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Master Bath

5117 Verona Road | Madison, WI 53711 | 608-204-7575 | Actual Dream House Project | Photography by RPG

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Keven Schmidt Director of Design

Jerry Schmidt Dream Team Sales


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Photograph by Schönheit Gardens

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Sculpture In Your Outdoor Design

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making sculpture part of your landscape

Bringing the Beauty Inside



fresh flowers from a garden lift spirits and make us smile

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Photograph by James McCarthy

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Convenient, Current, and Clean Throughout the House


promote comfort, relaxation, and gratification with your flooring

Granite vs. Quartz what you need to know


Helping People Stay in Their Homes locally grown nonprofit—Project Home


Lake Mendota Classic Reborn (Before a Birth!) a kitchen that accommodated a busy lifestyle on the run


Photograph provided by Project Home

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Sustainable Moving


lessen your stress while packing up to move

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from the editor Welcome back! In this issue we provide suggestions for inside and outside your home, sustainable moving, and we meet an organization that helps people stay in their homes. Dream House Dream Kitchens takes you through an expanding family’s essential home renovation. Coyle Carpet talks flooring, even taking it to your walls and ceilings! Trying to decide between granite and quartz? Luxi Stone provides you a very helpful analysis of the two. Last issue, we talked about how to incorporate sculpture into your home. This time we move to the outdoors. Whether pieces are small or large, few or plentiful, a creative display in your yard can be a reflection of your personal style as much as anything you do indoors. Are you or someone you know about to move? If so, you can make the process much less stressful by getting a good plan in place. Madison Green Box provides many helpful tips, and they also provide you a noncardboard option to make any move more environmentally conscientious. The growing season is not yet over, and the time continues to be good for bringing the beauty you’ve created outside to the inside. Schönheit Gardens provides you the steps to help those floral cuttings last, and some thoughts on how to plan your future garden with the intent to cut and enjoy in multiple areas. Finally, Project Home tells you about their good work: helping people stay in their homes, providing needed home repairs and renovations, and evaluating residential energy efficiency. They also tell you about Project Home Optimus, which provides them the opportunity to be hired to do work by anyone in our community. We hope you enjoy the ideas and work shared by all our contributors as much as we did. This is one thing we love about our publication—the knowledge and talent that is accessible in our area.

Amy Johnson

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Kitchen island remodel

Lake Mendota Classic Reborn

(Before a Birth!) by Jerry Schmidt

Shorewood Hills, nestled within the far west side of Madison, is one of the most interesting places to view classic examples of English Tudor architecture in the Greater Madison area. One needs only to drive along the main Shorewood Village roads a short distance to experience the full scope of this mid-1920s architecture, which encompasses everything from the charming cottage style to the palatial Tudor. This family of four was soon to be a family of five. Although they loved the classic style of their home, the owners realized that they needed a more open, practical floor plan with 6 Additional photos at

more storage space, more functionality for parenting active kids, and a kitchen that accommodated their busy lifestyle with hungry kids on the run. This is when they reached out to Jenna and myself at Dream House Dream Kitchens. Often homes from this period have undergone several partial redecorating or remodeling projects as successive owners take on a piece at a time as their budget or timeframe allows. The home becomes very hodgepodgy with an unfinished flow from room to room. This home had not had a proper rehab in quite some time so weekly

Photograph by James McCarthy


Photograph by James McCarthy


Photograph provided by Homeowner

Photograph provided by Homeowner

Previous cupboards and counters

Super white granite before instalation

6 burner kitchen range cooktop


Plans provided by Dream House Dream Kitchens

Plans for the remodel

Wednesday morning walk throughs with the homeowner were incorporated so the homeowner could see structural items encountered during demo and be presented with how to best handle the situations.

One of our main goals with customers is to be realistic about demo-to-completion timelines, and to accomplish goals while keeping the disruption to family routines to the bare minimum. It was even more important in this case because of the upcoming birth. It was a deadline that could not be

Previous wood stove living area backs up to storage space

Before 8 Additional photos at

Photograph provided by Homeowner

This family realized that timing was crucial given their impending family expansion, and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to make the entire house feel more cohesive in style and less like a mixed bag of separate decorating projects. It was sort of now or never to accomplish their dream home.

postponed. The family moved out and stayed with relatives for the duration of the project and had a new and improved haven to move back into after just 14 weeks. The house as a whole gave the impression of being disconnected and lacked open flow from one area to the next. Openings and doorways were widened throughout to create a more contemporary style and spacious feel. Existing wood floors on both levels were refinished, and more current paint colors were used in all rooms throughout the house. Old windows were replaced with newer, more energy efficient ones, and some were added as the new floor plan offered ways to bring in more natural light and open up views of the surrounding yard. This is important when you’re a busy parent trying to keep track of active kids. The center of most young family homes is definitely the kitchen. Although updates were made to the entire house, the kitchen was really the inspiration and starting point for

the project. The addition of a transitional double-sided fireplace to replace the existing woodburning stove in the adjoining family room would allow a real flow of activity between kitchen and living area, as well as allowing parents busy in the kitchen to remain connected to what’s going on in the next room. Not to mention more efficient heating for the entire large living space. The existing bookcases and built-in desk on the kitchen side of the chimney had simply turned into a cluttered dumping ground for mail, kid’s stuff, and other soon-to-be-forgotten items. The existing brick fireplace was taken out all the way to the floor, and a new connecting fireplace was built. The kitchen island was a good idea, but could be improved on. Moving it back from the sink wall by several feet created a more comfortable traffic area. Removing the island side cabinets and making the entire island larger would increase work space and functionality.


Photograph by James McCarthy

Kitchen island with granite


Farmhouse kitchen sink

In addition, the range location and the existing sink location were swapped. A new, larger farmhouse sink was installed in the island, while the new range took its place in front of the window. Now the island could be made much larger and be converted to a dining space instead of just a workstation. Pulling the overall color scheme together throughout the kitchen made the entire space feel larger and more cohesive. New granite countertops in super white gold tie in with the details of new cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures, which really became stylistic focal points instead of just sources of light. New tile in classic subway white ties in with the new appliance colors to extend the cohesive feel to every detail. Moving the new BlueStar range to a spot in front of the window made a huge difference for the cook, who now feels connected to the outdoors while cooking instead of confined to the kitchen. Every Wisconsin family needs a good mudroom. This house had one adjacent to the kitchen, but it was very cramped 10 Additional photos at

Photograph by James McCarthy


and not being used to its fullest potential. The new doubledoor entry means the mudroom can now be closed off from view when it’s a mess, or left open to provide easy access from both sides. Stacking the washer and dryer left new space for more-efficient storage and laundry work space. The overall effect is a lighter, brighter, more open space that you want to spend time in, and which can accommodate more people in a comfortable, yet functional atmosphere. People really do gravitate to the kitchen in any home, and this remodel will make this family’s dream kitchen a more flexible and welcoming center for their living space for years to come.

Previous kitchen cupboards and cooktop in island


Jerry Schmidt is the Dream Team Sales Director and Jenna Mattison is a Designer at Dream House Kitchens.

Photograph provided by Homeowner

View additional photographs at Dream House Dream Kitchens 5117 Verona Road Madison, WI 53711 608.204.7575

Photograph by James McCarthy


Full kitchen view



Sculpture in Your Outdoor Design by Theresa Abel 12 Additional photos at

Photograph by Amy Johnson

Two years ago, my husband and I purchased a home in Madison. We moved from the country, where we had a sprawling yard containing a variety of trees, slopes, and natural pathways. We traded this inherently interesting landscape for a large, flat square of land. As we slowly began the task of planning and planting, it was the outdoor art that immediately gave life to the new space. This got me thinking about outdoor sculpture in a more personal way than ever before. From the windows of my home, I watch the changing seasons—spring brings blossoming trees and flowers growing up around the sculpture, making it part of the landscape. In winter, the sculptures are framed white, like a white-walled gallery highlighting the art. Outdoor sculpture is a wonderful addition to your home, whether from the perspective of an avid gardener or an art collector. Sculpture in our yards is enjoyed when we are outdoors, but when positioned properly, we can also view

Photograph by Peter Flanary

Standing Stone – Peter Flanary


Photograph by Theresa Abel

Like art displayed inside, it’s good to feature work of varying scale. Larger pieces can be seen best from a distance so outdoors is the perfect place for sculpture you love but don’t have room for inside.

outdoor-safe materials add variety to the landscape. Working with a professional artist to create functional work for the outdoors is another way to enhance a garden. Garden fences, gates, benches, and handmade ceramic pots will serve an aesthetic, as well as practical, function. Some sculpture will work directly in the garden or on grass while others will be enhanced by planting low-growing succulents around the base or surrounding the piece with crushed stone.

Well-placed sculpture can become the focal point of a garden. Stone, metal, glass, timbers, and other durable,

Many sculptors familiar with creating for the outdoors are well versed in making successful commissioned work

it from inside. Contemplate where you spend time inside and how a window can become a frame for outdoor work. Also consider lighting pivotal pieces so they can be enjoyed after sundown.

14 Additional photos at

Photograph by Theresa Abel

as well. I spoke recently with local sculptor Peter Flanary, whose home and studio are just outside of Mineral Point, where he has created innumerable sculptures for private and public spaces. When embarking on a commission for a private residence, Peter will visit the location, letting the context inform the work. He likes to respond to the location and the client, creating a work of art that has a specific engagement with the place. Peter gave me great advice, including one practice that could apply to other artists as well. If you respond to an artist’s work but don’t see the right thing for you or

your home, ask if they make commissions—many sculptors do. Request to see a portfolio of previously made works. If you respond positively to something the artist has made in the past, they may be willing to modify the design to make it work for you. If the sculpture to be created is very large in scale, Peter has made full-scale templates to bring to the location for the client to see what impact it will have on the landscape and home. Artists like Peter have experience working with landscape design and will often be able to give good advice about the proper scale of artwork appropriate for specific locations.


Peter has made fences and doors, as well as sculpture that attaches to the side of a home. He gave me examples of when a sculpture he created for someone’s property helped to solve spatial problem, defining space through use of art within the landscape. Sculpture can be designed and used to create privacy instead of a traditional wall or fence. He usually installs the work for the client, considering special considerations, such as safety and security. Proper foundations and footings will ensure that work is not stolen and will be safe from falling over in a storm. It’s a pleasure to visit a home where outdoor areas are as thoughtful as the interiors. Begin thinking of your yard as if it were another room or, if large enough, multiple rooms. Landscape decisions, outdoor furniture, and sculpture help define those areas. The yard and garden can become extensions of the home; the aesthetic decisions that you make inside spill into the exterior.

Theresa Abel is an artist and owner/director of the Abel Contemporary Gallery, a fine art and fine craft gallery in Paoli. She studied painting at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici, Florence Italy, receiving her BFA in 1991. Theresa works in oils and recently has been creating a body of work incorporating silver point drawing. View additional photographs at Abel Contemporary Gallery 6858 Paoli Road Paoli, WI 53508 608.845.6600 Peter Flanary Sculpture Mineral Point, WI 608.987.4601

Photograph by Theresa Abel

As I look out over my relatively new backyard, I look forward to a day when the plantings mature, furniture is added, and new sculpture is acquired. Just as plants change from month to month, art will acquire new qualities dependent

on the time of day and season, becoming inseparable from the landscape.

16 Additional photos at



Convenient, Current, and Clean Throughout the House

by Michelle Niemeyer and Crystal Welsh

There is a sense of symmetry in this large kitchen with the same wood on the floor and the ceiling.


Incorporating unique area rugs creates focal points, and keeps your color scheme radiating throughout a room.

Hard surface flooring has come a long way from being a kitchen- and bathroom-only flooring option. Homeowners and designers have learned that continuing the use of hard surface flooring throughout a home’s main living space provides the same level of easy utility, not to mention style, in every room of the house. Floor plans that create a visual and physical flow between spaces are more popular now. Extending the same type of

flooring material into adjoining rooms achieves a cohesive look and feel, and the floor can also echo tones and textures used in other finishes of the home, such as crown molding, ceiling beams, and window casements. Incorporating unique area rugs into key comfort spots provides warmth, creates focal points, and keeps your color scheme radiating throughout a room. Area rugs are easy to clean and allow for greater decorating


Multiwidth hickory floors create a rustic and casual design statement.

flexibility. A rug can easily be moved within a space to accent furniture placement or help to create smaller, more intimate seating spaces. Another reason families choose to switch to hard surface flooring throughout the house is to eliminate allergens and dust mites, which are a major cause of chronic allergy symptoms.

20 Additional photos at

There is an overall design trend towards a more livedin look. Weathered, rustic, and shabby chic are popular. Hard surface flooring with a worn and imperfect look fits in perfectly with this design trend. With an increase in basement remodeling, the use of hard surface flooring is becoming more prevalent. Homeowners

are looking to live in their space, with maintenance being low priority. Spills or accidents are much easier to clean up or repair compared to wall-to-wall carpet. Another interesting design trend involves using flooring on ceilings and as accent walls. This trend helps to unify a space or create interesting accents in recessed areas. Along


with using paint, the use of wood, tile, and stone are a few of the more popular textures you’ll see in new homes and remodels. These textures add warmth, rustic charm, and a cozy feel to any area. Find an accent feature in your space and use that as your medium for the wall or ceiling. For instance, if you have an area rug with a heavy texture or pattern, pull that pattern, texture, or color into the product you use for the accent wall or ceiling.

Quartersawn oak on the main floor of this home with coordinating oak beams on the kitchen ceiling creates a visual distinction between open spaces.

22 Additional photos at

Backsplashes and bath areas are seeing large-format tiles in straight-line patterns, like chevron, herringbone, and hexagons. Homeowners are designing small areas, such as powder baths, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, with bold textures and patterns. Graphic floor tile, such as the black-and-white cement tiles as well as full tile walls, create a dramatic look. There are many colors, textures, and materials available in hard surface flooring. The possibilities seem endless.

Bold graphic tile is used to create a unique and personal statement.

At the end of the day, the tried-and-true design trend centers on one thing: personalization. Creating a space that speaks to you and reflects who you are with small, unique features promotes comfort, relaxation, and gratification.

Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home 250 W. Beltline Highway Madison, WI 53713 608.257.0291

Michelle Niemeyer is the Marketing Director and Crystal Welsh is an Interior Designer at Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home. Photographs provided by Coyle Carpet One Floor & Home. View additional photographs at


24 Additional photos at



26 Additional photos at

Bringing the Beauty Inside Cut Flowers from Your Garden by Erin Clark

Fresh flowers lift our spirits and make us smile. They’re wonderful gifts and instant mood boosters in our homes. While there are fantastic local shops to buy beautiful bouquets, gardeners are lucky to have choices to make their own in a snap! The Best Time of Day Harvest early morning when plants haven’t yet begun to lose water from the day’s transpiration. You’ll be out when the world is just waking up and the birds are singing.

Schönheit Gardens stocks their greenhouse with a large variety of unique annuals and perennials that would make great additions to your cut-flower garden!

Inspiration garden: allium, dahlias, and roses.


Use hosta leaves and grasses for easy greenery.

Short on space? Container gardening can provide wonderful cut flower, too!

How to Harvest Grab a sharp knife or pruners. A clean cut is better for both the remaining plant and the cut stem. Be sure to make an angled cut above a set of leaves that will produce another shoot. That way, you’ll have plenty of flowers for the future as well. Remove the lower leaves on the cut stem so they don’t rot in the vase, then place in a bucket of warm or cool water—not hot! DIY Flower Food Once you’ve harvested your flowers, it’s best to bring them inside or into a shady area to arrange. The cooler they remain, the longer they’ll last. They’ll also last longer if you use a preservative composed of an acidifier, a food source and an antibacterial. You probably have everything you need in your pantry—lemon juice is a great acidifier, a little sugar is a perfect food source, and bleach will keep

28 Additional photos at

Inspiration garden: purple coneflowers and hydrangeas.

the bacteria at bay. For one quart of warm vase water, add 2 T lemon juice, 1 T sugar, and 1 T bleach. Mix to dissolve the sugar. It’s best to arrange the flowers right after harvest, so if they’ve been sitting out of water, trim the stems up by an inch. Making Your Flowers Last While flowers like to be placed in a cool location away from direct sunlight and drafts, place them where you will

enjoy them. They may not last as long in direct sunlight, but maybe that’s where they belong to brighten your day. Traveling with Cut Flowers Giving flowers from my garden is one of my favorite gifts to give. For safe travelling, arrange the bouquet then wrap the cut ends in a wet paper towel and cover with a plastic bag. Use a twist tie or rubber band to secure. Remember, flowers appreciate a fresh cut before being placed in their vase.


Best Flowers for Cutting PERENNIALS: peony, iris, allium, hosta leaves, amsonia, pearly everlasting, lilies, yarrow, coneflowers, black-eyed susan, salvia, delphinium, veronica, scabiosa, lily-of-thevalley, euphorbias, coral bells, baby’s breath, grape hyacinth, hyacinth, globe thistle, helenium, daffodils, northern sea oats, sedum

Schönheit Gardens offers unique annuals and perennials to add to your cut-flower garden!

WOODY PLANTS: lilac, hydrangea, dogwood stems, willow stems, forsythia, witch hazel ANNUALS: zinnias, gomphrena, snapdragons, sunflowers, purpletop verbena, dianthus, celosia, drumstick plant, lisianthus, dusty miller, dahlia, bells of Ireland, love lies bleeding, bachelor’s button, papyrus We hope to see you out at our nursery to discover beautiful plants to add to your cutting garden! Erin Clark is the Buyer & Assistant Nursery Manager at Schönheit Gardens. Photographs by Schönheit Gardens. View additional photographs at Schönheit Gardens 3008 County Road T Sun Prairie, WI 53590 608.441.9832 30 Additional photos at

Tulips and daffodils are essentials for bringing springtime joy inside.

Tools furniture: the nuts and bolts



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– Donate Used Furniture

Help Habitat for Humanity provide affordable housing in Dane County. Upholstered and wood furniture accepted. Drop off or schedule a pickup online. 4207 Monona Drive and 5906 Odana Road, Madison, WI Donations: 608.663.1191




vs. Quartz

What You Need to Know

by Ava Sommerhauser

When selecting new countertop surfaces, it’s important to keep functionality, budget, and style in balance. The two most popular countertop surfaces homeowners want to know more about are granite and quartz. People are usually pleasantly surprised by how affordable granite countertops can be—$30 per square foot (including installation) is a good starting point for budgeting purposes. Quartz countertops will always be slightly more expensive than granite, but as more companies are entering the quartz countertop industry and competition increases, prices are reacting accordingly. Here are some basics you’ll want to know.

32 Additional photos at



Granite: Natural stone. Each piece is unique. From Brazil, Spain, and India, just to name a few. Hard, dense stone comprised of feldspar and quartz. Lower in price than alternatives.

Granite: Heat resistant to 1,300 degrees. Retains cool temperatures. Quartz: Does not absorb liquids or food particles. Scratch and stain resistant.

Quartz: Manmade material, nonporous. Comprised of crushed quartz, resin, composite material, and dye. Uniform in color and pattern.


Photograph by Shanna Wolf at S. Photography and Styling

New Yahara River White granite kitchen installation for Urso Brothers Custom Home Builders

BENEFITS Granite: Chefs and home cooks love to place dishes directly from the oven onto granite. Bakers love that butter stays cold on granite. Quartz: Easier maintenance. More solid. Uniform color fits certain design schemes better. MAINTENANCE Granite: Regular sealing is recommended. Not expensive or time consuming to protect surface. Products available at home improvement stores or online. Quartz: Does not require sealing. SCRATCHING Granite: Lighter colors with sandy appearance scratch more easily. Dark stones with high concentration of mica scratch more easily too.

Photograph by Luxi Stone

Quartz: Higher concentrations of crushed quartz equals less scratching. Choose neutral patterned quartz to disguise minor scratches.

34 Additional photos at

Caledonia granite kitchen installation for Urso Brothers Custom Home Builders

Photograph by Luxi Stone

Slab of Alamo granite available for viewing at Luxi Stone

Photograph by Luxi Stone

STAINING Granite: More likely to stain. Oily substances cause staining. Organic substances, such as wine, coffee, and berries, also cause staining. Quartz: Less likely to stain, but it does occur. How to treat stains on both surfaces: • Commercial stain removers or home remedies both work. • Blot, do not wipe, stain. Wiping causes stain to spread. • Flush stained area with water and mild detergent. • Let dry thoroughly then use stain remover. • Oil-based stains—detergent, mineral spirits, or acetone. • Organic stains—poultice of vinegar and baking soda, or lime juice and baking soda. • Ink stains—acetone.

Colonial Cream granite kitchen installation with multiple seams


Photograph by Luxi Stone

Giallo Verona granite kitchen installation

Lifestyles tend to revolve around kitchen counters, and bathroom countertops need to function efficiently in our busy lifestyles. There are many unique and beautiful granite and quartz options today. Gone are the days of ugly, synthetic countertops. Bring nature’s stone into your home and enjoy the aesthetics and practical benefits for years to come. Ava Sommerhauser is a project consultant with Luxi Stone.

Luxi Stone 2223 Industrial Drive Madison, WI 53713 608.223.9882

Photograph by Luxi Stone

View additional photographs at

Slab of Siena Beige granite available for viewing at Luxi Stone

36 Additional photos at

Organic Bedding and Mattresses

home and baby A better way to live, naturally. • • 608-251-4905 • M-F 10-6, Sat. 10-5 6333 University Ave., Middleton, WI 53562



Helping People

Stay in Their HOMES by Jason Hafeman

While driving to work, a place for lunch, or the store, you’ve probably seen us. Our staff and trucks are out nearly every day working on people’s homes. For 45 years, our official mission has been to improve the quality and affordability of housing for area low-to-moderate-income residents in Dane and Green County. The relatable goal of this mission is to prevent homelessness by helping struggling community members to stay in their homes. We are Project Home. Our private, locally grown nonprofit is a collection of privately and government-funded programs that assist those most in need in our community—people who are struggling just to have the basics in life. Whether they are senior citizens on a fixed income, families working jobs available to provide for their children, or people with disabilities or significant

38 Additional photos at

Project Home worker sawing

Infrared camera scan

health issues, they’re all members of our community and deserve a safe and healthy place to live. With that belief, Project Home’s work focuses on making health- and safetyrelated home repairs, accessibility modifications, and energy-efficiency improvements to make people’s homes work for them again and help them stay where they’re comfortable.

Furnace check

Project Home has been a leader in residential energy efficiency for more than 40 years. Our training and expertise derives from facilitating the low-income Weatherization Program for Dane and Green County residents since 1976. The experience of weatherizing more than 20,000 homes of all ages, sizes, and methods of construction and the fact that all of our staff have been with us between 8 and 30


Before New siding and windows

years allow us to say with confidence, “There is nothing about making a home more energy efficient we haven’t seen.” Home repairs and accessibility modifications are also a significant part of Project Home’s work. We operate various programs that deal with everything from maintenance and smaller repair items to major rehab efforts. Repairs or replacement of windows, doors, siding, plumbing, and electrical are all crucial projects supported by home repair programs. On the accessibility modifications front, we build ramps, install new flooring, create accessible showers, widen doorways, and install grab bars. One great thing about being a private nonprofit is if we identify a need and we have the ability to do something about it, we can act relatively quickly. With the luxury of incredibly skilled trades workers, a motivated developmental staff, and a supportive community, three new initiatives were created at Project Home. The first is not a program, but a social enterprise connected to our nonprofit. Project Home Optimus is an opportunity for anyone in the community to hire us as a contractor to work on their home. From installing windows, doors, water heaters, and siding to testing and performing cost-effective

40 Additional photos at


Project Home crew

work to improve the energy efficiency of a home to building decks, porches, and ramps, Project Home is now an option for any homeowner through our Optimus division. The bonus is that all of the proceeds from our Optimus jobs go to support our nonprofit. Another new project allows us to expand our water conservation efforts. The Home Water Conservation Program was established with funding and a partnership with Madison Water Utility. Through this program, Project Home is installing high-efficiency toilets and fixing plumbing leaks for low-to-moderate-income residents to reduce their water waste and lower their utility bills.


Roof-cap check

Attic preparation

A third initiative is specifically for military veterans. Serving Those Who Served is a culmination of utilizing all of the home repairs and improvements we do at Project Home to assist local veteran homeowners. Many service men and women are aging in their homes or struggling with a variety of issues, and this program is our way to give back to those who have given so much to us. Although the scope and size of our work has evolved over four-plus decades, our commitment to community has been at the heart of everything—every project; every improvement; and every reinvestment in area homes, neighborhoods, towns, villages, cities, and people. It is our belief that a safe home is the foundation to a healthy and happy life; this will continue to drive our staff, board, and volunteers to do our part to serve the community.

42 Additional photos at

Jason Hafeman is the outreach manager at Project Home. He also coordinates private fundraising and all of Project Home’s volunteer efforts, including Hammer with a Heart and Paint-a-thon. Photographs provided by Project Home. View additional photographs at Project Home 3841 Kipp Street Madison, WI 53718 608.246.3737



3029 & 3420 university ave. madison 608.233.4488

Helping Injured and Orphaned Wildlife Get Back Home! If you find a wild animal you believe is in need of assistance, please contact Dane County Humane Society’s Wildlife Center at (608) 287-3235 before intervening. Knowledgeable sta and trained volunteers are happy to talk you through the next steps to determine when help is truly needed.

(608) 287-3235 HOME ELEMENTS & CONCEPTS 43


Sustainable Moving

Reduce, Repurpose, and Reuse by Lori Carlson

A move can be stressful. The following ideas will not only lessen the stress on you, but also the environment. Plan Ahead Plan ahead so you won’t have to send things to the landfill. Start purging unwanted or unneeded items weeks, if not months, prior to your move. What can you live without? What’s no longer serving you?

44 Additional photos at

Take measurements of the rooms at your new place to avoid moving furniture that simply won’t fit—don’t waste time, effort, and resources. Time is money when it comes to moving, especially when you’ve hired professional movers.

Photograph provided by Madison Green Box

Sell or Donate Garage sales, Facebook, and Craigslist are great options for selling items. You may also be able to sell or donate items to your family and friends. There are many local nonprofits, such as St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Habitat ReStore, who will gladly accept gently used donations. Some of these organizations even offer free pick-up service.


Reduce Kitchen Items People don’t often think of paring down food, beverage, and other kitchen items ahead of time. What have you stockpiled? Who wants to move a case of soda or a dozen rolls of paper towels? Start working through your supply. Get creative with those ingredients you mindlessly moved from your last residence. Use up the heavy packages of sugar and flour by baking for your family and friends. Proper Disposal Contact the organization in your community to assist in properly disposing of hazardous waste, such as paint and pesticide, and excess cardboard. Many people don’t realize that wet cardboard usually can’t be recycled, so you can’t just set it by your curb; you need to protect it from the elements and make sure it is completely contained within your recycling cart. When possible, try to donate your boxes because reuse is always better than recycling. You may want to post the boxes on Facebook or Craigslist.

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Photographs provided by Madison Green Box

Moving Supplies Smart choices can be made when it comes to moving supplies. Typically, a cardboard box is not even used twice before being disposed of. There are box rental companies throughout the United States that will deliver ready-to-use plastic boxes and pick up the empties at your new place. This is a convenient service and product, and also sustainable in the sense that the boxes are extremely durable, resulting in indefinite reuse. Recycled packing paper is a nice clean product that is an excellent sustainable option. There are also biodegradable packing peanuts made of natural, nontoxic sources, such as wheat and corn starch. They dissolve in water and can be thrown into compost piles. In addition, biodegradable foam peanuts do not have an electrostatic charge, meaning they will not stick to clothes. Repurpose Repurposing household items will help reduce the amount of moving supplies you need to obtain. Reduce the number of boxes needed by packing in other containers, such as clothes baskets, hampers, and suitcases. Make use of what you have for extra padding, such as pillows, blankets, and towels. Keep in mind that professional movers will not handle open containers, so you’ll need to transport these yourself.


Moving Day Be prepared for moving day. Ensure everything is packed and ready to go before movers arrive. You don’t want to pay them to wait around. Additionally, they’ll be able to efficiently load the truck if there is some uniformity to your boxes rather than too many odd shapes. Business Moves The focus of this article has been on residential moving, but some of these products and ideas can be incorporated into business moves as well. C. Coakley Relocation is an example of a moving company that specializes in residential and business moves. A sustainable option they provide is the use of porta-racks, large wood racks similar to library carts. Items can be placed on these racks instead of having

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to load them into multiple boxes. The racks are virtually indestructible, resulting in indefinite use. Think of your move as not just providing a new place and a fresh start, but also an opportunity to make environmentally friendly choices you can share with friends, family, and your new neighbors. Lori Carlson is co-owner of Madison Green Box, your moving alternative to cardboard boxes. Madison Green Box Madison, WI 608.209.0174


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