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A former Vice President of what is now CHAD GOLDWASSER 15 23 PAR RICHARD Macy’s department stores, Janet Thrall 19 ChadinGoldwasser his first For Chad, his of Nathan Grace Real Estate Frisco, bought Buying or selling real estate at the age of 22. At people. “I lov Texas possesses a deep house understandonethe of time life’s most stressful he was working as a bar riences and restauerty. unless I love gt for clients, ing of what customer service entails, rant manager in Austin,working Texas. with “I someone knows that who t and has parlayed that experience into decided after working ituntil is why fun. four Add to which that someon a thriving, 20-year career or in five the highly in the morning loves sometimes vice to to ease working hard help t competitive real estate industry. that it wasn’t what I really wanted achieve their dreams, and y

to do,” says Chad. “I decided at 24 Parr.Giving back gotJANET Richard RICHARD PARR THRALL years old that an organizati Prior to working in Frisco, Janet wasI was going to start in estate.”touch,” In ordersays to Richard. munity“I’m in Aur “It’sininvesting allboth aboutGreat thereal personal a top-producing agent understand the market better, Chad went get his at the busine end of DELISA available, even lateon at to night. For Realtor’s me, this is a people Falls, Virginia and Palos Verdes, Callicense, and he has beennot selling real numbers, estate forbut theproviding past nineteen bands,” says ROSE just about exceptional service as ifornia, joining the exceptional years in before Austin.CONTENTS Ebby Halliday Realtors teamwhy in over Dallas. In at hisleast spare That’s the past six years he’s closed 50t When transitioning Chad first began working in Grace the and real has estate business he going Since toactions Nathan annually a repeat and referral rate toofcon ab 17) 4) 6 METHODS FOR IS BRANDING THE worked on a team as a buyer’s agent. After being mentored by an the future Ch in 2015, Janet has availed herself of the 10 innovative above andCo b percent. In business years, he and was named to the BUILDING BETTER WAY TO TAKE YOUR agent, Chad would go on to build his own team. “I was with Re/ and expands Banker International Presidentsand Elitehas six years running (201c outside-the-box thinking of her new company, find their Max for seven years, Keller Williams for four years, and in 2008 I success of h EMAIL LISTS BUSINESS TOTexas THEofrealwasin the topechelon agent inof Closed units sales forcleaners the Houston solidly positioned herself the top and launched my own brokerage,” he says. Chad serves entirety of named attitude and of his NEXT company (72 total) in the 2014; and was by the H LEVEL? tors, thanks to cutting-edge marketing and technological just about he the Austin metro area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, Pfluhis clients. Association of Realtors to the Next Generation Realtor Gr AofCedar NICHE 13) IS FINDING support her Park, client’s needs. “Nathan has been them gerville, Lakeway, Dripping Springs. 2015, asand one of the 20Grace rising stars under ageing 40. He alsofitw DELISA ROSE


MARKET RIGHT FOR rated one of the best places to as work, year after25year,” says professionals service.”in H ognized one of the Top Real Estate 22) WHY DOESN'T What sets Chad apart from other agents is his years of experiYOU? Janet. “Marketing is sensational, as are their graphics and by The Houston Business Journal for 2016. ence working to finesse a system to get his clients the bestFOR deal TRAINING WORK Janet also fe branding. It’s not the ‘same old, same old’ approach. It’s on their property. “I learned from a greatthe mentor,” says Chad. “I YOU? Richard learned tricks of the trade from his mother, C nity and to th been fun rebranding and remarketing myself and changlearned about the power of positivity and energy and being sys-


been a broker associate with his company for nea located in D ing things Chad I usedteaches to do Parr, morewho’s traditionally inhisthe past.” tematic.” everyone on team proven system, years. Richardhiswas born and raised in southeast Houston (k fro making sure to specifically serviceArea) to theand individual as thetailor Cleartheir Lake/Bay knows it released inside out. Ab client’s needs. Client satisfaction is apercent hallmark Janet’soccurs business, women learn of hisofbusiness here, and but he will go anywhere Phone 888-461-3930 | Fax 310-751-7068 much of that |satisfaction is based on her eagerness to be a parent, a Houston metro area to serve his clients. mag@topagentmagazine.com Chad has a high www.topagentmagazine.com volume of repeat and referral business. He credgobeabove andanybeyond what her competitors arepublisher. willing women is 60 No portion of this issue may its reproduced manner prior consent of Agent his clientinloyalty to whatsoever his yearswithout oflevel experience, histheability toTop get Besides a of commitment, care and expertise thatIt’ ca Magazine is published by to Feature GA, Inc. precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of published do.Publications “When Iprice, doAlthough photography atof a service, listing,” she says, 20% rate. clients the best his expert level and his profesmaterials, Top Agent Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts energy, supplied byleaving authors. beat, Richard exudes no stone unturned t “Isionalism. don’t justClients get aalso single photographer. I utilize atoitsdrone, remember Chad for his ability connect To subscribe or change address, send inquiry to mag@topagentmagazine.com. his clients. When he’s marketing a listing, he uses profes Published in the U.S. Janet, he and have (floorplan) photographs, twi-the withI’ll them and schematic have a fun, positive relationship throughout photography, YouTube videos, virtual tours,For flyers, “Hom whole process. stellarand sales light photography andtheobviously, interiorthat photography. Market” postcards go to the neighborhood, justa her clients. “ I want every single one of my listings to stand out Top as Agent Magazine Chad stays in touch with his clients with phone calls as well as iously throug something special.” with personal notes. “Every single year I do an event that I’ve


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6 Methods for Building Better Email Lists By Kendra Lee

Email lists can be a blessing or a curse. When they’re composed of real email addresses of people in your target micro-segment, and those people recognize you or your company by name, an email list is an invaluable lead generation resource. When the list is filled with contacts who don’t know of you or your company, i.e. a cold list, lead generation can be though – really tough. Likewise, if your list is populated with fake, inactive, or irrelevant accounts you’re at risk of being banned by your email software provider. Not surprisingly, I hear from clients all the time asking how to build an email list that will get results for their campaigns. Should they purchase? Should they attempt to build their own? Remember that with email list building your goal is to build a list of people within your micro-segment, so quality is more important than quantity. The more similar the contacts, the easier it is to tailor your nurturing and lead generation content to their specific needs. Here are six methods that will help you build a quality email list. 4

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Nurturing and lead generation activities: When you engage in social media, nurturing activities, SEO, and Adwords, those mediums provide forums for you to drive people to your website, start a conversation via a social channel, attend an event you’re hosting, and add people to your list. People who respond really do want to be part of your list.


Membership organizations: Whether it’s through industry associations, mastermind groups, or networking events, these types of organizations provide an excellent means for collecting contact information. Generally, people will update or provide their own information because they want other members to have easy access to them so you know the data is current.


Shared lists: By finding a peer who targets a similar microsegment with a non-competitive offering, you may be able to forge a partnership in which you promote to each other’s lists. This happens frequently within the high tech space, with consultants, and with professional services organization where they understand the value of collaboration.


Research the web and build your own: Increasingly, we’re seeing companies comb LinkedIn, Zoominfo. com, InsideView.com, DiscoverOrg.com and other websites for contact information, and then follow-up with companies to confirm the validity of that information. This approach is time consuming, but it can be very effective. A client who we coached through this process recently got a 41% open rate on their email nurturing campaign. I really like DiscoverOrg for the detailed information they have if you’re selling in the IT or telecom industry.


Purchase lists: There are numerous companies that sell email lists, but you need to be careful which vendor you buy from

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and how much you spend. Prices typically range from hundreds to several thousand dollars depending on list specificity and size. One warning: Expect higher bounce rates with these lists and negotiate for that issue when you purchase. To avoid high bounce rates, look for a list company that validates the information. In this way I’ve been very pleased with ExchangeLeads for new lists and validation of current lists. If you don’t have any list, this may be the way to get started.


Trade information for information: Sites like ExchangeLeads and Data.com community give you credit for providing contact information for companies you’ve worked with in the past. As you earn credit, you can use it to acquire lists for free. These services generally have a fee option as well, and the data integrity is dependent upon users keeping it current. Again, look for companies that validate data to reduce bounce rates and wasted time. I really like ExchangeLeads for trading information as well as purchasing it. Ultimately, my advice would be to focus as much on the organic list building methods (#s 1-4) as possible, and supplement with the purchased methods (#s 5 and 6) when necessary. If you start with a purchased list, plan to nurture it and build your recognition. Don’t toss it away if you don’t get immediate results. At the end of the day, you want to strive for list quality over list quantity. Pushing your messaging out to unwitting, uninterested, or unsuspecting prospects won’t do anything to help you close more deals.

Contact details for Kendra Lee: Phone: 303-741-6636 (Old fashioned, but very effective.) Email: Info@klagroup.com (Yes, I get every one of these personally.) Twitter: @KendraLeeKLA (And I do follow all direct messages on Twitter!) KLA Group is a sales consulting and training firm focused on helping clients get more customers in the Small and Midmarket Business (SMB) segment through lead generation, prospecting, hiring and onboarding Copyright©, 2016 Kendra Lee. All rights reserved. strategies. 6

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DELISA ROSE Top Agent Magazine


DELISA ROSE DeLisa Rose, Realtor/Broker at RE/MAX DFW Associates in Dallas, Texas, knows that the difference between the success or failure of a real estate transaction depends on marketing the property best, better and differently than the competition and paying attention to the details in the contract and process. Her 15+ years experience, negotiation skills, diverse background in lending, title, luxury sales and investments and Broker level education are not the only things that set DeLisa apart from other agents; DeLisa takes her real estate assignments seriously. She believes providing every client with the highest level 8Copyright Top Agent Magazine

of service and negotiating each transaction as if it is the most important one her clients may ever make has been vital to her success. “I don’t consider it just a sales industry. We are basically the brokers and stewards of someone’s largest investments. I take it very seriously, I negotiate every single detail, down to the closing date,” DeLisa said. One of the few agents who is able to walk the fine line between sharp, focused business abilities and a true care and concern for her clients, she has made a name for herself as a Realtor who can be trusted with a client’s finances and emotions during the pressure of the transaction process. Top Agent Magazine

A former City Planner with a passion for community service and economic development for low-to-moderate-income families, DeLisa grew tired of consulting other developers and real estate agents and decided to get her license. She continues to demonstrate her sharp, incisive business acumen. In her first three months alone, DeLisa managed to earn $119,000; her sales success has continued to grow at an exponential rate ever since. Her commitment to detail coupled with her highlevel professionalism resulted in being ranked as one of the Top 125 Realtors in Texas and #32 in DFW (REMAX 2016). She has a reputation for being one of the most consistent Top Agent Magazine

agents working in the industry today and is known as the Realtor other Realtors call. DeLisa covers a wide area of territory surrounding the Dallas/Fort Worth area and jokingly said she will go anywhere her car will take her, and prides herself on providing luxury service for every single one of her clients. “I’m definitely not someone who says someone lives too far or is priced too low for my services — the way some other realtors do,” she said. DeLisa also understands that there is a very human side to the real estate world: “I get disappointed at times that others don’t always take their assignments more Copyright Top Agent Magazine9

meaningfully. Back when the housing market crashed, people committed suicide, people got divorced. Managing and advising someone’s real estate is a very serious responsibility that impacts lives and futures.” “First of all, I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that DeLisa Rose helped me achieve one of my biggest dreams and goals,” as Eleanor Martin of Dallas said. “She was there to guide me through my challenging experience as a first time home buyer… DeLisa is a true professional in every sense of the word! She puts her clients’ interests far above her own.” Copyright Top Agent Magazine Copyright 10

DeLisa also has a long history of community involvement, including her formation of a foster and adoption agency, her advocacy for neglected and abused children, and the founding of a 501c3 that builds high quality affordable housing in low-to-moderate income communities. “You don’t want someone playing with your family, your future, your home. All realtors are not the same,” says DeLisa. “Just like a doctor or an attorney, you want to make sure you have someone experienced, qualified and educated and who has your best interests in mind.” Top Agent Magazine

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For more information about DeLisa Rose, visit her website at delisarose.com, call 469-404-7378 or email info@delisarose.com www.

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Is Finding A Niche Market Right for You?

A lot of Realtors® take the ‘jack of all trades’ approach to their businesses, and some are extremely successful with doing it all and doing it well. But taking that approach can also make it hard to stand out if there are a lot of agents in your area taking the same approach. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the rest, finding a niche market might be the way to go. Although it might sound limiting at first, with the right branding and marketing, your specialty and expertise may help you lock up a market after you become well known for being the ‘go to’ Realtor® in a certain demographic. Having a niche helps you target your marketing, making it more effective, until eventually people are seeking you out as you build your reputation as the foremost expert in your particular niche. Top Agent Magazine

Despite the benefits of taking on a specialty, it’s still something that only a small percentage of Realtors® do, which means you have a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor in your area by being ahead of what is sure to be a looming real estate trend. You want to claim your stake on the niche that best fits not only your passions, but something that fills a void in your market. If this all sounds good to you, the next step is finding your niche! Here are a few things you need to consider:

There are two approaches to having a specialty, one that is truly your all-consuming passion or a sort of revolving niche, one that changes with the market 13

In addition to creating a thriving business, finding a niche may even unlock a hidden passion. Does your area have a large historic home inventory? Are you passionate about helping first time home buyers realize their dreams? Having a personal connection to what you specialize in is always a great way to start out. If you’re passionate about something, you’re almost guaranteed to have the work ethic it takes to have success in a niche market. Once you hone in on a niche, make sure the market data backs up your focus. Another approach is changing with the market. If you’re truly an expert in a few areas of the business, it might be good to have sort of a revolving niche. In a down market you might specialize in short sales and foreclosures. When things pick up, you may take your innovative approaches and start applying them to luxury homes. Whether you take the consistent niche approach or the flexible one, it’s really all about figuring out what best suits you and your market.

Fill a void in your market Maybe you don’t have an instant passion for one particular niche. In that case, there are several areas you can consider. A lot of it will start with really researching and analyzing your market and having a good eye for what future trends will be. Is there a certain demographic that is surging in your area? Cater your business to serve them. Maybe you are fluent in Spanish and your area is seeing a rise in a Latino population, who are emigrating from other countries. Or perhaps, you live in an area that has a larger retirement population. There 14

are numerous demographics that truly need expert real estate advice. Be the one to fill it. You can also focus on a particular neighborhood or gated community. Helping people navigate the ins and outs of a particular HOA can be a lifesaver.

Are you already serving a niche? Of course, sometimes you may already have a niche and are unaware of it. Maybe you are already dealing with a lot of first-time homebuyers. Look over your sales records and see what might already be there, then make it official. Figure out why you’re drawn to that area and then nail down the reasons you’ve excelled with that niche and use it to create a marketing plan and branding.

Find ways to really sell your expertise Once you figure out your niche, get the training, designations, and certifications that will enhance your expertise. Another way to let it be known that you are the ‘go to’ Realtor® in your particular niche is to become a resource online. Create a website with informative blogs and marketing information. Make a mark on social media where you can link back to your site, so potential clients can actually interact with you. There is a lot to consider when you’re thinking of going the niche market way with your business, but if you consider everything carefully and focus in on something you can be passionate about, the rewards could be a major win for you and for your clients. Top Agent Magazine

CHAD GOLDWASSER Chad Goldwasser bought his first house at the age of 22. At the time he was working as a bar and restaurant manager in Austin, Texas. “I decided after working until four or five in the morning sometimes that it wasn’t what I really wanted to do,” says Chad. “I decided at 24 years old that I was going to start investing in real estate.” In order to understand the market better, Chad went on to get his Realtor’s license, and he has been selling real estate for the past nineteen years in Austin. When Chad first began working in the real estate business he worked on a team as a buyer’s agent. After being mentored by an agent, Chad would go on to build his own team. “I was with Re/ Max for seven years, Keller Williams for four years, and in 2008 I launched my own brokerage,” he says. Chad serves the entirety of the Austin metro area, including Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Lakeway, and Dripping Springs.

For Chad, his favorite part about being a Realtor is getting to help people. “I love helping my clients get the best deal on their property. I love giving them an amazing experience,” he says. Chad knows that the buying and selling process can be challenging, which is why he works hard to offer his clients unparalleled service to ease them through the transaction. Giving back to the community is important for Chad. He is part of an organization called Black Fret which benefits the music community in Austin. “We have events all throughout the year, and at the end of the year we give away $10,000 grants to different bands,” says Chad. In his spare time, Chad loves running, riding his mountain bike, going to concerts, and spending time with his three children. In the future Chad looks forward to continued success as he grows and expands his business. Chad wants people to know that the success of his business is largely in part to his team’s positive attitude and their dedication to going above and beyond for his clients.

What sets Chad apart from other agents is his years of experience working to finesse a system to get his clients the best deal on their property. “I learned from a great mentor,” says Chad. “I learned about the power of positivity and energy and being systematic.” Chad teaches everyone on his team his proven system, making sure to specifically tailor their service to the individual client’s needs. Chad has a high volume of repeat and referral business. He credits his client loyalty to his years of experience, his ability to get clients the best price, his expert level of service, and his professionalism. Clients also remember Chad for his ability to connect with them and have a fun, positive relationship throughout the whole process. Chad stays in touch with his clients with phone calls as well as with personal notes. “Every single year I do an event that I’ve been putting on for fourteen years called Rock and Restock, which is a benefit for the food bank here in town,” says Chad. “It’s a big concert, I’m very passionate about music, and I invite all my clients to it. Last year the benefit raised $27,000 for the Capital Area Food Bank.” Chad pre-markets all of his properties. “We prepare the property through staging, and pre-inspection of the property,” says Chad. The property is then listed on a Thursday morning so it’s a new listing for the weekend. Two open houses occur during the weekend on Saturdays and Sundays. Chad also uses full color flyers, virtual tours, and has a massive online presence.

To learn more about Chad Goldwasser call 512-750-8333, email chad@chadgoldwasserrealty.com, or visit puregoldrealty.com www.

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mailto:mag@topagentmagazine.com http://www.topagentmagazine.com


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Is Branding the Way to Take Your Business to the Next Level? Despite the importance of finding a Realtor® that is the best person to serve their needs, a lot of people only end up interviewing one Realtor® when they’re thinking about buying or selling a home. A lot of times people make that decision based on a referral, but why not do everything you can to be the name they think of when they make the decision to hire a real estate professional outside of referrals? Especially if you’re starting out and haven’t built up any repeat and referral business yet. Top Agent Magazine

When you want to make your name synonymous with real estate transaction success, you might want to consider branding yourself. Personal branding, long a staple of Corporate America, is also an invaluable tool for those in the real estate industry as well. Understanding branding and being consistent about it, is one way to insure you’ll have a successful and long-lasting business. It’s up to you to make consumers think that their success in real estate is dependent on finding the perfect agent—YOU. 17

SO WHAT EXACTLY IS BRANDING? Branding is a long term marketing strategy that builds your carefully crafted image over time through consistent repetition. A common misperception about branding is that it’s is the same thing as marketing. While the two go hand and hand in many ways, branding is specifically about creating and reinforcing the perception of not only who you are as a person, but what your business values are, and getting that out to the world in a consistent way Everything from your logo, to your website

to your social media presence, should all line up and reinforce your brand. It’s that repetitiveness that will hammer home the perception you are trying to create. Your brand informs your marketing, while your marketing strengthens your brand. Of course then you have to do is make sure your service lives up to what you’re selling. Getting them in the door is one thing, but you’re in it for lifetime customers and referrals. Every brand is strengthened when it is built on a foundation of integrity and trust.

CREATING A BRAND Although it might take time and money upfront to get it right, branding is almost guaranteed to pay off in the long run. But branding is more than just having a graphic designer come in and make a logo. Consider branding more of a promise to your clients and potential clients, succinctly stating the value and expertise working with you will afford them. There are clear, tried and true methods to creating your branding. Because you have to go all in on the way you want to brand yourself, it’s important to evaluate fully before you make the leap. This all starts with an honest assessment of your business and where you want it to go, including how much time and money you’re willing to invest to get there. After that you may want to add focusing on a niche market to your branding. Regardless of whether or 18

not you have a niche, another important part of branding is coming up with a memorable tagline that sells your brand or niche. All of your graphics, picture and information, should be consistent across all social media platforms, marketing materials, advertising and websites. If you are interested in branding yourself, there are numerous books on the subject that will give you an in-depth tutorial on the process and the steps you need to take. But what it basically all comes down to is commitment. Find a brand that is true to you, one that you can commit to performing and then back it up by not only meeting, but exceeding what you promised. If done right, soon you’ll become an in-demand agent whose name is synonymous with success! Top Agent Magazine

RICHARD PARR Buying or selling real estate can be one of life’s most stressful experiences for clients, unless they’re working with someone who makes it fun. Add to that someone who loves working hard to help people achieve their dreams, and you’ve got Richard Parr.

every other way. He stays in touch with his past clients through Facebook, postcards, Christmas cards and email, and if he sees a listing come up in a client’s neighborhood, he might call them. “I’m old school that way,” he says. “The personal touch is so important. Whether it is a long phone call to visit with the client or an email to go over terms of an offer, whatever it is, I use all forms of technology, combined with a personal touch to take care of my clients.”

“It’s all about the personal touch,” says Richard. “I’m readily available, even late at night. For me, this is a people business. It’s not just about numbers, but providing exceptional service as well.”

Richard loves meeting new people, going into homes and seeing what the homeowners have done with them, which gives him ideas for his own home. “I love taking care of people and going through the process with them,” he says. “It’s about building relationships that will last over time. Exceptional service, from beginning to end, is my ultimate goal.”

That’s why over the past six years he’s closed at least 50 transactions annually and has a repeat and referral rate of about 70 percent. In business 10 years, he was named to the Coldwell Banker International Presidents Elite six years running (2011-16); was the top agent in Closed units of sales for the Houston region of his company (72 total) in 2014; and was named by the Houston Association of Realtors to the Next Generation Realtor Group in 2015, as one of the 20 rising stars under age 40. He also was recognized as one of the Top 25 Real Estate professionals in Houston by The Houston Business Journal for 2016. Richard learned the tricks of the trade from his mother, Claudia Parr, who’s been a broker associate with his company for nearly 40 years. Richard was born and raised in southeast Houston (known as the Clear Lake/Bay Area) and knows it inside out. About 95 percent of his business occurs here, but he will go anywhere in the Houston metro area to serve his clients. Besides a level of commitment, care and expertise that can’t be beat, Richard exudes energy, leaving no stone unturned to help his clients. When he’s marketing a listing, he uses professional photography, YouTube videos, virtual tours, flyers, “Homes on the Market” postcards that go to the neighborhood, and just about


Richard’s caring attitude might be traced back to his father, Ralph Parr, who worked as a teacher, administrator and school board member for the local school district (Clear Creek ISD) for 38 years and got his real estate license, as well, in 1994. “He instilled in me the concept of giving back to the community,” Richard says. “I’ve sponsored sports teams and events at the high school I went to, because this is where I grew up. I give to charities in the community as well.” To keep the fun aspect of his life strong, he likes to play tennis, travel (he recently had his first long vacation in over a year, at Disney World), read, garden and do things around the house. As Richard looks toward his future, he anticipates growing his business by working more with past clients and building new relationships. He wants to stay on target with what he’s done up to this point, closing 50 or more transactions a year. But mainly, he wants to “keep a smile on the face of a client or friend, keep the personal touch there. I’m always here to help,” he says, “any hour of the day.”

For more information about Richard (Richie) Parr of Coldwell Banker United, Realtors, Houston, TX, visit coldwellbankerhomes.com/tx/houston/agent/richard-parr/aid_95379 call 281.300.0175 or email rbparr@cbunited.com

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Why Doesn’t Training Work for You? by Carla Cross

Why isn’t your training working for as a ‘performance art’, not a you? Every company says they ‘knowledge pursuit!’ ‘have training.’ Yet, whether you’ve been in business 2 days or 20 years, Big question for you: Think of your you’ve probably felt frustrated that last 3 trainings. What were you doing those hours spent in class—listening in class? Listening to the ‘expert’? to someone at the front (the Or, were you putting to work what ‘expert)—didn’t do you any good. you were learning—while in class, There’s one reason training doesn’t so you could get valuable feedback work—and here’s how to make it before you ‘practiced’ on real work for you, so you don’t waste people—your clients? precious hours in training rooms. What you need to be doing in class Training doesn’t work because it’s to assure you can do it ‘for real’: not taught right—and the people in the class aren’t doing what needs to • If it’s appropriate, you need to role be done for training to make a play (like answering objections, giving a listing presentation, etc.) difference in their lives. Here’s what training needs to help • If appropriate, you need to you every time you’re in class: differentiate (like finding mistakes in a purchase and sale agreement). Training must have action inside class to be effective for you. • If appropriate, you need to practice the actions in class and then What do I mean? go out and do it with a ‘real person’—the client—and come back I mean we have to look at real estate and tell how it went (practice a 20

Top Agent Magazine

listing presentation, do it ‘for real’, Real Estate: Performance Art and come back to class and refine it). or Knowledge Pursuit? None of these things happening in class? Make it work anyway. Take the ‘actionable’ items you learned in class and go do them—for real— within 3 days of going to class (otherwise we only remember 10% of what we heard!). Now you’ve made your own action plan. Trainers: I just videos showing training work. uTube channel. Top Agent Magazine

Let’s be honest: Do you know someone in your office who seems to know everything—but doesn’t sell a stick of real estate? Sure. That’s the problem with treating real estate as a ‘knowledge pursuit’. It has little to do with results. It’s a performance art. How you perform in the field—with real clients— did a series of 5 determines your success. how to make your See them on my Big question for you: Which kind of agent are you? A ‘performance art’ 21

How you perform in the field—with real clients—determines your success. agent or a ‘knowledge pursuit’ agent? Which is easier to become? Your Training Should Resemble a Piano Lesson

will ‘do it’ for you 3.Relying on ‘on demand’ video. Many large franchises are providing video on demand training. Brokers may be relieved that this is going to take training off their plates. I wish. Unfortunately, video training can provide very limited production results. Why? Because people don’t learn much by watching video. Yes, they learn a little. They observe someone else doing something; they get information. But, they don’t have to take action.

As a long-time pianist and teacher, I know intimately that, if you don’t practice, you can’t play (or you play badly)! Think of effective training like a piano lesson. You practice outside class. You come prepared. You get tips and modeling from your teacher. Then you practice in class with your ‘coach’ watching and listening. Then, you ‘go out in the field’ and practice. You come back When you’re ready to get results ready to perform for your coach from your training, you’ll be ready to treat your training like the power again. That’s effective training. tool it really can be. Here are 3 things that don’t work in training (and things for you to avoid): Carla Cross, CRB, MA, is an international 1.Listening for a long period of time and thinking you can do it (you already know that, from your experiences, right?) 2.Thinking most company training 22

speaker and president of Carla Cross Seminars, Inc. and Carla Cross Coaching. A former national Realtor Educator of the Year, Carla is known as one of the ‘go-to’ experts in her profession. She’s written training and coaching programs for most of the major real estate franchises. Contact Carla at 425-392-6914 or www.carlacross.com. Top Agent Magazine

JANET THRALL A former Vice President of what is now Macy’s department stores, Janet Thrall of Nathan Grace Real Estate in Frisco, Texas possesses a deep understanding of what customer service entails, and has parlayed that experience into a thriving, 20-year career in the highly competitive real estate industry.

and dedication to providing the very best in customer service. Staying in touch with her clients post-transaction is important to Janet and she can claim many former customers as friends. “It’s very organic,” says Janet. “We go out to dinner, we belong to the same clubs.”

Prior to working in Frisco, Janet was a top-producing agent in both Great Falls, Virginia and Palos Verdes, California, before joining the exceptional Ebby Halliday Realtors team in Dallas. Since transitioning to Nathan Grace in 2015, Janet has availed herself of the innovative and outside-the-box thinking of her new company, and has solidly positioned herself in the echelon of top Texas realtors, thanks to cutting-edge marketing and technological support of her client’s needs. “Nathan Grace has been rated one of the best places to work, year after year,” says Janet. “Marketing is sensational, as are their graphics and branding. It’s not the ‘same old, same old’ approach. It’s been fun rebranding and remarketing myself and changing things I used to do more traditionally in the past.” Client satisfaction is a hallmark of Janet’s business, and much of that satisfaction is based on her eagerness to go above and beyond what her competitors are willing to do. “When I do photography at a listing,” she says, “I don’t just get a single photographer. I utilize a drone, and I’ll have schematic (floorplan) photographs, twilight photography and obviously, interior photography. I want every single one of my listings to stand out as something special.” Ninety percent of her business is based on referrals, which can be directly attributed to her attention to detail

Corporate relocation is a large portion of Janet’s business. “When I was in California,” she says, “I was fortunate to get the Toyota account for relocation and I helped move their top executives around and have been working with them as they move into this area as well.” Going above and beyond as always, Janet says “I help them find their churches, their country clubs, their dry cleaners and even their grocery store. For me, it’s not just about helping them acquire a home, it’s about helping them fit into the community. I truly offer concierge service.” Janet also feels compelled to give back to her community and to that end she works with Exodus, a non-profit located in Dallas which provides support for women released from incarceration. “Exodus helps these women learn to live in the outside world: how to budget, be a parent, and get a job. The typical recidivism rate for women is 60%, but those helped by Exodus have only a 20% rate. It’s just a wonderful organization.” For Janet, her primary satisfaction comes less from her stellar sales and more from the interactions she has with her clients. “I like working with people. I can live vicariously through them, and learn about different lifestyles, different cultures.” “That’s a real treat for me,” she says.

To learn more about how Janet Thrall can help you with your real estate needs, please call 214-724-4041, email Janetinc@att.net or go to JanetThrallRealEstate.com www.

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Texas 3-19-17  

Texas 3-19-17