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premium bass solutions and the latest tracking products



LUCKY 77 Alpine’s TV star

MARCH 2010

hits the M.E.N Expo


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Always stay a step ahead with NAVIGON Live Services. Live is quite simply better. Not just when it comes to music, but for information especially. Information is most useful when it’s up-to-date. Which is why NAVIGON Live Services deliver information to your car about mobile radar traps, parking spaces, the weather and the traffic situation. It’s called “driving with anticipation”. But we prefer “Live Services”. It’s what comes with our NAVIGON ���� Live, for example.

German engineering simply makes navigation easier.

CONTENTS March 2010


Why the M.E.N Expo is something dealers shouldn’t miss out on

06-12 – NEWS

The latest happenings from around the mobile electronics industry


The Scirocco that achieved fame on TV, now coming to the UK


A selection of bass packages for your more discerning customer


A unique new video recording system for extra peace of mind


A map of the show with an index of all the exhibitors


Why becoming a Car Audio Centre franchise makes good sense


What’s new from the major tracking product suppliers


Tuning and styling products you could offer to your customers

38 – V.C.E GUIDE

Fitting HID headlights to the legendary Porsche 911


The latest “Head Unit Replacement Interfaces” open new markets


An overview of the customer-focused communications supplier


Opportunities from Audiovox to supply rear seat entertainment


How Clarion are opening extra opportunities for their dealers


Contacts and details of the best suppliers in the industry

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On top of this, the other products in the mobile electronics market rarely get themselves in front of the younger customers, which the Auto Sound & Style show should allow. Despite many exhibitors of sat nav, tracking

Welcome to this special issue of Mobile Electronics News. Why is it

systems and hands-free aiming more at the trade or catering for more

special we hear you cry? Well, with this in hand it should also double up

commercial applications, this show should help educate the consumer

as a M.E.N Expo show guide. Simply flick to the centre pages and you’ll

and open their eyes to exactly what’s possible. And if they get excited

find a full floorplan of the event, meaning that you can navigate the

about what’s possible then this could be great news for the mobile

numerous stands with maximum ease. If you’re not at the show, not only

electronics industry.

will those pages be a little useless to you but unfortunately you’re also missing out on the great business opportunities that go hand-in-hand

M.E.N magazine and the show are dedicated to helping the industry and

with the event every year. Next month, M.E.N will cover the show with a

those within it to prosper, which is why every month the major suppliers

full report though, so even if you haven’t made it in 2010 all the key news

in the industry use this magazine to get their messages across to you. In

and products will be covered.

this issue for example are companies like Connects2, Novus and Cellular Trade Accessories all aiming to tell you about products or services

Hopefully we’ll see the consumer day of the M.E.N Expo (Auto Sound

they can offer that will help your profits. There’s also a look at tracking

& Style show) prove to be popular, not only for the sakes of everyone

products as well as high-end bass solutions meaning that whatever you

directly involved, but for this industry as a whole. When you look at the

specialise in there should be something to help your business in this

audio side of the market especially, then within the modified car world

issue. So get reading, or if you’re looking at this while at M.E.N Expo then

there aren’t great opportunities to spread the message. The mainstream

enjoy the show and make sure you make the most of the exhibitors who

magazines touch upon it to a greater or lesser extent, while the major

are there.

shows are generally geared up to the performance and styling side of things…often the audio manufacturers make the impact themselves by

ANDY MILLS Editor Mobile Electronics News

having the best stands. Big stands, loud music and semi-naked models all draw the crowds nicely, but the idea of the Auto Sound & Style show is to offer a more informative insight into car audio.

Parking Sensor Ad 125x180:Parking Sensors ad125x180



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Automonitor makes sense of Parking Sensors Automonitor, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of automotive multi media products, is going forward with a great range of universal parking and reversing sensors. Designed for virtually any vehicle, this exciting new range helps drivers to reverse, or park, in any tricky situation, efficiently and without difficulty, thus avoiding damage or injury. Supplied in 4 Sensor Kit form in a choice of matt or gloss black or silver for rear fitment, or matt black and silver for front installation, these sensors include an audible buzzer, which emits a warning sound, which increases in frequency the closer the vehicle is to the obstacle. The rear sensor is also available as an LED version. Each kit comprises 19mm detachable sensors with waterproof wire connectors and changeable 6o, 10o and 13o collars, to suit bumper contour. Specification: Full weather design; paintable sensors; rated voltage 12V DC; operating range: 10.5V ~ 16V DC; current consumption: 50mA ~ 180mA; detecting distance: 0.3 ~ 1.5m; ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz; working temperature: -20 ~ +70ºC.

Let Automonitor show you the way and you’ll never look back!

For further details on our entire range:

0116 275 2020

A Company with Vision

AUTOMONITOR MOBILE MULTIMEDIA LTD Redcomb Business Park, Desford Road, Enderby, Leicestershire, LE19 4AD Tel: 0116 275 2020 Fax; 0116 275 3060 email:


taking you to the future of the aftermarket 08•03•10 stoneleigh park, warwickshire.


To continue its strategy of enabling mobile phone users the use of navigation systems independent of mobile networks, NAVIGON is

expanding its onboard range for smartphones, and will be offering the MobileNavigator for Android operating systems from Spring 2010. The Android smartphone operating system has been on the market since 2008 and further devices are expected for 2010. US market research organisation Gartner predicts that this open source system will see 7-fold growth by 2012. “Today, our award-winning software, MobileNavigator, already offers tomorrow’s technologies for a wide range of mobile phone operating systems. For example, we recently integrated a connection to social media platforms like Facebook and twitter for the iPhone“, says Gerhard Mayr, Vice President of World-Wide Mobile. MobileNavigator for Android (versions 1.5 to 2.1) equips numerous smartphones like the T-Mobile Pulse, the Nexus One or the HTC Magic with onboard navigation. The map data is stored on the


Motorola will return to M.E.N Expo 2010 with the launch of two exciting new product ranges. MOTONAV is a unique device incorporating sat nav and hands-free plus pro installation and even live services. A full demonstration of how this new, smarter navigation works can be found on their website,, and they believe it may switch many dealers and installers back onto the sat nav market again. The other new product is the

smartphone, therefore

TK30, Motorola’s brand new Bluetooth hands-free kit. It’s got everything you’d

the navigation system

expect from a top quality HFK such as Phonebook download, spoken text

has no need to

messaging, easily upgradeable software and of course an ISO mute. But it

connect to any mobile

also adds clever innovation like advanced Bluetooth MultiPoint performance,

network, meaning

which allows two phones to be connected simultaneously and audio

there is no long loading

reminders to alert you if you’ve forgotten your phone. And of course it’s

time or any additional

made for iPod and is iPhone compatible with a massive 60w of 4-channel

roaming costs, which is

sound. These products will be available soon from Chameleon and other

sure to prove popular.

leading distributors, but dealers can get a first glance at the beginning of

Contact: NAVIGON,

March at M.E.N Expo. Contact: Chameleon, 01206 500848

CISTRAK LAUNCH TTINTS OPEN NEW PREMISES NEW CISTAG Cistrak GPS Ltd are pleased to announce an important new product into their

TTints have recently opened the doors to their new 4500sq

expanding security portfolio. CISTAG is a unique new RFID (Radio Frequency

ft building in Luton. The unit is on modern grounds alongside

Identification) system consisting of minute RFID transponders that are

aerospace and aeronautical manufacturers and is fitted to the

programmed individually with the customer’s name and contact details. The

highest standard, making a great impression on customers. The

transponders are then hidden into any asset. If that asset is stolen and recovered

new premises coincide with a rebranding of the company’s

by Police or any other Law Enforcement Agency, they can be scanned with a

image, which is evident not only from the building but on their

hand held scanner and immediately identified as yours. The main problem that

website too. After a successful year in 2009, TTints claim they’re

the Police have when recovering suspected stolen property is identifying who

looking forward to working with their partners again in 2010,

the property actually belongs to. If they can't prove it's stolen, the suspected

with the aim of becoming the UK’s number one retailer for

thief walks free. Customers stand no chance of recovering their stolen bike,

Multimedia Navigation direct-fit replacement headunits. They

car, caravan, motorbike or whatever other asset if it can't be identified, CISTAG

will also be holding an open day at their new headquarters,

provides the answer to that problem, allowing property to be identified within

details of which can be found on their webpage or Facebook

a second! Other RFID systems are linked via a barcode number into a central

site. Additionally they’ve just launched their newly developed

database that has to be checked… and that could take valuable time. CISTAG

VXMMI system for the Vauxhall Astra, plus direct replacement

on the other hand is immediate. Cistrak believe that CISTAG will be a major theft

units for the BMW E46, Audi TT Mk2 and the Mercedes A and B

deterrent in future because of its flexibility and above all, reliability. It is becoming

class ranges, all of which will be available from March.

a favourite among Crime Prevention Officers in many of the UK Police Force

Contact: TTints, 01582 431525 or

Areas because it is fast, simple to use and effective. Each pack contains four CISTAG transponders which are then registered on the dedicated website where Cistrak can programme the customer’s details into them. Resellers can also benefit, receiving a counter-top display containing 10 CISTAG purchase tokens and CISTAG point of sale material. The reseller then simply sells the customer a purchase token and the customer then registers details on Cistrak’s website. Cistrak then send uniquely coded transponders directly to customer within 7 working days. To become a reseller for CISTAG is simple, purchase your initial reseller pack and start selling immediately. For more information or to order your reseller pack contact Cistrak on the details below. Contact: Cistrak, 0845 0031325 or






EMMA 2010 DATES Visitors to the Auto Sound & Style show, at Stoneleigh Park on Sunday 7th March, will be able to see and hear some of the best sounding cars in the UK compete in the first round of the 2010 EMMA UK competition. After a great season in 2009, this year looks set to be the most competitive yet so make sure you get to check it out at one of the rounds. After the first round, EMMA will travel to Auto Audio Installations in London on 17th or 18th April (TBC), Modified Nationals in Peterborough on 28th/30th May, Scottish Performance and Modified in Edinburgh on 18th July and Petrol Headz in Merseyside on 25th July. There is also another round scheduled for June sometime with


the exact date and location yet to be confirmed, which is the same situation with the UK Finals, although that is obviously due to take place sometime after 25th July. M.E.N will keep you posted of any developments on those last two. In the meantime there may still be time for you or your customers to enroll and see how you stack up


against the best in the business. Contact: EMMA UK,

DRIVER ID FROM TRAKM8 Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions,


are helping businesses become more efficient and effective by the use of driver ID tags. Driver ID tags integrate with the Trakm8 Fleet Management system to identify which driver is driving a particular vehicle at any time. These tags resemble key fobs, which are


presented to a reader fitted to the vehicle. The information on who is driving what vehicle is then communicated back to base via a reporting system within the Trakm8 software. Once the driver is identified the company can establish (through a related push button system) what mileage was business or private, aiding what can be a lengthy admin task when calculating expense claims. This can produce accurate private mileage for tax purposes for a particular driver in accordance with P11D legislation where private mileage must be identified. Driver ID can also eliminate the task of handwritten timesheets and ensures accuracy. If required Trakm8 can enhance vehicle security with immobilisation, only allowing the vehicle to start


once the driver ID tag has been presented. The driver ID reader will flash or buzz to remind the driver to present their tag before each journey. This proves particularly useful on sites vulnerable to theft where


one key operates a numbers of vehicles e.g. Plant machinery sites. Speeding and other camera-detected offences are also sent to the company where the vehicle is registered. Driver ID can give sufficient


evidence to prove who was driving a vehicle at a particular time,



which allows the company to easily identify the driver without dispute.


Driver ID makes drivers accountable for their own actions and should promote more responsible driving. In addition to this driver ID can


accurately monitor individual driver behaviour such as continual over-


speeds, which impact on driver safety and fuel efficiency and can also readily identify who was driving the vehicle in the event of an accident.


In terms of fleet efficiency, driver ID tags can identify clearly back to base which driver or relevant vehicle is nearest to a particular job, which positively affects financial efficiency and improves customer service for the company. With so many selling points for dealers to use it’s sure to be a winning product. Contact: Trakm8, 01747 858444 or





01332 669920 |

In partnership with:


The Ultimate Car Enhancement Show 07•03•10

stoneleigh park, warwickshire.

Car Audio, Multimedia & Navigation Repair Decodes & VIN Coding Aftermarket and OEM units repaired

TOMTOM’S NEW PROCLIP FOR IPHONE TomTom’s latest car kit for iPhone is designed to securely integrate iPhone into your customer’s car. The

original TomTom car kit for iPhone has a windscreen mount, the new car kit for iPhone, however, screws onto a vehicle-specific ProClip mount that is fixed on the driver’s dashboard. This lets drivers choose a permanent location that works best for them, with no need to reposition it for each journey. “This car kit for iPhone is designed with demanding drivers in mind,” explains Tom Murray, vice president of market development. “It offers the fastest, neatest way to secure iPhone into a car. Plus they get all the features of the original TomTom car kit for iPhone, for the best in-car experience.” The new car kit broadens the TomTom for iPhone range, with features that further improve the in-car navigation experience for iPhone users. They include a GPS booster for uninterrupted navigation – even in built-up areas. The built-in microphone also allows drivers to make and answer phone calls safely while driving, whilst an integrated speaker ensures navigation instructions are always clear. These features are vital to help busy drivers get to the right place safely. An in-car charger keeps the driver’s iPhone battery topped up while on the go too, essential for staying in touch with clients and colleagues. For an even neater integration, dealers can offer a direct power connection to their car battery which could provide additional income. The kit also comes with an audio out connector that lets drivers play their favourite music over their car stereo. It even fades music out when receiving phone calls or navigation instructions. For more information in the ProClip car kit for iPhone (with a recommended price of £99.99) contact TomTom. Contact: TomTom, or


Adaptiv Technologies has introduced a portable, motorbike-specific radar and laser detection system. The TPX™ Deluxe Motorbike radar and laser detector was designed from the biker’s point of view and addresses all the shortcomings of using a car radar detector on a motorbike. Designed with the biker in mind, the patent pending TPX™ Deluxe is


weather and vibration resistant and features oversized buttons for ease of use with riding gloves. Its large, angled LCD display optimizes viewing from different biking riding positions and its display is easily viewable in direct sunlight. The TPX™ Deluxe system comes standard with the Visual Alert. The Visual Alert can be mounted to various parts of the bike where the rider can easily view it, such as high up on the handlebar or on top of the instrument gauges. When radar or laser signals are detected, the bright LED lights on the Visual Alert flash to alert the rider. The optional Wireless Headset is designed for full or open

Rockford Fosgate & Pro-Plus Authorised repair agent

face helmets. When radar or laser signals are detected, the system alerts the rider through beeps emitted by the Wireless Headset. Various custom mounts for the TPX™ Deluxe are available to fit nearly every motorbike on the road today, including sports and touring bikes. The TPX™ Deluxe system is available directly from Networx Automotive, the exclusive UK and ROI distributor. Contact: Networx Automotive, 01555 666444 or

PROJECT BIG BLACK Keep your eyes peeled at the M.E.N Expo for an unusual demo car sponsored by Connects2. Built

by Matt Sprig the project, nicknamed Big Black, is a Mitsubishi Shogun that has been totally stripped inside. It’s already been treated to a healthy dose of Ballistic sound deadening and, hopefully, by the time the M.E.N Expo opens it’s doors there

020 7193 7985 email: for an information pack




should be a full Ground Zero install, running off Shuriken batteries and using Tsunami cabling and accessories. Matt’s project should show visitors just how hard-hitting Connects2’s audio products are, but if you want a preview of the build, check out his site at Contact: Connects2, 0906 7362430 or













The Ultimate Car Enhancement Show 07•03•10


stoneleigh park, warwickshire.

CLARION’S 2010 ENTRY-LEVEL HEADUNITS Despite the continued call to scrap older cars, Clarion is hoping to coax

stand-alone MP3 player, 4-channel audio pre-out for front, rear and subwoofer

motorists keen on into pepping up their tired interior and stereo system rather

speaker control, and an RDS-EON tuner with 18 FM, 6MW/LW station presets.

than splashing out on an all-new one, with the launch of the CZ100E providing

With the optional addition of a BLT373 Bluetooth transceiver, the new unit also

a stylish, seamless way to enhance any audio experience, at minimal expense.

allows for the safe receiving and making of phone calls. To ensure there’s no

Part of an exciting 2010 range to receive a fresh new look, Clarion’s latest

compromise on audio quality, the CZ100E also delivers an impressive 4x45 watts

entry-level audio model has a typical

output, plus Z-Enhancer and Magna BASS EX sound enhancement options to

selling price of just £99.00

boost enjoyment and allow for greater customisation to suit individual taste. The

(compared with £109 for last

CZ100E sports a user-friendly rotary volume control, whilst a white LCD display

years CZ109E), with the

and all-new star-burst style blue button illumination deliver stunning good looks,

CZ100E featuring CD-R

and with OEM steering wheel remote control supported, Clarion’s entry level

and CD-RW playback,

audio unit is as versatile as it is affordable. Clarion have also released the new

MP3 and WMA file

CZ200E which supports direct iPod integration which makes it even more of an

compatibility, a 3.5mm

essential unit for dealers to offer, and sells for a recommended retail price of

mini jack AUX input on

£129. Keep your eyes peeled on future editions of M.E.N for more details.

the fascia to support a

Contact: Clarion (GB) Ltd., 01793 870400, or


Dedicated Daytime Running Lights are special lamps, which are automatically switched on when the engine is started. From January 2011 all new passenger and light commercial vehicles will have to have Daytime Running Lamps fitted. Motorists don’t have to wait till next year though, they can get the modern look now with Ring Automotive’s range of Daytime Running Lamps. New to the range is the dual function Lyra LED Day and Night Lamp. The Lyra lamp is E marked to reg 87 which is specific to daytime running lamps, so it will illuminate when the engine is started. When used as a daytime running lamp, the Lyra will greatly contrast the vehicle from its surroundings making it more visible to other road users including cyclists and pedestrians, helping reduce accidents. However, when it gets dark and the main vehicle lights are turned on, the Lyra lamp will switch its light output to an E marked Reg 7 night time styling lamp providing 24 hours operation.The slim compact design enables the lamps to be fitted discreetly to most cars. With a fitting kit and simple to follow instruction the lamps can generally be fitted within an hour depending on the vehicle. Each lamp unit contains 18 ice white LEDs for maximum light output from minimal energy consumption. The Lyra has a suggested retail price of £59.99 and is a good addition to an installers arsenal. Contact: Ring Automotive, 0113 2137338 or mar copy.pdf 1 15/02/2010 17:23:19


OEM Style Parking Sensors C




4 x 18mm Heads

Unique cable management for easy installation Optional display Intelligent version available for tow bars

Budget Parking Sensors Choice of

20 Colours From Stock 4 x 20mm Heads





4 x 22mm Heads For metal bumpers Black or Chrome

Call for special prices

Call for special prices (any colour) All sensor kits are supplied with hole cutters

0208 863 8333



w . m


d b



s . c o m


Winning Formula

Fresh from stardom on German TV and at the Essen Motorshow, this Scirroco is an Alpine star

Often in M.E.N magazine there is talk about how dealers need to be more pro-active, promoting not only themselves but the services and products they offer too. This isn’t restricted to dealers though, manufacturers can equally benefit from being as pro-active as possible. One of the best ways to do this for manufacturers (outside of promoting their new products to the trade in a publication such as this one), is to build demo cars that inspire and inform the end customer. Some manufacturers are particularly good at this and many would cite Alpine as one of the leaders in building truly show-stopping demos. So, while this Scirocco may not be as wild as some of their previous creations, it’s no surprise to find it’s still been making a big splash in the aftermarket world across Europe.

The car was actually built by a German company called Audiotyme, who are one of Alpine’s registered dealers over there. They appeared on a German TV channel (DMAX) in a show called “Mechanics Showdown”, where two teams battle against each other to build a car that would win the public vote. Both teams were given a brand-new VW Scirocco with seven days and eleven nights to give theirs a full makeover…all within a 10,000 Euro budget. At the end of it, both cars were shown-off at the Essen Motorshow in Germany, where the public voted Alpine’s car their winner. So what makes it so special? Obviously on the outside there have been a few tweaks with a subtle under-bumper bodykit and some not so subtle graphics. Still, as Alpine’s installer, Manfred Stengl (who lead the Audiotyme team) stated, the graphics add impact without taking anything away from the Scirocco’s stunning shape. “Even without the tuning, the car is a huge success. I didn't want to take anything away from that with the body kit,” he said. Clearly though he felt differently about the inside of VW’s coupe. Being an Alpine car you’d expect the interior to be special and it doesn’t disappoint. The team built a tailor-made sub enclosure for the boot housing two SWR-1242D Type R subs each powered by a PDX-1.1000 mono amp. SPX-17REF component speakers were then custom fitted to the door cards with a PDX-4.140 4-channel amp providing the power. The show-stopper though is the new IVA-W505R source, with its 7in touchscreen and MP3, DVD and DivX playback functionality, that they also linked to an iPod and the new NVE-M300P navigation module that you would have read about in a recent issue of Mobile Electronics News. To top it off, Audiotyme used Alpine’s




PXA-H100 IMPRINT sound processor to help ensure

their dealers. But obviously one of the key reasons

the best quality sound from the set-up.

for building a demo car and making sure it’s seen is to gauge the reaction of the public, the

To help win the crowds over the team also added

people who will create demand for the products

some other interior modifications including a blue

from the dealers. Being installed solely of Alpine

Alcantara retrim to the seats, upholstered door

equipment, visitors to Alpine’s stand can hear

cards and trim that has been painted to colour-

just how good it can all sound when working

code to the rest of the car’s blue theme. Even the

together. Obviously it’s a great looking install,

stitching in the steering wheel was changed from

but the real key is for people to judge it using

black to blue, surely something worthy of a bonus

their ears…which shows plenty of confidence on

point or two. It’s no surprise then that the Alpine

Alpine’s part in both the quality of their product

Scirocco won the majority of votes at Essen to win

and expert installation of Audiotyme.

the programme. The other beauty of this build is the fact it was

Obviously it’s a great looking install, but the real key is for people to judge it using their ears… which shows plenty of confidence on Alpine’s part in both the quality of their product and expert installation of Audiotyme.

Now though, UK enthusiasts can judge the car for

built within a budget. While 10,000 Euros is quite

themselves as Alpine are going to be showing it off

a lot (roughly £8,200) to the average person, to

other demo cars have, but what’s there is there for

at the Auto Sound & Style show/ M.E.N Expo. And

create something that is not only show-worthy

a reason. As technology’s moved on, you don’t

there’s a good reason for Alpine bringing it along.

but also something will such sound quality for that

always need as much product in your car to get

They believe that it shows Alpine’s commitment

amount is an impressive feat. For Alpine, who

great sounds and this is something that should be

to building new and innovative demo cars each

surely recognise that they are, and are perceived

told to the end-consumer. While dealers may think

year, like the Fiat 500 they showcased in 2009.

to be, a premium brand, this demo car also proves

this is a bad idea as it means selling less, in reality

However they also believe this project shows how

to the end-consumer that it’s potentially within

the fact is that more people may actually be

they like to involve their dealers in these demo

their reach to achieve a full Alpine install. It may

turned onto car audio because of it. Many of the

cars, which in turn shows their commitment to

not have the amount of equipment that some

best sounding installs now aren’t crammed with product and, with sound quality likely to appeal to the masses more than SPL installs, it’s cars like this that may point to the future. Hopefully the visitors to Auto Sound & Style will agree and if you’re visiting the event why not poke your head inside and judge for yourself…would it win your vote?

INSTALL SPEC Alpine IVA-W505R double DIN headunit, Alpine NVE-M300P navigation module, 2x Alpine SPX-17REF component speakers, Alpine PXA-H100 sound processor, 2x Alpine SWR-1242D Type R subwoofers, 2x Alpine PDX-1.1000 digital mono amps, 1x Alpine PDX-4.150 digital 4-channel amp, Apple iPod






DEH 7200SD tCD / MP3 tUSB tSD Card Slot tiPod / iPhone ready t3 x Hi Volt Pre Outs tOEL Display

tCD / MP3 tUSB tSD Card Slot tiPod / iPhone ready tFull Face Display tOEL Display

RRP : £209.99

RRP : £249.95


£137.88 NEW FOR 2010

CDE 112Ri

CDE 114BTi tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tParrot Bluetooth tRear iPod / iPhone lead tOEM remote control input t2 x Pre Outs

tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tRear iPod / iPhone lead tOEM remote control input t2 x Pre Outs

RRP : £119.99

RRP : £289.99


£159.00 NEW FOR 2010


CDX GT540Ui tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tMade for iPod / iPhone tOEM remote control input tPre Out t4 x 52 W Amp

tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tOEM remote control input tPre Out RRP : £119.99

RRP : £149.99


£77.72 NEW FOR 2010

tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tParrot Bluetooth tiPod search tBuilt in Mic tPre Out tOptional : Wired remote


tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tParrot Bluetooth tA2DP streaming tBuilt in Mic t3 x Pre Outs tVariable colour keys tOptional : External mic


RRP : £209.95

RRP : £259.95


£150.72 NEW FOR 2010

KD R411

KD R511 tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tOEM remote control ready t2 x Pre Outs tAmber Illumination

tCD / MP3 tUSB tAux Input tOEM remote control ready t2 x Pre Outs tVariable Illumination

RRP : £119.99

RRP : £139.99

£59.99 Dealer Net

Live pricing and online ordering at Credit card payments will be subject to a 2% surcharge

£69.99 Prices exclude VAT and delivery Errors and Omissions excepted


Special Offer • Widest road coverage • 5 times more updates • Twice as accurate




Offer runs 18th February - 6th April Terms and conditions apply

The UK's most up to date traffic information Includes all the TomTom LIVE services

XL v3 EU42 Live


Safety Alerts

Quickfix GPS

Fuel Prices



AVAILABLE ON nuvi 765 / 1300 series / 1490 / 1690

To receive your vouchers simply register your purchase at


Nuvi 1310

Nuvi 1340



t42 UK & EU maps tiQ routes tMapshare tLatest map guarantee tLoaded speed cameras tAdvanced lane guidance

1 year FREE HD Traffic

Go 550 Live

RRP : £199.99



tiQ routes tMapshare tText-to-speech tLatest map guarantee tLoaded speed cameras tAdvanced lane guidance tPoints Of Interest tVoice command and control

1 year FREE HD Traffic

Go 750 Live


Nuvi 1390T



Nuvi 1490T


RRP : £159.99

RRP : £189.99





Increased map coverage includes Greece, Malta and Turkey

1 year FREE HD Traffic

RRP : £249.99


t UK & EU maps t Text - to - speech

t Junction View RRP : £229.99

FREE Car Wash


Nuvi 765T


t UK & EU maps (Western)

t Text - to - speech t Junction View RRP : £269.99

FREE Car Wash


Nuvi 1690 Live



tiQ routes tMapshare tText - to - speech tLatest map guarantee tLoaded speed cameras tAdvanced lane guidance tPoints Of Interest tVoice command and control

Increased map coverage includes Greece, Malta and Turkey

Start UK

Nuvi 1340T

RRP : £139.99

FREE Car Wash

RRP : £229.99

tiQ routes tMapshare tText - to - speech tLatest map guarantee tLoaded speed cameras tAdvanced lane guidance tPoints Of Interest tVoice command and control

Go 950 Live

t UK & EU maps (Western) t Text - to - speech t Lane guidance

tUK & IRE maps tText - to - speech

1 year FREE HD Traffic

t UK & EU maps t 3D city view (East & Western) t Travel Kit

Nuvi 775T

RRP : £299.99


RRP : £299.99

USA/CAN maps



Nuvi 1490 TV


FREE Skin and Pouch worth £14.95 (specify colour)

t Mapshare t Latest map guarantee t New simpler user interface

RRP : £119.99


tel : 0116 244 9845

Live Services

RRP : £269.99


FREE Car Wash

RRP : £319.99


Coming Soon tUltra slim design tPan European navigation tDVB TV and Radio t3.5mm headphone output tLong life battery tInput for reverse camera RRP : £299.99


fax : 0116 244 9855


for the Bass Specialist


Discrete bass solutions offer the specialist to maximise profit potential from a sale. A lot of car owners will look to adding bass to their vehicles as an introduction to a full-blown sound system. There are several ways to achieve this. Last month we looked at a number of active bass boxes which provide a handy one-off plug and play sale. This month we look at some discrete bass solutions which offer the specialist an opportunity to add installation fees to the equipment. This not only makes you more money but gives you extra opportunity to delight your customer and tempt them back for further work at a later date. An additional major benefit to the discrete equipment approach is that it enables the installer to conceal or at least install the equipment in a more space efficient manner by installing equipment in separate locations.

Diamond Diamond is another company from USA with a long heritage in car audio. This dual subwoofer package put together by UK distributor Pro Plus, features two D112D4.2 subwoofers and a D400.1 class A/B mono block amplifier. Diamond D112D4.2’s are dual 2 Ohm voice coil subwoofers capable of running at 250 Watts continuous or 500 Watts max power. With a mounting depth of just 5.1 inches, the subs can be mounted to satisfy those who feel their systems should be heard but not seen. However, the attractive, titanium finish used on the injection moulded poly propylene cone would suggest they were built for display! The D400.1 class A/B amplifier is capable of driving 400 Watts RMS into 2 Ohms. With 12dB of bass boost available a continuously variable filter from 50 – 250 Hertz and copious amounts of circuit protection, the amp is specified as a rugged warhorse and looks the part also. There is a straight through line output allowing multiple amps to be easily daisy chained which is a feature many installers look for these days. The combination of these products should satisfy both those looking for sound quality or sound pressure level in the bass register. Contact Pro Plus: Tel. 01707 650 140 Fax. 01707 645 543 -

Cerwin Vega Cerwin Vega has been around, in the USA anyway, for 40 years. Having a heritage which includes pro and home audio, they are a brand synonymous with high quality and big noise! UK distributor, Pro Plus has packaged the V500.1 Amplifier with 2 X Vega 122 subwoofers as an entry level discreet bass package. The V500.1 is a mono block amplifier with a class A/B circuit topology capable of driving 500 Watts RMS into 2 ohms or 300 Watts RMS into 4 Ohms. A variable 50 – 250 Hertz low pass and high pass filters, subsonic filter and 0-12dB of bass boost allow a good level of fine tuning. Vega 122 dual voice coil 12” subs will run at 200 Watts continuous, handling up to 400 Watts peak power per 2 Ohm coil. Alternatively you could run two subs from the same amplifier as shown in the adjacent image. Each sub can run in a 1 cubic foot enclosure or 1.75 cubic foot vented box. Contact Pro Plus: Tel. 01707 650 140 Fax. 01707 645 543 Email.





Keeping an Eye Out Novus’ new Eye Plus black box video system creates a host of opportunities for dealers

With the number of uninsured vehicles on the UK’s road other drivers need as much ammunition in the event of an accident as possible. Even if an insured drivers crashes into them, the ‘where there’s a blame there’s a claim’ culture can mean the outcome isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. That’s where Novus’ new Eye Plus can help. The little black box is a plug and play system that records what happened in the critical seconds, before, during and after an accident. The video evidence from the high resolution wide angle camera provides irrefutable evidence of the event for crash investigators, coupled with the time, date and G forces involved, while the GPS gives accurate positioning and speed information, meaning there can be little argument about what happened and who’s at fault.

could also appeal to track day enthusiasts, not only giving high quality video of their laps but also feeding them information about G forces and speeds. It’s simple to install too, simply attach to the windscreen and power it through the 12/24v adaptor, while the 2GB SD memory card can be upgraded to a 16GB on for even longer recording time. On top of this there’s the emergency button which, can record other events on the road, perhaps the perfect extra for taxi drivers who may want to document incidents while working. Novus supplies the Eye Plus with all the appropriate cables, 2GB SD memory card, plus viewer program on CD and also in a manual. They can also supply supporting point of sale material

including A5 leaflets and CD Roms with software and sample files and all units are backed by a 1 year warranty and technical support over the phone. With optional second cameras available too for a separate view, Novus believe this unique security product can open up a whole new market for dealers…and one that any driver of a car can benefit from. For more information on the Novus Eye Plus Black Box Video System contact them on the details below. Contact: Novus, 0845 6590959 or

Due to the GPS it can also do a job outside of daily driving for the average customer. For commercial applications it can also provide information on driving skills as well as a log of journeys. In continuous recording mode it

Introducing the new NOVUS Eye Plus, the latest in Driver Recording Systems. The Eye Plus integrates both high performance video technology with GPS providing irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident.

• Records 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after an accident activated automatically via an integrated G sensor • Emergency button to record other events such as road rage • High resolution forward facing camera with optional second camera • Event or continuous video and audio recording with GPS data • 16GB SD memory card providing up to 36 hours of continuous recording time • Viewer software providing Google map plots with G force reports, speed and heading information.

PRICE FROM £140.40 As seen in the

W: E: T: 0845 659 0959 F: 0845 659 9659 Prices shown exclude VAT but include delivery and are only available to trade customers. Please contact us for volume distribution pricing.


Kenwood Kenwood continue to provide huge amounts of brand desirability to young car-hi-fi fans. However, the combination of a brand new class D amplifier and carbon/fibre glass coned subs should attract many more experienced fans in search of musical bass reinforcement. The KAC-9105D amplifier is a mono block capable of driving into 1 Ohm which makes it very flexible when designing systems containing multiple subwoofers. A high level speaker input with auto signal switching adds flexibility to those wishing to preserve the integrity of their dashboard! Capable of driving 500 CEA rated Watts into 4 Ohms, this powerful amp offers up to 18dB of bass boost at 40Hz with a variable frequency, low-pass and infrasonic filter on board. The Kenwood KFC-XW1224D is a 300mm dual voice coil subwoofer featuring a carbon/glass fibre cone. This combination offers an extremely rigid yet lightweight cone for fast bass and minimal cone break up. Other features include a super linear spider, high excursion high-roll butyl rubber surround and a dual magnet drive. Rated input power is specified at 300 Watts + 300 Watts and the unit has gold plated screw lock terminals. The woofer is suitable for sealed or ported enclosures and features an aluminium diecast basket. Sensitivity is quoted at 84dB/W/m and frequency response 32Hz - 500Hz Contact Kenwood:

JL Audio Distributed for many years by BBG, JL Audio is one of the UK’s most famous independent ICE specialist brands. With Celsus now at the controls, there is no reason to expect any change in JL’s mainstream appeal. The marriage of the JL 12W7 subwoofer with the HD750/1 Class D Mono block amplifier adds power to class leading sound creating a package which would proudly grace any proper car hi-fi system. The JL Audio 12W7 300mm subwoofer boasts no less than six patents. Designed to deliver both high pressure levels and hi fidelity. The cone has a unique “W-Profiled” architecture which makes for great rigidity even at extreme levels yet is made up of ultra light-weight polypropylene. Coil windings are also given the lightweight treatment using aluminium alloy rather than traditional copper wire. With power handling capability up to 1000 Watts and an efficiency figure of 86.2 dB SPL the sub delivers great fidelity at all volume levels. JL Audio’s HD750/1 Class D Mono block amplifier is rated at 750 Watts RMS making it a perfect match for the 12W7 subwoofer. It can drive into 1.5 ohm loads without difficulty. Accepting an input of up to 8V RMS the amplifier with handle speaker level outputs from most factory fit source


units if required.

Hertz from Italian manufacturer

With selectable 12dB/octave or 24dB/octave crossover and a phase

Elettromedia has gone from strength to

reverse switch on board, the amplifier is as flexible as any on the market.

strength in the hands of UK distributor FOUR.

Contact Celsus: 01202 664390 –

Committed to continuously developing their range of products to bring a smile to the face of all car audio fans, the pairing of the Hertz SPL Show subwoofer with the Hertz EP 1D mono block amplifier should continue their good work. The EP1D amplifier will deliver 1000 Watts RMS into 1 Ohm and if that is not enough, a unique linking system called EP link enables two or more amplifiers to be strapped together. Containing 24dB/Octave sub-sonic and low-pass filters an optional remote sub-bass control is a highly recommended add-on. Automatic input sensing for remote turn on and a speaker input sensitivity of up to 24 Volt RMS enables simple connection to OEM head units. Hertz SX 300D SPL Show subwoofer features a triple stacked magnet assembly and features dual 2 Ohm voice coils. Rated at 3200 Watts peak power or 800 Watts continuous this sub offers an eye brow lifting 91dB/SPL efficiency rating. Hertz stick with the traditional pressed paper cone for audio integrity and add plenty of cooling and long throw excursion features to provide exceptional audio quality at high levels. The distinctive orange badge should once again be a prevalent feature in many of the new season’s installs. Contact Four: 0845 450 1594 –




Emergency Exit













Emergency Exit

























































Emergency Exit

























Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit


Emergency Exit








H1-81 H1-80




















Emergency Exit
































Emergency Exit


Emergency Exit

01268 754 897

admission times 09.00am-06.00pm

Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ




CLARION (H2-58) A hot new line-up of car audio, multimedia and navigation, plus amps, speakers and a hoard of


accessories to suit all needs and pockets.

Distributors for Bury, Parrot and Nokia the


Alpine plan to combine the Trade and Retail sections of the show with a Sound System

hand to talk to dealers. They also offer parking sensors and a tracking product, plus

units, see the new 2010 BEAT releases plus

consumables for installers.

and Zenec. There will also be installation


products from Tsunami and Raptor, sound

Amongst their many other products, Chameleon

dampening from Ballistic and the new

will be launching the new Motorola MotoNav and

Shuriken battery range. .

the Motorolla TK30 hands-free kit, both of which

EMMA (H1-1)

ALPINE (H2-62)

customer-focused company will be on

Take a close look at the LG range of head all the latest products from Ground Zero



will be seen for the first time at a UK show.

Competitors in this prestigious audio

PAMA (H2-23)

competition will be aiming for top places in

Pama are a supplier of all kinds of consumer

their class. The first round of 2010 should see

electronics including mobile phone accessories

some great new builds so make sure you don’t

and sat nav, plus camera detection units.

miss it.

PARROT (H2-33)

Promotion, which will offer great value and sound


for the end-user and a great opportunity

As always, FOUR will be promoting the FOUR

MKi and CK ranges as well as their recent

for dealers.

MASTER network of independent installers

RKi8400 head unit with integrated hands-

and will this year be running an audio clinic

free. The dealer network will also have the

with direct advice from the three of the finest

opportunity to meet the Parrot UK Sales,

installers in the country, Source Sounds, Plush

Marketing and Technical teams.

ARMOUR AUTOMOTIVE (H2-26) Visit Armour for latest dealer schemes and up-todate ranges from Mutant, Kicker, Orion and Focal.

and Turners.

Parrot will be showcasing their highly successful


Plus a new UNICAN range of interfaces from

IN-PHASE (H2-25)


In Phase International will be showing off some of


their latest products which will give dealers more

Audiovox Incaar Systems (AIS) for rear Seat

margin and sales opportunities. Stop by for a cup

Entertainment units as well as an iPhone/iPod

of coffee.

docking unit. AIS’ “Quick Connect” units will also

BASS FACTORY (H2-1) Their own branded Street Thunder Range of bass boxes, designed and manufactured so any

be exhibited, plus Magnat and Mac Audio car

subwoofer can be used in them. Come and listen


to Street Thunder and judge for yourself.

Highlights of the Kenwood range this year include

Mac Audio car speakers, amplifiers

a completely new multimedia range with state of

and subwoofers.


the art graphics and navigation features, plus a

Car Audio Centre welcome all dealers to visit their

CD head unit range including iPod and

stand to discuss the benefits to converting any

Bluetooth innovations.

existing business over to a “Car Audio Centre”. The

speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers as well as

AUTOMONITOR MULTIMEDIA (H2-5) See their third generation Necvox-Rosen styled

benefits will be demonstrated to those who visit


their stand.

Visit the Midbass Team, take advantage of

monitors, DVD, USB, SD and games in vehicle

exclusive spring promotions on VIBE, FLI and

specific and universal applications, plus

EDGE. VIBE limited edition product will also be

much more.


headrest packages, which includes digital

UK distributor for JBL, Infinity and Harmon Kardon,

available only at the 2010 M.E.N Expo. Plus info

they’ll have all the latest products from those

on their unique training program

CKO (H2-32)

companies on show, plus products from other

“Sound Incentives”.

The company formally known as Automotive

brands they supply.



Styling will be bringing a new range of headrest monitors in 7in, 9in and 10.1in sizes with high

Pro-Plus will exhibit several new products

definition digital panels plus an updated C-KO

Car Sound Supplies will launch the new

such as Cerwin Vega Stealth Amplifiers, the

digital DVB-T tuner, and more in the form of rear

Onyx range for 2010, brand new GT Alarms

famous, newly revamped Cerwin Vega

screens and parking sensors.

products and 2010's best sub boxes. There

Stroker subwoofer with its interchangeable

will also be demonstrations on their range of

motor structure, a new shallow amplified


acoustic carpet.

double 12in Armageddon speaker/amp

Dension are leading manufacturers of connected

system, car audiophile car speakers and

car entertainment systems and will have

subwoofers by Diamond audio and the new

showcase the extent of those offerings to dealers,

Rockford Fosgate Power amplifier.

including products like the new Wi Drive.

CELSUS (H2-34) Celsus will be showcasing new products from Stinger, PAC, Dynamat, JL audio, MTX and Celsus accessories plus a new brand to be announced at your show.




8th MARCH 2010

Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ

JKM (H2-51) Visitors can see Ian "ICEMAN" Pinder and his loudest ever Astra Van along with JKM’s own 2009 Ford Focus RS both running JKM's latest vehicle computers. JKM are also proud to announce that we will be showcasing iTrack Vehicle Tracking with Can-Bus.



PEFORMANCE AST SUSPENSION Competition and road-spec suspension

BHP PLUS Tuning boxes for diesel powered vehicles



Find out about the newly launched ScorpionTrack

Performance clutches and flywheels from

product, as well as the full range of parking sensor

US company

and alarm system technology available from Scorpion, Toad and Sigma.

K&N Filters and induction kits for most vehicles

The navigation experts will be showcasing


their latest products which include advanced

As well as promoting TOAD TRAK and MotoTrak


3D mapping and telling dealers of the great

(motorcycle), SmarTrack will be promoting an

DRIFT range of performance products

opportunities their products offer.

exciting new concept called e-Call to tie in with its

from Australia

• ALPINE (H2-62) • JKM (H2-51) • KENWOOD (H2-48) SECURITY/SAFETY DE TRADE (H2-8) The Electronics Worldwide stand will have all the latest alarms, trackers and security products from Falcon Security and Sniper Automotive as well as screens, DVD players and digital TV tuners and power inverters from DE Multimedia

LOCKS4VAN (H2-11) Locks4Vans will be showing their new Sentinel slamlock as well as their Thatcham Accredited range of Van Locks. A number of special offers will be available to visitors including a half price “punch” and some free product… if you can assist with new kit development.

KNIGHTWATCH (H2-31) Knightwatch will be showing their range of Autowatch security products, which include insurance approved Thatcham systems plus

Approved Global Telemetrics Tracking Platform.

• JKM (H2-51) SEMINARS If you business is down can your profits be up? Absolutely… if you make attachment sales your number one focus for 2010. Chris Bennett of Celsus, with 16 years industry experience, will introduce the world-class training Celsus offer it's customers. This will help retailers do a better job by harnessing the interest in attachment sales. Chris will discuss proven concepts and strategies that will help retailers maximize every sale in accessories and also how to increase your amp and sub attachment rate. The 30 min seminar is for retailers wishing to increase store traffic, raise their average ticket price, and give their customers a better shopping experience. Celsus are confident that once you have attended this Seminar you will be looking to book yourself and your staff onto the next Celsus training course in the near future. Make sure you’re available at the event for it at midday on Monday 7th March.


01268 754897

tracking products and anti-hijack systems.




See Steelmate’s parking sensor range and the

HID Xenon lamps and their LED products.

ALCAR Dotz, AEZ, Dezent and new Calibre wheels



A range of rear view products, which includes

Kei Racing, Finichi and Braid wheels, plus tyre

cameras, rear sensors and a range of monitors

pressure monitors

new TPMS systems. Additionally they will also be exhibiting their Promata products which include

including dash mounted, roof mounted and rear view mirror styles. . Visitors can also find out about


their digital recording devices.

Team Dynamics and Supercar Wheels


THE PERFORMANCE COMPANY Remus exhausts, Pipercross filters, V-Maxx suspension and more

STYLING CARSTYLE-BITS New interior products plus the Armster armrest and Plategrippa

DODO JUICE Waxes and polishes plus shampoos from UK company

MOUNTNEY LIMITED Bike care products, plus G-Max and their own steering wheels

RICHBROOK Interior products including licensed Ford and Vauxhall parts

SMARTWAX UK LTD Car care accessories including new pro bodyshop/concours range

OTHER CAAR The buying group will be on hand to meet interested dealers

SANTA POD RACEWAY The legendary show venue, with partners Toyo Tyres

UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE Information on automotive-related degree courses


Get Competitive

in 2010

M.E.N takes a closer look at Car Audio Centre’s franchise proposition to independent retailers.

Have you ever wondered how you could compete with the big national retailers when it comes to car audio? With a market estimated to be worth around £150 million in the UK every year, it’s incredible to think that around half of that is taken by just one well-known chain. It’s a name that everyone is familiar with and a company that has the buying power and clout to offer not only cheaper prices, but also products from audio manufacturers designed purely for retail from their outlets. Like many other independent retailers this can cause a problem. While you may know the products better, be able to offer a superior commitment to fitting and even come close to matching their prices, you’re still fighting a tough battle when it comes to winning the customers. The cost of national advertising, the difficulty in establishing your name in your area and the impossibility of being able to get such good buying terms from distributors (unless you’re selling serious amounts) all conspire against you from the offset. But Car Audio Centre may have just the solution to balance things up a bit.

all the Car Audio Centres, each franchise will be able to get better rates on products meaning a better yield of profits. This influence with manufacturers could also lead to special products developed purely for Car Audio Centres to sell, meaning internet sellers don’t get a look in either. Additionally, where an independent retailer could almost go broke advertising their services in the national press, by joining together under the Car Audio Centre umbrella this needn’t be the case at all. In time the ambition is to create a chain of Car Audio Centres that will compete with the existing market leader when it comes to quantity of car audio sold. But there’s one very obvious difference… Car Audio Centres will be run by people like you, specialists with the knowledge and ability to provide the best service possible to the end customer.

‘With a market estimated to be worth around £150 million in the UK every year, it’s incredible to think that around half of that is taken by just one wellknown chain’

Essentially, Car Audio Centre is aiming to attract independent retailers into becoming a Car Audio Centre franchise. And the benefits of this are clear to see; an identity that will make you part of a nationwide chain, access to better deals on purchasing, business back-up from an experienced retail company and increased awareness for your business. The rationale has plenty of merit too, as the ultimate aim is to establish a nationwide chain of Car Audio Centres that combine to form a powerful proposition. With the combined buying power of




Car Audio Centre believe that franchises can also benefit from joining as it frees them up to concentrate on what they’re best at: selling and fitting car audio. While they’ll still have to deal with the day-to-day business elements they will have time freed up by not having to chase suppliers for the best deals or organise advertising and promotion. For more information on becoming a Car Audio Centre visit them at the M.E.N Expo, or contact them on the details below. If you have ambitions to make your business more profitable and to take a bigger slice of the audio market in your area then becoming a Car Audio Centre franchise could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Contact: Car Audio Centre, or


Becoming a Car Audio Centre gives you unprecedented market penetration that an independent I.C.E retailer cannot achieve. As part of the Car Audio Centre network you benefit from £250k of marketing exposure, higher profit margins with a wider customer base. ENQUIRE TODAY: HOW CAR AUDIO CENTRE TRANSFORMED MY BUSINESS Audio & Performance Centre Tooting. I have been running a successful store 5 years before I joined “Car Audio Centre” and I thought I was good at my job! Car Audio Centre has transformed my business , I have experienced over 150% growth in turnover and over 200% increase profits by taking advantage of a proven system, ongoing support, monthly training seminars! It really does work! This all in 2009 when many companies had a bad time. My advice is Join Car Audio Centre today and experience what I have Abid Mohamid Car Audio Centre Tooting





Approved partner



CC9060 - Crystal Now with choice of display colours Make handsfree calls / Transfer your phonebook via voice recognition

t Text - to - speech t Reads SMS, emails and phone book entries aloud t Bluetooth profile A2DP MP3 player

Only available from Parrot

t Voice control t Touchscreen

Dedicated to iPod / iPhone t t t t

RRP : £129.99


Radio / Media & Bluetooth unit 2.4” colour TFT screen 4 x 50 W Does not play CD


Normally £209.99




CK3100-UK t Up to 150 voice tags

t Mono caller display

RRP : £89.99

RRP : £129.99



t 2.8” removable screen

t 2.8” removable screen

t Upgrade System 8 kit to Bluetooth

t Full voice control

t Full voice control

RRP : £179.99

Think iPod kits


Think Parrot

RRP : £179.99


No fitting required


CK600 t Detachable

t Music streaming (no control)

t 2.2” colour screen t Handles 2 simultaneous calls

t Built in amplifier

RRP : £119.99


Advanced Voice Recognition


RRP : £199.99


Advanced Voice Recognition



FOC ISO mute included

t In car

Bluetooth handsfree solution

t Professional fit t Audio streaming and controls

t Built in amplifier

t Audio streaming and controls

t iPod/USB & line in

RRP : £129.99



t Requires fitting

t Built in amplifier

t ISO fitting

t iPod/USB & line in

RRP : £169.99

Works with any phone on the planet


Advanced Voice Recognition

RRP : £79.99


TK30 t Caller ID and picture t Album Art / Playlist t Built in amplifier

t Bluetooth-enabled for wireless connectivity


t ISO Harness Vehicle Integration


t Automatic phonebook download

t SD slot for MP3

t Voice prompts

t Removable screen

t Connect to 2 phones at once

t iPod / USB input

t Noise cancellation technology t Advanced multipoint technology

RRP : £199.99


£124.99 Dealer Net

Live pricing and online ordering at Credit card payments will be subject to a 2% surcharge

£POA Prices exclude VAT and delivery Errors and Omissions excepted


Audio / Visual

Tracking & Security


GPS - USB Data logging The cost effective way • • • •

t 9” TFT LCD monitor t FM modulator t 270° swivel rotation

No monthly fees Time Management Lower fuel costs Trip Log

Available in beige, black or grey

ASL IC900 DVD t Built in DVD

RRP : £379.99



45 minute unscheduled stop

RRP : £199.99




Route Maps



t 10.2” LCD all-in-one DVD/CD/MP3

Detailed Trip Logs


Excessive speed


t 25 built in games + controller t FM transmitter t 2 x headphones


t Slave screen & source unit can be added Available in tan or warm grey RRP : £499.99

stolen vehicle recovery



ASL H7668



£134.99 £115.00

Special Offer WAS £159.99


£169.99 NEW 2010

First Mobile

First t Universal fit

Mobile / PDA Access (First Mobile only)

Tow away alert

Pinpoint GPS Tracking

Tamper alert

International GSM coverage

System transferable

European coverage

Thatcham & insurer approved

t 2 x 7” headrests with built in DVD

• iPx67 waterproof • UK & European coverage

t Zip up security cover t 41 games with controllers t Built in speakers t IR transmitter t Media, SD and mini USB inputs

RRP : £379.99


Available in beige, black or grey

AV7500 Custom Headrests



t Handcrafted to match the factory seat in colour, grain and seam stitch

SmartNav Connected

t 7” LCD headrest with built in DVD t 25 built in games + 2 controllers t 2 x headphones t Smooth front / back screen tilt t Aux In for iPod / MP3

All in one box





New On-Demand


t USB connection for storage devices

Vehicle specific


RRP : £799.99


per pair

tel : 0116 244 9845

fax : 0116 244 9855


Tracking Products

M.E.N takes a look at the offerings from the major tracking products, covering both fleet and personal solutions. TRACKM8 Trakm8, manufacturers of complete fleet management solutions, have noted the general perception of the business world towards vehicle tracking is still widely filled with caution. This, they believe, has been attributed to tracking companies overselling products that aren’t required to support the business need or not having the technical capability to fulfil the promise made in the initial sale. Also the financial stability of suppliers and the ‘big brother’ fear that tracking is an invasion of privacy has tainted the image of the industry. Trakm8 have many attributes that counteract these concerns which they claim allows companies to take the decision to use tracking/fleet management confidently and in a manner which suits them. Upon initial enquiry Trakm8 will



undertake a full analysis to identify individual needs drawing from their vast

tracking ultimately a fleet management solution is implemented for driver

experience of every type of company, from small companies with a simple

safety and vehicle security. It is this message that has to be communicated

track and trace requirement to larger companies with full requirements such

clearly to employees to understand the benefits. It is vital that an employer

as evaluating their carbon footprint e.g. utilities. To aid this product matching

knows his staff are safe on the roads, as monitoring driver behavior can cut

Trakm8 has 3 levels of fleet management with clear pricing structures. All

down on speeding/harsh acceleration/braking and in some cases prevent

packages can include a variety of available options to suit the actual need

accidents from happening, all for the benefit of the driver, the vehicle and the

and budget. Trakm8 has a well-established in-house support infrastructure to

duty of care obligations of the company. Paul Wilson, Sales Director for Trakm8

take clients from installation, on-going training through to troubleshooting until

says “Here at Trakm8 we are committed to matchmaking our products to the

the client is completely satisfied.

needs of the customer, backed up with support that helps the customer every

On financial grounding Trakm8 are a publicly owned company based

step of the way. We have a strong internal team of individuals who drive

in Dorset. By the use of internal resources and knowledge, Trakm8 have

our technology and customer care creating our own success by focusing

increased their technology and product offering which has proven effective,

on future needs and exact customer requirements”. If you would like more

resulting in company profitability in a difficult financial climate. Also by their

information on the Trakm8 range of fleet management solutions for any size or

stable and indeed individual approach Trakm8 has won some influential

type of fleet contact the sales office now.

customers such as the utilities company, E.ON. As for the ‘big brother’ fear of

Contact: Trakm8, 01747 858444 or



For one of the strongest security brands in the industry

Spot On tracking system is a web-based

it is somewhat surprising that Scorpion Automotive has

monitoring solution for maximising fleet efficiency

not entered into the Vehicle Tracking market until now.

and productivity. By utilising mobile phone GPRS

However, this year sees the introduction of Scorpion

networks and satellite GPS technology, the

Track. Over the next couple of months dealer seminars

system offers fleet managers the convenience

both at their production facilities in Chorley and local

of a simple and effective 24/7 vehicle tracking,

to your dealership will be held for you to find out more.

asset management and security package. Key

The new Thatcham TQA approved Scorpion Track unit will be available from May this year and has

features include: 24/7 tracking on an unlimited

been designed and produced in the UK. Scorpion Track has been designed taking into account many

number of vehicles with regular updates of

dealer, installer and customer comments which has in turn led to a state of the art design as far as

exact location, detailed mapping, street level

size and installation is concerned. Also, on top of this, the back-room support mechanism for both the

accuracy within UK & Europe, vehicle Odometer

customer and dealer has been designed and built from scratch. This, using the very latest technology in

readings and route history report, vehicle and

server design will ensure that they can offer dealers the sleekest and most efficient customer registration,

non-powered asset tracking options to help you

dealer sales, installation and configuration process’s currently available. These factors alone will cut

track stolen assets, vehicle behaviour monitoring,

down on your time thus improving efficiency and profitability. However, this along with very keen dealer

including; out of hours mileage, speeding,

margins will put Scorpion Track at number one spot when it comes to dealer margin, efficiency and

excessive driving time, points of interest reports

profitability opportunities. The aim is to become the tracking product that ‘’you want to sell and you

and user-friendly web-based software. All in all

want to install’’ by removing all of the historic admin and hold-ups associated with tracking product

it makes for a great all-round tracking product

installation. They are now nearing the end of development but due to manufacturing the product

for the fleet customer, and Spot On’s distributor

themselves here in the UK they are able to cater for any custom features and functions that dealers or

welcome enquiries from any installation

their customers may require. They also welcome any feedback on ideas from dealers, which can be

engineers who are interested in more information

done on the contact details published.

on the benefits.

Contact: Scorpion Automotive, 01257 249928 or e-mail feedback to

Contact: Cellular Trade Accessories, 01296

425831 or


CAN Bus interface range is now compatible with over 250+ vehicles. CB-2



Vehicle Speed Signal & RPM output.

Vehicle Speed Signal output.

The original and still the best!

CB8-R Multi output interface Speed, RPM, Lights, Reverse, Hand Brake & Ignition supply

CB2PK NEW Speed Switch output for

de-activating front parking sensors above 6 MPH & Reverse signal for rear sensors. Special Trial price!


SCPTRAN2 Speed signal & RPM for Ford Transit 2003 – 2006.

LATEST NEWS… Landrover Discovery 4 is now covered. Please contact us for further information.

Vehicle Speed Signal, Speed Switch output, Reverse & Ignition supply.



TRACKSTAR Once again 2009 saw Trackstar having another successful year which they claim is excellent news for their existing and prospective dealers. The benefits of Trackstar are clearly a reason for this success. For example, if a vehicle has been moved illegally they can help the owner to locate it by using the Global Positioning System (GPS) in their Trackstar unit. Also, if their vehicle moves without the use of its keys, the unit will notify Trackstar and they'll be able to let the customer know and check if there is an explanation for it. If the customer is already aware that their vehicle is missing they must first report the theft to the police and obtain a crime reference number. With that police crime reference number customers can call the dedicated Trackstar Operator (0844 561 999 0) who will activate the GPS tracking function giving the vehicle's exact


location every 20 seconds. Some tracking devices rely on Police cars fitted with detection systems to track vehicles, at Trafficmaster they track the vehicle themselves and liaise with the

Smartrack have a comprehensive range of tracking

Police, which means not only is the customer more likely to get their vehicle back but there

products available. Trident it their very latest in internet

is a much greater chance it won't have been damaged in a high speed chase! If that's not

based stolen vehicle recovery tracker systems, allowing

enough, customers can even upgrade their unit to access navigation, and for a limited period

users to view their asset online with twice daily (midday

Trackstar are giving 3 months of Safe Speed absolutely free. The Trackstar unit will also alert users

and midnight) updates with standard subscription, but

to zones monitored by fixed safety cameras, ensuring they drive safely and within the legal

with extra one minute updates available. Essentially

limits. Better still Trackstar is also endorsed by all Police Authorities, are insurance approved and

Trident is an extension of the Protector+ system, simply

meets the British Insurance Industry’s Quality Accreditation Process. On top of all this, Trackstar

adding the online element. That means they both

have also recently employed an additional member to the team who is focused on the fleet

allow users to drive their vehicles as normal. Both

tracking side of things. He can offer guidance and information to dealers and can also help to

systems incorporate a movement sensor which detects

win dealers those all important contracts.

unauthorised movement of the vehicle. If the vehicle

Contact: Trafficmaster, 01234 759145 or

is illegally moved, a signal is sent to the SmarTrack Secure Control Centre who will in turn call the owner to confirm a possible theft. If the theft is confirmed,


SmarTrack can begin to track the vehicle live. The

Cobra have recently launched their new and unique SCD10 hardware - a GPS/GPRS/

system is supplied with its own back up battery too, so

GSM device providing a platform for a myriad of location based services, including

if the vehicle battery is disconnected, SmarTrack will

stolen vehicle tracking and pay as you drive insurance. For tracking installers, key

call the user and ask for confirmation that the vehicle

benefits are the compact size (just 72mm x 100mm x 20mm) and the fact that all

is safe. SmarTrack’s Alert 24 Keyguard system builds on

antennae are integrated within the box. This means that in comparison to other tracking

the Trident one, but requires a 4 digit PIN to be entered

devices, the SCD10 unit is extremely simple to install, with fitting time dramatically

into a remote control before moving the vehicle. In the

reduced by up to 50 percent. The added benefit of much faster GPS lock-on makes

event of non-entry or an incorrect PIN a signal is sent

commissioning much quicker too. SCD10 is the basis for the new Thatcham TQA

to the SmarTrack Secure Control Centre who will in turn

accredited CobraTrak First tracking system which replaces CobraTrak Q, whilst retaining

call the owner to confirm a possible theft. This is ideal for

all the key features including: movement/tow away alerts, battery disconnect alerts and

additional protection against key theft and car-jacking

European tracking across 36 countries as standard. Customers can upgrade the service

we advise this system for low use sports, classic cars,

to CobraTrak First Mobile at low cost, giving them the ability to request a locate for their

caravans and motorhomes. SmarTrack also offer some

vehicle to be sent straight to their mobile or PDA e.g (Blackberry).

more specialist tracking systems and add-ons: Maxi,

SCD10 is also the technology behind the Coverbox Pay as you Drive Insurance product launched

Fleet Assist, Blu-ADR, uTrack and MotoTrak. Maxi is for

in 2009, aimed at vastly reducing premiums for off peak drivers and targeting mainly 18-23 year

plant, marine and agricultural use, allowing subscribers

olds and the retired market. The Cobra SCD10 box provides the vehicle usage data that drives

to view their asset via a secure website. The use of

Coverbox’s monthly billing, and provides basic theft tracking if the insured vehicle is stolen.

the latest Sirf-Star GPS antenna and Quad band GSM

Through drivers can obtain quotes from 4 major insurers, with more coming soon,

components means the Maxi is capable of operating

and the service has taken off in a big way, with thousands of policies written since launch.

inside buildings. It also has the very latest in Geo-fence

Contact: Cobra Sales, 01932 772 400 or

technology, which means users can be alerted via email or mobile phone if their asset is on the move (ideal if they



don’t want their vehicle to leave a specific area). The


Geo-fence feature is also used on MotoTrak, a system

Trackitnow are launching what they believe is

designed specifically for motorbikes. Fleet Assist also

probably the smallest vehicle tracking device

This will allow users to get a full screen overview

employs Geo-fence technology and also gives start and

available, measuring only 60mm x 65mm x

of their fleet, let users group vehicles together

stop reports,reverse Geocoding (address of location)

14mm. This fully featured device will replace

and display only the shown group on screen

email MPH warning, road traffic updates and insurance

their existing Motion device. It offers dual band

(with historical replay available), display

discounts due to the fact this system is also monitored by

modem (900/1800mhz), two digital inputs, two

historical tracking for a single vehicle and track

the SmarTrack SCC. uTrack is another system that uses

digital outputs, power supply from 10 to 30v

more than one at any time plus much more.

can monitor themselves via the internet, and provides

DC, external GPS antenna, a motion sensor,

It also sends SMS and E-mail alerts to the user

excellent security for plant and agricultural vehicles. All

low power consumptio, onboard memory for

and allows users to send SMS messages to any

of these can also add Blu-ADR, which is Automatic Driver

up to 15000 records, a49 channel GPS receiver

mobile phone for free, and also to receive

Recognition that helps protect against the increase in

and turn by turn transmissions (locations up to

them. Additionally it offers on-screen alerts,

key theft burglaries. For more information on any of these

every 15 seconds). In March 2010, Trackitnow

a full reporting suite and the ability to publish

products, contact SmarTrack.

will also be launching the latest version of

scheduled reports.

Contact: SmarTrack, 0845 833 6971 or

their ERA software suite, which will offer more

Contact: Trackitnow, 0845 4670846 or

features and have a simple to use interface.



"-$)0-0$, #3&"5)"-:4&3 *..0#*-*4&3 4:45&.

ď Ź WAB - Portable (Wireless Alcohol Breathalyser with VBS) ď Ź TAB - (Tethered Alcohol Breathalyser with VBS) ď Ź VBS - Vehicle Blocking System which is permantly fitted in the vehicle ď Ź Driver Change button #

ď Ź Individually hygienically wrapped disposable mouthpieces


ď Ź GSM Communicator (Optional extra)


ď Ź The TAB has a Mounting Cradle for positioning in the vehicle


ď Ź 12 / 24 Volt



1" 4







(  Knightwatch Ltd Tel. 01732886777 E:


The Accessories Market How profitable can mobile electronics dealers find aftermarket accessories? We look at the facts Alloy wheels, sports suspension, exhausts, bodystyling… they’re all often found on cars running audio installs, so does it make sense for mobile electronics dealers to sell them too, or is it better to stick to what you know? As a specialist yourself you may realise that to sell specialist products then you need specialist knowledge, but perhaps the cross-over is strong enough to mean these other products could be just what you need to boost your profits. However, the likelihood is that you’ve already expanded your offerings to customers already thanks to advances in technology. Whereas once you sold headunits, amps and subwoofers, now it’s likely that while you still sell these, you also now sell hands-free kits, sat nav and in-car entertainment such as headrest screens. Not to mention other products like heated seat installs or parking sensors. In truth, mobile electronics retailers have already evolved much quicker than their counterparts on the performance and styling side of the car aftermarket, and the products involved in that evolution have meant your customer base has changed slightly. The products you sell now have as much to do with practical functionality as they once did with loudness and bass, meaning they’re more open to anyone rather than just hardened audiophiles and bass heads. On the other side of the fence, the performance and styling market has evolved but that’s more down to what the customers want than what the market has been able to offer, and the evolution for them has meant losing some areas like bodystyling, which is a very small percentage compared to what it used to be. In fact, for those retailers, branching out into sat nav, hands free and the like is a no-brainer as they are as relevant to their customers as they are to yours. So if the performance and styling retailers are selling products now more familiar to the mobile electronics market, does selling things like alloy wheels counter-balance the situation, and offer you the chance for bigger profits? Ultimately the answer would be ‘yes’, as of course the more you offer customers the more scope you have for making money. However, the differences between the two markets shouldn’t be under-estimated. For example, it’s much easier to hold decent stock levels when it comes to space taken up by mobile electronics. The largest thing you may have is a bass box or a 15in sub. If you’re looking at alloy wheels then you may have to hold four 17in diameter circles of metal in stock just to cater to one customer. Obviously you don’t need to stock all of these parts, you could simply have examples and order items in as needed (so long as the supplier is happy to work like that), although you may loose out to local specialists who could have the products in stock. And the other thing to consider is fitting. If you decide to sell suspension products, exhausts or alloy wheels it makes sense to offer fitting, just as many of you do with the mobile electronics products you sell. Often the fitting can be one of the best sources of income, or the way to clinch a sale, and in the competitive performance and styling market you need to be offering the best deal you can. However, fitting wheels means potential investment in tyre-fitting machines, fitting suspension and exhausts may need a ramp etc. On top of this you also have to acknowledge the safety aspects of fitting performance products…if a headunit isn’t fitted properly it’s not likely to kill anyone, if suspension or wheels aren’t fitted properly there’s a real danger. Should you have the space, knowledge 36



and potential investment though, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t expand your offerings into these areas. Alternatively, mobile electronics dealers can enter the performance and styling market in a more stealthy way. Rather than offering the traditional modification parts like wheels, suspension and exhaust, dealers could look to the more modern items. For example, HID headlight conversions, performance gauges and monitors, and remaps of ECUs. These three areas offer practicality for most car drivers and should also take very little room up for dealers. Added to that is the fact that they are all electronically based, so should be an easy upgrade for you to offer. HID conversions are relatively straight forward if you know what you’re doing, they won’t take up much space (either storage or fitting) and offer the customers a very real benefit. Gauge and performance monitors are similar in terms of your ability to fit them and the space they take up, but will appeal more to hardened enthusiasts, yet these enthusiasts may prefer to have an electronics specialist fit them rather than a performance specialist. Lastly remapping, an area that you could certainly dip your toe into. While the best way to remap a car, especially a modified one, is done on a rolling road, there are companies now that provide simple software downloads or tuning boxes for standard cars. Diesels are especially well catered for and require little time or even effort for the installer. The upshot of this is that decent profits can be made from them and they offer customers increased performance, and in many cases increased economy too. For mobile electronics retailers these could be easily promoted to customers coming in for sat nav or hands-free, with obvious selling points that are sure to be attractive to them. Essentially then, selling and having the ability to fit all the performance and styling related products would be a great way to expand your business. In reality though, it’s a safer bet to think carefully about the customers you have and the sort of modifications they may be interested in. Functionality for everyday use is perhaps the key consideration, rather than what looks the best or makes a car go faster at the expense of comfort. Even down to small things like decent tax disc holders, there are cross-over areas with the accessories aftermarket and the mobile electronics one that shouldn’t be ignored. Those products mentioned towards the end of this feature all add definite benefits to a car and should be a straight forward proposition for mobile electronics dealers to fit. Additionally ysou may find existing customers are very open to these and with the right promotion you may even attract new customers. For a better insight into the likes of HID kits, gauges and tuning boxes make sure you visit the Car Aftermarket News Expo, situated in the hall adjoining the M.E.N Expo, on Monday 8th March at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. There are a lot of opportunities for mobile electronics retailers in this sector, so make sure you find out exactly how at this must-visit event.

NEW Brands – NEW Technology

NEW Opportunities

Connectivit y



Securit y

To discuss how we can help you make the most of 2010, Contact us on:

0800 783 9125 sales @ armourau www.armourau


INSTANT EXPERT Porsche 911 HID upgrade.

Guys this month we are going to show you the procedure to upgrade

Now, Drill a hole in the cover and pass the wiring through and seal with

the lights on the Porsche 911 to HID.

the grommet.

To start pull down the carpet flap in the luggage compartment and remove

The ballast box can be fitted to the back of the cover. Cable tie and tape

the rubber bung:

the loose cables down and re-fit the headlamp. There are 4 lugs at the bottom of the lamp which should align with the track on the baseplate in

Now, locate the special headlamp removal tool from the Porsche tool kit, if

the car and then just push it in. There is no actual locking device, it is just

the special tool can't be found, I would think that a couple of BoJo's on the

held in with the opposing pressures.

outside should get the lamp out the tool looks like this: Push this into the recess to engage on the release lever in the inner wing

Compiled by Vernon Craig

and give a twist: W:

This should then push the headlamp out slightly. Pull the lamp towards you,

T: 07813303398

giving a slight upward movement and the lamp will come out. This will also Installation by Andrew Rossall

disconnect the lamp from the captive plug.




Remove the 4 screws on the bulb cover and unclip the cover. The bulbs


can then be swapped over. (headlamp inverted in pic's).

T: 07976 757573










T: 01296 425831 E: W: Cellular Trade Accessories Ltd, 18 Bridgegate Business Park, Aylesbury, HP19 8XN Please note: We do not charge surchages for credit card payments



Golden Opportunity from Connects2 Connects2 prove to specialist installers that nothing’s impossible when it comes to head unit replacement With most modern cars now a stereo is no longer just a stereo, it’s an integral part of the CAN Bus system of a car. This is all well and good if you have no plans on upgrading, but if you do, then it can seem an impossible task. Take for example the Vauxhall Insignia, a rep’s favourite that can be seen trawling up and down the motorways of the UK in droves on any given day. As such you’d expect it to come with sat nav as standard, but it was still a factory option from Vauxhall. While many buyers no doubt opted for it, others decided to cross off that box from the extras list with the intention of purchasing an aftermarket item later… the only problem is that aftermarket integration can’t be done, not even by Vauxhall. That is, aftermarket integration couldn’t be done, because thanks to Connects2 there is now a solution.

And the solution is one that will benefit the

achieve as OEM look as possible, which should

specialist retailer and leave the part shifters on the

make it easier to attract customers. Using the

internet out in the cold. The new range of fascia

relevant interface kit and stalk controls, installers

kits and interfaces can’t simply be sold onto the

can then integrate the new head unit with the

end customer, as it requires specialist knowledge

CAN Bus system and crucially allow the driver

and ability to fit them. Any online seller working out

to keep all of the functionality of the original

of their front room who has any integrity would shy

equipment, losing nothing in the process. Naturally,

away from even attempting to sell them, due to

this can be a time consuming process as even the

the potential troubles customers will have fitting

initial dismantling of the factory fascia can take

them, and the comeback it will have on them. This

more than an hour in some cases. However, this

means it’s a golden opportunity for the specialist

means that installers can make decent money

retailer/installer to once again win back that

from the labour costs as well as the profit margins

market and show the customer why they’re the

on the products sold.

people to trust. Connects2 believe that these interfaces solve Connects2’s ‘Head Unit Replacement Interfaces’

what was seen as an impossible problem,

are available for a number of models at the

which is great news on one hand. On the

moment, with more coming out all of the time.

other hand though, they also believe that

They work by replacing the existing fascia with

owners of these cars may not realise that a

the new fascia kit, within which the chosen head

solution now exists, so aren’t likely to approach

unit is fitted. These fascia kits do an excellent job

installers on the off chance. Considering the

of following the factory lines of the dashboard to

very specialist nature of the product, it’s a great chance for installers to shout about the fact that they can now offer integrated replacement head unit solutions, and if they do, Connects2 believe there’s plenty of profit to be made. The potential market for this type of integration is huge, and with Connects2 constantly launching new applications it’s likely that installers will be able to offer the benefits to virtually all customers stuck in the dilemma of having only the standard factory equipment.

Insignia before

Insignia after

Times have changed since the good old days of swapping a head unit over in a matter of seconds and for specialist retailers/installers this is something they need to embrace, as it’s likely to become a staple diet for many of them. For more information on how the ‘Head Unit Replacement Interfaces’ work or for a list of covered vehicles, contact Connects2 on the details below.

Fiesta before




Fiesta after

Contact: Connects2, 0845 257 5588 or visit


SNIPER X1 ALARM WITH UNIVERSAL CENTRAL LOCKING Very popular with our trade customers, this full feature alarm with universal CDL, dual stage sensor and immobiliser has plenty of opportunity for earning you a healthy proft.

A basic easy fit car alarm system with two remote controls, door and bonnet triggers, shock sensor, blue flashing LED and a loud 6 tone siren. Can be upgraded to remote locking using additional relays. Only 6 wires to connect if not using central locking.

� 2 x remote control transmitters with blue LED � 120dB 6 tone siren

� 2 x remote control transmitters with blue LED � Includes Loud 118dB six tone siren

� 2 stage shock sensor with warn off � Universal remote central locking with comfort closure � Engine immobiliser

� Includes shock sensor � Panic feature from remote control � Low negative lock/unlock outputs


� Flashing Hazard Lights on arm/disarm/activation � Flashing blue dashboard status LED � Door trigger input (negative) � Bonnet switch included

� 1 x LCD pager remote control � 1 x 4 button remote with blue LED � 120dB 6 tone siren � 2 stage shock sensor with warn off � Extra sensor port � Universal remote central locking with comfort closure � Engine immobiliser � Passive arming & locking � Remote start option


� Anti-hijack facility � Ignition locking � Emergency override � Valet mode

SNIPER X2 2-WAY ALARM SYSTEM The Sniper X2 adds a 2-way pager remote control to the features of the X1 system above. Also available with a remote engine starter.

� Passive arming & locking � Boot release output

SNIPER GSM ALARM SYSTEM Call the GSM alarm from any phone and follow the voice prompts to operate the alarm or listen into the car.


When the alarm is triggered it will phone up to two numbers to alert you. The car can also be positioned using the GSM network.





� � � � � � � � � �

Calls 2 numbers on alarm Control the alarm via any phone Position car using GSM network Listen in to the car via any phone 2 x 4 button remote with blue LED 120dB siren Dual stage shock sensor Universal remote central locking with comfort closure Engine immobiliser Passive arming & locking


A subscription free vehicle tracking device, ideal for people that want affordable tracking but don't want to pay the ongoing cost of a subscription. The user can locate their vehicle by sending a sms text message to the tracker which will respond by text message with a latitude and longitude; This can then be used to locate the vehicle using something like Google Maps.

� In car panic button � Main power low


Use the vehicle manufacturers original remote control key to arm and disarm the alarm - just lock the doors as normal and the alarm will be armed.

� Vehicle being started or alarm triggered � Vehicle being moved without ignition turned on


m isar mote &D e Arm ctory R Fa With

Text Alerts for:


Two models available: The Predator XL-RU is a standard upgrade alarm operating from a central locking pulse. The NEW Predator CAN-bus alarm connects to the vehicles digital CANbus communication system - only 6 essential wires to connect.

� Loss of main power



£39.99 CAN-BUS

HID CONVERSION KITS HID xenon conversion kits containing everything required to convert one set of lights. Easily fitted in under 5 minutes!

A self contained in car CCTV system with recording of audio and video to SD card (max 16 hours using 32Gb card). Ideal for taxis, motorsport events or for evidence in the event of an accident. Manual or continuous recording modes with time and date stamp. Recordings can be played back on an optional screen connected to the recorder or any PC with USB or SD card reader.

Designed in UK

� Internal Colour Camera � With infra red illumination

5 Year Warranty on Ballasts

� Records audio and video at 30fps � Uses standard SD Cards up to 32Gb (not included) � Automatic or manual recording � Auto Overwrite for continuous recording � Playable on a PC using Windows Media Player � Recordings are time & date stamped



H1, H3, H7, H8 H9, H10, H11 HB3, HB4

Quantity discounts available



electronics WORLDWIDE




Tel: 01928 759 239

Login: trade Password: global All prices exclude VAT & delivery.


£59 H4


Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Cellular Trade Accessories (CTA) offer the service and expertise to deliver exactly what dealers and installers need Founded by Richard Ackroyd some 8 years ago, Cellular Trade Accessories have grown to be one of the most trusted suppliers of hands-free products in the market. Before setting up the company, Richard had been at the forefront of ORA, one of the first businesses to cater for in-car phone solutions supply to the trade in the UK. From this background he was ideally placed to launch the new company, knowing the market extremely well and crucially knowing what the customers want.

requested. This means that rather than a mobile installer having to wait around for the package to arrive, they can get on their way and find the package where they need it to be. This clearly can save a considerable amount of time, which for any installer is crucial, as time is money. At the end of each day all customers who have placed orders will also receive a text message confirming the delivery address plus a tracking reference number if sent by courier. Aside from being a useful reference for the installer, it also helps to catch any problems before they get too large, which is another thing that installers (particularly those working for themselves) will be especially glad of. The

The company is now well known for primarily

text function also means that from time to

selling hands-free products from the likes of

time CTA can send out information on

Bury, Parrot and Nokia. While they will happily

deals to their customers, which they claim

concede that they aren’t the only suppliers to

usually attracts a big response.

the trade of these products, they believe that

when we say we’ll do something then we’ll do it

their levels of service are what make them the

CTA know that their customers are important,

most attractive proposition, and what should

and aim to make sure that they receive the

keep installers coming back to them time and

best value for money possible. Small things like

again. They believe in the motto “when we say

not charging a handling fee for credit card

we’ll do something then we’ll do it”, which is

purchases can add up to large savings, plus

placing a small order). Both of these last two

music to installers ears as it means they strive

they don’t mark up any carriage charges. The

points are areas that some companies take

to ensure accurate delivery one hundred per

price that it costs them to deliver you the parts

advantage of to boost their profits, but CTA

cent of the time. They even offer a useful and

is the price that you will be charged, with the

believe that by not doing so they are giving

quite unique service to installers, whereby they

benefit of flexible pricing too rather than a

the advantage to their customers to profit.

ship product directly to the site of installation if

set price for all deliveries (ideal if you’re only

This customer service even extends to their technical back-up, for example, if an installer is having problems removing a certain headunit they can call CTA who have a comprehensive database to consult. In more recent times CTA have also extended their offerings to the trade by introducing parking sensors and a tracking product. On top of this the consumables that installers need, such as trim removal tools or headunit keys, is another growing area of CTA’s business, meaning that their great customer service and no nonsense approach to pricing can also be taken advantage of in these areas too. If you would like to learn more about how CTA can help your business to prosper in 2010, then don’t hesitate to contact them on the details below. Contact: Cellular Trade Accessories (CTA), 01296 425831 or




Simple, Seamless Integration Gateway 500 The benchmark for multi media integration in MOST vehicles

Play iPod and USB through the original car system Display and Browse menus on screen Add Bluetooth and AV source control for front and rear Gateway 500 will interface with compatible vehicles from Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo. Check for full compatibility information

Gateway 100/300

Text applications in Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Lexus, PSA, Seat, Skoda, Vauxhall, VW


Come and see the latest in Dension innovation on stand H2-24 at the M.E.N show

For dealer enquiries, contact Dension at, or call 01494 898950 for sales and enquiries 01494 898954 for technical support




The Voice of the Future

The Audiovox Corporation offers dealers an insight into the future and opportunities for distribution in the UK.

Audiovox Incaar Systems is the European OEM arm of Audiovox

Incaar is the OEM division of Audiovox, these products are normally

Corp. specialising in rear seat entertainment and things like DVD,

handled by their German based logistics division. However, they are also

WiFi, Wireless, iPod interfaces. Due to their commitments to the OEM

keen to talk with companies in a position to offer UK distribution, whether

in recent times there hasn’t been a lot of news from them in the

that’s a national distributor or a handful of selected regional ones. As

aftermarket, but that’s all about to change. Having developed a

they point out, this is the perfect opportunity for an established distributor

whole host of rear seat entertainment products for manufacturers,

to offer high quality rear seat entertainment solutions to their portfolio.

they’re now in a position to pass on their technology and expertise to installers and retailers in the UK.

Similarly, Audiovox Holdings also deal with the audio side of Audiovox Corp’s proposition in Europe, supplying the Audiovox brand of quality

With the recent acquisition of huge American company Invision,

Head Units as well as the Mac Audio and Magnat ranges of audio

Audiovox Corp is in an extremely strong position to enhance their

enhancements. The Audiovox brand is one of the most well-established

offerings to the industry. Not only does it mean the ability to combine

in Europe and caters for any manner of Head Unit solutions including

the two company’s knowledge bases, it also grants Audiovox access

double DIN, Navigation, Bluetooth, Digital TV and iPod compatibility.

to much of the work that Invision have been carrying out with USA car

With high levels of quality they’re a market leader in Germany.

manufacturers. Coupled with the work that Audiovox Corp’s OEM division

Subwoofers, amps and crossovers are taken care of by the Magnat and

and Audiovox Incaar have been undertaking over the last few years with

Mac Audio brands, also distributed from their vast German headquarters.

US and European manufacturers, including more recently a prestigious

The two brands offer different levels of specification and price, which

German sports car producer, the future looks extremely exciting for the

gives the end customer a great degree of choice. While these products

company, with exciting technological advances on the horizon.

are all available to dealers in the UK by ordering through their German office, there is again an opportunity for a UK distributor to get on board.

Essentially they focus on three levels of rear seat entertainment. Firstly are their high definition digital slim-line screens with and without DVD players

Audiovox will be exhibiting at this year’s M.E.N Expo, so make sure you

as found in top spec luxury vehicles. Available with touch screens and

pay their stand a visit. This will give a great opportunity for an up-close

infra red or digital headphones these are perfect systems for installers

look at their latest products and the potential to speak with the company

looking to concentrate on the high end customer. Next up is the range

directly about distribution possibilities. Alternatively, if you would like to

of patent protected automotive spec “Quick Kit” OEM LCD/DVD kits as

speak to them beforehand, or couldn’t make it to the show, contact

found in numerous manufacturer cars. The beauty of these systems is

them on the details below.

that they can be installed or removed with relative ease, making them



ideal for customers who are installing them into lease cars, and they also

Contact Audiovox Incaar Systems: Ciaran Mitchell, Audiovox Incaar

come with OEM type warranties making them an easy sell. Completing

Systems, 01483 722531 or visit or

the range is Audiovox Incaar’s hybrid system that is also protected by

Contact Mac Audio + Audiovox: Bernhard Moertl, +49820890040 or

their patent. This is a simple to install screen/DVD player system that

+491738550044, email: or visit

can be hard-wired or powered through cigar lighter socket, perfect for


customers after a cost-effective and quick solution, and who also may

Contact Magnat: Mario Lode, +492234807144 or +491638071012,

need to move it from one car to another with minimal fuss. As Audiovox

email: or visit



Clarion CAN, so you CAN… Clarion continues to open up additional aftermarket sales opportunities for its dealers, through CAN-bus, and beyond

It’s well acknowledged in the trade - and

Double DIN deals

With more than 60% of all new vehicles sold in

increasingly amongst consumers - that the

Graham Case also highlights the opportunity for

Europe including a larger dashboard installation

proprietary multiplex wiring system and

increased business in double DIN fitments:

space for ICE than the standard 1-DIN size, Clarion

electronic data transfer techniques in newer cars can seriously inhibit the upgrade to current aftermarket ICE. “The problem is only going to deepen,” comments Graham Case, Clarion (GB) General Manager, Aftermarket, “and it will continue to restrict local marketing to owners of newer cars unless the appropriate CAN converter interface is available.” Clarion’s development division already offers an extensive range of CAN converter fitments which will customize CAN-Bus equipped cars with the latest audio and multimedia line-up from Clarion and further development will see the range grow. Graham Case continues: “Satnav has added a new dimension to the interface issue, but the latest navigation technologies from Clarion can be incorporated by installing a compatible Clarion CAN converter to handle all the required signals.




is well-equipped to help its dealers attract a

“Talk about the end of the recession is all very well, but our market will continue to be very tough”, he says. “What’s more, focusing on sales in the traditional enthusiast sector means missing opportunities in a wider marketplace, which we encourage all our dealers to address… particularly in 2-DIN upgrades.”

double-DIN sales opportunity – both audio and multimedia - with bespoke mounting brackets for 29 different car manufacturers and its new product line-up. Specifically, on the audio front, the Clarion CX609E (pictured) offers a very appealing, feature-rich double DIN upgrade with an OE-style appearance. To provide a professional fitment and seamless integration of Clarion components in a 2-DIN spaced slot, Clarion has developed a wide range of car-specific mounting brackets. To help the installer, all brackets are supplied with detailed mounting instructions and diagrams for each car. All fixing materials are included with each bracket. For more information on Clarion’s CAN-bus and double DIN products, and specific fitment advice, e-mail Clarion (GB) on or call 01793 870400.

Burnt out?

There’s nothing new about feeling burnt-out, charred and cheated, but when business is far from hot, you need to be ready to make the most of every deal on the street. And work with the best people to help you with the products, support and commitment to get you through. As others pull out or pull back, Clarion remains the most experienced, sustained and committed brand to the UK aftermarket, and to its appointed dealers. Red hot in fact.

Want to know more? Call 01793 870400, or e-mail and we’ll e-mail you a free copy of Clarion Active, the dealer guide to get you on the road to better business. Clarion (UK) Ltd, Unit 1, Marshall Road, Hillmead, Swindon SN5 5YU DIRECTORY

For as little as £17 per month, you can list your

company details here. For more information, contact

0870 444 3531 or e-mail

20:20 Mobile Contact: Marc James T: 01270 411838 E: W: Brands: Nokia, IO, BlackBerry, Sony Ericcson, Jabra, Motorola, LG


Alpine Electronics of UK Ltd Contact: Keith Holness T: +44 (0) 2476 719623 E: W: Brands: Alpine Armour Automotive Limited Contact: Sales T: 0800 783 9125 E: W: Brands: Autoleads, CTi, iO, Mutant, Radiomobile, Veba, VI, Avital, Clifford, Focal, Hornet, Kicker, Orion, Viper Anglia Fleet Services T: 01493 888017 M: 07760196088 W: E: Brands: Anglia Fleet Services Ltd offer a One stop shop. Vehicle Conversions Specialists. Customer operations and national vehicle installation services of the highest quality including a  wide range of accessories such as Racking, Roof Racks, Tow Bars, Graphics, Van Vaults, Bulkheads, Light Bars, Beacons, Hands Free kits, Tracker, Sat Navs. Audiovox Incaar Systems GmbH Contact: Ian Rosevear T: 01483 722531 E: W: Brands: AIS, Incaar Audio Wave LTD Contact: Grant Hanan T:  +44 (0) 1702 589722 E: W: Brands:  Audio Wave - Handcrafted bespoke amplifiers Audiopipe Contact: Pav / REJJY T: 01604 601500 / +44 (0) 7810652661 E: pavkapoor@hotmailcom W: Brands: Audiopipe, Earthquake & Mobile Spec Automonitor Mobile Multimedia Ltd Contact: Hugh J McTernan T: +44 (0) 116 275 2020 E: W: Brands: Automonitor, SAVV, Necvox, Visteon and Vizualogic Axis Contact: Chris Woods T: 0870 350 2460 E: W: Brands: DLS, CDT Audio, Massive Audio, Skinz Avian Mobile Ltd Contact: Simon Price T: 020 8605 2743 / 07860 556640 E: W: Brands: Nationwide Installation Services - One stop shop for manufacturers of telematics and handsfree devices looking for a national solution that incorporates forward and reverse logistics with warehousing, customer operations and national vehicle installation services of the highest quality




Bazooka (Flagship Products) Contact: Greg Morris T: +44 (0) 20 8838 8844 E: W: Brands: Bazooka, Morel BF.UK (The Bass Factory Ltd) Contact: John Nutting T: 01902 458 010 E: W: Brands: Custom built bass boxes made to manufacturers specifications for all makesof subwoofers. Plus large Universal range. All made in the U.K. MOBILEELECTRONICSNEWS.EU

Blaupunkt T: 01895 838880 E: W: Brands: Blaupunkt, Velocity

Cobra UK Contact: Cobra Sales T: 01932 772 400 E: W: Brands: Cobra offers a complete range of vehicle security and electronic systems: CobraTrak stolen vehicle tracking systems, Cobra alarms and immobilisers, Cobra ParkMaster parking sensors, Rosen retro fit in-car DVD systems, BlueConnect Bluetooth handsfree systems, E-Cruise aftermarket cruise control and speed limiters, Coyote live safety camera alert systems, and Mobileye Collision Prevention Systems

Bravox Audio (Hexen A.D) Contact: Ajay Maisuria T: +44 (0) 20 8904 7099 E: W:, Brands: Bravox & BSA Speaker Systems


Commercial Electronics Contact: Salim Ali T: +44 (0)208 404 7105 F: +44 (0) 208 404 7104 E: W: Brands: Designed & engineered in UK.  Est. over 25 years. OEM service available.  Hawk Car Alarm, Hawk Reversing Angel, Hawk Motorcycle Alarm, Hawk GPS, Demon Alarm, Demon iReversing , Demon Motorcycle Alarm, Demon Tracking.

Car Audio Security Contact: Reno or Allan T: 08707 220011 E: W: / Brands: UK Wholesaler for JBL, Infinity & Harman Kardon. Authorised Dealers for: Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, JVC, Vibe, Fli, Boss Audio, Orion, Clifford, Snooper, Hertz, Rainbow, Fusion Car Audio Supplies Ltd Contact: Pav / Rejjy T: 01604 601500 / +44 (0) 7810652661 Email address: W: Brands: Earthquake, Audiopipe & Mobile Spec Canm8 Ltd Contact: Colin Palmer T: 08452266283 E: SALES@CANM8.COM Brands: Canm8 range of can bus interfaces can bus custom design CSS GROUP (Car Sound Supplies Ltd) Contact: Mick Barber T: 01332 669920 E: W: Brands: UK Distributors for PARKSAFE ( - ONYX AUDIO - CLIMAX AUDIO - WATERMARK - GT ALARMS, Meta Distribution,Main inporter for CSS Sub boxes, Parcel Shelves, Accoustic Carpet, Facia`s, ISO /SOT Leads, RCA leads, I-POD Steering control convertor leads, Parking sensors, Reverse camara, ICE Products, Amp Kits. Parrott, Nokia, Bluetooth Phone Kits.

Connects2 Contact: Andrew Simner T: 0845 257 5588 F: 0121 522 5589 E: W: Brands: Connects2 – Interface solutions for O.E.M and after market systems, Includingadapters for iPod, USB, MP3, CD, MD, Aux, Stalk inc CAN-Bus, Stalk &Display, Telemute, Parrot and MOST fibre optic iPod & Bluetooth hands free interfaces


Dashmount Contact: Steve Taylor T: +44 (0) 208 391 1911 E: W: Brands: Dashmount

Cellular Trade Accessories (CTA) Contact: Sales T: 01296 425831 E: W: Brands: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Parrot, Motorola, Autoleads, Scorpion, Jabra

Directed Electronics Contact: Armour Automotive T: 01420 476 767 E: W: Brands: Clifford, Viper, Hornet, Avital, West Coast Customs, Directed Audio, Orion, Directed Video, Directed Mobile Media

Celsus UK Limited Contact: Sales T: +44 (0)1202 664 390 E: W: Brands: Celsus Accessories, Calearo, CANBus, Dynamat Europe, iPod Integration, Jehnert, JL Audio, MTX Audio, Stinger Electronics, PAC Audio, Stinger DSI

Drive Contact: Ben May T: +44 (0) 1943 882724 E: W: Brands: IO Play, Hirschmann, Brodit, Bloomice, Steelmate, Plantronics, Parrot, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemans, THB Bury, Autoleads, Visorblade, Wallen, Plantronics, Road Pilot Micro Go, Laser Park Pro, Snooper, Smartnav, Trackstar, Connects2, Antenna’s, Consumables

CEL Trade Contact: Andrew Marsden T: 01162 449846 E: W: Brands: Becker, Blaupunkt, DriveSync, Garmin, Navman, Road Angel, Snooper, Sony, TomTom Chameleon Codewing Ltd Contact: Kent Stabler T: 01206 500 848 M: 07702 565100 E: W: Brands: Authorised Distributor for THB Bury, Parrot, Motorola, Kram Radio Mutes, Scorpion, Dashmount, Brodit, Steelmate, Alpine, Kenwood, Snooper & Nokia. Plus Trade & Corporate Nationwide installation.

Drivesync - Tracking Contact: Andrew Marsden T: 01162 449846 E: W: Brands: Drivesync - Tracking.


Earthquake Contact: Pav / REJJY T: 01604801500 / +44 (0) 7810652661 E: W: Brands: Earthquake, Audiopipe & Mobile Spec Electronics Worldwide Ltd Contact: Chris Williams T: +44 (0) 800 083 1893 +44 (0) 1928 759239 E: W: Brands: Falcon Alarms Systems, DE Multimedia

CKO International Contact: Mark Scarff T: 020 8863 8333 W: Brands: CKO, Eurologics, Necvox, Nesa/ VST, Rosen Clarion (GB) Limited Contact: Sales at Clarion T: +44 (0) 1793 870400 F: +44 (0) 1793 875881 E: W: Brands: Clarion

Daltec AI Ltd Contact: Peter Dallas T: 0208 515 7820 E: W: Brands: Authorised distributers for Dice IPod, Dension, Steelmate, THB Bury, Nokia, Brodit, Bluetooth car kits and much more…..


Fli Audio T: 0870 765 8423 E: W: Brands: Fli Focal See Armour for contact details

=Xjk:XiXe[I\[c`e\ i\X[\ijjg\e[fm\i ™)-d`cc`fefeZXi Xl[`f\m\ipp\Xi FeXm\iX^\#k_Xkjfm\i™,)0g\ii\X[\i f]=Xjk:Xi#Xe[™,/*g\ii\X[\if]I\[c`e\%! DXb\jli\pfl^\kpflijc`Z\f]k_\dXib\k

Kfjg\Xbkffe\f]k_\G\i]fidXeZ\8lkfdfk`m\X[m\ik`j`e^k\Xd#ZXcc Jk\m\>i`^^#D`b\GpXkk#GXlc>l\jkfi<d`cpJd`k_#fe'()),++))++ !;XkX]ifd=Xjk:XiXe[I\[c`e\I\X[\iI\j\XiZ_#8gi`c)''0

DIRECTORY Follow Us Contact: Martin Brown T: 0871 425 4422 E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it W: Brands: GPS Tracking and Mobile Phone Tracking


Four Contact: Jas Dahele/Brian Parton T: 0845 450 1594 E: W: Brands: Audiocontrol, Audison, Hertz, Rainbow, Connection & Poket Frequency Telecom Ltd Contact: Stephen Donovan T: 020 8397 2222 E: W: Brands: Jelly Communications,, UK Car


Fusion Electronics UK Ltd Contact: Roy Bryan T: 01268 889580 E: W: Brands: Fusion



Gemini Security Direct UK Ltd Contact: Kelly Pee T: +44 (0) 1354 695 946 E: W: Brands: Manufacture of Car Alarms, Can-bus, Wireless Sensors, Parking Sensors Cellular Accessories. Becker (Harman Becker) Contact: Anthony Mills T: 07971 526616 E: W: Brands: Becker



Hambro Cavendish Group Contact: WelshBoy T: 0845 230 7077 E: Brands: Laser Star, Snooper , Road Angel, Origin, Blinder, Photoblocker





Morel (Flagship Products) Contact: Greg Morris T: +44 (0) 20 8838 8844 E: W: Brands: Morel, Bazooka

Scorpion Automotive Ltd Contact: Petra T: 01257 249928 E: W: Brands: Scorpion Security, Scorpion Parking Systems, Scorpion Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems, Scorpion Cellular Accessories, Scorpion Multi Media, Scorpion Reversing Cameras

Navman Contact: Andrew Marsden T: 01162 449846 E: W: Brands: Navman

Select Products Contact: Matt T: 01233 62 32 36 E: W: Brands: Select Products

Novus Systems Ltd Contact: Nigel Carter T: 0845 659 0959 E: W: www.novusgps.comm Brands: Novus speed camera detectors

SmarTrack Ltd - Global Telemetrics Contact: Andrew Newman T: 0845 833 6971 – 07787 106493 E: w: Brands: SmarTrack – MotoTrak – TOADTRAK - uTrack

Origin Technologies Ltd Contact: Steve Doyle T: 0203 010 1000 E: W: Brands: Pogo and Origin

Snooper Contact: Welshboy T: 0845 230 7077 E: Brands: Snooper

Performance Products Contact: Jason Ballard T: 0870 787 0700 E: W: Brands: Snooper

JKM Entertainment Limited Contact: Matthew Wing T: 01298 808230 E: W: Brands: JKM G4 (Double Din Car PC) and JKM S3 (Single Din Car PC) T: 0871 871 9747 E: W: Brands: Audiovox InCaar Systems, Becker, c~quence, Dension, Flash2pass, i-sotec, Parkology, Paser, Vizualogic

Locks4Vans Ltd Contact: Sales T: +44 (0) 1474 560077 F: +44 (0) 1474 561112 E: W: Brands: L4V, Diablock, Bodyguard, Containerlock, Deadlocks, Slamlocks, Defender

Steelmate Automotive (UK) Ltd Contact: Kevin Kay T: 01582 475677 E: W: Brands: Steelmate Parking sensors, TPMS, HID Streetwires See BBG Distribution Ltd for contact details


Parrot UK Limited T: 0844 472 2360 E: W: Brands: Parrot

In-CarPC Ltd Contact: David Hitchings T: 0117 972 1775 E: W: Brands: In-CarPC, Mini Intel Atom Automotive PC, Mini Intel Core 2 Duo Automotive PC, Mini Via C7 Automotive PC, Pico Automotive PC

Kenwood Electronics UK Limited T: +44 (0) 1923 816444 E: W: Brands: Kenwood

STB Online Contact: Simon T: 01903 732775 / 07773 374927 E: Brands: Oxygen Audio

Panorama Antennas Ltd Contact: John Thomson T: +44 (0) 20 8877 4444 E: W: Brands: Manufacturer of antennas for DAB, Mobile Radio, Tetra, 3G Broadband and other wireless technologies. Paragon Auto Electrics Contact: Paul Culling T: 0845 33 00 600 E: W: Brands: lpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, Clarion, Sony, Rockford, Connects2, Autoleads,TR Speed Detectors,Hirschmann

InCar Expert Contact: Kevin O’Byrne T: 0118 9701612 E: W: Brands: Shared online mall for In-car Specialists. Backed by the MMSA

E: W: Brands: Manufacturer and Distributor of CAN Bus interfaces, Electronic Interfaces, Automotive Transducers, Data Logging Systems and SpeedWatc

Mobile Media Specialist Association Ltd Contact: Kevin O’Byrne T: 0118 9701612 E: W: Brands: The trade association of independent specialist retailers



Road Angel Contact: WelshBoy T: 0845 230 7077 E: Brands: Road Angel SatNav Systems Ltd Contact: Tomasz Slaski T: +44 (0) 208 8700267 E: W: Brands: Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat Sailes Marketing Ltd Contact: Matthew Sailes T: +44 (0) 1386 554210

Tech-Tronics Ltd Contact: Steve Coates / Paul McKenna T: 0844 372 3003(Lo-Call)/ 0161 869 0050 E: W: Brands: Suppliers of remote controls and immobiliser keys for car security systems, garage, gate and shutter systems. Mobile installation service of vehicle security, tracking systems, bluetooth car kits, parking sensors, tow bars, window tinting and in-car entertainment. Trafficmaster PLC Contact Name: Steve Dandy T: +44 (0) 7740 718654 E: W: / Brands: Trackstar & Smartnav Twd LTD Contact Name: Smudge T: 07980 594 579 F: 01902 863 999 W: Brands: Crunch, Hifonics, MB Quart, Toxic, Audiobahn


Valeo Service (UK) Ltd Contact: Jim Worland / Ian Dore T: 01527 83 83 00 E: W: Brands: Driving Enhancements Vibe Audio T: 0870 765 8423 E: W: Brands: Vibe

For less than £17 per month, you can list your company details here. For more information, contact 01268 754 897 or e-mail 50



Cobra - celebrating 35 years of vehicle security and safety excellence Cobra was a pioneer in the vehicle security arena as far back as 1975, designing and manufacturing some of the world’s very first alarms. Today, Cobra remains at the forefront of vehicle security design, directly supplying vehicle manufacturers with many of the world’s standard fit security systems, and using this know-how to develop bespoke solutions for aftermarket installation. In the UK you can rely on Cobra for a complete range of vehicle security and electronic systems. Our product range extends from Cobra anti-theft alarms for both cars and motorcycles, to Cobra ParkMaster aftermarket parking sensors, Rosen retro fit in-car DVD systems, BlueConnect Bluetooth handsfree systems and E-Cruise aftermarket cruise control and speed limiters. Cobra is the European market leader for GPS stolen vehicle tracking with full European coverage as standard, and the new CobraTrak First range reduces fitting time by up to 50 percent. All of Cobra’s alarms and tracking solutions are Thatcham accredited and recognised by major insurers.

Call us now for more information or to apply to become a Cobra installer: 01932 772 400

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