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2007 OCTOBER 5768

Touro Awards 3 Scholarships for 2007-08

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By Alan D. Lury Chairman, Student Financial Aid Committee

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Northeastern University in Boston. After doing very t the Student Financial Aid Committee well in her freshman year, she has chosen to change meeting in July, a college freshman, a her major from French to International Business. sophomore and “She has an enthusiasm and a level of commitment a junior were selected to well beyond her age … is receive this year’s $3,000 mature and dedicated,” say Touro Fraternal Association her supporters. She is the scholarship grants. And daughter of Touro Brother another eight students will Steven White. receive interest-free loans of The elder in the group is $2500 each. Melissa Weiss, daughter of This year’s grant recipients Touro Brother David Weiss. are Melanie Davis of East She is a communications Greenwich, Dena White of Melanie Davis and media studies major Providence and Melissa Weiss Dena White at Goucher College in of Warwick. Ms Davis, Baltimore, Md. She’s been a graduate of East Greenwich High described as “a model of discipline, consistency School, will be a freshman at Keene and maturity – perhaps a bit rare among many State College in New Hampshire. undergraduates.” Aside from her education, She lists her major as psychology/ she has devoted many hours to developing and biology. She is described as a “fiercely implementing community and school-wide determined young woman who is ready programs in her field. to meet the challenges of collegiate Since the Leo Greenberg Memorial Student life.” Her father is Touro Brother Loan Program was initiated in 1981, children Jeffrey Davis. of Touro members have received loans totaling The sophomore is Dena White, a quarter of a million dollars. And none have a cum laude graduate of Classical Melissa Weiss been defaulted! High School and now a student at

Community Involvement: Doing What We Do Best By Andrew Lamchick, Chairman, Community Involvement

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or the past several months the Community Involvement Committee has been discussing distributing more automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the community. After donating them to fire and police departments and senior centers, we wanted to continue placing them where they are most needed. After much thought and conversation it was decided we would like to offer them to every temple in Rhode Island that didn’t have one. The Committee got to work quickly. We contacted each temple and discovered that only two out of 15 had a defibrillator. We got much interest from the temples to whom we spoke. Our next step was to approach Touro’s Board of Directors. We ~1~

are proud to announce that the Board unanimously approved a special allocation of up to $25,000 for the purchase and training of up to 13 AED’s for Rhode Island temples which need the units.. You’ll be hearing much more about this effort in the months to come. Who knows, maybe one day one of these AED’s might save your life, or maybe the life of someone you love.

From the Chairman Fall 2007 Happenings by Robert Miller


irst of all, I would like to wish each of you and your families a very Happy and Healthy New Year. Now, onto what’s happening at Touro. Lots of stuff, that’s for sure. Administratively, as you know from my recent letter, we have begun the transition process with our office positions. Peter Hodosh has assumed the duties of Administrator and the executive committee has been meeting to discuss bringing in the bookkeeping help we need. In addition, the executive committee is discussing Touro’s investment practices as we move forward. We have always operated with an investment committee and we are not looking to change that. We are, however, looking at our portfolio and its diversity. We have always strived to earn enough income to run our programs, keeping in mind the size and growth of our portfolio as well. The investment committee, with our current advisor, has done an outstanding job. The big question is whether we can do better. The other issue we have been discussing is the operation of Touro’s kitchen. As you are aware, any meal served in “our house” is kosher. I feel the need to explain our “kosher policy” since recently, we have had some questions and maybe, even some misunderstandings.

By Jeff Horovitz

Social Scene

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: I come to announce a spectacular 2007/2008 season of upcoming Touro events, as well as recap this past summer’s events. This summer started with some of the best steaks this side of the Mississippi, grilled to perfection by Chairman Bob Miller at the annual Touro Steak Fry. Then came the PawSox game with a fireworks display that’s hard to beat. Next, was the Annual Touro Golf Tournament where we were fortunate that the weather held out, even if some of the golf did not. Of course, we can’t forget the Touro Family Picnic, where many brothers worked diligently to put on an excellent BBQ and where the kids couldn’t get enough of the pool. Finally, as Judah Rosen reported, the Casino Cruise went off without a hitch, and besides great food, gambling and weather, Judah even took in a little whale watching. Now, for the upcoming events where we look forward to seeing each and every one of you: November 28th Friendship Lodge meeting with a gourmet dinner of spaghetti and meat balls

• Any meal served at Touro is to be kosher. • Any meal served by Touro outside (i.e.; summer picnic) is to be kosher • Any meal served at an outside event (i.e.: Venus, West Valley Inn, etc) is not kosher; however in most cases, a fish option is available.

Dec 2nd Free Warwick Symphony Orchestra concert at the JCC sponsored by Touro. Dec 9th The Touro Annual Hanukkah Party

We are discussing whether, going forward, we should continue this practice. We will be examining these policies. If it is determined a change is needed, the appropriate action will be taken with final approval from the Board. As we move through this year I will be appointing someone to the board to fill the vacant slot created by Dr. Aaron Sherman’s move to New York. I would publicly like to thank our officers and members of the Board for all the work they do for Touro and for you, our members, in order to keep our activities new, fresh and exciting.

Dec19th Harmony Lodge meeting with a traditional deli/coldcut menu Dec. 25th Annual Chinese Dinner & a Movie – NEW LOCATION Jan 23rd Friendship Lodge brings you Trivia night with Barry Schiff at the helm and a beautiful dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Fraternally, Robert D. Miller, Chairman-Board of Directors

Feb 20th Harmony Lodge meeting at the world renowned Luigi’s restaurant in beautiful downtown Johnston, RI

Mazels, Mitvahs & Milestones

Feb 24th Another wonderful Broadway show at the PPAC, “The Wedding Singer”

To…Brother Michael and Marilyn Smith on their 39th anniversary, September 1, 2007

If you want a say in some of the Touro activities, or just want another excuse to hang out with your brothers, come participate in the Social Committee meeting, held the first Wednesday of every month at Touro Hall.

To…Brother Jerry and Joan Tebrow on their 39th anniversary, September 1, 2007 ~2~

Tourautobiography By Jed R. Brandes


ears ago, American Express ran a successful television ad campaign in which quasi-celebrities asked: “Do you know me?” It strikes me that I might ask you the same question. I have been a Touro member for a number of years, and yet, the brothers who know me best are those I meet with regularly as a Board Member and Lodge Officer. I don’t carry an American Express card, so consider this profile as my way of reaching out to all of my brothers. First and foremost, you should know that I’m a New Yorker. Though I’ve lived in Rhode Island for almost twenty years, I am a New Yorker. I was born and raised there, and as far as I’m concerned, you cannot take the city out of the boy. I make no apologies. I went to the University of Pennsylvania where I graduated with a BA in Psychology (with a minor in Expository Writing). Four years studying Psychology taught me one very important thing: I did not want to be a Psychologist. However, it strengthened my gift for being able to quickly “read” personalities, and this ultimately led me to a career in sales. However, before sales, I worked in feature films as an editor, producer and lighting technician. While the work was rewarding, 100-hour workweeks became tedious. An injury to my hand gave me the opportunity to make a change. I went to work for my father’s steel

service center, opening and managing a steel wire division. At this time, I met Carolyn, my wife. Though we grew up less than ten blocks apart and I was in class with her older brother in hebrew school, junior high and high school, it took the wedding of a mutual friend in Cleveland for us to meet. As we dated, it became apparent that we were getting serious and weekly trips on Amtrak were getting tiresome. Carolyn had purchased a condo in N. Providence after graduating from Brown University and couldn’t sell it. I was renting in Manhattan. Such were the circumstances that conspired to force me out of New York. After a short stint selling advertising for a small local magazine, I began my career in financial services. I plan for individuals and business owners, and broker their investments and insurance. I have now been working in the business for 15 years, the last 12 with The Feingold Companies. I currently reside in Cranston near Touro Hall. Carolyn and I have been blessed with two great boys, Daniel and Joshua. I enjoy golf and am active as a baseball coach for CLCF. Of course, my duties for Touro command a large portion of my time. These activities, and the many great friendships I’ve developed here (particularly at Touro), are largely responsible for my ability to make peace with my life sentence in Rhode Island.

Touro “Member-fits” By Arthur Poulten

This is the third in a series of Tourogram features highlighting the “perks” of being a member of Touro. In this issue we’ll deal with Touro’s Mortuary Benefit.


ome call it a “death” benefit. Others refer to it as insurance. Technically, it’s listed in the Touro Constitution as a mortuary benefit. No matter what you call it, every regular Touro member is entitled to it. Depending on when you joined the Association, your beneficiary will receive a payment of either $1,000 or $2,000 upon your passing. Perhaps it’s not a lot of money by today’s standards, but it is a major perk of membership. However, there is one condition that sometimes goes unrecognized: who is entitled to receive your mortuary benefit? When every regular member joins Touro, he is asked to designate a beneficiary. Over the years, circumstances may occur that make necessary a change in that beneficiary designation. Touro cannot make that change unilaterally. It must be done by you and it must be done in writing. The form necessary to make any change in your beneficiary is available at Touro. Please contact the office by telephone (401785-0066) or email and that form will be mailed to you. Please review your current status. That benefit is yours but, again, Touro must know who is to receive it. You can avoid unnecessary delays – even possible litigation – if you look into this now.



ouro is joining forces with the Warwick Symphony Orchestra to present a free winter holiday concert, Sunday afternoon, December 2, 2007 at the Jewish Community Center, in Providence. The concert coincides with the beginning of the holiday season which begins with the first day of Chanukah, December 5. The concert is being presented by Touro as part of its on-going community involvement program. Included in the program will be traditional seasonal symphony music as well as Jewish musical selections. The Warwick Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Dinarte Gerro, consists of more than 60 local musicians. Every spring and winter the orchestra brings its music to its audiences by performing concerts at locations throughout the state. Refreshments will be available and all proceeds will benefit the Warwick/Cranston chapter of the United Synagogue Youth (USY). For more information, contact Touro at 401.785.0066 ~3~

Closest to the Pin - Touro Steve Shaw First Place Touro Team

Closest to the Pin - Guest M. Marcotte

Another “Winner” Day is Par for Course for Touro By Bruce Weisman


uly 30th was the date and the weather was perfect for Touro’s annual golf outing at North Kingstown Country Club. Nineteen 4-person teams, comprised of both Touro members and guests, found their way around the golf course hitting fairways, trees and even a few “birdies” along the way. The day was completed with a prime rib lunch with all the fixings. In Touro’s eye there are never any losers and all had a great time. Awards were given out for both Touro teams and member/guest teams along with longest drive and closest to the pin. Below is a listing of the top scorers. First Place Member Guest Team

1st Place Touro team with a total score of 65 was B. Rappaport, D. Rappaport, H. Rappaport and A. Rappaport. 2nd Place Touro team with a score of 69 was L. Buckler, D. Brandt, H. Green and S. Gorodetsky. 1st Place member/guest team with a score of 62 was H. Poulten, W. Lima, J. Marques and M. Marcotte. 2nd Place member/guest team with a score of 63 was B. Shaw, P. Caldero, L. Gammons and B. Combies. Longest drive, Touro member was Howard Bilow. For member guest was Pete Caldera. Closest to the pin Touro member was Steve Shaw. For member guest was M. Marcotte.

Second Place Touro Team

Second Place Member Guest Team

Longest Drive - Guest Pete Caldera ~4~

Longest Drive - Touro Howard Bilow

The Hodosh Dynasty Continues! By Art Poulten Peter f you dialed 401-785-0066, starting way back in 1989, what you heard when the call was answered was a clear, perfunctory “TOURO!” In the 18 years since, it always has been the voice of a Hodosh – Jerry Hodosh, to be specific. Call that number today and you’ll hear the same, strong TOURO. It will still be the voice of a Hodosh, but now it’s a second generation Hodosh. Apply any of the clichés you can think of: “All in the family”, “Like father, like son”, “Promotion from within”, “Following in the footsteps.” They’re all appropriate. In August, Jerry announced his retirement as Touro Administrator, a post created for him in 1989 when Touro moved into its new headquarters. He said it was time for someone younger, more energetic to take over the responsibilities. It didn’t take long for a special executive committee, created by Board Chairman Bob Miller, to evaluate the situation, consider the alternatives


Jerry and decide that Peter Hodosh was the right person to handle the job. Peter officially was promoted to the position of Touro Administrator. Actually, Peter has served in the Touro office with his father since before the creation of the position of Administrator. He was named part-time bookkeeper in 1986 by then Secretary Charles Coken at a time when Jerry was the Assistant Secretary. And he has worked very closely with Jerry ever since. For a time, Peter will do both jobs – Administrator and Bookkeeper – while the executive committee sets the standards for the latter position and begins a search for the appropriate person to fill it. Peter also is Treasurer of Harmony Lodge, a post he will relinquish as soon as the lodge president names a replacement. Don’t think Jerry is going to disappear! Quite the contrary. He’s been elected to his 43rd term as treasurer of the Association and intends to serve in that capacity.


Kibitzing with the President By Jed R. Brandes

or a few years now, I have been writing profiles in the Tourogram. This time around, it was decided by the Communications Committee that I would be the member profiled. Though it was suggested that I let another brother write the article, I wrote it myself. In my profile I observed that, in spite of many years’ membership, there are still many brothers who I do not know. Most of the brothers with whom I’ve developed relationships serve with me on the Board or its committees. Also, I have met many through the writing of the profiles. Of course, just by showing up at meetings and events, I’ve met others. Still, there are many I do not know. It also bears mentioning that there is a big difference between meeting or knowing someone and actually being able to call them your close friend. I suspect that my experience as a brother is not all that uncommon. I have seen that many brothers sit with the same friends each time they come to a lodge meeting. This seems natural. People tend to gravitate towards their friends. But there is an inherent danger to our Association that arises from this behavior. It has been noted time and again that the continued viability of our association depends on our ability to attract new members. A great deal of time and effort has been expended by our Membership Committee to expand our rolls. And we’ve had great success bringing in new members. This past June, we initiated ten new brothers. But enrolling new members is only half the battle. We need to retain them. Often a new brother drops out for no other reason than their perception that they have not been “embraced” by the other brothers. I was a member for three years before I became involved. And I might still be an absentee brother; except for the personal invitation I received from a former lodge President to get more involved. That’s all it took. And so, I would like to suggest that we all make a greater effort to truly befriend our brothers. Reach out to them. Get to know them. Become a real part of their lives. You will reap the benefits of new rewarding friendships. And our association will continue to thrive with those friendships as its bedrock.

Initiation of 10 New Brothers at June 20 Meeting


he 10 new brothers initiated in June were (listed alphabetically): Charles H. Dress, Jason Golditch, Steven Kreiger, Daniel Levenson, Daniel J. Lowinger, Steven L. Marcus, Stanley A Roberts, M. David Seidman, Sanford C. Spraragen and Danny Warshay. ~5~

LT. GOVERNOR RO BE RTS Highlights Our September Meeting By Barry J. Schiff


riendship Lodge hosted our annual new year’s barbecue meeting on September 19th. After getting our fill of hamburgers and hot dogs, Rhode Island Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts took to the stage. She apologized for interrupting our viewing of the Red Sox game on the big screen. A Virginia native, she is now a bonafide member of Red Sox Nation. Her first order of business was to explain exactly the lieutenant governor’s responsibilities and how our lieutenant governor compares to those in other states. With a long record of advocacy for quality, affordable healthcare for every family, she laid out her ideas based on listening to her constituents and forming solutions. She also promised to continue her predecessor Charles Fogarty’s support of our National Guard’s mission in Iraq with programs including Operation Holiday Cheer, Military Family Relief Fund and the Garden of Heroes Memorial. She pledged to be open, honest and hardworking and have government make a difference to all Rhode Islanders.

R DEA A ASH K KASHI Kasha, before having this advice column, wrote a book about treating wood. It was kalled “Kasha’s Varnishes.”

MI CHAEL CO R R EN TE Chronicles His Rise to the Top By Lester Nathan


he special guest at this year’s annual Steak Fry, held on June 20th and before a packed house, was acclaimed producer and director, Michael Corrente. After the monthly lodge meeting, which included the initiation of 10 new brothers and an excellent steak dinner, Brother Andy Lamchick introduced our guest. Speaking very candidly, Michael described how he became interested in the theater while a sophomore at Coventry High School. Later, he met actor Richard Kneeland of Trinity Rep, which led to a successful audition for Trinity Rep’s Conservatory, where he took his first acting classes. At age 22, he moved to New York City and used his carpentry skills to pay for living expenses and to barter for the rental of theater space. During these years, he began directing plays, including the award winning American Buffalo. In the early eighties, on an $80,000 budget, Michael produced and directed his first film, Federal Hill, shot at various locations around Providence. It garnered many awards and launched a successful career into movie production. At the time of his Touro appearance, he was preparing to shoot scenes for the The Prince of Providence, based on Mike Stanton’s bestseller about former mayor, Buddy Cianci. Michael would not say who would play the lead role, but did say it would be filmed in Providence and David Mamet had written the screenplay. During the Q & A period, he was asked if his biography would be different if he had grown up in Los Angeles (yes), about his English teachers at Coventry High, his opinion about the ending of The Sopranos (he liked it), how actors feel about working in Rhode Island (they love it) and his collaboration with the Farrelly brothers (“unbelievably talented”).

Dear Kasha, My wife keeps telling me I should be more consistent with things I do. This includes me taking out the garbage each week, mowing the lawn, feeding the kids. You know, things that don’t need doing every day. Sometimes I forget. How can I get on a more consistent schedule? - Belabored Dear Belabored, First of all, consistency isn’t always good, especially if you’re consistently wrong. Feed your kids. Secondly, if you want a good place to start being consistent, you should go to all Touro meetings and events without fail. You should be getting flyers and Tourograms like the one you are reading consistently to let you know when meetings and events are. In addition, the Touro website, www., should be consistently checked for even more information. This should keep your wife and you consistently happy. Your Brothers will see you soon at Touro!


Venus, PawSox & Picnic


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