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From the Editor I’m sitting writing this in a temperature of 23+ degrees which is what I had hoped for us all the last time I wrote to you. So aren’t we lucky? Since the last Village Life there have been so many tragedies around the world, the missing aircraft it the Indian Ocean with nearly 300 people on board, the capsized ferry carrying 200 + students in the far east, the kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria and the dreadful mining disaster in Turkey. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families who must be facing unimaginable grief. It makes our troubles pale into insignificance yet we still moan, very often about the weather, the way we are treated by others, the cost of living, our MPs, the state of the economy etc ……I could go on but none of these compare to the disasters already mentioned. Maybe we should count our blessings a little more. I hope this little magazine gives you a few minutes of interesting, informative, amusing and relaxing reading. I have really enjoyed editing Village Life but I have decided to take a much needed break as editor for the next one or two editions after doing it for three years and twelve editions (I can hardly believe it!) but like Arnie Schwarzenegger said…. “I’ll be back“ as I have no intention of quitting for good, I just need time out. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and friendship which I hope you will extend to the ‘guest editor’, Betty, who you should contact with your articles etc. on 01782 303576 or Please send Betty all your snippets, pictures, articles or anything else you think might be of interest to our readers until I’m here again. Bye for now and grateful thanks to you all!

Jean Fryer, Editor

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Jiffy Bear is hiding somewhere in Village Life. Can you find him? >>>>>>>> Printed on FSC certified paper derived from forests that meet internationally recognised FSC Principles and Criteria of Forest Stewardship. Village Life is published by the Werrington Community Volunteers Group 5 Weston Close, Ash Bank, Werrington, ST2 9QN Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this magazine the publishers, authors and printers cannot accept liability for errors, omissions or any claims/ accuracy of any advert or advertiser. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the publisher.

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PARISH COUNCIL COUNCIL DATES. 14 inin August), 8 September, 13thank October RAFFLE PRIZES Werrington Young Persons Support Group like to all those PARISH DATES. 14July, July,(no (nomeeting meeting August), 8 would September, 13 October RAFFLE PRIZES Werrington Young Personsto Support Group would like to ofthank allLife. those who donated Raffle Prizes in response their request in the last edition Village RAFFLE PRIZES Werrington Young Persons Support Group would like to thank all those who donated These Raffle will Prizes in response theirgroups request in the last edition ofKIDZ2KIDZS Village Life. cambe used to benefitto various in the community and the who donated Raffle Prizes in response to their request in the last edition of Village Life. last year. Howgroups generous are. These will be paign used started to benefit various in you the all community and the KIDZ2KIDZS camThese will be used toFACTS. benefitDid various groups 1. in the community and the KIDZ2KIDZS camSILLY you known….. paign started last year. How generous you all are.It is illegal to die in the houses of parliament? 2. It is paign started last year. How generous youin all are.of a cow in Scotland? 3. It is an act of treason to an offence to be intoxicated charge SILLY FACTS. Did you known….. 1.and It is illegal to die in the houses of parliament? 2. It is stickDid a stamp with the British1.monarch on upside-down on post? 4. Under French law It is SILLY FACTS. you known….. It is illegal die in the houses parliament? an offence to be intoxicated andNapoleon? in charge of a cow to in Scotland? 3. It is anofact of treason to illegal to name a pig an offence to be intoxicated and in charge of a cow in Scotland? 3. It is an act treason stick a stamp with the British monarch on upside-down on post? 4. Under Frenchoflaw it is to stick a stamp with the British monarch on upside-down on post? 4. Under French law illegal to nameEach a pigside Napoleon? of a cube measures 8cm. How many 2cm cubes can you make from it?it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon? s wer You can get sewn up by determining the final letter in this sequence Ans ait? e g Each side of a cube measures 8cm. How many 2cm cubes can you make from np Each side of a A cube measures 8cm. How many 2cm cubes can you make oefrom s10 it? SIT S? r w You can get sewn up by determining the final letter in this sequence Ans ageers p w What phrase is represented here? Funny Funny Word Word Word Word n You can get sewn up by determining the final letter in this sequence o A ns ge 10pa ASITS? on Village Life has received a story from A. Hunter but as 'The Fiction Bit' for this and the next 10 issue has ASITS? been sorted this story will be included in the Winter edition. ThanksWord to A. Hunter for this submission. What phrase is represented here? Funny Funny - Word Word Word What phrase is represented here? Funny Funny - Word Word Word Word Village Life has received a story from A. Hunter but as 'The Fiction Bit' STEAM for this andMACHINE the next issue has PAGE 4 Hunter for this been sorted thisreceived story willa be included in the Winter Village Life has story from A. Hunter butedition. as 'TheThanks FictiontoBit'A. for this and thesubmission. next issue has ROAD SHOW Quarter page vertical is for been sorted this story will be included in the Winter edition. Thanks to A. Hunter for this submission.


PAGEMoorwalkies 4


Disco available for parties, wedSTEAM MACHINE ROAD dings etc for SHOW adults and children. Venue, disco and buffet can be ROAD KIDZ2KIDZ SHOW SUPPORTING provided with special rates for the full package.


dog walking Quarter page vertical is for

QuarterMoorwalkies page vertical is for

Your local dog walker - reliable Moorwalkies - honest and trustworthy. dog walking

Disco available for parties, wedSUPPORTING KIDZ2KIDZ Contact Mike 01782 869153 or dings etc for adults and children. Disco available parties, wedVenue, disco07982430210. and for buffet can be dings etc forspecial adultsrates and children. provided with for the Venue, full disco and buffet canlike be WYPSG would package.

dogand walking Fully insured CRB checked.

We offer a professional and reliable dog walking service in Werrington and a letting out/feeding service for dogs whose owners are at work and for cats and other small animals plus tailored visits to suit your pet’s needs. Contact 07783 619701 4 and 01782 259993 44

to thankrates Mike for provided with special for the Contact Mike 869153 supporting theiror full01782 package. campaign for disad07982430210. vantaged children.or Contact Mike 01782 869153 07982430210. WYPSG would like 4 to thank Mike for supporting WYPSG their would like campaign disadto thankfor Mike for vantaged children. supporting their campaign for disadvantaged children.

STOP PRESS Just heard that a Werrington Lady has been appointed after she responded

PARISH COUNCIL DATES. 14 July, (no meeting in August), 8 September, 13 October

to the article in Village Life. This goes to show how beneficial Village Life to the area. STOP PRESS Just heard that a Werrington Lady has been appointed after she responded STOP PRESS Just heard that a Werrington Lady has been appointed after sheisresponded to the the article Life.Life. ThisThis goesgoes to show how beneficial Village Life is to the to articleininVillage Village to show how beneficial Village Lifearea. is to the area.

Shannon TrustVillage again! In In thethe issue of Village Life Shannon TrustVillage lifedoes does again! last of Village Life Shannon Trust-life Village lifeitit does it again! Inlast the lastissue issue of Village Life there was aathere request people toto take over some voluntary was for afor request fortopeople toforward come forward to take over some voluntary there request people tocome come forward take over some voluntary work at HMYOI Werrington helping the young men with their reading skills. work at Werrington helping men with their reading skills. work at HMYOI HMYOI Werrington helpingthe theyoung young men with their reading skills. We arereport happy to report that within the first week the trust had received We are are happy thethe trust hadhad received We happy to to reportthat thatwithin withinthe thefirst firstweek week trust received three replies. This just goes tohow show how our greatreaders our readers are, thanks! three replies. are,are, thanks! three replies. This Thisjust justgoes goestotoshow show howgreat great our readers thanks!

NEWLY REFURBISHED BAR AND RESTAURANT Offering locally sourced home cooked food Booking advisable

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Victoria Poole Qrt_Quarter Page 23/03/2012 11:50 Page 1

The Willow Veterinary Clinic State of the art diagnostic facilities including colour doppler ultrasound, endoscopy and bronchoscopy, in-house blood analysis. Years of surgical experience with modern fully equipped surgical suites. Special interest in treating eye cases - the practices are equipped with a vast array of ophthalmic equipment.

24 hour on-site EMERGENCY service provision for our registered clients. C.D.Curry BVSc GPCert (Ophthal) MRCVS V.Poole MA VetMB GPCert (EM&S) MRCVS

Feel free to call the practice for more information or to arrange a visit to tour our facilities. 385 Leek Road, Endon ST9 9BA

01782 503166

Scotia Road Business Park, Burslem ST6 4HN

01782 826738



Werrington Village Hall is proving to be a major mecca for a wider range of activities than ever so much so that the volunteer organisers are posting a single Direct Line Number for people who want further information. 01782 303093 is the number and Derek Fielding the man to ring to check on times of existing bookings or to make new ones. Currently the hall is hosting Extreme Fitness, Kick Boxing, Zumba, Slimming World, Jujitsu, PreSchool Club, Weight Watchers, Ballet & Tap Dancing, Badminton, Art Classes, Over 50’s Club, Modern Dancing, Crafts, Table Tennis and Bingo so there is something for everyone. In addition to activities the newly refurbished hall and the smaller Johnstone Room are ideal venues for parties and receptions.

Sister Bennett celebrates 25 years at Werrington Village Surgery Sister Alison Bennett celebrates 25 years at Werrington Village Surgery in July. When Sister Bennett started working at the surgery in 1989 the role of the Practice Nurse was very basic compared with today. Sister Bennett now oversees the nursing team which comprises of 3 Nurses and 2 Health Care Assistants. A large part of the teams workload is now providing care alongside the GP for patients with long term conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions etc. She is also very proud of the Health Promotion work her team now do by helping patient to stop smoking and NHS health checks. Alison is also a very well known voice to many patients as she provides the nurse led telephone triage service Flu Jabs The NHS will not be sending out letters again this year to remind people to book their Flu jabs. So if you usually are eligible for a Flu jab ……… put a date in you diary to make your appointment from late September.


TAKING BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS By "Snapper" Shaw Today taking good photographs has never been easier. Years ago only folk with expensive cameras seemed to shoot great shots but today with digital cameras everyone can do it and you don't have to spend a fortune on a camera. I take the pictures for Village Life using a compact camera worth about £100, but you can buy them for much less. I will talk about cameras in a future issue. So where do we start improving the pictures we take? Firstly what do we do with a special photograph? - we frame it - so why not start by framing it in the camera. Most pictures are taken too far away from the subject and they look flat because they do not have any depth. Don't just shoot the subject where you are but wander around and see if you can find something to frame the shot which will add dimension to the image and focus in on the main subject. See the picture of St. Philips Church taken through the Library trees - looks a bit 3D! It's a simple trick but one which can set you on the road to not only taking more interesting pictures but you will find that you will enjoy your photography more.



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Scarecrow Event As reported in the last issue of Village Life the Werrington Community Volunteers Group is organising a Scarecrow Event around the village. Thank you to those who have shown an interest in becoming involved by making and displaying a scarecrow in their garden. This was originally going to take place in September 2014 but due to unforeseen circumstances this has had to be postponed until the summer of 2015. Sorry! The more scarecrows we have the more interesting the Scarecrow Walk and Display will be so if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch so we can make this an annual event not to be missed. Refreshments will be available and all funds raised will go towards local projects around the village. Please contact Barbara 01782 302497 or 0772 5760868 or email for more information. Without your involvement we will not be able to do something new for Werrington.


Werringtons Got Talent!  Mary Young, just one of Werringtons retired  talented ladies. An extremely talented artist,  having spent 16 years at Beswick, taking a 14  year break to raise a family and then returning  to Franchesca China before moving to design  for Compton Woodhouse and other quality  china factories.  With the sad demise of the Pottery industry  Mary took limited private commissions. I was  lucky enough to have 2. One of which was a beautiful, started as a  white china lady, being transformed into a fabulously painted  lady. When I asked Mary if I could have one of her pieces of work  I cheekily presented her with on off cut of wall paper from my  lounge which I would like the lady to match!!?? Amazing not only  did she rise to the challenge she created a perfectly matching masterpiece! Wow!! A forever  treasure. Thank you Mary. Mary no longer paints china but paints in water colours. Once an  artist!!  Article by 'Just Jeff'  

The Red Cow Open Golf Society As reported in the winter 2013 edition of Village Life on the success of the first Red Cow Open Golf Competition, which was a hugely enjoyable occasion for those involved and raised £1,000 for Werrington Young Persons Support group to help with the running of the Friday Youth Club, replacing and buying new equipment and supporting the KIDZ2KIDZ campaign for disadvantaged children in the Staffordshire Moorlands, we are once again happy to report that the next Open Golf Day will be held at Whiston Golf Club on Saturday 13th September 2014. Michael and Craig from the Red Cow have already pledged their support and the event is sponsored by the Red Cow, the players and donations. The ethos of this annual event is, that whilst having a fun day, much needed funds are raised for local groups in support of Werrington young people. The final decision as to which group will benefit has yet to be made. So, readers, if you are approached to sponsor the Golf Day please give your support to this worthy cause towards our young people. For further information or to support please contact Tony on 07837272765. Village Life would like to thank everyone involved and hope you all have an enjoyable day with lots of sponsorship.

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GET IN FIRST! “Last year’s winner Rhys Gregory being presented with his trophy by Gill Burton”

The annual Talent Show will take place on Saturday at the Werrington Village Hall. Last year was the best ever and it was a great night. Make a dairy note now for Saturday 18th October 2014 and if you want to take part you can get your name in early. Contact Steve Parker on 01782 851933 or

SILVER SURFERS GET CERTIFIED This partnership project between Moorside High School and the Werrington Young Persons Support Group covers computer operation including e-mailing, word processing, surfing the Internet and PowerPoint presentations. They are organised by the pupils as part of their Citizenship Course Work. Our picture shows the latest group with their Certificates for completing the course presented by Headteacher Simon Clarke. To book into future courses you want Jean on 01782 304890. BIGGEST EVENT OF THE YEAR This year’s Funday takes place on Saturday 5th July between 11am - 4pm on the Meigh Road Playing Fields when there will be more events and attractions than ever - Classic Cars – Ice Trikes – Military Vehicles - Rodeo Bull - Mobile Museum Toy Library - Punch & Judy - Balloon Modelling – Magic Stocks - Face Painting - Ukulele Band - Bungee Run – Assault Course – Bouncy Castle - BBQ -Hoopla – Roll-a Ball – Tuck Shop – Dancers – Marching Band - Primary School Choir – Sparkling Twirlers Majorettes – Belly Dancing – Disco -Fire Brigade – Sticky Wicket Cricket PLUS a day long FIVE – A - SIDE football tournament and something NEW – continuous musical and dancing entertainment throughout the day. FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY AND ENTRY IS FREE

Quizzical answers Each side of a cube measures 8cm.  How many 2cm cubes can you  make from it? Answer  64  You can get sewn up by determining the final letter in this se‐ quence A S I T S ?  Answer (A Stitch In Time Saves Nine) What phrase is represented here?  Funny Funny Word Word Word Word Answer Two Funny for words 

10 10

WERRINGTON TO BLOOM WITH POPPIES “Jean Fryer, Mary Beckett and Betty Johnson sowing the Poppy seeds” Thanks to a donation of poppy seeds from local resident Mary Beckett the Werrington Community Volunteers Group have been sowing them around the village to commemorate the first World War as part of the Werrington in Bloom project. It is hoped that as they grow year on year they will provide a lasting memorial to those who didn't return. Mary said that she was pleased to have joined with the group for this special remembrance year.

ALL OUR YESTERDAYS This year's Pancake Race was the most successful ever and didn't it bring the memories flooding back. Our thanks go to Gwen Pearce for letting us have copies of newspaper clippings of the event in years gone by. We intend to have a display of old photographs and clippings at next year's Pancake Race which has already been organised for Shrove Tuesday 17th February 2015. So make a date and start rummaging amongst those old photo albums. We will copy any items you have and return the originals to you. Contact David on 01782 302019 or e-mail - Should make next year's event even better!

Birthday Boy pulls winning Werrington number The latest Werrington Lottery draw took place in the Red Cow restaurant and the winning number -78 - was drawn by Peter Wallbank who was celebrating his birthday having just returned from several weeks in Australia. Our picture L to R shows Werrington Volunteers Chris Lewis, Jocelyn Morrison, Jean Fryer, Peters wife Krystina and Peter with the winning number. It really was the winners lucky day as they had only just joined the Lottery!



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Morville Hall Qtr May 12_Quarter Page 31/05/2012 14:02 Page 1

moorville hall -

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mo t el


Come Along & Enjoy A Great Night Out ! Entertainment in the Foxearth Bar: july 7th FreeMemory admission Lane

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Caverswall Common Stoke on Trent ST11 9EU

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tel: 01782 302326 e:

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Sydney T. Alcock


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funeral Director/carriage Masters

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for all your funeral arrangements call:

K Glass

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CARING FOR CARERS Local charity North Staffs Carers Association understands the demands that caring can bring having experience of supporting Carers in North Staffordshire since 1987. We inform, support and care about Carers, offering emotional support and advice to Carers from the age of 5 upwards including monthly groups, one to one sessions and many activities to give respite from the caring role. If you are looking after someone who cannot manage without your help then you are a Carer!!! A Carer provides unpaid care by looking after a disabled, ill or frail family member, partner or friend. Carers can be any age, gender or religion, being a Carer is not selective and can affect people from all walks of life. If you feel you will benefit from some support or advice please call 01782 793100 or alternatively drop into our Carers Centre, Duke Street, Fenton, Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm. Why not take a look at our website and see our Events Calendar to see the many events we have during National Carers Week 9th to 15th June and throughout the year.

Karen Bradley MP I know from my postbag that many of you in Staffordshire Moorlands are concerned about human trafficking and modern slavery. We tend to think of slavery as a historical crime, and associate it with shackles and chains or long perilous journeys across the Atlantic, but sadly, slavery is still very much alive, just in 21st century form. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), 20.9 million men, women and children around the world are in slavery. Nowadays, people are forced to work for little or no pay on farms and fishing vessels, in nail bars, restaurants – even people’s homes. It is shocking to think that so many people are at the mercy of their ‘employers’ in today’s world, so I am honoured to be the Minister who has responsibility for steering the Modern Slavery Bill through Parliament. The Bill is the first of its kind in Europe and is designed to strengthen the punishment of offenders and protection of victims. All these are welcome measures that will make a real difference, but by its very nature, modern slavery is an international crime and I am working with my counterparts across the world to strengthen our response to this despicable crime. I know that I will do so with the full support of Werrington residents.

Village Life is successful for advertisers ‘You can advertise in ‘Village Life’ for as little as £25 and your advert will be  seen by over 10,000 people per issue’ To go on the Ad-List ring David on 01782 302019 or e-mail -

13 13

All Our Yesterdays with Tony McNicol Reminiscences of the War Years by Avis Shenton (nee Adams) Park Rd & May Parr During the war evacuees lived with quite a few families around Werrington, and used to come to her farm (at the bottom of Ash Bank) to watch the animals being slaughtered, they were fascinated as they hadn’t seen anything like it before; in fact most of them had never seen a cow or farm animals close up before but Avis told Arthur her hubby to close the door so that the children couldn’t see the animals being killed. She used to tie two washing lines together and quite a few children used to come and play tennis & skipping. They didn’t want the war to end because they enjoyed themselves so much because they had fields to play in and were far better fed than when they were at home. Avis said they had some lovely times during the war with dances and film shows in the Methodist Chapel, but they did get jealous of some of the evacuee girls as they were after some of the Werrington boys, but they all enjoyed themselves and walked home together, singing and laughing all the way home walking in the middle of the road, you couldn’t do that now. May Parr recalled that when evacuees came to her school (the old school down Salters Lane) the girls didn’t want to play with them because the new girls (most of them from Liverpool) were great ‘skippers’, much better than the Werrington girls, but they all made friends in the end, and quite a few kept in touch after the war. One family (called Bennett), settled down in Werrington, and stayed here the rest of their lives. Don’t Forget the Cellarhead and District Annual Flower Show and Plant Sale Saturday 30th August, Wetley Rocks Village Hall. Doors open 1pm

Bloomin thanks! Thanks go to Chris Lewis for completing the last five planters for Werrington in Bloom which will be positioned around the Washerwall Lane shops with summer flowers. This project has been a great success and if you would like to join in ring David on 01782 302019

14 14



There is a saying the older you get the quicker times flies, and that is certainly true for me. It seems only yesterday when I was writing an article in this magazine about my arrival and now I will be leaving here are on 12th August to face a new challenge. That of retirement. And before anyone asks are you looking forward to it? The answer is not yet. I have been blessed with the best part of my ministry over the past few years and I have the people of Werrington and Bucknall to thank for that. Wherever I go people come up with a name for me. In Manchester my nickname was the 'Vicar of Dibley,' and I even had my own gormless verger. When I had an exchange in America in 2008 they called me 'Mary Poppins' because when I popped in things started to happen. Here in Werrington I have been 'Nanny McPhee.' And the adage: 'when you don't want me but need me, I come, and when you want me but don't need me I go' seems to be true here. But I have to admit God has blessed me with wonderful Christian brothers and sisters and we have been able to share the Gospel with so many people and our mission work in this community will continue long after I have left, for which I am very thankful. My last service at Werrington Methodist Church will be at 10.40am on Sunday 3rd August and this will be a communion service. However, there will also be a celebration service on Saturday 2nd August at 3.00pm at Bucknall Methodist Church (just a mile down the road) if anyone would like to come. It would be helpful if you are coming to get some idea of numbers for catering purposes. The theme of the service will be 'a fool for Christ,' which is what I was called to be when entering ministry and some would say I have lived up to that title at least. Thank you, the people of Werrington and especially the members of the Methodist and Anglican churches for your love, support and encouragement in all we have done together. All I ask is that if you feel able to, please pray that God will show me clearly my next adventure for him as I retire to Coalville, in Leicestershire. Every blessing. Sister Barbara Sister Barbara’s successor, the Rev'd Joyce Smith, is a local person. She is taking over Werrington and Bucknall Methodist Churches from September and we’ll look forward to hearing from her in the next edition of ’Village Life’. ASH CAFÉ Now open every Thursday 10am-1pm. We have seen a steady flow of people attending the café, many now regulars. We serve oatcakes with a variety of fillings, sandwiches and soup, but our all day breakfast seems to be the most popular. The café was opened for the community of Werrington and is run by volunteers. If anyone is willing to help on a rota basis please let me know. Please support this venture and come along and join us. You are sure to have a warm welcome. Lisa Harrison 01782 303442 Saturday 12th July - Pie and Pea Supper at 6pm with the Last of Sister Barbara's quizzes. Lets make it the best yet! Tickets from Lisa Tel: 303442 Sunday 7th September - Church Anniversary. Sunday October 5th Church - Harvest Festival.


St. Philip’s Werrington

St. John the Baptist Wetley Rocks

What a busy spring and early summer it's been. A new roof on St. Philip’s, a flower festival at St. John's and then our curate Darren being ordained priest. My little family too has done its usual spring expansion with the patter of tiny feet everywhere! Lots to celebrate there always is for the church family - even when old friends die, the Celtic saints call it "our heavenly birthday". Now we can look forward to Harvest Festival and then to Christmas, two of my favourite celebrations - eating all those lovely fruits and seeds and then sleeping through the winter waking for the lovely Christmas carols and then back to the long sleep of hibernation! I hope you have lovely things to celebrate too. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK: Despite it being a Bank Holiday, on 5th May, 20 willing helpers turned up to remove or cover everything in the main body of the church, ready for the roof work to commence. Thank you to them and also to Werrington Methodist Church for accommodating all our Wednesday activities and also Messy Church and to St. John’s for welcoming us at their Sunday Morning services. MORE ‘RAISING THE ROOF’ THANK YOUS: To everyone who supported the many fund-raising events which St. Philip’s Community Events Group worked hard at last year, to other members of the congregation who gave so generously, made things to sell or applied for grants and to the grant-making bodies including The Veolia Environmental Trust, All Churches Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Staffordshire Historic Churches Trust, Staffs. Moorlands District Council, Staffs. County Council and Local Councillors. New Rural Dean At a special service on 31st March at St. John’s Church, Wetley Rocks, Rev’d. Sue Goodwin was commissioned by the Rt. Rev’d. Geoff Annas, Bishop of Stafford, as the new and first female Rural Dean of the Cheadle Deanery. She was appointed by the Bishop of Lichfield after consultation with representatives from the Deanery’s 15 Anglican churches. Edna Bowran DATES FOR YOUR DIARY Harvest Festival Services: Sunday 28th September at 10.15am at St. Philip's Sunday 5th October at 10.45am at St. John's Remembrance Sunday: Sunday 9th November Werrington 2pm at the Memorial Stone followed by service at St. Philip's Wetley Rocks 10.45am at St. John's Church. Both services will include commemoration for the start of World War I.


Messy Church is a time of family fun and laughter. We have crafts, storytelling, sing song, food and much more. This is open to all and a warm welcome awaits you. It is usually held on the last Sunday of each month, 4pm-6pm, at St Philips Church, Werrington, but in July it will on Sunday 20th July and there will be no Messy Church in August. For more information phone Steve on 07929723022. The photo

shows Daniel Cambridge with his space rocket.

Local Police Visit

BOULDERS YOUTH GROUP Are you aged between 9 and 16 and looking for something to do on Monday evenings? Then look no further! We are a group of young people who meet to socialize and have games followed by refreshments. This takes place every two weeks at St John’s School, Wetley Rocks 7 - 8.30pm. We are also looking for more helpers with this growing youth group, if you can spare 1.5 hours per month please phone Steve for more information 07929723022

After the great success of the Holiday Club in October last year it is back again. It promises to be a great time of fun, with plenty of activities including games, crafts, stories, competitions, refreshments and much more. The date is 21st to 25th July at Werrington Methodist Church, running each morning 10am to 12.15pm. It is open to all 5 – 11 year olds. For more information or book your place please contact Steve Parker 07929723022 WETLEY ROCKS METHODIST CHURCH Men's breakfast - BREAD is on the first Saturday of each month. Chapel anniversary: 14th Sept at 6.30pm-preacher Revd Julie Herbert. Harvest festival: 12th Oct at 10.45am - preacher Revd Richard Pope. In March Wetley Rocks Methodist Church hosted The Big Brew, a Fairtrade event organised by Kaye Brammer and her mum, Angela, with the help of friends. This year Fairtrade celebrated it's 20th anniversary and the theme for our event was Foncho and his banana farm. The Colombian farmer's story starts with his struggles to make ends meet, but now through Fairtrade he gets a fair price for his produce which enables him to care better for his family and provide his children with a good education. At the event we served refreshments of hot and cold beverages along with cakes and savoury snacks. There was a lovely array of Fairtrade goods from basic commodities like tea, coffee, sugar and rice to fancy goods, jewellery and cards, all supplied by the Fairtrade shop in Hanley. Two competitions, centred on the work of Fairtrade, were won by local ladies and the prizes were provided by local businesses who support Fairtrade already. The Big Brew was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who helped and supported us. At our coffee mornings at the chapel on the last Saturday of each month, Fairtrade produce is sold or you can order from the Fairtrade catalogue. Why don't you visit the Fairtrade shop in Gitana St, Hanley, next door to the Methodist Book Shop to see a large range of Fairtrade goods?


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Ladies Only Toning & Fitness Centre Allen Street, Cheadle Using 6 Powertone and 6 Easytone machines plus the added value of the world famous Pilates techniques creates Shapemasters unique 30 minute exercise system.

l l l l

Full fitness workout in 40 minutes a day Range of membership options Full range of Shapemaster toning chairs and beds New range of cardio exercise machines: Cross Trainers, Treadmills and Vibration Plates

The combination of the Tummy Crunch machine firms and flattens the entire abdominal group of muscles while strengthening the lower back, mobilising hips, knees and tightening buttocks.

Whatever your age, weight or fitness we can shape you up and help you roll back the years

Call Now to arrange your free visit 01538 753 897

Ladies Only Toning & Fitness Centre, Allen Street, Cheadle, ST10 1HJ (opposite leisure centre) shapemaster half page jan.indd 1


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KIDZ2KIDZ – STAFFORDSHIRE MOORLANDS This project is going great guns for the coming Christmas. Last year we distributed £20,000 worth of toys donated by Co-op customers for disadvantaged children and raised over £2,000 which enabled the Werrington Young Persons Support Group to give financial aid to over 80 distressed mums. This year the group is on target for a bigger toy donation, to raise £5,000 to help up to 200 mums who will also receive a free pack of basic toiletries worth £25 kindly donated by Longshawe of Leek . The group is partnered by Social Services, Domestic Violence Units and Housing Associations. Want to join in? – ring Jean on 01782 304890 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS - Village Life is funded by our advertisers in the interests of our community and so their support is vital. So as they support us please return the favour and support them and when you shop mention Village Life, the people’s magazine. WERRINGTON PATIENTS PANEL The group hold meetings quarterly and has proved to be very successful. All are welcome to come along and help to improve medical care in the area. So if you would like to join ring 01782 302019 or e-mail to be put on the invitation list. YOUNGSTERS FRIDAY CLUB A number of local folk have expressed an interest in helping at the club which is organised by the Werrington Young Persons Support Group and is for 9 to 15 year olds. The more the merrier. Ring Jean on 01782 304890 for more info. TUNE INTO VILLAGE LIFE RADIO At 11am on the third Thursday in the month Village Life takes to the radio to promote local news and events. If you have a group or activity to promote then let Jean have the info - - and she will feature you in the show. Moorlands Radio 103.7fm - you can also listen online, just go to CAN YOU HELP WITH STORAGE? Kidz2Kidz – which helps disadvantaged children and distressed mums - will be much bigger this year and so the group are looking for some extra storage space during September and October for Christmas presents – last year we filled a double garage! If you can help call 01782 302019

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J.Kingsley Weston We have lost a well-known colourful character in the passing of "Kingy" on May 5th, two days after his 82nd birthday. He spent his whole life in Hulme, being born at Bark House Farm and joined his father in farming after leaving Leek High School. He helped to look after the famous Blackpool Dolly. As a teenager he had a keen interest in old motor cycles which he used on a grass track with his friends on the farm. A close eye was kept on them by p.c. A. Whitehouse. He took great pride on putting his footpeg down on the road on his brother George's motor bike, boasting that he could get both foot pegs down on Beckett's corner. George did not believe him. "You can't do that, you will kill yourself" he said. "Go and look at the footpegs" said Kingy - and they were both down to bare metal. He also went dancing at Werrington Village Hall. He joined the Army and returned to help his father with calf dealing and became well known in the local markets and became a buyer for Albert Hall Farms. He mainly attended the cattle markets at Crewe, Shrewsbury, Market Drayton and Beeston and was not beyond playing a few tricks on the other farmers and buyers such as fastening their coats to the rail they were leaning on. He was always a lively character and was not beyond distracting the auctioneer from other bidders by creating diversions. He seemed to love to torment his competitors. Crewe Market is now closed!

He continued to farm Bark House until his retirement. Kingsley and Marion were married 57 years ago and have four sons. Village Life sends condolences to “King’s” family. From Ron Becket.

The Werrington Lottery has proved to be a big success and thanks to subscriptions from local folk we have been able to do so much more to improve our village. 50% of the money goes in monthly cash prizes with the balance going to village projects in full as there are no administration costs as we are all volunteers. We have recently done another consultation and as a result are now planning a number of new suggested projects. So where has your money gone? *Werrington in Bloom * Village Life Magazine * Village Life Website * Village Life Radio * Jubilee Gardens * Village Seating * Christmas lights * Norwegian Spruce trees * Road Safety & Safe Parking Campaigns * Edible Garden in Primary School * Werrington Lottery * Community E-News * Scarecrow Weekends * Poppy event to commemorate WW1 centenary. We are also Re-launching Neighbourhood Watch and Neighbourhood Forums and our Crime Alert Campaign. SO FAR THE WERRINGTON COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS HAVE GAINED OVER £35,000 WORTH OF VALUE FOR THE LOCAL ECOMONY - ALL ACHIEVED AT NO COST TO RESIDENTS! If you are already with us please renew when you get a letter or if you haven’t joined yet ring Jocelyn on 01782 303192 for an Application Form. Your village needs you!

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This image is looking from Bank House Farm on Leek Road near Moorville Hall overlooking Moorville Hall Farm and Cresswell Piece. Taken at sunset on Christmas day 2009.

Aaron Miller If you would like to share a photograph please send to the editor’

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WhiSTon execuTive Travel Whiston executive Travel in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire is a fresh and exciting executive travel company that has been established for 10 years. Fully licensed by the local authority, we provide a first class travel service. our aim is not just to provide executive transport for our customers but to make any travelling as comfortable, flexible and pleasant as possible. We pride ourselves with our excellent customer care services and have many testimonials from satisfied customers from corporate to public. We provide a complete executive travel and transport service for all types of occasions and events whether it be an important business trip, airport journey or special occasion. All of our drivers are reliable, punctual, friendly and smartly attired and will cater to all of your needs. Our prices are competitive and we offer account facilities .

Page 21 half page Whiston Travel

We are based in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire and our executive travel services cover the whole Midlands area. For private, executive and airport transport, we chauffeur our clients across the whole of the UK .

Tel 01782 304698 Mobile 07845 471611 21 21

‘ALLO, ‘ ALLO, ‘ALLO It's easy to keep in touch with your local beat bobby or PCSO via their digital Airwave radio. Simply dial 0300 123 2345 and then the officer’s Airwave Number when prompted to do so.

A new surgery run by Andrew and Ashley will now be on Mondays between 2pm ‐  3pm from the following dates:  11th August, 22nd September, 13th October, 24th  November and the 15th December 2014 

WARNING ‐ PLEASE READ  Please warn elderly neighbours, friends or family to be on guard against  scams and distraction tactics.  We have had a number of reports around  the county of different scams being used to obtain money from unsus‐ pecting elderly residents. If someone contacts you out of the blue NEVER  give them personal or card details. Likewise, if someone turns up at your  home offering services, for example garden or home maintenance, DO  NOT agree to their business and DO NOT let them into your home.   Recent reports include phone calls where the caller claimed to be working for a credit com‐ pany fraud investigation team and another where they claimed that the victim’s card details  had been used in a scam at a Bingo Hall. On both occasions couriers were sent to the vic‐ tim’s homes and their cards were taken, resulting in large sums of cash being withdrawn  from their accounts.   Fraudsters will use a variety of rouses to obtain card details, and as above cards themselves.  Be alert and ring police if in doubt. In another incident an elderly couple were targeted twice  in one week by men offering garden maintenance work. On the first occasion money was  handed over but on the second money was stolen from the couple’s home while the men  distracted the occupants. Large sums of money were taken from them and minimal/no work  completed.   The suspects will move from area to area to commit further crimes so please ‐ if someone  comes to your home, don't let them in and ring police immediately on 101 or 999 if a crime  is in progress. Each of the above incidents is being investigated but we urge you to share this  and remind elderly neighbours and family so they can avoid becoming a victim. 

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Wetley Rocks WI We had a very busy April, starting with our AGM when Mrs June Sherratt was re-elected as President and we had an excellent speaker from the First Responders who gave us a demonstration on her doll ‘Anne’. Our Group Meeting was held on Thursday 24th April where we were hosts to the WIs from Ipstones, Whiston and Cheddleton. Our speaker was Derek Poulson whose talk was entitled ‘It's not what you say it’s the way you say it’. This was followed by a buffet supper. Our Spring Fair was on the 26th April in the Village Hall. The weather was kind to us and attendance was high which has helped swell our funds for the coming year. Thank you to everyone who came along as this is our main fund raising event of the year As part of the Staffordshire Federation’s 95 th birthday celebrations there was a meeting of all WIs from the County at Whiston Village Hall on Wednesday 30th April. We have enjoyed some interesting speakers this year including in May Angie Whiston on Quilting, June was Donna Louise Hospice. Our new programme is now out and more exciting speakers are lined up – 8th July – Colour me Beautiful, 12th August- our Mystery Trip and meal. All meetings are held in the Village Hall commencing at 7.30 pm on the first Tuesday of each month. Further details can be obtained from Pat Axon on 01782 303684.

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The Fiction Bit

By Theo Racle

I was a burglar but not your everyday common or garden burglar. I could pick a lock in seconds, by pass alarm systems and given half an hour I could open most home safes. I was a class act. It all went pear shaped when a voice on the phone offered mw ‘big bucks’ to break into the big house by the common. On principle I don’t normally work on my own patch but principles are all very well until they start to cost you, then they’re not worth a light and this offer was too good to refuse. The voice wanted me to steal a 3” cubed battery and any papers that went with it. Crazy really. I mean, there are dozens of places where you can buy a battery. Still it was his money. I spent two weeks planning the raid but when I got in someone had beaten me to it. The safe was empty and there were papers strewn all over the floor. So my big payday had disappeared. There was one saving grace, whoever had done the job wasn’t much of a burglar. He had left a jewellery box full of jewels on top of the safe and that kind of bonus you don’t leave behind. I was inspecting my haul when a light went on in he hall and a voice shouted “Who’s there?” I grabbed the box and scarpered out of the window and ran ‘hot foot’ across 90 yards of lawn. As I reached the boundary a twelve bore shotgun was discharged behind me. I was in no real danger because at that distance the pattern of shot was so widespread that the few pellets that reached me were at the end of their velocity. So my clothes were sufficient protection. A couple of days later the voice was back. “What have you got for me?” “Nothing” I replied. “The safe was empty. Somebody had beaten me to it.” “Have you read the papers?” “What papers?” I asked “The papers that I asked you to retrieve along with the battery.” “The – safe – was – empty” I replied deliberately. “Therefore there were no papers for me to read.” “Most unsatisfactory” the voice said. “I paid you a lot ……” “Whooh”, I interrupted. “You offered me a lot of money but so far I haven’t seen a penny and as I didn’t manage to do the job I don’t expect to get paid.” “For you to give up that kind of money in so cavalier a fashion tells me that you have read the papers and know what the battery does,” “I don’t know what you’re talking about” I expostulated. “If I wanted a battery I’d go to the chemist like most normal people would.” “This battery is special” he insisted. “It never loses its charge. You could run an electric car at speeds up to 100mph without having to recharge it and it wouldn’t need petrol. A slightly larger version would give sufficient energy to power a small town.

24 24

But you know that don’t you?” “How could I possibly know that?” “I think you are trying to up the price” he continued. ”Or perhaps you think you can get a better payday by going freelance.” “Don’t be daft! I laughed. “my fences wouldn’t know what to do with anything like that.” “ In the business they’re in they would have contacts and it wouldn’t be difficult to find out” he insisted. “We’re going round in circles here” I retorted. “I’ll tell you again. The safe was empty, somebody had been there before me. I got nothing. I’m sorry.” “You will be” and the phone went dead. Half an hour later the door of my bed sit was kicked open and two large men muscled their way in. I grabbed the box and lashed out with my boot. I didn’t hit what I’d aimed for but I connected with one’s knee and he staggered into his mate. That gave me the time and space I needed to be out of the door and running. That was when I stopped being a burglar and became a fugitive. After a few close calls I realised they weren’t going to give up. I had to get out of this burg. I could cash in the jewels and that would bankroll me enough to leave the country. I took them to a fence who’d always been fair in our dealings. I sat quietly as he screwed a loupe into his eye and carefully examined the merchandise. When he’d finished he put them back in the box and pushed it towards me. “You might get a couple of hundred quid for the gold” he said “but the stones are paste” “Paste”? “Fakes” he explained. “they’re very good fakes but they’re fakes never the less”


A number of folk have contacted the Werrington Young Persons Support Group about the future of the Friday Club in view of the number of clubs folding following changes to the Youth Service. Well the good news is that the Werrington club is just fine as it chose to raise its own funds and not be reliant on the service provided by the County Council which is now being withdrawn. The club is sponsored by Wrights Pies and the Washerwall Lane Co-operative Food Store in addition to which the group raises its own funds. It is important to make groups sustainable and the WYPSG will just run on and on with such events as Funday, the Talent Show, Pancake Race and Silver Surfers. The group also organises special trips for the youngsters and our picture shows a trip to the Imperial War Museum. Other trips have included the Snowdome, Ten-Pin Bowling and Ice Skating. As the group expands it needs more and more volunteers. It's great fun and you will be helping to mould the next generation. Contact David on 01782 302019, e-mail or just go along to the club and take a look. It operates very Friday during term time from 7 to 9pm at the Werrington Methodist Church, Ash Bank Road.

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~Elizabeth House ~ Retirement Home, Sandy Hill, Werrington

We would be happy to show you around Elizabeth House, whenever you like. Just give us a call to arrange a visit.

Elizabeth House is a small, family run retirement home offering a top quality home environment, perfect for all residents to enjoy a comfortable, fulfilled life. Most of our bedrooms are spacious, and include flat screen TV, DVD player, ensuite shower and patio door onto private gardens. We have three spacious lounges plus a pub/restaurant style dining room, offering home cooked meals, all individual tasters and diets catered for. Also includes daily activities, hairdresser/beautician and gentle exercise instructor.

T: 01782 304088 Elizabeth House, Sandy Hill, Werrington, Stoke on Trent ST9 0ET T: 01782 304088 M: 07778 464748

Summer Reading   Summer Reading   Challenge ‘Mythical  Challenge ‘Mythical  Maze’  Maze’  Werrington Library would like to  Werrington Library would like to  invite local children to join the Sum‐ invite local children to join the Sum‐ mer Reading Challenge. The theme  mer Reading Challenge. The theme  for 2014 is Mythical Maze. The  for 2014 is Mythical Maze. The  th challenge starts on  Saturday 12th  challenge starts on  Saturday 12   July and will finish on Monday 8th   July and will finish on Monday 8th  September.  Children will be intro‐ September.  Children will be intro‐ duced to fantastical creatures from  duced to fantastical creatures from  the world of legend and mythology  the world of legend and mythology  as they progress through this year’s  as they progress through this year’s  challenge.  Children just need to be members of the library to join.  Everyone will receive  challenge.  Children just need to be members of the library to join.  Everyone will receive  incentives along the way and all children need to do to complete the challenge is read any 6  incentives along the way and all children need to do to complete the challenge is read any 6  books throughout the summer holidays and visit the library 3 times.  All completers will re‐ books throughout the summer holidays and visit the library 3 times.  All completers will re‐ ceive a medal and a certificate to celebrate their achievement. Also look out for activities on  ceive a medal and a certificate to celebrate their achievement. Also look out for activities on  a ‘Mythical Theme’ in your local library during the summer holidays.  Contact Werrington  a ‘Mythical Theme’ in your local library during the summer holidays.  Contact Werrington  Library Tel: 01782 302706 for more information.  Library Tel: 01782 302706 for more information.  Don't forget - if you live in an outlying part of the area, where we are not able to Don't forget - if you live in an outlying part of the area, where we are not able to deliver Village Life you can collect a copy from Werrington Post Office, deliver Village Life you can collect a copy from Werrington Post Office, Surgery, Library, Just Jeffs, the Co-op, Red Cow & local churches. Surgery, Library, Just Jeffs, the Co-op, Red Cow & local churches.

Cataracts Cataracts in in Dogs Dogs Dogs can develop cataracts just like humans, causing Dogs can develop cataracts just like humans, causing vision loss and eventual blindness. The lens in the eye vision loss and eventual blindness. The lens in the eye should be perfectly clear, but dogs with cataracts have a should be perfectly clear, but dogs with cataracts have a white or bluish appearance to the lens. Diabetic dogs white or bluish appearance to the lens. Diabetic dogs develop cataracts due to the changes caused by high develop cataracts due to the changes caused by high blood sugar, but normal healthy dogs can also develop blood sugar, but normal healthy dogs can also develop cataracts. There is an inherited disease which can affect cataracts. There is an inherited disease which can affect breeds including Jack Russell Terriers and miniature breeds including Jack Russell Terriers and miniature Schnauzers, where cataracts develop at a young age. If a Schnauzers, where cataracts develop at a young age. If a cataract becomes completely opaque, the pet will be blind. cataract becomes completely opaque, the pet will be blind. Cataracts can be surgically removed by “phacoemulsification” which involves entering the eye Cataracts can be surgically removed by “phacoemulsification” which involves entering the eye with a specially designed surgical tool which softens then extracts the diseased lens tissue. An with a specially designed surgical tool which softens then extracts the diseased lens tissue. An artificial lens is inserted and vision is hopefully restored. No surgery is without risk and cataartificial lens is inserted and vision is hopefully restored. No surgery is without risk and cataract surgery is no exception, and we spend time discussing the risks with owners before the ract surgery is no exception, and we spend time discussing the risks with owners before the operation is considered. We have been performing cataract surgery at our practice for the operation is considered. We have been performing cataract surgery at our practice for the past two years. After surgery, dogs tend to stay with us for a night then return home the past two years. After surgery, dogs tend to stay with us for a night then return home the following day, hopefully feeling like a new dog with vision restored! following day, hopefully feeling like a new dog with vision restored! Victoria Poole, MA VetMB GPCert(EM&S, FelP) MRCVS, Willow Veterinary Clinic Victoria Poole, MA VetMB GPCert(EM&S, FelP) MRCVS, Willow Veterinary Clinic

27 27 27


That was the response from people who joined FUNKY FANKS! in the It reallyCommunity was a super event with The fun. Werrington Volunteer groupeveryone enjoying themselves. As one lady said –at would like to fank - sorry thank - Jason Edwards “If Funky you can’t enjoy this you can’t enjoy anyFillerz for putting on an excellent spread at thing”. ThankCommunity you to pupils and staffinofthe Village the recent Consultation Werrington Primary School for taking partresiand Hall as a wonderful no-cost gesture for the thanks as always to thestuff. Washerwall Lane dents.go Thanks Jason, great The consultation Co-operative for sponsoring the race which isbyyet another was a big success with the audience entertained community event organised byUkulele the Werrington Not Strictly Barbers Shop with interlude Young Persons Group. Funds the day by the Coand Support lots of ideas. You can have raised your sayon anytime opon were to like Kidz2Kidz thevillage campaign to give Christhowdonated you would to see the improve. mas presents to disadvantaged youngsters financial aid Contact the group on 01782 302019 or e-mail and to destitute mums. The Co-op kindly presented Chairman David Shaw with an envelope containing £168. Aren’t some folk just wonderful!!!


LOTTERY NEWS YOUNGEST DRAWER & DOUBLE WINNER! To celebrate the fifth Werrington Lottery draw five year old George Gibbs of Leek We are to report that David has been awarded a spebrook tookdelighted great delight in pulling theShaw winning number which was cial certificate to acknowledge his commitment and contribution to Our picture shows George with dad Peter left and members of volunteering on the 30th anniversary of Volunteers Week thebyWerrington Community Volunteers Group with Craig and MiSupport Staffordshire. chael, hosts at the Red Cow restaurant on the Congratulations and keep the good right where the draw tookup place. But work that'sDavid. not all - as Sheila Ellam won the sixth draw with ticket 109 - and that's SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS - Village Life is funded by our advertisers in the the second time she has won! She bought two numbers and both interests of our community and so their support is vital. So as they support us please return have come up. Picture of the draw at Just Jeff's hairdressers the favour support them and whenwho you shop Villageticket Life, the people’s includes Danand Tams of Wetley Rocks drewmention the winning with father magazine. Fred.

quarterpage pageSteele Steele quarter Andy’s Gardening GardeningService Service Gardening


A friendly & professional service No job too small Lawn mowing, hedge trimming & general garden maintenance.

07906 663688 01782 302048

eight (half aa quareight pageON (halfSAWS quarSAVE & MOWERS ter page) Lawton ter Lawton Mower Mower

Why buy new when we can sharpen, repair and service your saws, mowers, Repairs Repairs chainsaws and Strimmer’s? We also sharpen Tungsten Tip blades.

AWG, 185 King St., Fenton, ST4 2LT

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Do you remember Margaret Cooke or Mrs Telford?    Attending the service on  Have you visited yet? Easter Sunday evening at  Wetley Rocks Methodist  Browsing the internet ,I entered 'Werrington' not really expecting to find much. To my Chapel, I had thrust into my  surprise I found myself in a most interesting site and very easy to use. The more I read the more I enjoyed the content, I would like to thank the hand the latest (Spring)  people who produced it because it took me back to copy of Village Life. I found  the most enjoyable childhood I think anyone could the magazine quite fasci‐ have had. Through the good offices of Tony Mcnicol I nating with its information  then received all the back copies of Village Life. on past and forthcoming  Names and places mentioned transported me to anevents plus helpful advice  other round of happy memories. We moved to Weron subjects as diverse as  rington in 1939 and I lived there until I moved to Oxcaring for your pet to digging the garden! An article which particularly caught my eye, how‐ ford . Mr Mellor was the Headmaster at Salters Lane school,and a stick across the hand was the usual punever, was that submitted by John Hawley in which he mentions his schooldays at Werrington  ishment for various pranks, and if you saw Mr Mellor village school, located in Salter's Lane. It was at this school, Saltway Primary, that I began my  walking home through the village you disappeared teaching career in 1966. I did not remain there very long, though, as, the Infants (a Class of  pretty quickly even if you had done nothing wrong. whom I was about to teach) were transferred to a brand new establishment behind the li‐ Dad was too old for the forces so he joined the Red brary in Washerwall Lane. It was very exciting to be in a new building with everything up to  Cross and the Wardens and organised dances and whist drives at the Village Hall, date. All the equipment was new as well as the Staff: there were only four of us at first plus  and I can well remember a piano being pushed from near the chapel to the Village the headmistress, Mrs Telford, who was quite posh and hailed from Alsager which she in‐ Hall on a trolley whilst I walked behind swinging a storm lantern to warn traffic. In my early teens the Village Hall dance was the place to be on Saturday night, with pretty sisted on pronouncing with a short "a". The children of Werrington were delightful to teach  girls from Bucknall and all around arriving by bus. bike and on foot, where are they and I have some very happy memories. After five years I decided it was time for me to leave  now, we were allowed one new record a month if I remember correctly, these were 78 the Infant School and move to junior teaching which was my stronger forte and so I moved to  rpm played on an old radiogram, and when a tune was really popular it would be the village school at Harriseahead, near Mow Cop where I remained for much of my career. I  played numerous times a night. In 1952 Her Majesty The Queen invited me to bewonder if there are any former pupils or their parents living in Werrington whom remember  come a member of her armed forces, which led to a very happy three years of my life me. If so, I should be delighted to hear from them. Submitted by: Margaret Cooke   being spent at Windsor. On demob I returned to Werrington where I worked for Viv

my village life online

and Bert Ward when they were building Southlowe Estate ,moving from there with much trepidation to Oxford and the motor industry.I still go back to Werrington occasionally to walk some of my childhood memories. It was a wonderful place to live and by theTo atmosphere created by Village I feel on it still01782 is. Thank you Werrington. If go on the Ad-List ringLife David 302019 or e-mail any of this strikes a cord feel free to contact me. ohn Hawley johnhawley225 . John's Dad used to be Chairman of Werrington Village Hall Committee

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Truly Scrumptious CHOCLATE CAKE 2oz.cocoa powder, 3 eggs lightly beaten, 2fl oz milk, 6oz self raising flour, 1tsp baking powder, 4oz butter, 10 oz caster sugar. FILLING:- 6fl oz double cream. TOPPING:-3oz dark chocolate, 2fl oz double cream. Pre heat oven to gas 4/180c. Grease and line 2x8 inch sandwich tins. Mix cocoa with 5tbs boiling water. Tip into food mixer bowl then add all other ingredients and beat until smooth. Divide mixture into the two tins - Put in oven and bake for 30-35 minutes until risen and springs back when lightly presses. Cool for 10 mins in the tins then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely and remove greaseproof paper. TOPPING: Heat the cream slowly in a pan. When bubbling add chocolate broken into small pieces and stir until smooth and shiny. Set aside to cool and thicken. FILLING:- Spread whipped cream on one sponge and sandwich together. TOPPING:- Spread topping with a spatula to cover top of cake. Leave to set then slice and serve. Thanks to Kate from Bucknall Post Office for this recipe. Hope you enjoy!


Fish and Kebab House Quarter page – Stuart Naismith Taxis


Looking for a safe, reliable Werrington based taxi company? Then call Stuart Naismith on

Established 24 years

FreshlyPage prepared food withFish a Quarter – Ash Bank guarantee of high quality, voted Bar in the Top 3 Take-Away shops in Staffordshire.

Extensive menu and friendly atmosphere with Steve, Helen and Staff who thank you for your support.

07967 804129

Orders taken for collection on

Airports - Seaports - Days out Shopping - School contracts

01782 302265

Established 15 years

“Simply delicious”

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Accountancy services from a local charity. VAST is a registered charity in Stoke-on-Trent providing a professional accounts and payroll service. All of our profits go back into supporting and developing the local communities of Staffordshire. And as a charity we can offer you extremely competitive rates.

• Accounts • Payroll • Bookkeeping • Independent Examination • Training and Support • Healthchecks ACCOUNTANCY

Telephone: 01782 683030



Ashbank Garage Ltd Designed by Sherwin Rivers Printers

Supporting Car owners since 1969

Up to 90 quality cars always in stock which can be viewed on

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Just Jeffs Hairdressers Tel 01782 302663

Their leave in, spray on conditioner is second to none! In my opinion. We also supply the amazing Nioxin hair treatment range of hair products. Gents night Monday 3pm-8pm. Closed Wednesday.

Designed by Sherwin Rivers Printers Designed by Sherwin Rivers Printers

We use Wella colours Angel hair care products. Which offer a variety of hair specific treatments.

Proud to sponsor the Werrington Proud sponsor the Werrington Youngto Person’s Support Group Young Person’s Support Group

Proud to sponsor the Werrington

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