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m a r g o r P 7 1 0 2 Guide

Welcome to the 2017 Summer Camp Season!

About our Camps

The Town of Aurora offers several exciting, safe, innovative and well-planned camp programs for your child to attend throughout the summer. Our qualified staff are committed to providing a memorable and enjoyable camp experience for your child. Town of Aurora Summer Camp staff encourage all campers to be creative and confident. Our camps are designed to meet the varied interests, learning styles and developmental needs of all children and teens. Join us for a summer filled with friends, fun and laughter!

IMPORTANT DATES Registration begins: Monday, February 27 Programs begin: Tuesday, July 4 No camps: Monday, August 7 (Civic Holiday)

HOW TO REGISTER There are three easy ways to register for summer camps: E-Play: Visit and follow the online instructions. In-person: Forms can be dropped off at the Aurora Family Leisure Complex or Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex. Mail or Fax: Mail forms to the Town of Aurora’s Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Department or fax to 905-726-2831.


For full registration details including dates, locations and registration codes, please visit or reference your 2017 Spring/Summer Parks & Recreation Guide.

Pre-School Camps

Our pre-school camps provide a social, creative and fun environment for all children. Please note, due to changes in the Child Care and Early Years Act, campers must turn 4 years of age before they are permitted to attend any Town of Aurora Camp. For further information please visit PLAYBALL SUMMER CAMP


This is the perfect introduction to multi-sports and team participation for your child. AGES: 4 TO 5 YEARS COST: $136 (four days) or $169 (five days)

A fun and challenging physical literacy camp for little monkeys! Each day includes free play, two 45-minute Monkeynastix lessons, arts and crafts, group games, sport development activities, teamwork building, outdoor play and special events. AGES: 4 TO 8 YEARS COST: $120 (five half days) $240 (five full days)

TOTS OF FUN This is a great place for the little ones to meet new friends in a fun and safe environment. Activities include themed crafts, games, water play and more! AGES: 4 TO 5 YEARS COST: $60 (four days) or $75 (five days)

KIDDIE KAMPUS – GET READY FOR SCHOOL Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity specifically designed to help your child adjust to the transition of starting school. AGES: 4 TO 5 YEARS COST: $75 (five days)

KINDER KAMP Join us for a great full-day camp experience which includes activities such as water play, arts and crafts, sing-alongs, sports and more! AGES: 4 TO 6 YEARS COST: $130 (four days) or $163 (five days)

FINALE KINDER KAMP Join us for one more week of fun before it’s back to school. Activities include crafts, games, water play and sing-song. AGES: 4 TO 6 YEARS COST: $163 (five days)


Educational Camps EMERGENCY 911 CAMP Learn more about firefighters, police officers and paramedics in our community, while participating in traditional camp activities like crafts, games and swimming. AGES: 8 TO 12 YEARS COST: $177 (five days)

CONSERVATION KIDS Conservation Kids offers the best of summer programing. This camp experience is loaded with hiking, orienteering, shelter building and a cookout. AGES: 6 TO 12 YEARS COST: $217 (four days) $272 (five days)

TOP CHEF Build menus, work with a budget and shop for your ingredients! Join us as we cook up a storm in the kitchen. AGES: 12 TO 14 YEARS COST: $324 (four days) $405 (five days)

JUNIOR CHEF COOKING CAMP This hands-on experience will allow campers to create their own simple meals, easy side dishes and delicious desserts. AGES: 7 TO 11 YEARS COST: $311 (four days) $389 (five days)

s p m a C g in m im w S SUPER SWIMMERS CAMP


Work at completing a Red Cross swim level while participating in traditional camp activities such as arts and crafts, sports and outdoor games. AGES: 4 TO 6 YEARS / 7 TO 12 YEARS COST: $383 (nine days) $413 (ten days)

This camp is designed to influence lifestyle choices and increase the value of aquatic sport and fitness activities for children. AGES: 7 TO 12 YEARS COST: $135 (four days) $169 (five days)


Active/Sports Camps SPORTS CAMP Participants will learn the basic skills of basketball, soccer, volleyball and more. Campers will have the opportunity to swim, skate and enjoy a fun field trip. AGES: 6 TO 11 YEARS COST: $142 (four days) or $178 (five days)

AURORA MUNICIPAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE (AMBL) CAMP Enjoy a week of AMBL excitement, where each day will feature player challenges, fun games, skill development and scrimmage opportunities. AGES: 7 TO 13 YEARS COST: $152 (four days) $189 (five days)

FIT & FUN CAMP This camp will focus on the importance of being active and proper nutrition, while having fun with new friends. AGES: 9 TO 12 YEARS COST: $146 (four days) $182 (five days)

AURORA SKATE PARK CAMP Campers will get skateboarding lessons from Evolve Skate Camp instructors. Participants are asked to bring their own skateboard or scooter and helmet. AGES: 8 TO 12 YEARS COST: $200 (four days) $250 (five days)

CHALLENGE PLUS Participants will enjoy outdoor challenges, leadership activities, skating, swimming and a field trip. AGES: 11 TO 12 YEARS COST: $182 (five days)

TENNIS CAMP Join us for fun and skill development as we work on techniques to improve your serve and backhand. AGES: 6 TO 13 YEARS COST: $144 (four half-days) $222 (four full days) $180 (five half-days) $278 (five full days)

TOTAL SPORTS CAMP Campers will benefit from professional coaching and instruction from specialists in each of the following sports: soccer, basketball, baseball and beach volleyball. AGES: 10 TO 14 YEARS COST: $240 (four days) $300 (five days)

FINALE CAMP Join us for one more week of camp before going back to school. Activities include crafts, games, swimming, skating and a field trip. AGES: 6 TO 12 YEARS COST: $178 (five days) 4

Arts Camp

ARTS CAMP Campers will be introduced to drama, music, dance and much more. Participants will also have the opportunity to swim and go on a field trip each week. AGES: 6 TO 11 YEARS COST: $142 (four days) $178 (five days)

CANADIAN CHILDREN’S THEATRE COMPANY The Town of Aurora is pleased to partner with the Canadian Children’s Theatre Company. From musical theatre to dance, the Canadian Children’s Theatre Company offers several exciting camp programs for you to choose from. Please refer to The Town of Aurora’s 2017 Spring/Summer Program Guide for more information. Please note, prices vary by program.

s p m a C ip h s r e d a e L



This program includes one week in-class training and a one-week placement in one of our summer camp programs. AGES: 13 AND OLDER COST: $216 (nine days) $240 (ten days)

This is the next step in becoming a camp counsellor. Please refer to The Town of Aurora’s 2017 Spring/Summer Program Guide for more information. AGES: 14 TO 15 YEARS Please note, there is no fee for this program.


y g o l o n h c e T / n o ti a Explor s p m a C ia d e im t l &Mu



Come enjoy an adventure outdoors! Activities include crafts, sports, nature walks and more. Each week, campers go swimming, skating and on a field trip. AGES: 6 TO 11 YEARS COST: $142 (four days) $178 (five days)

Join us for a different trip each day to an exciting attraction within York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. The trip schedule will be available closer to the program start dates. AGES: 7 TO 11 YEARS COST: $244 (four days) $305 (five days)



Experience the world of electronics in this interactive and fun technology camp. AGES: 6 TO 11 YEARS COST: $255 (five days)

MAD SCIENCE From making slime and silly putty to building and launching rockets, each week is a unique experience that is guaranteed to have your children coming back for more! AGES: 6 TO 12 YEARS COST: $192 (four days) $240 (five days)

This exciting program will provide campers with hands-on technology programming experience, with an opportunity to work with the latest software, computer and digital equipment. AGES: 8 TO 12 YEARS / 11 TO 15 & 12+ YEARS COST: $244 (four days) / $305 (five days) *Please note cost for Youth Camps (ages 11 to 15 & 12+ years) is $308/five days



p m a C A d n e t Ex

Extended care is available for children who require supervision before and after camp hours. Children will be supervised by qualified and energetic camp staff who will provide an excellent selection of activities for children of all ages. Please note, Extend-A-Camp is available for full day camps only. Extended care takes place at the Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex, located at 1400 Wellington Street East. Campers will be bused to and from their camp program.


Morning • 7 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Evening • 4:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Morning Evening

Four Days

Five Days

$40.00 $40.00

$49.00 $49.00

For more information, please consult the Town of Aurora’s 2017 Parks & Recreation Spring/Summer Program Guide.


Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex 1400 Wellington Street East

Saturday, May 13 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Our Summer Camp Open House is a great opportunity for your children to meet some of our camp staff and to become familiar with camp programs and options! Friends and family are encouraged to attend! For more information, please contact our Community Programs Coordinator at 905-726-4761.


? p m a C r o f y d a Re • Camp Dates and Hours Camp programs begin on Tuesday, July 4. There are no camps on Monday, August 7 due to the Civic Holiday. Camp hours vary depending on the program. Please refer to pages 44 to 48 in the 2017 Spring/Summer Parks & Recreation Guide for more information. Please note, extended care for before and after camp is also available.

• Prior to Camp and First Day at Camp Parents/guardians will receive a “camper call” prior to the first day at camp to discuss weekly activities and answer any questions you may have. On the first day of camp, you will receive a camp newsletter with details for the week. You will also be asked to fill-out a Camper Information Form for your child.

• Sign In / Sign Out Procedures All parents and guardians are required to sign their child in and out of camp daily. You will also be required to present valid photo ID to pick up your child. 8

• How to Reach Us Should you have any questions, please contact our Community Programs Coordinator at 905-726-4761 or

• Absent procedures If your child will be absent from camp, please call 905-726-4770 or 905-841-PLAY (7529) to report the absence.

• Weather Conditions All camps will continue during humidex warnings, heat warnings and rain, however programming will be adapted to meet the safety needs of the campers. Please ensure your child is dressed according to the weather. Please note, not all of our camp facilities are air-conditioned.

• Lunch and Snacks Campers must bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks including a water bottle. Please refrain from packing items that require refrigeration. The Town of Aurora’s Parks & Recreation department follows a “Nut Aware” policy; participants are asked not to bring food products that contain nuts or traces of nuts to our programs or camps.

• Campers Responsibilities and Code of Conduct Please ensure your camper(s) exhibit respect, kindness and equality to all participants and staff. Coarse language, bullying and aggressive behaviour are not permitted at camp. The Town of Aurora reserves the right to withdraw your child from the program should their behaviour cause harm to themselves, participants, staff or property.


• Parent/Guardian Responsibilities The Town of Aurora has a Zero Tolerance policy with regards to appropriate camp behaviour. If there are prior behavioural concerns, please inform staff during the registration process so we can provide extra support as needed. • Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for weather conditions. • Please pack sunscreen and hats. • Please pack snacks and a lunch that do not contain nuts. • Provide a refillable water container. • Ensure there are no valuables brought to camp. The Town of Aurora is not responsible for lost or stolen items. • Please ensure your child is toilet trained and able to go to the bathroom independently unless your child has specific needs that have already been discussed with Integration Services.

• Integration Services The Town of Aurora welcomes and encourages all children with disabilities to participate in any of our summer camp programs. Every effort will be made for a child to participate at a level suitable to their abilities, support needs, program choice and facility access. For more information, please call the Community Programmer at 905-727-3123 ext. 3121 to request extra support for your child.

• Our Camp Staff Our team of camp staff treat all campers with respect, dignity and honesty. Camp staff are a minimum of 16 years of age. Staff are chosen for their leadership skills, enthusiasm and creativity. Our camp staff have prior experience working with children and are trained in Standard First Aid/CPR-C/AED and AODA certified. The Town of Aurora’s Summer Camps team encourages all campers to learn new things, be co-operative, confident and independent. They inspire a summer that is filled with friends, fun and laughter.

eat r g a to d r a w r o f k o lo e W n! so a se p m a C r e m m u S 7 201 10


Town of Aurora Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department 100 John West Way, Box 1000 Aurora, Ontario L4G 6J1 905-727-1375

Produced in partnership with Town of Aurora Corporate Communications department.

Summer Camps 2017 Program Guide  
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