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Circular Economy The trends shaping the future of MRO spare parts

Building large electric motors into the circular economy

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New Motors Brook Crompton

TT Electric

IP23 Cast Iron Range from 18.5kw—710kw in frame sizes 160 to 355

Full range of High Quality DC Motors from 1kw to 2000kw IP23— IP55.

In Stock

In Stock

Re-Conditioned Motors Large Stocks of Electric Motor Spares Both Current and Obsolete Including:Brook Crompton Series 7 Steel Motor spares Brook Crompton Series 6 Cast Iron Motor Spares • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Cage up to 1mw Ex Stock Slip-Ring up to 500kw Ex Stock D C Motors High Tension Motors 3.3Kv Geared Motors Two Speed Motors Vibrator Motors

Fan Covers Terminal Box Assemblies Endshields Bearing Covers

Slip-Ring Assemblies Brushgear

Carbon Brushes Cooling Fans

Variable Speed Drive Specialist Schneider Altivar Range of Variable Speed Drives from 0.18kw to 315kw available Ex—Stock

LARGEST STOCK OF ELECTRIC MOTORS IN THE U.K. 87 Kingstown Broadway, Kingstown Industrial Estate, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 0HA Tel : 01228 552000 Fax : 01228 552001 E-Mail:

CONTENTS 3 Editor Chris Callander +44 (0)1732 671123 Contributing Editor Suzanne Gill Publisher Andrew Castle +44 (0)7785 290034 Accounts Touchwave Media Ltd Production G and C Media Ltd Founded in 1945, the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades is an International Association representing companies in the electrical and mechanical service and repair industry.


elcome to the first issue of Renew magazine for 2024. As I mentioned in the last issue, the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades held its annual awards event at the end of November last year, showcasing some of the fantastic work members of the Association are carrying out. A complete write-up, outlining the winners in all the categories, can be found on page 16 of this issue. A personal highlight for me was the recognition of a long-standing colleague of mine, David Beresford, for a long and distinguished career in the electromechanical sector. The well-deserved Special Recognition Award reflected David's impact across his career, with a particular focus on his constant desire to share knowledge and educate apprentices, colleagues and customers alike. This resonated with the fundamental values held by the AEMT, to support education, community and quality. Ahead of the awards evening, the day saw the AEMT annual conference take place at the same venue. Established now as a must-attend event for the electromechanical repair sector, delegates were presented with a wealth of technical insights and business improvement guidance, designed to help them thrive in the months and years ahead. Alongside the excellent content from our carefully collated programme of presenters, it was a good opportunity for the Association’s members to catch up with existing contacts and to make valuable new ones. I particularly enjoyed the buzz between sessions as the delegates came together, showing how good we are at collaborating, sharing and learning from each other. The two events, the conference and the Awards evening, made me proud to be a part of the electromechanical repair sector and honoured to be the President of the AEMT. James Stevens, President, AEMT

NEWS AEMT Tower House Business Centre Fishergate York YO10 4UA

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Cleaning up energy production

Focus on The Circular Economy 30

Repair in the circular economy


Building large electric motors into the circular economy



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The trends shaping the future of MRO spare parts



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Will WEG’s acquisition be a game changer? Quarter 1 2024

Megger Electrical Test and Measuring Equipment


2 Amp DucterTM Low Resistance Ohmmeter

New “difference meter” for quick data comparisons n Safely tests the resistance of inductive loads at 1A n <600 V active protection against inadvertent live connections without blowing a fuse n


Power Quality Analyzer

Automatic CT recognition n Onboard data analysis n 1000 V ac and 1000 V dc range n


True RMS Multimeter

High/low sensitivity live circuit detection n Phase sequence measurement for 3 phase circuit and motor testing n 10 MΩ and 10 kΩ input impedance switching n n +44 (0) 1304 502100






For over 130 years, Megger has been the premier provider of portable test and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. Although Megger is best known for its world-famous range of insulation testers, we can assist your acceptance, commissioning and maintenance testing for predictive, diagnostic or routine purposes. By working closely with electrical utilities, standards bodies and technical institutions, Megger contributes to the dependability and advancement of the electrical supply industry.


Earth Leakage Clampmeter

0.001 mA resolution n Up to 100 Amp range for standard ac current measurements n Low pass filter to aid stability of readings n

MPD Scan

Handheld Scanner for PD Surveying

Fast verification of partial discharge activity in MV and HV plants n Universal application range due to a wide variety of sensors n Integrated camera and QR code scanner n

PD and Tan delta testing, PD online monitoring Partial Discharge and Tan delta testing is together with Static testing complementing the standard FAT and on site testing procedure of the insulation status for critical HV motors and generators. The ICMflex system can perform PD and Tan delta testing in one simultaneous test sequence with one common test report. It is a compact and portable all in one unit suitable for on site, as well as workshop testing. Portable AC Hipot solutions are available too. The ICMmonitor system is an approved solution for online Partial Discharge monitoring on HV rotating machines and it can come as a portable unit for temporary monitoring/ spot testing, or as a permanently installed monitoring cabinet with remote access and alarming.

Megger Baker Electric Motor Analyzers The Baker Instruments family of electric motor analyzers provides a comprehensive suite of tests which characterize the health of your motors and generators. These testers are valuable in industrial settings for predictive maintenance, and in motor repair/rewind shops for troubleshooting and QA.




Asset-centric approach promotes turnkey testing for operators

n Separating Asset from Installation


provides greater insight into asset service needs and issues n PowerDB Dashboard secure

cloud-based analysis software n Choice of Manual, Automatic, or

Sequence testing n Screen-level context sensitive help n Adaptable search capability

Dynamic Motor Analyzer


Automated Diagnostic Test Equipment


The Megger Baker EXP4000 is a portable Dynamic Motor Analysis System


Test domains: Power quality, machine performance, current, spectrum, torque, variablefrequency drives, continuous monitoring, transient analysis (e.g. start-up), motor efficiency

n Asset management tools


Site Installed Dynamic Monitoring System n



Permanently installed, fully automated machine system monitoring solution which evaluates each component of the electromechanical system and identifies electrical and environmental factors that will accelerate insulation degradation

High Voltage Motor Tester




For high voltage machines and large form-wound coils, the Baker PPX series extends HiPot and Surge test voltages of the DX and AWA up to 40 kV.


Available models: PPX30 (30 kV) - PPX40 (40 kV) - PPX30A (30 kV with armature testing capability)

The system continuously acquires health and performance data on up to 32 electric motors and the rotating machine systems they operate


Rotating Machine Tester n

Full colour graphic display built to CAT III, IP54 and for use up to 3000 metres,


Adjustable IR from 10v up to 1kV and 200GΩ using: 3 Phase Spot, PI, DAR, IRt and Guard Terminal


4 wire Low Resistance (uni and bidirectional measurements) , LCR, Temperature, Motor rotation, diode test


Voltage (measures ac 10 mV up to 1000 V; dc 0 to 1000 V; TRMS), Frequency (15Hz to 400Hz), Phase Rotation n 800-752-8272


NEW MENZEL MOTOR PLANT COMPLETED THE NEW MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN headquarters on the outskirts of Berlin are ready for occupation. All works were completed on time and on budget – a remarkable feat of coordination between all trades and partner companies. The move has already started; the relocation of the large stock of motors and accessories, in particular, will take some time. Menzel maintains one of the largest warehouses for large electric motors in Europe, which ensures short-term delivery capability at all times. Production and administration are also moving into the new building gradually. Operations officially started on January 2, 2024. CEO, Mathis Menzel, said: “This move will ring in a new era in the history of our family business. The new plant is tailored to our requirements in every detail: generously proportioned logistics

and production areas, continuous crane accessibility with an 80-tonne lifting capacity that will enable us to achieve streamlined production processes to schedule and complete customer projects even more flexibly and reliably, and it will properly set us up for the future as the international headquarters of our group.” Menzel is a medium-sized manufacturer and worldwide supplier of three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors up

WEG ACHIEVES A GOLD RATING FROM ECOVADIS MOTOR AND DRIVE MANUFACTURER WEG has achieved a gold rating from EcoVadis, a globally recognised sustainability assessment platform. WEG was awarded an overall score of 72 in its 2023 assessment, ranking it among the top 5% of over 100,000 companies in 175 countries. The achievement provides an external trustmark to reinforce WEG’s global ethos of driving efficiency and sustainability. EcoVadis, launched in 2007, serves as a third-party sustainability platform, helping businesses to better understand and compare sustainability performance across operations and supply chains. To date, the platform has evaluated more than 100,000 companies spanning 175 countries. As the leading global provider of corporate sustainability ratings, it presents a thorough assessment of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) performance. To attain a rating, an organisation needs to provide evidencebased evaluations and monitoring across 21 key sustainability issues surrounding the pillars of environment, labour and human rights, and ethics and sustainable procurement. WEG was judged on criteria including technical innovation, environmental awareness and customer service by a

Quarter 1 2024

panel of industry leaders and independent experts with additional votes from readers of online industry media. The methodology is based on international sustainability standards, including the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the International Labor Organisation (ILO) conventions and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. “Comprehensive third-party reviews, like the EcoVadis assessment, help us understand how our environmental credentials compare to other businesses. The assessment allows us to identify any changes we can make and ultimately inspires us to set and achieve new targets in sustainability,” said Marek Lukaszczyk, Europe and Middle East Marketing Manager at WEG. “The gold standard from EcoVadis shows that we prioritise compliance with regulations and set new benchmarks for sustainable practices in the market.”

to 15MW and, in special versions, up to 25MW. In addition to standard motors with excellent performance properties, the manufacturer specialises in customerspecific and tailored drive solutions.

IECEX CERTIFICATION FOR GLENSOL AZERBAIJAN-BASED GLOBAL ENERGY Solutions (Glensol), Nobel Energy's field operations and equipment maintenance subsidiary, has achieved IECEx Service Facility Certification (International Electro-technical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres). The certification attests to Glensol's commitment to maintaining the highest standards and delivering safe and compliant repair, overhaul, and modification services. The IECEx Certificate of Conformity underscores that Glensol's service facility has the appropriate equipment, skilled personnel, and operational processes necessary to instil confidence that the company's repair, overhaul, or modification work meets IECEx requirements. It also certifies that Glensol's one-stopshop services facility has undergone a comprehensive audit to verify compliance with the quality system standards specified in IECEx Operational Document OD 014. Anar Orujov, Deputy General Director of Glensol, expressed his pride: "The IECEx certification is a significant milestone for Glensol. It highlights our dedication to adhering to the highest international standards".

+44 (0) 1952 208 730

Wire Electric Supplies Ltd

We take pride in manufacturing Copper & Aluminium conductors covered with: • Mica

• Glass

• Paper

• Nomex® • Kapton®

GET YOUR LIQUIDS UNDER CONTROL T-T's got you covered, your one-stop shop for everything needed to master water management challenges. We specialise in not only off-the-shelf pumps, valves and controls but also bespoke pumping solutions, specialist valves that are tailored to meet your exact requirements, and custom-made control panels for your specific application. Scan the QR code or contact our experts to learn more.

+44 (0) 1630 647200

8 Industry News

PREMIUM CARE SUPPORT PACKAGES EXPANDED FLUKE, A GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY leader in the manufacture of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, has announced the expansion of its Premium Care support packages to include a wider range of industrial and electrical tools. Fluke Premium Care covers the routine calibration and performance checks of tools to ensure compliance with the latest standards, as well as the repair and replacement of damaged accessories. Top priority technical support is also offered to enable customers to solve critical equipment challenges faster. Selected tools from Fluke’s range of acoustic imagers, power quality analysers and loggers, multifunction PV testers and performance analysers, ScopeMeters, motor drive analysers and process calibration tools, can now be covered by Fluke Premium Care. Chris Ulfig, Technical Sales Manager at Fluke, emphasised that Premium Care should not be seen as additional insurance or an extended warranty: “Fluke Premium Care is a means of ensuring any gaps in

production and performance are kept to an absolute minimum by maintaining the continuity of our customers’ work,” he said. “Less downtime means greater productivity, increased efficiency, higher profits, and satisfied end-users. Additionally, equipment that is fully calibrated is not just reliable, it is safe – and the safety of personnel is nonnegotiable. Fluke Premium Care takes away the headache of accidental damage or worrying about compliance, calibration, and performance testing to make the

most out of your tools. It’s a no-brainer.” Representing a cost-effective way for customers to keep tools in peak condition, Fluke Premium Care provides coverage above and beyond a tool’s original product warranty, helping users avoid unexpected downtime caused by damaged test equipment, accessories, or tools that need calibration or repair. Annual cost comparisons show that upgrading to a Fluke Premium Care plan can save thousands on equipment maintenance and repair. At the same time, the package supports customers who need their industrial tools to be calibrated or performance tested on an annual basis. Fluke Premium Care’s calibration and performance maintenance service ensures test tools always provide accurate results and comply with the latest standards. With the offer of expedited calibration, repair and freight, Fluke customers can also save time and get back to work faster while maximising efficiency, safety, and productivity in the workplace.

BEARINGS ADOPTED IN DESIGN AND CALCULATION SOFTWARE NSK WILL BEGIN PROVIDING ROLLING bearing data to MESYS and KISSsoft, two companies that develop technical calculation software for engineers engaged in machinery design. Integrating NSK bearing data will accelerate the design process through quick and easy bearing analysis, reducing the time taken to select bearings. In response to requests from design engineers, NSK rolling bearings will become an integral part of KISSsoft and MESYS technical calculation software programs, both of which are in use worldwide. The ability to select NSK rolling bearings in these software suites will enhance customer convenience and satisfaction. KISSsoft AG, part of the multi-national Gleason Corporation, develops modular calculation programs for the design, optimisation and verification of machine

Quarter 1 2024

elements such as gears and transmissions in line with international standards. Similarly, MESYS AG develops software for technical calculations in a variety of mechanical engineering projects, with a particular focus on the sizing of machine elements that include ball screws, shafts and more. NSK's data will initially span five bearing types: deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings and spherical roller bearings. Software users will simply call up NSK bearing information from the database and perform technical calculations involving gears, housings or shafts, for example. Users can also determine factors such as the surface pressure and

service life of bearings. Significantly, NSK can update the data it provides at any time to ensure the delivery of optimal machine design calculations. Moving forward, NSK will supply information for further rolling bearing types.

Keeping industry turning every second... every day...every year With over 110 years of technical and design expertise, Brook Crompton offers leading edge energy efficient electric motors across global markets. As the original innovator in electric motor development, Brook Crompton are trusted to power limitless industrial processes and its robust motor design drives fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors and more. Driven by technology and innovation, Brook Crompton has one of the widest available ranges of electric motors for operation in safe areas, hazardous atmospheres and hostile environments.

The extensive range of stock can be quickly modified to suit customers’ needs and with a high level of technical support from our knowledgeable team we ensure the correct selection of motors is provided for your application. Brook Crompton’s focus on product and service development ensures we continue to move forward to improve efficiency, offer lower cost of ownership throughout their lifecycle and to reduce environmental impact.

Contact us at: T: +44 (0)1484 557200 E:

10 AEMT Update

UPDATE FROM THE AEMT SECRETARY THIS YEAR PROMISES TO BE PIVOTAL IN DEVELOPING sustainable and quality businesses in the electromechanical repair industry. We start the year with a raft of new working groups, focusing on how the AEMT can help the sector move towards net zero while improving service quality. Fortunately, the lack of motivation by world leaders towards net zero won’t stop businesses from doing the responsible thing to strive for a better future. By the end of this year, it would be great to have a framework by which we can measure the carbon savings AEMT members provide the industry as a whole. Every repair, efficiency upgrade, and kilo of steel and copper recycled will count. Best of all, the drive towards net zero will improve businesses in many ways. As we look to wean out every possible carbon emission, we will be updating processes, improving suppliers, and striving for ever more integrity in the work provided by our members. Ultimately, the value enabled by this work will be second to none. Stepping forward with sustainability, it makes perfect sense to complement these activities with a revamp of our association’s codes of practice. Our codes are the foundation to which our members operate with quality and integrity in mind. Ensuring they are aligned with sustainable practices is essential. By the end of this year, we want our entire membership to have endorsed a new code of practice. The AEMT will back up

Thomas Marks is the AEMT's Secretary and General Manager

the codes with a wealth of resources, tools and services to help our members adhere to them and strive for better. So, 2024 promises to be an exciting year, and I look forward to keeping you updated along the way. Happy New Year to all of Renew’s excellent readers!

Forthcoming AEMT led Courses & Events TITLE



Ex Repair Course

Tuesday, 23rd January 2024


Ex Refresher Course

Tuesday, 23rd January 2024


Face-To-Face Peer Group Meeting

Thursday, 25th January 2024


Council Meeting

Thursday, 25th January 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday, 29th January 2024


Efacec Bespoke Training

Tuesday, 30th January 2024


Online Peer Group Meeting

Friday, 2nd February 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday, 12th February 2024


International Working Group

Thursday, 15th February 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday 26th February 2024


Online Peer Group Meeting

Friday, 1st March 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday, 4th March 2024


Ex Refresher Course

Monday, 4th March 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday, 11th March 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday, 25th March 2024


Ex Refresher Course

Monday, 25th March 2024


Ex Repair Course

Monday, 25th March 2024


For more information or to book any of the couses listed please visit Quarter 1 2024

AEMT Update 11

AI-POWERED TOOL TO SUPPORT THE REPAIR OF HAZARDOUS AREA MOTORS THE ASSOCIATION OF ELECTRICAL AND Mechanical Trades (AEMT) is working with the British Standards Institute (BSI) and UKRI’s Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK, to develop an AIpowered tool to help electromechanical repair specialists ensure they repair hazardous area motors to the correct standard. The tool, which is being developed with some funding and support from Innovate UK, will enable engineers repairing rotating electrical equipment to clarify technical requirements through an easy-to-operate chatbot-style interface. Within the BS EN and IEC 60079 series of standards, various technical standards govern, among other things, the repair, overhaul, reclamation, installation, maintenance, and inspection, plus the design, testing and marking of equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Navigating and interpreting this complex range of standards can be time-consuming and open to error. In addition, these standards are reviewed and updated periodically; making it a challenge to ensure the right standard is used in conjunction with the age of the equipment being repaired. The tool under development by the AEMT and BSI aims to simplify interpreting and complying with these complex standards while reducing the potential for error. Users of the system will be able to ask questions about the repair they are working on and will be provided with the technical guidance and information required

to ensure compliance and safety. The chatbased interface draws on large language model technology, which allows for further detail or clarification where needed. This is particularly valuable in interpreting a range of cross-referenced documents, where identifying the pertinent parts of various standards is not straightforward. By understanding the year in which the type of hazardous area equipment was certified – which can be established from the first two digits of the certificate number – the chatbot will be able to establish which version of the relevant standard applies. For example, in the 2000 version of the Ex d standard BS EN 50018, the dimensions relating to flame paths differ from those in the 2004 version, IEC 60079-1. However, where IEC 60079-19 – which covers the repair, overhaul, and reclamation of equipment designed for use in explosive atmospheres – is concerned, the chatbot will only give information from the latest version. This is because repair procedures improve over the different versions released. For example, a go-no-go test, which helps to check for damaged threads, was introduced in the latest edition, 2019, but this is not referenced in the 2015 version of the same standard. The tool will initially cover ten versions of four different BS EN Hazardous Area standards and is due to be tested by AEMT members and rolled-out from quarter two 2024.

SUPPLIER OF HIGH-QUALITY, PRECISION DYNAMIC BALANCING MACHINES AND SERVICES We supply a large range of horizontal,vertical and automated hard bearing dynamic balancing machines suitable for all industries. All machines are supplied with guarding meeting the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE. Range of products and services • Horizontal hard bearing balancing machines • Vertical axis hard bearing balancing machines • Semi & fully automated balancing machines • Portable vibration analysers/balancers (onsite balancing) • Site service directly from the UK • Sub-Contract balancing service • Applications engineers support • Genuine CEMB spare parts For further information contact us: T: 0161 872 3123 E:

12 Product News

TÜV certification for Ex p motors MENZEL ELEKTROMOTOREN HAS been certified for the production of large squirrel-cage motors in ignition protection type Ex p (pressurisation) for operation in zone 1 hazardous areas where an explosive gas/air mixture is likely to occur in normal operation. The test specimen, a compressor motor for the petroleum industry, underwent a gas displacement test (of the air purge system), leak test and pressure test. The German technical inspection service TÜV Nord comprehensively tested and certified the construction method. To win the approval, the manufacturer had to prove its ability to control the purging air flow for all its relevant motor series in such a way that no gas pockets remain inside the motor casing. Menzel can apply this manufacturing procedure to stock motors in a wide output range and is thus able to flexibly and quickly provide competitively priced Ex p motors featuring the product categories 2G and 3G. Pressurised motor construction is typically suitable for squirrel-cage motors from 400mm shaft height. It is available for all voltage ranges and with air-to-air or airto-water heat exchangers (cooling types IC 611, IC 616 or IC 81W). An air-purge system allows potentially flammable gases to be removed from the motor frame before the motor is started and maintains a constant positive pressure during operation to prevent the ingress of

explosive gases. The terminal boxes feature the ignition protection type Ex eb (increased safety). Plant operators often face the challenge of not being able to find suitable replacements for obsolete motors. The choice of explosion-proof drive systems, in particular, is limited. Up until now, the only alternative was to buy a standard motor with the required explosion-protection rating and adapt the installation site and/or driven machine, sometimes at considerable time and expense. Menzel's certification for the construction and manufacture of protected motors now gives customers more freedom of choice and flexibility. The German manufacturer specialising in large electric motors always configures motors for individual application and installation conditions. Likewise, the air purge system for pressurised motors is individually calculated and implemented, ensuring that the finished systems meet the highest safety standards.

For one petrochemical company, Menzel has recently manufactured an Ex p compressor motor based on its MEBKSL series, which matches the original motor in all mechanical and electrical interfaces. The compressor motor – for use in an oil refinery – is labelled II 3G Ex pzc ec ic IIC T3 Gc for zone 2. It has a rated voltage of 6000V and a rated output of 1635kW. Before shipping, the motor was rigorously tested in the company's in-house test facility, including load and type testing. Menzel's Ex p motors were named the Product of the Year in the 2023 AEMT Awards.

COMPACT FAN MOTORS OFFER IMPROVED EFFICIENCY BORN FROM THE DESIRE TO SATISFY the application needs of axial fans, the new pad mounting range of motors from Lafert combines the robustness of the company’s asynchronous motors with the new permanent magnet technologies, which allow for reduced consumption in a compact design and without protruding elements. Ideal for applications which require small motors without protruding elements, Lafert’s new range allows users to minimise the impact on the air flow. The mounting design uses four special feet fixed at 90° on the motor body, eliminating possible air obstruction and ensuring a reduction in energy consumption. Lafert has developed a range of Quarter 1 2024

feet for pad mount fixing on IEC mechanics, from size 80 to 160, to satisfy all application needs. This special mounting configuration can be offered in both asynchronous motors in the efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3, as well as permanent magnet synchronous motors with efficiency to IE4 and IE5. Thanks to the on-demand anti-corrosion treatment, which achieves a high level of protection to ISO 12944, the motors are also well suited to use in aggressive environments. In addition, the water slinger option – a gasket with a special shape – manages to block any splashes of water

by rejecting them towards the outside, eliminating any possible infiltration.

A mobile application enabling paperless service and repair Why is Smart Site right for you?

07:49 Mon 27 Feb

Job List 51676

Service centre

27/02/2023 08:00 10:00

Smart Site reduces the waiting time of documents in transit. All job information is visible at the office as it happens.

Overhaul of Sewage Pump United Performance Ltd LOOSE PAPER MILL B TONN ROAD LIVERPOOL MERSEYSIDE L34 9JB

Lead Engineer: GARYD 27/02/2023 10:30 11:30


Site work Motor repair United Performance Ltd LOOSE PAPER MILL B TONN ROAD LIVERPOOL MERSEYSIDE L34 9JB

Lead Engineer: GARYD 27/02/2023 12:30 13:30


Site work Borehole pump United Performance Ltd LOOSE PAPER MILL B TONN ROAD LIVERPOOL MERSEYSIDE L34 9JB

Lead Engineer: GARYD 27/02/2023 14:30 16:30


Site work

Smart Site is easy to use on any smartphone or tablet device and requires very little training.

Smart Site delivers accuracy. The app captures information as it happens, meaning there is less chance that something important is missed or recorded incorrectly. Smart Site streamlines the administrative process ensuring that contracted and chargeable work can be completed in a timely fashion and invoiced with complete confidence. Smart Site stores the history of an asset’s repair and service, so your engineer has all of the detail they need to do the job right first time.

Service of 2 x ac motors United Performance Ltd LOOSE PAPER MILL B TONN ROAD LIVERPOOL MERSEYSIDE L34 9JB

Lead Engineer: GARYD

See Smart Site in action!

Scan the QR Code to find out more

5 Steps to Service Success

Empower your engineers with an app that can:

Job (61239) Lead Engineer: GARYD


Create new jobs

Job Info Documents Assets


View the details of the job

Scheduled Labour Record Time Record Materials Record Expenses


Record the work detail undertaken

Engineer Report Record Activities Job Notes Links


Adhere to ISO standards, site safety and services

Photographs Health & Safety Checklists Service Checklists Obtain Customer Signature



Review the work and gain customer sign-off

EMiR Software have nearly thirty years’ experience in providing job management solutions for the Electrical & Mechanical Industry, in fact 47% of the AEMT UK Membership have purchased EMiR Software.

Call us today and see how EMiR can help you – 0845 009 4588 Visit to book a demonstration

14 Product News


MOTOR MANUFACTURER, WEG, HAS launched a new motor line, the W23 Sync+, a hybrid motor that combines permanent magnet (PM), ferrite or neodymium magnets and synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor technologies, providing higher efficiency across all speeds when compared with conventional induction motors. The permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor (PMSynRM) line is suitable for applications including compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors and more. Advantages of the W23 Sync+ motor line include a higher level of efficiency for the entire speed range when compared with conventional induction motors, and a higher power factor than synchronous reluctance motors. This results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for plant managers. “We’re looking to the future with the W23 Sync+,” explained Marek Lukaszczyk,

European and Middle East Marketing Manager at WEG. "The IE5 and IE6 models surpass the current European Ecodesign regulation, which currently requires motors to meet the IE3 or IE4 standard.” The W23 Sync+ is available in frame sizes from IEC 80 to 450 (NEMA 140 to 7000). Able to operate over a wide speed range at constant torque, without the use of forced ventilation, this multi-platform solution is available in speed ranges from 750 up to 6,000rpm. The motor’s output rating ranges from 0.75 to 1,250kW, while it’s compatible with 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V and 400/690V power supplies.

While a conventional induction motor loses over 20% efficiency across its varying speed and load ranges, the W23 Sync+ maintains its higher efficiency decreasing less than 2% when the load and speed are reduced by 25%. The W23 Sync+ also benefits from being compact with the same power per frame ratio as induction motors. For example, the IE5 variety is available in the same frame size as an IE3 motor, which makes interchangeability with existing installations hassle-free.

NEXT-GENERATION SMART FIELD BALANCING TOOL FLUKE RELIABILITY, WHICH empowers reliability and maintenance teams with the hardware, software, and services needed to optimise asset performance, has unveiled the VibXpert 3 Balancer, a next-generation smart field balancing tool from Pruftechnik. The device can diagnose and correct rotational unbalance in the field or on the floor, solving a leading cause of failure in rotating assets like fans, pumps, and motor-driven tools. Unbalance often goes unnoticed by maintenance teams, especially under harsh or extreme conditions. Today, balancing tools are typically only available through costly custom upgrades to already pricey handheld vibration analysers. The VibXpert 3 Balancer is purpose-built to combat unbalance. As a precision smart device, it is user-friendly, intuitive, and built to withstand the toughest environments. Even non-experts can use the VibXpert 3 Balancer to identify and correct unbalance swiftly and efficiently, according to Fluke Reliability. Unlike the current generation tools on the market, the VibXpert 3 Balancer Quarter 1 2024

is equipped with six synchronous channels, so it can record multichannel vibration measurements simultaneously. This lets users quickly take measurements from multiple angles, compare them to historical data, and identify the root cause of the unbalance directly at the source. As a result, it is one of the fastest and most accurate solutions available. Its large interactive touchscreen display guides workers through every step of the process. Teams can view measurement data on one dashboard, receive step-by-step guidance on rectifying the unbalance, and measure again until the issue is resolved. The VibXpert 3 Balancer can detect subtle changes in vibration levels that

indicate unbalance, long before they become visible to the naked eye. The device can perform resonance tests, phase measurements, and deeper analysis using the FFT spectrum data to diagnose complex unbalance issues.


01299 252 990

Easy to Use General Purpose Drive Focused on ease of use, TECDrive provides unrivalled simplicity of installation, connection and commissioning, allowing the user to benefit from precise motor control and energy savings within minutes.

IP20 Up to 37kW • Easy to use • Compact & robust

IP66 Up to 22kW • Outdoor rated • Dust-tight • Washdown ready

IP66 SWITCHED Up to 22kW • Built-in isolator, fwd/rev switch and potentiometer

Tel: 01299 252990

16 Awards Update

2023 AEMT Awards winners announced

The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT) returned to Coventry on the evening of Thursday, 23rd October, for the staging of its 6th annual awards ceremony. With a record number of submissions across the seven categories, this year's programme again produced some exceptional entries from across the electromechanical arena.


he Doubletree by Hilton, Coventry, once again hosted the gala presentation dinner, during which professional endeavour, product innovation, skills development, engineering prowess and service delivery were all acknowledged and celebrated. Operated by the AEMT and produced by Touchwave Media, the awards programme acknowledges the skill, effort, and dedication of the people and businesses serving today's complex electrical and mechanical service, maintenance, and repair sectors. With sponsorship provided by some leading industry names, industry-wide recognition was given to those businesses and individuals who excelled in their professional endeavours. The 2023 AEMT Awards winners are as follows: PRODUCT OF THE YEAR Sponsored by DFA MEDIA GROUP Menzel Motors: Pressurised ExplosionProof Motors for Zone 1 Customers who operate larger motors in hazardous areas, typically refineries and chemical plants, need to prevent ignitable gasses from entering operating machines. The Menzel system allows large modular motor operation in Zone 1 CACA or CACW, normally from 450mm frames and larger at all voltage ratings, custom built to site requirements and the highest safety standards. Highly qualified staff ensure that Menzel can respond at very short notice. With EXP systems in stock that are readily adaptable and deployable at short notice, this is a unique feature for a medium-sized motor manufacturer such as Menzel. PROJECT OF THE YEAR Sponsored by EMiR SOFTWARE MKE Engineering Group: Browndown Pumping Station The project took place at a water utility company pumping station, which

Quarter 1 2024

experienced frequent equipment tripping. Initially commissioned in the 1970s, it desperately needed an upgrade. Using ABB Ultra Low Harmonic drives, potential issues with harmonics have been mitigated whilst providing a clean, user-friendly operating system. Feedback from the customer has been excellent, not just for eliminating the rogue tripping but also for the sizeable energy savings. SERVICE CENTRE OF THE YEAR Sponsored by ABB Avonmouth Engineering Services Avonmouth Engineering Services' custombuilt 70,000 square foot site is the largest single workshop facility for electrical and mechanical repairs in the UK. Alongside its second 20,000-square-foot division in Cheltenham, the company provides an extensive range of in-house and onsite services for repairing, overhauling, and upgrading electromechanical technologies across the entire rotodynamic industry, with a special focus on reliability services and the pump industry. SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR Sponsored by MEGGER TEC Electric Motors

TEC motors currently holds over £16 million worth of power transmission stock in the UK, all available for immediate same-day shipping, whether the requirement is a 0.09kW or a 645kW motor, a compact frame, a B56 or brake motor, as the UK's largest independent electric motor stockist, TEC has the product. In over 18 years, the company has sold more than 1.5 million motors, providing a 24-hour, 365-daya-year emergency solution to all AEMT members. CONTRIBUTION TO SKILLS & TRAINING Sponsored by SULZER Ian Pattinson: The Faraday Centre Ian, a devoted member of the Faraday Centre Limited for 23 years, began his engineering journey at English Electric, honing his expertise before transitioning to impactful roles at British Steel. Passionate about power distribution and transformers, he became a high-voltage lecturer dedicated to safety and education globally. Ian's legacy encompasses exceptional teaching, consultancy, and an enduring commitment to shaping engineers and fostering a safetydriven industry culture.

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DIVERSITY IN ENGINEERING AWARD Sponsored by PREFORMED WINDINGS Hidrostal: Incorporating Avonmouth Engineering Services, Bedford Pumps & Hidrostal At Hidrostal GB, equality, diversity and inclusivity are embedded into its culture. From recruitment to career development, alongside everyday life at work, the company ensures that its employees feel supported, valued, and accommodated,

whatever their individual needs. As part of the UK Home Office sponsorship scheme, Hidrostal has a strong focus on wellbeing with EAP Programmes, mental health first aiders and wellness rooms onsite. The AEMT has adopted its Diversity & Equal Opportunities policy as a blueprint for others. SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD Sponsored by AEMT Dave Beresford: Preformed Windings This year, the AEMT recognised Mr. Dave Beresford with the AEMT Special Recognition Award for his exemplary performance throughout his career. He started his career as a time-served winder in the sixties, progressing to works manager and taking responsibility for moving his then business to Newcastle. He has held various roles, including technical manager, technical sales, and coil shop manager. His sense of community is highlighted by the positive connections made worldwide. His dedication to sustainability and quality has led him to innovate techniques such as press cooling and chiller insulation when forming coils. These improved processes have led to increased efficiency and reduced

waste. His enthusiasm to share knowledge and educate apprentices, colleagues and customers alike resonated with the AEMT's management committee. It exemplifies the values the AEMT holds to its heart – education, community, and quality. Commenting on the awards dinner, Thomas Marks, Secretary and General Manager at the AEMT, said: "This year's awards proved to be another remarkable success and once again provided an excellent forum to celebrate business and professional excellence. I very much look forward to building on that success for the 2024 programme and providing another superb platform for promoting the excellent work undertaken by the electromechanical service and repair sector." The call for nominations for the 2024 awards programme will open in the spring, so if you or your company have a product, project, service, or other achievement you feel deserves industry-wide recognition, be sure to submit an entry. TIMES-CIRCLE

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RISING STAR AWARD Sponsored by TEC ELECTRIC MOTORS Josh Bottomley: EMiR Josh Bottomley is the Team Manager for Hosted Services and EMiR Support. Josh manages a team of support engineers who provide technical and maintenance support for EMiR Software and EMiR-Cloud, the electromechanical industry's leading ERP software solution. Over the last four years, Josh has gone from unqualified apprentice to EMiR Support Team Leader and now heads up a team of support engineers, inspiring them to perform at the highest levels and trying hard to improve the company's service every day.

18 Project Updates - Awards Special

The repair sector delivers

In a tightly fought contest, The Project of the Year category at the 2023 Association of Electrical & Mechanical Trades (AEMT) Awards showcased a wide range of projects carried out by the seven finalists. Chris Callander explores the broad scope of work and the considerable impact the Association's membership has achieved.


very day, AEMT members keep factories online, water and electricity flowing, transport moving, and so much more. Reviewing the entries for the annual Project of the Year award is an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the impact the Association's members have made. This year, the seven finalists drove the use of renewable energy through innovative engineering projects in the UK, Germany, Spain, Asia, and America. They implemented flood defences to protect the lives of 30 million people living below sea level. They regenerated the drinking supply of three million people across 250 cities. Across just two projects, the finalists achieved a reduction of CO2 emissions by 2,500 tonnes a year. They also enabled hydropower to power an additional 16.500 homes. And in Spain, one member made the irrigation of 3,000 hectares of farmland possible, which helped to yield more profitable farming and could help to reduce the price of your weekly shop. When you consider there are hundreds of AEMT members carrying out projects like these every day, it's easy to see how important the electromechanical repair sector is. MKE – BROWNDOWN PUMPING STATION The project which came out as the winner among the seven finalists in the 2023 AEMT Project of the Year award was the upgrade of the Browndown Pumping Station, part of the Southern Water network, which was carried out by Mid-Kent Electrical. The pumping station was experiencing frequent tripping of equipment, raising concerns over the site's resilience and its ability to meet the required consent. The station's three main two-speed pump motors – which dated back to the late 1970s – ran on star delta starters and were believed to be the cause of the rogue tripping. Data collected by MKE showed that these large 180/355kW motors were showing excessive starting currents, notably peaking instantaneously at more than 4000A when starting at high speed.

Quarter 1 2024

Mid Kent Electrical's Browndown Pumping Station upgrade was judged the AEMT Project of the year 2023.

The site was running each pump approximately three times per hour, with each start requiring vast amounts of energy, but it was also found to be causing surges of transient pressure in the associated pipework and inconsistent flows to the treatment works further down the system. Converting the site to variable speed control was considered critical to stop the tripping and reduce wasted energy, improve operations and, ultimately, reduce the pumping station's carbon footprint. The newly installed system included all new IE4 ABB motors coupled with ultra low harmonic ABB variable speed drives. This provided the ability to increase efficiency and resilience with a very short payback time. The original motor bedplates were replaced with bespoke units, manufactured and machined in-house by MKE, keeping downtime for each pump to a minimum. The project initially aimed to alleviate the tripping issues but with the added benefit of improving site efficiencies. Since the installation, the rogue tripping issues have been resolved, and significant improvements in operation have been observed. Energy

consumption has also been greatly reduced, and in turn, this has helped to limit the site's carbon footprint. Energy monitoring has shown that since the upgrade, the site is saving over £55,000 per year with an estimated reduction in its carbon footprint of around 145 tonnes each year. ABB – THE LISTER DRIVE GREENER GRID PROJECT The UK's drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and minimise climate change is driving the increased use of renewable energy. The challenge is that wind and solar energy sources use power conversion technologies that do not provide the inertia grid operators rely on to maintain grid stability. ABB synchronous condensers offer a solution. They are large rotating machines developed to mimic the operation of coal or gas-fired generators by providing an alternative source of spinning inertia. They support the national grid by providing reactive power compensation and additional short-circuit power capacity, allowing more renewables to be connected to the grid.

Project Updates - Awards Special 19

Suppliers to industry since 1928

ABB's Lister Drive project supports growth in rebewable energy adoption by providing the grid with missing inertia.

The Lister Drive project is the first installation of ABB's synchronous condensers in England. It is also the first project worldwide to feature a high-inertia configuration. This couples a 67 megavolt amps reactive (MVAr) synchronous condenser with a 40-tonne flywheel, increasing the instantaneously available inertia by 3.5 times. The high-inertia system will ensure that the network frequency and voltage are held stable within the tight limits essential to maintain grid reliability. The project, which included all necessary components to make it a turn-key install and includes ongoing planned and quick-response maintenance support, will play a key role in stabilising the local grid to handle an increased amount of wind and solar power. This will help National Grid meet its target of operating a zero-carbon electricity system by 2025. BEDFORD PUMPS – JAKARTA URGENT FLOOD MITIGATION In collaboration with its sister company, Avonmouth Engineering Services, Bedford Pumps has fulfilled a project to supply eight submersible axial flow, fish-friendly pumps to Indonesia as part of the Jakarta Urgent Flood Mitigation Project. The company's first order into the region has provided two pumping stations, Kamal and Sentiong, with the capacity to withdraw water from drains in subsided areas where gravity is no longer sufficient, helping to protect the flood-prone city. The 1600mm diameter, 25-tonne axial flow pumps are the largest submersible pumps installed in southeast Asia and the largest manufactured by Bedford Pumps. Their installation provides flood protection for one of the most populated cities in the world. Inhabitants currently stand at 30 million, which has soared from just 540,000 in the 1940s. The environmental and social conditions of inadequate drainage and infrastructure through rapid urbanisation, combined with Jakarta's location in a lowland delta area, have left the city frequently plagued by floods. It is estimated that close to 40% of Jakarta is currently below sea level, with models predicting that this could rise to 95% by 2050. With the Java Sea to the north and 13 rivers flowing through the city from the mountains to the south, without projects such as this, the consequences for the inhabitants of the city would have become dire. Each pump will pass 10,000 litres per second of brackish river water at 5m head. The pumps are rated at 700kW and designed to provide enhanced life, lower maintenance costs, improved solids handling and market leading hydraulic efficiency, resulting in the > 20 lowest total cost of ownership.

Quarter 1 2024

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20 Project Updates - Awards Special HOUGHTON INTERNATIONAL - ONSHORE WIND TURBINE LIFEEXTENSION PROJECT This project undertaken by Houghton International addressed critical challenges faced by SEV, the owner and operator of the Neshgashi wind farm in the Faroe Islands. The aim was to extend the lifespan of an onshore Enercon E44 wind turbine that was experiencing premature failure due to the harsh weather conditions unique to the location. Houghton International's team executed a complete rewind of the 16-tonne direct drive generator, upgrading the stator windings with higher grade copper covering, an improved insulation system, and a superior varnishing system. The design for the rotor field coils was upgraded with a class H covering, the application of vacuum impregnation resin and increased mechanical strength to the coil former. Additionally, an examination of the hub led to the replacement of the pitch motors and one bearing, ensuring optimal functionality and safety. Addressing the premature failure of the turbine supports a continuous and sustainable energy supply for the island, aligning with the Faroe Islands' commitment to rely solely on renewable energy by 2030. MENZEL GB – PUMP MOTOR WITH BRUSH-LIFTING DEVICE This major Government-funded utility project supported the regional drinking water supply in Germany for approximately 250 cities and communities with around three million inhabitants. The existing motor at the heart of the pumping systems, built in 1969, was still operating but had long surpassed its original intended life span and desperately needed replacement. The tender called for all requirements to be met by a single source and called for a slip-ring brush lifting device to be mounted on the motor. Where a slip ring or wound rotor motor is a requirement, a brush lifting device is always used when the motor starts only once and then runs for a long time. This prevents the brushes from permanently being in contact with the slip ring surface, suffering from excessive wear and contaminating the slip ring space with the brush abrasion. Installing a brush lifting device on a relatively large slip ring motor (frame size 800) meant the device had to be procured, adapted and installed on the motor in Menzel's workshop. Quarter 1 2024

Menzel supplied a slip ring motor with a bespoke brush lifting device to support the supply of drinking water to around 3 million people.

All system components were supplied by Menzel and assembled and commissioned on site, with the old motor removed for disposal. PREFORMED WINDINGS – PROJECT HOLTER A five-year project that started in 2021, project Holter aims to increase the efficiency of seven generators installed on the Holter Dam, which is in the Missouri River, USA. Doubling hydropower capacity by 2050 is a crucial factor in meeting the Paris climate targets. However, many existing hydro facilities in the US and Europe are old, and there are few options to build new ones. The answer is to refurbish existing facilities to make them more efficient, increase output, and increase their lifespan, all while reducing maintenance requirements. In collaboration with Sidewinders LLC, a hydro repair specialist, Preformed Windings was challenged to increase the output capability of each hydro generator by 50% while extending the asset's life and reducing maintenance requirements. This target was successfully achieved using the company's QualCoil-Hydro specification of HV coil specifically developed to last decades with minimal maintenance. Once all seven generators have been refurbished, annual generation should increase from 350,000,000 KWh to over 500,000,000 kWh, which is enough to power an additional 16,500 homes and businesses with renewable energy. And of course, the CO2 savings from creating this additional energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels is massive.

SULZER – MEMBRANE FEED PUMPS FOR A DESALINATION PLANT Faced with declining groundwater sources, a large water management company in Spain initiated a project to reactivate a mothballed desalination plant in the Gulf of Almeria. To manage the plant's significant energy cost, Sulzer worked closely with the management company to retrofit the existing high-pressure pumps, which were initially from another OEM. Through this reengineering, Sulzer was able to maximise operational efficiency and significantly reduce the plant's energy requirements. Starting without any engineering drawings for reference, the engineering team faced the challenge of reverse-engineering the existing pressure casing and rotor assembly and designing a new low-flow rotor assembly to meet updated specifications. The objective was to ensure the pumps operated at their best efficiency point (BEP). Meticulous attention to detail ensured the new rotor assembly was fully interchangeable with the existing casing, mechanical seals, bearing assemblies, and coupling. Moreover, the pump casings were modified slightly to improve their longevity and hydraulic performance. The redesigned pumps now operate at nearly half their original flow rate, yet with efficiency gains of over ten percentage points – translating into substantial financial savings and environmental benefits. The new pumps consume almost 1,000kW less than the original units. The plant's operators, have also seen a significant reduction in operational costs and a marked cut in the carbon footprint, amounting to 2,345 fewer tonnes of CO2 emitted annually. TIMES-CIRCLE

22 Project Updates

OPTIMISED HAIRPIN STATORS FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR IN A COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH project with Ford Motor Company, 3D printed motor specialist, Additive Drives has optimised a hairpin stator to achieve higher efficiency and better packaging by combining a constant cross-section, variable profile hairpin conductors and the company’s optimised manufacturing technologies. The project has improved the motor’s end-turn winding, reducing the length by 25% and the resistance by 18%. PEEK insulation has also been used

to avoid effects such as partial discharge and to ensure durability. The material has excellent dielectric behaviour, high abrasion resistance and good chemical compatibility with the transmission fluid. Since the end of the project, Additive Drives has developed other thin film insulation systems with highperformance materials. The production of the stators is carried out quickly and without tooling costs, which can make the development of new electric motors simpler.

A HEAVYWEIGHT GENERATOR REPAIR A HYDROPOWER PLANT IN MALAYSIA had recently replaced the shaft of its Schnieder generator but, since re-commissioning, had encountered serious vibration issues during operation. Upon inspection, cracks were found on the rotor spider, which required the generator shaft and spider (weighing 21 tonnes) to be brought into Quartzelec’s Malaysian workshop for repair. The first action carried out by the Quartzelec team was to remove the outer rim from the spider. It was then inspected, and all measurements were recorded. The spider was cleaned, and a non-destructive test was carried out before six rotor ribs were welded and the spider was machined to size. The outer rim was washed, cleaned

and baked before machining was completed and prepared for the assembly process; the spider was cooled using dry ice, baked at 250°C and covered with insulation layers to reduce heat loss. This process is critical and involves a 60-tonne mobile crane to carry the spider and shaft to

be inserted into the outer rim – all of which was completed within 30 minutes to avoid temperature loss and expansion. The Quartzelec Malaysia team completed the intricate repair ten days ahead of schedule, to the delight of the client, who was able to get the generator back into operation much earlier than anticipated.

CERAMIC BEARINGS FOR WIND TURBINE PROJECT BEARINGS & DRIVES RECENTLY took delivery of the first batch of bearings from CeramicSpeed, for retrofitting tinto fan motors in wind turbines. The contract is part of a collaboration between Bearings & Drives, Creadis Wind Solutions, CeramicSpeed and rewind and mechanical repair company Fletcher Moorland. Motors that require repairing by Creadis Wind Solutions – an engineering service provider in the wind energy sector – will now be fitted with CeramicSpeed Quarter 1 2024

Steve Bacon, Bearings & Drives Sales Director, commented: “Our company will be supplying the products, and we chose to partner with another locally based firm, Fletcher Moorland, based in Stoke-on-Trent, to service and repair the units, rather than sending the units back to Denmark, thereby supporting both regional business and the environment. bearings supplied by Bearings & Drives with a special high-temperature cage and high-temperature grease to complement the ceramic rolling elements.

Are you a business owner considering selling your company? I’m a private business investor looking to acquire an AEMT member company with a focus on long term development. If you’re interested in safeguarding your legacy, your team and your brand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me confidentially.

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24 Bearings

Don't get caught out by counterfeit bearings

Engineering component, consumables and support services specialist Hayley Group examines why businesses must consider the long-term performance of their bearings and purchase from an authorised source.


eading-brand bearings listed for low prices are often too good to be true, especially if they are sold online on unknown websites. It has been widely reported for some time that there are problems with counterfeit bearings entering the marketplace. As a result, leading bearing manufacturers now invest substantial amounts of time and resources in brand protection to tackle the fakes. While it may seem like you are getting a good deal with cheap bearings in the short term, the effects of substandard counterfeit bearings in industry can be catastrophic. The benefits of working with a reputable supplier, therefore, are considerable. ENHANCED PRODUCT LIFESPAN Established and recognised bearing manufacturers conduct thorough quality assurance tests on their products, and are certified to quality standards such as ISO 9001. By buying bearings from unknown sources, businesses can’t guarantee the quality of the product. Counterfeit bearings are often made cheaply, with little regard for quality standards, meaning that their reliability is adversely affected. These bearings have dramatically shorter lifespans than genuine ones, forcing businesses to replace them more often. The old adage, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ applies. But, while cheap bearings may be fake, not all fake bearings are cheap, with the more sophisticated counterfeiters getting wise to the market value of genuine products. They can charge a higher price for a product by shipping it in a branded box and employing other

Quarter 1 2024

techniques to make products appear more genuine. REDUCED RISK OF MECHANICAL DAMAGE Bearings perform a vital and precise function within machinery. You need to rely on your bearings to perform their role in the smooth running of mechanical equipment, but counterfeits can have the opposite effect, disrupting the operation of machinery. With lower design and build quality, counterfeits can damage surrounding components and wider machinery. This can quickly lead to unnecessary downtime, lost revenue, and higher maintenance costs.

of bearings within machinery that people work near, is essential. The same applies to bearings installed within aeroplanes, trains, and cars – premature catastrophic failure can lead to injury and even loss of life. SUPPLY CONTINUITY Hayley prides itself on having a strong stockholding of products that are key to maintaining its customers’ operations. Stock is held locally across the branch network and centrally at the company’s Halesowen National Distribution Centre, enabling next-day deliveries UK-wide. The company’s relationships with industry-leading manufacturers also enable it to offer a comprehensive range of quality bearing products with expedited delivery timescales. Repeat purchases of the same or similar bearing products are also easily catered for in a way that isn’t possible for online vendors. Consignment stock can be held

While cheap bearings may be fake, not all fake bearings are cheap.

REDUCED SAFETY RISKS Design failures occur within fakes more frequently than genuine products, and these failures not only affect machine uptime but can also harm people. The safe running

Bearings 25 locally at a customer’s nearest branch and called off when required, helping to support even the most urgent requirement for critical components. TECHNICAL SUPPORT The dedicated Hayley Bearing Solutions team has centuries of combined experience in sourcing bearings and giving expert technical support to ensure accurate specification and selection. The company also has staff right across the country with decades of individual experience in delivering reliable technical assistance to customers. Beyond this, longestablished connections with manufacturers mean that customers can access support directly from reputable brands. Buying bearings via unauthorised sources often comes with little to no support before or after the sale. PRODUCT INNOVATION By partnering with an authorised distributor, customers benefit from

having direct access to the latest in bearing product innovation. New-to-market technologies, more energy-efficient solutions, and products that have simply been redesigned to last longer or enjoy extended maintenance intervals are all available. If applicable, these innovations will be recommended for you, helping you to add value to your processes. ENHANCED TRACEABILITY One hundred per cent genuine products sourced through an authorised distributor will be traceable with complete documentation tracking their journey along the supply chain. This ensures compliance with regulations and industry standards and offers better protection for end-users. WARRANTY AND INSURANCE COMPLIANCE Product warranties provided by recognised manufacturers simply aren’t in place when counterfeiters manufacture the products cheaply.

If a counterfeit bearing is mounted in machinery that suffers damage or breaks down, the warranty on that equipment could be invalidated too. Insurance products taken out by businesses could also be invalidated by counterfeit products, making it more difficult to recoup costs. The message is clear. Businesses should avoid buying bearings from unclear sources such as suspect websites or unauthorised distributors. The initial cost of bearings should not be the overriding factor in a purchasing decision and businesses should consider the long-term reliability, safety, and legality of what they are buying. By sourcing products through an authorised distributor like Hayley Group, users protect themself from the risks posed by counterfeits. TIMES-CIRCLE

FEATURE Supply 26 Parts

The trends shaping the future of MRO spare parts Maintenance software specialist, Fiix, explores five emerging maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) spare parts trends that look set to impact maintenance.


dopting new technology is vital in industries like manufacturing, construction, and transportation, where the delivery of spare parts is crucial for uninterrupted operations. These technologies are critical for maintaining and repairing industrial equipment and machinery to keep these assets in good condition and prevent unplanned downtime. Keeping current with these trends is important because they increase efficiency, improve quality, reduce costs, and keep machines running. So what are the trends we are seeing and which are likely to shape the future of the MRO spare parts sector? Quarter 1 2024

INCREASED USE OF PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS Analytics removes any unpredictability or guessing when it comes to maintenance. That’s because the data used in analytics programs is based on real-time information, so you aren’t basing things like inventory levels on arbitrary quantities and numbers. It uses data and analytics tools to forecast equipment failure and determine when maintenance is required, making it easier to predict when and what type of spare parts to keep on hand. For example, a maintenance team can optimise a spare parts inventory by analysing data on equipment usage and failure rates using machine learning. The

machine learning tools can use this information to identify the types of failures and repairs that are most likely to occur on a piece of equipment. That information can then be used to plan what spare parts are needed in the future and ensure they’re always in stock. DIGITAL TWIN TECHNOLOGY A digital twin is a digital copy of any real-world process, system, or asset. Digital twins can replicate a process or part and be used for digital simulations and testing, so you can start solving your biggest maintenance challenges. Maintenance teams can use these tests to understand how different conditions and factors affect equipment performance, and

Parts Supply 27 how to plan for asset failure. For example, let’s say you run a digital twin simulation on a conveyor belt 100 times, using factors that could cause a potential breakdown of parts. The simulations showed for every ten simulations, three of them led to a need for repair and replacement of a conveyor belt part, and one out of every 70 simulations led to the conveyor belt needing to be completely replaced. This information is useful for spare parts inventory because it gives you a real-life threshold of how many, how often, and what parts you need to have on hand for each asset. ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION We hear how industries outside maintenance are taking advantage of AI and robotics, but we don’t often hear much about them changing maintenance. Spare parts distributors and large maintenance facilities use automation and robots to ease their labour requirements and improve order fulfilment accuracy. Manufacturers might want to consider installing robotic automation in their parts distribution warehouses as spare parts range in size and weight, and robots can help you do the heavy lifting, literally. CYBERSECURITY When we talk about cybersecurity and spare parts, we aren’t just talking about a hacker getting into the company email – we’re talking about the total protection of all digital assets, systems, and equipment from unauthorised access, theft, damage, and disruption. The increased adoption of digital technology across the maintenance industry has also made it vulnerable to cyberattacks that could result in significant costs, downtime, and damage. Luckily, most maintenance software comes with firewalls, encryption, access controls, and security measures to stop these attacks. Maintenance managers will want to train their employees to

recognise and report any suspicious activity and have a response plan in place. For example, let’s say you’re responsible for ordering parts from a supplier you have been using for years. One day, the ’supplier’ emails you about an outstanding bill. The email contains a link to a website that prompts you to fill out your company’s payment information. If you aren’t careful to verify the email address or the sender information, filling out that form could open you up to a cyberattack.

part from the manufacturer. This will lead to several reductions in cost, repair time, carrying costs, and an increase in service levels. Replacement components will be printed on-site in a fraction of the time it takes to order and ship the part from the manufacturer. 3D printing will be extremely valuable for remote locations that have to wait days for spare parts. There will come a time when every storeroom will have a 3D printer and access to a library of 3D plans to rapidly print the parts they need, when, and only when, they are necessary.

GROWTH OF 3D PRINTING 3D printing has come a long way. Today, it’s possible to build complex 3D components using various materials like plastic, cement, metal, and even fibreglass. Organisations across the manufacturing sector have taken note of the capabilities of using 3D printing and have even used it to produce things like bicycle frames, car parts, plastic containers, houses, and so many more things. Using a 3D image and a pattern, lasers fuse layers of a chosen material together. This technology is extremely valuable as parts can be printed as needed and in half the time it takes to order and ship the

THE FUTURE OF MRO SPARE PARTS These five trends are revolutionising the MRO spare parts industry, providing significant benefits to organisations that adopt them, such as reduced inventory carrying costs, time savings, and increased service levels. By leveraging these trends, organisations can ensure their maintenance teams are wellequipped to keep equipment running smoothly and efficiently. TIMES-CIRCLE

Replacement components will be printed on-site in a fraction of the time it takes to order and ship the part. Quarter 1 2024

FEATURE 28 Environment

Cleaning up energy production Methane flaring from oil and gas fields is a huge waste of energy and is clouding the reputation of an industry facing increasing challenges due to climate change. Renew finds out how a partnership, which includes sealing specialist AESSEAL, has come up with a solution that could solve the problem of flaring and venting from oil and gas fields and help clean up energy production.


he UK government plans to ban the venting and flaring of gases in oil and gas fields from 2030. And methane was one of the key issues on the negotiating table at the recent COP28 climate talks in Dubai. This renewed urgency for climate action has meant that AESSEAL and its partner, Torishima UK, have been working for several years to produce an engineering solution to venting and flaring that many experts have been sceptical could be produced to this tight timescale. The result of that joint design and manufacturing capability is EcoGuard, a highly engineered product ideal for retrofitting in the world's global oil and gas facilities. The solution is now at the prototype testing stage and will be ready to go to market in the first half of 2024 – six years before the deadline. EcoGuard seeks to eliminate or reduce intermittent and continuous emissions and could be retrofitted to oil and gas facilities worldwide. In simple terms, EcoGuard is a small but powerful booster pump that transports gas around a rig's compressor in a similar way to a central heating system circulating water around a house. The booster maintains the gas flow during intermittent shutdowns, an established practice that removes the need for deliberate emissions to prevent system contamination. In the inventive step, the booster also keeps the seal clean to stop leakage throughout continuous operation. A particular target is stopping methane emissions, a gas 80 times more damaging to the climate than CO2. What's the rush? Mark Wilson from the industry body Offshore Energies UK is quoted on Sky as

Quarter 1 2024

saying that retrofitting oil and gas installations "would be difficult within the timeframe we're looking at… It could also mean having to turn sites off." Others are suggesting that financial incentives may be necessary. However, since oil and gas are hugely profitable, many industry leaders now realise that the time has come for action. The EcoGuard project arises from a desire by AESSEAL's internal dry gas seal team to stop this environmentally damaging practice. The company has a patent pending, and chose pump expertsTorishima UK in Scotland as the perfect partner to manufacture the device. AESSEAL has calculated that approximately 424m³ of greenhouse gases, predominately methane, are currently released into the atmosphere during a single venting or blowdown of a gas compressor. A single peak load compressor may be shut down and restarted up to 40 times per year. Extrapolate this worldwide, and the urgency becomes clear. Scotland has close to 90% of UK oil and gas production. In 2019, over one billion cubic metres of gas was flared from Scottish facilities,

releasing 2.9 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, which was 21% of the total amount of CO2 released in Scotland. Not only is this damaging, but it is also incredibly wasteful. The gas flared off could have been used for heating and is equivalent to the total energy consumption of Glasgow. The project was undertaken as part of AESSEAL's 29by29 pledge to invest £29 million by 2029 in projects primarily aimed at improving the environment. Commenting on the development of EcoGuard, Chris Rea, Group Managing Director of the AESSEAL Group, said: "My interest is in the environment. AESSEAL does not make pumps, and the EcoGuard technology does not use seals, but I would like to turn off the industrial-scale bunsen burners that are destroying the planet for my grandchildren. I will give our competitors a royalty-free licence on a case-specific basis as the environment needs all the help it can get." TIMES-CIRCLE

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30 Circular Economy Focus

Repair in the Circular Economy Together, the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability and Delft University of Technology's faculty of Industrial Design Engineering have produced a whitepaper titled 'Repair in the Circular Economy: European Legislation, Product Design and Business Models'. The document delves into the role of repair in advancing a circular economy and explores the impact of forthcoming European legislation on the repair of consumer products and its implications for achieving a circular economy.

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There is also a focus on how businesses can integrate repair into their models, discussing the challenges and opportunities for companies in adopting repair as part of their operations. In the section titled 'Disassembly: an essential enabler for repair', the crucial role that the ease of disassembly plays in the repair process is emphasised. Bas Flipsen, a senior lecturer and researcher at TU Delft, who advocates for circular product design and develops tools to aid designers and engineers in creating products that are easier to disassemble, argues that no matter the strategy for achieving circularity, a product must be easy to disassemble. He introduces the concept of a Disassembly Map, which visually represents a product's architecture, highlighting design features that might impede repairability. The map also guides designers on how to make the components most likely to fail easily accessible, employing strategies like 'surfacing,' which brings parts closer to the surface to reduce the steps needed to reach them. This section also discusses how Disassembly Maps can influence product redesign to enhance repairability, such as merging non-essential components into a single module or reducing the number of fasteners used in fixing a component. Bas further introduces Hotspot Mapping, which aids designers in prioritising redesign efforts by considering the failure rates, functionality, environmental impact, and economic value of components. Overall, the section underscores the need for products to be designed with repairability in mind from the outset, stressing the importance of accessible components and the availability of spare parts and tools that make repair feasible and affordable. Later in the whitepaper, in a section titled 'Beyond repair: design strategies that extend the useful lifetime of products', Ruud Balkenende, a professor of Circular Product Design at TU Delft, stresses that the ultimate sustainability goal is to extend the

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longside insights from scientists from different fields, the 'Repair in the Circular Economy: European Legislation, Product Design and Business Models' whitepaper also includes interviews with entrepreneurs and managers and contributions from the Consumers' Association and Techniek Nederland. The trigger for the paper is a package of directives around consumer product repair that the European Commission is currently working on, including Right to Repair. The document looks at what can be done to make repairing attractive again. It asks whether the new Right to Repair and Ecodesign European directives will make a difference and explores the opportunities and challenges of repair from different angles. Ultimately, the paper concludes that, "Improving repairability requires an integrated design approach that includes the product, legislation, new business models and consumer education." Addressing various topics, the paper examines the EU's efforts since 2019 to promote a circular economy, focusing on laws to enhance product sustainability and repairability. It includes the revision of the Ecodesign Directive, consumer empowerment, and the Right to Repair. The document features contributions from professionals involved in repair practices, European Parliament members, and experts from education, industry, and advocacy organisations, offering a broad and practical perspective on repair. The challenges and opportunities in repair are also covered with insights into fields such as law, industrial ecology, business economics, design, and cultural history. While consumer behaviour, product design potentials and limits, legislation, systems approaches, and life cycle analyses are also discussed. The paper outlines recommendations for encouraging repair, including consumer education, infrastructure improvement, supporting local repair, and legislative changes to foster a repair culture.

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useful life of products emphasising the importance of designing products not only for repairability but for overall longevity. Ruud argues that this requires balancing the ability to repair with durability, which may involve difficult design decisions, such as choosing screws over glue to allow for easier disassembly at the risk of potentially compromising product reliability. Ruud points out that the design process must consider the entire product chain, including the availability of affordable spare parts, the infrastructure for repair, and the willingness of users to engage in repair activities. Highlighting that increasing repairability is not solely dependent on new technological innovations, he explains that design for repairability involves many non-technological aspects, and its societal impact may be limited if these are ignored. English and Dutch language versions of the whitepaper are available for download from the link below. TIMES-CIRCLE



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FEATURE Economy Focus 32 Circular

Building large electric motors into the circular economy David Bjerhag, Global Business Line Manager for Large Motors and Generators, ABB, explains how a circular approach has significantly reduced the CO2 impact of its large motors and generators, and how it can be further extended in the future.


nabling a low-carbon society is integral to the pursuit of sustainability. One crucial building block that will make a substantial impact is circularity, centred on creating a culture that preserves resources and eliminates waste. ABB is embedding circularity and sustainability across the value chain, which includes incorporating electric motors into the circular economy. The reason is that industrial motors currently use 45% of the world’s electricity. While efforts to improve efficiency have traditionally focused on smaller motors, the significance of large industrial motors cannot be overlooked. Even though ‘large’ electric motors, rated at greater than 375 kilowatts (kW), constitute less

Quarter 1 2024

than 1% of the total, they contribute to 23% of the global electricity consumption by motors. Studies indicate that for a 20-megawatt (MW) motor and drive package, over 99% of its total lifetime CO2 emissions are generated during operation only. Given the potential lifespan of large motors, which can be up to 25 years, optimising operational efficiency becomes crucial because the more energy is saved, the more significant the reduction in carbon emissions. Circular practices, in the context of electric motors, involve the ability to recycle old motors, condensers, or generators at the end of their lifespan. The drive for circularity began with small (low-voltage) motors, where ABB has been actively

helping customers replace old inefficient motors with new, highefficiency models. This initiative is now being extended to larger motors. As well as recycling old motors, the recycled materials should be incorporated into the building of new motors to complete the circle. CIRCULARITY IN ACTION ABB is partnering with Swedishbased Stena Recycling to allow customers to recycle their old motors. The partnership ensures that end-of-life motors and generators are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, using the extracted metals in new products made in Europe. The recycled motors are replaced with new and more energyefficient motors. > 34






34 Circular Economy Focus

ABB motors and generators are highly recyclable, with 98% of their materials able to be reused and the remaining 2% available for heat recovery through incineration. Customers benefit from a higher scrap value for ABB premium motors. They also receive a certificate of destruction declaring that the materials have been reused and no waste has been deposited, aligning with the sustainability goal of avoiding landfills. When Stena Recycling receives a motor, it extracts the copper and steel while the remaining cables are left. The insulation material, which accounts for only 1.5-2% and cannot be reused, is incinerated by a district power plant. The extracted copper is sent to a melting plant, where it is used to create a new batch of copper wire to be used in building new motors. The traceability and documentation behind the materials ensure the closure of the copper loop and support sustainable practices. REUSE RATIOS As a supplier, ABB aims to deliver the most sustainable products possible. For example, it has assessed the material used in a 20MW motor and observed that by using only virgin materials to build such a motor, the CO2 footprint would be approximately 61 tons. However, ABB has reduced this to 41 tons by incorporating recycled Quarter 1 2024

content, and the company believes there is potential for further reduction. It is crucial to ensure efficiency at every stage. To assess the environmental impact of a motor, ABB has conducted a life cycle assessment, taking into account all the units and components: Electrical steel, also known as transformer steel, which is used for the motor stator, has a surprisingly low recycling rate, but for good reason. Its intricate composition – involving precise alloying with silicon – makes it highly sensitive to contamination. Increasing the recycled content percentage much beyond 17% poses challenges as it becomes more prone to contamination and diminished silicon content. However, a recycling rate of 100% for the stator frame, rotor, and housing steel can still be achieved. Attention is still needed around copper. Due to higher demands on the material, recycled copper cannot currently be used for the rotor as it creates technical limitations. Nevertheless, ABB’s long-term goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the material used to produce a 20MW motor or generator from 61 to 29 tons.

THE IMPACT OF CO2 TODAY Many companies are moving in the right direction by increasingly focusing on serial production and working towards reducing their operational footprint. Still, when it comes to building new power plants or facilities, there are significant opportunities for optimising efficiency and reducing the CO2 footprint. The actual savings are locked up in the number of motors, compressors and turbines used in such a project. The solution lies in higher requirements in the future, such as minimum efficiency standards or environmental product declarations, which must include considerations for recycling and circularity. Pushing for these requirements is essential to drive progress in sustainability and establish circularity as the norm. A key step is improving recycling rates. This will entail implementing improved separation methods, raising awareness, encouraging responsible disposal, and even greater collaboration with suppliers. TIMES-CIRCLE

The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the material used in a 20MW motor from 61 to 29 tons.

Call for nominations now open... The AEMT is once again looking to recognise and reward the people, companies, projects and services that play a crucial role in ensuring our food production, utilities, manufacturing processes, transportation and other essential services are maintained and secured.


“MKE are delighted to be a part of this key annual event. The AEMTs commitment to celebrating success is a welcome entry in our calendar. This year was even more special as we were nominated for three categories and won one.”

Matt Savage MKE

“What a great evening. We were delighted to sponsor the ‘Rising Star’ category and meet the guys in person and we look forward to the 2024 awards and our continued support of the AEMT members.”

Scott Edwards TEC Motors

Thursday, November 21st 2024 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Coventry The awards are a global celebration of business and professional excellence. They recognise the achievements of both individuals and companies manufacturing, distributing, maintaining and repairing industrial machinery such as electric motors, drives, pumps, fans, gearboxes, generators, transformers, switchgear and ancillary equipment. There will be 9 categories to choose from including: Product of the Year, Project of the Year, Supplier of the Year, Service Centre of the Year, Diversity in Engineering, Contribution to Skills & Training, Sustainable Engineering, the Rising Star Award, and the AEMT’s Special Recognition Award. Make sure you enter now to be recognised as a leader in your industry.

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FEATURE 38 Opinion

Will WEG’s acquisition be a game changer? As reported in the last issue of Renew (quarter 4, 2023 - page 6), the world’s second-largest low-voltage AC motor manufacturer, WEG, has acquired the industrial electric motors and generators business from Regal Rexnord for $400m. Vanessa Lopez, Research Analyst at Interact Analysis, looks at the impact the move could have on the motor market.


EG’s acquisition includes most of Regal Rexnord’s Industrial Systems segment, which comprises the Marathon, Cemp and Rotor brands. While Regal Rexnord will continue to operate its commercial motor business, this move represents a significant divestiture from the low-voltage motor market by the company. Conversely, WEG, a company that has rapidly expanded its share within the lowvoltage motor market in recent years, will add hundreds of millions in revenue to its motor business through one of the most significant acquisitions the market has seen in a decade. Under this agreement, WEG will gain around 2,800 employees across ten factories in seven countries: Canada, China, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United States. In 2022, the estimated net operating revenue of the included businesses was $541m, with an adjusted EBITDA margin of 9.5%. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2024. Commenting on the acquisition, WEG’s President, Harry Schmelzer Jr., said: “The geographical distribution of these operations complements WEG’s current presence and will help achieve greater scale and cost efficiency as we integrate the new operations with the existing ones. With a long history in the market and a global presence, this acquisition will support the ongoing growth of the WEG Group in the industrial electric motors and generators markets through the incorporation of recognised brands and a product line that complements the Group’s current portfolio.” Since the merger of Regal Beloit and Rexnord in 2021, Regal Rexnord has struggled to maintain its competitiveness in the low-voltage motor market, losing market share every year since the merger’s announcement. To Regal’s competition, it quickly became clear that the new company Quarter 1 2024

was not interested in expanding its industrial motors business and was instead focused on building capabilities more aligned with segments like HVAC/R and material handling. This led to market share being taken by competitors and ultimately led to an underperforming business unit within Regal Rexnord. This underperformance is demonstrated by a sale price of just $400mn – a fire sale by all accounts. This would represent the second major acquisition by WEG for a price under the annual revenue of the entity being acquired. In 2022, WEG acquired Gefran’s motion control business for a price that was half of the entity’s annual revenue. Over the past few years, WEG has seen significant growth in its share of the lowvoltage AC market. According to Interact Analysis’ most recent low voltage AC motor market report, WEG has grown its share of the low voltage AC motor market by 2.5% since 2020 – a significant jump for such a large business. This rapid rise can be attributed to the company’s performance amidst post-pandemic supply chain constraints. While every motor vendor faced supply chain issues, WEG’s significant vertical integration allowed it to operate with shorter lead times. This led to WEG capturing market share from those who could not meet the lead-time demands of customers. This jump in market share has narrowed the gap between WEG and leading supplier ABB. Now, with the recent acquisition, WEG has the potential to become number one in the market within the next few years. Outside of the immediate addition to its revenue that WEG will see, this acquisition

also provides significant long-term opportunities. According to a statement given to Valor International by Alberto Kuba, the managing director of WEG’s Motor Business, the manufacturing plants acquired as part of this deal have the capability to operate at a much higher capacity. During a visit to the plants it was observed that they were only running at 50% of their capacity, with only one assembly shift. In contrast, WEG runs continuously at almost all of its plants. Kuba stated that the production volume could theoretically be doubled within the existing structure. There are concerns surrounding the possible challenges of integrating the acquired entity within WEG’s business. Regal Rexnord and WEG have historically been each other’s most significant competition, overlapping heavily in many of their target verticals. As a result of this rivalry, harmoniously merging two direct competitors will be more of a lengthy process than other acquisitions WEG has undertaken. However, regardless of the length of time taken to fully integrate the Regal Rexnord business with WEG, this acquisition can only expand WEG’s presence in the motor market. chevron-circle-right



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