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February 3rd, 2016


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Hoverboards banned from SJU campuses

Denmark to New York’


Staff Writer

“Hoverboards” have recently been banned from St. John’s University due to safety hazards, as well as problems that have been caused by their use in buildings and around campus, according to an email sent out through Student Affairs. In banning the board, St. John’s claims they are trying to keep its students safe by banning their use from campus. “Information regarding device safety, injuries associated with using the devices, fire hazards while charging devices, and NYC law caused us to think about the best interest and the safety of our University community,” said Jackie Lochrie, associate dean for student services, in an email interview. Freshman Cheyenne Engstrom believes the University decision to ban the hoverboards was a smart one, calling the product a “fad.” “Banning them sped up the process because it was an inconvenience to everyone,” she said. However, freshman Gary Lauritano had already purchased a hoverboard when the university announced their conclusion. “I feel like I just spent $400 to not be able to ride it on campus,” he said. “I understand it was a safety issue, but I would have liked to have been notified before I went out and bought one.” The University’s main concern was that students could cause a fire or ride them out of buildings during times of emergency, not only causing issues for themselves but others as well. Freshman Danielle Probst, who previously owned a hoverboard, agrees with the school’s reasoning. “Honestly I thought it was a smart decision for the school to do that,” she said. “Nobody wants to have to leave the building at 3 a.m. because someone’s hoverboard blew up. That’s why I sold it. Personally, I think they’re not worth the danger.”


CAROLINE KRAWCZYNSKI Contributing Writer A typewriter is old, loud and does not have a delete button. So, what’s its use? To some, it symbolizes the good old days. For others it is very “hipster,” authentic and retro. However, many consider it to be completely and utterly just a piece of useless waste. That is not the case for Danish artist Gitte Kath. For Kath, the typewriter symbolizes 40 years of work creating simple yet inspiring posters. The typewriter is Kath’s weapon used to combine her style and accentuate her signature minimalism. Gitte Kath’s collection, “From Denmark to New York, New York to Denmark,” is comprised of 40 years of poster making. The posters are based on an array of events in-

cluding theater performances, concerts and award shows. They showcase the work of an artist of great complexity, yet ironically basic imagery. With the use of simple mediums as white walls, wooden doors and small props, Kath’s humble designs let the posters stand out among thousands of images displayed on the streets of Denmark. “Metaphoric imagery, cryptic subjectivity and wealth of associations and references they do not lead themselves to being decoded at a glance,” Lars Dybdahl, curator of the Danish Museum of Art and Design, said about Kath’s work of art. Her pieces are rich with symbolism reflecting each theatrical narration and Kath’s life of artistic ability. Having several pieces tied together to form the complete poster, Kath provides meaning

and reflection to each aspect of the poster, either with the white paint marks or decaying props. Kath was able to create everything on her own from scratch—from the plain walls to the final poster. Even some of the props used as decoration were created by her, such as seen in the 1994 poster for “The Story of a Girl Theater,” where she physically made a stencil of the Star of David and tied white cloth around it to a photograph. She then pasted it to a painting of a young lady with yellow tape at the bottom and finalized it with white paint marks and her signature typewriter. These bits and pieces are crucial in understanding not only the plays being portrayed, but also Kath’s history of artistic potency. Continued on page 8





SJU falters in second half vs. Villanova

Rihanna’s new album “Anti” released

Trump loses luster

Connecting the citizens in need

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We Stand With Haiti:

Haitian Society hosts fundraiser for victims of 2010 earthquake


The Haitian Society’s dinner fundraiser included guest speaker Kako Bourjolly, and was held in support for victims in Haiti who continue to suffer from the earthquake in 2010.


Contributing Writer


Comedian and survivor of the 2010 Haiti disaster Kako Bourjolly is the founder of organizations S.M.I.L.E. and Ayiti Se Nou. Both organizations focus on community improvement in Haiti.

The Haitian Society hosted a dinner fundraiser on Jan. 27 for the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The event entailed coming together as a St. John’s community to show support for those in Haiti that are continuing to recover after six years. Sophomore Tahmir Williams believes the event established an understanding on “why we live to serve.” Senior Anscia Brown spoke about how inspiring the fundraiser was in encouraging the community to come together to support an amazing cause. Both students enjoyed being able to learn about the organization Ayiti Se Nou, and have a better understanding of what the organization stands for. The total number of 100 students and faculty that attended helped the organization by donating $250 alone. Not only were donations given, but t-shirts sold in support of guest speaker Kako Bourjolly’s organization, which raised $50. Bourjolly is a well-known comedian in Haiti, who, as a survivor of the earthquake, felt it was his duty to rebuild and improve his community after the disaster. Before becoming a comedian, Bourjolly began a small program for neighborhood kids to partake in physical activity. The program was formally known as S.M.I.LE., in reference to Bourjolly’s lively

personality that thrived to ensure happiness and laughter throughout Haiti. Bourjolly created the program after the disaster in 2010; S.M.I.L.E. was only the beginning of his endeavors to improve the community. He continued to build his program by restoring the community gym and providing recreational sports for the kids. Later, Bourjolly created an organization, Ayiti Se Nou, to assist not only the kids in the community, but families as well. Bourjolly’s future plans for the newly developed organization will focus mainly on the environment, health, culture, sports and entrepreneurship. His ideas in promoting health would include attending schools to present informational health and providing the community with mobile clinics. In regards to the environment, Bourjolly mentioned building awareness, recycling and creating an environment for social action throughout Haiti. The Haitian Society has a website that allows the St. John’s community to donate and help raise money for the Haiti earthquake victims, www.givecampus.com/ schools/StJohns. For more information about the organization, how to donate or how to volunteer, visit ayitisenou.com.


Oregon standoff escalates Talia Tirella Co-Editor-In-Chief Several of the Oregon standoff militants were arrested last week. In the midst of the arrest, one militant was shot and killed. Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan Bundy and eight others were denied bond and remain behind bars for their occupation of federal land on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Oregon. The Bundy’s, along with a larger group of militants, took control of the land in early January. During the arrest, a prominent member of the group of militants, LaVoy Finicum, was shot and killed by federal agents. Finicum was considered to be the spokesman of the group and frequently spoke to media outlets about the group’s aim in occupying the refuge as well as their fight for freedom from the federal government. Finicum’s death prompted a response from the militants and those who support them. In turn, the FBI released footage of Finicum’s death in order to avoid backlash. After the group was arrested, Ammon Bundy issued a statement through his lawyer urging those militants still on the refuge to “turn yourselves in and do not use physical force,” according to CNN. The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered two no-fly zones in connection with the militants’ arrest; one over the wildlife refuge and another over a nearby airport, according to the Washington Post. Earlier this month, the group of militants received widespread media attention for their protest against the government and occupation of the refuge. The group aims to fight against the federal government over what they consider government overreach on federal lands. Due to Finicum’s death, many think the occupation will end. Ammon Bundy has called for other militants to step down. “We need to step back. Somebody died yesterday,” Bundy’s attorney Mike Arnold told reporters Wednesday, according to CNN. “Mr. Bundy wants everybody to remember that somebody died, and this is not just about him right now.” The militants continue to post to social media as a small group remains at the refuge. The FBI said the arrests were “the first steps to bring this occupation to a conclusion,” according to the Washington Post.

Tbriefs orch News


New MTA subways to be introduced in 2020


The Berlin transit system serves as one of the blueprints for the futuristic MTA model. The upgraded trains will include charging stations and free WiFi.

anabelle madho Staff Writer From seats to benches, and poles that vary, New York’s subway system has always been the number one public transit sytem in the country. Now, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is taking a risk with the newest model. According to the MTA, subways will be revamped to mimic subway system styles in other popular cities such as Toronto, Paris, Berlin and London. Passengers will be allowed to roam freely from car to car because, instead of traditional, separated sections, there will only be one large cart. Rather than cramming riders into individual cars, this new model will only have one which will be the

full length of the train. The new transit design will also boost space for riders by 10%, transit experts told the New York Daily News. Senior Danny Monroe believes the modern model is a better design for New York City. “I think it’s a great idea. It was like that when I studied abroad,” he said. “And, it was better.” However, other students continue to be unsure about the futuristic model. Some shared their uneasiness in sharing a single car with noisy individuals, such as performers. One student, sophomore Matthew Chieco added to that concern. “I think it will be dangerous, with the homeless problem and all, they ask for money constantly and switch cars to bother people,” he said. “We need multiple cars to separate them from us.”

There are other upsides to the major reconstruction of the subway as we know it. These modernized trains are said to have charging stations and WiFi capabilities, according to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The design’s contract will be reviewed starting in 2017. The MTA has announced that prototypes are to be expected at the earliest time of 2020. A total of $52 million will be spent to convert ten average train cars to two trains at full length. MTA will also purchase new 940 R-211 model train cars at $2.7 billion to replace old cars running on multiple lines. While many remain curious as to if this theory will work, they will just have to wait and see, since test runs are scheduled for years away.


Politics: News


Trump refused to attend Iowa debate before caucus Bitter feud between Kelly and Trump continues JOANNE CORRIELUS Staff Writer

On Jan. 26, Donald Trump shocked the political world when he announced that he would not be participating in the last debate before the Iowa caucus would cast their votes. Trump’s journey to boycotting the event commenced when Fox News channel announced that one of the moderators for the debate would be journalist and political commentator Megyn Kelly. Kelly and Trump are no strangers to one another and have been in a bitter feud ever since Kelly hosted the first GOP debate in August. During the August debate, Kelly asked Trump a series of questions he deemed to be tough. One of those questions occurred when Kelly asked Trump if he had the correct “temperament” to be president of the United States given the fact that, “you’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

Two days after that debate, Trump had everyone talking when he made a controversial remark on CNN with Don Lemon. During the interview, Trump spoke of Kelly’s behavior towards him at the debate and told the world that, “you could see that there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever.” To most viewers, Trump was suggesting that Kelly was on her menstrual cycle. Since that interview, Trump and Kelly have been engulfed in a Twitter battle and, when Kelly was chosen to co-moderate the GOP debate in Des Moines, Iowa, the feud continued. Trump took to Instagram on Jan. 26, where he posted a video in which he suggested that Kelly would be biased against him because of their tumultuous history. He also took to Twitter, where he polled his followers, asking them whether or not he should attend the debate. Shortly afterwards, Fox News released a statement saying, “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president—a nefarious source tells

Cruz trumps Trump; Dems tie in Iowa


Ted Cruz


Donald Trump


Marco Rubio

Dr. Ben Carson 9%

Rand Paul 5%








Data Collected/The Associated Press

us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.” It was this comment by Fox News that broke the straw on the camel’s back. Following that statement by Fox, Trump’s campaign released their own statement saying, “Roger Ailes and Fox News think they can toy with him, but Mr. Trump doesn’t play games.” In addition to not attending the debate, it was also added that Trump would be hosting his own event in Iowa on that same night to raise money for veterans and Wounded Warriors. This led to more back-and-forth between Fox News and Trump, which continued until moments before the debate. When Thursday night came and Trump wasn’t in the center of the debate stage, everyone knew that after months of Trump threatening to boycott Fox News, he finally did it. His event, located at Drake University in Des Moines, gathered full capacity on the same night. “I didn’t want to be here, to be honest,

I wanted to be about five minutes away,” Trump told crowds of supporters, according to Reuters. “When you’re treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights — whether we like it or not.” While some agree with Trump’s boycott, many believe this to be yet another one of Trump’s antics that prove he isn’t qualified to be president. “I think this is another indication to voters that he is not a serious presidential candidate,” junior David Rosario said. “If he wasn’t so egocentric, he would have no problem doing the debate and I think people would respect him slightly more if he played along.” Similarly, junior Chevonese James said, “I think that if, by some miracle, he does become president, he’ll have this same attitude. If you can’t handle the annoyance of the best political debates, you don’t deserve to be president. Don’t act childish, Donald Trump.” His no-show at the debate may have hurt his political campaign too, after Republican candidate and Texas Junior Senator Ted Cruz won the Iowa Caucus on Feb. 1.

ANDREW TARANTO Contributing Writer

Kasich and Governor Chris Christie, won under three percent of the vote. They hope to make a bigger impression with voters in New Hampshire next Tuesday. Iowa has traditionally been the first state to hold its nominating contest for presidential elections. Its famous—or infamous—caucusing system may leave many people wondering how Iowan Democrats and Republicans chose who they want to carry their party’s mantle into the general election. For Democrats, caucusing is hard. Voters must meet at their local caucus site and physically group themselves based on which candidate they support. Groups that fail to attract at least 15 percent of the total local attendance are broken up and the remaining groups are given the opportunity to win the support of those voters. Eventually, voters are counted and the candidates win delegates based proportionally on their support. Republicans use a more straightforward system. Candidates or authorized surrogates are given the chance to speak to those who show up to caucus. Voters then write their candidate’s name on a piece of paper to cast their vote. From choosing the caucus sites to counting the votes, both political parties are entirely in charge of overseeing their respective caucuses. Reaction on the St. John’s campus ranged from relief to shock. “I’m glad that Trump didn’t win,” said junior Moira Shannon. “I really don’t understand how people can support him.” Other students were surprised by the results, especially in the Democratic caucuses. “I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I really didn’t think that [Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders] would be so close,” said junior Samantha Brady.

Thousands of Iowans caucused in the first nominating contests of the 2016 presidential election Monday night. Lines to enter caucus sites throughout the state were long, and many there reported exceptional turnouts. According to NBC News, Senator Ted Cruz, who for several weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses narrowly trailed Donald Trump in polls, came out on top among the Republican field with 28 percent of the vote. Trump managed to secure 24 percent of the final vote—edging out the third place finisher, Senator Marco Rubio, by only one percentage point. Both Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke to their supporters late Monday night before any major news outlets declared a Democratic winner. Just before midnight on Monday, Secretary Clinton led Senator Sanders by less than one percent, a margin that Senator Sanders referred to as “a virtual tie.” Later in the night, Clinton was declared the winner at 49.9 percent of the vote, versus Sander’s close 49.6. After a poorer-than-expected showing, former Governor Martin O’Malley, who for many months trailed Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders in the Democratic race, officially announced that he would suspend his campaign. Former Governor Mike Huckabee, who in 2008 decisively won the Iowa caucuses on the Republican side, also announced that he would suspend his campaign after winning under two percent of the vote. Many Republican candidates, including former Governor Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Governor John

Politics: Opinion 5


Official Iowa Caucus Results Democrats


Staff Writer

Hillary Clinton


Bernie Sanders


Martin O’Malley


Republicans Ted Cruz

Sanders favors logic over faux faith


Sadly, human nature often causes us to judge or criticize a person due to either a small personal fact about them, or even the lack of knowledge about one another. Religion, due to how personally it resonates amongst individuals, can be hazardous for a political candidate to touch upon. It simply does not suffice for a person such as Donald Trump to say he is a Christian, to get the evangelical or Christian conservative vote. Trump could not even name his favorite Bible verses when he appeared on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect.” Candidates, of course, can pander; too often there is no real way to prove how religious they are and how much of their faith they believe in. Hence, we encounter Newt Gingrich’s divorces or Paul Ryan’s economic plan disregarding the strife of the working poor. Refreshingly, Bernie Sanders told the Washington Post in an interview that he is not “actively involved with organized religion.” Bernie Sanders, who is of Jewish heritage, has never really been outspoken about

Trump begins to slip BRYANT RODRIGUEZ

Source: Associated Press

Donald Trump


Marco Rubio


Dr. Ben Carson


Rand Paul


his faith or lack thereof, as he believes “we are all in this together,” regardless of faith. Although that may sound respectable to most, some see it as a characteristic representative of someone who isn’t fit to lead this “Christian Nation.” These sentiments from Sanders are juxtaposed with what Trump spoke of in Iowa last week, saying, “Christianity is under tremendous siege.” The same man who couldn’t quote his favorite Bible verses is now the man who wants to protect us against Muslims and restore Christian stability to the nation. With disregard to intellect, one’s faith can often transcend their values or even behavior. Marco Rubio, in last Thursday’s GOP debate, stated, “It’s Jesus Christ who came down to Earth and died for our sins,” which was paralleled later on by his sentiment that we don’t want a socialist running the country. From what I know about His teachings, Jesus Christ was very adamant about serving the poor and addressing the concerns of those left behind in society. This reminds me more of Bernie Sanders’ values than that of Marco Rubio, Donald Trump or even Hillary Clinton.

Staff Writer

Last Thursday, Donald Trump skipped the GOP Debate in Iowa hosted by Fox News and Google, due to a personal feud with moderator Megyn Kelly. The feud stems from a previous debate hosted by Fox News where Trump felt attacked by Kelly and refused to participate in future events where Kelly was present. Instead, Trump held a fundraiser nearby to raise money for veterans. The decision to skip the debate seemed to cost him the win in Iowa in Monday’s caucuses. Trump fell second to Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas and barely edged ahead of Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida. The main reason why Trump bailed out of the debate was due to his belief that Fox News, and specifically, Kelly treated him “unfairly.” He believed that the questions he was asked were biased against him and made him look bad to voters. “When you’re treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights,” the Republican front-runner said to his supporters at the fundraiser. Apparently, this only applies if you are Trump. Anytime some other person or group does the same, Trump goes on the offense and begins to heavily criticize the person,

such as what happened with Megyn Kelly. During the debate, Cruz and Rubio came out strong during the debate, with both candidates mocking Trump during their introductory statements. Since Trump refused to attend the debate, which many voters found to be arrogant and childish, Rubio and Cruz fought to capture the attention of Iowans. Although Cruz remained as strong as ever, Rubio managed to showcase his strengths and discuss his policies, which resonated with Iowan Republicans. Trump’s absence from the debate seemed to help Rubio gain a greater share of the votes. Pre-debate, Rubio was polling at a measly eight percent and in the end, he rounded up a close third at 24% after the caucuses, an increase of 16%. As the presidential election cycle continues, Trump remains an abrasive critic of everyone who does not support him. Nearly every day, a new article is released where Trump accuses a journalist or politician for being “unfair” or “weak.” However, if anyone dares criticize Trump, he will unleash relentless attacks. Trump has run a campaign of being “politically incorrect,” which invites enormous amounts of condemnation. However, a man who cannot take an ounce of criticism without going into attack mode, has no business being

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“Year of mercy” leads to open-door policy at St. John’s FR. PATRICK GRIFFIN, C.M. Special to the Torch

Pope Francis has designated the year 2016 as a “Jubilee Year of Mercy.” He invites those men and women who have separated themselves from the Christian community or who feel themselves at a distance, to draw closer. He offers compassion, understanding and willing acceptance. These virtues will characterize our celebration of the Year of Mercy at St. John’s. One symbol that the Holy Father uses to describe the welcome of the Jubilee is a door. To begin the year, Pope Francis opened one of the great entrances to the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome—an entryway which remains closed except during a Jubilee Year—and gave this door a special significance. It will be a “Door of Mercy.” Anyone who passes through this doorway will receive a special blessing. He proclaims: The Holy Door will become a Door of Mercy through which anyone who enters will experience the love of God, who consoles, pardons and instills hope. (Pope Francis, “The Face of Mercy,” 3) And, Pope Francis does not limit the blessing to the door in Rome. The door stands open for everyone. The entryways of numerous churches in every part of the world and in every diocese become “doors of mercy” for the local people. For the sick and those confined to their homes, the door may be “the various means of communication” that enable them to practice their faith through television or the Internet.

For those imprisoned, “each time they cross the threshold of their cell [may] signify for them their passage through the Holy Door.” Everywhere that one looks, the Door of Mercy swings open widely for all the faithful as well as the separated. One discerns an “open door” policy. Here at St. John’s, we will celebrate this “year of mercy” in many ways. The gate which leads onto our campus can be a “Holy Door.” One expression of mercy can be the service that we offer to those who are poor and marginalized. Through our “service learning” undertakings, through our participation in the programs of Campus Ministry, through our engagement in the projects of our organizations, we can be instruments of mercy for those who can use a helping hand. A second way in which we can express mercy is through our compassion and understanding. There are always some among us—and ourselves at various times—who need someone to accompany them. A willingness to listen and be attentive to the hurts and needs of one another is a precious gift which captures a true expression of mercy. Third, Pope Francis emphasizes forgiveness as one of the essential aspects of mercy. We can seek forgiveness for our wrongdoing and we can express a willingness to forgive others. For our Catholic students, this may involve the Sacrament of Reconciliation. For all of our students, however, a conversation around one’s weaknesses and bad habits offers the opportunity for healing and a fresh start. This dialogue can be sought through Campus Ministry and other places. Mercy is the key which opens many doors.

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Connecting the citizens in need

SJU admin received volunteer of the year award BRENDAN SOUTH

Contributing Writer What do you think of when a person mentions that their home is in Long Island? The sun wrapping its heat around any person breezing by on a summer day? Street signs that don’t look like the ones in Manhattan? On a dark night, the morning smell is replaced with anxiety, paranoia and haunting voices that reverberate throughout the neighborhood. The tension in the air, thick enough that you could churn through it, chokes every passer-by, native or not, with its grasp. A leisurely pace that escalates to a brisk walk when shouting is heard and flocks of birds cry overhead in one direction?


Jurgielewicz was recognized for his service.

A knock on the door mimics every cliché beginning to a night gone wrong. Once inside the home and down some stairs into a basement, a pair of eyes glossed over someone’s living space; a living space that included a partially flooded floor and a mattress lying comfortably on its concrete resting place. Every cry saying “Those people are just lazy!” and “They need to get jobs!” overlook the realities lived by the, oftentimes black or Hispanic, second class citizens living in these homes. Every single body lying on those mattresses becomes a statistic overlooked for the simple fact that the neighborhood “isn’t safe to walk in,” and so, they don’t go in, but they still speak about it. St. John’s University recognized administrator Stanley Jurgielewicz for visiting these homes and installing computer systems for the residents who live there. Jurgielewicz received the 2015 Volunteer of the Year award from RSVP, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Once inside the home, Jurgielewicz and his small team begin setting up the desktop or laptop, then hooking it up to standard internet connection and teaching the person or family how to navigate around the interface. “Christmas came early for me,” one recipient, whose house was visited in the month of December said. “Many volunteers don’t want to go to those neighborhoods, but I like to go where I have the greatest need,” Jurgielewicz said when asked about the potential danger of going into these rougher neighborhoods. “These people are very concerned about their environment, and are really struggling to make a difference,” he said. A lot of people might think that those


Jurgielewicz’s assistant poses with a family they helped at an underpriviledged neighborhood.

living in underprivileged neighborhoods are often lazy. Jurgielewicz strongly disagrees. “They don’t know the person’s situations, and it’s far from an accurate description. They’re actively trying to improve their situations,” says Jurgielewicz. “A lot of them also suffer from mental illnesses that they can’t afford to help.” Gratitude is always expressed in the most genuine of ways to Mr. Jurgielewicz and his team. To him, however, it’s all about the service and the thought that these people now have access to basic technology, which is something that’s almost considered a need in today’s day and age. Upon asking him about the amount

of time it takes to respond to these calls, Jurgielewicz said that what used to take months now only takes a few weeks. He tied the delays to the common paranoia of wandering into these seemingly doomed neighborhoods. Part of the problem is the misconceptions, yet the erroneous stigma surrounding these environments is still perpetuated today. There are good and bad people in every neighborhood, but these folk oftentimes get the short end of the stick and lack proper sympathy or guidance to make it out alive or mentally stable. “It’s a cycle, and it’s hard to get out of it. Most of these people just want what’s best for their children,” Jurgielewicz said.

Danish artist displays typography Continued from page 1

The Star of David recurs in Kath’s work.

As a set designer and stage director the “poster acts/serves as the ‘poetic voice’ of the play,” Dybdahl said. These messages are interrelated with the narrative luring audiences to the stage. Kath aims for a textual feel that, according to her, it “adds depth” to the overall message. “It means that you can keep exploring, delving into the figurative universe of the poster and stage productions,” she said. The posters provide an intimate peek of the play allowing for the audience’s interpretation. Each piece dives into the life of Kath as a student of textile design, a set designer, stage director, poster artist, playwright and graphic designer. She embodies a plethora of artistic skills that unite in these creations. “You can see versatility in someone creative that hasn’t compromised her style,” director of the Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery, Parvez Mohsin, said. Mohsin also said that she is an artist that “crosses boundaries” and that her “posters sets a tone for her graphic design, theater, activism, vision of the world.” Kath’s posters are more than just invitations to theatrical performances—they are individual stories. Each one, though associated with different dramas, tells the story of the simply great poster designer, Gitte Kath.





Super Bowl 50: Where to munch? OUMOU FOFANA

Staff Writer

Whether you are rooting for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, or you’re just watching it for the commercials, Super Bowl Sunday is the time where you munch on wings, nachos and other delicious foods. Here are four restaurants that are showing the anticipated Super Bowl 50 on big screen TVs and will make sure you are well fed during the game. Buffalo Wild Wings is known for three things: wings, beer (if you’re old enough to drink) and sports. That is what people go there for. This restaurant is the kind of place that comes to mind when you think of football, that’s why this makes my top four places to watch the Super Bowl. Buffalo Wild Wings includes over 50 plasma TVs in different sizes, plus large screen projectors. The TVs are everywhere and viewable from so many different angles. A serving of six wings are only $4.99 and you get to choose from a generous amount of sauces.


T.G.I Friday’s serves a variety of food: burgers, pasta, seafood and steak. They are well known for their selection of Jack Daniels courses. Each entree comes with Jack Daniels sauce within it or on the side, which adds to its deliciousness.

They also have really good deals like endless appetizers. Currently, they have a 474 For Life Deal, where you can get an appetizer for $4, an entree for $7 and a dessert for $7. There is a huge selection of tasty drinks to choose from that would just be the cherry on top to your Super Bowl night. Beauty & Essex is located on the Lower East Side. For this year’s Super Bowl, they will be having specials that include pulled pork sliders for $8 and tuna wonton nachos with avocado pico de gallo for $16. They also do raffles in between the game. If you get lucky and your raffle ticket gets drawn during each quarter, you might even win a cool prize. The Meatball Shop in Chelsea and Williamsburg will screen the Super Bowl. During the game, you can snack on a gameday pizza-inspired meatball at the restaurant. If you would much rather watch it at home or just enjoy the specials and want to get take out, you can get a Bucket of Balls for $50, and that comes with 25 meaty spheres and a choice of whatever sauces you want. This is a restaurant where Football fans and meatball fans unite. Mini Buffalo chicken balls are served during the first quarter of the game. Also, along with the regular menu, $4 Pabst Blue Ribbons will be offered as the Super Bowl plays on the big screen.

Shake Shack’s new chicken masterpiece LAUREN EDEN

Staff Writer

Ah, Queens Center Mall. A hang-out haven for high school students that make you realize kids are undeniably getting more obnoxious while you are undeniably getting older. What a joyous realization! Many people try to avoid this spot at all costs, but on Dec. 30, an angel came down from above and blessed us with the first stand-alone Shake Shack location in Queens. The wonderful news doesn’t stop there: on Jan. 14, just two weeks after Shake Shack’s opening at the Queens Center Mall, they introduced the new Chicken Shack sandwich at the majority of its nationwide locations. However, this isn’t the first time that the Chicken Shack is being sold. Over the summer, Shake Shack’s Brooklyn locations served it as a guinea pig when they first started offering the sandwich on their menu. There was a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the community, with good reason. The sandwich boasts a boneless fried chicken breast that is seasoned to perfection and topped with shredded lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayonnaise. It’s often compared to Chick-Fil-A’s signature fried chicken sandwich, which has

similar ingredients and toppings, but with a little less crunch. If you order the sandwich with a side of fries and one of Shake Shack’s signature custard shakes, you’ve got yourself a meal worth drooling over. Adding chicken to the menu just gives Shake Shack another advantage to its already popular menu, including the fan favorite and vegetarian-friendly “Shroom Burger.” “I’m not much of a red meat eater, so offering a chicken sandwich will definitely make me frequent Shake Shack more often,” said Natalia Pompeo, a student at St. John’s University. “Even though I chose to wait a week to try out the sandwich, the line was still out the door, but it was absolutely worth the wait.” Located at 90-15 Queens Blvd., the new Shake Shack sits directly across from Mama’s Empanadas. A bold, but powerful move would be to hit up Mama’s Empanadas, grab a Carne Y Papas and head over to Shake Shack and munch on it while waiting for the mouthwatering chicken sandwich. Some would call it crazy, but I call it utilizing your resources. After all, every meal should start with an appetizer. Although no official date has been set, another stand-alone Shake Shack location is set to open this year in Forest Hills. Thank you Shake Shack, for finally showing some love to Queens!


The Chicken Shack is the reason why there’s a long line on the first floor of the Queens Center Mall.

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Is love in the air or is it payback?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna announce their relationship JASMINE IMANI DAVIS Entertainment Editor Another week and another Kardashian makes headlines. On Friday, Jan. 29, Blac Chyna confirmed to TMZ that she is dating Rob Kardashian as she was leaving LAX for England, before she got arrested for Public Intoxication at an Austin Airport. The rumors started when the 27-year-old model and video vixen posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram with a tattooed arm embracing her captioned, “The beginning,” on Monday, Jan. 25. Once followers and fans caught wind of the post, it didn’t take long for them to recognize that the tatted arm belonged to Rob Kardashian. As the week went on, everyone had their speculations and hilarious memes but, shortly after the infamous post, Rob posted his own meme on his Instagram of his new girlfriend holding a car seat, saying, “Blac Chyna probably out shopping rite now as she plan to give birth to the only next generation of the Kardashian Name! #BabyKardashian.” A source says that Chyna, born Angela Renée White, and Rob have been friends for a while and that she had been staying in touch. According to E! News, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters aren’t making any statements or “seals of ap-

proval.” The “sisters are livid about their relationship and not supportive of it at all,” a source shared with E! News. Other sources also say that Rob’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, kicked him out of the house, which led him to live with Chyna. The disapproval is understandable. Chyna has bad blood with the Kar-

Blac Chyna (left) and Rob Kardashian (right).

dashian/ Jenner clan, which also makes it look like she’s trying to get even. With Rob going through a trying time this past year and having been diagnosed with diabetes, an E! News insider is stating that “Blac Chyna is preying on Rob during a weak time.” But, this Kardashian, Jenner and Chyna beef didn’t appear out of nowhere. She started


off as besties with Rob’s big sister, Kim Kardashian, which made her a regular on Kim’s Instagram. Their friendship took a hit once her now rapper ex-boyfriend, Tyga, whom she dated for three years and is the father of her 3-year-old son, started to date his now on-againoff-again girlfriend, and the Kardashians’ baby sister, Kylie Jenner. But, the feud doesn’t end there. Chyna and Kylie have had their own shade-throwing battles over social media, including Chyna following, harassing and threatening her because of Kylie and Chyna’s baby daddy’s relationship. Finally, Chyna is now also best friends with Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and a sworn enemy of the Kardashian/ Jenner clan, after defending Chyna and throwing shots at the family during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Power 1051. Even though many believe that Chyna is dating Rob for malicious reasons, it seems she’s helping him to get his life in order. According to TMZ, she has put her new beau on a meal plan, won’t let him eat any red meat and has “gotten him back to the gym.” I’m sure, as time goes on, we will hear more about Chyna and Rob’s relationship, and her feud with his family, will unfold. We’ll be watching.

Zayn releases new single, “Pillowtalk”


Released under the mononym Zayn, the former One Direction member takes a bold first step as a solo artist with “Pillowtalk,” which is the first single off his debut record “Mind of Mine.” Whether or not you’ve been following the 1D media arc, or at least Zayn’s own fall out with Sam Smith’s collaborator, Naughty Boy, the song is a certified banger on it’s own merit. With powerhouse vocals and a true range that went underused during his years in a boyband, the single shows Zayn, born Zain Malik, in an entirely new perspective. In an interview with Zane Lowe on his “Beats 1” Radio Show, Zayn distanced himself from his former group, “I think I kind of always wanted to go. From like from the first year, really,” Zayn admitted. “I never really wanted to be there, in the band. I just gave it a go because it was there at the time. And then, when I realized the direction we were going in, mind the pun, I instantly realized it wasn’t for me because I realized I couldn’t

give my opinion [...] it didn’t fit the grain of what we were at the band and what we represented. That’s when it became frustrating.” On “Pillowalk,” a down-tempo, with it’s lush soundscape, takes cues from PBR&B, with the L.A. hair metal guitars of Miguel, the sexual recklessness of

Jhené Aiko and the massive choruses of The Weeknd. Capturing the attention of Frank Ocean’s producer Malay, who was seen in the studio with Malik during the sessions of recording “Mind of Mine,” was done by the surprisingly less well-known names of MYKL.


Zayn Malik performing “Gotta Be You” in the Clyde Auditorium on 14 January 2012

His newfound lyricism shows his unique approach to songwriting, where he felt constrained to write based on the perspective of the four other members on one topic. The sleek, sensual wordplay shows Zayn utilizing much more tongue-incheek vernacular. He has forsaken his squeaky-clean boyband writing for seductive metaphors. Dropped at the same time as the single, the video illustrates a vivid, glitch art, kaleidoscope influence of Malik, amongst a coterie of different women of color. Primarily, model-actress Gigi Hadid is featured in the video alongside Malik. While their relationship has been a topic of media speculation, Malik clarified that the two are “good friends” despite having been spotted together for several months. This statement followed the singer calling off his engagement with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. “Pillowtalk” gives the world a taste of the risqué writing and sensual production that will surely define Zayn season approaching.

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Rihanna’s “ANTI” is finally here The artist is ready to freshen things up

MICHAEL JN-MARIE Contributing Writer Rihanna certainly knows how to freshen things up. It’s been three painfully long years since the world was last blessed with a Rihanna album; but, on Tuesday night, the wait was finally over. In what has been one of the lengthiest and strangest marketing campaigns for an album in recent memory, “ANTI” was finally released to the world via Tidal, a music streaming service. Some wondered whether ANTI would ever see the light of day, as it’s been teased for over a year now. Tracks, such as “American Oxygen” and “BBHMM,” neither of which made the final cut, only further created anticipation for the album’s release. However, these singles, which didn’t perform quite as strongly as hoped, never had any follow-ups, making fans believe “ANTI” was nothing but a pipe dream. In a pretty surprising move, Rihanna gave fans what they’ve been waiting ages for. Within 24 hours of its release, “ANTI” was streamed 13 million times

and earned platinum status by garnering over 1 million downloads, courtesy of a free code tweeted by the singer herself. After listening to the first track, “Consideration,” featuring SZA, you know you’re in for something totally different from her previous music. If you’re one of the fans that waited all these years for Rih to return with more classic dance tracks, such as “We Found Love” or “Please Don’t Stop the Music,” sorry to say, but you’re out of luck. To the delight of some fans, and to the dismay of many, “ANTI” is Rihanna’s least commercial album to date and, surprisingly, succeeds because of it. Ditching Dance-EDM club bangers would seem to be an odd choice for someone who has made a career off of them, but the retro R&B vibe “ANTI” brings a breath of fresh air for someone who’s released seven prior albums. Her growth as an artist is in full display in this album, including tracks such as the amazing “Kiss it Better,” an 80s inspired rock themed slow jam, showing that new is indeed better. The Travis Scott assisted “Woo,” featuring distorted vocals and a crooning

“woo” as the chorus, at first seemed hard to listen to, but gets to you as one of the album’s top club tracks. The album’s lead single, “Work,” featuring Drake, which was released early in the morning on Tuesday, Jan. 26 hours before the album, is the only guaranteed future hit-worthy track from the album, though a far cry from their previous collabs. Its reggae vibe and insanely annoying, repetitive yet catchy chorus has summer jam written all over it. It is the only track you’ll be finding yourself dancing to on “ANTI.” The real highlight of the album, however, is Rihanna’s voice. Her vocals are as good as they’ve ever been. The second half the album is fully loaded with ballads, and the track “Higher” is an amazing vocal effort from Rih giving her best Sia impression. The new change in sound was not what fans expected, but with a superstar of Rihanna’s caliber, trying something new is always good. Although the dancing is limited on this one, it’s a unique album that just may go down as the turning point in her career. When you’re considered a pop icon,

you’re expected to bring pop hits with you, but “ANTI” will be yet another timeless album that ranks among her best. Can’t wait to see where she goes from here. Just don’t make us wait three more years, Rih Rih. Please.


Rihanna’s “ANTI” official album cover art.

Tina Fey delivers big laughs The SNL favorite leaves America in stitches with Palin skit

ALYSSA FORD Contributing Writer We all know and love actress Tina Fey for her comedic roles in numerous films, such as “Baby Mama” and “Mean Girls.” The fan favorite, however, has to be her impression of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. Thanks to Palin’s nearly embarrassing speech given at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Ames, Iowa on Jan. 19, we now have yet another Saturday Night Live spoof on Sarah Palin, performed by Tina Fey. Brilliantly hilarious as always, Fey mocked Palin’s recent endorsement of Donald Trump at the rally, even borrowing actual lines from the speech in the SNL skit. Fey said things like “media heads are spinning” and when talking about Donald Trump, “he can kick ISIS’ ass because he commands fire,” both lines being similar versions to what Palin actually said on stage at this high profile event. Tina Fey brought an energy to the stage that made the performance fun and realistic.


Tina Fey and Darrell Hammond as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

When watching the spoof, one may think she is exaggerating when in reality, her impression is spot on. Whenever she imitates Palin, she carries herself in a way that highlights Palin’s ridiculous character. Her accent is so well-done, that it is as if Fey is lip synching Palin’s actual voice. Not only is Fey’s acting incredible, but so is the Saturday Night Live’s ward-

robe department. The beaded jacket that Palin wore on stage the night of the endorsement is sold out everywhere, so the wardrobe department at the show took it upon themselves to recreate it. This helped ensure the skit to be as authentic as possible. Palin was seen on stage bouncing around in the beaded jacket, which Fey was able to reenact perfectly. The jacket

was a crucial prop to provide the accuracy the skit needed to make it as great as it was. Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, who was furious over Tina Fey dissing her mother, wrote about the skit on her blog. Bristol called the actress “desperate” and the show “pathetic.” She did compliment the show, however, on their recreation of her mother’s jacket. Hands can also applaud for Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond, who played Donald Trump. The actor called Palin a “firecracker.” He also said “she’s a real pistol” and “she’s crazy isn’t she?” Fey and Hammond’s satirical performance truly showed the ignorance that lies within Palin and Trump. One of my favorite parts of the skit was at the end when “Palin” (Fey) admits she doesn’t actually think Trump should be president. “I’m just here ‘cause he promised me a spot in his cabinet and I belong in a cabinet ‘cause I’m full of spice and I’ve got a great rack.” Once again, Tina Fey has showed the world her genius. Bristol Palin may think this act is overdone, but I can’t get enough of it.

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St. John’s loses second straight to No. 23/21 DePaul Staff Writer

In a battle between two Big East title contenders, St. John’s fell to No. 23/21 DePaul, 77-71. Both teams were hoping for a bounce-back win as DePaul (17-7, 9-2) was coming off an 83-74 home loss to Seton Hall while St. John’s (16-6, 7-4) was coming off a 67-64 road loss to Marquette. Junior Jessica January flirted with a triple-double to lead the Blue Demons to the bounce-back home win over the Johnnies. January scored nine of DePaul’s first 11 points and finished with 21 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists, coming up just short of her second triple-double of the season. Two other Blue Demons recorded double-doubles as Megan Podkowa notched 11 points and 13 boards and Chanise Jenkins tallied 10 points and 10 dishes. Danaejah Grant led the Red Storm with

24 points. Grant was three-for-five from beyond the arc and pulled down seven boards. The Johnnies battled back from down over 10 points multiple times, but could not get within five in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. “I thought we gave a great effort in the second half to make it a close game,” said Head Coach Joe Tartamella. “We need to focus on the positive aspects and carry them over to next weekend.”


I thought we gave a great effort in the second half to make it a close game

Junior guard Aaliyah Lewis tallied 13 points for the Red Storm, while backcourt mate Aliyyah Handford registered 12 points and six boards. The senior guard also matched a career-high with seven assists. Junior forward Jade Walker recorded eight points and set a new career-high with 14 rebounds against the Blue Demons. Freshman Akina Wellere chipped in six points and three rebounds. DePaul, one of the nation’s top three-point shooting teams, connected on eight tries from beyond the arc. The Blue Demons also assisted on 24 of their 30 made field goals. DePaul found its offensive rhythm early, jumping ahead 15-8 at the five-minute mark of the opening period. The Blue Demons maintained a lead in that vicinity for the remainder of the period, as sophomore Ashton Millender beat the buzzer with a three to put DePaul up nine, 25-16, after 10 minutes of action. St. John’s registered the second quarter’s

first four points to pull within five, 25-20, but DePaul responded with a 9-0 run to move ahead by 14, 34-20, with just over six minutes to go in the half. The Red Storm narrowed the gap by the intermission, as Grant connected on a threeball to trim the deficit to 12, 42-30, in the closing seconds of the first half. After three quarters, DePaul had extended the lead to 61-47. After a pair of DePaul free throws provided a 13-point lead in the fourth quarter, St. John’s went on a 6-0 run to come within 66-59 with 5:17 left in the game. The Blue Demons put up two baskets to gain the 70-60 advantage with 2:35 left. St. John’s closed to 74-69 before DePaul finished it off. With the loss, DePaul improves to 12-4 alltime against St. John’s and has won six straight in the series. St. John’s will complete its last away game of the three game road trip against Seton Hall (17-5, 7-4) in South Orange, N.J. Tip off is at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Marquette squeaks by SJU St. John’s crushed by Hall


Talk about a taste of your own medicine. Unable to hang their hat on a usually dominant inside game, the St. John’s University women’s basketball team dropped a close one to the Marquette Golden Eagles, 67-64, Friday night at the Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee. After setting consecutive season-highs on the boards last weekend against Butler and Xavier, St. John’s struggled on the glass. The Golden Eagles turned 13 offensive rebounds into 21 second-chance points and outrebounded St. John’s, 41-32. They also poured in 41 points in the paint. It is the second straight loss for the Red Storm on the road, and also their third loss in conference play. St. John’s was offensively challenged for most of the first half. They went through prolonged dry spells while maintaining a lead for the first 20 minutes, thanks to their patented defensive pressure. They scooped up seven steals in the first half and converted them to nine points. The Red Storm took a 19-16 lead at the end of the first quarter, but the offense went south from there. They didn’t score for exactly four minutes in the second quarter after Akina Wellere drained a three-pointer with just under nine minutes to go. St. John’s shot a skimpy 30 percent in the first half. In that time, Marquette was able to turn a six point deficit into a one point lead even though their offense was sluggish as well.

The Golden Eagles shot only 35 percent from the court in the half, but outrebounded St. John’s by nine and nearly doubled their points in the paint, two stats that have been staples of Red Storm victories all season. The second half was a back-and-forth contest that displayed both teams’ improved offense, but also serious foul trouble for St. John’s. The Johnnies fouled the Golden Eagles 14 times in the second half alone, giving them 19 tries at the charity stripe that played a big factor in the way the game ended up. Marquette also used their six second chance points, a category that St. John’s usually dominates thanks to their great rebounding, to take a 48-47 lead with ten minutes to go. Jade Walker gave the Red Storm the lead on the first possession of the fourth quarter. Grant and Handford kept their chances of victory alive by providing a crucial offensive spark. The duo provided 13 of the team’s 17 points in the final 10 minutes, and St. John’s had a lead with 49 seconds left after another Walker bucket. However, Allazia Blockton grabbed a rebound with four seconds left and sank both free throws to give Marquette a three-point lead. Walker put up a shot through contact as time expired, but it fell short. Handford nearly had another double, finishing with 17 points and nine rebounds. Grant and Walker also finished in double figures in scoring, totaling 19 and 10 respectively. Marquette had four players in double figures, and Natisha Hiedeman led the way with nine boards as well.

ers, Angel Delgado (15 points and 17 rebounds) and Ismael Sanogo (seven boards) were in the correct position for an offensive With a chance to pull off an upset board. Johnnies were out-rebounded by against their rival and earn their first win 16 The as they dealt with Yakwe’s foul trouble since mid-December, the St. John’s men’s in the opening half and had no answer for basketball team took a trip across the Hud- Delgado’s toughness and strength early in son River to face the Seton Hall Pirates on the second. Seton Hall went on a 15-3 run Wednesday night. after halftime to completely break open The end result was not what the John- the game, turning an eight-point lead into nies hoped for as the Pirates dominated the a 20-point advantage. paint and had more physicality on the glass “It must have been a bad halftime on their way to a 79-60 victory over Chris speech,” Mullin said. “The start of the secMullin’s squad at the Prudential Center. ond half cost us the game. More impor“It’s been frustrating,” Mullin said fol- tantly, there was no resistance. They [Seton lowing the game. “They killed us on the Hall] did what they wanted to do.” boards. We went zone to try to keep them While the Red Storm had a poor refrom hurting us in dribbounding performance, ble penetration but they they were even worse on really crashed the boards. the offensive end of the A lot of their stuff was in floor. They shot 29%from the paint. They hurt us the field, 38% from there for sure.” downtown and 75% from Christian Jones, 15 I do think it will happen. We will the free throw strike. The points on 6-of-12 shootbreak through. shot selection was not ing, was the lone Johnnie impressive, the ball moveto finish in double figures ment and spacing was with Federico Mussini, lacking and the Johnnies Ron Mvouika and Duwere missing easy baskets rand Johnson all scoring around the rim. nine points apiece. KasThe Pirates had 19 soum Yakwe added eight turnovers and shot just 53% from the points and 10 rebounds while Malik Elli- free throw line but they had 15 offensive son put up eight points off the bench. boards, shot 44% from all areas of the floor The Johnnies started the game strong, and used their length in the backcourt to jumping out to an 18-10 lead at the sec- limit the Johnnies leading scorer, Mussini. ond media timeout, but their run was short With a loaded schedule within the next lived. Isaiah Whitehead (19 points and couple of weeks, it will take a stronger ofseven rebounds), Khadeen Carrington (11 fensive effort and a better rebounding perpoints) and Desi Rodriguez (eight points formance for St. John’s to earn a win. and six boards) were lethal off the dribble, “I do think it will happen,” Mullin said. effective in transition and when they were “We will break through.” off the mark on their perimeter jump-

Assistant Sports Editor

Johnnies fall in final seconds


Nova’s second half run dooms Johnnies SYDNEY JOHNSON Staff Writer

The Red Storm fell to Big East front runner, Villanova, on Sunday. The teams were welcomed to Madison Square Garden by nearly 13,000 fans. The crowd was excited and the stakes were high. The Wildcats had the chance to prevent St. John’s from earning their first conference win and the Johnnies had a chance to take down AP’s third place team. After a close first half, Villanova was able to hold off the Storm and win 68-53. St. John’s opened the game’s scoring with back-to-back three-pointers but Villanova answered with a 7-0 run. The score remained close and neither team held a lead larger than six points. The Wildcats struggled with their

scoring. They have averaged 46.4 percent from the field this season; however, in the first half they shot 23 percent. The Johnnies shot 32 percent from the field which was not too far off from their season average of 34 percent. The second half was a different story. Villanova started to pull away immediately and St. John’s could not carry over the consistency to the period. In terms of shooting, consistency was not an issue. The team shot a percent better in the second half than in the first. Rebounds and free throws were the main factors in the second half downfall of St. John’s. Villanova’s main rebounder, Daniel Ochefu, suffered a concussion in practice on Friday and missed Sunday’s game. Without the 6-11 forward’s presence down low, Villanova had some compensating to do. The Wildcats were able to out-rebound St. John’s 48 to 35.

The Red Storm had a hard time rebounding the ball, especially on the defensive end. They allowed the Wildcats to earn 13 offensive rebounds. The second chance opportunities proved to have an effect on the game’s outcome. Both sides were also very aggressive. A total of 38 fouls were committed and the Wildcats found the line much more often. Villanova shot more than twice the amount of free throws St. John’s shot. Villanova shot 25 free throws and converted 19 of them, while St. John’s went seven for 12. A Johnnie that had a huge impact on the game was guard Ron Mvouika. He earned a double-double, scoring 11 points and posting ten rebounds. He had a defensive presence as well recording two steals and two blocks. A highlight of the night was when the crowd

erupted after he scored a three-point buzzer beater to close the first half from about 25 feet out. The graduate student-athlete has an energy that’s contagious and is a leader on this team. “I’m making sure that my guys are ready to go,” Mvouika said. “It’s just about staying together, having positive energy and keep believing.” After the game, Head Coach Chris Mullin said the plan was to review the game footage, make some adjustments at practice and get ready for the next game. As the team moves closer to the postseason, it will also look to capture its first conference victory. “We just have to find a way to finish games,” Mvouika said. “We’re not playing for 30 minutes, 25 minutes, 35 minutes. We gotta play for 40.”

SPORTS February 3rd, 2016 | VOLUME 93, ISSUE 15 |


Johnnies picked to repeat as Big East Champions BRANDON MAUK Digital Sports Manager St. John’s enjoyed another landmark season in baseball last season, and they look to do it again in 2016, even after losing several key players from last year’s Big East title. The Red Storm (41-16 last season) dominated preseason honors as they get set for the NCAA baseball season. Edging out Creighton, they were voted by the coaches as the favorites to win their second straight Big East Championship. A testament to the program’s longevity and depth, the Johnnies remain a top notch ballclub despite losing several pitchers and key bats in their lineup, as they look again to other players to take that next step. Several Johnnies were named to individual Big East preseason honors. Centerfielder Alex Caruso, closer Thomas Hackimer, leftfielder Michael Donadio, and third baseman Robbie Knightes all earned unanimous selections to the Preseason All-Big East First Team. Catcher/designated hitter Troy Dixon was named to the Preseason All-Big East Second Team. “Preseason accolades can sometimes be a burden, though they’re certainly deserved. They’ve both created some expectations for themselves based on what they did last year, but 2016 is a new season. We just need them to go out and do their jobs and continue developing as players,” St. John’s head coach Ed Blankmeyer said. Caruso and Hackimer were also voted as Big East Preseason Player of the Year and Big East Preseason Pitcher of the Year, respectively. Caruso looks to continue to be a force at the top of St. John’s well-balanced offense. He led the league with a .382 batting average and a .480 OBP last season, and led conference play with a .412 average and a .524 OBP. After getting drafted in the 15th round in last year’s MLB Draft by the New York Mets, Hackimer opted to return for his senior season, as the submariner closer looks to cap off a dominant St. John’s career. He had a career-best 1.92 ERA and set the single-season program record in saves with 15 last year.

St. John’s offense should continue to be a machine despite the graduation of Matt Harris, Jarred Mederos and Zach Lauricella. The Johnnies hit .288 with a .375 on-base percentage in 2015, averaging 5.65 runs per game, and four of their most important hitters, Donadio, Knightes, Caruso and Dixon have returned. “We have some depth in the lineup, particularly in right field where two or three guys could be vying for time. Gui Gingras comes in as a junior college transfer and fills the hole at first and we’ll slide Jesse Berardi over to shortstop.” Returning lettermen Jesse Berardi and Anthony Brocato look to move into full-time starters roles. Berardi, a middle-infielder, will replace Mederos at shortstop while Brocato is among the players trying to fill Lauricella’s spot in rightfield. Six St. John’s players were drafted into MLB last season, a program record. Out of those six, only Hackimer returned to the program for the 2016 season. Blankmeyer looks to replace all the innings thrown by starters Cody Stashak and Ryan McCormick and relievers Matt Clancy, Joe Kuzia and Alex Katz. “Starting pitching is the question mark. We have plenty of candidates and the ability is there, but we lack experience and it will take a few weekends to figure things out. You can’t teach experience,” Blankmeyer said. One of St. John’s traits as a program under Blankmeyer has been bringing in junior college transfers, and 2016 should be right on that narrative. Ryan McAuliffe and Joe Nellis are two transfers that Blankmeyer expects to be a serious boost to their rotation. With Hackimer being the only full-time reliever returning from last year, St. John’s expects their older, more experienced relievers like Joey Graziano and Joe Napolitano to step up and form that bridge to the 9th inning. St. John's kicks off the 2016 campaign in Wilmington, N.C. at the Buffalo Wild Wings Battle at the Beach Tournament, hosted by UNC-Wilmington the weekend of Feb. 19. The Johnnies’ home opener is set for March 15 against Fairfield. They went 41-9 at Jack Kaiser Stadium the previous two seasons.

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