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SGA debates Freshman Council reform

Championship Knight Raiders win national championship

Senators want campus chapel student feedback By STEPHEN GIPSON STAFF WRITER

Texas Tech’s Student Government Association conducted its last meeting for the term Thursday to discuss legislation reforming the Freshman Council and to place a poll on the SGA MySenate website asking students if they agree with a chapel being built on campus. Stuart Williams, SGA senator, proposed a bill requiring members of the Freshman Council to be elected by their residence hall. He said since the majority of freshmen live in the residence halls, and having them represent their dorm would increase their involvement in SGA. According to the legislation, Tech requires all freshmen to live on campus unless they live with their parents. Colin Davis, SGA senator, questioned how freshmen living off-campus would be represented under this bill. Williams said the freshmen living off-campus will still be represented under the bill, and if the bill is passed, revisions could be made to have a representative for off-campus freshmen as well. He knows the issues freshmen face

Experts believe topic needs to be addressed CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Texas Tech is sponsoring “A Conference on Torture” to generate discussion on the topic of torture at 9:30 a.m. Saturday in Holden Hall Room 150. Departments including the Center for Military Law and Policy and the Center for Healthcare Ethics/ Humanity/Spirituality at the School of Medicine have scheduled speakers for the all-day event. Speakers include Matthew Alexander, author and former military interrogator in Iraq, and Michael Holley, former chief prosecutor of the Abu Ghraib detainee abuse cases, among others specializing in an interest in torture. Walter Schaller, a philosophy professor at Tech, said although the topic of torture is not as prominent as it has

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An organization of three years, the Knight Raiders have managed to rise from a low-ranking team to the best college chess team in the United States. “It’s fantastic,” said Hal Karlsson, senior faculty adviser for the Knight Raiders. “We didn’t expect for it to happen this soon.” The Knight Raiders’ A-team competed in the President’s Cup: The Final Four of College Chess competition against

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TEXAS TECH’S CHESS team, the Knight Raiders, won the President’s Cup, which is billed as the “Final Four of College Chess.”

Checkma e

Law student receives prestigious internship

been in the past few years, it is still an issue that needs addressing. “I think some of I think a the speakconference ers here are like this is going to be important to very interstress the rule esting, in of law and that particular Matthew it applies to everyone in the Alexander will be the United States.” first speaker Richard Rosen Saturday,” Director, Center Schaller for Military Law said. “He and Policy has shown how you can get critical information without using torture. He’s done it.”

Texas Tech law student James Palomo will take part one of the state’s most well-known law internships this summer. Palomo was chosen by the Texas Access to Justice Commission to participate in its summer internship program. The program encourages law students to help deal with legal problems of underserved people and communities, according to a news release by the organization.

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University of Texas at Dallas, University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College and the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, on Saturday and Sunday in Washington, D.C., Karlsson said.


Red Raider to spend summer aiding rural, underserved Texans By TRAVIS BURKETT STAFF WRITER








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University-sponsored conference to discuss effects of torture By KAITLYN CENNAMO


living off-campus, Williams said, because he once was a freshman living off-campus. “I will say that I had no way of contactWILLIAMS ing Freshman Council when I was a freshman, or know of their names,” Williams said. The bill was not passed. Williams said he would like to see more senators share their ideas about potential Freshman Council reform. In other legislation, a bill proposing a poll be placed on the SGA MySenate website asking students whether they agree or disagree with a chapel being built on campus was passed on Thursday. Matt Pippen, an SGA senator and author of the bill, said several students have expressed their opinions to him about the chapel being built on campus. He said students have asked that SGA give them an opportunity to voice their opinion through the MySenate poll.

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JAMES PALOMO WILL be a Texas Access to Justice Commission summer intern.


Frazier: Where have all the true world leaders gone? OPINIONS, Pg. 4

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Jeff Frazier ing influence of the Soviet Empire and its determination to spread its system of Communism throughout the world, President John F. K e n n e d y stood firm and offered a clear directive as to the position of the United States, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” Kennedy understood what the United States needed was not a new strategy in dealing with the Soviet Union, or a complex algorithm by which to decide which actions would best improve the position of the nations, but a firm statement of national identity and purpose.

We needed to be reminded who we were, what we believed in, and by what means we would defend not only our people and our land, but also the ideals that define us. People must be reminded of the principles they believe in. As with any group of people attempting to work together, the details of application often muddle the vision laid out; and as such, from time to time the leader must refocus the group and remind them of their purpose. Winston Churchill described the process best: “Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time — a tremendous whack” In times of uncertainty and upheaval, this becomes more and more necessary, regardless of the nation in question. New nations, or nations re-making themselves, need leaders who can keep intact the principles and values fought for so valiantly, while transitioning their people toward a functioning and stable society. Nations long established need

People must be reminded of the principles they believe in.


he 20th century presented mankind with the greatest challenges it had yet faced. From fighting two world wars to determine the path that civilization itself would take to pushing the bounds of our understanding of the universe and using that knowledge to “slip the surly bonds of Earth to touch the face of God.” The challenges that faced mankind were met with courage, fortitude and strong leadership. Though we are reluctant to admit it, the dawning of the 21st century has begun to develop a level of worldwide conflict and strife that sets the stage for yet another challenge for the course that human society will follow and for the soul of mankind. Old systems find themselves crumbling, power balances have begun to shift, new generations of people march in the streets fighting for the freedoms and liberties their parents and grandparents only dreamed of; all made possible by advancements in technology that allow people to look to each other for support and bypass those who would impose their will through force and the silencing of other voices. These new challenges, however, seem to be lacking in one vital aspect: Clear leadership. When faced with the loom-

leaders who can look back and remember the principles that forged such an enduring entity, and hold fast to them while adapting the nation to the ever shifting world around it. Tr u e l e a d e r s o f f e r n o t a clever new way of doing things, or a detailed cost/benefit analysis of what choices the nation should make based on what is in our “interests,” rather they must embody the principles and values of the nation. They must chart a course based on those principles and values, and then bring that course to the people; acting as their voice in times of unease and strife, an anchor in times of great change, and providing vision in times of darkness and uncertainty. Celia Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, when asked where she saw leadership akin to that of her grandfather arising amid this new age of uncertainty, responded “Great leaders do not often arise until they are most needed, and when they are, all that matters is that they do.”  Frazier is a communications studies graduate student from West Columbia. ➤➤

There’s nothing wrong with being single S

ingle is just a word that means we are currently enjoying our own company while getting ourselves together. At this particular time in our lives we may not all be ready to be in a relationship. Is being alone bad if that is all we can handle at the moment? Some of you may, in fact, be ready for a relationship and may have even found whom you will spend the rest of your life with. That is great that life has brought you to this place. This article is not directed toward you. Being single seems to often come with a negative connotation, especially for women. It seems more acceptable for men to be single. If a woman is single, it is thought that something is wrong with her because she doesn’t have a companion. We never stop to think she is perfectly fine and is simply not ready for a relationship. We never think perhaps the fact that she is

Jaira Keys single is a choice as opposed to a misfortune. If we are honest with ourselves many of us have or will begin relationships we know deep down will not end up at the altar. We are actively wasting our time. Why do we sometimes put time and energy into things we know won’t work? This is the reason why it is clear not everyone is ready or capable of being in a relationship yet. If we are unconsciously in search of a union that is destined to fail, we will never obtain a healthy relationship. We will just keep going in circles with ourselves. Someone who continuously settles for or unknowingly searches for a dead end relationship perhaps

There is no rush to be tied down. We have the rest of our lives to pursue others and find happiness with them.

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has issues they should deal with before being attached to someone else. Simply not everyone is ready. Being in a relationship is a big deal and a huge commitment. We should all slow down and spend time with ourselves before we ever get into a relationship we want to last. If we get into relationship with unresolved issues the relationship just won’t work. Certain situations in life, we can’t solve with other people. Some things in life have to be handled solely by us. How can we help ourselves if we are never alone? We can’t get to know ourselves if we are constantly looking for someone to complete us. We should not be looking to be completed but instead complimented. Before we search for our better half we need to make our half better. Meaning we need to be the best us that we can be before we add anyone else to the picture. Some of us are not ready to be with someone because we don’t know who we are yet. It is impossible to give yourself to someone if you are missing from yourself. There is no rush to be tied down. We have the rest of our lives to pursue others and find happiness with them. Until the time comes when we can easily find happiness with someCopyright © 2011 Texas Tech University Student Media/The Daily Toreador. All DT articles, photographs and artwork are the property of The DT and Student Media and may not be reproduced or published without permission. The Daily Toreador is a designated public forum. Student editors have the authority to make all content decisions without censorship or advance approval. •Breaking News Phone: (806)742-3393, Fax: (806) 742-2434 E-mail: •Corrections Call: (806) 742-3393 Policy: The Daily Toreador strives for accuracy and fairness in the reporting of news. If a report is wrong or misleading, a request for a correction or a clarification may be made.

one else, let’s take a step back and be happy with ourselves. If we find we are not happy with who we are, now is the time to change that and mold ourselves into the person we want to be. When we are happy with ourselves we will soon find love that others will marvel at. When we truly love ourselves only then will be know how to love someone else. Is it so bad to be alone when you will benefit greatly in the end? Before we get into a relationship we should be happy and secure with ourselves, as well as having an idea of what we are planning to achieve in this lifetime. We should never be in a rush to be with someone, especially if we know if is just for the moment. There is nothing wrong with being single. It simply says you are preparing yourself for that special person and can’t bear to be distracted by someone who is only for the moment. Take all the time you need and when you are ready things will just seem to fall into place.  Keys is a senior sociology major from Houston. ➤➤ •Publishing information Periodical Postage paid by The Daily Toreador, Student Media building, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, 79409. Publication number: 766480. The DT is a student newspaper published Monday through Friday, September through May; Tuesdays and Fridays June through August, except during university examination and vacation periods. The DT is funded primarily through advertising revenues generated by the student sales staff with free campus distribution resulting from student service fees. •Subscriptions Call: (806)742-3388 Subscription Rates: $150 annually; single issues: $1. Postmaster: send address changes to The Daily Toreador, Box 43081 Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas 79409.

Government shutdown bad for US


he U.S. Check out an exclusive podcast at Federal G o v ernment is on the verge of a shutdown. Because it harder (and maybe imposthey could not reach an agree- sible) to travel in and out of ment on the 2011 budget last the U.S. year, Congress passed a conThere will be delays and tinuing resolution to fund at suspensions in child support the 2010 levels. and bankruptcy hearings, the Unfortunately, CRs are impact of which is great. Enlimited in duration, and have vironmental issues, like EPA to be re-negotiated often. inspections and even toxic It’s not working. The Re- waste cleanup will be suspendpublicans in Congress and ed. There are 1.35 million President Obama cannot reach civilian federal employees, all any form of consensus. And of which will be out of work that’s fine, except for the fact when the shutdown happens. the most recent continuing But most striking to me resolution is what will will expire happen to today, April the mem8. When this bers of the happens, if US Armed they cannot Forces. First, come to an VA benefits agreement, will cease. then the This means government that health will shut care and down. welfare, like The last the GI Bill, time the government shut will stop. We don’t know how down, it was under similar quickly this will occur, but it is circumstances: A Democratic definitely up for grabs. president with expansive soThe worst of it is service cial programs and a conserva- members will be deprived tive Republican Congress. pay. Military Operations will The main problem with the continue, but servicemen and current Congress is that many women will not be paid. freshman Republican memIn any other job (Hill Staffbers promised very expansive ers, most notably), to go in cuts, and they aren’t going to to work, even as a volunteer, vote in favor of anything less when there is a government than those cuts. That’s just shutdown, is considered coernot how Congress works, and cion, and it cannot be done. the majority leaders in the Yet we expect our military to House can’t reign in these continue to serve without pay? more junior members. It makes absolutely no Granted, the president sense whatsoever to me, and promised $11.5 billion in cuts, it is disgusting. Interestingly and only delivered about $9.8 enough, the 535 Members of billion, but many Republicans Congress and the president promised $100 billion. Sena- still get paid, because they tor Rand Paul (R-KY) has are not required to take these proposed $500 billion in cuts mandatory furlough days. but is taking things willy-nilly, Please contact our Reprewithout fully realizing the sentatives in Congress, and impact of the programs he is tell them to reach a deal. cutting. Lubbock is represented by Essentially, the two sides Randy Neugebauer (TX-19). cannot come to an agree- His D.C. office number is 202ment. At the end of this week, 225-4005, and Senators Kay the CR will expire, and the Bailey Hutchison and John government will simply shut Cornyn, whose numbers are down. 202-224-5922 and 202-224W he n t he g o v e r nm e nt 2934, respectively. shuts down, more than just The spring Congressional Washington is affected. Na- recess begins April 15, so tional Parks, which bring in something’s got to give. more than $29 million in pass admissions alone, will  Amber E. Hastings is a junior be closed. Passport and Visa political science major from offices will be closed, making Amarillo.

When the government shuts down, more than just Washington is affected.

Where have our leaders gone?


Don’t underestimate Spurs


he column “Spurs’ age, injuries will prevent 2011 championship run” is poorly written. The column is based entirely off opinion with very few facts to back it up. The author starts off talking about “little San Antonio.” Last time I checked, San Antonio was the seventh largest city in America. He says the Spurs are a threeman team of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, but what he doesn’t say is how many points they account for each night. I know scoring isn’t everything, but it definitely helps, and the Spurs are averaging 103.7 points a game with the big three only accounting for 48.7 of those points. That’s 47%, but where is the other 53% coming from each night? Maybe it’s Matt Bonner, who

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has the highest three-point percentage in the league, Richard Jefferson, who has the fifth, or maybe it’s Gary Neal, a 26-yearold rookie, who has the eleventh. These role players are only a few of the many that compliment the anchors of the Spurs this season. He also talks about the Spurs as old. They rank as the seventh oldest team in the NBA, whereas the Lakers and Mavericks are second and third, respectively. According to the author, one of those two teams are going to take out the “old and broken down” Spurs. This isn’t the Spurs’ last chance at a title, it’s just another year where everyone doubts them, and they continue to prove them wrong.  Christopher Jackson is a junior mechanical engineering major from San Antonio.

all columns, the authors of those selected for publication will be notified. Guest columns should be no longer than 650 words in length and on a topic of relevance to the university community. Guest columns are also edited and follow the same guidelines for letters as far as identification and submittal. •Unsigned Editorials appearing on this page represent the opinion of The Daily Toreador. All other columns, letters and artwork represent the opinions of their authors and are not necessarily representative of the editorial board, Texas Tech University, its employees, its student body or the Board of Regents. The Daily Toreador is independent of the College of Mass Communications. Responsibility for the editorial content of the newspaper lies with the student editors.

APRIL 8, 2011


Lady Raider tennis team finishes home schedule, honors senior Garland By JOSHUA KOCH

program was about, and what I was getting myself into,” she said. “I think coach Petty, and coach Chapman Wins and losses, records broken and have done a great job just turning the the lasting impact they leave on the game program around… It’s been a great four usually define a player’s career. years, not ready for it to be over yet.” Kelsy Garland has done all of this in A few matches are left on the her four years as a Lady Raider and had schedule, and the two this weekend the rare opportunity to do it all in front could have Big 12 Tournament seeding of a hometown crowd. implications. “One of the most amazing things about Today, No. 38 Tech (14-4, 4-1 her is she’s been here four years, she’s never in Big 12 Conference play) faces an missed one practice ever, and she’s never Iowa State squad that has struggled in not played in one match,” Todd Petty, conference play. coach of the Lady Raiders, said. “She’s kind The Cyclones (11-8, 1-5) will try of the ironman, she’s the Cal Ripken of to improve that record when they take women’s tennis, I think; she never misses the courts at 4 p.m. at the McLeod anything.” Tennis Center. Sunday After this marks the final match the home match for Lady Raiders the Lubbock nawill have a day tive, but she will to switch gears be honored on for a team that senior day behas been just fore Texas Tech’s as successful match against in conference Iowa State today. — Nebraska When Gar(16-3, 4-1). land’s career finally The CornTODD PETTY comes to a close, huskers and HEAD COACH the senior will finLady Raiders ish in the top five meet at 11 LADY RAIDERS TENNIS all-time in singles a.m. Sunday and doubles victoand will battle ries as a Lady Raider. for position in the standings. Tech and With this success, Garland has Nebraska are tied for third place in the claimed her fair share of accolades as conference behind No. 9 Baylor and well during her illustrious career. No. 22 Oklahoma. The senior has been an Academic This weekend is crucial, said All-Big 12 Conference first team selec- sophomore Caroline Starck, and the tion twice and was named to the ITA-All team will try and continue its win Academic team in 2010. Garland earned streak at home. the All-Big 12 doubles award in 2009. “I think we’re all really excited, This season Garland is 14-9 overall we’re undefeated at home so far,” she and teamed up with freshman Samantha said. “If we could get these two wins Adams going 17-8 in doubles. and finish off the season undefeated Garland said this has been a special at home, that’d be huge. It’s two more run for her at Tech, and the end is coming Big 12 Conference matches, and we’ve sooner than she hoped. been doing really well in conference “It’s been a blessing to play for Tech. and we want to finish strong. So this I’ve watched them when I was younger weekend means a lot.” in high school. I kind of knew what the ➤➤ STAFF WRITER


Tech softball hoping to remedy slow Big 12 start

She’s never missed one practice ever, and she’s never not played in one match.

Page 4 Friday, April 8, 2011



TEXAS TECH THIRD basemen Emily Bledsoe tries to catch the ball as Baylor’s Holly Holl slides into third base during Tech’s 5-1 loss against the Bears on Wednesday at Rocky Johnson Field.


The Red Raiders’ rough start to their Big 12 Conference season has prompted head coach Shanon Hays to make an unlikely comparison with another struggling ball club. “I’ve been talking a lot about the Red Sox with the girls lately,” Hays said before practice Thursday. “Now we don’t have near the pitching that the Sox have, but they have started a lot like us: Facing some great teams and coming up on some hardship.” And the team has indeed faced hardship in its first three Big 12 series, facing All-American pitching in all three and

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some of the best-ranked line-ups in the country. Its 1-5 conference record displays the team’s tough conference start, but Hays said his team is prepared for this kind of struggle. “We faced some the same kind of hardship last season,” he said, “and we knew what we were getting into at the start of our season. The girls have to show how to handle adversity, and I am positive they are mature enough to turn the ship around.” The Red Raiders have that opportunity with a series against Iowa State starting Saturday in Ames, Iowa. Tech infielder Logan Hall said the team understands how important this opportunity could be.


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there would need to be work done, but the Red Raiders have made drastic improvements since he was brought in. “You know, I expect us to go from the bottom of the barrel all the way to the top,” Hays said, “but I am proud of what the girls have done this year, though I’m not happy with (Wednesday’s) performance.” Hays said he needs his team to get rid of the negativity from its losses to Baylor. He said if the Red Raiders can accomplish that, they should come away with a few victories. “They have to spit that bad taste of the Baylor losses out and put that behind them,” he said. “They can’t focus on the past.”

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“We really need to come back with a couple of wins this weekend,” Hall said. “We know we have to give the games our best, and if we bat like we can we should be able to do just that.” Hall said the struggles during the past few weeks are not because of one aspect of the team, but all aspects need to pick up their play. She said the pitching has not been where it has needed to be early on, and the batters have not approached the ball well, both of which were made apparent in Wednesday’s 5-1 and 10-3 losses to Baylor. Hays said all areas of the team need to improve before they are ready to compete for the rest of the season. He said he knew when he took over the program last year



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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

Red Raiders’ most recent series, a doubleheader sweep of UTSA o n Tu e s d a y i n San Angelo.


-Tom Peters

SUB Suite 024 East Basement





“There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity.”

dor Tor ea



A safe place to bring concerns and find solutions.



44 Old TV parts 45 Knight’s protection 47 Ventura County resort 48 Contemporary of Mao 49 Operatic slave 50 It’s behind us 53 Elemental suffix 54 MLB execs 55 Chantilly crower

Tech took both games handily, winning 8-2 and 11-6. The midweek sweep comes just two days after the Red Raiders were dealt a sweep of their own at Oklahoma. Tech’s trip to Oklahoma, however, was just the team’s second multi-game trip of the season against a conference foe; the other was a three-game set at Baylor. eD

(c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

28 Spiritual leaders 30 It may be tipped 31 One commonly follows “said” 32 Naval acronym 33 Japanese dough 39 Stone monument 41 And those following, in footnotes 43 King with a trunk


Thursday’s Puzzle Solved


2 “__ (So Far Away)”: 1982 hit for A Flock of Seagulls 3 Reset 4 Letter from London 5 “__ was saying ...” 6 McGregor of “The Men Who Stare at Goats” 7 Feb. sentiment 8 Circus sites 9 French Oscar 10 Y for men only? 11 Iberian bridge? 12 Capital ENE of Kathmandu 14 Way out yonder 17 Shrek’s love 22 Like much Hawaiian lava 23 Complaint while groping 24 Some Chinese restaurant decor 25 Dice and ice, often 26 Mesopotamian savings plan? 27 Earhart et al.

Robbie Kilcrease, Tech’s starting gies as it was with the Sooners. pitcher for the Texas A&M opener, Oklahoma is the conference’s top said the team’s recent string of Big batting squad, boasting a team bat12 games — four losses in six con- ting average of .337, A&M’s team ference games — can be attributed average is .284. The Aggies have scored 169 to the team’s lack of experience of runs, good for sixth in the Big 12. being on the road this year. So while Tech’s pitchers may have “We had that 18-game homestand here, and we were just kind the most pressure riding their shoulof used to our field,” Kilcrease said. ders, the matchup worthy of the attention will be The best Tech’s offense example of versus A&M’s Kilcrease’s repertoire of philosoarms. p h y The Red may be Raiders as a Te c h ’ s team bat .306, f i r s t third in the two games conference, against the while Aggie Sooners last pitchers have weekend. limited opDavid Paiz ponents to a lasted more batting averthan four inNICK HANSLIK age of .226, a nings in his OUTFIELDER conferencefirst career TEXAS TECH best mark. start in the seT h r e e ries opener, A&M pitchers but he allowed seven earned runs and — Michael Wacha, John Stilson and Ross Stripling — rank in the Big 12’s nine total. Tech lost 10-1. Trey Masek did not fair top 12 individually as far as ERA is any better than Paiz, allowing concerned. Hanslik said getting multiple seven earned runs in just 2 1/3 wins against the Aggies is crucial, innings. Tech coach Dan Spencer said but not based off the team’s poor his team can’t afford to get into a showing in Oklahoma. “We definitely need to get some shootout with the Aggies. “It’s on the pitching to pitch wins this weekend, but the OU series better,” Spencer said, “and I think doesn’t define us as a team,” Hanslik we need to be opportunistic at the said. “We know we can play a lot better plate, take advantage of opportuni- than that, and play like we did against ties, but we need to beat them 5-3, Baylor and Nebraska and get some good, quality wins this weekend against in that range.” A shootout, however, is not as a good ball club.” likely to happen against the Ag- ➤➤

That’s one of the things we’ve done this year; hit good pitching, and so we’re going to be ready for them.



By Scott Atkinson

TCU and Oklahoma were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to opposing pitching staffs Texas Tech had on its 2011 schedule. Against TCU, the Red Raiders faced Matt Purke, a first-round pick of the Texas Rangers coming out of high school. A road trip to Norman, Okla., last week consisted of a date with the Sooners’ twotime winner of the Big 12 Conference Pitcher of the Week award in 2011 and team captain, Michael Rocha. Up next, though, could be Tech’s (19-11, 4-5 in Big 12 play) toughest challenge yet: Texas A&M’s group of pitchers, which boasts a conference-best 2.01 ERA. “They’re solid, we probably won’t see anything under 92 miles an hour,” Tech outfielder Nick Hanslik said. “That’s one of the things we’ve done this year; hit good pitching, and so we’re going to be ready for them.” The Red Raiders begin their set with the Aggies at 6:30 p.m. to day at Dan Law Field. Hansl i k ’s c o n fidence going into today’s game may stem from the OT

DOWN 1 Cpl.’s subordinates



ACROSS 1 Chuck E. Cheese’s order 6 Disaster response gp. 10 Eric the Red’s birth year, roughly 13 Lets go 14 Conscious 15 “A likely story!” 16 Celtic quaffs? 18 Old cereal box letters 19 __-Caps 20 Anderson of Jethro Tull 21 Pyle portrayer 23 Composer Stravinsky 25 Words of affection from Luigi 26 Club ingredient 28 Astronaut Grissom 29 Seed alternative 30 Caribbean baby animal? 32 Impudent 34 Senescent 35 Refinery input 36 Escape to Vegas, maybe 37 “__ life!” 38 Arabian guy? 40 Withdrawal concern 41 911 response initials 42 Hardly local 43 ’70s TV cop played by Robert Blake 45 Assorted: Abbr. 46 Farewells overseas 47 Dinghy thingy 48 Electrical sound 51 Lighting brand 52 East Asian “pet”? 56 “__ you nuts?” 57 Matching 58 Agony and ecstasy 59 Dorm agts. 60 640 acres: Abbr. 61 Opposite of lanky

Red Raiders look to rebound from OU series against No. 6 Texas A&M

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