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time for a tea party! By Bobbi Menard

It started small, not quite as small as a single scoop of tea leaves, but close. Everything Tea & Gifts in Vegreville has grown from humble beginnings in the home of Karen and Gary Sorensen into a quaint yet spacious tea emporium.

“more than

300 varieties of tea –

When guests go looking for something new, they can turn to the organized tea menu as a guide. Invariably, Karen puts her highly honed tea matching skills to work. “It only takes me a few questions to help you find the right cup of tea. We start with caffeinated or decaf and then it is always just another question or two until you've got it narrowed down.”


Karen launched Everything Tea, after she answered the from around the question, “What is the one thing I would be doing, if I world.” Gary points out that with a little bit of education and could?” With some dedicated internet sleuthing and tasting, customers are able to confidently try out varieties from fruit after reaching out to some of the world's great wholesale tea teas, matcha – the trendy powdered green tea leaves – and white merchants, Karen opened up shop in her home about a year after teas, to true British classics. “The Yorkshire Harrogate is very answering the fateful question. It didn't take long for growing popular,” he says of the delicately robust black tea. demand to convince Karen and Gary that it was time to expand from a home-based business. In less than two years after the launch they Many customers choose to try a cup and relax for a few moments at purchased their current location at 4921 - 51 Avenue, one block one of the tables in the store. “The east of Vegreville’s mainstreet. Here, the experience is all about the tea, says shelves are stocked with more than 300 Karen. “But, we do serve scones and varieties of tea - and every implement pies too.” and accessory imaginable to deliver a cozy and refreshing cup. If you are unable to pick just a single offering, there are a multitude of three Thrilled visitors from as far afield as piece sampler packs with intriguing Europe say that Everything Tea is one of combinations and options. These are the best tea shops they have ever created in-store with charming labels experienced. Dedicated tea drinkers from that Karen designs, inspired by the across Canada are known to call in their flavours and origins of each tea. orders on a regular basis. "We have our listings on the website and take orders by Summer is the best kept secret for email," explains Gary. Karen & Gary Sorensen, Everything Tea, Vegreville quenching your thirst. Fruit teas can be served iced for some of the most refreshing non-alcoholic beverages But, the big experience is found inside the store. Walking through available. “We have just so many iced-teas,” says Karen as she the front door of the barely post-war building, you are immediately rattles off the very beginning of the suitable flavour list, “Hibiscus, introduced to charming displays of teapots, tea cups and spoons. fruit teas with a green tea base, green teas on their own.” There is also a large selection of charming signs and other décor to build your own perfect space for enjoying your tea at home. Karen If making your own ice-tea seems a step too far, then Everything Tea and Gary have been in business for around a decade now and & Gifts has an authentic granita machine for summer treats. Think of they've grown to know their suppliers. “The majority of our vendors a granita as being a sophisticated and alluring slushee. Relying on are Canadian and we try our best to get Canadian made when we the natural sugars in fruit juice, to slightly alter the freezing point of can,” says Karen. water, these granitas are a sophisticated and delightfully delicious reason to stop in, while on a road trip East of Edmonton. When it comes to the tea, the leaves come from around the world. The globally popular Earl Grey is a firm favourite for those who come Summer or winter, be prepared to spend a happy, relaxing time in looking for the familiar. exploring teas from around the world and choosing delightful gifts for family and friends. For more on Everything Tea see also page 88 in the Vegreville Section.

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