebook features ancient script writing and a painted paisley design on its 8.5x6-inch cover. Inside, handmade paper has small pieces of marigold.

nbn120 $24

11. tree of life greeting cards

Handmade batik paper features a letterpress tree illustration. The eight cards—two each in yellow, orange, blue, and red—are blank inside.

NBE414 $28


seafseroinngas l

4 1




3 Recycled steel drums are carefully crafted info festive wall hangings.


Paper as art

1. stars of haiti ornament set

Crafted from recycled cereal boxes that are cut into strips, then rolled by hand into beads and cone shapes, these 3.5-inch diameter stars (sold in a set of three) add color and whimsy to any season. Colors and patterns vary. hdpe534 3 for $36

2. believe reindeer


An 8x10.5-inch brown metal reindeer bedecked with a bow tie prances as he encourages all to believe in the spirit of Christmas. The silhouette hangs at 17 inches from an included chain and hook. sena440 $24

3. Fruits of the spirit metal art A worn, white-painted finish gives this 16-inch-wide wall hanging a lovely patina as it expresses peace, love, and joy. hdpe521 $72

4. ceramic nativity set

Delicate tabletop decor handcrafted in terracotta, a 5-inch-tall stable shelters 2-inch-tall Mary and Joseph, 1-inch-long baby Jesus, and a .75-inch tall sheep. Each figurine is carved on all sides in amazing detail—including the Christ child’s swaddling clothes and the animal’s wool. sect508 $26

5. joy trivet

Give thanks for family and friends and your holiday dinner with this 5x8inch, .75-inch-tall trivet that is pretty enough to display when it’s not in use.

hdna499 $20

6. paper angel ornament set

In Vietnam, two social workers wanting to improve the lives of street children and single mothers in Ho Chi Minh City and ethnic minorities in mountain villages started an artisan group. Many of the artisans, who make products like our Paper Angels, left, are able to work at home or in small workshops instead of seeking work in Vietnam’s factory industries.

A trio of angels crafted from rolled strips of paper (see artisans at work, right) that are shaped and glued to create filigree designs stand 4.25 inches tall and hang from red string.

semv536 3 for $22


be a hostess Hosting a Trades of Hope party is one way to join in the effort to help our sisters around the world. The purchases made by your guests help women in need work their way toward a new life, and offer hope for real change for these women, their families, and their communities. As a hostess, you will partner with your Compassionate Entrepreneur to plan and throw your party, and, as a token of our thanks for your generosity, you will receive Host Dollars to spend for Trades of Hope products! Hosting a party is a great way to earn beautiful products, made by beautiful women, and lend a hand in changing the world!

* Party minimum must be $150 to qualify for Hostess Rewards ** For each $100 in guest sales beyond $1,000, Hostesses earn an additional $20 in Host Dollars *** For every new party booked with a confirmed name and party date, the hostess will qualify for an additional 1/2 price item. Party totals exclude shipping, handling and tax.

Party total

$150-$199 $200-$299 $300-$399 $400-$499 $500-$599 $600-$699 $700-$799 $800-$899 $900-$999 $1,000+

host ½ price dollars items

$15 $25 $40 $55 $90 $100 $110 $125 $150 $200

1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 4

Trades of Hope Fall 2015 Catalog  

Take a peak at our new fall line. Fall in love with artisans around the world as we help them to end poverty through sustainable business!

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