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Adopt an Asian elephant for a year

Noy is a female baby elephant born in 2010 to Mae Boungnor in Thongmixay District, Sayaboury

Province. She is a real youngster, already a very joyful and playful animal. She is socialising very well with all the female elephants at the Center whom seem to enjoy greatly her presence. She is still a little shy around humans, though she isn’t afraid of them. Her trumpeting can be heard from quite a distance when the time comes for a cool bathe or an extra portion of bamboo and sugar cane! At age three, she will receive her final name when her training is over. Noy means “small” in Lao language and is the common nickname given to all young elephants before they receive their official name.

Mae Boungn or and her one year old baby gir l, Noy.

Mae Boungnor is a very proud mother giving birth to her second female calf Noy (detailed

above) in 2010. She produced her first calf Mae Boungnok with a wild elephant bull located in Nam Phouy National Protected Area (NPA), Sayaboury Province. Mae Boungnor is a loving mother and takes good care of her calf. Arriving at the Center in August 2011, Mae Boungnor and baby Noy are both very healthy.

Noy is a male baby elephant born to Mae Thongkhoun. (see details below) Noy was delivered at

the Center in October 2011 becoming the first elephant born at the Elephant Conservation Center’s nursery. Mae Thongkhoun is very protective of her new born, he is very healthy and doing well.

Mae Thongkhoun was born in 1996 in Ban Thad Village, Thongmixay District. She joined the Elephant Conservation Center through the “Baby Bonus” programme implemented by ElefantAsia. Arriving in August 2011, she was already 20 months pregnant. The father of the new arrival is a wild elephant from Nam Phouy NPA. Traditionally, elephants from Thongmixay District are released into surrounding forest whilst their owners are busy planting paddy during the rainy season. This often results in the female elephants becoming pregnant by roaming wild bulls.Thongkhoun’s mahout decided to join the Center and receive a breeding incentive package rather than staying at home with no revenue during the final months of gestation and throughout weaning.

Mae Kham Ohn is in very good condition. She is tall and fat (good qualities for an elephant)

y. by boy, No Newborn ba

Mae Thoung khoun and her mahout.

with beautiful smooth skin. Mae Kham Ohn and her previous owner moved to Pakbeng District, Oudomxay Province where they worked in logging camps.The Elephant Conservation Center bought her in May 2011 with the objective of her reproducing through the ECC’s Breeding Programme. Mae Kham Ohn meaning “soft gold” has all the qualities needed to become a wonderful mother! a wallow! Ohn taking Mae Kham

Mae Boun Nam was born in 1995 in Ban Namon Village,Thongmixay District.

She is a young female elephant. and forms a solid partnership with her mahout Mr Man. Mae Boun Nam is small in size yet walks very fast. At the age of 11-12 Mae Boun Nam started working in her village located within the Hongsa District transporting tourists during forest treks.Thankfully, she was never employed in the logging industry as she was too young.

Mae Dok was born in 1963 in Ban Muang Han Village, Hongsa District, Sayaboury

Province. She is a very kind and slow elephant! She is the matriarch of the Center’s herd. Mae Dok has been residing with us since March 2011. She was previously used for extensive logging operations until she was rescued by ElefantAsia and the Elephant Umbrella Fund. Mae Dok is Mae Boun Nam’s best friend.

e! ing a forag Nam enjoy Mae Boun

Adopting an Asian elephant with ElefantAsia ElefantAsia is a registered non-profit organisation working to safeguard the Asian elephant, an iconic species the world over, and remains the only organisation in the Lao PDR committed solely to ensuring the health, wellbeing and perpetuation of endangered elephant populations.

Bath tim e for Mae Dok.

The elephants available for adoption through this programme are the Asian elephants currently residing at the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury Province. This has dual purpose, first and foremost it allows ElefantAsia to ensure the health and wellbeing of the elephants under its care at the Center, whilst secondly working with these elephants everyday allows the ElefantAsia team to get to know these magnificant creatures, their individual personalities and their stories, which we can in turn share with you on a regular basis. In the past, ElefantAsia’s adoption scheme has included working elephants their need for veterinary treatment being greater than those living within the tranquil settings of the Center. However a mahout and his charge can be somewhat nomadic in their quest to earn a living and despite ElefantAsia staff undertaking frequent veterinary missions, regular feedback relating to these animals can often be difficult to obtain. As such the elephants at the Center have become ambassadors for the working elephants across Laos. By adopting one of our elephants, you will support the average cost to provide care to one elephant for a whole year*. ElefantAsia will endeavour to keep your chosen elephant fit and well, however the organisation provides free veterinary treatment to sick and injured elephants across Laos which can be costly. The organisation will never leave a sick or injured animal untreated and as such it is sometimes necessary to use funds raised through sponsorships to provide medicine for elephants other than those under the adoption programme. This can include the cost of our field missions (excluding staff salaries), fuel, medicines and the provision of an Elephant First Aid Kit per working elephant, this being given to the elephant’s mahout along with basic training on how to use its contents. Adopting an Asian elephant with ElefantAsia for either yourself or a loved one is easy, simply chose the elephant you wish to adopt, complete the short application form with a member of the ElefantAsia team, pay your money and leave the rest to us. Our staff will then email to you, your personalised Elephant Adoption Certificate, our ElefantAsia Factsheet and information on your adopted elephant.The ElefantAsia staff will also send to you their latest Newsletter, the ‘Tusker Times’ and regular information and news relating to your adopted elephant for the duration of your adoption.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the conservation of the Asian elephant in Laos. *Depending on the severity of sickness and/or injuries, the annual care for one elephant can far exceed the amount of sponsorship, and have been known to go beyond $2,000. In such cases, ElefantAsia will support the shortfall and make no further request for financial support for the sponsor.

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