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FRESHMEN GUIDE 2020–2021 • ENGLISH TOKYO ry Otakaari 1 PL 11100 Aalto-yliopisto TOKYO Space Otakaari 1 Y137 – Y143 Facebook: Add Sheryl Arts as a friend, join the group Student Association TOKYO, like TOKYO – Students of Arts, Design and Architecture Instagram: @sheryltokyo PUBLISHER: TOKYO ry

EDITORIAL: TOKYO board LAYOUT: Teodor Georgiev 2020-2021 EDIT: Ninni Laaksonen BOARD PHOTOS: Ellen Heikkilä OTHER PHOTOS: Luis Alfonso Monje

CONTENTS 1. Welcome, my dear new student! 2. Community 2.1. Sheryl ARTS 2.2. TOKYO ry board 2.3. TOKYO committee 2.4. Student organisations 2.5. Where do the ARTS students study? 2.6. Aalto community 3. The perfect first year 3.1. Tutoring

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International affairs The Alumni TOKYO spaces, services and benefits 6.1. TOKYO’s service point 6.2. TOKYO’s spaces 6.3. Kipsari & Studio Kipsari 6.4. Membership benefits 7. Events 8. Student advocacy 8.1. Student advocacy: is it something you can eat? 8.2. What should I do if things go wrong? 8.3. Hallopeds? Are they some kind of birds? 8.4. Apply to representative council and vote in elections 9. Communications 9.1. The Design Calendar 9.2. Torso magazine 9.3. Social Media 10. Housing 11. Student Aids 12. Student Card—Frank 13. Health and Wellbeing 13.1. FSHS 13.2. University Sports—Unisport 14. Transportation in the metropolitan area 14.1. Connections to Aalto Campus 14.2. Long distance travelling as a student 15. Campus and maps

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Appro = A general name for student bar crawl events

Aalto Pahvi = Art supplies shop in the AYY = Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, Learning Centre Aalto University Student Union A Bloc = A shopping centre next to BIZ = Aalto University School of Business the Aalto University metro station as well as Väre; also a Fazer student Dekaani / Dean / Deksu = Head of a restaurant in the same building school of Aalto University A Grid = Startup community that con- Design Factory / Defa / DF / ADF = Place nects all six schools of Aalto. Located in the Otaniemi campus that runs multiin Otakaari 5. disciplinary courses and acts as an event venue Arabia = The former site of the campus of the school of ARTS in the Dipoli = The headquarters building of Aalformer Arabia ceramics factory in the to University; often used synonymously Arabia housing district of Helsinki with the student restaurant Reima, which until summer 2018; now home to the is located there Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The name has spawned some ELO = Department of Film in ARTS Arabian-inspired visual motifs among Eksku / XQ = An excursion, typically conARTS students, such as a camel carducted by a student association into a avan used to represent the school’s company or multiple companies. move to Otaniemi. Fuksi = Freshman, first-year student, ARTS = Abbreviation for the Aalto sometimes known as “Phuksi” in the School of Arts, Design and Architectechnical fields, or “Mursu” exclusively in ture (Six schools of Aalto: ARTS, BIZ, the School of Business ENG, ELEC, SCI, CHEM) Alvarin aukio = Alvari Square, park in Haalari(t) = Overalls, a form of attire used Otaniemi, between the Undergradu- by most university student associations in Aalto and in Finland in general during ate Centre and the Learning Centre student events. Students often collect patches from various events, associations Amfi = The amphitheatre of the Undergraduate Centre; a common hang- and companies and sew them into their overalls. In ARTS, the students of the out among students Guild of Architecture are the only ones Arkkari = A student of architecture to use overalls, while NuDe and Kooma use their own specific types of jackets AK = Arkkitehtikilta, the Guild of Arinstead; see Takki. chitecture Halloped = Hallinnon OPiskelijaEDustaja, Ainon aukio = Aino’s Square, a student representative in the Aalto adsquare between the Väre building ministration and the Undergraduate Center

HOAS = Helsingin seudun opiskelija-asuntosäätiö, student apartment foundation in Helsinki

tutor for the relevant department.

JMT = Jämeräntaival, a street in Otaniemi housing many student apartments

Koomuli = Student of art education / member of the student association KOOMA

Jodel = An anonymous messaging app popular among students

Kritiikki = Critique, evaluation event at the end of a course

Kokardi = Cockade, the golden pin in a student cap which varies by school HOPS = Henkilökohtainen OPintoSuun- and study field; for ARTS students, this is the TOKYO spiral nitelma, personal study plan

KY = Kauppatieteen Ylioppilaat, Aalto Jäynä = A prank or practical joke carried out by students, with which Aalto University Business Students’ association has a strong tradition Kylteri = Aalto University Business Kandikeskus = Undergraduate Centre, School student building designed by architect Alvar Lukkari = Song leader, a host at sitsit Aalto housing most of Aalto University’s bachelor-level teaching. Also known by its address, Otakaari 1/OK1, Läsy = Leaflet of song lyrics, used in and recognizable by the amphitheater sitsit landmark. Many ARTS associations are Maisu = Maisema-arkkitehti, student based in the K-wing of the building, of landscape architecture while TOKYO Space and office are located in the Y-wing. Maskerad = TOKYO’s annual masquerade party with a changing theme Keto = Short for Keskustoimisto, AYY’s central office in Otaniemi Mouho = General complaining in the student community, e.g. how things Kilta = Guild, name for technical stuused to be better dents’ subject associations Mursu = First-year student of the Kiltis = Kiltahuone; Guild room; a Aalto University School of Business space dedicated for the use of a guild or student association MyCourses = An Aalto website used for course resources and materials Kipsari = Vegetarian restaurant owned by TOKYO ry, with sites in Väre and Noppa = study credit, ETC Otakaari 7 OK20 = Otakaari 20, an event venue Kippari / Kapteeni / Fuksikapteeni = in Otaniemi Freshmen captain, a person appointed Ossinlampi = A small pond in the by a student association to take care of their department’s freshmen; most middle of Otaniemi commonly also acts as a responsible

Otaneum = NuDe’s association space in the K-wing of the Undergraduate Center (after Ateneum, the historic building of the school of ARTS) Paperi = Magazine run by the Guild of Architecture

nesday Speksi = Interactive musical theatre with which students have a strong tradition (e.g. Teekkarispeksi)

TaiK / Taikki = Taideteollinen korkeakoulu, University of Arts and Design Helsinki, the former name Provosti = Leads teaching, research, inno- of the Aalto University School of vation and influence work. Provosti is the Arts, Design and Architecture. superior of vice presidents in University, Takki = Jacket; an association and second in charge of the whole university, right after the President of Aalto. uniform used by some ARTS associations as an alternative to stuRantsu = Rantasauna (“Shore sauna”), a dent overalls. NuDe ry has their bookable AYY sauna in Otaniemi “Vapputakki” (Vappu jacket), and Kooma has their own jacket. They Rehtori / Reksi = Principal; President of have different designs to identify Aalto University the associations: the NuDe vappu jacket has a pattern that changes RWBK = Retuperän WBK, traditional fire brigade-themed band of Aalto University every year, while Kooma has plain white and gray jackets that each technical students member personally decorates. Saha = Event venue in Otaniemi owned Teekkari = A student of technoby KY logy; within ARTS, students of Sheryl = The embodiment of the TOKYO architecture are the only field to spirit be part of this category, which Sillis = Herring brunch, morning after par- comes with many distinct practices and traditions. ty of a sitsit Teekkarikylä = Technical student Sissari = Student of Interior Architecture village, the main student housing Sitsit = Academic table party with singing area in Otaniemi and dinner Teekkarilakki = Teekkari cap, the specific student cap used by stuSMT = Servin Maijan tie, a street in Otaniemi housing many student apartments dents of technical fields in Finland; basically a student cap with Smökki = An event space owned by AYY a tassle on top. In ARTS, these are in Otaniemi only worn by students of architecture. Spagu = Spaghetti, particularly referring Plassaus = Order of seating in sitsit

to the Teknologföreningen restaurant’s traditional spaghetti served every Wed-

Telegram / TG = A messaging app popular in the Aalto communi-

ty. Aalto ARTS has its own channel,

high school graduates and university students

Toksu = A member of TOKYO ry; an Aalto ARTS student

YTHS / FSHS = Finnish Student Health Service

Torso = TOKYO ry’s magazine Tutor = Student who helps new students to get familiar with Aalto University. Also known as ISOhenkilö (“BIG person”) or ISO among the technical students. TF = Teknologföreningen, Swedish-speaking students’ union at Aalto University TJ = Teekkarijaosto, Technical students’ section of AYY Täffä = Restaurant owned by TF; also used to refer to Teknologföreningen in general, as well as TF’s distinctive concrete building, Urdsgjallar. Vappu / Wappu = 1st May celebration in Finland, traditionally the biggest yearly celebration among students and working-class people. Vappulehti = A Vappu magazine made and sold by students (Aalto has two: Julkku and Äpy, which are published on Vappu biannually) Vujut = Vuosijuhlat, a student association’s annual ball Väre = Main building of Aalto ARTS, housing mostly the Masters and 3rd year Bachelor students WebOodi = Official Aalto website to enrol and track courses Ylioppilaslakki = Student cap; the white ceremonial hat used by Finnish

1. WELCOME, DEAR NEW STUDENT! Congratulations on your new study place in the School of Art, Design and Architecture (or Aalto ARTS for short)! Getting through the application process is not easy, but you made it to Aalto, hooray! Our art and design education was ranked 7th in the world in 2018, so you must be a pretty capable person since you got in. It is absolutely thrilling to start a new year together with you! This year will offer a lot of things for you to learn, but let’s start with the essentials presented in this guide. First, welcome to Aalto! Aalto community consists of students, teachers and staff who all work and/or study in the six schools of Aalto, four of which are from the field of technology, one from business and one from art. In our beloved Aalto ARTS education is divided into five departments: Architecture, Art, Design, Film, Television & Scenography and of course Media! These departments are again divided into variety of majors. Student culture in Aalto is very active, and in most part it is built by student associations. The students in ARTS are gathered under student association called TOKYO (we also made this guide for you to enjoy!). The mission of TOKYO is to bring together all the ARTS students, and to take care of their student rights as well as their wellbeing. During the year TOKYO organizes events for students such as the starting party of the academic year Start ARTS 4.9., TOKYO’s annual party Maskerad (which is probably the biggest costume party in Finland) and the TOKYO Christmas Sales. TOKYO also enables students to organize their own events and other extravaganza (more information about that later in the guide). This Info-Torso is your guide to your first year in our school and it is meant to collect ALL the information you need. However, if after reading this leaflet you still have questions, don’t be afraid to send TOKYO a message or come tug our sleeves on campus. TOKYO exists to help you! I want to wish you a brilliant first year in ARTS and above all great student life! With TOKYO love,

Linda Mandell

Chairperson of TOKYO board


2. COMMUNITY TOKYO love is embracing the values of ARTS and being proud of who we are. Here in ARTS we have over 20 Bachelor programmes and over 30 Masters programmes. Every student within our ranks is unique and a wildly talented professional. Aalto ARTS is incredibly rich and diverse, creative, active socially and politically, responsible with the environment and accepting of minorities.

2.1. Sheryl ARTS Hey new ARTS-student! I’m Sheryl Arts, the embodiment of student spirit and recreational activity in ARTS. When needed, I incarnate in the people who bring you the most glamorous events of the year. I’m always where the action is and would just love to take you with me! On social media, I will remind you of upcoming events and post photos of our most memorable times spent together. I would love to be your Facebook friend, so that I can invite you to all the grand events and decadent parties! So please do add me, Sheryl Arts, as your friend on Facebook and follow me on Instagram @Sheryltokyo. Keep your eyes open for you might run into me at Kipsari, TOKYO’s own vegetarian restaurant, planning new events, grabbing a beer and making new friends! Among these, my hobbies include verbal acrobatics and eco-glitter face painting. My motto goes “More is More” and when I grow up I’m going to be Doctor of Arts. See you in the fall! xoxo, Sheryl

2.2. TOKYO ry board TOKYO is a registered association run by a group of ARTS students who are passionate about taking care of our community. A new board is elected annually in the TOKYO Fall meeting by our members, which means that YOU get to choose who will sit in the board and make decisions for us all! If you are interested in becoming a part of TOKYO send us a message to or come to our Fall meeting. We are always looking for new enthusiastic people to join us! 9

Emma van Dormalen Campus and spaces

Ninni Laaksonen New students

Linda Mandell Chair

Zhiwen Yap Vice-chair

Jelske Van de Ven

Betsy Akins

Tim Moesgen

Joona Järvinen


Sheryl & Events


Sheryl & Events

2.3. TOKYO committee The TOKYO Committee is a group of TOKYO actives: wonderful people who want to be part of making fantastic events and improving the student environment. Several committees focus on different topics, so you can certainly find one just for you. Whether you are interested in organizing events such as sales or Maskerad, international activities such as movie nights and TOKYO’s Lapland trip, or being in the editorial team of TOKYO’s publication, the Torso magazine, you can participate as much as you want. In TOKYO you can get experience in areas that you find interesting. If you have interesting ideas, join committee and make them happen together with other awesome students.

2.4. Student organisations Aalto community is full of student associations that represent the students as well as arrange parties, sports, trips and other activities. These associations also do student advocacy for their members. Most of the departments and schooling programs have their own associations. Joining your department’s student association is a perfect way to get to know the fellow students from your own program. Don’t hesitate to ask more about all the different organizations from your tutors or from TOKYO’s service point!

ARTS Film and Scenography







TOKYO ry: Students of Arts, Design and Architecture TOKYO is the student organization for all students of Aalto ARTS. All 2000 ARTS students can become our members, no matter if they already are part of a smaller association or not. We organize events for the whole ARTS and hand out help to smaller associations in terms of event organising, funding and student advocacy.

NuDe / Young Designers: Department of Design Young Designers Association (NuDe ry) is the student organisation of the Department of Design within Aalto ARTS, Aalto University. We organise events, seminars, parties, and excursions, while supporting & advocating for all Design students. Our aim is to facilitate cooperation, connections & friendships, while supporting your career development as a Young Designer!

KOOMA ry: Art education students Kooma is the student association for the students of Art Education in the Department of Art at Aalto Arts. We aim to make students’ voices heard and to enhance our rights! We organize open meetings, parties, cafés, workshops and whatnot! Kooma's been registered student association since 2001, tho action started in the 80’s.

GRRR ry: Visual communication design students GRRR is the student association of graphic design students in Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Every first Tuesday of the month GRRR ry organises a gathering in a bar selected by the organisers. The event aims at introducing first year students to the other students and to have fun.


AK: Guild of Architecture (Department of Architecture) The Aalto University Guild of Architecture is a student organization especially for students of architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture. It functions under the student union, AYY. The Guild was founded in 1908. However, it is rather known for its creative mindset than conservative traditions. Among the most important missions of the Guild are advocating the students interest and organizing a myriad of events — everything from sports to parties and theater visits to important meetings. The Guild also administrates this webpage and and a Facebook group for its international students, which is one of the key channels of information.

VISTA ry: Landscape architecture students Landscape architecture students’ association Vista is a non-profit registered association whose purpose is to promote the role of landscape architecture in Aalto University as well as in all parts of Finland. Vista organizes events such as excursions, company and site visits and evening activities. Vista’s activities are open for everyone interested in landscape architecture. This year is the 30th Anniversary of Vista!

SISTA: Interior architecture students SISTA is the student association for interior architecture students in Aalto University of Art, Design and Architecture. Our main goals are to improve communication between students and the program; and organize activities which boosts professionalism and community feeling.


DADA: Media Lab students DADA is a new student association founded by students of the Media Lab Helsinki of Aalto University. DADA was founded to support and organise events related to the interests of Media Lab students in a broad sense, to support the members’ professional development and networking during and after studies. The association also aims to promote the fields of study in the Media Lab within the Aalto University and broader society. Anybody is welcomed to become a member of the association!

ViMMA: Cumma and ViCCA students ViMMA is a student association that represents, promotes and supports the interests of ViCCA students and others associated with the programme. It aims to maintain the spirit of the growing ViCCA community by organising various events, excursions and informal get-togethers. ViMMA also focuses on building connections and encouraging diverse experimental discourse in a friendly, multidisciplinary environment.

ETL ry: Department of Film, Television and Scenography ETL is the association for students studying in The Department of Film, Television and Scenography (ELO Film School Finland). Our main mission is to represent our students and get their voice heard in ELO, TOKYO, AYY and as a part of the Aalto University in general. We also create and help to organize events for students.

FAST ry: Fashion students FAST is the association for students studying Fashion in the Department of Design. It was created to support the interest of fashions students and make the communication between programme and the student easier. They also organize events for students. 15

2.5. Where the arts students study new studios are being built next to Väre. Access: Get your own key from the Harald Herlin Learning Centre (library).

Espoo, Otaniemi A-wing, Otakaari 1 What: General art courses and some of the bachelor lectures happen here. Bachelor student home bases for Art, Architecture and Design departments. Access: Get your own key for 24/7 access from the Harald Herlin Learning Centre (library).

Architecture workshop, Metallimiehenkuja 4 What: Education for students of architecture department. Workshop suited for big builds. Access: Get your own key for 24/7 access from the Harald Herlin Learning Centre (library).

K-wing, Otakaari 1 What: ARTS Student Association spaces for Kooma, DADA, NuDe and Guild of Architecture. Access: Get your own key for 24/7 access from the Harald Herlin Learning Centre (library). The same key that works for A-wing works also for this wing.

Design Factory, Betonimiehenkuja 5C What: Everything you could imagine for creating a product prototype. Education for multidisciplinary programmes happens here. Bookable event spaces. Access: Get your own key for 24/7 access from the Harald Herlin Learning Centre (library). Only for students who are studying there.

Y-Wing HUB, Otakaari 1 What: Quiet study space that is open 24/7. Also an access point to TOKYO Space. Access: K door. Door has an access code which can be gained from TOKYO in the beginning of the semester.

Odeion screening auditorium, Maarintie 8 What: The Odeion Screening Auditorium featuring an amazing Christie projector and a fantastic aural experience guaranteed by world-renowned Meyer Sound speakers. Access: Book the space from Asio.

Väre (workshops), Otaniementie 14 What: Most of the workshops are located here. Some of the master level lectures happen here. Master student home bases for Art, Design and Media departments. TOKYO’s restaurant Kipsari is located here! Access: Register your NFC card (i.e. HSL card) for 24/7 access at Some workshops closed during the night.

Glass workshop, Sähkömiehentie 4 Konetekniikka 4 What: Glass workshop used mainly by department of design. Access: Through a glass design course. CHEMARTS Lab, Vuorimiehentie 1 What: Laboratory combining art & chemistry Access: During opening hours

Aalto Studios, Otakaari 7 What: Most of the teaching for the Media department and the Film, television and scenography department happen here. Home of student association ETL. TOKYO’s restaurant Studio Kipsari can be found from this building. Around 2022


Helsinki Roihupelto Production Facilities, Laippatie 14 What: A large scale soundstage environment on the east side of Helsinki, hosting many of our production facilities. Access: Jussi Lohijoki organizes the permits.

Kallio Stage, Pengerkatu 11 What: A black box performance space and an event venue in a traditional theatre environment. Access: Jussi Lohijoki organizes the permits

2.6. Aalto Community There are 12 000 students in Aalto who study in over 100 different degree programmes. Students of different fields have different traditions and student cultures that you hopefully have a chance to explore during your studies. You can (and should!) get to know students from other fields in events or perhaps through AYY’s hobby clubs, multidisciplinary courses or student led projects. The time you spend at university is said to be the best time of your life, better spend it in good company!


Aalto University Student Union

Aalto University Student Union – AYY Welcome to Aalto University and its student union, which you also recognise from the letters AYY! Here at the Student Union we strive to ensure that you can truly experience the best student life in the world at Aalto. Our wish is that every student feels good and safe in our student community, and that each of us gets all the support they need for the entire duration of their studies. You are stepping into a world of endless opportunities. We urge you to explore, be curious, innovate, learn, and enjoy your time at Aalto. Don’t be afraid, even though finding your own place and passion can sometimes be challenging. We are here to help and support you in all of your challenges. Let’s keep in touch!

Imran Shamsul Board Member (New Students and International Affairs)

What is AYY? As a student of Aalto, the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) is your student union. AYY brings together about 14,000 students of arts, design, business, and technology. We work to ensure the well-being of all our members and to develop Aalto’s teaching and student life. As a member of AYY, you are entitled to numerous student union services and student discounts both in the metropolitan area and throughout Finland. As a student of Aalto, you will also have the opportunity to participate in activities and events organised by AYY and the 200 student associations operating within AYY.

AYY in Figures 14,000 members 200 organisations and associations 40 employees 10 full-time board members hundreds of volunteers

Communication Channels You can find comprehensive information about all of AYY’s services and opportunities at AYY.FI. Facebook: Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunta - AYY Instagram: AYY_FI Twitter: AYY_FI

Hello you, a new member of Aalto community! Congratulations on your choice of study place and welcome to the Aalto community! In addition to studies, there is room in the Aalto community to try out new things and learn so much more. Study years are a great opportunity to try out something new and be inspired. While you are encouraged to live your study years to the fullest, it is important to remember that the years to come should not feel heavy, stressful, or endlessly busy. Despite the encouragement, you will not have time to try everything and you cannot participate in all events. Many students are excited and end up having a little too much on their plate, be it courses, work, volunteer work or something else. It is fun to do things together with your friends, but you should not compare your grades, social life, or anything at all to others. It is your own choice if you want to get very involved in some projects or maybe invest a little less. The years in Otaniemi are at their best when you also have time to sleep, rest and take care of yourself. Tua Videman Member of AYY Board and Board Angel of TOKYO


PLEASE NOTE! Once you have received the (plastic) card, please remember to pick up the academic year tag from AYY’s service point!

Student Benefits As a student, you are entitled to hundreds of benefits, including Kela, Matkahuolto and VR discounts, as well as student lunch discount in student restaurants. Student discount in public transport in the metropolitan area is also available to you, as long as you live in the HSL area and have updated your student status in your travel card at the HSL service point. The same travel card also gives you access to certain university facilities! Frank is a student service offering student cards and student discounts throughout Finland. Frank offers both digital and traditional plastic student cards. The digital student card Frank App is an official student ID, which you can download and activate once you have registered for attendance at the university and paid the AYY membership fee. You can check the prices of other card options on Frank’s website. You can also add an ISIC license to both digital and plastic student cards. More information about the different student cards can be found on Frank’s website at FRANK.FI.

Student Housing AYY owns approximately 2,600 student apartments in Helsinki and Espoo. We offer a home for over 3,200 residents. All degree and exchange students who are members of AYY have the right to apply for AYY’s housing. You can apply for housing as soon as your admission is confirmed by the university. First-year students and students moving from outside the Helsinki metropolitan area are given priority when allocating housing. You receive an extra applicant score when you apply for AYY’s shared apartment queues as a first-year student. To receive the score, you must apply for housing no later than July or December, depending on when you start your studies. You can browse and search for AYY’s apartments through the Domo system: DOMO. AYY.FI. As a student, you can also apply for housing from the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS).

Health Care The health of university students is taken care of by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). As a

member of AYY, you are entitled to general health, oral health, and mental health services of the FSHS. Most of the FSHS services are free of charge, including contacts and general health appointments, and paid services are also affordable. When you register for attendance for the autumn term, the health care fee is paid as part of the student union membership fee. However, the responsibility for organising student health care for university students and collecting the health care fee will be transferred to Kela on 1 Jan 2021. Therefore, in the spring of 2021, the Student Union will no longer charge the FSHS fee in connection with the membership fee. The FSHS will continue to provide student health care services and they will be available to those who have paid the health care fee. As of 1 Jan 2021, international exchange students, doctoral students, students in continuing education or tailor-made education will not be covered by the FSHS student health care. Further information: YTHS.FI.

Associations and Student Culture Association activities and events are an essential part of Aalto’s student culture. Highlights of the year include Wappu events, anniversaries, Shrove Tuesday cele-

brations and many other events starting right from the orientation week. AYY has more than 200 associations that organise activities ranging from sports to music and games to other hobbies. New students are more than welcome to join the associations. You should keep an open mind for different opportunities and get to know the associations in the upcoming events!

Advocacy and Interest Representation AYY represents students in the university’s decision-making bodies and promotes the interests of students in society. Through the student representatives elected by AYY, students have the opportunity to influence the decisions made at the university. AYY’s highest decision-making body is the Representative Council, which is elected by vote. In the elections, all AYY members can vote and run as candidates.

Other Services In addition to all this, AYY offers its members various services and opportunities ranging from a design calendar and scholarships to a wide range of volunteer positions. AYY also has numerous saunas, event venues and recreational facilities that members can rent. Some facilities are free of charge.

What is KY? For over a hundred years, and for years to come, KY has and will be the home and community for all Aalto University Business students. Founded in 1911, KY has ever since provided its members services and benefits, student advocacy and memorable experiences, as well as friendships that last a lifetime. KY exists solely for – and because of – its members. Many students choose to volunteer their time and are active in, for example, KY’s associations, committees and project teams. Every degree student at Aalto University School of Business may join KY and the membership is free of charge. KY Foundation, for its part, was founded to support the students at Aalto University School of Business. The foundation distributes grants and subsidies, for example, to KY’s associations, individual projects and students going abroad for an exchange period. Together, KY ry and KY foundation form one united KY.

KY in numbers Over 3000 members 108 years 3 locations 11 employees & 9 board members Over 50 associations Hundreds of volunteers

Teekkaris Teekkari culture has a long history and teekkaris have been noticeably represented in whole Finland, especially in Otaniemi. In Otaniemi teekkaris have had an impact already since 1966. Outside of Otaniemi teekkaris are known for their jäynäs, tempaus and teekkari songs. The most valuable emblem for teekkaris, the teekkari cap, has been in use since 1893. Teekkari culture, in the end, is everything fun or crazy things teekkaris might come up with. The teekkari freshmen upbringing is overseen by the Freshmen committee (FTMK) that functions under the Teekkari Section (TJ). The Freshmen committee consists of each teekkari guilds’ freshmen captain.

The Schools of Aalto that teach technology are the School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM), the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC), the School of Science (SCI) and the School of Engineering (ENG). These Schools and their distinct study fields have their own guilds that are seen and heard in Aalto. - School of Chemical Engineering Chemistry Guild, Forest Products Guild and Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students. In CHEM there is also a student union, Association of Process Engineering Students (PT) that takes in all the new students of the School of Chemical Engineering. - School of Electrical Engineering: Guild of Bioinformation Technology Inkubio, Guild of Electrical Engineering and Guild of Automation and Systems Technology - School of Engineering: Guild of Civil Engineers, Guild of Surveying Engineers and Guild of Mechanical Engineers - School of Science: Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management Prodeko, Guild of Physics, Guild of Computer Science and Guild of Information Networks Athene In addition, there is also Guild of Architecture in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Furthermore, there is also one Swedish speaking student nation: Teknologfรถreningen (TF)

AYY, Kalle Hiltunen

3. THE PERFECT FIRST YEAR First year of studying can be hectic and many things are confusing in the beginning. Luckily for you TOKYO and other ARTS students are here to help.

3.1. Tutoring ARTS tutors are there to help and guide you through the orientation week and the first year of studies. Tutors will introduce you to the maze of Aalto both physically and mentally by introducing you to the spaces and community. You can ask your tutors for help in any situation and they will help you to find the answers. Together with TOKYO the tutors also arrange the StartARTS party and Freshmen party for you! You don’t want to miss those!

4. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Internationality is very important to TOKYO and that’s why we have a special seat in our board for taking care of our international sweethearts. TOKYO’s interna-tional affairs is all about acknowledging the diversity in Aalto ARTS and organis-ing events which includes everyone. TOKYO’s International Affairs arranges for example a Lapland trip once a year and also other events like international food fair event and berry and mushroom picking in the Autumn. TOKYO International affairs Facebook group is the best channel to keep up with all of these events.


5. THE ALUMINI What is Alumni anyway? As a student, you are part of the Aalto-community, but you remain an important part of it even after graduation, as Alumni. Self development, experiences and opportunities of every kind are not only found while you are a current student in Aalto University, but also as a graduate. The networks one start growing upon arrival are truly important, and everything does not have to end with graduation. Studying and the life after graduation are more like two cycles that can overlap as much as you want. As Alumni, you can remain part of the Aalto community, keep meeting new people, assist in different events and get support in student or working life. In addition, as a Master’s student you can apply to the Aalto University´s Mentoring programme, where you can get versatile coaching for your career path and support from an experienced alumni. TOKYO Alumni relations aim to connect the students with graduates, shortening the gap between these two. The Alumni relations also work to strengthen the connections between students and working environments, because after all, we start our path to becoming an Alumni from the first day as a students, don’t we? From the total of over 100.000 Aalto graduates, nearly 45.000 alumni are already members of the Aalto University Alumni Network. The new initiative, Aalto Alumni Circle, could get you even closer to all the benefits of being an Alumni.TOKYO is also present in the Aalto Alumni Council, where decisions are made on a global level. Afterall, Aalto has Alumni from more than 80 countries. If you are interested in participating in the development of Alumni relationships and the benefits of the Alumni, you can contact TOKYO. We are here for you even after you have graduated. Check these links for more information:



6. TOKYO SPACES, SERVICES AND BENEFITS 6.1. TOKYO’s service point TOKYO has a dedicated service point located in TOKYO Space in the Undergraduate Center on the Väre side corridor next to the Learning HUB. At the service point you can get advice and information on study-related issues, become a member of TOKYO, get the membership sticker for your student card, get the newest design calendar and take an insurance in case of accidents. The service point is open from 12.00 to 14.00 on Mondays or whenever the executive manager or any of the board members are present. If you find yourself in need of the service point you can book a time by sending a message to the TOKYO Space page on Facebook.

6.2. TOKYO’s spaces TOKYO members have three spaces to use at the Otaniemi campus: TOKYO Space in the Undergraduate Center, and the TOKYO Corner and Lounge in Väre. You can reserve the spaces for your own use through a form on the TOKYO website and you can follow what’s going on in the spaces by adding TOKYO Spaces Calendar to your Google calendars. If you have ideas you would like to make happen in these spaces, share them by messaging TOKYO Space on Facebook. TOKYO acquires new furniture and equipment to TOKYO’s spaces every year so please share your ideas on what you would like to see at the spaces; your dearest wishes just might come true! TOKYO Space is located in room Y139 in Y-wing, Undergraduate Center, next to Learning HUB. This is a free to use space for all the members of TOKYO. There you can enjoy a coffee, study, have a meeting or an event or just hang out. At TOKYO Space you can find a terrace that opens towards Väre, great kitchen to make lunch in and TOKYO’s service point! Like TOKYO Space in Facebook so you won’t miss out on anything. TOKYO Corner and Lounge are located in Väre basement under the stairs leading to the main lobby. These spaces are open to all ARTS students. ARTS student associations use the spaces for their meetings and other activities. These spaces are perfect for taking a break in the midst of working at the workshops or having a movie night with your friends. 32

6.3. Kipsari & Studio Kipsari Kipsari is an ecological and vegetarian student restaurant, café and bar owned by TOKYO. Kipsari favours vegetarian food, Fair Trade, local producers and organic produce, and the nutritious menu serves options for every taste. Besides warm lunch, you can find salads, soups and huge sandwiches. After school Kipsari offers you cold beverages, games, good music and magazines. One could say that the student culture of ARTS is born and lives in Kipsari. What’s more, eating in Kipsari is like putting money in your own pocket: Kipsari is owned (via TOKYO) by ARTS students! With the proceeds from Kipsari we are supporting students’ artistic projects via the I Love Kipsari grant; if you are a TOKYO member, you can apply for the grant when it's available! Kipsari has two restaurants in Otaniemi: Kipsari in Väre and Studio Kipsari in the Aalto Studios building in Otakaari 7. If you live in Otaniemi, Studio Kipsari is most likely your closest restaurant right next to the Teekkari village bus stop. Like both Kipsari's on &, and you’ll get the menu and the latest news right away!


6.4. Membership benefits TOKYO offers its members a bunch of different benefits. And even if you are not a member, we still offer some things at your reach, too <3 Members • Unlimited TOKYO love and student advocacy services • Free TORSO magazine 4 times a year • Free space reservation and usage (TOKYO Space, Corner and Lounge) • Apply I <3 Kipsari project grant • Apply TOKYO allowance for an association or a student group • Vote on general meetings • Suggest matters on general meetings • Run for the board • Join TOKYO committee • Buy super cheap TOKYO Insurance for accidents • Buy ARTS kokardi for your Ylioppilaslakki or an ARTS pin for your jacket • Book a seller’s table at Christmas & Spring sales • Get discounts for events like Maskerad Non-members • Free AYY x TOKYO calendar to all AYY members • Buy cool TOKYO tote bag, badge, etc… • Buy Kipsari cook book


7. EVENTS Student life is a lot more than just studying! Have an open mind and come meet other students in events!

7.1. Events calendar Pre-Start Picnic 20 August

OtaOrienteering 2-3 September

Get to know your tutors and fellow new students of ARTS during a summer picnic in the idyllic Suomenlinna island right in front of Helsinki! This introductory event to the world of ARTS is the perfect start before the Orientation week kicks in, and especially wonderful for those of you experiencing all Helsinki has to offer for the first time.

OtaOrienteering is organised by FTMK (Teekkari Section Freshmen Committee) for all new students of Aalto. ARTS associations will be present with checkpoints and so gather a team of new friends and join the fun! This traditional orienteering event is a perfect way to get to know even more of the campus and all the different associations that inhabit it!

Aalto Day One 1 September

Start ARTS! Party 4 September

At about 13–15 on there will be a virtual show celebrating the opening of the academic year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Aalto, and especially the new students, to be able to follow the programme either at home or at designated venues on campus.

The biggest party for ARTS students and the best start to the year is organised by TOKYO and the tutors. This is the best opportunity to start your year with sparkles and other ARTS students. The event highlights include the unmissable annunciation of Maskerad’s theme!

Freshmen party 8 October

Get lost in Väre with your friends and complete checkpoints held by ARTS associations to unlock the secrets of the building! In this game we are all winners!


Otaniemi Night of Arts 10 October

TOKYO Christmas sales 27-29 November

nterartistic free-of-charge art festival takes over Otaniemi in October 10th, Saturday. You can experience music and arts in their various forms. The festival consists of several smaller events that are mainly organised by the Aalto community.

TOKYO’s traditional Christmas sales will be held near Christmas at Kiasma. This is a great opportunity for TOKYO members to sell their artwork and design. Visibility and cash in the same package? More likely than you think! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and be ready to grab a table!

Winter Camp

Restart ARTS!

Winter camp is TOKYO’s incredible interna-tional trip to Lapland in October. We take off on Wednesday evening and arrive late Sun-day night. This trip is the most unforgettable experience of Northern Finland you can have including reindeers, northern lights and the magical Lapland!

Reconnect with your fellow ARTS students and conquer new departments. Restart Arts is the perfect start to the Spring term with great music, new people and the chance to mingle before the studies kick back into gear.

MASKERAD 7 November MASKERAD is the name of TOKYO’s annual anniversary party and is held in late autumn. This legendary party showcases the boldest costume designs and the grandest will re-ceive eternal glory and the first price of The Maskerad Costume Competition. Theme of the party changes every year and it is announced in Start ARTS! Keep an eye on Sheryl too as she reveals the venue, performers and vari-ous other oddities that are to come. Be there!

+ Aalto community holds a lot more interesting events, which we highly encourage you to take part in! For example Aalto sittning is an unforgettable experience of famous sitsi-culture and are held twice a year. MOSAIC offers world dinner and language cafe’s for those interested in internationality. AAVA showcases some of the best events throughout the whole Aalto. Be sure to follow TOKYO’s Facebook page and International Affairs page to be informed of these and other events throughout the year! 36

8. STUDENT ADVOCACY 8.1. Student advocacy: is it something you can eat? Welcome to the university community! Things are different between university and school: students have equal influence with professors and other university staff. Students are not passive receivers of information, but also active learners and are involved in developing education policies, programmes and university’s decisions. Programmes and courses are built in collaboration with the department and the university. A big part of TOKYO’s activities revolve around student advocacy. We take care of students’ interests in ARTS, in Aalto University as a whole and sometimes also at a national level. Advocacy work happens in formal and informal meetings with the school staff and through collaboration with other students of arts, design, media, film and architecture in Finland. Quality of university teaching is evaluated by the students after each course. The content and quality of the course is influenced by the feedback. It is really important that you participate in feedback forms and openly say your opinions. Remember to give course feedback and contact us whenever you have a question or comment!

8.2. What should I do if things go wrong? If you face unfair treatment, problems with courses or anything you believe should change, you are entitled to communicate it as part of Aalto University. Usually the best way to approach this is to discuss about the issue with your teachers or student advocates who can orient you on how to proceed. Remember that they are here to represent the students. If this help is not enough, you can contact AYY´s student representatives. You can also share your concerns with your name or anonymously through a form on TOKYO’s website. TOKYO’s advocates will handle the cases with absolute discretion and take the matters to the school management if necessary. Please contact TOKYO advocates in case you need to do so: and


8.3. Hallopeds? Are they some kind of birds? You can start influencing your surroundings by applying for a halloped position. Halloped comes from the Finnish HALLinnon OPiskelijaEDustaja, student representative in university administration. Hallopeds are regular students who have been elected for a term of one year to represent students in different university bodies and committees. They work to represent the interests of all students and do important work for developing our university. Often, hallopeds are also involved in associations and work there as student advocates. If you are interested in activism, you can apply to be a halloped as a first year student. It is a great opportunity to learn how to influence t hings and how the university works. You can always contact current hallopeds if there is something wrong in our university. To know who the current hallopeds are, visit Application period for h alloped positions for the year 2020 is between November and December.

8.4. Apply to representative council and vote in the elections. In Finnish Universities the Student Unions have a lot of power, resources and responsibility. For example, AYY owns student housing, and funds the student associations who are doing field specific advocacy and culture building on a grass root level. AYY attempts to affect student rights inside and outside of the university, sometimes all the way up to the governmental level. The highest decision-making body of Aalto University Student Union is called the Representative Council. The council has a lot of authority within the student union, as it will have the final say on many matters prepared by the AYY board. As you can imagine, the people who sit in this council have a lot of power over other students and our shared decisions. Because of this, the representatives are selected to the council biannually with university wide elections. Every student has the right to run for the council and to also vote for their favorite candidate.


9. COMMUNICATIONS 9.1. The Design Calendar TOKYO publishes AYY’s gorgeous design calendar yearly. We arrange annually a calendar design competition for ARTS students. The designer is chosen by a jury. The calendar looks different and unique every year and it delights all TOKYO members throughout the year. It is one of the our most popular benefits, and you can get your calendar from TOKYO’s Service Point. This year the calendar is produced in collaboration with the student union so it will be handed to all Aalto students.

9.2. Torso magazine Torso is TOKYO's art magazine run by ARTS students. It's the mothership of alternative design culture in Finland and a platform for young, upcoming creatives. It features photography, illustration, comics, opinions and weird journalism. Torso is published 3-4 times a year in Finnish/English, free of charge. To become a Torso-contributor or a member of the editorial team, send a DM to @torsolehti on Instagram.

9.3. Social Media TOKYO—Students of Arts, Design and Architecture. Go like TOKYO on Facebook and stay up to date on all activity and events

Sheryl Arts


At Facebook, you can add Sheryl Arts as your friend. Sheryl is an emissary of TOKYO’s love and goodwill. Sheryl is the spirit of TOKYO and she is always present at the TOKYO’s communication. You can add Sheryl as a friend here:

You can see pictures of events, TOKYO boards operation and other things at TOKYO’s Instagram profile. You can find TOKYOs Instagram-page with the nickname @sheryltokyo


Student Association TOKYO


Student Association TOKYO is a group for all the TOKYO’s members and ARTS students. In this group you will find most of TOKYO’s and other student associations’ events. You can join the group here: https://www.facebook. com/groups/tokyo.ry/?fref=ts

OTA(rts)NIEMI is a group for ARTS students who are studying at the Otaniemi campus. You can find information about events and other interesting things from there. The group you can find here: https://www.facebook. com/groups/1560652974201349/

TOKYO International Affairs


The TOKYO International Affairs group is meant for the communication about international matters, among the non-Finnish students. You can join the group here: https://

Aalto ARTS has its own Telegram group, which is frequented by the board of TOKYO and other association actives. You can find it via the following link:

ARTS Events ARTS Events is a group for all the ARTS students, where you can find and share information about events which ARTS students would be interested in. The group you can find here: groups/1329963930416572/


10. HOUSING Finding an apartment can sometimes be tricky, as the housing field in the metropolitan area is very competed. Luckily, you have a plenty of different options on where to apply, here are just a few of them. We recommend that you apply to multiple suppliers to maximise your possibilities to get an apartment.

Housing options in the metropolitan area AYY Housing: How to apply • Get to know AYY’s housing: • Read through the info regarding applying for an apartment: housing/apartment-seekers/how-to-applyfor-housing/ • Apply for an apartment in AYY’s Domo: • Housing issues are handled by AYY’s housing service point: Otakaari 11, Espoo (entrance upstairs) Phone: 050 520 9410

University of Helsinki student nations:

Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region HOAS: the biggest provider of student housing in the metropolitan area.

Facebook groups: • Helsinki: groups/235368102105/

City apartments: • Helsinki: • Espoo: • Vantaa: Private apartment providers: • • • •

When you happen to get an apartment, please note that picking the keys is in most cases possible only during the weekdays and office hours. Please remember to check that there is no national holiday colliding with the day you have planned to pick up your keys.


11. STUDENT AIDS You should apply for financial aid and housing aid when you get a study place. Applying for aid on the internet is a bit faster. Student financial aid is a combination of study grant, student loan and student meal aid. Remember that since 2017 students can also apply for general housing aid. Housing aid covers parts of your rent and housing outcomes. Applying for study grant online: Changes to financial aid and housing assistance for students: Support and guidance in financial aid and income issues: You can get Kela services through the internet or by phone:

12. STUDENT CARD - FRANK Frank is a student-own service that provides student cards and benefits all over Finland. With a student card you can get discounts from student restaurants, train rides, public transportation and many more. You can attach an international ISIC license to your application and get benefits around the world. Frank App, a digital student card, is an official student identifier that you can use instead of the physical card. Download the Frank App from Google Play or App Store and activate the application after joining your student union. More information on the different card options and discounts can be found from


13. HEALTH & WELLBEING 13.1. FSHS The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides general, mental and oral health care services for students of universities and other institutions of higher education. You get to use these services by paying the student union member’s fee. Reservations are made by phone and FSHS will contact you via a call-back service. Contacting and visits concerning general health are always free, expect visits so specialists, you can check the fees from FHFS webpage (https://www. To use FSHS services efficiently you need create an account to FSHS digital Self Service with your bank account or via mobile identification. You can take care of appointments, moving an appointment and other health affairs digitally. Make sure your contact information is valid and updated in Self. More information: When FSHS is closed or you can’t get an appointment you can use your own state health centre near you. The FSHS invites all first-year students to health examination. This examination consists of an electronic health inquiry and, if necessary, a personal health discussion. The inquiry covers issues related to general and oral health and factors affecting these. If necessary, you will be asked to make an appointment with a public health nurse and/or for an oral health examination/treatment. You can get the information of the examination through the Self Service or via text message.

FSHS units in the metropolitan area Otaniemi: Otakaari 12, Espoo Töölö: Töölönkatu 37 A, Helsinki

With worries and fatigue you can get help from Nyyti. More information:

You can get services in any FSHS unit, also in different states. More information:

If you’re having difficulties concerning studies you can contact the Learning Services of ARTS or the Study and Career psychologists (


13.2. University Sports - Unisport Aalto University has numerous sports facilities and associations you can join. Find the full list of sports associations: associationslist/ by selecting the subgroup ‘Sports’ More information: Students of Aalto University can get affordable sport services in UniSport. UniSport Sport Centres can be found in University of Helsinki central campus, Kumpula, Meilahti, Otaniemi and Töölö. UniSport offers group exercise, ball games, gym training and different courses among other services. Season and single tickets are low-priced to all Aalto students. More information:


14. TRANSPORTATION IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA A student discount (-45%) for public transit in the metropolitan area can be received by students who live in the HSL area (Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Vantaa) and have a student status in their travel card. The student discount can also be granted to exchange students temporarily living in the HSL area if the grounds for admission are filled. More information on prices, getting a travel card and discount ticket aplication form can be found in students

14.1. Connections to Aalto Campus Exact routes and timetables can be found in timetable books or through the Journey Planner


14.2. Long distance travelling as a student VR (Finnish National Railroad) offers student discount on their long distance train journeys. More information: As a student you can receive discounts from various travel companies, including HSL. Find more information about student discount from the websites of different companies. To get student discounts on busses and trains you need a valid student card. A receipt of your paid student union membership fee does not qualify for a student discount!




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m oni







Elissa Café

Starting Point


Learning HUB

A-wing: ARTS bachelor studios


Arkkitehtikilta (AK), Nuoret Designerit (NuDe), DADA, Kooma




Student restaurant

Parcel Pickup Point



Shopping Mall, ATM, R-Kioski & HSL


Taxi Stand












Kauppakeskus LK

Shopping Centre



BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture E VALOKUVASTUDIO, AVOIN STUDIO photography studio, open access studio F PRINTLAB, EDIT 1, EDIT 2 G MEKATRONIIKKA mechatronics H LASER, MUOVI, PINNOITUS laser, plastic, surfacing I MAALAUS painting J KERAMIIKKA ceramics K 3D PRINT, COBOT, VESISUIHKULEIKKAUS waterjet cutting LK LOUNGE, CORNER

L METALLIPAJA, NC TYÖSTÖ metal shop, nc milling M PUUPAJA woodshop O OMPELU, JACQUARD sewing, jacquard PO KAAVOITUS pattern making P PAINOKANGAS textile printing QP KIPSARI Q TAKEOUT RQ KUVANVEISTO sculpture R MONIMATERIAALITYÖ multimaterial work S KUDONTA, NEULONTA knitting, weaving

VÄRE 1st Floor 1. kerros













A BLOC Kauppakeskus Shopping Centre

BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture G





VÄRE 3rd Floor 3. kerros








O BIZ Kauppakorkeakoulu School of Business

ARTS Taiteiden ja suunnittelun korkeakoulu School of Arts, Design and Architecture J K OPISKELUTILAT study spaces LMOPQR

TYÖTILAT workspaces

Lisää tietoa kampuksesta / More info on the campus:

Missä säilytetään kehräävää kissaa? -Purrkissa / Rivouksia tekevät pal o k “Meni hyvä isoäiti hukkaan”, pohti Punahilkka. / Tour de Francea sabotoi p a t Luonnonpuisto tarjosi retkeilyä polkuhintaan. / Aloitteleva siivooja on ha r j o i

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leipäjonossa: “En ota kantaa.” i t aalisia valvoo raajavartiolaitos. saston hittituote on best selleri.

a o n hyvä elää – parasiitti. / Aladdin kyllästyi olemaan sinkku - nai maton. / Poliiti k k o kj ä tti tulematta keikalle, lavalla oli posketon meininki. / Halveksittu norppa on hylje ./ S p po s s ua piinasi nestehukka. / Astronomi sydänsuruistaan: “Lähti rakas luotain." / Viha n n e

koja. / Toivos s jupolttaja. / Che e kesäpäivän ä


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