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elcome to the First Edition of The Essex Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Magazine. Your definitive guide for essential information and advice on all Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical procedures. Whilst our desire to look and feel beautiful is not new, the affordability, availability and accessibility

of cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures are new. In today’s society there is extreme pressure for us to look perfect, and yes we do all want to look younger but surely looking great for our age, is what it is all about? Our main objective is to educate local people on the services and products available on their doorstep! The Essex Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide only recommends and features companies/surgeons from the U.K that are medically trained and accredited to the appropriate associations (see pg 6, on how to choose your surgeon and pg18 for tips on how to find the best clinic) We want our readers to make a confident decision and form a trusting relationship with their chosen surgeon and clinic. We are very much aware of the dangers and problems of unregulated companies within this

“Your Definitive Guide for Essential Information and Advice.”

industry and it is therefore our intention to inform and teach our readers the importance of ‘DOING YOUR HOMEWORK’. Not only have we found you the finest establishments in the area, offering you the best service, but also we have the best discounts on offer anywhere in Essex! So why not take advantage of 25% off and treat yourself to a fabulous new look and visit one of our chosen ‘Top Ten Hair Salons’. Or if you need to escape the stress and pressures of everyday life and take a well deserved time out, we have found you the crème de la crème of Essex

Spas, see page 38 for our Top Ten selection. You could find your self indulging in pure luxury and relaxing in your ultimate haven with the added bonus - Money off! We also explore new Beauty advances, offering you useful tips and advice on the best products for your face and body, don’t just take our word for it, page 62 unearths the hidden secrets in the world of celebrities. If you’re needle nervous or simply not ready for the knife we have found you plenty of great line-busting and wrinkle-preventing creams and potions to help, whatever your age. For other Non Surgical options we have sourced you the best alternatives to surgery ‘Magic Underwear’. I hope you enjoy this first issue as much as we have creating it! For further news, advice, unmissable giveaways and competitions, visit our website And if you have any stories or views you wish to share with us, email them to

Wishing you a fantastic 2009 – The Year for the New You Best Wishes Emilia Bronze (Editor)


Contents.‘09 CosmeTiC surGery

NoN- surGiCAL

06 – Trust your Doctor? The President of B.A.A.P.S Nigel Mercer explains the

24 – Non surgical Clinics

importance of choosing the correct surgeon.

To get the best advice and information then look no further,

08 – Adjustable Breast surgery in a day

over then next few pages we have sourced the best clinics

Pioneering Trends in Breast Augmentation Surgery at Phoenix

in Essex!


28 -29 Anti -Wrinkle injectables

10 – Do your research!

Do you know your Botox from your Cosmoderm? If not, then

Mr Douglas McGeorge educates us on the importance of

read on to find out which wrinkle smoother is best for you

‘Doing our Homework’ when choosing our Surgeon or Clinic.

32 Feel GreAT and Look youNGer!

11 – Achieving Natural Breast Augmentation

Specialist Dr Patrick Bowler offers his expert advice on

Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Jonathon Britto explains how with a

Non –Surgical treatments and shares his Top Ten products

responsible approach by both surgeon and patient, life –


changing results are achievable which restore confidence

34- The First injectable Boob and Bum Booster

and femininity.

A new, longer lasting filler Macrolane™ is helping women

12 – 13 Breast and Body surgery: The options

all over the UK achieve the body of their dreams without

To help you make an informed judgment we have asked


London’s premier female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni to outline some procedures to help you along the

36-39 – Non-surgical Wrinkle smoothers For every Age If you’re needle nervous or simply not ready for the knife


there’s plenty of great line-busting and wrinkle-preventing

14- Head to Toe and All Things in Between

creams and potions out there to help.

The St Andrew’s Cosmetic Surgeons - STACS - are a group

42 - The Art of Permanent make-up, by Heidi Worman

of 12 plastic and cosmetic surgeons who together make up

Anyone who wants to look their best anytime or anywhere

the internationally celebrated St Andrews Centre for Plastic

should consider permanent enhancements.


79 – magic underwear

16-17 Facial Cosmetic surgery: Past, Present and Future / Facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way from

If you can’t face a tummy tuck or a boob job, don’t worry there’s an elasticated device to help! Here we pick the best.

its humble beginnings. It is safe, effective and, if done well, barely detectable.

18 - restore the glow of youth with sculptra Does your face show signs of ageing such as sunken cheeks, deep lines and unwanted depression around the corner of your mouth? This may just be your solution!

20-21 – Weight Loss surgery Despite diet and exercise, sometimes that extra weight just won’t shift, and for some, the decision to turn to surgery is the only answer. Here are the options for surgically losing weight.

72- Phoenix Hospital – The Leading Laser eye specialists Laser eye surgery is now a common, safe and effective method for correcting vision problems.


DeNTAL 60 - Hollywood smiles or Lots of Tears. The future of cosmetic dentistry, Dr Raj Kumar explores the various ways that you can improve your smile.

64 – something To smile About Our pick of the best Teeth Whitening Products available, in budget!


Charlotte Body Publisher

44 – 47 Top Ten spas in essex We have found you the crème de la crème of Essex Spas. So take a look at our Top 10 selection and you could find your self indulging in pure luxury and relaxing in your ultimate haven!

54 - seven Celebrity Beauty Wonders

Emilia Bronze Editor

Ever wanted to peek inside a celebrity’s beauty bag to find out what products they use to keep their skin glowing. Here we’ve done just that, so you can steal a few star beauty secrets!

81 – Look 10 years younger With These make up Tips! Wear the right colours and textures and you could

Peter Johnson Art Director

knock off 10 years! Just follow our advice.

84 – male Grooming Forget soap-on-a-rope, men’s grooming is getting serious. We have the 8 of the best buys.

88 – 91 – Top Ten Hair salons in essex We have found you the best establishment and Hair Stylist in your area.

92 -93 – The scissor King

Clair James Sales Manager

The world’s most respected authority on hair and scalp health, trichologist, Philip Kinglsey agreed to answer some of the most common questions on hair loss.

94- 95- Question & Answers Your indispensable source for information and help.

Sarah Elson Sales Executive

96 – The Directory All the numbers your address book needs to create the PERFECT LOOK...

Danielle Argent Editorial Assistant and Pr Assistant

Angela Topley Design & Production Assistant


HoW do You CHoose a By CosmeTiC Nigel surgeon? mercer T he choice of your surgeon for a

from other specialties may be trained in

cosmetic surgery procedure really is

specific cosmetic surgery procedures and

one of the most important decisions

may perform those procedures to a very high

that you will make. Not only will you be

standard. Surgeons who perform cosmetic

investing a considerable amount of time and

surgery procedures should perform sufficient

money, but you will also be putting your trust

numbers to retain their competence, submit

and safety in your surgeon’s hands. You will

audit figures for their cosmetic surgical

live with the result for life.

work, and must attend educational courses

The terms cosmetic surgery and aesthetic

to maintain their ‘Continuing Professional

surgery are inter-changeable. Unfortunately

Development’ (CPD). However, this does

for the public, the UK Government does not

not mean that a surgeon who advertises that

designate cosmetic surgery as a specialty in

they only do cosmetic surgery is necessarily

its own right nor does it regulate the industry.

an expert, and do not take pre- and post-

The only specialty in which surgeons

operative photos as a reliable indicator of

receive training in all aspects of cosmetic

competence. Even the worst surgeon will get

surgery is Plastic Surgery, but surgeons

some good results.

Nigel Mercer Consultant Plastic Surgeon and President of BAAPS and EASAPS

No matter whom you see, you must ask the correct questions, take advice and do your research.

No matter whom you see, you must ask the correct questions, take advice and do your research.

1 2 3

Ask your GP. They are there to protect you, and they should know

not a specialist plastic surgeon ask yourself what are you

who has a good reputation in your area.

seeing them for and are they trained to perform it.

Use word of mouth. Ask friends.


their complication rates are. Ask what your surgeon’s special interests are, and their complication rates. They

‘clinics’ you may not see the same surgeon that your friend saw and

are obliged to tell you. Ask what they will do if there is a

some may employ surgeons, who come on short-term contracts and

problem with your operation. Think what this implies if

then leave. A free consultation is not really free. A surgeon should

you have surgery abroad.

procedure. Beware sales talk on the phone.


Ask how many procedures the surgeon has done and what

Choose a surgeon, not a clinic or a hospital. If you go to one of the

charge you for their advice and you should not be sold a product or




Do not make a decision on the day of the consultation. No matter how long you have been thinking about the

Check the BAAPS (The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic

problem, go back for a second consultation, for which there

Surgeons) website. It lists BAAPS members by region and there are

should be no charge. Avoid anyone that tells you that “you

excellent surgeons through out the country. You do not have to go

must have” a cosmetic operation or procedure. No surgical

to London to find excellence.

procedure or cosmetic treatment carries a guarantee, so ask yourself, “If I have a complication or I do not get the result

Check the GMC (General Medical Council) website to check

I wanted, have I made the right decision?” IF the answer is

what specialty your surgeon is registered to work in. If they are

“No” or you have any doubts, do not have the treatment.

Eagle Way, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3LE hartswood



espite the credit crunch, Spire Hartswood Hospital

Three highly respected Essex-based consultant plastic surgeons

in Brentwood expects demand for cosmetic surgery

work at Spire Hartswood Hospital: Mr Mark Gittos, Mr Fortune

to be high in the first few months of 2009, as women

Iwuagwu and Mr Manu Sood. Patients generally choose their

in Essex start putting their New Year resolutions into action.

consultant based on recommendation from their GP, friends or family; after reading about the surgeon on the Spire Healthcare

Breast augmentation is the most

website; by attending a cosmetic surgery open evening or by

popular cosmetic surgery operation

coming to an informal appointment with the hospital’s cosmetic

at Spire Hartswood and patient

nurse adviser, Wendy Jones. “Whichever consultant you

numbers increased by 12% in 2008.

choose, you’ll know that you’ll see the same person for all your

The next most common procedure

appointments and that surgeon will carry out your operation

is nose reshaping (also popular

and after-care,” said Wendy, who is available to answer patients’

among men), followed by breast

questions and concerns about cosmetic surgery.

reduction, cosmetic eyelid surgery and liposuction. The hospital

Spire Healthcare has produced a Buyer’s Guide to Cosmetic

also performs major facelift and body reshaping surgery. Overall,

Surgery – giving information and tips on how to go about choosing

the hospital helped over 350 men and women achieve a new look

a hospital and consultant.

in 2008.

“occasionally a major cosmetic procedure can take five or six hours in the operating theatre, especially if multiple procedures are performed at the same time.” Spire Hartswood is part of Spire Healthcare, the second largest private hospital group in the UK. The group owns three hospitals in Essex (Spire Wellesley in Southend and Spire Roding in Ilford, as well as Spire Hartswood) and is justifiably proud of its reputation for first-class medical care in clean, safe and comfortable hospitals. Spire Hartswood’s most recent patient survey (September 2008) found that over 90% of patients rated the ‘care and attention of nurses’ and the ‘quality of service from consultants’ as excellent or very good. A key advantage of having treatment in a well-equipped private hospital such as Spire Hartswood is the medical back-up available, including a high dependency unit for one-to-one nursing care should this be required. Occasionally a major cosmetic procedure can take five or six hours in the operating theatre, especially if multiple procedures are performed at the same time.

ToP TIPS • Make sure that you know your surgeon, his qualifications and the hospital in which he practices. It is important to look for consultants who have a proven track history in performing a certain procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask very specific questions of your surgeon. • Ensure that your surgeon is on the specialist register of the General Medical Council and is a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) or the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAPRAS). • An unhurried consultation is vital to allow you and your surgeon to get to know each other. The surgeon needs to take a full medical history and ask some probing questions in order to recommend a suitable procedure. The surgeon should give you written information about the proposed operation, should explain the possible complications that may arise and the likely outcome you can expect.


Pioneering Trends in Breast Augmentation Surgery at Phoenix Hospital Adjustable breast surgery in a day I

n 2008, breast augmentation in the UK accounted for approximately 40% of all cosmetic procedures -the most commonly requested cosmetic surgery operation.

In recent decades, the techniques and implants used in breasts have evolved. As a result of these developments, breast augmentation is now performed at Phoenix Hospital as day-care procedure. The surgery lasts about 45 minutes and because of the precise surgery and advances in anaesthetic techniques, the patient can return home just a few hours after the operation to recover in comfort. In the majority of the patients, a ‘sub fascial pocket technique’ is used. This is a new development which makes the upper part of the implant less obvious. In this technique, the implant is placed behind the covering of the muscle and not behind the muscle. Most patients want larger breasts but without them looking ‘fake’, this technique ensures a more natural looking result. In the past, to achieve this effect the implant had to be placed under the muscle. The natural breast is positioned in front of the muscle. If the enhanced breast is in placed the same position - in front of the muscle - it moves, feels and looks more natural. A small percentage of patients may still need implants under the muscle if they are very thin. There have also been major advances in the design and manufacture of implants. Originally the only implant offered was saline filled but now more natural, softer silicone-filled implants are available. The shell can be either smooth or textured and some are covered with a polyurethane foam coating. A more recent development has evolved which enables the patient a greater say over the end result of their breast enhancement surgery; the Spectra™ Adjustable Gel Implant, developed by Mentor Medical systems. Originally designed to address problems of asymmetry, (where the breasts are not equal in size) the Spectra™ Adjustable Gel Implant crucially has an adjustable inner chamber that is filled with saline solution and has a self-sealing valve system. The surgeon is able to, intraoperatively and post-operatively; top up the saline, gently and safely increasing breast size. When happy with the symmetry, the surgeon simply removes the port tubing to complete the procedure without disturbing the incision. This new technique is particularly useful when there is size variation between the breasts before the operation or where the patient is unsure about the size they want to achieve. The size is adjusted when the patient is fully awake and recovered after the procedure. The patient stands in front of a mirror and together with the surgeon, agrees the adjustments to be made. This is an excellent tool where the patient can take part in the decision-making regarding the final size of her breasts. It allows the patient to participate in the final result, giving them greater satisfaction. Any cosmetic procedure can have complications. However, careful and detailed pre-operative consultations between the patient and an experienced surgeon need to take place in order to minimise such risk and meet the high expectations of the patient. Phoenix Hospital is proud to hold a NIL Infection Rate and deliver the ultimate in day-care surgery. If you would like to know more about breast enhancement, please call Phoenix Hospital on 01702 608909 quoting ref No CG2


Live life to the full ( What a difference a day makes!) If your breasts are no longer the size, fullness or shape that you’d like them to be, make the most of what you already have with enhancement by the experts - in just one day! Phoenix Hospital offers high quality breast augmentation to change the way you look and feel about yourself from just £3500. Book your initial consultation with one of the UK’s leading, consultant cosmetic surgeons today. Call Phoenix Hospital on 01702 608908 - quoting CG1. Larger, firmer, fuller breasts - quick, easy and affordable at Phoenix Hospital in Southend - the ultimate in day-care surgery.

0% I nfec tion

Th cu e Phoe NILrrinently honix Hos fectio lds a pital n rat e

01702 608908


Do your research

By Douglas mcGeorge BAAPS FRCS (Plast)

recent years has seen an explosion in demand for and acceptance of cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. We live in a young world where people are living longer and remaining active to a much older age. Feeling fitter, more and more individuals want to keep looking fresh to make sure they enjoy life, happy with the way they look.


hese are procedures of choice, carried out to change or improve appearance. With treatments of choice it is even more important that patients fully understand the limitations of what can be achieved. We are bombarded with glossy images promoting improvements, to sell surgical services, but they may not always be in your interests. More so than ever, it is important that proper counselling takes place so that treatments are based on the needs of the individual, making sure that their aspirations can be matched by surgical interventions, fully informed of the limitations and possible complications that they carry.

Clinicians carrying out surgery must be on the specialist register of the General medical Council. This registration can be checked. Council. This registration can be checked. Most experienced aesthetic surgeons from the UK are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, (BAAPS), based at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Their details can be found on

So where does the public turn to receive proper counselling, away

the BAAPS website.

from the bright adverts and hard sell? This is not a commodity that can be returned with a full refund or swapped for a different

It is important to find a properly trained clinician, practicing in

model. As a starting point your own GP may have experience of

the right environment. Procedures should be for your benefit, to

good surgeons working locally. Friends and family may have insight

improve the quality of your life. You should be fully informed before

“most experienced aesthetic surgeons from the uK are members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic surgeons, (BAAPs)�


embarking on treatments. They can be life changing and must be

into treatment

properly considered, without hard selling techniques. Never be

facilities, to

rushed into decisions, do not be seduced into special offers and

help guide

do not proceed with treatment if at all uneasy with the clinician or

you through

treatment facility. Cosmetic treatments, carried out well, can add

the process.

enormously to the quality of life; carried out badly they can prove


disastrous. Be sure. Be safe.

carrying out surgery must be on the Specialist Register of the General Medical


Procedures should be for your benefit, to improve the quality of your life. you should be fully informed before embarking on treatments.

Case HisTorY –

Jonathan Britto, millimetre Perfect Aesthetic surgery

aCHieving naTural breasT augmenTaTion According to the British Assocn of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeons, breast enhancement (or ‘augmentation’) is the most common aesthetic surgical procedure in the UK, and research from the USA is similarly revealing.

routine procedures such as scans and mammograms, and other breast surgeries can be safely performed if necessary. Breast uplift and implant procedures can be safely combined, and there is increasing demand for combination

Achieving a natural look from breast

plane – subglandular (under breast only,

breast, tummy and liposuction/

augmentation requires, however, a

as in fig A), or partial submuscular (as

recontouring procedures for an ‘all – over’

combination of aesthetic flair and

in fig B) or total submuscular (fig D).

result. Bespoke breast augmentation,

technical skill, as well as good judgement

In general the aim is to make a natural

with different sized implants to improve

in assessment of the patient. The key

transition between the chest and naturally

symmetry, the use of tear – drop

requirement of a good consultation is

positioned breast – without an obvious

anatomical implants, and computer based

that surgeon and patient understand and

implant ‘edge’. This is easier when there

assessment systems, can make significant

agree what they are aiming for, as breast

is a reasonable amount of breast tissue at

difference to the aesthetic result. In some

implants can be used for many purposes

the start (fig c), and more difficult when

cases, fine tuning can be achieved with

beyond increasing cup size – including

there is a slender chest and bust (fig d).

adjustable implants which are entering

achieving breast symmetry and improving breast tone (Fig a), breast recontouring, and improving nipple position, for example after breast feeding (Fig b – see below).

“Breast implants are now 40 years old and have been subject to many studies of safety and reliability in their coming of age.” Breast implants are now 40 years old

the market as a new technology, and may

Despite the current vogue for obvious

and have been subject to many studies

yet become the industry standard. With

visible breast implants, most women aim

of safety and reliability in their coming

a responsible approach by both surgeon

for a result that does not hint at a surgical

of age. The number of women with

and patient, safe, life – changing results

past! The key in this is choosing the

breast implants now means that specific

are achievable which restore confidence

correct implant and the correct surgical

techniques have been developed for

and femininity.

“Breast uplift and implant procedures can be safely combined” fig a

fig c

fig b

fig d


Breast anD BoDy surgery: the options Body surgery: Breast and

Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBoPRAS

Always a controversial and emotive subject, breast and belly surgery has received much press recently, not all of it positive especially when related to the post pregnancy body. A personal choice, the decision is never easy but to help you make an informed judgment we have asked London’s premier female plastic surgeon, Ms Angelica Kavouni to outline some procedures to help you along the way.


ost plastic surgeons would agree

breast, the nipple and areola are positioned at a point

that the majority of female clients

level with the centre of the upper arm. Breast skin

contemplating breast and body

stretches during pregnancy, breast feeding or weight

intervention are post pregnant

gain – in many cases the skin does not retract to its

women seeking help for either one or a combination

initial state and the breasts droops leaving the nipple at

of the following: sagging breasts; empty breasts; breast

a lower level. Mastopexy (breast uplift) aims to change

asymmetry; sagging abdominal skin and stretch marks.

the shape of the breast, reclaiming any residual breast

Another growing patient group consists of those (both

tissue and placing it in a tighter pocket higher on the

men and women) who have lost a considerable amount

chest wall whilst slack and redundant skin is removed.

of weight leaving them with exactly the same problems.

The most common and effective incision is the vertical scar, ‘lollipop’ technique which leaves a scar around

EMPTY or SMALL BREASTS Breast augmentation or boob job

the nipple and extends vertically to the underside of

Neither Jordan nor Posh Spice have served to help the

marks, but most remain although maybe less noticeable.

amount of negative controversy surrounding breast

Ms Kavouni: “This operation may be considered before

enlargement but they are extreme cases for what has

you have finished childbearing as, dependent upon the

become a very subtle procedure.

technique; it may not interfere with breast-feeding.

the breast. This procedure may remove a few stretch

Clients must be informed that breast uplift surgery will

Ms Kavouni: “The majority of ladies I see just

not prevent the breasts from drooping again if presented

want to throw away their ‘chicken fillets’ so outwardly

with the same circumstances that made them droop in

their shape does not change – even their mothers

the first place.”

wouldn’t guess. Proportion, not disproportion is the key to successful breast augmentation in the 21st Century


and with the modern small incisions used, become

Breast asymmetry or uneven breasts can be caused

undetectable very quickly.”

by several factors. Genetics plays a big part in how our bodies grow however this is not the sole reason

DROOPING BREASTS Mastopexy or breast uplift

for lopsided breasts - hormones, pregnancy and breast feeding all leave their individual mark.

Following child rearing, weight loss or ageing many


women find that their breasts have drooped with skin

Ms Kavouni: “Correcting breast symmetry is

losing its elasticity and volume. In a normal ‘average’

often tricky and you must be cautious if a surgeon

promises you an exact improvement. Ask which solution is

will inevitably be women who, following the birth of their child/

best for you as there are many options – ranging from one sided

children, dislike the effects childbirth has had on their body

breast reduction with uplift; one sided augmentation; bilateral

shape and appearance. Mothers often dislike their stretched

augmentation to bilateral uplift with one sided breast reduction.”

abdominal skin; especially if it contains the scar of a Caesarean operation, and no amount of cream or exercise will ever reduce


stretch marks.

Abdominoplasty/tummy tuck/apronectomy During this

Ms Kavouni: “For best results, the patient should be

procedure excess skin and fat is removed and the abdominal

within several pounds of their ideal weight. This procedure can

muscles re-sutured if separation has occurred (mainly due to

be combined with liposuction to the waistline to enhance the

pregnancy) The majority of patients opting for this procedure

cosmetic effect.”

Carefully consider the following prior to making your decision: SCARRING eventually the scars will thin and become hardly noticeable, it can take a good year for them to settle and a couple of years to fully mature. LENGTHY PoST oPERATIVE RECoVERY: You will need to rest for at least 2 weeks after both breast or tummy surgery. This means NO hovering or housework; NO driving; NO exercise except for short walks; minimal stair climbing in the first week; NO lifting heavy objects (such as children) COST: As for all cosmetic procedures we discourage patients incurring debt to pay so if you can’t afford it don’t do it!

Breast enhancement specific: • NIPPLE SENSATION might be impaired •BREAST FEEDING might not be possible • CAPSULAR CONTRACTION: Although this occurs in a minute number of cases – less than 10% - it is never-the-less a distressing problem and requires surgical correction. The pocket can tighten around one or both of the implants causing misshapen breast(s) and in some cases discomfort. Top of the range implants and placing the implant under the muscle can help reduce this risk but not remove risk entirely. The WEIGHT of your ‘new’ breasts. Patients are always surprised how different it feels having breast implants – they are not used to the weight of full breasts and can seem quite heavy in comparison.


Always remember you have the options of placement either under the

muscle or on top of the muscle. Placing implants on top of the muscle is technically simpler and takes less time to perform. LoNG


Build up of fluid between the implant and the tissue wall can be a

problem after surgery and is called a seroma. Rest as above to avoid this complication


St Andrews Cosmetics Surgeons T

he St Andrew’s Cosmetic Surgeons - STACS - are a group of 12 plastic and cosmetic surgeons who together make up the internationally celebrated St Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery, which is the NHS facility providing supraregional specialised plastic surgery to the people of Essex, East London, North Kent and internationally. Together, the St Andrews Cosmetic surgeons have a collective experience of every branch and subspecialty of plastic and cosmetic surgery - from head to toe!

St Andrews Cosmetic Surgeons Ltd PO Box 9693, Chelmsford , CM2 9EF Tel: 0800 43 202 63 Fax: 01245 493714 Email:

STACS offer the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical treatments”

Each one of them is UK and internationally trained, is a member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons and is on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. The Group constantly update their knowledge and techniques both by attending and by teaching at national and international conferences, and have a steady stream of UK and international post - graduates seeking fellowship positions with them for the purpose of learning from their collective experience of every aspect of aesthetic and reconstructive care. STACS offer the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical treatments including lasers and botox within the group. Facial surgery, body contouring, breast surgery, and laser surgery are carried out using advanced techniques to minimise discomfort and facilitate an early return to normal activities. Your consultation will be with an accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon who will discuss your needs, describe the procedure most suited to you and agree a treatment plan with you. A member of the group will carry out your surgery in a reputable private hospital close to where you live for your comfort and convenience.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Call the practice manager on 0800 43 202 63. Tell her your preferred location, which procedure you have interest in, and if there is a particular hospital or surgeon that who wish to see. She will advise you if you are unsure of any of these things – see also for further information. At the appointment your STACS consultant plastic surgeon will advise on the various options for you, against your general health, body type, facial appearance and limits of ‘down time’ for recovery. There are often many different ways of achieving a result. STACS surgeons are well versed in the options, and their experience in all fields of plastic surgery will guide you to the best result. .All their advice is illustrated with their own pictures from their own patients and they will offer excellent evidence which will support their advice and also what they might suggest.

COMMITTING TO SURGERY.. You will receive a pre-anaesthetic work up, by questionnaire or consultation as required to ensure a safe pathway in the accredited hospital of your choice. You will be admitted to hospital on the morning of your proposed surgery, where you will see your STACS consultant and consultant anaesthetist. Your pathway of anaesthesia will be smooth and wake up comfortable. Full care in hospital and in follow up consultation will be an integral part of your experience by the STACS surgeon, specialist nurses and therapists. 14

Our Consultants Mr. Jonathan Britto Mr. Peter Dziewulski Mr. David Elliot Mr. Mark Gittos Mr. Fortune Iwuagwu Mr. Loshan Kangesu Mr. Niri Niranjan Mr. Bruce Philp Mr. Venkat Ramakrishnan Ms. Maria Sirotakova Mr. Manu Sood

130 Years of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery within the STACS Group ■ Breast Surgery ■ Body Contouring ■ Facial Surgery ■ Liposuction ■ Non Surgical Treatments

Head Toe

to and all Things in Between

Tel: 0800 43 202 63 Fax: 01245 493714 Email: Web:

FaCial By Jan CosmeTiC stanek surgerY noW. Jan Stanek FRCS offers his expert advice on one of the most popular cosmetic procedures Facial Surgery

Attempts to make faces more attractive and to redress the ravages of time have been on record for thousands of years. The real progress in cosmetic surgery has been made over the last 100 years and, most significantly, over the last twenty years. Beauty and aging are two separate entities. Beauty is about proportions and finer details, whereas aging is a progression of events which indicate a person’s age. A young person can be unattractive and an old person can be very attractive. youth does not worry about aging, but an older person can worry about being both, unattractive and old. Clearly, aging is a much more complex problem to solve.


osmetic facial surgery can range from very complex to relatively simple. It may require moving or reshaping facial bones to improve overall facial balance or alteration

of individual facial structures, such as the nose. Facial cosmetic surgery for aging is particularly important at the present time because of increased longevity and the perception of ageism in otherwise active and physically fit population. Although facelifting is perceived as the universal answer to setting the clock back, it is not always the correct answer.

“Beauty and aging are two separate entities. Beauty is about proportions and finer details, whereas aging is a progression of events which indicate a person’s age.”

Much more important is attention to upper and lower eyelids which are often more important than sagging

most of the fat and rely on repair of these soft tissues. Sagging

facial skin and contour. Their reshaping can make

muscle surrounding the eyelids and skin are also tightened with

all the difference between a permanently tired

a more pleasing and natural effect. However, these techniques

look and fresh and youthful appearance, without

are more complex than the time-honoured “eyebag” surgery.

looking odd and obviously operated on. Facelifting has also made great strides towards more natural and Over the last few years there has been a shift towards conserving fat around the eyelids, as opposed to removing it, in some cases resulting in the “hollow eye” look. This has come with the realization that, although the fat volume within the eye socket increases with age, the soft tissues, such as the muscles and skin become weaker and less able to contain it. This weakness presents itself like a hernia, resulting in puffy eyes, or eyebags. New techniques tend to conserve


significant results. One reason is the acknowledgement that stretching the skin is not conductive of a good result and the other is that the forehead and neck play an integral part in the process of facial rejuvenation. The best results in facelifting depend on adequate and long-lasting tightening of subcutaneous soft tissue and muscle (the SMAS). Many of the “lunch-time” facelifts are inadequate in this respect and have a limited longevity. Sagging forehead and brows must be corrected before or together with facelifting to produce an overall natural result. The greatest advance in forehead lifting is endoscopic surgery which allows the surgeon to lift or reposition the forehead and brows through small incisions behind the hairline. This procedure is safe, accurate and produces long term results.

“Finally, without freshlooking and youthful skin it is impossible to create a youthful look with surgery alone. Sun damage, smoking and unfavourable genes result in oldlooking skin.”

Neck-lifting should be an integral part of facelifting but is currently frowned

allowed surgeons to alter

upon by most facial cosmetic surgeons, largely because it is technically

nasal structures much more

difficult and can result in serious post-operative problems. However, with

accurately, safely and with

experience and attention to detail, these problems are largely avoidable.

predictable results. The operation

A youthful-looking neck is an essential part of a successful facelift.

of rhinoplasty is no longer a

Aging often results in permanent loss of facial fat that is important in

hit-and-miss affair, dependant

maintaining youthful facial contour and look. This loss of fat mostly

on the surgeon’s perception

occurs in the cheeks and its restoration is as important as tightening of

of what should be done and

sagging of facial skin and tissues, especially in thin patients. Lost facial

without patient’s involvement.

fat can be replaced with patients’ own fat, taken from elsewhere, and

Modern chemical peeling is safe and effective, without producing a parchment-like skin and permanent loss of pigment. It can also be repeated without long-term consequences.

transplanted by a technique called fat-grafting. Donor fat is retrieved

Finally, without fresh-looking

by liposuction, processed and re-injected using blunt needles. The

and youthful skin it is impossible

fat cells are deposited in minute amounts and layered to produce a

to create a youthful look with surgery alone. Sun damage, smoking

natural, irregularity-free fat layer. Some of the fat will be absorbed

and unfavourable genes result in old-looking skin. It has been known

but approximately 40% of the transplanted fat will survive. This

for a long time that “burning off” the epidermis (the superficial layer of

technique can be used with facelifting or as a separate procedure.

skin), and beyond, will result in new and better-looking skin. Initially,

“...the introduction of the open-approach rhinoplasty has allowed surgeons to alter nasal structures much more accurately, safely and with predictable results.

this was done with peeling agents, dermabrasion in 50s and 60s, and laser resurfacing in 1990s. Now, dermabrasion has been superseded by time-honoured chemical peeling and lasers. Modern chemical peeling is safe and effective, without producing a parchment-


like skin and permanent loss of pigment. It can also be repeated without

relatively straightforward and safe. There are two main advances in

laser resurfacing to an absolute minimum.

rhinoplasty. One is computer imaging, which allows the surgeon to

Facial cosmetic surgery has come a long way from its humble

communicate to the patient what can be done by changing certain

beginnings. It is safe, effective and, if done well, barely detectable.

parameters of the nose and also gauge the patient’s expectations.

Further advances in this field will ensure even greater safety and results

Secondly, the introduction of the open-approach rhinoplasty has

in days to come.

hinoplasty is one of the commonest facial cosmetic

long-term consequences. Laser is used mostly in severe wrinkling or for

operations performed today. The reason is that the

acne scarring, where results of medium chemical peeling are not nearly

nose can significantly effect the overall appearance

as good. New type of laser, the fractional laser, relies on skin resurfacing

and balance and the surgery, if carried out correctly, is

of part of the skin surface. This reduces the downtime and risks of full


Semi-Permanent Cosmetics & Beauty Services D

oes your face show signs of ageing such as sunken cheeks, deep lines between your nose and mouth and unwanted depression around the corner of the your

mouth? Over time, your skin loses its full, firm, youthful appearance due to the natural ageing process. Skin starts to thin and lose its natural elasticity, causing it to become loose and wrinkled, and the production of collagen, the substance your body produces to give your skin a youthful appearance, slows down. Simultaneously, your face also begins to gradually lose fatty tissue, causing your face to lose volume, and become thin and narrow, and your skin to sag and wrinkle even more as the underlying support is lost. This loss of facial volume, which can cause cheeks to look sunken, can sometimes make

39 year-old woman who has had 3 treatments of Sculptra™

you look older than you actually are. Sculptra™ is an injectable collagen stimulator that helps you to look naturally younger by replacing lost collagen to smooth lines and wrinkles, and restore lost facial volume without resorting to face lifts or cosmetic surgery. Unlike some dermal fillers which are designed to treat individual lines and wrinkles, Sculptra™ can treat most areas of the face including sunken cheeks, jowls, recessed temple area and lines, wrinkles and folds – particularly the deep ageing lines around the mouth and nose. When injected into the dermis of the skin, Sculptra™ stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen. This new collagen creates volume to correct the signs of facial ageing resulting in improved tissue elasticity, dermal firmness and a restoration of facial contours to produce long lasting natural results. The effect of Sculptra™ is exceptionally natural looking, with results appearing gradually as your body’s own collagen is stimulated to grow, and are most noticeable


approximately six weeks after treatment. For most people, 2 – 3 treatments are required, and once the course is completed results are clinically proven to last up to 3 years, significantly longer than other injectable treatments. The main ingredient of Sculptra™, poly-L-lactic acid, has been used in medicine for 25 years and has a good safety profile. Sculptra™ treatments are carried out by fully trained aesthetic practitioners nationwide and no allergy testing is required. It costs from £400 per treatment. For details of your nearest clinic please call 0800 0852046 or visit

The photos show typical results after treatment with Sculptra™ and have not been retouched. Individual results can differ


After Photos: Courtesy of Dr. H. M. Perry. Tel: 01443 225619

CREATING THE FlAWlESS lOOK Austingraces cosmetic surgery is an ethically run and caring company offering a range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in various hospitals in Essex and London that are registered with the healthcare

call us on 08456 020621

commission. Their surgeons are all accredited consultant plastic surgeons (in the NHS as well as in private practice), hold an FRCS in Plastic Surgery; full members of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and have more than fifteen years experience in plastic surgery. They offer an excellent personal service from consultation to post treatment care. The surgeon you meet for your consultation will be the one undertaking your surgery, thus enabling you to create a relationship which will place you at ease throughout the duration. These consultations are not rushed and time is given to discuss your operation and answer any concerns you may have. Austingraces are honest in their opinion and will inform you if they believe the procedure you enquire about is not right for you. Educational literature is also provided for further reading. If you wish to visit for further consultations, this can be arranged for no extra cost. This allows you to digest the information from the first consultation and to undertake your own research so that you feel able to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with the procedure. For further information visit or call and speak to one of the team 08456 020621

Weight Loss Surgery

For some people weight gain is a life long problem. Being overweight by a few pounds is vastly different to being several stone overweight. Despite diet and exercise, sometimes that extra weight just won’t shift, and for some, the decision to turn to surgery is the only answer. If you feel this could be an option for you, here are the major alternatives for surgically losing weight...




on form of Gastric Band surgery is the most comm nts of amou large losing to s surgery when it come dure proce this band, lap the as n weight. Also know part top the d aroun placed being involves banding means that of the stomach. This shrinks its size and er than quick much food with up the stomach fills gh the throu ally gradu very passed normal. Food is band before it is digested. sary, for The band can be adjusted when it is neces can be This ant. instance, if you become ill or pregn so port’ s done using an X-Ray to locate the ‘acces and band the that saline can be removed to loosen topped up to tighten it again. HOW MUCH WILL I LOSE? surgery 2 to 3 pounds a week in the first year after d 1 pound but it is more likely you will lose aroun y less a week. From 12 to 18 months after surger weight a week will be lost.

This surgical procedure is more complicated and less common with diffe rent versions on offer. A Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RGB) involves a small pouch bein g created by stapling part of the stom ach together. This restricts the amount of food that can be eaten. Next, a Y-shaped sect ion of the small intestine is attached to the pouch allowing food to bypass the duoden um (the first part of the small intestine) and the first part of the jejunum (the next part of the small intestine). A more complicated vers

ion of the

procedure is the Biliopa

ncreatic Diversion

Gastric Bypass (BPD). Sec tions of the stomach are completely removed leaving a small pouch which is then connected to the final part of the small inte stine. Not only will a reduction in calories take place but also a reduction in the absorption of nutrients. HOW MUCH WILL I LOS E?

GASTRIC BALLOON A less invasive option where a soft, silicone sack is inserted into the stomach and then inflated before being filled with sterile saline. The stomach feels full and a lack of hunger follows so that a healthy dieting programme can be carried out. There is no need for a general anaes thetic as the balloon is inserted into the stomach through the oesophagus (gullet). This makes the procedure a less risky and quicker alternative.

Up to 75% of patients can expect to see around a 75% reduction in excess body weight within the first 2 years following surgery.

HOW MUCH WILL I LOSE? The balloon is in place for six mont hs and in this time an overall weight loss of aroun d 30 to 40 pounds can be expected.



These are drastic surgical options to treat obesity and should not

Many people worry about the excess skin that can be left over

be considered ‘miracle cures’. With each comes a responsibility

after drastic weight loss and wonder whether cosmetic surgery

to change lifestyle and eating habits so that a healthier long-term

is needed to remove it. This shouldn’t be considered for at least

solution for weight loss can be found. Having said that, these

1 to 2 years after surgery as skin can adapt and mould itself

options have successfully helped many people to slim down and

around the new body shape. So the best option is to be patient

start a whole new and healthier way of life.

and wait and see how your new body looks after this time.


MILLIMETRE PERFECT Acknowledged experts in their fields, mr Jonathan Britto and mr raj ragoowansi provide a comprehensive service in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Both have busy plastic

Contact Mr Raj Ragoowansi MSc, MB FRCS (Plast) and Mr Jonathan Britto BSc (Hons) MB BC FRCS (Plast), Millimetre Perfect Aesthetic Surgery 48 Harley Street, HB Health, London, W1G 7PU

Call 0870 041 8804, visit

“The defining principle of our approach to aesthetic surgery is to restore and refine balance to your shape and form, to deliver change that you can feel confident with, and to refresh and rejuvenate, without the tell-tale signs of surgery.”

surgery practices within major teaching hospitals in the NHS, and

to ensure that we are all on the same page!’ In that way everyone

enjoy a vibrant private practice as Directors of Millimetre Perfect

has confidence and good outcomes are guaranteed.’

Aesthetic Surgery, where they lead a highly qualified team of medical, surgical and nursing professionals.


As they say; ‘The defining principle of our approach to aesthetic

They are clearly enthusiasts. ‘In pursuit of flawless results, we

surgery is to restore and refine balance to your shape and form, to

plan an optimal care plan and surgery, with comprehensive

deliver change that you can feel confident with, and to refresh and

post-operative support where patient care and safety are our top

rejuvenate, without the tell-tale signs of surgery.’

priorities.’ reads the website, where a full range of their expertise is detailed. And wide it is!


Jonathan Britto leads on the face, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery,

‘This is probably the most significant step for anyone considering

with a range of aesthetic surgical skills in different facial planes

aesthetic or reconstructive surgery’, say the surgeons. ‘As such,

to achieve a balanced, non – operated look. He is enthusiastic

your consultation will be as individual as you are, and will take as

about ‘volumetric’ lifts, combined with chemical peels, fillers and

long as necessary to gather the information needed to plan your

botox approaches if and when necessary. raj ragoowansi is an

care.’ Because no two aesthetic or reconstructive procedures are

expert in body contour surgery, including after massive weight

the same, you will be advised of the best option from a variety of

loss, and both surgeons show impressive breast enhancement and

techniques within each procedure range. The surgeons take a full

recontouring results. Permanent makeup and skin care advice is

medical and general health history, advise upon medications, and

provided by Gillian Huntley (

the implications of smoking for your recovery.

On the reconstructive side, the individual surgeons work

‘We believe in the unpressured and relaxed exchange of

in multidisciplinary teams where necessary to achieve

information in understandable terms’, continues Raj Ragoowansi.

comprehensive total care for complex reconstructive problems of

‘We use photographs of our own cases, used with permission

the face, breast and limbs. The experience they have in aesthetic

from our former and current patients, to illustrate our advice

surgery complements their reconstructive work and vice – versa,

and results’.

whether in complex reconstruction of facial asymmetries in adults

He explains,

or children, or difficult body and breast asymmetries.

‘throughout your

Gillian Huntley is on hand for nipple tattooing, scar disguise and


skin care. The Millimetre Perfect team delivers great care in a

process we

friendly and professional manner designed to make the experience

closely address

of aesthetic or reconstructive surgery as stress – free as possible.

expectations for

Safety, comfort and the quality of the result for the individual is

the outcome of

the aim – surely the best possible ethos for a medical practice


committed to the highest standards of quality care.


Non - surgical Clinics overview We know that feeling good about ourselves can be life changing. We also know that, very often, if we feel better about our skins appearance, we feel better about ourselves on a much deeper level. The remarkable effects that anti wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers provides are specifically designed to help make our skin look younger or clearer. As, not every non surgical procedure is appropriate for every individual, you will need to find

cosmetic medicine & laser

The Hadleigh Clinic, 102 High Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5RX T: 08456 44 77 11

exactly what’s right for you. The rapid growth and popularity for non surgical procedures has resulted with an increase in clinics administrating non-

“Do your research – Personal recommendation is honest and reliable”

invasive treatments. Some of these treatments have a permanent effect, but most only last for a few months. They do not involve surgery, but that does not mean that they are risk-free. They are invasive procedures and you should always think carefully about the benefits and risks before you undergo these treatments. Choosing a clinic and your practitioner is an important decision so please read the following advice on what to look for when choosing your provider carefully.

Do Your Research – Personal Recommendation is honest and reliable • Ask to see the qualifications and skills of their staff, their provisions for training and professional development and their procedures for handling any complaints. • Research the procedure and understand the risks, side-effects and possible complications. • Choose a registered qualified and reputable practitioner who has been appropriately trained and can provide you with the necessary care after the procedure. • Ask the right questions to help you decide on whether to have the treatment and what other alternatives exist - don’t be pressured into having treatment immediately Who should carry out your treatments? • doctor registered with the General Medical Council • dentist registered with the General Dental Council, • nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council To get the best advice and information then look no further, over then next few pages The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide has sourced the very best clinics in Essex who offer an extensive range of non surgical procedures.



At The Hadleigh Clinic they are committed to providing the highest standard and expertise for all non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The practice brings a commitment to perform the art and science of aesthetic medicine to the utmost degree. They offer a vast range of leading anti-ageing treatments and some of the latest, state of the art technology available in cosmetic medicine. With this level of care and attention, as a patient you will have complete confidence that your treatment is being performed by the very best in the industry.

patients. Always at the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding field,

“With this level of care and attention, as a patient you will have complete confidence that your treatment is being performed by the very best in the industry.”

she was one of the first doctors to introduce the ThreadLift face lift to

Dr Gammell remains at the forefront of what can be achieved in

the UK and was also handpicked by Q-Med UK to be one of the first

the field of aesthetic medicine and these particular treatments have

doctors to perform the Macrolane breast enlargement and shaping

surpassed expectations and established excellent results.

treatment. Currently she is proud to be one of only a handful of UK

With such an extensive array of treatments available to both men

doctors to offer the very latest advanced body contouring treatment –

and women, The Hadleigh Clinic can offer whatever you desire, in

Vaser LipoSelection®.

surroundings that place you at ease within moments of entering the

“Dr Gammell travels worldwide to bring the latest treatments to her patients. Always at the cutting edge of this rapidly expanding field” Introducing VASER LipoSelection®

practice. With highly successful clinics in both Buckhurst Hill, Essex

If you’re ready to get rid of those unwanted inches, they have the perfect

new procedures are developed, you’ll be sure that Dr Gammell will

answer. Vaser Lipo is an advanced body contouring procedure that

perform it, first.


he huge success of The Hadleigh Clinic is down to the expertise of Dr Samantha Gammell, whom as a leading UK cosmetic specialist and the London Chairperson of The British Association

of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) has gained an excellent reputation within the field of cosmetic medicine. As such she is sought after by the media for numerous television appearances and is regularly asked to act as a spokesperson for magazine and press articles. Dr Gammell travels worldwide to bring the latest treatments to her

and prestigious Harley Street, London, they strive to enhance one’s appearance, helping patients to look and feel better about themselves. With such a passion and dedication in providing the latest innovative trends, The Hadleigh Clinic will continue to grow and will continue to be at the forefront of non-surgical treatments. When

effectively removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, it uses state of the art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body.

Macrolane: Instant Breast Enlargement without Surgery Macrolane is the latest treatment for breast enlargement proving to be a huge success. The answer to millions of women’s prayers it consists of having Macrolane (a filler like the well known Restylane) injected into the breast area to pump up your cleavage, improve your shape and enhance your breast size. Immediate results in under an hour.


Botox for lines and wrinkles

Pixel laser skin resurfacing

Hyperhidrosis (sweating)

Laser skin rejuvenation

Dermal fillers

Laser hair removal

Lip augmentation

Chemical peels

Cheek enhancement

Pigmentation treatments

Tear trough treatment

Obagi skin care


Thread veins

Vaser LipoSelection®

Skin surgery


cosmetic medicine & laser 102 High Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex IG9 5RX

17 Harley Street, London W1G 9QH

Treatments... ANTI-WRINKLE INJECTIONS The most popular anti-ageing treatment ( DERMAL FILLERS For lines, wrinkles, lips and cheeks MACROLANE BREAST ENLARGEMENT AND SHAPING A simple injection with minimal downtime VASER LIPO Non-surgical liposuction to remove unwanted body fat LASER SKIN RESURFACING Pixel - the ultimate skin perfecting treatment SKIN REJUVENTATION Laser, IPL, chemical peels, pigmentation LASER HAIR REMOVAL An end to unwanted hair THREADLIFT FACE LIFT ...and so much more

...helping you to look and feel better about yourself! Dr Samantha Gammell MB.BS.,BSc.,BACD.,DRCOG.,DFFP.

London representative of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, is well known for her celebrity clients, appearances on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and Sky News, and articles in Closer, Elle, Now and Grazia magazines and regional & national newspapers.

08456 447711 for more information visit

anTi-WrinKle inJeCTables


o you know your Botox from your Cosmoderm? If not, then read on to find out which wrinkle smoother is best for you. Beauty clinics all over the country offer these popular injectable treatments as quick and less invasive options to cosmetic surgery. In some cases you can nip out in your lunch hour, have a few

shots to enhance your facial features, and be back at your desk relatively pain-free.

Injectables and skin fillers can be used to increase volume in skin tissue, reduce wrinkles and re-contour the face. To help you make an informed choice here is a list of the most popular injectable treatments available and what they do.



This is a skin filler that gives long lasting results due to its special

This is the brand name for botulinum toxin type-A, a purified protein that

construction. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres suspended

has been in use in the medical industry for years and is the world’s best

in bovine collagen provide skin with an almost permanent support

known injectable. Injected in highly diluted doses it causes muscles to

structure. Most other fillers are re-absorbed over time by the body and

relax and when used on the face will help stop the muscular contractions

therefore have to be renewed regularly, but these microspheres are not

that create lines and wrinkles over time. The effects will last around 3 to 6

naturally absorbed. Best for: Acne scars, Nasolabial folds, Lips, Cheek

months so top up treatments are necessary.

and chin contouring. LAsts: The collagen dissolves within 3 to 4 months

Best for: Crow’s feet, forehead lines, neck lifts, mouth corners,

but the microshperes are permanent.

upper lip lines, brow lifts, lifting a nose tip, chest creases, scar reduction, excessive sweating and tapering jawlines.


LAsts: It’s 3 to 6 months before effects gradually wear off followed by a

Collagen has been in use since 1976 and is one of the most popular wrinkle fillers.

return to normal muscle activity.

A natural protein found in the body, collagen helps to support skin and give it a plumped up look. Natural collagen depletes with age and can eventually leave


the face with a saggy appearance. Injectable collagen is often sourced from cows

This is made from biodegradable hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found

and some people find they are allergic

naturally in the body. The body breaks it down easily over time and when

to it. Doctors should offer a skin test

injected into skin binds to water - it is ideal for creating ‘volume’. There

to check for this prior to treatment.

are different forms of Restylane that can be used to treat specific areas of

Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast are

the face. Best for: Fine lines, wrinkles, deeper creases, chin and cheek

from human collagen and can help

contours, lip shaping.

avoid allergic reactions. Cosmoderm is

LAsts: 6 to 9 months depending on how much is used.

perfect for fine lines whilst Cosmoplast is ideal for deep wrinkles.


Best for: Wrinkles, Defining

Another hyaluronic acid-based filler that is similar to Restylane but has

lips, Fine mouth lines and smokers

a thicker gel consistency. It is perfect for reducing the look of deeper


wrinkles and lines whilst plumping up facial contours especially lips.

LAsts: 3 to 4 months, maybe

Best for: Lip definition and volume, deep lines and wrinkle, facial contouring. LAsts: On average 6 to 9 months.

more, it depends how much is used.



takes around 3 treatments to achieve the best results. Best

Some people may find they have an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid

hands, chest wrinkles, hollow areas and creases on the face. LAsts: 18

and so this formula, which is made from biosynthesised, non-animal

to 36 months after 3 treatments.

for: Ageing

hyaluronic acid, is a preferred option. It is free of the allergens that can cause some reactions in certain people but still provides the same cosmetic


enhancement benefits. Best for: Long lasting (up to 12 months) results

This is regarded as one of the safest injectable treatments as it uses the

for facial contouring and lip enhancement. Ideal for those allergic to restylane.

patients own fat. Fat is extracted using a low power form of liposuction

LAsts: Up to 12 months.

from either the buttocks, stomach or thighs. It is then injected into areas of the face that need volume. Although a large amount of the fat is


re-absorbed by the body as much as a third of that injected can remain

This is the brand name for poly-L-lactic acid, a material that has been used

for years. Best

for years in dissolvable stitches. It’s used to add volume to hollow areas

for: Volumising cheeks and chin, larger facial hollows. LAsts: It can vary from 6 months to several years depending on the

such as creases, folds, pitted scars, sunken areas around eye sockets and

extent of treatment. If large amounts of fat are injected deep into muscle

concaved cheeks. It is not an instant gratification treatment and generally

tissue it can be permanent.

Pre-Injection tips from Wendy Lewis, the world’s leading independent beauty consultant. Although a few injectables include pain relief and are injected straight in with the substance, there are many without. Doctors can apply numbing agents beforehand, especially when it comes to lip enhancement which is the most painful. otherwise ice can provide welcome relief!

Ask your Doctor for a Caine-based product such as Betacaine, EMLA 5%, LMX4 or Anestop and apply before injections. Leave it long enough to numb the skin. Some Doctors will apply a numbing agent used for dental procedures prior to lip enhancement.

Avoid Aspirin products, Nurofen, and Ibuprofen, blood thinners and Vitamin E for one to two weeks before treatment. this will help prevent increased bleeding and bruising.

Avoid having a treatment on an empty stomach as this may cause dizziness or fainting.

Use ice packs before and after treatments to help reduce pain and swelling.

Take a good concealer with you to cover up any bruises or needle marks after treatment.



The Court House Clinic was founded by leading cosmetic doctor Dr. Patrick Bowler, mB. Bs. LrCP. mrCs. DrCoG in 1998. since that time Court House Clinics have become an established group of national clinics. All of their clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission and

including specialist

provide the highest possible standard of care. Their professional team

treatments for

of medical practitioners have helped thousands of people improve their

acne scarring,

appearance and their confidence. Court House Clinics provides the most


advanced and safe surgical and non-surgical treatments which have all been

vascular conditions

clinically tried and tested. Over the years their success has been shown on

and lines and

numerous TV programmes from GMTV to 10 years younger.

wrinkles as

They offer a full range of surgical procedures including breast

well as various

augmentation, face and brow lifts including the revolutionary new quick

laser treatments

recovery thread lift which is performed without hospitalisation under local

including hair

anaesthetic. Other procedures available with the experienced surgeons

removal. In

include eyebag removal & eyelid reduction, nose reshaping, liposuction and

addition, they offer

tummy tucks. In addition to their own on-site surgical facilities they work in

minor surgical

partnership with specialist private cosmetic surgery hospitals in the North,

procedures for the removal of moles, warts, cysts and skin tags as well as a

Midlands and the South of England. Court House Clinics also offer advice

simple treatment to help reduce excessive underarm sweating to give you

and surgical options for both weight loss and hair loss which can prove

the confidence to wear a wide range of clothing. For those of you that are

sensitive issues for some people. All consultations are offered in private

concerned about thread and varicose veins they have a Specialist Vascular

surroundings and you will be provided with the best possible advice.

Surgeon who can expertly assess leg veins with a Doppler ultrasound scan

Court House Clinics also provide a full range of non-surgical treatments

before treating with the most-up-to-date treatments.

“Court House Clinics provides the most advanced and safe surgical and non-surgical treatments which have all been clinically tried and tested.�

So if you think the Court House Clinics can help you in any way, then why not book in for a free consultation with one of their professional medical practitioners at any one of the clinics based in the South East in Berkshire, Essex, London or Sussex. Their customer care advisors are waiting for your call on 0845 555 50 50 or you may wish to visit their website at for further information on all of the treatments they offer.

0845 555 5050


An integrated centre for cosmetic and aesthetic skin care Surgical � � � �

Cosmetic Surgery Weight Loss Management Hair Restoration Procedures Mole, Cyst, Wart & Skin Tag Removal

Laser � � � �

Hair & Tattoo Removal Vascular & Pigmented Lesions Reduction of Localised Fatty Areas Laser Therapy for Lines, Wrinkles, Acne Scarring

Non-Surgical � � � � � � � � �

Chemical Skin Peels Medical Micro-dermabrasion Skin Health Assessments & UV Scanner Specialised Combined Treatment Programmes Leg Vein Treatments for Thread Veins & Varicose Veins Specialist Facial Treatments Treatments for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Acne & Damaged Skins Anti-ageing/Excessive Sweating Injections (Hyperhidrosis) Enlighten Toothwhitening

0845 555 50 50

Stockists of: Priori Advanced AHA, Idebenone Superceutical™, Coffeeberry™ & vitage skincare products plus Bare Escentuals Mineral Make-up


overvieW oF non surgiCal CosmeTiC TreaTmenTs By Dr.Patrick Bowler

medical Director of Court House Clinics (

Prior to the 1980s the

Of the nonsurgical procedures Botox™

options for cosmetic

is by far the most popular, with fillers

enhancements were

for wrinkles and newer fillers to add

limited to surgery, mostly

volume to the aging face, lasers to

only to the wealthy or the rich and famous. The advent of

remove hair, tattoos, unwanted

collagen to fill wrinkles and in particular Botox™ to smooth

veins and skin rejuvenation,

forehead lines provided a way for a broader segment of the

microdermabrasion and lED light

population to keep looking more youthful for longer. The

for acne and rejuvenation, peels,

demand for non surgical cosmetic procedures has soared

fat reducing treatments, skin tightening

over the past 10 years. During 2007 in the us there were 9.5

technology, hair restoration and medical skincare. The list

million such treatments plus 2 million cosmetic operations.

increases daily!

in the uK there are no definite statistics but 1 million non-surgical procedures is a fair estimate. men and younger

To find out what is best for you a visit to an experienced

women having treatments are part of an increasing trend.

practitioner is essential. The market is largely unregulated

This interest has been fuelled by the media internet and TV

so it is a bit of a minefield. Avoid injections in a nail salon or

programmes including “10 years younger” and “extreme

Botox™ parties in someone’s home. Don’t feel pressurized into


a treatment; take your time. Read up about the treatments which interest you? Go by recommendation, check the doctor’s

We are at present in the middle of a non-surgical,quick

qualifications (membership of the British Association of Cosmetic

recovery, cost conscious revolution. The public is seeking easy,

Doctors is a good sign), ask about experience, look at before and

pain-free methods of appearing youthful and healthy without the

after photographs. Ensure the premises are registered with the

problems of invasive cosmetic surgery.

HealthCare Commission.

Here are my tips for the top ten treatments: 1.







Medical, high tech skincare: try retinoic acid and Priori AHA. always use a sunscreen with a moisturiser such as vitage Botox™ for the forehead, frown lines, crows feet and neck. Avoid around the mouth. Excellent for excess sweating Restylane™ wrinkle filler. Works well in combination with Botox™ for deep frown lines. For aging lips with loss of volume a very gentle redefinition works wonders with no fear of a trout pout! Sculptra™ restores volume to the aging face. loss of cheek bone definition, hollow cheeks, deep nose to lips lines and jowls can all be corrected, lasting up to 2 years. Excessive facial and body hair can be very socially embarrassing. The latest lasers produce long lasting results with minimum discomfort. Soprano Xl is one of the best treatments. Hair restoration for men is now very





sophisticated with hairs being transplanted one at a time to give a natural appearance. Fractional lasers: more heavy duty skin rejuvenation, but this latest technology means rapid recovery. look out for the Pixel ™ laser lED red light (Omnilux) and microdermabrasion combined give a less intensive way to rejuvenate your skin Fat reducing lasers: ideal for pockets of fat that persist despite diet and exercise. In clinic the procedure takes 1-2 hours. You walk in and walk out with a normal recovery in 5-7 days. Check out Alizonne™ the new medically supervised diet and treatments with significant weight reduction and tightening of loose skin. Combined radiofrequency, infra red and ultrasound is a novel non invasive method to reduce cellulite and small areas of fat. 4-6 sessions of painless lying down are all that is necessary!

doCTor, doCTor …


f you can’t afford a face lift or Botox, don’t despair, all the leading cosmetic doctors and dermatologists have there own ranges of skin rejuvenating creams. Packed with the latest

wrinkle-busting and line-smoothing technology, they make great, and cheaper, alternatives to knives and needles. Here’s the crème de la crème of lotions and potions straight from the doctor’s office:

réViVe FermitiF Neck reNewaL cream, the RéVive

Dr. SeBagh Serum repair, Dr. Sebagh is

range has been created

one of Europe’s

by noted US plastic

most prestigious

surgeon, Dr. Gregory

aesthetic doctors,

Bays Brown, and

and has formulated

uses a bioengineered

a range that uses

molecule that is highly

active ingredients to transform skin. A must-have is this highly

effective at reversing

concentrated serum that encourages the absorption of collagen

the signs of ageing. This star product is a rose-drenched cream that

whilst nourishing and plumping up skin. Massage a few drops over

helps tighten the neck and décolleté. The two areas that are most

skin before your night cream and wake up with a radiant, smoother

vulnerable to ageing. £100 (

complexion. £67 (

Dr. BraNDt LiNeLeSS cream, this wonder cream comes from the internationally renowned doctor with a long celebrity client list. It fuses science with botanicals to protect skin, prevent collagen depletion and preserve

ZeLeNS iNteNSiVe tripLe-actioN eye cream,

moisture levels and

world acclaimed plastic surgeon and expert on skin cancer,

elasticity in the skin.

Dr. Marko Lens, formulated the Zelens range with a unique

£73 (www.SpaceNk.

blend of antioxidants. These help skin fight the anti-ageing

battle 24/7. This eye cream is a best seller and effectively reduces puffiness, tightens skin, reduces wrinkles and discolouration around the eyes. £95 (

N.V. perricoNe m.D. amiNe compLex Face LiFt with Ntp compLex, Dr. N.V. Perricone, the famous US dermatologist and creator of the

Dr. Nick Lowe NoN SurgicaL LiNe eraSer,

skin rejuvenating Anti-Inflammatory Diet,

the internationally respected British

has a great cosmeceuticals skin care range.

dermatologist produced his specialist

This serum has a big celebrity following and

skin care line after 10 years of clinical

promises to promote collagen production and

research. Use this lotion to wipe away

protect the skin from environmental damage

fine lines and wrinkles whilst keeping

– the biggest cause of ageing. It will reduce

skin super hydrated – essential for

lines, increase firmness and boost radiance.

reducing future ageing. It gives an instant lift whilst toning,

£76 (

smoothing and softening skin long term. £19.95 (BootS).


Effective and safe, the first injectable boob and bum booster for immediate results A new, longer lasting filler Macrolane™ is helping women all over the UK achieve the body of their dreams without surgery. Hyaluronic acid has been used for many years to counter the signs of ageing but this innovative product from Q-Med offers non surgical solutions for body shaping.


lastic surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni has

been using Macrolane™ for some time with great results, she comments: “Plastic surgeons are always keen to keep up-to-date with emerging treatments. Macrolane™ has a multitude of applications but the

Macrolane™ leaves no scarring and the procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic in a sterile, clinical environment. Case study: Anel Lamine boosted her A cup to B:

most commonly requested is to boost

“I had been considering breast augmentation for

breast cup size. It can effectively increase

some time but the thought of undergoing surgery

breasts by around one cup size which is

put me off and this new treatment seemed the next

great for those who are unconvinced about

best thing. I have to say that I can’t stop looking

a conventional breast enlargement but are

at my new chest and even though the increase has

keen to have a fuller chest. I also use it

been quite modest, I am thrilled to have a cleavage

to enhance buttock shape after thigh

for the first time in my life! Not only is my body shape more balanced, I feel more feminine and my


confidence has grown tenfold.” Macrolane™ for breast shaping is suitable for women whom

Macrolane™ leaves no scarring and the procedure

have asymmetry, under-

is carried out under local anaesthetic in a sterile,

developed breasts or

clinical environment, such as a minor treatments

loss of volume as

room. Recovery time is quicker than conventional

a result of breast feeding or weight loss and those

surgery but the treated area will feel tender for a few days and patients may wish to adjust their day to day activities.

who have lost fullness in the

Breast enhancement treatment costs from £2600.00

‘upper poles’

Macrolane™ lasts up to 18 months, an annual top-

of the breast

up is advised to maintain the optimal effect.

who would like cleavage boosting.


Contact Ms Angelica Kavouni’s office for more information 02074869040 or email


Situated in central Brentwood, Skin Solutions is a beauty salon with a difference. Their main priority is T: 01277 232544 39 Kings Road, Brentwood Essex. CM14 4DJ

to offer results-driven treatments and aim to provide the healthiest skin possible for all their clients. If you have any skin concerns that you wish to resolve then they will be able to offer you a solution. Every client will receive a consultation with one of their top skin specialists who will design you a tailor-made skin programme, which will allow them to determine the treatments, products and homecare that will suit your individual needs. Allowing you to achieve the outcome you desire. All the products and procedures offered have been carefully selected to create the best results for you .With such a fantastic range of non-surgical, beauty and skincare procedures available at this ‘One Stop’ clinic, you can be assured to improve the look and the health of your skin. All treatments at Skin Solutions are suitable for both men and women, these include: • Face, eye and body treatments • Waxing • Hand and foot treatments • Glycolic skin peels • omnilux light therapy • Anti-ageing injectables, Products • mD formulations • Dermalogica • Bare escentuals – mineral make up •

non-surgiCal WrinKle smooTHers For everY age If you’re needle nervous or simply not ready for the knife there’s plenty of great line-busting and wrinkle-preventing creams and potions out there to help. And it doesn’t matter how old (or young)


you are because from as early as twenty lines and sun damage can start manifesting themselves. But don’t create another frown line worrying about it – just read on and stock up!

20’s Cheryl Cole YoUR SKIN …

You probably won’t see any changes in your skin yet unless you are a smoker or a sunworshipper. In which case you may have some subtle crow’s feet appearing. The top layer of your skin renews itself regularly - around every 30 days – so this helps to keep your skin young-looking. But that doesn’t last for ever, so get your prevention tactics underway now!

ToP TIPS … Choose skincare that is designed for your age as many anti-ageing creams will be too harsh for your skin. Use a moisturiser every day that contains an SPF (sun protection factor) or barrier function. Even if you can’t see any evidence of sun damage don’t be tempted to skip it, this type of moisturiser will help prevent the future lines that are caused by exposure to UV light (even on cloudy days).

TRY … Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream, £34 (Boots), it’s designed to fight the first signs of ageing and prevent premature lines. It contains a potent blend of botanicals which keep skin protected and hydrated. Botanics Pore Perfecting Day SPF15 Moisture Lotion, £3.91 (Boots), makes an ideal moisturiser for anyone with oil-prone skin (which can be a problem for younger women). It also contains an SPF to make sure your complexion is protected all year round.


30’s Kate Winslet YoUR SKIN …

You may find that fine lines around your eyes appear more noticeable and your skin can start to lose a little of its youthful radiance. This is because cell turnover starts to slow down and collagen starts to diminish. The first signs of sun damage may start to show now in the form of pigmentation marks or brown spots.

ToP TIPS … You may see no changes in your skin or a few of the above, but whatever you see continue the good habit of protecting your skin every day. This will keep your skin tone even and help hang onto that radiant glow. Switch to a proper anti-ageing moisturiser and give your skin regular micro-dermabrasion at home treatments (once or twice a week). These help to remove the ‘dulling’ top layer of dead skin cells and allow anti-ageing creams to really get to work.

TRY … Dr. Nick Lowe Super Charged Day Cream SPF15, £16.59 (Boots), this intensive anti-ager will protect skin whilst preventing pigmentation (brown spots), fine lines and wrinkles. Olay Regenerist Micro-Dermabrasion & Mini Peeling Kit, £24 (Boots), use this kit regularly to gently exfoliate the top layers of skin and help retain that youthful, peachy glow. It also helps to even out skin tone and keep dark spots under control.


40’s Nicole Kidman

A loss of collagen, fat and elasticity in the skin can cause slight sagging and cheeks to look as if they have dropped. Smile lines and wrinkling around the eyes can look more obvious and skin can start to feel drier. Under eyes may start to look puffy which can be genetic but also comes with age.

ToP T To oP o P TIPS … Check out creams and lotions that contain both anti-aging and lifting or firming properties. If you’ve been using an eye cream switch to one that deals not only with lines but also puffiness and dark circles. If your skin feels dry opt for a cream rather than lotion.

TRY … L’Oreal Revitalift SPF15, £9.99 (Superdrug), this day cream will hydrate dry skin whilst fighting wrinkles and making skin feel firmer. It contains the all important SPF to help prevent further wrinkles and is light enough to wear everyday under make-up. No7 Time Resisting Day & Night Eye Care, £18.25 (Boots), is a clever eye product with everything you need in one. One side dispenses a gel that reduces puffiness during the day and keeps the eye area looking bright. The other side contains an anti-ageing night cream to reduce dark circles and smooth lines.

50’s Kim Cattrall

The previous signs can be magnified at this age and your face may start to head south! That means even corners of the mouth and eyes start to point downwards. More dryness appears plus uneven skin tone including age spots. The menopause may have started or be on it’s way, this can create that extra dryness in your skin and also flushing which leaves you with a temporary shine.

ToP TIPS … Start wearing an anti-ageing serum underneath your moisturiser to really boost the repair and rejuvenating process. Together they will help preserve skin and turn back the clock. A serum can penetrate the skin on a deeper level whilst the moisturiser helps seal in it’s anti-ageing power and provide essential, skin-smoothing moisture and protection.

TRY … Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Crème SPF15, £46 (www., smooth over the top of your serum and the rich blend of energising nutrients gives very dry skin a moisture hit whilst adding a fresh glow. Skin looks lifted and feels firmer. Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Lifting Serum, £41.11 (, this award-winning serum has a silky, light texture and helps give a 61% reduction in the appearance of mature wrinkles with regular use. Lines look less obvious and skin looks brighter and fresher instantly. The peptide complex strengthens skin, giving it a more dense texture. Use day and night under your anti-ageing moisturiser.


AESTHETICALLY PLEASING…. Advancements in medical aesthetics are developing at a rapid pace giving us access to a wide array of highly effective and results driven treatments, from microdermabrasion and skin peels to iPL treatments and anti-wrinkle injections. As aesthetic treatments become more commonplace, the most progressive and experienced aesthetic doctors are now performing combination treatments to achieve exceptional visible results that are both natural and long lasting. At Woodford medical, the highly skilled doctors are frequently combining the ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’ with fillers to dramatically improve the lower half of the face and neck. The ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’ is basically muscle relaxing injections used to prevent the muscles in the lower face and neck dragging the lower face down. It can help lift the corners of your mouth and the lower side of your face plus help combat sagging and the formation of jowels. Combining the ‘Nefertiti Neck Lift’ with a next generation dermal filler, such as Juvéderm® ULTRA, completes the rejuvenation of the lower half of the face by replenishing the natural fullness of nose to mouth lines and depressions at the corner of the mouth. As the trend to achieve more dramatic yet natural results rises, more clients, both in Essex and London are now opting for combination treatments. Dr Hilary Allan believes; ‘My most satisfied patients are combining microdermabrasion and skin peel maintenance procedures together with treatments such as photofacials and anti-wrinkle injections to achieve optimum effects. Knowing my patients trust what I say and do allow me to use the most advanced techniques and products available to them to achieve exceptional results’. At Woodford Medical, they have introduced two new skincare ranges, Epionce and Dermacel, to complement the existing Agera Rx brand. Dr Patterson says, ‘We only choose to add new ranges that are results driven, clinically proven and that we believe will actively work to improve skin health, such as the Epionce product range’. Epionce is a blend of active botanical ingredients using optimal concentrations and a scientifically proven delivery system, meaning the products work within the skin to treat conditions, such as skin ageing, rather than just alleviate symptoms. According to Dr Patterson, ‘Clinical trials now clearly show that Epionce skin care is as effective as prescription strength retinol but without the

For more information or to book your appointment, speak to their treatment advisors on 0845 602 1161.

irritation’. The Epionce Peel stimulates cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and accelerates the healing process, revealing more beautiful, radiant skin after just one treatment with minimal downtime. With such a wide variety of highly effective aesthetic treatments available, there are plenty of options to combat fine lines and wrinkles or skin complaints such as pigmentation, Rosacea and issues such under arm sweating and facial blushing. Dr Allan and Dr Patterson, together with their team of nurses and therapists, pride themselves on helping you achieve your goals and at your own pace to help you look and feel good.


Find Woodford Medical in Danbury (Essex), London, Cambridge and Belfast.

....Specialists in Aesthetics

Dr Hilary Allan and Dr Mervyn Patterson are internationally renowned as leaders in medical aesthetics. At Woodford Medical, they head a team of specialised doctors, nurses and therapists, providing state of the art, non-surgical aesthetic treatments. What are the treatments: Lines and Wrinkles • Muscle Relaxing Injections and Dermal Fillers • Skin Peels • Microdermabrasion • Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Sun Damage and Facial Redness • Intense Pulsed Light treatments Leg Veins • Laser and Sclerotherapy

• Colonic Hydrotherapy Moles, milia and skin tags Under arm sweating

Hair Removal • IPL permanent hair removal

Dr Allan has been the resident cosmetic dermatologist on the TV series How To Look Good Naked and Dr Patterson is regularly featured in the national press for his expert knowledge and reputation. We provide specialist advice for all types of skin conditions from lines and wrinkles to roseaca, face and leg veins to underarm sweating. Speak to one of our treatment advisors for the best advice specific to your requirements - 01245 227983

Find Woodford Medical in Danbury (Essex), London, Cambridge and Belfast

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S PA’ S Escape the stress and pressures of every day life and take a well deserved time out. Why not treat yourself to some pure pampering. or if you’re feeling extra generous then a gift for a loved one… The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide have found you the crème de la crème of Essex Spas, on your doorstep. So take a look at our Top 10 selection and you could find your self indulging in pure luxury and relaxing in your ultimate haven!



Kavala Day spa and Beauty salon

10% off Monday – Wednesday on selected treatments when you visit www. cosmeticsurgeryand beautyguide.

Kavala Day Spa & Beauty Salon aims to be the perfect haven of relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering. As well as its unique infrared sauna, it features a sumptuous atrium-style reception and retail area; five lavish treatment rooms; a dual manicure and pedicure room; deluxe spa facilities; two nail bars; a spray tanning booth and a Uv tanning cubicle. A visit to Kavala Day Spa will be a temporary escape to a serenely tranquil world of luxury and indulgence. It is the perfect location for couples, brides-to-be, discerning hen parties and mums-to-be, in fact, anyone in need of that extra special treat. Kavala uses the Karin Herzog products that are favoured by the Hollywood A-list for their facials and body treatments, as well as Aromatherapy Associates products for body wraps and scrubs, ensuring you feel relaxed and revitalised. Open 7 days a week, with late nights till 9.30pm Monday to Thursday.

3 Dukes Walk, Duke St, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1GZ, 01245 287979 Zen Clinic

The Zen Clinic At the Zen Clinic we strive to provide a professional but friendly service to cater for everybody’s individual needs with a variety of treatments for the mind, body

10% off selected treatments when you visit www. cosmeticsurgeryand

and soul using state of the art equipment and technology. We have the highest qualified Therapists, Technicians and Surgeons who strive to perfection to create the look and feeling you are ultimately aiming towards. We have a complete range of services: • Dentistry NHS, Private • Acupuncture • Chiropractor • Fillers/Cosmetic • • Laser • Beauty • Plastic Surgeon • Hypnotherapy • Counseling • Yoga • Zen Clinic embraces a comfortable, relaxing and stimulating environment where you can approach our therapists for advice and feel under no obligation. All our carefully selected staff are fully qualified with years of experience and have a progressive, caring and gentle touch and look towards your long term care rather than a quick fix. Please feel free to contact us for advice or a no obligation consultation.’

143, London Rd, Stanway, Colchester, Essex Co3 8NZ, 01206 762417

The rayleigh retreat The Rayleigh Retreat was founded in early 2006 and in March 2008, opened a Urban Day Spa on the top floor. The Spa lounge is a haven to retreat from the hassles of every day life and for you to enjoy a few deserved hours to relax and rejuvenate. The Spa lounge awaits with a Far Infra Red Sauna, that uses this effective light source to warm the body ready for treatments, to aid with weight loss, cellulite, skin complaints and joint pain. The Rain Shower is available to cleanse before entering your treatment room where you may recapture peace and harmony. The Professional Thai Treatment menu is extensive, providing Thai Rituals that are steeped in history and tradition to capture the essence of Thai culture. Spa Cuisine is provided with all Full Day Spa Packages. The reception staff will be happy to assist in a custom package for your needs. A great way to treat loved ones. Gift Certificates are available.

111 High Street, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7QA, 01268 745757


e Jasmin a Day Splected se ff o hen 10% ents w treatmisit www. you v rgeryand icsu cosmet beauty

Jasmine Day spa Jasmine day-spa , a luxury Elemis Premier Day Spa in the

ivory retreat

heart of leigh offering an exotic blend of spa-therapies from

The Ivory Retreat was created to offer an alternative to the usual

around the world.

salon with more choices and an increased spa influence. We offer

Walk into a world of complete sensory heaven, where time is left

a variety of beauty, holistic and aesthetic needs. So much under

at the door and a new journey begins.A sensory space for men

one roof you will find everything you need.

and women to escape from the pressures of everyday life and

We care for the mind body and soul. By the time you leave the

experience a more tranquil world, where exotic spa-therapies are

Ivory Retreat you will feel a better sense of general well being,

performed by candle light.

your appearance will be improved and your mind should feel

Step back in time and discover ancient rituals from Bali,

equally content. You will always be greeted with professional and

Thailand, Tibet, India, China, Japan, Morocco, Hawaii and Tahiti

friendly service.

Step into our temple of touch and aroma

The Ivory Retreat prides itself on customer care.

113 Rectory Grove, Leigh on Sea , Essex, SS9 2HW, 01702 482307

146 Upminster Road ,Upminster Bridge, RM14 2RB, 01708 469460

White Po 15% o st all clie ff for you v nts when cos isit www andbe meticsurger . autyg y ( condit and io apply)ns

The White Post retreat

The Athenaeum Club

White Post Retreats extensive beauty treatment range

body and soul, a club that is as much a place to be, as to do, the

includes advanced anti-ageing treatments such as Beauty Tox,

ultimate treat for those with busy and stressful lives.

Microdermabrasion & Omnilux. Our services also include non-

Inspired by the classic design of ancient Rome the architecture

invasive cosmetic treatments such as laser, IPl, Anti Wrinkle

incorporates many authentic features. Set in a spacious

Injections, Sculptra, Restylane, Perlane and the very latest

Romanesque arena which includes a green slated hammam,

technology in Permanent Cosmetics.

tylarium and sauna, with sculpted hydrotherapy loungers a few

Erb, our signature spa range from Thailand, has a vast menu of

imperial paces away.

facial and body treatments for you to enjoy.

Indulge yourself with the extensive range of facilities including

Day Spa Packages and Gift vouchers are available.

tennis and squash courts, classic Italian gymnasium, Spa and

Visit our website to view our treatment of the week and all other promotions & special offers

therapy suite, domed library, piano lounge, bistro and fine dining


Set in five acres of beautifully landscaped gardens The Athenaeum was created in order to provide a veritable temple for


For more information on our various Spa Day Packages, please call 01702 560510.

Clarice House

However you choose to relax, Clarice House is the perfect retreat. Our classic country houses, at Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and Colchester, offer a unique ambience, worlds apart from everyday concerns. They each have exclusive Day Spa facilities, including swimming pool, sauna, steam room, spa bath, treatment rooms and indulgent restaurants. All packages include, use of the facilities between 9.00am and 5.00pm, luxurious robe and spa slippers to keep, towel hire, at least two treatments, and more depending on which package you choose, and a three-course lunch. In addition Colchester and Ipswich also offer an “Evening Bliss� Spa package. To find out more about the exclusive Clarice House experience visit .

Layer Road, Colchester, Essex, C02 0HS, 01284 705550

Five Lakes

Float away with treatments by Clarins and ESPA - come back looking better than ever. Welcome to our oasis of serenity and rejuvenation within Five lakes Hotel, Golf, Country Club & Spa. The Spa at Five lakes is the ideal distraction from the stresses and strains of everyday life and the perfect way to relax and re-energise. Allow your cares to slip away in the expert hands of our beauty therapists to give you a memory and experience worth savouring. Complement your spa treatment with a relaxing dip in our indoor pool, or with a soothing moment inside our sauna or steam room. We offer a full range of health and leisure facilities to ensure your spa experience is complete.

Colchester Road, Tolleshunt Knights, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8HX, 01621 862324

Greenwoods Greenwoods Hotel Spa and Retreat is a beautiful 17th Century, Grade II listed manor house set in extensive landscaped gardens. The hotel is located in the rural village of Stock in Essex, Greenwoods offers guests an impressive range of leisure facilities and more than 50 of the latest beauty treatments and techniques, inspired by leading names such as Decleor, Jessica and Elemis. luxury facials and prescriptive manicures, a Detox Full Body Wrap, a Coconut and Milk Ritual Wrap, lime and Ginger Salt Glow, the exclusive Bio-genie non-surgical face lift, will leave you looking ten years younger...As a regular at Greenwoods I can highly recommend this spa, it not only offers fantastic value for money, great service and one of the best lunches I have had the pleasure of experiencing at a day spa! BOOK NOW

Greenwoods, Stock Road, Stock, Essex, CM4 9BE Tel: 01277 829990




Jasmine Day-Spa 113 Rectory Grove, Leigh On Sea, Essex SS9 2HW T: 01702 482307

ituated in the heart of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, the Jasmine Day-Spa

Tri-eNZyme resurFACiNG FACiAL

is a serene space with a relaxing environment for men and women

Peel away the years for smoother, more radiant skin

to escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life.

This ground breaking Anti-Ageing facial instantly resurfaces and smoothes

From the moment you enter the Jasmine day-spa you will be taken on

the skin. This unique treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone,

a unique journey that has been designed especially for you. Created to

superficial facial scarring and fine lines, revealing a younger looking skin.

elevate and arouse all your senses, you will enter a luxurious blend of exotic

Your Skin will be left feeling incredibly clean, smooth and radiant.

cultures, colours and textures from around the world, including Bali, Tibet, Polynesia, Japan, Morocco and Thailand. With a selection of 10 deluxe


treatments rooms and a luxurious spa pool, the facilities are equal to any

To combat ageing, stressed and slackened skin

elite spa retreat in the UK.

This Anti-Ageing face and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and

Jasmine Day-Spa brings you a premium product - ‘Elemis’ combined with

plumps skin, whilst helping to reduce dark circles.

the highest quality therapy. A splendid array of Elemis based therapies create a delightful menu designed to combine the best results, with superb

Apart from being a fabulous retreat, Jasmine Day- Spa also provides

specialist treatments that focus on specific areas of the body and mind.

advanced teeth whitening from Sno, a company with revolutional teeth

To create your perfect spa experience Jasmine Day- Spa specialise in luxury

whitening technology who can create a fabulous smile in 30 minutes!

pampering days and tailor- made packages, designed especially for you by

Another great procedure Jasmine Day -Spa offer is the opportunity to

their Spa Director to meet your individual needs. Your treatment room

receive semi - permanent make up by a leading UK’s make up artist, Heidi

becomes your private sanctuary, where your therapist delivers lifestyle

Worman - featured on the BBC. Heidi Worman offers an excellent

solutions adapted personally to you. From ‘power-boosting’ anti-ageing

choice of cosmetic make-up at competitive prices. Amongst these exclusive

facials to hands-on body therapies; from male grooming and detox

procedures, Jasmine Day–Spa also boasts an excellent array of treatments

programmes to mother-to-be. So take a well deserved time out and indulge

that cater for any individual requirement;

in their exclusive treatments, three of their popular facials that are renowned at Jasmine Day- Spa include;

Pro-CoLLAGeN QuArTZ LiFT FACiAL Anti-Wrinkle Facial This anti-wrinkle facial is clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94%. A mixture of exquisite ingredients creates a firmer, uplifted, more youthful looking appearance.


TreATmeNT seLeCTioN • A Mixture of heavenly Holistic Therapies • CACI – The Original Non Surgical Facelift • Acculight Permanent Hair Reduction- The Ultimate answer to removing unwanted hair • Electrolysis- A safe, permanent removal of individual, unwanted hairs. • SPA manicures and pedicures by OPI • Eye Treatments – A mix of treatments to define your eyebrows and eyelashes • St. Tropez Ultimate Air- A flawless, natural air brush tan • Conventional and Advance Waxing

A Luxury Elemis Premier Day Spa in the heart of Leigh. Offering an exotic blend of Spa-Therapies from around the world.

Walk into a world of

complete sensory heaven... Lycon Waxing Full Facials Manicure & Pedicure Massage Caci Teeth Whitening by Snรถ Permanent Make-Up & Eye Lash Extensions by Heidi Worman Full range of Elemis Products available on our website Aculight IPL permanent hair removal

Gift Vouchers and Spa days Tel:

01702 482307

113 Rectory Grove, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex SS9 2HW


However you choose to relax, Clarice House is the perfect retreat. Their classic country houses, at Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and Colchester in Essex, offer a unique ambience, worlds apart from everyday concerns. They each have an exclusive Health and Fitness Club, Beauty and Hair Salons and Day Spa facilities. In addition, our Bury St. Edmunds site provides luxurious Residential Spa break accommodation and both Colchester and Bury St Edmunds have intimate restaurants.

IpswIch Tel: 01473 463262 BURy ST. EdMUndS 01284 705550 ColCHESTER 01206 734301

The Health & Beauty and Hair Salons offer a wide range of treatments

customer requests,

using the best products, including Germaine de Capuccini, ESPA,

particularly from

CACI and Nexxus to both members and non-members alike. There are

those who live

numerous options for the body, from scalp massage right through to a

locally and find it

pedicure, and the hair salons can provide that finishing touch. The well

difficult to take

qualified and product trained staff will ensure you receive professional

a day out of their

advice and treatments.

busy schedules. The “Evening Bliss” Spa Package includes use of facilities

At Clarice House Day Spas they offer a range of indulgent Bliss Day

from 5.30pm, a relaxing Swedish Back & Neck Massage, spa slippers and

packages. From the standard Bliss Day right through to the Sheer Bliss

towel hire and a three-course dinner in the restaurant.

Day, there’s something for everyone. Bliss Days are perfect whether you

The residential spa at Bury St Edmunds is set within a beautiful neo-

just fancy a treat or have a special occasion to celebrate with a group of

Jacobean Mansion with a limited number of superbly furnished bedrooms,

friends. For example they are ideal for Birthdays, Hen Parties, Pre-Natal

which all have luxurious en-suite facilities. All residential spa packages

Treats, Anniversaries, School Reunions, etc. They also make great

include, a welcome reception with refreshments, splendid accommodation,

presents or even incentives for you or your team at work and tailored gift

breakfast, three course lunch and three course dinner, your choice of

vouchers are available. All “Bliss Days” include, use of the facilities between

inclusive treatments, one for each night of your stay and use of the Health

9.00am and 5.00pm, luxurious robe and spa slippers to keep, towel hire, at

Club and Spa facilities

least two treatments, and more depending on which package you choose,

The AA award-winning restaurants at Bury St Edmunds ands Colchester

and a three-course lunch.

serve modern British comfort food using ingredients locally sourced and

Following on from the success of the “Bliss Day”, Day Spa packages,

prepared with care. The restaurants are open for lunch and dinner and the

Clarice House at Bury St Edmunds and Colchester have just launched a

comfortable lounges have their own menu, which is available every day

new “Evening Bliss” Spa package, which has been launched in response to

from 12 noon until 8.00pm.



From luxury manicures to Holistic Therapies The Ivory Retreat in Upminster offers a wonderful range of treatments. So if your are in need of a little pampering and rejuvenation then a visit to this Beauty Spa will indulge your every whim.


The Ivory Retreat Health and Beauty Spa. Contact: Sharon Williams 146 Upminster Road, Upminster Bridge, RM14 2RB T:01708 469460 E:

lthough The Ivory Retreat is situated on a bustling

feel confident and assured in the hands of highly trained and qualified

street and within walking distance from a train

specialist. The Ivory Retreats foremost priority is to provide a service of

station, once you enter the doors you’re transported

the highest professional and medical standard. There is a great mixture

into a little haven of tranquilly and calm. Through the use

of treatments on offer such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and Mesolift. If

of a carefully chosen décor and selective lighting they have

however it is a holistic approached that you wish to take then you will be

managed to create a serene and soothing atmosphere. The

spoilt for the selection they offer. Why not treat yourself to a Hopi Ear

combination of natural greens, browns and creams shades

Candle Therapy or to an Indian Head massage.

creates a peaceful ambience and relaxing environment.

The Ivory Retreat is special and distinctive for many reasons not only does it offer you a wonderful mixture of Beauty, Holistic and Aesthetic treatments

As soon as you enter the spa you are greeted with a warm welcome and the

but every member of the team prides themselves on the ability to provide

area inside is surprisingly deceiving. You find yourself wandering through

the finest possible service to everyone, making all their clients feel spoilt,

an impressive space. The spa consist of four fabulous size treatment

relaxed and utterly pampered. You will always be greeted by a personal,

rooms one of which is a double, perfect for couples to indulge and unwind

The spa offers an endless choice of luxurious treatments and procedures

“ Clients who enter the treatment rooms are so relaxed and comfortable they become sleeping beauties”

with a fantastic array of packages to suit everyone’s desires and budgets

products such as Spa Find and Tisserand for your facial and body

and one of the fabulous things about this spa is you have the ability to

treatments together with the award wining CACI procedures you will be

tailor your own package to suit any individual requirements. You truly are

delighted with the options available. The combination of atmosphere and

spoilt for choice.

relaxing vibe will transmit you into a sleepily trance allowing you to forget

Amongst the opulent and lavish spa treatments The Ivory Retreat

your troubles or stress at the door, Sharon the owner of the spa explains ‘

also offers the latest in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, providing an

Our clients who enter the treatment rooms are so relaxed and comfortable

advanced yet affordable therapy. Being an aesthetic procedure you will

they become sleeping beauties’

together or to relax and feel spoilt with a friend. You will also find an area set up for Id Bare Escentuals Pure Mineral Make up, professionally applied where advice and guidance will be given. A fantastic treat for parties, special occasions or just to learn more about make up application. Within the reception area two nail bars are placed, even though you are seated in the front of the spa you still feel completely at ease and relaxed with the soothing tones of the water feature and gentle music being played.


professional, friendly and helpful member of staff. If your feeling stressed or in need of a little TLC then book your appointment at The Ivory Retreat, you will not be disappointed, with the best available

01708 469 460

Your prayers have been answered...

• Feeling the stress of everyday life? CALL NOW • Looking for some time to focus TO BOOK on you? AN APPOINTMENT • Wanting to be pampered without 01708 469 460 breaking the bank?


Celebrity Beauty Wonders

We’d all love to peek inside a celebrity’s beauty bag to find out what products they use to keep their skin glowing and hair glossy. Here we’ve done just that so you can steal a few star beauty secrets!

Day Solution Day Cream, £11.73 and

Essex girl, TV We may remember her as the presenter and Westend child star from the film Blue star, Denise Van Outen, always Lagoon but Hollywood looks glamorous and her skin actress, Brooke Shields, has simply radiates with health. The secret come a long way since then. could be her organic moisturiser, she says: A former supermodel, she ““I’ve always been fussy when it comes to using products on has starred in the musical my face. Now I’m in my 30’s I’m very aware of how important Chicago and now appears it is to use organic products that won’t strip my skin of its in Lipstick Jungle. Her natural oils. Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser is classic beauty is admired by the ultimate natural moisturiser, since I’ve discovered women the world over. What it..... I can’t live without it!” £14.63 from does she like? Skin Food by Weleda. Brooke says:

Body Bliss Lotion, £15.65 from www.

“I am not a spokesperson for this company but I

love it. I use it on my hands. I use it on my face. It’s

Blonde beauty and cult film actress, Daryl Hannah, loves natural beauty products. Her fabulous figure and smooth skin make her look at least ten years younger than her real age – 48! Here’s her secret: “I like to be low maintenance with my beauty routine and I try and use the purest products. I like Green People products as they make the most gentle creams for the face and body, and their holistic approach works.” Try

We’d all love to have hair as shiny as a model’s, well now you can! Beautiful model, Sophie Dahl, uses Louise Galvin’s Sacred Locks range to keep her tresses healthy and glossy. She says: “The wonderfully natural Sacred Locks products are like heaven for my hair.” Sacred

all natural and it’s amazing.” £5.95 from www.

We can’t flick through any magazine without seeing a WAG looking stunning – and Alex Curran is no exception. Married to Liverpool and England footballer, Steven Gerrard, Alex’s style is one we want to copy! Now you can copy her sexy eyes with an Avon mascara. She says:

Locks Shampoo for Thick

“I love the smokey eye look, and this mascara is

or Curly Hair, £22 and

perfect for achieving show-stopping, dramatic

Conditioner, £24 from

eyes when I go out. My lashes look extra long and

thick, and the brush’s fine bristles mean it’s easy to apply and doesn’t clump.” Avon SuperShock Mascara, £8 from

Essential oils are great for achieving fabulous, smooth skin, but before you try one why not pick a celebrity favourite. TV presenter, Donna Air, uses a gorgeous blend from Saaf Pure Skincare. Donna says: “I like the lovely blend of essential oils in the Ultimate Moisture Face Serum and how they softened my skin, I highly recommend it.” £29.99 from

Danni Minogue, darling of the X-Factor judges, looks bright and sparkly all the time, but what is her secret? It seems a reviving shower with a citrus oil is her answer. She says: “Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil gets me through jet-lag days, and

”...heaven for my hair.” 54

puts me in a great mood.” £29.35 from www.

Zen Clinic, Tollgate Medical Centre, 143 London Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex C03 8NZ T: 01206 76 24 17 E: W:

Did you know the Zen Clinic had so much to offer?

Zen Clinic is a unique practice based in stanway, Colchester offering a myriad of products and services tailor made to the

Zen Dental

Zen Cosmetic

• • • • • • • • • • •

• Botox • Dermal Fillers • Fat Removal

Hygienist Lumineers White Fillings Teeth Whitening Veneers Invisalign Crowns Bridges Implants Mouthguards Cosmetic Simulation

individual. Their range of

Zen Beauty

services include Dentistry, Cosmetic injectables, Beauty,

• Dermalogica • Face & Body for Men • Face & Body for Women • Holistic Body treatments

Acupuncture, Chiropractor, Laser Treatments, Counseling and Plastic and Aesthetic surgery performed by a renowned surgeon. ZeN CLiNiC WiLL GiVe you THe smiLe you HAVe ALWAys WANTeD Their Dental Services are highly acclaimed and include conventional Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry offering lumineers, White Fillings, Teeth Whitening, veneers, Implants, Crowns, Bridges, Invisalign, Cosmetic Simulation and even Mouth guards. Their in- house Dental Hygienist will ensure that your oral dental hygiene will keep your gums healthy and

Zen Accupuncture • Chinese Herbal Medicine

Zen Laser • • • • •

Hair Removal Vein Removal Sunspots Acne Treatment Skin Rejuvenation

Zen Plastic Surgery • • • •

Face Breast Body Contouring Other Treatments

Zen Counselling Zen Chiropractor Zen Microdermabrasion Zen Hypnotherapy

trouble free. BeAuTy AND BeyoND… If you require a natural enchantment to your look then choose from one of their many non surgical or specialist treatments such as *Botox, *Fat Removal, *Microdermabrasion *vein Removal, *Acne Treatment, *Sunspots *Dermalogica, *Acupuncture *Chinese Herbal Medicine *Holistic Body Treatments. *Waxing, *Aromatherapy Treatments* Manicure, Pedicure *Massage *Ear Piercing *Mud Wraps *Reflexology *Yoga The Zen Clinic has created a Skin Bar in their Waiting Area. This allows clients to experience Dermalogica Products and their expertise first hand in an interactive and fun environment! With an extensive product range on offer for you to try and buy you I’ll be spoilt for choice.

Special Offer for MICRODERMABRASION book a course of 4 treatments receive the 5th absolutely free! Also Botox for 2 people, receive 3 areas each £250 per person. T: 01206 76 24 17 E: O: Zen Clinic, Tollgate Medical Centre, 143 London Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex C03 8NZ

Restore the glow of youth with Sculptra


Semi - Permananent Cosmetics & Beauty Services Tel: 07981 742421 Email:


lend is a beauty service based on the belief that their customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of their business is from repeat customers and referrals. With such an excellent reputation, Blend would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Whether you need Semi Permanent make up, Tattoos , a full day of relaxation or a quick manicure, you’ll find it here. Check out Blends fantastic array of treatments.


Semi - Permanent Cosmetics Medical Tattooing Permanent Tattooing Design Service for Body Art

MAKE UP SERVICES • Wedding, fashion, camouflage and make over services • Semi - Permanent eyelash extensions • Botox and Collagen clinics • Aesthetic advice

WAXING • • • • • •

Specialist intimate waxing Spa Treatments Massages Facials Manicures Pedicures


Blend provides a thorough, confidential and personal consultation to ensure “that the client’s individual requirements are fully understood and met. ”


Promoted by Doctors and Beauty journalists, this treatment uses a hygienic and safe technique to give you the ultimate convenience. Designed to enhance your appearance, semi - permanent cosmetics has become an essential treatment for those with a busy lifestyle. Permanent Cosmetics is a method of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin where it can last for up to 5 years without the need to be re applied. The result is a natural finish that imitates perfectly applied makeup, which can range from soft and subtle to crisp and very well defined. Each colour is custom blended to clients requirements. Women of all ages are experiencing the difference semi - permanent cosmetics can make.

STEP BY STEP The Consultation: Blend provides a thorough, confidential and personal consultation to ensure that the client’s individual requirements are fully understood and met. The pigment colours are discussed and if necessary drawn on to demonstrate the effects. The results can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish. Blend prides itself on its experience and commitment for perfection. The Treatment: An anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment for your comfort. Then the shape and shade are discussed prior to the chosen pigment being applied. Once the areas are treated the colour will appear slightly darker for a couple of days, but the colour soon softens to the desired shade. Aftercare: The aftercare routine is easy to follow, your technician will fully explain the recommended steps to each client whilst also providing a simple guideline aftercare sheet to ensure optimum results. Aftercare cream will be provided with all treatments. Take advantage of Blend’s fabulous offer, for a free consultation service, at one of their chosen clinics. Or arrange for a Home visits (by appointment only) With such a delightful selection of treatments and procedures, their main priority is to pamper you from head to toe and to bring out your individual, natural beauty. The experienced and talented staff members at Blend are among the most qualified in the industry. 56


Semi-Permanent Cosmetics & Beauty Services Miss Carrie Blood Master Technician Eye Brows • Eye Liner • Lips • Medical Tattooing •

07981 742 421


FACEmed 5, Market Place, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 0BY Tel: 0800 321 3223

MORE than 32,000 cosmetic procedures were carried out last year, a 12% increase in recent years, and all that despite the down-turn in the economic climate! But according to anti-ageing practicing specialist Monica Berrangé of FACEmed, the frozen, overdone look that many A-listers achieve with the help of some treatments isn’t the answer to younger, more beautiful-looking skin. That’s why at FACEmed - the re-branding of Start Smiling & Aesthetics, a well-established clinic in Ingatestone, Essex - your route to TURN BACK TIME would be a very special one.


With a medical and plastic surgery background and thousands of hours

customised treatment with Dermal Fillers- Restylane, HydraFill or

perfecting specialised injection placement, Monica Berrangé RGN INP,

Radiesse- to lift sagging facial contours and rebalance the features for a

uses the latest cosmetic non-surgical innovations to smooth lines and

younger look with effects that last up to two years. Find out more at a free

wrinkles, enhance facial features – or perfect a complex non-surgical face lift


- with a creative, deft touch that produces a natural, lasting result every time. Her commitment in gaining best skills and qualifications means Monica is

Are you ready for the LiQuiD FACeLiFT – sCuLPTrA?

able to prescribe all products too, so you are in safe hands.

The most effective non-surgical face lift treatment is available at

LisTeN uP!

FACEmed. This polymer-based product works by stimulating the body’s

Consultation is key. At FACEmed managing expectations is the most

own collagen to help restore firmness, providing instant volume and lift.

important consideration for any new client. We all want to look better,

With little or no downtime and visible results after three sessions, expect

younger but at a client’s free consultation Monica explains how cosmetic

results to last two years.

non-surgical procedures can help you to achieve amazing rejuvenating

Just two of many treatments to correct facial imperfections, including

results in a realistic way. Then once, the treatment plan has been chosen,

expression lines, thread veins, acne and uneven pigmentation, FACEmed’s

Monica will carry it out on a one-to-one basis – every time!

menu of reputable brand names, includes award winning Radiesse,


Restylane, Obagi and Vein Wave.

It’s not about how much you can have done in one session but what combination of treatments, where the product is paced and when it’s replenished. Regular assessments and at home skin care with high grade medical ingredients all available at FACEmed are essential to delay aging.

say yes to the NoNsurGiCAL FACe y-LiFT The FACE Y-Lift is a non-surgical procedure which dramatically restores and improves the appearance of the face and neck from the important forehead, jaw line to neck zone – very effective. It consists of strategic placement of facial volumiser –Sculptra, precise injection of Botox® and

We all want a quick fix, but at FACEmed, it’s the extra effort which allows gentle facial remodelling in order to achieve the natural look that counts. That’s why balancing facial shape and recreating harmony in facial features takes patience and artistry in Monica’s expert hands to obtain the best results.


For further information and to book your free consultation today, call 0800 321 3223 or visit Beautify yourself, nourish your soul, nurture your well being!

Before...Nonsurgical Face Y lift Practitioner: Monica Berrange

After...Nonsurgical Face Y lift Practitioner: Monica Berrange

Hollywood smiles or Lots of Tears… The future of cosmetic dentistry. For over 50 years the British have been depicted in the movies with just awful teeth. Just look at movie characters such as Fagin in oliver and Austin Powers as a hip 60’s man wearing a denture to make his teeth look crooked. over the last 10 years with the introduction of Extreme Makeover and 10 years Younger everyone is looking at smiles. Having a great smile can be achieved when you are younger with braces, be they metal, white or invisible as in Invisalign. But what happens when you are older? Sometimes people want a quick fix and are not prepared to wait. Let us look at the various ways that you can improve your smile.

By Dr raj Kumar then your teeth will feel and look slightly thicker. If you have teeth that are crooked then the dentist has to remove any tooth tissue that sticks out plus space for the 0.5 mm to 1mm thick veneer. Removing the enamel can damage the dentine underneath and weakens the bonding strength of the veneer.veneers can look false, artificial or the wrong colour and it takes a very expert hand to get 1 veneer to match the adjacent teeth, so many dentists wrongly advise having as many teeth as possible veneered.


ooth whitening is relatively quick, pain free

veneers can break, fall off, cause nerve damage and even tooth

and affordable. It is best achieved by your

fracture. In the last 5 years however, people have opted for clear

dentist either with custom made home

braces to correct their crowded mouth.

bleaching trays or at the surgery by the dentist. Most bleaching systems should be using a peroxide system

As a preferred Invisalign provider for the UK, and with over

and are best prescribed by your dentist.

15 years’ experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Raj Kumar is committed to making his patients smile. After qualifying at Guys

Tooth whitening is relatively quick, pain free and affordable. it is best achieved by your dentist either with custom made home bleaching trays or at the surgery by the dentist.

If your teeth are

Dental Hospital in 1989, he joined a Birmingham dental practice

crooked then you

and moved quickly through the ranks to become a partner in

may be tempted into

1993. And he soon discovered that this was where his interest

having porcelain

truly lay.

crowns or veneers. These treatments involve trimming away the enamel off the front, sides and in the case of crowns, the backs

of the teeth. The porcelain restorations are then cemented after about 1 week. Many dentists advise veneers as a

As a preferred Invisalign provider for the UK, and with over 15 years’ experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Raj Kumar is committed to making his patients smile.

non -invasive dental treatment; some veneers are advertised as so thin that


With his interest in aesthetics taking hold, Raj started to explore

there is not any need to remove

the options open to him, keen to be the best he could be within

any enamel. The problem is that a

his field, and to offer his patients the most up-to-the-minute

veneer can be no thinner than 0.5

and effective treatments. In 1996 he set up a centre for tooth

mm so if you have straight teeth

whitening, to wide acclaim, and in 2000 he opened Forma Dental

and veneers are cemented on top

Care in Harley Street, where he practises today.

leaders in cosmetic dentistry appearance | shape | beauty

Dr Raj Kumar is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry. He creates beautiful, healthy smiles without the need for metal braces, using instead a series removable aligners which slowly move teeth into place over time.

PLATINUM ELITE PREFERRED PROVIDER HOW ARE INVISIBLE BRACES MADE? Firstly, Dr Kumar takes X-rays, photographs and moulded dental impressions of your teeth, then sends these off to the Align Tech lab in Santa Clara, California. Your dental impression is then scanned into a computer to make a 3D model of your teeth and gums. The software simulates the movement stages of teeth required to achieve the final result, which Dr Kumar checks online to make sure he’s happy with the proposed correction, before your personalised set of aligners is made. Align Tech laboratories then use special thermo forming technology, to produce the set of plastic aligners which represent each tooth movement generated by the computer software for your prescription.

HOW DOES THE BRACE WORK? A series of plastic aligners are worn for two weeks at a time. As you move from one aligner to the next and your teeth will slowly straighten. They’re virtually invisible, so no one can tell you’re wearing them and you can eat and drink, brush and floss your teeth with ease by removing them when necessary. What’s more, they’re considered more comfortable and less likely to cause abrasions such as mouth ulcers.

WHAT CAN IT FIX? Dr Kumar has treated more than 400 cases, and has seen a wide variety of irregularities in the teeth of both adolescents and adults, including: • Spaces between teeth or so-called ‘gappy’ teeth. • Crowded or overlapping teeth. • Crooked teeth. • Complex conditions such as overbites, underbites and crossbites.

Dr Kumar has devised a unique treatment schedule to reduce orthodontic treatment time, reducing the need for extractions and little if any discomfort. His patient age range is 15 to 73 years.

forma London 86 Harley Street, London W1G 7HP 0800 015 0569 Nearest station – Oxford Circus forma Birmingham Great Western Arcade, Birmingham B2 5HU 0800 015 0569 Nearest station – Snow Hill Opening hours 9am – 6pm

The invisible way to straighten your teeth


Belle Vue dental Practice 43 High Street, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1NA T: 01268 759684 F: 01702 556539 E:


desire younger looking skin then belle vue offers the finest treatments and procedures available.

improvements they have now established a new treatment

treating your skin it is important that you are fully assessed.” Explains Dr

room dedicated to facial aesthetics and skin rejuvenation,

Gardiner, therefore they use the Visia® Complexion Analysis system which

creating an advanced - Skin Spa. The renovations are part of

will assess your skin for wrinkles, spots, pore size, skin tone variations and

their ever increasing development and on-going investment

UV spots that indicate sun damage. At the end of the exercise you will

to ensure the practice has some of the very latest equipment

receive an assessment which will include recommendations for treatment

enabling them to offer their clientele the highest quality of

regimes to create your optimum skin health, which may include Botox,

dental care and facial procedures.

Dermal Filler or Chemical Peels, all of which are available at the practice.

elle Vue Dental Practice is situated within a beautiful Victorian building that oozes plenty of character and charm. As you enter the surgery you are greeted by

welcoming smiles and friendly staff. With Belle Vue’s recent

“...if you wish to create your designer smile or ”

They then devise a personalised treatment plan with time-frames and costs Belle Vue has been established for 25 years and gained an exceptional

to meet your lifestyle and budget. Amongst these procedures Belle Vue also

reputation for their innovative approach to ideas and revolutionary

offer a range of products such as Barbara Panagos Mineral make up and

techniques. Dr Gardiner has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry,

three ranges of Cosmeceuticals which offer a wide range of solutions to any

non-surgical facial aesthetics and skin treatments. Her passion for these

problematic skin issues.

particular areas it is clearly noticeable from the state of the art equipment

Belle Vue pride themselves on offering the best preventive and cure

and latest treatments that are available at the practice. One of the

treatments, as well as meeting your general dentistry needs. Providing the

procedures that Dr Gardiner offers is ‘Isolaz’, an Exclusive treatment

very best advice and service in all their areas. Knowing how important the

available only at selective surgery’s across the UK and has been voted one

visual appearance of our teeth are, Belle Vue supply a variety of services

of the hottest products to come out of America in 2007. Isolaz is a light

to help create a lasting smile using the latest materials and techniques:-

based technology, the effect has been intensified by the use of a vacuum,

Crowns, Veneers, Bridges and Teeth Whitening. All of which are

this modern treatment provides excellent results for treating; Acne, Hair

administrated by the highly qualified Dental Surgeon Dr Kamal Gardiner.

Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.

With the combination of fabulous décor and wonderful ambience it is easy to forget you’re in a dental surgery. So if you are looking for a

Dr Gardiner has a great interest in cosmetic medicine, the science of beauty

fantastic service, a fabulous array of treatments and procedures in luxury

and the aging process which has developed and enhanced over the years.

surroundings then a visit to Belle Vue Dental Practice will not disappoint.

She has applied her knowledge of the medical aesthetic industry to offer

Affordable prices with service, equipment and results you associate with

her clients the best non-surgical aesthetic treatments available. “Before

London clinics, this really is a reason to stay Local.


Here at Belle Vue Dental Practice we pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical facial aesthetics to achieve ‘beautiful smiles’ and ‘younger-looking skin’ for our patients.

25 years of experience Visit our award-winning website at

COSMETIC DENTISTRY Using state of the art equipment including digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras. • Crowns • Veneers • Bridges • Tooth whitening NON-SURGICAL FACIAL AESTHETICS Use of the Visia Complexion Analysis system to assess your skin. • Wrinkle relaxing treatments • Skin peels • Dermal fillers • Pain free ‘Aesthera PPx/ Isolaz’ laser to treat unwanted hyperpigmentation, acne, facial thread veins and the removal of unwanted hair • Cosmecuticals by NeoStrata, SkinTech and SkinCeuticals • Mineral make-up by Barbara Panagos


Smile with confidence

Lines and wrinkles are not the only giveaway of age, teeth can be too. Stained and discoloured teeth can add years to a face, and as we spend 90% of the time focusing on someone’s mouth when we look at them, brightening up those pearlies might be a good idea. From brightening toothpastes to whitening kits, achieving sparkling teeth has never been so easy.



this no-nonsense dental kit is quick and easy to

if you’re short on time simply using a whitening

use thanks to three simple steps. It will remove

toothpaste every day will help lift away stains.

stains and lighten teeth by several shades to

This formula can give you a whiter smile in

give you a dazzling smile. It’s also peroxide-free.

around 30 days. It uses, Arctic lichen, a natural,


non-abrasive cleaning agent which gently removes discolourations. A great low budget way to a Hollywood smile.

this special gel helps to remove stains that are ageing by using blue light technology. It’s


caused by red wine, coffee, tea, smoking and peroxide-free, so a good alternative if you’ve

what about those tricky areas? This handy little


had sensitivity to peroxide versions.

gadget is perfect for getting into those dark,

good, old fashioned manual brushing is electric toothbrush with an oscillating head


can be even better. They have been proven to

after a professional teeth whitening treatment

remove 7% more plaque and produce whiter

with Dentexel, an impression of your teeth can

teeth. This version can show results in a few

be made to create your own unique bleaching

days to three weeks.

trays. Together with a whitening gel, this


means you can top up the treatment at home.

paint the whitening gel onto teeth twice a

Worn for one hour per day for two to three

day after brushing and you should see results

weeks teeth should stay sparkling.

in around seven days.

essential for keeping plaque at bay, but an

unsightly areas between teeth. Just attach one of the mint-flavoured, whitening tips and the head, which gives 10,000 strokes per minute, gets to work on brightening up stained gaps.

Peroxide-free, the


brush-on formula

those awkward mouth trays putting you off?

Recommended by

Here is a great alternative that uses a compact

dentists, this is safe to

light instead. Shine the light on teeth for

use even if you have gum

four minutes, twice a day, to trigger the teeth


whitening process. You’ll need two weeks to see the best results but some see a difference in five days.


will lighten teeth by up to five shades.

The Rayleigh Retreat was an early vision of the Salons owner, Julie Cole back in 2006. Julie had owned a hair salon back in the eighties and always had a strong impetus and burning desire to own an exclusive spa or ‘retreat’. With a passion of achieving her goals and dreams, Julie has created a multiaward winning salon with a loyal team of therapists & technicians. After years of continued research to select the precise equipment and products for the Salon & Day Spa, coupled with the teams’ professional and friendly advice, you can relax in comfort knowing that you are in good hands. The Spa Lounge on the top floor, has comfortable seating, a Far Infrared Sauna & rain shower, for relaxing days of pampering. rayleigh retreat, 111, High St, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7QA Tel: 01268 745757

Welcome to Ilford Dental Centre (IDC) The Cosmetic Dentist IDC –The Cosmetic Dentist offers the highest quality general and cosmetic dental treatments in a relaxing environment, with caring, attentive service. Using the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Treatments offered include, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, clear cosmetic braces, crowns & bridges, dental implants, and much more. Their dentists are highly skilled and take an artistic approach to dentistry to give you a perfect smile. To make your visit as relaxing as possible you can listen to the music of your choice or watch a DVD and TV. To spread the costs of your dental treatment we offer 0% finance.

Free CosmeTiC CoNsuLTATioN Ilford Dental centre, 39 cranbrook road, Ilford, IG1 4pA, 020 8478 1150


THE FEnCEPIECE dEnTAl PRACTICE 139a Fencepiece Road, Hainault, Ilford, Essex IG6 2NE Call 0208 500 3339 for appointments

The Fencepiece Dental Practice offers a warm and friendly environment with services that include both dental and cosmetic treatments. The practice is run by Mr E Geradts and associate dentist, Mrs M Patel. Keeping abreast of the latest technology in dentistry means patients receive the best service possible. Some of the up-to-date services include digital x-rays for speedy results, air polishers to remove heavy staining and disposable products to ensure an excellent level of hygiene. DeNTAL TreATmeNTs The extensive range of dental services includes crowns, veneers, white fillings, root treatments, air brushing, bridges, implants, dentures, teeth whitening and snoring appliances. The latest treatment to be provided is Clearstep. Unlike conventional orthodontics, this treatment offers the patient an ‘invisible’ brace system that can cater for everything from large extraction spaces and small gaps to severely crowded teeth. Home visits are offered to those patients who are unable to visit the surgery and conscious sedation by injection in the arm or hand is available for those who require it.

CosmeTiC TreATmeNTs As cosmetic dentistry has made people more aware of their appearance, The Fencepiece Dental Practice has added facial rejuvenation treatments to their list of services. The dentists are professionally trained to administer non-surgical treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers to help complete your cosmetic makeover. The filler product used is a natural, non-animal, biodegradable solution that can help enhance facial features, reduce wrinkles and define lips. It is also known for minimising bumps that can form under the skin. The Botox treatment offered is completely safe and has been used for 20 years. It can be used to restore a youthful look to the face by reducing wrinkles, crow’s feet and

THe TeAm

frown lines.

Mr Geradts is better known to his staff and patients as Mund. He is from Holland and after qualifying


in 1989 settled in the UK. Since 2000, when he

Claire, a fully trained and experienced holistic therapist based at the practice, can

became owner of the practice, he has made many

help patients relax and feel in harmony with their body by using reflexology. This is a

improvements to the surgery and is committed to

non-invasive, alternative therapy that is performed on the feet. The feet are massaged

keeping up-to-date with the changes in modern

and pressure points manipulated to bring the mind and body back into balance. The

dentistry. Mrs Mona Patel is the associate dentist and

treatment starts with a warming foot massage to help the patient feel completely relaxed.

feels strongly that all patients should be relaxed and happy when they attend the surgery. She qualified


in 1993 at The Royal London Hospital and has

To help patients continue their preventative dental techniques at home the practice offers

worked at the practice for 11 years. She is dedicated to

a wide range of products to buy. They include toothbrushes (manual and electric), mouth

providing the highest quality treatments in a relaxed

washes, flosses, tongue cleaners and re-fill whitening gels.

atmosphere for patients.


Welcome It is the aim at our Practice to provide high-quality, up todate treatments in a friendly environment. Although we encourage maintaining a healthy mouth we also understand the demand for cosmetic dentistry and therefore offer many treatments, some with promotional discounts.

£50 OFF


FROM £1500








All promotions end 31st August 2009

Tel: 0208 500 3339 Mund Geradts DRS & Associates, 139a Fencepiece Road , Hainault, Ilford, Essex IG6 2LE

Why look your age when you can look younger?

DESIGNER COSMETIC CLINIC 58, Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1XA Call 01708 441143 for appointments

The Designer Cosmetic Clinic offers a fantastic range of general and cosmetic dentistry treatments in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. With a team of highly experienced and qualified dentists you can be sure of the best treatment possible whether it’s simply a check up or a complete smile makeover. From teeth whitening to diamond studded gold crowns – every treatment is available. If you are a nervous patient this is the clinic to visit. Dr Nel offers conscious sedation or a prescription for tranquilisers prescribed the day before treatment.

GENERAL DENTISTRY The extensive range of general dental services includes check ups for overall mouth and tooth health, amalgam filling replacements where allergies may have been diagnosed, extractions including the removal of impacted wisdom teeth and root canal treatments. A hygienist is based at the clinic to provide patients with regular cleaning and polishing treatments and a periodontist (gum specialist) to treat those with potential gum problems which, if untreated, can be a cause for tooth loss. Fluoride treatments for children are available to help strengthen their teeth as they can be vulnerable to decay. This involves a simple gum shield filled with a blue fluoride gel being worn for a short period of time possibly once or twice a year.

The Designer Cosmetic Clinic offers a fantastic range of general and cosmetic dentistry treatments in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


If you are after a totally new appearance, Smile makeovers are available and include dental implants, porcelain veneers, white fillings and crowns.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY Both adult and children’s orthodontic treatments are available including braces coloured to match the natural shade of teeth. This gives the patient a more discreet and confident look, and for children, coloured brackets can be chosen to add an element of fun to wearing braces. If you are after a totally new appearance, Smile makeovers are available and include dental implants, porcelain veneers, white fillings and crowns. Zirconium crowns are available too – typical crowns have a metal core but these are non-metal and white. If you have a tooth that requires a large filling then a porcelain inlay can be fitted instead of filling the entire tooth. Patients who require full or partial dentures can be treated and given the confidence to smile again as a result. If a touch of’ bling’ is your thing then the Designer Cosmetic Clinic offer gold crowns inlaid with precious stones to order. The patient provides their stone of choice and the clinic will do the rest. If you teeth are looking discoloured, the Enlighten teeth whitening system is available to bleach away stains and restore a dazzling smile. Enlighten home teeth whitening kits are available too so that perfectly white teeth can be maintained at home. For sports enthusiasts, particularly rugby players and boxers, sports guards are available and come in a choice of colours.

THE TEAM The extensively qualified team of doctors includes Dr. Eugene Marais, Dr. Peter Algra, Dr. Anusha Koodari, Dr. Gerry Smit, Dr. Gugu Birdie and Dr. Thomas Nel. Amanda Neal is our hygienist.

Call 01708 441143 for appointments.


Look At You! New You EventsLook Great & Feel Young

The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guides are proud to present a makeover event with a difference‌ In Your Region! This entirely new concept offers you an ideal opportunity to meet and question Leading experts in their respective sectors who will be hosting a range of exciting demonstrations, premiering the very latest innovations in cosmetic enhancement, Beauty and Hair. We will also feature a beauty and pampering zone offering a selection of fabulous treatments whilst featuring the latest diet and fitness regimes, cosmetics and spa treatments, catwalk beauty and hair tips and make up secrets. The New You Events promises to be a luxurious, live and interactive experience for anyone wanting to get the low down on cosmetic surgery, meet some of the top people in the Beauty, industry in your local area. And of course learn how to look and feel fantastic!


Online • •

• •

The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Website is your Ultimate Guide. Created to provide you with the essential information and advice for all Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical procedures. It has never been so simple to search for help and information from the leading experts in the Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Industry. Our foremost priority is to offer the correct information and ensure you are confident with the choices you make We only recommend surgeons who are a member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons or the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and that they have attained the final Plastic Surgery Fellowship examination, FRCS (Plast). This website brings you all the latest news and reviews on Body Improvement, The only place to receive all the Exclusive Beauty News and Specialist advice on Cosmetic Trends Don’t miss out on fantastic competitions, promotional offers and un-missable giveaways every month!



Mr Kasaby and Mr Aggarwal are renowned, pioneering Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons. They are widely experienced and have trained extensively at highly reputable eye centres in the UK, the prestigious Moorfields Eye Hospital and Adelaide, Australia. Mr Kasaby and Mr Aggarwal both currently practice at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. They are Directors at Phoenix Hospital, an independent sector healthcare provider at Southend and founders of LaserSight Essex, a well established, highly reputable Laser Eye Surgery Centre


BESPOKE EYE SURGERY Because everybody’s eyes are different there is a need to take a bespoke approach to eye surgery and there is not a ‘one lens fits all’ solution. In fact there are a variety of lens implants available to suit individual requirements, along with laser eye surgery. What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Blade-Free LASIK

of the LASIK treatment - Laser

Laser eye surgery is now a

Blade-Free LASIK is one of the

correction. When treatment is

common, safe and effective

most amazing technological

complete, the flap easily “locks”

method for correcting vision

breakthroughs in Laser eye care

back into position and rapidly

problems. There are several

in recent decades. Traditionally

begins to heal.

methods of laser eye surgery and

the first step of creating a flap was

While LASIK is a successful and

depending on your suitability your

done manually using a hand held

relatively safe procedure, the

surgeon will determine the most

device, the microkeratome. With

majority of complications with

appropriate type for you.

Blade-Free LASIK a Femtosecond

LASIK arise from the use of

laser is used creating the flap



with an infrared laser - providing

LASIK eye surgery, (laser assisted in

greater precision and accuracy,

What is Lens Replacement?

situ keratomileusis) is where a flap is

giving improved results. New

It is a very common procedure

created on the surface of the eye

clinical data has shown that the

whereby the patients’ natural lens

with a microkeratome and a laser

first step – creating a corneal

is replaced by a multifocal or an

is used to reshape the underlying

flap - has been overlooked for

accommodating lens implant -

cornea. In this way, LASIK eye

its positive effect on the visual

enabling them to dispense with

surgery can correct a wide range

outcome. The use of Femtosecond

their glasses for both distance and

of refractive errors.

Lasers has significantly increased


No matter how ready you are for

in recent years, with many

a life without contact lenses or

surgeons preferring this newer tool

Assessing Suitability

glasses, the decision to have Laser

to traditional surgical methods.

There are a variety of refractive

eye treatment is an important one.

Because of the improved accuracy

surgical procedures available.

You want to know for certain that

of the Femtosecond method,

It is important if you embark on

you are getting the safest, most

certain patients who were ineligible

any eye surgery that you have

trusted treatment available.

for LASIK may now be able to have

a thorough assessment by an

treatment after all.

ophthalmic surgeon to explore your options and suitability. The

How it works

benefits, likely outcome and risks

The Femtosecond Laser pulses

of the procedures should then be

create a mini-gas bubble that

accurately conveyed to you so that

separates the tissue. Three-

you can make a well - informed

dimensional, high-precision laser

decision, helped and guided by

cuts can then be made within the

your surgeon.

cornea by means of thousands of computer-positioned laser pulses.

If you require any further

The process only takes about 30

information about any of these

seconds – it’s quiet and pain free.

treatments please contact

The surgeon then gently lifts the

LaserSight at Phoenix Hospital on

flap to allow for the second step

01702 608908 quoting ref CG3. or visit


...the Gintle art of dentistry M

Gin Dental Studio 131 London Road Lexden Colchester Essex CO3 9AH T: 01206 576296 W: E:

any people find a visit to the dentist a very

needles and injections then ask for The Wand!

traumatic experience with bad memories of

Gin Dental Studio main objective is ‘prevention’, educating you how to

previous treatments. However at Gin Dental

maintain healthy teeth. At Gin Dental Studio their emphasis on non-invasive

Studio their philosophy is to make you, the patient feel as

dentistry is very apparent and have introduced “Healthy Chocolate” which

relaxed as possible, explaining fully any treatment that you

unlike the chocolate on the supermarket shelf, it is full of antioxidants as

may receive and they aim to not perform any unnecessary

well as the benefits of acai berries, omega-3 fatty acid with a clean all-natural

dental work. So begin to smile again with Gin Dental

chocolate without the sugar, waxes and other additives of other forms of

Studio, experience their many non-invasive techniques such

chocolate. There are many health benefits such as reducing cavities and gum

as tooth whitening, air abrasion and the Magic Wand, which

disease which will in turn protect the dental work carried out in the mouth.

reduce the need for drilling and injections and make a visit

You can guarantee to receive first class treatment every time you visit. They

to the dentist a more pleasurable experience.

will take the time to listen to your problems and learn of your concerns, to build a personalised, friendly and professional relationship based on courtesy,

Tooth Whitening

mutual trust and respect. A bespoke care plan can be constructed based on

There is no simpler way of making your teeth look better than tooth

the detailed initial discussion, clinical examination, special tests and agreed

whitening. Just sit back in the chair, relax while watching a DVD and

“...begin to smile again with gin dental studio, experience

before long you will have a brighter smile that can last for up to 2 years!

Air Abrasion Air abrasion dentistry is a less traumatic alternative to the high speed drill.

their many non-invasive techniques such as tooth whitening, air abrasion and the magic Wand, which reduce the need for drilling and injections and make a visit to the dentist a more pleasurable experience.

It allows the dentist to selectively remove decay, leaving a healthier tooth

treatment options. Gin Dental Studio provide all routine dental services such

structure. The procedure can be completed without anesthesia. The

as fillings, hygiene visits, treatment of gum diseases, replacement of missing

benefits of not using an injection will result in fewer visits to your dentist,

and broken teeth, etc. Encouraging their patients to achieve a healthy oral

because they can often do more than one cavity restoration at a time.

status, they promote stability by suggesting regular hygienist and check-up visits tailored to individual needs.

The Magic Wand

If you are looking for a dental practice that pride themselves on creating a

The Wand uses a unique new technology which is unlike any other. It uses

relaxing and welcoming atmosphere combined with a first class service, then

a small hand piece that looks like a pen. It works at low pressure and a slow

Gin Dental Studio should be your number one choice. With such fantastic

rate that gives an improved anaesthesia, resulting in a more pleasant dental

options available on creating a healthy and happy smile, you really have no

experience. So, if you are a nervous patient and can’t stand the thought of

excuse to miss your appointment!



UK cosmetic dentistry

Do you ever wish you could be like those celebrities with amazing smiles and immaculate teeth? Well, with Start-Smiling’s help, you can!


5 Market Place, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 0BY FREEPHONE 08082 353456.

great smile is one of your best assets. There’s no

have trained extensively in the US. Their treatment plans provide

better way of rejuvenating your appearance than

the vision of your new smile but also incorporate required clinical

enhancing your most important facial feature. Poor,

treatment. They see healthy gums and teeth as the foundation of any

discoloured teeth can age you and in many instances impact

new smile, so you will undergo a comprehensive oral examination

on your confidence – think about programmes such as ‘10

before starting any cosmetic treatment.

Years Younger’. You say 35 – your teeth say 55! Now for the exciting part! Hand-crafted temporary veneers, carefully It’s so important to get your new smile personally designed – after all, each

refined and customised, are fitted.

of us is unique, and so are our smiles! The Start-Smiling Team carefully

“They had warned me that it could be an emotional moment”, says Linda

selects the most suitable treatment to ensure you are fully satisfied with

who had decided the big 40 was going to be celebrated with the Smile

the entire process, and end result. At the pinnacle of smile design is our

Makeover she’d always wanted. “I looked in the mirror and there was the

Smile Makeover. Through the use of porcelain veneers we will give you

New Me! I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh and most of all I couldn’t stop

a look that’s totally personal. They will be styled, shaped and coloured to

getting married, or having a milestone birthday. It really helps people

“ it’s so important to get your new smile personally designed – after all, each of us is unique, and so are our smiles!”

focus on what they want to achieve and I answer all their questions and

friends and family and gauge reactions.” The final smile is tried and

any concerns they may have. Cost is an important factor for most and of

reviewed at the last session and once everyone is happy, bonded into

course we are able to provide financial solutions as well as dental too!

place. “Funnily enough we never have any problems getting clients to

Start Smiling smile designs are prepared, planned and realised by Dr

smile for their ‘after’ photos” concludes Dr Adams.

John Adams and Dr Genevieve Keane. Dr Adams is a pioneer in UK

Cosmetic Dental Solutions on Smile Makeovers or alternative Cosmetic Solutions call Start-Smiling on FREEPHONE 08082 353456.

match your natural characteristics such as hair and skin tone, facial length, mouth width, tooth size, shape and spacing. Their care and attention to detail is outstanding – they even ensure that light bounces off your new veneers naturally. On your first visit to Start-Smiling you’ll meet Jo their Treatment Coordinator. “People like to talk about their hopes and dreams of a new smile. It may be about everyday confidence, a new job; they may be

cosmetic dentistry while Dr Keane is skilled and qualified in occlusion and occlusal disease (how we bite together and wear to teeth); both




smiling - mirrors, shop windows and even my rear view mirror!” Dr Adams explains “This is such an important step for clients. It allows them time to review their new smile. People ask

UK cosmetic dentistry

“ I’ve hated my teeth for years! My friend had his teeth enhanced at Start-Smiling. I went for a free consultation and was amazed at what they could achieve for me. They were so professional but relaxed and I knew Start-Smiling would do a fantastic job. I’ve had a Smile Makeover and I’m amazed with my new smile. There really was no pressure. I’d been to other Practices but only with Start-Smiling was I completely relaxed, reassured and excited about the future. The utmost level of care resulted in 100% satisfaction! If you’re unhappy with your teeth, the main problem is knowing who to see for best advice and treatment… now you know!! ” • Smile Makeovers • Dental Implants • Professional Teeth Whitening • Inman Aligner • Full Mouth Reconstruction • Invisible Braces • Porcelain Laminate Veneers

0% Interest,

low cost finance plans, subject to status


Essex Lodge 94 Greengate Street London E13 OAS Loughton Clinic 115 High Road Loughton IG10 4HJ 020 8475 0788 www.

ESSEX LODGE MEDICAL AESTHETICS Essex Lodge Medical Aesthetics has been successfully performing non-surgical treatment since 2003 from their two state of the art clinics. Both practices are fully equipped for cosmetic medicine procedures – antiwrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip enhancements, minor surgery, and cryotherapy treatment All procedures are performed by Dr Hardip Nandra a fully qualified doctor registered with General Medical Council, who has undergone specialised training in cosmetic medicine, dermatology surgery, and cryotherapy techniques (liquid nitrogen). This practice offers a fantastic range of Anti-wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers. All of which are carried out to the highest level of care and standards. As a client you can expect a supreme level of service, although prices are very competitive starting from £150 to £270. Even your first consultation is free which allows clients to discuss their requirements and expectations in a stress free environment. Essex Lodge Medical Aesthetics has acquired a very high customer satisfaction, competitive prices, and word of mouth publicity, creating a reputation that surpasses all expectations and gained a throng of regular client’s. Due to demand clients are only seen by prior appointment only. Both clinics are easy to find, close to underground stations, car parking is free. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

■ FREE initial consultation ■ anti-ageing treatments ■ anti-wrinkle injections using Botulin ■ dermal fillers ■ lip enhancement ■ removal of skin tags, moles, and warts

Dr Hardip Nandra MBchB MBA DRCOG DFFP MRCGP Member British Assoc. Cosmetic Doctors Essex Lodge 94 Greengate Street London E13 OAS / 115 High Road Loughton IG10 4HJ

020 8475 0788 /



First Bridget Jones pulled on a pair of huge knickers to shrink her pot belly then Susannah and Trinny introduced us to ‘magic pants’. Now lingerie companies offer every type of under garment to help tighten, pull and lift our bodies. So if yowu can’t face a tummy tuck or a boob job, don’t worry there’s an elasticated device to help! Here we pick the best: ■ DISGUISE BACK FAT Spanx Bra-Llelujah Underwired


Front Closure Bra, £47 (www.

Marks & Spencer Magic Firm Control - get rid of those

Lace Trim Waist Cincher, £30 (www.

pesky back bulges that roll from under your bra - don’t even look

strap. This best-selling bra fastens at the front

for Bridget Jones’ style flesh-coloured pants

to avoid having a clasp that digs into back fat,

– these are so much prettier. With a lacy trim


causing bumps in the wrong places. It uses a

and in slimming black you won’t have to

Trinny & Susannah Magic High Waist

‘second skin’ type fabric that’s soft and won’t dig

feel embarrassed about stripping off! Made

Thong, £35 (

into flesh because it naturally adjusts to fit. It’s

to give sleek definition to your tummy and

- we’ve all been there – you need a thong to

almost seam-free and gives great support.

bottom by flattening and shaping these are

avoid a visible panty line but then the fat just

ideal for wearing under a little black dress.

creeps over the top – giving you another kind

...there’s an easy, cheap and pain-free way to tighten up those jiggly bits on your inner thighs...

of unwanted line. Try this magic thong from


the body-bashing duo who swear by magic

Under Cover Secrets Breast Enhancer,

underwear. It’s a thong from the hips down

£38.17 ( - don’t

but above that it sucks you in and smoothes

have the cash to splash on a boob job? Try

you out! Leaving no nasty ripples around

these silicone-based and waterproof bra

your waist. It’s also made using a special anti-

inserts. Ideal for cup sizes from B to DD, they

bacteria fabric that helps support the skin’s

mould around breasts perfectly and adjust to

natural balance.

body temperature quickly. Wear in your bra for an instant cleavage boost and to enhance


your shape or wear in your bikini top.

Miraclesuit Shapewear Extra Firm Control Strapless Bodybriefer, £40 (www.

■ NO NEED FOR LIPO - when you’ve had no time for

Marks & Spencer Magic Shaper Shorts,

the gym let alone surgery this is a life saver!

£4 ( - there’s

Slip into this all-over body contouring suit and

an easy, cheap and pain-free way to tighten up

drop a dress size instantly. The fabric pulls in

those jiggly bits on your inner thighs, just slip

your torso and gives your bust a smoother look

into a pair of these thigh slimmers. Converts

whilst offering great support. The panty line is

say they reduce thigh size, are comfortable

low enough to haul in your bottom and keep it

and last well after several washes. As an added

under control. Ideal under a party dress.

bonus they also shape hips, bottoms and help flatten tummies.


THE WHITE POST The White Post retreat situated in Billercay, its stunning setting offers a tranquil haven where you can gather your thoughts, be pampered and get real results. you will be in the company of friendly, helpful White Post Farm, Laindon Common Road, Little Burstead, Billericay, Essex, CM12 9SY. Telephone: (01277 633907)

and highly qualified therapists, who will guide you when you require advice and give you space when you need to relax.. This award wining spa offers a tempting selection of treatments and procedures that will pamper you from head to toe. Catering to all your requirements from non surgical to conventional beauty treatments, the spa offers a wide range of products and therapy’s. Their delightful menu consist of the following; • Facial and Full Body Treatments • Hair removal (waxing and electrolysis) • make up & Bridal make up • Caci • Anti-Wrinkle injectables • Dermal Fillers • Chemical Peels • Tread Vein removal • scupltra Another service available to clients of The White Post is permanent make- up by Emalene Grove, their Director, who has been practicing permanent make up for nearly 12 years. Giving her the reputation as one of the best in Essex! Whether your aim is to revitalise your mind or regenerate your face and body you will be in safe hands.

looK 10 Years Younger WiTH THese maKe-uP TiPs! It’s easy to get stuck in a make-up rut, wearing the same colours in the same way year after year. But as we age, so does our skin and we need to change our make-up RADIANT COMPLEXION tip: Because skin becomes drier with

routine to fit. Wear the right colours and textures and you could knock off 10 years! Just follow our tips: SEXY EYES tip: If you’ve shied away from eye make-up then

age its best to switch to a moisturising

don’t! As we get older we actually need more

foundation. Matte versions will

definition than when we were younger. Use

only settle in lines and creases,

a liquid concealer under eyes to disguise

emphasising wrinkles. Go for ones

ageing dark circles and to wake up eyes,

that contain ‘light reflecting’

avoid thick creamy versions which can

pigments too. This will bring a

highlight lines. Apply a powder base to

dewy radiance to your skin. Use

lids in a natural shade that blends into

to cover cheeks, forehead, nose

your skin tone, avoid anything with

and chin, there’s no need to pile

pink in it as this makes eyes look tired.

foundation on all over your face

Don’t use cream textures as these form

which can be very ageing. Just cover

creases. Apply brown eyeliner as close to

those areas that need it. Finish with one

upper and lower lash lines as possible and wear

light sweep of radiance face powder using a

a dark brown or black mascara.

large brush. This will set your base and make your face look luminous.

PLUMP LIPS tip: lips shrink in size with age so you need to make them

YOUTHFUL CHEEKS tip: Skin tone can look a little sallow as we age so the tawny

look voluptuous again. Avoid wearing dark, matte lip colours as

powder blusher you wore years ago won’t look as good now. Swap

emphasises mouth lines. line lips with a soft pencil in a shade

it for a creamy blusher in a rose pink or peach shade. These

that matches your natural lip colour and not your lipstick. This

colours are perfect for brightening up skin and the creamy texture

will stop your lip colour from creeping up vertical

adds a youthful glow. Smile, then dot and blend up and over the

lines and add definition to lips. Fill in with

apples of your cheeks.

glossy, moisturising colour in shades

these make your pout appear thin and strict! The texture also

such as peach and rose pink.

EYEBROW LIFT tip: It’s easy to forget about brows, but grooming and shaping

lipglosses are great, don’t

them can really turn back the clock and give your whole face

Find those with very

a lift. visit a professional therapist for an eyebrow wax or

subtle shimmer too

threading (a traditional Indian method) to get the perfect shape

to add a plumped

for your face. To maintain them simply remove any straggly

up, youthful

re-growth hairs from underneath brows – never remove any

look but steer

from beyond the inner corners of your eyes. Brush them neatly

clear of ‘frosty’

upwards and outwards and define with a soft eyebrow pencil in

or very pearly

a shade as close as possible to your natural colour.


be afraid to try them.


• Under new management •

your ultimate ‘one stop shop’ for all your beauty needs. Allure offers the very best treatments and procedures for anyone looking to create that fabulous new look or simply pamper themselves. Why not treat yourself to a fantastic facial from a choice of two luxurious product Guinot & Dermalogica.

Open 6 days a week Late nights and Saturdays. Buses stop outside-165 256 370 646 nearby trains stations - emerson Park and Hornchurch

The Allure team, Jessica and Tia, have created a friendly, calm and relaxing environment where you can spend a worthy hour or more. With over 7 years experience each you will guarantee to receive a first class service. For more information on their treatments available, give them a call and you will be surprise just how reasonable that special treat will cost you. Allure Tanning, Nails & Beauty 102 North street, Hornchurch rm11 1su 01708 455594

• waxing • • eye treatments-tinting, perming & false lashes • • manicures & Pedicures • • nail extentions • • California spray tan • • electrolysis • • massage & aromatherapy • • Stand up & laydown Sunbeds • • Facials-guinot & dermalogica. Both used world wide in proffessional salons. • • Bio-skin jetting-war on wrinkles •

allure tanning, nails & beauty, 102 north Street, Hornchurch rm11 1SU 01708 455594

OPTIFACE Your answer to the perfect look

LooKING great has never been so easy with optiface. Being able to wake up first thing in the morning, step out of the shower or gym perfectly made-up without a smudge in sight sounds like heaven, and is something which can be achieved with this Colchesterbased company. Optiface is owned by Cherie Rostampour, who started the clinic in 2007 and is fully-qualified as a beautician, dental nurse and permanent make-up technician. She has had many years of experience working as a dental surgery assistant as well in a beauty salon. Both these environments have given her valuable experiences

“At Optiface each client receives an individual analysis, taking into account their skin tone, hair and eye colour before going ahead with semi-permanent makeup techniques.”


which she can put into practice and at a high level. At Optiface each client receives an individual analysis, taking into account their skin tone, hair and eye colour before going ahead with semi-permanent make-up techniques. As semi-permanent make-up professionals, Cherie and her team at Optiface steer clear of anything too trendy, using colours which blend in and complement skin tone, giving a soft and natural appearances Eyelashes appear thicker and eyes more defined with the application of a fine, natural line on the upper and lower eyelids, close to the lash line. Cherie prides herself in quality procedures and customer satisfaction so clients can put their faith and face in her hands.

OPTIFACE 4a Crouch Street, Colchester CO3 3ES t: 0845 4811575 - 01206 366198


Forget soap-on-a-rope, men’s grooming is getting serious. With every year that passes the male preening market is getting bigger and it’s no wonder - Beckham’s buff body and flawless face are everywhere. From anti-ageing moisturisers to under eye concealers, men’s beauty booty is taking over the bathroom. here’s 8 of the best buys:

1: Yves saint Laurent touche ecLat Pour homme, £22.50 (Boots), this version of the famous under eye concealer, loved by make-up artists, is for guys only. It’s formulated especially to suit men’s skin and can wipe away dark circles and signs of fatigue in one swipe. 2: Boots time DeLaY For men WrinkLe DeFence moisturiser sPF15, £6.79 (Boots), one of the major causes of ageing is exposure to UV light, even in winter and through clouds. This moisturiser contains an SPF15, which is ideal for protecting skin everyday (in summer you need to put a sun protection lotion over the top). Designed to hydrate and smooth the toughest skin. 3: kiehL’s aLoe vera BioDegraDaBLe LiquiD BoDY cLeanser, £15 (WWW.kiehLs. com), a suitably mannish shower gel with a personal, handwritten note from god of the bods, Brad 5: gucci BY gucci Pour homme, £38 (, spritz this subtle but sensual fragrance that uses leather, cypress, violet and tobacco extracts over your skin for a masculine, sexy aroma. The coollooking, chunky bottle comes with the signature Gucci horsebit on the lid for the ultimate in designer cred.




Pitt, on the label. Not only does this leave the body squeaky clean, it’s made from 100% biodegradable ingredients with 100% of the net profits going to Brad’s, Make It Right charity. Set up to help reduce adverse impact on the environment.


nivea For men siLver Protect 24h anti-PersPirant, From £2.35 (chemists nationWiDe), it’s a fact that men produce twice as much perspiration as women and that it’s moisture harbours more bacteria. The answer? Silver. Used in World War I to treat wounds and more recently as an anti-bacterial aid in sportswear, this precious metal helps to keep under arms fresh too. Nivea has captured silver ions and suspended them in it’s latest formula.

1 6: Jean PauL gauLtier monsieur PoWDer Bronzer, £29 (seLecteD house oF Fraser stores), you don’t have to get in touch with your feminine side to use this, it’s designed just for men. A special formula to help hide blemishes and give a healthy glow (whether you’ve been to the gym or not) can be yours with a dusting of this best selling, light reflective powder.


7: cLinique skin suPPLies For men DaiLY eYe hYDrator, £18 (WWW., crinkly eyes may make a man look distinguished and wise but lines still need to be kept under control. Pat this oil-free gel around eyes to help reduce the look of fine lines and shadows. Use daily to firm and strengthen the eye area.


8: origins BLaDe runner energizing shave cream, £12 (, with skin-conditioning Kukui nut oil, this natural, lightweight cream makes shaving a breeze. It helps your razor to glide over skin and stubble effortlessly whilst cooling and moisturising.



The Retreat Beauty Clinic, 26, High Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5HP. 0208 5590550

Claire and sally at the retreat Beauty Clinic pride themselves on providing the very best in beauty therapy and holistic treatments, within a calm and welcoming environment while bringing you a wealth of over 19 years experience. Since opening 5 years ago and having achieved awards of excellence for 3 years running, Claire and Sally have created an excellent reputation amongst their clients for a high standard of treatment care with a professional yet friendly approach. Offering a comprehensive range of ‘top to toe’ treatments from corrective facials with computerised skin analysis and slimming body treatments which can help you to drop a dress size! To favourites like: Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, spray tanning, aromatherapy & Swedish massage. As well as those all essentials, waxing (including Brazilian & Hollywood) and electrolysis. For more details on treatments and current promotions check their website :

0208 559 0550 • BeauBronz Spray Tan • Bio Sculpture Gel Nails • Phd Safewax • SkinScope-computerised skin analysis • COLLIN Facials • Spa Body Treatments • Aromatherapy & Reflexology • Bridal Make-Up The Retreat Beauty Clinic, 26 High Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex, IG9 5HP. (Opposite Holly House Hospital.) 0208 559 0550

COSMETIC MEDICAL TATTOOING COSMETIC DENTISTRY Cosmetic Medical Tattooing can help many conditions


Hair & Body would like to introduce using the latest technology



Cosmetic Medical Tattooing can help many conditions


VITILIGO We will stimulate the Melanin in the area.

- We can relax the scar by re-pigmenting the area.

ALOPECIA We can improve the appearance of in the area of the Hair loss.


- We will stimulate the Melanin in the area.


AREOLA RECONSTRUCTION After having had breast re-construction we can create a new Areola.

- We can improve the appearance of in the area of the Hair loss.


AREOLA ENHANCEMENT Change the shape of your Areola.

- After having had breast re-construction we can create a new Areola.


- Change the shape of your Areola.



BEAUTY AT 88 BEAUTY AT 88 Beauty@88 88 High Street, Ingatestone Essex, CM4 9DW Tel:01277 353834

‘our aim is to provide you with a peaceful, calming and stress-free environment’ Beauty at 88 is a well established business celebrating their 11th year of trading. This charming salon is situated in the quaint Essex village of Ingatestone. With only the highest level of experienced therapists, the full spectrum of beauty therapy is available from basic waxing right through to full body exfoliations, wraps and massage-even catering for the ever increasing demand for men’s treatments! Beauty at 88 also specialises in Guinot and Dermalogica treatments, Bare Minerals Make-up, wedding and holiday pamper packages, Crystal Clear micro dermabrasion and CACI Quantum (the much accredited non-surgical lifting treatment). Amongst this delightful array of procedures, Beauty at 88 also offers the following; • Holistic treatments • Jessica nail care • Wedding make-up • Semi-permanent make-up • Restylane • Electrolysis • Eyelash/eyebrow treatments • Top-to-toe tanning • • Gel nail extensions • Eyelash Perming • With such a fantastic menu for Beauty and Non Surgical treatments Beauty at 88 is truly the place to visit for all your beauty requirements. Gift Vouchers available –making the perfect gift for any occasion.



Offering a unique service, of accompanied & unaccompanied Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry Trips

Let’s Face it together is a Successful

travel, when you travel and how you

Surgery company which arranges

travel, whether it be alone or in an

travel and provides support up

escorted group.

to ,throughout and after your life

2009 sees the Launch of our brand

changing surgery. Arranging trips for

new party trips to Cyprus- including

“Whatever surgery procedure you are considering, it will enhance your life significantly” over ten years Let’s Face It together

Sun Sea & Surgery!! Along with

now has over 4,000 clients and a

our new Meet a partner trips

reputation of high quality, often

which involves mixing surgery

appearing in tabloid Newspapers

with singledom 2009 is set to be a

and glossy Magazines feature the

fantastic year for all those wanting to

women and men for whom surgery

go for surgery!

has changed their lives.

All our chosen Surgeons are

Our famous Tweak-ender trips which

accredited to their countries

usually take place fortnightly give

correct association.

people with not much time on their hands the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves in a matter of days. With Surgery available in Belgium, Cyprus, Malta, India and South Africa the options are endless to where you 01708-526805 07775-700473

“Ensuring you receive clear, impartial, unbiased, honest advice on where to find affordable quality cosmetic plastic surgery, dentistry”

10 of the best hair salons in Essex

The Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide present The Top Ten Hair Salons in Essex, no longer will you be splitting ends at choosing a stylist as we present the very best in professional hair care. 88

aNita cox LoughtoN The salon, situated on Loughton High road, has been designed to provide an oasis of calm and relaxation. Decorated using cool hues of creams and browns with contrasting wallpaper and chandeliers, the salon has a contemporary but warm ambience for visitors to enjoy, while their hair is styled to perfection by the award winning team. At Anita Cox it is paramount that every client has an excellent experience and that does not just mean the best cut and colour. Clients can catch up on the latest news, fashion and gossip with their own personal TV screen, while sipping a warm cappuccino or glass of wine. A complimentary head massage will also help ensure complete relaxation. To receive 25% off your first visit, please visit www.cosmeticsurgeryandbeautyguide. For further information on hair cuts, colours, treatments or sunbed facilities, simply pop in to Anita Cox, 238 High Road, Loughton, IG10 1RB or telephone 0208 508 8009 for further information.

woo woo - If you Look GooD - we feeL GreAt! southend-on-sea’s hottest award winning hair and beauty venue is situated directly opposite southend Central station; this 3 floor super salon has brought a new standard of hairdressing and beauty to essex. Focusing on providing the complete hair and beauty package for both men and women. Woo offers an extensive range of services including fabulous cutting and colouring, a specialist colour lounge, beauty rooms, nail centre, a coffee and licensed bar and essex’s largest range of Kms and Goldwell professional hair care products. As if you could ask for more, Woo have also invested in a state of the art calm zone where clients can enjoy a state of the art indian head massage and hair and scalp treatments. woo hair aND Beauty, 14 Clifftown Road, Southend- On- Sea, Essex, SS1 1AB. Call to book your appointment - 01702 337272/01702 337282, For 20% off your first visit on both hair and beauty on Monday – Thursday please visit

StraNgewayS established in 2002, strangeways was the brainchild of martyn Holmes and Adee Phelan and is now under the guidance of Art Directors martyn Holmes, mark smith and Jude Bale, who are all highly regarded in the hair industry. The strangeways team are multi award winning, including awards for GQ image of the year 2002, six times British Hair awards finalists, Pantene colour awards 2006 and Wella trend visionary award 2007 and many others. The Art team are forward thinking and pride themselves on their cutting and colouring techniques as well as longhair dressing and avant garde. in addition to numerous magazine shoots and fashion shows, such as London Fashion Week, the royal Academy of Arts and Gucci, the Art team now find themselves teaching for the Wella World Academy throughout the uK and in many european destinations. Celebrity clients include the BBC, muse, the Horrors and many other popular bands. They would like to invite you too enjoy the strangeways experience. StraNgewayS hair, 11-13 Elm Road, Leigh-on-sea, Essex, SS9 1SW or telephone 01702 716566 to book your appointment. To receive 25% off your first visit, please visit our website


heaDLiNeS Headlines hairdressing has been trading in south essex for 28years. run by husband and wife team simon and Gabby Harris, the group comprises of four salons in shenfield, Billericay, Wickford and rayleigh. Training is paramount in the company, having won the essex Business Awards four times for training and staff development; they were fortunate enough to win a National Training Award in 2003. The salons have a total of 10 L’oreal Colour specialists, and are authorised Kerastase consultant salons. The directors take enormous pride in their salons, each has been individually designed by matthew Hilton of circle365, and feature stunning crackled glass, and bespoke lighting to create a welcoming but relaxing atmosphere for all their clients. heADLInes, Billericay 01277 652920, Wickford 01268 732022, Shenfield 01277 255660, Rayleigh 01268 779204. Call now to book your appointment. To receive 50% off your first visit please visit our website www. Discount applies to selected stylists only, and you must not have been to any headlines salons in the last 12 months.

pauL FaLLtrick hairDreSSiNg Award winning stylist Paul Falltrick has two of the most client focussed salons in the country with a Therapy Zone for conditioning treatments, a secluded Colour Zone and a Play Zone to keep the children happy while you are being pampered. The salons are based in romford and Hornchurch in essex and offer not only first class cutting and colouring for that unique hairdressing experience, but also specialise in hair extensions, hair straightening and Nanomax intensive conditioning treatments. The salons also offer a fall range of products and electrical goods including Falltricks own brand, matix, TiGi, GHD’s, and Babyliss. The flagship salon in romford also has a training academy with over 170 students who are on a government funded City and Guilds training scheme.. Also available private courses ranging from beginning courses to advanced cutting, colour and barbering. 13 Western Road, Romford, Essex, RM1 3LD, 01708 728054, 73 Butts Greet Road, Emerson Park, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 2LD, 01708 728054. call now to book your appointment. To receive 25% off your first visit please visit our website

mack mACK is a multi-award winning salon group that offers a luxury salon experience, with two salons located in the Chelmsford area. Winners of the prestigious 2008 L’oreal colour trophy, mACK combines professional expertise with creative visions and our stylists can help you achieve the perfect look. mACK offers excellent customer service and a fantastic salon experience that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. They provide a wide range of services including hair extensions, permanent straightening and in salon treatments that will leave your hair bursting with shine. to book an appointment call them on 01245 359111 or 01245 256111. To receive 20% off your first cut and finish with any stylist at any salon please visit our website 90

Kennadys understand how the look of your hair affects

essensuals Billericay, your number one fashion destination!

the way you feel, so relax, and allow their professionals to

As soon as you step into the

introduce you to The style Counsel, they will take the time

inviting reception area, you are

to discover what is important to you, to review your likes,

greeted by one of the friendly

dislikes and hair problems. They will offer options for your

team and then offered the

style, colour and hair health. Kennadys pride themselves

chance to relax and unwind and

on their superb service; to ensure you relax they provide a

enjoy the most heavenly hair

warm and friendly welcome throughout your visit, offering

wash - providing clients with more

refreshments and a complimentary head massage.

than just a great haircut. Clients

you will guarantee to receive the best in expert advice

can also enjoy a great cup of coffee

from all of the experienced members of staff. Kennadys

while reading ToNi&Guy’s award winning

continually invest in the training and development of their

magazine or watch the latest hair, music, fashion, news

team. Kennady aims to make you feel terrific, they remain

and interviews on ToNi&Guy.TV! The talented team

focused on you and deliver the KeNNADys experience

are happy to offer a personal free consultation to ensure

to all of their clients both regular and new. Their main

that each client walks out of the salon feeling beautiful

priority is for you to experience complete satisfaction from

whether they have come in for a trim or complete image

start to finish.

overhaul. Book an appointment today to ensure you

To book your appointment call 01277 353790; 2 - 3 The Chequers, High

have the beautiful hair you deserve. Visit the salon at 65 – 67

Street, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 0DG.

High Street, Billericay, Essex or to book an appointment call 01277 634 000.

To receive 20% off your first visit, please visit our website www.

For 20% off a cut and blow dry with selected stylists Monday- Thursday

please visit our website

the keNNaDyS experieNce

SoDeau’S sodeau’s – ‘Where hair rests’, has a unique experience in customer service and hairdressing quality with award winning staff and a passion for success, already a renowned salon. Their motto in hair and life is - ‘success is a journey not a destination!’ sodeau’s has vintage art decor with a

The Hair Company in Crown street is Brentwood’s leading hairdressers having been there for 14 years. owner Nigel was trained at Vidal sassoon and after 30 years in the industry knows everything there is to know

Japanese twist, which makes the salon look sophisticated

about hair. The Hair Company specialise in every aspect

and different.

of hair, including wedding hair, Balmain hair extensions,

To make your visit more enjoyable and relaxing they have

and their fashionable and modern hairstyles bring

massaging chairs and selection of the best products. so

clients from all over to have their locks tousled by the

call now on 01268 772227 resting your hair in the right

highly-trained staff and the latest technology in a fun and

way at the right place for the right price.

inviting atmosphere. All staff are stafford trained and

Sodeau’s - 5 Websters Court, Websters Way, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8JQ

their high quality redken products contribute towards

To receive 10% off your first treatment please visit www.

you looking the epitome of style!

31 Crown Street, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4BA, 01277 222864

Discount applies to selected stylists and exempt from being used on

To receive 15% off your first visit please visit our website

Saturdays and late evenings.


The Scissor King Jenny Carrington interviews the internationally acclaimed ‘Hair Doctor’ Philip Kingsley - Recognised as the leading authority in hair health.


air loss or thinning hair in women can begin at puberty, when pregnant, after childbirth, menopause, with taking oral contraceptives or HrT. The common factor in all of these is a change in hormones – oestrogens and androgens.”

The world’s most respected authority on hair and scalp health, trichologist, Philip Kinglsey, has been tending the tresses of stars and royalty for over 50 years. one of his first clients was Audrey Hepburn, she has since been followed by A-listers like John Travolta, sir Laurence olivier, Kate Winslet, renee Zellweger, sigourney Weaver and Lucy Liu. With clinics in London and New york, the hair guru who famously coined the phrase ‘bad hair day’, agreed to answer some of the most common questions on hair loss.


his distressing problem can affect men and women at any stage in their lives and has

many different causes. “Hair is the single most important part of the anatomy affecting our psyche. We can wear the most fashionable clothes, the most expensive jewellery, our skin can be flawless but if our hair isn’t right, we don’t feel good. The reverse is also true”, explains Philip.

A degree of hair loss probably occurs in 100 per cent of Caucasian males. This can vary between a slightly receding hair line, a thinning crown, an overall reduction in thickness and total baldness,” years ago. During the Roman Empire men pushed

Hair loss or thinning hair in women can begin

their hair forward, like Julius Caesar, to hide their

at puberty, when pregnant, after childbirth,

thinning hair lines. Unfortunately, most Caucasian

menopause, with taking oral contraceptives or

men will notice a decrease in the volume of their hair

HRT. The common factor in all of these is a change

as they age. “A degree of hair loss probably occurs

in hormones – oestrogens and androgens. Philip

in 100 per cent of Caucasian males. This can vary

says, “Not a day goes by in my practice without a

between a slightly receding hair line, a thinning

distraught woman in despair because of her thinning

crown, an overall reduction in thickness and total

hair.” PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a

baldness,” explains Philip.

hormonal condition that whilst not dangerous for a


woman can be a common cause for thinning or loss

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be a direct cure for

of hair. This is due to the high percentage of women

hair loss, pinning down your personal causes with a

that suffer with the condition.

correct diagnosis is the best way to begin to treat the

Men’s receding hair lines dates back to around 4000

problem. Here Philip explains what you can do …

Ask Philip… Q: What is the first thing you should do if you start to notice hair loss? A: “Seek professional advice via your doctor, dermatologist or trichologist.” (To find a qualified trichologist in your area check out The Institute of Trichologists at www.

A: “The biggest potential problem is

A: “There are many products available,

‘traction’ hair loss and breakage because of the

including my own range, that can give the

pulling involved. Freshly done

appearance and feel of thicker hair.” Visit www.

it can look wonderful to view hair helpers such as


What are the effects of hair loss on a person’s wellbeing and how should they be treated?

and completely change your appearance

A: “Hair is deeply psychological and it can have a

a good idea to

and even to being suicidal. The way to counteract this is

leave them

Hairdressers are not

to find a serious and committed professional to help you.

in for too

There are also many books available that explain

diagnose hair loss and

all this, including my own ‘The Hair Bible’

thinning problems.

for 120 capsules and Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner, from £4.95 each.

but it’s not

devastating effect on morale, which can lead to depression

necessarily qualified to

PK4Hair Vegetarian Protein Capsules, £18

long. Many women get

Q: Are there any natural alternative remedies that can help, for instance, acupuncture or herbal treatment? A: “They have not been proven to help.”

carried away,

(Aurum Press Ltd, £9.95).”

getting used to

Q: What are the main causes of hair loss? A: “There are many reasons for hair loss, such

up in my office the hair can be in a really

as low iron levels, thyroid anomalies, hormonal

difficult state.”

having longer, thicker hair. By the time they panic and end

changes, nutritional aspects, general health,

Q: When should a person resort to a hair transplant and where should they look to find a reputable doctor/ surgeon? A: “The timing of having a transplant is

remain, however, men tend to lose more hair

personal and psychological. It’s not a Q: i’ve ’ve heard that good idea to wait until you have fiddling with your a bald area, though. There hair can make are many “cowboys” it thinner, is Are there any regarding transplants effective remedies available that true? and it is best to to help restore hair? A: “Twiddling with have a personal hair is normally a A: “Strictly speaking there are no over

because they produce more androgens (male

benign and pleasant

the counter remedies that can effectively

hormones). But hair loss in women is grossly

habit, but something

stop hair loss. The point is to find the

underestimated, there are as many women

triggers it to become

cause(s) and then counteract them.”

with hair loss as men. The main difference is

serious, leading to

that women do not (or rarely) go bald.”

‘trichotillomania’. Not only is

stress and some scalp conditions. Most of these problems can be detected by blood tests.”

Q: is hair loss different in men and women? A: “Yes and no. All the above possibilities


it more common in women, but it

recommendation. At my clinic, we would give the names of those we consider the best (call

0207 629 4004). When done correctly and carefully, transplants can

Q: Can changing your diet help? A: “Diet can help. For example, low protein

occurs mostly around puberty or menopause. the twiddling gradually reaches the pulling

Philip Kinglsey has a wide range of

diets, particularly at breakfast and lunch can

stage. Psychological therapy can help as can

hair products to also help with scalp

cause extra fall. A person with low levels

wearing thick gloves at night when the habit is

problems, frizzy, fine and flyaway and

of vitamin B12 similarly can experience hair

worse, cutting hair short, covering hair with a

chemically processed hair. His two


slippery cream or wearing a scarf.”

books, including ‘Happy Hair Days’,

be very effective and they don’t fall out.”

This self-inflicted hair loss occurs when

£5.99, which gives 50 tips for healthy

Q: Can hair extensions make your hair fall out?

Q: How can you make thin hair look and feel thicker?

hair, and products are available from



neck lift removes this excess fat and tightens the platysma muscle in the midline to restore a more youthful appearance. For those over 50, the

Q: Which procedure is best for removing excess

neck lift is best when used in combination with a facelift. The neck lift

abdominal fat — liposuction or a tummy tuck?

leaves a similar scar as a facelift — in front of and behind each ear

A: That is a tricky question. Men who have gained then lost abdominal (potbelly) weight or women who have been pregnant may

Q. I have a history of breast cancer in the family,

require an abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck” to tighten the stretched-out

do you think it is unwise for me to have breast augmentation? Will implants prevent the detection of cancer?

abdominal muscles. Young women and men (usually under 30 years of age) may benefit from just abdominal liposuction to reduce girth. The skin of younger patients tends to contract well after liposuction.

A: I would suggest a mammogram pre surgery and continue with your regular checks after. There is no evidence that surgery will reduce or

Q: I am considering having liposuction done as I have excess fat that I cant seem to shift. Does liposuction work for everyone? Does liposuction hurt? does the fat return after liposuctioning? And what happens if you gain weight after having liposuction?

increase the risk of cancer.

Q: I am 28 and have two children. I am interested in breast augmentation and would like to know what breast implants are made of and are breast implants permanent?

A: Yes, but some people are better candidates than others for the

A: No. The silicone shell does wear out with time. Implants do

procedure. The best candidates are fairly thin with a specific area or

require replacement every 12 to 15 years. It is a bit like a tire requiring a

two of fat excess — for instance, in the hip or “saddlebag” area. It also

change after a certain amount of miles. If you decide to have implants

works very well for “love handles” in men. No Liposuction doesn’t

removed permanently, this can be accomplished but will require

hurt that much. Prior to the procedure, a gentle injection of a weak

additional surgery to tighten the skin and breast tissue which have

anesthetic solution is applied to the local area to be treated. If you gain

stretched to accommodate the implants.

weight, the fat will return to other areas of your body. The best way to

Breast implants are usually made of a silicone shell and filled with

approach liposuction is to think of it as a “jump start” to weight loss. My

normal saline, the substance that makes up 98 percent of our bodies.

happiest patients have lost 10 to 20 pounds with diet and exercise after

The silicone used for the shell is similar to that in artificial hips, knees

liposuction. They are encouraged and motivated by the way muscle

and intravenous catheters used in the hospital every day

definition is enhanced after liposuction.


Q: Whats the difference between a neck lift and a A: Typically, a facelift usually includes a neck lift. A “mini-facelift,”

Q: How long does it last for? A: Although the procedure is known as permanent, the nature of the

which resolves lax cheek skin usually in younger women, does not. As

pigments and the depth to which they are infused means that fading will

we age, the neck muscle called the “platysma” loosens and fatty deposits

occur over time. The colour appears a little darker for the first few days

develop underneath its surface. This creates an aged appearance. A

but soon lightens and a re-touch is usually necessary after one to three

face lift?

Q: Whats the difference between a neck lift and a face lift? 94

Q:Who would benefit from Permanent Makeup? months to achieve the perfect result. A colour boost every twelve to

performed by an expert, this treatment is safe and results are immediate.

eighteen months will also keep your enhancements looking immaculate.

Following the treatment you may also experience very mild swelling and tenderness in the treatment areas, all of which are temporary and resolve

Q: What features can you improve? A: Traditionally viewed as an advanced ‘beauty’ treatment, for

in 24-48 hours.

example, for lining the lips and defining eyes or shapeless or pale

exact type of filler used, but usually 6-12 months. After this time you will

eyebrows, permanent make-up is no longer purely a cosmetic or ‘vanity’

require a top-up injection to maintain optimal result. Should you choose

procedure. Many clients are looking for a solution to very specific problems and the list of remedial or paramedical uses of this technique is growing all the time. The benefits of permanent make up are immeasurable.

Q. I am 31 and

The length of time that dermal fillers last depends on the patient and

Treatment with dermal fillers usually lasts for up to 30 minutes depending on the area injected.

considering having semi permanent lip liner and eyeliner, I am curious as to How Long It will actually Last? as I have heard mixed answers.

A: Anything from one year to a lifetime. It depends on the following factors: “ The colour used “ Skin and blood type “ Depth of procedure and needle thickness “ Smoking / alcohol / medication intake “ Exposure to sun / light “ and the area treated. Traces of the pigment will last in your skin indefinitely. The full cosmetic effect will fade in three stages: the first week - losing 30% pigment intensity, after 4-6 weeks the true colour reveals and then slow fading through 1-5 years. Factors like sun, daylight, swimming, own pH, own blood type, skin- cell renewal, skin undertone, area on the face and type of pigment will all effect the rate of fading. Some people like very vivid and crisp results which may need a touch-up once a year. Usually touch-ups are done every other year. In some cases, one treatment can last a life-time and it better be a good one!


Q: I have been recommended by a friend to have dermal fillers, what can I expect during and after the treatment, and how long will it last?

A: Treatment with dermal fillers usually lasts for up to 30 minutes depending on the area injected. You will require an application of topical anaesthetic cream or an injection of local anaesthetic half an hour before treatment in order to anaesthetize the area. When

not to have maintenance injections, the filler will be slowly and completely absorbed by your body and your skin will return to its original appearance.

Q: I am 21 and am considering having laser hair removal. What areas can be treated? And when will I notice a difference?

A: Laser Hair Removal can be used for removing hair on virtually any part of the body. Most commonly it is used on the face, underarms, arms, legs, bikini line, chest and the back. .

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Be our next success story “I’ve managed to lose over 4 stone and ladies tennis champion” “I’vebecome managed to lose over 4 stone Julie - Northwood Club and become ladies tennis champion”

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“I’ve dropped 5 dress sizes and feel more energised and sizes invigorated. ” “I’ve dropped 5 dress and feel

“In total I have lost 8 stone. Friends and amazed the difference. ” “Infamily total are I have lost 8at stone. Friends and

“The club has become part of my life... ...I love about it.” life... “The club haseverything become part of my

“I’m fitter, healthier and have gained so much more and confidence. ” “I’m fitter, healthier have gained

family are amazed at the difference.”

...I love everything about it.”

so much more confidence.”

Julie - Northwood Club

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more energised and invigorated.”

Charlotte - Warwickshire Club

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Thinking of cosmetic surgery? Be sure. Be safe. When you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you need to be sure that your surgeon is properly qualified. If they’re not, then you could be putting your health at risk. Our members are fully trained plastic surgeons, and have undergone a rigorous six year training programme with regular assessments. For the best advice, please visit our website and search our members register.

Natural looks for longer From an early age your body produces less collagen, the substance your skin needs for a firm and youthful appearance. SculptraTM stimulates your natural collagen production to help smooth lines and wrinkles, and restore facial contours, helping you to look younger naturally for up to 2 years after treatment.

Gradual, Subtle, Fresh

52 year-old woman. 3 treatments.

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46 year-old woman. 3 treatments.



39 year-old woman. 3 treatments.


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68 Kings Avenue, Holland-on-Sea, CO15 5ER tel: 01255 813 112 The photos show results after treatment with SculptraTM and have not been retouched. Individual results can differ.

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