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Johnston Community College

WebAdvisor Grading

February 2013


Faculty login to WebAdvisor for end of term or end of course grading:

Step 1-Click on the Grading link under the Faculty Menu in WebAdvisor.

Step 1

Step 2-Click on the drop down box to select the correct term in WebAdvisor. Step 3-Click Submit.

Step 2

Step 3

Revised 02/13


Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

Step 4-Required: Select Final in the drop down box.

Step 5- Required: Select the section you want to record grades. An error will be displayed if a section is not selected. Step 6-Click the Submit button.

After clicking on the Submit button, the Final Grading web form is displayed.

Revised 02/13


Step 7-Enter grades for all of your students.

Step 7

**WebAdvisor times out after 10 minutes. If you have a large number of students in a section, enter a small batch of grades and click Submit after each smaller batch. Use the Grading System listed below.

Grading System Grade A B C D F I

Description Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Unsatisfactory Incomplete

Comments Grade Only Grade Only Grade Only

Grade Only Grade & Last Date of Attendance-this grade is earned by the student. Grade & Expire Date

Do not enter F grades in place of NA, WD, or WF grades. If you have questions regarding these grades please contact Donna Stephenson at 919-209-2018 or Jackie Page at 919-209-2530. They can verify Tracking Forms, Student Drop Forms, or Instructor Drop Forms. **All Instructor Drop Forms-WF must be submitted to the Registrar’s office prior to submitting grades.

Revised 02/13


Do Not Enter in WebAdvisor NA WD WF

Never Attend

This grade was required and submitted on the Tracking Form. Do not click the Never Attended Box. Student Drop-Student Student Drop/Add Form-this grade was initiates. entered by the Registrar’s Office. The last day to submit this form has passed. Instructor Drop-Instructor Instructor Drop Form-this grade must initiates. be entered by the Registrar’s Office. This grade is for excessive absences.

Step 8-Required: After all grades have been entered and are correct, select the Electronic Signature Verification to officially approve and lock your grades.

Step 8

Step 9-Required: Once the Electronic Signature Verification is selected, click on the Submit to finish the final grade process.

Step 9

Revised 02/13


WEB ATTENDANCE FINAL SUBMISSION Step 10-Required: After the final submission of WebAdvisor grades, log into the Web Attendance Entry screen.

Step 10

Step 11-Required: Select the first and second check box for the final Web Attendance submission. **Do not click this second box unless you have submitted all WebAdvisor

grades and have completed all attendance rosters for the entire semester. Web Attendance rosters are needed for every class and lab.

Checking the second box indicates final submission of an official Web Attendance roster for the ICR auditor to review.

Revised 02/13


JCC WebAdvisor Grading 2013  

Explains grading using WebAdvisor at JCC

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