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inside PEOPLE 07 Comment Editor, Gill Anderson discusses

lighting, and more…

09 News & diary News, appointments & diary dates for the months ahead

12 Interview – The accidental genius David Trubridge discusses ethical design

ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING 19 News 21 Eenie, meanie, miney, mo There’s a plethora of choice for domestic

lighting upgrades, so how do you decide? 26 Case study – Lightening the load Canary Wharf’s latest energy efficient premises

COMMERCIAL LIGHTING 35 News 39 Retail therapy Dramatic new lighting schemes to

massage the shopping gene 44 Case study – Sporty little number A lighting upgrade on a vast scale for Sports Direct

49 Opinion – Understanding legislation Havells’ David Neale updates Part L for the office lighting sector SPECIALIST LIGHTING 57 News 59 Off with his …lights How not to be left in the dark this winter

EVENT LIGHTING 67 News 69 Christmas cracker

London’s famous Christmas lightshow

73 Case study – Something for the weekend-ing? Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery

goes out with a bang

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An eye to the future

EyeNut is the new innovative wireless management solution that will revolutionise indoor lighting. Retrofit to existing indoor lighting systems Simplify complicated commissioning issues Ability to report and collect data on energy usage Intuitive user interface Multi-site control Integrate with building management systems Control and optimise lighting, saving energy and cutting CO2

Register now for the EyeNut experience |

Tel: +44 (0) 113 383 1000 | Email: |

Happy Christmas!

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By the time this issue of TL goes to press, our high streets, shopping centres, department stores and many homes and gardens will be suffused with the light of myriad twinkling lamps. Our village is lucky enough to have a long standing resident who believes in Christmas in a very big way - he stands in for Santa, delivering parcels bright and early on December 25 (but don’t tell the children!). He and his family decorate their house, garden, the telegraph pole and bus stop outside his drive, and anything else in the vicinity that happens to remain still for long enough with what must amount to millions of lights every Christmas. I suppose not everyone would deem it lucky - the visitors who come to gawp at the spectacle and abandon their cars all over the place; groups of small children standing in the road, spellbound at the sight; and worst of all, drivers who can’t believe their eyes, and completely forget to watch where they’re going as they pass the house – can all have a detrimental affect on local life and safety. However, it never fails to fill me with wonder than something as simple (and I use the word advisedly) as a lamp can be used to create such a fantastic extravagance for us all to enjoy. Long may he continue – although I do hope he’s moved to LEDs this year for the sake of his electricity bill! In this issue of TL, we’ve tried to remain unfazed by the seasonal hype as far as possible (did I just hear someone mutter ‘Humbug’?), assuming that you may already be on festive overload. Instead, we’re concentrating on the retail environment lit for the other eleven months of the year, developments for domestic interiors (no upside-down Christmas trees for small spaces), and an interview with someone I’d happily share the festive dinner table with – David Trubridge. He’s an ethical designer whose award-winning New Zealand-based company has taken the UK by storm after his involvement (and public ding-dong with Rodney Fitch) at Design Junction. This month, TL welcomes a new face - sales manager Damien Ward, who’s taking over from 1 December. Welcome aboard Damien. As we reach the end of another year, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s contributed to TL over the past twelve months. Without the willingness of our industry professionals to add to their already heavy workload in order to provide the case studies, comment and expert opinion we rely on, TL would be a much poorer read, so my personal thanks to you all – and remember the next deadline is looming! Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous 2014. Gill Anderson | editor

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Interiors UK 19-22 January 2014 NEC, Birmingham Ecobuild

4-6 March 2014 ExCeL, London

Søren Storm has joined Robe lighting’s executive management team as international business development manager. Storm’s experience includes 16 years with a lighting manufacturer, during which time he built an impeccable reputation for integrity, in the process becoming a well-known and well-liked personality within the industry. ‘We have been looking out for people who share our core values to recruit at executive level for some time,’ explained CEO Josef Valchar, ‘and when Søren became available, we absolutely jumped at the chance of having someone of his calibre to join us. His character, vast knowledge, outlook on life and business as well as the massive respect he commands industry-wide, is perfect for our team and our philosophies.’ As part of its drive to provide the best service to lighting designers, Black Light has appointed Martin Dean

to head up its project estimation team. Dean, who has previously worked in the company’s Installations team, brings his extensive practical experience and creative expertise to this new role. Black Light has created the new position as part of a push to strengthen the support it gives to architects and lighting designers. ‘We work in partnership with these professionals to develop solutions that deliver high visual impact and exhibit real creative flair,’ said head of business development, Phil Haldane. ‘A key part of this is providing credible cost-estimates underpinned by sound technical knowledge. Dean’s new posting will allow us to go even further in this direction than we already have, helping our architect and lighting designer clients to bring their projects to life using the best technology for the job.’

Telensa has appointed street lighting industry veteran, Keith Henry as business development manager for the UK. His role will focus on continuing the company’s growth in the UK market, providing a full pre-sales technical and sales support capability to customers. Henry joins Telensa having spent over twenty-five years in the street lighting industry. He has worked in both the private and public sector in a variety of roles covering all disciplines of exterior lighting including consultancy, design, sales and commissioning of projects.He is also the vice president -technical for the Institute of Lighting Professionals. Will Gibson, Telensa CEO commented: ‘While the UK is heading the world in adoption of smart street lighting, we are now seeing real activity in several other markets. So while Keith’s appointment

is focussed towards our core home market, it also demonstrates our confidence that now is the right time to grow our sales team overall, to help us extend further into the global market.’ Harvard Engineering has expanded into the Middle East with the appointment of Arsalan Bari as business development manager for the region. Bari will bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the role: most recently he was LED business development manager at Tridonic’s Middle Eastern office. Business development director, Michael McDonnell commented: ‘The appointment of Arsalan Bari as business development manager for the Middle East provides significant opportunities for Harvard. We are excited to move into this new market and look forward to seeing how it develops following our success in Europe, America and Australia.’

Running on adrenalin Cardiff-based Sedna LED recently got involved with a Government initiative to re-ignite the spirit of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in a mass participation event over the weekend of 4-6 October. Entitled Britain’s Personal Best, the event was about re-creating the sense of pride and accomplishment felt by Team GB. With the help of the Big Lottery Fund, the program asked organisations to get involved and set up challenges for employees to take part in, to make them feel good about achieving their own personal goals. Sedna LED decided it would pay entrance fees and purchase running shoes for willing employees, who wanted to enter the 2013 Cardiff half marathon.

Prolight+Sound 12-15 March 2014 Exhibition Centre, Frankfurt, Germany www.pls.messe Light+Building 30th March - 4th April 2014 Exhibition Centre, Frankfurt, Germany www.light-building. Hong Kong International Lighting Fair - Spring 6-9 April 2014 HK Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

A NEW BROOM ‘Local government upheavals have had a dramatic impact on the lighting engineering profession,’ said Mark Johnson, incoming president of the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) in his inaugural address. Speaking at the annual Professional Lighting Summit, he cited the fact that only 22 per cent of membership worked directly for local government, compared to 100 per cent when the institution was founded in 1924. ‘It was nevertheless important that ILP members now looked to the future,’ he added. ‘Those of us who have been members of the institution for many years may not agree with these changes, but there is little we can do to influence these developments. It is no good bemoaning the loss of status of the lighting function in the public realm. However, we can, and will continue to urge local authorities to employ competent lighting professionals.’ Johnson takes over from Peter Lummis as ILP president. Formerly a lighting engineer at Devon County Council, he is currently HEA compliance team leader at Skanska UK.

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THE A C C I DE N T A L GENIUS This month’s interview is with David Trubridge, the extremely talented designer of everything from boats to - you guessed it – lighting December 2013 • 12

25/11/2013 17:28


David Trubridge is the sort of person you’d want to sit next to at a dinner party. The man has tried his hand at it all: from a university degree in boat design to his life and work in New Zealand - via forestry in the wilds of Northumberland, taking his young family on an open-ended yacht adventure, working in the Caribbean and designing everything from furniture to homes along the way. Wouldn’t he be great to discuss life with? As luck would have it, Trubridge has turned his hand to designing lighting since his move to New Zealand, making a great reason to settle down for a chat...

Q&A Can you tell us a little about David Trubridge, the company you founded in Hawkes Bay?

We lived on our yacht for most of ten years, and I really missed the wide horizons of the open sea

We are a company that has grown out of my small design studio/maker practice, and which carries many of the values and care of such a craft operation. We produce mostly contemporary light shades and some furniture. The company is made up of two parts, which occupy the same custom-made building: the design studio, which I run, and the production facility. The design studio creates new designs for us and also does commission work, either as large one-off installations, or as designs for other companies to produce, such as furniture, carpets and fabrics. All the designers in my team have spent time in production and still move freely between the two. This is really important, as I don’t think you can design what you can’t make. We all share the same concern for our effect on the environment, and are always trying to improve our performance. We also have our own graphics team of two where we do all our brochures, newsletters, publicity and website design in house, and I believe this works better for us as only we really know intimately what we want to say. We now have an extensive network of distributors selling our lighting in most developed countries. The latest is our UK agent, Holloways of Ludlow.

You studied boat design at university but then went on design furniture and homes before lighting. Did you ever work designing boats, or did your early success with furniture take over? No I didn’t design any boats after university, but a small boat design remains something I would still like to do one day! Instead, when I graduated I chose a lifestyle option and bought an old stone cottage to renovate. Having purchased some machinery to make doors and windows, it was a natural progression to making furniture.

You undertook what sounds like a fantastic adventure with your family when you sold up and headed off round the world on your yacht, Hornpipe. Did you find it difficult to settle back into a life on land? Yes, definitely! We lived on our yacht for most of ten years, and I really missed the wide horizons of the open sea. But on the other hand, the heavy

December 2013 • 13

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Trubridge’s Geode Fire

demands of maintaining a relatively old steel hull were getting on top of us, and we were glad to trade that for more space on land in which to be creative.

Your furniture designs grace embassies, museums, private residences and galleries around the world, and you’ve even designed your own home. So what made you turn your attention to lighting? Like everything I do, it did not come out of a business plan - rather it was more of an accident. I had some spare time whilst overseas teaching and decided to play with some polyhedra structures, just for fun. Then I thought, what if I put a light bulb in this... and the Coral light was born!

So what was the first commercially available fitting you created? That was the Coral light in 2003, though it took a couple of years to fully resolve the design into its current commercial state.

How difficult was it to learn about the technical aspects of lighting? Did you start with the look of the finished fitting or with the light source? There sure is a lot to learn, and we are still learning all the time! But I rather slipped in at the easy end with all the decorative pendant lights like Coral, where there is

As designers, we have to lead the industry, because we are the ones who carry the responsibility for what we specify in the design

just a bulb hanging in the centre. And yes, I am much more interested in the look, or the sculptural and emotional aspect, which always comes first with me. Then we go looking for the best light source.

Do you have a favourite light source that you would try to use in preference to any other, or do you believe that different sources are better for different applications? In general, we prefer LEDs just because they are energy efficient and long lasting, so we try to work with these wherever we can. But they are not always the most suitable, and so sometimes the application or client has other requirements.

Is it possible to incorporate sustainable materials into mass-market fittings? Of course it is! I believe that any designer who doesn’t try to do this is being irresponsible. Naturally it is not always possible, but we have to do the best we can. The problem is that price is too often the overriding criterion at the expense of the environment, but more and more, that kind of thinking is looking like a dinosaur. As designers, we have to lead the industry, because we are the ones who carry the responsibility for what we specify in the design.

You’ve been honoured with many awards during your career. Is there one that stands out – and why that particular one? In my own country, I was given the John Britten Award for a lifetime achievement by the Designers Institute of New Zealand, which is the highest accolade a designer can receive here, and it is from my peers.

You recently received the Lighting Award at Dwell for Manuka. Can you tell us a little about the fitting, which I believe is named after a tree indigenous to New Zealand? This is an exciting new direction for us, where we have moved away from the traditional shade surrounding a single

hanging central bulb, and embedded the LED light sources in the structure of the light itself. It is a far better use of the properties of the LED, and it also casts the most amazing shadows. Who needs wallpaper? I intend to design more lights like this.

Can you give us an insight into a normal working day? Over the last six months, I have been travelling a lot, so there was no normal day. But when I am in the office, I am working with my team of designers in our studio on a number of projects that require regular discussions. And of course there is always a lot of email communication, which often extends late into the evening because of the different time zones we operate in. We always share meals together, and on Fridays I buy lunch for everybody from a local delicatessen. My favourite moment is my morning (and only!) cup of coffee, when I like to sit and doodle with ideas if it is not too busy.

From Northumberland, via the Caribbean and Pacific, to Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, where your company is located, is quite a trip. What is it about Hawkes Bay that drew you to move there? Do you plan to stay or do you suffer from eternal wanderlust? We did not set out to move to Hawkes Bay, we just left Britain on an open-ended adventure with no idea where it would lead. Initially we did not like New Zealand very much, but over time we came to meet each other and now we love it. We lived in the Bay of Islands in the far north for six years before heading south to Napier, where I was offered a residency at an art and design school. After a year there we realised that we needed to settle down for the high schooling of our children, and just decided to stay in Hawke’s Bay, which has a good lifestyle. I am very happy here and we have no plans to move. I think we worked out the

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Left: Squirt Bottom: Wing Right: Coral Red

wanderlust in our sailing trip, though of course I do travel a lot for business. But it always brings me back home, which I now appreciate even more after the big international cities.

You were recently invited to take part in seminars at Design Junction. Can you tell us a little about what was involved? There we two: one on emotion in lighting, which is obviously a key element of our lights, and one on luxury. The second was quite a feisty debate where I pushed a strong moral agenda, saying that luxury gained at the expense of someone else is indefensible, and that in today’s world we need a new definition. But Rodney Fitch did try to defend it, calling me a “silver spoon socialist”! He sounded like a “one per cent American Republican”, indifferent to the moral outrage from the majority!

What do you believe is the most important element of good lighting design? The most important element of any design is responsibility. The designer is solely responsible for the materials and process he/she specifies, especially for the effects on the environment and on other people.

Who do you admire in the lighting design world – and why? Ingo Maurer - most of all because he is both an artist and a technician. I particularly love his lamps with paper notes or sketches pinned on the end of metal rods.

What is your feeling on the UK’s current crop of young lighting design talent? Do they get enough support from the industry to allow them to become successful? What more could be done?

I think we have to find a sustainable future for all design, because otherwise there is no happy future!

I am worried by a trend in British design in general towards the clever gimmick. It is a way of seeking attention but has no lasting design value or significance. You only laugh at a one-liner joke once. It is in some way related to the celebrity cult of design, which places less emphasis on the integrity of the object and designer. I would like to see more really well considered designs that come from, and appeal to, the heart not the head. I don’t know enough about the support they may get, but usually there is never enough!

hope they do from me. Last week I was teaching at Parsons New School in New York for a few days, and lighting featured a lot, but I haven’t worked specifically with lighting students.

Do you envisage a sustainable future for the lighting industry? How can we improve manufacturing methods to work toward it? I think we have to find a sustainable future for all design, because otherwise there is no happy future! And yes I do believe we can do it, and lighting is doing well with the major shift towards LEDs we are seeing.

You’ve recently appointed Holloways of Ludlow as UK agent for your designs. Can you tell us a little about your decision? We want to expand the UK market and were looking to find the right company to work with. We are doing well in Europe and are confident that our appointed UK agent, Holloways of Ludlow can develop the David Trubridge brand in this marketplace. It was good to get to know the team at the DesignJunction event where we showcased a range of new and existing lighting designs to British and international design visitors.

What’s next on your ‘to-do’ list? Right now, it is to go home and have some relaxing time by the beach after the last busy four weeks of travel. Then we will start planning what shows we will be doing next year, and what new products we need for them. I am keen to continue with the ideas in the Manuka light. And we are working on some acoustic products because suddenly (at last!), we are realising that too many of our buildings are appallingly badly designed acoustically.

You’ve worked with students at Vitra. It must be very satisfying to help the next generation of designers. Do you work with lighting students too? I taught a few times at the Vitra Design Museum summer school in France, which is a wonderful place. Yes I do enjoy working with new generations, and I am sure I get as much out of their enthusiasm as I

Contact David Trubridge Holloways of Ludlow

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Mini Hubble Optics


Modular Optic Family Carclo Optics extends it’s freeform optics range with the new Mini Hubble Series. Available in single and cluster configurations. There is now a free form optic to suit your requirements whatever they may be. The range conforms to numerous standards including US Type I - V and European ME.

Clusters 3 x 1 | 3 x 2 | 2 x 2

Mini Hubble features: • • • •

Customisable fixing locations available Location Pins M3 Screw Holes Recess for glue or tape

Product Release

Available August 2013

Please see for more information or contact us directly.


01753 575 011

27/06/2013 15:39


highlight FUNDING THE FUTURE EMSc (UK) has announced it has £50m funding available for administration to public and private sector companies wishing to invest in implementing specific energy saving technologies. The funds have been made available for EMSc to administer to companies implementing efficient, effective and reliable technologies that can deliver a return on investment within a five-year period. The interest-free funds are only available for the top three technologies, proven to provide the highest energy savings and payback, as identified in reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and St Georges University - voltage optimisation, LED lighting and variable speed drives (VSD’s). Applications for funding can be made through EMSc (UK) Ltd until 31 December 2013, and will be subject to status and approval. ZHAGA SPECC’D To address the lack of standards to ensure compatibility between dimmable LED light engines (LLEs) and phase-cut dimming controls, US-based National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published a new standard, NEMA SSL 7A-2013, entitled Phase-Cut Dimming for Solid-State Lighting: Basic Compatibility. ‘NEMA is committed to international collaboration and standardisation,’ said Evan Gaddis, president and CEO of NEMA. ‘The ability to reduce manufacturer burden and have consistent requirements across the globe is essential.’ SSL 7A was developed in close cooperation with the Zhaga Consortium; the Standard is already referenced in several Zhaga specifications or ‘Books’. ‘Standardised compatibility between LLEs and controls is essential,’ said Ethan Biery, design and development leader with Lutron Electronics. ‘However, the development of such a Standard is outside Zhaga’s scope. Therefore, Zhaga was very pleased to work with NEMA on the development of SSL 7A, and congratulates NEMA on the successful publication of this Standard.’

LED LIGHTING CONTROL APPS Available as free downloads on App Store and Google Play, Moodifier’s latest smartphone apps (https://itunes. and com/store/apps/details?id have all the features needed to control, monitor and schedule LED lighting. They are designed to make it easy for anyone to create their own scenes by simply dragging light intensity sliders with their fingers. With full control of both light intensity and color temperature, it is fun and easy to create perfect light scenes for any occasion. ‘Although Moodifier lighting control has been available on smartphones through the web interface, these standalone lighting control apps are natural steps for us to provide improved lighting control on handheld devices,’ explained CTO, Anders Andersson. Moodifier is a privately owned company that specialises in network connected smart LED lighting control for the European and global residential markets.

HERE’S THE NEWS – AND IT’S GOOD A report on the UK lighting market from MTW Research forecasts increasingly buoyant growth in 2014 as LED lighting is set to generate sales in excess of £700m in the next four years. With real term growth returning to the overall lighting market in the next 12-18 months, MTW’s report identifies a number of key opportunities for lighting suppliers to grow sales as the UK economy returns to growth. Overall, sales in the UK market are set to return to pre-recession levels by 2015, with LED lighting sales growing by more than 85 per cent. Based on data from 350 lighting manufacturers and retailers, the report presents a broadly positive forecast for the majority of key product sectors within the lamps and luminaires market. However, developments in optoelectronics and diode technology continue to result in LED lighting gaining share from other lighting product sectors, representing a fundamental shift in the market. MTW’s director, Mark Waddy said: ‘The traditional hierarchy of the market continues to be challenged by the semi conductor industry, who have consistently gained share of the UK lighting market in recent years. This trend is set to continue as Haitz’s law becomes increasingly relevant, with greater efficacy levels and lower costs in LED lighting enhancing both product and market development opportunities.’ While the report highlights opportunities, MTW sound a note of caution by identifying several key threats to the industry, likely to dampen value growth in 2014 and beyond, including the continued incidence of counterfeit products entering the UK market, particularly LED modules, which restricts value and volume growth and erodes end user confidence in the technology. While there has been a growing impetus to combat plagiarism by many UK lighting suppliers, the growth in drop shipping and Internet selling continues to facilitate this activity.

Blanket UL approval for light engines Harvard Engineering has received blanket UL safety approval for any LED light engine, which means Harvard and it’s customers will no longer have to go though the UL certification process for each new LED light engine developed, resulting in new products arriving to market much more quickly. Antony Corrie, VP of Harvard Engineering Americas, commented: ‘We are delighted to have received this approval, which will allow us deliver market leading tailored solutions to customers across the Americas. Being able to market with automatic UL approval is a significant advantage for our customers.’

December 2013 • 19

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Eenie, meanie, miney, mo... With all that a proficient LD has to know to do his job, how on earth can domestic users and installers be expected to make the right choice when upgrading their lighting? Above: Sensio angled aluminium profile for kitchen task lighting 21


am full of admiration for lighting designers; they have to know so much before embarking on a project – and the goalposts are about as static as a ship in a gale, so imagine the problems faced by the homeowner who wants to improve or upgrade the lighting in his three-bed semi. He generally can’t afford the services of an LD, so has no option but to go it alone – and hope he’s making the right choices. Any assistance that us mere mortals can get is very welcome, and in the US, homeowners and domestic lighting installers are receiving help choosing the correct light source, fixture and control system in order to maximise energy savings, calculate on-going costs and achieve specific effects within the home.

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) in Troy, New York, has launched an interactive website to help users navigate the increasing number of options open to them when lighting their homes. Site visitors can learn how to upgrade incandescent lamps to newer technologies, increase energy efficiency in the home, and even get tips to help seniors see better, avoid falls and sleep better, including ways to avoid shadows and glare with lighting. ‘This groundbreaking tool demonstrates the innovation that is driving development of New York State’s clean energy economy under Governor Cuomo,’ enthused Francis J. Murray, Jr, president and CEO of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

December 2013 •

26/11/2013 10:13

Top: Sensio recessed aluminium profile. Above: Sensio Continuum worktop profile. Above right: Taptile lighting controls

(NYSERDA), which funded the project. ‘The LRC has once again proven itself to be a leader in the energy efficient lighting industry. This site is a great resource for all New Yorkers who want to learn how to reduce their energy costs through lighting measures.’ So, assuming we’ve had a sneaky online peek at the US’ advice, what’s on offer for us Brits then? FRO M LI T T LE AC O RNS

For all the grazers out there, a simple, quick and effective way to reduce lighting energy usage in the home is to fit LED lamps in fridges. ‘Conventional fluorescent lamps are typically used to light fridges, yet the irony is they do not operate very well in cold conditions which reduces their output and lifespan,’ explained Kerry Sheehan, managing director of MITIE’s lighting business. ‘By replacing the fluorescent lamps with

LEDs, which operate and perform very well in the cold, a 50 per cent reduction in energy consumption can be achieved and the lamps lifespan will be around 40,000 hours,’ he confirmed. Sounds simple, but after a quick check online, I couldn’t find a single fridge with LED lighting, so why aren’t manufacturers taking notice, I wonder? For anyone planning more than a quick makeover, Sensio has some interesting options for the ‘heart of the home’, with its Integrated Solutions range - starting with an LED recessed aluminium profile that can be fitted under cabinets to illuminate worktops, or even installed in a larder or cupboard with a motion sensor to come on each time the door is opened. The strip light is available in cool- and warm white as a standard LED or HD LED version. For the adventurous, an RGB LED version is also available, which has seven pre-set colours. My particular favourite

is Continuum Worktop Profile, a diffused LED strip, which is designed to fit beneath the worktop and create mood lighting for say, an island unit or breakfast bar. ‘Lighting can work to significantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a kitchen and so should always be considered in the initial stages of the design process,’ believes Michael Linsky, MD of Sensio. ‘Something often overlooked when it comes to kitchen lighting is colour temperature. LED lighting is available in two colour temperatures, warm white or cool white. Selecting the correct temperature of lighting during the design process will result in lighting which complements the materials, colours and textures in the kitchen. Contemporarystyle kitchens will benefit from cool white lighting, whereas warm white lighting is best for a traditional-style kitchen,’ he explained.

December 2013 • 22

26/11/2013 10:13


This site is a great resource for all New Yorkers who want to learn how to reduce their energy costs through lighting measures Suitable for either kitchen or bathroom installation, Taptile has come up with a really innovative idea that I would personally sell my soul for. The touch sensitive lighting system can control up to three dimmable or non-dimmable lighting circuits. So, for example, the bathroom’s general lighting, feature lighting – such as in the showering area – and accent lighting, can all be dimmed and switched on or off as needed, saving energy. Affordable and straightforward to install, the system comprises a very thin (8mm) panel, which is fitted behind wall tiling. The panel’s touch sensitive ‘keys’ can be etched onto covering tiles using a special kit, or customised ‘keys’ can be created – possibly in the form of tiny mosaics, pebbles or shells. And joy of joys, no complicated, destructive or expensive wiring is required as the system is wireless, and Taptile can even be retrofitted to control existing

lighting. Each system is completely sealed and, importantly, waterproof – so it can be fitted adjacent to a bath or sink without the worry of water ingress. LEDS RULE

LED replacement lamps are an ideal way to reduce the cost of track-mounted and recessed spots – providing of course, the homeowner knows the difference between a cheap import and a quality product that will provide the light levels needed for the space – after all, nobody wants macerated fingertips, do they? We’re all getting used to LED bulbs – well, we had to as soon as the underthe-stairs stock of incandescent bulbs ran out and we discovered there were no longer any in the shops, didn’t we? However, in this instance too, the quality is all-important to avoid the ‘cave look’ I remember from my first adventure with LED replacement lamps – and it isn’t

necessarily dependent on price now. For instance, Osram’s LED Star Classic A40 lamp sells in B&Q for under £10, while its 60-watt big brother is only £5 more. The company has plans to bring out a 60-watt dimmable version very soon that should retail at under £17. Rune Marki, Osram UK managing director believes the company can help householders make savings: ‘We are really pleased to meet the high demand for a bulb that’s the closest alternative to the old incandescent light bulbs. We are always looking for ways to help householders make savings without sacrificing light quality and this product hits that perfectly.’ Another trusted name for consumers, Toshiba too has created its own range of domestic LED replacement lamps. Six LED lamps that the company believes will cater for all the lighting needs of the home - whether general, atmospheric,

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spotlighting, or directed accent lighting are now available. Noel Marciniak, product marketing director at Toshiba Lighting Europe, explained: ‘We are determined to innovate to create a catch-all, simple, easy, efficient, high quality and long lasting solution for the household lighting needs of the citizens. The total LED lamp and fixture range illustrates our global product strategy to cater for both the professional and consumer markets.’ Toshiba hopes that its LED consumer range will provide individual lighting for all situations, and the retrofit solution means that switching to energy-efficient lighting will be within everyone’s grasp. The high quality LED lamps are expected to reduce energy consumption on lighting up to 89 per cent – making householders very happy people. Similar LED replacement ranges have been produced by a number of mid- to large companies in the UK, including Scolmore, which has added to its Energetic low energy SMD LED lighting range with the 12W dimmable SMD LED lamp– a direct replacement for its 60W incandescent counterpart. Offering 806 lumens, excellent colour rendering and up to 40,000 hours lamp life, it offers superior performance with lower energy consumption and minimal radiated heat output. The 7.5W dimmable version provides a low energy alternative to the 40-watt incandescent. It offers 470 lumens, 40,000 hours lamp life and low energy qualities. According to the company, new generation SMD’s enable manufacturers to produce lamps that offer a better quality light output, are more affordable and continue to offer the significant energy savings associated with LED technology, which, with the latest round of energy price increases just announced, all sounds exactly what the average householder needs to hear.

Contact MITIE Osram Sensio Toshiba Taptile Scolmore MK Electric

Clean lines with Taptile in-tile controls

Z-Wave RF communications technology allows connection with other products, such as alarms and blinds, to create an integrated system A four-bedroomed family home in Southampton recently underwent an extensive build and renovation project, expanding the living space to number 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms over four floors, as well as five large living rooms, a cinema, games room, gym and indoor pool. An extension of this size presents a wiring – and energy saving – conundrum. When Mervyn Homer, MK project manager, was approached to suggest solutions, MK Astral advanced wireless lighting system proved to be a clear winner. The flexibility of the system enabled Homer to build the system room by room, with the ability to add or remove switches and dimmers as the project progressed. He said: ‘The main challenge was always going to be the size of the property and ensuring that the Z-wave signal – used to communicate between the switches – could be transmitted across the whole house. With every switch and dimmer being a transceiver, the communication between devices was no issue, and detailed checks at each stage confirmed this.’ Z-Wave RF communications technology allows

connection with other products, such as alarms and blinds to create an integrated system. Together with energy savings, ease of installation and control were key elements for this project. MK Astral runs on conventional wiring so electricians don’t need to learn new skills to install the system. Programming and on-going management of the system is also easy; with a simple remote control, the homeowner can easily change lighting groups and scenes. Homer added: ‘Often the selling point for the customer is the ease of control, but the biggest benefits are actually energy savings and lower electricity bills. ‘By being able to control whole areas of the house with one switch, and by using timers to ensure lights are automatically turned off when appropriate, the savings can be much higher than expected.’

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Reducing carbon and energy consumption for the City’s Citigroup ED light fittings and lighting controls from Philips are helping Citi to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions at its EMEA headquarters Citigroup Centre in Canary Wharf, London. Citigroup Centre consists of two merged buildings – 33 Canada Square (CGC1) and 25 Canada Square (CGC2) – and accommodates the majority of Citi’s UKbased employees. The company has a strong sustainability policy, which includes a commitment to achieve a 20 per cent increase in energy efficiency by 2015, compared to 2005 levels. As lighting is estimated to account for 20-25 per cent of the company’s energy consumption, this was clearly an area to be investigated.


‘We were keen to evaluate the potential for LED lighting and decided to try out a relatively small project initially, with a view to measuring the savings and potentially rolling out LEDs throughout the building,’ explained Les Smith, Citi’s EMEA critical facilities engineering manager. ‘It became apparent that improving the control of the lighting would help to reduce energy consumption even further, so the Philips LightMaster system was included in the project.’ COUN TIN G TH E SAV IN GS

Overall, the combination of LED lighting and installation of lighting controls has delivered energy savings of around 45 per cent compared to the previous lighting. The initial project has focused on levels 6 and 7 of CGC1, and includes several

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SPECIFY WITH CONFIDENCE Specify John Cullen’s new generation of energy efficient solutions with confidence. Utilising our in-house designed LED engines, you can be assured of complete colour consitency as all products are labelled with the exact bin and grouped accordingly when despatched. Open your eyes to our full range of energy efficient products by looking at our website, visiting our London showroom or calling 020 7371 9000 for sales or technical enquiries. POLESPRING LED






elements. Early on, existing fluorescent luminaires at the perimeters of these levels were replaced with dimmable LED luminaires, using a modified fitting for ease of installation into the existing ceiling grid. These luminaires are dimmed in relation to natural daylight, maintaining design illuminance levels with minimum energy consumption. ‘Daylight influences around a third of each floor, so the impact on energy consumption is significant,’ continued Smith. Upgrading the perimeter lighting was a clear demonstration of the benefits of LED lighting. Energy modelling by Philips indicated that further savings would be achieved by upgrading the lighting in the main body of each floor. To that end, Philips designed a bespoke LED luminaire that would fit the existing multi-service ceiling tile system and facilitate installation. Initially the bespoke luminaires were tested in a small trial area and were then fitted throughout the two levels. These luminaires are also linked to the LightMaster lighting control system and controlled in relation to occupancy. ‘We had some occupancy control of the lighting already, but the zones were so large that, essentially, as soon as someone had walked through the space in the morning the lighting stayed on all day,’ explained Smith. ‘The new control system provides us with more precise zoning, so that only occupied areas are lit. The dimming functionality also enables us to adjust lighting levels within the zones to suit the preferences of the people working in those spaces.’ M I N I M I S I NG DI S RUPT I O N

A key requirement of the project was that it could be carried out with minimum disruption to staff working on these levels. ‘Naturally, there is a cost involved with moving staff, furniture and computers, so avoiding this helped the financial viability of the project,’ said Smith. The customised fittings developed by Philips meant that there was no need to alter the existing ceiling grids, which would have been disruptive and also had a significant impact on the budget. As a result, capital costs were lower and installation time was reduced so the work could be completed outside normal working hours.

The new control system provides us with more precise zoning, so that only occupied areas are lit LO WER COST OF OW N ERSH IP


The replacement of the existing fluorescent lighting with LED light sources has provided an immediate reduction in installed electrical load. Further savings in energy consumption are being achieved by the use of dimming through the LightMaster system. In designing the system, a maintenance factor of 0.8 was used, which means that the luminaires can be dimmed to 20 per cent to achieve the stated maintained illuminance level of 495 lux. However, the required illuminance is only 400 lux, so in reality the lighting can be dimmed by a further 19 per cent while maintaining a high quality lit environment. This serves to reduce the installed load to 29.56kW (compared to the previous 53.85kW), providing overall energy savings of 45 per cent in night conditions. In addition, daylight harvesting at the outer rows of luminaires can provide a further 36 per cent energy reduction for lighting at the perimeter, while occupancy control will add to the savings (these haven’t been measured yet). A further benefit of the LED lighting is the long life of the lamps, so that maintenance costs will also be reduced. When the financial benefits of enhanced capital allowances are combined with the energy and maintenance cost savings, Citigroup expects to see a return on its investment within around 3.5 years.

While CGC1 is occupied wholly by Citi, part of CGC2 is leased to other organisations. Citi decided to fit one level of CGC2 with Philips LED lighting and controls to offer better value for tenants. This may also be offered as an option for any new tenants taking space in CGC2. Citi was one of the early users of Philips’ LEDs, which were first used to solve lamp replacement issues in the illuminated CITI sign mounted high on the building. In making use of this latest generation of LED lighting and lighting controls, Citi has been able to maintain a high quality lit environment for its staff while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. In piloting the LED and control combination, the company now has a proven solution that has the potential to deliver significant savings in energy consumption across its portfolio.

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IST Ltd +44 (0)1922 457712 | The latest addition to IST Ltd’s world-wide patented centralised LED driver portfolio is the iDrive® Thor 36, a 36-channel, high power (2kW) LED driver for constant voltage applications. Ideally suited to TV and film applications, the Thor 36 boasts high frequency, high resolution outputs, which can be dynamically programmed between 250Hz and 15kHz. The Thor 36 is compatible with a wide range of embedded dimming protocols, including DMX, RDM, DALI, DSI, Art-Net 3, KiNet and Ethernet, with the functionality to dim in 8-bit or 16-bit mode, providing unprecedented accuracy for dimming and colour control.

Verbatim 01784 439781 | Verbatim’s diamond cut optics reduce glare, stray light and hotspots in LED spotlights London – 29 October 2013: In its efforts to constantly improve product performance, Verbatim has introduced the latest optical technology to a new range of high performance LED spotlights to better control beam patterns. Two new series of Verbatim LED spotlights – PAR16 GU10s and MR16 GU5.3s – employ single focus diamond cut lenses to mimic the warmth and dimming characteristics of halogen lamps that lighting professionals demand along with exceptional beam management and high brightness. Diamond cutting is used to achieve precision-finished optical surfaces that allow light to be dispersed in a defined manner, avoiding the glare, stray light and hotspots associated with many competing products. A family of three 7.3W PAR16 GU10 spotlights offer various lumen and colour temperature options, all at very high efficacy levels. Delivering 390lm, 420lm or 440lm (equivalent to 60W or greater), the LED lamps all offer a 36° beam angle and produce a corresponding luminous intensity of 720cd, 800cd and 830cd at colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K respectively. The lamps have a lifetime over 35,000 hours and offer improved compatibility to dimming controllers.

Hacel 0191 2809940 | New Wallwasher LED from Hacel. Continuing to develop their innovative LED range, the ultra slim Wallwasher LED by Hacel combines high output, exceptional photometric performance, energy efficiency and longevity. The extruded aluminium ‘drop down’ asymmetric design with a recessing depth of only 31mm, delivers lighting directly into the wall and ceiling junction making it eminently suited to wall display illumination in retail applications. Designed for 15mm and 25mm T grid ceilings with complementary versions for recessed and surface applications, the Wallwasher LED hosts a choice of gear types adding to the luminaires versatility and is available in Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K) and Cool White (5000K) versions.

Illuma +44 (0)1332 818200 | 8000lm Floodline to provide high energy efficiency, with maximum output. Illuma continues to develop their class-leading range of innovative LED luminaries with the new 8000lm Floodline HO LED. This high output Floodline is to be showcased alongside many of Illuma’s latest products launching for the first time at LuxLive 2013. Stand D1, Earls Court, London, Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st November. This new unique LED solution embraces within one light source, 2x 4000lm boards, resulting in providing excellent colour rending and consistency. Illuma’s Floodline luminaries have been designed specifically for energy-efficient lighting and are ideal for the even illumination of perimeter walls, and for washing displays with light. The Floodline HO LED rotates through 90⁰ to the vertical and incorporates a wide uniformed beam for optimum light output. The complete Floodline range is available in 5 lumen packages; 2,200, 3,300, 4,000, 4,400 and now 8,000 lumens. These are all supported by Illuma’s renowned 5 year guarantee. For more information visit

Ridi Lighting UK 01279 450882 | A new LED gear tray, LINIA FLAT, has been added to RIDI Lighting’s LINIA continuous lighting range. Made from aluminium with varying linear prismatic optical controllers, the gear tray can accommodate LED linear modules and is simple to install into new and existing systems. This allows an existing LINIA system to be upgraded to LED (from fluorescent) without having to exchange the LINIA trunking. The slim-line LINIA FLAT design is available in either a single or twin variation and is suitable for structures where ceiling space is limited or where lighting needs to blend with minimal design scheme. As well as looking good, LINIA FLAT includes a flexible end cap with seal and is IP54 protection rated making it ideal for industrial applications. LINIA FLAT can be adapted to suit any application and mounting height. Integrated prismatic lenses produce five different light distribution modes from: narrow beam, wide beam, extreme narrow beam, double asymmetrical and asymmetrical.

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LED dimming made beautiful

30W SOLOdrive eldoLED’s newest LED driver range that ensures the smoothest, programmable dimming performance for 0-10V or DALI based (downlight) applications. The LEDcode functionality lets you program SOLOdrive and makes your application future-proof. In addition, the LEDcode interface allows easy integration of sensors. The independent housing can be turned into a smaller, dependent housing by removing the end caps and driver ends. Visit us at LuxLive 2013, booth E36! More information:



Sylvania Fixtures +44 (0)870 606 2030 | Sylvania launches Rubico range Sylvania is proud to announce the new Rubico range of office lighting products. Rubico provides a range of cost effective, easy-to-install and efficient direct / indirect office luminaires. The easy-to-install luminaire comes supplied with Sylvania T5 fluorescent lamps and achieves 89% LOR using the Rubico Louvre with satin wings 2 x 24W lamp package. A shallow mounting depth of just 75mm minimises intrusion into ceiling cavities and allows for simple and cost-effective installation, whatever the project. Rubico is part of Havells Sylvania’s Everyday campaign, a new initiative designed to make specification and installation of Lumiance and Sylvania products even easier. For more information on Rubico or the Everyday campaign, visit

Verbatim 01784 439781 | Verbatim launches Natural Vision VxRGB LED lamps that mimic candle flames London – 20 November 2013: Verbatim announces the launch of its ground-breaking Natural Vision VxRGB™ technology, available as realistic candle (Classic B) and MR16 retrofit LED lamps. The products are being launched at Lux Live – one of Europe’s key lighting trade shows held in London, opening today. Using proprietary VxRGB technology developed by Verbatim’s parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, True Candlelight LED lamps allow users to experience the warmth and ambience of candlelight. Delivering 1900K colour temperature, the white light spectrum and intensity of the LED closely matches a real candle flame – a feature not possible with traditional LED or incandescent lamps and something that has inspired this product to be positioned as ‘Natural Vision’. Ideal for use in decorative lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall sconces and table settings, the 2.5W VxRGB candle LED has an E14 base fitting and optics that feature a flame tip design.

Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd 0118 978 6573 | Springs & Pressings for the Lighting Industry from stock and custom made Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd have been manufacturing components for the lighting industry for 40 years. In that time our knowledge and expertise has helped our customers from assisting with design and prototyping though to manufacture. Our continued investment in machinery enables us to produce a huge variety of Springs, Pressings and Wireforms for almost any lighting application. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the quality of our service and products and welcome the opportunity to help you realise your lighting solutions.

V-Tac 020 7299 1212 | V-TAC launches some of the most awaited products in LED Lighting industry such as 1200x600 LED panels, 180cms T8 LED Tubes and IP65 LED batten for parking lots. The wholesale prices for these products are absolutely unheard in the UK Lighting industry and wholesalers can get next day delivery in the UK once they confirm their orders. V-TAC is Europe’s most economical brand focused only on B2B business offering huge discounts to wholesalers based on the volume of their business. V-TAC also provides free display stands to electrical wholesalers which enables them to make a better presentation in their outlets. Please visit to see their complete range and get information on some exclusive offers!

Emergi-Lite UK +44 (0) 113 281 0600 | Escape Line – Innovative LED Emergency Lighting Solutions Emergi-Lite Safety Systems have added the Escape Line LED lighting to their leading range of emergency lighting solutions. Ideal for emergency lighting applications where function and appearance are essential, the Escape Line product range provides an economic yet high performance light source with energy saving LED technology. “The Escape Line product range combines outstanding design-led emergency lighting solutions with cost-efficient long life functionality.” John Clare, Emergi-Lite UK Product Manager Escape Line is a compact, modern and stylish range of LED luminaires and exit signs ideal for many commercial and public sector applications such as schools, hospitals, hotels and Offices.

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QUALITY MATTERS etitors Bu p lb om




Bulb Comparison









Unfortunately not all LED suppliers and resellers do what we do. This is why we feel the need to give you this information. Above is an example of the internal parts of an LumiLife bulb and a cheaper alternative from a competitor. We think you can see the difference.

See our fantastic product range 30-DAY HASSLE FREE RETURNS


0800 652 1032



Established ICEL accredited emergency lighting specialists, COCO Lighting provides effective solutions with outstanding service. At COCO Lighting our emergency luminaires are converted to exceptional standards and supported by comprehensive electrical and thermal testing.

Stylish LED Emergency Lighting Solutions

We convert customers own luminaires with rapid turn around and certificated quality assurances.

Why compromise on style when choosing your

In addition, our extensive range of emergency and mains-only luminaires provides a stylish solution for all types of applications.

emergency lighting system! Serenga LED provides


a versatile range of exit signs with high specification recessed or surface mounted

Our expertise includes the very latest in LED technology.

downlighters, integrating a contemporary design with ease of installation and performance.

30 years of experience puts us at the forefront of emergency lighting.

COCO Lighting, safe hands for your emergency lighting needs.


Intelligent self test as standard


Central addressable test versions


Spotlight capability


Dimmable versions for standard exit signs


4 year warranty

For further information please call 0113 281 0600

01376 331515

or visit


Thomas & Betts Ltd, Emergi-Lite Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 9LL Tel 0113 281 0600 • Fax 0113 281 0601 Email • Web

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Dextra Group chairman, Rupert Martin has announced the company has signed terms for a license agreement giving Dextra Group Plc access to Philips’ patents under the LED-based luminaires and retrofit bulbs licensing program. Martin commented: ‘We and our customers respect other companies’ Intellectual Property and we are happy to join the program. Access to the Philips technology portfolio gives us an advantage, as it accelerates and opens up new business opportunities. ‘My company has forged a close relationship with Philips and their support over a wide range of LED based products and components. Leveraging the two gives Dextra the maximum benefit under this agreement. It further endorses our policy of assembling and producing our full product range in the UK using only Europeanbased component supplies.’

S P R E A D YO U R W I N G S High Technology Lighting is expanding its international operation as part of a long-term growth strategy. The company, with an overseas sales currently amounting to ten per cent of its annual turnover, has teamed up with Rebel Light, a distributor in Stockholm to develop opportunities in the Scandinavian market, and is establishing partnerships in Australia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. It is also working with UKT&I whose remit is to advise companies on growing international exports, in line with Government policy. Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director of High Technology, said: ‘We already have a well-established network servicing Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, have recently completed a £30,000 sports retail venture in Kuwait, and handled projects in Denmark and Sweden. We are confident that there is enormous potential for a company with our experience and expertise in many other countries too.’

Fish oil energy Harvard Engineering has supplied its CoolLED drivers to the first public building in the UK to achieve ‘outstanding’ BREEAM status. Brent Civic Centre, a multipurpose facility sited adjacent to Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, was built to streamline the Council’s activities by providing office space for 2000 staff, as well as offering a destination for the community to meet, shop and eat. Approximately 2,800 CoolLED drivers have been installed in the soaring foyer and atrium, running GE Infusion modules in DAL luminaires, to help the building achieve an estimated 33 per cent reduction in carbon emissions.

Harvard created a special variant - the DualDim CLR50 1400mA open frame driver - specifically for the project, and carried out thermal and EMC tests due to the specific thermal requirements of the centre. Rasib Khan, engineering director at Harvard Engineering, commented: ‘We were really pleased to have been chosen to supply such a prestigious new building. This project showcases our CoolLED drivers’ energy saving capabilities, as well as our capabilities to produce

special custom variants of products to suit specific applications. Our team spent four weeks customising and testing the drivers to ensure that all the specific efficiency and thermal levels were met by the drivers within this application.’ Brent Civic Centre features solar shading, natural ventilation, a highperformance façade, and combined cooling, heating and power, which utilises waste fish oil, making it the most sustainable local authority building in the UK.

Quality friendships Suffolk-based MGC Lighting has become an international distributor of lighting control products designed and manufactured by Danlers. Commenting on the agreement, David Jackson at MGC, said: ‘We are delighted to be working with yet another world renowned manufacturer of high quality lighting products, and are proud to be an approved distributor. We are certain that this is the start of a long, mutually rewarding future for both companies.’

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highlight cont... GOING FOR GLORY


GlassGuard is celebrating reaching the finals of the 2013 Eastern Daily Press Business Awards, in the International Business category. The aim of the Awards is to ‘discover those who have turned their ambitions to trade internationally into a successful source of new business and growth’. Marketing manager, Stewart Damonsing commented: ‘The place in the final is a culmination of GlassGuard’s strategic decision to move into European and global markets, which has seen us appoint local sales managers in overseas markets and international sales support staff at head office.’ The company’s CEO, David Payne added: ‘The entry process was extremely thorough. We are pleased to have impressed the judging panel, which comprised staff from Grant Thornton, the Award’s sponsor and the Eastern Daily Press business editor.’

Robert Juliat has announced the appointment of Electric Claudio Merlo Lighting Equipment SA (ECM) as its new distributor for Switzerland. ECM will distribute the full range of Robert Juliat lighting equipment and concentrate on developing closer relations with all regions of the diverse Swiss market. In addition to its excellent product knowledge, ECM brings the benefit of its multilingual support team, who are fluent in German, Italian and Spanish, as well as French and English. ECM represents several worldwide brands in Switzerland and specialises in creating theatre and studio lighting systems. The company takes over from Lumière Spectacle LSB SA following the retirement of Michel Boillet, owner of LSB, which has been the Swiss distributor for 30 years. ‘The time I have spent in the light’has been a wonderful life but now the show must go on,’ said Boillet. ‘To be the importer of Robert Juliat products has been a gift. I have really enjoyed selling them, and it was marvellous to see the client happy. Juliat has left a big mark in lighting: we rarely had problems and we always looked forward to seeing new products from them. A big congratulations to Jean Charles who was a magician of lighting and to all the workers at the factory who are doing a damned good job!’

ONE FOR ALL A recent cooperation between Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix has led to success for all sides. Since the agreement, all new generation LED COBs from Edison Opto have dedicated LED connectors available designed according the newest Zhaga Book 3 standards, with a selection of off-theshelf LED coolers available - mechanically and thermally validated for each other. ‘With this new era of ecopartnerships, the LED world is changing rapidly,’ enthused Koen Vangorp, general manager of MechaTronix. ‘With this new cooperation, lighting designers can finally rely on availability of critical components, which are validated together, and can start focusing again on what they really want - the design and the looks,’ he continued. ‘Of course a chain is only as strong as the weakest link; therefore it is important that eco partners are formatted out of similar interests, a continuous will to adapt to each other, and able to follow each other with new developments. And that’s what makes the partnership between Edison Opto, BJB and MechaTronix so unique.’ 36

Hands across the pond LED Distributor, GreenLux Lighting has partnered with Soraa, the California-based company led by a team of professors - Dr Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the blue laser and LED, Dr Steven DenBaars, founder of Nitres, and Dr James Speck of UC Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering, The company’s product range includes three types of MR16 lamp: The Vivid LED MR16, Outdoor MR16, and the Premium, which is an LED MR16 lamp with light output equivalent to a 75W halogen MR16 lamp. Speaking about the partnership, GreenLux’ managing director, James Nelson said: ‘We are delighted in becoming a Soraa partner. These innovative lamps are a great addition to our lighting collection and we are already receiving a positive reaction from our customers. Soraa is a leading American LED manufacturer, and I know the whole of the UK lighting industry will be talking about this revolutionary product range, and GreenLux Lighting is excited to be a part of it.’

THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT Thomas Research Products’ FSP3-277-20kA surge protector has been selected for inclusion in the 2013 Progress Report of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The IES Progress Report is an annual review recognising significant developments in the art and science of lighting; it was presented at the IES annual conference at Huntington Beach, California in October. The model includes in-line fusing to shut down the luminaire if the capabilities of the surge protector have been exceeded. The device is designed for mains fixtures up to 277V, and is rated to protect from surges up 20,000 amps.

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How far can you go? From landmarks to broadcast to heritage to theatre, Pulsar will work with you to turn your vision into reality. +44 (0) 1223 403 500

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R E TA I L T H E R A P Y Lighting to create drama and a sense of theatre for a retail environment is an art. All too often though, the retailer doesn’t take full advantage of the lighting designer’s skill – but when they do, magic ensues hate to shop! I know what you’re thinking, I’m a female of the species, so it goes without saying that I was born with a John Lewis carrier in one hand and a maxed-out credit card in the other. Except that I really don’t enjoy the cut and thrust of the high street. And the thought of the January sales fills me with horror. So I suspect I’m perfectly placed to research the subject of lighting, without having my head turned by that sassy little Mulberry bag, or those to-die-for matching bracelets on display over there …. S H I NY, S PARKLY T HI NGS

Talking of John Lewis, Kolarz was responsible for creating specially commissioned feature crystal lights for the retailer, which have made an appearance in the fine jewellery, fashion advice and lingerie departments of the company’s stores around the country. Made from the finest crystals, the stunning fittings have transformed the newly renovated departments. The flagship Oxford Street store’s jewellery department features two double-frame designs at varying levels, creating reflections, movement and illusion, which draws the eye and makes the whole department glow with luminous effects. The fittings were specially designed and produced at Kolarz’ Austrian factory, where more than 8000 sparkling crystals were attached to each structure, and lit with 200 LEDs to provide a subtle light level, which is also low maintenance and energy efficiency. In the lingerie and fashion advice departments, clusters of silk organza shades with suspended crystals, which appear to float, creating warm, sensual mood lighting, which brings out the full

December 2013 •

39_42.comfeatureretail.**ga**.indd 39

26/11/2013 15:30


beauty of the products on display. ‘This has been an exciting project for us to be involved in and it’s been wonderful to see the stunning impact the lights have made in the stores’, said Kristina Griffith, MD of Kolarz UK. High street stalwart, M&S has launched a newly designed premium accessory department at three test sites. Chris Dewar Dixon, interior and lighting designer, chose to work with Kolarz on the project because he had seen the John Lewis installations. The circular light in the centre of the premium shoe section is made from rectangular etched crystals suspended from champagnecoloured metalwork. The biggest difficulty the design team faced was making the fitting light enough for a variety of locations, and that the lights complied with M&S’s building standards and requirements. Griffith added: ‘We are absolutely delighted with this lighting feature and are proud to have been chosen for this prestigious project. These are exciting times for us, this is our second big retail installation this year working with the top two UK high street retailers. The difference in design for the John Lewis and M&S lights, shows that Kolarz can be versatile and innovative and that we are able to work closely with the clients and designers to interpret their vision for their brand and store interiors.’ TH E LUX UR Y EN D

Lighting in retail environments is extremely important, according to High Technology Lighting’s Thomas Holgeth. ‘The correct lighting can dramatically change the feel of the store’ he said, ‘pulling customers over the threshold and increasing footfall, as well as presenting products in the best way possible way to encourage customers to make a sale.’ And matching the lighting to the product offering, of course, is half the battle. Continuing the luxury theme – even if it is mudcoated luxury – iconic British brand, Barbour understood the need to tailor the lighting in its stores to highlight its garments, and so turned to High Technology Lighting which specialises in supplying lighting technologies for the retail sector, to provide a bespoke solution for the buyers showroom at the company’s head office in South Shields.

December 2013 •

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By replacing the lighting, we were able to draw out the best qualities in the gems and watches to ensure that a visit to Michgelsen is one that will never be forgotten Due to the scale of the space, High Technology felt it needed additional treatment, so the company installed a combination of Master colour CDM-T lights, as well as QCO170 track-mounted LED spotlights from its Quartet range, which incorporate Xicato LED technology. Ceramic discharge metal-halide lamps have become the expected way of lighting such a retail space, and alongside the Quartet LED track spots, for accent lighting, ensured the client had maximum flexibility and experienced excellent colour rendering. Holgeth, joint managing director at High Technology Lighting, commented on the project: ‘This installation highlights our ability to provide our customers with a solution tailored to their exact needs. We are extremely pleased with the lighting in the Barbour’s buyers showroom.’ B R I N G O UT T HE FI RE

The interior of one of the most exclusive jewellery stores in the Netherlands, Soest-based Michgelsen, has been refurbished. The upgrade includes an energy efficient lighting element - in this case the latest LED lamp technology from Megaman. Not only does the new scheme show off the workshop’s bespoke jewellery and watches in the best possible light, but it will also save the goldsmith more than €2,150 and almost 5,000kg of CO2 every year. Founded 25 years ago by Joost Michgelsen, the exclusive store is renowned for its bespoke jewellery commissions and range of exclusive Parmigiani and Breitling watches. With a viewing gallery for clients and a workshop area for the goldsmiths, silversmiths, gemologists and diamond setters, the owners of Michgelsen wanted to improve the lighting within each of the spaces to bring out the fiery features of individual gems, precious metals and of course, the diamonds on display. With this in mind, key lamps from Megaman’s LED range were chosen to bring out the warmth and sparkle.

Joost Michgelsen explained why: ‘At Michgelsen, we offer our customers the ultimate in luxurious, bespoke jewellery, Parmigiani and Breitling watches. Although the existing lighting was fine, it was not exceptional. ‘By replacing the lighting, we were able to draw out the best qualities in the gems and watches to ensure that a visit to Michgelsen is one that will never be forgotten.’

Left top HTL Leeds Arena Left bottom right: JL Reflection Left bottom: detail of fitting JL Reflection Below: Kolarz M&S Right: Kolarz John Lewis Bottom: Megaman Michgelsen-atelier


The four display cases in the workshop’s main area were the first to be re-lit. They hold rings, necklaces and bracelets and needed to be lit to maximise the sparkle of the jewellery. Twenty GX53 LED 5W 30° 4000k reflectors were fitted within Planex fixtures. As well as the display cases, the viewing area where clients try on their commissions was also relit. It was essential in this space that the jewellery be seen at its best. With this in mind, eight Megaman Brilliant Tone lamps, utilising 5500k illumination to produce the ultimate in shine and sparkle, were chosen. In addition new lighting was added to the watch display cases. Due to the warmer feel required, LED High R9 Professional Series reflectors were chosen. Twelve LED R9 10W G53 AR111 24° 2800k dimmable reflectors were used in the display cases to draw out the warmth of the watch straps and wood-inlayed case interiors, Joost Michgelsen concluded: ‘The added benefit of the new lighting scheme is that clients spend more time with us than they did previously – the longer they stay, the more they can’t resist buying!’ E FFI C I EN T A LTERN ATIV ES

Of course, retailing isn’t all about the luxury market – everything from supermarkets and DIY sheds to corner shops and independent florists need high quality lighting to show off the product to best effect – and if that can be done using less energy, then everyone is happy. However, on the use of LED lighting in retail displays, Kerry Sheehan, managing director of

December 2013 •

39_42.comfeatureretail.**ga**.indd 41

26/11/2013 15:31


Asda in Bangor is the first of Asda Walmart’s UK stores to be 100 per cent lit with LED light sources.

It makes extensive use of Philip’s luminaires and DALIbased controls to maximise energy efficiency and minimise carbon emissions. Asda has a strong commitment to sustainability: up till now, LED lighting had been included in the low energy mix but only in selected areas of stores. ‘Asda has been considering LED lighting for a number of years, and we felt that the performance of LED had now reached the intensity which would provide the illumination levels we require on the sales floor,’ explained Richard England, UK head of engineering. A range of Philips luminaires were selected to provide optimum lighting performance in different areas of the store, with extensive use of the Maxos family for aisle lighting. ‘At the time ,we felt that Philips was the only EU company that could offer a continuous ambient lighting solution that provided us with the performance and illumination levels we require,’ England recalled.

For general grocery aisles and the warehouse areas, Maxos LED general luminaires were selected for their energyefficient delivery of high lux levels at the required colour temperatures to complement the merchandise on display. In the beers, wines & spirits, and health & beauty aisles, Maxos LED Panel luminaires are providing flexible and efficient LED lighting, using a moveable panel and adjustable beam shapes to full effect. For other areas of the store, Asda has made use of Smartform LED in the offices. Pacific LED in kitchens, preparation areas and reverse logistics, while StreamPak LED fittings are used in toilets, colleague areas and corridors. Car parks and external areas are using a combination of SpeedStar, Koffer2, Optiflood and Gondola LED luminaires. All of the lighting in the store is controlled through Philips Store Manager, a DALI-based lighting management system, designed specifically for retail stores. ‘We decided to trial the DALI control system rather than a 1-10 volt system that we normally utilise in all our new stores. This was mainly because, in some aisles we removed some display lighting from the specification and increased the lighting level from the LED system to provide higher ambient lighting,’ England explained. ‘Using LEDs also provides improved

linear control – 50 per cent dimming provides a 50 per cent energy saving,’ he added. Asda has now updated its model stores to use LED lighting on the sales floor. These models show that the energy benefits of using LED lighting typically reduce the sales floor lighting load from 14W/m2 to just below 8W/m2 at full light output. However, for much of the time the actual electrical consumption will be lower than this because of the control strategy. Depending on store size, payback periods are expected to be between two and a half years and four years. Following the success of the Bangor store, the supermarket plans to make extensive use of LED lighting at all of its new stores. ‘Asda is leading the drive for carbon and energy savings, and Bangor demonstrates how LED can be used to optimise energy and maintenance benefits without any compromise to our customers shopping experience. ‘Over the years, Asda has invested in a number of new technologies in its stores to reduce the operational carbon emissions by more than 50 per cent since 2005. Walmart has recently set new targets to further reduce its energy by another 20 per cent by the end 2020, compared to a 2010 baseline, and the use of high performance LED will help us towards meeting this goal,’ England concluded.

MITIE’s lighting business, says the company is currently investigating an LED alternative to the 35w CDM-T directional spotlight for use in the retail environment, but in reality the lack of energy savings are a disappointment. ‘Installing LED lighting is a great way to reduce maintenance costs and enhance performance, but the energy savings are very small, if not non-existent, with this particular lamp, proving that LED isn’t always the answer to reducing energy consumption.’ The team at PhotonStar LED obviously disagree: the company has extended its LED down light range to offer the Nemesis+, which it markets as ‘one of the first true replacements for 70W CDM-T fittings’. Nemesis+ delivers up to 5,300 lumens at up to 96llm/ cW, providing higher efficiency and higher performance (from the luminaire) than CDM-T fittings. The company believes it is ideal in retail applications, offering options to match CDM-T lamps at Ra80+ and Ra90+. Wallwash and colour tuneable versions are also available. There are a plethora of new energy efficient products on the market – one of the latest is MOVI from Microlights, a family of luminaires that provide the measurable efficiencies and lifetimes of LED lighting. The fitting can be surface or recess mounted, is available in either 3000Lm or 2000Lm versions with four interchangeable reflector kits. Mark Halsey, director of product management for Aurora Group explained the rationale behind MOVI: ‘Microlights developed this product to compete against 35 Watt HID, but with an LED offering. The efficiencies created deliver payback in less than two years, making it an ideal replacement for traditional light sources.’

Contact Kolarz High Technology Lighting Megaman Microlights MITIE Photonstar LED Philips

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Sporty little number

When high street retailer, Sports Direct wanted to go green, it needed a cost-effective solution for its 470-store portfolio nhancing shopper experience is extremely important, especially in the highly competitive clothing industry. Lights need to create a certain mood and ambience, to engage the customer and drive them towards a sale. Sports Direct, the UK’s largest sporting retailer, knew that it needed the lighting at all its stores to do this and, ten years ago, started working with High Technology Lighting (HTL) to create tailored solutions for all its stores. HTL now supplies the lighting for all 470 Sports Direct outlets in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Most of the lights installed initially were conventional high-power sources, such as metal halide lamps. Although very popular for lighting retail facilities, the lights were not energy efficient, and so when businesses started realising

the need to save energy and become sustainable, Sports Direct wanted to stay at the forefront. The company once again approached HTL to create the perfect energy-efficient tailored lighting solution. The retailer realised there were some major considerations when installing a new energy saving lighting system. Sports Direct needed to ensure that the lights would pay for themselves through energy savings alone, and wanted a solution that would deliver a two-year payback on capital expenditure. The company also wanted a solution that it could fit-andforget in order to minimise downtime across its portfolio, and that would last for a number of years. HTL recommended replacing the metalhalide track lights with a combination of high-efficiency T5 luminaires and LED fixtures from its Quartet range, which incorporate Xicato LED technology. HTL believed that changing to T5 fluorescent lamps can save up to 75 per cent in lighting energy costs. Consuming less energy than regular lamps, T5’s produce much better light quality and have a lifespan of approximately 25,000 hours, up to 10 times longer than any traditional lightsource, helping to provide the energy savings and maintenance-free solution requested by Sports Direct. The improved luminaire performance and lamp selection are helping Sports Direct be more environmentally friendly too, as they are designed with the environment in mind. The fittings produce minimal waste and less carbon dioxide. Alongside the T5’s, HTL recommended the Quartet SG3 recessed square LED gimbal. This fixture incorporates Xicato XSM LEDs, which offer a five-year colour consistency warranty. Colour consistency was extremely important for Sports Direct as the company wanted to ensure its products where showcased in the best possible light through the life of the installation. Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director at High Technology Lighting, commented: ‘Our long working relationship with the property team within Sports Direct has evolved into one that means not only is our luminaire supply service trusted, but we also have considerable input into the lighting design of each store, to deliver the best technology for the application. We’ve helped move the company away from high energy and maintenance costs towards a wide range of energy efficient products, including high efficiency T5 luminaires and now LED too.’ Sports Direct has been reaping the benefits of the upgraded lighting with the new solution providing the company with impressive energy savings of 40 per cent to date. Sport Direct is now rolling the technology out across all of its stores, with one of the first to be fitted with the lighting being the company’s new flagship outlet at Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford.

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4 rs 201 o i r e t In all 3 NEC H 14 D Stand

Eastern Illumination Please call for a copy of our brand new 2014 catalogue. 1

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Fluorel Ad 230x300mm Total Lighting:Layout 1 22/04/2013 11:03 Page 1

A whole world of advanced Energy Saving LED fittings E SANE VI RG N Y G

Make Fluorel Lighting your automatic choice for innovative energy efficient lighting.

AT LD240


M5O LD600


FT400 Retrofit

Fluorel Lighting Limited Tel +44 (0)8458 643 643 Fax +44 (0)20 8506 179 Fluorel Lighting Ltd, Unit 25 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex SS5 4AD

Fluorel Lighting is a leading supplier of innovative energy efficient lighting









One corridor – one sensor!  Centrally mounted  Adjustable Lux and time controls  Surface or flush fitting  Up to 40 m coverage  Remote control versions also available





Indoor 180-R/2W-UK

PD4-GH 1

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The European Union has set carbon emission reduction targets of 20 per cent by 2020, and 80 per cent by 2050 (against the 1990 baseline). Under the Climate Change Act 2008, the UK has committed to legally binding greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets of 34 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050. As part of this commitment, the Government is introducing a revised version of the Building Regulations, which includes updates to Part L. Addressing conservation of fuel and power, these changes will require a significant increase in lighting efficiency.



Originally planned to come into force in October 2013, the updates to Part L are now expected in early 2014. When they are introduced, the standard luminaire efficacy requirement will be increased from 55 to 60 luminaire lumens per circuit watt (LL/cct watt). As it stands, according to the 2010 Building Regulations, each luminaire needs a minimum efficacy of 55 LL/cct watt, and allowances are given for the use of lighting control, such as absence detection and daylight harvesting in naturally lit areas. Currently, adding lighting control allows a factor of 0.85, which means the efficacy requirement for luminaires can drop to 47 LL/cct watt. The update to Part L will allow it to drop further to 42 LL/cct watt. The use of controls is going to be extremely important for lighting designers once the new regulations are in place, and will still allow them a wide choice when it comes to luminaire selection.



Understanding legislation

These new Part L requirements will also need to be balanced with the needs of occupants; they still need to feel safe and comfortable to work at their maximum efficiency. The challenge for the lighting industry is to achieve these potential savings, while still maintaining the quality of the lit environment.

As part of TL’s Building Regs, Part L update, David Neale, product and marketing manager, UK fixtures, for Havells Sylvania, takes a look at the latest legislation affecting the office lighting sector

December 2013 • 49

26/11/2013 16:55


The requirements for energy efficiency are completely changing the way we think about lighting buildings As well as introducing new standards of efficiency, the revised Part L will introduce a new method of measuring lighting efficiency – LENI (Lighting Efficiency Numeric Indicator). LENI will measure the whole lighting system - not just the components - and the lighting efficiency calculations must be supplied as part of the approval process. To calculate LENI, you need to divide the building into zones according to task type, daylight availability and annual usage. Then, calculate the ‘all lights on’ power for the annual usage for each zone, discount if lighting control equipment is used, and add a fixed allowance for standby power consumption. You can then compare this to the Part L allowance. The approval process for Part L requires the lighting energy use to be measured separately throughout the building; usually automatic data collection is also required, and for the building occupier to be given a strategy for on-going improvement in energy performance. H EL P I S AT HAND

As the lighting industry knows only too well, technology is developing at an incredible rate. The improvements in luminaire efficiency are increasing constantly, and new controls technology is being introduced to the market all the time. This progress is going to help architects and designers meet the new Part L requirements and make installation much simpler. Recent developments in control technology have also enabled sensor-equipped ‘smart fixtures’, which can control themselves automatically and share information with the luminaire next to them. Australian-based Organic Response is one of the companies offering this new technology. Organic Response uses distributed intelligence to deliver a highly responsive, flexible and energy efficient lighting control system. Each individual luminaire makes lighting decisions based on the presence of occupants sensed internally, occupancy information received from neighboring luminaires via infrared signals, ambient light level sensed internally, and algorithms based on the environments in which it operates, for example an open office or corridor. Each luminaire then communicates its knowledge to surrounding luminaires so they can adapt accordingly. Although luminaires act on their own, using Distributed Intelligence means all the luminaires in a space act together, creating a robust and responsive system and a very comfortable experience for occupants. Requiring no low-voltage wiring or commissioning, specifiers and installers will be able to benefit from significant savings in time, complexity and cost for their projects. The control system can reduce energy used by up to 70 per cent when compared with using no control system.


The other important change to affect the lighting industry is Building Information Modelling or BIM. Over the next few years, BIM is going to become more common in the UK and European construction sector. The BIM Task Group has been set up to help deliver the objectives of the Government Construction Strategy. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the public sector’s capability in BIM implementation and, from 2016, the Government has decided that any construction project requiring support from public finances must be specified using BIM. Outside of the US, the second biggest user of BIM is Australia. Europe has been a slow adopter of this software, which is revolutionising the construction industry. The purpose of BIM is to reduce the risk of project overspend and costly errors and delays. When it comes to creating BIM projects, there are many tools available, including Autodesk Revit software and ElumTools. Revit allows architects, engineers and contractors to design a building in 2D, while it is automatically generated in 3D to show all views and elevations. Havells Sylvania is creating product families that can be downloaded straight into a BIM model. This allows designers and engineers to integrate real world lighting systems into the environment of BIM projects and simulations. The models provided are issued with IES files as well as full tender descriptions, making for easy luminaire scheduling and loading calculation. ElumTools is a plug-in that can be used within Revit to add lighting specific functionality that is not inherently native within Revit. The lighting industry is going through a period of rapid change. Not only is the technology transforming with the advancements in LED, but the requirements for energy efficiency are completely changing the way we think about lighting buildings. When the Part L updates are finally introduced, it is going to dramatically alter the way office lighting is specified and installed. We have already found that requests for lighting design and sales engineers to provide data for BIM are on the increase. Everyone from lighting designers to manufacturers needs to be ready for the changes.

80% 2050

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Aurora 01727 836611 | Aurora’s low profile SMD LED downlights Aurora’s low profile SMD LED downlight is suitable for office or commercial applications. At only 60mm in depth, this versatile 234mm square downlight can be installed into shallow ceiling voids. The AU-DL10314 fixed 15W downlight, supplied with remote non-dimmable LED driver, offers 1070lm light output and is available at both 3000K and 4000K. Life to 70% lumen maintenance is 25,000 hours and the product carries a 3 year warranty. Find Aurora’s low profile SMD LED downlights on page 42 of Aurora’s latest catalogue ‘GREEN’ v1.5 which features QR codes.

Aurora’s CrystalCool™ downlights Aurora’s CrystalCool LED downlights offer higher quality, brighter light for longer through 300% faster heat dissipation. 150 layers of decreasingly dense, 4D ceramic nano layers maximise conductivity while the aluminium substrate conducts heat away from the LED chip, resulting in a 10% reduction in temperature at the solder point. This innovative technology has allowed the size of the heatsink to be reduced so the CrystalCool™ range can be installed into shallow ceiling voids. These new IP44 fixed dimmable downlights are available in 13W, 19W and 32W. Lifetime is 70% to lumen maintenance and 40,000 hours with a 5 year warranty. See CrystalCool™ LED downlights in Aurora Lighting’s latest catalogue ‘GREEN’ v1.5 featuring QR codes.

Aurora’s SOLA m10™ commended at Lux Live Aurora’s SOLA m10™ has been commended in the Interior Luminaire of the Year category at Lux Live 2013. The LED lighting specialists recently extended their range of mains voltage SOLA m10™ products. Now the world’s most advanced integrated fire-rated downlight is available in fixed, adjustable, baffle and Colour Xchange options. Four technologies combine to make the m10™ a market leader; CrystalCool™ thermal management, LEDChroic™ optics, icDOB™ driver-on-board and multiple HVLEDs™ forming a single point light-source. The 10W SOLA m10™ delivers 500 lumens for warm white and up to 650 lumens for neutral white applications.

Aurora’s Colour Xchange complements Circadian rhythms LUNA Colour Xchange technology from Aurora is the latest generation of tunable, white LED lighting. Complementing Circadian rhythms, Colour Xchange allows you to create lighting environments to match the mood and time of day by changing luminaire colour temperature. This CX technology is available in Aurora’s SOLA m10™ integrated fire-rated downlight range, LUNA LED flat panels and LUNA LED downlights which can connect up to 20 luminaires in parallel. See LUNA CX in Aurora Lighting’s latest catalogue ‘GREEN’ v1.5 featuring QR codes. ‘GREEN’ allows browsing around classes of lumen output, purpose and performance.

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Over 100 years of heritage Kowa leading light technology


Incorporating Kowa’s state of the art lens technology, these high bay LED light units deliver flexible and defined light distribution angles. Advanced lighting that does not require additional reflectors, providing a highly efficient, lightweight and compact design.

Additional models available in our High Bay range.

HB200CE-2-60 HB200CE-2-45 HB200CE-2-30


HB120CE-2-60 HB120CE-2-45 HB120CE-2-30









Kowa’s lightweight and energy usage reducing explosion proof LED lamps have obtained IECEx - the international certification for safety and explosion proof capabilities for their use in explosive atmospheres as well as certification from Europe and Japan including AtEX.





Edge lit technology

Kowa optical heritage

Shadow free illumination

Eco friendly

Instant lighting

Opportunities for Distributors and Wholesalers with expressions of interest with Kowa LED products should make contact with Barry Grubb; Kowa Optimed Europe Ltd, Sandhurst House, 297 Yorktown Road, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 0QA | Tel: +44(0)1276 937 021 |


highlight VROOM, VROOM

COMPETENCE GUARANTEED The LIA Laboratories has introduced two schemes for both Far Field Photometers and Spheres. The Registered Photometric Laboratories Scheme for both Far Field Photometers and Spheres will provide an assurance of the validity of the photometric data published by manufacturers when describing the performance of their lighting products using their own equipment. The LIA Laboratories has worked with the lighting industry to introduce the objectives the industry expects in relation to levels for the apparatus, staffing and competence considered necessary to validate data for the commercial photometry of general purpose lighting. Participants in the scheme are required to undergo a thorough annual audit inspection of their laboratory to assess the adequacy of photometric equipment and technical competence of staff. This will also include the measurement of products at the LIA Laboratories for comparison purposes.

CROSS CHECKING FOR SAFETY Ex-Or has announced greater functionality of its MLS digital lighting system, with the addition of a fully automated emergency lighting system test. This functionality – available as an option for new installations or as a system upgrade - enables end users to conduct comprehensive testing of emergency luminaires and signs without having to install a separate, dedicated system. Regulations mandate that emergency lighting systems are tested to a specific schedule, so automated testing systems offer peace of mind with pre-programmed regular testing and the provision of full reporting which less reliable methods such as a manual inspection may not. The MLS system is ideal for commercial sites, schools, hospitals and factories. Managed via a central controller and designed to operate with industry standard DALI emergency luminaires and signs, it offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

Collaborative journey

In another step to innovate the future of automotive lighting, Osram took the opportunity ahead of the Frankfurt International Motor Show to unveil its product roadmap for OLEDs used in automotive applications. ‘We have essentially achieved road suitability for our OLEDs this year, and will be offering initial special equipment based on OLEDs next year’, explained Ulrich Eisele, who’s responsible for the OLED sector at Osram. ‘In 2016 at the latest, we expect to see OLEDs used in series production of new vehicles.’ Osram was able to demonstrate initial research successes with organic light emitting diodes last year. Temperature stability, the most significant obstacle to series production, was increased at the critical point of 85 degrees Celsius to a record level of several hundred hours. ‘After a further year of research, the remaining obstacles regarding serial production are small,’ believes Eisele. ‘OLEDs are surface light sources and therefore perfect for the use in applications such as rear light fixtures. Transparent OLEDs also offer new design possibilities for those applications.’

Beforelight Group has presented Urban Lightscapes, a European project whose aim is to explore and experiment on urban lighting.


The project is held in collaboration with IAAC, the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Barcelona) and the SoAP Foundation (Maastricht), and is kindly supported with a European Collaboration Grant by the European Cultural Foundation. Having Athens as a starting point, Barcelona as a stopover and Maastricht as a final destination, the project re-approaches the concept of urban lighting. For the first time, Greece is at the centre of a European action that embraces visual and urban lighting with architecture and active citizenship. Through three successive actions between November and March 2014, the project reinforces open dialogue on public lighting and urban space. On 4 November, Urban Lightscapes presented the European Urban Lightscapes Symposium at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens. Acclaimed scientists, artists and theorists shared knowledge and experiences on light art and urban lighting. The Symposium was open to the public and streamed live online. From 22 to 24 November, a three-day experimentation workshop was held at the FAB LAB of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona. Participants experimented with new interactive media and technology on lighting practice. The project will be completed in March 2014 with lighting installations, which will take place in deprived neighborhoods of Maastricht, in collaboration with the Social-Artistic Platform (SoAP) and the active participation of the city’s residents. By putting in practice the conclusions of the Symposium and the workshop the lighting installations will emerge as an opportunity for co-creation and expression.

A state-of-the-art ESPEC humidity chamber has been commissioned for the LIA Laboratories’ Telford site. Mark Salt, general manager commented: ‘This new chamber will allow us to test control gear equipment to the new standard, which requires temperature fluctuations of 10 degrees Celsius a minute, to thoroughly check performance.’ He continued that this was just one of many investments the LIA has made in the Laboratories in recent months - a new IT platform, software and an online real time data logging system have also been installed – and this, coupled with future planned investments, demonstrates the commitment the LIA has in its future. There are several major investments still to come. The LIA is currently building on the Laboratories’ success to develop a world-class facility, equipped to meet the industry’s needs. With the acceptance of new technologies such as LED, it is working to ensure that it has the comprehensive testing service required to meet the challenges to test and certify the products of today and the future.

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M 36

M 60

Easy to plan, configure and order · · · · · · ·

Linear system in 3 profile sizes Pendant, surface, recessed options 6 optic systems 2 light colours Easy to replace LED gear trays Delivery within 15 working days ex works 5 years warranty

M 100


OFF WITH H I S ... You may be forgiven

for thinking that street lighting – or the lack thereof in the UK at least – is becoming a bit of a hobbyhorse of mine. Quite probably, you’d be right too. It’s not that I don’t understand the urgent need of our local authorities to save money wherever they can, I just feel they’ve made a huge mistake by not investing in the technology that would allow them to make the required savings – and potentially even more – and keep the lights on. After all, even the average Edwardian abroad at night had the benefit of gas lamps to light his path, while here are we, in the 21st Century, stumbling around in the pitch black for want of a couple of quid for the meter! I may be being a trifle unfair here, as Paul Dunn, sales and marketing director at Telensa pointed out: ‘Telensa’s PLANet system has the capability to switch and dim individual street lights according to preference and light type, and to measure energy consumption and detect faulty street lights. ‘However, the options selected depend on the lighting fixtures and lamps that are already in place, and the budget available to the local authority for upgrading these. For example, some of the older lighting ballasts (the light’s power control unit) are not capable of dimming. ‘The availability and pricing of LEDs and dimmable ballasts for conventional lights will eventually lead to wider investment in this technology along with an associated CMS system – as with Leicester City Council for example – and local authorities will have greater flexibility to switch and or/dim each lamp, but this will be gradual process.’ The company is currently providing its Public Lighting Active Network central management system for Leicester City Council’s £13.8m pioneering LED street lighting energy reduction project. The Council is replacing its entire network of 33,000 old-style sodium street lamps with LED technology, and simultaneously installing Telensa’s CMS to control, monitor and meter each LED’s performance. Once installed, the new system will help the Council reduce the energy cost of the city’s street lighting by at least 57 per cent, incidentally cutting carbon emissions by 5300 tons every year.

LIGHTS Dark nights, the season of goodwill, joy and fun approaches – so let’s plunge them all into darkness

December 2013 • 59

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Using the advanced ultra narrow band (UNB) wireless CMS will enable the Council to accurately control the brightness of each lamp to suit the local environmental requirement through the night. The system also monitors the use and energy consumption of each lantern and can instantly detect a faulty unit. The replacement project - using OrangeTek AriaLEDs - is due to be completed by February 2016. Residential streets will be the priority and will undergo the upgrade in the first year of the contract, with the bigger traffic route lanterns being installed in year’s two and three. City Mayor, Peter Soulsby enthused: ‘By investing in this new LED and CMS technology, we can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, slash the cost of our street lighting and ensure that the city’s road network stays well lit around the clock.’ I think I like the Mayor… Even the nice people at Cree have developed an LED street light that’s optimised for European requirements. The advanced Cree XSP Street Luminaire is a real alternative to high-pressure sodium street lamps with better payback, better performance and better price. Compared to its predecessor, the XSP IP66 uses nearly 50 per cent less energy and is designed to last more than three times longer. Beyond saving energy and reducing maintenance due to longer lifetime, Cree achieves better control over luminaire output with its NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid technology compared to a traditional street light. The new XSP IP66 features similar aesthetics as a traditional HPS street light, while achieving unmatched target illumination. ‘XSP IP66 is the ideal choice for metropolitan and other municipal areas looking to save money and reduce maintenance costs,’ assured Massimo Targetti, managing director of Cree Europe. ‘Designed to meet the demanding needs of global markets, the XSP IP66 represents the perfect combination of high-performance design and advanced LED technology. The optimised design makes it easy for municipalities to upgrade from incumbent technologies for both retrofit and new construction applications.’ AND T O M O RROW …

Toshiba Lighting has also been working hard to give council’s a reason not to switch off our lights. In collaboration with Landis +Gyr, the company is developing the City of Tomorrow. Toshiba has announced the collaboration in order to conceive and construct the city for the 21st Century, proposing intelligent lighting founded on the automatic and optimised management of information. The company wants to help citizens enjoy more convenient and secure spaces in the heart of the city. Buildings, parking areas and streets will be equipped with solutions that can detect movement, the temperature (rain, heat, fog) and the level of daylight. With these different parameters, the

The Coda luminaire is truly a pioneering creation that offers groundbreaking performance at the lowest possible consumption cost

public infrastructure will be able, for example, to light up, intensify brightness or signal a maintenance issue. This vision around the new management of energy allows solutions that are designed for the automation of lighting and therefore offer multiple advantages to benefit local councils, such as the management of costs and reduction of maintenance, better quality of light, improved urban design, increased personal security thanks to continual solutions-automated lighting, and better social responsibility, with the luminaires being recyclable and mercury-free. This initiative by Toshiba is part of a much larger approach of the 2050 Environmental Vision group. Woodhouse too has whipped its boffins into a frenzy of creativity, coming up with a brand new external LED fitting capable of generating energy savings of up to 45 per cent and a theoretical service life of more than 580 years. Designed for both retrofitting onto standard columns and incorporating within new schemes, the Coda Luminaire features a new heatsink design that allows efficient heat transfer directly from the LED module to the surrounding air. Coda’s designer, Guy Harding, lighting development manager at Woodhouse, and Fellow of the Institution of Lighting Professionals said: ‘The Coda Luminaire is truly a pioneering creation that offers groundbreaking performance at the lowest possible consumption cost. It represents a watershed moment in exterior luminaire design, performance and value, which we are extremely proud to introduce to the industry. ‘Not only does the Coda Luminaire make LED an option where it may not have been before by offering pricing comparable to discharge lanterns, the LEDs also represent a significant step change in lighting technology by providing a product that is efficient and cost effective to install from day one without lengthy payback periods.’ Romy Rawlings, design and development director at Woodhouse, added: ‘Coda reflects present day attitudes towards cost, value and longevity, and we have responded to the current challenging economic climate by producing a range that meets modern needs and is made to last. ‘The luminaire’s modular design features a minimal number of parts and allows for factory replacement of modules to enable future upgrades to take place as LED technology continues to evolve. We have built it to withstand the test of time and, like our entire Coda range, it is a product for both the present and future. Every element will weather well and, when eventually no longer fit for purpose, it can reused in part or as a whole.’ I suppose what really rankles with me, is that the technology exists for cheap, if not free lighting using the power of the sun so there really shouldn’t be an excuse to turn us into moles. For instance, Zeta’s solisPOLE can be used as a power source for LED lighting, and road sign illumination. Technologically advanced PV cells are incorporated into the frame and mounted vertically, providing a bespoke solution for optimum solar capture. Maintenance-free batteries are stored within the pole and are easily accessible for replacement. A sophisticated, intelligent Energy Management Controller, situated inside the pole, optimises energy capture and continually monitors battery condition to ensure year-round reliability. Prior to installation the controller can be programmed with lighting on/off times but we don’t need to share that with the Council now, do we?

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Lighting the UK since 1977 Urbis Schréder has been providing high quality lighting solutions since 1977 and has grown to be one of the UK’s largest suppliers of street lighting and exterior decorative lighting equipment. High quality and aesthetic design are at the heart of our philosophy; this coupled with unsurpassed technical research into photometry, light testing and new innovation, has lead Urbis Schréder to develop the most cost effective, energy efficient exterior LED and HID lighting innovations on the market today. To find out more about Urbis visit our website



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Event Concept continues to concrete its place as one of the industry's leading lighting suppliers with an investment of over £150,000 in new equipment. Originating in 1994 as an event lighting specialist, Event Concept is now a full service production agency that offers lighting, audio, video, set staging, styling, floral design and furniture all under the one roof. Event Concept's lighting department is delighted with the arrival of the new equipment which includes the Robe 100 LEDBeam, Pointe, Washbeam and the SGM P5 LED floodlight. These additions augment their existing intelligent lighting stock which already includes Robe 1200s, 700s and Robin 600 LED washes. The new lighting equipment boasts unrivalled versatility and will allow designers to provide a greater variety of effects. The 100 LED Beam offers incredibly fast movement for band and dance floor lighting, the Pointe is renowned for 1ts extremely high Intensity beam light capabilities, and the Washbeam has a huge range of attributes which make it a multi-purpose fixture. Brand new to the market, the SGM P5 finally offers a compact, high power, energy efficient, LED solution when flood lighting the exterior and interior of venues. For further information or to hire, contact Stephen McGuiness at Event Concept on 020 7064 3545.

Norlys is a Norwegian company that specialises in the manufacture of high quality exterior lighting. Featured is the new Arendal bollard (Art.1565) with tempered glass top which is available in black, graphite or galvanised steel finish. It has an E27 (max. 60W) lamp source and is available in 3 sizes: 85cm, 49cm and 26cm. The products are designed to withstand tough climatic conditions and come with a 15 year anti-corrosion warranty. This range is in the new Norlys 2014 catalogue available from Elstead Lighting. Visit our new showroom in Alton (GU34 2QJ) where all Norlys models are on permanent display or

focus SB 01424 858060 Focus SB Provide Stylish Alternative to Standard Power Outlets The electrical Floor Sockets manufactured by Focus SB can be installed in the floor and the wall. They provide an accessible power point, which can safely be placed anywhere in the room. The spring loaded flip lid sits into a flush box so when the Floor Sockets are primed and painted to match the surface they are fixed to, they can be hidden from view. Focus SB’s Floor Sockets are available in any of their beautiful finishes, except from Polished or Satin Stainless. For more information on Focus SB’s Floor Socket range and the finishes they are available in call: Barry Partridge 07710 088912 Visit our website: Or email:



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01249 443377 Danlers extend range of Energy Saving Batten Mount controls Danlers Batten Mount PIR controls are the ideal quick fix, low cost, energy saving solution for organisations demanding a reduction in their rising energy costs. They are ideal for switching lights off when not required and with energy savings of up to 50% the payback period is kept to a minimum. These UK manufactured, IP53 rated controls switch lighting loads of up to 10 amps and are simply fixed to the end of a lighting batten. New to the range are two Spot Detection controls; featuring a narrow (1.5m) zone of detection ideal for access points into storage aisles. One is available with a passive photocell (BMPIRSP) the other with DANLERS one touch ‘Intelligent’ photocell (BMINTPIRSP). Also new are two Batten Mount PIRs offering a reduced range of detection, ideal for environments with open grid flooring where false triggering can occur from other levels. The first variant has a ‘Passive’ photocell (BMPIRRH) the other offers DANLERS one touch ‘Intelligent’ photocell (BMINTPIRRH). Danlers one touch ‘Intelligent’ calibration process distinguishes the difference between artificial light and the natural ambient light delivered to the photocell, resulting in enhanced energy savings and minimising the risk of false triggering or ‘hunting.’ GB patent pending No. 1219746.3.

V-TAC offers unique range in GU10 LED Spots in dimmable and nondimmable options. The dimmable version is compatible with more than 108 types of dimmable systems. It comes in aluminium body with one of the most unique reflector which gives more enhanced output. This GU10 LED Spot is available in 4W, 5W, 6W and 7W and one can choose from 3 colours (6000K, 4500K and 2700K). All V-TAC products come with a 2 year warranty and lowest price guarantee! Traders will get special discount by registering on Please email for further information.

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A joint venture partnership of

ILLUMINATING. See thousands of innovations from hundreds of exhibitors. Hear from industry experts, content developers and technology managers. Be part of the best-attended systems integration tradeshow ever held.

Find out more.

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A contemporary range to create illuminated shelving displays, long runs of catenary


lighting & internal lighting for display cabinets. Standard & customised units available Tel. 01923 818282





We are passionate about producing unique neon products. We produce high quality custom made neon signs and lights and statement lighting for interior space. We design and manufacture in-house and work with a varied and wide range of clients.

Tel: 01204 655866 • •

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e c n ia l p m c E E WE

ry st du in ng ti gh li e th r fo e m he sc Join the leading The UK’s leading specialist WEEE lamp compliance scheme.

Committed to maximising recycling of all lamps in scope of the WEEE regulations.

Over 130 producer members, a growing testament to our success and our members’ commitment to keeping lamps out of landfill.

UK wide network of over 2200 collection points gives members and their customers access to free lamp recycling.

Constantly tracking technological advances and developments in WEEE legislation

Set up by the lighting industry, and working for the lighting industry.


Recolight operates the UK’s most comprehensive WEEE scheme for the lighting industry, taking away the burden of compliance from members. Members have complete peace of mind, because they know their customers will always have access to free recycling for their obligated waste. Recolight is not-for-profit so surpluses can help make lamp recycling as easy and efficient as possible. | 0845 601 7749 |

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highlight RING OF FIRE

CHOICE STRIP InStyle LED strip lighting has proved a favourite for the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. This year, five previous award winners were invited back to design a temporary bar/restaurant for the ceremony – and three out of the five used InStyle LED tape lighting to highlight the spaces. Box 2 was designed by DesignLSM and featured InStyle’s LED strip lighting across the front of the bar to highlight its texture. The light source was completely hidden, concentrating attention on the effect. Box 3 was designed by B3 designers. InStyle tape was used around the bar area to highlight the texture washing down the front of the bar again with the light source hidden. Box 5, designed by Nicholas Alexander, was a fully functional restaurant with the lighting element designed by Firefly Lighting Design. Again, LED strip lighting was the product of choice – this time used in seven layers to provide a stunning highlight to the overall the design. The layered theme was used throughout the design with the tables and chairs also lit.

Christopher Boots, a rising star of Australian lighting design, has launched his latest collection of pendant lights at a special event at The New Black, the applied arts gallery in San Francisco. ‘The New Black pioneers in bringing my work in the United States.’ said Boots. ‘I’m delighted to have a new home in a fabulous city, San Francisco, which I’d proudly call my second home.’ Boots has described his work as “refined, raw, chunky, elegant, primal, complex, simple…” Certainly his choice of materials reflects nature at it’s most primal: steel, quartz crystal, zinc, bronze and borosilicate glass are among his favourites. (Sadly, the model is not part of Prometheus 111 pictured above…)

Weekend viewing Since 1993, the Open Concert has been one of the most enduringly popular music programmes on Korean TV. Aired on Sunday evening, it’s staged in front of a 1,700-strong live audience. Lighting for the show is designed by Lee Kwan Han. Currently on the rig for the weekly show are 40 x Robe ROBIN 1200 LEDWashes and 38 x MMX Spots. They are proving ideal for lighting the show, giving Han all the creative latitude he needs to produce a rich and varied collection of looks and scenes for the different artists each week. The Open Concert line-up includes singing, music and performance in a range of genres. This – together with the reliability and affordability of the fixtures - is why he chose to use the Robe LEDWash 1200s and MMX Spots. The MMX Spots were purchased first and proved such a success that the LEDWash 1200s soon followed.

SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES MDG has provided lighting, fog and haze effects for Mumford & Sons’ mammoth 145-date international 2013 tour. The company supplied fifteen Robe Robin 600and sixteen 1200 LEDWash moving heads, plus a

quantity of Chromlech Elidy LED panels, arranged in a 16 by four video back wall, and 12 each of Elidy-Big and Elidy-S panels rigged above and behind the band on stage. The tour marks the largest installation of the French lighting manufacturer’s new product to date, and the first project for MDG to

supply with Elidy since its appointment as exclusive Canadian distributor. MDG provided two of its own dual fog and haze generators. These were located on either side of the stage to provide a highly controllable output of haze that showed off Next Level Lights’ Ed Warren’s

spectacular lighting design to perfection. ‘Smoke and haze suits the band’s style really well,’ commented Warren, who has toured with Mumford & Sons’ as lighting designer since the band started five years ago. ‘I use a lot of back light and overhead haze, so it’s a vital part of my design.’

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Christmas crackers Welcome to TL’s guide to festive lighting facts

The Christmas tree arrived from Germany in the late 18th Century. Candles were glued to tree branches, causing 1000s of house fires. Electric ‘fairy lights’ were introduced in the The term comes from the Savoy Theatre’s opening night of Iolanthe on 25 November 1881, when the production’s principal fairies were equipped with a string of miniature incandescent lamps supplied by inventor, Sir Joseph


Swan of The Swan United Electric Lamp Company

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Everyone who’s anyone has switched on Regent Street’s lights; the 2013

trigger fingers belong to Emmy winner, Ty Burrell and Hollywood director, Rob Minkhoff. 100s of road closures are put in place across London to accommodate the crowds. In the mid-1940’s, Sylvania produced sets of fluorescent fairy lights for Miller’s in the US. Arguably the most famous of the UK’s Christmas light spectaculars, Oxford Street will host its 54th annual event from 12 November 2013 to 5 January 2014. Oxford Street’s lights remained off for two years – 1976-77 – due to the recession. Nicknamed Christmas Tree Lane, trees in Santa Rosa Ave, Altadena, California have been lit every Christmas (apart from during WW11) since 1920, qualifying as the first public outdoor display. The first display of Christmas laser lighting was in Oxford Street in 1978

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ToTal emergency lighting soluTion LIGHT THE WAY



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Powered by: mackwell Mackwell, the industry leader in lighting technology, provides a complete emergency solution for all lighting project applications. mackwell... light the way. LIGHT THE WAY


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+44 (0) 1922 458 255


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SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND-ING? When the world famous Whitworth Art Gallery closed its doors for a long-awaited refurbishment and extension programme, visitors from the local community got to share in the celebrations

M anchester-based lighting design and rental specialist, dbn provided the lighting for the spectacular Weekending at the Whitworth Gallery event this autumn, an extraordinary weekend of free art, music and performance in Whitworth Park and Gallery, Manchester, which welcomed the local community to celebrate the last days of the ‘old’ Whitworth Gallery, before the building closed for an historic £18m refurbishment. dbn has worked on several projects at the Whitworth over recent years, providing technical consultation and design services, ingenuity and equipment. The company’s project manager, Nick Todd oversaw the Weekending event, for which several elements were lit, including the impressive front façade of the Whitworth Art Gallery itself. Overall, lighting schemes encompassed a world music stage, trees and art installations, with the visual high point being the final Saturday night’s lighting and fireworks spectacular on and around the building, which wowed and amazed thousands of onlookers.Todd commented: ‘We really enjoy working on events at the Whitworth – they are engaging, challenging and different - and always put our skills to the test. We like that! ‘It was fantastic to be involved in the Weekending event, which brought so much to the local community. We have an intimate knowledge of the building’s architecture from previous projects, and feel very connected to it. We were very proud to be a part of such a special event in the Gallery’s history.’ F IREW ORK S TOO

Friday night’s performance schedule was headlined by Acid Brass; the band played its trademark mash of traditional brass band music laced with acid house on the steps and the roof of the Gallery. Saturday’s fireworks and lightshow was again set against the dramatic backdrop of the Edwardian building. Two Tigers Fireworks’ provided Todd with a simulation of the planned pyro display with the speciallycompiled soundtrack in advance of the show, so he was able to plan and pre-programme the lightshow using dbn’s WYSIWYG facilities. This also enabled him to produce detailed 3D visuals to show the client how the building would look when illuminated.

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He decided to light the building in energysaving LED fixtures and highlight its intricate and cool architectural features - which include the columns, turrets and towers and distinctive roof line – with moving lights. A variety of fixtures were utilised, including Clay Paky’s new GlowUp wireless battery LED uplighters - which proved to be perfect for the more inaccessible areas of the building - and Sharpy Washes, which easily picked out the furthest tower tops in deep saturated colour; even full UV. The dark red brick construction wasn’t ideal for coloured lighting effects, but the overall colour depth across the full spectrum was impressive. As well as the LED units around the building, two mini-beam truss ‘goal-posts’ were erected approximately 35m left and right of the Gallery, hidden by the entrance signage. These were rigged with Clay Paky Sharpy Washes, Alpha Beam 700s and Alpha spot 1200 HPEs.

We really enjoy working on events at the Whitworth – they are engaging, challenging and different - and always put our skills to the test. We like that!


Programming time was always going to be tight, so Todd built a detailed 3D model of the gallery, and used WYSIWYG and Jands Vista V2 software to map the fixtures and pre-programme the show. It was then played back on the night from one of dbn’s Vista T2 consoles. The lightshow included eye-catching colour sweeps and dissolves across the entire building fascia, jaunty gobo projections and funky chases synched to the music, picking out the architecture and eclectic shapes, all running in perfect harmony with the fabulous pyrotechnic show, which kept the crowds enthralled. On Sunday evening, for the final installation of the event, entitled Six White Horses, dbn lit the 120m diameter space with subtly placed fixtures hidden in the surrounding trees. The Weekending event at the Whitworth Art Gallery was a huge success and brought the end of this era in the Gallery’s history to a striking and very memorable close. It is scheduled to re-open in Summer 2014, complete with a new extension, which will provide lots more space to display its 55,000-item collections, and will also link the building to Whitworth Park.

Contact DBN

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Illuma Lighting +44 (0)1332 818200 | Introducing the award winning new 355o rotating Rotaspot spotlight. Illuma recently launched the Rotaspot, the latest addition to their extensive spotlight range, designed specifically for retail and commercial environments. The industries response to this versatile and flexible new product has already seen it win the award for Best Innovation at The Lighting Design Awards. The new Rotaspot incorporates the new Gen3 Fortimo LED SLM system from Philips, allowing the range to provide both high impact and low maintenance lighting solutions. The range is available in 3 lumen packages; 2,000, 3,000 and now 4,500 lumens. These are all supported by Illuma’s renowned 5 year guarantee. For more information visit

Ex-Or +44 (0) 1942 719229 | Ex-Or delivers 70% warehouse energy savings Ex-Or’s market-leading range of energy saving lighting solutions has been extended with the launch of Mid-Bay LightSpot PIRs, meaning there is now a full range of programmable PIR presence detection systems suitable for ceiling heights ranging from 8m up to 16m, typically found in warehouses and industrial units. Like the long-established Hi-Bay LightSpot which is optimised for heights of 12m to 16m, the new Mid-Bay LightSpot offers 360 degree movement detection, but optimised for lower heights of 8 m to 12 m. This ensures that effective presence detection with maximum energy savings can be achieved. Both Hi-Bay and Mid-Bay LightSpot allow positioning at the end of the aisle, further extending LightSpot’s energy saving capability. This is made easy with the addition of a special sensor lens mask offering more efficient detection. Energy cost savings of up to 70 per cent or more can be made in industrial and commercial warehousing and storage buildings with high ceilings. This is thanks to LightSpot’s ability to ensure the lights are never left burning needlessly in areas that have been vacated or where there is enough natural light. Both Mid-Bay and Hi-Bay LightSpot are simple to commission after installation and can be easily reconfigured in the future in response to the regularly changing operational spaces within a dynamic warehousing environment. Commissioning Ex-Or lighting controls has been made even easier with the recent introduction of the Ex-Or HP18 LightSpot handheld controller. This low cost, pocket sized remote control is simple and intuitive to use for both installers and end users. The new Mid-Bay LightSpot is available with flush or surface mountings and is compatible with DALI or DSI ballasts.

Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd 0118 978 6573 | Springs & Pressings for the Lighting Industry from stock and custom made Simpson Springs & Pressings Ltd have been manufacturing components for the lighting industry for 40 years. In that time our knowledge and expertise has helped our customers from assisting with design and prototyping though to manufacture. Our continued investment in machinery enables us to produce a huge variety of Springs, Pressings and Wireforms for almost any lighting application. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the quality of our service and products and welcome the opportunity to help you realise your lighting solutions.

Kingfisher +44 (0)1623 415900 | A LED only light fitting for urban lighting, LUNIO is designed by Italian lighting manufacturer Arcluce. Its sleek, modern and minimal design is the perfect synthesis combining esthetical features and shapes. Lunio is highly efficient, the ideal solution for urban settings, pathways, outdoor public and private areas, parks and gardens. Made from die-cast aluminium and finished in subtle anthracite grey, Lunio adds class to any exterior environment. Lunio is available to the UK though Kingfisher Exterior Lighting, Arcluce’s exclusive distributor. Kingfisher have worked closely with Arcluce for many years, forming a strong partnership. Visit Arcluce at The Arcshow, stand Q52!

Earlsmann 08456 434740 | New LED tube makes fluorescent tube replacement easy Need a quick and easy solution to fluorescent tube replacement? Earlsmann’s new LED tube with external driver allows straightforward replacement of the existing magnetic/HF ballast with the LED driver. The tube is wired for two-ended connection to simplify rewiring of the fitting, uses low voltage (< 50V) and is completely safe and compliant. The LED tube can be supplied with emergency function and is suited to almost any application, particularly where older fluorescent tubes are still in use – e.g. car parks, schools and offices. The tubes can be fully dimmable, compatible with 1-10, DALI control and building management systems. The LED driver is freely cooled, providing increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

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DE W Mains voltage LED in glass diffuser with aluminium heat sink, available in single or multiple chandelier.

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Cooper Lighting and Safety manufacture a comprehensive range of mains and emergency lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Based in Doncaster, UK, Cooper Lighting and Safety is an operating business of Cooper Safety, a division of Cooper Industries. We are able to provide a wide range of products, services and support to our customers. TEL: 01302 321541 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 4NB

Timage (GB) LLP is renowned in the yacht industry for its beautifully crafted Italian LED and traditional bulb lighting. Timage specialises in nautically styled brass bulkhead lights, waterproof step and courtesy lights, reading lights and ceiling lights. Substantial stock holding for fast delivery.




• Kemps are the UK’s largest manufacturer of high quality Cold Cathode lighting • Temperatures range from 1800k to 8000k, plus various colours • Dimmable by Mains, 0-10v, DMX and Dali • Lamplife over 50,000hrs • Energy Efficient • UK and Global projects TEL: 0113 271 5777 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 2, Matrix Court, Middleton Grove, Leeds LS11 5WB

Emergency lighting products limited (elp) is a small and focused UK manufacturing company dedicated to providing superior service and products to all customers requiring Emergency Lighting Equipment and Emergency Lighting Conversion services.

Custom size LED panels up to 2500m x 1800mm. Stunning illumination from the high brightness LED’s and graduated grid acrylic which produces totally even and shadow free illumination across the face. White and RGB LED are available.

TEL: 01403 786601 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 9 Gillmans Industrial Estate, Natts Lane, Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ

TEL: 01604 678410 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Artillus Illuminating Solutions Ltd 5 Bellman Gate, Holcot Lane, Sywell Northants NN6 0BL




Iberian lighting Ltd, A dynamic company based in Southern England and conveniently within easy reach of London. We take your bespoke lampshade designs from concept to a carefully designed ready to hang commercial finished product.

The Light Corporation - Hand-built & Bespoke British Lighting “The Light Corporation is a Lighting Design and Manufacturing business located in the UK offering standard and bespoke LED lighting solutions to the high-end marketplace in the Residential, Marine, Restaurant & Bar and Retail sectors.”

TEL: 01424 428 161 WEB: ADDRESS: Design & Innovation Center Drury Lane St Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN38 9XP

The Emergi-Lite portfolio from Thomas & Betts delivers a highly versatile choice of emergency lighting and fire detection products and systems for a wide range of applications. Our aim is to enable customers to achieve the maximum benefit in investment, whilst keeping the protection and safety of human life paramount. TEL: +44 (0)113 281 0600 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Bruntcliffe Lane, Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 9LL. UK




2012 has seen the official launch of our luminaire design department. We have 30 years experience within the emergency lighting industry, and with the vast advances in lighting design due to the growth in LED technologies, it has been a natural progression to utilise our experience and resources to now offer our clients a one stop solution for bespoke design and manufacture. TEL: 01376 331515 EMAIL: ADDRESS: The Old Power Station,Unit 5c, Enterprise Court, Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3QS

The leading UK manufacturers of brass lampholders and lighting components offering quality products for the Lighting Industry. Full catalogue available on request or on our web-site. We also offer a bespoke service for customers own component designs. A long established family business with a professional approach. Full ISO 9001:2008 and LIA Code of Practice Quality approvals.

Pace Uk, LED Design and LED Manufacture with 10 years experience in designing LED products, we can offer our customers a fast turn around on prototype designs. We also have access to all key manufacturers of high flux LEDs. We specialise in producing cost effective design solutions, believing that price of product is always important. TEL: 01934 733121 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: The Rising, The Square, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2AP


GM LIGHTING Full range of galvanised steel, aluminium, conical, octagonal columns, high masts and lattice towers, plus amenity lanterns and luminaires. Most ex-stock FOR PROMPT DELIVERY. TEL: 020 8688 2743 Mob : 07850 530 036 EMAIL: ADDRESS: 14 Tritton Avenue, Beddington, Surrey CRO 4SS

TEL: 0121 622 2385 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 80 Alcester Street, Birmingham B12 0QE

TEL: 01376 343087 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: PO Box 141, Lakes Road, Braintree, Essex. CM7 2SG

TEL: +44(0) 1442 216200 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Unit 3, North Bridge Road, Berkhamsted, Herts, HP4 1EF England

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To advertise here contact Andrew stratton T.0203 617 4683 LIGHTING ACCESSORIES



The New ‘Penthouse Collection’, the latest in flat plate design, stylish and sleek with no visible fixings. From a British manufacturer and pioneer of flat plate design.

The leading UK manufacturers of brass lampholders and lighting components offering quality products for the Lighting Industry. Full catalogue available on request or on our website. We also offer a bespoke service for customers own component designs. A long established family business with a professional approach. Full ISO 9001:2008 and LIA Code of Practice Quality approvals.

Period Cast Iron Lamp Posts We’ve Created the UK’s largest stockholding of Lamp Posts & lanterns. For “lighting retailers” we provide free standing display units. For “Designers & Specifiers” we offer a unique design & development service. For “Architects & Councils” we offer a full commercial support, from supply to installation.

TEL: 01483 713400 EMAIL: WEB:



TEL: 0800 6888372 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Whitehall, Aston, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 4JH



Simpson Springs manufacture springs, pressings and wireforms for the lighting industry. We produce bespoke parts to customers requirements as well as stock parts common to the industry

Nu-era lighting is an independently owned and directed business, providing a comprehensive range of industrial and commercial luminaires to suit a variety of applications. This is complimented by a full in house emergency conversion facility led by our dedicated ICEL accredited specialists.


BEG Luxomat® is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of occupancy sensors, with the largest range of products available in the UK. The products are easy to install, such as separate mounting plates for the surface products and with our remote control you can set the controls from the ground. With over 30 years in providing sensor solutions for saving energy and providing control, you can be confident that our products will provide the performance that you require.

TEL: 01189 786573 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: Unit 1, Latimer Road Industrial Estate, Latimer Road, Wokingham, Berkshire. RG41 2YD

TEL: 01376 515937 FAX: 01376 515926 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Unit A, Eastways, Witham, Essex, CM8 3YQ




We are major importers and distributors of a full range of lighting components for the lighting and the electrical wholesale industry. Please visit our website to view our range.

We develop lighting products for all sectors and specialise in LED. Our sustainable and maintainable design does not compromise on innovation whilst maintaining the “wow factor”. I am level 4 qualified under the ILP competency framework. I have 22 years of experience and a team with 40 years between them. The ONLY accredited and approved SECURED BY DESIGN lighting consultancy in the UK.

UK agents for Hagner lightmeters, our range of luxmeters can measure 0.01 – 199,900 lux. All detectors are Vλ filtered & cosine corrected, and the instrument is delivered fully calibrated. We also supply luminance meters, combination meters and special detectors.

TEL: 0870 850 5412, EMAIL:

on filters available hapes and sizes

TEL: 0121 622 2385 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 80 Alcester Street, Birmingham B12 0QE

Glass dichroic colour correction filters shapes and sizes

WEB: available in custom TEL: 0121 523 2574 EMAIL:

TEL: 07990 962692 EMAIL: WEB:

rs offer a wide roducts to help d correct ght sources.


Warming filters for LED lamps


TEL: 07900 571022 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: PO Box 210 Havant Hampshire PO9 9BT


site for further details. Louvres available in custom

Inlico are established distributors of lighting components shapes and sizes and accessories. Our product range includes: lampholders, switches and dimmers, plugs, cable and cordsets, as well as plastic and metal parts and UL-approved components. We also operate a product labelling service for luminaires.

178x127.indd 1

TEL: 0121 359 8585 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 26-36 Frankfort Street, Newtown, Birmingham, B19 2YH

LEE Filters, Building on our experience in film and television lighting, LEE Filters have introduced a range of lighting filter products specifically designed for use in the entertainment, sales@leefi leisure and architectural industries.

+44 (0) 1264 366245

TEL: 01264 366245 22/11/2011 11:00 WEB: 17/05/2011 14:16 ADDRESS: Central Way, Walworth Industrial Estate Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AN

Walter Logan’s Swivel joints manufactured by Meinzer Swivel Joints GmbH are well know to be the best quality swivel joints available to lighting manufacturers who prize quality and regularity above the cheapness of other swivel joint manufacture’s. Types available are raw brass swivel joints, silver swivel joints, chrome swivel joints, black swivel joints plus many more. TEL: 0208 446 0161 EMAIL: WEB: ADDRESS: 3 Athenaeum Rd, Whetstone, London N20 9AA

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ELP — Elegance IP65 LED luminaires

Patented low glare cross beam technology Up to 85lm/W 80,000 operating hours (L70)

Optional: PS-RS02 Microwave Motion Detector shown in situ.

3000 and 4500K (+/125K) Up to 78% energy savings on HQL equivalents

Understatedly smart!

Multiple relector systems Die cast IP66 aluminium housing 0% ULOR 5 year warranty DALI/1-10v control Up to 55ºC ambient temperature 600 and 450mm housings Single, twin and staggered pole tops For traffic or pedestrian areas

Small. Attractive. Intelligent. Delivering outstanding energy efficiency from 24 white LEDs, the Elegance LED range provides 1200 lumiaire lumens, offering an ideal solution for general lighting and emergency lighting applications in corridors, stairwells, kitchens, washrooms — and with an IP65 rating — even exterior locations. Measuring just 330mm dia. x 126mm and available with mains only or with self-contained maintained operation, Elegance LED luminaires can be option specified for intelligent integral DALI/Self-Test functions and have provision for the installation of a ELP PS-RS02 Microwave photocell/motion detector. As with the whole Elegance range, the LED versions offer a neat understatement in aesthetic design, discreet conduit side-entry, single lever release for the opal diffuser, compact size and full compliance with the requirements of EN60598.2.22

Emergency Lighting Products Limited

Up to 60 metre pole distances using 10m poles

The perfection of LED street lighting. Powerful. Aesthetic. Future Oriented. Avanza

Parbrook House, Gilmans Industrial Estate Billingshurst, West Sussex, RH14 9EZ Tel: +44 1403 786601 Fax: +44 1403 786602

Avanza 1

Selux UK Ltd, No 10 Spartan Close Leamington Spa, CV34 6RR +44 (0) 1926 833455

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