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iTracer offers state-of-the-art technology that leverages satellite, GPS, mobile networks, and radar to precisely determine the location of objects or individuals anywhere in the world. With over 30 years of experience, iTracer has remained at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently delivering tailored solutions to our valued customers.


Our user-friendly software empowers users to track people or assets individually, in groups, or at a corporate level. The intuitive dashboard provides real-time tracking across various modes of transportation, including road, rail, sea, and air. Users can also access additional features such as weather updates, traffic information, and geofencing options.


Our systems operate seamlessly via mobile and satellite connections, ensuring uninterrupted coverage. In terms of hardware, we offer a range of solutions, from hardwired heavy-duty systems capable of recording comprehensive vehicle data for in-depth analytics to discreet magnetic long-life (5 years) battery options and of course app based solutions!

iTracer Control Room is monitored 24/7 so alerts will be sent to you should anything occur that requires your attention.



iTracer’s sophistication provides the ability to track vessels and freight at sea. This providing the reassurance you need. Operated by satellite tracking, coverage is guaranteed.

iTracer can provide individual and group view with ability to recognise unusual behaviour and highlight options for increasing performance.

The database records other traffic, deviation from shipping lanes and planned routes, currents and weather. The system will use all this to provide a score for ‘optimum fuel consumption’ and detail historic journeys along with details of crew and routes.



iTracer offers a versatile solution that addresses a multitude of vehicle-related challenges. Whether it's ensuring the safety of your child as they journey home or optimizing the efficiency of your entire workforce, iTracer has you covered. Notably, our 24/7 monitoring ensures constant vigilance over your most valuable assets, even when you're not actively watching.

Our range of iTracer solutions spans from robust, hardwired heavy-duty products that meticulously record every aspect of a vehicle's behavior to discreet, long-lasting batteryoperated magnetic trackers. With the convenience of app activation, no additional hardware is necessary.

The precision provided by our vehicle solutions is unmatched, delivering pinpoint accuracy for tracking assets. Thanks to iTracer's utilization of both mobile and satellite technologies, you can count on uninterrupted coverage.

Our software seamlessly records crucial data such as routes, speeds, and much more. Furthermore, our database meticulously logs weather conditions, traffic patterns, and, with the integration of geofencing technology, offers the capability to avoid specific areas strategically.


Eliminate your concerns about the safety and well-being of your cattle and livestock with the cutting-edge technology offered by iTracer. Our geofencing solution empowers you to effortlessly steer your herd to the precise pastures you desire, giving you complete control and peace of mind.

What sets us apart is our round-the-clock monitoring capability, which vigilantly watches over your livestock. Any abnormal behavior or sudden surges in movement, signaling potential threats, are instantly detected. Our state-of-the-art software promptly sends you direct alerts, providing pinpoint accuracy so that you can swiftly respond and safeguard your valuable investment.



Elevate your golf course management with iTracer's innovative solutions, enhancing both the flow of play and environmental preservation.

With iTracer's geofencing technology seamlessly integrated into your golf buggies, you can ensure a safer and eco-friendly golfing experience. These smart systems prevent carts from venturing into hazardous areas such as deep rough, bunkers, or sections undergoing repair, safeguarding both the course and your players.

The iTracer dashboard empowers Club Managers with real-time insights into the precise location of each buggy and the pace of play. This invaluable tool enables you to monitor and optimize player movements, allowing for a comprehensive overview of player behavior. It facilitates proactive measures like issuing slow-play warnings, offering guidance on when to invite others to play through, or commending those who maintain a brisk pace, ultimately enhancing the overall golfing experience at your course.

Let iTracer be your partner in improving the golfing experience, where safety, efficiency, and player satisfaction are at the forefront of your course management.

Pricing (up to 99 units)

Activation fee starting at $159 (depending on hardware solution)

Subscriptions are $12.99 per month

Pricing (up to 249 units)

Activation fee starting at $159 (depending on hardware solution)

Subscriptions are $11.99 per month

Pricing (250+ units)

Please contact us to discuss your need.

Prices include access to iTracer software and web-app.

Please contact us to discuss contracts, monthly only payment plans and costs associated with fitting trackers.

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