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Grand Opening of Stawnichy’s new facility in Mundare, 1979.

Ed’s children, grandchildren, and extended family continue to work in the fourth generation business. They carry on Ed’s vision that Stawnichy’s become a symbol of reliability and quality. It was Ed’s decision that only the best cuts of meat were to be used in all products: shanks and butts, not secondary cuts. This practice of using the best cuts of meat remains a point of pride to present day. It was also Ed’s mandate that these cuts of meat be locally sourced in Alberta whenever possible – and this led to a point in the 1980's where Stawnichy’s was the largest purchaser of pork in the entire province.

A look inside the facility today.

This commitment to working with local suppliers introduced Ed to producers throughout the province and created a resilient supply chain and reputation for honesty in business. Ed built a brand that was so successful, that all someone had to do was say they were getting “Stawnichy’s,” and everyone knew exactly what they were talking about. This exceptional Alberta success story continues to inspire people to take a roadtrip to Mundare for “Stawnichy’s.” Since Ed’s passing in 2009, Jane, his daughters Cheryl and Colette, and the rest of the Stawnichy family continue to carry on his tradition and commitment to high levels of customer service.


Edmonton Expansion Ed recognized that many people came from Edmonton to Mundare to purchase product, and that many of Stawnichy’s products were being sold in grocery chains and other stores. He saw the need for a distribution point closer to this business hub, and in 1986, Ed opened Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage House in northwest Edmonton. It served as a pickup point for phone orders, and combined with a deli counter, customer demand in Edmonton steadily grew. The operation quickly outgrew the original location and in 1992, Stawnichy’s opened Uncle Ed’s Ukrainian Restaurant and their deli – Mundare Sausage House – on 50 Street in east Edmonton. They once again expanded in 2006, to their present location at 4824-118 Avenue in east Edmonton, where it remains today.

“It was the deli counter and meats that had us moving (to a bigger location). The restaurant is important, but customers still wanted the sausage and perogies for their homes as well,” says Colette. The secret to growth and meeting increasing demand was Ed’s astounding ability to meet, train, and retain staff who were just as committed to customer service as he was. Many of the Stawnichy’s “family” of staff have forged 30 to 40-year careers with the company. That loyalty has built expertise in product knowledge and created a community of incredibly loyal and devoted customers.

The Future Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage heads into its 60th year with one foot firmly entrenched in its remarkable history, and another poised for the future. The company has built a product line that includes over 80 different kinds of meat items and Ukrainian foods. It is constantly anticipating consumer food trends with new product offerings – including the development of vegetarian and gluten free options of traditional favourites. It is environmentally conscious and always looking at ways to make operations more sustainable, and there are also plans for further expansion as demand further grows for their products. The business carries on Ed’s commitment to local community involvement through its foundation and its fundraising program. Over the decades, sports teams, school groups, community groups, and the like have raised millions of dollars for their causes through selling Stawnichy’s products. Suffice to say, Ed would be very proud and amazed at where his company is headed in the coming decades! Written by Stawnichy’s Mundare Sausage and Go East of Edmonton


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