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Trust Your Doctor?

The President of B.A.A.P.S Nigel Mercer explains the importance of choosing the correct surgeon.

Celebrity Beauty

Take a peek inside your favourite celebrities beauty bag



The top hair stylists and salons in your area

2009 edition

Visibly Lasting Youth




Correction of superficial lines in finer skin areas such as crow’s feet and dÊcolletage

Correction of shallow lines such as peri-oral and for enhancement of the Vermillion Border

Correction of deep lines such as nasolabial lines and for volume augmentation such as the lips

1,0 ml multi-crosslinked hyaluronic acid

1,0 ml multi-crosslinked hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid concentration 20 mg/ml

Hyaluronic acid concentration 22.5 mg/ml

Hyaluronic acid concentration 25.5mg/ml

30 G Needle

27 G Needle

27 G Needle

1,0 ml multi-crosslinked hyaluronic acid

Your partner in injectable facial aesthethics For further information contact Merz Pharma UK Ltd on 0208 236 3550 or visit

Editors letter W

elcome to the first edition of The Kent Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine. Your definitive guide for essential information and advice on all Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical procedures, plus fantastic ways to look and feel younger!

Whilst our desire to look and feel beautiful is not new, the affordability, availability and accessibility for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures are. In today's society there is extreme pressure for us to look and be perfect, and yes we do all want to look younger but surely looking great for our age, is what it is all about? The Kent Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide only recommends and features companies/ surgeons from the U.K that are medically trained and accredited to the appropriate associations (see page 24, on how to choose your surgeon) We want our readers to make a confident decision and form a trusting relationship with their chosen surgeon and clinic. We are very much aware of the dangers and problems of unregulated companies within this industry and it is therefore our intention to inform and teach our readers in the importance of ‘DOING YOUR HOMEWORK’, when considering any aesthetic procedure.

So treat yourself to a fabulous new look and visit one of our chosen ‘Top Hair Salons’. Or if you need to escape the stress and pressures of every day life and take a well-deserved time out, we have found you the crème de la crème of Kent Spas, see page 76 for some of the regions finest! Plus enter our fantastic competitions and you could be in with a chance to win luxury prizes.

We also explore new Beauty advances, offering you useful tips and advice on the best products for your face and body, don’t just take our word for it, page14 unearths the hidden secrets in the world of celebrities. If you’re needle nervous or simply not ready for the knife we have found you plenty of great line-busting and wrinkle-preventing creams and potions to help, whatever your age. For other Non Surgical options we have sourced you the best alternatives to surgery, page 28 ‘Magic Underwear’.

“Your Definitive Guide for Essential Information and Advice.”

We have found you the finest establishments in the Kent area, offering you a premium service, an excellent reason to stay local! To ensure you feel completely comfortable whilst receiving a medical procedure, why travel miles when you can find the very best on your doorstep!

I hope you enjoy this first issue as much as we have creating it! For further news, advice, unmissable giveaways and competitions, visit our website; And if you have any stories or views you wish to share with us, email them to me

The Year for the Brand New You Best Wishes

Emilia Bronze Editor 3


Page 32 - Healing Remedies

Page 10 – Trust Your Doctor?

Post-op recovery use to mean keeping a bag of frozen peas handy! Now, thanks to a wide choice of healing creams and gels, bruising, redness and scarring can be soothed and the healing process boosted. See our chosen picks!

The President of B.A.A.P.S Nigel Mercer explains the importance of choosing the correct surgeon.

Page 34 - Peel Away The Years

Page 18 – Male Surgery The stigma associated with male cosmetic surgery is beginning to disappear, culminating in a more open and accepted approach to men’s cosmetic needs. Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Alex Karidis explains the options available.

Page 22-23 Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Past, Present and Future Facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It is safe, effective and, if done well, barely detectable.

Chemical Peels have long been the beauty secrets of celebrities, giving them smooth, unblemished, smooth skin, see our pick of some of the best.

Page 36 The Wells Clinics The Wells Clinics are established Skin Specialist Clinics, working in conjunction with general practitioners. Their main expertise is with Botox® Injections. Dermal Fillers (wrinkle fillers) laser hair removal and facial peels.

Page 39 – Look 10 Years Younger With These Make Up Tips!

Page 24 – Do your Research!

Wear the right colours and textures and you could knock off 10 years! Just follow our advice.

Mr Douglas McGeorge educates us on the importance of ‘Doing our Homework’ when choosing our Surgeon or Clinic.

Page 42-43 Anti -Wrinkle Injectables

Page 28-29 Weight Loss Surgery Despite diet and exercise, sometimes that extra weight just won’t shift, and for some, the decision to turn to surgery is the only answer. Here are the options for surgically losing weight.


Do you know your Botox from your Cosmoderm? If not, then read on to find out which wrinkle smoother is best for you

Page 48 - An Interview with Ruby Hammer Beauty advice, secrets and expert tips from Ruby Hammer, make-up artist and co-creator of Ruby & Millie

Page 52-53 Fabulous at Fifty Skin changes and how to tackle it. Find skincare solutions that’ll leave you looking fabulous.

Page 6-9 Non-surgical wrinkle smoothers for every age If you’re needle nervous or simply not ready for the knife there’s plenty of great line-busting and wrinkle- preventing creams and potions out there to help

Page 56-58 Naturally Gorgeous With organic skincare steadily becoming one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry, its no longer seen as an alternative or expensive to buy natural products.

Page 19 – Male Grooming Forget soap-on-a-rope, men’s grooming is getting serious. We have the 8 of the best buys.

Page 25 – Doctor Doctor

Page 59 - LOOK GOOD,FEEL GOOD Feeling out of balance? Get your mind and body back in sync with a beauty treatment that goes deeper than most, here’s our favorite holistic face and body rejuvenators.

If you can’t afford a face-lift or Botox, don’t despair, all the leading cosmetic doctors and dermatologists hair their own ranges of skin rejuvenating creams.

Page 72-73 Get Glowing Minerals have rocked the beauty world and it’s no wonder. Made from pure and natural ingredients they’re

Charlotte Body Publisher 01268 754 897

ideal for problem skin. Here we pick the best mineral make-up to light up your face.

Page 76-79 Kent Tops Spas We have found you the crème de la crème of Kent

emilia Bronze Editor 01268 754 897

Spas. So take a look at our Top selection and you could find your self indulging in pure luxury and relaxing in your ultimate haven!

Jenny Carrington Features Writer 01268 754 897

Page 80-81 The Scissor King The world’s most respected authority on hair and scalp health, trichologist, Philip Kinglsey agreed to answer some of the most common questions on hair loss.

Peter Johnson Art Director 01268 754 897

Page 82-84 The Regions Finest Hair Salons We have found you the best establishment and Hair Stylist in Kent.

Charlie Crocker Designer 01268 754 897

Page 85 - Lashing Out

Want the perfect lash enhancer or your lashes are short straight? Lash extensions could be the answer, and no

Angela Topley

we’re not talking about stick on falsies!

Design & Production Assistant

Page 44-45 WIN.WIN.WIN.WIN!

01268 754 897 Pamper yourself in style and be in with a chance to win fabulous luxury prizes!


Shauna Peters Editorial and Production Assistant 01268 754 897

Page 64-65 Your smile says so much about you – what’s yours saying? Tracey Bell, international cosmetic dentist offers a quick guide to perfect smiles.

Page 68 - Something To Smile About our pick of the best Teeth Whitening Products available, in budget!

DISCLAIMER The editor and publishers do not necessarily agree with the views expressed by contributors nor do they except responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the subject matter in this publication. Any information contained within The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide should not be considered as a substitute for a consultation with a licenced practitioner.

NON-SURGICAL WRINKLE SMOOTHERS FOR EVERY AGE If you’re needle nervous or simply not ready for the knife there’s plenty of great line-busting and wrinklepreventing creams and potions out there to help. and it doesn’t matter how old (or young) you


are because from as early as twenty lines and sun damage can start manifesting themselves. But don’t create another frown line worrying about it – just read on and stock up!

20’s Cheryl Cole YOUR SKIN …

you probably won’t see any changes in your skin yet unless you are a smoker or a sun-worshipper. In which case you may have some subtle crow’s feet appearing. The top layer of your skin renews itself regularly - around every 30 days – so this helps to keep your skin young-looking. But that doesn’t last for ever, so get your prevention tactics underway now!

TOP TIPS … Choose skincare that is designed for your age as many anti-ageing creams will be too harsh for your skin. use a moisturiser every day that contains an SPF (sun protection factor) or barrier function. even if you can’t see any evidence of sun damage don’t be tempted to skip it, this type of moisturiser will help prevent the future lines that are caused by exposure to uV light (even on cloudy days).

TRY … Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream, £34 (Boots), it’s designed to fight the first signs of ageing and prevent premature lines. It contains a potent blend of botanicals which keep skin protected and hydrated. Botanics Pore Perfecting Day SPF15 Moisture Lotion, £3.91 (Boots), makes an ideal moisturiser for anyone with oil-prone skin (which can be a problem for younger women). It also contains an SPF to make sure your complexion is protected all year round. 7

30’s Kate Winslet YOUR SKIN …

you may find that fine lines around your eyes appear more noticeable and your skin can start to lose a little of its youthful radiance. This is because cell turnover starts to slow down and collagen starts to diminish. The first signs of sun damage may start to show now in the form of pigmentation marks or brown spots.

TOP TIPS … you may see no changes in your skin or a few of the above, but whatever you see continue the good habit of protecting your skin every day. This will keep your skin tone even and help hang onto that radiant glow. Switch to a proper anti-ageing moisturiser and give your skin regular micro-dermabrasion at home treatments (once or twice a week). These help to remove the ‘dulling’ top layer of dead skin cells and allow antiageing creams to really get to work.

TRY … Dr. Nick Lowe Super Charged Day Cream SPF15, £16.59 (Boots), this intensive anti-ager will protect skin whilst preventing pigmentation (brown spots), fine lines and wrinkles. olay Regenerist Micro-Dermabrasion & Mini Peeling Kit, £24 (Boots), use this kit regularly to gently exfoliate the top layers of skin and help retain that youthful, peachy glow. It also helps to even out skin tone and keep dark spots under control.


40’s Nicole Kidman

A loss of collagen, fat and elasticity in the skin can cause slight sagging and cheeks to look as if they have dropped. Smile lines and wrinkling around the eyes can look more obvious and skin can start to feel drier. under eyes may start to look puffy which can be genetic but also comes with age.

TOP TIPS … Check out creams and lotions that contain both anti-ageing and lifting or firming properties. If you’ve been using an eye cream switch to one that deals not only with lines but also puffiness and dark circles. If your skin feels dry opt for a cream rather than lotion.

TRY … L’ real Revitalift SPF15, £9.99 (Superdrug), this day cream will hydrate L’oreal dry skin whilst fighting wrinkles and making skin feel firmer. It contains the all important SPF to help prevent further wrinkles and is light enough to wear everyday under make-up. No7 Time Resisting Day & Night eye Care, £18.25 (Boots), is a clever eye product with everything you need in one. one side dispenses a gel that reduces puffiness during the day and keeps the eye area looking bright. The other side contains an anti-ageing night cream to reduce dark circles and smooth lines.

50’s Kim Cattrall

The previous signs can be magnified at this age and your face may start to head south! That means even corners of the mouth and eyes start to point downwards. More dryness appears plus uneven skin tone including age spots. The menopause may have started or be on it’s way, this can create that extra dryness in your skin and also flushing which leaves you with a temporary shine.

TOP TIPS … Start wearing an anti-ageing serum underneath your moisturiser to really boost the repair and rejuvenating process. Together they will help preserve skin and turn back the clock. A serum can penetrate the skin on a deeper level whilst the moisturiser helps seal in it’s anti-ageing power and provide essential, skin-smoothing moisture and protection.

TRY … estee Lauder Resilience Lift extreme ultra Firming Crème SPF15, £46 (www., smooth over the top of your serum and the rich blend of energising nutrients gives very dry skin a moisture hit whilst adding a fresh glow. Skin looks lifted and feels firmer. estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Lifting Serum, £41.11, this award-winning serum has a silky, light texture and helps give a 61% reduction in the appearance of mature wrinkles with regular use. Lines look less obvious and skin looks brighter and fresher instantly. The peptide complex strengthens skin, giving it a more dense texture. use day and night under your anti-ageing moisturiser. 9



he choice of your surgeon for a cosmetic surgery procedure really is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Not only will you be investing a considerable amount of time and money, but you will also be putting your trust and safety in your surgeon’s hands. You will live with the result for life. The terms cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery are inter-changeable. Unfortunately for the public, the UK Government does not designate cosmetic surgery as a specialty in its own right nor does it regulate the industry. The only specialty in which surgeons receive training in all aspects of cosmetic surgery is Plastic Surgery,

but surgeons from other specialties may be trained in specific cosmetic surgery procedures and may perform those procedures to a very high standard. Surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery procedures should perform sufficient numbers to retain their competence, submit audit figures for their cosmetic surgical work, and must attend educational courses to maintain their ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD). However, this does not mean that a surgeon who advertises that they only do cosmetic surgery is necessarily an expert, and do not take pre- and post-operative photos as a reliable indicator of competence. Even the worst surgeon will get some good results.

Nigel Mercer Consultant Plastic Surgeon and President of BAAPS and EASAPS

No matter whom you see, you must ask the correct questions, take advice and do your research.

No matter whom you see, you must ask the correct questions, take advice and do your research.

1 2 3

4 5 10

Ask your GP. They are there to protect you, and they should know who has a good reputation in your area. use word of mouth. Ask friends. Choose a surgeon, not a clinic or a hospital. If you go to one of the ‘clinics’ you may not see the same surgeon that your friend saw and some may employ surgeons, who come on short-term contracts and then leave. A free consultation is not really free. A surgeon should charge you for their advice and you should not be sold a product or procedure. Beware sales talk on the phone. Check the BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) website. It lists BAAPS members by region and there are excellent surgeons through out the country. you do not have to go to London to find excellence. Check the GMC (General Medical Council) website to check what specialty your surgeon is registered to work in. If they are not a specialist plastic surgeon ask

yourself what are you seeing them for and are they trained to perform it.


Ask how many procedures the surgeon has done and what their complication rates are. Ask what your surgeon’s special interests are, and their complication rates. They are obliged to tell you. Ask what they will do if there is a problem with your operation. Think what this implies if you have surgery abroad.


Do not make a decision on the day of the consultation. No matter how long you have been thinking about the problem, go back for a second consultation, for which there should be no charge. Avoid anyone that tells you that “you must have” a cosmetic operation or procedure. No surgical procedure or cosmetic treatment carries a guarantee, so ask yourself, “If I have a complication or I do not get the result I wanted, have I made the right decision?” IF the answer is “No” or you have any doubts, do not have the treatment.

F R E S H E N • E N H A N C E • R E J U V E N A T E

paul banwell FRCS(Plast)

consultant plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon • Cosmetic Breast Surgery

• Anti Ageing

• Cosmetic Facial Surgery

• Advanced Skin Care

• Body Contouring

• Skin Health

• Cosmetic Gynaecology

• Skin Cancer

T: 0845 2600 261 F: 0845 2600 271 E: W:

ReconstRuctIve PlastIc suRgeRy oR aesthetIc suRgeRy– RestoRatIon of Body foRm, self confIdence and qualIty of lIfe.

There is much confusion around regarding the terms “Plastic” and “Cosmetic” surgery. The term Plastic does not refer to the material, but derives from the Greek word “plasticos” which means to mould. Plastic Surgery is the surgery of moulding the human form. When this is done to rebuild structures we tend to call it Reconstructive surgery, for improvement of appearance we call it Cosmetic or Aesthetic surgery. But is there always a difference?


t is clear to me that the training I have in Reconstructive Plastic surgery underpins the Aesthetic work that I also do, and that all my patients are looking for improved quality of life from their operations, regardless of the initial complaint.

Others find that the combined approach of mastectomy and immediate reconstruction gives them the strength to face their cancer treatment with confidence. Breast implants or expanders (empty implants that are filled after insertion to stretch the overlying skin) offer one option that is often the quickest and simplest solution, but the feel and shape of the reconstructed the teRm PlastIc does breast may not match the normal side and so this breast may also need not RefeR to the mateRIal, But deRIves adjusting using one of the “aesthetic” techniques of reduction, mastopexy fRom the gReek woRd (lift), or augmentation to improve the “PlastIcos” whIch symmetry of the breasts.

An example of the overlap between Reconstructive and Aesthetic techniques is breast reconstruction following cancer surgery. It is one of the most rewarding procedures I perform, from both my patients and my personal point of view. There is nothing better than seeing one of my patients at the end of her treatment, means to cancer removed, a balanced chest and restored self esteem and quality of life; a mother taking her children confidently to the beach or a wife hugging her husband without a second thought given to her breast surgery. There are numerous techniques available to reconstruct a breast. My job as a surgeon is to explain these to a patient and help to decide which will provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing result whilst always considering the primary objective – to cure the breast cancer. Informed discussion and decision making takes a long time, and some patients decide to have their cancer treatment first and reconstruction later.


More complex operations using the patients own skin and fat from the tummy, buttocks, back or inner thigh have been developed to make a breast without using an implant. This breast is warmer, softer and “all real” so it appeals to many patients. It is more mouldable and often enables a very close match to the other side. A longer operation is required, but in expert hands results are reliable and outcomes excellent. My view therefore is that reconstructive and aesthetic surgery are impossible to separate, the goals are always excellent functional and aesthetic outcome with improved quality of life. This means happy patients and a happy surgeon!

this breast has been made using

the patients right breast is made of fat

and implant and skin and muscle

and skin from the tummy - the nipple

from the back. A nipple will be

has been recreated using a cone of

made to complete the reconstruction"

skin and then tattoo for colour"


Mr John Pereira is a Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon registered with the GMC specialist register (3557079). He provides a high quality personal service to the people of Kent and Sussex and can be reached via his secretary on 01342 330 322.

like to be low aintenance with my beauty outine and I try nd use the purest

ey eye “I love the smok cara look, and this mas is perfect for achieving show- ic eyes stopping, dramat when I go out.”


Danni Minogue, darling of the X-Factor judges, looks bright and sparkly all the time, but what is her secret? It seems a reviving shower with a citrus oil is her answer. She says:

We’d all love to peek inside a celebrity’s beauty bag to find out what products they use to keep their skin glowing and hair glossy. Here we’ve done just that so you can steal a few star beauty secrets! We’d all love to have hair as shiny as a model’s, well now you can! Beautiful model, Sophie Dahl, uses Louise Galvin’s Sacred Locks range to keep her tresses healthy and glossy. She says:

“The wonderfully natural Sacred Locks products are like heaven for my hair.” Locks Shampoo for Thick or Curly Hair, £22 and Conditioner, £24 from

“Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil gets me through jet-lag days, and puts me in a great mood.” £29.35 from

Blonde beauty and cult film actress, Daryl Hannah, loves natural beauty products. Her fabulous figure and smooth skin make her look at least ten years younger than her real age – 48! Here’s her secret:

end “I like the lovely bl e th in ls of essential oi re Ultimate Moistu w ho Face Serum and in, I sk they softened my it.” d highly recommen 142

“I like to be low maintenance with my beauty routine and I try and use the purest products. I like Green People products as they make the most gentle creams for the face and body, and their holistic approach works.” Try Day Solution Day Cream, £11.73 and Body Bliss Lotion, £15.65 from www.

We can’t flick through any magazine without seeing a WAG looking stunning – and Alex Curran is no exception. Married to Liverpool and England footballer, Steven Gerrard, Alex’s style is one we want to copy! Now you can copy her sexy eyes with an Avon mascara. She says:

Essex girl, TV presenter and West End star, Denise Van Outen, always looks glamorous and her skin simply radiates with health. The secret could be her organic moisturiser, she says:

“I’ve always been fussy when it comes to using products on my face.”

“I love the smokey eye look, and this mascara is perfect for achieving showstopping, dramatic eyes when I go out. My lashes look extra long and thick, and the brush’s fine bristles mean it’s easy to apply and doesn’t clump.” Avon SuperShock Mascara, £8 from

“I’ve always been fussy when it comes to using products on my face. Now I’m in my 30’s I’m very aware of how important it is to use organic products that won’t strip my skin of its natural oils. Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser is the ultimate natural moisturiser, since I’ve discovered it..... I can’t live without it!” £14.63 from

Essential oils are great for achieving fabulous, smooth skin, but before you try one why not pick a celebrity favourite. TV presenter, Donna Air, uses a gorgeous blend from Saaf Pure Skincare. Donna says:

“I like the lovely blend of essential oils in the Ultimate Moisture Face Serum and how they softened my skin, I highly recommend it.” £29.99 from

We may remember her as the child star from the film Blue Lagoon but Hollywood actress, Brooke Shields, has come a long way since then. A Sormer Supermodel, she has starred in the musical Chicago and now appears in Lipstick Jungle. Her classic beauty is admired by women the world over. What does she like? Skin Food by Weleda. Brooke says:

“I am not a spokes person for this company but I love it. I use it on my hands, I use it on my face. It’s all natural and it’s amazing.” £5.95 from www. weleda

“I am not a spokespe son for this companyrbut I love it. I use it my hands, I use it onon my face. It’s all natu and it’s amazing.” ral

“Aromatherapy Assoc ates Revive MorningiBath and Shower O gets me through jet- il days, and puts me inlag a great mood.” 15 3

MilliMetre Perfect Acknowledged experts in their fields, Mr Jonathan Britto and Mr Raj Ragoowansi provide a comprehensive service. Both have busy plastic surgery practices within major

Contact Mr Raj Ragoowansi MSc, MB FRCS (Plast) and Mr Jonathan Britto BSc (Hons) MB BC FRCS (Plast), Millimetre Perfect Aesthetic Surgery Call 0870 041 8804, visit

“The defining principle of our approach to aesthetic surgery is to restore and refine balance to your shape and form, to deliver change that you can feel confident with, and to refresh and rejuvenate, without the tell-tale signs of surgery.”

teaching hospitals in the NHS, and enjoy a vibrant private

used with permission from our former and current patients,

practice as Directors of Millimetre Perfect Aesthetic Surgery,

to illustrate our advice and results’, he explains ‘throughout

where they lead a highly qualified team of medical, surgical

your consultation process we closely address expectations

and nursing professionals.

for the outcome of surgery, to ensure that we are all on the same page! In that way everyone has confidence and good

According to Jonathan Britto, ‘The defining principle of

outcomes are guaranteed.’

our approach to aesthetic surgery is to restore and refine balance to your shape and form, to deliver change that


you can feel confident with, and to refresh and rejuvenate,

They are clearly enthusiasts. Jonathan Britto leads on the

without the tell-tale signs of surgery’.

face, rhinoplasty, and eyelids, with a range of aesthetic surgical skills in different facial planes to achieve a balanced,


non operated look. He is enthusiatic about volumetric lifts,

This is probably the most significant step for anyone

combined with chemical peels, fillers and botox approaches

considering aesthetic or reconstructive surgery, say the

if and when necessary. Raj Ragoowansi is an expert in body

surgeons. As such, your consultation will be as individual

contour surgery, including after massive weight loss, and

as you are, and will take as long as necessary to gather the

both surgeons show impressive breast enhancement and

information needed to plan your care.

recontouring results.

Because no two aesthetic procedures are the same, you will be advised of the best option from a variety of techniques

On the reconstructive side, the teams achieves

within each procedure range. The surgeons take a full medical

comprehensive total care. ‘Our facial reconstruction

and general health history, advise upon medications, and the

programme involves the care of adults and children with

implications of smoking for your recovery.

facial asymmetries or defects following accidents, tumours,

‘The partners believe in the unpressured and relaxed

or birth anomalies’ says Britto. The team approach includes

exchange of

Gillian Huntley, an expert in permanent makeup, tattooing,

information in

camouflage and skin care.

understandable terms’,

The Millimetre Perfect team delivers great care in a friendly

continues Raj

and professional manner designed to make the experience of


aesthetic or reconstructive surgery as stress free as possible.

‘We use

Safety, comfort and the quality of the result for the individual is

photographs of

the aim - surely the best possible ethos for a medical practice

our own cases,

committed to the highest standards of quality care.


When you want to know that you are in the best possible hands

Offering a range of aesthetic surgery for the face, breast and body, with enhanced peace of mind.

For a complete guide to whats available, visit 08700 41 88 04

MaleSurgery In the last ten years my private practice in london has seen a 5% increase, year on year, in the number of men coming for surgery. The stigma associated with male cosmetic surgery is beginning to disappear, culminating in a more open and accepted approach to men’s cosmetic needs. An increasingly popular treatment I have carried out on men in recent years is male chest reduction for the condition gynacomastia. About 30% of the male population suffers from this condition in varying degrees. Many men are not concerned by having so called ‘man boobs’, but for the more extreme cases the condition gynacomastia can have a huge effect on quality of life. At present I am carrying out around three male breast reductions a week at my practice. One particular young man, by the name of Lee Jardine always stands out in mind for the above reasons. He came to me after years of not understanding the condition he was so clearly suffering with, he had even resorted to fastening a leather belt tightly across his chest and then wearing four layers of clothing to try and reduce the appearance of his breasts. The relief he felt at knowing something could be done about his condition was huge, for him it was fantastic to finally have someone acknowledge that he wasn’t just over weight, he did have a medical condition. I successfully operated on Lee a little over 8 months ago and he is now living life to the full and is no longer ashamed of his body.


Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Alex Karidis explains the rising trend in male Cosmetic Surgery As men have become more aware of the options that are available to them, there has been increased interest in a diverse range of procedures. Men have also discovered the benefits of botox although they are still a significant minority compared to women.

This year alone, I have seen requests for men asking for tummy tucks rise by 51%, chin lifts 44%, facelifts 17%, while botox has risen a remarkable 57%. In general my male patients are around 50-55 years old when they request surgery, which is older than women who often are around 40-45. This is mainly due to men’s skin being naturally thicker, which doesn’t wrinkle and fold as much as that of women’s. As more men approach me for Cosmetic Surgery to improve their appearance, their reasons for doing so also diversify. In consultations men often suggest skills are no longer sufficient in the workplace and to

compete with colleagues, appearance is seen by many as increasingly important. Furthermore, many men are now entering into second marriages with younger women. Men in these situations appear to have a greater pressure to maintain a more youthful appearance. I stress to all clients that surgery is a personal decision and that they should never go through with surgery if they have unrealistic expectations. There is still a degree of stigma attached to Cosmetic Surgery for many men. This is obvious when I look at the number of referrals I receive from men compared to women; women are clearly much more open with family, friends and colleagues about their surgery choices. The majority of my male patients are still very private and concerned about how people will react to their decision. I am positive that the field of Cosmetic Surgery will continue to see a steady increase in the number of men having surgery and that over time men will increasingly come around to the idea of "maintaining" themselves. Mr Alex Karidis / The Loretto Clinic, The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth St Johns Wood / www. / 020 7432 8727

forget soap-on-a-rope, men’s grooming is getting serious. with every year that passes the male preening market is getting bigger and it’s no wonder - Beckham’s buff body and flawless face are everywhere. from anti-ageing moisturisers to under eye concealers, men’s beauty booty is taking over the bathroom. here’s 8 of the best buys:

1: Yves saint Laurent touche ecLat Pour homme, £22.50 (Boots), this version of the famous under eye concealer, loved by make-up artists, is for guys only. it’s formulated especially to suit men’s skin and can wipe away dark circles and signs of fatigue in one swipe. 2: Boots time DeLaY For men WrinkLe DeFence moisturiser sPF15, £6.79 (Boots), one of the major causes of ageing is exposure to uv light, even in winter and through clouds. This moisturiser contains an SPf15, which is ideal for protecting skin everyday (in summer you need to put a sun protection lotion over the top). Designed to hydrate and smooth the toughest skin. 3: kiehL’s aLoe vera BioDegraDaBLe LiquiD BoDY cLeanser, £15 (WWW.kiehLs. com), a suitably mannish shower gel with a personal, handwritten note from god of the bods, Brad Pitt, on the label. not only does this leave the 5: gucci BY gucci Pour homme, £38 (, spritz this subtle but sensual fragrance that uses leather, cypress, violet and tobacco extracts over your skin for a masculine, sexy aroma. The coollooking, chunky bottle comes with the signature Gucci horsebit on the lid for the ultimate in designer cred.



body squeaky clean, it’s made from 100% biodegradable ingredients with 100% of the net profits going to Brad’s, Make it Right charity. Set up to help reduce adverse impact on the environment.


nivea For men siLver Protect 24h anti-PersPirant, From £2.35 (chemists nationWiDe), it’s a fact that men produce twice as much perspiration as women and that it’s moisture harbours more bacteria. The answer? Silver. used in World War i to treat wounds and more recently as an anti-bacterial aid in sportswear, this precious metal helps to keep under arms fresh too. nivea has captured silver ions and suspended them in it’s latest formula.

1 6: Jean PauL gauLtier monsieur PoWDer Bronzer, £29 (seLecteD house oF Fraser stores), you don’t have to get in touch with your feminine side to use this, it’s designed just for men. A special formula to help hide blemishes and give a healthy glow (whether you’ve been to the gym or not) can be yours with a dusting of this best selling, light reflective powder.


7: cLinique skin suPPLies For men DaiLY eYe hYDrator, £18 (WWW., crinkly eyes may make a man look distinguished and wise but lines still need to be kept under control. Pat this oil-free gel around eyes to help reduce the look of fine lines and shadows. use daily to firm and strengthen the eye area.


8: origins BLaDe runner energizing shave cream, £12 (, with skin-conditioning Kukui nut oil, this natural, lightweight cream makes shaving a breeze. it helps your razor to glide over skin and stubble effortlessly whilst cooling and moisturising.

8 19

BIggeR smalleR hIgheR

0800 917 29 59

Women all over the world are having issues with their

breasts; they may be too big, too small or have started to head south, if you’re having the same issues The Belvedere Clinic can help. The procedures and techniques used have become more advanced over the years and this has helped to reduce scarring and recovery times. Breast surgery can help women boost their confidence, enhance their appearance and turn back time on the effects of aging and breast feeding. Older techniques produced purely volume based results but new techniques mean that breast surgery can have greater benefits- restoring the balance between hips and breasts makes hips look smaller and create a more proportioned figure. the surgeons at The Belvedere are part of a dedicated team that have been working together to provide the highest standards of care for over 25 years.

“OVER 10,000 BREAST SURGERIES IN THE PAST 10 YEARS” The wealth of experience at The Belvedere Clinic is incredibly reassuring and is supported by the recommendations and referrals the clinic receives


every week, as well as the work of top surgeon Mr

Breast surgery produces immediate results that improve over time-

Khan who has developed a unique technique in

for uplifts and enhancements this usually continues for a few weeks

Breast Augmentation and is nicknamed “the boob

but for a reduction this can carry on for up to 2 years- it’s the gift

man” by some of his patients.

that keeps giving. Procedures usually take between 1-3 hours and

Our commitment to the Healthcare Commission

for a breast enlargement is relatively simple; a small incision is made

reinforces our strong beliefs in patient care. You will not

and the implant is placed in a pocket between the breast tissue and

be disappointed when talking to our knowledgeable

chest muscle, scarring is minimal and fades over time. Uplifts and

staff that will ensure that you receive the high quality

reductions are more complex as they require the removal of excess

advice that you deserve.

skin and tissue and the nipple and areola will often be repositioned

Make some time for yourself today and book your

to give the most natural appearance. Recovery time is still only

consultation or give us a call to discuss your cosmetic

about 4-6 weeks, which your surgeon will explain to you in detail but

surgery needs and take the first step to getting the

requires resting, refraining from heavy lifting and wearing a support bra.

body you deserve.



Based in South East London The Belvedere Clinic is in a unique

offer then please call us on 0800 917 29 59 where our

position as it has its own hospital. Rather than holding consultations

specialist staff will be more than happy to help.

in hotels and operating in different hospitals, with different nurses,

Alternatively visit our website:


For more information on any of the procedures we

BIGGER SMALLER HIGHER With over 1000 breast surgeries performed every year, The Belvedere Clinic in London has been providing life changing cosmetic surgery to thousands of men and women for over 25 years Life changing because a combination of top surgeons and experienced staff dedicated in providing the highest levels of care means that our patients leave us with new levels of confidence. Confidence in themsleves, in their body and in their clinic. We provide a full range of services from breast augmentation and tummy tucks to scar revision, skin peels and laser treatments, consultations are free and we offer a 0% finance option.

Call us now on 0800 917 29 59 or visit us at

FACIAL By Jan COSMETIC Stanek SURGERY NOW. Jan Stanek FRCS offers his expert advice on one of the most popular cosmetic procedures - Facial Surgery

Attempts to make faces more attractive and to redress the ravages of time have been on record for thousands of years. The real progress in cosmetic surgery has been made over the last 100 years and, most significantly, over the last twenty years. Beauty and aging are two separate entities. Beauty is about proportions and finer details, whereas aging is a progression of events which indicate a person’s age. A young person can be unattractive and an old person can be very attractive. youth does not worry about aging, but an older person can worry about being both, unattractive and old. Clearly, aging is a much more complex problem to solve.


osmetic facial surgery can range from very complex to relatively simple. It may require moving or reshaping facial bones to improve overall facial balance or alteration of individual facial structures, such as the nose. Facial cosmetic surgery for aging is particularly important at the present time because of increased longevity and the perception of ageism in otherwise active and physically fit population. Although facelifting is perceived as the universal answer to setting the clock back, it is not always the correct answer. Much more important is attention to upper and lower eyelids which are often more important than sagging facial skin and contour. Their reshaping can make all the difference between a permanently tired look and fresh and youthful appearance, without looking odd and obviously operated on. Over the last few years there has been a shift towards conserving fat around the eyelids, as opposed to removing it, in some cases resulting in the “hollow eye” look. This has come with the realization that, although the fat volume within the eye socket increases with age, the soft tissues, such as the muscles and skin become weaker and less able to contain it. This weakness presents itself like a hernia, resulting in puffy eyes, or eyebags. New techniques tend to conserve


“Beauty and aging are two separate entities. Beauty is about proportions and finer details, whereas aging is a progression of events which indicate a person’s age.” most of the fat and rely on repair of these soft tissues. Sagging muscle surrounding the eyelids and skin are also tightened with a more pleasing and natural effect. However, these techniques are more complex than the time-honoured “eyebag” surgery. Facelifting has also made great strides towards more natural and significant results. One reason is the acknowledgement that stretching the skin is not conductive of a good result and the other is that the forehead and neck play an integral part in the process of facial rejuvenation. The best results in facelifting depend on adequate and long-lasting tightening of subcutaneous soft tissue and muscle (the SMAS). Many of the “lunch-time” facelifts are inadequate in this respect and have a limited longevity. Sagging forehead and brows must be corrected before or together with facelifting to produce an overall natural result. The greatest advance in forehead lifting is endoscopic surgery which allows the surgeon to lift or reposition the forehead and brows through small incisions behind the hairline. This procedure is safe, accurate and produces long term results.

“Finally, without freshlooking and youthful skin it is impossible to create a youthful look with surgery alone. Sun damage, smoking and unfavourable genes result in oldlooking skin.” Neck-lifting should be an integral part of facelifting but is currently frowned upon by most facial cosmetic surgeons, largely because it is technically difficult and can result in serious post-operative problems. However, with experience and attention to detail, these problems are largely avoidable. A youthful-looking neck is an essential part of a successful facelift. Aging often results in permanent loss of facial fat that is important in maintaining youthful facial contour and look. This loss of fat mostly occurs in the cheeks and its restoration is as important as tightening of sagging of facial skin and tissues, especially in thin patients. Lost facial fat can be replaced with patients’ own fat, taken from elsewhere, and transplanted by a technique called fat-grafting. Donor fat is retrieved by liposuction, processed and re-injected using blunt needles. The fat cells are deposited in minute amounts and layered to produce a natural, irregularity-free fat layer. Some of the fat will be absorbed but approximately 40% of the transplanted fat will survive. This technique can be used with facelifting or as a separate procedure.

has allowed surgeons to alter nasal structures much more accurately, safely and with predictable results. The operation of rhinoplasty is no longer a hit-and-miss affair, dependant on the surgeon’s perception of what should be done and without patient’s involvement.

Modern chemical peeling is safe and effective, without producing a parchment-like skin and permanent loss of pigment. It can also be repeated without long-term consequences.

Finally, without fresh-looking and youthful skin it is impossible to create a youthful look with surgery alone. Sun damage, smoking and unfavourable genes result in old-looking skin. It has been known for a long time that “burning off” the epidermis (the superficial layer of skin), and beyond, will result in new and better-looking skin. Initially, this was done with peeling agents, dermabrasion in 50s and 60s, and laser resurfacing in 1990s. Now, dermabrasion ...the introduction of the open-approach rhinoplasty has been superseded by time-honoured has allowed surgeons to alter nasal structures much chemical peeling and lasers. Modern chemical more accurately, safely and with predictable results. peeling is safe and effective, without producing a parchment-like skin and permanent loss of pigment. It can also be repeated without long-term hinoplasty is one of the commonest facial cosmetic consequences. Laser is used mostly in severe wrinkling or for operations performed today. The reason is acne scarring, where results of medium chemical peeling are that the nose can significantly effect the overall not nearly as good. New type of laser, the fractional laser, relies appearance and balance and the surgery, if carried on skin resurfacing of part of the skin surface. This reduces out correctly, is relatively straightforward and safe. There the downtime and risks of full laser resurfacing to an absolute are two main advances in rhinoplasty. One is computer minimum. Facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way from imaging, which allows the surgeon to communicate to the its humble beginnings. It is safe, effective and, if done well, patient what can be done by changing certain parameters barely detectable. Further advances in this field will ensure even of the nose and also gauge the patient’s expectations. greater safety and results in days to come. Secondly, the introduction of the open-approach rhinoplasty

R 23

Do your research

By Douglas McGeorge BAAPS FRCS (Plast)

Recent years has seen an explosion in demand for and acceptance of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. We live in a young world where people are living longer and remaining active to a much older age. Feeling fitter, more and more individuals want to keep looking fresh to make sure they enjoy life, happy with the way they look.


hese are procedures of choice, carried out to change or improve appearance. With treatments of choice it is even more important that patients fully understand the limitations of what can be achieved. We are bombarded with glossy images promoting improvements, to sell surgical services, but they may not always be in your interests. More so than ever, it is important that proper counselling takes place so that treatments are based on the needs of the individual, making sure that their aspirations can be matched by surgical interventions, fully informed of the limitations and possible complications that they carry. So where does the public turn to receive proper counselling, away from the bright adverts and hard sell? This is not a commodity that can be returned with a full refund or swapped for a different model. As a starting point your own GP may have experience of good surgeons working locally. Friends and family may have insight themselves into treatment facilities, to help guide you through the process. Clinicians carrying out surgery must be on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council. This registration can

“Most experienced aesthetic surgeons from the UK are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, (BAAPS)�


Clinicians carrying out surgery must be on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council. This registration can be checked. be checked. Most experienced aesthetic surgeons from the UK are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, (BAAPS), based at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Their details can be found on the BAAPS website. It is important to find a properly trained clinician, practicing in the right environment. Procedures should be for your benefit, to improve the quality of your life. You should be fully informed before embarking on treatments. They can be life changing and must be properly considered, without hard selling techniques. Never be rushed into decisions, do not be seduced into special offers and do not proceed with treatment if at all uneasy with the clinician or treatment facility. Cosmetic treatments, carried out well, can add enormously to the quality of life; carried out badly they can prove disastrous. Be sure. Be safe.

Procedures should be for your benefit, to improve the quality of your life. You should be fully informed before embarking on treatments.



f you can’t afford a face lift or Botox, don’t despair, all the leading cosmetic doctors and dermatologists have their own ranges of skin rejuvenating creams. Packed with the latest wrinkle-busting and réViVe FermitiF Neck reNewaL cream, the RéVive range has been created by noted US plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, and uses a bioengineered molecule that is highly effective at reversing the signs of ageing. This star product is a rose-drenched cream that helps tighten the neck and décolleté. The two areas that are most vulnerable to ageing. £100 (

Dr. BraNDt LiNeLeSS cream, this wonder cream comes from the internationally renowned doctor with a long celebrity client list. It fuses science with botanicals to protect skin, prevent collagen depletion and preserve moisture levels and elasticity in the skin. £73 (www.SpaceNk.

line-smoothing technology, they make great, and cheaper, alternatives to knives and needles. Here’s the crème de la crème of lotions and potions straight from the doctor’s office: Dr. SeBagh Serum repair, Dr. Sebagh is one of Europe’s most prestigious aesthetic doctors, and has formulated a range that uses active ingredients to transform skin. A must-have is this highly concentrated serum that encourages the absorption of collagen whilst nourishing and plumping up skin. Massage a few drops over skin before your night cream and wake up with a radiant, smoother complexion.£67 (

ZeLeNS iNteNSiVe tripLe-actioN eye cream, world acclaimed plastic surgeon and expert on skin cancer, Dr. Marko Lens, formulated the Zelens range with a unique blend of antioxidants. These help skin fight the anti-ageing battle 24/7. This eye cream is a best seller and effectively reduces puffiness, tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and discolouration around the eyes. £95 (

N.V. perricoNe m.D. amiNe compLex Face LiFt with Ntp compLex, Dr. N.V. Perricone, the famous US dermatologist and creator of the skin rejuvenating Anti-Inflammatory Diet, has a great cosmeceuticals skin care range. This serum has a big celebrity following and promises to promote collagen production and protect the skin from environmental damage – the biggest cause of ageing. It will reduce lines, increase firmness and boost radiance. £76 (

Dr. Nick Lowe NoN SurgicaL LiNe eraSer, the internationally respected British dermatologist produced his specialist skin care line after 10 years of clinical research. Use this lotion to wipe away fine lines and wrinkles whilst keeping skin super hydrated – essential for reducing future ageing. It gives an instant lift whilst toning, smoothing and softening skin long term. £19.95 (BootS).

BReast & Body contouRIng suRgeRy guIde As cosmetic surgery becomes more common-place, plastic surgeons have seen an increasing demand for surgical procedures such as breast enlargement and liposuction. Indeed, these are now the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures in the UK and mark a trend in the rising popularity of so-called ‘bodycontouring surgery’. Other popular procedures in this field also include tummy tucks, mini-tummy tucks, breast reductions, breast uplifts, arm lifts and thigh lifts.

Mr Paul Banwell FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Plast) Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon


attractive post-pregnancy, while a similar

In appropriate patients, surgery can

number were unhappy with their weight

result in improved proportions, better

and shocked by the changes in their

fitting clothes and a more appealing

body afterwards.

silhouette, as well as potentially

It is perhaps not surprising that some

boosting confidence and enhancing

women are choosing to have cosmetic

quality of life.

surgery to help restore their bodies to their

Mr Banwell explains, “patient satisfaction

pre-pregnancy state'. Common concerns

is often extremely high for breast and body

include small, empty breasts and loose

contouring procedures but it is vital patients

abdominal skin with sagginess.

have realistic expectations of outcomes”. He also points out that the Consultation

Unhappy with yoUr breasts?

is a fundamental part of this process and


he endorses the BAAPS message of “Be

Mr Banwell says the degree of change

Safe, Be Sure” – no surgery is risk free.

women experience in their breasts depends on whether they have breastfed



and the duration of their breastfeeding.

A study by Mother & Baby magazine

'The more a woman has breastfed, the

found that the joys of childbirth may be

more dramatic the changes that occur in

reduced by the toll it takes on

her breasts usually are,' he explains.

mothers' figures. The study found that 86

According to Mr Banwell, most women opt

percent of women said that they felt less

for a breast augmentation procedure when

they want to improve the appearance

damage to the abdominal muscles

of their breasts. However, if there is no

and reposition the umbilicus,' says

change to the volume of the breast, a

Mr Banwell.

breast lift might suffice. Other women and lift procedure to obtain the shape

ConCerned aboUt yoUr body shape?

they desire.


might require both a breast reduction

In addition to performing

Unhappy with yoUr tUmmy?

liposculpture in combination with


including love-handles and inner- and

You may have put in countless hours

outer-thighs can be treated with

of intense exercise….you have

liposculpture alone. 'These could be

resisted the temptations of excessive

areas that troubled the patient prior

calories and remained dedicated to

to pregnancy but they may have

your strict dietary regime…. and you

become more prominent post-

yearn for that flat tummy once more.

pregnancy,' says Mr Banwell. 'Most

an abdominoplasty, problem areas

Despite this, your protruding tummy and the accompanying excess skin and loose muscles still linger as a constant source of frustration and upset……if this scenario is all too familiar you may

importantly, the


well be a suitable

area the patient wants treated needs to look in proportion with the rest of her figure.' Mr Banwell stresses that women who undergo an abdominoplasty or liposculpture procedure need to

candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

commit to a healthy lifestyle, involving

The abdomen is the area most

a sensible diet and exercise regime,

affected by pregnancy,' says Mr

in order to maximise and maintain

Banwell. Abdominoplasty, otherwise

the results.

known as a tummy tuck, is used

He adds that it his policy not to

to restore a woman's tummy to its

operate on a mother until her last child

original shape and position. It is often

is at least 18 months old. 'I usually

combined with liposculpture as this

advise patients to complete all their

can offer a better result.

pregnancies before commencing

The procedure is designed to

surgery. Otherwise results might not

tighten laxity of the abdominal wall,

be maintained,' says Mr Banwell.

which is the result of stretching,

Post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery can

by removing excess fat and skin.

have a very positive effect. 'As long

Paul E Banwell FRCS(Plast)

'Abdominoplasty, when combined

as the expectations of outcomes are

with liposculpture, can remove

realistic, I find the overall satisfaction

excess skin and fat from the

rate in this group of patients is very

abdomen, repair any underlying

high,' Mr Banwell concludes.

T: 0845 2600 261 F: 0845 2600 271 E: W:

paul banwell FRCS(Plast)

Contact 27

Weight Loss Surgery

For some people weight gain is a life long problem. Being overweight by a few pounds is vastly different to being several stone overweight. Despite diet and exercise, sometimes that extra weight just won’t shift, and for some, the decision to turn to surgery is the only answer. If you feel this could be an option for you, here are the major alternatives for surgically losing weight...


IC BAND GASTR of Band surgery is the most common form GASTRIC BAND Gastric

of ntsof large amou to losing on form it come most comm y when issthe surgerBand surgery Gastric dure proce this band, lap of ts the as n amoun Also itknow weight.when comes to losing large surgery top part d the aroun ure proced this ng being lap band, bandi as theplaced involv known Also . es weight s that mean and size of its s part top shrink the This placed around of thes stoma g being bandinch. involve than er quick much the food that with means up fills shrinks its size and chThis stomah. the stomac the gh thel. allyr throu gradu than norma passed quicke Food much foodvery normal. with up is h fills stomac before ed. band the h digest is gradually throug bandisbefore passedit very Food it is digested. sary, for The band can be adjusted when it is neces ary, forbe it is necess be adjusteedillwhen The band can can This ant. or pregn instance, if you becom be can This nt. ill or pregna become instance, if you so port’ s done using an X-Ray to locate the ‘acces so that port’ s the ‘acces X-Ray to locate done using an and band the that saline can be removed to loosen topped and band saline can be removed to loosen the topped up to tighten it again.

up to tighten it again.


MUCH WILL I LOSE? surgery HOW 2 to 3 pounds a week in the first year after

but s a week in the first year afterdsurgery 2 to 3itpound 1 pound but is more likely you will lose aroun less it is more likely you will lose around 1 pound ayweek. a week. From 12 to 18 months after surger

18 months after surgery less weight From 12t to a week will be lost. weigh

a week

will be lost.


This surgical procedure is more complicated

andsurg lessical comproc This monedu with rent re diffe versplica is mor ions ted e com on offeless r. A com Roux-en and Gasdiffe tric Byp mon-Ywith (RG rentass B)on vers ions invo lves a sma offe r. A Rou chtric x-enll-Ypou bein g crea Gas Byp byB) assted (RG stap lingapart invo lves the ch stom smaof ll pou ach bein g toge creather This ted .by restling rictpart s theofamo stap of food theunt stom that ther can. be ach toge This eate n. Nex rest a Y-sh ricts the t,amo sectthat untape ion of of dfood thebe sma can ll n. eate inte e is ape Nex attadche t,stin a Y-sh d to sect ionthe allo of pou thech sma g ll win intestine to byp isfood assthe attache thepou duo d to den um ing (thefood ch allow firstto part of ass the sma byp inte stin the ll e) (the duo and the den um rst part firstfipart of the of the jejullnum sma intes(the tine) nex of the andt part the first part of the jejunum sma ll inte stinof (the e).the small intes next part tine). A more complicated vers

ion of the

ure plica A pro is the morced e com Bili opaion ncrof ted eati vers c Div ersi the onre proc edu is Gas the tric ass BilioByp (BP pancreatic D). tion DiveSec s oftric rsion the Gas stom are). com Byp assach (BPD pletsely Section of rem d ach leaving the ove stom are a sma ll pou ch whi com plet ch ely rem is then oved leav nec ing acon sma ll ted pouto chthe final part of con whic the nec h is smated then ll inte stinfinal e. Not to the only part of will a redu the ctio sma n inNot ll intes calo tine. rieswill take only placction e but in a redu also a redu calo ries take ctio the placneinbut abso also a rpti reduon ction in the of orpt nutrien ts.nutrients. abs ion of HO


A less invasive option where a soft, silicone sack is a soft, silicone sack is inserted into the stomach and then inflated before inserted into the stomach and being filled with sterile saline.then ted before Theinfla stom ach feels being filled with sterile saline. The stomach feels full and a lack of hunger follow s so that a healthy full and a lack of hunger follows that dieting programme can be carriso ed out.a healthy dieting programme can be carr out. There is no need for a generalied There is anaesthetic as the no need for a general anaesthe tic as the balloon is balloon is inserted into the stom ach through the inserted into the stomach thro ugh the oesophagus oesophagus (gullet). This make s (gullet). This makes the procedu the procedure a re a less risky and less risky and quicker alternative .

A less invasive option where


patients can expect to see Up to 75% ofofpati ents can around a 75% reduction expect to see in excess body around a 75% reduction in weight with the first 2 excess body year weight withinin the first 2 years sfollowing following surgery. surgery.

quicker alternative.


? HO W MU CH WILL I LOSE? The ballo on

is in place for six months and in this mon time an overall weight loss of ths dand in this aroun 30 to 40 time an overall weight loss of pounds can be expected. around 30 to 40

The balloon is in place for six

pounds can be expected.



These Theseare aredrastic drasticsurgical surgical options options to to treat obesity and should not

Many people worry about the the excess excess skin that that can can be be left left over over worry about

be beconsidered considered‘miracle ‘miraclecures’. cures’.With Witheach eachcomes comesaaresponsibility responsibility

after drastic drasticweight weightloss loss and and wonder wonder whether whethercosmetic cosmetic surgery surgery after

to long-term tochange changelifestyle lifestyle and and eating eating habits habits so sothat that aa healthier healthier long-term

is needed needed to Thisshouldn’t shouldn’tbe beconsidered consideredfor forat atleast least is to remove remove it. it. This

solution for weight loss can be found. Having said that, these

to 2 years after surgery as skin can adapt and mould itself 11 to 2 years after surgery as skin can adapt and mould itself

solution for weight loss can be found. Having said that, these

options have successfully helped many people to slim down and

around the new body shape. So the best option is to be patient

options have successfully helped many people to slim down and

around the new body shape. So the best option is to be patient

start a whole new and healthier way of life.

and wait and see how your new body looks after this time.

start a whole new and healthier way of life.

and wait and see how your new body looks after this time. 29



dO YOUR bREASTS Sag? Feel Empty and Deflated? Feel too Large and Droopy?

Breasts frequently sag or feel empty after pregnancy and childbirth. Some women even end up losing 70-80% of their breast volume following pregnancy. Alternatively, very large breasts can also sag simply with age and weight of breast tissue. Repeated weight gain and weight loss, smoking and heavy breast implants over the years can cause breasts to sag significantly. Some of these can cause psychological stress, others find it very difficult to wear fashionable clothes or indulge in active sport. Large breasts can cause backache, neck pain and rashes under the breast. These can be improved.

Breasts can be rejuvenated by using:

• A breast lift operation (mastopexy); • A breast lift operation, a mastopexy with an implant; • A large breast can be reduced in proportion to the body size to form newer, smaller and aesthetic breasts.


Breast Lift Operation (Mastopexy): carried out via an incision around the which gives a scar around the nipple



and a vertical scar running down to the bottom of the breast. If there is significant sagging an anchor shaped scar may be used.

The Implant Mastopexy: Here, an implant is introduced under or above the pectoral muscle and the breast is lifted via a scar around the nipple or as stated above.

Can achieve the same result with a reduced breast size

• What will the scars be like? • Will it be possible to breast feed? • How will nipple sensation change? • What will the longevity of the operation, or the results be? • What are the risks of the operation? • What will be the effects of weight loss, weight gain and pregnancy? • How will the scars change over time? • Will further surgery be required in the future? The answers to these questions are quite individual and will need to be discussed with your surgeon on an individual basis. Your plastic surgeon needs to understand your expectations ie. scar, size etc

• Make sure you are at a stable weight for at least 6 months to a year. • Stop smoking at least 12 weeks before the operation. • Look at the pre and post-operative results of breast reductions performed by surgeon so you know what scars to expect.

• Make sure your BMI or Body Mass Index is not too high.


Questions you should ask prior to having any of these procedures:

• Remember, you are going down a oneway street and cannot be restored to your original state.

Breast Reduction:


01342 330343 email:

Precautions before your operation:

The breast lift operation can be nipple or a keyhole shaped incision



Mr Khandwala can be contacted on 01342 330343, email:


Care and exCellenCe before and after surgery

• CosmetiC surgery • FaCe & NeCk surgery • Breast surgery • PlastiC surgery Private Practices • The McIndoe Surgical Centre • Spire Gatwick Park • BMI Fawkham Manor • Spire Tunbridge Wells • BMI Chelsfield Park NHs HosPitals • The Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead • Darent Valley Hospital

Mr asit Khandwala MS, MCh(Plast), FRCS, FRCS(Plast) Consultant Plastic Surgeon

The McIndoe Surgical Centre: Holtye Road - East Grinstead West Sussex - RH19 3EB

01342 330 343

heal REMEDIES 1.

Post-op recovery used to mean keeping a bag of frozen peas handy! Now, thanks to a wide choice of healing creams and gels, bruising, redness and scarring can be soothed and the healing process boosted. Here’s our pick of the best:


Heal Gel, £27.40 (

it took five leading British plastic and cosmetic surgeons, a skin biochemist and three years to perfect this skin healing formula – and boy will you be glad they did. Loved by celebrities, it contains ten active ingredients that have been grouped to deal with different areas. Soothing, repairing and anti-scarring. Apply to troubled areas two or three times a day but never to open wounds or bad burns.


elizabeth Arden eight Hour Cream, £22 (Boots).

This multi-purpose balm was first created to soothe racehorse’s hooves. Since then the herbal blend has become just what the doctor ordered when it comes to soothing red, itchy, sore and cracked skin on the face and body. Try the intensive Moisturising Body Treatment formula on itchy, post-liposuction legs, hips and tummies. (As recommended in independent cosmetic beauty consultant, Wendy Lewis’, book, Plastic Makes Perfect – Orion Books).


2. 3.

Bio oil, from £6.66 (

A great budget-priced treatment that helps with a multitude of skin problems on the face and body. it improves the appearance of scars, helps diminish stretch marks, smoothes an uneven skin tone and can work on lines and wrinkles. The star ingredient is PurCellin Oil blended together with vitamins A and e plus Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile Oils. not only can it reduce the look of old and new scars it’s also perfect for preventing stretch marks due to its skin-elasticising abilities.


Crème de la Mer Moisturising Cream, from £88.08 (


Nelsons Arnica Cream, £5.82 (Boots)


Agera Recovery Cream, £58 (

After severely burning his skin, aerospace physicist, Dr. Max huber, began experimenting with ingredients to make a cream that would help heal his scars. After 12 years and 6,000 experiments, he finally perfected what is now known as that ‘super’ cream – Crème de la Mer. A mixture of sea kelp, vitamins and minerals that miraculously smoothes and heals skin. ideal for post-trauma skin to encourage skin’s own healing process. (Body Cream available, £156.59).




Reduce bruising and swelling with this affordable and natural cream. Containing an active ingredient from the alpine plant, Arnica Montana, it can be gently massaged over the area for relief. Applying a cold compress for a few minutes first can also help, but be careful not to apply for longer as this can damage skin.

This Cortisone and hydrocortisone-free cream uses anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and calm skin post procedure. even if you’ve taken a no-knife option, skin can still smart after treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and iPL (intense Pulsed Light) photo-rejuvenation. Smooth over cleansed skin morning and night to soothe inflammation whilst encouraging collagen production. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and Asian. 32

Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor/surgeon and gain his permission before using any of these products.

Thinking of cosmetic surgery? Be sure. Be safe. When you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you need to be sure that your surgeon is properly qualified. If they’re not, then you could be putting your health at risk. Our members are fully trained plastic surgeons, and have undergone a rigorous six year training programme with regular assessments. For the best advice, please visit our website and search our members register.

Peel away the yeaRs

Chemical peels have long been the beauty secret of celebrities, giving them the smooth, un-blemished and radiant skin we’d all kill for. Now DIy peels are widely available with their milder formulas making them safe to use at home. They contain acids that gently remove the top layers of skin - along with imperfections - leaving you with a healthy-looking, brighter complexion. Here we’ve chosen our skinpeeling favourites:

£48 (

L’Oreal ReNoviste Anti-Ageing Glycolic Peel Kit, £16.63 (Boots)

Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel One-A-Week System,

This takes over from Bliss’ best-selling Sleeping Peel Serum. it’s a dermatologistdeveloped, spa strength anti-ageing serum that gently exfoliates skin while you sleep. Apply before bed from the hairline down to the collarbone, on the backs of hands if they’re looking crepey and to your chest if it looks sun damaged or droopy. Wake up with fresher skin because this peels away dark spots, uneven texture, fine lines and shrinks large pores.

Created especially for the over 40s, this three step kit uses glycolic acid to boost collagen production – that’s the stuff that keeps skin looking plump and youthful. it also helps deep wrinkles to appear smoothed out and illuminates dull skin. Smooth over the Peel Concentrate then follow with the neutraliser to soothe skin and finish off with the Anti-ageing Moisturiser which rebalances and keeps the complexion hydrated for 24 hours.

use once a week to give the same results as a professional 30% glycolic peel. You get a two-month supply for the price and a Calming Cream to ease any tingly sensations. Apply one vial at night with cotton wool after washing your face then slather over the cream if necessary. Straight away skin tone and texture looks refreshed and after continued use past sun damage is reduced.

Bliss Peeling Groovy Facial Serum,

Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask, £45 (

This really is a take away facial! Apply to cleansed skin and leave on for 8 to 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. You’ll feel a tingling sensation as elemis’ award-winning Tri-enzyme technology together with botanical extracts gets to work. These ingredients help stimulate the skin’s function, speeding cell renewal while whisking away dead cells. Your skin will be left with a smoother texture and less obvious fine lines.


Avon Anew Clinical Advanced Retexurising Peel,

Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Gentle Glycolic Peel Kit,

£17 (

£16.65 (Boots)

The Avon Clinical range aims to give you salon-style results at home and this easy-to-use peel couldn’t be simpler. The pot contains 30 pads that when swept over skin every other day before applying moisturiser will refine the look of skin. Quicker than waiting for a mask to do the trick, these are ideal for women with zero time.

76% of testers agreed that their skin appeared more radiant after two weeks of using this three step programme. if large pores and lines are worrying you, then this kit is worth a go. With age skin cell renewal begins to slow down and that youthful glow starts to fade. used regularly this peel will bring it back.

£35 (Clinique counters nationwide)

ng 09 ni 0 pe r 2 O me m


Revealing your

NATURAL BEAUTY All the latest aesthetic medical procedures for a more radiant you

CALL 01732


17-19 Lyons Crescent, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1EX

* reduction of lines & wrinkles * acne prone skin * hyper pigmentation * sun damage * age spots * thread veins * rosacea * permanent hair reduction & cosmeceutical skincare products

the wells clInIcs

the wells clinics are established skin specialist clinics, working in conjunction with general practitioners. their main expertise is with Botox® Injections. dermal fillers (wrinkle fillers) laser hair removal and facial peels. The Clinics also offer other medical services such as Well Man Screening, general medical examinations, Insurance medicals, travel vaccinations and removal of skin tags and moles. The Skin Specialist has been trained by Prof Carruthers and other renowned cosmetics practitioners. Aesthetic are no longer a luxury afforded by the rich and famous. Wells medical practices offer value for money treatments that subtly disguise the signs of ageing for both men and women.

With our teams 17 years’ experience, the Skin Specialist is a recognised authoritative figure in the wide variety of aesthetic procedures that are available today. Cosmetic medical treatments offer a personal service with friendly and attentive staff. Through after-care is standard procedure for all patients. Call The Wells Clinic for an appointment to discuss procedures that would best meet your expectations and medical history. The Clinic has a wide range of specialist literature available which will provide you with more detailed information. 36

71 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1PE, t: 01892 530265

9 New Street, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8TN t: 01233 661662 e:

The Wells Clinic offers an excellent array of treatments to suit many skin issue. • BoTox® Frown lines, crows feet, forehead lines, sagging neck. Painless, tiny Botox® injections will transform your appearance and enhance your confidence . • FAT ReDuCTIoN INJeCTIoNS. Lipodissolve injections simply melt superfluous fat away suitable for both men and women. • BRoWN MARKS AND ACNe SCARS. Specialist gentle T.C.A peels/ Phenol Laser treatment. • FACIAL LINeS & WRINKLeS A wide choice of dermal fillers and implants, offer effective instant and long acting results, lasting from six months to two years. • THReAD VeINS Unsightly veins on the legs and face can be treated in series of 3-4 treatments using Sclerotherapy, a gentle procedure. • RADIoSuRGeRy Moles, Cysts Radiowave technology uses high frequency energy to make cosmetic enhancing incisions. Healing is rapid and virtually bloodless, with little to no bruising. • SKIN BLeMISHeS Verruca, warts and skin tags, all removed using Cyro-surgery/laser. Tattoo removal also available. • FACIAL IMPLANTS Radiesse®, Sculptra®, a choice of implants to smooth out lines and wrinkles, plus add shape and contour to the face. • LIP PouTING Restylane® Lipp Enhance your lips, to give your face a totally sensual appearance. • CeLLuLITe TReATMeNT Velasmooth, the very latest treatments for reducing cellulite. • NoN- SuRGICAL SKIN TReATMeNT Titan® uses an infrared light source to tighten the skin and reserve the signs of aging. Ideal for tightening the skin across the body • MeSoTHeRAPy • MeDICAL MICRo DeRMABRASIoN • eNVIRoN TReATMeNTS

Kents longest established Cosmetic Clinic • Muscle relaxing injections

• Wrinkle Fillers • Juvederm • Restylane • Radiesse • Facial Chemical Peels • Painless removal of Thread viens, Moles, Skin tags, warts and verrucas • Facelift without surgery - Non-surgical skin tightening TITAN • Fat reduction injections • Removal of brown age spots • Treatment of Acne scarring • Portait - Total skin regeneration • Excess sweating treatments • Migraine treatments • Pigmentation Treatments

Over 17 years of experience 01892 530265 | e: | e: 71 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1PE, 01892 530265 9 New Street, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8TN, 01233 661662

BY With key focus areas of aesthetic medicine, Psychiatry and Neurosciences, Merz Pharma UK (incorporating Merz Aesthetics) entered the UK pharmaceutical market a little over 3 years ago. Founded in 1908, Merz is a family-owned German business with an established heritage in Aesthetic Medicine launching their first aesthetic product back in 1953. February ’09 saw the launch of Merz Aesthetics UK new Hyaluronic Acid Dermal filler with an extension to the Belotero Range with ‘Belotero INTENSE®’. Supported by powerful European clinical data reporting Beloteros’ safety when compared to other leading dermal filler brands, this addition to an already established range demonstrates Merz continued commitment to clinical excellence. UK practitioners involved in pre-launch

Belotero differs from other dermal fillers in its manufacturing process. Cross linkages vary in density across the matrix of HA molecules, so that some molecules have many linkages and others have few. This patented manufacturing process known as CPM Technology (Cohesive Poly-densified Matrix), produces a highly cohesive but super-soft gel which results in a very natural transition between treated and un-treated areas.

“Supported by powerful european clinical data reporting Beloteros’ safety when compared to other leading dermal filler brands, this addition to an already established range demonstrates Merz continued commitment to clinical excellence.” case studies commented on the low incidence of trauma such as bruising and swelling when using Belotero INTENSE suggesting that this could be an ideal ‘lunch-time treatment’.

The difference for the consumer is a real benefit, unlike some other dermal filler brands where the product may be palpable for some months, Belotero continues to provide the lift

Before and after photograph of lips enhanced with Belotero (courtesy of Re-enhance Clinic, Hale). 38

desired without being obvious to the touch. The consumer is unaware of the product in their skin, but can see the great natural lifting and revitalizing results. The Belotero Portfolio now offers products to meet every need for the correction of facial lines providing a

Before and after photograph of nasolabial lines treated with Belotero Intense (courtesy of Dr Phil Burling) simple solution to practitioners with a streamlined portfolio. Belotero SOFT® is suited to the correction of superficial lines in areas of fine skin such as the crows’ feet and décolletage. Belotero BASIC® is for the correction of shallow lines such as upper lip ‘smokers lines’ and is ideal for defining the lip when used in the vermillion border. Belotero INTENSE® is suited to deeper lines such as the nasolabial fold and provides superbly soft and natural lip volumizing. Merz Aesthetics UK will be launching another innovative new filler early next year. For information on all our products and Belotero practitioners please call 0208 236 3550

LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER WITH THESE MAKE-UP TIPS! It’s easy to get stuck in a make-up rut, wearing the same colours in the same way year after year. But as we age, so does our skin and we need to change our make-up

routine to fit. Wear the right colours and textures and you could knock off 10 years!

RADIANT COMPLEXION tip: Because skin becomes drier with age its best

SEXY EYES tip: If you’ve shied away from eye make-up then


to switch to a moisturising foundation. Matte

don’t! As we get older we actually need more

versions will only settle in lines and creases,

definition than when we were younger. Use

emphasising wrinkles. Go for ones that

a liquid concealer under eyes to disguise

contain ‘light reflecting’ pigments too.

ageing dark circles and to wake up eyes,

This will bring a dewy radiance to your

avoid thick creamy versions which can

skin. Use to cover cheeks, forehead,

highlight lines. Apply a powder base to

nose and chin, there’s no need to pile

lids in a natural shade that blends into

foundation on all over your face which

your skin tone, avoid anything with pink

can be very ageing. Just cover those

in it as this makes eyes look tired. Don’t

areas that need it. Finish with one light

use cream textures as these form creases.

sweep of radiance face powder using a

Apply brown eyeliner as close to upper and

large brush. This will set your base and make your face look luminous.

lower lash lines as possible and wear a dark brown or black mascara.

YOUTHFUL CHEEKS tip: Skin tone can look a little sallow as we age so the tawny

PLUMP LIPS tip: Lips shrink in size with age so you need to make them

powder blusher you wore years ago won’t look as good now.

look voluptuous again. Avoid wearing dark, matte lip colours as

Swap it for a creamy blusher in a rose pink or peach shade.

these make your pout appear thin and strict! The texture also

These colours are perfect for brightening up skin and the creamy

emphasises mouth lines. Line lips with a soft pencil in a shade

texture adds a youthful glow. Smile, then dot and blend up and

that matches your natural lip colour and not your lipstick. This

over the apples of your cheeks.

will stop your lip colour from creeping up vertical lines and add definition to lips. Fill in with glossy,

EYEBROW LIFT tip: It’s easy to forget about brows, but grooming and shaping

moisturising colour in shades such as

them can really turn back the clock and give your whole face a

are great, don’t be afraid to try

lift. Visit a professional therapist for an eyebrow wax or threading

them. Find those with very

(a traditional Indian method) to get the perfect shape for your

subtle shimmer too to

face. To maintain them simply remove any straggly re-growth

add a plumped up,

hairs from underneath brows – never remove any from beyond

youthful look but

the inner corners of your eyes. Brush them neatly upwards and

steer clear

outwards and define with a soft eyebrow pencil in a shade as

of ‘frosty’ or very

close as possible to your natural colour.

pearly finishes.

peach and rose pink. Lipglosses 39

eLIxIR AeSTHeTICS sPecIalIsts In cosmetIc medIcIne elixir aesthetics is an innovative new clinic specialising in advanced anti-aging and facial rejuvenation techniques.


stablished by Dr Johanna Ward, an Independent Aesthetic Specialist, Elixir Aesthetics provides advanced treatments such at botulinum injections, facial fillers, lip enhancement and chemical peels. Dr Johanna Ward trained at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ medical school and is an Oxford University English Literature graduate. She is currently a GP Specialist Registrar in South London and has a special interest in cosmetic medicine.


specialists in cosmetic medicine

w w w. e l i x i r u k . c o m 0208 660 6128

fusion of the art of science and the art of beauty. With an excellent eye for facial detail and precision in the art of facial rejuvenation, Dr Ward has earnt a flawless reputation and a loyal client following. By working tirelessly and closely with clients the aim is to achieve the best possible individual result.

Dr Ward supports regulation of the medical cosmetic industry and regards membership of professional bodies such as the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) as essential to ensure excellent standards of care. By keeping up to date with new products and I had Botox treatment with dr ward recently and I am technologies in the delighted with the results. I have had botox with a number medical aesthetics of different consultants and have had mixed experiences. industry, Elixir Aesthetics aims to I think dr ward got it just right. she listened carefully to become a premier what I wanted and delivered the goods. the results are provider of nonnatural and exactly what I requested. excellent value for surgical cosmetic money – I will be booking my next appointment soon! treatments.

The Elixir private treatment room is based in Surrey, but personalised treatment is also available in various high profile clinics and beauty salons in London, Kent Jw, medical secretary, London and Surrey. Elixir currently sees clients at the exclusive Mira Mira Beauty Salon in West Malling, Kent and at the award winning Exquisite Beauty Salon in Bearstead, Kent. All treatment takes place in the relaxed yet professional environment of carefully selected beauty salons (London, Kent and Surrey) or in Dr Ward’s private treatment room in Surrey. Discreet appointments can also be arranged in the comfort of your own home or hotel suite. The philosophy central to Elixir Aesthetics is to offer a personalised treatment plan, tailored to the individual to ensure the best possible results. Dr Ward’s medical knowledge and her understanding of facial anatomy and skin physiology combines well with her eye for beauty and facial symmetry. She considers the medical cosmetic industry to be an exciting 40

For further information regarding participating salons or to book an appointment please see or call 0208 660 6128.

Do you want to look and feel younger than your years? Elixir Aesthetics specialises in facial rejuvenation and anti-aging techniques using the most advanced products in the medical cosmetic market. Treatments include wrinkle relaxing injections, facial fillers, lip enhancement and chemical peels. These help to reverse the effects of aging, softening facial wrinkles and restoring the natural contours of the face. Contact Elixir Aesthetics to book your appointment in participating salons in Kent or Surrey... Look your best and leave your friends wondering what your secret is!


Dr Johanna Ward

BA Hons, MBBS, DRCOG, BACD (associate)

T: 020 8660 6128 M: 07793 816 125 E: W:


o you know your Botox from your Cosmoderm? If not, then read on to find out which wrinkle smoother is best for you. Beauty clinics all over the country offer these popular injectable treatments as quick and less invasive options to cosmetic surgery. In some cases you can nip out in your lunch hour, have

a few shots to enhance your facial features, and be back at your desk relatively pain-free. Injectables and skin fillers can be used to increase volume in skin tissue, reduce wrinkles and re-contour the face. To help you make an informed choice here is a list of the most popular injectable treatments available and what they do.

• BeLoTeRo


As time passes, our skin succumbs to a perfectly natural process. Now, a youthful appearance can be restored just as naturally with Belotero, the world’s first monophasic hyaluronic acid filler with CPM® (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) technology. This unique production process gives Belotero exceptional viscosity and elasticity, so it intergrates homogenously into the skin for a smooth, natural, revitalised appearance, and offers a Long-lasting lifting effect for a perfect cosmetic result. Best For: Lines, wrinkles and lips. Lasts: Belotero is long lasting and effective for 5 – 8 months, two treatments per year are sufficient for an elegant and natural result.

Collagen has been in use since 1976 and is one of the most popular wrinkle fillers. A natural protein found in the body, collagen helps to support skin and give it a plumped up look. Natural collagen depletes with age and can eventually leave the face with a saggy appearance. Injectable collagen is often sourced from cows and some people find they are allergic to it. Doctors should offer a skin test to check for this prior to treatment. Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast are from human collagen and can help avoid allergic reactions. Cosmoderm is perfect for fine lines whilst Cosmoplast is ideal for deep wrinkles. Best For: Wrinkles, Defining lips, Fine mouth lines and smokers lines. Lasts: 3 to 4 months, maybe more, it depends how much is used.

• BoTox CoSMeTIC

The Juvederm range uses smooth, 3-D matrix technology with lidocaine. This produces a smooth consistency gel that gives a natural look and feel after treatment. It is also long lasting and the lidocaine element helps ease the discomfort of injections, making it perfect for those who are nervous of needles. Best For: Long lasting results for facial contouring and lip enhancement. Lasts: Up to 12 months.

This is the brand name for botulinum toxin type-A, a purified protein that has been in use in the medical industry for years and is the world’s best known injectable. Injected in highly diluted doses it causes muscles to relax and when used on the face will help stop the muscular contractions that create lines and wrinkles over time. The effects will last around 3 to 6 months so top up treatments are necessary. Best For: Crow’s feet, forehead lines, neck lifts, mouth corners, upper lip lines, brow lifts, lifting a nose tip, chest creases, scar reduction, excessive sweating and tapering jawlines. Lasts: It’s 3 to 6 months before effects gradually wear off followed by a return to normal muscle activity. 42

• JuVeDeRM

• MICRoLIPoINJeCTIoN This is regarded as one of the safest injectable treatments as it uses the patients own fat. Fat is extracted using a low power form of liposuction from either the buttocks, stomach or thighs. It is then injected into areas of the face that need volume. Although a large amount of the fat is re-absorbed by the body as much as a third of that injected can remain for years. Best For: Volumising cheeks and chin, larger facial hollows. Lasts: It can vary from 6 months to several years depending on the extent of treatment. If large amounts of fat are injected deep into muscle tissue it can be permanent.


Best For: Fine lines and wrinkles, deeper creases, facial contouring and lip enhancement (Restylane Lipp). Lasts : around 9 months to a year, depending on the area treated and which product is used.

Radiesse™ dermal filler, the innovative and recently awarded injectable, restores a youthful look in less than an hour and gives immediate results, requiring little or no recovery time. Radiesse™ dermal filler feels soft and looks natural because it stimulates the production of the body’s own collagen. The results last up to 18 months, longer than most leading dermal fillers, but are not permanent. Radiesse™ dermal filler is highly effective, safe and has received high satisfaction scores from current users. Best For: Radiesse™ dermal filler can be used for multiple treatment areas, including hands, for filling lines and volumizing. Lasts: The results are longer lasting, up to 18 months or longer, but are not permanent.

• SCuLPTRA This is the brand name for poly-L-lactic acid, a material that has been used for years in dissolvable stitches. It’s used to add volume to hollow areas such as creases, folds, pitted scars, sunken areas around eye sockets and concaved cheeks. It is not an instant gratification treatment and generally takes around 3 treatments to achieve the best results. Best For: Ageing hands, chest wrinkles, hollow areas and creases on the face. Lasts: 18 to 36 months after 3 treatments.

• ReSTyLANe Restylane is made from biodegradable hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found naturally in the body. It boosts the skin’s hydration system and replenishes the skin to restore youthful volume by supporting the skin’s structure to delay the signs of ageing. More than a dermal filler; it stimulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. It lifts and smoothes away lines and restores skin tone and youthful volume without loss of facial expression. Restylane SubQ is ideal for restoring loss of facial volume while Restylane Vital Light is perfect for adding ‘luminescence’ as it boosts the skin’s light reflecting qualities. Restylane Perlane has a thicker gel consistency and is perfect for reducing the look of deeper wrinkles and lines whilst plumping up facial contours.

Pre-Injection tips from Wendy Lewis, the world’s leading independent beauty consultant. Although a few injectables include pain relief and are injected straight in with the substance, there are many without. Doctors can apply numbing agents beforehand, especially when it comes to lip enhancement which is the most painful. otherwise ice can provide welcome relief!

• TeoSyAL This volumising gel is produced in Switzerland and comes in several formulas, each carrying a different thickness. The thickness dictates where on the face it will be used and what it can plump and fill. It is made from several hyaluronic acid based products that are of non-animal, biocompatible origin to offer immediate and long lasting results. Best For: Mild to moderate wrinkles, nasolabial lines (nose to mouth), frown lines, crow’s feet, lip enhancement, lip lines and facial contouring. Lasts: 6 to 9 months depending on how much is used.

Ask your Doctor for a Caine-based product such as Betacaine, eMLA 5%, LMx4 or Anestop and apply before injections. Leave it long enough to numb the skin. Some Doctors will apply a numbing agent used for dental procedures prior to lip enhancement.

Avoid Aspirin products, Nurofen, and Ibuprofen, blood thinners and Vitamin e for one to two weeks before treatment. this will help prevent increased bleeding and bruising.

Avoid having a treatment on an empty stomach as this may cause dizziness or fainting.

use ice packs before and after treatments to help reduce pain and swelling.

Take a good concealer with you to cover up any bruises or needle marks after treatment. 43



Pamper yourself in style D O and be in with a chance to ! O K G UC win these luxury prizes! it’s t’s easy, free and there are delightful prizes to be won.


You can enter all of our competitions online, just visit

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Whether you have a moment in your lunch hour to maintain your manicure, an hour to de-stress, or maybe an afternoon to completely unwind and relax, Champneys in Tunbridge Wells now provide the perfect environment where you can immerse yourself in relaxing surrounds and indulge in a little spa therapy at a convenient location near you. The complete range of Champneys products and gifts are available, plus a wide range of health, beauty and wellbeing products from high-end companies such as elemis and Bare escentuals. Champneys Gift Vouchers are also available, perfect to use in-store or at any of the luxurious Champneys resorts.

Treat yourself to massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and more!

Champneys are offering a reader and guest the chance to receive a 55 minute Champneys massage and 55 minute Champneys facial each worth £200!


How many Town Spas does Champneys have? A)4 B)7 C)12

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ONS • COMPETITIONS • COMPETITIONS • INDuLGe youRSeLF IN PuRe LuxuRy AND Be TReATeD LIKe A PRINCeSS! Royal day Spa is an exclusive boutique style spa located in the historic spa town of Tunbridge Wells. While away the day swimming in the salt water pool, using the gym, taking a yoga class, having a sauna or simply catching up on your reading or having a snooze in the ‘bedroom’ - an exquisite post treatment relaxation area with one huge bed, sumptuous cushions and throws. The spa won ‘day Spa of the year’ at this year’s Professional Beauty awards, and has some fabulous treatments like the ‘I don’t do Flats’ pedicure, the ‘Smelly Royal Body’ massage and the ‘you May Kiss My Hand’ manicure.

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Royal Day Spa, 12 vale Road, Post Office Square, Tunbridge wells, Kent, Tn1 1BP T. 01892 616 191or visit Answers to or apply online at



No6 Clinic is the ultimate destination for any beauty enthusiast. With over 10 years experience as an aesthetic nurse practitioner, Samantha founder of the No6 Clinic has created a beauty haven, bridging the gap between beauty and cosmetic procedures, offering clientele the highest quality of service and care. This unique clinic in Tunbridge Wells prides itself in being at the forefront of advanced beauty, offering a range of the most sophisticated and clinically proven anti-ageing products and treatments available on the market today. For your chance to win a bespoke rejuvenation package worth £500.00 at no6 Clinic simply answer the following question:


Which County is Tunbridge Wells located in? A)Kent B)Essex C)Hertfordshire

Answers to or apply online at 6 Chilston Road,Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9LT 01892 506 930 45

have confidence in your own skin and trust in us No6 Clinic is the ultimate destination for any beauty enthusiast. With over 10 years experience as an aesthetic nurse practitioner, Samantha founder of the No6 Clinic has created a beauty haven, bridging the gap between beauty and cosmetic procedures, offering clientele the highest quality of service and care. This unique clinic in Tunbridge Wells prides itself in being at the forefront of advanced beauty, offering a range of the most sophisticated and clinically proven anti-ageing products and treatments available on the market today. The clinic is keen to dismiss common myths surrounding non-surgical procedures, creating an environment that offers both a chic and contemporary style, with a wealth of luxury treatments and services. ‘My aims is to provide a high standard of care in confidential and relaxed atmosphere’ explains Samantha. As a highly qualified nurse since 1994, Samantha Clarke has gained vast knowledge and experience, offering a service that will surpasses your expectations. In keeping with their innovative approach to beauty, they offer a comprehensive selection in advanced therapies, with the latest injectables from Restylane, sophisticated dermal filler that will erase signs of aging. The exclusive, Sculptra, also know as the ‘Liquid Facelift’. In addition, the clinic also offers two other premium dermal fillers, Juvederm and Belotero. You will be in very safe hands, as the highly skilled and experienced doctor, Dominic Bray (MBBS FRCS), will carry out the Botox treatment; available on a weekly basis. If however you are seeking a treatment that will help aid a flawless complexion, you may wish to try Omnilux Therapy, a 46

their guests will have an unforgettable and luxurious experience. With first class advice and service, they pride themselves on creating a relaxing and calming environment, ensuring all clients benefit from a one to one consultation, creating bespoke services for every budget. If you wish to visit the clinic, for a treatment or for an initial consultation, make sure you book as it’s by appointment only.

“In keeping with their innovative approach to beauty, they offer a comprehensive selection in advanced therapies, with the latest injectables from Restylane, a sophisticated dermal filler that will erase signs of aging.”

facial peel or microdermabrasion, offering full facial rejuvenation. The Clinic offers an array of luxury products, Priori, Agera, Skinceuticals, Id bare mineral makeup and MD formulations, allowing you to continue your maintain your skin care at home. No6 also work with some of the UK’s best beauty professionals, offering a wide selection of conventional, luxurious face and body treatments and superior facial therapies, which will provide your skin with prevention, protection and corrective results. Ensuring they offer treatments which will appeal to everyone, the No6 Clinic provide an extensive variety of holistic treatments, which will leave you in a state of well being that you truly deserve. Given the above, No6 are unique within the industry and this ensures that each of

Samantha has managed to create the perfect place to gather your thoughts, be pampered and get real results. You will be in the company of friendly, helpful and highly qualified therapists. Whether your aim is to revitalise your mind or regenerate your face and body.

6 Chilston Road,Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9LT. 01892 506 930

6 Chilston Road,Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9LT 01892 506 930

Come and meet the highly experienced and friendly team of doctors, nurses and therapists at No. 6

Offering treatments all clinically proven to maintain healthy, youthful skin in a beautiful and discreet Tunbridge Wells clinic

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RuBy hammeR Beauty advice, secrets and expert tips from Ruby Hammer, make-up artist and co-creator of Ruby & Millie Q: What has been your career Q: What’s in your make-up highlight so far?


The highlight of my career would have to have receiving my MBe in 2007 – that was wonderful. Although there has been so many winderful things in my career it is hard to choose just one thing. each time you work with a prestigious magazine or great photgrapher or great model its always fantastic and i feel very lucky. That and having Ruby & Millie of course – having a brand out there that bears your name it really special!! That might not last forever though but i know i’ll always have my MBe as long as i live!

Quite a motley crue of make-up really! eyelash curlers, tweezer, blushers, eye palettes – i can’t say i use it all! But if i like something and i use it occasionally i’ll always have some in my make-up bag. On top of my big make-up bag that stores just about everything i’ll have a smaller bag with gloss, eyebrow brush, MAC blot powder, tissues, and couple of q-tips to keep me on the go.

Q: What is your favourite ever beauty tip?

for me its not even one you give but rather one you’re on the receiving end of! nothing ever beats a fantastic facial or massage – these expert facialists do a bit of magic on your face and you can’t beat that!!

Q: What three beauty

Q: What is your favourite

celebrity look and who do you think has the best make-up?

i’d have to say someone like Cate Blanchett – her skin always looks immaculate – she never looks out of place and doesn’t look like she’s trying to look too young but there’s a classiness to her look that i love. i think her make-up always looks fantastic.

Q: great make up can

products could you not live without?

Q: What three things would

make us look younger with out having to go under the knife, what would be your best make up tips to looking youthful?

i would definitely definiltey have told myself to drink more water and i would have learnt to excersie a bit more – i don’t really enjoy doing it now but it would have been a good habit to learn when i was 21.

i would have to say use a diffusing concealor – like a YSL touché éclat under the eyes and making sure your eyebrows are properly plucked and carefully applied mascara. if you have the right tools, right colours, and right application you can’t really go wrong and that’s the secret to

All all over body moisturiser. My current favourite is Jergens! Mascara. Lip balm.

you advise your 21 year old self if you had the chance?


What is your favourite celebrity look and who do you think has the best make-up? i’d have to say someone like Cate Blanchett – her skin always looks immaculate – she never looks out of place and doesn’t look like she’s trying to look too young but there’s a classiness to her look that i love. i think her make-up always looks fantastic. 48

Q: What three beauty products could you not live without? All all over body moisturiser. My current favourite is Jergens! Mascara. Lip balm. looking youthful. You did to take the time and effort to apply your make-up properly and enhance what you have – make sure you blend properly and that’s the trick.

Q: top tips to apply the perfect make up? Make sure you have the right foundation and its appropriate in the right season. You might have the right product but if you don’t make the effort to apply properly its never going to look perfect. The work of a professional make-up artist is that we don’t rush – we take the time and blend and apply properly – and if you take the same time and put a certain amount of care into what you’re doing that’s when you get it right. vYou might have brought the wonderful palette of make-up but its not going to apply perfectly itself… it’s the same if you want to apply individual lashes – you don’t apply these while you’re in the back of the car – you need to give yourself adequate time – if you rush it, it’ll show.

Skin revitaliSation with new reStYlane vital liGht Dr Nina Sheffield is medical director at Med Spa in Tunbridge Wells. Dr Sheffield explains why she is enthusiastic about the new addition to the Restylane range: Restylane Vital Light. “Anti ageing is not just about managing lines and wrinkles but good skin quality and skin appearance is of particular importance for my patients. Whilst many skin cream products make attractive promises, I think we are deluding ourselves if we believe that any long term benefit can be achieved by creams alone. We need a little more help!” Derived from pure, smooth hyaluronic acid, Restylane Vital Light is a new skin boosting treatment from the well respected and tried and tested Restylane family. It is a skin nutrition treatment which helps the production of healthy looking skin and improves skin

elasticity. This in turn improves smoothness and tone and skin looks healthy and hydrated. Dr Sheffield says “It is the perfect skin boosting treatment for those big occasions when your need your skin to look its best, or simply to improve the condition of your skin. It is ideal for those tricky skin areas such as the neck, décolletage and sensitive skin areas around the eyes and mouth, as well the backs of hands.” For more information about Restylane Vital Light, visit Or call Med Spa on 01892 535577.



The next step in skin revitalisation skinhealth

Available at

Med-Spa Ltd Post Office Square, 8-10 Vale Road Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 1BP Tel: 01892535577

RESTYLANE is a trademark owned by Q-Med AB

The first signs of ageing are often seen on the neck, hands, and décolletage. Restylane Vital™ and now Restylane Vital™ Light are innovative, injectable treatments for skin revitalisation in these areas. Safe, pure and gentle; Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light restore skin elasticity and tone to give you a fresh and natural look.


A state of the art salon offering a wide range of health, laser and beauty services for both men and women.

Located in Rainham, Kent we look after many local customers and even customers that make a trip from far away because we offer more than most with excellent service and the latest products and • Laser TeeTh WhiTening - Laserwhite is a revolutionary breakthrough in teeth whitening technology. Within the one simple and convenient appointment you can now have your teeth whitened to their optimum natural shade.

• Laser hair removaL - Ellipse hair removal offers clinically-proven, safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair. • Laser skin rejuvenaTion - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin treatments using the photorejuvenation process represents a breakthrough in age-defying skin treatment. • Laser TaTToo removaL Laser energy is directed at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second, boTox passing harmlessly through the The cosmetic form outer layer of the skin and of botulinum toxin, often targeting the tattoo ink directly. referred to by its product name The laser disrupts the ink, Botox®, is a popular non-surgical allowing your body to absorb it and break it down naturally. injection that temporarily reduces or eliminates frown lines, forehead creases, crows feet.

laser TeeTh WhiTening Laserwhite is a revolutionary breakthrough in teeth whitening technology. Within the one simple and convenient appointment you can now have your teeth whitened to their optimum natural shade.


BeAuToNICS, MD Steven J. Goddard

equipment always available as well as expert staff to help you get what you need. OuR SElECTIOn Of hEAlTh & bEAuTy SERvICES & TREATMEnTS InCluDE: • Thread vein removaL - We use the latest in IPL/ laser technology to provide effective facial vein removal (spider veins), and restore the confidence of people who suffer from facial veins. Facial thread veins are best treated by laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Dermal Fillers Using natural products already found in the skin, a series of small injections are used to smooth away feathery fine lines, lift deeper lines and support and smooth folds.

• inch Loss - Formostar provides concentrated heat into targeted areas, while still providing an overall body workout, over each 50 minute session

• QuiT smoking WiTh Laser accupuTure - No pain, no drugs, no needles, no withdrawals - just the science of light! • Laser skin rejuvenaTion - Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin treatments using the photo-rejuvenation process represents a breakthrough in age-defying skin treatment. Take a look at our services and book an appointment with a consultant who will discuss your requirements. • microdermabrasion and oxygen FaciaLs - Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treats a vast array of skin concerns, on both the face and body, using a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing. The consultation is free and without obligation. To book an appointment or to speak to one of our experts contact us on 01634 420031. Beautonics is open seven days a week from 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays. beauTonics 47b high street rainham kent me8 7hs

&ffIfty faBulous M

adonna, Sharon Stone and Andie MacDowell have something in common – they’re all over fifty and look fantastic. yes, they have plenty of disposal income to help them look that way. But they also prove that women needn’t succumb to the purple rinse once they’ve blown out their 50 birthday candles. The great news is we are living longer than ever – 5 hours more every day – and at 50 we are only half way through our lives. When it comes to maintaining our looks we have more choice than our mothers and grandmothers did – there’s an ocean of anti-ageing lotions out there! But what happens to our skin at this age and how should we take care of it? Here we find skincare solutions that’ll leave you looking fabulous.



CHANGE: Any fine lines on the cheeks may become deeper. SOLUTION: L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum Inside Foundation, £13.69 (Boots). Go for a great foundation with powerful anti-ageing ingredients that help combat wrinkling and skin sagging at the same time.



CHANGE: nose to mouth lines and creases at the corners of the mouth will appear deeper. SOLUTION: By Terry Touch-Expert, £26 (www.spacenk. A light reflective concealer pen with botanical extracts will help diffuse deep shadowy creases while rejuvenating skin.


CHANGE: Age spots (pigmentation) will start to look darker. SOLUTION: Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Anti-ageing Foaming Moisturiser with SPF15, £26.42 (Boots). use a daily moisturiser that not only provides broadband uvA/uvB protection but also improves skin tone by reducing discolourations and dullness.



CHANGE: Skin starts to lose radiance as skin sheds cells more slowly. SOLUTION: Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask, £45 (01278 727 830). Gently help speed the shedding process to leave skin looking smooth and luminous with a mask packed with natural extracts. use twice a week for best results.



CHANGE: The face starts to head south as collagen breaks down and its production decreases. This means it becomes thinner and has less support. SOLUTION: L’Oreal Paris Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium Night, £15.65 (Boots). use a luxurious night cream that helps boost the support structure of fragile, mature skin. Massage over the face and neck before bed.



CHANGE: Skin becomes drier as oil production slows down. SOLUTION: Lulu’s Time Bomb Glory Days Day Cream, £25 ( Keep your moisture levels topped up throughout the day with a deeply hydrating face cream. This one also helps reduce lines and gives skin a more youthful glow.



CHANGE: Oestrogen levels start to fall after the menopause, weakening collagen and creating slack skin. SOLUTION: Nivea Visage Expert Lift Day Cream, £17.61 (Boots). if your skin has started to show post-menopausal signs switch to a day cream that aims to lift, firm and plump mature complexions. 53

new uk tReatment announcement Aesthetic practitioner in Sevenoaks is the first in the UK to use the PURIGENEX™ Collagen Mask System.

this unique product is proving to be one of the most popular non-invasive and comfortable treatments which can be undertaken at the clinic, or, following a consultation by patients in their own home. “There are many of our patients who

even after just one mask treatment”,

want something special to reduce

says Cheralyn who discovered this

their lines and wrinkles, but who don’t

system when she met Dr. Susanne

want injections.” says Cheralyn Lumley,

Bennett, DC, founder and CEO of

Medical Director of Lumley Aesthetics in

Purigenex in Washington earlier this

Sevenoaks. “Whilst we have a number

year. “When I looked at Susanne’s

of really good treatments to help them,

photographic records of her and her

the Purigenex Collagen System has

patients, I was stunned. I ordered some

“This very simple 8-week treatment program consists of using a refrigerated ICM face mask for half an hour each week, plus two daily applications of ICS serum which only takes a moment or two.”

After 8 weeks of ICS/ICM

proved to be a stunning success. I have

systems to trial in the UK and have been

not had dramatic results like this without

thrilled with the results”.

world’s most highly purified atelocollagen

using injectables, or at least undertaking

Purigenex have developed a proprietary

(non-immunogenic and bio-compatible).

a combination of IPL skin rejuvenation

state-of-the-art process that produces

Collagen of this quality has never

techniques with microderm, transderm

the highest quality and purity level

before been offered in topical cosmetic

or peels”.

of collagen available anywhere. This

preparations. ICS and ICM are FDA-

This very simple 8-week treatment

process is what makes their products –

registered, preservative-free formulas

program consists of using a refrigerated

and their team’s medical collagen media

that are highly tolerated by even the most

ICM face mask for half an hour each

– unique.

sensitive individuals.

week, plus two daily applications of ICS

Purigenex flagship products are

serum which only takes a moment or two.

collagen-based intensive skin therapies:

More information about this treatment

ICS Intensive Collagen Serum and ICM

can be found at or

“The results are quite remarkable. Your

Ionized Collagen Mask. These formulas

contact Dr Cheralyn Lumley at her clinic

skin feels tighter and appears refreshed

are medically engineered with the

in Sevenoaks.

For more information please contact Dr Cheralyn Lumley or Julian Lumley

Mask Treatment Before ICS/ICM 54

Lumley Aesthetics LLP, 5 Pound Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3TB Telephone 0800 316 2627

Many of us have heard of wrinkle smoothing, peels, fillers, tooth whitening and laser treatments, but few people know where to go for the right advice. That’s why we provide our clients with a free private consultation and all of the information that they need to make an informed decision. Talk to Dr Cheralyn Lumley LDS RCS Eng. LFHom(Dent) at her new aesthetics clinic in Sevenoaks, where you can rely on a professional approach and everything you need to know about non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Call us now for your free private consultation, because beautiful skin is closer than you think.

0800 316 2627

Lumley Aesthetics 5 Pound Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent. Mobile: 07712 670653

natuRally goRgeous

Most of us are aware of the importance of avoiding chemicals in our diet, but do we really think about this when it comes to our beauty regime. With organic skincare steadly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry, its no longer seen as an alternative or expensive to buy natural products. Here we take a look at what is on offer and we’ve discovered many delightful products for you to add to your shopping bag.


buRt’s bEEs

Instant Boost Skin Tonic – 50ml £4.25

Naturally Ageless Line Diminishing Day

Instantly refreshing, this revitalising

Lotion £26.99

toner is gentle enough for all skin

Age beautifully with the new Burt’s

types, helping to soothe and revive

Bees Naturally Ageless Collection,

lack-lustre skin. The heavenly-scented

a breakthrough in natural skin

aroma immediately revives the

care designed to reduce lines and

senses, enlivening skin with an instant

wrinkles and improve firmness.

boost of soothing freshness. easy-

each luxurious formula combines

to-use and packed with botanical

the anti-oxidant power of

ingredients to refresh and calm the

pomegranate with age-reversing

complexion, this is the simple, fuss-free

Para Cress. Naturally Ageless Line

second step to great skin, at any age.

Diminishing Day Lotion (99.96%

Whatever the need of your skin, this

natural), a luxurious every day

immediately comes to the rescue,

moisturiser with Pomegranate and

comforting skin with organic aloe

Para Cress to help relax wrinkles

vera to moisturise and soften, whilst

and smooth their appearance

soothing chamomile and cucumber

whilst Mexican Wild yam extract

extract smooth and cool.

helps increase skin’s firmness.

oRigins Modern Friction Facial Scrub 125ml £27.40 Here’s age-smoothing exfoliation without irritation. Skin-refining Rice Starch, cushioned in cream, rapidly removes sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolourations. Lemon oil kick starts the process of illumination. Vitamin C mops up skin-menacing free radicals. All while Aloe keeps skin calm and comfy. There’s no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. The beforeand-afters are amazing. Signs of lines and size of pores appear to shrink. Skin looks perfectly polished, smooth and luminous. And the perk-me-up aromas of Bergamot and Peppermint help you look on the bright side.



oRgAnic suRgE’s

Aveda Damage Remedy intensive Restructuring Treatment- 25ml £18.60

orange Blossom Hand & Nail Cream

If you have dry, damaged or

blossom hand and nail cream

coloured hair then give it some

provides loads of moisture and

serious deep moisture and

comfort while the organic essential

repair with this Aveda Damage

oil fragrance blend transports you to

Remedy intensive Restructuring

a balmy, summer orange orchard.


use it this way: Massage into hands

This intensive weekly treatment

and nails as needed, breathing in

deeply penetrates to help

the organic essential oil fragrance

repair, seal and smooth even

blend. organic Surge products are

the most damaged hair. using

cleverly developed with no nasties or

the power of pure plant oils and

obscure chemicals for your precious

quinoa protein, it restores the

skin to absorb. A happy blend of 99%

health, silkiness and shine to your

naturally derived ingredients and

damaged hair.

certified organic extracts.

– 100ml £4.88 For happy-ever-after hands, orange

Jo WooD oRgAnics Tula exfoliating Salt Scrub 400g - £23.49 Part of the every day range for ‘every day’ luxury, this product is a gentle exfoliating body scrub formulated with Dead Sea salt to remove dead skin cells. Moisturising jojoba, apricot and rosehips oils invigorate, soften and smooth and help improve skin tone and glow. Leaving you silky smooth and smelling sublime! All of Jo Woods packing is recyclable, so look good and feel great.

tHE oRgAnic PHARmAcy Carrot Butter Cleanser – 70ml £29.95 your skin is your canvas; a healthy glowing skin begins with a thorough but gentle cleanse. Carrot Butter Cleanser dissolves grime, dirt, pollution, make up (including eye makeup) in one easy step. Antioxidant Carrot is blended with skin softening Shea & Cocoa Butter to leave the skin incredibly soft and smooth. Chamomile, Rosemary and Lavender soothe and decongest the skin leaving it radiant. For all skin types including oily.

nuxE Crème Nirvanesque – 50ml £24.00 Specifically designed to target those first tell-tale signs of ageing, erasing those laughter lines. your skin is instantly relaxed, smoothed, radiant and very soft, leaving those fine lines and first wrinkles significantly reduced. This plant-based product with extracts of blue lotus and poppy seeds work together to create a feeling of deliously soft and suple skin that lasts for hours after application. 57

bALAncE mE DR HAuscHkA

Super Wash with Juniper & Bergamot -

Rose Day Cream, 30ml £19.57

250ml£ 10.00

Adored by celebrities and

This product foams well, smells delicious

beauty editors alike, this

and leaves you feeling incredibly clean.

very special moisturiser uses

The mixture of sumptuous ingredients

rose petals picked by hand

makes this body wash fabulous! The

according to the moon’s

Geranium balances, Juniper cleanses

cycles. Ideal for dry and

and the Bergamot and Lavender extracts

sensitive skin types, there’s

stimulates, toning and uplifting you, all

also a lighter version for those

this from your daily wash. your Skin is left

with oily or combination skin.

cleansed and refreshed, the mind and body balanced and enthused.

nEAL’s yARD Rose Formula Anti-

oLE HEnRiksEn

oxidant Facial Mask

visual truth eye

– 50g £19.55

crème – 15g

A beauty-


boosting mask for promoting deep

After your usual

skin regeneration.

cleansing routine

Made with rose

apply Visual Truth-

flower and wild rose

Wrinkle Resistance

seed extracts. The combinations of

eye Creme gently under the eyes, this wonderful crème resists and

these ingredients are renowned for their ability to promote

lifts wrinkles with the African red tea & Vitamin c

skin regeneration, helping reduce the appearance of

extracts, acting as a second skin.

uneven pigmentation and fine lines. Anti-oxidant sugar maple extract is a natural source of malic acid, which

The African red tea acts as a powerful

helps to gently clear dead cells to reveal fresh, radiant skin

antioxidant which strengthens the skins immune

beneath. Vitamin-rich macadamia oil protects against

mantle, slows the aging process, calming and

moisture loss and gotu kola extract stimulates collagen

soothing to the skin.

production to firm and tone the skin.

iLA sPA BoDy BALM FoR FeeDING SKIN AND SeNSeS £38.17 This balm works for people of all ages, nourishing dry skin. Its absolute organic purity balances body and mind. you will notice your skin’s softer, brighter texture, and an improvement in conditions such as eczema. Rub the balm gently and sparingly into your skin, enjoying the sensuous feeling. This Body Balm is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which feed your skin and uplift your mind.


look good, feel good Feeling out of balance? Get your mind and body back in sync with a beauty treatment that goes deeper than most. From a knifeless face lift to a sound wave massage, here’s our favourite holistic face and body rejuvenators: NATuRAL FACeLIFT CoSMeTIC ACuPuNCTuRe FACIAL There’s no need to face the surgeon’s knife if you want to whiz back the clock a few years but you will have to stomach a few fine needles. Acupuncturist and facialist to the stars, Linda Carter, who has treated Angelina Jolie and Julianne Moore, uses acupuncture on the face to give clients a natural alternative to surgery, botox and peels. The treatment starts with a deep tissue massage to free any tension and is followed by body acupuncture to increase energy flow. needles are then inserted into specific areas of the face to wake up muscles and encourage blood flow. Lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin feels firmer. A course of 6 is recommended. where? incredible You, 40 Moreton Street, London SW1v 2PB. Call 020 7821 1020. coSt: £250 for a two and a half hour initial treatment, £125 for hour long follow ups.

AyuRVeDIC RADIANCe GeM SToNe RASAyANA FACIAL This facial will make your skin glow whilst leaving you in a state of deep relaxation. first, using ayurvedic principles, organic-based creams, sprays and oils are created to suit your dosha, that’s your ayurvedic mind and body type. You could be vata, Pitta or Kapha, determined after completing a questionnaire. This helps the therapist to tailor the treatment to your skin type. facial massage helps to tone the underlying muscles and promote skin cell renewal while a head massage and reflexology make troubles melt away. The facial not only leaves skin radiant but restores balance between mind and body. where? email for more information and to book at treatment. coSt: £80 for 75 minutes.

oRGANIC BoDy SMooTHeR HoLISTIC ReLAxING MASSAGe Pop in and bliss out while a therapist massages a 100% organic Rose and Jasmine Body Oil over your skin. The beautifully scented blend is fab for sun damaged and dry skin, leaving it silky soft. it’s used in this holistic massage which is personalised to suit your needs and the oil chosen to match. The tranquil treatment begins and ends with a few moments of specialised deep breathing to help you relax and to cleanse the body by stimulating circulation. The therapist will then concentrate on your stress hot spots – usually back, legs and scalp. Songbird, Katy Perry, is a fan of this luscious oil and has popped in to try the massage too. where? The Organic Pharmacy, 396 King’s Road, London, SW10 OLn. Call 020 7351 2232 for other London locations. coSt: £70 for 60 minutes. Jasmine Body Oil, £28.33 (

NATuRe’S BoDy SHRINKeR BoDy SCuLPTING CeLLuLITe AND CoLoN THeRAPy forget having embarrassing colonic irrigation and painful lipo to shift unsightly lumps and bumps, try this natural and relaxing alternative. A fennel and birch peel off body mask is smoothed over skin and massaged in using specialist movements to help deeply cleanse the body’s inner workings. The technique also helps smooth and firm skin while stimulating circulation and reducing fluid retention. Abdominal massage follows to detoxify the body and flatten a pot belly. where? The elemis Day Spa, 2-3 Lancashire Court, London, W1S 11eX. Call 0870 410 4210. coSt: £90 for 1 hour. c

M MuSICAL De-STReSSeR TACTILe SouND THeRAPy TACTIL You definitely don’t want the sound of a chatty therapist while you try to relax and be pampered. With this heavenly treatment you’ll only experience gentle harmonic vibrations to soothe away stress and not a peep from anyone else. using ancient oriental methods, the head and neck are massaged into a state of pure tranquillity – you may even nod off. The vibrations are designed to take mind and body to a deeper level of relaxation and leave you at peace with the world. where? Spa illuminata, 63 South Audley Street, London W1K 2QS. Call 020 7499 7777. coSt: £40 for 30 minutes.

ReBALANCING ARoMAS HIMALAyAN ReJuVeNATIoN TReATMeNT using plant-based healing traditions from around the world, this treatment aims to bring harmony back to the body and skin by holistically balancing the five elements. The body and skin are made up of these five elements – infinity (space), fire, air, water and earth. Stress and environmental factors can cause the elements to shift out of balance and subsequently effect our skin, body and emotions. This treatment will send you to a blissful place as the Pure-fume aromatherapy aromas soothe the mind and decongest sinuses. next a thorough body exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and increase circulation. A steam canopy is infused with your choice of aroma to detoxify the body and nourish skin and the best bit, a shirodhara ritual. This is a continuous stream of warm oil that is poured over the ‘middle eye’ – a point of the forehead that induces a state of total balance, calm and relaxation. where? Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, 174 high holborn, Covent Garden, London WC1v 2AA. Call 020 7759 7355. coSt: £140 for two hours. 59

advanced medIcal consultancy seRvIce

Appearances was established by Gillian Hunltey in 1986 to provide a unique and professional service at the forefront of Semi Permanent Make up. Because of her diverse experience in the industry, Gillian works with highly recommended cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons, nurses, technicians and a world spa consultant. She is able to advise clients regarding face lifts, breast reconstruction, fillers, peels and advanced anti- cellulite and anti-aging treatments.

A PeRSoNAL MeSSAGe FRoM GILLIAN……… ‘I have worked within the beauty industry for over 20 years, having had my own “5 treatment room” salon for 13 of those years, but chose to take an opportunity and become independent as a freelance specialist technician. I set up my own professional specialist services to control and maintain the highest standards and customer quality in this “new” cosmetic industry. I also offer a visiting clinic to top level salons

and can examine, teach, and assess for salons & colleges. I currently cover Kent, Essex, Herts, London and the south East. I have full liability insurance and work with the latest technology, hygiene, and equipment available for my treatments. As a highly motivated specialist I constantly update my knowledge and expertise by continued professional development, innovating training in the USA, UK, Europe and the Far East.’

SPeCIALIST TReATMeNTS AVAILABLe FoR MeN AND WoMeN • SEMI PERMaNENt MaKE UP • MEDIcal tattOOING • aGE SPOtS aND PIGMENtatION REMOval • SKIN taG REMOval • WRINKlE tHERaPY Mca • RED (tHREaD) vEIN REMOval Gentle removal of the fine thread veins and spider naevi commonly found on the face • HOllYWOOD, BRazIlIaN, aND all OtHER WaxING Using special hot wax and oils • FacIal SKIN REjUvENatION Anti ageing treatment using mild peels • MIlIa REMOval White spots commonly found around the eyes and on the forehead All treatments include complimentary after care products.


SEMI – PERMAnEnT MAKE-UP LiFE StyLE changES Now you can make a lasting difference to your appearance simply and safely. These procedures benefit anyone who wishes to add something that’s missing! Each individual procedure is an artwork process and results will vary according to the client’s age, lifestyle, skin healing process and health. • EYEBROWS This created for people who lack hairs. This procedure can add fullness and definition to fine or non-existent eyebrows. Ideal for swimmers, sports persons, and alopecia sufferers, or those who have just over plucked. 1-2 sessions is all that is needed.

• EYELINER A variety of eyeliner styles can be created from a soft smudgy haze to a darker, more defined crisp line. This is the perfect answer for those with allergies, contact lenses, eye problems, or to simply to save time. 2-3 visits are required for the complete process.

• AREOLA Advanced procedures to reconstruct the nipple and areola are a life changing procedure for ladies. Also uneven or different sized can be corrected. Gillian works closely together with cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeons, to assist in post operative care. Scaring can also be helped.

• LIPS Permanent lip shapes can give more fullness and definition to the mouth, as well as correct an uneven lip vermilion border. Pigments chosen will create your choice of a natural glaze or more visible colour. Several sessions may be required.

• OTHER TREATMENT AREAS Thinning receding hairline, beauty spots & freckles, Tattoo removal & scar camouflage

APPEARAnCES By GIllIAn HUnTlEy 20 Berens Way, Chislehurst, Kent, BR7 6RJ TEL 01689 822616 MOB 07711 067 789 EMAIL:


As seen on Sky TV


• Eyebrows • Eyeliner • Lip liner/blush • Alopecia • Tattoo removal • Scar Rejuvenation • Areola & Nipple Reconstruction


• Wrinkle fill therapy • Ear piercing • Eyelash perming • Red veins and skin tag removal • Hollywood & Brazilian waxing Gillian has been in the industry for over 20 years, and has trained in the UK, USA, and, Europe. B.I.A.E., I.T.E.C., B.A.B.T.A.C., S.P.C.P., C&G, MGPT

T: 01689 822616 M: 07711 067 789 E:

you don’t have to be born with a beautiful smile to have one…

2-3 River Parade, London Road, Riverhead, Sevenoaks, TN13 2DA t: 01732 779192 e:

your smile and your appearance is what people remember you by. Never before has a first impression meant so much than in today’s financial climate. At Riverhead Dental Practice we can offer you a number of ways to help improve your smile and regain your confidence.

the peace of mind of knowing your treatment is undertaken by fully qualified dental practitioners.

DenTal imPlanTS Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth and are strong and long

Smile make OveR

teeth, without extracting teeth to create

lasting; they restore your chewing

Enhancing your smile can be as simple

space. This approach results in healthy

ability, giving you confidence to eat the

as replacing unsightly metal fillings

face joints, improved profiles and a

foods you want to eat. They are the

with white ones, to having the full

pleasing, wide smile. Another added

only proven way to prevent bone loss,

smile makeover. You can also create a

bonus to our treatment is that it can

reducing the signs of ageing.

great smile with porcelain veneers and

be done at any age, our patients range

The system we use has a patented

crowns which give a long lasting, good

from the age of 3 to the age of 65.

design to give quicker healing and better

looking appearance.

“Because of my experience with your dental care I am no longer worried about attending the Dentist, I feel safe under her care.”

We offer comprehensive planning and provide you with a written treatment plan and estimate for approval, ensuring the ideal treatment to suit your needs and budget. When choosing a Dentist it is important to choose someone with the right skills and experience, at Riverhead Dental Practice

Mrs P, Sevenoaks

our staff continuously attend courses to ensure

TOOTh WhiTening

anatomical shape to resembling your

we are up-to-date with all the latest

There is no simpler way of making your

natural teeth with astonishing results.

techniques and guidelines, helping give

teeth look better than tooth whitening.

Whether you just want to have a bit more

you peace of mind.

Years of coffee and red wine abuse can

confidence, a natural healthy look, or an

be eliminated, whilst you relax watching

amazing Hollywood bright white smile we

a DVD; before long you will have a

are able to offer a tailor made treatment

brighter smile that can last up to 2 years.

plan especially for you.

the function of the mouth as a whole,

Articles have highlighted the risks

If you have any questions or would like

not only the teeth. The uniqueness

of whitening being performed

more information please call Riverhead

of our treatment, called Orthopaedic

by non dental professionals like

Dental Practice on 01732 779192 to

Orthodontics, is that we diagnose and

hairdressers and beauticians. With

speak to a member of staff, who will be

treat the problems causing the uneven

Riverhead Dental Practice you have

happy to help.

a BeauTiful STRaighT Smile Our holistic philosophy focuses on


CosmetiC & RestoRative DentistRy “TeeTh are The inTernal scaffolding of The face, geT ThaT righT and you can alTer The facial anaTomy” Tracey Bell Missing teeth, ill fitting dentures, crowded teeth and incorrect bite can cause the face and jaw to be incorrectly aligned. Whether looking to rejuvenate your smile, match to your existing smile or totally reinvent your smile, your specialist restorative or cosmetic dentist should ensure that your teeth, gums, lips and

face all complement each other. This could involve implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum re-contouring, white fillings and cosmetic whitening. The results can be amazing and life changing for some people! Your smile says so much about you – what’s yours saying?

A quick guide to perfect smiles Veneers

a Californian laboratory to uniquely fit


Veneers can be used to correct

each client.

Crowns which are sometimes called

crooked teeth or to improve a

caps can be used to make a crooked

discoloured, tired or ripple edged teeth.


smile look straighter, in place of

Beautiful and natural looking, strong

For a short, crooked, broken, chipped

veneers. They are custom made to

and stain resistant, high quality

or decayed tooth the dentist can

repair broken or damaged teeth and

porcelain veneers can be used to fix

apply a colour matched composite

sometimes to cover an implant. The

just one or multiple teeth. There various

resin compound over the top of it. The

existing tooth surface is reduced and

different types of branded veneers from

problem tooth is gently filed to allow

covered with a crown made from

Lumineers which can be bonded to

adhesion and a special light is then

porcelain or another durable material.

the teeth with no drilling to Californian

used to harden and bond the resin to

Veneers which are custom fabricated in

the tooth underneath.


CosmetiC Contouring If your teeth are uneven, pointy, or have ragged edges cosmetic contouring may be for you. The dentist can create the smile you want sometimes by simply shaving away small areas of the teeth.

gum re-Contouring If teeth appear shorter than they should or if one tooth is longer than the rest it may be that gum coverage is a

Dentistry is evolving; it’s more than just drilling and filling. It’s about

problem. Re-contouring is a minimally

listening to and educating individuals about good oral and general health

invasive way to correct the gum line

and offering choices. Beautiful Smiles can be created for everyone

and enhance the smile.

no matter what age you are or how bad you might think your teeth or dentures are good dentists can work wonders to reinvent your smile. Our


experience has shown that sometimes people do not bother talking to

Implants are a safe and permanent way

their dentist about how they feel about their teeth, because they think that

of replacing missing teeth or restoring

nothing can be done, some have had poor treatment already and others

a smile. Titanium anchor posts are

think it could be considered slightly vain to want a nice smile.

implanted in to the jawbone and the covered with a natural looking crown


on top.

Braces and aligners are a way of straightening teeth and perfecting smiles Invisalign® is a clear aligner system that is custom moulded to fit

BleaChing / tooth whitening

you. The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a

Professional in office tooth whitening

Invisalign® has been effective in giving hundreds of thousands of people amazing

is an effective way of whitening the

new smiles. Most people won’t even notice you are in treatment and it won’t

teeth and brightening your smile. The

disrupt your lifestyle.

hygienist will de-scale and polish

Tracey Bell has recently treated model and TV presenter Abby Clancy with

away superficial stains first and then a

Invisalign®. Abby said she never used to smile and show her teeth in photo

lightening agent will be applied to the

shoots before, but now she has far more confidence and loves her perfect smile!

smile you'll be proud of.

teeth and then a special lamp will be used to optimize results. Take home reservoirs and whitening gel are also an option.

white Fillings White composite filling material sticks firmly to the tooth giving it strength. By replacing old silver amalgam fillings with white fillings or inlays you can

Tracey Bell says, “iT’s noT jusT abouT physical beauTy iT’s abouT puTTing ThaT spring back in your sTep and smiling on The inside. emoTive beauTy is a powerful Thing and if There is someThing abouT your smile, no maTTer how big or small, ThaT boThers you, ‘fixing’ iT could make a big difference To how you feel abouT yourself.”

restore the natural healthy appearance of the tooth and when colour matched

Tracey Bell has clinics in Isle of Man, Liverpool and London specialising in

correctly the white filling can appear

cosmetic dentistry and age perfecting aesthetic treatments, she is a speaker for

invisible. Replacing silver fillings with

the BDA, a member of the BACD and regularly writes for Private Dentistry and

white ones can be the first steps to

Aesthetic Dentistry Today. Tracey has her own brand of cosmetic dentistry called

creating a beautiful smile.

SmileScription for more information go to or Call 01624 613323 65

my experience of In-line invisible orthodontic splints As a dentist with a busy practice in Kent, I am always on the look out for new products and services that could bring added value to my patients. Last year I came across an advertisement in Dentistry for In-Line invisible orthodontic splints, produced in Germany by Rasteder orthodontic Laboratory. The advertisement claimed that In-Line splints gently guide the teeth into alignment, while remaining comfortable for the patient and almost undetectable to the outside world. My first reaction was that In-Line would be an ideal product to broaden my

By Gary Dorman, Hartley Dental Practice in Longfield, Kent

results – I will let you judge for myself from my before and after photos. I was very pleased with the results. Since then I have prescribed In-Line splints for a number of patients, with similarly positive results. Now Rasteder Orthodontic has opened a new office in the UK, I am looking forward to an even closer relationship with them.

In-Line invisible orthodontic brace before and after

practice service portfolio, especially as I didn’t offer orthodontic services myself. However, I was curious to see if the splints could really work as well as the advertisement claimed. I had been



looking for a while for a treatment for adults to correct simple crowding, and

Enlighten whitening system, before and after

I felt that I was a good candidate to try this treatment myself. Undertaking the treatment myself would also give me valuable experience that I could afterwards use to relate to my patients.


Rasteder Orthodontic prescribed nine

which not only enhances comfort but also

splints for my upper jaw and seven for my

improves adhesion to the teeth. I was also

lower jaw. Initially I had to carry out some

surprised how few splints were required,

inter-approximal enamel reduction and

as I had heard about more expensive

following this I had to wear each splint for

competitive systems that prescribed as

approximately six weeks.

many as 20 splints for each jaw.

At first I was genuinely surprised how

I followed the treatment plan precisely –

comfortable the splints were. They are

only removing the splints when eating and

manufactured in two layers of plastic: a

drinking. The entire course of treatment

hard outer layer and a soft inner layer,

took just over 10 months. As for the

“As a dentist with a busy practice in Kent, I am always on the look out for new products and services that could bring added value to my patients.” 66


Hartley Dental Practice 1 Wellfield, Hartley, Longfield, Kent DA3 7EG. T: 01474 703484

Specialists in ‘Enlighten Extreme Whitening’

Hartley Dental Practice


BEFORE Specialists in ‘Enlighten Extreme Whitening’ AFTER


Hartley Dental Practice, 1 Wellfield, Hartley, Longfield, Kent DA3 7EG. T: 01474 703484


Smile with confidence

Lines and wrinkles are

Lines and wrinkles are not not the only giveaway of the only giveaway of age, age, teeth can be too. teeth can be too. Stained and Stained and discoloured discoloured teeth can add teeth can add years years to a face, and as we to a face, and as we spend 90% of the time focusing spend 90% of the time on someone’s mouth when focusing on someone’s we look at them, brightening mouth when we look up those pearlies might be a at them, brightening good idea. From brightening up those pearlies might toothpastes to whitening kits, be a good idea. From achieving sparkling teeth has brightening toothpastes never been so easy.

BooTS exPeRT WHITeNING BOOTS EXPERTTeeTH TEETH PRoGRAMMe, £27.99 (BooTS), WHITENING PROGRAMME, this no-nonsense dental kit is quick £27.99 (BOOTS)


this no-nonsense is quickstains and easy to simple It willkit remove

ifalternative you’re short on time simply a whitening that uses a using compact light

use thanks to three simple steps. It will remove and lighten teeth by several shades

toothpaste daythe willlight help lift stains. instead. every Shine onaway teeth for

stains andyou lighten teeth by several to to give a dazzling smile.shades It’s also

This can give youaa day, whitertosmile in fourformula minutes, twice trigger

peroxide-free. give you a dazzling smile. It’s also peroxide-free.

the teeth whitening process. around 30 days. It uses, Arctic lichen,You’ll a natural,


need two weeks see the gently best non-abrasive cleaning to agent which

and easy to use thanks to three

CoM), this special gel helps to

this special stains gel helpsthat to remove stains that remove are caused byare

trays putting you off? Here is a great

results but some see a difference in five days.

removes discolourations. A great low budget way to a Hollywood smile.

to whitening kits, achieving sparkling teeth ORAL-B VITALITY PROWHITE has never been so easy.

ageing by using by blueusing light technology. and ageing blue lightIt’s


technology.soIt’s peroxide-free, so peroxide-free, a good alternative if you’ve

whatabout about those areas? This what those trickytricky areas? This handy little

a good alternative if versions. you’ve had had sensitivity to peroxide

handyislittle gadget is perfect gadget perfect for getting into thosefor dark,

good, old fashioned manual brushing is electric with anmanual oscillating head good,toothbrush old fashioned brushing

OPALESCENCE HOME oPALeSCeNCe HoMe WHITeNING WHITENING KIT AT DENTEXCEL, KIT AT DeNTexCeL, £199 (020 7636 £199 (020 7636 9393) 9393), after a professional teeth

can even better. haveplaque been proven to is be essential for They keeping at bay,

after a professional teeth whitening treatment whitening treatment with Dentexel,

but an7%electric toothbrush withwhiter an remove more plaque and produce oscillating head can be even better. teeth. This version can show results in a few They have been proven to remove 7% days to three weeks. more plaque and produce whiter teeth. This version can show results in a few days to three weeks.

an impression of your teeth with Dentexel, an impression of yourcan teethbe can


essential for keeping £29.99 plaque at(BooTS), bay, but an TooTHBRuSH,

caused by redcoffee, wine, cofftea, ee, tea, smoking and red wine, smoking

sensitivity to peroxide versions.

made to create create your unique be made to your ownown unique bleaching

bleaching trays. Together with a whitening gel, this means you can means you can top up the treatment at home. top up the treatment at home. Worn Worn for one hour per day for two to three for one hour per day for two to three weeks teeth should stay sparkling. weeks teeth should stay sparkling. trays. Together with a whitening gel, this

BLANxWHITE CLASSIC WHITeNING RAPID BRIGHT KIT TooTHPASTe, £6.99 SYSTEM, (SuPeRDRuG), TOOTH WHITENING if you’re short on time simply £29.99 (BOOTS) using a whitening toothpaste every day will help lift away stains. This Here is a great alternative that uses a compact formula can give you a whiter smile light instead. Shine the light on teethArctic for in around 30 days. It uses, four minutes, twice a day, to trigger the teeth lichen, a natural, non-abrasive cleaningprocess. agentYou’ll which gently removes whitening need two weeks to discolourations. great see the best results butAsome seelow a diffbudget erence way to a Hollywood smile. in five days. those awkward mouth trays putting you off?


getting into those dark, unsightly areas between teeth. Just attach one of the mint-flavoured, whitening tips and the of the mint-flavoured, whitening tips head, gives 10,000 minute, and which the head, whichstrokes givesper 10,000 gets to work on brightening up stained gaps. strokes per minute, gets to work on brightening up stained gaps. unsightly areas between teeth. Just attach one


WHITe PeN, £12.99 (WWW. SAFeANDWHITe.Co.uK), day after brushing and you should see results paint the whitening gel onto teeth in around days. brushing and you twice a seven day after Peroxide-free, should see the results in around formula seven days. brush-on Peroxide-free, will lighten teeth bythe brush-on formula up to five shades. will lighten teeth by Recommended by up to five shades. dentists, this is safe to Recommended by use even if you have dentists, this is gum safe problems. to use even if you have gum problems. paint the whitening gel onto teeth twice a

A person’s face is the image that identifies them to the world. It is a critical part of any first impression that others have of us. A healthy radiant confident smile boosts the personality. Cosmetic dentistry is very much in demand now but should not be undertaken at the expense of the health of your teeth. Good professional advice is highly recommended before embarking on cosmetic dental treatment. Due to the continuous evolution of dentistry we are able to offer new and more effective ways to improve your smile which are less intrusive and less visible. We pride ourselves in providing dentistry with a holistic approach tailored to your specific need. Dr ‘Toun Ladega Dental Studio @ Bromley Park 6 Daly Drive, Bickley, Bromley, Kent, BR1 2FF. Tel: 02082958460, Fax: 02082958461

• New Ultramodern Dental Practice • Very friendly and Relaxed environment • Exclusive Dentistry @ Great Prices Services Include: General and Cosmetic Dentistry Clearstep Clear Brace Tooth whitening Ultrathin Veneers Flexible Dentures Instant Bridges and Crowns Fillings and Extractions Hygiene Services Implants

020 8295 8460 Top floor New Bromley Park Medical Center, 6 Daly Drive, Bickley BR1 2FF

SMILe RejuvenatIon First impressions count, and the way you look can make a huge difference to how other people perceive you. These days many people view facial rejuvenation treatments as a vital part of their beauty routine,

treatments include: Tooth lightening: Teeth become darker over the years, so lighter teeth can make you look younger. A sparkling smile can be accomplished by tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, or cosmetic tooth-coloured fillings. Tooth realignment: This can be achieved by orthodontics (braces, including virtually invisible ones), veneers, or crowns. Tooth reshaping: Teeth requiring only a little work can be recontoured. More complex cases can achieve great results with crowns or veneers. Periodontal (gum) treatment. Your gums need to be healthy for you to achieve the best, longest lasting results from cosmetic dentistry.

tooth whitening This can be carried out at home over 2-3 weeks. It is important to use only whitening kits provided by a dental professional, as these are proven to be harmless to your teeth. ‘Laser’ whitening is performed in the practice, and gives immediate results. Treatment takes about an hour, and can be topped up at home. Both procedures give good results; however, they will not lighten existing white fillings, crowns or veneers.

47 Lyons Crescent, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1EY

but to get the full benefit of these you really need to ensure that your smile looks great too. A beautiful, rejuvenated smile – one with straight, white teeth – can take years off you, and can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel.

I needed to attend two sittings for my veneers to be done and cant say that I enjoyed it, but the resulting veneers are fantastic and I now have a great smile. Choosing your cosmetic dentist It is important that you research the right cosmetic dentist for your needs. Members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (BACD) are committed to cosmetic excellence and continual postgraduate education, and provide cosmetic dentistry with predictable results, using tried and tested smile design principles. You can find a local member on . Ask your dentist if you can see some before and after pictures of cosmetic makeover procedures that he has carried out, to gain an idea of what is achievable. Ask your dentist for patient testimonials, or better still, ask to talk to some of his patients who have had a similar treatment to the one you are considering.

Veneers These are ultra thin layers of porcelain which are bonded onto the front surfaces of the teeth, hiding imperfections. In some cases, dentists may recommend a combination of orthodontics (braces) and veneers to achieve the best results for you.

Before treatment

After treatment

Before treatment

After treatment

Crowns These are porcelain restorations that cover the whole tooth. Modern all-ceramic crowns provide a much more natural appearance than older ones, with no grey metal edges showing.

periodontal treatment A castle built on poor foundations will fall apart, and teeth are the same. You can have any of the above treatments, but if your gums are not in good health you will be fighting a losing battle. Some patients need to see a periodontist (gum specialist) who will help restore the gums to health before you commence your cosmetic treatment. 70

Simon Peter BDS lOn lDSRCS(eng) DRDP(lon) Partner, Stradbrook Dental centre, Kent Full member British academy of cosmetic Dentistry Member of the international academy of advanced Facial aesthetics

Rejuvenate your

SMILE We can give you the smile you have always dreamed of, helping you to look as young as you feel! Complement your new smile with facial rejuvenation treatments at our new clinic, Stradbrook Skin.

CALL 01732


47 Lyons Crescent, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1EY DR SIMON PETER British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry FULL MEMBER

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Get Glowing! Minerals have rocked the beauty world and it’s no wonder. Made from pure and natural ingredients they’re ideal for problem skin (even those with acne) as they won’t clog pores or aggravate. Their natural pigments make eyeshadows, blushers, and lipglosses dazzle with colour while foundations leave skin glowing. Here we pick the best mineral make-up to light up your face. Jane Iredale PureGloss for Lips, £15 Glo Minerals GloReflection Cream eye Shadow, £15

Created by one of the original mineral make-up gurus, Jane Iredale, this fab gloss if free of chemicals and uses a base of organic vegetable oils and botanical extracts. Safe even to use on post surgically enhanced lips, although you may want to try this first as it has a natural lip-plumping effect.

Max Factor Natural Minerals Foundation, £12.71 (Boots) This skin-illuminating foundation comes with a built in brush that’s actually a decent size and is 100% natural. Use to dust the ultra fine particles over your complexion and buff into skin for a perfectly natural look.

Give lids a delicate wash of colour while dousing them with skin-loving vitamins A, C and E. The creamy formula dries to a soft powdery finish that lasts all day while the mineral pigments make eyes sparkle. Blend or smudge with your fingertips to achieve a natural, shimmering look.


L’oreal Paris Minerals Khol eye Liner, £7.82 (Boots) Made using 95% natural minerals, this is easy to use thanks to the angled brush housed in the lid. Dip in the powder then sweep close to lash line to create soft smoky eyes – much better than scratchy sharp pencils. The gentle formula is perfume, talc and preservative free which means it’s ideal for sensitive eyes.

No7 Mineral Loose Powder Blusher, £8.75 (Boots)

This contains semi precious gems including Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst to give cheeks the healthiest glow. The gem power helps to diffuse the light on skin and give it a luminous look. You only need to buff a tiny amount over the apples of your cheeks to make them look peachy.

Maybelline New york Pure.Cover Mineral Concealer, £5.86 (Boots) If you find your mineral foundation is a tad too natural and some imperfections are showing through, try using this mineral concealer before you apply. With micro-mineral pigments that blend perfectly with your skin tone, this covers under eye circles and dark shadows without highlighting creases and lines.


Prescriptives All Skins Mineral Make-up SPF15, £24 (House of Fraser) Prescriptives always come up trumps with their foundations and this is no exception. Infused with vitamins, minerals and even crushed gems this gives a completely natural look and feels weightless on the skin. It also has the added benefit of an SPF15 to help shield skin against everyday UV light.

• Mineral foundations need to be ‘buffed’ into skin so use a medium to firm brush and use small circular motions. • Minerals absorb the oils in skin so unless you normally have oily skin apply a light moisturiser first. • Make blusher last longer by spraying your blush brush with a fine mist of water. • Mineral pigments are strong so always start with a little and tap any excess off your brush before applying. you can always build the colour in layers. 73

enjoy fuller, more youthful lips for years to come with Permalip™

Some people naturally have thin lips but it can also be part of the aging process. Loss of tissue particularly over the upper lip with age leads to reduction in height and protrusion of lips. Smoking can aggravate the lines around the lips and patients are always looking for treatment to improve the aesthetic appearance.


he most commonly used method is the use of fillers to the perioral area with or without small amount of botulinum toxin to reduce the furrowing. commonly used fillers are usually non-permanent and the active movement of the perioral area reduces the longevity of the fillers. therefore, a repeat treatment is required and some patients are tired of repeat injections and the accumulated cost of fillers.

The surgery was carried out under local anaesthetic where the area around the mouth was numbed. The PermaLipTM implants were inserted into the upper and lower lip pockets and the incisions around the corners of the mouth are closed. The patient was given an icepack to reduce swelling and medications.

PermalipTM, a soft silicone implant, is an alternative to using repeat fillers. The implant can be inserted into the upper and lower lips through two small incisions under

Before PermalipTM

local anaesthetic. It is placed between the lip mucosa and underlying muscle and the implant will augment the volume of the lips and in addition, can reduce the appearance of the furrows. Miss SD has been having injectable filler treatment

After PermalipTM

to her lips for many years. She disliked the loss of protrusion and the height of the lips and after multiple non-permanent filler injections, she was keen to have something more permanent. A consultation with Mr. M Ho-Asjoe was made to discuss PermalipTM. once Miss SD

PermalipTM, a soft silicone implant, is an alternative to using repeat fillers. The implant can be inserted into the upper and lower lips through two small incisions under local anaesthetic. 74

2 weeks later, the patient was reviewed and most

was deemed to be an

of the swelling has settled. The patient was very

appropriate candidate

happy with the appearance. Miss SD was given

for PermalipTM, Mr.

an exercise to do to reduce tightening and further

Ho-Asjoe proceeded

review confirmed a satisfactory final outcome. The

to explain the surgery

advantages of PermalipTM are multiple. It requires a

and the pros and cons

simple procedure under local anaesthetic and does

associated with surgery.

not require repeat treatments. It is a soft solid implant

A particular size was

and can be removed easily if need to and does not

chosen and a date

have problems associated with injection of permanent

was made to have the

liquid fillers.

procedure carried out

Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

as a day case under, 0207 4038694

local anaesthetic.

4 Upper Wimpole Street, London, W1G 6LF


S P A ’ S




escape the stress and pressures of everyday life and take a well-deserved time out. Why not treat yourself to some pure pampering. or if you’re feeling extra generous then a gift for a loved one…The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide have found you the crème de la crème of Kent Spas. So take a look at our delightful selection and you could find your self indulging in pure luxury and relaxing in your ultimate haven!

AMIDA DAy SPA Relax and Revitalise in the award winning spa Set in the heart of the luxurious david lloyd Health Club in Beckenham, the Amida Spa welcomes you to a haven of peace and tranquillity, a sensory retreat in which to relax, unwind and enjoy your journey towards total wellbeing. A selection of therapies and products from around the World enable them to provide you with the most luxurious and effective treatments. Therapy rituals combine ancient eastern philosophy with western technology to treat from the inside out and the outside in, ensuring complete equilibrium of the mind, body and soul. Apart from the fabulous array of treatments, day spa packages and holistic therapies, the award winning Amida Spa also offers fantastic bespoke Hen and wedding day Packages starting from £99.00, the perfect place to be pampered! Amida day Spa, Beckenham, Amida Health and Racquet Club, Stanhope Grove, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3Hl. 020 8662 6161 76

ToR SPA ReTReAT the uk’s leading ayurvedic health spa

CHAMPNeyS ToWN AND CITy SPA TuNBRIDGe WeLLS the Place to Be Whether you have a moment in your lunch hour to maintain your manicure, an hour to de-stress, or maybe an afternoon to completely unwind and relax, Champneys now provide the perfect environment where you can immerse yourself in relaxing surrounds and indulge in a little spa therapy at a convenient location. So treat yourself to a fabulous Champneys treatment from just £25.00. For a little home spa pampering, you will find the complete range of Champneys products and gifts, plus a wide range of health, beauty and wellbeing products from high-end companies such as Elemis. Champneys Gift Vouchers are also available, perfect to use in-store on any of their treatments or products. 7 High Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Tn1 1Ul. 01892 530111,

From the moment you arrive, you will immediately recognise that TOR Spa Retreat is somewhere completely different. This is a simple place, in a perfect setting, somewhere quite unique. Situated in the village of Ickham, just outside Canterbury, TOR Spa is a family run health spa specialising in the ancient method of Ayurvedic therapy. Their therapists originate from Kerala in Southern India. The facilities include a super heated pool, a Finnish sauna, steam room, conservatory overlooking the lake and two large relaxation rooms. Why not go and try the Abhyanga Full Body Massage, their signature treatment. Or Treat yourself to a day package, prices range from £99 to £205 per person. Ickham, Canterbury, Kent CT3 1Qn. 01227728500

DoVe SPA / Brings out the best of your inner health and outer beauty.

Dove spa is the ultimate destination for the beauty enthusiast. Their ethos of relaxation and rejuvenation embraces the very essence of the definitive spa philosophy and is what separates them from their competitors. With more awards and recognition than anyone else in the industry, re-aqua offers everything from your traditional beauty treatments to health invigorating therapies to leave you with a total mind and body experience every time. They offer the widest range of beauty treatments in a perfect tranquil environment, incorporating all top luxury brands, Clarins, Declor, Elemis, Thalgo and Jessica. Every treatment fits your individual needs and requirements. Also offering a complete range of traditional, holistic and enhancing treatments from waxing, massage, lash/brow tinting and facials to hopi ear candles and pamper packages. For that ultimate pick me up try the Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap, luxuriously nourishing body wrap with the most exotic aromas, to soften and protect your skin, prices from £55.00 Virgin Active, Baths Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 9RB. 0844 800 2151 Sara Copper 77

hythe Imperial hotel & spa – h Pamper yourself in style Mercure Hythe Imperial is an elegant Victorian building set in 50 acres on the seafront of the historic town of Hythe. As soon as you approach the hotel you know you’re about to experience something special. Within the hotel, Spa Naturel offers an extensive selection of leisure and spa facilities providing you with a relaxing and memorable experience. Let Spa Naturel look after you and feel all your cares and stresses simply melt away. They offer a wide range of Spa treatments for men and women. All your treatments can be created and adapted to suit all your needs and desires after a consultation with our expert therapists. You will leave in a state of well being that you truly deserve. In between all your pampering indulge in the Relaxation room where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest on the heated stone area. To receive ultimate relaxation why not try the Aromatherapy facial which lasts for 55 minutes and costs £44.00 Imperial Hotel and Spa, Princes Parade, Hythe, CT21 6AE. 01303 267 441

THe RoyAL DAy SPA Be treated like royalty at this exquisite spa The Royal Day Spa is an exclusive boutique style spa located in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Crowned ‘Day Spa of the Year’ at the Professional Beauty Awards this year, the Royal Day Spa was founded by ex-jewellery designer turned health club consultant Shelly Murphy and is dedicated to providing the ultimate ‘Royal’ spa experience in sumptuous and elegantly furnished surroundings. The Royal Day Spa boasts a discrete location minutes from the station in the spa town of Tunbridge Wells, a mere 30 miles from London. Signature treatments include the splendidly titled ‘Smelly Royal Body’ massage and the ‘i don’t do flats’ pedicure. With prices starting from £33.00 you don’t need a king ransom to afford to indulge your every whim at this beautiful spa. With exceptionally skilled and experience staff, they believe that a Royal lifestyle should be comprised of natural materials – after all, gold & gems are of the earth. 12 Vale Road, Post Office Square, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Tn1 1BP. 01892 616 191 78

WALLeTTS CouRT HoTeL where time stops and tranquility Reigns Energise, uplift, restore & feel the energy flow through your body in the sauna, steam room & hydrotherapy pool. Escape for a couple of days and nights with a Spa Break in the Kentish countryside, chill with a massage in your own cabin in the woods on the edge of the grounds overlooking the rolling hills. Feel the energy flow through your body in the sauna, steam room & hydrotherapy pool. Let your worries float away in the warm relaxation pool... 2 nights from £259.00 per person. Lose yourself for one whole day with a Spa Day pakage, choose one of the many fabulous treatments, Your suite becomes your private sanctuary, where your therapist delivers lifestyle solutions tailored only to you. From ‘power-boosting’ anti-ageing facials to hands-on body therapies; from male grooming and detox programmes to mother-to-be. The perfect way to spend time for yourself, 1 day from £99.00 per person St Margarets at Cliffe, dover, CT15 6EW. 01304 852 424

KALMoRA SPA GouDHuRST essential Indulgence your mind. your health. your Beauty. Kalmora Spa Goudhurst is located in the beautiful ‘Garden of England’ Kent countryside, the Spa has outstanding views of the green countryside, creating a peaceful and quite ambience, allowing you to feel relaxed and calm. This retreat offers you the perfect place to gather your thoughts, be pampered and get real results. You will be in the company of friendly, helpful and highly qualified therapists. Whether your aim is to revitalise your mind or regenerate your face and body, Kalmora provides you with an ideal haven – an opportunity to get away from your everyday stresses and strains and be totally indulgent. To find complete inner peace why not try the Hawaiian Mineral Stone Spa Journey treatment, balance your energy within the body and relieves sore stiff muscles in the body, prices start from £45.00 Kalmora Spa, Orchard House, Winchett Hill, Goudhurst, Kent, Tn17 IJy. 01580 212953

uToPIA SPA – the ultimate escape The perfect retreat for an Overnight Escape, Spa day or Individual Treatment. described as the ‘finest spa in the South of England’ Utopia Spa at Rowhill Grange was awarded Elite Spa of the year in 2007 and 2008 and named as one of the world’s top 50 spas by The Mail on Sunday. Their spa philosophy centres on the tranquil and therapeutic nature of water, with stunning interiors reminiscent of a Roman bathhouse, stone columns and a Japanese therapy pool complete with underwater massage beds and soothing waterfall. Fitted with luxurious changing areas, a stainless steel Jacuzzi, steam room and saunas, Utopia Spa also has a hair salon, 19 treatment rooms and more than sixty different face and body treatments for both men and women. Prices start from £30.00 for your little taste of luxury. Rowhill Grange Hotel and Utopia Spa, Wilmington, Kent, dA2 7QH. 01322 612718

MoLToN BRoWN BLueWATeR DAy SPA / A Little Taste of Heaven Molton Brown spa is about the here and now, the team has travelled the globe to seek out the very best hands-on methods and ingredients to deliver a very tangible benefit. Once you step into their care, it is all about touch, breathing and the collaboration of international techniques and beliefs, old and new. All they want is for you to step back into your world feeling a little more comfortable, a little lighter and a little happier. If you’re suffering from aches and pains brought on by a hectic shopping trip, why not book yourself in for a well deserved treatment at the luxurious day spa, put the world on hold and allow them to reinstate your rhythm and balance your mind, body and senses. Discover their skin awakening uplifting facial - £115. 1 hour 30 minutes of precision massage techniques, plus a tailor-made fusion of vitalising essential oils to help reduce the signs of fine lines and ageing and leave the skin looking firmer and plumped. Molton Brown day spa, Bluewater, 1st Floor, The Village, Greenhithe, Kent, dA9 9SE. 01322 383382 79

The Scissor King Jenny Carrington interviews the internationally acclaimed ‘Hair Doctor’ Philip Kingsley - Recognised as the leading authority in hair health.


air loss or thinning hair in women can begin at puberty, when pregnant, after childbirth, menopause, with taking oral contraceptives or HRT. The common factor in all of these is a change in hormones – oestrogens and androgens.”

The world’s most respected authority on hair and scalp health, trichologist, Philip Kinglsey, has been tending the tresses of stars and royalty for over 50 years. one of his first clients was Audrey Hepburn, she has since been followed by A-listers like John Travolta, Sir Laurence olivier, Kate Winslet, Renee zellweger, Sigourney Weaver and Lucy Liu. With clinics in London and New york, the hair guru who famously coined the phrase ‘bad hair day’, agreed to answer some of the most common questions on hair loss.


his distressing problem can affect men and women at any stage in their lives and

has many different causes. “Hair is the single most important part of the anatomy affecting our psyche. We can wear the most fashionable clothes, the most expensive jewellery, our skin can be flawless but if our hair isn’t right, we don’t feel good. The reverse is also true”, explains Philip.

A degree of hair loss probably occurs in 100 per cent of caucasian males. this can vary between a slightly receding hair line, a thinning crown, an overall reduction in thickness and total baldness,” 4000 years ago. During the Roman Empire men pushed their hair forward, like Julius Caesar,

Hair loss or thinning hair in women can begin

to hide their thinning hair lines. Unfortunately,

at puberty, when pregnant, after childbirth,

most Caucasian men will notice a decrease in

menopause, with taking oral contraceptives

the volume of their hair as they age. “A degree

or HRT. The common factor in all of these

of hair loss probably occurs in 100 per cent

is a change in hormones – oestrogens and

of Caucasian males. This can vary between

androgens. Philip says, “Not a day goes by

a slightly receding hair line, a thinning crown,

in my practice without a distraught woman in

an overall reduction in thickness and total

despair because of her thinning hair.” PCOS

baldness,” explains Philip.

(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a hormonal


condition that whilst not dangerous for a

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be a direct

woman can be a common cause for thinning or

cure for hair loss, pinning down your personal

loss of hair. This is due to the high percentage

causes with a correct diagnosis is the best

of women that suffer with the condition.

way to begin to treat the problem. Here Philip

Men’s receding hair lines dates back to around

explains what you can do …

Ask Philip… Q: What is the first thing you should do if you start to notice hair loss?

Q: Can hair extensions make your hair fall out?

A: “The biggest potential problem

A: “Seek professional advice via your doctor, dermatologist or

is ‘traction’ hair loss and breakage because


Q: How can you make thin hair look and feel thicker? A: “There are many products available, including my own range, that can give the appearance and feel of thicker hair.”

out The Institute

of the pulling What are the effects of hair involved. loss on a person’s wellbeing Freshly and how should they be treated? done it

of Trichologists at

A: “Hair is deeply psychological and it can have a

and Body Building Shampoo and


devastating effect on morale, which can lead to depression

trichologist.” (To find a qualified trichologist in your area check

can look

and even to being suicidal. the way to counteract this is

Hairdressers are not

to find a serious and committed professional to help you.

necessarily qualified

there are also many books available that explain

to diagnose hair loss

all this, including my own ‘the Hair Bible’

and thinning problems.

(Aurum Press ltd, £9.95).”

Q: What are the main causes of hair loss?

Visit to view hair helpers such as PK4Hair Vegetarian Protein Capsules, £18 for 120 capsules Conditioner, from £4.95 each.

change your

Q: Are there any natural alternative remedies that can help, for instance, acupuncture or herbal treatment?

appearance but

A: “They have not been proven to help.”

wonderful and completely

it’s not a good idea to leave them in for too long. Many

A: “There are many reasons for hair loss,

women get carried away, getting used

such as low iron levels, thyroid anomalies,

to having longer, thicker hair. By the time

hormonal changes, nutritional aspects,

they panic and end up in my office the

general health, stress and some scalp

hair can be in a really difficult state.”

conditions. Most of these problems can


Q: When should a person resort to a hair transplant and where should they look to find a reputable doctor/surgeon? A: “The timing of having a transplant is personal and

Q: I’ve heard that fiddling with your hair can make it thinner, is that true?

Are there any effective remedies available to help restore hair?

possibilities remain, however, men tend

A: “Twiddling

the counter remedies that can effectively

to lose more hair because they produce

with hair is

more androgens (male hormones).

normally a benign

But hair loss in women is grossly

and pleasant habit,

underestimated, there are as many

but something triggers

women with hair loss as men. The main

it to become serious, leading

difference is that women do not (or rarely)

to ‘trichotillomania’. Not only is it more

of those we consider the best (call 0207

go bald.”

common in women, but it occurs mostly

629 4004). When done correctly and

around puberty or menopause. This

carefully, transplants can be very effective

be detected by blood tests.”

Q: Is hair loss different in men and women?

A: “Yes and no.

All the above

psychological. It’s

A: “Strictly speaking there are no over stop hair loss. the point is to find the cause(s) and then counteract them.”

not a good idea to wait until you have a bald area, though. There are many “cowboys” regarding transplants and it is best to have a personal

recommendation. At my clinic, we would give the names

Q: Can changing your diet help? A: “Diet can help. For example, low

self-inflicted hair loss occurs when the

and they don’t fall out.”

twiddling gradually reaches the pulling

Philip Kinglsey has a wide range of hair products

protein diets, particularly at breakfast and

stage. Psychological therapy can help as

to also help with scalp problems, frizzy, fine and

lunch can cause extra fall. A person with

can wearing thick gloves at night when

flyaway and chemically processed hair. his two

low levels of vitamin B12 similarly can

the habit is worse, cutting hair short,

books, including ‘happy hair Days’, £5.99, which

experience hair problems.”

covering hair with a slippery cream or

gives 50 tips for healthy hair, and products are

wearing a scarf.”

available from 81


of the best hair salons in Kent

The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide present The Top Hair Salons in Kent, no longer will you be splitting ends at choosing a hair stylist, as we introduce the very best in professional hair care. Whether you want a simple trim or a complete new look, Kent has a hair salon to suit you. Here are some of our favorites from the Regions finest.

the chapeL The Chapel is a multi award-winning salon, offering a luxury range of the latest spa and beauty treatments. As every modern day women knows, our lifestyles rarely let us indulge in looking after our beauty needs all in one go. But at The Chapel they can allow you do just that, all under one roof; Haircutting, colour, waxing, manicure, pedicure and much more. Self-indulgence has never been so easy. At The Chapel they pay attention to all their guests needs because they want you to look good on the inside and feel wonderful on the outside. This is achieved with a highly qualified skilled and professional team. Placing their clients at ease, discovering what is important to individual clients. Their guiding principles being R.E.ST, Relaxation, Education, Service and treatments tailored made.

Chapel Place, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent Tn1 1YQ 01892 549 900


the DooDaS The doodas success story began in 1983, their immediate success of the Maidstone salon allowed them to open the Canterbury Salon just 2 years later in March 1985. Today they have over 40 members in their creative DooDas team helping clients achieve their perfect style in their 3 Kent salons. The elegant and full air-conditioned salons ensure your comfort while the experienced team will deliver the designer image and home maintenance program to suit your needs. You are guaranteed to receive the best client care on every visit to their salons, and the regular client promotions are designed to offer you real value all year round. As part of the service they provide a complimentary hair consultation and after care advice. Also included are refreshments including various coffees and teas with chilled mineral water and fruit juices, plus a complimentary hair and scalp massage carried out during the luxury shampoo service to relax you and to help you enjoy your visit from the start.

The DooDas, Canterbury Salon, 37 St Peters Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2BG. 01227 781346

Lau hairDreSSiNg At lau Hairdressing their philosophy has always been about giving you beautiful hair, and recognising that you are an individual. This is at the heart of everything they do. They believe in making everyone look and feel their best, and giving them the tools to replicate this at home. Lau Hairdressing focus, has always been to customise every visit to each guest that comes to their salon, with the knowledge of 3.6.5 Day Hairdressing. Their aim is to provide a better service in the salon, including an instructional “after care” programme teaching clients the right way to keep their hair looking good between appointments. Clients are made to feel welcome and are consulted with rather than spoken to. Their clients are actively encouraged to talk about themselves, the lives they lead, the sort of clothes they like to wear, and any hairdressing problems they have always wanted solved. Your hair is “the gown you never take off”.

13 Gabriels hill, Maidstone, Kent, Me15 8Le. 01622 670557 83

the chair Experience the ultimate in hairdressing expertise and quality service at The Chair hair salon, their ambition is to offer each individual client a unique experience, tailored to their specific needs. With their experienced stylists and colour technicians they are able to produce the latest in cutting edge style, along with the current fashion trends in colour. The Chair offer a no obligation free consultation along with expert hair care advice. This enables them to provide a professional opinion whilst giving you the opportunity to sample The Chair experience.

3-4 The Borough, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2DR. 01227 455545

SakS hair & Beauty, DaViD LLoyD cLuB At david lloyd they know that chilling out is just as important as working out, and Saks Hair & Beauty will help you to do just that. This contemporay and chic salon offers the very latest in cutting edge hair. Be safe in the knwoeldge that all stylists offer an in-depth consulation, ensuring you recive the best possible serivce and achevive the look you desire. On completion of your treatment your stylist or therapist will recommend a Home Care program to help you maintain your hair or skin type in the peak of condition. Whether attending for cutting edge or classical hair styling, or rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments, you’ll enjoy a personal and professional approach. So stay gorgeous with Saks hair and beauty facilities. Their friendly, qualified staff are happy to give beauty advice and pass on a few tips on beauty regimes and pampering so you can keep looking and feeling your best.

Saks hair & Beauty, David Lloyd Club, Kingshill Avenue, West Malling, Kingshill, Kent, Me19 4uA. 01732 843 445


Headmasters salons offer award-winning hair services that you would expect from a nationwide salon group. With dedication and commitment to the Headmasters founding philosophy of combining premium hairdressing and optimum service, Headmasters grew to the thirty-four salons plus that are open today.

This dedication to giving their clientele beautiful, confidence boosting hair means Headmasterssalons have stood the test of time and are lucky enough to have an extremely loyal customer base. Without exception all Headmasters branches carry the same atmosphere of contemporary elegance. The beauty world moves fast, and Headmasters constantly introduces new treatments, blow-dries and colouring techniques to keep their clientele abreast of the latest catwalk trends. Headmasters blend of exquisite cutting, beautiful colouring, catwalk-quality finishing and charming, devoted customer service, means their clients can relax safe in the knowledge they are in the hands of experts.

Bromley, 66 high Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1eG. 020 8466 5656 84

LASHING OUT Having longer, thicker, darker eyelashes is a quest most women find themselves on from the minute they buy their first mascara. Every week it seems a new mascara formula is launched that promises to give us what we want – lengthened, curled, thickened, beautiful lashes. But what if you never find that perfect lash enhancer or your lashes are short and straight or sparse and no matter how many lashings of mascara you apply, they just look stubby? Lash extensions could be the answer, and no we’re not talking about stick on falsies. These are semi-permanent synthetic eyelashes that are attached to your own to give a seamless extension that you can flutter as much as you like without Try Jinnylash, 16 James Street, London, W1U 1EG. them falling off. Call 020 7495 8584 for appointments. The cost

WHERE AND HOW MUCH? works out at £1 per lash.

The painless procedure


involves 30 to 100 synthetic

The eye area is cleansed and make-up

lashes being attached to your

removed. Using a fine brush coated in an

own natural lashes – one by

oil-free cleanser, the roots of your natural lashes

one. The synthetic lashes look

are cleansed ready for treatment.

real and will enhance the shape

Surgical tape is used to hold lower lashes out of the way

of your eyes, making them

whilst lash extensions are attached to the upper lashes.

appear bigger. Once attached

The top layer of upper lashes are then taped to the

the lashes should last several

eyelid to keep them away from the area where

weeks, especially with the

extensions will be applied. This method

correct care, and naturally fall

helps to give the most natural result.

out at the end of their lash-

A glue is mixed on a gem stone to help

beautifying life.

keep it cool and to stop it thickening.


A half set - 40 lashes per eye is £80. A full set - 75 lashes per eye is £150. Lashes should last around four to six weeks depending on care and a visit every two to three weeks is recommended for maintenance at a cost of £1 per lash.

The base of the extension lash is Lash extensions are suitable

held with tweezers then dipped in

even if your lashes are straight,

the glue.

short or slope downwards as

The real lashes are parted and

they have the natural C-shaped

the root of the extension glued

curl, so if you’re lacking a flutter

to a single real lash. It bonds

these will definitely give you

within seconds.

that. And there’s no need for

The procedure is repeated until all

perming, dying or even mascara

extensions have been attached.

as your lashes will appear

The glue should be allowed to dry

naturally darker, longer and

fully. This means allowing no water

curled to perfection.

around the eye area whilst avoiding cosmetics and skincare for 24 hours. 85

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