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i plan to graduate in

201_! new student guidebook

Visit or call 956-UTB-4YOU.

Benefits to Graduating in Four Years I dare you! •

The sooner you finish school, the sooner you are on your way to using what you have worked so hard to learn and achieve.

Every extra year in school equals an extra year of tuition and fees.

The sooner you graduate, the sooner you can enter into a career in your field of study.

True Cost of Your Degree

12 hours per semester versus 15 hours per semester The longer you take to complete your degree, the more it will cost you.

You should also consider that you are extending other costs related to your education, such as cost of living, transportation, books, supplies and other related expenses.

By taking 15 hours a semester you can finish your degree in four years. Limiting yourself to 12 or less hours a semester will take you five or more years to complete your degree. “Graduating within four years is extremely beneficial. Every extra year spent in college is a loss of salary that you could be earning. There is also the possibility of accruing more debt. In my opinion, it is important to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. You never know what opportunities might pass you by.”

Note: Dollars are consistent; increase in tuition, room and board and earnings are not forecasted. Information obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid and Office of Career Services.

Lost income Books/Supplies/Transportation/Misc. Tuition and fees

– Lauren Berletch will graduate May 2013

higher education costs at

utb and TSC

$250,000 $200,000

Total: $159,911 Total: $115,489

$150,000 $100,000

Total: $71,140


$31,748 $69,792




graduated in 5 years

graduated in 6 years

Time to degree (graduation) 30 credits earned per year x 4 years (8 semesters)

Time to degree (graduation) 24 credits earned per year x 5 years (10 semesters)

Time to degree (graduation) 20 credits earned per year x 6 years (12 semesters)

Total of tuition, fees –$24,612

Total of tuition, fees –$25,581

Total of tuition, fees –$26,084

Books and supplies –$5,032

Books and supplies –$6,290

Books and supplies –$7,548

Transportation at ($1,886 PY) –$7,544

Transportation at ($1,886 per year) –$9,430

Transportation at ($1,886 per year) –$11,316

Personal and miscellaneous ($1,886 PY) –$7,544

Personal and miscellaneous ($1,886 per year) –$9,430

Personal and miscellaneous ($1,886 per year) –$11,316

Room and board (at home/on campus) –$26,408

Room and board (at home/on campus) –$33,010

Room and board (at home/on campus) –$39,612

graduated in 4 years


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College








4 years at UTB

5 years at UTB

6 years at UTB

loans and Scholarships

Flat-Rate Tuition

Students taking 15 or more semester credit hours pay a flat tuition rate. In other words, all hours taken over 15 SCH per semester are free.

The average loan for a UTB undergrad student is $5,981 per year, and $19,626 for graduates. The average UTB scholarship award is $819.54.

Tuition Discounting for Non-peak Hours

Campus Job Program

Students receive a 25 percent discount for taking classes at 7 a.m. and on weekends, and a 10 percent discount for classes from 1-4 p.m., which are historically non-peak hours.

When students work on campus, they are likely to take more hours per semester and graduate at an accelerated pace. Tuition revenue also funds the Student Employment Initiative (SEI), which offers students the opportunity to work on campus if they take 15 semester credit hours and maintain a 2.75 GPA.



Decide how you will organize your class notes. a) All-in-one versus separate folders or notebooks for each class b) Spiral notebooks versus loose leaf binders c) How to keep track of course assignments and due dates

Time Management

a) Weekly schedule • Time in transit • Time in class • Time running personal errands • Time studying • Time working • Time playing! b) Semester Schedule • Exam dates (plus when you need to study for those exams!) • Major projects due dates (and when you’ll do them) • Holidays, long weekends, spring break, etc.

Pay attention to ...

• Ways to combine tasks and/or errands • Especially heavy or light weeks • Tasks that require extra time and/or resources to complete • The extra things (need a new printer ribbon? Disks? Bluebooks?)

Classes and grades

Fore more tips and information, visit or call 956-882-8292. Visit the Student Success Center, located in the MRCN Annex.


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

• Attend every class • Decide what grade you want to earn in each class and find out what you have to do to earn it. • Monitor your progress. • Go to class prepared. –– Review notes before class. –– Read assignments. –– Take all your class things. –– Plan to take notes and/or record lectures in class.


Transitioning to College Life t with an ry important to mee ciding ve is it , an m sh fre n it comes to de “As an incoming will guide you whe . This will also r so vi ad e Th r. so ajor advi and declaring a m timely graduation.” ke ta to s se as cl t wha for a e on the right path ensure that you ar –Janeth Rico, g 2013, will graduate Sprin ajor, m gy lo Psycho oyee pl Em t Studen airs Aff t en for Stud

Jobs on Campus

Jay Salazar


R Janet h

ur college crucial during yo e and expect is t en em ag an “Time m ocrastinat r t simply just pr career. You can’ ighest grade possible. In orde n h io e at th rm h fo it w in h to excel d obtain as muc ganize your an d ee cc su to for one u must or llege years, yo grade possible.” during your co t to get the best lez, – Elijah Gonza time if you wan ical ed m io B d 3, Biological an ew Leader 01 2 ng ri Sp te will gradua , Student Life Cr Sciences major


“As tim a colle in c e man ge stu fun lass, m agem dent, the , and m ake s ent, ne I quic k Stu u den ost im re I al ver be ly lear t Li por way afra ned f t Crim – J e and S antly, s stud id to as how to ie m k t u ina ay S l Ju ala udent ade s d and quest se stic zar, had ion Uni ure s o to e m wil ajor l gra ns eve atten , Stu dua nts d .” den te in t Li fe C Spring rew 20 Mem 14, ber

Your Academic success plays a big role in determining your eligibility for a job on campus. Grades Matter! Eligibility for the Student Employment Initiative Program: • • • •

Elijah G onzalez

The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

Must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree for the first time Enrolled 15 credit hours or more, each fall and spring semesters Cumulative and Semester GPA of 2.75 or higher Meet SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) requirements (70 percent completion rate)

• •

A minimum of 12 credit hours completed in residence as a fulltime student at UTB and TSC A minimum of 30 credit hours completed for transfer students A maximum of 105 credit hours completed for first time applicants

For more information,visit or call 956-882-5627.


t n e d u s t S n o i t a z i n a Org

77. SRC n Club ng’em Sig Club ti S . u 8 7 N lpha nt Media 51. Mu A Gamma Rho 9. Stude 7 es a g e dent Nurs 2. Om ll Club y 5 a tu c S n tb e . in 0 rg a 8 e P ous on 27. Em ces 53. Omin Club Associati nicators ical Scien u d e m g M n m ti o c in f Club gue o 54. Pa Club 1. Swim a Epsilon lish Club 8 n ty g 1. A lea io n ie s E c s o u . S 8 b rc g 2 lu app untin 55. Pe preneur C Club 82. Tau K Walk 2. Acco inds 9. Entre Science Club ilosophy 2 h P ac M y . e e 6 p v 5 e ti e 83. T ch 3. Ac Club 0. Exercis i Chi 3 s rs P u us Outrea twork o p . h 7 m r 5 a e C b E lu M C 2 4. Aft 01 ed om Ne 31. FA of Class of 2 Society xas Freed 58. Pre M ding and Writing e ip T h s . 4 w 8 o ll 5. AND e a F ors Re nes n 32. ristian Athletes a Chi Hon 59. RAW tory therapy Club 85. Cyclo ering 6. Alph tudent Associatio h b C a lu ir C p s te e ath eS 60. R simo! Flu 86. The G u Xi 7. Aspir ct Club ra . Flautis b 3 ta 3 o R N 61. ch Clu uddies 87. Theta Out Loud 8. ACJA 34. Fren ver corpion B g ciety S o in S . k l 2 a in 6 c h M T ri S il s 88. Histo me O ounc 9. B a n C ty G t io ie n . c rp e Sentence 5 o o d 3 c S tu S in e SS 63. ociety Throw g ress S Scienc . s w 9 a a 8 L rg 10. BECH l Student o n G io 36. In Prog gua lorico 64. Scorp n MMA 90. Work 11. Bilin hip Association rupo Folk rde G io . rp 7 o 3 c S 65. Leaders n Club Ve 91. Yes! te Outdoors rkshop 38. Gree lub Scorpion Opera Wo by . O 6 V 6 A R C B 92. Yotta 12. tsman’s . Guitar r 9 o 3 p S b lu Ranger C 13. CAB erario 40. IEEE hitex Design Club Scorpion Do it . L 7 n 6 o fé w a K C rc 14. ion Tae . Intera rp 1 o 4 c S . Club 68 15. CCM n Tennis ISO io . ty rp 2 o 4 c S E a . G eg 69 ical Socie 16. CHAN ading Team Kappa Om Club ion Theatr . rp 3 o 4 c S e . rl 70 siology i Delta 17. Chee l AGENTS 44. Kine Sigma Ps a . ic ta 1 m e 7 e B h a C d b Club 18. ans 45. Lam ay Saints Sociology ysics ha Christi . lp 2 A 7 i h d C r. 19 of Ph 46. Latte Association . Society t UTB 3 wship rs 7 o la ll o e t F h n c e S ent ents a Stud ation to RN Engagem Stud nt Organiz Transition ry e d N 20. Civic V tu L S L . 7 4 74. SOU rners l Laborato 21. CKI nique Lea . Medica y net Club U 8 ri r 4 la fo C n o nolog 22. Clari ling and Guidance S Tech tional se n 75. STEM u o C a N . n A o 3 S 2 ti M ia c . G o 9 s IN 4 ent As 76. ST ociety Stud nication Council 1. Honors S cil n u o C u -882-511 t m 6 n e 5 m d 9 o C tu ll S s a . n c A 4 r 2 ctio 50. MS entlife o bat Produ b du/stud .e 25. Ding b lu t C u t r it A is gical ations, v 26. Ecolo t organiz n e d u t s ion on informat For more


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College



s liv ing

More Than a P

lace to Sleep Casa Bella is m ore than just a place to eat and place to grow an sleep: it is the id d make new frie eal nds as you prog year.. A short w ress from year alk from most cl to asses, it featur a safe environm es luxury amen ent, special stud iti es in ent-success pr only social even ograms and resi ts. dent-

Community Lif

e Enjoy custom pr ograms at Casa Bella, such as po nights and tour ol parties, mov naments. Many ie of the student se university com rvices provided e directly to yo at the ur living area, he reducing your st lping you succee ress. d while You will be mat ched with othe r students who Past students ha have similar inte ve met lifelong rests. friends in univer Many of the resi sity housing. dent assistants work with other them a deep un departments, gi derstanding of ving the university, and your studie which will bene s. fit you

Ame nit

Luxu ies »» La ry apar t »» P rge, full ment liv riva y i »» Fu te ba furnish ng t e h l l r »» W featur ooms d bedr oom a e s »» Ca sher an d comm d ble T drye on ki Learn More » V » t Hig chen r ho • Contact Reside s Sup h-spee okups ntial Life today e d r b I at 956-882-7191 n f application or an t a » e cilit » Sw rnet for rates, an y other questio ns. For more in visit »» M imming ies formation, using. ultip poo »» C omp urpose l r u »» C omm ter lab oom w » unit » La ith I • y Safe rge-scre rooms nternet , »» G secure en TVs f ated or vi envi e »» L ive-i parking ronmen wing m t »» Ca n sta ovie s an ff mpu » d pla s Po » Vid • ying l e i c o e E c p a x vide atro mer trem • o ga l a e s S l y h mes ort w affo • r d a a Nea l k b l r the to mo e rate st s Recr eatio classe s n, Ed ucat ion a nd K ines iolog y (R EK) Cent er


t n e d u St s e c i v r e s h t l hea

K E R • srec u p cam edu/ utb.

or s a walk-in a s u it is V r . s to bring you r alth Ser vice e e b H m ts e n m e e d 896. R s to Stu t 956-882-3 . have acces a d s e u ll g ro n n ti e c rmation by conta Students r more info ion pointment p fo a h n lt a a e le u th d n sche Depress u/stude • Visit utb.ed . ID t n e d Anxiety tu s

• eation sments Suicidal id nd asses es ic • v r e aluation a S v s e l p al a u ic ic kd g c e e lo M ch Psycho visits for • on Unlimited s n evaluati • h agencie Medicatio ts s li • ntal-healt ia id e c a e m t p r s e l Firs th a o ic d to e l • m otion Referra ition to outside • and prom s t and nutr Referrals ast exam education • on on die h re ti lt b a a lt lf e u e H s s n r o fo • les c Education l and coup • s Individua screening • s s events e n n o ll ti e W • h informa lt a e s H m gram exa • ement pro Physical • s ht manag e ig ic e W rv e s ons • interventi Laboratory • ram ent crisis d s tu re S u d ti e c n on prog • ide preve Minor pro ic u s s • u p Cam • ns testing TB testing vention • rug use d infectio te it m STI/HIV pre s n a nd illicit d tr • lly r) a a e xu m e s S f alcohol a o p a n o (P ti • s n e m Prev gical exa • dents, Gynecolo • ersity stu g n ti s te y ram: univ rvices g e ro S P nanc g n ial r $10 re re c P t) fo s So • s for Child vaccines inimal co s Vaccine n receive xa ca inations (m Te r, cc s e g ti Va n ti • • R), hepa ge or you g bella (MM years of a ru 8 ily plannin 1 d ). n m V a P Fa s p • is and H ervices les, mum , meningit hiatric S lio ch (meas c o a p e sy , P lla d e n ric ing a inors. les) tanus, va Counsel ded for m -sex coup A and B, te nseling , ent is nee and same s r n e o idual cou d c iv n l e d : Medicaid ta g In ts n • ntitlemen ng (mixed ritten pare e li e r W s fo n ilies l u a m o rr c Needy Fa Couples t and refe • tance for g sessmen is n s s li A s e A s n ry u o • ra Family c es housing, ps, Tempo • on servic services: Food Stam interventi concrete r is e s th ri o C rvices r fo • ritable se ervices Referrals te • g and cha in ultation s s th n o lo c C es is priva , ic • erly care alth Serv eling ld e s e H n t u n o e c d s demic Veteran orders ct with Stu • of your aca stress dis Your conta of • d not part fe n traumatic li a tl s n a the limits o ia ti P il n in e iv h d c • cords wit and confi re stment to r l ju u d o ra a e y r d a Postw ode of Fe S protects • (HIPPA, C . record. SH aily living s d w f o la s te n m o Proble formati ral and sta • 64). No in both fede 160 and 1 tionships s la rt e a R p nt. s e n s • tten con Regulatio ms t your wri ily proble u o m h it Fa w d • is release violence Domestic life • e g lle o c nt to Adjustme • s Stres •


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

72 2-59 8 8 956

hman 15 s e won’t be as Fr e h t at flight of stairs e a B ng bi im cl e e activities lik

regularly, simpl If you work out e sedentary. e ould if you wer more productiv tiring as they w cise are much er ex e at ho St w a d ni an or are active esiology at Calif that those who professor of Kin t an st si • “It is clear as o, A. Astorin at work.” - Todd arcos M an distraction.” University-S es as a positive rv se at th se on Exercise. respon erican Council es a relaxation Am uc e th od r pr fo e st is gi rc lo physio • “Exe , chief exercise amples of - Cedric Bryant ator are two ex ev el an of d ea g the stairs inst class and usin . • Walking to wellness habits ity at least 30 changing your e physical activ at er od m in e ak ults should part rts say that ad pe ex t os M k. • five days a wee the day. minutes a day/ -eating later in er ov of s ce an your ch kfast can lower • Eating brea or help prevent ercise can slow ex at th n ow sh has unger! • Research en keep you yo ev n ca d an es certain diseas

REK Center Hours Monday-Thursday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


time management Divide the circle below into “pie sections” to represent the percent of time you spend on a typical day (6 a.m. to midnight) on:

Work Class Studying Family Play



manage stress 1





























Maintain healthy habits

Limit caffeine and sugar

Improve personal habits

Learn relaxation techniques

With a partner, share your findings on the following questions.

Laugh some more

Exercise regularly

Make lists

Be kind to yourself

Practice breathing exercises

Set limits

Eat right

Take breaks

Talk out problems

Delegate tasks


1. What surprised you the most?

Get enough sleep

Pace yourself

Do things you enjoy


Think constructively

Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs

Manage your time

Remember what is important

Listen to relaxing music

Be realistic

2. What part would you like to change? 3. How do you plan to change it? List top five ways you could improve your time management:

Slow down


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

Plan alternatives

Review your priorities

Breathe some more





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The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College


2012-2013 Academic calendar.

We are Here to Help.

Fall Semester

academic Advising cEnter

Monday, Aug. 27_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________First day of class Monday, Sept. 3_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Labor Day Holiday Wednesday, Sept. 12____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Official Record Day

Camille Lightner Center 956-882-7362

Saturday-Friday, Dec. 8-14___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Finals Saturday, Dec. 15___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Commencement


Career Counseling/ Mentoring MRC North Annex 956-882-8292

Monday, Dec. 17_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________First day of class Monday, Dec. 17_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Official Record Day Monday-Tuesday, Dec. 24-25______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Holidays Monday, Dec. 31_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Last day of class Monday, Dec. 31_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Finals

spring Semester Monday, Jan. 14_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________First day of class Monday, Jan. 21_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________MLK Holiday Wednesday, Jan. 30______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Official Record Day Monday-Saturday, March 11-16___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Spring Break Friday, May 3__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Last day of class Saturday-Friday, May 4-10___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Finals Saturday, May 11___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Commencement

maymester Monday, May 13_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________First day of class

Student Union 956-882-5138

Student Health services

Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 22-24___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thanksgiving Holiday Friday, Dec. 7__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Last day of class

Student Life

Dean of Students

Student Services Center 956-882-5141


University Boulevard Library 956-882-8221

Cortez Hall 237 956-882-3896

Tutoring services

MRC North 109 956-882-8208

campus police

Campus Security Center Main line: 956-882-8232 Emergencies: 956-882-2222

Oliveira Library 956-882-7130

Disability Services Camille Lightner Center 956-882-7374

Tuesday, May 14____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Official Record Day Monday, May 27_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Memorial Day Holiday Friday, May 31________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Last day of class Friday, May 31________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Finals

Summer i Monday, June 3______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________First day of class Thursday, June 6___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Official Record Day Thursday, July 4____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Independence Day Holiday Monday, July 8_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Last day of class Tuesday, July 9______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Finals


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College


Closing. We take this opportunity to welcome you but to also challenge you to do what is needed to reach your goals. This New Student Guidebook is one of the ways in which we support your journey. This guidebook serves as a guide of expectations, resources and people that are all focused to help you make the most of your college experience. This will help you determine what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. Planning is key to your success in any college setting. We know that students who succeed have a plan – a plan to graduate, a plan to start a career, a plan to set and accomplish your life goals. The entire campus community wants you to succeed. One of our greatest resources is the people you will come in contact with. There are countless staff, faculty and administrators whose job is to educate, guide and help you graduate! The Division of Student Affairs Administrative team consists of:

Dr. Sylvia Leal, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Services Center, 956-882-5854

Dr. Mari Fuentes-Martin, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Student Services Center, 956-882-5140

Douglas Stoves, Director of Residential Life Casa Bella, 956-882-7196

Sergio Martinez, Director of Student Life Student Union 2.10, 956-882-7152

Dr. Beatriz Becerra-Barckholtz, Director of Student Success MRCN Annex-103, 956-882-8292

Art Olague, Director of REK Center REK Center 1.520G, 956-882-5969

Dr. Eugenia Curet, Director of Student Health Center Cortez 237, 956-882-7238

Azenett Cornejo, Director of Student Media Student Union 1.28, 956-882-5142

Todd Lowery, Director of Athletics Garza Gymnasium, 956-882-8912

STAY CONNECTED! Join our online conversation

Whatever help you need, please let us know. We challenge you to graduate in four years! WE DARE YOU! We’ll see you soon! Sincerely, Dr. Hilda Silva Vice President for Student Affairs


The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College






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Uni vers ity B ouleva rd

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44 AC




BUILDINGS 1) Fort Brown Memorial Center (FBMC) #65 2) The Arts Center (TACB) #97 3) Commandant’s Quarters (HSKP) ComQ #26 4) Champion Hall (CHAP) #2 5) Gorgas Hall (GORG) #1 6) Old Morgue (OLDM) #3 7) Commissary Building (ARTB) #4 8) Commissary Annex (ARTA) #45 9) Regiment House (REGH) #39 10) Oliveira Library (OLIB) #7 11) Tandy Hall (TAND) #6 12) Lightner Center (LSTC) #8 13) Music Building (MUSI) #16 14) Student Services Center (EDUC) #18 15) Campus Police Building (CAPB) #93 16) Eidman Hall (EIDM) #10 17) Garza Gymnasium (GYMN) #5 18) Gymnasium Annex (GYMA) #38 19) Mary Rose Cardenas Hall South (MRCS) #37S 20) Mary Rose Cardenas Hall North (MRCN) #37N 21) Guerra Early Childhood Center (GCCD) #25 22) Biology Lab-M2 (VOTS) #12 23) Biology Lab-M1 (VOTS) #12 24) Cortez Hall (CRTZ) #14 25) Rusteberg Hall (RUST) #11 26) Smith Amphitheater (AMPH) #33 27) Bookstore (BKST) #81 28) Cavalry Hall (CAVL) #30

29) 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52)

Science, Engineering and Technology Building-M0 #41 Science, Engineering and Technology Building Lecture Hall #41 Science, Engineering and Technology Building (SETB) #41 Regional Academic Health Center (RAHC) #101 Life and Health Sciences Building (LHSB) #61 Student Union (SUNI) #62 LHS Biology Wing #61 Old Cotton Compress #102 Biomedical Research and Health Professions Building #99 Education and Business Complex (EDBC) #63 University Boulevard Library Building (UBLB) #95 University Boulevard Classroom Building (UBCB) #96 Recreation, Education and Kinesiology Center (REK) #92 Scorpion Field #103 Fort Brown Memorial Golf Course Clubhouse #104 Physical Plant and Central Receiving (RVS1) #43 Environmental Health and Safety (RVS2) #13 REK Center Field #105 Observatory #106 Records Management #36 Center for Early Childhood Studies #98 The Village at Fort Brown #64 The Art League #107 The Neil House #108

PARKING LOTS A) General AA) Village/General AB) General/Staff/Faculty AC) Staff AD) General AE) General AG) General AH) General AJ) General B) General D) Staff E) Staff F) Staff G) Faculty H) Faculty I) Faculty J) Faculty L) Bookstore with 30-minute meters M) Maintenance and Security parking

Faculty General General General General General General General General Student and Faculty Student Student General General Faculty General Handicapped Parking Visitor Parking

In an ongoing effort to promote a healthful academic setting for our community, The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College adopted a Tobacco-free Campus policy effective September 1, 2010. The policy is in compliance with The University of Texas System Board of Regents Resolution Regarding Tobacco-related Health Concerns of June 6, 1991. The moral enforcement of this policy ensures a more healthful environment for our students, faculty and staff members, and visitors.

The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College

Division of Student Affairs

80 Fort Brown • Student Services Center • Brownsville, Texas 78520 956-882-5134 • The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award certificate,

associate’s, baccalaureate, master’s and doctorate degrees.

N) O) P) Q) R) R1) S) T) T1) U) V) W) X) X1) Y) Z)

Student Guide Book  

Student Guide Book