June 2020

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AMIGO GAMES Playin’ Possum, from Amigo Games, is a party game in which 2-10 players try to guess what cards their opponents will play in a race to steal pieces of garbage without getting caught. In this game designed for kids ages 8 and up, players can steal, play it safe, or choose to accuse their friends and family members of being thieves. Bear Down! features a clever gameboard that uses the bottom of the box to create a 3D waterfall. Players slide water tiles into streams, causing tiles to fall over the waterfall — often taking bears and fish with them. The board changes on every turn, as players ages 6 and up race to be the bear that catches the most fish. Designed for players ages 7 and up, None of a Kind is a multiplayer brainteaser in which players race to build rows of cards that don’t match. Based on one of the most-cited psychology experiments, the Stroop Test, this game is designed to strengthen players’ brains. Polar Panic is a speedy, slap-the-match card game that comes in a portable tin. Everyone plays at once as players flip over cards and scan for matches. When a match appears, the players who slap first collect the cards. This game is designed for kids ages 6 and up. Magic Mountain is a cooperative, 3D game in which players ages 4 and up take turns rolling marbles down the tilted gameboard — every playing piece the marbles hit moves forward in a race to get the right pieces down the hill first.


HABA USA With HABA USA’s Little Friends Camper Vacation playset, the Little Friends figures can pack up their camper and head off on a trip. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the set includes an all-terrain vehicle with a momentum push-and-go motor and a rear bench seat, a camper and a detachable awning, two chairs, a Little Friends boy figure, and other accessories. The Drumfish is a multifunctional instrument. Kids can experiment with different rhythms on the drum or play with the fins. When they swing the fish back and forth, the colorful beads in the Drumfish’s belly will rattle. Designed for kids ages 2 and up, the Drumfish helps to foster kids’ musical understanding. Miyabi is a multilayered growing game in which players need careful planning and watchful eyes to tend to their Japanese gardens. By skillfully placing stones, bushes, trees, ponds, and pagodas, players ages 8 and up compete to become the best garden designer of the season.

CHANNEL CRAFT This year, Channel Craft will reintroduce its Triazzles puzzles with new and updated challenges. Puzzlers can remove the triangular pieces from the gameboard and mix them up, then replace all the pieces so that each picture matches. Interpretive text about each subject is included on the back. Triazzles are available in different themes, including Dynamic Dolphins, Poison Arrow, Frogs Tidepool, Treasures Vital, and Pollinators. The Triazzle Magnetic Travel Puzzles line includes nine magnetic pieces that are kept in a bi-fold booklet with interpretive text that puzzlers can take on the go. Triazzle Magnetic Travel Puzzles are available in themes such as Remarkable Reptiles, Woodland Wildlife, Rainbow Sea, and Beautiful Bugs.

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