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LONG POLES From the Italian Master to the subsequent meetings with the public, at the shops or during Trabucco Days, the new poles are tested well in advance of the debut in the catalogue. The enthusiasts place a lot of questions to our testimonial; everyone would already like to fish to get personal impressions. The sets are usually quite rich, but it’s the structural reliability the theme which we always talk too little; for us, it is no less important than other aspects, because we want the match season to run

GNT 1035

away without inconveniences. This year, the surprise was even multiple, because the Made in Italy poles are no longer two, but three, and because their presentation was enhanced by a seatbox with a strong identity, the GNT X36, ideal partner to make immediately recognizable and enviable all the match anglers that have chosen it.


In the first instances of contact with many Italian match anglers, the new GNT 1035 has collected a wide approval: surely it’s the stiffer-than-ever Trabucco pole! The best comment for a pole is a high reward for those who worked around the project and in production, because when you start the route looks particularly steep, but the experience and technology make less arduous the path to user’s approval. Stiffer than the super stiff 995? Everybody immediately feels the difference, and it comes from the use of a new material, since the diameters haven’t been changed. We must add that the new pole is even better balanced than the last one, thanks to the decision to remove the Sun Core finish from top four sections; after all, those of smaller diameter are less subject to irradiation of the sun, if compared to larger ones, so their temperature is always acceptable, in the summer season. A sporty touch characterizes the section 4, which is butt of the most widely used kit: is the Trabucco logo to identify them immediately. Confirmed the long A-B tip, that with the lower section 3 forms a set of 260 cm with a single joint, perfect for hosting any elastic. In recent times, we have seen a growing employment of hollow elastics also in case of silver fish, such as size 1,2 mm of the XPS Power Core Hollow, because they are able to give the best when fishing for Bream; that’s why all kits of the 1035 have the reinforcement to cut the Strippa kit hole. In case of short-distance, high-stress fishing, sections 6 and 7 can be replaced with same ones supplied in the

Safety Set. The below sections 8 and 9, butt sections for 11,50 and for 13 meters, are designed with almost no taper to create a stiff body, and for this they occupy two separate tubes, apart from the one containing all the other sections. When fishing at 11,50 meters range with heavier lollypops, you should remove the section 8 and Code 139-56-200 139-56-210 Code 139-56-010 139-56-020 139-56-030 139-56-040 139-56-050 139-56-055 139-56-060 139-56-070 139-56-080 139-56-090

Description GNT 1035 Match One Full Package GNT 1035 Match One 13.00 m

GNT 995 ACCESSORIES Sections GNT 10X * Top Kit 4 Light (AB/3/4) 3 GNT 10X * Top Kit 5 Light (AB/3/4/5) 4 GNT 10X * Top Kit 4 Power (AB/3/4) 3 GNT 10X * Top Kit 5 Power (AB/3/4/5) 4 GNT 10X * Cupping Kit 2 2 GNT 10X * Multi-Section 4 1 GNT 10X * Power Kit 2 2 GNT 10X * Safety Sections 6&7 2 GNT 10X * Mini Extension 13 1 GNT 10X * Mini Extension 6/7 1

engage the number 9 into number 7, just to handle a bombproof butt. The GNT 1035 has all sections interchangeable with those of the GNT 1015 (Carp One) and GNT 735 (Carp Plus).

Length 13.00 13.00 Length 4,20 5,83 4,20 5,83 -

Ø 43

C. Length 185

Wt -

Sections 8

POLE PACK • • • • • • • •

1X GNT 1035 Match One 13 m 3X Kit 5 Light (AB/3-4-5 = 5,83 m) 1X Safety Sections 6 & 7 1X Mini Extension for 13 m butt 1X Mini Extension for sections 6 & 7 1X Cupping Kit 3 sections (4,40 m) 1X Set of 2 XPS Pole Pots 1X Set of 4 EVA caps for sections nr. 3-4-5-6 • Protective tubes & GNT Holdall

FEATURES The Anti-Friction System is a particular process that during the production “prints” on the section a microscopic rough mat layer. This layer offers several improvements to the pole, such as easier shipping and unshipping, lighter section and improves the long-lasting.

2 | Trabucco Product Guide 2017

Nanolith is a special resin with a nanometric particles, who can easily insert themselves into carbon filaments and epoxy resin assuring this way an improvement of the mechanical characteristics. This to obtain an even more prompt action which results more stable and lighter pole.

Fusion is two high modulus carbons fused together as one whilst wrapped on the mandrel. The end result being ultra rigid top kits with no tip bounce, allowing the angler to hit lightening fast bites with ease.

The Teflon Joints consists in a Teflon coating resin applied onto the male joint. This coating prevent a longer lasting on the section and a perfect precision of the fittings. it also avoid the joints to get stuck when wet or dirty. This concept is applied both on the original sections of the poles and the spare kits.

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU  

Trabucco Fishing Catalog 2017 EU